Women of Mafia 2 (2019) Movie Script

Hi. What do you want?
- What's wrong with that lady?
- What lady?
The new nanny.
Oh, she wasn't any good.
Come on, let's go buy a quad.
Did she have any kids, family?
Why do you want to know?
Maybe someone would want
to say goodbye.
Oh my, oh my.
Fuck, man...
Have a heart.
Swing your leg over. Very good.
Rafal Bednarski?
Izabela Bednarski's husband?
Yeah, that's me.
What do you want?
What's this?
Give it back.
Fuck you, Barbie.
That's my son.
- And my boyfriend.
- Give it back!
Today he's going to ride my pussy.
You goddamn bitch!
- Leave her alone!
- Shut your trap!
You are very combative, Ania.
It's that old bitch.
Please no vulgarities, ok?
Be a lady.
I'll be fucked...
Pardon fucking me....
- We'll give you a new cell.
- Can I pick it?
I know, this isn't a spa.
We've got a Thai boxing champ,
but she's gentle as a lamb.
Thai? What country's that from?
Hi, I'm Anna.
I said hi.
Hiya, Barbie. Miss me?
Fuck off.
How's sonny boy?
Has he sent a new photo?
- I'm bored with the old one.
- I'll fucking kill you one day!
What are you looking at, Yellow Fever?
Your new asswipe? Lick her pussy.
You'll catch even more cooties.
Why didn't you hit her?
Your karma, your leg.
My foot can't do that.
- Does it want to?
- Fuck yeah, it really does.
Your body is your weapon.
- It's always been like that.
- What?
My body's been my weapon.
Tits, ass, and legs...You know...
Tits. Weak point.
Don't fight me,
fight your weaknesses.
This is fucking hopeless.
I can't run in place.
Hurry up! Let's go!
Faster for fuck's sake. Run.
Run, run, run.
I'm the man! Ho, ho, ho.
Time for some stretching exercises.
Spread your legs.
I'm a champ at that.
Ostrowska, you've got mail.
Thank you.
- Bad news?
- No, it's not from my son.
Greetings from Morocco, Siekiera.
One Margharita and an Ayran.
We're in place.
Yes, she's got the money in her bag.
Six thousand bucks.
Grab her.
Quickly! Come here!
Let her know who rules here!
I'm not your slave!
I get half, hear me?!
She's worth more than that.
Hey, surprise!
What does he want?
Get out of here!
What are you doing here?
I didn't want to use the phone.
Columbia called; they're in.
Let's go, boys, get a move on.
We don't have much time.
Have you missed me?
Oh! liar, liar...
No, my prick says that
to every girl, honey.
Why don't we talk about it in the room?
Business first.
I'm waiting for the best moment,
This is the best moment.
The Poles want cocaine,
and we'll give it to them.
The cartel bosses have to decide.
But we've agreed you'll meet
and convince them, right?
Pour me one, too.
You'll meet with the cartel
and present our proposition.
It's only a ton of coke.
What's that to them?
These people kill for less
than a gram, honey.
But you aren't stealing product.
You're proposing a sale.
There are no losers here.
Everyone profits.
We the most.
It's the perfect moment to make a move.
To grow. Will you do it?
Or will you do nothing?
No one will do it for you.
You're a tough guy.
I know you'll handle it.
Do you like the posta, Javier?
It's delicious.
It tastes like shit.
This isn't posta, it's shit.
A piece of fish, bananas,
sauce and some rice.
And they dare call it posta?
My mother would stand at
the stove for ten hours,
so the aromas and tastes would
seep into the meat,
creating a symphony together.
Is your mother still alive, Javier?
No, she's dead.
A pity.
So, you can't swear to me on her head
that the deal with the Poles will work out?
I swear to you on my head.
I give you my word.
What the fuck would I do
with your head?
I can't even add it to the posta.
I'll cut your balls off, Javier.
And I'll make your woman eat them.
Then I'll fuck her.
And they'll fuck her, too.
After that my dog will.
And my cat.
Even the fleas on my cat will fuck her.
Of course, Roberto.
Do you trust the Poles that much?
Hundred percent.
We're taking a hostage.
Trust me, please.
I feel fucking awful.
I'm going to a camp.
No cellphone or laptop, and
one thousand calories a day.
Meditation, workouts,
shit like that.
What about the kid?
He's going with me.
- A week you say?
- Why? Will you miss me?
Thousand calories?
Where'll you find them to lose?
Fuck, but you're sweet.
I need a tail ASAP.
Two subjects.
Betoniara and her kid.
I'm going so we'll never have to
worry about money again.
And when I get back
we'll move to the tropics and
buy a little house with a pool.
We'll spend the rest
of our lived swimming.
Whadda you say?
You won't have to go to work?
We'll be free.
Please get in.
I'm so glad you're here.
Let's go.
Snort some.
It really hurt my nose..
Smile, fuck it, or I'll hit you.
- What did she say?
- That she has a son.
What a boy!
Kacper, my man, good work!
- Nice work with that dick.
- Don't be vulgar.
- I'll make one for you too, honey.
- Enough. Back to business.
Fuck business!
Kiss me.
What for?
Shut your fucking trap and listen.
I love you, you love me.
If you don't, they'll kill us.
- They think they're funny.
- Yeah? I'll show them something.
Magnum 44.
I've seen it.
I have to suck your dick, you know?
I just hope you can get it up
after the coke. If not, I kill you.
Do you realize how embarrassing
this is for me?
Leave. She's ashamed
to suck his dick with you here.
- No way, I want to see this.
- Go, or no sex till Christmas.
Give me the gun.
This is unfair.
Macho man.
There's a deal to be done.
A big one. Fucking huge.
- What do you want to show me?
- You'll see.
That ship.
You bought it?
No way. I bought coffee.
I'm going to sell it.
They seized the whole shipment.
Smile and don't cave on me.
I'll negotiate and I'll get you
out of there.
Motherfucker, this guy's
tougher than a rock.
We need a translator.
He doesn't know anything.
Then who does, honey?
Are you suggesting we go to Poland?
With no money and no coke?
Give me that fucking thing!
Fuck you! I've had enough!
See this?
I'll shove it up your ass and rip
your guts till I get to your brain.
Then I'll poke your eyes out
with the end.
Huh, you fucking Polack!
A Pole never cracks.
What did he say?
Did he insult me?
This motherfucker insulted me?
You've got balls.
I'll finish you off.
I'll tell you.
Fuck me...
Why the hell did you do that?
Are you nuts?
A waste of time. Cut the fucker's
head off and send it to them.
I'll be damned, bunny...
He was starting to talk.
We're going to Puerto Lopez.
Then by boat to Aruba.
It's a Dutch territory, and easy
to get anywhere from there.
Let's go, sweetheart!
I can explain everything.
I'll explain it all.
I'm begging you, it wasn't my fault.
I know where the drugs are.
I can go get them. Really.
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun or I'll kill him!
Do it, honey. We have no choice.
I love you very much, bunny.
Your documents, please.
Sir, I'm going to a funeral.
I left my wallet at home... and...
She's armed!
Hey! Get away from there!
Listen...I'll just have problems.
I'll pay you well, Jose.
I won't take your dollars to the grave.
Prefer a bullet?
I'll give you a boat.
May God guide her.
May the Lord protect you
and the Virgin Mary...
Give me the phone.
The Virgin Mary sees everything.
Us too, Jose.
Give me the goddamn telephone.
She's so very young.
Getting old is shitty.
Oh, fuck me.
All you want to do is fuck.
What the hell should I do?
Talk to you? About what?
I'm not stupid.
Want something to eat?
All you want to do is eat.
There's something in the water.
Pluto, turn around and get closer.
Boathook. Prepare to snag a person
off the starboard side.
Does starboard mean right or left??
Nice piece of ass, boss.
Mouth to mouth.
Of course he's first in line when
it comes to kissing, huh?
- You'll jank the bell off.
- We're here, boss.
Excuse me, I want to go to the beach.
You promised I could buy clothes.
We're near Aruba. We're to pick up
the goods in two hours.
But we found some babe at sea.
She says the cartel killed her guy
and that they'll kill us all, too.
What's her name?
- Aida.
- Get the fuck out of there.
What about the deal?
The deal is fucked.
They sent me Kacper's head.
I don't know how to swim!
You've got money and a cellphone.
Enjoy your vacation.
You sorry-ass prick!
Let me just add that my client
is grateful to the judiciary
for her resocialization.
Volenti non fit iniuria.
I just love those foreign phrases,
especially German ones.
Zero reprimands. Hairdresser course.
Yes, that's commendable.
I have no objections.
What guarantee is there that she
won't return to her old lifestyle?
When they took my son away
I wanted to kill myself.
I found a piece of glass and put it
against my neck, but I didn't do it.
Do I have a chance for a new life?
Please don't waste it.
They cut your stretch.
The prosecutor's so tough,
and look here...
Did you eat her out nicely?
What do you want?
To say goodbye.
So you'll remember me.
Bye. Now fuck off.
You'll say bye to this,
you worthless rag.
You cunt!
I'll shoot your son, too!
I'll find you!
Yahoo, yahoo. Yes, yes, yes!
Do you smoke?
- Only after sex.
- Oh, a non-smoker then.
Stick that pole somewhere else!
I need a bit of luxury right away.
Please let me just use the pool.
I thought you'd be at home.
Mama's in the hospital.
Maybe you could worry about her.
I do worry.
I worry.
So I see.
What's this?
You swap babes even out at sea?
An incredible accident.
I fished her out of the water.
You found a fucking mermaid.
Her name's Aida.
Please. I never remember
the names of your sluts.
Can we go see mom?
You see I'm not alone.
Then pay her and send her
the fuck home.
I'll be waiting in the car.
We've closed off the blood vessels.
Will she live?
The worst is behind us.
The worst...
What could be worse?
It's as if she were sleeping.
I think she's having good dreams.
Let's take her home.
We'll move her to a care facility;
she'll have the best of everything.
She won't have us. Mom's here due
to you. You should be here 24/7.
Starting again?
I'm doing what I can.
It's not my fault she was using heroin.
She did drugs because you fucked
everything that wasn't nailed down.
Get the fuck out of my mom's house!
There's nothing to understand.
She's fucking out of here.
Calm down, all right?
All right, I'll say it in English.
What the fuck is she?
Some sort of goddamn medium?
- Aida is ill. Could you go to your room?
- Isn't this room mine, too?
We'll discuss this calmly
tomorrow morning, OK?
If she's staying...
...then I'm fucking out of here.
For fuck's sake.
Breakfast? I can dig that.
Don't get too fucking used to it.
You said you'd be staying for longer.
Not long in this rat's nest.
Want to have a relationship?
Then grow up.
Another thing.
Since this is a relationship between
partners, we divide everything evenly.
You aren't going to support me.
That's why you'll give me a job.
What job?
You want to steal cars?
We have equal rights, don't we?
- A skirt behind the wheel?
- I'd bet my right arm on her.
What good is your arm to me?
You'd rather he bet his ass?
Mouthy... I like them that way.
Got a driver's license?
Categories A, B and C.
Why the fuck a C?
I like big rides.
And not only rides.
I got something nice in my garage.
Want to see it?
You said we didn't have time, boss.
- The lady asked nicely.
- And you dance.
- Whadda ya mean... dance?
- And I call the tune.
You're fuckin' with me, aren't ya?
- I'll blow every cop the same way.
- OK, fuck... Maybe I can use you.
We don't do junk.
We steal the best...
Lambo, Ferrari, McLaren,
Maybach, and Porsche...
That fucking one.
Screwdrivers, drills are the past.
Now you need a black box.
Now you, move.
Why can't he drive?
He's too valuable. He's a specialist.
Delivering the car is risky.
That's why we bring a driver.
You're on, driver.
The superstition is if you don't
drink it, you'll have trouble.
You have a hit of Jager when
you cross the border.
And if they tell me to blow?
Then blow out your ass. Floor it
and get the fuck out of there.
- Eight hundred.
- Thanks, boss.
- One thousand.
- Thanks, boss.
One thousand? When I got eight hundred?
- Got tits?
- Me?
She does and I'm givin' her
one hundred extra for each one.
You're a chauvinist.
- Don't like it? Give it back.
- It's mine. And not for my tits.
- For what then?
- My balls.
Are these Blahniks,
like seriously? ?
- Manolo, 2017 model.
- The ones from "Sex in the City".
Holy shit...
On sale for only three thousand.
And these?
Those are nineteen hundred.
Can you afford these?
Oh, you little bitches!
- Taking care of business.
- Thanks.
- How's it going?
- Just fucking great.
Earls before swine. As if
they didn't fucking know...
that those are Manolo...
Valentino, Tote, Dior, Chanel.
People have no class.
How much would you give
for all of these?
I don't know... fifteen thousand.
No, eighteen thousand.
Eighteen hundred, nineteen hundred,
Two thousand.
Do we seal the deal?
Adas, seal the deal, ok?
I'll have this... and this...
and this... and this.
All at once?
Everything, plus champagne.
Oh, what the hell.
I'm looking for that dude
who bought my shoes.
Think he'd buy handbags?
- I don't think so.
- Ask him, I'm out of money.
- What about the two thousand?
- Gone somehow.
- In one day?!
- I ate lunch, bought something...
What'd you buy?
I couldn't help myself.
Fuck me...
What? I earned it.
- You've never earned anything.
- Fuck it.
Fuck it?
Yeah, fuck it.
You were supposed to rent a place.
Now where are you going to sleep?
I don't give a shit.
All right, come on.
No, I'll find a fucking job
and prove it to you!
I could advise customers
about various cuisines.
When you have that "French Week"
I could do in French.
Yes! I could promote cheeses.
I have a gift for convincing people.
Yes, people eat out of my hand....
Any experience in sales?
If you need a pair for
your wife, then...
Got a cash register?
Excuse me?
A cash register.
Not yet, but when I earn some
money I'll buy one.
So, no experience then.
A week's trial period.
Come tomorrow at 5:00.
Why so late?
Early bird, are you?
You mean five in the morning?
The staff meeting's at 6:00, but
you'll help with the vegetables.
The wife's 43.
A beautiful age.
Her shoe size.
What is she, a fucking yeti?
I'm only a 38, but as they say,
big shoes mean a big smart ass
or something like that.
Why are you pounding on the door?
It's written right here
that we open at 7:00
Open the door, it's 5:00!
If you need a drink, go to
the convenience store.
Hello, boss, hello!
It's me, Ania!
This moron won't let me in.
I was here on time. 5:00!
Tell her to go round the back.
You have to go to the back,
the loading dock on the right.
And no more fucking moron.
Hi, girls. I'm Annie.
Annie fuck my fanny.
So that's how it's going to be?
Let's go solo.
I've fucking gone through this
in prison? Want to fuck with me?
We'll see who's the sucker
and who's top dog.
Why are you picking on me?
Because you started in on me with
that "Annie fuck my fanny" shit.
- It's not me, the manager says that.
- He flatters us all like that.
What a snake.
All right, one more time.
My name's Ania.
- Ania.
- Danusia.
A pleasure.
And now a selfie.
Kissy faces all together!
Fucking awesome.
What the fuck is this?
It's 5:05. Get to fucking work
one, two, three!
Hello. May I?
Hello. Are you going to church?
No, here for my exam.
- Memorized the manual?
- Yes.
Sit down.
I don't drink.
Am I making you?
You'll decide for yourself.
You'll pass or you won't.
What does that depend on?
On knowledge.
For example, I could ask you this...
Question number one.
What is the subject of Paragraph 12
of the directive issued by the
Finance Minister on April 27, 2004,
look at me, regarding
tax refunds to certain taxpayers,
the rules of issuing invoices,
the manner in which they are stored,
and the products and services
to which tax exemptions do not apply?
What sort of question is that?
That wasn't in there.
Wrong answer.
What's the right answer?
Question number two.
In accordance with the directive
what must an invoice include?
Can I cheat?
If I let you.
See there...
You've almost passed.
Keep asking.
I will.
What's most important
at the cash register?
Ah, the...
The ass, Ania.
Your ass.
You sit on it for eight hours.
So, let's see your ass.
My ass?
Ania, your boss is asking.
Then maybe...
how about a kiss first?
Come closer.
Closer still.
Someone's there.
Annie fuck my fannie!
The security guard too, how nice..
Have I passed, sir?
Get bent...
No pressure.
Have I passed or not?
You've passed.
They break in via the stockroom.
It's happened before.
My worker beat them up.
Miss Ania, come out here!
What photos? I'm not made up!
For fuck's sake!
Fuck, Pluto, now?
I found out what's up with Stella.
Is she still with that little shit?
She's working with him.
That little fuck steals cars.
She does, too.
You're famous.
Well fuck me!
No. I mean... I'm sorry, ma'am.
Please, do go on.
Good, I'll be there. Thank you.
That was a tabloid.
They recognized me
from the photos.
That I was once married
to a Mafia boss.
Is that good or bad?
It's very good.
I'll be in the newspaper!
Fuck me, how'll I make it on time?
- What time's the interview?
- At 16:00.
You've still got five hours.
That's what I said.
I'm not going to make it.
Hello, everyone.
Anna Ostrowska.
Marta Kalicka, welcome.
Thank you.
A millionairess with no money
to live on. Readers just love that.
We'll run it front page and
show the tragedy of your life.
The title: "Son Gives No Money;
Mafia Queen Cleans Apartments".
On the front page.
- But my son's only 11.
- That doesn't matter.
Moves, good, and dust.
Through the mirror into the lens.
Through the mirror into the lens.
What are you doing with that leg?
Is that how you clean at home?
Fuck, sonny, I've never even
cleaned out my purse.
And start washing.
But make it look natural.
One of my tips fell off.
I can't see it, so put your hands
in the suds and scrub.
I have to answer the phone.
Yes, it is she.
Of course.
Listen, I'd like to wrap
this up today.
Fuck this work;
I've got an interview.
A warm welcome. I'm Jerzy Bocian.
Ostrowska Anna.
- Please sit down.
- Thank you.
- Something to drink?
- Coffee for me.
I'll have prosecco and...
just a moment...
And this thing with tuna,
tomato paste and mango.
Caviche, certainly.
Barley soup made with rabbit broth
and blanched spinach.
Of course.
And an Angus steak with the works.
Of course. Dessert?
I'm watching my weight.
Or wait... perhaps something
with white chocolate?
- Millefoglie?
- Millefoglie.
Now you can ask away.
Do you want to be rich?
Me... Rich?
I don't mean spiritual wealth;
I'm certain you have that already.
You want to give me dough?
I was thinking of a fee.
- For an interview?
- For a book.
For a book?
I did a bit of digging and learned
that your husband, my condolences,
was one of the bosses of the
Mokotow Mafia. Is that right?
Yes, I miss him very much.
And you...
are the only one left.
I'm interested in your life.
You were kings. You had power,
money, and fame. Also love
and hate. The Mafia.
I want to write all about it.
What for?
For the money.
Now that I understand.
You give me the substance, I give
it form. We split it fifty-fifty.
How much is half of such a book?
Did anyone say one book?
We'll write a whole series.
Affluent Anka as a Mafia Queen.
Affluent Anka on Mafia money.
Affluent Anka on Mafia bosses.
Affluent Anka on Mafia killers.
Affluent Anka on Mafia parties.
Will you give me an advance?
How does tomorrow sound?
I'll set up a meeting with my lawyer.
Then set it up, dear.
I have to powder my nose.
No hidden subtext there.
Fuck me, beautiful, famous, and rich!
You'll fix that mug of yours.
Oh my! You've certainly let this go.
It was the psychiatric ward.
I scratched it, and the shrinks
said it was SM action.
SM action?
The didn't treat me
in the slammer either.
The slammer?
In Mokotow.
It's such a fucking mess there
you wouldn't believe it.
Ah, I see.
I was a Mafia queen.
This is how I want to look.
I'll do everything I can.
Then do it,
because if you don't,
the grim reaper will
pay you a visit.
I've been thinking...
Since this is a partnership,
let's toss the money we earn into
one sack and divvy it up evenly.
Know what, fuckwad?
Run as fast as you can and
bang your head into a wall.
- Changed your mind?
- Pigs.
Holy fuck!
Do I have blood on me?
Oh fuck, that's what I thought.
Fuck, toll booths.
Don't scratch the paint.
It'll lessen the car's value.
Fuck, pigs.
I'm getting the fuck out of here.
Fuck me.
Police! Police!
Eyes on me!
Police! On the ground!
Get down!
On the ground!
Police! Police!
Hit the dirt!
Eight years.
Not true.
I'll get a suspended sentence.
First you'll be detained on remand.
You know various things
can happen there, right?
Now you're going to scare me?
Your boyfriend's already turned.
How about that?
If he's turned, he's not
my boyfriend anymore.
Death to suckers.
Zakrzewska, out of the cell!
Fuck! How many more questionings?
You're out on bail.
Aren't you going to say hi?
Come home, ok?
Is that whore still there?
She's not a whore.
And it's not my home.
If I hadn't posted bail, you know
how long you would've sat here?
Thanks. I'll pay you back.
Kiddo, you can't afford it.
Wake up, all right.
Just like you! It's all that counts.
Money! Money! Money!
Stop it, Stella.
No, it's all you know how to do.
Give money!
You've paid for the center, the tests,
consultations, but you haven't spoken to her!
How am I to talk to her, huh?
How the fuck am I to talk to her
when she can't speak?!
But she can hear.
I spend hours talking to her,
holding her hand!
You don't know how to give love.
That's why you'll never
be able to afford me...
Champagne, now that's righteous!
- Pour it.
- Why only two glasses?
It's only for the lady
from that gentleman.
My name's Janis.
That Janis?
Heard about me?
Yeah, only bad things.
You're a very serious gangster.
And I've heard you're
a hardass little thief.
Thanks for the champagne.
We haven't finished yet.
I have.
Cinderella running away?
There's no prince here.
What about me?
I don't think so.
Do you get off because
you took my carriage?
You didn't leave a shoe.
the ball...
the shoe...
More like a fucking slipper.
Your phone number will do.
I'd rather walk.
What about the ball?
The party's over.
You must dance with me.
Do you hear music?
Find something for us.
Want to rest?
Let fucking go of me.
Then give me your number.
Stop. Dude, people are staring.
What sort of bullshit is this?
What people?
It's just you and me here.
You have beautiful eyes.
Your lips are beautiful, too.
I think I have to kiss them.
507 427 747!
I know this doesn't look good,
but we want to talk, ok?
You know Aida.
Give her to my boys. I hope she's
a present that I'll unpack later.
She isn't a present.
She's with me.
We don't want a war?
What do you want?
We want her to live.
So not a hair on her head is harmed.
Want me to show you Kacper's head?
The goods were lost, a head
had to roll, right?
Abdul Salam, peace be upon you.
Sahib, peace be upon you.
I love you.
I love you.
Welcome to the program and
to today's guest,
Anna Ostrowska.
I think I can introduce you as,
the Queen of the Mokotow Mafia.
Good evening. Hello, everyone.
You've written a book titled...
Let's show it to our viewers.
Affluent Anka on the Mokotow Mafia.
Is it an autobiography?
A what?
Did you write about yourself?
Yeah, myself, but I can't confirm it or
they'll hit me with new charges.
So, it's all true?
I wouldn't sell a pig in a barrel.
It's nothing but the truth.
What is the truth about
Polish queens of the Mafia?
I'm good.
Manolo Blahnik, Versace,
Valentino, Chanel, Dior...
Sorry, but we can't plug products.
You can't do that.
They don't need to be plugged.
They're simply class. Look...
Look at that brocade and the cut.
OK, OK, so looks are important?
Yes, but you also need refinement.
You have to read a lot.
What specifically?
Did you talk your husbands
about their work?
It's a very stressful profession.
After work, my husband preferred
a massage ending with a bonus.
Didn't you ask him about his work?
It is interesting after all...
Do you think Lewandowski's wife
cares how he kicks the ball? No.
What's important is that he scores
goals and that the money's right.
Aha, so you're like a WAG?
Like a footballer's wife?
But they are rarely intelligent.
But footballers don't steal, murder
or collect protection money.
You're talking about work again.
A gangster's life is short,
either death or prison.
- You became a widow.
- Well, yes.
Is there new life after the old
life for a Mafia Queen?
Yes, but you must find a new
passion for yourself.
For example?
My real passion is sex, and
I'm really into that now.
Which means?
I'm opening a club for ladies.
Like those for gentlemen?
Like those for gentlemen, but
the other way round.
Why are you laughing? What?
We've got equal rights.
We have other needs.
Don't we have needs?
Don't you have needs? Have you
read "Fifty Faces of Grey"?
Yes, I have.
I haven't, but I invite you
to come to my club.
You're all invited, sisters.
Wonderful prosecco, beer with juice,
and jokes about brunettes.
Hunks with tight asses, girls!
I invite all my sisters.
Which camera?
Here, here, here, here?
Enough inequality!
Our gender is strong.
We can do whatever they do.
Girls, tear off the spiderwebs.
Starting today we take speed and
screw whoever we want!
You're all invited, sisters!
A toast.
To a new life.
Look in my eyes.
Oh, what cool shoes!
Like the ones I sold.
So you...?
Oh fuck.
Hey, Adas...
Does everything work down there?
Sure it does. Why wouldn't it?
Have you ever had a girl?
No, that's just not right.
Hang on. This does this nice...
This droops off me nicely here.
You've got half a minute to say
a few words about yourself:
your name, where you're from,
your hobbies,
and then you ride the pole.
And when I tell you to get lost,
you get lost.
Go ahead.
Get lost.
Ma'am, I have a parrot that
speaks with a human voice.
Let's hear it.
What's this supposed to be?
No, no, he he'll do it... Well.
Come on.
I don't have time for this shit.
No, please, one more chance.
Come on!
Enough! Take your parrot
and get the fuck out.
You fucked again!
Perhaps I didn't speak clearly.
How much did you pay for this?
You can feel it's Chinese.
Has anyone even inspected this?
This sucks, I won't dance on it.
Don't like it?!
Then get the fuck out!
I can do that number as a policeman.
What then? Do you fucking spritz
pepper spray on the audience?
- No, I've got a long billy club.
- Oh!
- Turn it off.
- It's official business.
- Fuck it all!
- Adas.
- Behave yourself somehow.
- Our liquor license is denied.
Fuck it all! ! !
I only have a minute.
You took the dough, so
where's our alcohol license?
I pushed it through the commission,
but that's as far as I can go.
Who can push it further?
The mayor.
There are two alcohol applications,
and he's for the other one. Sorry.
Is there something he cares about?
His wife or his kids?
He hung antlers in his office
just under the city seal...
Whose antlers?
A fucking deer or something.
He hunts.
He talks about what he's killed
and what he'd like to shoot.
What does he want to shoot?
He hates that bears are protected.
He'd give anything to shoot a bear.
Fuck, the last time I saw
a bear was in a cartoon.
Get the fuck out of here.
We'll be in touch.
Got any ideas?
I've got a bear.
He's a retired circus bear.
What does he do?
He rides a bicycle.
- Nice set of wheels..
- Yeah.
No fucking way.
He has to be on the take.
Where's this bear?
Just imagine.
We found the bear's den,
and we invite you into the blind.
Good boy.
Go on. It's good chicken.
Go, go..
Oh, fuck me!
There it is.
Fuck me. What's that?
Oh jeez! You shot someone.
Oh fuck.
I think you killed him!
Someone call an ambulance!
They'll lock me up.
All right, gents, get out of here;
we'll take care of it.
Boss, let's go.
I didn't mean to do it...
No time for crocodile tears.
Get the fuck out of here!
You too, and change his diaper.
Be glad I changed his ammo
and put in blanks.
How old are you, Pawel?
How old do I look?
Pretty old.
Aren't you a bit old to be
making money this way?
There are girls who like
an older teddy bear.
No, no, no. Forget it.
I'm in love.
Pawel Laskowski, Kasia's dad.
Yes, I remember you from the
parent/teacher conference.
I guess they like each other.
Maybe we'll like each other as well.
How about some meringue?
Thanks but I'm watching my weight.
What's going on? Guys are always
talking about their diets?
I'm kidding.
You've convinced me.
What do you do for a living?
I'm in sales, but I'm changing jobs.
It's hard to balance work and Kasia.
I'm raising her alone.
What line of work are you in?
International trade. I'm also
bringing up Maciek alone.
It's me again, sorry.
Excuse me, but Mr. Karski is here.
I'll keep an eye on them.
Problem with the tender?
What is it?
Just the opposite.
Mission accomplished.
- But I have another problem.
- What is it?
I've got this nephew.
A good boy, but he's
gotten a bit lost.
He's started doing cocaine.
Are you suggesting I sell narcotics?
Do you want to piss me off?
No, but everyone respects you.
My nephew's in debt,
one dealer is harassing
and threatening him.
Tough shit.
Debts must be repaid.
He'll repay it.
If only this dealer would give
him time and stop harassing him.
What a pussy. Check out the hairdo,
beard, and cute little ass.
What the fuck is that? I'd beat
the shit out of him myself.
Just don't make a mistake.
Got the cash?
Well, no, I don't have it yet.
Why the fuck did I drive here then?
You were supposed to get it
from your fucking uncle!
What do you want?
We're just talking here.
We want to talk, too.
Go ahead.
- With you, not with the pussy.
- Hey, watch it...
Shut up.
You're a pussy too.
What sort of shirt is that?
Who are you running coke for?
What coke?
Can I?
I'll ask you one last time.
Who'd you get the coke from?
I bought it for my own use.
Go ahead.
Ow! Fuck!
Don't curse.
Look guys!
- Guys!
- He's saying something.
Piotr, fuck!
My name's Czeslaw.
Piotrek gives me the goods...
once a week near Powazki cemetery.
What's the name of the gang?
I don't know. He found me.
How much does the coke cost you?
Two hundred fifty.
What kind of fucking trash is that?
It's fire, man.
Nearly pure, 98 percent.
Are you sure?
I'll test it with an MRI.
I'll check the spectrum,
the acid-base extraction
and chromatography...
Fuck, I know you're smart.
Is it fire?
It's fire.
Where's it from?
Are you sure it's Columbia?
They sent us a sample.
The composition's the same.
It's our coke.
Government administrative organs,
local and territorial blah, blah...
are legally obligated to gratuitously
...fuck, gratuitously, assist
an officer of the ISA...
Officer Andrzej Lach.
How can I help you, boy?
If you know who the fuck I am,
then untie me.
No problem.
I have a few questions first.
Where'd you get the coke?
Go fuck yourself.
I'll ask you once again.
Fuck yourself.
Andrzej, dear,
you don't want to fucking help.
Are you fucking nuts?!
I'm from the ISA!
Too fucking bad.
We'll cut up an ISA officer.
What the fuck?!
Fuck, we can do a deal, right?
Then start fucking talking.
I don't call the shots. Tell me
what you need, and I'll pass it on.
To whom?
I can't tell you.
If you hurry, they'll sew it back on.
Don't leave me in here with her! ! !
Why'd she get the saw?
I can do it, too.
I'll show you something.
That's so cool,
What is it?
Our little Kacper.
Can you do this?
The head's cut off
and boiled in a pot with roots
of various plants.
When it's good and soft,
the shaman takes the skin
off the skull
as if he were slipping
off a glove.
No, I don't know how to do that.
you fill it with dry, fine sand,
and put it back in the pot.
That's how the shrinking
process works.
How do you know so much, boss?
What so you mean?
From watching Discovery.
I'll tell you! I'll tell!
What's that fucking thing?
That's an interesting illness.
Adam Zych!
It's true.
May God be with you.
Farewell, my brother.
Where's Amir?
He was supposed to be with you.
He's in paradise.
In our eternal home.
Why the fuck are you following me?
You're mine.
I will never let you go.
I will never be yours.
Why not?
Because you're a Neanderthal.
I'm looking for a sensitive guy.
I'm very sensitive.
When you break people's legs or
make them pay protection money?
You may be surprised to know
that I do have a heart.
Then read this.
What is it?
A sonnet.
By Shakespeare.
For summer and his pleasures
wait on thee,
And, thou away,
the very birds are mute;
...Or, if they sing,
'tis with so dull a cheer
That leaves look pale
dreading the winter's near.
And what was that about?
A leaf.
Oh fuck! A leaf?
You're killing me here.
Wake up.
Get up.
You don't even have any cardamon.
Be glad I've got coffee.
Coffee won't help you.
We have to do a detox.
Who the fuck are you, a doctor?
God has plans for you.
Who are you and where'd
you learn Polish?
I studied in Poland.
My name is "Rashid",
which means "on the straight road."
Five years ago I found it.
In the fucking Islamic State?
There is goodness there.
All around is shit.
My life makes sense.
And death?
Depends on what kind.
You're killing yourself senselessly.
My death is my business. Ok?
Do you want to join Amir?
Don't you want to avenge
your husband first?
Do you know who killed him?
Dear girl, they were only soldiers.
Why cut off an arm when you
can cut off the head?
Whose head?
The Polish nation's.
Would you like to do that?
Prefer to think it over?
I prefer to exit on my own terms.
You've got a great daughter.
But I'm a weak father.
That bad?
I can't protect her.
What's going on?
They're evicting us
from our apartment.
- Who?
- Waldemar.
That's what he calls himself.
The owner?
No, administrator.
The owners are in Hamburg.
First they raised the rent
fourfold and canceled the lease.
- I guess they have that right?
- We had a one-year notice period,
but they want us to leave now.
First, they cut off the cable TV,
then the water and gas.
Now they're cutting off
the electricity.
- You must negotiate.
- Know how they negotiate?
They put glue in the locks,
drill holes through the ceiling
and pours in sewage.
Smear shit on the door.
They throw road kill in the mailbox.
Kasia's wet the bed, she's so scared.
An 11-year-old girl, understand?
And we don't have running water.
You must come to some agreement.
- There's no talking to him.
- There's always a way.
Simply speak the language he uses.
- Want me to shit on his doormat?
- Yeah, for example.
- No, that would only worsen things.
- No, it would help improve things.
- Believe me.
- No, you don't know him.
- Then introduce me.
- You?
I've got a talent for
resolving conflicts.
Come in!
Don't you lock the door now?
Our house is your house.
- Where's the tenant?
- At a movie.
What fucking movie?
Where's my money?
- There is none and won't be.
- And just who the fuck are you?
I'm here instead of Pawel.
I represent him.
You can pay me in kind, huh?
Am I worth that much?
I'll fuck you in installments.
- No.
- No what?
I'll fuck you.
You fucking bitch!
What are you doing?
"The Little Handyman."
We're doing some remodeling.
Go fuck yourself.
Do we nail or drill?
I drill, you nail.
Are you nuts?
What are you doing?
Prefer wood or metal?
File his teeth until he
pisses his pants.
See there? You've peed yourself,
just like Kasia.
And we've got water again.
This is for you.
Oh fuck, you baked a cheesecake?
How'd you do it?
No big deal, just a bit
of persuasion.
Waldek, don't be so scared.
Hi, Stella.
We know each other.
Know is going too far.
We've met once.
I thought we agreed then.
That we'd set borders.
I still think so.
You work your area,
I work mine.
- So what are you doing with her?
- This isn't business.
You fucking know she's my daughter.
And my woman.
Hey, I'm right here, OK?
I decide around here.
- We're leaving.
- Hey Stella, wait.
You don't know what you're
getting into. Understand?
- He's a bad person.
- And you're fucking good?
Listen... It's Janis, right?
Know what, Janis?
It's like this.
I'll fucking find you.
You'll die in your own club!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out!
Aren't you going to say hello?
You said you were through with it.
I will end it,
but not right away.
I've got deliveries, customers...
It can't be done quickly.
Yes, it can.
Put that down.
- I'll flush it.
- And poison half the city?
- Half the town will get high.
- It's potassium cyanide.
I bought it in Ukraine
two months ago.
Why the fuck do you need poison?
It's just merchandise for me.
I've got a buyer for it.
It's over between us.
don't do this.
I won't let you leave.
- Because you love me?
- Yes!
Then poison yourself;
I'm not going to be with you.
I'll end it.
You haven't yet.
I won't believe you a second time.
You'll see. You'll believe.
I want to report a cigarette
smuggling operation.
The container terminal in Szczecin.
The "Hanjin" flying the Chinese flag.
400 cartons labeled printer paper.
May God grant you to drink
from the spring of life.
Which fucking Janis?
That's his car.
We've got deliveries to number 12.
Will you let us in?
And, thou away, the very
birds are quiet...
Mute. I'll get it.
Extensive injuries to
numerous organs.
Will she sleep for long??
We're monitoring her.
What I can do?
You asked for them...
Check ballistics. Pay off the cops.
I want to know who shot Julka.
- Boss, it was an accident.
- What fucking accident?!
Can't shoot, nearly killed my girl.
I must know which one it was.
- August 15.
- Not quite three weeks from now.
How many people will die?
What's important is that those
who ordered Amir killed will die.
Are you sure you'll do it?
Yes, I will.
For Amir.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Why here?
Why not?
Afraid of something?
Having suicidal thoughts?
Want to jump out the window?
Do I have reason to?
You tell me.
Hang on, let me think.
Is this about the 900 kilos
of cocaine that got lost?
I had nothing to do with it.
Believe me?
I don't think so.
Believe it, and I'll believe
you didn't plan to sell it.
So, do we keep working together?
Yeah, we do.
Are you still in touch with that
jerk from the mine who
sold you TNT for the Ozarow gang?
Yeah, maybe I am.
I've got a buyer for explosives.
Take care of it.
Take care of it yourself.
No need for a middleman.
What do I have you for?
Something wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
I'll tell my boys.
Nice lipstick.
I know.
Everything's stolen from the mine.
How much do you need?
Twenty kilos.
Of what,
TNT or dynamite?
Who fucking cares?
Just so it packs a wallop.
Let's see how this shit works.
- Are you nuts?
- Ever blown up one of these?
- It's our one chance..
- Fuck no. Put it away.
Oh fuck!
You're irresponsible.
Don't exaggerate.
Know what this is?
Can you take it apart, so it's safe
and then put it back together?
No problem.
And put in a GPS tracker.
- Can I ask why?
- No.
We can't be too obvious.
Yeah we can.
I'll avenge if need be.
Is it all there?
Twenty kilos.
And the fuses?
Give me the money.
Well, well.
A ghost.
The wife of a guy I once knew..
Why are we tracking where it blows?
So it doesn't blow us up.
Simple, huh?
That was one kilogram?
You'll set off nineteen.
I'll blow me to pieces.
I won't have to put on makeup.
Good morning.
Come over here, Slawek.
Have a look at this.
A broken hip bone.
Very serious at his age.
For leaving the scene
you'll get ...
...a few years.
I didn't see him.
I was in shock.
I can erase it.
In Special Services we can do such
things, but not for free.
How much do you want?
We need to place one of our agents
in the military parade.
Here's where you'll assemble.
What if someone recognizes me?
There'll be 5,000 people there,
over 500 horses. Knights,
cavalrymen, and winged hussars...
We need to eliminate Slawek.
He's greedy for money
and could rat us out.
You'll ride with them down the
Wybrzeze to the fountains.
The government review stand
will be there, and boom!
A thousand plus a bottle.
For each stiff.
How many will there be?
How many can you handle?
We've got the whole cemetery.
I can add one to every old grave
or even two. No one's going to
be looking for them.
Stiffs also like it cozier together.
I also need a space to rent,
but it must be close by.
The pastor's got a room
in the church.
In the basement.
May I ask what you need
the room for?
A cosmetics warehouse.
What if the cops check
the inside of the van?
Let them.
Lincoln is in the van.
Play cop and find him.
The back doors are broken,
they don't work.
He's not in there.
He went somewhere.
Yes I am! Buy yourself
some specs.
Double doors.
We just need to knock them out
somehow so they stay quiet.
You fucking stole my stuff!
Now because of you I'm forced
to do grisly things.
I have a small request.
Could you kill me where
my body will be found?
You're going for spare parts, pal.
I'll do what I can to make sure
a gay guy gets them.
I wanted my family to bury me
and then visit my grave.
Well, fuck, you convinced me.
How much of that is for us?
Seriously? That's all?
How much does the agency
pay you for being extras?
A hundred zlotys a day.
Did you get that, dimwits?
Let's go.
You've got the wrong room.
What do you want?
I want my boyfriend back.
My Robek.
Who the fuck is Robek?
He died because of you.
Your father killed him.
He was supposed to kill Janis,
but you got in the way.
He died because of you.
My father?
My father was the one who
ordered the hit on Janis?!
- What are you watching?
- A smart movie about seals.
- Checked the dynamite today?
- It's nitro.
No change.
I want you to fucking check this.
Do you ever go anywhere
without them?
Of course I am.
I picked the ugliest.
I can't see anything.
Zombi, find us a space.
Sure thing.
Get the fuck out of the way!
Move it!
Hey girls, up with those skirts.
Cavalrymen are the biggest flirts.
Everything good?
Wait a sec.
What was that?
A mosquito.
The little sucker bit me...
For the glory of our fatherland.
They have necks made of steel.
Those brave cavalrymen are ideal!
Look, Kasia. Look, look.
Fuck me.
What is it?
The fucking TNT is there!
The dynamite! It's moving down
the Wybrzeze Gdanskie.
- What are you talking about?
- I see it moving in the parade.
What is it?
- Take them and run.
- What?
- Daria.
- Stop her.
- Daria.
- Stop her.
That cavalryman! She's got a bomb!
Take her down!
- Stop her!
- Stop, stop! !
Hi, daddy.
I want to start everything
all over again.
Leave us alone.
Thank you.
What the fuck for?
- Rashid.
- Who's Rashid?
I'm Kazik from near Otwock.
I'm an ISA officer.
Good morning.
What the fuck is going on here?
Change of plans.
I guess you won't be seeing Amir.
You were his friend.
I never even knew him.
Don't you get it yet?
There was never going to
be any assassination.
Those explosives weren't primed.
You used me.
Thanks to the ISA, Poland
is today a better place.
We are the knights of Europe.
As long as we live, there won't be
any terrorists riding goats here.
Know who I really am?
your destiny.
Don't get so wound up or
you'll piss the bed.
Please accept this decoration
for your dedication to the cause
of defending our homeland.
For the glory of our fatherland.
Dearest friends!
Dearest friends!
We thank you all for wanting to
share our happiness today.
To the newlyweds!
Cheers! Cheers!
Many happy returns of the day!
Live long, live long,
may you live a hundred years!
Bitter! Bitter!
I was thinking they wouldn't
let you go after 48 hours.
Is Maciek at home?
Not really.
- What does not really mean?
- He's not answering his phone.
And Pawel?
He's not answering either.
We'll go to his place.
- What happened?
- This is the boy's mother.
Where's Maciek?
I don't know. I was too late.
They were armed.
- Where's Maciek?
- They kidnapped the kids.
Get fucking busy and put the
book on the shelf. Hurry up.
Thank you.
Adas, being a writer
is very hard work.
To my boyfriend, Mark.
- What's your name?
- Alicja.
A guy who doesn't respect Alicja
is a fucking prick, Mark.
How about some applause?
I'd like just your full name.
I'll add the rest myself.
"By October 15 I promise
to pay the amount of..."
What amount should I write?
A million?
What the fuck is this?
You just signed an IOU.
Give it back!
Not for free.
Aren't you afraid of me?
What do you want?
How much?
I don't give a shit about
your money.
I just wanted to impress you.
Well then, you have my respect.
But what's this about?
I want to be Queen of the Mafia.
Oh fuck.