Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Script

I used to want to
save the world.
This beautiful place.
But I knew so little then.
It is a land of
magic and wonder.
Worth cherishing in every way.
But the closer you get...
...the more you see the great
darkness shimmering within.
And mankind?
Mankind is another
story altogether.
What one does when faced with the truth..
is more difficult than you think.
I learned this the hard way.
A long long time ago.
And now...
...I will never be the same.
Yeah.. Si.
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Hello, Diana.
- Hello, Diana.
- Hello.
Come back!
- Looks very good.
- Very good.
How is she?
She's good.
- Keep working.
- I will.
Diana, I see you.
Where are you going?
Slow down!
Hello mother.
How are you today?
Let's get you back to school,
before another tutor quits.
But don't you think it's time
to start my training?
Antiope thinks I'm ready.
Does she?
I could begin showing
her some things.
She should at least be
able to defend herself.
From whom?
In the event of an invasion.
Isn't that why I have the greatest
warrior in our history...
...leading an entire army,
I pray there will never come
when she has to fight.
But you know,
a scorpion must sting...
- A wolf must hunt.
- She is a child.
The only child on the island.
Please let her be so.
But, mother...
There will be no training.
What if I promise to be careful?
It's time to sleep.
What if I didn't use a sword?
Fighting does not
make you a hero.
Just the shield then,
no sharp edges.
Diana, you are the most precious
thing in the world to me.
I wished for you so much, so I
sculpted you from clay myself.
...and begged Zeus
to give you life.
You've told me this story.
Which is why.. tonight
I'll tell you a new one.
The story of our people
and my days of battle.
So you will finally understand
why war is nothing to hope for.
Long ago, when time was new...
...and all of history
was still a dream...
...the gods ruled the earth.
Zeus king among them.
Zeus created beings over
which the Gods would rule.
Beings born in his image...
...fair and good,
strong and passionate.
He called his creation "Man".
And mankind was good.
But Zeus' son.. grew
envious of mankind...
...and sought to corrupt
his father's creation.
This was Ares,
the God of War.
Ares poisoned men's hearts
with jealousy and suspicion.
He turned them against
one another...
...and war ravaged the Earth.
So, the gods created
us, the Amazons...
...to influence men's
hearts with love...
...and restore
peace to the Earth.
And for a brief time,
there was peace.
But it did not last.
Your mother, The Amazon
Queen, led a revolt...
...that freed us all
from enslavement.
When Zeus led the gods
to our defence...
...Ares killed
them one by one...
...until only Zeus
himself remained.
Zeus used the last of his
power to stop Ares...
...striking such a blow, the god
of war was forced to retreat.
But Zeus knew...
...that one day Ares might
return to finish his mission.
An endless war...
...where mankind would finally
destroy themselves...
...and us with them.
So Zeus, left us a weapon.
...One powerful enough
to kill a god.
With his dying breath,
Zeus created this island...
to hide us from
the outside world...
...Somewhere Ares
could not find us.
And all has been
quiet ever since.
We give thanks to the gods
for giving us this paradise.
And the God Killer?
The God Killer?
The weapon that is strong
enough to kill a God.
Can I see it?
The Gods gave us many gifts.
One day, you'll know them all.
This great tower..
is where we keep them.
The God Killer.
It's beautiful.
Who would wield it?
I pray it will never
be called to arms.
But only the fiercest
among us even could.
And that's not you, Diana.
You see?
You are safe...
...and there is nothing you
should concern yourself with.
You keep doubting
yourself, Diana.
- No, I don't.
- Yes. You do.
No, I don't.
You arestronger than you believe.
You have greater powers than you know.
- But if you don't try harder...
- Diana!
Are you hurt?
No, Mother, I'm fine.
- I was just...
- Training.
Seems I'm not the
revered queen I should be.
Disobeyed, betrayed
by my own sister...
No, mother. It was me.
I asked her...
Take her to the palace.
Off you go.
You left me no
choice, Hippolyta.
You neglect your duty,
if she cannot fight.
You speak of a time
that may never come.
He might never return.
He could have died from his wounds.
Ares is alive.
You feel it as I do,
in your bones.
It is only a matter of
time before he returns.
The stronger she gets,
the sooner he will find her.
I love her as you do.
But this is the only way
to truly protect her.
You will train her harder
than any Amazon before her.
Five times harder...
...ten times harder.
Until she's better
than even you.
But she must never
know the truth...
about what she is...
...or how she came to be.
You are stronger
than this, Diana.
Never let your guard down.
You expect the battle to be fair.
A battle will never be fair.
Lay still..
You're bleeding.
- I'm sorry...
- Wait, Diana.
What had I done?
I'm sorry.
Where did this fog come from?
Go forward.
There he is!
- The pilot! I can see him.
- He's there!
You are a man.
Yeah. I mean...
Do I not look like one?
Where are we?
Who are you?
I'm one of the good guys and
those are the bad guys.
The German.
Come on, we need to get out of here.
- The Germans?
- Diana!
Step away from her.. now!
Ready your bows!
They have guns.
Come on!
Stay down!
No. No.. Antiope.
Antiope, hey.
- The time has come.
- No.
You... you must...
What, Antiope?
God Killer!
- Diana, go...
- Go where?
- Where?
- Go...
No, please no.
No, no!
- No!
- Antiope!
- You.
- No..
No mother no.
He fought at my side
against the invaders.
What man fights against
his own people?
These aren't my people.
Then, why do you
wear their colors?
I can't tell you that.
You need to tell us now!
What's your name?
I can't tell you that either.
We should kill him now
and be done with it.
If he dies...
...we know nothing about who
they are and why they came.
Name is Captain Steve Trevor, pilot,
American Expeditionary Forces.
Serial number 8141921.
Assigned to British
What the hell is this thing?
The lasso of Hestia compels
you to reveal the truth.
But it's really hot.
It is pointless and
painful to resist.
What is your mission?
Whoever you are, you are in more danger
than you think.
What is your mission?
I am a...
I am a...
I'm a spy.
I'm a spy.
I'm a spy.
British Intelligence got word...
...that the leader of the
German Army Gen. Ludendorff.
...would be visiting a secret military
installation in the Ottoman empire.
I posed as one of their
pilots and flew in with them.
According to our Intel, the
Germans had no troops left...
...no money, no
munitions of any kind.
But our Intel was wrong. The German
had the Turks building bombs for 'em.
And not just bombs, new weapons.
Secret weapons.
Invented by Ludendorff's chief
psychopath, Dr. Isabelle Maru.
The boys in the trenches
called her "Doctor Poison".
And for good reason.
From what I could tell if Dr Maru
was able to complete her work,
...millions more would die.
The war would never end.
I was there to observe and
report, nothing more...
...but, I had
to do something.
Which is.. I need more time.
Dr. we don't have more time.
This work, this...
Get that man!
But if I can get these notes back to
the British Intelligence in time...
...it could stop
millions more from dying.
It could stop the war.
War? What war?
The War.
The war to end the all wars.
Four years...
27 countries...
25 million dead.
...Soldiers and civilians.
Innocent people...
...Women and
children slaughtered.
Their homes and thier villages
looted & burned.
Weapons far deadlier
than you can...
...ever imagine.
It's like nothing
I've ever seen.
It's like the world's gonna end.
Should we let him go?
And risk him bringing
more men to our shores?
We can not hold him
forever, my queen.
Mother, excuse me...
...but after everything the
man said, this must be Ares.
What are you talking
about, child?
Forgive me, Senator, but the man
called it a war without end.
Millions of people already dead.
Like nothing he's ever seen.
Only Ares could do such a thing.
We can not simply let him go.
We must go with him.
I will not deploy our army and
leave them scare defences...
...to go and fight their war.
It's not their war.
Zeus created man to be just, and
wise, strong and passionate...
That was a story, Diana!
This much, you
do not understand?
Men are easily corrupted.
Yes, but Ares is behind
that corruption!
It is Ares who has these
Germans fighting..
And stopping the God of war
is our fore ordinance.
As Amazons this is our duty.
But you're not an Amazon
like the rest of us.
So you will do nothing.
As your queen I forbid it.
Is it true you saved his life?
Who told you that?
He did.
Ah.. I didn't see you come in.
Would you say you are a...
...a typical example
of your sex?
I am...
...above average.
What's that?
It's a...
It's a watch.
A watch?
Yeah, it's a watch.
Tells time.
My father gave it to me.
Went through hell 'n back with him.
Now it's for me and,
good thing it's still ticking..
What for?
Because it tells time.
When to eat, sleep,
wake up, work...
You let this little thing
tell you what to do?
Can I ask you some questions?
- Where are we?
- Temiscira.
No, I got that before, but I mean..
Where are we?
What is this place?
Who are you people?
Why does the water do that?
How come you don't know what a watch is?
How can you speak English so well?
We speak hundreds of languages.
We are the bridge to a greater
understanding between all men.
You know, I didn't get a chance
to say this...
...earlier, but thank you for
dragging me out of the water.
Thank you...
...for what you
did on the beach.
...you are here to let me go?
I tried, but it's not up to me.
I even asked them to
send me with you..
Or anyone.
In Amazon..
The Amazons.
The Amazons?
It is our sacred duty
to defend the world.
And I wish to go..
But my mother will not allow it.
I can't say I blame her.
The way this war's going...
...I don't wanna let
anyone I care about near.
Then why do you want to go back?
I don't think "want"
is the word, right?
I guess I gotta try.
My father told me
once he said...
" If you see something wrong
happening in the world...
"... you can either do nothing,
or you can do something."
And I already tried nothing.
Nice outfit.
Oh, thank you.
Now.. I'll show you the
way off the Island...
...and you'll take me to Ares.
I am leaving on that?
We are..
Yeah, we're leaving in that?
Do you not know how to sail?
Of course I know how to sail.
Why wouldn't I know how to sail?
It's just...
It's been a while.
I am going, mother.
I cannot stand by while
innocent lives are lost.
If no one else will defend the
world from Ares, then I must.
I have to go.
I know.
Or at least I know I
can not stop you.
There is so much...
So much you do not understand.
I understand enough.
But I'm willing to fight for those
who cannot fight for themselves.
Like you once did.
You know that if you
choose to leave...
...you may never return.
Who will I be if I stay?
This belonged to the greatest
warrior in our history...
...our beloved Antiope.
Make sure you're worthy of it.
I will.
Be careful in the
world of men, Diana.
They do not deserve you.
You have been my greatest love.
...you are my greatest sorrow.
Should you have told her?
The more she knows, the
sooner he will find her.
How long until we reach the war?
The war, which part?
The Western Front in France is...
...400 miles long, from the
Alps to the North Sea.
Where the fighting is
the most intense then.
If you take me there, I'm
sure I'll find Ares.
Ares as in..
the God of War?
The God of war is our responsibility.
Only an Amazon can defeat him.
With this.
And once I do...
...the war will end.
Look. I appreciate your spirit...
...but this war is...
It's a great big mess.
And there's not a whole lot
you and I can do about that.
I mean, we can get back to London
and try to look for men who can.
I'm the man who can!
Once I find and destroy Ares...
...the German armies will be
freed from his influence...
...they will good men again
and the world will be better.
You will see.
What are you doing?
I thought maybe you wanna...
...get some sleep.
What about you?
Are you not sleeping?
Does the average men not sleep?
Yes, we sleep. We just
don't sleep with a...
You don't sleep with women?
No, I mean, I do, I sleep with...
I sleep with...
Yes, I do..
But out of the...
...confines of marriage.
Not polite to assume, you know?
Weird! You don't have that...
You go before a judge...
...and you swear to love, honor
and cherish each other...
...Until death do you apart.
And do they.. love
each other till death?
Not very often, no.
Then why do they do it?
I have no idea.
So you cannot sleep
with me unless I marry you..
I will sleep with you if you want.
I'll sleep right there.
There is plenty of room.
- Then fine, if you don't mind...
- No, it's up to you.
- I'm just fine.
- Coming to sleep with you.
You know, where I come from,
I'm not considered average.
You know, um..
being a spy...
You have to show a
certain amount of...
Have you never met a man before?
What about your father?
I have no father.
My mother sculpted
me from clay...
...and I was brought
to life by Zeus.
Well that's neat.
Where I come from..
...babies are made differently.
You refer to
reproductive biology.
- Yes, yes.
- Yeah, I know.
I know all about that.
I mean I refer to that
and other things.
The pleasures of the flesh.
Do you know about that?
I've read all 12 volumes of Clio's
criticism on earthly pleasures
12 huh?
Did you bring any
of those with you?
You would not enjoy them.
I don't know.
May be.
No you wouldn't.
Why not?
They came to the conclusion that man
are essential for procreation...
...but when it comes
to pleasure...
How long until we're operational?
Two days, sir.
We'll have it up
tonight, Captain.
Sir, the men have had
no food, no sleep.
Do you think I have had a
neat food or rest, captain?
Do you hear me making excuses?
Your men, they are
weak, complacent.
You've let them forget for an
attack can happen at any time.
...from any cover!
So let's you & I remind them...
...Shall we?
- Doctor.
- General.
Not enough.
It is over, General.
Germany is giving up.
Von Hindenburg has recommended
the Kaiser sign the armistice.
We have run out of time.
As soon as the Kaiser sees
the newest weapon...
...he will not
sign the armistice.
But without my notebook...
We will get your book!
It is you that I believe in,
not it.
I know what you can
and will succeed...
It is what you're put
on this earth to do.
Something, did come
to me last night.
A different type of gas.
For you.
To restore your strength.
I have got it!
I have got it!
And if it's what I think...
It's going to be...
We got lucky. We caught a
ride, we make some good time.
Welcome to Jolly old London!
It's hideous..
Yeah, it's not for everybody.
- Good morning Darling.
- What a babe.
Oh no!
Gentlemen, eyes to yourself.
Thank you so much.
Come on!
Why are they holding hands?
Probably because
they're together.
No... No.. We're not together,
I mean, in that way.
This way.
To the war!
Well, technically, the war is that way.
But we gotta get this way first.
And where are we going?
We gotta get this
notebook to my superiors.
Hey! Hey..!
No. I let you go.
You take me to Ares.
- We made a deal, Steve Trevor.
- Yeah.
And a deal is a promise.
And a promise is unbreakable.
Oi, damn it, alright.
Come with me first
to deliver this...
...and then we'll
give you a ticket...
...to the war.
- Let's go.
- Diana...
What are you doing?
You can not do that because
you're not wearing any clothes.
Let's go... Let's go
buy some clothes.
What do these women
wear into battle?
They don't...
A baby!
No, no.. No babies.
One's not made out of clay.
Come on.
Diana! Please.
Thank God! You're not dead!
I did think you're dead till
I got your call, you know?
He's been gone for weeks..
Not a single word.
Very unlike him.
I am introducing myself.
It's Etta Candy.
I am Steve Trevor's secretary.
What is a secretary?
Well, I do everything.
I go where he tells me to go and
I do what he tells me to do.
Well, where I am from,
that's called slavery.
I really like her.
Ladies after you.
Oh.. I do, I like her.
Is this what passes for
armor in your country?
Ah. well, "Oh my".
It's fashion.
Keeps our tummies in..
Why must you keep them in?
Any woman with a tummy
would ask that question!
Conservative, but
not entirely unfun.
Try it on at least.
Very well..
Come on!
How can a woman
possibly fight in this?
We use our principles.
I mean that's how we are
gonna get to vote.
Although I am not opposed to
engaging in a bitter fist stickups..
...should the occasion arise.
It's itching.
It's choking me.
Can they blame it?
Where is she?
She's trying on upto number 226.
Ms. Candy, the whole point
was to make her look less
May I?
Yeah, really? Specs?
Certainly she's not the most beautiful
woman you've ever seen?
Yep, that's not gonna work.
Please put the
sword down, Diana.
Let me try it by myself.
After you, sir.
Why don't I meet you
back at the office?
And meanwhile, I'll take
this for safekeeping.
Oh no, I don't think so.
You gotta put the sword down, Diana.
- It doesn't go with the outfit.
- At all.
Put the sword down,
first of all.
Promise me you'll protect
it with your life.
Yes... no.
You can trust her.
Just hand that over.
- Shield.
- And the shield to her..
You got it? Thanks, Etta.
This is easy.
There we go.
What is it?
Hopefully, nothing.
Come on.
- Steve, why are we hiding?
- Shh! Come on, come on!
Captain Trevor.
I believe you have something that
is the property of Gen. Ludendorff.
Ah, it's the bad guy convention.
Give us Dr Maru's note book.
Where I put that thing?
Stand back!
Or maybe not.
Oh, tough luck.
Is there anything else
you wanna show me?
Where do you think you're going?
I'm sorry, but you're clearly
under Ares' control.
- Diana.
- Let me help you get free.
Where will I find Ares?
He's... He's dead.
Stay here.
I'll be right back.
Come on! Gentlemen, please!
Let him speak!
Yes thank you, gentlemen...
Germany is an immensely
proud nation.
They will never surrender.
Now look.
The only way to end this war...
Colonel, I need to
talk to you outside.
...and restore world peace...
is to negotiate...
...an armistice.
There's a woman.
What is she doing here?
Get her out..
Ger her out..
Blind sister,
she got lost on the way to her bathroom..
I think it's this way.
Sorry guys.
Our only aim at this time...
...must be to achieve peace...
...at any cost!
Why you been not hearing speech?
He is talking of peace.
Not right now!
Trevor, what the hell were you thinking
bringing a woman into the counsel?
The Intel that I brought
back is time sensitive.
This is one of Dr.
Maru's notebooks.
Notebook or notes...
We need to get it
to Cryptography.
And I need a immediate
audience with the generals.
You do not just barge in here.
Sir with all due respect..
What I saw in my last trip...
...will change the
course of war.
Captain Trevor!
I heard we lost you in
one of your mission...
...and yet here you are,
back from the dead...
...and I see you
brought a friend with you.
My deepest apology for
interruption sir.
No, no no... non sense.
Thanks to this young woman...
...the room was finally quiet enough
for me to get atleast a few words in.
Sir Patrick Morgan,
at your service.
Diana, princess of the...
"Prince". Diana Prince.
She is...
and I..
...working together.
She actually helped me bring
this notebook back here.
That's from Dr Maru's lab.
I think the information it contains
inside will change the course of the war.
My.. God.
- Dr Poison herself.
- Yes.
P s a g m e n o .com
Any further intelligence?
Sadly not, sir.
Cryptography had no luck.
It seems like it's a mixture
of two languages...
...but as if they failed to
determine which two languages.
Ottoman & Sumerian.
Surely someone else in
this room knew that.
Who is this woman?
She is my...
...secretary, sir.
And she can understand
Ottoman and Sumerian?
She's a very good secretary.
Sir, if this woman
can read it...
...we should hear
what she has to say.
Yes, very well.
It's a formula...
...for a new kind of gas.
Mustard gas, hydrogen
based instead of sulfur.
Hydrogen based...
Gas masks would be useless
against hydrogen.
The book says, they plan
to release the gas...
At the front?
It doesn't say.
Wait. In "front" of what?
...that is the
evidence we need.
You have to find out where
they are making that gas.
You have to burn
it to the ground.
Destroy it.
Ludendorff was last
seen in Belgium.
We can't be seen in sending troops
into German-occupied Belgium...
...As we are negotiating
their surrender.
Sir, I have seen that
gas with my own eyes.
If it is used, it will kill
everyone on both sides.
They will all die.
Yes, that's what
soldiers do, Captain.
Send me in.. with some
logistical support.
At least give me the chance to take
out Ludendorff's operation myself.
Are you insane?
I can't introduce rogue
elements this late in the case.
Sir, I can take...
Now more than ever...
...the armistice is
off paramount importance.
It must be negotiated
it must be signed..
It's the best way
of stopping the war.
Captain, you will do nothing.
And that's an order.
Yes sir.
I understand, sir.
I don't!
Diana, I know this confusing...
- It is not confusing! It's unthinkable!
- Who is this woman?
She is with me, she is with us.
I'm not.. I am not with you!
You would knowingly
sacrifice all those lives.
...as if they mean
less than yours.
- Diana, let's talk about it outside.
- As if they mean nothing?
Where I come from, generals don't
hide in their offices like cowards.
That's enough! They fight
alongside their soldiers.
They die with them
on the battlefield!
- That's enough! My apologies.
- You should be ashamed.
- My apologies.
- You should be ashamed.
- Diana... Diana!
- All of you should be ashamed!
Please slow down!
Is that your leader?
How could he say that?
Believe that?
And.. and you!
Was your duty to simply
give them a book?
You didn't stand your ground.
You didn't fight.
Because there was no chance
of changing anything.
This is Ares and
he's not going to allow negotiation,
...nor a surrender!
The millions of people you
talked about, they will die.
We are going anyway!
You mean you were lying?
I'm a spy!
That's what I do!
How do I know you're not
lying to me right now?
I'm taking you to the front.
We are afraid you're gonna die.
This is a terrible idea.
We're gonna need reinforcements.
These are the reinforcements?
Are these even good men?
Well, relatively.
Even in Africa gentlemen, we
haven't seen such luxuries.
The luxury that we have now is like...
is like we can't stop making money!
So my uncle, the
Prince, and I...
Which prince is that?
I decided to extend
your profanity...
But seriously, which prince?
Hey, Sultan, Angoora,
Next Kashmir...
...Care to talk for a minute?
Gentlemen, excuse me one second.
- A bar... Well, a pub.
- You hypocrite.
I've been racing those peacocks
all night, and you've...
Oh my goodness, gracious.
That's a work of art.
Sameer, Diana.
Diana, Sameer!
Hi, Diana. You can
call me Sammy please.
Oh Sameer, I wouldn't...
do that if I were you.
Sameer is a top undercover man.
He can talk the skin off a cabbage
many ways as you can.
He doesn't look that impressive to me.
You do for me.
Your eyes, as soft as your smile.
And your eyes...
...looks like they want something.
I know Chinese too, tricky girl.
But, can you recite Socrates
in ancient Greek?
Oh, you're done.
Where is Charlie?
At least this Charlie
is good with his fists.
That's not Charlie.
That's Charlie.
May god grow a flower
upon your head son.
Good to see you.
So what were you fighting about?
I mistook his glass for mine.
That happens.
This man is no fighter.
Charlie is an expert marksman.
Means he shoots people.
From very far away.
You never know what hit 'em.
So, how do you know who you kill
if you can't see their face?
I don't. Trust me
it's better that way.
You fight without honor.
Who gets paid for honor?
So, what's the job, boss?
Two days tops.
We need supplies and
passage to Belgium.
What's the going rate?
Better be a good pay.
Yeah, well, here's the thing.
..I told you it was going to be quick.
And there's a lot to
be gained by this.
It's for a great cause...
...ending the war, friendship...
- Okay, You have no money.
- No.
All I want now is a picture
of that beautiful face.
You will not need a photo...
...because I'll go with you.
What is this?
We're gonna drop her up at front!
- "Dropping her off"?
- Yeah.
Question sweetheart, I am not
gonna get myself killed...
...with helping every last human.
- That's no I mean.
- Here's the little thief now!
I am both frightened and aroused.
Oh here they are! Sorry I'm late.
Sir Patrick!
Yes, that's what I
was gonna mention.
- Sir Patrick.
- No... No..!
Gentlemen, sit.
Ms. Prince, sit..
I assume you are here
planning something...
...that's going to get you
either court martial or killed.
And I assume,
you are here to stop us.
Not at all in fact..
Well, look.
I was an younger man once.
And had I been in better health,
I like to think that I might do the same.
It's very very honorable
thing you're doing.
...I am here to help.
Unofficially, of course.
What's your plan?
If there's another weapon's
facility, find it and destroy it.
Along with Ludendorff and Maru.
In that case, to
allay suspicion...
...our charming Etta could run
the mission from my office.
...There is enough
here for a few days.
Thank you sir.
You're very welcome.
Take great care all of you...
...and good luck.
Fresh ice-cream.
Hello miss, would you like
to buy an ice cream?
- Me?
- You hungry?
Thank you.
Eight pence please, sir.
There you go, and keep the change.
Thank you very much sir.
- What you doing?
- It's wonderful!
- You should be very proud.
- Thank you very much!
You should be very proud.
I hope I got niches here.
The chief's expecting us before dark.
Oh yeah.
A smuggler.
Very reputable.
A liar, a murderer,
and now a smuggler.
Careful, I might get offended.
I wasn't referring to you.
I wanna recover from pretending
to be somebody else.
...I shot people on your
beach, smuggle a notebook.
A liar, murderer and smuggler.
You still coming?
It's awful.
That's why we're here.
The gas will kill everything.
What kind weapons
kills innocents?
In this war...
...Every kind.
You were absent at the
counsel meeting, General.
I see you are negotiating the
terms of the armistice without me.
- On the Kaiser's behalf.
- I'm on your insistence.
We could easily win this war if
only you had a little faith.
We don't.
There are shortages of food...
...meds and ammunition.
Every hour we delay costs
thousands of German lives.
One attack and the
world could be ours.
As we speak, my chemistry...
We stand against you and your...
Ludendorff, enough!
24 hours from now...
...this war will end.
It is over.
It's over for you.
It is over for all of you..
But the mask won't help.
They don't know that.
Let's go.
Time to stage a demonstration
for the Kaiser!
You're late.
Cowboy sneak attack, chief!
How are you?
- Good to see you pal.
- Big mike.
- Good to see you.
- Oh yes!
Good to see you my friend.
Yaa beauty!
Who is this?
And I am Diana.
Where did you find her?
She found me.
- I plucked him from the sea.
- Well. It's a long story.
You don't have to talk
about that right now.
What's there?
British tea from the Germans...
...German beer for the British.
And Edgar Rice Brurroughs
novels for both.
And guns!
May we get what we want?
May we get what we need.
But may we never get
what we deserve.
Strange thunder.
German 77's.
Guns, big ones.
It's the front out there.
- The evening hay.
- So, who do you fight for in this war?
I don't fight.
You're here for profits then?
No better place to be.
Nowhere better to be than in a
war where you don't take a side.
I have no where else.
The last war took
everything from my people.
We have nothing left.
At least here...
...I'm free.
Who took that from your people?
His people.
Don't go...
Don't go there.
Do not go!
Don't go in there.
You are safe.
You are safe.
Are you okay?
Shut up, you woman!
Stop making a fuss!
He sees ghosts.
Hey, you're gonna get cold.
Oh I do...
Don't worry about Charlie.
He doesn't mean any, alright?
These animals, why are
they hurting them?
Because they need to move quick!
- Like us!
- But this is not the way.
I could help them.
There is no time.
Come on, woman!
That man... he's wounded.
There is nothing you can
do about it, Diana.
We must keep moving.
What is this?
You wanted me to take you to war.
This is it.
Then where are the Germans?
Couple of 100 yards
across the field.
- The trench is...
- Watch out!
Chief! Oh it's good to see you.
Oi, chief's back! Chief's back!
Alright, let's move.
Help me please.
They have taken everything...
...houses, food...
...and those who
could not escape...
...they were taken
away as slaves.
Where did that happen?
In Veld... On the other
side of No Man's Land.
Diana, we have to go.
We need to help these people.
We have to stay on mission!
Next safe crossing is
at least a day away.
- What are we waiting for?
- We can not leave without helping them.
These people are dying.
Nothing to eat and
in the village...
- enslaved it there!
- I understand that.
Women and children!
We need to make our next
position by sunset.
How can you say that? What
is the matter with you?
This is No Man's Land! Diana!
Means no man can
cross it, alright?
This battalion has been
here for nearly a year...
...and they barely
gained an inch.
Alright? Because on the other side,
there are a bunch of Germans
...pointing machine guns at
every square inch of this place.
This is not something you can cross.
This is not possible.
So what? So we do nothing?
No, we are doing something.
- We are, we just...
- Steve.
We can't save
everyone in this war.
This is not what we
came here to do.
...but it's what
I'm going to do.
What the bloody hell she's playing at?
Engage, fire!
She's taking all the fire!
Let's go!
Sniper! stay down!
Stay down! That's an order!
Come on!
She's done it!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Come on, go!
Stay here, I'll go ahead.
- What the...
- Let's move.
We need more firepower.
Get in!
Charlie, bell tower.
Come on, Charlie. Shoot him.
It's okay.
Follow me.
Give me some cover.
We're gonna put this on our
back and when I say go..
- ...Lift hard!
- All right.
Diana! Shield!
Stay very very still,
for me my friends.
Please. It's so important.
Thank you very much.
This has been such an honor
for me taking you photograph.
Thank you so much.
For obvious talk of shooting...
...you cannot shoot.
Not everyone gets to be where
they want to be all the time.
Me, I'm an actor.
I love acting.
I didn't want to be a soldier.
But I'm the wrong color.
Everyone's fighting their
own battle, Diana.
Just as you're fighting yours.
Oh it's too much. I wish you...
Thank you.
Hi.. I'm on the phone...
Ah, it's "Veld", V-E-L-D.
It's a tiny village.
It may not even be on the map.
Ooh! I found it!
Did you find
Ludendorff's operation?
No. No, but I located him.
And oh, lucky you, he's
only a few miles away...
...At German High Command.
The German High Command?
And to Intel report...
...Ludendorff is
hosting a gala..
Sort of a last hara...
...before the Germans
sign the armistice.
And then the Kaiser himself
is going to be there.
As well as Dr. Maru.
Actually the Gala could
be perfect cover.
- Captain Trevor.
- Yes sir.
You're under no circumstances
to go anywhere near that...
...gala tomorrow night.
Do you hear me?
You'll be jeopardizing
everything we've worked for.
You can not compromise
the armistice.
- Sir, there will be no armistice...
- Steve!
.. once Ludendorff bombs
the entire front line.
Hold on one second, sir.
We shouldn't be bothered about
setting the peace agreement.
- Why not?
- Ares would never let...
What is that?
Of course, it makes
complete sense.
Ares developed a weapon,
the worst ever devised.
- Ares? You mean Ludendorff.
- No.
I mean Ares.
Ludendorff is Ares!
Sir, this is our last chance...
...our final chance to find
out where the gas is...
...and to learn how Ludendorff
plans on delivering it.
No... No.. No. I forbid it.
Do you hear me? I forbid it.
Sir, I am losing you! Sir?
- Hello?
- Sir...
How likely is he to
respect my wishes?
Not very like convinced.
Sammy, Sammy, no, no.
Sammy, I have to work.
I gotta rustle up with a German uniform
I took to plough the course tomorrow.
That's easy, boss.
Come on.
There's nothing we can
do till tomorrow.
You said yourself, Steve.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You did this.
We did.
Do you have dancing on...
...Paradise Island?
Oh, dancing, yeah of course.
These people are just...
Okay, if you're gonna be
fighting the God of war...
...I might as well teach you how
to dance, you poor thing.
Alright, probably
without the gun.
If you would...
If I'm going to the Gala, I'll
need to know how to dance.
- You aren't going to the Gala.
- Of course I am.
- No.
- Why wouldn't I?
Well, for one, you don't
know how to dance.
I would argue with this, they
don't know how to dance.
Be polite. Be polite.
All right.
Give me your hand.
Like so.
And I'll put my arm...
...around you like so.
And we just..
What do you call it? Sway?
We'll just sway.
You're awfully close.
Nice ritz.
I see.
I haven't heard him
sing in years.
It's started to snowfall.
Touch it.
It's magical!
It is, isn't it?
Yes, yeah.
Is this what people do when
there are no wars to fight?
Yeah, this... and other things.
What things?
They have breakfast.
They really love a breakfast.
And they love to wake up...
...read the paper
and go to work.
They get married.
Makes some babies and
grow old together.
I guess.
What is that like?
I have no idea.
The villagers gave them to us.
- A gracious gift.
- And they call us heroes.
You are.
Hey, fellas, I know that...
...I said this job
was 2 day's...
...and a deal is a deal.
You can't last without us.
We all know Diana is capable
of taking care of herself.
I'm worried that
you won't make it.
No more money.
We have been paid enough.
No, Charlie.
Who will sing for us?
- Yeah.
- Oh no, please.
You asked for it.
The reeds are green.
The reeds are green.
The sweetest hours I could live.
You must think I was
born yesterday.
I know it sounds
crazy, but it's true.
Every word.
There is a whole island
of women like her?
And not a single man among them?
How do we get there?
And she thinks..
...that Ludendorff is
Ares, the god of war?
And only by killing
him will the war end.
Don't be daft.
You saw what happened out there.
The way she dropped
that machine gun next.
The way she took out the tower?
May be it's true.
I think it's true.
I believe it's true.
Steven son, you don't really
believe those rubbish thing?
Diana, Diana, hide in..
How the hell do
we get into that?
I see only a couple of guards
in the door to distract.
Yeah, it won't look
...when I wanna come
sauntering out of the woods.
I could get in.
You are not going in
there, it's too dangerous.
- Too dangerous?
- Yes, too dangerous.
And you are too distracting.
Look, I will go in there, follow them to..
...where ever they are working on the gas or
better yet, where it is.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you are not coming with me.
What you're wearing isn't
exactly undercover.
I don't know.
I would say she was pretty undercover
on that battlefield.
It's just gonna, we can't get you there.
It's all scouted out, we'll put back...
But as long as he's still
alive, it doesn't...
You cannot go into German high command
and kill anyone.
You just can't.
You have to trust me.
- Oh, Wow!
- Where did that come from?
Oh, can I drive it?
Please let me drive it!
Yes, I'll be your chauffeur.
Come on... come on.
Stay put!
Where this come from?
A field over there.
It is full of them!
Chief, I think you and
me scope out the area...
...in case we need to
beat the haste and retreat.
- What do you say, Diana?
- Huh?
Steve, they have invitations.
Don't worry. Play it cool,
you go this, you got this.
Your invitation, please.
Thank you sir.
The Colonel and I wish...
...many blessings and all my
love to fall up in your head.
Your head must be empty.
Find the invitation, you idiot.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry, I must apologize
a thousand times, my master.
I made the most horrible,
the most unforgivable mistake.
- I lost the Colonel's invitation.
- What?
You saying we travelled all the way
through the mud and rain...
- ...Only for you to loose my invitation?
- No, I am a bug.
Not even a bug, I'm
a dung of a bug.
And you're right master...
Blessing will up on us.
This is ridiculous.
I'm not gonna be spending
my evening out here.
You stupid idiots!
Move your car!
What are you supposed to be?
What are you doing?
Excuse me.
I don't drink.
Have we met?
No, but I have
been watching you.
Following your career.
You are Dr. Isabel Maru.
The most talented chemist
in the German army.
I am a friend.
I hope I'm not causing any...
I know you and General
Ludendorff are...
...very close.
We work well together..
Tell me some one like
me behind you...
I could provide a lot more.
And who are you?
A man who shows you appreciation
a genius like yourself deserves.
I love fire. Don't you?
It is like...
...a living act of entropy.
The ultimate weapon
of destruction.
Reminding us that in the end...
...everything eventually
returns to the ash it came from.
There is something reassuring about it.
I see all of that in your eyes.
Perhaps you could show me
what you're working on.
I hear it is...
I hear it is extraordinary.
I appreciate your
interest in my work...
...but I'm loyal to
General Ludendorff.
...Now I see your
attention is...
Enjoying the party?
I confess I'm not sure what
it is we're celebrating.
A German victory, of course.
When I hear peace
could be so close.
It's only an armistice...
...and an endless war.
You know your ancient Greeks?
They understood...
...that war was a god.
A god that requires human sacrifices.
And in exchange...
...war gives man purpose...
...meaning, a
chance to rise...
...above his petty,
mortal little self...
...and be courageous...
Only one of the many
gods believed in that.
And he was wrong.
You know nothing of the gods.
Herr General.
Enjoy the fireworks.
What are you doing?
- Out of my way!
- Diana, look at me.
If you kill Ludendorff
before we find the gas...
...we won't be able to stop anything.
I will stop Ares!
What if you're wrong?
What if there's no Ares?
You don't believe me.
I can not let you do this.
What I do is not up to you.
The gas.
The villagers!
What they cheering for?
What did they fire?
The gas.
- It was Ludendorff.
- I saw him, he was in the tower.
Wherever he goes you follow.
How will you find us?
I know how.
They are dead.
They are all dead.
I could have saved them.
I could have saved them
if it weren't for you.
You stopped me
from killing Ares!
- No!
- Get away from me!
I understand everything now.
It isn't just the Germans
that Ares has corrupted.
It's you too.
All of you.
I'll find Ares...
...and I'll kill him.
That smoke...
...it's the chief!
He followed Ludendorff.
Follow the smoke!
Hey! Diana, Over there!
Come on. Let's go!
Ooh! what a surprise.
Unfortunately, I have
another matter...
...to attend to.
What are you?
You will soon find out.
As magnificent as you are, you
are still no match for me.
We'll see about that.
I am Diana Temiscira...
...daughter of Hippolyta...
...Queen of the Amazons.
And your wrath upon
this world is over.
In the name of all that it
is good in this world...
...I hereby complete the
mission of the Amazons...
...by ridding this
world of you...
I killed him.
I killed him, but nothing stops.
You kill the god of
war, you stop the war.
Exactly what we have to do now.
We need to stop the gas.
Come on.
No. All this should
have stopped.
The fighting should have stopped.
Why are they?
I don't know! I don't know.
Ares is dead.
They can now stop fighting.
Why are they still fighting?
Because maybe it's them!
Maybe people aren't always good.
Ares or no Ares...
...Maybe it's just,
who they are.
- Diana...
- No.
Diana, we can talk
about this later.
- I need you to come with me.
- No, no!
After everything I
saw, it can't be!
Can not be!
They were killing each other.
Killing people they cannot see.
No, it had to be him.
It can not be them!
Diana, people... I...
She was right.
My mother was right.
She said the world of
men do not deserve you.
They don't deserve
our help, Steve.
- It's not about deserve!
- They do not deserve our help.
Maybe we don't!
But it's not about that.
It's about what you believe.
You don't think I get it, after
what I've seen out there?
You don't think I wish I could tell
you that I was one bad guy to blame?
It's not!
We are all to blame.
I am not.
But maybe I am!
If you believe that this
war should stop...
...if you want to stop it...
...help me stop it right now.
If you don't, there will be thousands
more. Please, please come with me.
I have to go.
I have to go.
- Where is Diana?
- We are on our own.
- What?
- What did you see, Charlie?
Seems like a bunch
of gas pumps...
...but I can't see where
they're taking them.
How are we gonna get in there?
I have got an idea.
Come on guys.
Come on!
Who's there?
Sir Patrick.
You were right, Diana.
They don't deserve our help.
They only deserve destruction.
You are him.
I am.
But I'm not what
you thought I was.
What is that?
I'm not your enemy, Diana.
I'm the only one who
truly knows you.
And who truly knows
them, as you now do.
They always been and
always will be...
...weak, cruel, selfish...
...and capable of the
greatest horrors.
All I ever wanted was...
...for the Gods to see how
evil my father's creation was.
But they refused.
I am Diana of Temiscira...
So I destroyed them.
...daughter of Hippolyta...
...and I am here
to complete her...
The God Killer...
My dear Child..
...that's not the God Killer.
You are.
Only a God can kill another God.
Zeus left the child he had
with the queen of the Amazon.
...As a weapon to
use against me.
No. You liar.
I compel you to
tell me the truth.
I am.
I'm not the god of war, Diana.
I am the God of truth.
...Stole this world from us.
They ruined it, day by day.
And I, the only one wise
enough to see it...
...was left too weak to stop them.
All these years I have
struggled alone...
...whispering into their ears.
Ideas, inspiration
for formulas...
...but I don't
make them use them.
They start these
wars on their own.
All I do is orchestrate an armistice
I know they cannot keep...
...in the hope they
will destroy themselves.
But it has never been enough.
Until you.
When you first arrived I
was going to crush you.
But I knew that if
only you could see...
...what the other
gods could not...
...then you would join me, and
with our powers combined...
...we could finally end all the
pain, all the suffering...
...destruction they bring.
And we could return this world to
the paradise it was before them.
I can never be a part of that.
My dear, I don't
want to fight you.
But if I must...
- Steve!
- Come on, let's go!
Sammy, let's go!
Get these things out of here.
Oh my dear, you have
so much to learn.
Oh my God!
What are we gonna do?
There is not much we can do...
...if that's who I think it is.
But we can stop that plane.
If we could get on the radio...
...we can ask flying
corp to shoot her down.
No. If it crashes, it will wipe
everyone out for 50 square miles.
We gotta ground it!
Bad news. It's on a timer.
If we ground it here,
it's the same thing.
Is it flammable, Chief?
Yes, you said it's hydrogen.
It's flammable.
I need you guys to clear
me a path to that plane.
- No, Steve!
- Hey, Steve!
Come on!
Come on! This way! Steve!
- Come on, Steve.
- Ahead! Go!
Let's see what kind of
god you really are.
You will help me
destroy them, Diana.
Or you will die.
Come on! Let's move, let's go!
Go. Go. Go.
- Now!
- Go! Run!
Is that all you have to offer?
It is futile to
imagine you can win.
Give up, Diana.
Chief! Anything left?
I got nothing.
- Anything!
- No!
Yes, Diana!
Take them all!
Finally you see.
Look at this world.
Mankind did this, not me.
They are ugly...
...filled with hatred...
...Just like your
captain Trevor.
Gone and left you nothing.
And for what?
He deserved to burn!
Look at her and
tell me I'm wrong.
She is the perfect example
of these humans...
...and unworthy of your
sympathy in every way.
Destroy her, Diana.
You know that she deserves.
That they all do.
Do it!
We have to go.
What are you saying?
...Whatever it is, I can do it.
No.. No..
- Let me do it.
- No.
It has to be me.
It has to be me.
I could save today.
You can save the world.
I wish we had more time.
What are you saying?
I love you!
You are wrong about them.
They are everything you say...
...but so much more.
They do not deserve
your protection!
It's not about deserving.
It's about what you believe.
And I believe in love.
Then I will destroy you!
Goodbye brother.
I used to want to
save the world.
To end war and bring
peace to mankind.
But then I glimpsed the darkness
that lives within their mind
...and learned that inside
every one of them...
...there will always be both.
A choice each must
make for themselves.
Something no hero
will ever defeat..
And now I know...
...that only love can
truly save the world.
So I stay...
...I fight and I give...
...for the world I know can be.
This is my mission now.