Wonder Woman (1974) Movie Script

You did a beautiful
Job gentlemen.
The bar is open.
Why don't you have a drink?
You deserve it.
- You got the Tickets?
- In my pocket.
The girl from the airline
delivered them herself.
He's not going to like
this, George.
Oh, don't think about that, Cass.
Think about the money
we now have.
That they would have had.
Joey, I don't want
any trace of these bodies found.
It was perhaps inedible.
That the man made world
would one day require a ultimate woman.
a wonder woman.
that day has come.
you are that ultimate
woman, Diana.
you will be the
wonder woman.
So having parted from the many sisters
you're known all the days of your life.
now part from these few
who are your closest friends.
part from them
with the same dignity and strength,
your new life
will demand.
you make a sacrifce i
could never make, Diana.
and i would go in
your place without hesitation.
to the wonders of
the outside world.
there is no greater
wonder then...
the peace and joy
we have on our island, ngela.
how i shall miss you.
and you my sister.
you're endowed with extraordinary
wisdom,love and strength, daughter.
and now you're charged
with a mission.
to accomplish that mission
you must leave this island.
you must adopt
other ways.
for that is the only true means,
taking our only pure love
of justice and light,
to that world beyond our's here.
there's deep sadness
with having you leave us.
but there's also joy.
the hope that your presents
in the world of man...
will bring closed eyes
to the genuine valor of women.
that you'll never lose ,
the sensitivity.
that is our real strength.
you carry with you
our love.
Of course I understand
the implications, commissar.
I think we can
work out a compromise.
their willing to make a exchange
Nitski for Lao Shi.
consider the proposal,
I'll phone back.
Both sides are considering
an exchange, Mr. Secretary.
I'll phone you back
when a decision is reached.
i want all available agents
in here at once, Diana.
- their already on their way.
- good.
i reserved the computer and their
waiting for your call to the data bank, line 3A.
you're always
a step ahead of me.
data bank, line3A.
well here's the day's surprise.
i know it's small.
but it's the best
i could do on short notice.
that's sweet.
yes, sir?
send them in when
they get here Dee.
their here, sir.
gentlemen, go right on in.
dinner, Dee? don't answer now.
think about it. think about it
the complete list of
all our agents in the field,
their cover identities and their specific
assignments, has been stolen.
and with that list the key to
every diplomat and military code...
in use by our goverment
through out the world.
each was broken
down into five parts...
all five parts being
necessary to use any of them.
there was dozens of decoy
books planted in various Embassies...
and consulets through out the world,
none of those was touched.
just the ten valuable books.
they was kept in
highly secret hiding places.
in Berlin, Istanbul,
Rio de Janeiro,
Paris, and London.
they was replaced simultaneously
and ingeniously...
just after our agents
had finished reporting in.
as you all know a agent in the field
reports in every 72 hours...
or at a prearranged time
at 10 minute intervals.
that means we are completely out
of touch with all of our agents for the next
72 hours.
they can't be reached
or warned between Communications.
if those lists and codes
fall into the hands of our adversaries...
our people will be at
their mercy for the next 3 days.
completely vulnerable
to be apprehended or eliminated.
39 of our best
intelligent operatives.
and with those 39 lives
lost our entire organization...
will cease to exist
in that one deadly sweep.
now the thief knows that and has set his price
for returning those 10 books accordingly.
15 million dollars
in cash.
he has given us 48
hours to gather the money.
he will contact us again
in one of our top secret codes...
as to where and how
the ransom is to be paid.
giving all the preference information
the data base of computers...
has come up with only 3 individuals
or organizations capable of this enterprise.
The british crime Cartel,
headed by Winston Thomas...
with headquarters in
Llandaff Wales.
Charles Sangry, Freelance
operative without nationality.
last known location,
Caracas, Venezuela.
and Abner Smith.
a contractor that sets up intelligent
operations for any number of nations.
last known location:
Cap d'Antibes, France..
never photographed.
this is a car used in a
operation last year.
you each got 1 hour
to devise a counterplan...
to recover those books
and save those lives.
alright. the clock is
ticking get on it.
Well, Dee what do you think?
i'm afraid i can't
have dinner with you tonight.
probably just as well.
odds are i'll be in Caracas
by dinner time.
you will be careful?
see you later.
what do you think, Dee?
what can anyone think
with that many live in jeopardy.
i'll be away from the
office for awhile.
a dental appointment.i lost a filling
It happens.
i hope you feel up
to coming in tomorrow.
you'll never know
how long these things can take.
- phone in let me know.
- first chance i get.
I can call the agency, so that
someone can replace me while i'm gone.
nobody can replace you.
times like this i
really worry about you.
i know.
but please don't.
i'm sure i can handle it.
if anyone can,
you can.
i still worry .
which dentist are
you gonna try?
i think the french one.
i would have guess the english?
"C'est la vie".
one of our very best.
Yes thanks.
wonder woman.
she's here.
- room 702.
- hold on.
you was right, Mr. Smith.
she just checked into the hotel
Saint Germain, room 702.
it's one of ours.
she should be eliminated.
just delay,
George, 72 hours.
just delay, George.
72 hours.
Violence and mayhem
that's so gross.
he can hold her
in her own?
if he's able to.
i don't agree with you,
Mr. Smith.
this isn't a
democracy, George?
we don't take a vote here.
- you're the boss.
- yes, George, i am.
Joey, welcome the lady , politely.
thank you that won't be
it's ok.
My name is George Calvin.
now you don't know me,
but you just passed me in the lobby.
you are the most
beautiful woman i ever seen in my life.
and if you don't have dinner
with me tonight...
i'm just gonna have to
throw myself from the top of this building.
and maybe I can help you
to find what you came to Cap d'Antibes for..
well, then how can i refuse.
- how about 8 Oclock.
- in the lobby.
I seriously doubt that you will
have success that you think you will, George.
yachts, sails like clouds.
you need a angel,
never George, never.
10 thousand saids
you're wrong.
- you got a bet.
- you're on.
i think you're find
Cap d'Antibes a very exciting city.
Oh, it is.
so far a gentleman has dropped in on me
from the roof of the elevator.
and my room is bugged.
then you didn't get the room
with the trap door in the floor?
they never bug that room.
That's a relief, George.
and , then you called me.
- to invite you sailing.
- on Mr. Smith's Yacht?
i was out this morning.
it was warm.
there was a wind.
the sails looked like clouds.
all that was missing.
was a angel
to make it perfect.
come sailing with
me tomorrow.
can i bring you a
appetizer, mister?
I would like a glass of Hermitage Blanc, if you don't mine.
a bottle of your very best
Hermitage Blanc.
ice the glasses.
very good, mister.
i don't know
that wine.
it's a inexpensive rome wine.
but it has its own style.
but you deserve Champagne.
even if i don't like it.
there are some things in this world...
worth learning to like.
Voil, merci.
to this night.
You are so totally
let me make
love to you.
- why?
- because your eyes reach into...
you misunderstood me.
i didn't me why should
you want to...
i meant why should i.
You don't find me attractive?
but there's quite a few
attractive and appealing men in this world.
well i don't care about the others.
Oh. George.
you don't?
you're fast.
i like you.
thank you.
Now if you excuse me.
there's no reason to run away.
Oh, i know that, George.
special line, A1267,
tats-Unis, oprateur.
Mr. Steve Trevor.
- Trevor.
- you sound tired, Steve.
oh this has been a tough one.
but you did pick the right
dentist, the frenchman.
the english dentist is in
the hospital in Belgrade,
and the other one's is on a long
vacation in China.
how's it going?
somewhat involved.
But I am making progress..
do you want me to send you
some company for moral support?
no everythings fine.
we all miss you, Dee.
we did hear about the delivery
we have to make.
A messenger will be
here to pick it up.
do we know who it is
the messenger?
No! No!
we haven't met.
and i really hate to
have a guest at one my parties.
That i haven't
welcomed personally.
then you weren't in your car
when it attempted to run me down earlier?
i was totally unaware
that anything like that happened.
i'll discuss it with George, i promise.
now ,to more pleasant things.
now if you like to swim, you'll
find bathing attire in the cabana.
well that's very kind of you, but...
i only came by to rescue
the books you borrowed.
you have my word of honor,
my word of honor.
that they will
be returned. the moment...
that i have the proper response
from your mr. Trevor.
i find it very difficult
to accept your word of honor...
with 39 lives at stake,
mr. Smith.
Ah. you do know who i am.
i was wandering
if you did.
well not really seriously.
i was relativity certain of you.
about those lives, mr. Smith.
those agents you
placed in jeopardy.
i haven't really?
mr. Trevor will
pay the ransom.
i'll return the books.
and the agents will remain,
undercover secret and safe.
given any choice
i'd spend the rest...
of the evening talking to
you but I really must go now.
enjoy your stay in France.
- Voil, mademoiselle.
- Merci.
she's on her way up.
oh, my dear what brings
you to my door at this hour?
no naughtiness i hope?
My key.
i've locked my key in my room.
why don't you come
in and tell me all about it?
might i impose on you to?
oh no.
no trouble at all my pleasure.
come in, come in.
would you mind calling my
room and waking up my husband?
he's a very sound sleeper
and he doesn't hear me knocking.
Oh, yes, yes .
of course your husband.
what room might that be?
702. we're
just across the hall.
i'll call him straightaway.
you're not surprised.
i wanted to surprise you.
now why wasn't you surprised.
i take it
the trunk is for me?
I had to guess your dimensions, but...
but i think you'll fit .
now my friends are going
to take you sailing for a few days.
any place
you choose.
- whether i like it or not.
- i think You'll learn to like it.
if it's not clear to you
let me make it clear.
Abner convinced that
your life is necessary..
i'm not.
i never would have
guessed it George.
so don't force us to damage you
before we put you in the trunk.
Abner wouldn't like that.
and since he's still the boss, i'd hate
to have to explain it to him.
i just can't let you put
me in that trunk, George.
i thought you couldn't.
she's here now
waiting for you.
that's impossible.
we have a hour
lead on her.
I'm standing here
looking at her.
It's that woman.
tell him we will leave the airport
by any road..
and tell him to have the
messenger sent to Steve Trevor.
assuming our instuctions we had our lab
people check out by every method.
Except probing and X-ray.
and our guess is
it's not a bomb.
those instuctions
came from the thief.
And I'm to be alone
when i open it.
There could be there's a
assassin in there, Steve.
Sound tests picked up a heartbeat
or something like it.
I have no choice but
follow their instructions, Colonel.
it's a necessary risk.
- be careful, Steve.
- thanks, Maurice.
Tell him. She's in her room
this is George.
i just got in.
Under the circumstances, I didn't think that
you would be sailing the Mediterranean.
Oh, no.
where you go, i go.
i'm sure you didn't call
to chat, George.
i called to invite
you to lunch.
Some place very
public, I imagine.
What could be more public then
the Governor's Grill at the Peregrine?
why George?
i've been told to
make you a proposition.
business of course.
- how about 12:30?
- fine.
shall i pick you up?
i brought your trunk.
that's very thoughtful, George.
But I just assume meet you there.
Try not to be late.
this is room 519.
send up a container
of milk and a saucer.
and tell the waiter to
let himself into the room,
but to take his shoes
off in the hall first.
that's what i said.
And tell him there's a 50 dollar tip
if he gets here in the next minute..
stay right there.
now pour some milk in the saucer.
then walk slowly
over here.
and put it down on the floor.
- but lady...
- don't talk.
just put the milk down
and slide it as close to me as you can.
Oh, i'm sorry.
i almost forgot your tip.
how can you stand
up after that?
it would have been a lot tougher
if the snake had bitten me.
she's late.
you didn't happened to arrange something...
that would pervent her from
coming here did you George?
Do you think I'd do anything
contrary to your orders?
i misjudged you, George.
she's being seated,
at your table.
did you order a drink?
i prefer not to drink
at lunch, thank you.
you know...
I'll spend the rest of my
life wishing that...
i met you under
other circumstances.
George, i seriously doubt
that any woman...
could survive in your
memory longer than a few days.
so do i.
But that line usually
has a very disarming effect..
Let's stop nonsense
and get down to business.
i'm empowered to offer
you 1 million dollars...
to form a professional alliance
with my employer.
well that's very impressive,
but, no thanks..
2 million dollars?
let's just not hagel.
What's your top offer..
5 million now.
Even you..
could find a lot to
buy with 5 million dollars.
i have everything
i want.
except for the books and for
the safety of those 39 agents..
- that's your final word?
- Final.
you've heard Abner's offer,
you haven't heard mine.
i think i know what your's is, George.
I won't underestimate you
And I won't ask for
Abner's approval.
If you turn up again,
I'll kill you.
Now you see that I knew
what your offer would be..
do enjoy your present.
yes of course I'm calling
from a public telephone booth.
you're not where
someone can get after you with a car.
Steve, I'm
perfectly safe..
now you're suppose to
put the money where?
Two leather saddle bags then
take the animal to a place in Nevada.
A ghost town
called Alba..
- at 4:00 this afternoon.
- and that's all?
Give the Burro a command in Spanish,
and slap him on the romp and leave.
Well don't stand behind the Burro
when you give him a SWAT..
phone in this evening?
If i have anything to tell you.
i bring you love from
your mother, Diana.
and when you return to
the island give her my love.
i will.
My mission is to bring you
a message of great sadness, sister..
one from among us
has fled the island.
which of us?
And so, your mother spoke of
according to our just laws..
ngela is not to be trusted.
She must now face
her times of trial alone.
so be it, sister.
- to my great sadness.
- and mine.
i am delighted you decided to
accept my invitation to join in this enterprise....
well how can i refuse?
I'm curious to as
when my part in it begins.
find George and
go to the glen..
- he knows where it is.
- alright.
but just why did you decide to
pay me all this money?
i'm sure it's not to
keep George company in some glen.
In every illegal operation there is
a need for someone like George.
Someone who has an ego
so large, that he...
succeeds because
he can't really live with failure..
But inevitably
two things occur..
first he decides
to take over at some point.
and second he runs up against
a problem , he can't really handle.
When any one of those
two situations arises,
I want you to be there.
To set things straight.
- I think I can manage that.
- i'm sure you can.
if you don't forget
George is both heartless and...
he has a clever
grotesque turn of mind..
not to worry, Mr. Smith.
The animal been sprayed over all with
an infrared fluid.
non-toxic fiuld, this
will allow it to be tracked easily from the air....
with special lighting already
installed on the helicopters..
Day and night. shine the light on him
and he'll light up like a Christmas tree..
Good. What about
electronic tracking.
Oh, yes.
We have microtransmitters between
the hoof. and the shoe. four of them in all
And is no way that four
hoof transmitters is going to go on the frits.
one maybe two,
but not all four.
that's a strange kind of
messenger, don't you think, Steve?
I thought so
until I saw the topographic map ...
of the area
around Alba, Nevada.
The burro it is a perfect choice..
Here's the ransom, Steve.
I really wish you're let
us mark that cash, Steve.
He's too clever not to do
a thorough examination when he gets it..
No, if he finds
some way to get his hands on the money...
without us being right behind it,
and if he discovers out that the money is marked
he'll sell the lists and the codes to our adversaries .
That means 39 dead or imprisoned agents.
its too big of a risk.
You were tied up in conference,
so I authorized the bags to
be fitted with tear gas elements...
No, departure from routine.
I'm sure Abner Smith
knows our....
procedure almost
as well as we do..
How do they activate?
usual way, a sharp blow on either bag.
i think we're being watched.
"Un poco ms
rpido, por favor".
let's get out of here.
the hoof transmitters
are all go, Steve.
what now.
Something has gone wrong, Steve.
we are not getting any
signals from the hoof transmitters.
we better get chopters
in here to make visual contact..
no need.
We already have that
tooken care of
why don't we just pick a
comfortable spot where we can
wait for the burro
and relax?
George, You Don't
want to relax.
Now Why would you say that?
- Pick a Target.
- You Pick it.
That Stump over there.
How Much?
Name Your Own Price.
for hitting that
Stump, George.
You're on.
now hit the javelin,
you just threw
- Double or Nothing.
- You're on.
that burro should be here any time now.
There it is.
There's someone riding it.
i got five big ones that saids you
can't take her off from here.
this isn't the way i expected
to see you again , ngela.
what other way could
there be now, Diana.
Must we make war against each other?
We have no choice.
We both know your Goals.
and mine.
The last time we was in contest together there
was no victor.
I remember.
George, Take the burro
and leave.
and i advise you to do as you was instructed.
This is beautiful.
You would not take my life.
I did not save your life on the island to
take it now.
- Would you allow me to replace my weapon?
- No, Angela.
no more fighting between us.
There is no hope that i will ever return
to the island .
i made my choice.
i want the things this world
has to offer.
we was so much alike.
Then our sisterhood ends here.
Not until I repay my debt
I owe you my life.
Set your price. I pay it.
That was in our childhood.
i won't be indebted to you ,Diana.
Set your price.
Where are they taking the money?
The mushroom shaped rock.
on the north end of
the great canyon.
your debt is paided.
- Oh, tell Mr. Smith...
- i will explain.
You know as well as i do
we will face each other again.
and if i win...
i will take your life.
Where is ngela, George?
Still at the Glen.
Guess who turned up
riding the burro?
she does have her style?
a style all her own.
open the pouchs, George.
should i check it for markings?
Trevor wouldn't risk marking it.
2 million is all mine.
would you like it to be
3 million, George.
i'll make you a wager
for a million.
What is it?
That she followed you here.
you're kidding.
even if ngela lost the fight
and told her where to come, she's on foot,
Well then you can't lose.
I don't think so.
You just costed me
1 million dollars.
you're gonna regret it.
I guess the honeymoon
is over, George.
You won the bet.
i've looked forward to
meeting you for a
very long time.
as i've looked forward
to meeting you, Mr. Smith.
you are exactly
as I pictured you.
your taller then i expected.
ngela asked me to
extend her apologies.
im sure she did her
best to get here.
you've had a very long
and dry trip.
for your peace of mind.
thank you.
we have to kill her.
Oh I certainly
hope not, George.
She not just gonna let us
walk away with that money.
she might.
and what if she doesn't?
there is time to decide
that then isn't there?
not if she told Steve Trevor? where she is.
if you took the time to study your adversaries ...
you know she didn't.
Then you probably be in
business for yourself instead of
working for me.
Now will you see if the
copter is fueled, George.
You found what has to be the most unlikely place
to live in the entire country, Mr. Smith.
inside the north wall
of the grand canyon.
i would thank you, but i
had nothing to do with
making it what it is.
I'm sure you realize
that we have something
of a problem to solve.
yes, a problem.
Before we confront that.
will you answer a question
for me.
if i can.
That burro.
we scrubbed off
the ultraviolet spray.
deactivated the
signal transmitters
visually create confusion
using three identical, identical Burros..
and yet you still followed it.
Tracks, Mr. Smith.
you see hoofprints is almost
like fingerprints.
the almost basic and simple
Are the ones we overlook.
Tracks. of course
i have another question.
Do you mind?
That depends on the question.
i left Cap D'Antibes a full hour or more ,
Before you had.
and you was in New York ahead of me. How?
I have this Marvelous plane.
That flies that much
faster than yours..
i'd like to see it sometime.
i'm afraid that's just not possible.
even if i give you my word.
i'd make no attempt to steal it
it's not that.
you see my plane is invisible.
and you are invisible
when you fly it.
- of course.
- of course.
let's get back
to our problem.
We have 15 million
dollars in these pouches.
And I have ten books that
which as soon as the ransom is paided..
i intend to return
to your goverment.
That should insure your mind
that your agents will be safe.
The books are in
this leather case.
I propose to leave here
with the money by helicopter.
Leaving the books with you.
That seems fair.
If this was a normal business transaction.
Mr. Smith, it would be..
But you don't think it is.
You violated the law.
And there are the basic morality,
of right and wrong.
to which you here.
of which I dedicated
my life Mr. Smith.
Abner? Oh, Please.
consider ...
there is no way for you to leave here.
No way for you
to stop me from leaving.
common sense would seem to indicate
you to need re evaluate your position.
- May i show you around.
- i would like that.
Good, this way
It's an elevator system
of the most advanced engineering.
I stole the plans for it from
Strategic Air Command.
brilliant people there.
I will tell them that you
appreciate their talents.
I hope you will have
the opportunity.
May i look?
if you give me your word
your word,
that you won't
try to sabotage it.
i'll have to pass.
Have you read
all these books?
Something more then half.
And this is where you
plan the robbery.
That is a
very interesting story.
I was in Lisbon.
where i bought some
information or something or another.
you were wearing two
bracelets when you arrived...
now there is only one.
Where is the other?
Now put those saddle bags.
and that box on the floor.
get them, Joey.
- No, leave that.
- Why? We can sell them again.
because we made
a deal, George.
and our word has
to be good.
Why the gun, George?
- We got to kill her.
- No no no no.
Killing people makes other people
much more angry we got the money.
Makes them furious.
we don't need that.
and we may want to do business
with them again.
I sincerely wish that
we might have spend more time together.
well, It has been a pleasure doing
business with you.
I look forward to our next
enterprise together.
i take it you are the one,
who sees to the burro.
yes Sir.
the people you are leaving
it with has children?
- Four.
- oh that's fine.
perhaps it's better you start
out now.
you see to it paying
Cass, Joe and the others, George.
And then join me, all right?
- Right.
Thank you again.
Well, what about a parting drink.
no thanks, George.
We were there the last
time, you offered anybody a parting drink.
Why, George?
you want all the
money, George?
15 million dollars,
Mr. Smith.
Why not?
just give me the saddle bags.
You find a way to be broke
in a year, George.
Abner .
- can't swim,
really, George?
i am so sorry.
You came close, Abner.
i need a light.
Thank you.
you're welcome.
Lets go, buddy.
Wonder Woman.
i love you.
And after we're done
we get to the so called...
we have to check
the personal evaluations.
And don't forget to call maintenance
about the air conditioning here.
There's a conference at 11
with the head department.
Right. See if you can move
that to another day.
- That is all.
- let's start with the call to London.
Yes, sir.
Oh, Dee.
You didn't tell me.
When you finally caught up with him.
how was the bout with your dentist.
Painful, a little.