Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) Movie Script

This is Captain Trevor
at coordinate 509.
We're tracking several UFOs
and they're moving fast.
What the hell?
Lieutenant, are you seeing
what I'm seeing?
Copy that.
Sir, we've got incoming.
They're right on top of...
Am I... Am I dead?
Of course not.
This looks like heaven.
And you're an angel.
You're still light-headed
from your injuries.
I'm Diana.
Oh, shit.
Calm down.
You're going to be fine.
You're safe here
on Themyscira.
Home to the Amazons.
A paradise favored by the gods,
hidden for centuries
from the gaze of man's world.
Ruled by my mother,
Queen Hippolyta.
So that means
you're a princess, right?
Something like that.
Saved by a princess?
Is there a problem?
Nope. I like a little drama.
Then that makes two of us.
There, it's all healed.
Wow. What is this thing?
The purple healing ray.
Yeah, but what is it called?
The purple healing ray.
Oh, really? Okay.
Look, thanks
for the save, Princess,
but I've got
to get out of here.
Some kind of alien...
Demons are invading the Earth.
I saw the battle.
You continued to attack
against hopeless odds.
Yeah, that's the job.
Look, nobody knows about these
creatures and I've got to warn them.
You have to understand,
Captain Trevor.
You are the first man,
the first outsider,
to ever set foot on Themyscira.
You will be held
in the cells of justice
until my mother and the senate
can decide your fate.
Jail? You're going
to put me in jail?
I haven't done anything.
No, no, no, you can't.
I need to get back.
I have to warn them.
Those monsters could be
invading Earth right now.
Diana, somebody's
got to do something.
You ever think about opening
a resort business?
'Cause I've got
a friend named Etta
who'd give her right arm for an island
full of beautiful female bodybuilders.
I think my mother has proven
hospitality is not her priority.
Princess, what brings you here?
Unfortunately, this.
Forgive me, sister.
I take it deliberations
are over.
It did not go well.
Steven Trevor of man's world,
I am here to take you home.
Um, thanks, angel,
but shouldn't we be headed that way?
Not if we're escaping.
Well, when you
put it like that...
Once we get to the boat,
I can take you across the
barrier and back to your people.
Your mom is not going
to be happy about this.
Point me toward the boat
and I can take it from here.
I saw the demon that killed your
friends and destroyed your craft.
You need my help.
The gods foretold of this day,
when a champion from Themyscira
would be called upon
to protect man's world
from untold horrors.
My mother taught me that
an Amazon does what is right,
no matter the cost.
So that's what I intend to do.
Explain yourself.
Do not try to stop me, Mother.
I am your queen.
Which is why you will return that
sacred armor to its rightful place.
You will return that prisoner
to his cell.
You will thank me for my mercy.
And we will never
discuss this again.
His name is Steven.
I have sworn to return him
to his people
and I intend to go with him.
If you wish to steal
from the Amazons,
you will have to go
through their protector.
Is that what you want?
It's what you taught me.
So be it.
His arrival is a sign.
Man's world needs our help.
Man's world is past help.
That is not
your choice to make.
If you leave,
you will never become queen.
You will never set foot
on this island again.
Are you truly willing to
throw away everything you are
for the mere chance
of helping them?
Ask me again, Mother.
It's strange that you should
be my own daughter,
and yet someone I do not
recognize anymore.
The edge of Themyscira.
Once we cross,
we will never
be able to return.
I will be alone.
No, Diana, you won't.
We're in this together.
All right?
Etta Candy.
Are you sure Dr. Kapatelis
is okay with this?
Diana, Julia Kapatelis is an
expert on ancient cultures,
and you're an ancient culture.
Walking around in great shoes.
Having you stay at her place?
I thought I was gonna have
to scrape her off the floor.
Uh, that's a good thing.
Which is exactly
why we're doing this.
They'll love you, Di.
You just gotta relax.
Okay, vacuumed the rug,
kitchen's clean,
toilet's scrubbed, twice.
Why don't I hear sweeping?
Because if I sweep any more,
my arms are gonna fall off.
It's not like
she's gonna lick the floor.
Vanessa Kapatelis, an actual,
literal princess
is coming here.
That means no slouching,
no open-mouth chewing,
and if your arms fall off,
it is a small price to pay.
Oh, my God, did I check the
expiration date on the potpourri?
A princess.
Yes, but you should
call me Vanessa.
I mean, "Diana."
You're Vanessa, obviously.
Are you cleansing your house?
Here, let me help.
You really don't have to...
Vanessa, was that the doorbell?
No slouching.
Princess Diana,
welcome to our home.
It is an honor to meet you
as well, Dr. Kapatelis.
Both of you.
Um, why don't I show you
the rest of the house?
I've rearranged the rooms.
Yours gets lovely sunlight
in the morning.
This is so exciting.
I know how you feel.
I have a strong mother, too.
I have so much
to teach you,
and so much to learn
from you, of course.
Do you like potpourri?
Do you mind if I am also here?
Sure. Why not?
Your sleeping chamber
is like my room
in the royal palace
on Themyscira,
albeit a bit smaller
and without handmaidens,
of course.
I'm sorry I put you
in trouble yesterday.
It's okay.
You're like a big,
huge deal to Mom.
"Living history" and all that.
Do you miss it?
Your home?
A bit.
But I came here to make
your world a better place.
And once your mother teaches me
more about your culture,
that's what I'll do.
Can you just decide that?
To make the whole world better?
Everyone gets to decide what
they want to do with their life.
I might not succeed,
but this is what
I choose to try.
But not everyone has
to choose the same thing.
What about you, Vanessa?
What will you dedicate
your life to?
I don't know,
killing teenage vampires?
Don't worry.
Vampires aren't real.
I wasn't worried.
And they are.
But it doesn't matter
what I want.
My mom's an archeologist.
Her dad was an archeologist.
Blah, blah, blah.
What if you could choose?
I don't know.
I like my martial arts class.
I like math.
I used to play the drums
until the neighbors complained.
I guess...
I want to be something else.
Anything else.
Have you told your mother?
Told me what?
That I've suddenly allowed people
to put their shoes on the bed?
Don't worry, Diana.
You're our guest.
Come on, Vanessa,
time to set the table.
Are you sitting down?
I mean, yes.
We're sitting.
Just show them, Di.
She's really excited.
What do you think?
Um, it's...
Totally embarrassing?
Come on, Mom.
What's she gonna be,
a superhero?
You can't even drive yet.
Diana, what's going on?
Are you trying to be
like that nut in Gotham?
It is why I came.
To help protect man's world.
There's more than one way
to be a hero.
My employer, Dr. Cale,
has set up an amazing...
We're not asking
for your permission, Julia.
Diana's already
taking missions.
There's talk of her meeting
the president.
The press has already
given her a code name.
Julia, I'm sure I could
help many by joining you.
But this is the right way
to help for me.
Then that's what you should do.
Thank you, sisters.
I'll make you proud.
So, what's your code name?
It's Wonder Woman.
Blast her.
Hey, Di? Di?
Whoever you're punching
in the face right now,
can you do it a little faster?
I need you at the Hall.
I always forget
how funny you are.
I forgive you.
But only because most Amazons
wouldn't know a sense of humor
if it bit their noses off.
I'm an Amazon.
And you just proved my point.
Back off,
Wonder Woman.
Hang on.
I swear I'll blow her head off.
Those are not
the only two outcomes.
I believe this is yours.
Um, thanks?
No problem.
I'm sorry these men
hampered your day.
"Hampered your day?"
Exactly how long is it gonna be before
you stop talking like my grandma?
Don't be silly.
I'm much older
than your grandmother.
You really
are something special,
you know that?
What is it?
Nothing, it's just...
I used to pride myself on that,
being unique.
I hadn't realized it's not
always a good thing.
It's always a good thing
to the right people.
Speaking of the right people,
a blast from our past
just walked in.
It's been too long.
What is it?
It's Vanessa.
I think she's in trouble,
and we need your help.
I found some disturbing e-mails
in her office.
If Dr. Cale read these...
Veronica Cale?
The pharmaceutical magnate?
What does a drug company
want with archeologists?
Innovation isn't nearly as linear
as many people think, Etta.
Our work at Cale
Pharmaceuticals is valuable.
But I fear that it hasn't been
profitable enough for my daughter.
Vanessa's planning to sell one
of Cale's artifacts to someone else.
If anyone finds out,
she'll go to prison.
I don't even know her anymore.
Help me, Diana.
Help me get my daughter back.
Is anyone here?
Answer me, damn it!
So presumptuous.
It's been a long time since anyone
spoke to Dr. Poison that way.
Which one of you is Dr. Cyber?
She's the one
I negotiated with.
Cyber doesn't do
anything face-to-face.
It's one of the reasons
she teamed up with me.
Rest assured,
she's keeping an eye out for us.
Do you have the item?
I want my money.
I need to make sure
it's viable first.
you've got a super incoming.
They're headed
straight for you.
You double-crossed us.
Kill her!
You'll damage the artifact.
I'm not here for you, Poison.
That case belongs
to Veronica Cale.
This isn't
any of your business.
You don't even know
what's going on.
Poison, I'd get
out of there if I were you.
Kill the agents.
Take the hero.
Time for a rematch,
Wonder Wench.
Bigger and better, bitch.
Get down.
Stay here.
I've secured the artifact.
Now that, I will not allow.
How does your saying go?
"The bigger they are,
the more they fall down?"
That's it exactly.
I think we can all agree you've
made some poor life choices.
Perhaps some time
in prison will...
Mom. Mom.
I'm here.
Di, Diana...
She shouldn't have been here.
You shouldn't have been here.
She's dead.
And it's all your fault.
Don't touch me.
Vanessa. Vanessa!
Di? Di.
Oh, no.
I thought Vanessa
would be here.
I'd hoped to apologize.
You don't have anything
to apologize for, angel.
You didn't shoot Julia.
She didn't get hit
by a ricochet either,
the angles were all wrong.
I checked a dozen times.
I should have been
able to save her.
A true Amazon would have.
I've failed two mothers now.
I've cost Vanessa everything.
Then we'll make it right,
as much as we can.
We're in this
together, remember?
I detest cheap sentiment.
It's not fair.
Is it, Vanessa?
I'm in.
All the way.
We have a
delivery for the doctors.
Step aside, girl.
You're standing between me
and a lot of money.
Dr. Poison and Cyber instructed
me to accept your delivery.
As for your payment,
I wouldn't worry about it.
What are you?
More than I was,
and not as much as I will be.
You wreck any more robots and
we're gonna have an uprising.
I'm trying to train.
I know what you're
trying to do, Di.
We found her.
Vanessa popped up on a spy
satellite on the Qurac border.
She's smuggling medical
equipment, tech, and artifacts.
All linked to Dr. Cyber
and Dr. Poison.
I guess she didn't
learn her lesson.
Or we didn't leave
her any options.
She's young,
thinks she's alone.
We need to show her
that's not true.
Thought you might say that.
Etta, can you get us transport?
Something discreet?
I know just the thing.
Etta, did you steal an invisible
jet from the US military?
Steven Trevor,
I'm surprised at you.
There's no such thing
as an invisible jet.
I gotta admit, it feels good to
get away from the desk for a while.
Oh, I love flying.
You never flew with me.
Yeah, well,
you were flying with Superman.
And three's a crowd.
I'm not flying
with Superman now.
We've got enough fuel to hover
for about an hour.
Let's rock and roll.
Are you worried?
Yeah, that's why
I'm not dead yet.
Ladies first?
You can't open it?
I can, it's just gonna
be the hard way.
Yeah see? Hard way.
Oh, you have no idea.
Poison, inner walls
are breached.
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
You have to give
us time to get in the air.
If we lose it, we'll never be
able to execute the mission.
I'll do it.
I can handle whoever's
storming the gates.
I knew you were a
fighter that night in the warehouse.
Show me how much more
you've become since then.
She's not ready, Poison.
Not without all the upgrades.
No, but she is expendable.
The prototype,
our mission, is not.
Vanessa's dead.
It's Silver Swan now.
Why did you let them
do this to you?
You were always so perfect.
Well, I'm perfect now.
Cyber and Poison saw to that.
They are not your friends.
Of course, they are.
They helped me kill you.
Is she all right?
Looks like she just
got her bell rung a bit.
But what now?
Do we call the League?
No. Vanessa's not
in her right mind.
The mutilation she's endured
is proof enough of that.
We need someone whose
only concern is helping her.
We need someone
with expertise in bio-tech,
high-security facilities,
and the ability
to keep their mouth shut.
Hmm, speak of the devil.
How 'bout two out of three?
The Wonder Woman herself.
I'm gonna be real honest.
When Etta called me, I laughed.
Never dreamed someone
as illustrious as yourself
would grace my door.
Let alone with my own
ex-employee in your arms.
Veronica Cale.
The name's out front.
A pleasure to meet you,
Dr. Cale.
Do you know what's wrong
with Vanessa?
The issue is these implants
aren't really implanted at all.
They're the expression
of a techno-organic virus.
Vanessa didn't have this Silver
Swan-thing grafted onto her.
She's being turned into it
from the inside out
and it's still going on.
The worst part is,
I can't find any off switch.
This virus will keep
replacing her
until there's nothing left.
Killing her in the process.
In theory, I could heal her,
but she doesn't have the time,
and I don't have the tech.
Themyscira does.
The purple healing ray.
if it's so easy,
why'd you need to come here?
You out of free miles
on your rewards card?
I don't know
where Themyscira is.
It's a security measure.
As soon as anyone leaves the
island, they forget its location.
Even Diana.
But you're
going to find it again?
For Vanessa,
I have to.
Well, if you promise to
bring me back something nice,
I know exactly
where you can start.
This was Julia's office.
Such as it is.
She always talked
about Themyscira.
Finding it was her
personal pet project.
Good luck.
I've been in intelligence
for nearly a decade,
and even I can't
navigate this mess.
Some of this stuff is amazing.
The tomb of Persises?
Perseus. He slew Medusa.
There are notes in here
about Medusa cells
being used in treatment.
I didn't even know
she was real.
You didn't think I was real
the first time we met.
Uh, I was concussed.
Maybe we're looking
in the wrong place.
Cale said finding Themyscira
was Julia's pet project,
but Julia knew about the island
before she met Cale.
So her notes won't be
on the top of the piles...
They'd be on the bottom.
Here. The temple of Pasiphae.
Ah, Pasiphae.
Famed goddess of...
She's an oracular goddess
associated with mazes.
She helps people
see the future.
If her shrine is still intact,
it could point the way to Themyscira.
Then what the hell
are we waiting for?
Okay. This is a mistake.
I have a really nice office,
you know.
Leather chair.
That fancy espresso machine
in the lounge.
And where am I?
Flying to some god-forsaken
no-woman's land
to ruin my boots.
Etta, you asked
to come on this mission.
Of course, I did.
If you think I'm gonna pass up the
chance to find a drinking fountain
that can tell the future,
your tiara's on too tight.
Now that is impressive.
How do you even get
to a place like this on foot?
Not quickly.
What in the name of Hera
are you doing here?
Into the temple. Now.
This is why
I don't like field work.
First lesson in the field.
Sometimes you've just
gotta focus on running.
Don't get cocky.
You may have
saved your friends,
but you're my real target.
I was really hoping the whole
maze thing was just a metaphor.
You've improved.
But you haven't beaten me yet.
And you won't now.
That's where
you're wrong, Princess.
Poison and Cyber have formed a regular
Villains Incorporated to take you down.
And they mean business.
Giving stock options to anyone
willing to join their little start up.
Including me.
Steve, does any
of this bother you?
Uh, you mean the dirt?
No, that's just a you thing.
No. I mean Pasiphae, mazes.
Something about this
is familiar.
Get back.
Must stop intruders.
Must stop intruders!
That's it.
Pasiphae gave birth
to the Minotaur.
The beast of the maze.
You couldn't
remember that sooner?
Listen, tri-tip,
we don't want any trouble.
Must stop intruders.
How're we gonna get there
before he does?
We're not.
- Yoo-hoo!
- Hey!
- Bully, bully, over here.
- Hey, over here.
Hey, over here.
Don't kill me.
What's the matter, Princess?
Feeling a little slow?
Yes, actually. I am.
What are you doing?
Changing the battlefield.
Must stop intruders.
Must stop intruders.
Where are you going?
You can't leave me like this.
Well, obviously you can,
but I deserve...
Exactly what I'm getting.
Must stop intruders.
- Must stop intruders.
- Stand down.
Totally under control.
There you are.
I'm so glad you're all right.
If Hercules
can beat a Minotaur,
so can I.
Steve, stop trying.
So, how does this
shrine-thing work?
Do you hit star
for customer service or...
You ask politely.
Gods of Olympus, hear my plea.
Show me the path to Themyscira.
Show me the way home.
Great Hera.
What did you see?
But I can't make sense of it.
I still don't know
where Themyscira is.
Must... Stop... Intruders.
Must stop intruders.
Steve, don't.
Must stop intruders.
Must stop intruders.
Peace, friend.
There is nothing left
for you to protect.
You freed me.
What is your name?
Diana of Themyscira.
An Amazon.
I pledge my life to you,
Diana of Themyscira.
And I will shelter and protect
you for all of my days.
Hmm, an excellent name.
Then rise, Ferdinand.
And know that you will never
need to fight again.
Listen, Di.
I am happy to have another guy,
sort of, on the team,
but we still don't know
where to go.
True. We should
return to Vanessa.
Once I figure out the meaning of my
vision, we'll need to move quickly.
- -I just
got a text from Veronica Cale.
Ooh, she does not sound happy.
We found this
on some of the molecules
from Poison's compounds.
It's your logo.
There's more good news.
My techs found our micro-stamp
as soon as we examined
Vanessa's blood work.
She may not be
your only problem.
We had company
when we got to the shrine.
Your people were the only ones
who knew where we were headed.
That's ridiculous.
Vanessa Kapatelis
is the only employee
to ever leak
sensitive information.
Maybe she deserves
to stay the way she is.
You can't mean that.
What Vanessa did,
she did from pain.
She's lost.
She thinks Julia died
disappointed in her.
Do you know how much
that can hurt?
Are you kidding?
My mother could freeze ice
with a look.
Chilled her drinks that way.
Fine, Princess.
You've talked me back
to the side of the angels.
What's our next step?
I don't know.
I did have
a vision at the shrine.
I just can't decipher it.
There were flowers, my mother,
strange fish.
The Mediterranean's
so over-fished,
certain species have been
reduced to tiny pockets.
Themyscira could be the place
where all those components meet.
Okay, Princess.
Which of these looks familiar?
"Seek and ye shall find."
I think we've got it.
But there's nothing there.
There's a seamount,
an underwater island.
How much you wanna bet it's a
little bit taller in real life?
Dr. Cale, you did it.
Brava, Doctor.
Now that you've found
Dr. Poison and I have, too.
How did you access
our private server?
I wouldn't bother
calling your security team.
I've got all your access codes.
Cyber, these people
have done nothing to you,
neither have the other Amazons.
If you and Dr. Poison
want vengeance, it should...
This isn't
about vengeance.
It's about money.
I've heard about the tech
the Amazons have
and now that
we have their location,
it's ours for the taking.
Killing all of you
is just good business.
Oh, great.
Cyber turned on
the contamination protocols.
The computer thinks
a virus is loose,
and it's been ordered
to sanitize.
It means this entire floor
is about to be incinerated.
Wakey, wakey,
Silver Swan.
Why does it always get worse?
Vanessa, you have
to listen to me.
Those implants are killing you.
We're trying to help.
You're lying.
You're trying
to steal my power,
just like you stole my mother.
That isn't true.
Don't worry, Dr. Cale,
you're gonna be fine.
How reassuring.
And I thought you were
just the cute secretary.
Please, Vanessa.
This isn't you.
You don't know me.
I want this.
Do you?
It won't bring Julia back.
Guns? So freakin' primitive.
get out of there while she's distracted.
Hey, wait. I can't fly.
You gotta save me too!
You just had to wait for the
dramatic entrance, didn't you?
I thought you liked
a little drama.
We need to search the floor.
There could still be survivors.
Don't bother.
That floor's empty and sealed off
from the rest of the building.
Good thing, too.
Now my company's
only partially destroyed.
Poison and Cyber may have
declared war on Themyscira...
But if there's one thing
Amazons know,
it's how to fight a war.
And it's time to fight.
I take it you won't be
staying for dinner.
But if we could get a to-go
box, that'd be great.
Next stop, Themyscira.
And hopefully an Amazon
who likes 'em thick.
If we survive this,
I can make a few introductions.
This isn't gonna end well,
you know.
Well, we are flying to an
island of immortal warriors
to save them from
a razor-winged killing machine.
But I wouldn't worry too much.
I meant this isn't going
to end well for Diana.
I know what you meant.
Whatever happens,
there's a good chance
she's not coming back with us.
Unless she had
a little motivation?
You know, that's exactly the
effect I like to have on women.
I know you've got my back.
And this has been
a rather stressful time.
You fought Darkseid.
This is, like,
half as bad as that.
A third, at best.
Besides, you're gonna save
your own hometown.
You play your cards right,
they'll make you queen.
They won't make me queen.
Yeah, you're right.
It's not like you're
already royal,
or blessed by the gods...
They won't.
Not after what I did.
I stole this armor,
the lasso, I...
I betrayed my own mother.
She let you go.
After you left, we fought.
I turned my sword
on my own mother.
I've never seen her
more ashamed.
Wonder Woman is a myth man's
world told itself about me.
She didn't slink away
in the cover of night.
She is not a disappointment
to her people, her mother.
Screw her.
Screw them.
Vanessa? The Amazons?
Their lives can't be worth
less than mine.
They can't be
worth more either.
An Amazon does what is right.
No matter the cost.
You mean the world to me, Di.
I, I just wish you wouldn't be
so hard on yourself.
Steve, you mean
the world to me too.
Uh, guys?
It's here.
I know it.
Unfortunately, we're not
the only ones.
Man's world has
come to Themyscira.
Make sure they do not
find it wanting.
This is why I don't like
being in the field.
We've got
another signal inbound.
Looks like the princess
found us.
And here I was
starting to doubt them.
Vanessa, hold off the heroes,
will you?
I'll take care
of the front gate.
You prep the prototype.
I do so love mass destruction.
Let's hope
she does too.
She's gonna tear us apart!
Diana, no!
Just watch my back.
I will not tell you twice,
Retreat! Retreat!
A Gorgon does not surrender
to Amazons.
You truly are
a magnificent creature.
Once their tech is ours,
I'm going to build
an army of you
- strong enough to...
- Shh.
Mortals talk too much.
You serve us, monster.
Whatever your plans were,
know this,
I am Medusa.
No one controls my fate.
No one holds my gaze.
Not you mechanical puppets.
And not small-minded fools
who think they know
what they are dealing with.
My apologies, Medusa.
I can make it up to you.
I can make you stronger.
I did not come here
to rob the Amazons.
Look at me, wretch.
I came to destroy them.
No, Medusa.
No, don't!
My queen, we have to retreat.
Fall back.
To the inner gates.
Vanessa, stop.
You can still be healed.
I am still your friend.
Are you really that stupid?
This isn't about friendship.
Or family.
This is an eye
for an eye, Diana.
You hurt me,
and now I hurt you.
No matter what you've done,
I'm still with you.
I won't let you go.
Fall back.
Fall back.
Great Hera.
Oh, shit.
Go help her, I got this.
But you don't know how to...
I got this!
No one escapes my vengeance.
You can't be her.
Perseus killed Medusa.
And now I've been reborn.
Could a mere replica do this?
Whatever Poison told you,
whatever Cyber did to you,
you can choose another path.
We do not
have to be your enemies.
I know the Amazons.
We have always been enemies.
And if your mother begs
sweetly enough...
I promise to turn her to stone
before I take off her limbs.
Now that...
I will not allow.
Close the gates.
Steve, no. Don't look.
Oh, you like them.
I must remember that.
My lovelies
have very special venom.
Eats through almost anything.
Gods defend us.
There's no way Diana
can defeat that monster.
- I meant...
- You meant what you said.
And you may well be right.
This may not be a fight
my daughter can win.
Look at me, girl.
Let me go.
I have to look.
No! Listen to me, Vanessa.
I will not let her harm you.
I deserve this.
I deserve this.
I know you think that.
That you're not enough
for those who loved you.
That you never will be.
I've felt that fear too.
But I knew my purpose
in this life,
and if it is at all
in my power,
you will survive long enough
to learn yours.
By all means, Amazon,
try to compel her not to look.
It will only tear
her mind apart.
She can't see you through me.
Very well, hero.
You can look at me first.
I will not.
Look at me.
I refuse.
Look at me.
Are you a fool?
You can't poison me
with my own venom.
But that is not
what I was planning.
No! Look at me!
As you wish.
The princess
cannot survive this.
She does not intend to.
She will die if she can
take the monster with her.
Like a true Amazon.
You wanted me to choose a path
for myself, Diana.
I choose to stand by you.
Keep a hand on me.
I'll get you to her.
You do the rest.
I'm so proud of you, Vanessa.
I am so sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't be
the daughter you wanted.
My little girl.
You were a true Amazon today.
I know the title they gave you
in man's world.
For so long,
it was hard for me to hear
because it meant you were not
my Diana anymore,
you were theirs.
I was so wrong.
You have earned their name.
You truly are
a Wonder Woman.
I will always be your Diana.
But I came here with a mission.
Will you help us?
my sisters,
my friends.
Long have we been
separated from man's world.
At the behest of the gods,
and then the folly
of your queen.
But now, I see it is past time that
we were called back into the realm.
- My daughter told me a long time ago...
- Congratulations, angel.
...that the gods were calling
for our return.
That there were those outside
our borders that needed our help.
Raise up your voice to Diana,
the champion of Themyscira.
All hail Diana!
Known to all as Wonder Woman.
All hail Diana!
All hail Diana.
It is good to be back
among my sisters.
And, as my first act
as protector of Themyscira,
it is my honor to proclaim,
let the games commence.
Well, bless your heart.
You figured it out.
I had to go blind
to see your treachery.
Why, Dr. Cale?
Because of you, dear.
Julia never stopped raving
about you marvelous Amazons
whose technology
I couldn't even dream of.
However, I could take it.
But the only person
that could find it
was you.
You just had to be
properly motivated.
You killed Julia.
I couldn't let her figure
out I was bankrolling Poison and Cyber.
Not even Vanessa knew that.
Vanessa became my weapon
and you gave up your island.
Your attack failed.
Themyscira is whole.
And exactly where I left it.
I'm looking forward
to visiting.
That reminds me.
You asked me to bring you back
something from home.
My mother and I are reconciled
thanks to you.
Which means I am now officially
the champion of Themyscira.
If you seek to harm it,
or my friends,
you should have a weapon.
You think I'm intimidated?
I've won.
I'm coming for you,
Wonder Woman.
Do you hear me, Wonder Woman?
I am coming for you!