Wonder Wheel (2017) Movie Script

Coney Island washboard
she would play
You could hear her
on the boardwalk every day
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
All those tunes she found
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Coney Island, 1950's.
The beach.
The boardwalk.
Once a luminous jewel
but growing relentlessly seedier
as the tides roll in and out.
Summers I work here,
on Bay 7.
Comes the fall, I'm a student
at New York University
going for my Master's
in European drama.
I'm Mickey Rubin.
Poetic by nature.
I harbor dreams
of being a writer.
A writer of truly great plays.
So I can one day
surprise everyone
and turn out
a profound masterpiece.
Let me get to the story
in which I am a character,
so, be warned, as a poet,
I use symbols and as
a budding dramatist,
I relish melodrama and
larger-than-life characters.
Enter Carolina.
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Okay, have fun.
Excuse me.
Where's Humpty Javelin?
Does he work here?
Uh, Humpty works the carousel, uh,
but today he's working nights.
Do you know where he lives?
Uh...it's around here.
You can ask Ginny.
Yeah, h-his wife.
Um, she works at
Ruby's Clam House.
Just keep going down
that way there.
Thank you.
Yeah. You have a good one.
Excuse me, do you
know if Ginny's here?
Yeah. I'm Ginny.
I'm Carolina.
Carolina. Humpty's daughter.
Is he gonna be surprised.
I know he's gonna be upset.
But I had to come here.
I didn't want to but I...
don't have a choice.
I'll tell you the truth.
I don't think
he ever expected this.
You're his wife?
Why are you looking at me?
You're much younger
than I would've imagined.
I don't feel much younger.
I was thinking of my mother.
When she died,
she was practically
all gray.
I look like her.
Humpty should be back
in half an hour.
He went fishing off the
pier at Sheepshead Bay.
I'd always heard that
he'd moved to New Jersey.
No, we got run out
of our place there.
Well, I'm not telling you
anything new about your father.
He fell off the wagon and
busted up the lobby.
I guess you're
used to all this noise.
You never get used to it.
I hate it.
This whole honky-tonk fairyland.
We live up here.
The place used to house
a freak show.
We had to do
a lot of fixing up.
Oh, God.
I hope when sees me
he doesn't fly off the handle.
-No, I don't think--
-I hope he doesn't throw me out.
I-I don't know what I'll do.
I don't have
a dime to my name.
I literally don't have
ten pennies.
This-this-this goddamn noise!
I tell you.
You never get used to it.
Oh, my head's throbbing.
And my--my kid--
My kid had some trouble
in school today.
You and my father
have a child?
No, from my first husband.
Don't ever have kids.
Oh. Now my head's
cracking open.
I get migraines.
If you don't like Coney Island,
why don't you move?
From your mouth to God's ears.
Money, honey.
Mazuma, the wherewithal.
Ginny, big score.
some uh, blue claws.
No, what the hell
you doin' here?
I told you never to step
foot in my home again.
I'm in serious trouble,
I couldn't help it.
You let her in in here?
I don't believe this.
You needs to go. Come on.
-I can't.
If they fine me,
they're gonna kill me.
You better hear her out, Humpty.
Mind your own business.
I got a bad headache!
And Richie did it again,
you were supposed to talk to him.
I talked to him.
Frank's gonna kill me.
I ran away and
I took nothing,
I-I have no clothes,
I've been sleeping
in the rain.
And I'm marked.
They're gonna kill me.
Well, that's what you get
when you marry a gangster.
Jesus, they're not gonna
come after you here, are they?
I don't want trouble.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
They're gonna kill me.
There's a young kid here!
This is not our problem.
All right, all right,
all right, knock it off.
I-I gotta have a drink.
No, Humpty, you've been good.
I g--I.. I.. I need one.
I need one,
look what's goin' on here!
No booze!
I'll make you coffee.
What the hell do you
expect to happen
when you marry
a cheap hoodlum?
I was twenty.
I didn't know better.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you
go to the police?
I told the police too much,
that's the problem.
Why the hell
you open your mouth?
The police told me
that I could be looking at
five years
if I didn't cooperate.
What the hell do you know?
Since when do you know what
happens inside the rackets?
How could I not know?
Can't be married
to one of those guys
and not pick up
on what's going on.
Jesus Christ!
I told you not
to marry that racketeer!
I told you he was all mobbed up.
He stank of murder.
She found this-this
greaseball exciting.
He wasn't even good-lookin'!
He was a punk.
I need a drink!
Forget it, Humpty.
I need one, goddammit!
Calm down.
Jesus Christ.
God damn it, she could've
married a few guys
from school, from
the neighborhood, all of 'em.
Decent kids.
We raised her nice.
Your mother and I
we broke our backs
out of workin'
so you could go to college
and-and you know,
you didn't.
You threw it all away!
Look at ya--
you're such a beautiful girl!
You had your pick.
I loved Frank, okay?
And all the guys you
hand-picked for me, they were--
dull, colorless, boring guys.
All of 'em, honest men,
every one of 'em.
Your mother's
last dying request
on her deathbed
was that you didn't
run off with that
slime, Frankie Adatto.
You wouldn't give her that one
bit of satisfaction, would ya?
You wouldn't
let her die in peace.
I loved him.
I was twenty,
I... I wanted more.
More. More what?
Jesus, Humpty.
There's a world out there.
This does not concern you.
All I know is
you lost your head.
Your head was in the clouds
over that gutter guinea
that flashy, cheap,
flashy little wop.
You didn't think I knew
he carried a gun up here?
He'll know...
He'll know you came here.
No. It's the last place he'll look.
He knows how you feel about me.
You mean he knows
how much he hated me
for callin' it the way I saw it.
I counted on you when she died.
I was lost.
You dumped me for that trash.
That's why he wouldn't think
I'd come here.
He knows that we haven't
exchanged words in five years
'cause bad blood
between us ran too deep.
He shows up here,
I'll kill him.
Oh, God, don't say that.
I don't--I don't want trouble.
All right.
Okay, my nerves
are shot as it is
-and you better calm down.
-All right.
Just don't tell me what
I should or shouldn't do.
She's my daughter.
You are a light, baby.
You are a light in my life.
Do you know
how much I missed you?
Jesus! Suddenly, I'm starvin'.
Clean the fish, Ginny.
Yeah, yeah, I...I'll make
everybody stew.
Yeah, no...cooking relaxes my nerves.
Clean the fish?
I got a headache.
Clean the fish, Ginny,
two or three at least and
put paper down this time,
last time you got
guts all over the floor.
you remember Carolina?
Remember I used to bake?
I used to make you those
chocolate chip cookies?
And I'd put a little salt on it.
You're late!
And you're in real trouble!
You know you could
kill somebody starting fires!
What kind of craziness is that?
Hey, listen to me.
You could hurt someone.
W-Where'd you get this
idea to make fires?
Jesus, Humpty, you sound
so happy tonight.
What happened, your
number come in?
Better than my number came in.
My ship came home.
All right, well, have a good
night at the merry-go-round.
All right, you too, man.
That's it.
Leave it right there.
How long is she
gonna stay here?
I don't know.
Hey, maybe you can
get her a job
at that clam joint
you're workin' at.
You think that's a good idea?
You said they were looking
for a certain waitress.
But they're after her.
Shouldn't she move on?
I don't know, maybe
out of the country--Mexico?
What are you, nuts?
The hell's she
gonna do in Mexico?
Ah, they're not comin'
back here, she's right.
He knows how we feel
about each other.
Well, we did.
Different now.
Clouds been lifted.
I don't want guys comin'
around causin' trouble.
There's a kid here.
Ah, it's okay as long as
he doesn't burn himself
or kill somebody with those
goddamn fires of his.
He's a moody kid.
He's got a moody mother.
What's that supposed to mean?
Jesus Christ, I can't believe
Carolina's gonna
wind up a waitress.
Thank God Shirley's in her grave.
What about me
winding up a waitress?
It's not what I had in mind, either.
you wanna go fishin' Friday night?
The boys are bringin' the wives.
I don't go fishin', Humpty.
How many times
we have to go over this?
Y-Y-You don't like fishin',
you don't like boating,
you don't like bowlin',
what the hell do you like?
Oh, you like the radio and
the movie stars, right?
Readin' those goddamn movie
magazines all the time.
I'm worried about Richie.
Yeah. Oh, let me tell you
something about your son.
He's gonna burn down somethin'.
There you are.
I knew I'd find you here.
Why aren't you in school?
Wanna see this picture?
It's the last day.
You can't not go to school.
Jesus, Richie.
That's why you're
in summer school
'cause you missed so many days.
They called again and
they asked, "Is he sick?"
I don't like school.
Doesn't matter
if you don't like it.
You know, I don't like
waiting on tables, but...
we need to eat
and pay the rent.
Some things in life you have to
do whether you like it or not.
Let me watch the picture!
Where do you get the money
for the movies anyhow?
I took 50 cents out of Humpty's
pants when he was asleep.
What? You steal
from your father?
He's not my father
and I hate him.
Don't you dare say that.
You know, he saved my life.
He's gr--he always--
He's a good person.
-Why does he hit you?
-He doesn't hit me.
Yeah, when he gets drunk,
he hits everybody
but h-he hardly...
he hardly drinks anymore.
I can't sit here arguing with you
I have to go to work.
Go to school, okay?
If I catch you playing
with matches...
Yes, it's a problem.
The kid makes fires.
And not such little ones.
He played hooky
from summer school
and even made fires on the
beach where it's forbidden.
What the hell
does the kid see
when he just stares
into the flames?
Is it the eternal power
of the universe?
The conversion of mass
into energy?
The Furies at work?
Whatever his motive,
it is not appreciated.
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
W-What's the condition?
Jesus, Richie, I c--
I can't remember.
I went to school years ago.
God if you-if you pay
attention in class...
You hated school.
What? No, I didn't, I liked it.
I liked school
but-but I had to quit,
we were poor
you know, I had to work.
I was lucky.
I was lucky. I-
I had some talent.
You know, I-I was a-
I was a--
I was a very promising
young actress.
Oh, God. Oh, God, if you could've
seen me in some of those shows...
Let me show you a couple of
pieces but this is-this--
-this is from Dulcey, okay?
You know, I know I
showed you these pieces
but I never know if you're
paying any attention.
I wore this in Dulcey, look at
that, it's not real, but, you know.
-I've seen it.
-Isn't it beautiful?
God, look at that, it's--
let me show you this uh...
Wait, did I show you the, uh,
the piece from the musical?
I don't know if I did,
I had an incredible voice,
you know, I almost
got the lead in that show
and the-the girl who
got the part...
she was fat.
I had a much better
voice than her.
Is that where you met Dad?
Yeah, your-your real
father was a drummer.
He played jazz music.
God, he had perfect rhythm.
Oh! It was quite amazing.
And he also had black hair and...
he had...he had green eyes...
-Where is my father?
My real father?
I told you many times.
A rainy day at the beach.
Time off for me.
Nobody swims during
a lightning storm.
I guess this is as good
a time as any to tell you.
I'm having an affair with Ginny.
Humpty's wife.
Let me fill you in on that.
It started at the
beginning of the summer.
At that point, I didn't know
either Humpty or Ginny.
I saw the harbor lights
They only told me
we were parting
The same old harbor lights
That once brought you to me
I watched the harbor lights
How could I help
if tears were starting
Goodbye to tender nights
And then, at the end of a
cloudy day, it started to rain.
And the last few stragglers were
packing up and leaving the beach.
And suddenly, this
kind of interesting woman
comes walking along
the water's edge.
And the dramatist in me
sensed she was in
some kind of trouble
because her body language
read "vulnerable"
and "desperate."
you can't be out here right now.
Everybody has to go in.
We're expecting lightning storms.
Yeah, we gotta-we gotta go in.
We gotta clear the beach.
Yeah, we gotta go in.
Yeah, I've...I've been
all over the world.
I went to NYU and
right when I started, boom.
The japs hit Pearl Harbor.
So, after I got out,
went back to school and
now I'm workin' to
get my Master's.
But I-I don't resent
my years in the Navy.
I mean, I really saw the world.
You ever travel?
Not really.
No place magical.
You wanna know the
best place I ever saw?
Where's that?
Bora Bora.
I heard of it.
It's over by Tahiti where
Gauguin ran away to paint.
The water there...
so clear and unspoiled.
You can look down and see
all the bright-colored fish.
Bright red and yellow fish.
And-And the flowers are amazing.
And at night,
you never saw stars like
that on this planet.
You can actually read
by starlight.
And what are you gonna write?
Plays about human life.
Great tragic plays where
the protagonist gets crushed
because of some fatal weakness.
Like what?
My tragic flaw is
I'm too romantic a character.
You ever hear that song, uh,
"I Fall in Love Too Easily"?
You always...
think a person's tragedy
is their own fault.
Fate plays a big role.
But more stuff in life is out of our
control than we'd like to admit.
I brought my troubles on myself.
I guessed that when I saw you.
I thought, "She's very pretty, but
somewhere there's a tragic flaw."
I made a mistake.
But that was years ago.
I'll never make that mistake again.
I have to go.
You think you'll make it down
to the beach again soon?
Yeah, I might.
I might.
Where'd you go today?
Came home late.
I took a walk on the beach.
That's unlike you.
I was in a funny mood.
You wanna go to Yankee
Stadium Sunday?
It's the Red Sox.
It's not me, Humpty.
For the millionth time,
I don't care about baseball.
You used to go!
I tried to get interested
for your sake. I couldn't do it.
You wanna go,
I got an extra ticket?
I wanna go to the movies.
You know what?
You're gonna hurt your
eyes in so many movies.
You're just like your mother,
she lives on that
crap on the radio.
She thinks it's real.
I wanna be honest
with you, Mickey.
I'm married.
I'm a married woman.
I wanna be honest
with you, Mickey.
I'm a married woman.
I'm married, Mickey.
I feel strange mentioning it.
Now that you asked.
I got myself into
a bad situation.
I got myself--I got myself
into a bad situation.
You're right, I had...
I had notions about
ending everything.
I thought about drowning.
Of course, with a kid,
that's not an option.
you would've dived in
and ruin my dramatic finale.
I feel trapped.
I feel trapped.
I saw the harbor lights
Ginny did come back
to the beach.
And she looked sexy.
And I knew a spot
on the far end of the boardwalk.
The same old harbor lights
That once brought you to me
I watched the harbor lights
I have something to tell you.
Two things...to tell.
Nothing you could
tell me could put
the slightest shadow
on this evening.
I'm not 35.
I'm 38.
I'm 39.
That's a very hot age
for a woman.
I'm a very lucky guy.
I-I'm old-older than you.
What's the second thing?
I'm married.
You are?
I have a husband.
And a child from
my first marriage.
You thought uh, you thought
it would spoil everything, right?
Has it?
It's not the first time I found
a married woman beautiful.
I ruined my life by--
by being unfaithful once and
now I'm doing it again.
You brought about your own
downfall by being unfaithful?
It was someone I loved.
A drummer
whose rhythm pulsated with life.
And we married and
had a child and...
he adored me.
And yet...
yet I cou--
couldn't resist the
beautiful young man
in the cast who
played Marchbanks.
God, he wasn't even the
leading man but he--
but he kissed me
onstage every night
and I started looking forward
to those kisses and
and uh...
I wound up in his bed and
and then my-
my husband found out and
and it crushed him.
Oh, he deserved so
much better than me.
I b-I broke his heart.
Humiliated, he ran away.
I didn't blame him for going
as far from me as he could.
And when he left,
I learned for the first
time what love was.
But I was too late.
Because he was gone.
And I started coming apart.
Oh, I-I couldn't act anymore,
I couldn't keep my
mind on my role. I...
I-I-I forget my lines,
miss my cues,
and I drank,
and-and I lost work.
And Harold--
Humpty who was
also a lost soul
met me at a diner and thought
I was the prettiest thing.
The belle of the ball.
And we helped one another
scramble back onto our feet
and it's been five years and-
and I owe him a lot.
But just as I learned from my
first husband what love was...
I learned from Humpty
what it was not.
It's not gratitude,
it's not company.
And it's not going through the
motions of love-making when
you have so much to give
and no one you really
want to give it to.
Coney Island washboard
she would play
And so, it was a
pretty intense summer
and not just the humidity.
I was involved in a relationship
with an older ex-actress--
unhappily married,
and love-starved.
She made up one lie after another
to filch time to see me.
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
I've never been to
Greenwich Village.
It's got a lot of meaning
for me, all the
artists and writers
I love hung out here
and it's close to school.
Remember, it's nothing
but a rented hole.
Well, it's cozy.
That was very tactful.
These beautiful gardens.
How do you find these places?
My fantasy is that
is you write a play
with a character in it
I could play.
"Making her triumphant
return to the stage...
-"Miss Virginia--"
-Virginia DeLorean
Virginia DeLorean--
Not Ginny Javelin.
-"In tonight's performance...
"the part of Juliet
will be played by
Virginia DeLorean."
I love it. That was
your maiden name?
No, my real name
was Westlake but-
but I took DeLorean as a-
as a stage name.
God, all that summer stock
and hard work so
so I could afford acting
lessons just so I could
just so I could wind up
playing the part of a waitress
in a clam house.
I am playing a part.
You know, its not me.
It's not me-you think-
what-you think it's me?
-No, I...
-Oh, God.
I-I mean, I act it everyday
but I'm acting.
I'm not a waitress in a-
in a clam house.
There's more to me than that.
I-I-I mean, I-I'm just playing the
thankless role of-of the waitress.
Hey, hey.
Ginny, wha--
I'm sorry, I'm unraveling.
Promise me
we'll come back here.
She had less trouble
slipping away
after Humpty's
daughter showed up
because he was so happy
to see Carolina back.
Guess which number
came in today.
Ooh, which?
300 bucks.
This is for your night school.
Good, because
I have one picked out.
Good, 'cause I don't want you
waitressing all your goddamn life.
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
All those tunes she found
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Hey, you Humpty?
Frank Adatto says hello.
He's very upset because
his wife's gone missin'
and we're tryin' to find her.
Since uh, she's you daughter,
we thought we'd check with you.
Well... I haven't seen
Carolina in years.
We're not in good terms.
Frank must've told you that.
I haven't spoken
to her in five years.
I don't know.
I lost track of her after
she ran off and got married.
-Uh-huh, really?
Do me a favor, I'm talkin' to you,
stop workin' all right?
You try California?
She was talkin' about livin' in
San Francisco or Los Angeles.
I don't know, I wouldn't
even recognize her.
We just thought
maybe she'd turn up here.
Yeah. Well.
She wouldn't find me.
I moved three or four
times in five years.
I mean, how the hell
you find me?
Frank's very worried about her.
She'll never turn up here.
And if she does,
I'll tell her Frank's
lookin' for her, all right?
Hey, Humpty!
Did you hit him again?
I told you.
I told you next time I catch him
takin' money out of my pocket.
And I told you not to hit him.
All right.
All right,
we'll talk about it later.
I'm talkin' to these
gentlemen here.
Go on, we'll discuss it later.
How do you do?
This is my wife.
Go on, go on home--
We're lookin' for
Carolina Adatto.
I told him.
-Humpty's daughter?
-I told him!
I haven't seen her
in five years.
Yeah, yeah, h-h-he disowned her.
She'd never show her face
around here. Let's go.
Is that a gun?
Sharp kid.
They're very dangerous.
You people would never
try to hide her, would ya?
Hide her for what?
What'd she do?
You know, you're a nice family.
I wouldn't like to see you
get into trouble.
Can I see the gun?
No, he can't!
Let's go, Richie.
See ya later, Humpty.
what can I tell ya?
She's not here!
Frank says there's
bad blood between 'em.
Maybe California's
a better idea.
And I'm startin' to think
we ain't gonna find her.
No, I'm gonna find her.
I wanna get some oysters,
they probably got
great oysters here.
I love oysters.
Eh, but do we got time?
Christ, 5:00 we gotta
meet him in Hoboken.
You know how he gets
when we're late, come on.
Gah, I coulda went for oysters.
Hey, John, I need two beers.
Hey, what's your name?
What time do you get off?
I don't get off,
I go right to school.
Night school?
That's right.
What are you studyin'?
To be an English teacher.
-What time is class over?
-Here you go, two beers.
I got a lotta homework.
I'm strikin' out here.
When do you graduate?
And so, the Angel of Death passed
over them and headed out west.
But his shadow was scary.
It took a few days of
summer sun to decompress.
Life on the boardwalk
provided the tourist
with cheap thrills
and great hotdogs.
When she wasn't breaking
dishes or customers' hearts,
Carolina took a limited
program at night school.
And when Humpty wasn't
tryin' to get riders
for those empty horses
on the carousel,
he was off chasing
fluke and flounder.
Your wife don't like
to go fishing anymore, huh?
She never really liked it,
she made like she liked it.
To get me on the hook.
I was the fish.
I touch your lips and all
at once the sparks go flying
Those devil lips that know
so well the art of lying
And though I see the danger,
still the flame grows higher
I used to hate the rain.
Now I love it 'cause
it means you get time off.
Well, the perks of
being a lifeguard.
Now I see rain through
your eyes and
it's beautiful.
You know, you'd go
crazy over Bora Bora?
Sunsets, sunrises...
I'd go off with you on
any place you ask me to.
You say you're miserable
at home with Humpty.
Why do you stay with the guy?
Me and Richie?
A joke.
Waiting on tables,
trying to suck
nickel and dime tips out of redneck
clowns wearing lobster bibs?
Yeah, I know, it is pretty sleazy
what happened to Coney Island.
Hey, I don't wanna
spoil the rainy day.
Tell me about the
Chekhov play you read.
No. You tell me.
Ever play Chekhov?
I can't remember.
Maybe once in Baltimore.
Main actress got sick.
Although it dooms me
Though it consumes me
Your Kiss of Fire
How's it coming?
I know he has feelings for me.
And I-I-I know it's not
just a summer thing.
Oh, God, I hope I'm not
misreading it all.
I mean, I try to...
I try to push him
without being one of
those pushy women.
You know, I don't-don't
want my desperation to show.
There's progress, but...
it's slow.
You know?
As the summer ends and it...
it fizzles out and I'm
left at square one.
I don't know what I'll do.
Well, you'll survive
like we all do.
No. No, I'm not a strong person.
I wouldn't have survived my
breakdown if it wasn't for Humpty.
Now I'm feeling claustrophobic,
my headaches are back,
You just have to be realistic
in case things
don't go your way.
There is nothing realistic
about a Chinese garden
in the middle of
Staten Island, but...
but it's-it's-it's where
I wanna be with him.
How's Richie doing?
Oh, I never know
what's on his mind.
I touch your lips and all
at once the sparks go flying
Those devil lips that know
so well the art of lying
And though I see the danger,
still the flame grows higher
I know I must surrender
to your kiss of fire
Just like a torch, you set
the soul within me burning
I must go on, I'm on this
road of no returning
And though it burns me and
it turns me into ashes
I love your hair like this,
you look ten years younger.
-You think?
Oof, I wish I had
your kind of hair.
-The rainy weather kills me.
Ah, oh.
-Oh, hi, hi.
Um, this is Mickey.
In case you never noticed,
he's the lifeguard on Bay 7.
This is my husband's
daughter, Carolina.
I swim at Bay 7 sometimes.
-You do?
We have to go.
Just don't drown on
Bay 7 or they'll fire me.
W-We should get going.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
Do you like my hair?
Hm? Oh.
Yes, it's...lovely.
Your kiss of fire
Hey, I saw your daughter last
night, she was with a soldier.
Ah, Jesus Christ, you put a uniform
on a guy, they lose their heads.
It's true.
I saw her with a sailor.
She's a very patriotic girl.
Yeah, well, she's pretty, Humpty,
you gotta expect some
trouble, you know.
-Yeah, that's right.
-Her mother was pretty.
And a saint.
This girl's got a high IQ.
Her mother saw the number.
I play the IQ number,
but it never comes in.
No, I'm sure she can handle
herself, she's been married.
Yeah, and knows the score.
Yeah, he's right, you know,
once a woman's divorced,
come on, she's
fair game, you know.
-That's right.
-I'm glad I got boys, though.
She's going to night school.
She's gonna be an
English teacher
Yeah, right, if some soldier
doesn't knock her up first.
What the hell...?
Come on, just kiddin'!
Look how red he got.
What kinda thing is that to say?
She don't look like any English
teacher I had in school.
Yeah, yeah, what
school did you go to?
You didn't go to
school, you idiot.
I went to the School
of Hard Knocks.
-Remember me?
-Of course.
We met outside the movie
theater the other night.
-Oh. Gosh.
Yes, with Ginny.
You said you
sometimes use Bay 7.
Yes, you remember.
I was hoping to get some tan.
-It's gotten so overcast.
-Yeah, storm clouds.
What is it?
Hamlet and Oedipus by
Ernest Jones.
My goodness, that sounds deep.
It's not that deep when you're
familiar with the total picture.
What total picture is that?
Well, Hamlet of course.
I haven't read Hamlet
since high school.
But you've seen it performed?
Once, and not very well.
I love the theater but
I haven't seen that many shows.
I-Ignorance is no sin.
It just means your experience
hasn't brought into contact
-with certain things.
-Did you finish school?
-No, I got sidetracked.
Yeah, me too.
Uncle Sam.
What's your story?
I got married too quickly.
But it's all over.
Marriage is a big step, isn't it?
What'd your husband do?
Shouldn't you be looking
out for drowning people?
No one ever drowns here.
But I should, yes.
I'm actually through
with this book, so
if you want, you can borrow it
and then when you're finished,
then we could
discuss it more fully.
I'd like that.
Till I waltz again with you
Let no other hold your charms
If my dreams
should all come true
You'll be waiting for my arms
You know who I ran into
yesterday at the beach?
The lifeguard, Mickey.
-You did?
I was leaving and I noticed
him, so I said hello.
He was sitting up there reading and
he dropped down and we talked.
He was very nice.
And he's well-educated.
He's studying at college
to write plays.
I thought that would interest
you since you acted.
And he had a book about Hamlet,
a psychological study.
I hadn't read Hamlet for years
and he tried not to
make me feel so dumb.
He was sweet.
-How long'd you chat?
-Five minutes.
I had to go home and shower
and dress for a date--
a nice guy from night school,
took me to the movies.
Not that I'd like
to see him again.
That's...that's all you
talked about with Mickey?
I kind of found him attractive.
Did you?
Uh, I'm probably
reading into it, but
I think he kind of liked me.
He said I could borrow his book
and we could talk about it.
That flounder was great.
You know, that's the beauty of being
able to catch yourself a fresh.
It's not just the money,
it's the flavor.
Carney and Ryan and Leo
think you're a knockout.
Yeah, they kid me about
seeing you with that soldier.
-Oh, Rusty Ford.
No, he's a real hero,
he fought in Okinawa.
Hey, what am I, the hired help?
You ever think of
clearing you own stuff?
I'm sorry, every time I try,
you send me back down.
That's because we can't afford
to have any more dishes broken
but you could overrule
me and just...be careful.
Oh, of course, no,
I'm happy to help.
I'd do the dishes but
I just did my nails.
Well, I don't feel like
doing them tonight.
She just did her nails.
When you're married
to a man who got rich
putting people's
feet in cement,
you probably never
had to do a dish.
I'll do it.
-I'll do it.
-I got it.
"Starring as a waitress."
Something's eatin' her.
It's my fault. I should insist
on doing more around here.
-Well, pfff...
-No, she's right, I'm not used to it.
I'm between work
and studying, I...
Well, listen...just get
home early, that's all.
Hey, was everything okay?
You seemed a little distracted.
Carolina told me you ran
into her at the beach.
Ran into her?
I nearly hit her in the
head with my book.
She said you lent it to her.
Yeah, she was interested.
You shouldn't read out there.
People trust you with their lives.
So, what'd you
talk to her about?
Nothing. Uh, my book--Hamlet.
She said she quit
school to get married.
To a gangster.
Really? How interesting.
You find that interesting?
They're after her.
They want to kill her.
You better be careful.
I get the creeps living in that
apartment. I wish she'd move on.
-She never mentioned it.
-Well, she wouldn't.
She's embarrassed by how
she screwed up her life.
They're gonna find her
and kill her?
Y-You must be exaggerating.
It's a long story.
She's a canary. She sings.
That's terrible.
She's young, she's pretty.
She should go
where she's safe.
I asked you the other
day if she was pretty
and you said, "Okay".
Was so quick, I didn't
really get a good look.
But at the beach she
had on a bathing suit.
Yeah, well, sort of.
You didn't get any
ideas, did you?
-What kind of ideas?
-What do you think?
Hey, give me a break.
What are you doing?
She's not for you.
She's hiding out here.
Her lifes all topsy-turvy.
I was just chatting with her.
Well, I hope you didn't
say anything about us.
You know, she'll tell her father.
-That's what canaries do.
-Of course, I'm gonna do that.
They sing.
What do you think I'm a dope?
L-Let's get off this topic.
Hey, you were in my
dream last night.
What, I'm supposed to be
flattered you dream of me?
I rescued you in the dream.
Rescue me?
What can I tell you?
I'm not gonna tell Ginny
my real feelings.
How could I?
But I was taken with Carolina.
Something hit me right off.
The more I talked with her,
the more I was intrigued by her.
I felt a buzz all day
after our encounter.
I'd like to see her
again but obviously
I can't be honest with
Ginny about that.
The last thing I wanna
do is hurt Ginny
or wreck a good thing.
Ginny's a very emotional woman.
And how could I ever explain
things to Carolina?
That's all I need.
Hey, I'm having an affair
with your stepmother
who's cheating with
me on your father?
It's best to forget
about Carolina.
A sweet dream.
But a dream.
But as in a Greek play,
Ananke or fate rules so
much of our destinies.
First, I accidentally drop my
book just missing her head.
And now look what happens.
-Come on, get in!
Thank you. God.
I was getting soaked!
Let me buy you a cup of coffee.
I can't I'll be late for work.
I'll get you as close to
the boardwalk as I can.
See the pyramids along the Nile
I knew what was going on, but
You look the other way when
your husband's hot stuff
and six million women
are after him.
But he wants you.
And it's all jewelry and furs
and Florida and the racetrack
and the Copa
and the roulette wheel and Cuba
Wow, you've really lived a life.
It was great.
Until it wasn't.
And then it was a lot of arguing.
And getting pushed around.
What'd you uh,
what'd you argue over?
S-Sooner or later, everything.
It sounds exciting, but
it's an unreal way to live.
I wanted family and-
and I wanted peace.
So, eventually the whole
thing blew up and we split.
But the FBI
got to me and I...
I was all mixed up and scared
and I said things.
Because I know things.
So they hate me and uh,
they're scared.
I know where all the
bodies are buried.
Jesus, what a sheltered
life I've led.
I have book knowledge but
you've really tasted life.
You've been round the world.
Yeah, but you've been
around the block.
You think you'll always be
looking over your shoulder?
Everybody dies, you can't walk
around thinking about it.
You're talking to a lifeguard.
And hopefully with
time, things change.
I-I get paid to save people.
You know, you'd be safe
in a place like Venice or
or Bora Bora.
That's where I'm headed.
I'm gonna be late.
I'm really flattered
you opened up to me.
You have a kind face.
And you have a beautiful face.
Especially in this rain light.
Thank you for the lift.
I hope I didn't make you late.
No, it's okay.
I'm glad I took you up
on the ride.
You're late!
I'm sorry, I got
caught in the storm.
I'll explain it all to you later,
I want your input.
Well, I can't do all the
work here by myself.
I...I got-I got a migraine,
wouldn't you know it.
Well, it's the weather.
Next time get here on time.
I don't wanna have to
cover for you.
I'm usually very punctual.
Usually doesn't do it,
this is a job.
I know you're not
used to schedules.
Lucky Tiny's not here.
Can I talk to you later?
When you're not so--
when you're feeling better?
About what?
Some advice when you're
not so stressed.
If you would stop doing
that with your fingers
it would-it would help.
I get excited.
My head's throbbing, I-I had
to do six tables alone.
I broke my neck for-
for two fat ladies
and don't you know,
they stiffed me.
I am very sorry I'm late.
But I was s-shopping and when
I came out, it was raining.
And you may have forgotten,
but today is a special day
and I wanted to get it
gift-wrapped for you.
Oh, God...don't tell me
you got me a present.
How often do you turn 40?
It's a milestone!
It's a tombstone.
You're not getting it till tonight.
Can we order some clams?
Uh, yeah.
You can sit wherever you like.
Cant' believe it's my birthday
and we can't be together.
I know...I know Humpty's
got something planned.
I don't need any present but
I wouldn't mind dinner
someplace over candlelight.
You've got a birthday
coming up too.
I love the verbose Leos.
Leos are warm, generous,
protective... beautiful.
God, I'm-I'm-I'm not beautiful
tonight, I got this
I got this migraine.
You guys like anything else?
I gotta go.
I love you, Mickey.
There you go. I said it.
I'm coming.
I gotta go.
And we wish you
a happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday, Ginny!
And don't be depressed
about turning 40.
Hang on to it, because
take it from me,
in a blink of an eye,
you'll be 50
-and you're gonna wish you were 40.
-That's true.
Come on, let me do it,
let me do it, let me do it.
Come on, come on,
let me do it, let me do it.
Come on you already
sung into it!
A tape recorder.
-It's a tape recorder.
-Let him go.
This is unbelievable machine.
Yeah, yeah, well, you know I thought
she'd like it for her birthday.
I got a great buy on
that tape recorder.
-It's stolen!
-What do you mean, stolen?
Some bum stole it. He's tryin' to
sell it on the boardwalk, you know.
Big spender.
Yeah, those guys will--
you know--pfff...
They'll do anything to make
money to buy a drink.
-So would I.
I paid three bucks for it!
-Three dollars?
-I mean I couldn't afford
-a new one, right?
-That thing?
That's a deal!
That's a lot of fun,
isn't it, Ginny?
Oh, sure.
I wish I had one of these
things, it's great!
What kind of birthday party
is this with no booze?
Shut up, Ryan.
Hey, come on, it's a party.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
Bell bottom trousers
coat of navy blue
She loves her sailor
and he loves her too
If you're gonna sing, will you
at least get the words right?
Those are the right words.
"She loved her sailor
and he loved her too".
You know what? I think
it's time to go home.
No, no, truly, come on.
No, you know what, you should
come out on the boat on Saturday
they're goin' for bluefish.
Ah, she don't fish.
Well, neither do I, but
she can get a nice tan.
She don't do nothin'.
Come on, don't go.
Stay, stay, come on,
Bell bottom trousers,
coat of navy blue
She loves her sailor
and he loves her too
She lights up when
you sing that.
I love that.
Come on, wait.
Keep on going!
Da da da da da
Once there was a little girl
she lives next to me
Hi, are you okay?
Oh. Yeah, my...head's
cracking open
I'm glad you like the scarf,
it looks great on you.
Oh, thanks.
Jesus, are they ever going home?
Oh, my sixth aspirin.
Hey, wha...what did you
wanna ask me about?
Oh, it can wait. I just
wanted to get your advice
on something
concerning Mickey.
Mickey the lifeguard?
Uh-huh. But it can wait.
No, go ahead.
What about Mickey?
I ran into him today in the rain
and he gave me a lift.
-He did?
Lucky me,
I would've been soaked.
What, he just
happen to drive by?
And we got a chance to talk.
And I really think
there's something there.
Like what?
Well, he was
very charming and flirtatious.
And he liked hearing
all about me.
I must say, I found
him very appealing.
W-What are yous doin'?
Why don't you come join us?
Y-You could sing. You know
"April Showers", right?
We're just talking, Dad.
Oh, baby,
I didn't get a chance to
give you your birthday kiss.
You know,
you're just as pretty today as you
were when I first started dating you.
I'm a lucky guy.
Come on, join us.
We will.
W-What makes you think he
liked hearing your story?
Did he say anything?
He was clearly flirty.
-Yeah? It was obvious?
And we were sitting in
the car in the rain and...
It was like being in one
of those love pictures.
Well, how far did it go? Did
he take your hand or anything?
No, we just talked.
Then I told him about
Frank and my marriage.
And he found the whole
story dramatic.
You opened up to a
guy you just met?
I know, I...
I found myself talking and talking.
Oh, it's funny, I...
I felt very at ease with him.
Even when I first met him.
Well, did he become familiar?
I mean, d-did he try anything?
Did he take your hand?
He said I had a beautiful
face in the rain light.
Isn't that a nice phrase,
"the rain light"?
He's a poet.
Uh-huh. And did he
take your hand?
Christ, did he do anything?
Did he touch you?
did he kiss you?
Why are you getting so heated?
Well, it's
like pulling teeth!
God, between you and them and
m-my headache!
Well, I told you that
this could wait.
Just continue.
He didn't touch me.
I'm telling you because I probably
over-interpreted it because I-I--
I wanted him to.
But that's why I'm asking you
because you know the guy.
So-So what's he like?
He's a loose talker.
My advice is to watch yourself.
Yeah, he fills your
head full of lies
but--and his reputation
is that he's a phony.
Well, he-he didn't do anything?
I mean, he didn't kiss you?
Unless you're not telling me.
Why wouldn't I tell you?
Then I say forget him.
I happen to know he's got a
girlfriend who he's in love with.
And maybe even plans to marry.
So my-my advice
is-is to keep away.
That's disappointing.
Well, honey, he'll-he'll
break your heart.
You know, is that what you want?
Are you sure?
Men can't be trusted.
I should talk. My husband
trusted me and I...
I hurt him. I wrecked him.
I'm not sure he didn't kill
himself in some hotel room in
in Philadelphia.
I-I don't-I don't
wanna know about it.
He decides to take 90
sleeping pills, or 85
I'm supposed to...
supposed to blame myself?
Christ, can they
get the hell out?!
Calm down, Ginny,
they're leaving.
I know him.
And I know him
well enough to know
you're not his type.
And he--honey, he's taken.
He's not free.
That's why I asked you.
Come here, Richie,
come say goodbye.
Come on, come here.
-See you later, kiddo.
Bye, sweetheart.
Happy birthday!
Make sure you're coming
to the boat this weekend.
I didn't mean to
bother you with this.
Why don't you lie down?
You know, just because
you're a pretty young girl
who's been pampered
and chased after,
you think every man
is a pushover!
Why are you saying that?
What did I do?
Well, it's true, isn't it?
Car and drivers, you know,
winters in Palm Beach...
God, who you kidding?
This is his mother.
When, t-today?
Was anybody hurt?
But nobody got
burned or anything?
Well, no, no.
No, I-I work then.
Well, no, no, no, no--
No, no, there's no-no
reason to involve the police.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
Bell bottom trousers--
Put away that goddamn machine!
What'd I do?
You know what you did!
You made a fire
in the basement of
an apartment house!
What the hell were you doing
in a basement of an
apartment house?
Listen to me!
They were gonna call the police.
We have to see the
principal tomorrow.
What is wrong with you?
Huh? Do you wanna-
you wanna kill somebody?
Do you wanna burn
yourself to death?
Oh, Jesus, I can't take
this close living.
Everything's coming apart.
W-What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Is one of these days, he's
gonna kill someone with a fire!
You did it again?
Oh, God, where'd you get this
sick habit to make fires?
Are you demented?
You know what? I swear I catch
you with matches again,
I'm gonna beat your brains out
and that goes for your stealin' too.
Okay, we're too crowded here.
And she's no help.
You know, you spoiled her.
Her husband pampered her.
She's no good in the restaurant.
Let her go to Mexico
where she's safe.
Well, she's right.
I'll get out.
No, you won't.
Where the hell you gonna go?
Business is off all over.
Come on, we're broke.
No, no, you're finally
going to school.
You stay here until you get
your feet on the ground
and then you can go.
She's not happy
waiting on tables
and she's no good at it.
All right.
Let's do somethin' about the kid.
You know what
I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna take my strap off
and I'm gonna teach you a lesson
you're never gonna forget.
Hey, don't you dare.
He started the fire. How did
this get to be about me?
W-Why can't she find
a job somewhere else?
Get a room and then split
the rent with some girl.
What are you--come on, she's--
She's tryin' to go to school,
she's tryin' to make
a life, all right?
Sh-She wants to
amount to somethin'.
She's not gonna spend the rest
of her life waiting tables.
She's better than that.
It's 'cause
you're too close to her.
there's class in this girl.
She made a mistake, all right?
And I swore I'd never
forgive her, but
it's not in my nature
to stay angry, honey.
And what about me, huh?
I don't wanna be
a waitress either.
There's more to me
than shucking oysters.
You're upset, baby. All right?
Every birthday instead of
celebrating, you put on a long face.
Come on, honey.
What I really need
is a drink.
But I can't have it
'cause you'll fall off the wagon.
Argh, go to bed!
-Go to bed!
What the hell?!
All right, here we go.
Hi. The same time next
Thursday okay for you?
I work. I'll have to call you.
-He may have to come alone.
-Oh, that's fine.
-Thank you.
-How'd you like her?
-She was okay.
Well, what'd she say?
Well, I'm sure she
didn't say nothing.
She asked a few questions.
Like what?
I don't know.
Tell me.
I don't remember.
About my father, and you,
and Humpty.
And then what'd you say?
I don't remember.
Did you tell her I love you?
Did you tell her I screwed up your
life by betraying your father?
Huh? What'd she say to that?
She must have a pretty
low opinion of me.
I told her that it's your
fault my real father's gone.
Where'd you get that from?
You just said it,
you say it all the time!
I told her it makes you cry
and you think you hear drums.
Hey, Humpty, Humpty,
He-He has to see this doctor.
He has to see this
doctor once a week.
We need an extra
ten dollars a week.
Don't look at me,
you see how business is.
Well, don't look at me either.
-You have some money saved.
-What money?
Plenty of money.
From when you hit
your number and since
Carolina came, you put
away a few dollars
from your paycheck
every week.
And you have some-some
money left from selling the car.
Uh, listen, Th-that's for
her school, okay?
She earns money.
What, Ruby's?
She makes peanuts, come on.
Well, you-you got plenty
in that tin box.
And I-I need to pay
the psychiatrist.
I don't believe in
any of that crap.
You know, you just gotta
be stricter with him.
I-I've said it a dozen times.
I-I need some
extra money, okay?
He-He needs help.
Well...for what?
What-what about my daughter?
All right? I'm not gonna
throw away her future
to pay for some
phony head doctor.
That's the biggest
goddamn racket.
Right this way, folks.
What's with the cigarettes?
I'm smoking. I'm smoking.
Ginny, come on.
Coney's on the skids. We
don't raise enough to live.
Honey, honey, I don't
blame you for--
for being moody,
I know you're moody.
Okay, I...
You know, I... I don't get it.
Y-Y-You're happy one minute
and then you get crazy.
You pick fights with Carolina
for no good goddamn reason.
She likes you.
Look at me, she likes you.
Come on.
What happened to us, huh?
We should talk
to each other more.
We should go fishing together.
Your problem is you're
wrapped up in Carolina.
I told you that.
You scrimp and save for her,
you take her fishing with you,
you get angry if she
goes on a date.
And face it, Humpty,
you treat her like a girlfriend.
You're gonna be crushed
when she dumps you again.
And she will dump you
and move on.
You know what?
I cannot have this
conversation anymore.
You've got a one-track mind.
And you've become insulting!
You remembered I loved it here.
Here. Here's your present.
Happy birthday.
It's obviously a book.
Open it.
The plays of Eugene O'Neill.
You'll like them. They're dark.
And he really knew the score.
You know? Human nature
and existence.
I once acted in a play of his.
Which? I know them all.
It was just summer stock, they
did uh, The Iceman Cometh.
I-I played one of the whores.
What power!
To write a play about
the human condition.
The tragic human condition and
how we have to lie to
ourselves in order to live.
Anyhow, happy 40th.
Carolina says you were
flirting with her.
I gave her a lift in the rain.
You don't have to lie.
She said you parked
and had a long talk.
A flirtatious talk.
Did she get the impression
that I was flirting?
Jesus. I mean, I was
fascinated by her story.
This girl's lived a lifetime
in her 26 years.
Did you make a pass at her?
A pass? God, no.
I gave her a lift.
Did you tell her she had a
beautiful face in the rain light?
I don't remember.
I-I-I may have, but
what's wrong with a compliment?
You know she's a marked woman.
I-I do, she told me her story.
It's chilling.
Would you like to spend
more time with her?
Why do you say that?
Well, that's the
impression she got.
Look, this is supposed to be
your birthday celebration
and it's turning into
the third degree.
Can't you see I'm jealous?
Nothing's happened
to be jealous of.
I was hoping...
we might have a future together.
Yes, I know, I...
I told you we'd talk about
it when the time comes.
If you told her she
had a beautiful face,
what the hell is-is she
supposed to think?
What the hell am I
supposed to think?
Hey, we were sitting in
the car on a rainy day--
that light would've
looked soft on any woman.
You know what, this conversation
is-is starting to take a crazy turn.
I've become consumed
with jealousy!
Can we start the day over?
I really hope you like
your birthday present.
O'Neill was a great one.
Great and terrifying.
Of course I felt terrible.
I needed to talk
the situation over
with someone a lot
sharper than me.
I called my friend Jake Jacoby
who's a graduate
student at city college
in the philosophy department.
It doesn't make sense because
you're not dealing with sense,
you're dealing with feelings.
Feelings, my friend.
It's a whole different ballgame.
The whole thing
is so irrational.
I've been seeing this
married woman all summer.
And she has these fantasies of
leaving her husband
and going away with me.
Her fondest wish would be
to divorce him and marry me.
And at times I see it
and at times I don't.
She's older than me
and I like that.
Somehow it fits into
the romantic narrative of
the writer's life.
But she's more than that.
So-So-So why am I hesitant?
One minute I'm not sure,
the next I'm ready to
take charge of her life--
to rescue her.
Can-Can this Carolina
be relied on?
After all, she-she did
run away with gangsters
because she was a thrillseeker.
Uh... you know...
did-did-did she learn her lesson?
She may give you
a period of bliss
but will it sustain?
Will this other one be
a more solid fit for you?
When I hear you say it,
I think,
yes, she would.
And-And Ginny's counting
on me, she's drowning.
Yeah, she'd be eternally
grateful for a lifeline.
Af-After all, you know, a love
so intense as hers is for you
is a rare gift to have
bestowed on a man.
It's amazing how
lucid things become
when you get an
outside perspective.
At that moment, a fog lifted
and my choice was obvious.
Carolina was a lovely daydream
but reality, with all its pros
and cons, belonged to Ginny.
All my silly schemes to
pursue Carolina seemed crazy
and I made the decision to never
entertain that pipe dream again.
But as Jake said, the heart
has its own hieroglyphics.
Maybe he was right.
I came to tell you something.
Oh, yeah?
I thought of you yesterday.
I know you mentioned
that you love pizza.
And somebody said he knew the
greatest pizza place in Brooklyn.
And he took me there
and he was right.
And I thought you'd
wanna know about it.
Your boyfriend took you?
It's called Capri, it's a few
blocks from the boardwalk
not far from here.
Will you let me take you there?
I'm kinda busy
with school all week.
Is Friday night good?
Friday, I can do.
And he's not my boyfriend.
I touch your lips and all
at once the sparks go flying
Those devil lips that know
so well the art of lying
And though I see the danger,
still the flame grows higher
I know I must surrender
to your kiss of fire
Just like a torch, you set
the soul within me burning
-Good morning, ma'am.
-Do you still have it?
-Yes, I do.
I've got the money.
Can you take it in the back
and engrave it?
Of course, what do
you want it to say?
You're all that I desire
Since first I kissed you
my heart was yours completely
If I'm a slave
Then it's a slave I want to be
Don't pity me
Don't pity me
Give me your lips,
the lips you only let me borrow
Love me tonight and let
the devil take tomorrow
I know that I must have your
kiss although it dooms me
Though it consumes me
Your kiss of fire
Since first I kissed you
my heart was yours completely
I'm glad we could steal
these few minutes.
No one will see us this end
of the boardwalk, it's
it's so private.
I wanted to talk to you.
But first, I want to talk to you.
Don't look so worried.
Mine is a nice thing.
Did you miss me?
Well, you've been so
busy with your son--
That's not what I asked you.
-Did you miss me?
-Jesus, Ginny.
-Why are you always so evasive?
-Take it easy.
You never wanna talk
about anything.
Okay, look, I don't want
to get off to a bad start.
Remember last week
it was my birthday?
-Well, today is yours.
How'd you know?
You mentioned it.
Remember we're both Leos?
I mentioned it ages ago.
What a memory.
What is that?
I got you a present.
Oh, God.
You can't do that.
-Why not?
-I-It's not right.
You got me a gift.
I know, but...
what the hell, I got you a book.
This is... i-i-it's-
it's much too expensive.
I can't accept this.
How would you know
it's so expensive?
I've inquired about this watch.
-I was with you.
Okay. This is a $500 watch.
But you always
wanted this watch.
Yes, but it's much
too extravagant.
-You can't afford this.
-That's my business.
And even if you could, it's
much too extravagant, given...
Given what?
Given-Given what?
It's too much to spend on me.
You shouldn't be
getting me jewelry.
Why not?
Is it too meaningful?
Oh, Christ. You inscribed it.
Yeah, read it.
We have to have a talk.
I thought you'd be excited.
It's too much and I can't
accept this watch.
Stop saying that!
You can't be buying
me a $500 watch.
Look, why?
Y-You're always saying
what a beautiful, perfect
summer it's been, and-and...
It's not right given
the circumstances.
What circumstances?
What are the goddamn
That you're ready
to get very serious
and I'm just not ready.
Something's happened.
Something's happened,
everything was--
Everything was going so smoothly.
Something's gone wrong.
I don't wanna disappoint you.
Look, you-you said you love me.
Were you insincere?
It's not that I wasn't trying.
Of course if you have to try.
It's-It's not homework.
I'm not saying I don't have
real feelings for you.
Is it Carolina?
Jesus Christ, I hardly
know Carolina.
But you wanna get to know her.
And I should wait around
while you could try her out?
Hey, I didn't say that.
I didn't say that.
You're losing it.
You know what?
You don't want it?
Forget it. Huh?
Forget it!
-What the hell are you doing?
-Forget it!
-Are you crazy?
-Don't talk to me!
All right, you little punk, give me
back that money or I'll kill ya.
Hey, w-what's going on?
I didn't take his money!
Don't tell me, you little thief,
you're always stealing from me.
He took 400 bucks
out of my tin box.
I did not!
You know what? That's 400 bucks.
That's grand larceny.
You know, I ougta
bang it outta ya.
He didn't take it.
Don't-Don't be tellin'
me he didn't take it.
You know, you're always
stickin' up for him.
That's why he is
the way he is.
-Now you give me that money back.
-I took it.
Don't make up a story.
I took the money, not him.
You took it?
Yeah, I-I-I needed it to
pay for a psychiatrist for him.
That's right, they're-they're
a lot of money and
and he's been goin'
every few days. I...
I-I-I didn't wanna tell you.
Wait, y-y-you took my savings
to pay for a head doctor?
He needs help.
Yeah, you know what? I was saving
that money for Carolina's school.
Well, she'll just have to put
some of her dreams on hold.
I got a call
from his doctor
that he started a fire
in her waiting room.
Richie! Is that so?
I don't wanna go back there.
You know what? You steal. What
kind of example is that? Jesus.
Oh, God, I can't
handle this now.
Look, I-I-I'm late for work.
I am sick of waiting on tables
and kicking in my salary so that
you can put away your
extra money for Carolina.
Oh, God! Now my
head is pounding.
Well, take an aspirin.
I don't want an aspirin.
I want a Scotch!
Take an aspirin!
Jeez, so that's where
you've been hidin' it.
I knew you had a stash.
And when I begged you for
a shot, when I needed it
you wouldn't give me,
but when you need one, you--
You're not allowed.
I knew you had a bottle.
-I knew it.
I'm late, I'm such a scatterbrain.
I have a date
and I forgot my wallet.
Uh, I'm meeting Mickey
and I found
this great pizza place.
It's his birthday,
so I'm treating.
What, y-y-you're
going with Mickey?
Don't look so stunned, you
introduced me to him, remember?
If he breaks my heart,
you're to blame.
I know you warned me but
I think he likes me
and is sincere.
Not that anything's
happened yet but
I'm hoping tonight's the night.
I've gotta go.
Don't come home late.
What are you doin'?
I'm drinking!
What does it
look like I'm doing?
Coney Island washboard
she would play
You could hear her
on the boardwalk every day
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
All those tunes she found
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Uh, the, those two guys
that were just here...?
Yeah, they were
lookin' for Carolina.
-How'd they know she worked here?
-I don't know.
Well, what'd you tell 'em?
Nothing, I hope.
They said they
needed to find her
and I know she's havin'
dinner with some guy tonight
at the uh, Capri Pizzeria
up on Beach Walk.
God, I hope you didn't say that.
Yeah, I did, why?
Did I do wrong?
Something wrong?
God, I...
I have to make a phone call
before they get there.
-Capri, the Italian restaurant?
-Uh phone's not--
Yeah, yeah. It's not
workin' though, the phone.
What do you mean
the phone's not--?
-not working?
-I don't know, all day long.
Jesus, I've to
make a phone call!
-You need a nickel?
-I have to make a phone call.
I h-h-have to make
and emergency call.
All right, Miss.
I gotta call you back.
There's an emergency here,
someone needs
to make a phone call.
All right, yeah, no, I'll-
I'll call you back.
Yeah, I need the number of a-a
restaurant in Brooklyn on Beach Walk
called Capri Pizzeria.
-Capri, John speaking.
Yeah, I-I-I need to speak
with a-a customer
she-she-she has a--
she has blond-blond...
Capri, hello?
Isn't it the best pizza
you've ever had in your life?
And I'm taking you.
I have something
I wanna tell you.
If only it wasn't so fattening.
But of course, you don't
have to worry about that.
A few things
that I wanna tell you.
I'm in love with you.
You'll think I'm very silly
but I believe firmly
in love at first sight.
Maybe because I'm a writer and
we over-romanticize but
you just rang some
sort of a bell with me
the minute I laid eyes on you.
I don't know what to say.
I-I don't want you
to say anything.
I-I don't expect you
to say anything.
But I still wanted you to know.
I'm glad you feel that way.
Now I'm going to tell
you something that
you're going to have
complicated feelings about
and you may not be
so thrilled to hear it but
I have to be honest.
Why, I suddenly get nervous?
I've been having
an affair with Ginny.
That's right.
She's very unhappily
married to your father and
we met at the beach
and it began and
while I like her very much--
and I've even tried to
convince myself that I love her,
but I'm just not in love with her.
And she's looking for
someone to pull her out of
her unhappy marriage and
it's never going to be me.
So, I'm going to break
with her either way.
But I still wanted you to
know the...the whole story.
This is gonna kill my father.
He's so dependent on her.
How awful for Ginny, I...
Oh, God, I...
I told her we were going for
dinner here tonight and that I...
I hoped that you'd finally
tell me how you felt about me.
And I did.
I don't know how
to take all of this.
I'm sure you don't.
It just seems to go from
one drama to another.
-Can we get the check?
-I-I'll get it.
No, no, no, no.
No. It's uh,
It's my treat.
Thank you.
Hey, my car's just around
the corner. I'll drop you off.
I prefer to walk.
Okay. Well, I'll walk with you.
No, I have a lot
of thinking to do.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, got it.
Um, well, I'll call you later.
And I'm-I'm sorry if I upset you.
It's a lot to take in.
It's nice to know you love me.
You take out my
daughter last night?
Oh, you're Carolina's father.
I-I'm Mickey Rubin,
I'm happy to meet you.
Yeah, well, where is she?
Now? Isn't she at work?
No, no, she didn't come in,
I already called.
She didn't come
home last night?
She didn't stay with you?
No, she went home.
Listen, you could tell me the truth,
I'm kinda worried about her.
We had a pizza at Capri
Pizzeria and then we left.
We had a nice time.
I offered to drive her home and-
and she said she wanted to walk.
I-I told your daughter that
I cared for her very much and
and she wanted time
to think things over.
-Wait, what do you mean
-She didn't
-she didn't come home?
-sleep at your place?
No, I-I-I'm telling you,
we split up after dinner.
I told her I'd call her.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna
call the police
they're gonna wanna check
your place out, you know that.
Listen, she wasn't at my place.
I live in Greenwich Village,
they're free to check it out.
Which way did she go
when you split up?
She went over toward
the boardwalk
a-a-and I walked around
the block to get my car.
If you're lyin' to me,
if you're lyin' to me,
you're gonna be
in a lot of trouble,
you know that?
Take it easy, I'm as
alarmed as you are.
Did she tell you that these-
these guys are after her?
I knew her whole story, but-
but she didn't walk around
as if she was worried about it
and I-I didn't see anybody.
Where the hell is she?!
What's the matter, Mom?
Why are you drinking?
-This is my first.
Can I go to the movies?
The picture at the
Neptune changed.
Oh, yeah?
What's there?
Flying Down to Rio.
Oh, Rio de Janeiro?
That sounds pretty good,
doesn't it?
Yeah, you wanna come?
To Rio?
Or to the movies?
I'd like to go to Rio
and never come back.
They got her.
They got Carolina.
Somehow, they knew where she was
and they snatched her.
W-Why do you say that?
I knew it! I knew it!
-Give me that!
-No, no, Humpty! No!
I'm not gonna argue with you,
you give me a hard time
I'm gonna knock you through
the goddamn window.
-Give it to me!
-No, okay, okay, okay
Okay, calm down.
I know, no.
No. They meant
They meant to get her.
They meant to kill her.
And by now...
she's probably dead.
W-What are you talking about?
You don't know anything.
Don't tell me I don't know
what I'm talkin' about
I wasn't born yesterday.
They knew exactly
where she was
right down
to the pizza joint.
I'm going to the movies,
can I have fifty cents?
Here, here, here!
Take it!
Take it! Take it all!
Now you don't have to
steal it, I gave it to ya.
Okay, well, d-did you
call the police?
-Well, naturally!
-Well, they'll find her.
What the hell do you care?
What the hell do you care?
You don't even like her.
You hated her.
You were the one
who wanted her out.
-Stop it.
No, y-you were the one
makin' all the cracks
about how I'm too close to her.
Yeah, you coulda tipped 'em.
Well, I didn't so don't be crazy!
If you did, I will--
I will kill you.
Stop! You're scaring me.
-Stop drinking!
-No, no.
Somehow, for some reason,
they knew.
They knew.
Why did they come back?
Well, it wasn't me,
I'd never do that
I... I wouldn't know who or how
if I... w-wanted to.
What-what do you--
What do you mean?!
What do you mean
if you wanted to?
-I would--
-Did you?!
I could never do
such a thing, okay?
Leave me alone,
you're hurting me.
Ah! You're hurting me.
Ginny, I'm sorry, I-I can't
believe this. I'm going nuts!
She finally comes back
and now this...
I don't wanna be around you
when you're like this.
Stay here!
I don't wanna be alone!
I can't handle this without you.
I gotta get some air,
God, I'm choking.
Ginny, I can't believe this.
I can't believe she's gone.
Well, don't--
well, don't look at me
don't stare at me.
You look funny.
-You're imagining it.
-God damn it!
I need another drink.
I want some
roses for a
Mister Florist, take my order
We had a silly quarrel
the other day
I hope these pretty flowers
Chase her blues away
What are you doing here?
I came to speak to you.
Well, yes, but do you
think it was wise
to show up at my door,
I mean...
I do have a husband, you know.
My God.
I was not expecting anyone.
I must look like the
wreck of the Hesperis.
I thought about it but in the
end, I decided to come here.
You're gonna tell me that
you've made a terrible mistake
in throwing away a relationship
with a woman you now
realize loved you
in a way that you will probably
never experience again.
it was reckless of you
to come to where I live.
It just so happens
Humpty's out, he's uh,
he-he got drunk and
he-he accused me of
unspeakable things.
I mean, he's understandably
distraught, but
but he scares me, he
he scares me.
But I will say,
I told him many times,
"You're smothering that girl.
It's not healthy."
I mean, she's-she-she's a grown
woman, she's a divorcee, I...
I mean, she thinks
she was 15 years old
the way he fussed
over her and hovered.
did she act strange when
you had dinner with her?
Because she is a
strange creature.
I w--I-I warned you about that.
I mean, for all we know,
you know,
maybe she's gone
back to her husband
or decided maybe Mexico
is best for her.
But I did warn you
she was smart.
You cast me aside
for a marked woman.
And now, I hope
you're not asking,
"Is it possible"
to just pick up where
we left off", I mean, that's--
it's a little opportunistic,
wouldn't you say?
I mean, kinda reads that way.
And when it comes to love,
we often turn out to be
our own worst enemy.
I suppose one of the
advantages of being,
well, older is that
we have more tolerance
for mistakes because
over the years
we all have made our share.
That's why forgiveness
is possible.
What a cold world
it would be without it.
I know the whole story, Ginny.
What story?
I know what it is
you did.
I-I don't know
what you're referring to.
Oh, you've suddenly adopted a rather
supercilious tone of voice.
By now she's probably rubbed
out or dumped somewhere.
God, this is awful.
"Rubbed out", "dumped".
My goodness!
Don't you think you're being
a little melodramatic?
I put it together.
I spoke to Humpty,
to Tiny.
The phone at Ruby's
was out of order.
You used a pay phone.
I spoke to John from Capri.
A woman called.
And then hung up.
I got it.
It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes
or-or Eugene O'Neill
to plot this one out.
A lifeguard can do it.
I don't know
what you're implying.
I'm not implying.
I'm accusing.
Accusing me?
You certainly don't seem too
concerned by her disappearance.
How would you know?
What, because I'm not
a mass of hysteria
like her father,
who has an unnatural
attachment to her.
Plus, I think I should tell you
I've had a few drinks.
I know I told you
I never drink but
when I'm under severe
emotional strain, it's--
you know, it's just
somehow it's the only thing that
keeps my head from throbbing.
You wanted her gone.
-Oh, please, you're delusional.
What--do you think
that I could--? No.
I will--I am not going
to stand here
and have my character
sullied by
-wild and fantastical insinuations.
-I didn't think you had it in you.
-You had time to warn her.
-What, I lacked a vision stature
And you hung up the phone!
-that I was too mediocre
a person to rise
to a tragic action.
Honey, I don't know
what fanciful scenario
you're writing
in your own mind, but
-I suggest you get a grip
-You had time to warn her.
-on your imagination.
-You hung up the phone.
maybe in the end you
misread my body language.
I mean, you said it wasn't
an exact science.
You know.
I loved her.
Jesus Christ!
You just met her!
Well, no, I forgot,
you're a dreamer
who believes in love
at first sight.
You know when I think of it.
When I think of it, I could,
I could--
And you, you!
You could live with this.
Oh, God, spare me
the bad drama.
Oh, here. Here.
Why don't you kill me.
And avenge her, huh?
Isn't that the way
it happened in a...
a theater in Athens?
What good our police
with its job they do.
Police can't protect you.
You look a little crazier than me.
Why are you staring at me
like that. I'm fine.
Starin' at you like what?
What's with you
with the dress?
You're nuts.
You know, uh... don't get in
my nerves, Ginny, okay?
I-I swear to God,
I will smash you.
I'm not in a mood.
You--You look a little
crazy to me.
Leave me alone.
Ginny, sorry.
I'm sorry, Ginny.
Don't ever leave me.
It's not what you're thinkin',
was it?
I was thinking Richie'll
be home from the movies.
Soon he'll be hungry.
I don't believe what happened.
You gotta get me through
this like you did...
Like you did, y-you know-
you got--
I gotta wash my uniform.
Talked to Carney and Ryan.
They're goin' fishin' Labor Day.
You wanna go?
I don't like fishing.
Coney Island washboard
she would play
You could hear her
on the boardwalk every day
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
All those tunes she found
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Coney Island washboard
she would play
You could hear her
on the boardwalk every day
Soapsuds all around
Little bubbles on the ground
Rub a dub a dub
in her little tub
All those tunes she found
The little thimbles on her
fingers made the noise
She played Charleston
on the laundry for the boys
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
And little thimbles
on her
made the
She played the Charleston
on the
for the
She could rag a tune
Right through the knees
of a brand new suit
Of Easy Breezers
Coney Island Washboard
Coney Island Washboard round
Coney Island Washboard