Woman Chases Man (1937) Movie Script

Mr Nolan.
Mr Nolan.
Yes, right here.
- Telephone, Mr Nolan. New York.
- Yes. They want to reverse the charges.
It's my father. Alright.
Well, I won't tell him
you're coming to visit us.
I'll let him be surprised for a change.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
He is such a dear boy.
What is so dear about
him except his money?
Stop complaining.
I'm going to marry that boy so that you
and I can live happily ever afterwards.
Uncle Henri.
But I am not your uncle. And I love you.
I told you I'd leave him
as soon as he marries me.
If I can every get him to propose.
Holy mackerels.
What a way to make a living.
You know any other way to make a living?
This whole business
gives me the willies.
Right here, Mr Nolan.
Oh, hello father. How are you?
My boy, I'm desperate. They're after me.
Who's after you? What have you done now?
I've got to have a hundred thousand
dollars right now or I lose everything.
Now father, have you got yourself
mixed up in another wildcat scheme?
It's not a wildcat scheme.
It's a magnificent
undreamed-of little village.
I've named it Nolan Heights. It's
almost finished but I ran out of cash.
Please my boy, don't let
them take it away from me.
Remember what mother said in her will.
No more foolishness.
Oh my boy, please.
Outside of my office right now are four
sourpuss process servers with summonses.
My boy, listen.
I'll never ask you again.
I know I made mistakes but
this is something different.
I tell you it's the berries.
No father.
I cannot throw any more of the
family's good money after bad.
Look. I'll be home tomorrow.
Yes. Yes.
Mr Nolan.
We're going to sit down
here until you come out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I wonder if Nolan ducked out on us.
No. That's the only
way he could get out.
How do you know?
This isn't the first time I've
served papers on BJ Nolan.
I've brought my supper.
Mr Nolan. I have something for you.
Read it, sir.
No, that's too abrupt.
It's not breezy enough.
Hello, Mr Nolan.
Well, am I glad to see you.
Mr Nolan, may I have two
minutes of your valuable time?
- No.
- No.
Well I can't go sideways.
But Mr Nolan, I wanted to talk to you.
The stairs.
Well .. here I am, Mr Nolan.
That's it.
Here I am, Mr Nolan.
Alright, I'll take it.
A letter.
- Uhuh.
Read it.
This will introduce a graduate
of Pitt and Beaux Arts.
A young architect of broad vision
and fine artistic background.
I heartily recommend her to you
for your fine project Nolan Heights.
With kindest personal regards
I am sincerely, V. Travis.
Who is, V. Travis?
- That's me.
The V is for Virginia.
Well who is this remarkable
young architect?
Oh, that's me too.
No jobs open.
I know what you're thinking.
That I'm a girl.
Yes, Mr Nolan, but I've a man's courage,
a man's vision, a man's attack.
Don't attack me.
For 7 years I've studied like a
man, researched like a man.
There's nothing feminine about my mind.
Seven years ago I gave up a
perfectly nice engagement ..
With a charming old man because
I chose a practical career.
I left him at the church to become an
architect. Now, I'm ready and he's dead.
Here I am Mr Nolan with
the key to Nolan Heights.
I've found a way to make us both rich.
Nolan Heights needs me.
I can make you a fortune. Why, I've a
million dollars right here in my hand.
I ..
Hello, hello?
Send a doctor.
The little fool has fainted.
A simple case of malnutrition.
We'd better give her some food.
She hasn't eaten in forty-eight hours.
I'm sorry, Mr Nolan. I guess I'm a flop.
Have some more soup.
Do you always keep noodle
soup here for people like me?
I'm served every day.
Only this is the first time
I drew some soup.
I feel better now.
- Now take it easy.
You heard what the doctor said.
Yes, no solid food for the present.
- And go home.
Where is your home?
Well you see I don't exactly
have a home to go to.
I'm a little behind in my rent.
- Oh.
If you could let me have an advance
on my salary. - What salary?
Oh alright. I'm sorry. I'm going.
But this last noodle goes with me.
You finish your noodle.
You are going home with me.
How much is it?
Always the same from the
station, Mr Nolan. 35 cents.
Aright. Charge it.
But anything under a dollar is cash.
Well, make it a dollar and charge it.
Come in.
No servants .. or anybody?
My dear child, I hope you don't think ..
- Of course I don't.
For a second I was feeling flattered.
Come on.
A good building job.
Not bad. Oh, excuse me for doing this.
Always the architect.
Yes, and a darned good one, too.
Wait until I show you the houses I've
designed for you for Nolan Heights.
Five rooms.
Seven rooms. Two baths.
These are great.
Yes. With my plans and
your money, Mr Nolan ..
We can make Nolan Heights
a dream come true.
Sit down.
Are you strong enough to stand a shock?
There isn't going to
be any Nolan Heights.
I'm broke.
You're broke?
- Busted.
Now it's my turn to apologise
to you for being a flop.
Well, isn't there anyone
who would lend you ..
How much do you need?
Only a hundred thousand.
You really shouldn't give up.
Nolan Heights.
I guess I should have
called in Nolan Bluffs.
Who's that?
My son, Kenneth.
Another son?
- Same one.
Age sixteen.
- Must be a slow reader.
I see he finished the book.
- Yeah.
He has a check-book now.
I had a check-book once.
But one day my father
came home and he said:
"Virginia, I'm wiped out".
I know just how he's going
to feel when you tell him.
It won't surprise him.
Remember how sad it all was.
I remember.
My son Kenneth has a
million dollars of his own.
We had to sell the house.
He ..
You mean? A million dollars?
What, again?
Hey there.
Are you alright?
But I keep hearing such funny things.
Well, stay there.
I'll find you something to eat.
I hope.
You go back and rest.
I'm alright now. Why
don't you use the stove?
The gas company severed
connections with BJ Nolan yesterday.
Have some ironed toast.
- Thanks.
Why won't your own
son lend you the money?
He just won't.
- Why not?
Let's not talk about it.
Well, if your own son wont lend you the
money you can't expect anyone else to.
Well, that is true.
Why won't he?
You are making it very
embarrassing for me, V. Travis.
My son is a conservative. He was
born in Maine and weaned in Vermont.
Where is he now?
He gets in from Europe tomorrow?
Is he married?
No, he's a conservative, I tell you.
We got to go to work on him.
- What?
Sure. Take him over the hurdles.
Make him come over with the dough.
What's the matter with your mouth?
Take a look in the mirror.
- Lipstick, huh?
It's a habit I got into when I
was an usher at the Casino Theater.
It only showed G-Men pictures. I got to
talk out the side of my mouth like this.
The manager of the theater talked out
of the left side of his mouth like this.
Judy and I talked out of the other
sides of our mouths like this.
And one day he came up and said.
What do you think you're
doing, mimicking me?
No, Mr Shelby, we're only talking and I
said honest, Mr Shelby. I mean honest ..
We're only talking. He said
you're fired! You're both fired!
Wait, wait.
At that time Hunk came up.
He was the ticket taker.
He studied as an engineer and he socked
Mr Shelby and we all landed in the park.
That's how I got a habit of talking
out the side of my mouth like this.
I see.
But it was a lucky day after all as Hunk
and Judy decided then to get married.
As 2 can starve as cheap as one. I went
on to do designs for Nolan Heights.
Nolan Heights?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
Don't dare call your conservative son a
tree, as he's going to give us $100,000.
- Yes, us.
I'm sorry, but when he sees
the house in this condition ..
Servants gone because
I spent all their salary.
No servants?
Wait. Where is the telephone?
Wait. Wait a minute!
I don't know who you're going to call.
I can't afford to pay anybody.
Hunk and Judy will work for nothing.
They'll wind up their honeymoon here.
And they are very loyal. It works.
Bryant 97300. Isn't it marvellous.
Put down the phone, lady.
This has gone far enough.
You'll love Hunk and Judy.
- Stop. Think.
I'm broke and you're starving
and fainting every 5 minutes.
I will faint if you don't let go.
I'll put you over my knee and spank you.
- Mr Nolan.
You are not the BJ Nolan
I expected to work for.
A man of iron. Don't give up
the ship, boys. Never say die.
You are just a scaredy-cat.
- I'm not a scaredy-cat.
You are, you're a scaredy-cat.
You're an old crud.
- A crud.
What's a crud?
An old man who puts shoes on backwards
and crawls round on newspapers.
Yeah? Well, you're a flab.
What's a flab?
A young snip who climbs ladders
upside down blindfolded.
Hooray, this is fun. Isn't it fun?
Don't you like me? I like you.
What can we lose?
- Oh really.
That's better. Now just relax and
I'll take back "you're a crud".
I can't understand why Hunk and Judy do
not answer. They've nothing else to do.
[ Telephone ]
Hey. Maybe it's a job? Come on.
[ Telephone ]
Hello Hunk, this is Virginia.
Where have you been?
In heaven.
Get a suitcase out of my room and get to
Smithport Long Island as fast as you can.
You are going to spend your
honeymoon in a palace.
Smithport, Long Island
railroad station. Okay.
Virginia has got us a job at
the Palace Theater in Smithport.
Well B.J, we've got a lot of work to do.
This place is a shambles.
Come on, help me get these covers off.
- Now listen, Virginia.
See, we get along fine.
You're calling me Virginia.
Now wait. I don't want to be an old crud
but who do you think you're fooling?
My son knows I'm busted.
He'll catch on the minute he sees me.
He's no dumbbell even if he is my son.
But he isn't going to see you.
He'll see me.
What's that?
Don't worry, BJ. I want to be
an architect but not that bad.
Where am I going to be?
In Chicago arranging a big deal
only really you'll be here hiding.
Of course he will believe you?
Well, he won't lend you the money anyway
as long as he knows you want it, so ..
You must make him
think you don't want it.
If you were a woman, you'd know that.
I thought you had a man's mind.
Of course. But I think like
a woman when I have to.
B.J, this is a near to a real
job as I've been in years.
The only thing that stands in our
way is a conservative young man.
Besides, what can you lose?
Okay, we take that kid over the hurdles.
Well, home sweet home. Here we are.
Somebody is with him.
There he is now. Good Lord.
- Hunk, the door.
What'll I do?
Here. Put on this apron and stand at
attention at the foot of the stairs.
Welcome home. Mr Nolan, I believe?
Good heavens, wait a minute.
You can't go out with those.
Have you a knife?
- Knife.
Someone must go to the door right away.
- Wait a minute!
The door! What will we do?
Go stall him, Judy.
- I'm scared. I've never been a maid.
You were an usher in a movie theater.
Same principle. Usher them in.
That was in a dark room.
I'm a bit embarrassed here.
Somebody do something.
It's stage fright, Mr Nolan.
Maybe if we give her a flashlight?
She doesn't need a flashlight.
- I need a brandy if I could get it.
Don't you hear the bell?
I'm scared to go.
Hunk will go as soon as I get
these neon signs off him.
Beat it, BJ. You're in Chicago.
The letter.
- Oh, the letter.
Oh kiss me, Hunk.
Stiff upper lip, honey.
You can't kiss with a stiff upper lip.
Break it up.
This is terribly embarrassing.
I really don't understand it at all.
I can't stand this.
He'll break the door down.
Where the heck did I put that letter?
There you are. Now go on. Hurry up.
[ Door knocks ]
I'll try the back.
Ah, there is something?
You're not Hawkins.
- Welcome home Mr Kenneth, I believe.
Who are you?
- I'm Hunk.
Well, you certainly are. Where is
Hawkins? Where is my father?
You'd better talk to Miss Travis.
- Who's she?
She is inside.
This is all very strange. Let's go in.
Well, do you think it's safe, Kennsy?
I'll protect you, Nina.
Won't we, Kenneth?
Oh, it's okay Miss.
No Hawkins, no father.
Where is Marie?
What lovely stairs.
How do you do, Mr Nolan?
Mademoiselle, I am charmed.
But I am not he.
That is to say Kenneth Nolan is not me.
I am Kenneth Nolan.
You are?
But you're not wearing your glasses.
My, you do look better without them.
I am Nina Tennyson and
this is my uncle Henri.
Yes, you'd be surprised at
the change it's made in you.
Oh, excuse me, I'm Virginia Travis, a
friend of your fathers. How do you do.
This is a surprise.
- Yes, indeed.
Oh, uncle? Did she say uncle?
Henri Saffron is delighted.
But these glasses ..
I do not wear them always.
- Yes.
I .. your father didn't say ..
We didn't know.
- Yes, it is a surprise.
No Hawkins, no Marie, not father.
Well I think I can explain that.
Hunk. Will you attend
to the luggage please.
I'm sure your guests must be
tired after such a long drive.
Judy, Mr Saffron is in the blue room.
Miss Tennyson is in the green.
You know where they are.
She's new here.
- Yes, I can see it.
You can see what?
What goes on here?
Judy, show them up.
Step this way.
Watch your step.
Sit down, Miss Travis.
I really don't blame you
for being a bit confused.
It is rather embarrassing. You see ..
- Please sit down.
I can understand you
being a bit confused.
So am I.
You look so different
from those awful pictures.
Where is my father?
In Chicago.
- Where in Chicago?
I'm sure I don't know.
He went there on a big business deal.
- Where is Hawkins?
I believe your father
discharged him for stealing.
I see. And Marie?
She went with Hawkins
out of sheer loyalty.
And Anna?
- Anna who?
Anna the cook.
I believe your father said that she left
because she was going to have a baby.
I see.
Anna is over fifty years of age.
Well, I'm sure she must have
known what she was doing.
I see. And Walter?
I've never met Walter.
No doubt your father will explain
about him when he comes back.
When is he expected?
That all depends.
I see.
Hey, the taxi drivers want dough.
Want what?
- Four dollars each.
Well, pay them.
What Hunk means is that
Mr Nolan didn't leave any cash.
Oh, I see.
Here is ten. Tip them each a dollar.
Quaint, isn't he.
- Yes, indeed.
Would you mind if used the telephone?
In your own house? Oh, go right ahead.
- Thank you very much.
Hello, operator?
Give me police headquarters.
There is a strange woman in my house.
Don't do that! Don't do that!
- Get away!
Get away.
- Give me that phone!
Hunk, Hunk!
Give me that phone.
Don't call the police.
Judy .. go!
- Give me that phone.
Hello, hello?
Wait a minute, Chief. It was a mistake.
What is it?
Who is it? What is it?
Get down there and find out.
If it is robbers, I will sword them.
Put that knife back and get down there.
Shut up.
- I go.
It's a letter from your father. Read it.
Read it!
"Dear Kenneth."
"Please take of Miss Travis,
a trustworthy friend ."
"While I am in Chicago on business."
"Had to let servants go. Hunk and
Judy inexperienced but friendly."
"Will be home soon. Love, father."
Why didn't you show
this in the first place?
I would have if I could have.
Oh, you were wrestling, perhaps?
Nothing at all.
Nothing to worry about.
- Nothing.
[ Police siren ]
- Wait.
Mr Kenneth, I'm afraid
you'll have to explain.
No, it's nothing.
It's nothing. Really.
Hello, Mr Nolan. What's the trouble?
Well, no trouble.
I just got back from Europe.
You called just to tell us that?
No. I .. found a strange
woman here but ..
It's alright now. She's alright.
A strange woman?
- A friend of my father's.
Oh .. okay.
I get it.
How is the old fellow?
- He's doing alright.
Well, what do you know?
So long.
Call us if any more show up.
- Sure thing.
I want to apologise to
you all. I'm terribly sorry.
I hope you'll go on, just as
though nothing had happened.
Come on, Hunk. Don't bear any grudges.
Okay. Shake, pal.
Now hard feelings, fellah.
Au revoir.
It was charming. Whatever it was.
I ..
I hardly know what to say.
- Let's forget all about it.
That's awfully nice of you.
I feel like a fool.
Don't bother your head about it. You
couldn't see what sort of person I was.
Without your glasses.
Well that's no excuse. I stopped
wearing my glasses years ago.
You see, I used to be near-sighted
but I cured it by exercise.
Like this.
You must have exercised all over.
I mean, you are not what
I expected you to be.
Why, you're not angry with me?
But you should be angry with me.
- Well I'm not.
I think it's very sweet of
you not to be with me.
That is ..
Always glad to meet people
that aren't angry with me.
I mean ..
Nice people.
You see?
Yes. I am sure we're going to
get along beautifully together.
Yes, indeed.
I'll see you at dinner.
Well, see you at dinner.
Good heavens. Dinner!
Quiet everybody!
Now, the only problem before the
house is dinner. Dinner for four.
Who is going to cook it?
- I can if you like. Let me.
I can fry cheese.
- B.J, can you cook?
Only outdoors.
Swell. We'll set up a nice
camp-fire in the backyard.
What do I cook? A couple of chairs.
Who has any money?
- I got 2 bucks.
Where'd you get 2 bucks?
The taxi drivers were
sore when I didn't tip.
This is a good start. Now, BJ.
I got ten dollars in my shoe.
- Been holding out on us, eh?
Hunk, take this and run down town. Get
bread, canned meat. Get these pressed.
BJ will cook, you two
will serve and I'll help eat.
What are we having for dinner, BJ?
If it comes our right,
it's called "fisherman's fright".
Good. Run along now. You set the table.
It's delicious.
- Very unusual.
What is it?
- A rare treat, really.
I wish father were here.
He'd love stuff like this.
So do I.
What is it, Kenneth?
- It's called hunter's frush.
You mean "fisherman's fright."
No. Fisherman's fright is made
with duck. This is moose.
How do you know it is moose?
- Because moose tastes like rabbit.
Hunter's frush, alright.
I believe I'll have some more.
Pardon me.
No thank you. I'm afraid
it is too rich for me.
We .. we mustn't forget our
health, must we, Kennsy?
No. That wouldn't be sensible. More?
No thank you. I am famished.
I mean, finished.
Say when.
- When.
And would you like some more?
- Yes, thank you. Heaps more.
There we are.
- Thank you.
Oh dear.
Hunk, will you get Miss
Travis another fork, please.
Say when.
- No. No more for me.
I never have more than one glass.
You know, I've given
up wines and liquors.
It's not that I'm a prude, mind you.
It's just that they don't agree with me.
I sort-of lose my sense of balance.
You know, I .. go a little haywire.
Do anything. Buy anything.
Buy anything?
Last time I was inebriated
I bought a skating rink.
No more wine for me.
What I need is more frush.
A little more frush please.
And compliment the cook
for me. She is an artist.
I'll do it myself.
- Oh no, no.
You mustn't. She never allows
anybody in the kitchen.
Well, alright.
Later then. Might as well
humor her, whoever she is.
Not everyone can cook frush, you know.
What's that?
- Nolan Heights in the snow.
More frush.
This is fisherman's fright.
- He says it's frush.
Ah, he's crazy.
- Alright, come on. Let's go.
Holy mackerel it is frush.
No, no. I don't want you to say another
word until I show you something.
But I'd much rather talk
about Nolan Heights.
You'll change your mind when
you see some of his gadgets.
- Yes.
A few items that my father threw my
money away on before Nolan Heights.
Oh, make yourselves comfortable.
The way she looks at him.
I don't trust her.
Why, you are being ridiculous.
Kenneth must be warned.
He's naturally suspicious
anyway. He'll listen.
Very well, my Cherie.
If you think so you will warn him.
A woman can't warn a man against
another woman. It must be man to man.
Therefore, you warn him.
Me? Oh no, no, no.
Henri Saffron will not cast aspersions
on a woman. Any woman.
You'll warn him tonight.
I am putty in your hands.
She is after his money.
Who isn't?
I'd like to show you something.
We'll call it item number one.
Not made of pulp, rags or shavings, but
woven entirely of chemical materials.
Examine it.
Place it in the fireplace.
That's item number one. It cost $25,000.
Plus a lawsuit of $5,000
making a total of $30,000.
Step right over this way please.
Stop me if you've seen then next item.
There it is. Try it.
What do I do with it?
Well I don't remember
exactly, but it cost $25,000.
Now, for one more item.
Step right behind the desk, please.
That's it.
Now desk drawers
have a habit of sticking.
They are very difficult to open,
especially in damp weather.
Please press button number one.
Oh I'm sorry.
Are you hurt?
It's my neck.
Ah, wrenched.
Fortunately, I know just
the exercise for that.
Here we are. Stand right up.
That's it.
Now sit right down.
That's right.
Now, about these items.
The automatic desk cost another $40,000.
Together with a couple of
big items up in the attic.
Bringing the grand total to a $120,000.
Now, do you begin to get the idea?
Yes, but I'm a little puzzled.
- I see.
Well, your enthusiasm for Nolan Heights
brought these items to my mind.
To put it mildly, Miss Travis.
My father, God bless him.
Is a bit of a screwball.
Is he really screwy?
I didn't say "screwy".
I said "screwball".
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm terribly sorry if I have
disillusioned you about my father.
I know just how you feel. I felt the
same way when mother told me.
And then when she died
and left me the money.
She made me promise not to let father
waste any on these impractical gadgets.
But Nolan Heights isn't impractical.
Please, Miss Travis.
You mustn't try to talk me
into taking any more chances.
When will my father be back?
Any time now.
I hope it's soon because Nina
is so anxious to meet him.
She's a lovely thing, isn't she.
Yes. A lovely thing.
And so sensible.
You know, that's what I need.
Sensible people.
Because, you know, every once in a while
I get afraid I might be like my father.
Only worse.
And then I'd never be sensible again.
Oh, it's your neck. Here.
It's alright. Please don't.
- I'll fix it.
Now just relax. Just relax.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
There. Doesn't that feel better?
Yes, it does.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Come right in.
It's .. it's Miss Travis' neck.
I was ..
- It's much better now.
Thanks to you.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about Nolan
Heights and your neck.
My neck is alright.
Thanks to you.
What's this item?
This is a writer-graph.
It writes five checks all at once.
I just wrote myself ..
Five million dollars with
one stroke of the pen.
How much did you lose on that?
- Only eight thousand.
Has my son been talking about me?
Indeed he has.
Well I can explain this very easily.
The guy who invented it didn't
know another guy invented it.
I played it on the nose
and it ran second.
BJ, you are a screwball.
Aha. He has been talking to you.
And he's right.
I think it's terrible to try to ruin
your own son. You ought to be ashamed.
Where'd you get the new dress?
- This dress is 3 years old.
And has nothing to do with the case.
Don't change the subject.
What's happened to you? Yesterday you
were on my side and now you're on his.
Well .. I hadn't met him then.
What's that?
I mean I hadn't heard his side of it.
No, BJ. I can't help you
run through his money.
His money? And where
do you think he got it?
From his mother.
- And where did she get it?
Well, I don't know.
- Well I'll tell you: from me!
I haven't always been
a helpless old man.
He told you of the money I lost.
Did he tell you of the money I made?
You made?
- I made a million in Florida.
My wife dragged a half
million for a rainy day.
I made another million in Oklahoma and
my wife dragged another half a million.
For another rainy day.
Two million dollars.
And now when It's finally raining ..
My son has got the only umbrella.
Alright. He has one million.
What happened to the other one?
I thought you'd ask that.
I lost it.
On gadgets?
- Listen, Virginia.
Do you say Nolan Heights is a gadget?
- No.
Clean homes instead
of crowded tenements.
Healthy children playing in the
country instead of dirty streets.
Sunshine. Fresh air. Happy families!
Is that a gadget?
- No, BJ.
Nolan Heights is a fine
thing and I believe in it.
Well then.
But I can't help seeing
Kenneth's side of it.
His side of it?
He is scared he'll be like you.
Listen, Virginia.
Do you think Kenneth should go through
life scared to do anything by himself?
What will he turn out to be?
A dried-up old young man ..
Who'll get up every day at
7 o'clock and go to bed at 10.
Every afternoon he'll
walk around the reservoir.
People have set their watches by him.
They'll say: "there goes Kenneth
Nolan. It must be 3 o'clock."
Can't you see what I
want to save him from?
And what will happen after that?
He'll marry some dull,
safe, sensible girl.
Who will see to it that
he stays sensible.
That's his side of it.
Is that what you want?
No, BJ.
That's not what I want.
Save him, Virginia. I beg of you.
Save him from himself.
If you can get him started on Nolan
Heights he will be a different man.
He'll have ideas, he'll have fun.
He'll begin to like different
people. He'll even like me.
He'll probably fall in love with you.
Virginia, let's save Kenneth Nolan.
BJ, are you sure Nolan Heights is safe?
Believe me, if we can get his
name to a check for $100,000 ..
He'll have it back double in no time.
He'll be a different man. A happy man.
Alright, BJ. We'll try.
For his sake.
- Now.
How are we going to get
his name on a check?
We'll swindle him.
Out of the old life .. into the new.
That's what I was hoping when I
brought this thing down from the attic.
Goodnight, Henri.
See you in the morning.
Goodnight, Kennsy.
Don't stay up late. It's bad for you.
- Goodnight.
Oh, Kenneth.
We are not boys, Kenneth. We are men.
Men among men.
- What's on your mind?
I .. I have a matter of man-to-man
to discuss with you.
You know, Kenneth. Nina is so sensitive.
Easily bruised.
- I didn't know that.
Yes Kenneth, she is very
sensitive about this Miss Travis.
So, what's Miss Travis done?
- It's not what she has done, Kenneth.
She is a cute little player, huh?
What are you driving at?
It is the way Miss Travis
looks at you, Kenneth.
Well, how does she look at me?
I would say very much with lasciv ..
"Lasciv' .."?
Oh yes, lasciv'.
- Lasciv'.
That is in English, I think.
Hello, sir.
Morning. Where is Miss Travis?
- She was our first guest this morning.
Did you tell her I wanted to see her?
- Yeah.
How did she look?
- Swell.
What's that?
- Breakfast.
The number 4 is very good.
Who's whimsical was this?
Mine .. I thought it
would be kind of cute.
Well bring me number 4
with ham and eggs.
How many 0's in 100,000?
100, comma.
0 .. 0 .. 0.
That's all I do is: 0,0,0.
One number 4 with ham.
He can't handle ham.
- That's alright. There isn't any ham.
No ham? - No.
- Have you got any change?
I got a dollar and 13 cents
in my handkerchief.
Ah, holding out on us, huh?
Now Hunk, run down to the store
and get 13 cents worth of ham.
[ Bell ringing ]
Did you hear a bell ringing?
It's Kenneth ringing for his breakfast.
Julie, take something in to quiet him.
Thank heaven. I thought
I was hearing things.
I'm a nervous wreck.
- Now calm yourself.
As soon as he's had his breakfast ..
And is in a good humor,
I'll spring this gadget on him.
Where is my ham and eggs?
Here it is, only it's orange juice.
Thank you.
Good morning, Mr Nolan.
Why don't you go in and sit
down and have your breakfast.
What's that thing?
:Let's go in the dining room.
I'll show you.
Tell the cook I want my eggs one fried
on one side and one on the other.
What are you doing?
Playing "puss in the corner".
Well you can sign five checks
with one stroke of the pen.
What checks?
Well your father left some
household bills unpaid.
Yes, I'll bet he did.
What are they?
- Here they are.
75 .. 100 .. 180. Wow.
Looks as though my
father was gaining weight.
Have you a pen?
Why don't you try this gadget? It's fun.
You see, I just put
the checks down here.
Like this. And here.
Well, that is a new one.
Never seen that one before.
I'll bet my father lost money
or someone's money on it.
I understand he hopes to
get something back on it.
That's a crazy thing.
Let's see.
Meat and groceries.
Square Deal Coal Company.
Right here.
Do you look at everybody
like that or just me?
You know you ought to do something
about your eyes. - My eyes?
Yes. You shouldn't look
at young men like that.
I don't know what you talk about.
No doubt you mean well but ..
Somebody else is liable to think there
is a purpose behind that strange look.
You know, you have to be
careful. People are talking.
Now there you are. That's better.
Now you look almost like an angel.
I'm afraid I'm not an angel, though.
Far from it.
- Well don't be in a hurry.
Sit down. I have nothing to do.
Wouldn't you like to do something?
Something that means something.
Well, that all depends.
Do you mean, do I have a longing
for that which is agreeable?
Wouldn't you like to get
something out of life?
Well yes, but ..
Well, I'm getting plenty
out of life as it is.
That is.
If I could only get my father to settle
down everything would be just Jim Dandy.
If there was only something
I could do without his knowing.
Something I could put in his
coffee maybe to cure him.
Without his knowing?
Wouldn't he hate you for it?
- Not if I cured him. He'd love me to.
Oh, I'm so glad you
feel that way about it.
I wish you'd help me.
I think I am going to help you a great
deal, only I have to run along now.
Good morning, Miss Tennyson.
Good morning.
Good morning, Kennsy.
- Good morning, Nina.
Miss Travis seems a bit
chipper this morning.
Yes. She's going to help me cure
father of some of his crazy ideas.
Oh really? I thought she was
a friend of your father's.
She is.
- How do you know?
Well, he left a note introducing her.
Now Kenneth, I don't mean to
be alarming, but are you sure?
I mean, are you sure
it is his handwriting?
Where is it?
Why ..
I threw it away.
You ..?
Kenneth, you do need
someone to look after you.
I took that number 4.
You see, I fry one on one
side and one on the other.
Then I turn them over and fry one on the
other side and the other on one side.
You get it?
13 cents' worth of ham.
It was very embarrassing.
You must be very tired from carrying
that load. Why don't you sit down?
He signed it, he signed it,
he signed it!
Here, Hunk. Now pay all the
bills and get the gas turned on.
Now I can come home.
- But you got to go to the bank first.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Fine day. - Fine day.
Hello John, old boy, old boy.
Meet my partner, Miss Travis.
- How do you do, Mr Judd, Mr Judd.
Hi there. Sorry, BJ.
Can't lend you a penny.
Oh now, Judd, I wouldn't think of it.
The fact of the matter is I was thinking
of making a small deposit myself.
That is, if the bank meets
with my approval of course.
Ha! It meets with your son's approval.
He keeps a rather large
checking account here I believe.
Doesn't he?
- Yes, and he keeps it here.
A very shrewd young man, your son.
A pity.
You mean it's a pity I
didn't grow up like him?
Just had him on the wire.
You what?
You just ..
Had my son on the telephone?
Yeah. About a check.
What check?
BJ, your son is not a bit like you.
He watches his money.
Keeping a large checking account here,
he must be very careful of forgeries ..
Check raisers and of course mistakes
which anyone might make.
You .. you said something about a check?
Nah, it wouldn't interest you.
But it would.
It might at that.
It might be a good idea if ..
Here it is.
A thousand and thirteen dollars.
His return steamship fare.
Oh, that check.
We couldn't honor it until
he told us to go ahead.
Every check over a thousand
must be verified by him personally.
Every check over one thousand?
That's right.
Now ..
How much did you wish to deposit?
I don't like this bank.
It isn't friendly.
Neither do I.
I think it's a terrible bank.
Ha! - Ha!
- Ha!
This is from New York County, Mr Nolan.
You've been away?
Thanks, fellahs.
How much time have I got?
- Two days or else.
Two days?
- So long, Mr Nolan.
Glad to meet you.
Certainly glad to have met you.
- So long, Mr Nolan.
This is the end.
Don't be discouraged.
This isn't the end.
It's no use.
Not when you talk like that.
Where is your pride?
She said: where is your pride?
Thank you. I know when I'm licked.
The fight has just started
and you are going to win.
Why, you've got me going now.
She said: you got me going.
I think your future will be very happy.
But where am I going to get
a hundred thousand dollars?
Don't look at me, brother.
Did you get the money?
- No.
We had a little trouble.
There's been some dirty
work going on around here.
Yeah. Nina has been working
on Kenneth all morning long.
Yes. She wants to take him to England.
- She will fill him with brandy tonight.
So he'll propose to her.
- Propose?
He does funny things after one drink.
That's sneaky.
Virginia, you've got to beat her to it.
- Why?
I'll tell you how. She'll
give him brandy, huh?
We'll give him champagne.
I've got two bottles in the cellar.
But I don't want Kenneth
to propose to me.
Any man who proposes to me
has to be in his right mind.
Who said anything about proposing?
Make him a partner of Nolan Height
and then he can't go to England.
I couldn't do it.
She'll ruin him. You've
got to fight fire with fire.
You mean fire-water with fire-water?
It is either you or Nina.
- But ..
But I haven't anything to wear.
I'll make you a dress.
He'll be down in a minute. Sit up.
Do not interrupt. I am thinking.
Don't lie to me, and sit up.
And don't even try to think.
Just follow instructions.
When the dear boy begins to
feel romantic after the first drink ..
You leave the room.
When he begins to feel romantic.
Always he, never me.
I am not the romantic type.
Oh no, I am just a stooge pigeon.
Well, this is one dress
I got out of a window.
I'll check the curtains in the kitchen.
I'll make myself a pair of bloomers.
Where is the contract? The contract.
The contract. The contract.
Here. Here, give it to him.
He signs on the dotted line.
- Yes, I know.
Give me the scissors.
I'm so nervous.
- You're nervous?
What's this, another cute idea?
Well, hello.
Oh, hello.
I'm so glad you came out.
It's nice out here isn't it.
Yes, it's nice but .. well ..
Well what?
It's a little unusual finding you
here like this and everything.
Very nice of course.
A little unusual.
But nice.
I'm sure it must seem a little
strange to you but you see ..
It's my birthday.
And I've always had toast or two of
champagne on my birthday and ..
And .. here it is.
That certainly is a pretty dress.
Oh, its nothing but a
bunch of old rags, really.
I bet you paid a million for it.
Say, I'll get Nina and Henri and we'll
make it a real birthday occasion.
Oh no, no. I hate birthday parties.
Let's just have one toast together.
Do you mind?
Why, of course not.
Of course, I'm not a
drinking man, you know.
One glass is enough for me.
Alright. One glass then.
Where is that man?
He just stepped up.
- Up.
What is this ..
How do you feel?
It's funny .. I don't feel a thing.
How do you feel?
I've never felt finer. I don't want
to ever feel finer in all my life.
Now that's funny. I don't feel a thing.
Oh I think you will, suddenly.
We'd better go inside?
No, let's stay here a minute. I want
to talk to you about something ..
Something important.
Go right ahead.
As long as it isn't that
crazy Nolan Heights idea.
Well, maybe we ought
to have another toast first.
But honestly, the last time
I drank champagne, I ..
Well, I wasn't exactly a gentleman.
But it's your turn to toast my birthday.
After all a gentleman can't refuse that.
Well it's .. it's all quite
a problem, isn't it.
Well, here is to ..
Gosh, I never can think of
witty toasts when I want to.
Happy birthday.
You know it's a silly thing, but ..
Just before I go to sleep I always
think of a lot of clever things to say.
After everyone's gone home.
- Do you? So do I.
Sometimes I wake up in the night and say
some pretty profound comments on life.
But, when I wake up in the morning ..
You can't remember them.
- Exactly.
Do you .. I don't suppose
for a minute you do, but ..
Do you like to walk up an
escalator that's going down?
Why yes, I do.
You like to hold your
breath in the bath?
This is uncanny. Do you like
to read backward to yourself?
Why yes, I recite the
alphabet backwards.
This takes me back 20 years.
I bought an oil-well once under
much the same conditions.
Let me look.
Oh boy.
I think he's proposing.
And I like to listen to
the wild geese flying.
I like to look at the moon and watch it
glide past trees the way it does now.
I like ..
If you don't mind my saying so, I ..
I like you.
Do you?
Well after all, it is your birthday.
Happy birthday. Many of them.
She's kissing him.
No. He's kissing her.
Is he?
Gosh almighty.
Gosh almighty? Me too.
?Do you know something?
I like you.
And I like you.
More than I can say.
Maybe you'd better tell me what
you were going to tell me now.
What's that?
Well I don't know, but you said
it was something very important.
But it's too nice out here to
think about anything important.
Don't you feel in the mood?
Yes. I ..
I feel in a mood, but ..
I don't know exactly what it is.
The man is up. Very well,
sometime he must come down. Okay.
You are so quick your
name should be "Flash".
Where is Mr Nolan?
- He's in Chicago.
I mean Kenneth Nolan.
Oh, Kenneth Nolan?
Why didn't you say so?
He's still up.
?This is an outrage.
Nina, control yourself.
- Shut up.
I love you.
You don't know, Kenneth.
You just don't know.
You don't know how you feel.
And you don't know how I feel.
Specially, you don't know how I feel if
I can't recall what I meant to tell you.
You thought that if you
drank only one glass.
Only .. one .. glass.
Do you still like me?
I like more things about
you every minute.
For instance?
Well, I don't know.
I guess the thing I
like best about you ..
I the way you talk so fast
and interesting, and ..
Well, things I've missed all my life.
And, well I ..
You know, I used to think I
only liked sensible girls, but ..
You are so alive.
Oh look.
She's passed out.
Just relax. That's alright.
Oh dear.
- Leave it to me.
I know just what to do.
Good heavens, he's carrying her in.
He'll bring her in here.
Get this room cleaned up.
Hey, you'd better hide.
Take it easy. That's the girl.
Here we are.
- Kenneth!
This is no time for piggybacks.
Well it's .. it's nothing at all.
It's Miss Travis' birthday.
Is she alright?
I've put her to bed.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
I didn't do anything.
- That's the trouble.
Are you alright?
Boy oh boy, oh boy.
You just get a good night's sleep
and you'll feel fine in the morning.
Tuck me in.
This is what I wanted to tell you.
It's not that I just like you. I ..
I think I love you.
Do you hear me?
I think I love you.
Nolan Heights is a wonderful thing.
Won't you please sign this paper
and then we can be partners.
Oh, thanks.
Celebrating her birthday.
I don't believe she ever had a birthday.
Then she must be a very unusual woman.
Oh, hello.
Well, the most amazing thing happened.
Virginia celebrated her birthday and ..
Why weren't we invited to the party?
Well, I rather imagine she has some
silly notion that you don't like her.
Oh. Why Kenneth darling,
that's ridiculous.
Yes. Nina loves her like a sister.
Well that's fine. Then we all like her.
You know Nina, I've changed.
- Yes.
I've found out that liquor doesn't
make me want to buy things.
Oh no?
- No.
You know, I used to be afraid
to drink more than one glass.
For fear I'd lose my sense of balance.
Tonight I found out I'm more like
my father than I thought I was.
Well, have some brandy. It's delicious.
Yes, that's the idea.
- Well, I think I will.
Brandy won't hurt me
now on top of champagne.
Oh no.
How could you do this to me, Virginia?
Something snapped all of a sudden.
But I'm alright now.
You should have had your dinner.
There is nothing like an empty
stomach for an empty head.
Where is Kenneth?
- He's downstairs with Nina.
Nina? I'm getting up.
- Oh, no you're not.
I must go to Kenneth. He needs me.
- No, Virginia.
Do you feel alright?
There you are, Kenneth. Have another.
- Well, I don't mind if I do.
I think I will go to bed now.
- Goodnight.
Wait a minute.
That's a nice tie.
You want to sell it?
- Sell it?
Yes. I'll give you five smackers for it.
- Sure. Cash.
Oh no, I could not part
with it for a million.
It is a family heirloom.
I'll give you ten smackers for it.
- Now really ..
- Yes, sir.
Fine. That's the boy.
Well, goodnight everybody.
Yippee! Yippee!
Here, take this bottle. We don't
need any more champagne.
Wait. Don't forget the contract.
- What contract?
What contract?
Oh BJ, I couldn't ask him tonight.
You're not backing down on me?
- No, BJ.
Take the contract.
- Alright, but ..
First, I've got to save
him from that woman.
And then I'll save him from himself.
I'm sorry.
Where is she going?
- Up.
- Yoo-hoo.
Come on.
- Yoo-hoo.
[ Door knocks ]
Oh, it's you.
Kenneth, that is not the way
to yodel. It goes like this:
Yodelee ..
- Shush!
Well how are you Nina, old girl?
You got anything you want to sell?
Why, we were just wondering
if you were alright, darling.
Alright? Well of course I'm alright.
I was just going to beddy-byes. Bye.
That's right, darling. I'll tuck you in.
Oh there is an awful lot of tucking
in going on around here tonight.
There now.
You will feel differently
in the morning I hope.
Goodnight everybody.
This is Kenneth Nolan speaking.
That is all.
This is Henri Saffron speaking.
Henri Saffron.
That's a marvellous mustache.
You want to sell it?
Goodnight, darling.
Well, there you are.
Henri. Sit right here in this chair
and make sure he doesn't come out.
What if someone goes in?
Then wake me up immediately.
Well, howdy. What you doing?
Climbing a tree.
Is it fun?
Oh, some trees are fun
but this one is just fair.
What do you mean? That's a swell tree.
I used to climb it all the time.
Maybe I'll get to like it.
You know, you're the first
night tree climber I ever saw.
Oh, anybody can climb
a tree in the daytime.
Say, you're supposed to
be in bed. Come on inside.
So are you. Come on out. I'm stuck.
- There.
Oh well, I can fix that.
Now listen. Right out here.
Oh dear.
Wait a minute. There.
- This lamp.
Right here.
Oh dear.
There it is now.
- Oh.
It looks pretty hanging there.
Mighty pretty, mighty pretty.
Very pretty, very pretty.
Mighty pretty, mighty pretty.
It certainly does.
Now just a minute here.
Let's gets that lamp off of there.
- Right there.
That's fine. If we keep this up
we'll have a nice Christmas tree.
Come on out.
[ Singing: ]
"I think that I shall never see .."
"A tree as lovely as a tree .."
Yes, you're right. Now let's see.
Where were we?
Oh yes. You were stuck.
Right. Well.
Get this around here.
Just put this chair around here.
Get your head out of the way.
- I know. I'm moving over here.
I'll be alright.
- Wait a minute. I'm done.
How is this now?
That's alright. Now, wait a minute.
Let me get over here.
Oh dear.
Just a minute and I'll get this.
Don't pull on it!
Why don't you just cut it off?
Have you got a knife?
I'm just going to sit down and
figure this thing out quietly.
Don't you think you ought
to do something about me?
Yeah. Pretty soon now.
I got to think this thing out.
I think I got it.
Here. Now just relax.
Just take it easy.
We'll get this over in a minute.
Alright. Just relax.
People don't know what they're
missing, staying out of trees.
Monkeys know.
Say, should I get another chair?
Is somebody else coming?
- I didn't invite anybody else. Did you?
Only you.
Only us.
And a tree. All night.
We'll build a new world of our own.
And the sun of a new day
will rise on that new earth.
We'll be Adam and Eve in a tree.
Adam and Eve.
- In a tree.
We'll carve a new and majestic
empire out of this wilderness.
And we'll make plans!
Plans that will change
the map of all creation.
Hello, Virginia.
And we'll start by building
a house in this tree.
And in the garden of that house
we'll plant another tree.
And in that tree we'll build another
house, another tree, and another house.
What's this?
- Never mind that.
It's just a contract.
- A contract? What for?
"The party of the second
part agrees to purchase."
Nolan Height, eh? I'll buy it.
Buy it tomorrow. There will be plenty
of time after the sun comes up.
Let's just go on planning things.
No use sitting here planning our lives.
The "alive" thing to do is to do it.
But Kenneth, are you sure you want to?
Are you sure you're being sensible?
Sensible? Ah phooey! Sensible.
Why, I'm sick to death of that word.
- But, darling.
May I call you darling?
- Yeah, go! Darling!
This is what I've always
wanted you to be like.
It's like a miracle.
- It is a miracle.
A shining miracle came
to pass and you did it.
And I'll thank you for it.
And I'll love you for it.
You will what?
- Love you for it.
Forever and a day after.
Give me your pen. Quick.
I forgot the pen.
You forgot the pen?
- I forgot the pen.
Tree service! Hunk! Hunk!
Say, that's a funny name.
Sounds like an automobile horn.
Hunk, Hunk, Hunk, Hunk!
Hunk, Hunk, Hunk, Hunk!
Hunk, Hunk, Hunk, Hunk!
Bring up a fountain pen right away.
Yeah, man.
And be sure there is ink in it.
And you bring up a blotter, Judy.
One blotter coming up.
Kenneth, this is absurd.
What are you doing?
Ah, shut up!
Hello, Nina.
Hello, hello Henri.
- What are you doing there?
We are being Adam and Eve in a tree.
That is a silly place to
take a woman my friend.
Do something, Henri.
- I go!
What do you think, Nina?
I'm putting all my money
into Nolan Heights.
Oh no! No, wait. Wait.
No, there's not time to wait. I am
a man of action. I have work to do.
Plans to make. Plans that will
change the map of all creation.
Kenneth, you don't know
what you're saying.
You get out of this tree.
What you mad about Nina?
I got the contract.
Hunk, Hunk, you go the pen?
- How do you want it?
Get away with you, dope.
Stop them, Henri!
I got the contract. I got the paper.
Come on, Hunk.
- Catch.
That's not cricket. Come on, Hunk!
Listen to me, Kenneth.
You're not being sensible.
Who wants to be sensible?
Kenneth. Signals on.
Signals on. 6-25-36.Hike.
Come on, Hunk. Toss her up.
Get down, you. Don't touch him.
Come on, Hunk.
I got the pen. I got the pen.
You got the papers?
- The papers.
They're in your pocket.
- My pocket?
Don't sign it. It is a frame-down.
Kenneth, you don't understand.
You're not yourself.
She gave you champagne
and I gave you brandy, see.
What? Brandy on top of champagne?
How many fingers have I up?
- Three. - Oh.
Where's the dotted line? I can't
find it. Where's the dotted ..?
Kenneth, if you sign
those papers, I'll ..
I'll faint.
Oh, my darling.
- Is she hurt?
My darling, do not
leave me, I cannot bear it.
Hey, what kind of uncle talk is that?
I am not her uncle.
Oh, you fool!
Well, what do you know.
Here is the water.
Father! Say, where'd you come from?
Well, I ..
I .. I just got back.
Who gets the water?
- They do.
No BJ, she doesn't need it now.
Kenneth. I can explain everything.
And I thought I liked sensible people.
Well let's see now. Where were we?
Oh yes.
- No.
Don't stop him now.
He can't sign it. Not when he
sees three fingers for two.
That's ridiculous. Go on and sign.
Of course it's ridiculous. We'll carve
a new majestic empire out of this one.
I won't let you.
You don't know what you do.
Of course I know what I'm doing.
- Alright, we'll find out.
What are we doing here? In a tree.
Oh, Kenneth.
You were going to sgn a contract.
For .. for Nolan Heights.
Oh, Kenneth.
Don't you remember
anything that happened?
All I remember is ..
We are going to carve
new and majestic empire ..
Out of the wilderness.
Oh yes.