Woman at War (2018) Movie Script

What are you doing here?
I am a tourist.
This is not a place for tourists.
Come with us to the car.
I did not do anything! Leave me alone!
Calm down!
If you want to help me, it's right now.
They are looking for me.
What did you do?
I blew the lines.
- So you?
- Yes.
This is the 5th time.
- Did you act alone?
- Yes.
You want to make me an
accomplice of this vandalism?
I am not a criminal, on the contrary.
Where does your family come from?
My name is Halla,
I am the daughter of
Benedikt Sigur sson.
My grandmother is from the corner.
So, you're from Eyv k's family.
I know your family.
So you're Bensi's daughter...
What I have done,
I believe from the bottom
of my heart that's right.
Woman! Barks!
They saw traces that go
from the moor to here.
They will fetch tracked dogs,
so you are not invited to stay.
I can not do without the SUV.
I can lend you this one.
You give it back to me when you can.
Before the next national holiday.
You have to get used to the clutch.
Can I say I stole it?
You do as you want.
Thank you for your help.
We do not talk about it
too much in the corner,
but my grandfather may
not be his father's son.
They say that your
great-grandfather, Sigur ur of Eyvik,
who was an extremist
like many in his family,
did sometimes
replacements in the corner.
We may be cousins third degree.
Well, then!
So thank you, dear cousin.
Cousin presumed.
We'll see if that can help you.
Stay here.
Authorities have announced
that power cuts
are the result of
organized sabotage.
Yet this act was not claimed.
orbj rn G slason,
factory team leader:
- Are you better than last time?
- Yes.
But it's very expensive
to use fuel,
on the other hand, it allows
aluminum not to solidify.
That would be a huge loss.
According to our sources,
a man was arrested
after the break.
This is a young man
foreign nationality.
Excuse me, dear friends, I am late.
Mea culpa.
Have you finished warming up?
Great! Let's start by
a little spring song
to warm up the soul.
So, friends.
"The country of the v g tation
and my brother's country. "
It's not the same thing. It's clear?
A short break, I have photocopies to do.
Baldvin, can you help me?
He's still the Baldvin friend.
Not bad to have people from
the ministry for the paperwork.
What was the helicopter doing there?
An accident Laugarvatn. I did not know.
- It was too fair.
- I know.
You have to stop, there!
They asked the Americans
surveillance from space.
They ordered a satellite
and thermal cam ras.
The lines will be monitored.
When is the satellite?
I do not know. A week, maybe less.
He sees through the clouds?
You can not take the risk.
You have reached your goal. The
Chinese have canceled their offer.
They put it back later.
They are still there.
It's diplomacy. They consider
the country unreliable.
It's not just a contract
between Iceland and China,
it's more global.
Rio Tinto will claim
billions Electricity Company.
You do not need to continue.
It's everywhere in the media,
everyone is on the nerves.
And you?
And me what?
Do you take your medicine?
Yes No. I am weaning myself at 25 mg.
It's going well.
listen to me,
you do not understand
well what is happening...
They have generators.
Next time, I have to do real
damage, take down pylons.
We must go all the way.
You have attracted the
attention of the whole world,
this is the moment for your manifesto.
And after, you stop.
If they catch you now, they
will smother the affair.
I'm going to think about it.
To reflect? It's all thought!
I know these people, I am
surrounded by these psychopaths
I know how they think,
do not underestimate them.
It is connected to the Internet?
No. I checked.
Baldvin, she's sure.
I know what I'm doing.
You can never be sure.
We turn the page.
Beautiful car.
You know who she is?
No, no idea.
These are crimes
and these organized crimes against the
state and the Icelandic people
will surely be punished.
Negotiations will be momentary suspended
with the Chinese delegation.
The government is determined
keep its heavy industry.
The government's statement has attracted
the attention of foreign media.
In the German media, we're talking
about the Green Army and the BBC...
- That's great!
- Stupefying!
It's a scandal that the government
do not admit it's sabotage.
It's an attack against all
Icelandic industry.
No one will want to invest in
our industry in the future.
Global warming is making
great progress.
The way of life of human beings
brings us to the apocalypse.
It's a natural disaster
of which only dinosaurs
could testify.
The simple fact that there is
more water in circulation
that during the past 70000 years is
a small part of our problem.
Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London
face an uncertain future.
Floods, landslides...
Yes hello.
A letter? No, I did
not receive a letter.
I had made a request,
but it was 4 years ago.
I will check my mail.
I watch...
Wait, I'm looking elsewhere...
My God!
A girl...
Yes, I have it here.
I must note it. Tomorrow morning?
Yes, I will remember. 11 am?
And so...
How old is it?
So 4 years... Yes, it's here.
Yes thanks. tomorrow.
Yes, I have to see...
I have not thought about it for 4 years.
You do not have much
time to think about it.
We need a response quickly.
If you do not adopt it, you
have to find someone else.
Yes I understand.
Many things have changed.
Here's the file with all the information
concerning the Ukrainian orphanage.
If you accept, we will have
to provide the following parts:
a clean criminal record,
a medical certificate
and the declaration
like what you always live alone.
Yes, it is always the case.
So we will need the signature
the person who will be
guarantor in case of death.
Here is the form.
It's still your sister?
And you will also be his guarantor
if his application for
adoption is successful?
She also has an adoption record.
You made the request
at the same time, no?
Yes, nothing has
changed, but I'm not sure.
- I can not answer for her.
- I understand.
Very good. So here...
There is a photo of the little
girl and other information.
It comes from the Donetsk
region, of a town called Drouj...
... kivka.
She lost both her
parents during the war.
It was found at his grandmother's,
which had been dead for several days.
So this is
of a trauma that must be treated.
But it's apparently a little heroine.
You are free to leave.
And welcome to Iceland.
What is it?
It's Reykjavik?
Very good.
Now, we lie down.
And we offer all the weight of our body
Mother Earth.
I need to talk to you.
Me too. In an instant.
We are releasing tensions.
We inspire light.
We are expiring.
We are releasing...
- I am in the garden.
- In 5 minutes.
- I can start?
- Yes.
They changed the rules.
The rules have changed, and a little
girl is waiting for me in Ukraine.
We did not go beyond age
in Ukraine. Not anymore.
It's great.
I knew something was happening.
I have often dreamed
of you, as if something
very important would happen to you,
and here it is.
My dear Halla,
you will become a mother.
You, too, have made the
request at the same time,
you must be next.
I also have an important thing tell you.
I was admitted in the
Maharishi Ashram in India.
- What? At the gurus?
- Yes.
I will be guided by Tony Nader,
I will be away for two years.
Totally isolated from
the rest of the world.
Are you going to enter a convent?
We can say it like this.
But we...
You are my guarantor for the adoption.
I will be the aunt at
home until my return.
What's her name?
You have a photo?
She has a flower.
She looks like you.
And you too.
She looks like us.
Her name is Nika.
She is alone in the world.
She lost everything during this war.
His mother, his father, his grandmother.
Nika, daughter of Halla.
There's only...
Everything is complicated right now.
How is that?
What is complicated?
Tell me.
I think I need help.
We must all find our way.
Mine is an inland voyage to find me
Your trip will be in
Ukraine for this little girl.
Will you sign anyway?
The papers for adoption.
Of course I will sign.
But you do not need anyone.
You know it, you can do it.
You'll be mom and nothing will stop you.
What was mother always saying?
Say it.
Moms can do anything.
No, the other.
- Find solutions.
- Exactly.
Are you searching something?
No, nothing in particular today.
You are always welcome.
I have to go. We'll meet Again.
Always welcome.
I declare to be solely
responsible sabotage
high voltage lines.
The whole world will know that the industry
heavy in Iceland will cost dear to...
"I declare...
"that I am responsible...
"that my action is
directed only against... "
"The acts of sabotage... are
a crime against humanity... "
"The forces behind this hellish
action are not democratic. "
This is the place of
birth of the republic,
the cradle of our democracy.
Maybe our president can
better explain it to you.
this is the place where
the Vikings found themselves
once a year, and...
Exchanged information,
were making new friends.
Like on Facebook.
And then the leaders came,
the godars .
But the leaders did not have power,
except when they were in a circle,
a circle of power,
as in The Lord of the Rings .
So, they could create new laws,
to execute criminals,
a bit like the general
assembly of your party.
"I urge you to get up
"and use your ing nuit and your
strength to hurt these businesses.
"It's the only language
that these amoral tres,
"this big multinational, can understand.
"They always act like that,
"with threats and attacks
against nature and men. "
- It's over?
- No it's...
I have a signal.
Keep on going.
"Vandalism against our nature
which causes global warming
"is a crime against
humanity and life on earth.
"The system of these
multinationals is an infernal power
"that democracy is
obviously unable to stop. "
It's incredible.
"But there are laws..."
No, you skip one end.
"There are higher laws those of men,
"ancestral laws which will
not be obsolete tomorrow.
"It's our duty to protect life and
the health of future generations.
"We are the generation the
most powerful that existed
"and also the last one to be able
to stop the war against Mother Earth.
"Our children and grandchildren
can not change anything.
"For them it will be too late.
"Today is the moment, it's us to act.
"The Woman of the Mountains."
We can stop it.
I have to make a confession.
I have a secret and I
can not keep it anymore.
As you know, I...
I have a dream for a long time,
but I did not think that
he was going to be realized,
until the day before yesterday.
There is a little girl in Ukraine
who needs a mom,
and it seems that the mother is me.
Her name is Nika.
She is so beautiful!
She's 4 years.
I'm going to get her next week,
so we have to postpone
concertt 's concert.
She will become a mother!
Who is this tourist?
It's not funny.
An American came for the
investigation and Israelis too.
They analyze the paper.
Why did you use an old machine to write?
- It's easy to draw.
- Stop!
We will not find it.
Why do not you have it read before?
I had to broadcast it,
the timing was important,
and the little girl arrived...
But there are weak points
and they will use it.
- What for example?
- The history of laws...
You are approaching a dangerous
angle that they will fight back,
that they will deform.
People will understand.
I sowed the seeds, the
debate will not be over.
They do not want to choke him
but control it. They
will control the debate.
What will we talk about? This
is the subject that is important.
Who will tell us what
is the main subject?
There is an investigation
on possible leaks.
The department is away.
Are you suspected?
I do not know. Everyone is suspected.
I can not anymore,
I can not do this anymore.
If they spot me,
they are repenting you.
- We're too lied.
- We stop everything.
- I promise you.
- You have to leave.
It is clear that there
will be wage cuts
cause of this Woman
of the Mountains.
It's an attack on the employees.
The Bank of Iceland is planning a
downgrading of the country.
It will be ranked at the lowest if
the energy is not delivered.
Hydraulic power is
very ecological.
Nothing keeps you up.
We liberate less greenhouse gas.
This disruption of violence...
Democracy remains the
main subject.
There are laws that are
superior those of men.
What is it? The divine laws?
Or the laws of Sharia?
We should stop any industry and
go back to our peat houses?
You are not answering the phone?
I forgot it at home.
- Do you have to bring her clothes?
- Yes.
What size?
I do not know.
It is 97 cm and weighs 22 kilos.
The little cabbage.
She will not touch
the bottom of the pool.
Sirr! So you were in the locker?
Come here.
How old are you?
Four years.
Four years? You have
beautiful little feet.
I can see?
And his shoe size?
They grow up quickly at this age.
Yes, it's true.
Really, yes.
Children's shoes cost a lot,
and it's going to get worse
with this Woman of the Mountains.
Yes it's sad.
It's horrible.
What is awful?
This violence.
Violence? It's only vandalism.
Only vandalism?
Economic vandalism.
It's extremism which calls
for extreme reactions.
Whoever takes the
But nobody is hurt
except our country and our land.
This is not the right
way to solve this problem.
To meditate in a convent,
Will it change something?
It changes me and the
world with, I hope.
This is not selfishness, to
believe that it is enough to change?
The drop digs the stone.
The cliffs fall on us,
we do not have the time
to wait for the drops.
But there, you go to save
a child, and the world with.
It's a small drop or just vanity?
I do something for someone else.
The main thing is not to
leave this kind of terror
transforming our society
into a jungle
where the strongest wins.
That's the main thing.
Mr. the Prime Minister,
what are the projects
about global warming?
They are the reason of
these acts of sabotage.
We will talk protection of nature
when we know how to deal
with this violence
as a people.
This is the fundamental subject.
The most important
is to be gathered around
a democratic ideal.
That's what Al-Qaeda and
Da'esh encourage to do
and they do it.
But the closest example is
obviously Anders Breivik
who is in this context the
Norwegian Mountain Man.
These technical changes
allow us to avoid
power outages
and increase the power of
electric transport.
We will not be able to do
to break a factory
and keep a people hostage.
Not only contracts with the
Chinese will continue
but Rio Tinto will enlarge
its aluminum plant.
The country is recovering!
Thank you!
I need more of these, six houseplants
and 25 kg of chicken
droppings put in the trunk,
Hen droppings.
According to Bl ndu s police,
a burglary took place
the warehouse of road
explosives that night.
A large amount of Semtex
was destroyed.
Civil Protection
launched a red alert
to prevent possible sabotage
and set up road blocks.
It is recommended to postpone the
police any unusual activity
and be careful
because they are people
dangerous and armed.
Where are you going?
It's a secret.
A floral birthday gift for my cousin.
Who is your cousin?
Sveinbj rn smunds...
smundsson. Br sasta ir ingvallasveit.
Sveinbj rn, I know him.
- Are you his cousin?
- Yes.
Can you open the chest?
I know what it is.
Mea culpa.
I know!
We can not offer flowers
without fertilizer.
You can go.
I'm free?
Great! Thank you!
Shut up!
What's the matter?
What are you talking about?
You are in a state of arrest!
Do not move!
Take him away!
Pick up!
Pick up! A signal 2 h.
Hold on! There!
Is there something?
Another fucking sheep!
They are everywhere.
We must stop to let them run everywhere.
Come, we have little time.
Thank you.
You are not out of business yet.
How did you find me?
I know my pasture, I
thought you'd come down here.
I'm frozen.
Slip in the middle.
They are downstairs.
When they stop me, do not move.
Get in the car!
Where are you going?
I wanted to bring lambs up
there, but I had to leave.
You make a noise!
You do not think of animals.
This pasture is used
since a millenarian.
We do not have the right
to frighten the animals, just for fun.
Nobody has fun.
It is you who will bring back the beast
once they go down Because of your mess?
We do not hold you back.
If you see something...
He would miss more than that!
Monitor the lands of
which I was expropriated.
Go, disappear!
The man of foreign nationality
which was retained
was released today,
his participation in sabotage
having been judged impossible.
The police are still
searching the culprits...
Halla is there?
Yes she...
She takes a shower.
I understand...
Maybe you want... to go
in and wait for him here?
No no.
Can you give it to him?
These are clothes and
shoes for the little one.
I will call later.
I am sa.
His sister.
A picture of my little Nika.
Ah yes...
Yes, she comes from Ukraine.
She looks a little like you,
and yours.
She came with this package
for Nika.
It's hardworking Ukrainians...
and the Ukrainians.
Well, you know where to find me.
You're welcome with the little one.
She must meet her cousin.
His cousin presumed.
You are my cousin,
and you will be our cousin.
Have a nice trip!
Thank you.
What is happening?
Because of sabotage,
they make DNA samples.
We talk about it on the net.
According to the new laws
from the Icelandic government,
all passengers have to give their DNA.
It's a quick and easy procedure
and a question of national security.
Did you see that?
It's unbelievable.
It's good, guys! She
has just been arrested.
The Woman of the Mountains.
She is a yoga teacher.
She looks a little like you.
It's madness here.
It appears that the
terrorist is a little crazy,
a kind of bobo artist.
We are looking for Halla Benediktsd
ttir, choral conductor and musician.
Halla is 49 years old,
she is 1.76 m tall.
She has brown hair, short hair.
Anyone who can inform
us about Halla...
Where do you come from?
On Ukraine.
I did not know that there
were flights from there.
I think I'm going to throw up.
You're okay?
I can help you?
You're a nice girl!
His custody is over. We
will transfer it to a cell.
She has a visit.
You press the button
and we arrive.
Otherwise you have an hour.
She's inside.
Yes, we see.
Close the door.
Thank you for the clothes.
How was it?
I think yes.
I should have told you.
No, I would have been an accomplice.
And I never could keep a secret.
I understand that you asked
me to be there for the child.
I do not wanna talk about it.
Now you stay here
and you make this house
closed, this prison,
your sanctuary, your
convent, your temple.
It's better to see it like this.
You stay here,
but me, your sister sa,
I am going to Ukraine.
I spoke with the adoption office.
It was my turn, as you
said. I arranged everything,
I redid all the papers,
they are in a bag in my car.
I'm ready to leave
in Ukraine, to become Nika's mother.
But the convent and the guru?
It's decided.
Your journey is now my journey.
And I'm going directly to the airport.
- But...
- But you, Halla...
You will stay here in your convent,
your ashram and
practice your meditation.
You have to trust me.
We have a few seconds
before the camera turns on.
What is happening?
Our cousin just blown up all
the electricity of the south.
Our cousin?
Cousin pr sum.
Take Nika home,
then we will help each other
when I leave my convent.
The visit is over for reasons of safety.
What does it mean?
I greet your interior, not outside,
not your appearance, but your interior,
who is good and who is good.
- You speak English?
- A little.
Focus # 2?
Ah yes.
Thank you.
I am sorry,
there is water everywhere
Because of the rain.
So, please...
My name is Nika.
My name is Halla.
A dog.
The dog.
The engine is drowned,
we will have to walk.