Wonder Park (2019) Movie Script

YOUNG JUNE: Mom, come on.
It's time to open the park.
MOM: Oh, right. Here we go.
It was another day
in Wonderland,
the most splendiferous
amusement park ever.
YOUNG JUNE: And Peanut
was creating a new ride?
MOM: (CHUCKLES) Not yet.
First, the mascots were getting
ready to open the gates.
BOOMER: All right, guys.
Good morning! Let's do it!
GRETA: Now, everyone,
bring it in.
People love coming to Wonderland
because it's the best time ever.
And that's thanks to you.
Because who are you?
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland.
I can't hear you.
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland.
One more time.
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland!
Yes, you are!
Last one to Clockwork Swings
is a rotten avocado!
Who wants to flip the switch?
- Why don't you go ahead, brother?
- No, you go, brother.
- No, no, no, no, you go.
- How about you both flip it?
Welcome! Boy, it's gonna be
a great day.
I know that because we've had
literally nothing but wondrous days
since the moment we opened!
- Did you hear the joke about dehydration?
- ALL: No.
That's right,
because there is absolutely
nothing funny about dehydration.
Go long!
Greta! Can we take
a picture with you?
Of course. Come in,
come in, come in.
Okay, ready?
One, two, three, snort!
Gus! Cooper!
Teeter number two isn't tottering.
- We're on it.
- Copy that.
BOTH: Beaver twin brothers,
- GUS: Tail slap, Coop.
- COOPER: Ha-ha!
- CHILD: Look, it's him!
Good morning, everyone!
- You're splendiferous!
Peanut! Hi, Peanut!
Thanks for coming out.
- You're a great-looking group.
Today's gonna be filled
with the wonder
of this wonderful land we call.
- Wonderland!
Look at him. He's so charming!
Such a way with words.
All right, folks, who here
wants to see Peanut
ride the brand new SkyFlinger?
PEANUT: Terrific!
Room for one more
in this SkyFlinger?
- You might want to hold on, kid.
- CHILD: Hi!
- MAN: Hey!
- Have you got your WonderChimp doll yet?
- No.
Well, what are you
waiting for? Come on!
WONDERCHIMPS: We can play happy,
happy won't you stay happy, happy
We can play happy, happy
Till we're done
And here are
the WonderChimps. Ha!
5,200 different outfits
to pick from.
- WONDERCHIMP DOLL: You're splendiferous!
What are you creating today,
Oh, yes, that's right!
Today is the day
we're opening the carousel.
Oh, and she's gonna be
a real beaut.
I've got the finest
thoroughbred horses...
That sounds kinda
been there, done that.
I think we can do better.
And You're right.
I think Peanut deserves better.
You come up with it, Mom!
How could I not defer
to the young visionary
who came up
with "The SkyFlinger"?
Hey, don't make fun of me.
I was only five.
I wasn't
making fun of you, silly.
I just like it
- when the ideas come from you.
Now, think.
What kind of animal should
Peanut put on your carousel?
- Fish!
- Just like any fish?
Flying fish!
And when you push the fin,
the fish will come to life.
And you could fly them
all over the park.
Ooh, now we're talking, June.
all you have to do
is give Peanut his marker,
and whisper your wish
into Peanut's ear.
(WHISPERING) Now, Peanut,
here's what we want you to do.
You really can do that
in Wonderland.
- MOM: Make a carousel, but instead of horses...
- Hmm?
- MOM: Make flying fish.
CAROUSEL FISH: Where would
you like to go today?
Thank you, whoever you are,
wherever you come from.
And when the fish fly
through the concession stand,
people will throw popcorn
in the air to feed them.
So long as Boomer doesn't eat
all the popcorn first.
- Okay, June, time for bed.
- Oh, no!
A little longer? Please?
Nope, you've got
school tomorrow.
And you've got a DVR
that's gonna run out of storage
unless we start getting serious.
- Oh, but...
- No, don't blame the messenger.
I am just gonna have to start
making some very aggressive deletes.
(LAUGHS) You stinker.
Okay, June Bug,
that's it for tonight.
Um, Mom,
do you ever feel
like Wonderland is real?
Or maybe it could be?
Of course it could be.
Really? How do you know?
Because I know the girl
who imagined it
and she can do anything.
- Me?
- MOM: Oh, yeah.
Good night, June Bug.
Big day tomorrow, guys.
Time to make Wonderland real.
Good morning, June Bailey.
Banky, today is the day.
Operation Loop-De-Loop is a go!
But I haven't even
had my morning coffee.
That goes under the ramp.
Yeah, more of those.
- Yeah!
Eh, no one will miss that.
We're gonna need more nails.
Good job. Now, that's
what I'm talking about!
Great work.
They said it couldn't be done,
but behold!
The Grand Wonder!
- Who said it couldn't be done?
- They.
- Who's "they"?
- (SIGHS) It's just an expression.
Don't bust me on a technicality.
562 feet of track!
An intergalactic spaceport
complete with wormhole!
And the piece de resistance...
That's French
for "super awesome."
a genuine loop-de-loop!
Uh... How high did you say
the vertical drop is?
48.8 feet.
- That's 14.87 meters for the uninitiated.
- BANKY: Uh...
Commencing test run.
- All systems are a go.
- BANKY: Uh...
- Five, four, three, two, one.
- BANKY: Can we talk about this?
- JUNE: Launcher!
- Huh? (GRUNTS)
We have ignitialization!
- BANKY: Whoa, whoa!
Oh, no!
Peaches is loose!
Launching countermeasures.
Oh... Oh, gosh.
Engage turbo launcher!
Honey, have you seen
my cell phone?
Open the spaceport.
- BANKY: (EXCLAIMS) I'm trying, I'm trying!
- JUNE: Duck!
Warp speed through a black hole.
Okay, ready to stop now.
(SCOFFS) No way!
Time for the grand finale.
Firing thrusters!
Whoo-hoo! (YELLS)
Brake, brake, brake!
It broke, broke, broke.
- BANKY: Look out! Watch out, no!
Here. Use this to
pry the thrusters on the left.
Isn't that the steering wheel?
It was. Now hurry!
It's not working!
Don't bang. Pry, pry, pry!
- Hurry, hurry!
- I'm trying, I'm trying!
I love you, June!
I'm alive! Thank Krishna.
That was...
- CHILD: Did anyone video that?
- CHILD 2: You guys rock!
CHILD 3: I'm next!
MAN: Hey! What happened
to my fence?
Oh! My garden!
DAD: That much
for one fire hydrant?
My advice? Military school.
They'll drill home the kind of
discipline your daughter needs.
Don't you worry.
She will be disciplined, all right.
You got this?
If it means not having to be
the one to try and talk sense
into our adorable lunatic
of a daughter,
- you bet.
Fred! Good to see you.
How are the wife and...
The thing about military school?
It's usually far away.
Think about how much
you'd miss me.
Who would really
be the one getting punished?
We're not sending you
to military school.
- You're not?
- Oh, no.
Because military school
doesn't have
nearly the amount of chores
you're gonna be subjected to.
I guess I walked
right into that one.
What were you thinking, June?
Do you know how lucky you are?
Could have been
a whole lot worse
than a raspberry on your elbow.
I was just listening to you.
You said Wonderland could be real.
And that I could do anything.
I never want you to stop using
your imagination, June Bug.
But I need you to also remember
to be practical and safe.
I can't imagine what I'd do
if something happened to you.
Even though
I shouldn't have done it,
did you think
what I built was cool?
It doesn't matter what I think.
But Gus and Cooper, on the other
hand, would've been crazy impressed.
But Steve would've had
a heart attack, huh?
(CHUCKLING) Yes. Oh, yeah.
we can keep building
more of Wonderland?
Yes, of course.
But, June, without wrecking
the neighborhood.
Right. Without wrecking
the neighborhood.
- (LAUGHS) Yeah!
(WHISPERING) Now, Peanut,
here's what we want you to do.
JUNE: Clockwork Swings
is the heart of the park.
And when it turns on,
Wonderland comes to life!
Floating through zero gravity
with astronaut June.
Peanut, take your marker...
Now turn the crank.
Look! It worked! It worked!
DAD: No, hold on! Hold on!
- Whoa! Whoa!
Bendy Straw Slide
is almost done.
Look at you.
Come here, baby girl.
I want to talk to you for a minute.
I know you know Mommy's sick.
There are some special doctors
who might be able to help me.
But I have to go away
for a while to see them.
For how long are you going away?
Well, that just depends.
But believe me, I am gonna do
everything I can to try and get better.
Model patient.
And we'll go visit, honey.
Hey, I know this is scary,
but you keep that little light
in you shining bright.
I don't know if I can.
Well, I do.
Because you are the wonder
in Wonderland.
Whew. Okay.
Yeah, I will.
Are you...
Are you coming home soon?
Okay. I love you, too, Mom.
MOM: Keep that little light
in you shining bright.
What kind of animal should
Peanut put on that carousel?
All you have to do
is give Peanut his marker,
and whisper your wish
into Peanut's ear.
I can't.
- Oh, hey, June.
- Hey, Banky.
My parents got me
this drone kit.
And we could use your help
putting it together.
We could use it for Wonderland.
Go on, June Bug. That'll be fun.
Is that FAA-certified
for use in a residential area?
Those things
can be insanely hazardous.
Well, we're insanely bored
and, dare I say, desperate?
We've stooped to repeatedly rolling
each other down a hill for fun,
and I don't think
Raj can handle it anymore.
Will someone please stop
the world from spinning?
Great seeing you.
But maybe tomorrow.
But I... Oh.
- Sorry, guys. Not today.
Can we talk about
what's going on with you?
All they want to do
is play with Wonderland.
But, Dad. No! No, no, no.
Don't make this a thing.
It's not a thing.
Well, it is a thing, but the thing
is, it's not a thing.
When you say "tomorrow,"
you mean tomorrow morning?
Just tomorrow!
- Afternoon!
Heard you wanted to see
your favorite aunt and uncle.
But they sent us instead.
Hey-O! That's why I married her!
Now bring it in
for the good stuff, kiddo.
You're getting bigger every day.
And so grown up.
Grown up and beautiful.
It's good to see you, even though
you always do this to my cheeks.
Oh, the place looks great!
Jeez. What, did you pack
the whole house?
I thought you guys were
only coming for two nights.
- Well, it's just the essentials.
- And anyway, we bought a set...
and we wanted to use
all the bags.
- Oh, get the present.
- Right.
- Now, where did we put it?
We have a present
for you, June. It's
- a Ferris wheel!
- Oh.
- Uh...
- I tried wrapping it, but wrapping circular things
is much harder
than I would've imagined.
I thought it would
just be perfect
for your Wonderland model.
- Where did all that go?
- Uh...
We put Wonderland away.
Well, that's a shame.
I told your mom yesterday
we'd help you build it.
And I know your Uncle Tony!
I'm not above playing with toys.
What do you say, Tiny?
Let's rebuild Wonderland.
Hey, hey why don't we
talk about something else?
Weather? Tax returns?
Literally, anything else.
Oh, look what I found.
- Wha...
It's the blueprint
for Wonderland.
I don't play with that anymore.
- But, sweetheart...
- Please, put that away.
- But...
- Just please!
This is a beautiful thing you and
your mom did together, darling.
- To create something so real.
You can...
Wonderland isn't real!
It never could be real.
And even if it was,
it's the last place in the world
I'd want to visit!
Oh, Junie.
- Mom!
- No, no, no wait!
I'm sorry.
Sweetie, wait.
- Hey, Junie! Great news!
- Huh?
I said great news!
I'll be done in a minute!
Tomorrow is Math Camp!
And I know
it's important to clean
- an already clean house...
but why don't you channel
this nervous energy into packing?
This is dangerous.
And I'm not going to Math Camp.
- They're just gonna give me sad eyes.
- Uh...
- Junie... Uh...
- Besides, I got a lot to do around here.
Is that a three-month or six-month
renewal on your wheatgrass deliveries?
- I put in six.
- Uh, all I'm saying...
Your triglycerides
are still on the high end.
I'm not taking any chances
with your health.
June, you can't
stay in here forever.
Look, I just know I need to be home
this summer to take care of you.
Really? This expires
in three days.
You're cutting it way too close.
June, today I got dressed and
made breakfast all by myself
as I have been doing
for the last 41 years.
The first seven I needed a little
help, but since then I've been okay.
I am not going to Math Camp.
JUNE: Don't put the avocados next
to the bananas. They ripen too fast.
And leave the toaster
set to three.
You know you don't like it
when the edges are too crispy.
My morning toast will be fine.
Oh, and the milk could be out of
date, so check it.
I'm gonna be okay.
I know this is a big step.
Mom and I are both
proud of you for going.
Now get out there on Abacus
Obstacle Course and skin a knee.
I promise.
- Hey ya, Banky.
- Hey, June Bailey. Saved you a seat.
(SQUEALS) This is gonna be
the best summer ever!
Oh. Goodbye!
SHANNON: Hey, campers!
Okay, everybody here is
heading to Camp Awe Sum, right?
If you're not,
you're on the rhom-bus.
I love geometry humor.
SHANNON: Now, I could start
off with a million stories
about my summers
at Camp Awe Sum,
but I wouldn't want to go off
on a tangent!
Are you getting my angle?
A-one, two...
A-one, two-three, four.
ALL: Oh, my!
Here comes pi! 3.1415
A constant we all know
The famous ratio
Oh, my! Here comes pi!
How many can you memorize?
It goes on and on
A never-ending song
Hey, hey! It's Pi Day!
Make a circle, celebrate
Irrational action
That can't be expressed
as a simple fraction!
This is a terrible mistake.
What was I thinking?
DAD: June, I'm okay.
Today I got dressed and made
breakfast all by myself.
(GASPS) Oh, no!
I can't leave him alone
for an entire summer!
Why is the obtuse triangle...
I need your help.
I need to get home.
What? Your dad'll flip!
We're talking eternal groundation.
But he knows
he can't function without me.
Look at this. "Miss you."
It's like a cry for help!
Uh. I don't know, June. I think you might
be reading a bit too much into this.
I'll take the hiking trails through
the forest and be there before lunch.
It's a no-brainer.
But first I need
to get off this bus.
And you have to help me.
- Okay.
- Yes!
- Banky, I could kiss you.
- Really?
- Ew, no.
- Right.
Now, what can I use?
You did the school play, right?
Does second understudy count?
Uh, close enough.
You know what to do.
Oh, no! I don't think I'm
feeling very well at this moment.
I think I might...
(GROANS) I don't think
I can hold it down!
I can't hold it no more!
Oh, no! It's here!
It's here!
CHILD: Ugh, you chucked a yuck!
CAMPER: Stop the bus!
nobody wander off!
And watch out for snakes.
They're everywhere.
- Snakes?
(SOFTLY) June? June? June?
Nice one, Banky.
You chucked a yuck!
I got sick from a corndog once.
It hurt all the way
inside of my bones.
- My mom said it was because it was two weeks old.
- But I put it in the microwave and it was delicious.
- Um... Oh...
- Holy hypotenuse!
CHILD: Oh, yeah,
definitely the corndog.
SHANNON: Okay, are you having
heart palpitations?
Wait. Why is this here?
Uh... Hey...
Hey, get back here!
Gotcha! (CHUCKLES)
Oh... (GRUNTS)
Is this...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Uh...
No way.
How is this possible?
Are you...
I'm in...
Storm clouds?
There shouldn't be
storm clouds in Wonderland.
STEVE: Boomer! We can't keep up!
Boomer the Welcome Bear?
He's here, too?
Run for your life!
GRETA: Grab her!
Get moving, pipsqueak!
JUNE: Why are we chasing Boomer?
Oh, we're not chasing him.
They're chasing us!
Regroup at Rocket Road!
Skipping to safety, skipping to safety!
Gus, gnaw that awning down.
Cooper, start the pump.
- Steve...
- I'll draft up an exit plan.
You're the bait.
(SIGHS) Of course I am.
Baiting away.
- Won't you stay Happy, happy
We can't wait happy, happy
Till we play happy, happy
- Boomer, you protect her with your life.
- Hey!
What is going on around here?
What does it look like?
We're at war!
War? There's no fighting
in Wonderland.
Stay put. Because
if they see us, they will...
(SNORING) Uh-oh.
Save yourself!
- They'll what? Boomer, finish the sentence.
- They'll what?
Come and play happy, happy
Won't you stay happy
Play happy, happy
Why are they
destroying the park?
STEVE: Hey, you guys!
Over here!
Dinner is served.
Wonderland, we have a problem.
Steve, hold it.
Uh... Oh, dear.
- Hold it.
- I am holding it.
- GRETA: Hold it.
- I'm literally holding it.
- GRETA: Hold it.
- Ahhh!
Oh, no, I've dropped it!
I've dropped it and I left it!
Uh, I'm out of here.
Gus, Cooper, pump the rocket!
We got to boom-shaka-boom!
BOTH: Boom-shaka-boom!
Locked and loaded.
(SNORTS) Countdown, guys!
Four... Three...
Skipping to safety!
Skipping to safety!
I'm almost out of danger!
Keep pumping, guys!
BOTH: Boom-shaka-boom!
- So cute! But so naughty.
Now buckle up, Chimpanzombies.
STEVE: World-class bait.
This isn't really happening.
I'm... I'm having a fever dream.
Ah, I'm sensitive there!
- Hey! Ow!
- Hey!
- GUS: Check it. Backpack!
- COOPER: Ooh, ooh, I smell treats!
- BOTH: Dibs!
- I call dibs!
- Hey! That's mine! Give it back!
- COOPER: Whoo!
- Boom, baby. Foot five!
- Foot ten! Oh, yeah!
- You son of a woodchip.
- Ow! Splinterface.
Let's have a little
lookie-loo, shall we?
With a self-reminder that this is an
utter invasion of another's privacy.
(SNORTS) Hold the roll,
- Ahhh! I surrender!
Sharp objects underfoot.
Safety Officer onsite.
- Did you just call me cutie-pie? Ahhh!
The Chimpanzombies got her,
didn't they?
It's all my doing.
All thanks to a late-onset
hibernation disorder.
- GRETA: Ow!
- Go to your happy place.
- Uh, it's okay. They didn't get me.
Oh, thank heavens!
I couldn't have lived with my...
Wait, Boomer never sleeps.
- Hey, watch it!
What happened to you guys?
You're so...
I think the word you're
looking for is "pathetic."
- I didn't say that.
- Ugh, you didn't have to.
- So, you got a name, haircut?
- June.
- STEVE: Hello, June.
- My name is...
- Steve. I know who you are.
You know who we are?
I didn't think anybody
still remembered. Ow!
You guys are the wonder
in Wonderland.
- Or at least you were.
What happened to this place?
The Darkness happened.
It came when Clockwork Swings
began to slow.
And brought with it...
All right, bring it down,
Oh, right. (CLEARS THROAT)
Okay, here we go.
It was a day just like any other
here in Wonderland
when the strangest thing
Clockwork Swings, the heart of the
park, came to a dead stop.
And that's when we first saw it.
The Darkness.
It brought an evil that
transformed the WonderChimp dolls
into an army of Chimpanzombies.
Every day since,
the Chimpanzombies have waged war,
tearing apart the park and feeding
it piece by piece into the Darkness,
never to be seen again.
There was nothing you could do?
Not even Peanut?
Where is Peanut?
He ventured out on his own to try
and restart Clockwork Swings by hand.
JUNE: Then why didn't
he use his magic?
BOOMER: He just said that he
knew restarting Clockwork Swings
was the only way to bring
the life back into Wonderland.
And we lost any hope of turning
Clockwork Swings back on,
and one day restoring the park
to all its former glory.
- Clockwork Swings.
- Hey, whatcha got?
- Hey!
- It's a blueprint... Of the park?
Seems like Little Miss Muffet
graffitied her name on it.
It's not graffiti.
How do you have
a blueprint of Wonderland?
Um, uh...
My mom and I invented
Wonderland when I was little,
and somehow it came to life.
That's got to be the most...
Splendiferous news ever!
(CHUCKLES) Why don't you
just go back to sleep, Boomer?
No, I believe it in her eyes.
Because if she really is
the creator of Wonderland,
she can fix Clockwork Swings.
Well, that is not where I thought
this discourse was heading.
I was imagining
that you were a...
- Huh? I'm not a honeybee.
- STEVE: Rabbit!
- JUNE: Huh?
Steve, you're embarrassing
the team.
I am so confused right now
about what a Death Rabbit is.
Boomer, go secure the safe
house. Guys, scatter!
Buddy system! I call Greta!
Never mind! I call June!
- We got to get out of here.
- Good plan.
- Think, June. Think, think, think. (GASPS)
- We go in five.
- That could never work.
- Roger that. We run in three.
That couldn't possibly work.
Then we skip.
Skip like there's no tomorrow.
Welcome to Wonderland.
Skipping to safety. Skipping...
Ahhh! Tra-la-la-la.
You're splendiferous!
(PANTING) Skipping to,
skipping to safety.
Please work, please work.
When you push the fin,
the fish'll come to life!
Anything can happen any day
Miracles are just A dream away
Happiness, happiness
There is joy in the world
Comes together
With every boy, every girl
(IN SLOW MOTION) Look out!
It's right behind you!
- CAROUSEL FISH: Would you like to stop for an ice cream?
- No! Exit, exit, exit!
Keep your arms and legs
inside the ride at all times!
Not today, Chimpanzombies!
See you later.
Okay. Come back soon.
How did I get back here?
Ha! Ha-ha!
You're splendiferous!
Bad Chimpanzombies!
Bad Chimpanzombies!
(GRUNTS) I got you, June!
CHIMPANZOMBIE: Every day is a
wonderful day in Wonderland!
- Oh, my tail.
GRETA: Come on, hurry!
Gus, Cooper, check the north
and west perimeter wires.
Steve, get to lookout and
make sure we weren't followed.
STEVE: Roger that.
BOOMER: (GASPS) You're alive!
Oh, I was so worried,
I didn't know what to do.
I started baking
marshmallow calzones.
We lost
Happy Happy Land, Boomer.
- We did? Oh, my.
- That's over half the park gone now.
What happens
if we lose the other half?
Yeah. What's gonna happen to us?
I don't know.
- But at least we got calzones!
- And her.
Her? When the going got tough,
she ran for the exits.
I need to get home to my dad.
And if she really did create
Wonderland, whatever that means,
she would know that those exits
aren't even exits anymore!
Well, they were exits when my
mom and I created the park.
Sorry I wasn't around when
this whole place went haywire,
and it became impossible to
exit from an exit marked "exit."
STEVE: Did you know
the verb "exit"
comes from the Latin verb
which derives from the
Greek verb eximeexite?
Seems I have backed
into the middle of something
Backing out! Beep, beep, beep...
Okay, so we know
the only way to open the exits
is to get the park
back up and running.
Turning on Clockwork Swings
is the key to that.
Oh, don't get the girl's
hopes up, Boomer.
There's no way
to turn it back on.
- Yeah, we've been there a bunch of times.
- Looked at it every which way.
I looked at it every which way,
he just sat there
eating woodchips.
- I was hungry!
- He just sat there...
- And sleepy.
- While I looked at it every which way.
But she hasn't.
- And if she created it, she can fix it.
- Uh...
So Wonderland is just a
figment of your imagination?
Something like that.
And, uh, let me guess. That means
we're all figments of your imagination.
I wouldn't put it
exactly like...
Oh, an existential crisis!
I knew this day was
missing something. (SLURPING)
Well, you can imagine
this may be a little hard
for us to wrap our heads around.
Perhaps you will indulge me
with some proof?
(SCOFFS) Fine.
Every morning,
Steve drinks his morning tea,
2.6 grams of loose Earl Grey
to 250 milliliters
of 86.1 degree water
steeped for three minutes
and 11 seconds
and garnished to perfection
with a spot of almond milk.
- (LAUGHS) See? All hail June!
Yeah, let's not
get carried away.
But I may be able to fix
Clockwork Swings.
- Peanut was the glue around here.
- The glue?
The glue.
He kept us all together.
Look, these guys
have suffered a lot already.
And I'm willing
to follow your lead here,
because I'm running
out of options.
But you've got to promise me
there's a real shot at this.
So tell me that you're not
serving up false hope.
Well, I was pretty good
at fixing things.
But you got to get me
to Clockwork Swings. (SNORTS)
JUNE: Wow, The Grand Wonder.
It's even bigger than I thought.
(SNORTS) Come on, slowpokes.
The Clocks are just up ahead.
- STEVE: Oh, how did you do it, June?
- JUNE: Huh?
To create such a woman who
doesn't walk through this world.
She glides!
That silken red hair.
Those come-hither tusks.
- Greta?
- (SNORTS) Oh, what do you want?
What? No, nothing here.
Just a bit of a roll call.
"Present and accounted for."
Roll call complete.
- Hmm.
JUNE: Oh, boy.
This is a little more complicated
than the model we made.
The hydraulics
seem to be sealed and stuff.
No leaks or anything, um...
It must be that one of
the gears is jammed.
Eureka! She's fixing it.
We're witnessing a miracle.
More of a diagnosis
and certainly not a miracle,
but it does bring us closer to a
solution than we've ever been before.
If you're trying to make a
statement, have at me, big guy.
Got to get this ride started.
I know you have the answer.
Please tell me the answer!
- GRETA: Well, what does it say?
- JUNE: I can't see!
My name's covering it.
- What the chuck?
- Unsplendiferous.
Not to worry! Plan B it is.
Which is what, exactly?
(SIGHS) Mom,
why did you write on this?
What used to be there?
I don't know.
I got to figure this out.
Don't do this to me, June.
It's your blueprint, isn't it?
- Yeah. But it's been a while since I...
If the test were multiple
choice, I'd do much better.
- Duck and cover! Duck and cover!
- Hey, get back here!
- Whoa!
- COOPER: I got it!
- GUS: No, I got it. (GRUNTS)
- JUNE: We need that blueprint!
- GUS: Get it, Coop!
- This is not fun. Boomer, for goodness...
No! No, stop!
Fireworks Falls is a death trap!
Get off.
Stand down, I say!
JUNE: We have to get it!
We can't lose it.
- GUS: Throw me! I'll get it!
- COOPER: No, throw me!
- No, throw me!
- Um...
- No, it was my idea!
- Oh, gosh. (GRUNTS)
- GUS: I got it, I got it!
- COOPER: Mine! You poked me in the eye!
- Your fault.
- Why is it always my fault?
- You've got to be kidding me!
Enough! (PANTING)
I command you to remove
yourself from this platform!
I have been putting up with this
reckless abandon for months on end,
and it is chipping away
at my soul.
- I'm so very tired...
What is that sound?
- Oh, no.
STEVE: Oh, deary me.
happy, happy To have fun
Okay, fear not.
We simply must reach higher ground.
Ahhh! Which is teeming with agent
provocateurs bent on our demise!
drop and roll to Wonderland!
ALL: Fire! Fire! Fire!
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
COOPER: Every man for himself!
- GUS: Whoa!
- Use your quills, Steve!
- Quite right.
- Yeah, of course.
Everyone okay?
Wait, where's June?
- Uh, there.
- Oh, no.
Hold on, June! You'll be okay!
- Easy for you to say.
Whoa! Whoa! (GRUNTS)
Thanks, Boomer!
Oh, boy!
- (LAUGHS) Yeah!
- BOOMER: Whoo-hoo!
- GRETA: You did it!
- STEVE: Well done!
(LAUGHS) Meet me at the bridge!
Or not.
Don't need to do that again.
Oh, my
Here comes pi
(GASPS) Whoa.
Zero-G Land.
Oh, my gosh! Hey, Peanut!
Where did you...
- What are you doing?
- You're alive!
- Who are you?
- A friend of Greta and Boomer.
Actually, everyone. They're gonna
be so happy. Let's go find them!
- No, no, no, no.
- Come on, I lost them at Fireworks Falls.
Peanut, what happened to you?
What do you mean, what happened to me?
The Chimpanzombies had me.
I was able to escape,
and I made it up here.
- And now you're...
- And now I'm sorting the candy.
It was a mess when
I got here. (CHUCKLES)
Believe me.
I had to put the blues
with the blues,
and the greens
with the greens...
If you're scared of the park...
I'm not scared
of the park. It's just...
It's safe in here.
- But you're alone.
- Where nothing can hurt me.
Well, you can't
stay in here forever.
Says who?
There's no rules
for something like this.
I know how this works.
You just wave your marker.
I wish it still worked that way.
But you're
Peanut the Splendiferous.
(SCOFFS) Splendiferous.
Yeah, I used to be.
All these amazing things
in Wonderland came from you.
That is a lie.
I was just the middleman.
All the ideas, the
inspiration, it came from...
A voice whispering in your ear.
A woman's voice.
How do you know about that?
I never told anyone.
It doesn't matter.
And not too long ago...
The sound of her voice,
it just...
BOTH: Went away.
And then the Darkness took over.
I guess whoever she was,
she forgot about me.
I kept waiting.
I kept hoping
she would come back
to help me fight
against the Darkness,
but I just felt so...
- Peanut, there's something I need to tell...
- Don't shush me. This is important.
- We have to go!
They found us. They must
have followed you in.
We need to move now!
JUNE: Whoa!
Your marker!
- PEANUT: Leave it. It's worthless!
- No, it's not.
Look out!
- Oh, my gosh.
- Hold on!
CHIMPANZOMBIE: Splen-diddy-doo!
CHIMPANZOMBIE: Every day is a
wonderful day in Wonderland!
Oh, no!
PEANUT: Gotcha!
wonderful day in Wonderland.
There's no way out.
You're my best friend.
Every day is a wonderful day
in Wonderland.
There is for you.
June, go!
JUNE: Guys?
Guys? Boomer? Greta?
BOOMER: June! Where are you?
Over here!
- We've been looking all over for you.
- I found Peanut.
He was hiding in Zero-G Land.
He's alive.
- Peanut's alive?
- How brilliant!
But he was taken
by the Chimpanzombies.
They're carrying him
to the Darkness!
- Then let's go get him!
- But we need to rebuild that bridge.
We could use the support posts
of the old carousel.
They're too rickety.
But it's the right idea.
What else can we use?
Got to think fast.
If something bad were to happen to
Peanut, I couldn't live with myself.
(STAMMERING) What do you mean?
It's all my fault.
What's all your fault?
(SIGHS) The Darkness.
- I think maybe I did create it.
- Huh?
I didn't mean to!
But I think I did.
You created the Darkness?
I don't understand.
If you created Wonderland,
why would you want to destroy it?
It wasn't on purpose.
I was afraid.
The Darkness took over. I tried,
but I just stopped
caring about the park.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
We can fix it.
- With this!
- ALL: Whoa.
If we can find a way to cross that
ravine and put it back in Peanut's hands,
we can get Clockwork Swings
up and running.
- Trust me. We can...
- Trust you? We've been trusting you!
But if we knew you were the
person responsible for all this?
I never would've let us
make that mistake.
Come on, guys, it's dark.
We'll figure this out
on our own.
Why would you stop...
Why would you stop caring?
What did we do wrong?
You guys didn't do anything wrong.
You guys are amazing.
You created the Darkness.
I'm sorry, Mom.
MOM: You are the wonder
in Wonderland.
Got to find a way across.
Welcome to the Grand Wonder!
Oops. Sorry, Boomer.
Welcome to the Grand Wonder!
Now, what can I use?
Ah. Got it.
We have ignitialization!
"Without wrecking
the neighborhood."
I'm telling you, I don't see
any way to rebuild that bridge.
Yeah, well,
not with that attitude.
STEVE: Um, you may want
to come and see this.
Sounds like another
SkyFlinger attack.
Stay low. Stay back.
- Dang!
- Well, I'll be Peanut's uncle!
Oh, wow.
- GUS: Is that...
- It's June!
STEVE: She did it.
She's actually done it.
Would you look at that?
So what's all this about?
It's time to bring
Wonderland back to life.
- Huh?
- What?
I know I let you down.
But I want to make it right.
- How do you know it'll work?
- Because I built this place.
My mom and I did.
But she got sick
and had to stop.
And I got scared.
So scared of losing her
that I lost myself.
And she would hate
to see how I changed.
How we've all changed.
Now, buckle up!
We're gonna ride that coaster
like the wind.
Who's with me?
- I'm with you, June.
- We are all with you.
Yeah, that's right.
I still believe in you.
I'm more of a "two feet
on the ground" kinda guy.
There's a weight restriction
on that ride, isn't there?
Oh, come on, Boomer.
There is absolutely no way...
Oh, no.
I will ev...
Uh, we got this.
Too many marshmallow calzones.
Hey, guys. I had that weird
kidnapping dream again.
I wonder what it means.
Boomer! We'll be right up!
Greta just has to get the other cart!
BOOMER: I want to be down.
- Only one way down!
- Yeah, fly like a bird, bro.
But I'm not a bird!
Birds are terrifying, with those beaks,
and those talons,
and influenza type A!
Come on, Greta.
You guys did block the wheels, right?
- Oh, that's what this is for!
- Oops.
Ugh. Guys!
- Uh...
Huh. What are the odds?
Astronomically small.
No, no, no. No!
Oh, terrific.
Uh... Oh, gosh,
he's looking at me.
Oh, no, no.
Shoo, shoo.
Get out of here.
Nice birdie. Oh, hey!
I hear your friends!
Please don't move.
You're not lis...
Oh, no. No, no, no.
You were supposed to wait!
He's going the wrong way!
If we don't turn Boomer around...
STEVE: He'll be fried
like a funnel cake!
JUNE: Gus, Cooper!
Drop the upper track to the lower one,
and we'll reroute
Boomer to safety.
BOTH: On it!
We'll need some kind of rope,
something strong to stop him with.
Got it.
Get me off of this thing!
COOPER: We're not gonna make it!
- Oh, man.
- At least we got dinner.
Oh, no!
- Licorice?
- That's what we got.
Steve, fire this to Boomer and
we'll use it to slow him down.
Roger that.
Boomer! Catch the rope!
Range, 400 meters.
Winds, three knots southwest. Ready...
Help, help, help!
- Well, that didn't work.
- Ya think?
Make it stop!
Wait, we could all
still get across.
Okay, everybody, pull tight!
Keep pulling.
STEVE: This is beginning to feel like
a terrible turn of events for us all.
GUS AND COOPER: I'm with him.
Brace for impact!
I'm ready to wake up now,
ready to wake up.
You are awake, Boomer.
I'm awake?
I mean, I'm awake! We did it.
- GRETA: You did it.
- I did it. I mean... I did it?
- You da man!
- You're the man-bear!
I'm the man!
You're the man,
and we are just the various members of the
animal kingdom with the power of speech
hanging next to the man.
Yes, you are.
You're splendiferous!
Play happy Stay happy
We can't wait happy, happy
To have fun, fun, fun, fun
Play happy Stay happy
GUS: Holy cheesy chips!
STEVE: Oh, crikey!
- We're too late.
Oh, gosh. What do we do now?
- Not "we."
- What do you have in mind, kid?
It's about what I need to do.
I need to go into the Darkness
and bring Peanut back.
- What? No!
- What's she talking about?
GRETA: June...
It's too powerful.
Nothing ever comes out.
I got this, Greta.
I am the wonder in Wonderland.
I am the wonder in Wonderland.
I am the wonder in Wonderland!
Peanut? Where are you?
June? Is that you?
Peanut! Hold on! (GASPS)
JUNE: Peanut!
- Are you okay? Are you hurt?
- I'm so sorry they got you, too.
You've got to
get us out of here.
I wish I could. But I told you,
my inspiration, she left me.
She's never coming back.
You don't know that.
She's out there, trying to get back to us.
- Us?
- Yeah.
She's my mom,
and if there's one thing I know,
it's that she is not giving up.
So neither should we.
Without her,
I'll never create again.
Yes, you will.
Don't give in to the fear.
Your light is stronger than the Darkness.
- Now take this.
- But without her...
You don't have to worry
about that anymore.
What do you mean?
I'm here.
Peanut, build us the biggest
slide in the whole wide world
and make it out of bendy straws.
Now let's get out of here.
Bendy straws, hmm?
That sounds like
a splendiferous idea!
Coming right up.
Quick, make another one!
PEANUT: To Clockwork Swings!
- She's doing it!
- They made it!
- COOPER: Well, slap my tail.
- STEVE: Tally ho!
Oh, dear.
- We've got to help them.
- That we do. Hang on, June!
STEVE: Well done!
Guess I owe you guys
an explanation, huh?
GRETA: We're just
happy you're alive.
And since you are,
how about you get those clocks started
and bring our park back to life?
It's the least I can do!
But how?
JUNE: Wait a minute.
My name. My park, my name.
Greta, if we all end up crashing
to our collective deaths,
I just want you to know
I burn for you, baby!
I burn hot!
My oven is on extra fuego!
GRETA: (CHUCKLES) I think you're
cute, too, Steve.
Wait, what? What did she say?
What did she say?
The gears.
Mom, you weren't writing over the clocks,
you were telling me how to fix it.
How to jumpstart
the clocks back to life!
Write my name!
Turn the gears by writing my name!
The gears! Hold on, everybody!
It's working, it's working!
- Oh, no!
- BOOMER: Watch it!
PEANUT: Hold on!
- Look out!
Keep going!
Go, go, go! We need the "U."
Welcome to Wonderland!
JUNE: Now right, right!
BOTH: Beaver twin brothers,
GUS: Tail to the face!
Okay, now the "N." Hurry!
STEVE: Launch me, Greta.
- GRETA: Launch you?
- Launch me.
For Wonderland! For Greta!
For freedom!
Nailed it.
PEANUT: We got this, June.
You ready?
JUNE: Look, the park!
It's coming back to life!
GUS: Tail slap, Cooper!
Well done! A cracking job!
You're splendiferous!
Aw, look who's back
to being WonderChimps.
GUS: Do a little dance.
Do your little dance.
COOPER: Do your little
WonderChimp dance.
Look how cute they are!
Come on, Boomer.
There's guests to welcome.
And things to build.
And people to take care of.
Quite right.
And now that we've got our glue
back, nothing can stop us.
Me? The glue?
No, I'm not the glue.
You're the glue, Greta.
You always have been.
- Isn't that right, gang?
- ALL: Yeah!
Aw, you guys.
Come on, let's go
spread some wonder!
- GUS: Yeah, that's how we do it.
- COOPER: Me first!
- What about you, June?
- Yeah, what about you?
Well, I probably
should be getting home.
You're leaving?
What are we gonna do without you?
You're gonna do
what you always do.
Come on, bring it in.
You have everything
you need right here.
Because who are we?
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland.
I can't hear you!
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland.
One more time!
ALL: We are the wonder
in Wonderland!
JUNE: Now fall out.
Boy, it's gonna be a great day.
COOPER: Let's do this thing!
Good to go.
Wait for it...
- Ta-da!
The Darkness.
It's still there.
JUNE: Maybe it'll
never really fully go away.
Maybe it's there to remind us
to look at the light
that surrounds us.
Please enjoy our newest
attraction, Bendy Straw Slide,
which I have personally safety
tested under extreme conditions.
Speaking of the light
that surrounds you...
GRETA: Steve!
Ah, here we are.
Come on, I'll let you buy me
some popcorn.
Yep, I'll be right there!
I just need to... Well...
Wait for my heart to settle.
You'll hear me in the wind.
Oh, I know I will.
And we'll be here for you.
CHILDREN: Hey, Peanut!
This place really is
We got asparagus,
spinach, brussels...
Ah, there you are,
my hidden sweet.
- Dad!
June Bug?
June, are you okay?
What happened to you?
I'm so sorry for being gone a whole
night and not telling you where I was.
What? I just dropped you off
at Math Camp 30 minutes ago.
Never mind.
If you did this because
you're worried about me...
Worry? About you?
You're fine!
Actually, you're awesome.
I have so much
to tell Mom about.
Uh, Junie...
And before you bring up
going back to Math Camp,
you have to know
it's not happening.
I have way too much work to do.
- Such as?
- Making up for lost time.
Is that...
The neighborhood will love this.
DAD: Junie, I'm home! I got
the rest of the supplies.
- Hey, Dad! Just a few more...
Honey, my hands are full.
Can you get that?
Sure thing, Dad.
I strung up all the banners.
What's next?
Great. Can you make a balloon
arch over the back fence?
- Yep!
- Thanks.
When you say over the back
fence, do you mean
over the fence, like over it,
or over the fence, like behind it?
Over the fence, like over it.
Oh. Ding!
Over the fence. Got it.
Tell Banky to just put it behind the fence.
I got to finish.
I think you should
get the door, June.
Huh. But...
What are you waiting for?
Come here.
I'm glad to see you.
Are you...
I'm okay now, June Bug.
So am I.
It looks like you kept your
little light shining bright.
I've got a story
even you might not believe.
(CHUCKLES) Try me.
Now that is splendiferous!
- Eee!
Hey, Clockwork Swings!
JUNE: Come on!
Wonderland is now open!
DOLL: You're splendiferous!
Okay, everyone. It was
another day in Wonderland,
the most splendiferous
amusement park in the world.
Peanut is excited
to create a new ride.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Yes, yes, yes!
June! June!
Banky, what are you thinking?
- A Ferris wheel!
- That's a great idea.
But are we thinking just like
a regular old Ferris wheel?
A Ferris wheel
made out of glow sticks.
A Ferris wheel that flies!
A flying Ferris wheel made of glow sticks.
That's a great idea.
I think Peanut needs to hear
about this right away.
(WHISPERING) Now, Peanut,
here's what we want you to do.
Take your marker and create...
That's wonderful. Wonderful.
made out of glow sticks.
Glow sticks, huh?
Ooh! Sounds like
a splendiferous idea!
Coming right up!