Wolfwood (2020) Movie Script

Dom, what're we doing here?
Fuck off.
Is that any way
to talk to an old friend?
Come on.
She clearly
doesn't want us here.
She's fine, once you get
to know her, she's great.
- Hello.
- Fuck off.
Oh, come on.
Come on, look, I brought my friends, look.
Come on, come on.
Let us in.
You all right?
How you doing?
How you been, you all right?
Hi, you okay?
Hi, I'm Sam,
don't mind the camera.
What are you doing?
Might as well be comfy.
Jesus, Dom.
I'm going out.
All right, yeah, coffee?
- Going out.
- What?
You can't stay.
Listen to me, listen!
This is a nice place you've got.
So I hope you
don't mind the filming.
It's just, I'm a film student,
and you know.
Just get some practise in.
Well it's kind of like,
if you film something,
then it's around forever.
So you don't know what's
gonna happen at any times.
If you want me to stop just,
just say, and I'll stop them.
I like your hair, is it natural?
Comes up very nicely on camera, actually.
I'm just making conversation.
Just leave her alone.
All right.
I'm going out.
Just wait a minute.
Just a little toothpaste, don't worry.
Dom, we should probably go.
It's fine, don't worry about it.
Who's that on the picture there?
Is that relative or something?
How long has it been?
11 years.
Days, months?
11 years exactly.
What, so it's kind
of like an anniversary,
sort of in memoriam kind of thing?
How are you getting here?
Gonna catch a bus or something?
Oh, no, I'm so sorry.
You've missed it, haven't you?
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
No, I really am.
I'm really, really, really sorry.
So you were gonna catch a bus,
and we've delayed you now.
It's gone, isn't it?
Right, okay.
Tell you what, tell you what.
Get that back in there.
I'll take you, I've got my car,
my car is literally out there.
Right, we'll take you,
it's my fault, okay?
I'm responsible, so we'll take you.
Come on guys, that'll be fun, right?
What, what just slipped past me?
Just pay attention, okay?
I'll take you, it is my fault
and it's my responsibility.
Come on.
I mean it, come on, I won't
even finish my coffee.
Look, see?
Come on guys, come on.
I think someone died.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I don't know.
An adventure.
After you.
Don't mind if I film, do you?
Sorry, it's not a weird thing,
it's just kinda like...
I might be walking around in it.
It's got a little immortalization
in film, isn't it?
Think, in 200 years' time,
in 1,000 years' time,
this all might be the only record we have.
I find that quite exciting.
If you understand this
last musing, then you know
how your grandfather, father,
great-great-great grandsisters,
what they were like.
How that's changed, how people change.
How style changed, and
makeup, and hair colour.
Have you always had black hair?
I like travel films, but
you know, I like film films.
What did you say your
favourite film was, Tasha?
Can't remember.
No, Tasha's favourite
film is the Pianist.
Pianist, yeah.
That one.
That's what I said, Pianist.
- The penis?
- Penis?
- Tasha likes...
- Yes.
The Pianist, Pianist, not penis.
Tasha, what was
your favourite film again?
- Pianist.
- Penis.
Tasha's is the Pianist, what's
your favourite film, Ferrall?
Raging Bull.
Service time.
Wash your hands.
This is fun.
So what's the idea then?
Drive for a bit.
I know it's a bit late, but she needs me.
She needs me right now.
So what, your more
important friend needs you
and you just ditch me?
I'm not ditching you.
Should we get her something?
I don't know, would she like a coffee?
You know her.
Well if she's got money, why
can't she just stay with us?
She doesn't have any money, okay?
She's just stuck, she
works in the supermarket.
That's what a degree gets you.
Yep, does these days.
Any family?
No, no family, no father.
No mother.
Well what happened?
Her stepdad, he just went off one day.
And he'd had enough, he'd
just had enough of them.
He'd had enough of her,
he'd had enough of her mum.
And he just went off.
They didn't know what
happened, suicide or something.
Who knows?
So I don't know.
I just don't know.
Just, yeah.
She's just Ferrall, you know?
Ferrall is Ferrall,
everybody's an individual.
Everybody's different,
but she's, yeah, Ferrall.
Is that her first
name or second name?
Second name.
She got a first name?
Yeah, maybe.
What, do you want me to buy you something?
Which way?
Is that a left?
Stop recording me.
It's okay, though, this'll be fun.
Can you watch
your speed, please?
Yes, yes.
Did you find a pattern?
No one
believed it, including you.
What could you find?
This'll do.
Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa, whoa.
The white was okay.
Same old lovable you.
If you say a fucking word to her.
You autistic bitch.
Doesn't sting
so much a second time.
Say it again.
You found a pattern.
Could it be a pattern?
Could be the only one.
Oh, shit, I'm recording.
All right.
Can I have a word?
She's crazy, you can see it yourself.
She isn't crazy.
We all have
mental health issues.
What's up?
Crazy bitch has gone
AWOL, that's what's up.
What's her name?
Her first name.
You aren't in inner circle, all right?
You're just as crazy as she is.
Am I meant to be
sympathetic, I should care?
No, you don't
understand, it is Wolfwood,
and it's her, all right?
I trained as a nurse,
and she's seriously OCD.
And you brought me here.
No, fuck it, fuck it.
You brought us here, Dom!
Where's he going?
Guys, I...
I haven't got my walking boots.
I'm just gonna
get lost in this wood
if I don't film where I'm going.
The fuck is she?
Just need to be able to retrace
my steps, retrace my steps.
That's it, just fucking retrace them.
Fucking hell, how far has she gone?
Fuck's sake.
This strange, strange substance.
It's only moss.
Oh, catch up, hang on.
- Hello?
- Hey, hi.
Hey, yeah.
Oh, she's on the phone.
No, I can't make it.
Yeah, I never said it.
Look, I just can't, okay?
You know Dom, he's prone to
being dumb, leaving us dirty.
Seems to have a broken home.
You know her?
You do?
Well how do you know her?
It's usually the battery, Tasha.
You gotta turn it off and back on again.
Tears only left.
But it's working.
Oh, hello.
We don't wanna walk too far.
Oh, there's a drop.
Have you gotten a signal?
What's the time?
Gonna get dark soon.
Do you know where we're going?
I don't think anybody
knows where we're going.
That looks pretty heavy.
Do you wanna carry?
Was that an offer, was
that a serious offer?
I'll carry if you want me to.
I'm not going back.
It's just my friends, you know?
They're townie types.
They don't know, but I know
how your mind works, okay?
I don't.
You know something, and
you haven't told me?
What you saying?
How does my mind work?
I would follow you to the
ends of the earth, okay?
You said you'd believe me.
Just tell me, I'll understand.
Tell me anything.
So I told you.
About Dad, Dad and me.
You laughed.
You laughed in my face.
You were just so damn
fucking serious, you know?
I wanted to cheer you up.
I tried.
There's nothing here.
Especially not him.
Even if he ever was here,
except in your fucking head!
The mill's about an hour,
too far for a city boy!
Just go home!
Wait up, okay?
Wait there.
I'm not leaving
you here with her.
Look, it wasn't like that, okay?
We were school friends, okay?
It was, you know, I knew her mum.
I knew her dad, he was
like a military type.
Okay, it was just birthday
parties, cakes, balloons,
that kind of thing, okay?
So then what?
You grew up?
And then comforted her
like more than friends?
Wait for me in the car.
We'll wait for you, maybe.
Hang on, I'll come with you.
I know what you're up to.
Think about it, Ferrall.
Even if he is here, he's bones.
He is not bones.
I don't know what went down,
some shit with your mother,
but he had enough.
He was going, he was off.
He left you.
He went, another woman.
He hated your mother, he hated you.
He hated it, he hated his
wife, he hated his car,
he hated his job, who cares?
Get real, open your eyes,
stop making up stories.
Get a life and look at yourself!
Run away, it's what you do.
Or cry!
I still wake.
Stupid bitch.
What am I doing here?
It looks the same around here.
Come on.
She's gotta be here.
I'm even filming this.
- Tash!
- Dom?
You're right, she's lost it.
Whole clusterfuck, back to the car.
- Where's the car?
- You can't just leave her.
We can't reason with her.
I don't wanna reason with her,
I just wanna make sure she's safe.
She's safe, she's camping with Daddy.
She's great, she's fine.
Hey, look, Dom, she
probably loved her dad in that,
so, in her own way, obviously.
- Yeah, and he's gone.
- Yeah.
Look, she said thank you, Dom.
Thank you to you both, okay?
But I'm fine, okay?
She's fine.
She said thank us?
I'm off, I'm out.
Just adjusting the aperture.
What, we're losing light.
Gotta make it sharp, don't we?
That's the thing about filmmaking,
and just filming, if
there's not good quality,
then it's not really worth it.
Can't go back another way.
We've definitely been that way.
Her family...
- Definitely been that way.
- Just need to go this way,
just for a little bit, and then we'll see.
How long do we look?
Can't even see as it is.
- Ferrall!
- Ferrall!
All right, I got her, I got her!
Thank god.
Stand back!
We can't find
our way back to the car.
We've been fucking lost
for absolutely hours.
Have you been sat and eating beans?
A hello would be nice.
Low shooting.
We're all in
this together, aren't we?
We're all here.
How about a toilet, sillies?
Okay, and water?
All right.
Hey, have you got any more cans?
Just one minus one.
Just like to say
you're a complete bitch.
Autistic bitch.
All right.
It's three hours till midnight.
That's when I come back out.
Don't be here.
Go away.
- All right.
- You see that?
I'm not staying out here.
It'll be all right, be all right.
We gonna sleep outside?
I've never slept outside.
I'm not sleeping outside.
Well we're gonna get wet.
It's all right.
Nobody's sleeping outside.
Well it might be dangerous,
there might be animals and dew.
She brought us here, okay?
She can get us out.
I don't think she's coming out.
I'm confused, I don't think it's helpful.
You can't do it and be a team.
We're staying here.
Well I'm not
sleeping outside then.
All right, okay.
Okay, look, look, we know she's here,
so it must be the way
back, must be one of these,
must be the way.
Well she brought us here,
why don't we just get her
to show us the way back?
Yes, good idea.
No, no, no, you can't convince her
to show us the way back.
What, you
don't think it'll work?
Well, just, don't you see that?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Wait, oh dear.
- It's me.
- She's gone, she's gone.
Come on, just us girls together.
Just girls together.
Hey, she left the beans.
- Well have a spoonful.
- Do you want some beans?
- No.
- Can you hold my camera?
I don't want those beans.
I'm not holding your fucking camera.
Well did you?
Did you love your father?
No, of course you didn't, you
can't love anyone, can you?
Get out.
Didn't know
why there were rumours.
Whoa, whoa, hey, oh!
- I'm not staying here.
- Whoa!
- She's a monster!
- Whoa, okay.
No, wait.
You just come on!
Wait, what?
What did you do, what?
All right, all right, all right, okay,
I know we're all a bit stressed.
- What happened?
- Relax.
- Tasha.
- Just relax.
- Can we just go?
- Right, what happened?
What did she say?
Have you seen her arms?
Do you know what she's capable of?
- Oh shit.
- I know, yeah, I know.
- She is just fucking crazy!
- Oh come on.
Yeah, no.
Hey, what did she do?
Got a knife, Dom.
She has a knife?
Look, she's our only hope of getting back.
We don't know the way,
so we should probably
just go ask her nicely.
All right, okay.
We don't go back, we can
just find our own way back,
all right, we'll be all right.
We know where she is now, okay?
We just go then?
Tasha, I got a
coat if you wanna wear it.
All right.
I wanna get in the car.
I wanna go all the way,
this is only when it's dark.
Okay, I wanna go all the way.
She's got a knife.
Have you seen her skin?
All right.
No, no, no, it's huge, okay?
Maybe she uses it for
hunting and cutting cheese.
Wolfwood, there, okay?
Yeah, okay, yeah, it's on the map.
No, but that's
where we've gotta go.
Let's go then.
No more wolves in Wolfwood.
Wait, wait, wait.
Guys, what?
You're not funny.
No more wolves in Wolfwood.
Oh fuck, guys.
I don't recognise this way.
Come a little further.
Keep going.
It's getting late, Dom.
What time is it?
It's going 11 by now, it must be.
Does anybody remember this?
Tasha, don't do that, we need...
That's the Samcam, all right?
It'll be all right.
Oh my god.
This flipping place.
Whoa, whoa.
Had enough of this fucking...
What you doing?
Where's Dom?
I don't know,
he's in front, isn't he?
Everything looks the same.
Okay, I don't know.
What the fuck?
I think we need to get back to the tent.
No, I am not going back
there to your crazy ex, okay?
You deliberately brought me here.
I brought Sam as well.
Who cares about Sam?
That's good.
Hey, hey, this tree, this root right here.
- Relax, it's all right.
- I recognise it.
I think it's this way,
it's right this way.
It's this way.
Go this way, and then right,
we should be back at the car.
No, no, no, it's
all right, it's all right.
Just relax, it's all right,
we're just a bit lost.
We don't know where, we don't.
I can't, I can't go much farther.
It's all right, just relax.
It's all gonna be good.
Go this way, and then right,
we should be back at the car.
Need to just keep calm.
I swear to god,
if you tell me to keep
calm one ore time...
Fucking hell, everything
looks the fucking same.
Fucking hell.
Back to the tent.
What time is it?
11, exactomento.
All right.
Okay, let's just keep going.
Okay, okay.
Story for the grandchildren.
Oh my god, that's sick.
No, it's not this way, guys.
All right, I'll go.
Bloody hell.
All right, come on, Sam.
You can do this.
Oh my god.
What is that?
No, it's...
It's just animal bones or something.
What time does this read?
Tash, Tash, Tash, Tash.
- Tash.
- Tasha!
Dom, please don't.
Fucking hell.
Plenty of time.
Samcam, shit.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Oh my god.
It's okay.
Oh fuck.
Where's the moon?
The moon's gone.
Too late to run.
Told you.
Should've gone.
Oh my god.
Ah, fuck, fuck, shit, shit, shit.
Where is it, where is it, where is it?
Ah, fuck.
There we go.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
It's okay, it's okay, come on.
Got her.
Who does that?
Don't leave me.
Hell of a fucking phone.
Fucking, fucking phone.
Ferrall, Ferrall?
Ferrall, I'm so sorry.
Please, Ferrall, please.
Oh fuck, oh fuck.
Why don't you fucking talk?
Fuck you for that.
Same as before, hundreds.
Not like us, not human.
Some sort of unofficial break
off their scheduled run.
Sort of like a prisoner delivery run.
Yeah, a schedule.
Their unofficial stop.
They do this, two types.
The big guys ganged up against another,
the small one who made a run for it.
A prisoner I think.
Maybe a prisoner of war.
Killing it, or worse.
A sort of thank you for the lads
after the hard work they've done.
Dom, my darling.
You fucking coward.
I hope you die.
Soon as I get a signal, I'm
gonna send this to your mother,
and do you know what I'm gonna tell her?
I'm gonna tell her that she did
a lousy job bringing you up,
and you left me at the
first sign of trouble.
What the, what is that?
Appears to be some kind
of light down there.
Maybe it's help.
I'm gonna go down there and check it out.
What the fuck is that?
Oh shit, no, help, how?
Hey, hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, I just...
It's me, Daddy.
It's your little girl, she's here.
Crikey, another moonrise.
Shit, shit.
Shit, shit.
That's it.
Hello, my name is Sam, I
came here with two friends.
Three friends, one of
which I now know is dead.
The others...
I didn't recognise
you without your camera.
Actually it's my phone,
it's triple lens, bespoke.
It's also a pretty good telephone to own.
Were you close with Dom?
It's important.
Oh, that shit.
That dead shit.
An accident?
Pretty bad accident.
Well, we've got to
focus on what's important.
Must seem such a different world here.
Oh, shadows.
I am a shadow alien.
I've never thought of myself like that.
Oh, here's an underworld.
A place where your worst
enemies don't come back from.
What brought you here, Ferrall?
My father's alive.
They don't age the same as us.
They've been coming here forever.
For hundreds of years.
Local folk knew that
there was something odd.
That's how they kept their kids away.
They told them stories
about werewolves, anything.
So how did you come here?
You were way off, your
father can't have known.
- He knew.
- Yeah?
He was Royal Air Force.
UFO reports, saw something
from the sky, maybe.
He knew, he just didn't believe.
People believe in UFOs.
Not him.
Strictly rational.
He thought nah, but it was a holiday.
Have you heard of XFOs?
They're the type that aren't unidentified.
They're the type where if you
have an interaction with them,
then you don't survive.
Ferrall, I think your dad saw an XFO.
Do you understand?
Come on, we should do this properly.
This is Wolfwood.
An interview with Ferrall.
Sorry, do you have a first name?
Dom said you didn't have a first name.
That's Dom being Dom.
Not anymore.
It's Avril.
Avril, I thought it'd be a much more...
No, sure, yeah, Avril.
Go ahead.
On Friday the 13th of May, 2005,
11 years ago exactly,
I was here with my dad.
I was 14.
That's the day that they took him.
So they took him?
They took him, did they, did
he go of his own free will?
I don't know, he hid
me, so I didn't see.
Was he abducted?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so why, why?
Okay, so was it experiments, torture?
Why would they?
Who cares about us?
These aliens, they don't
have a great track record
with people.
Why would they hurt him?
You didn't see Dom.
Okay, what did you see?
I saw, no, I didn't.
That was the next day.
I was running.
No one believed you.
Why would they?
My mum did.
I don't know why I told her.
I don't remember.
She didn't believe me at first.
And then she did.
Killed her.
I killed her, too.
Something's woken them up.
Something's turned them on.
Ferrall, Ferrall, tell me,
tell me now, what do you know?
Ferrall, come on.
Does Avril know?
Does Avril know what's going on?
Avril doesn't remember anything.
Is Avril in contact with them?
Is there something Avril knows
that they want to forget?
A stick, it cracked.
Okay, who?
Who cracked the stick, Avril?
Avril did.
So he hid her in a tree.
Then they took him in the ship.
Avril doesn't know what happened to him.
She just doesn't know.
It's okay, Avril, it's not your fault,
it wasn't your fault, okay?
He's alive.
They took him to some other world,
somewhere amazing.
Yeah, somewhere where
he's gonna be king.
Well why would they hurt him?
You didn't see what
they did to Dom, okay?
It was...
I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm gonna be the
first one to film them.
I'm gonna be the first
person to actually film one.
Jesus, Ferrall's back then.
Look, they're not friendly, okay?
After what they did to
Dom, they are not friendly.
And they're gonna hurt us unless we go.
We should go now, we should run.
How did you know that they
were gonna be here today?
They're here for a reason.
You knew?
You knew, you knew that
they would be here now?
You knew that they would be...
I looked.
I worked out the pattern.
Friday the 13th of May.
It repeats itself every 28 years.
Church records go back, old
newspaper reports, police files.
Friday the 13th of May,
2005, 1994, 1983.
That's the 11 year cycle.
1994, 1966,
1938, 1910,
that's the 28 year cycle.
It goes back before the first World War.
They have a schedule for their schedule.
Gravity lenses and
interstellar alignment...
I'm not OCD for nothing.
Do you know what
Shakespeare called this wood?
Forest of Arden.
Magic, they called it.
Outlaws, parties, murder.
They were here, even then.
Their schedule, as you like it.
Friday the 13th of May,
Something happens.
Not every time, but that doesn't mean
that they weren't here.
It just means that someone got lucky
on that particular Friday the 13th.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Shit, I think that was Tasha.
That was Tasha, Ferrall, what we gonna do?
Ferrall, what we gonna do?
We should...
We've gotta do something, gotta save her.
It's too dangerous out there.
I can't let them do this.
It's not, I can do this.
I can't, I can't go, I can't stay.
It's getting brighter.
- Ferrall!
- They're coming closer,
they're coming closer.
Look, look, Avril.
Look, Ferrall, she's gone now.
She's gone now, it's over.
They can't hurt her anymore.
We've gotta go, we just gotta go, okay?
Avril, Avril, we have to go.
I know you're there, I
know you can hear me.
Come to me, darling.
These are the good guys.
Avril, honey, they want to meet you.
They want us to be together,
father and daughter.
Honey, they want to trust you,
but you're not making it happen.
They don't understand
why you're being like this.
They're tricking you, you know this,
you know this, Ferrall.
You're smart.
Run away, save yourself!
It's not him, listen to me,
listen to me.
It's not!
It's not him, okay?
That's not your dad.
Your dad is dead, I'm sorry.
We've gotta go, we're going now.
I'm gonna go, we've gotta
fucking go, we gotta go.
All right.
All right, but they've seen
us, they've seen us now.
They're coming for us, you understand?
If you're staying, so am I.
No, I am, I'm gonna stay.
This, this here, this is what
I'm meant to do, all right?
This is me.
This is me.
Ferrall, Ferrall!