Wood Job! (2014) Movie Script

Oh, excuse me
got what you need?
Are you next year baekpeo
catch the same university.
Wait until that time.
Help ~.
You know, we...
Once a mark on him. I'll be
good to each other a distance.
jjine fattening!
No, you're an asshole for
about a year is nothing!
Yes I got Den 3're aspiring
good girl Reina.
Neolrigo than a thousand!
- Right?
- Right
- Sing!
- Call!
Call Call! O Yuki!
True or not.
Fort popular dance thing.
Completely not chune
fort's gone a meeting
I decided yet whether any circle
ski tennis ditch!
It catches the mediocre!
When circles or meetings
hanya About me not bored?
Respective ones looking simple
and thought it would be nice.
But then sort of...
somehow're so depressing
're depressing.
It's depressing to.
Volunteers etc.
(free Take) / font
Self-Defense Recruitment / font
Hull Real?
Forest trainee / font
Shinobu Yaguchi supervision work.
/ Font
Wood jobs! / font
gamut sari relaxing days in the forest.
So you next SAT is to do?
What I'm tired look again.
Are So Wen forestry?
Sort of answered prayer, man.
Nature-friendly and
do you want me well haejugo Earth
draw ah?
Reina / font
Oh! I'm home phone!
Hello? It's me.
Hello, woodwork.
I heard
- @ $% d...
- Eh? Hello?
- What Forestry saying
- The phone connection...
- So far away and leave...
- Hello?
'M Now making the station a minute.
Eh? Wait...
iteunikka now looking Wait propagation.
Jammed Ine.
Font color = ffff99 Busy / font
is not connected / font
Hull... font color = ff9999
is not connected / font
Ow! Put Oh...
also want to go back.
6 ?? I have?
What is this?
Eh? Popped!
Gotta do...
What is this? Shit!
- Mr. Hirano?
- Yes.
Ago from forestry union...
This Snakes
dokbaem hurt yourself because some species.
Breakfast, lunch and evening meals out.
Accommodation is also so quick.
Can I anhaedo no worries
novice trainees are also guys like you do.
What for saying this, but I'm recovering.
Acorn key.
Well... yes
variety every day every
day instructor who Orsini
talk directly with each looking for.
Please also study
professional imeopga
because speech is a bit
rough sometimes, but It's okay.
1 years in the program between
top for the first month, there
will be a basic lesson here.
During your sound.
Matter who is in finding a job transfer.
Who came to school
variety of people, including
former SDF was a man, but
30 days from today to study together.
1 months after obtaining
the qualifications to
everyone is able to continue to work hard.
Questions in minutes?
- There...
- Yes.
But this guy here. Where?
Look here.
The corresponding picture
is directed / font
[thinning slash]
that right to do so, I write about?
Right word right.
Do you know why you need
regular thinning slash is?
So... Hirano group.
Then you've
as thinning with
regularly in order to leave a good tree.
The sun will come in well among the trees.
Rings may become clearer also
grows thick tree trunks.
Hot Shot. What did you study?
Majored in forestry from the University.
'S on there... say...
Oh continue to.
Just leave the station without paying
thinning haejyeoseo coarse soils.
Flows and lowering soil tree
roots become unstable Genie
landslides occur is easy...
The next
& apos; Ring knot & apos; A
time if a tree climb over.
One hand when his body with a rope tied.
If you do...
's so... so... so.
Hey guys this is a ring knot.
too I closed.
If you're feeling gotta once.
. So... Oh I'm fine.
Thank you.
Yap... Huh?
Doll brings you the hay?
Chain saws are very dangerous.
Please be sure to try on.
If you use these leather pants.
- Yes.
- So I'm asking Demonstration.
First take down the tree to
land I dig its own direction.
Geurigoseon the other side of it bep
and leave me a graduation degree
put this drive the wedge.
This acts as a scale. Hinges
or fall over there
crossed Dia!
These days, you do not say that.
What? Oh geuraeyeo?
What next for 8p
regard to the risk of rebound...
There is no... wipes?
Deodorant Spray ve also matter.
Some such thing...
Hey you!
Earlier from Here, you are doing!
To look ridiculous Mountain
fly line life!
So while this guy like you
rebound even look up once!
Band-Aid bandages...
How do I look when I do this?
'Ve Already learned
uh, he...
Direct compression method
place than just look at it
over the wound wrapped heart.
Put ??Oh!
This guy's Anemia Anemia!
This sorry
okay tight squeeze.
Systems sometimes that's just the hurt
haguman priceless!
- Is the thumb?
- You all right?
This is... this is...
this? Is the hand...
- Hello.
- Uh It's me.
Oh What's going on here?
- Yuki's.
- Huh?
Ve no apparent thing...
That What I wanted.
How exactly the same ditch the usual group.
Oh right! There was a fun day.
Came with your dad again.
Back pain...
nothing other than manually going to say.
Boiling hot pot full of honey!
Mwoeo? Evil!
You all right?
Tell me well. Oh wait!
/ font mental well anmateum
me physically Hanten flock.
Dalkka something fit poorly mental well
anmateum me physically Hanten crowd / font
Also mentally mental well anmateum
me physically Hanten crowd / font
physically also
also Hanten crowd was me
I think it's not fit...
That was a bunch Hanten.
What should you can not hardly keep
I can not help it...
Carefully store.
Hey, give me more kindly.?
I'm doing this to get away everyone
anyway, my city Meek Man
's mouth up is a bunch!
Do not say so.
In our position if possible.
1 ? not just end with
After that continue to live here.
If you'd family pack
I'll be that easy? Is not it?
So'm going to stop me.
That's it?
Yes year the amount is...
This would be the disposal
next year.
Never Never mind that!
Promised to only the original 1.
This is because wearing cold.
Wait a minute!
Need a ride!
Sorry, I really appreciate it.
If you're just having fun.
Will you come back now?
Nompaengyi like you
anyway, I could not get a job
in standing to force led 1
I gave up everyone?
Nuisance that wasnt the best!
Font color = ffff99 Nakamura forestry / font
Good Morning
himnaepsida hard day
today, so that an accident.
- Kazuma Mr. Fuji Shiva.
- Yes.
Mr. Yuki Hirano.
Yes, we celebrate.
Hirano four groups
haetne much trouble
I honestly thought you were the
first time I was ready to quit.
Next time.
Getgu only meet in the mountains.
Yamamoto suffered many military
frankly I first quit you...
= = coming there car?
Oh yeah...
I Hayama Forestry go. You?
Uh... Once Nakamura Forestry E.O.
Hull! As Nakamura forestry?
Singing and dancing in the forest ferns?
Song and dance sari woods?
I do not know? Where to go into
more depth in the mountains.
There is a huge go
adventurous and quite a
few are strong Bonnet.
Hirano! Itnya Yuki Hirano!
You should call.
Deer haunting note / font
Hahaha... What's that?
What? Uh... Take this?
Euheok! In ssolryeo.
- What brings out the juice you like!
- Gobble Gobble reopne loud!
Did you take him to the vet?
What? True or... Drink
ago Oh no...
Nakamura Forestry Corporation / font
Iida lida Yoki Mickey / font
O Shigeru grandmother.
O's going on?
This kid than anyone?
Said before?
Forest trainee John
1 years from today still
comes on at my house.
Would do that?
Mwoyeo? I did not want it?
Oh, no it's not.
Forward & apos; 335 ? & apos;'m yo.
That's it.
Commissioner's house and greeted with.
So come greet me...
da... Oh I'll go.
. Font color = ffff99 Nakamura forestry / font
Nakamura forestry / font
Oh, dear! No If no!
Oh, come on.
So... Hirano group?
Oh yes.
Oh! I've?
Oh... thank you.
I just arrived?
Village who guided me to read?
Noko! Do not!
Write keep herds
moth insect feeds!
Old trees on the mountain path mountain
collapsed and everyone put away. Dollars going.
Want a?
Hold You just come?
Not matter?
Here we go!
Do you risk Careful there!
So it's a mess!
Bridge there okay?
'Re! Not a thing.?
- But here there!
- What?
Interfere gotta off!
That's picked up later.
If you can not relax
during today not tomorrow.
forestry training in one years from today.
Hirano's group work in my house.
Well... thank you.
= = Hirano Yu...
What is it? What is this? Oh, excuse me...
- This four leeches.
- What? Leech?
Wait a minute!
P s time to sell?
Oh! Do not forcibly keep!
- Not meotneunda blood.
- Uh, what shall I do?
Fire JESUS ??gotta get lighter!
Here I Come Here Come... Wait a minute!
- Aww hot! Aww hot!
- Before you even stuck
Not enough! I am not going to!
Do not move
've reconciled?
Do not worry. It's always something.
- Not again?
- This time under the New York girls.
Are not you tired?
Stepped in that my wife
another awful last night's he doing here?
Rain comes pinch kkandi Kim in the car.
Yama back to beep.
Thus it is something else.
Well... this lady.
On Nakamura Forestry...
Huh? Huh? Huh?
d Oh / font
d woodcutter who is Bob / font
d baeteojige eat / font
d Sounds of / font
d cow sleeps like / font
GOSNAY the nose d / font
d matter.
Bear Bear also owe the debt even / font
I took it in a hurry.
Pitmul well only ppajyeotgu.
Well! Tasty!
This is... Exactly?
Earlier on the road...
them anyway we planted trees
had reportedly cheomeok.
What happened?
If you do not want to eat do not eat!
Party drink cup.
No minors la...
When you're not in there without energy.
Party. Fak eat.
[E] energetic map.
There still full of you nuts
asked to do so!
's Energy is overflowing!
What you mad yet?
Continued told apples
I think you seriously?
She's what?
I need? I do not need?
No one thought you said
you did not have to do!
Oh It catches want to quit!
BBT / font
- ate well.
- You do not know!
False teeth...
false teeth are not right.
Dentures are false teeth are not right...
false teeth are not right
thing is long.
I'm just might go.
Do not say.
- I'm driving?
- Take Care Response
or what are you doing...
Guys. Or bus stop near the...
The leech...
- The Leech.
- What?
Good morning... I will tell the Lost
yesterday in a meeting...
cried the mother's voice!
Oh... I'll be there!
Near you... Is there a station or stop?
I am going to eat the case
of these fortifications. Ear
not hear nothing!
Bus ride Grandy wanted!
Stay in the low
stir to case of these groups
in the next Rotary Super.
Oh! Stayed?
Little villages here and go
near the bus and Super.
Really? Can you walk?
These... that... to the village?
Well, I'm going to be in the car di...
Well... your home is to you younger
hope we just went with the top
car is gone... Oh you mean how I take?
2 cross some time... close?
Close close.
Uh, what are you doing here.?
I... want to go to town Grandy.
Oh... why?
I mean, I...
Oh! Yes!
This is going to go repair yo
repair, why not pop it in here anyway.
Oh! Finish well Ferme.
We now see Chapter I in the town.
Door but do not lock ???...
in the neighborhood.
Door locks do humans.
Thus it is not.
I'm going too!
Two of Loveland Hotel.
/ Font
Now he! Say goodbye to the kids.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
I'll Sodding mobile phone shop.
Look So there-a.
Buy me sweets
- he is true!
- Sweets!
Thanks for waiting long.
At the end of the drill'll repair Contact
here, please fill in
your name and a contact.
You wait here!
Do not think about running away
Font color = ffff99 Snack Bars in New York / font
New York woman...
Snack Bars in New York / font
Font color = ffff99 Snack Bars in New York / font
- eat already?
- Not?
Cool to eat are perfect..
Look appetizing meal once.
- No.
- Try to eat.
Hey, look, Eat.
Look It's okay to eat. Come.
What are you doing!
I'm fine.? Please!
Wood is indeed something good...
That man...
Yuko-chan's brother, Naoki.
What? Is that right?
Ipeop Nakamura who's not?
Why not?
Fuck were you fishing on this?
No kidding!'s Not!
Him, got divorced.
- Divorce!?
- Divorce is what.
What is right?
Yuki as military training in forestry
and the Trang love a man in town
've lived here for a while as.
Everyone thought for sure I'd be married
man suddenly left the village... That's it.
The whole village.
Back then I did not even mess
Whole town... I've just parted
city looking backwards Perhaps you
do not know that much per day.
Do so in the countryside
nothing good and sincere people.
Well... men and women's issues
'm Sure many circumstances.
Minutes, people!
Village spinster look at what are chill
older single women here's the thing.
There is a photo that I a man?
Dear that man while he obviously eaten
bother Naoki chan's made them take this.
Aecheoropge Bunch looks
happy in the photo look.
This Miserable as they have only collected
what'm gonna be?
When wife and children to do!
How did you... this is
even worse in the future?
This is all mountains.
But this area is...
Here 2000?.
Today is going to be 800 to 900 Grumman.
- It manually by hand?
- This Nha planting!
Hand planted. Do mworo dude!
Hey, I'm sorry
somehow it yourself!
'S Yet!
Did you have it already you?
What do you think? I adapt?
What Ballpark...
what's it gonna be the end of life?
Forestry going to be?
Well, still worried you are.
But one years go soon.
Forward & apos; 258 ? &
apos; Eunikkayo left
- Black coffee..
- Yes.
Oh! It'll be the day today.
That nalyo?
Rejuvenating the Snakes haetne cuisine.
- Thank you!
- Work done!
Labor ago.
Oh right! Forgot!
Spa trip!
Lend me some tea ~.
Wait a minute. You get this!
(novice driver Mark) / font
I'll be right back!
Small truck repair.
Yet you're...
There Yuki group.
There is a request.
Where and went one night.
Today's a chance
to go anywhere...
What for overnight if you wanna even see?
Naoki go into your house.
Look sprung force. So what is going faster.
It was not what I mean.!
Holding this.
What is it?
Oh, it's that...
hurry up and follow me!
There's a girl...?
Oh! Leech bites him on the thigh.
Oh! Leech bite him in the thigh.
For Now.
What? What? Wait...
- this also.
- Wait...
- Let.
- Gaza Gaza
Guys! I brought!
Teacher! Come holding fast!
Know Because I do not pull!
- Hey!
- Hey, wait!
Oh! Is that what I'm
talking about you guys.
That's gonna make a leech bite.
What? Let me?
Good! Gives not look!
Lethal to you guys!
Oh! Not leech?
Leech into runners
ejects ejects leech on our team!
Ejects! Ejects!
Leeches! Leeches! Leeches!
Call a leech called off.
Take a leech!
Throw leeches!
Throw sir!
Come on! John Leech guess!
Throw leeches! Throw it!
Throw leeches! Ahi!
- Fighting leech!
- Fighting leech!
Throw leeches!
Trainees having recently came to this town.
Why the hell anohneun greeting?
Are you guys have such a policy?
Oh, no... I'm sorry.
Yuki group. Wait!
Party guys.
Now it's time to go home.
Yuki Hirano. Our group is in
charge of one years education.
Thank you
this area. President M. Yamane.
Oh... thank deurimda
hyped to insolvency is
personnel also ride him straight nails!
Let Kenji.
what this or that person.
You live in the village.
Wow! This idiot!
Moderately big even something bigger, man!
Gold will go to your mama bone.
Huh? Why are you here?
I mean... Oh right!
Can you sleep tonight?
Hey. Hey!
Do? Ask what?
I, the supervisor's
Iwao Mr. Saburo.
This Yoki four...
What is this?
Out God's people nameplate festival of San
god of the mountain?
(Oya Matsumoto US) / font
Santa! Do not go to sleep.
Go to sleep with my leech
moderately We need to say hello.
Good night.
You've been barefoot again?
- Good night!
- Good night!
- Good night!
- Good night!
- Good night!
- Good night!!!
Good night!
Hurts a computer is in town
Is this the
Forestry Nakamura-san?
to the survey accurately with GPS.
Geographic Information System
Going through the actual degree of soft
to manage one's own mountain
when those things do not go around
kicking everyone walked directly
squatting left a mark on the map
should you listening?
Oh, I'm sorry.
A lot of people, too. I'm sorry to say?
Just want to talk about these
things in a tree not spend nerves
's Supervisor, and
Why is there such a thing?
That's great-grandfather or not.
Fits everyone look like. Yes
year is before the Meiji era four photos.
- John Meiji Era?
- Yes
eh? So long ago, Ben. Tree...
Bell oak tree's great-grandfather planted.
Do you wanna cut you one?
'S Pretty big ones happened 105 years.
Well... maybe... Do you fertile land.
How about this way if I?
That did not turned out that I chop?
Stupid! 105 Years Old Riga.
Itnya leave you?
When carrying out this.
Put ??disturbance from bare wood.
Kkungeol Land Do not Hurry!
Overhead OK
ramshackle place retracting direction OK
tree to fall way?
This page.
not mind dressing up?
Do not touch it flattered.
There is what we
compared to other derang.
We have no word stem.
Vinyl records, like tree rings
are not uniformly dense
105 ? God and the ancestors of yours truly.
? pruning
hasyeoseo thinning these
trees would have been
Nakamura forestry trade.
Another good wood has Newbie
's good I know exactly look.
This is choegopum.
- What?
- The following is a Nakamura Forestry
's main today!
Thank you! 100,000 yen from!
3! 5! 6! 180,000!
- 20!
- 22!
- 30!
- 31!
There is a 310,000 - 320,000!
'M Gonna be awful not up.
I give up
34, but... 35 million...
I can still go up, but... more.
Oak that one down.
Trinidad's 80 million yen!
Today share a plate.
Adding all...
Here is a mountain bear inside.
're A billionaire!
Yeah, a little. Is.
Why do you get this car?
Mercedes-Benz batter quiet!
You really stupid
do not think you have
to live outside during?
What? What are you doing more?
Ancestors planted trees selling everything.
Within the next generation.
The next generation is what?
100 year cut off price did not go
So eumyeonseo continue to plant the
seedlings carefully gotta raise
strange, but'm like.
If farmers take the time products
and cooked vegetables The.
Tasty look how much to eat.
Recognize, but
forestry should not be so
results coming days Enjoyed mothaetna thing
we are dead Hoo.
What Thus it is the way it works.
= = Hello!
Oh, I... harder!
Oh hi
brief errand I'll just ask.
- Errands?
- Yes this is me...
forgot your lunch!
Did you climb this far?
Fool! You see I told below!
Fak not come up.
Rapeseed should not!
Ine shuffling lunch to lunch rope tied up.
Where to drink?
Of course not.
How Nya down manually
What is it?
You do not mean!
I just forgot
you dude! Treatment that!
Give me a four-pronged ass?
Ttolchu or something you just
top with
Unite crushes never find out!
Though you really deserve. Yes
still cheap?
Are and Meg? Dude! I do not eat rice.
- Came out holding up the front door.
- I'm excuses!
Thank You! Alive thanks!
Dude! Life, you know he does it!
Naoki to thank me!
O ye useless!
I Wait
This one
Treated ssondan's the kiss is?
Naoki share / font
Yoki Do not worry, I know. Wild
? / font ? / font ? / font ? / font ( child / font
multiple / font Rove / font u / font, a Chinese pun)
Once you have figured it clean.
laundry and I'll give it to you
fine rags and shit...
- Cause mind.
- No, no, no,
okay? I'll just wash
boyfriend and hair Feeling Well... why?
phone radio waves do not get caught.
No bidet.
Train I also do not have a bus.
I do not have any convenience store!
So are you going to go easy
this town go to a bigger town.
- Do not say simply.
- Why?
'S Lived here for a long time.
What I'm difficult to leave?
Was my mistake
doubt you're city people.
Anyway, you do not understand.
Why do you say so much she hurt
certainly tell me.
You're going to leave this town anyway?
Said excuse me for nothing but
to all expectations. Planted!
What I'm saying?
If he cant do that, do not drag your heels.
Mean that right back!
How was it?
What did kiss extent?
Mobile phone repair completed.
Mickey / font
Please confirm you here.
Can I do not have to go to New York?
Eh? Shut Up
Font color = ffff99 Voice messages one case.
Reina / font
Play voice messages from / font
It's ebb and flow! I Reina inde.
San thing got used?
The little something to discuss...
I said this one is...
& apos; Slow life & apos;
Society's People
lifestyle and the town for a few days.
I would like to tour the site
of the landscape, etc. Ipeop.
Thank you.
Thank you
sleep Where to sleep?
Already got it?
No back and forth at a
downtown hotel, Technicolor
luxury ropne
slow life be ashamed of.
Kate McCallister X gya Here, you say?
What is Slow Life Yeah.
Literally slow life support, is not it?
Are Shigeru live like her?
You only walk slowly in
about it, please see the website.
If Muk-jji-ppa Here, you say?
Muk-jji-ppa is not scissor.
So rainga comes first-come,
first-served basis?
Oh! These tips are not just going to pass.
Hirano group
I have not seen in awhile.
Somehow dignified jyeotne new year
eh? Oh yeah?
Do not do it!
- do not take!
- So oh.
Oh dirty!
Completely wild!
Oh I hurt!
Years old Bay of you!
Well... okay, let 'em roll.
Going to work now?
Okay okay.
This is better this side angle?
the best! Jackpot!
Motchi! Vikram?
Hit a jackpot! Fall!
Crossed Dia! I do this?
No, no, no I do not like that.
Ax to fell a tree to tree.
No. I
just so
& apos; Hey Hey Ho ~ & apos;
Park! Yireomyeonseo...
No no no no no no.
That is also...
I do not!
Yuki jackpot funny!
And hit a jackpot!
Are you this that you can eat?
This is the larva
larvae? Jackpot!
Santa! Santa! This grill
I have below!
'Re! Reina.
High school when a friend
I suddenly started to forestry
as also spends huge friggin chonguseok
I wanted to really be okay ryeona.
Thus it is not.
There's Marvellous humans
can live anywhere.
'S Asking too much for me, never.
But not supposed to be here 1 years?
- How much can leave behind?
- This is a prison-Mart!
No... But.
Without these people we can not live
Do I really have to thank.
He ??really struggled since, everybody.
Good work horse He ??suffered!
Eh? What are you doing...
Now, wait... wait a minute...
Hey what are you doing.!
Please go back twenty.
Hirano County
called back!
d Oh! Bob is a woodcutter.
/ Font
d baeteojige eat / font
d Sounds of / font
d cow sleeps like / font
d nose GOSNAY / font
d Even Bear also owe the debt.
Bear also / font
d ah / font
Yiwu five children to match the song
song according to Yiwu five children.
Par with painting and children Yiwu O
figure in Yiwu five children and par.
- A real snow!
- The snow!
And snow? The word out!
Eyes! The eyes!
'M Shuffling village festival meeting!
Today is twenty-go?
You and the like. Hurry sum.
Hickory! Cold...
Good evening everybody.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Finish Good
Nakamura Apprentice I'm
talking about the house.
His name again?
A Hirano.
Hirano's a group
But even wanted to participate.
Taj festival of mountain people to God.
Ah... I like what I'm festival...
Please wait!
Trainees even have anything
Yuki is our colleagues.
Determined that the bar is
not gonna never participated
While not even know your point of view.
Next year's Festival of 48 years.
Kkiwojun attend such an
important year in the Rookie
I do not know. I want'm.
Yes Yes
god of the mountain.
What about you receive any curse!
Curse spells...
Yeah that's for sure...
Nakamura Cine thing emerges as a colleague.
It's just different from the haves to join
to participate formally Lumberjack.
Take deulyeodo want to do this?
anyway, that guy after you
leave the village. Year?
This guy is different.
Still not properly chigido
cultivation nor terrible.
Logging also carry.
Moreover, even not using mid
helpful, but not nearly
mountain man's right than everyone thought!
Why the weather is nice.
Are you off?
Today & apos; San allowed me & apos; S
not go to the mountain. Nobody gotta.
The gods of the mountains.
I count the number of trees
another's god are you talking about?
Get a count
human enters the day and come with wood.
See? So the old days,
people often disappear.
No kidding.
So... How did those people?
When the bell tree.
Sometimes it doesn't do you mean?
Having sick sick.
Suddenly look a chain saw when you do...
yot sick!
Needle'm doing?
'Ve Told you not to play with fire!
Well how about a minute.
I'm looking inde
What about it after a forest fire!
'S you just relax and oyster.
Yeah right!
If not do not!
So at that age.
Teacher deuldorok.
What are you not married.
Yes Yes
that's the same Yoki
stupid! When did this happen?
My grandfather is also often true, Mom.
Oh!'s Needle blame
with apples and Groundhog!
Okay, okay I'll be there I'll be there.
I meant the fact.
Why do I have to apologize?
Teacher wait!
Oh! The silk worm
probably right. Clear!
Yuki Dude, wake up!
Up dude!
Repeat the day today.
Cine Kenji Yamane Shigeru group
became lost in the mountains.
Seen minutes to tell us urgently.
Nakamura Forestry
I'm sorry as iteoteumyeonseo...
Once it got gotta hurry search
her pace so I never went away.
Theory suppose
to Mr. Yamane I doing?
Did he go look at the next town meeting.
Among seniors.
Is he coming here now
maybe it's
probably not gonna find God take beorimyeon
doubt I'm going.
- Do not do it!
- But...
You guys Absolutely stone!
I'm sorry.
Please leave me.
Sure that I'll find
good go.
Hey! Are you there?
Hey Kenji-kun!
Itnya there? Answer!
Well, what is it? Fog?
God had descended.
Do not arbitrarily move.
Who are you? Naoki?
Eh? Wait a minute!
So goodbye Yeah right!
Hey! I found it!
Why here...
I have to sleep happy with the timing?
Longer dangerous thing to search.
Where's that to him...?
Oh! Everybody! I found!
What happened?
Where have you been?
I'm just sleeping.
Kenji! Are Shoot-to-go?
Oh, dear! Do not worry fool!
I'm sorry.
Child is indeed heavy
this hand is a bit jeoryeoseo...
itnya ears should hang you... what?
The Snakes!
Naoki now hi...
Okay Finish well the
ambulance got there yet.
Hey! Call me an ambulance!
Inde going on?
There's just...!
Stay with me! Huh?
Then I will find you again
hi please please
sorry bother looking ohsyeotneunde
said they still sleep.
Thank you
jurae tell this person.
It worked this year because
of the mountain god Festival
I'm working all nervous than usual.
Commissioner's degrees.
I'm pleased Yoki
your role properly birdie.
Then Yuki Islands'll be a real woodsman.
role, if...
Oh right!
There with one more...
return every time I send?
So Kenji in the mountain in
pretty laid played and
Is that it?
In reality what had happened.
Hell, but nobody
he is a paranormal.
Oh, dear!
You're not a laughing matter!
This is not ryeona better soon
few days in the future?
Training'm ending the day.
Oh, that's...
That was a few days?
Stupid! It's after 16 days.
Oh! I see
're not left out... That.
Yuki Hirano / font
Come on! Do!
Do not be!
Pass back.
What do you think?
Alcohol and pepper seasoning wood ditch.
Seasoning condiment...
'll See how long mirror
hurt Papa Podcasts!
Lumberjack this or not.
Doeneunya that last finishing
afraid there anew.
Step on everyone mountains
in the festival I do?
Nya even knew a lady at the gate?
'M Not!
Do not tell me I ask You Lord!
Expects it to stay.
Why pour cold water?
Warm water is not?
Fak pour loud!
Oh! Come on.
The leeches! Leeches!
! Do!
Hirano group!
Oh! That's ebb and flow!
I was still doing? Wait a minute.
Yamamoto-kun! Naito group!
What is that?
Gotta find you!
Good! Come on!
Type seeds, seed type.
Packed Vegas
linger Do not touch it!
Oh hot!
Sorry Excuse me...
Yuki Hirano!
Your mother gave the phone to my house.
Important because one must necessarily call
father since she got something.
- Daddy?
- Yes.
First, I'll go along later.
Well, it comes up in the morning
and come to the forefront before.
This will not delay!
Late about it?
Father's me. What happened?
- Oh Yuki
- Yeah.
You come back.
Training ends next week?
So my dad're true.
King of Chess comes gunny
favorite hamburger that make
You in ketchup and sauce.
What did you like it?
What! Geolro that do not call!
You knew my dad fell in line!
Sorry, sorry.
What do pinch.
What are you No bunch!
Oh, too late...
So, what are you gonna do?
Branches, or not?
Him for sure!
But Mr. Perfect yiraeseon late!
What's behind the drop in play against?
Eopjanahyo may!
Because I geolchyeot Fundoshi only!
This guy What are you doing...
late I.
Haetguman the audacity.
So I'll wait... Underneath!
That from now on the real thing!
Real. But I do not know what I'm doing...
Fundoshi the kkyeoyo in
the ass than that...
- Oh, Papa!
- Hey!
Oh Papa Papa Papa sick
- hurts...
- I'm sorry
also grateful one.
God of Oya Festival mountain Add to Mouth
patron saint of failure
temple of God Cuckoo notch in
pyohamyeo homage to refrain
48 this year, the feast of the year
singing and dancing together
forest of ferns are Lumberjack.
Prevent these and other disasters.
Sinmok peace will flow shop
to be made quickly
wish the rain
's Oh!
Tree singing and dancing sari
I contribute yeora de.
I itchya.
Lumberjack crowd beyond the heavy rocks.
From ancient times
hasyeoseo the dokkijil...
It's done!
Yuki Try it once!
Try it.
Eutcha! Eutcha!
Eutcha! Eutcha! Eutcha!
I contribute di yeora eutchya
I contribute di yeora eutchya
I see this matter...
slid toward the low target.
What? Oh!
And pray for staple grains
abundant fertility!
I are big!
Fabulous four
Uh Huh...? Wait...
This, stop! Stop stop stop!
Sinmok who stopped!
'Re A bunch!
I can not help it!
Get the fuck up!
What? Hull!
Raised more! To the top!
Ring knot!
I was!
Week, die!
What's that?
The person in the car!
That... Yuki group Ine.
It is... what are you doing?
That is not it dangerous?
Be careful!
Have been!
Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray! Hooray!
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
Ove... Move!
Leave messages blessed... blessed!
Hey! You Come Go!
been a lot of care.
This is... I do not keep
Go! 'M Simply now Yuki-kun!
Snakes are not put this lunch.
I mean, who are you crying?
Ahpat sick sick sick sick...
End neutne...
finished the school day would come.
Said I'd.
How are you
health take care of her...
Now come on!
Okay, okay.
? / font ? / font ? / font ? / font ( child /
font multiple / font Rove / font u / font, the pun)
= = Hi!
Bunch of idiots that!
True, why he is late here
Oh. What are you doing?
Good cleaning. So haebolkka
billion Uh huh!
What is it?
What is it?
Oh! What the hell.
- What is it?
- Snake?