Woman in Hiding (1950) Movie Script

All right, Fred, reload.
You better not let that thing
get too hot.
She's liable to blow up and kill
the lot of you.
Not this cannon. You point her north
and she'll start fighting
Yankees all over again.
Say, this isn't the cannon
from the Town Hall Memorial, is it?
Yep. Gonna raise that poor girl,
you'll see.
You can't beat firing a cannon to
bring up a drowned body. What?
Law of nature, young feller.
Light'er up.
Boy, I haven't heard that gag
since Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
That's my body they're looking for.
Those people, the boats, the cannon...
they're dragging the river for my body.
The body of Deborah Chandler.
Deborah Chandler Clark,
They're looking for the body
of Mrs Selden Clark.
Selden, please.
There's nothing you can do here.
She's dead, Selden.
Don't say that, Lucius.
I've got to say it.
And you've got to face it.
I won't believe it.
I can't.
Not until they find her.
Pardon me, Mr Clark.
I'm from the Gazette.
Not now.
I thought you'd like to make a statement.
No. Please. No statement.
And no pictures.
You're making a big mistake, gentlemen.
After all, a bride leaves the house
alone on her honeymoon night...
Young man, have you ever been horsewhipped?
Are you kidding? Sheriff!
Maybe you don't see
how this looks to other people, Mr Clark.
I mean, human nature being what it is...
A bride goes driving
in the middle of the night.
A good caning might teach you
a decent respect for grief.
Take it easy, Mr Maury.
All right, son. You better run along now.
Anything I can do for you, Mr Clark?
No, thank you.
I'm sorry about that, Mr Clark.
But I'm afraid
there's gonna be a lot more of it.
Papers calling up from all over the South.
Some of the big northern papers too.
I'll do what I can to keep them
from bothering you too much.
You won't be going back
to Clarksville right away, will you?
They'll have to have an inquiry tomorrow.
Maybe the next day.
Just a formality, you know. But you
will have to answer a few questions.
What will you tell them, Selden?
What would I tell them?
The truth?
The impossible truth
that even I can hardly believe.
No. No one would believe it.
Your secret is safe, Selden.
No one will pry into your grief.
No one will ever dream that your
heart is burdened, not with sorrow
but with murder.
When was it that murder
first entered your mind?
Was it that afternoon I drove
up to the plant?
Was it then?
Deborah, weren't you even
going to say hello?
Well, you seemed very busy.
I said that you seemed...
Wait a minute.
Now, what were you saying?
Oh, I just said you seemed very busy.
Well, it's lunch hour.
I'm not busy now.
Come on, you can't be
in that much of a hurry.
I haven't seen you here at the mill
for six months.
You haven't seen me at all
in much longer than that.
I know.
I haven't been very attentive but...
it's kind of hard to explain.
Yes, I know.
I've tried explaining it to myself.
Well, dad's waiting.
Now wait a minute, Deb.
You know how I really feel about you.
I thought I did, once.
It's just that...
Well, it's just that I've been busy,
that's all.
Things have been kind of
hectic here at the mill.
I've been working day and night,
spending a lot of time out of town...
It really isn't necessary to explain,
Selden. It's kind of embarrassing.
Hello, Debbie, what are you doing here?
Wasn't I supposed to meet you downtown
for lunch?
I thought I'd drop in for a last look.
After all, I won't be seeing the place
for a long time.
You won't? Why not?
Well, I'm going to New York for a while.
To live there. New York?
But why didn't you...
You might have mentioned it to me, John.
Well, I...
I just think you might have.
I don't think so.
You're general manager of my mill, Selden.
Not general manager of my family.
Yes, of course.
Goodbye, Deborah.
If you were rude with him for my sake,
it wasn't necessary.
If I'm being rude,
I'm doing it for the good of my own soul.
There's no law
he has to be in love with me.
I might have mentioned it to him.
Why, the impudent young...
Yes, dad, you've told me
how you feel about him.
Not lately I haven't.
Selden Clark IV.
You'd think it was a line of kings.
Well it is a good family.
He has a right to be proud.
Proud? Of what?
Selden Clark III, who was killed
in a saloon brawl in New Orleans?
It was a duel. Or Selden II,
who cut off all the forests
and didn't put back so much as a weed?
What a family.
You're not forgetting the general, dad.
I'm coming to the general.
That fearless warrior, Selden I.
That hero who threw himself and 5.000 troupes
on the Union bayonets at Ridge Creek.
Oh, dad, please.
That's what he did.
Deliberately threw himself.
No rhyme or reason.
He was crazy, I tell you.
My grandfather always said so and...
And he was there.
Oh, dad, do we have to go into it?
Sure we do, Deb.
This boy here...
he's the general all over again.
I watch him charging around the plant
like it was a battlefield.
Well, he does keep it running for you,
doesn't he?
No hydro-electric dynamo
would keep it running even better.
But I wouldn't want one for a son-in-law.
Well, don't worry.
You're not gonna have him for a son-in-law.
Operator, operator, are you sure
you're ringing the right number?
But it's the mill,
somebody's got to be in the office.
Oh, Josh, did my father say anything
this morning that he might be delayed?
No, he didn't, Miss Deborah.
He's expected to be back
long before train time.
Yes, please keep ringing. I'll hold on.
It's all right, Miss Deborah,
it sounds like him right now.
Operator, never mind. Thank you.
Something... something
terrible has happened, Deb.
Your father...
He was on a high catwalk with Selden
inspecting a machine.
He must have gotten dizzy.
He fell.
I was only a few feet away.
I ran to him, but...
Oh, no.
Where is he?
At the mill. He couldn't be moved.
He's bad, dear. He's bad.
He hasn't regained consciousness.
You can take her bags upstairs.
Miss Deborah won't be going away now.
When mother died,
dad and I came home together.
He stopped here at the door...
I was nine years old.
He took my hand and said:
Look at the trees, Deborah.
Feel the wind.
And remember, people die...
a world doesn't.
It feels so empty.
Deb, these past few days...
how I've wished we had been close
to each other like we used to be.
But I had... No, don't, Selden.
Not because you're sorry for me.
But it's not that at all, Deb.
You only make me sorry for myself.
And that's one thing I won't be.
Only that's not true.
I am sorry for myself.
And in a way...
for you too.
For me?
Why should you feel sorry for me?
Out there today...
all those tombstones...
So many Chandlers and so many Clarks.
And now...
only the two of us.
Deb, listen to me.
This is not the end of us
and it's not the end of Clarksville.
I won't let it be.
I never let myself forget the Clarks
who built this town
or the Clarks who died for it.
General Selden Clark and
his men at Ridge Creek.
Fighting with pitchforks,
with rocks, with their bare hands,
because they just wouldn't give up.
And we mustn't give up either, Debbie.
Sure, the lumber that
made Clarksville is gone.
And I can't raise forests.
And the mill is dying.
But the mill can be brought back to life.
And it can bring Clarksville back to life.
Don't you see, Debbie?
We can do it, you and I.
You and I? Yes.
Clark House will be open again.
And you'll be mistress of it.
Oh, Selden, don't. I...
I'm asking you to marry me.
Not like this.
Not today.
That's how it'll be, Debbie.
It's got to be.
Your father said that
the world doesn't die.
Not now, Selden.
Please don't ask me now.
In the spring you'll be Mrs Selden Clark.
And then I'll show them what I can do.
I'm gonna make it mean something again.
To be a Clark of Clarksville.
Selden, I can't talk about it, I can't.
Not yet.
A marriage proposed the day
of the funeral.
Why didn't I see it?
All those months after father died.
All those months before we were married.
Why didn't that beginning as it did.
It had to end as it ended.
Things at the mill being what they are,
this isn't gonna be
the fanciest honeymoon in the world.
Don't worry, darling.
I take my honeymoons as they come.
I couldn't get you the biggest cabin of
the Smokies for a wedding present, but...
I did get you the one in
the highest mountain.
I love you.
There it is.
Does it look all right?
Oh, it's just so...
I've used up all my words.
It was a wonderful wedding
and a wonderful ride...
Everything's so... so nice.
Well, what are you waiting for, Selden?
Aren't you going to carry the bride
over the threshold?
I drove up to be a reception committee.
You don't mind, do you?
Come on in, Mrs Clark.
He won't carry you.
He never was very gallant.
Selden, who is that?
Nobody you have to know.
Why, I'm Patricia Monahan,
of Raleigh.
You know. Where Selden goes
on all those little business trips.
Well, Mrs Clark, if you're not coming in,
I'll come out.
My shoes... isn't that a silly habit?
Taking off your shoes?
Of course, I'm very vain about my feet.
Selden always said I had
such pretty feet.
But that's not as good as having a mill,
is it, Selden?
Why you...
Oh, Selden... Stop it.
I'll kill you...
Selden, stop it.
Now get out.
It's been over a long time, Deb.
I told her we were finished.
You told me a lot of things.
You told me you were through
with her for good.
A year a go you told me.
Only her father died and it was
different again, wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
Phone for the police, Deborah.
You don't want her to hear that,
do you?
How her father hated you,
how he said he would throw you out of the
mill if you didn't stay away from her.
There's no reason
why we have to listen to this.
Stay away from that phone.
It's not that easy, Selden.
The world isn't being run just for you
even if old men who get in your way
die when you want them to.
Or is it when you push them?
Stay where you are!
Oh, I've thought of that, Selden.
Even if no one else has.
But that doesn't matter now
because you're not gonna have your precious
mill, or you precious bride or anything...
No, don't!
The key to this place.
I won't be using it anymore.
Deb, I...
I don't think I'll be using this either.
Oh, now, wait a minute, Deb.
I don't want to talk about it.
I just want to get away from here.
But you can't. You're my wife.
Your wife.
How long have I been in love with you?
Ever since I was a little girl.
Fifteen years, Deb.
Yes, that's too long
for a little girl to be in love.
It's time I grew up.
You're making too much of this.
In the morning...
I won't be here in the morning.
I'm going, now.
Listen to me, Deb.
She was drunk and she was lying.
Sure I had dates with her.
I had dates with lots of girls.
She has been up here, that's true.
I'm sorry about that. It was a rotten
beginning for our marriage.
I'm going to have the marriage annulled.
I won't let you do that.
Why: Because you'd lose the mill?
Well, there's nothing you can do
to stop me.
I'll stop you.
You don't seem to understand, Deborah.
I've waited for that mill too long
and I've worked too hard.
I know what your father thought of me.
How he laughed at me.
But I took it because the mill is
all that's left of Clarksville.
Let me go.
No. I took the insults every day
and I stayed.
I kept the mill alive.
Your father was ruining it.
There was no one to stop him.
But I fought and I argued.
And I stopped him.
I've waited too long, Deborah.
You're my wife
and you're going to stay my wife.
What's happened here today
I'm sorry about that.
But you'll forget it.
We'll both forget it.
It's true, isn't it?
What are you talking about?
Everything she said.
It's true.
All of the...
Too much has happened, Deb.
You're tired, you're mixed up.
You're saying things you'll regret.
You killed him.
In the morning
after you've slept,
you'll see things as they are.
Not as she painted them for you.
We're tired now and hungry.
There's food in the car.
I'll bring it in.
That's my body they're looking for.
The body of Deborah Chandler Clark.
Those people, they think I'm dead.
I'll have to go down there.
I've got to tell them what happened.
That it was not suicide.
Not an accident, but he tried to kill me.
But who'd believe me?
Who'd believe Selden is a murderer?
Patricia Monahan.
She knows.
She'll help me.
C'mon, I found a way to get down there.
There's a path.
No, I think we'd better take this one.
Hope we get there
before they find the lady.
I never saw a dead woman before,
did you?
C'mon. Hurry up.
No one can see me. I've got to stay dead
until I can find Patricia.
Then I'll be safe from him.
I've got to stay dead.
Raleigh. We'll be here one half hour.
Attention, please.
Attention, please.
Bus n.28 has just arrived at Raleigh.
Passengers for Southhill, Petersburg, Augusta,
Statesville and Greensboro will take bus 28
which leaves in one half hour.
Attention, please.
Passengers for Southhill, Petersburg, Augusta,
Columbia, Statesville and Greensboro will take bus 28
which will leave in thirty minutes.
Excuse me, please. Oh, hello.
I'd like the evening papers.
They're right in front of you.
Pick em up.
We do very small business here,
we keep everything very simple.
You can just put the money down.
We trust everybody.
I'd like some change.
Oh, it's lying there. Pick it up.
Yes, but...
Holy money, pardon me.
Can I sell you anything else?
Yachting magazine, maybe.
No, thanks.
Wonderful thing, sailboats.
Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?
Please, I'm in a hurry.
Of course you are.
Everybody's in a hurry.
That's our big trouble.
Now, suppose, for the sake of argument,
that you stop to look at this picture.
How long would it take...
What's the matter, Miss,
something wrong with the papers?
No, nothing. I just...
Latest edition, stock market reports,
racing results, baseball scores...
Please, may I just have some change?
Oh, I don't know, Keith.
What am I going to do with you?
You sit around here all day long
reading my yachting magazines and
drawing pictures of boats.
And finally when one crummy little
two-bit customer comes along...
Hey, boss, her change, her change,
she's in a hurry.
Thanks. Thank you.
I don't understand you.
A guy like you, working in jobs like this.
Drifting across the country,
a week here, two weeks there.
What kind of a life is that?
I'm having a wonderful time.
That's no excuse
in a talented man like you.
A sargeant in the army.
Okay, Pops, get off my back.
I've been out of the country a long time.
Give me a couple of months to enjoy it.
I don't get the psychology of it.
Look, for $32.50 a week,
I don't discuss psychology.
Bus 32 now ready for passengers.
Now what's the matter?
Why are you staring at that girl for?
Boy, what a bus ride that must have been.
Hello. I'm Clara May.
Does Patricia Monahan live here?
Hm-hmm. She's real nice. She let's me use
her perfume all the time.
But she ain't here now.
I gotta go finish my supper.
Clara May, who's out there?
Someone looking for Patricia.
Go finish your supper.
She's gone away.
Couldn't stand the heat, I guess.
Gone away? Oh, she'll be back.
She will? When?
Two or three weeks, she said.
Two or three weeks?
Do you know where I can find her?
Seashore, I guess, maybe the mountains.
She didn't say.
Who are you?
I'm her cousin.
Anne Carter.
Look, I've got to get a job
and a place to stay.
Please, could I stay here?
Here? I'm all filled up,
except for Patricia's room.
And if you're her cousin, I guess
you should know how she can be.
Better try Mrs Rawlins on the next block.
The house with the green window boxes.
Good night.
Good afternoon, Mr Maury.
Is he up there?
Yes, sir.
So I'd be grateful to you gentlemen
if you'd cooperate in every way you could
to keep this search quiet...
Are these gentlemen reporters?
Why, yes. Mr Maury, Mr Russell...
So I was not misinformed.
Selden, why can't you let her be?
She's dead.
I don't care to go over this again.
I'm sorry if you don't agree with me...
How long can you go on with this publicity?
It's indecent.
If she's alive, Ive got to find her.
But she's not alive. The newspapers
are beginning to forget about her.
Let them. I don't want them
to forget about her.
They dragged the whole length of the river
but the body was never found.
I think she is alive.
I don't know, Mr Clark.
I don't see what we can do.
I'm sorry about the way it sounds,
but like I've been trying to tell you,
it's just not news anymore.
Want a lift, Hank? Fine.
What if I offered a reward?
How big a reward?
Five thousand dollars.
I don't mean to be cynical,
but money's always news.
We could put it on the wires
and see what would happen.
But if she were alive,
why wouldn't she have come home?
I shouldn't have to tell you, Lucius.
But you know what a terrible shock
her father's death was.
How do we know she isn't suffering from
amnesia or some other mental disturbance?
Can I quote you, Mr Clark?
No, you can not.
I want her back.
Yes, you can quote me.
This is her latest picture.
But one thing, gentlemen.
When you write your story I know
I can count on you to handle it delicately.
But I'm sure, I tell ya.
I saw this girl, right here in Raleigh.
I'm positive.
But where? Where?
Five thousand dollars reward.
I got to remember where I saw her.
The pool room. No...
Oh, forget it.
You never saw her. You're just overstimulated
by the idea of all that money.
I did see her, I know I did.
Five grand practically in my pocket.
Why can't I remember?
I ought to have my head examined.
Now what are you doing
to the customers?
What's the matter with you?
This dame.
I saw her right here in Raleigh.
I could get the reward. Five grand.
Only where did I see her?
Where? Where?
You too, huh?
That's the trouble with everybody.
Rewards, get rich quick.
Giveaways on the radio.
Yeah, I suppose if you collected $5.000
it would ruin your whole day.
Aw, Pops, if I had $5.000...
that little cove on the California coast... Yeah,
I know, you'd go in the boatbuilding business.
You told me all about it admiral...
Hey, wait a minute.
Pops, we're the victims of mass psychology.
Now she looks familiar to me too.
You see? And you're a college man.
Here, Annie, ham on rye.
Hi, Annie. Hot enough for you?
And a chocolate milkshake.
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter, Annie?
Mr. Thomas... Mr Thomas,
I have to leave right away.
Leave? Yes, right now.
May I have my pay, please.
But, Annie, it's the rush hour.
I know, I'm sorry, but it's...
It's someone in my family.
They're very sick.
Could I have my salary.
I have three days coming.
That's right, but...
Please, Mr Thomas, please.
Sure, Annie.
I'm sorry about the illness in your family.
Now, if there's anything that I can do...
The Miami City-New York Limited
will arrive in Raleigh on schedule.
All seats are reserved.
Please make your reservations.
Attention, please. The Miami-New York
Limited will arrive in Raleigh on schedule.
Excuse me.
Please make your reservations.
I'd like a chocolate bar, please.
Help yourself, if you find one
that's not melted.
You can just put the money down.
We run a very small business hear.
We trust everybody...
Bus 32 now ready for passengers to
Goldsboro, Winston, Salem, Statesville...
Hickory, Black Mountain, Nashville, Newport,
Jefferson City, Knoxville and Memphis.
Please check your baggage, reservations,
and make your stopover request.
Hello, Keith. Hi.
Now I suppose you're gonna tell me
you're looking for customers.
Oh, hello, Pops.
Look, Keith, I've been meaning to ask you.
Would you like to do me a big favor?
Sure, Pops, anything at all.
You know that.
Quit, will ya?
Yeah, it ain't right a guy like you
should be fired from such a crummy job.
Wait a minute.
It don't have to be right this second.
You're wrong, Pops. I'm afraid it does.
Why... where are you going?
I don't know myself, just yet.
I'll write you and let you know
where to send my stuff.
Here. This is for you.
So long, Pops.
So long, admiral.
Hey, Charly.
That blond girl that just bought a ticket,
where's she going?
You know I can't tell you that.
It's against regulation.
Okay, I'll put it another way.
I just quit my job and I'm looking
for a vacation spot.
What do you recommend?
Aw, cut it out, Charly.
Atta boy.
My name is Dave Shaw, friends.
Our first rest stop will be Goldsboro
in about two hours.
Please remain seated
while the coach is in motion.
Let me out of here!
I gotta get out of this bus.
You can't touch me!
I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya!
Make 'em leave me alone.
Take your hands off me.
Make 'em leave me alone!
Make 'em let me go!
Take it easy, now.
You'll be all right.
Anybody want a drink of water or something
before we leave?
Tough crowd.
Feeling a little shaky?
A little.
By the way, I owe you an apology.
Just so we don't have to shout.
When I first got on the bus
I thought he was your husband.
He isn't, is he?
Easy, easy, it's all right.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
It's all right.
What's wrong?
You were having a nightmare.
I woke you up.
Bad, huh?
Pretty bad.
Try one of these.
It's supposed to be good
for everything else.
No thanks. Go on.
It'll chase the goblins away.
They can't stand fire and smoke,
you know.
All right.
Wanna tell me about it?
Used to be a wiz with a dream book.
There's nothing to tell.
I'm a great listener.
On the other hand, I'm a great talker too.
You've been very nice.
Not scared anymore?
Why don't you try
and get back to sleep, Miss Carter?
You did say your name
was Carter, didn't you?
Yes, yes, of course. Ann Carter.
Lean back. Close your eyes.
I don't think I'll...
I'll watch out for the goblins.
Seeing as how I have to be
in the neighborhood anyway.
No, I'll be fine, really.
Good night. Good night.
We'll be here a half hour, folks.
The bus for Nashville is now loading
and will leave on schedule.
Nashville bus will leave in 15 minutes.
Well, goodbye, Mr Ramsey.
I'm very grateful.
Wait a minute. Save the farewell address.
I get off here too.
You do? Hm-hmm.
But I thought you said
you were going to California.
I am, in easy stages. Oh.
I know a couple of people here.
It's kind of a happy coincidence,
don't you think?
Yes, yes, of course.
Well, thanks again. Maybe we'll run
into each other sometime.
I'd hate to leave a thing like that
entirely to chance.
How about dinner tonight?
No, really, I don't think so.
Oh, too bad.
Mr Ramsey, I don't mean
to be unfriendly, but...
But what?
Well, you've asked me
an awful lot of questions,
who I am, where I'm from,
where I'm going.
Why are you so curious about me?
No particular reason.
Any reason why I shouldn't be?
No, I suppose not.
Of course not.
Now, about that dinner...
Well, we'll see.
You can call me at the hotel
this evening if you like.
Well, anyway,
I got a date for a phone call.
Here, let me...
No, really, I can make it
to the hotel desk alone, I'm sure.
Okay. Bye.
Miss Carter.
About what time this evening?
Oh, about 7 o'clock.
Right, call you at seven.
The bus for Nashville is now loading.
You have ten minutes before departure.
Bus now loading for Raleigh
will be leaving shortly...
Passengers will please start loading.
Well, the least you can do is meet me.
Well, what do you expect me to do?
Walk in this heat?
Okay, I'll take a cab. Goodbye.
Hello, I'd like to talk to Clarksville,
North Carolina, please.
Person to person to Mr Selden Clark.
I'll wait.
That's it, boys.
Okay, that's fine.
Well, that's that.
Day after tomorrow we'll have
that machine in full operation.
You can't do this, Selden, you can't.
I've done it.
You have no legal right to it.
You're only the manager of this mill,
not the owner.
If I'm not, who is? Deborah.
Deborah is dead.
You finally convinced me.
Legally she's not
and she won't be for seven years.
Unless they find her body.
Until then we just sit here
and see the mill rot, I suppose.
The law is the law,
and if someone should challenge you.
Challenge me? Who'd do that?
As executor of John Chandler's estate,
I might.
Oh, no, you won't.
An executor's job is to preserve
the estate, not destroy it.
Don't try to bluff me, Lucius.
And don't you try to bully me.
Excuse me, Mr Clark, but there's
a long distance call for you.
The man didn't say what it was,
but it sounded important.
Thank you.
Yes, this is Selden Clark.
Who's this?
How do you know?
Where is she?
Now take it easy, Mr Clark,
I could be mistaken about this girl.
She's here in Knoxville
at the Clayburn Hotel.
That's right, the Clayburn.
I think you ought to get down here
the quicker the better.
This is a pretty mixed up girl.
She says her name is Anne Carter, but the
first time I saw her in Raleigh she...
No, no, I just can't imagine
why my wife should have gone to Raleigh.
Isn't there anything else,
something she said or did?
No, I can't go all the way to Knoxville
on that kind of evidence.
Other calls keep coming in...
But I tell you, I'm almost positive.
Now, wait a minute.
It's not just the reward.
Sure, I'll collect it if it is Mrs Clark,
but there's more to it than that.
I don't know you, but this is s
pretty swell girl and she needs help.
I suppose so.
Well, all right. I'll try to find out
more about it.
Okay, I'll call you back tomorrow.
Yes, Mr Clark.
Is there anything important for today?
No, not that I can think of.
That's good.
I'll finish that correspondence tomorrow.
Yes, Mr Clark.
I've got a terrible headache.
I'm going for a ride in the country.
Anything else?
No, thanks. See you in the morning.
Miss Ann Carter, please.
I'm sorry, operator, the convention
just moved in the lobby.
Could you speak a little louder?
Are you sure?
But when?
Thanks, I will.
How long ago did Miss Carter check out?
About 15 minutes ago.
Did she leave any messages
or forwarding address?
No, not a thing.
Look, uh...
My name is Keith Ramsey...
if she should phone in or something
would you tell her I'm trying to reach her?
I'm at The Jefferson.
Would you remember that?
Certainly, Mr Ramsey. Thank you.
Attention, please. Attention, please.
The convention special is now arriving.
Please meet passengers in waiting room.
Haven't you even had a call from Patricia?
Nothing at all?
I see.
No, there's no place you could reach me.
I don't know exactly where
I'm going to be.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Just say a cousin, that's all.
I'll call again in a few days.
I'll call anyway.
You see, I just...
I have to go now, goodbye.
I had to change my plans...
very suddenly.
What's the matter, Anne?
What are you running away from?
I'm not running away from anything.
Then why are you leaving town this way?
Well... I thought I had a job here.
Turns out I didn't, that's all.
It's a pretty big town,
there must be other jobs.
Yes, I suppose so.
I did make quite a few calls,
but without much luck.
So I thought I'd go back to Raleigh.
You see, I have friends there.
I was supposed to check with you
about dinner.
Why didn't you leave me a note?
I thought about it,
but I didn't know exactly what to say.
Oh, just, uh... had to change my plans...
going back to Raleigh.
I am sorry.
Why don't you tell me what's wrong,
what you're afraid of?
Why are you afraid of me?
Oh, I'm not.
I'm not afraid of you.
Then why don't you stay here tonight
and have dinner with me?
I'd like to, I really would, only...
That's enough.
You can't improve on that remark.
Come on. We're going to check you back
into your hotel
then we'll find a good restaurant.
You know, the kind that gives you
two olives with each martini?
Then we'll find a park
with a lake and uh...
you can relax by rowing me around.
Then when you get real tired
rowing me around the lake
you're going back to your hotel room
and get a good night's sleep.
How does that sound?
Sounds wonderful. But suppose
there's no lake in town?
You can get just as tired
pushing me around a dance floor.
Attention please,
bus 22 now loading for Raleigh
and will leave in 5 minutes.
Passengers please start loading.
Sorry, bud. The lady's with me.
Bus 22 is now loading for Raleigh.
Passengers please start loading.
Boy, if you could only cook.
It so happens I can.
I never would have thought it.
I had you tabbed as a social butterfly.
Why, Mr Ramsey, I bet you say that
to all the blondes.
Which reminds me.
We've known each other now about uh...
thirty hours.
Time you started calling me Keith.
Mr Ramsey is a rich uncle of mine,
a very dull fellow.
Well, in that case I do apologize.
It's all right, just don't
let it happen again.
Okay, Anne?
Okay, Keith.
Sounds wonderful.
Then the sun is going down
all bright and red
and there's a little breeze coming up
and maybe offshore you see a few sailboats
bobbing around in kind
of a lazy sort of way...
I can't describe it, Anne.
You gotta see a place like Angel's Cove,
you gotta live there to get the wonderful,
easy feeling.
You really love that place, don't you?
Yeah, I guess I do.
Of course, it's an ideal harbor. Wonderful
anchorage for small boats, you know.
You see, what I plan to do is have
a repair dock there.
Also build small boats of my own.
Maybe have a dozen cabins
for people who wanna stick around.
Looks like I talked us all the way home.
Oh, Keith, it's been
such a wonderful evening.
From the two olives in the martini
right down to Angel's Cove.
And now to top the evening off
with a night of peace and quiet.
I think you can use it.
I can. You know I really can.
Nobody gets by without a badge.
Here's a badge.
Looks like this place is fresh out
of peace and quiet.
It won't bother me. I'm too tired
to be kept up by anything.
Glad you didn't leave town tonight?
Oh, yes.
You know, it's been so long since I've
danced, since I've laughed so much.
You'll be dancing and laughing
at all the same places tomorrow night.
Same time tomorrow?
Oh... all right.
Well, uh...
Good night.
Hey, a pretty girl like this?
Aren't you gonna kiss her good night?
Why, it's unconstitutional, that's
what it is. It's unamerican.
If you don't kiss her,
I'll kiss her for you.
Well, they're twisting my arm, Anne...
I wouldn't want it broken on my account.
I don't care what you do,
go take all the blondes you want.
Missed it again.
Did you accept the invitation?
Hm-Hmm. Six, please.
Six? No, it's the ninth.
Everybody here's having party.
It only stops at the ninth floor.
Ninth floor only.
I guess we're going to the ninth floor.
Hey, you know something?
No, what?
There's nothing the matter with you.
Who says there was?
Nobody. Just my imagination.
Sometimes it gets overstimulated.
I'm using the stairs.
I'm going to bed.
Wait for me.
I'm so tired.
Please, wait.
See you tomorrow.
No... no...
Uh-oh. Detour, detour...
Men at work.
Wow, what a party.
Come on, forget her.
You don't wanna be
a one woman man in a convention.
Let go of me.
How do you like a guy like that?
Hey, wait for me.
No, he isn't. But I expect him any
time now. Can I take a message?
Oh, wait a minute please,
he just walked in.
Good morning, Mr Clark.
Good morning.
How's your headache, any better?
Oh, better. I slept like a log.
Who's that?
The same party that called you yesterday
from Knoxville.
Do you want to talk to him?
Hello. Hello, Mr Clark?
This is Keith Ramsey again.
I'm afraid I owe you an apology.
No, this girl isn't Mrs Clark.
Nothing definite, but...
I thought you said she was pretty mixed up.
Had something on her mind.
Sure she's got something on her mind.
Who hasn't? But she certainly hasn't got
amnesia or anything like it.
Well, maybe her name isn't Anne Carter, but
I don't think it's Deborah Carter either.
Suppose you keep an eye on her
just to be sure.
I'll send you a check tonight,
for your time.
No, I couldn't take any money for that.
I was gonna keep an eye on her anyway.
I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong.
Well, naturally if I find out that I am,
I'll call you.
Only, don't expect to hear from me.
Hello, Anne, how are you?
I was just thinking of calling you.
As a matter of fact I've been thinking
about calling you since five this morning.
What's the matter?
Why, yes, of course.
Sure, I'll be there right away.
Who is it?
It's me.
Keith? Yes, of course.
What's the matter?
I really didn't want to call you.
All night I tried not to.
But then it was morning and I knew
I had to leave this room sometime.
He's out there somewhere waiting for me.
Who is?
Oh, Keith, can I trust you?
Of course you can trust me.
You don't know what it was like.
He just appeared out of nowhere.
I told him he could keep the mill.
I really don't want it, Keith.
I don't, I don't.
Then he came after me down the stairs.
He tried to kill me.
Who tried to kill you?
Then some of those salesmen came in
and he knew he couldn't do it.
Because then it wouldn't look like suicide.
So I got away.
I've been sitting here all night
just watching that door.
I can trust you, can't I?
Sure, Anne.
My name's not Anne.
I'm not Anne Carter.
I'm Deb... Deborah Chandler.
They all think I'm dead.
Maybe you read about it in the papers.
That was the first time
he tried to kill me.
The day we were married.
It's when I crashed in the car.
They called it suicide,
but they couldn't find my body.
Whay are you staring at me?
What's the matter?
Nothing, Anne. Nothing.
That's why I had to change my name,
so he couldn't find me again.
But he's found me anyway, and now...
There's nobody out there now.
Yes, he is. Somewhere.
Because he wants the mill and he knows
I'll never let him have it.
Because he killed my father.
Only I can't prove it.
Oh, Keith, you will help me,
won't you, please?
Of course. If I can.
That place in Califronia where
you're going, Angel's Cove.
They wouldn't know me there.
Take me with you. I can hide.
Look, Anne.
Why don't you try to get some sleep?
Oh, please, it'll be
only for a little while.
Just until Patricia Monahan
gets back to Raleigh.
She knows Selden is a murderer too.
We could go to the police together.
Then they'd believe me.
Oh, you will help me, won't you, Keith?
Please, you've got to.
I'll do my best.
Do as I tell you.
Try and get some sleep.
I'll be back soon.
Where are you going?
I've gotta find out about trains.
About reservations.
Oh, no. Don't leave me here alone.
You'll be all right.
But supposing he comes back. Supposing...
Believe me, there's nothing to worry about.
Oh, Keith, I'm so afraid.
I'll tell you what.
Don't unlock your door.
Don't even answer your telephone.
All right?
I won't be long.
I'll bring you back some coffee.
Keith, are you sure this
is the right train?
Yes, of course.
Blue Sky Limited?
Funny, it sounds familiar.
We'd better hurry.
It pulls out in about a minute.
This is our car.
Here we are. Compartment C.
What's the matter?
Oh, let's go to the diner early, shall we?
I always get so hungry on trains.
Deborah, please. No...
Listen to me, Deborah.
It's gonna be all right.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
You're sick and you've got to go home.
It isn't true. You don't
know what you're doing.
They'll take care of you there.
They'll make you well.
Thank you, Mr Ramsey.
Thank you very much.
Forget it.
About that reward, Mr Ramsey,
So long, Charlie. See you in Saint Louis.
Oh, boy. Wait till I see your wife.
How about that?
That guy did pretty good after all.
What a party.
Yes sir, there's a guy with character.
Never gives up. Right?
What are you talking about?
What guy?
The guy on the train.
You were at the convention, weren't you?
Oh, what a party.
What do you mean?
What about that guy?
He finally caught up with her, that's all.
Even if at first you don't succeed...
You saw him at the party last night?
Are you sure?
Oh, please. Sure I'm sure.
With that girl?
Oh, mister, don't shake me.
Was he with that girl?
Look, I don't wanna get into any trouble.
You're not gonna get in any trouble. Just tell
me what you saw, that's all. What did you see?
I saw that guy and that girl on the stairs.
He was making a big play for it
so she got mad and ran away.
What else? What else do you remember?
Please, mister, after a night like last
night don't ask me to remember details.
When's the next train for Clarksville?
One's just left.
I know that. But when is the next one?
Oh, in about three hours.
It doesn't go direct,
but you can make connections.
All right, take me back.
But I won't stay with you.
I won't.
I never thought you would.
Then what are you...
You can't make it look like suicide.
Not any more.
Keith Ramsey knows you're here with me.
I told him that you tried to kill me
last night.
Oh, you did.
That's interesting.
And uh...
What did he do? What did he say?
You heard what he said.
You're sick and you need
to be taken care of.
That's not true.
You've been under a great strain
since your father died.
Since you killed him.
That's what I mean, Deborah.
You keep imagining things.
That's why you have to be put away.
Put away?
Well, after all, Deborah, I can't go
on forever just searching for you
worrying about you.
Put me away?
You can't.
Who'd believe you?
Lucius, all my friends,
everybody in Clarksville.
They know I'm sane.
Do they?
I wonder.
Selden, listen to me.
I won't do anything.
I won't make any trouble.
I won't say anything more about what's
happened, not to anyone, only let me go.
I'll just disappear. I promise I will.
Only please let me go.
I'm sorry.
I'll give you the mill.
I'll do anything you want.
I'll sign anything.
Write out the papers and
I'll sign them here.
You can have everything. Everything.
It won't work, Deborah.
It's gotta be this way.
What are you doing?
Why are you calling the porter?
What is that? What is it?
A telegram. To whom?
What's in it?
What difference does it make?
What does it say?
It's about me, isn't it? Let me see it...
Oh, Deborah, please.
Yes, sir.
How soon can I get this off?
Our next stop is Harleyville.
We're due in about six minutes.
Fine. Send it as a straight wire.
Yes, sir.
Porter, wait!
Read it, please.
Out loud.
I want to be sure the writing's clear.
That there won't be any mistakes.
Go ahead, read it.
North Hillhurst Sanitarium,
North Hillhurst, North Carolina.
Arriving Hillhurst with
Mrs Clark at midnight.
Her condition serious.
Please have ambulance meet train.
Selden Clark.
That's all, porter.
No! I won't let you send that wire.
Porter, come back!
Stop it, Deborah.
No you won't lock me up there, you won't.
Get hold of yourself, Deborah.
You can't send that wire, you can't...
Let me go!
Let me go.
Deborah! No! No! No!
Deborah! No! No!
Deborah, listen to me.
It's not Selden, it's me.
It's me. I believe you, Deborah.
I believe you.
Everything you said was true.
I know that now.
That's why I flew down here
to catch the train.
Then you won't take me back
to him again?
No, darling, no. I believe you.
It's going to be all right, Deb.
We'll get everybody else
to believe you too.
It's going to be all right, darling.
It's going to be all right.
Yes, this is Patricia Monahan.
Who is this?
Where are you?
What do you mean, help you?
Just what did you have in mind?
Well, I don't know. I wouldn't want
to get mixed up in anything.
All right, I guess so.
I won't promise you anything,
but I'll talk to you.
No, not right now.
I was just going out.
In about an hour say.
Do you know who that was?
I really don't think you ought
to come any further.
Nothing doing. She's gonna help you
if I have to...
That won't do any good.
See, I know how she feels.
After all, she and Selden...
It'll be easier this way, darling,
I'm sure of it.
Okay, but...
I'll be waiting right here.
Just in case.
Mrs Clark.
Over here.
I thought it over. I don't want anyone
to see me talking to you.
Not my landlady or anybody else.
Well, whatever you say.
Get in.
But can't we talk here just as well?
Look, I don't want to get mixed up
in anything.
I've had enough trouble on account
of... your husband.
But you told me you hated him.
Of course I hate him.
What of it?
I haven't got too much love
for you either.
Yes, I know how you must feel,
believe me.
But that's not really the point.
No? What is?
Selden's a murderer.
You and I both know it.
We're the only ones who know it.
That's the man you wanted,
that's the man you got.
That's not what I wanted.
You know that.
Patricia, you must help me.
What do you expect me to do?
I've got to go to the police.
I want you to come with me.
If we go together, then they'll believe us.
The police. And get my name
all over the papers?
Well, suppose you did.
Is that so horrible?
There are worse things than getting
a name on the papers.
Being stepped on by someone you've trusted
is worse.
Shielding murder is worse.
You're wasting your breath.
I don't go to the police, not me.
All right.
Not the police.
Would you talk to somebody else then?
Lucius Maury?
Who's he?
My father's lawyer in Clarksville.
That'll be enough. After that
we would keep you out of it.
You can trust him, I promise you.
All right.
I'll talk to this lawyer.
Thank you.
Let's get it over with.
You mean tonight?
Wouldn't it be better in the morning?
In the morning I don't know how I'll feel.
It'd better be now.
Seeing as how we're halfway
there already.
Why are we stopping here?
This house is...
Get out.
Oh, no.
You can't...
Get out! You here me, get out.
Patricia, don't do it.
Don't. He's a murderer, you know that.
Don't let him make you one too.
Stop talking, I warn you.
Go on in. Go on!
Oh, listen to me, Patricia.
First he killed my father...
now me, then it'll be your turn.
Don't you see? If you ever get in his way,
he'll kill you too.
You got the gun. It's not too late.
For either of us.
Just shut her up, Selden.
Shut her up and get it over with.
If you don't, I will.
Let her get away.
Did she get away?
Don't worry.
Oh, Selden, I'm scared.
What if someone finds out?
There'll be nothing to find out.
She was crazy when she killed herself.
John Chandler's daughter
died the way he did.
Jumping from a high place.
Someone will hear her.
Nobod will hear her.
Go on to your house.
See you tomorrow.
I don't know, I don't know.
It's too late to change your mind now.
You brought her here.
Remember that.
Never mind, operator.
Now that we're almost to the Cove
I feel kind of jittery.
It's as if we were just married yesterday
instead of three months ago.
Oh, darling, that's the nicest thing
you could say.
Well, I feel kinda shaky, like bringing
the bride home to meet the family.
What do you mean?
Well, after all Angel's Cove is sort of
all the family I have.
I've got news for you.
Just so we don't have to shout.