Women Are Born Twice (1961) Movie Script

It's raining.
I guess it's the rainy season.
Do you enjoy mahjong, mister?
You're not so good at it,
but you've played until this hour.
Just putting in my hours.
You sure are loyal to them.
But your partners were all yawning.
May I turn off the lights?
Do you always set
the bedding like this?
Yeah, I don't sleep well
if I share the same bed.
Such a cold man.
That's not true.
May I have a cigarette?
What do they call you?
May I have your business card?
To do what?
I won't have an alibi
if something happens,
And I don't even know
my lover's name.
A lover, you say?
Yes, my lover.
Love is free.
Your name's Koen, right?
Yes, don't you forget it.
Senior architect,
Tsutsui Kiyo...
That's funny?
Oh, I'm sorry.
The name would fit better
if I grew a beard.
- How many of those cards
did you collect? - Huh?
No, hundreds?
You're terrible.
What's that?
The Yasukuni Shrine taiko drums.
Oh, that's right.
We're real close to Yasukuni Shrine.
They begin every morning at five.
At five?
It's that late?
Well, then.
Women Are Born Twice
Based on Koen Nikki [The Diary of Koen]
by Tsuneo Tomita
Screenplay by
Toshiro Ide and Yuzo Kawashima
Cinematography by
Hiroshi Murai
Music by
Sei Ikeno
Edited by
Tatsuji Nakashizu
Ayako Wakao
Jun Fukimaki Sou Yamamura
Tsusai Sugawara Kyu Sazanka
Frankie Sakai
Directed by
Yuzo Kawashima
Thank you for your support.
- We'll go ahead, Toki.
- Is it crowded?
Yes, a little.
How bawdy!
Come on, let's go see it.
I hear Raizo's quite the actor!
Tomorrow, I don't know.
Kiyoryu said there's no
dance practice for a while.
It's your chance!
It's just a damn movie,
don't be so dramatic!
No, I mean, look.
What? Oh--
Excuse me.
He's around often.
He passed by our house yesterday.
Let's have a chat.
- Don't do it!
- It's our chance!
Let's not do this.
You need to cover for us, Koen.
Right, Kimiyo?
That's right, we're all flushed!
Of course, we just took a bath!
A popsicle for me.
I'll have a cream soda.
Wait, no, a gin fizz!
Give me back the 600 yen, Ginko.
I don't get any allowance.
What do you mean, Miss Popular?
Your money's piling up.
Enough games. Pay me what you owe.
On my next payday.
- You're going to forget again.
- Best hope I don't.
I'll settle for a popsicle, too. Here.
You've got a lot of nerve.
What are you doing there,
looking so unkempt?
Welcome back!
You look miserable.
It's almost time!
Hurry inside and get ready.
Sorry, Mom.
The money, please.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
- Going ahead.
- Oh, good evening.
Good evening!
You're late. They're waiting
in the pawlonia room.
I'm sorry.
Wait, wait!
What is it, Momochiyo?
I'm quitting as a geisha.
I heard from Temari.
You're going to work
at a Shinjuku bar?
Listen, won't you join me?
The owner asked me to bring anyone
who's a good fit for the job.
Is a bar even doing well these days?
It's better than being a geisha.
Pretend to be your clients' lover,
share your name and address,
And to make money, act as if
you're not getting paid.
It's so stupid!
You're not wrong...
What are you doing, Koen? Hurry up!
I'm sorry.
So, what do you say?
Your voice is so youthful, director.
Absolutely, like a man
in his twenties.
Who has a stylish voice
like mine in their twenties?
One more round?
Sure, another one.
The air conditioner's too strong.
The young geisha these days
are so lousy with their song.
Can't play shamisen.
Only knows how to dance
to a single folk song!
Many girls here are familiar with
the Dodonpa, don't you think?
Dodonpa geishas, huh?
- Good evening.
- And here's a Dodonpa girl now!
Something about the Dodonpa?
It's nothing.
Come here, Koen.
The Dodonpa!
Another glass?
Oh, I can't.
Hey Fumio. Just drink a little.
I'd love to, but I'm feeling dizzy...
You're such a lightweight.
Should I order a sweet soup?
That's alright, missus.
I've already had this and I'm full!
Then it's time to enjoy
what we came here for.
Oh, well...
Hey, Nobuko.
You really don't drink, mister.
I just can't seem to get used to it.
Oh, you can drink for me.
- Let me pour for you.
- Thank you.
What, drinking to a bond already?
Of course, director.
The younger guys are perceptive.
Perceptive? How so?
- At sensing their enemies.
- Quit it.
Excuse me...
The restroom?
Oh, careful!
- Take good care of him, Koen.
- Of course.
- I'm looking after him!
- Are you alright?
I only had one glass, it's pathetic...
You've gotta be a man, you-- hey!
Here, this way!
Oh, yeah.
Watch your step.
I feel sorry for myself.
Oh, hang on.
Okay, here you are.
Oh, Koen, a moment?
- Okay.
- Please.
- Are you set?
- Yes.
I'll prepare the chrysanthemum room.
It'll be ready soon.
I'm back.
Look, in this house...
There's no place for girls
who flaunt themselves like you!
I'm no cripple.
I've got all the parts
I'm supposed to!
- Oh, Ginko... You're hopeless!
- You should be ashamed!
Just ignore her, Mom.
You're spoiling her.
Shut up, you blunderbuss!
- A lousy drinker.
- What are you talking about.
She's at it again, Mom?
Yeah. Are you set at Fukinoya?
Oh, my ornamental fern.
Oh no, look at the wind chime.
How could you, Ginko?
Who cares about some ferns?
The leaves are wilted and
they look like a hag's innards!
You're happy watering
that damn parsely,
That's why you're just
a dumb Dodonpa girl!
Shut up. Ouch!
- Fuuko, please clean this up.
- Okay.
Good grief. This isn't your bedroom.
Never seen such a poor drunk!
Well, pardon my manners.
Look at me.
I'll do fine even if I didn't live
in this dingy place,
I'll show you!
Whenever you're ready, then.
All I owe is 200,000 yen or so,
and you act like you own me.
You want me to leave, right?
Oh, pipe down.
You sit around all year round,
earning diddly squat.
I'll kick you out first!
You old bitch!
Well, if you're serious,
maybe I should walk on over
and report you to the authorities?
What did you say?
Shutting down a lousy geisha shack,
- You think that's hard for them?
- Ginko.
Say that one more time.
As many times as you want!
How dare you!
Oh, dear.
Should've been a stripper, this girl.
- Tsuruko, lay a bed out for her.
- Okay.
- Pick her up and put her in bed.
- Yes.
I'm heading out, Mom.
Take care.
Ginko, get it together.
- Damn it...!
- Are you alright?
Hey. Your name's Fumio?
You work for that director's company?
He's a regular at my shop.
Your shop?
- Know of Ooba Sushi in Karasumori?
- Only the name.
I'm a chef there.
The director and his madam,
they keep calling me,
Telling me I have to come here.
It's no place for someone like me.
Oh, that's not true.
If I had to pay for this...
It'll wipe out my paycheck!
Is this really your first time, Fumio?
Well, we settled for
the cheaper parlors.
There's a lot of loopholes these days,
But neither the time nor the money.
Hey. What's with the get-up?
It's so I won't stand out when
we leave in the morning.
A nearby house was reported
to the authorities recently!
- Oh, the law against prostitution?
- That's it.
But they don't care about two lovers.
Ah, as lovers.
Say. Does the madam spend
the night here, too?
I hear she usually does.
She's called the madam, but she's
the typist at his firm, right?
Yeah, but how else can we call her?
May I turn off the lights?
Oh, there's some beer.
Drink some.
If you don't mind.
May I lie down?
Excuse me.
As a chef, you make the sushi
behind the counter, right?
- Yeah.
- You're all so fast!
It takes three or four years
to be trained as a chef.
That makes sense.
I've been at that shop
for nine and a half years.
From rookie to veteran.
I joined a year after middle school.
May I visit some time?
Of course, a dear customer.
Do you plan to have your own shop?
That's the plan, but it's
impossible in Tokyo.
I'm thinking the outskirts, but
it'll still cost a million yen.
I'll bet.
So I'm saving up, bit by bit, but...
It's so far away.
You should find a patron,
like the director.
Not a chance.
We're talking like a married couple.
I like these conversations.
Here you go.
Should I shut the screen doors?
Are you hot?
Not really.
Here you go, mister.
- You're too friendly.
- Oh, this?
Hey, Daddy.
Is this your car?
It's a rental.
But it's a personal vehicle.
Hey, what's your line of work, Daddy?
Does it matter?
We've spent six months together,
and I still don't know your job.
Take a guess.
A speculator.
I dabble in stock.
A stock broker?
I was a broker at one point.
What do you do now?
It's not very sexy, the way
you smoke that cigarette.
Give it here.
Oh, I see. It's how you
switch your hand.
Let me try.
Like this?
No, no-- whoa!
That was scary.
It's alright.
I value my life, so I play it safe.
I won't cause an accident.
If I get to die with you, Daddy...
What, with someone whose job
you don't even know?
A peeping tom!
Heartless is the migrating bird
So it was you, Mr. Yajima.
Why, it's you, Sono!
You haven't changed.
- How many years has it been?
- Not since you vanished from Ginza.
Then it's been three whole years.
You're ever so young, Mr. Yajima.
My husband's already gone bald.
But still vigorous in bed, right?
Not at all.
Won't you see my room?
You're with the bald guy, right?
He took the limited express to Osaka.
Is that right?
I brought my car here.
What do you say, head up to Hakone?
You have someone with you.
That one...
She's an appetizer.
I can send her home.
Are you sure? That's so heartless.
Oh, it's just transactional,
she won't care.
How shameless!
Hey, Koen.
- Done already?
- Yeah.
The bath must've been crowded.
It was empty, you should've joined me.
But... we'd just finished.
Oh, Koen.
- What?
- Well, it's just...
While I was in the bath downstairs,
I ran into some guys from my old job.
And they were hassling me
to go to Hakone with them now.
And, you know, I couldn't refuse
just because you're here with me.
I don't know what to do.
I can't come with you?
I'm sorry. You should spend
the night here and relax.
That's so dull, Daddy.
Is there another woman here?
Do you think I'm that nimble?
I don't want to go home by myself!
Sorry, sorry. But I have to go now.
Alright. Well, enjoy yourself.
We meet again.
Oh, I'm sorry to bother a stranger.
No, we've met so many times
I feel like acquaintances.
My, well then...
Where are you headed?
Maybe I'll visit, too.
May I join you?
If you'd like.
But I'm not here to worship.
A stroll, then?
No, it's nothing so elegant.
A delivery for the shrine office.
It's so refreshing!
As though I'm being purified.
Are you done with your errand?
What does this say?
Let's see.
"This shrine was established in 1869...
...to venerate the loyal souls...
...of those who perished
in the Meiji Restoration."
"All those who have sacrificed
their lives for this country are..."
...Who sacrified their lives,
they're all enshrined here.
That's the jist of it.
I see.
My father's enshrined here, too.
There's so many people like you.
A parent or a sibling, enshrined here.
You too?
What? Oh, no.
My father and mother
died in the air raids.
They don't have the right
to be enshrined here.
We're both victims of the war,
but I guess I'm better off.
I get a slight military pension,
And I found my part-time job.
Part-time job?
I'm helping with the association for
bereaved families in Sakashita.
Our offices used to be
the old military hall.
Oh, that's why I keep
running into you!
But you won't be seeing me
for a while, I suppose.
Why is that?
I'll graduate next year.
I can't be focusing too much
on my part-time job anymore.
Now that I'm used to seeing you,
It's going to be lonely from now on.
May I have your business card,
as a keepsake?
I don't have one.
I'm Maki Junichiro.
What a nice name.
And you?
Isobe Tomoko.
You go by Koen, don't you?
Oh, you knew my name?
But I like Tomoko better.
I'm glad.
Perhaps we can have lunch.
Oh, what time is it?
It's almost noon.
That's not good.
I have work now, goodbye.
Wait, already?
How nice.
I'm gonna stop looking,
else I'll want it too much.
What a wild pattern.
Modern colors, too.
That's kyozome-dyed
with a hakuju pattern.
Yes, it's as though it was designed
specifically for you, Ms. Tokiya.
How about it?
Don't take me for a ride.
I can't take on any more debt.
Your debt is still manageable.
All the interest goes to you, Mom,
so any debt is good for you.
But you have plenty for now, Ginko.
I'm sorry.
This is a new pattern from Sekiyoshi.
It's a Majolica design
that's perfect for dates.
What do you think, Ms. Kimiyo?
It's too tempting, get it away from me!
You're the only one being tempted here.
- I'm home.
- Welcome back!
Why, you're back so soon.
- A souvenir. Anything good?
- Thank you.
Nice to see you.
Oh, by the way.
Mr. Tomura just called,
I told him you were away.
- Mr. Tomura?
- Should I call him back?
Listen, Mom.
I'm sorry, I don't want to
come in today.
Not feeling well?
I hear it's Mr. Igaya.
That lawyer?
I'm sorry, but can we cancel?
You ought to take good care
of clients like him.
It's unlike you, Koen.
I'm starving!
Is that it?
Just devour some chicken ramen!
The chief, please.
This is Igaya.
Nice seeing you the other day.
Now, today...
I'm scheduled to bring
the lobbyists with me to see you.
Yes, it's about...
The two topics affecting widows,
the sick and wounded, and the seniors.
That's right, yes, yes.
Enacting a base wage of 15,000 yen,
and eliminating the wage reductions
for our veterans.
Would you please say,
"I fully acknowledge the issues."
Could you offer us that response?
Yes. Sure, sure.
The lobbyists would leave happy
hearing that from you.
Alright, I look forward to our meeting.
Okay, I'll see you later today.
Oh-- Yes, let's do have lunch soon.
See you.
It's been a while, sir.
Hello there!
You're always so busy, sir.
I'm certainly busy...
But I still snuck out here,
because I missed my Koen!
My, can I believe what you said?
Now why would I ever lie to you?
You two are so friendly.
Sir, if you're ready.
No, I have to be covert today.
Now now, come with me.
Let's strike while the iron's hot.
Or was it, the river is for swimming?
Come, come.
The warships attack and defend...
It's been a while since I've been here,
but it still felt stifling.
You were the one
who asked me to take you!
I don't feel so well
after that gin fizz.
I was hungry.
If you were starving,
you should've said so.
Say, are you in the mood for sushi?
I don't have much of an appetite.
Do you know Ooba Sushi in Karasuyama?
Oh, I go there often.
I have a crush who works there.
Oh, is he a chef?
- Yeah.
- Who could it be?
What's his name?
Now, Daddy!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Anything else?
A beer.
Beer, coming up.
Hey, welcome, boss.
Excuse us, Mr. Yajima,
please take a seat over there.
Hot towels for Mr. Yajima!
Which guy?
The awkward looking one
with the forehead mole?
Or the one we just saw?
Squarish face and turned up chin?
- Take his coat.
- Okay.
That's unlikely.
You like pretty faces, so you
wouldn't fall for that Fumio kid.
Some more wasabi.
No clue.
They all look like country bumpkins.
I lied, I was pulling your leg.
I knew you'd take me here
if I mentioned it, Daddy.
This tea is hot!
Could you pour me some water?
Can't handle the heat, like cats?
Hey, I guess we stopped
referring to geishas as cats.
- Thanks for waiting, Mr. Yajima,
seats for you here. - Okay.
Let's go over there.
- I'll have the abalone.
- Abalone, coming up!
- Fatty tuna.
- Fatty tuna, got it!
Haven't seen you in a while.
- Let's start with some sake.
- Sure.
- The special bottle.
- Okay.
And for you...
- A beer?
- What?
One beer.
- Got any live shrimp?
- Yes, we do.
- And slice us some kohada.
- Alright.
Hey, Bun.
Been to the Otorisama fair?
No, I missed the first night.
- Planning to go to the second night.
- When's that?
- The 23rd, I think.
- Oh.
- What are you having?
- Me?
- I'll have the medium fatty tuna.
- Medium fatty tuna.
- Oh, here it is.
- Thanks.
- As sushi?
- Yes.
Grab me a sushi knife.
You're giving us the top catch.
Yes. Hey, Yanagi.
What great service.
I have to relieve myself.
You're frequent today.
It's been pretty cold.
- It's your age, Daddy.
- Oh, that's enough.
A sushi set.
Okay. A sushi set for one!
Okay! One sushi set!
He's a client, too?
We came from Ginza.
You sleep with him, too?
A guy like that?
Where do you think you are?
- Hey, I'm out of sake!
- Alright. One bottle!
- Okay.
- Egg.
- A hot towel for Mr. Yajima.
- Alright.
Maybe I'll go to the second night.
It's my day off on Sunday.
Oh, good for you.
Maybe I'll go to the third night.
It's easier to haggle down
on the ornaments then.
Fine, I'll do the third night, too.
Oh I forgot, there isn't
a third night this year.
Why, pardon me.
Sounds like you're both
enjoying your talk.
Wait... It's this one?
No way!
Anything else?
I'm fine.
What? You've only had four pieces.
You were so excited for sushi,
I thought you'd have more.
I can't have you pay too much.
- Want to take some home?
- Baked sweet potatoes?
Oh dear. How unwomanly!
We're home.
We're home.
Welcome home.
I'm hungry.
How unusual, Koen.
Stayed home on your day off?
Yes, I have a mild cold.
Oh, do you have a fever?
Mom. Today's the second
day of the fair, right?
It is.
Maybe I'll go.
I don't have anyone else to go with.
You sure are curious.
It'll be so busy,
You won't make it through the crowd.
Really? Maybe I'll watch
a movie instead.
Are they showing anything good?
I'm going to step out, Mom.
Are you sure?
Your cold.
I'll be fine, I may be home late.
Strange child.
- Are you closed?
- No, we're open.
Have a seat.
- Something to drink?
- I'll have a beer.
- A beer.
- One beer, coming up.
Some sliced octopus,
and mantis shrimp.
Mantis shrimp. With sweet sauce?
You're going to the fair
today, aren't you?
The Otorisama fair?
It's not a big deal for us.
The one in the Yoshiwara
District is shut down.
How are you coping with that?
It's painful for us bachelors.
Handling it yourself
must get dull, doesn't it?
Hey, what's so funny?
Hey, mister. Your name
was Fumio, right?
You're not in a good mood.
What? Oh, I think I have a mild cold.
Oh, do you have a fever?
Say, won't you take me
to the Otorisama fair tonight?
You're kidding.
I'll wait for you at 12:30,
at the Shinbashi Station steps.
Miss, you shouldn't tease
someone like that.
Hey, I'll take one of those.
It'll be 100 yen.
Congrats to you both!
Oh, how rude!
What's the matter?
They were feeling me up.
That's the third time.
There's some creeps.
You've gotta deal with it.
Imagine how you would feel.
It's so unpleasant.
Should I touch you first, then?
Stop it!
Hey, wait!
What's the matter?
Are you free for the night?
Isn't it too late to go anywhere?
It'll be fine.
I only have 2,000 yen.
I have the money.
Where are we going?
I knew it.
Come, come, all are welcome!
Welcome, welcome!
Welcome, welcome!
There you are, Koen!
- What?
- Don't be so daft.
You have a summons from the police.
What, the police?
Mr. Tomura was stabbed.
You and Mom are called as witnesses.
What should I do?
I hear they're naggy and persistent.
They don't stop with one session,
they call you up many times.
Don't scare me.
There'a rumor that someone
snitched to the police.
It must be someone who resents
Mom or Mr. Tomura.
That's it.
In any case...
You can't work for a month.
Us, too?
It's just Koen and Mom for now,
But we should be prepared
for the worst, too.
With the exception of you, Ginko.
I didn't do it!
You think I did something?
How could you say that?
I might go crazy when I drink,
But I wouldn't do something as dirty as
reporting anyone to the police.
Please, trust me.
No one said it was you.
We don't have the proof
that you're a spy, you know?
It makes no difference if you cry.
How could you?
I'll... kill myself!
- Ginko? Ginko!
- No, go away!
Ginko, come on.
All of you ganging up on me,
taking me for an idiot!
That's not true!
You're cold,
you're all so cold!
Ginko, stop this!
I'll kill myself!
I don't think it's Ginko.
What about Mom? Is she at the station?
She wanted to calm herself,
gone to worship at Yasukuni Shrine.
Why do the police bully
weaklings like us?
You're a god now.
You can help me, can't you?
Please. I beg you, help me!
Please. Please!
Hey, you.
Don't be so feeble. It's obvious
what your previous job was.
- But Momochiyo--
- There you go again.
I told you not to call me Momochiyo!
Oh, I forgot.
- Harumi.
- That's right.
Tomoko, there's a customer upstairs.
Oh? I wonder who it is.
Why, it's been a while!
Thought I recognized you
downstairs, and I was right!
Tomoko, please.
Thank you, excuse me.
I'm so happy to see you!
You go by Tomoko here?
It's my real name.
You're a butterfly of the night now.
It looks like you lost some weight.
I gained two kilograms, see?
I'm happy I ran into you tonight.
Can I believe you?
Of course!
He's my foreman. You can
be comfortable around him.
My name is Sakurada.
Pleased to meet you.
Don't tempt my boss too much, miss.
Are you a regular here?
Actually, miss...
- This building was designed
by my boss. - Oh!
Yeah, don't you think
it's a clever place?
Also designed--
Sakurada, have a drink.
Save the talk for later.
Mr. Tsutsui, the private room is ready.
Oh, yeah? Let's go.
Tell me...
Why'd you leave the geisha job?
It was so constraining.
I felt stifled there.
I can see how you're more free here.
Doesn't the freedom offer you
too many boyfriends?
Not at all.
I'm still worried about my future.
People hardly tip here,
so I rely mostly on my salary.
So it's just work, eat,
and sleep for me.
Then it's no different from me!
A dance, mister?
A dance? It's not for me...
What? Did you know, miss...
- After the war, he took regular
dancing lessons... - Sakurada!
- Let me borrow him for a moment.
- As long as you like.
Well, then...
Guess I'll go embarrass myself!
Do you have dependents to take care of?
Parents, siblings, relatives.
Both Mom and Dad are passed away.
I lived with my uncle in Nagano
before I became a geisha.
He's a farmer, with a tiny farm.
I see.
Maybe I'll become a regular here.
I'm happy. Promise?
If you're looking for a ticket,
would you buy mine?
A scalper? I don't buy
scalped tickets.
I bought a ticket for my friend,
But the second screening's over
and he's still not here.
So your girlfriend stood you up?
What an unlucky ticket.
Oh, come on.
He's my friend, I told you.
I'll buy it.
You're a big help!
You're not seeing the movie?
You're seeing it with me?
If you don't mind, Sis.
- How old are you?
- Seventeen.
What a risky age.
Quit it!
- You're a student?
- No.
You're not in school?
I work at a factory in Tsukishima.
- Oh.
- I work the lathe.
I was supposed to see this movie
with my friend and he didn't show up.
Probably busy with his girl.
As if he can find one.
Even the cafeteria girl ignores him.
That's too bad.
Are you a typist?
Not a department store girl, either.
You act calm.
Who cares what I do?
What's your name?
It's Izumiyama Kouhei.
I can call you Kou.
- And you, Sis?
- Tomoko.
- Seats D-15 and 16?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
I'm back.
Oh, Shiro! Here you go.
Welcome back.
- I'm home.
- Come on, Akinori.
Welcome home.
I'm back.
I promised a date with my boyfriend,
but I don't think I'll go.
Why's that?
I just called him but
he didn't pick up.
How rude, your boyfriend.
Dear me.
Maybe he was disappointed because
I didn't let him do heavy petting?
What's heavy petting?
- You don't know?
- No.
It's foreplay.
Oh. What do you do?
Let's see...
It's ironic that you're
unfamiliar with this, Tomoko.
Maybe I'll hang around
and explain it to you.
Please, come in.
Things like kissing and hugging
are called light petting.
When it's heavy petting...
I'll leave it to your imagination.
My, my. You let him do
those things, Satoko?
Of course.
It's a biological desire,
and it's also a form of play.
That's amazing.
But we don't go all the way,
you ought to know.
Isn't that like going to the cinema,
and only seeing the previews?
That's the appeal of heavy petting.
It tests your convictions.
But can you really resist?
What about you, Satoko?
I'll also leave that
to your imagination.
Don't mind me while I imagine it.
I'm sorry to say, Tomoko,
Maybe you're too much of a drifter,
detached from society at large,
To truly understand these things.
You could avoid conflict between
men and women with this knowledge!
Why, thank you for the suggestion.
And this is what you're learning
at your university?
You're so studious.
Oh, Dad, welcome home.
- Thank you for your hospitality.
- Hey, how is school?
In the middle of exams.
Well, if you'll excuse me.
We just opened a new building.
Looks like you could
use another drink.
Should I make a drink?
Yeah, a whiskey.
Sure. Oh--
Looks like you're getting settled.
You sure are a lady.
Do you think the curtains
are too garish?
Not really.
But it does feel like
a girl's dorm room.
Especially with this portrait
of Saint Mary on the wall.
Pardon me.
It's fine.
I just can't feel at home here.
I'll keep that in mind.
I wish I could feel cozy when I visit.
But I've never been a mistress before.
I'm glad I'm your first.
But I prefer you being the second.
Second? As a mistress, are you sure?
Here, have some too.
If you insist.
Let me tell you this
at the very beginning.
I won't forgive you
if you have an affair.
I'm acting like a parent to you,
Since you don't have anyone to rely on.
Do you get it?
I understand.
I'm trying my best
to make you an adult.
And I feel so lucky.
That's why you need to try hard
to become a grown woman.
- You're right.
- In any case.
Whether it's singing
or something else,
Make an effort to find
your footing with your craft,
Or attend dressmaking school,
Or become a hair stylist, you know.
Just think about it.
But Dad, I don't have any talent.
Are you just going to give up there?
You'll be stuck being a mistress
for the rest of your life.
Switching from man to man,
Until you're an old hag.
End up dead on the side of the road.
I'm saying this because I like you!
Stop moping around.
How long do you think
men will be interested in you?
You'll eventually run away from me,
kicking up dust behind you.
It's all in your upbringing.
You're horrible!
How terrible...
I'm sorry, sorry!
It was all a joke.
I think I'm too drunk.
I really like you.
The lonelier you are,
the more I like you.
I'm sorry.
I'm not mad at all.
But it saddens me a bit.
I'm really sorry.
Forgive me. I'm sorry.
It's early, should we go somewhere?
Where to, Kou?
I wanna see the mountains!
The mountains?
I want to see someplace like Kamikouchi,
over in Nagano Prefecture.
It'll have to be some other time.
How much money should I
save up for the trip?
I wonder.
Oh, I'm getting hungry.
Should we rest somewhere, Kou?
- Yeah.
- I'm tired.
Hold on.
Welcome. A short stay?
- Yeah.
- Toshi!
- Oh.
- Thanks for the meal.
Done already?
A cigarette?
You're only taken a puff.
Don't try too hard.
You really are a boy.
Do you like me?
I do.
Then you can show me.
Just in this room.
It's only for fun.
I know.
If you try to call me...
There will be trouble.
For both you and me...
Wait, Kou.
Hold on--
Only petting, okay?
No, don't!
Oh, welcome home.
Welcome home?
I'm taking the last train out
to Sendai tonight.
There's a job I just
can't leave to anyone else.
You know why I had to strike you.
I won't do it again, so don't worry.
I remembered I had this in my safe,
and I brought it here.
I planned to kill you with it,
then kill myself.
Childish, isn't it?
Listen to me.
I know you took some punk
into the inn in Oomori.
Sakurada witnessed it.
He saw you two step inside,
and he saw you leave, too.
You're shameless.
Knows no gratitude or loyalty,
you're just a bitch!
What do you think you're doing?
It's my fault.
Is that it?
I'll go away by myself.
I'm sorry, after all
you've done for me.
That's it?
Where will you go?
Leaving with that punk?
Taking your own life?
Back to hostessing? Or a geisha
who'll sleep with anyone?
I helped you leave all that.
I was considering giving you a place
of your own, letting you do some work.
You've ruined all of this yourself.
Are you in love with that punk?
I don't get it.
Are you fooling me?
I'm sorry, it's all my fault.
How pitiful.
Stop crying.
It won't be the same, even if you cry.
I have to ignore this.
If this happens again...
I won't let you stay on this earth!
No matter how stubbornly I act
With you
When I prove my loyalty
I fell in love with you
but it's not to be
That's life
I've pondered for so long
but it's not to be
You're on the right track.
Progress further, and we'll
move to the shamisen.
Thank you.
Focus on your practice.
Thank you for teaching me.
Now, one more time.
The two of us
We best stay silent
If anyone in this world
Were to know of us,
we'd lead a confined life
Oh no, I've made a mistake.
- You're good at this.
- Really?
Your voice is beautiful.
I didn't notice.
Do I show promise?
Yeah, you're sounding sharp.
You should keep at it.
We finally found your talent, Koen.
When you were a geisha,
You couldn't sing or play shamisen,
yet you worked exclusively as a geisha.
You quit being a geisha and now you
show your song talents, it's ironic.
Let's not talk about my past.
But if you encourage me like that,
Dad, I'll keep doing my best.
Yeah, do it.
Say, I should buy you
a reward or something.
You said you wanted a watch.
I'll buy one next time.
I'm excited.
But you've praised me so much, Dad,
I don't want anything else.
No, I promise I'll buy it.
You've gotta practice.
It's been a while.
Oh, Daddy!
How are things?
Looks like you're
someone's number two.
I'll leave it to your imagination.
Daddy, do you still go to Fukinoya?
Nah, too weird without you there.
You're still good with your flattery.
You're harsh. Live around here?
- Yes.
- Things going well?
Of course!
I want the details, but
I'd be asking too much.
- Well, excuse me.
- Goodbye.
Welcome back.
What is it?
Oh, nothing.
Oh my.
"Number Two"
Around noon...
A woman in her forties came,
And asked various things about you.
Is that so?
What a troublesome wife.
She said,
"That woman was a geisha
who'd sleep with anybody,"
"She's seen too much."
"She's a hussy who's sleeping
with my husband."
She said some awful things.
If she hates me so much, she should
use that effort loving her husband!
The wife's responsible, too,
if her husband finds another woman.
She ought to ensure he loves her
so much that I can't take him away!
That wife is educated, isn't she?
She's educated, she has money,
she's all set with her life.
What's the use bullying me like this?
Or does she want to get paid?
Fine. I won't take
another dime from him,
But I'm not gonna leave Dad!
Don't be so angry around me...
You all might think I'm
some cheap folk singer,
But I'm going to be a teacher some day!
Also as a symbol
of gratitude for Dad...
Go ahead.
Within the mosquito net
They share a pillow
The two discover each other
Wait, could it be
The god of thunder
who arranged this meeting?
Well done.
Well done.
Yes, well done.
It took you three months where
others would take a year, Ms. Isobe.
It's all thanks to you, Master.
At this pace, you should earn
a stage name by the autumn show.
Why, so soon?
It's true.
Thank you very much.
Good work today.
- Ms. Isobe!
- Yes?
- A phone call.
- Thank you.
Are you the missus in Shibuya?
This is Sakurada.
Please don't be alarmed.
The boss coughed up blood.
He's just been taken
to the hospital in Shiba.
What? Okay.
And then?
It was a lot of blood.
They called it a stomach ulcer,
but I don't know too much.
He's going into surgery--
What? The boss?
He's awake and alert.
They're doing a blood transfusion now.
I think he'll be alright. Yes.
What? His wife?
Yes, she's been with him.
Yes, yes.
Yes, I'll call if something
worse happens to him.
Don't worry!
Yes, please make sure you do.
If I were to see him now,
I imagine I'll be a bigger burden.
Whatever that demon wife says,
I can-- What?
I'm saying too much.
I understand.
Well, keep your spirits up, okay?
Please, I'm counting on you.
Missus, I'm so sorry.
- What's the matter?
- I told you to meet me here...
But the wife and daughter
dropped in, unfortunately.
Today, it's best if you...
Thanks for waiting.
Then perhaps you could deliver this?
Oh, missus.
That woman who's leaving, she's the...
I see.
Oh, I'm glad.
The boss is waiting for you.
Come, come.
Take your time.
I was worried.
I cheated death.
I wanted to come right away.
I know.
I'm fine.
They took half the stitches out,
But here...
Sometimes it hurts so much,
I can't even breathe.
Oh dear.
But they removed the bad parts, didn't they?
- Yeah.
- You'll be fine.
I wanted to see you.
Me too.
Are you still attending practice?
I'm practicing hard.
Do your best...
So you can be skillful at it.
I know.
What is it? I can do it.
It's alright.
This month's amount.
And the watch, as your reward.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
You were occupied with the surgery.
But you need it.
Well, sure...
Open it.
See if you like it.
How long are you gonna stare at it?
Come on, put it away.
I'm sorry.
The nurse...
Call them here.
Time for your medicine?
I have to go.
What? I can do it,
you don't need a nurse.
Well, sure.
Where is it?
The bathroom.
Don't make me laugh.
I can't help it.
It's hot!
Hello, it's hot today.
It's so hot.
Hey. Things go well with
the boyfriend today?
What are you talking about?
I'm going to the bathroom.
How rude. Hurry up and
pay back that 2,000 yen!
Won't you come in, Mr. Sakurada?
It's alright.
I'm going to head out now.
You know, missus...
I'm just weak against
whiskey and women.
You seem strong.
No, it's hopeless.
You shouldn't be out there.
Come on in.
You're always such
a big help, Mr. Sakurada.
It's my pleasure.
It's such fun.
I get to visit your apartment
on my boss's errand, missus.
May I have one more?
Oh, please.
I'll say this...
When I went to that bar
in Shinjuku with my boss,
If you weren't my boss's, you know...
I would've become a regular.
It was love at first sight!
You, missus.
Oh my.
Don't tease me like that.
- I have--
- It's so humid tonight.
You should know...
There's unpaid construction fees
that the boss makes me collect,
But it's just not going well.
The money that he brings here,
I help arrange for that!
Tsutsui, senior architect...
He's like a fish out of water.
That's why I'm thinking about
going back to work, too.
That thought is beautiful.
My opinion of you is...
The same as my boss's.
I want to keep this hush-hush.
I want to gaze at you like
I would a bouquet of flowers.
No matter what happens to the boss,
It'll be okay as long as I'm around.
Please rely on me.
I don't plan to tear you
away from the boss.
But there's another man here
who's been enchanted by you!
Please, please notice that.
You're drunk, Mr. Sakurada.
I couldn't confess this
to you when I was sober.
Please, missus, notice me.
I really have feelings...
Okay? Just once. Just once!
I dare you to repeat this
in front of your boss.
How could I...
Please don't tell the boss.
I just get so silly when I'm drunk.
I'm being too rowdy.
Please, just don't tell the boss...
When I'm drunk, I just...
Time to hit the bar, or cabaret, or...
Thinks I'm a fool.
Thank you.
Thank you!
- It's hot today.
- It is hot.
It's been a while.
The cinema today?
Not today. I'm seeing
someone at the hospital.
I see. What would you like?
- Pack me up some sushi.
- Sure.
Some whitefish, conger...
- And some others, enough for two.
- Coming right up.
Oh, he's sick, so skip the wasabi.
Okay. Hand me a box.
- I'll have... the fatty tuna.
- Alright.
- Squid, please.
- The squid!
I don't see Fumio.
Bun? Yes, he married into
a wasabi house in Nagano.
Oh, really?
- A wasabi seller.
- Yes.
Sushi chef to wasabi shop.
Life tends to be unpredictable.
That's right.
I thought you'd let him
open a second shop of yours.
It's quite difficult.
This is hot.
But I thought a sushi chef
was a perfect fit for Fumio.
Bun certainly was mature.
He must've had his future in mind.
Besides, he was invited
into their family.
By their daughter?
She's a divorcee with a kid.
But she must be pretty nice.
To a divorcee.
I'm sorry to tell you this...
But the part covered by the bonds...
Your wife made her own account
and deposited it there.
If you're hospitalized
for another two months...
Things will get tight.
Bet she figured she'll lose
the money under my name if I died,
And she did it while I'm alive.
- Guess I can't die now.
- What?
The missus from Shibuya, hello.
Thank you for...
The drink, that night.
It wasn't a problem.
Well, I'll be heading out.
Thanks for everything.
Excuse me.
Take care.
You look better each time I see you.
Yeah, I don't think I need to stay
past this month if I keep it up.
I'm glad.
- You only have to endure this
a little while longer. - Sure.
What would you like?
This looks good.
Maybe I can cuddle you
by the time autumn arrives?
Open wide.
I'll look forward to it patiently.
Can you?
I'm worried. If I stay at home
doing nothing, I get restless.
I'm thinking about working again.
Work, at a bar?
As a geisha?
The other day, I saw the missus
of the place in Shintamaki,
And she said I can start anytime.
Did Sakurada tell you something
about the money?
No, not really.
Then maybe you can try it,
to keep your mind off of things.
But no affairs, even if
you're a geisha.
Stop it, I have a husband!
Want a piece?
Excuse me.
- Oh, Otaka.
- Yes?
Is Koen really set?
That's based on your skills.
But her man's been hospitalized
for two months now.
That must be tough on her.
She won't be able to resist.
It's too soon to be sure.
She's changed quite a lot.
Keep bringing me the bottles.
She's not an eel, but
needs to be drunk all the same.
Sure, sure.
Good evening.
Oh, Daddy! It's been a while.
Hey, you've fluttered back here.
- Pleased to see you.
- Enjoy your evening.
- Koen, if you would.
- Okay.
- How about a drink?
- Sure.
Girls you've known a while
sure are the best.
We know each other well.
Let's drink and rekindle
our old friendship.
If I drink too much...
What's wrong?
It's that...
I came to work because my dad's sick.
Yeah, I heard from Otaka.
Come on. It's been too long.
Just a little bit. Well?
Have a good time.
Just a little bit, then.
Good evening!
Hello, my sisters.
It's the usual group, like old times!
Mr. Yajima's room felt so dim
without you around, Koen.
I feel so cheerful now that I'm back!
I've had such a bad time
these two, three months.
Good, just get rid of those things!
Come, come here.
Come on, come here!
I'll have some more, then.
Yeah? Here, take this.
With this?
Come on, here you go.
Pour her some more.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
- Drink it up.
- Well, then.
There you go!
That's great!
What's this?
You're still in that outfit?
Hey, why don't you take your bath?
Oh, fine. Then...
Let's undress.
Daddy, forgive me.
I'm not the Koen from before.
Come on, don't tease me
with that dramatic line.
Well? My sister Koen.
The summer nights are short. Come on.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
Hey, wait, Koen.
What's wrong? Hey!
No, don't, please!
What is it?
- Please stop.
- Let's not be so serious.
Forgive me, Daddy, please!
Oh, Mom.
Hello, this is Koen. What is it?
Listen, Mr. Sakurada just called.
I'm headed out, Mom.
He said, Mr. Tsutsui...
He passed away at eight o'clock!
That can't be...
What will you do? Well?
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
What happened?
It's alright. As long as
my late dad knows about it.
But you really were like a saint.
Is that why you passed away?
All good people die, right, Mom?
Yeah, it's true.
How foreboding.
We're about to sleep, and
you're lighting an incense!
This isn't your bedroom, you know.
I know.
But that's what being a housemate
is about, don't you think?
Can't you shed a tear with me?
Don't be so obnoxious,
wearing mourning clothes.
I heard you cried to Kokichi
so she'd lend you hers.
I'm sick of people flaunting
the fact they're grieving!
How dare you, Ginko!
The man whose life I valued
as much as my own passed away.
What's so wrong about
holding a vigil of my own?
You, on the other hand...
You don't have anyone you'd cry
and light an incense for!
How did you know?
As for me...
I'm not close to anyone
with one foot in his grave!
What did you say?
How dare you insult a saint,
you damn spy!
That hurts!
How could you hit me!
Shut up!
Who are you calling a spy?
Say that again!
Stop, stop it!
Stop it!
What are you saying?
Who said I was a spy?
Ouch, that hurts!
It's too plain for you, Sonoko.
I know.
Maybe I still have mine?
Thank you.
- Tsune, is the car here already?
- Yes.
You're not pretty forever.
Once you're over twenty,
it goes by quickly.
Excuse me.
Who might you be?
I'm Tsutsui's wife.
I'm here because I'd like to meet
someone named Koen.
Is that so.
The demon wife is
here to attack! Hurry.
Please, come on inside.
Thank you for having me.
We're frenzied here because
it's this girl's debut today.
Please excuse me.
Please, come in.
Excuse the untidiness.
No, it's quite the home.
You called her a demon,
but she actually seems nice.
Watch your words!
Here you go.
I am Tomoko.
Thank you for taking care of Tsutsui.
You attended the farewell banquet.
I noticed you since you're so young.
There's only one thing
I'm here for today.
You received an emerald ring
from Tsutsui, didn't you?
How strange.
Anything else, for instance...
You're keeping a million yen
from him in an account,
Or you have a lot of kimonos
that he bought you,
I don't care about any of that.
Please, keep them.
But, that emerald...
That was my mother's keepsake.
It would be disgraceful to her
if I let you have it.
It's important to me.
I don't know about it.
But it suddenly vanished
from our house.
I only found out recently.
Why, Tsutsui was senile in his age...
Hey, hey!
I guess he blundered.
- Sayo!
- Yes.
Missus, I've never seen
that emerald ring.
If it's missing, perhaps
it's your mistake?
Or is it?
It's unfortunate that
dead men tell no tales.
How troublesome.
Don't give me that.
You're accusing me about
something I didn't even receive,
And that one million yen or whatever
you said I was saving up?
Was Mr. Tsutsui wealthy enough
to provide such an amount?
We spent six months together.
He only bought me two or
three pieces of clothes.
Even for meals, I had to wait
every night for him to come home,
So he would give me
money for the butcher.
Wherever did that talk of
a million yen come from?
How stupid.
It's a he said, she said
argument at this point.
Pretend to know nothing,
lie about it...
Dead men tell no tales.
If you have a conscience...
Forget the rest,
return just the ring--
That's enough! I don't know about it.
You may imagine lavish things
for the clothes he bought me.
But what did he really get me?
One or two dresses,
They've been worn down in the wash,
but you're welcome to have them.
I'm sorry to say this about him,
But your husband was cheap.
He was a good man,
of course. And kind.
But to get money out of it, to live
a life of leisure? Not with him.
Besides, he wasn't young!
He took care of you as
you wringed him dry,
The nerve of you
to say that about him!
Wring him?
I don't believe he was
ever rich to begin with.
He came to me because
he hated going back home.
And yourself?
You made your husband
visit another woman's place.
You were inadequate,
you lacked love for him.
You should be ashamed of that!
Tsutsui died early because he
drank too much with you whores,
And you arranged to ruin his body!
How dare you.
How dare you take
this arrogant attitude!
Arrogant? Give me a break.
You have no right
to speak to me like that.
Acting so pompous when I'm so humble.
I don't want to see
your gaunt, widowed face!
Go home.
Go home already!
How dare you!
Missus, she's still young!
She's too narrow-minded,
please don't mind her.
To think Tsutsui was being coerced
by such a foolish, vulgar woman...
I begin to feel pity for him--
Excuse me!
Excuse me.
Oh, this is the right place.
Oh! Hello, welcome.
- I'm here to pick you up, missus.
- Let's go home, Mom.
I was headed out!
Can't stay long in a place like this!
- Missus... I'll be back later.
- Thank you.
Missus, your umbrella!
Your umbrella!
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're very sorry.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
I'm Tsutsui's daughter.
When my mother is obsessed,
she says some excessive things.
And she may have been unpleasant.
Please treat her as a patient,
and forgive her.
We're sorry to have bothered you.
What a mature daughter!
- Koen, the paulownia room.
- Thank you.
The director at Yashiro Metals
introduced this client to us.
Someone says he knows you.
Oh, I wonder who it is.
That's good.
Oh, Mr. Maki!
Hello there.
- It's been a while.
- Come on in.
Good evening.
- Hey.
- Hello.
You're such a gentleman now, Mr. Maki.
- Do they even exist these days?
- Oh my.
Much obliged.
She's the first love of yours
you mentioned, this Koen?
Tomoko. You look slimmer now.
Oh, you remembered my name?
Good evening.
Good evening.
Look here!
Come on in, sit down.
I think they're cute.
This is heaven!
- It would be a good souvenir.
- Oh, I think so!
What are they saying?
You're all so cute, they want
to take you to America.
- Oh how wonderful!
- I'd love to go!
- Ponko.
- Yes.
I don't know. What are they doing?
- Oh, dancing.
- Ah, they're going to dance!
If you would.
The moon is out
The moon is out, hey!
That Maki fellow...
He wanted me to ask you.
Mr. Maki?
He specifically mentioned you.
You saw the foreigner, the tall one?
Oh... with the foreigner?
Yes, he said he's a valuable client.
Mr. Maki said that?
That's right.
Mr. Maki really said that?
You want to ask him yourself?
I just had Mr. Tsutsui pass away.
And isn't that why...
You'll be wanting some money soon?
But did Mr. Maki...
What are you gonna do?
You're going to say no?
Do you think that's acceptable?
You've already caused
a ruckus with Mr. Yajima.
Of course,
I can't force you to do anything.
You're sure?
I should flatly tell him no?
I'm sorry, my sister.
Dad, are you lonely there alone?
Or maybe it's actually a relief.
Not that I want to say this, but
your wife must've been such a burden.
It saddened me
to argue with her.
I'd never met her before.
Yet I was fighting so fiercely.
But now that I think about it...
That wife being so crazed,
That cute daughter feeling so saddened,
And me feeling so defeated,
It's all your fault, Dad.
Aren't you to blame for everything?
I'm right, aren't I, Dad?
Well, Dad.
- Hang on!
- Sure.
Hey, it's Sis!
It's been a while. What are you up to?
I have a three day break.
Did several late shifts.
I see. Who was that girl?
Her? No idea, I just met her.
Then get rid of her.
Let's just go!
You said you wanted to see
the mountains. Did you go?
No time, no money.
Then let's go.
We'll take the overnight at Shinjuku,
and head to Matsumoto.
Then to Kamikochi,
or wherever you'd like.
I'm happy as long as I see
a snowy mountain!
Be careful.
Dad, hurry up!
I guess we're getting off soon.
Here we go.
Do you know him, Sis?
But you were staring at him.
Really? Maybe I met him once.
Hey, Kou. I'm going to buy
the bus tickets.
To Norikura.
To Kamikochi.
To Norikura.
You should go by yourself
from here, Kou.
What? You're not coming, Sis?
I feel like visiting my uncle,
he lives nearby in Nagano.
I lived with him
until I was twelve.
Oh, okay.
Lonely by yourself?
No, that's not it.
You always wanted to see Kamikochi.
Yeah, I want to go.
Here, the ticket and some money.
Oh, and you don't have a watch, right?
It's a women's watch,
but you can have this.
I can't have this!
You'll need the watch.
And if you run out of money,
you can sell it for cash.
Okay? Just hold on to it.
The bus is leaving already. Hurry on.
I'll take the next train.
See you, Sis. I'm off.
- Don't go anywhere too dangerous.
- I'll be fine!
All aboard!