Wolves (2022) Movie Script

- Daisy!
- Just a few more then?
- Yeah, probably one or two
more trips, and then the couch.
- All right.
C'mon Mikey.
- I hate to let it go.
I, I think my grandpa
gave it to her.
She raised me after
my parents died.
She didn't have much,
but she left me that.
But now my landlord's
jacking up the rent prices
so I just need the money.
- You're kidding, right?.
I work weekends at the
shop over on Kenmore.
You were in a month ago
giving me the same story
about your grandmother's
wedding ring.
I can do you 150.
- I've seen similar
pieces listed online for-
- I don't price match.
- For 200.
- All right, now it's 120
and you'll be be lucky
if I don't ask you
where you got it.
Do we have a deal?
- Hey, Petey.
Got something for you buddy.
Are you gonna wake up?
Come here.
Hey buddy.
There you go.
So, good day?
- Cases such as
these have been increasing
in both frequency and severity.
This being only one of
nearly a dozen such cases
reported in the city
in the last 18 months.
Early reports of
these incidents,
they refer to smaller animals-
- Goodnight, buddy.
- From what we have seen here
it appears the suspect
may have moved on
to larger domesticated animals.
In cases such as this,
it is very difficult for law
enforcement to make headway.
Now, unfortunately,
in the eyes of the law
animals qualify as property.
So very few tips, if
any, tend to emerge.
And I would like to reiterate
what the police
department has said
and ask that the public
please come forward
with any tips you may have.
- And finally, tonight:
it looks like winter
is here to stay.
Our own Colin Lander joins us
with some unconventional ways
to beat those winter-
- What time is it?
- 11:30.
Hey, can you drop me off
at Denview on our way back?
- The park?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- I forgot I was
gonna meet somebody.
- I'm
here at Denview Park,
where earlier this morning
a jogger stumbled
on a gruesome scene.
In the tunnel behind me,
Erica Connors came
across mutilated remains
of what appears
to be a large dog.
I spoke with Michael Raymond,
a criminology professor
at Baldwin University,
for his take on
this peculiar case.
- Cases such as these
have been increasing
in both frequency and severity.
This being only one of
nearly a dozen such cases
reported in the city
in the past 18 months.
Early reports of
these incidents,
they referred to smaller animals
local wildlife, squirrels,
snakes, raccoons, even.
From what we have seen here
it appears the suspect
may have moved on
to larger domesticated animals.
In cases such as this,
it is very difficult
for law enforcement
to make headway.
Now, unfortunately,
in the eyes of the law
animals qualify as property.
So very few tips, if
any, tend to emerge.
And I would like to reiterate
what the police
department has said
and ask that the public
please come forward
with any tips you may have.
- Who is it?
- It's Jerry.
Open the fucking door.
Where is it?
- What?
- Where the fuck is it?
- Uh, I, I, I don't understand.
- Nah, you know exactly
what I'm talking about.
Cut the shit.
You know that truck
you work out of?
There's a name on the side.
You can read, right?
What does it say?
It says Jerry Cohen Moving.
My name, not yours.
You know what happens when
something goes missing?
When something gets stolen?
They don't call
you, they call me.
Miss Zwiski, where is it?
- I, I, I-
- Her necklace. Where is it?
- Zwiski?
You mean that retirement
home from last week?
Well, weren't Stav and
Mike working that day too.
- Are you
fucking kidding me?
I've known Mikey
since he was a baby.
He's a good kid.
And Stav?
That guy's a fucking retard
but he's not retarded
enough to steal from me.
Are you?
Are you fucking retarded?
Come here.
Listen, that's money that's
gotta come out of my pocket now.
I'll give you till next
Friday to get it back to me.
Fucking twerp.
- Animal abuse is often
the first manifestation
of serious emotional turmoil
that may escalate over time.
70% of violent offenders have
a history of animal abuse.
Right now, we have someone
living in our community
that is exhibiting
all of these signs.
This is something that should
be taken very seriously.
We ask if anyone in the
community has any information
to please come forward.
- Hey man, do you
have, do you have my smokes?
- There you go.
- Hey man. I'm
sorry about Jerry.
- Yeah.
Your uncle's a fucking asshole.
- Yeah. Yeah, he is.
Still, I can't believe
you got caught, man.
- Isn't it a school night?
- Yeah.
Yeah, all right.
I'm sorry.
- Have I told you about this
new girl I've been seeing?
- No.
- Oh man.
Olivia, that's her name.
She's the, uh, one on the right.
Yeah. We, we met at this party.
I was actually talking to
her friend for a while,
but she left
and somehow I wind up making
out with Olivia like all night.
What about you?
- Huh?
- You seeing anyone?
- Oh, no.
Well, nothing serious.
- You, uh, found a new job yet?
- No, not really looking.
- I figured you'd be on
that like right away.
- No, I'm waiting
for something I care about.
- And, uh, what might
that be?
- Hey, I'm really happy for you.
She seems really nice and cute.
- Thanks.
Hey, I'm, uh,
I'm heading off tomorrow
for the holidays.
We should do something
when I get back.
You can meet her.
- Yeah. Okay.
That sounds good.
- All right, man.
I gotta take off.
And uh, sorry again about Jerry.
The guy's a total cunt.
If you message me,
uh, do it online.
My phone's kind of fucked up.
I'm not getting your messages.
- to
shovel the front step.
- He's been
been very helpful.
- I was worried we
would have to hire
one of those plow companies.
How's your work going?
Are you still with
that moving company?
- Yeah.
- Oh, great.
You must be impressing them.
Do they let you
drive the big trucks?
- Yeah, sometimes.
- Oh, that's exciting.
How was dinner?
Sorry, there wasn't much.
We weren't sure you were coming.
- Oh, no, no.
It was great. More than enough.
- Are you done?
- Yeah
Uh, let me help.
- Oh, no, you sit.
I got you something.
It's not very much.
- Thank you.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah, it's very nice.
- Everyone needs a
nice outfit for work...
...A date.
If you have a girlfriend
I'm sure she would love
to see you dress up.
Do you have a girlfriend?
- Well, I started seeing
somebody a little while ago.
I don't know if
she's my girlfriend.
- Tell me about her.
- Well, we met at a party.
Um, her name's Olivia.
She's really nice.
Can I see his room?
(floorboards creaking
- Whoa, I didn't
see you there, bro.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Uh, lost my keys.
- Yo. Sorry about her.
She gets a little
bitchy when she's horny.
- Fuck off, Kevin.
- Yo, you need help
looking for your keys?
- Nope. Got 'em.
- All right.
- He's really weird.
- Yeah? Professor
Michael Raymond's office.
Hello? I'm hanging up now.
- Mr. Raymond. Hi.
- I'm
sorry, who is this?
- I saw you on the news and
I, I wanted to speak with you.
- Who is this?
- I saw your work
on the killer targeting
animals in the area
and, and I, and I wanted
to ask you a few questions.
What's your name, son?
- Uh, Petey, Peter.
- Okay, Peter,
where are you calling from?
- I've been following the
investigation quite closely.
I've been to most
of the crime scenes
and, and, talked with
some of the witnesses.
And, and I-
- Who is this, really?
- I wanna find him.
- What about
this interest you so much?
- That's... I...
I wanna find him because I,
I feel like I, I know him.
Statistically young, white male,
probably a student,
likely a loner.
I want to find him because
I, I feel like I can be him.
I'm, I'm not, I'm not,
I'm not him, but...
This is someone like me,
somebody in my, my own backyard.
The moment I heard,
I, I, I had to,
I had to understand, I
had to understand him.
He's, he's so close.
I'm so close.
- Two years ago,
someone slipped a
note under my door
saying that someone
was adopting animals
from the local shelter
with the intention
of butchering them.
- Someone fucking knows you.
Westview Country Supply.
How can I help you?
- Hi. Yeah.
I've been having some
trouble on my farm lately.
Coyotes, pestering the livestock
- Over
in the West End, huh?
We've been hearing a
lot of that this year.
Cold weather, I think.
- Yeah. I'm wondering
if you got anything-
- Yeah, we got
some high-end air
rifles in stock.
More than enough
power for coyotes.
It's typically what
folks around here use.
Quieter and cheaper than a .22.
But if you need more power,
we got whatever you need.
- Okay. Yeah.
Sure, thanks.
- Happy to help.
And we're open
till 6:00 tonight.
- You can now
fit fitness into your lifestyle
to achieve a lean sculpted body
in the convenience
of your own home,
fitting in an exercise
break at the office,
while traveling,
walking on a treadmill
or even outdoors when
the weather is nice.
And we know it works.
A 16-week NASA study, proved
that Spiraflex resistance
increased muscle
strength and size
as much as working
out with free weights.
SpiraFlex works so well,
NASA astronauts use it to
keep fit in the space station
for almost 10 years.
- We needed a
resistant exercise device
we could depend on.
We needed something compact,
light-weight and effective-
- Jesus Christ, kid.
Who'd you steal from this time?
So I'm just gonna go ahead
and assume you
don't have my money.
Can't you talk retard?
You know, Stav's a dumb fuck
but you make him look like
a goddamn brain surgeon.
Christ, you really are a pussy.
At least have the balls to
look at me in the fucking...
What the fuck?
The fuck's with you, kid?
What the hell is all this?
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck is with you?
God damn freak.
You fucking freak-
- You're not getting
your money back.
Look at me.
Never come back here.
- If you're
gonna be home late,
have James's mom text
me and I'll pick you up.
I don't want you walking
home in the dark.
- Would your mom let us
go sleighing by the school?
Do you think
there's enough snow?
Can we use your brother's sled?
It's way faster.
- Come on.
- Where are you going?
- Wait up!
- Come on. Over here.
Don't be scared, okay?
Don't be scared.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
I just found it.
Got it?
- Okay.
- We'd like
to warn that some viewers
may find this disturbing.
- Thanks, Carol.
I'm here at University Heights
Park where last evening,
two young children came
upon a shocking discovery,
which appears to
be only the latest
in the string of similar cases.
While police have yet to
release any formal statement
on these occurrences,
one officer on scene
describes what he witnessed
as disturbing and even
ritualistic in nature.
Police have since
cleared the scene
and the park remains
open to the public.
- Attention students,
the time is now 9:55.
In five minutes, the upper
levels will be closing.
Please return to the main floor.
- The time is 10:00 PM.
The upper levels are now closed.
Please exit or return to
the main-floor atrium.
- Please
- It's you. It's you.
He looks just like you.
I saw him once
- When?
- Years, four years ago maybe.
- How do you know?
Arthur? How do you
know it was him?
- Do you believe it?
What they say about him?
- What do they say about him?
- That things are only
gonna get worse from here.
- You tipped off Raymond.
- I didn't want
anyone to get hurt,
but we're not supposed to look.
- What did you find?
- I was cleaning after hours.
That's when I come in.
I'm on work release
for a non-violent...
Nobody got hurt, but...
I was working late cleaning
and I didn't think
anyone was here.
It just startled me.
He was leaving and something
fell, maybe under a table or...
We're not supposed to
look at students' things.
I would get fired,
sent back to j-
I didn't mean to
look, but I saw.
It was a page with ideas, notes,
plans, what he was gonna do.
I didn't say
anything to anybody.
I didn't want to
get into trouble.
But then years
later, I saw on TV...
- You sent the note to Raymond.
Arthur, what are
you not telling me?
What do you know?
- I know his name.
- I need you to give
that to me right now.
- Look I, I already looked, I
checked online, phone books.
Every shift I look.
He never came back.
- Arthur, give me his name.
- Humane
Society, Darlene speaking.
- Yeah. Hi, Darlene.
My name is Nate Wells.
I adopted a dog from you
guys a year or so back,
and he's doing great.
I've been in a
few times recently
and there's this cat I
might just have to adopt.
She's just the cutest thing.
- That's
great to hear-
- I was hoping I could
come by later today.
- Uh, you'll have to
fill out an application.
Have you done that yet?
- From before,
for Petey, my dog.
- Okay, so you'll
have to file a new application
but we should still
have you on file
so it should be pretty quick.
- That's great, Darlene.
Thanks so much.
We'll see you later today.
- Awesome.
We'll see you then.
- Buh-bye. Actually, Darlene,
if you're still there...
- Oh, yes?
- Just wanted to check.
I've moved a few times
in the last few years
and I can't remember,
but could you
check and make sure
that you guys have my
most updated contact info?
- Uh, yeah, I, uh-
- Thanks so much.
- Okay.
Sorry, your name was?
- Nate Wells.
- Okay, um.
Okay. 1153 Watercrest
Ave., Apartment B.
- You got it.
Thanks so much, Darlene.
We'll see you later today.
- What
are you doing?
- Uh, I'm friends with Nate.
He invited me over.
- Oh, is that his name?
He doesn't have friends.
- Well, he and I go way back.
I haven't seen him in years.
- Hey, what's your name?
- Peter.
- Oh, shit.
That, that's my name too.
- Huh, what are the odds?
Uh, listen, Peter I, I'm-
- You shouldn't.
You shouldn't go down there.
- Do you know him?
Do you know about him?
- I didn't see, I don't, I-
- Peter?
- You should, should go.
You should go.
- Why can't I feel my legs?
- You pissed yourself
when I moved you.
I think you might be paralyzed.
- How did...?
- The window.
I wanted to talk to you.
It's been nagging at me.
Why didn't you kill me
that day in the woods?
You had me.
- I didn't know what to do.
- You've never hurt a person.
I read that it often
starts with small animals,
um, smaller, and
then it escalates.
When did you know?
When did the, uh, urges begin?
I also read that
it often manifests
in, in sexual maturity, puberty,
and, and that it's often incited
by instances of
childhood abuse or,
or some kind of trauma.
When did you know?
- I don't fucking know!
I was a kid and one day it
didn't scare me anymore.
- Do you enjoy it?
- How much time did you
spend looking for me?
How many back alley shitholes
did you have to crawl
through to find me?
Look at you.
Look what it took.
When I saw you down there,
bleeding, panting.
So pathetic.
I knew I was gonna let you go.
That's the difference
between us.
- Tonight,
Police are investigating
after a tip from a neighbor
led authorities to a
shocking discovery.
Officers responded to the
scene at Watercrest Avenue,
found the body of
Nathaniel Wells
along with the remains
of dozens of animals.
Wells, a former student
of Baldwin University's
medical sciences program
was pronounced dead at the scene
and is now the prime
suspect in the string of
animal killings over
the past several years.
- Oh my god.
No way. No.
Oh my god. No.
He's so cute.
Oh, he, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, he.
Um, his name is Petey.
- Oh, I love it.
He's adorable.
- Yeah. Yeah.
He's a good guy.
I've had him for what,
like 12 years now.
- Wow.
- Yeah. Great roommate.
I still have to chase him
down for the rent though.
- Well, I can assure
you that he is probably
a thousand times better
than my roommate.
Seriously though, I've
had this like thing
about like strange pets
ever since I was little.
When I was a kid, I used
to want a chameleon.
- Chameleons are cool.
- Yeah.
- You never got one?
- No, my mom had this cat.
I guess she always figured
that it would get in there
at night and like eat him.
But she was probably right.
That thing was a monster.
And now I'm in the dorm
and they don't allow pets.
So, ah, I don't know.
Maybe next year.
I'll see where I'm living.
- I don't think my
building allows pets either
but Petey's so low maintenance
that I don't even think
they know he is there.
- Well, I have got to
meet Petey someday.
What's, what's
his schedule like?
- Well, it was just
packed over the holidays
but February is opening
up a little bit.
So yeah, we'll see
what we can do.
- Okay.
Okay, um...
Okay, I know I
probably shouldn't
but I have to ask,
what did you do?
Your neck?
- Oh!
- What the
hell happened, man?
- Ugh.
- Yeah. Snowboarding accident.
- Oh, yikes.
- Yeah.
- So you snowboard?
- Not anymore.
Yeah. I was, my first time
I went with some friends
and never again.