Woodstock or Bust (2019) Movie Script

- Thank you.
The singers will join Bob Hope
and the fabulous
Ann-Margret over Christmas
to entertain the
troops in Vietnam.
So please, make donations
on behalf of the troops.
And now a very special treat.
My daughter Meryl and her
talented sidekick Lorian
will entertain us.
Now that's how you
grab an audience.
Thank you.
You read it in the papers
- Thank you.
You hear it everywhere
Bad news in the headlines
You can't help
from being scared
I know you tend to worry
When you when you
see me on my own
But there comes a
time to cut the line
And let me walk alone
You've got to trust me
You know above all else
you taught me honesty
Just look into my eyes
and tell me what you see
Can't you just trust me
I can't promise
you for certain
That I'll never
make mistakes
But I love you
with all my heart
And I will never change
So can't you trust me
You know above all else
you taught me honesty
Just look into my eyes
and tell me what you see
Can't you just trust me
- And now the moment you've all
been waiting for.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Lucy
Happy birthday to you
Lor, would you quit smoking,
you're a singer, you
shouldn't be smoking.
- Uh, John Lennon smokes.
Janis Joplin smokes
and I bet all the Rolling
Stones smoke, too.
- All right, well I don't
know how they can smoke
and still sing,
it's bad pipes, Lor.
- Bob Dylan!
Just listen to his voice!
For sure he smokes.
Mer, they're all
singing smokers.
Maybe it enhances their voices,
did you ever think of that?
Gives them that
raspy sound.
How many
Come on, seriously?!
Oh, kinda cool.
- I like it.
- Seriously, Mer?
We need to get our songs out
there and play some venues.
I don't know, some coffee houses
or the country fair coming up!
Maybe we can get in the lineup.
- Slow down sister, I think
we're doing pretty well.
Two gigs this month,
plus the retirement home.
- That's getting old.
And the old folks are
just, getting older.
I'm starting to feel
like one of them.
- Will you still love me
when I'm 64?
- Of course I will.
But we need to move
up the food chain.
- Well I think, whatever
is meant to be will be.
- Nope, I've always believed
you gotta make things happen.
Giddy-up, Sally.
Have you ever asked your
mom to get you up on stage
with the singers,
or I don't know,
how we can take the
next step?
- Nope, no I'm afraid
Grande Dame Diva's advice
is limited to higher education.
- Beg her.
Okay, Lor.
Meet at The Shack later?
- Affirmative, Captain.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Good girl.
- Knock, knock, are you decent?
- Come in, sweetie!
How did your show go?
Did you say hi to Lucy for me?
- Pretty much the same
and Lucy says, hello.
- Are you pregnant?
- What?
At least, not yet.
So I was thinking, you know,
you're a professional and I
really think that it's time
for Lor and me--
- Lor and I.
- Lor and I want to start
branching out a bit.
You know, find some
real paying jobs,
bigger audiences,
jumpstart our career...
What do you think?
- You've got so much on
your plate already, Lor
and you're only 17.
Could you get them some
milk please, honey?
Hey, I was watching that!
- I know how old I am.
But we have enough original
songs and I think--
- They're super badass, I mean,
don't you think I'm ready?
- Please do not use that term.
- When you turn 18, you can
run away with your guitar.
- Look at your Dad.
He's been at the same club
with Don Ho for years.
- Okay, Dad loves making
music and so do I.
And I love composing
and singing.
I don't wanna do anything else!
- Do you know how
hard it is to become
a professional in
the music world?
- You know that's a
horrible lifestyle.
All of those musicians
are on drugs!
Driving around from town to
town, playing bars, drinking!
- And to be quite honest,
you just don't have it.
A great hobby, though!
- A hobby?
- I want people
to hear my music.
To find meaning in
what I'm saying!
- I know it's tough.
But Mer is really talented.
She could be the
next Joni Mitchell--
- Or Judy Collins, it's why
God put me on this Earth!
- It's what I'm meant to do.
- You better get used to it.
- Maybe throw in a
little side of support!
- Shack!
- Now!
We need a plan.
We gotta go big or go home.
- Okay, shhh.
There might be guys in here.
Oh, la la, mon chri.
- Where is the good
stuff in here, huh?
- Wow.
- Va va voom, I can't believe
women actually look like that.
Seriously, she kind of looks
like a plucked chicken.
- They wrote an article
about Dr. Martin Luther King.
He made a speech
about Vietnam War
and called the United States,
the greatest purveyor of
violence in the world today.
- Wow, he's the man.
- Hm, he was the man.
You know, he really
should've been
the one running this country.
Wouldn't it be so cool,
a negro president?
God, that'll be the day.
- Yeah, when pigs
- One brilliant
star, snuffed out.
Don't you ever imagine how
different things would be
if Kennedy and King
were still alive?
- Not really.
- Oh look, here he says,
a nation that continues
year after year,
to spend more money
on military defense
than on programs
of social uplift
is approaching spiritual death.
I actually heard
that these magazines
have some pretty cool articles.
- Look, The Monkees are offering
a triple date with
Davy and Peter!
One day there'll be a
contest to win a date with us.
You will see.
- Uh-huh, sure.
- Mm-hmm.
Woodstock Music
Festival with Joan Baez,
Creedence Clearwater,
Canned Heat!
On the road again!
- On the road again?
- Janis Joplin!
Crosby, Stills & Nash!
- Who!
- Jimi Hendrix!
Ah, oh my God and look...
Meryl and Lorian.
We're going to Woodstock
in three weeks!
- No way Lor.
- Woodstock, come on!
It's our calling!
Can't you hear it?
I can't hear you!
- Lor you are so loaded.
Okay there's no way we're
going to Woodstock, all right.
I think I just saw your
marbles fall on the floor.
Uh, yep...
There they go,
right out the door.
- Please, Mer?
We really need this.
We really, really need this.
We can prove to ourselves,
our friends, our family,
especially, your mother,
just how great we really are.
And don't say no,
'cause I'll just keep pushing
you all the way to New York.
- You're silly.
- We need a band name, right.
How about Soul Sisters?
- How about Crazy Chicks
from Portland, Oregon.
- No, no, no wait, I
got it.
How about, Sexy Sadie The
World is Waiting Just For You?
Or how about Shack Hacks?
- Todd!
Um, hi!
- You know there's no girls
- How long you been
out there, Todd?
- Long enough to know, you
guys are going to Woodstock.
- Yeah.
- That's pretty crazy.
- Yeah, so cool.
- Danny Man?
- Hey.
- What's happening?
- Hmm.
- How about, you can
take me with you?
- Um, see we'd love to but it's
highly unlikely that we'll--
- Well you know I mean, I would
kiss the ground you walked
on all the way up to the back
of your leg, Meryl Fontana.
Keep y'all wrapped up in my
love shack.
- Um, but see we're
not prepared and--
Why don't you just keep
your wiggle out of my friend's
waggle and help us out, huh?
- Uh, yeah sure, we could rally
the troops and brainstorm.
- Yeah.
- Danny Man, that's awesome!
I'll hold you to that.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
- Yeah, so we should go.
- Really?
- Do you need to go?
- Yeah, we sh...
Yes, my little dreamer.
It was nice, seeing you.
Nice seeing you, Danny.
- I'm gonna take this with me.
See you later, boys.
- Bye.
Oh, my God.
- Wow.
She's so hot, dude.
- Think we should
take that sign down?
- Yeah.
- We should take
the sign down.
- We should take
the sign down.
- Yeah.
- Dynamic Duo?
- Hmm, already taken.
Oh, how about Drunk Ditzy Dorks?
- Ah, The Vulcans!
- What?
We're not Vulcans.
- I want something
How about Revolution?
- I like that.
- Revolution!
- Look!
It's Cassiopeia.
- Where?
- Right there, see look.
- Oh, yeah!
- I love her.
Tethered to her throne,
ruling the universe.
- So New York, in
the United States.
Take us a few days
to drive there
and then we'll rule the
universe playing our songs.
- Lor you are twisting
my arm into something
that is no doubt going to
get us in so much trouble.
- Seriously, Mer?
- Yeah.
- This is our moment
to shine like stars.
They'll see.
- Do you really think
they're gonna let us play?
- Why not?
We can go up last.
We can just start belting
out our tunes.
- Right.
- I can talk us in!
I swear!
- Right.
'Cause we can just go up
to Mr. Hendrix and say,
oh, are you almost done?
Because we really need to get
home 'cause Mommy's calling.
- I think I would call
him Jimi, wouldn't you?
- They'll see.
That stuff is so grody, Lor.
Can you please, just, face--
- Fine.
- the other way.
- What are you doing up there?
- Stargazing, Mom!
- Get down
from that roof now!
- And deciding what songs
to play.
- Yes!
We are going to
Mmm, now that's a
So what songs are you
playing, all originals?
- You know what I
love about you, Lor?
- What?
- You have wild hairs
growing out of your ear.
- Hmmm?
- Keeping things interesting,
- We've only got
one life my friend.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooo-wee!
Kinda has Paul's
eyes doesn't he?
- Mmm.
- Woo!
Speaking of puppy eyes...
Kind of think I saw some sparks
flying between you and Todd.
- Uh...
Yeah, I mean, I don't
know. He's kinda cute.
Why, would you go
ape if I date him?
- Kinda hot for him, you know.
Except he seems
more into you now.
- Well I hang it up, if
you're still workin' on it.
- It's kind of hard
for me to work on it,
when you're coming on to
him, every chance you get.
- Coming on to him?
He's the one that's
flirting with me.
- Really?
- Yes!
Don't get
so ticked off, okay.
I'm just trying
to be considerate.
- And I'm trying to be cool.
But it's hard because
you flirt with
every single one
of my boyfriends!
- Okay.
- So--
- Flirting and being friendly
are two different things,
and also he's not
your boyfriend, is he.
- Fine, okay.
- Okay, okay, I have a song.
- Okay.
- No name yet...
But I'm working on it.
- Let's hear it.
I can see what
you're thinking
She plays you for a fool
So now you'll fix
her by drinking
- I have an idea.
- What?
- How about we throw a kegger
to kick off the
fundraising for the trip?
Complete with Ginger
and the kissing booth.
- Yes.
- Right?!
- All right guys, quiet down!
Quiet down!
You're all groovy, baby!
Tonight we are
gonna have a very,
very good show for you all.
We have Meryl and Lorian
who are about to embark on
their journey to Woodstock!
To groove with some of
the coolest, the baddest,
the freakiest people--
- Thank you, Jill.
- Thank you.
- Thank you all so much for
coming and please feel free
to try some of Lorian's
homemade Purple Jesus.
- Yeah.
- Spiked to perfection.
- Let's hang loose and get
- And I brought brownies!
Guaranteed to drive the
sweet right out of your soul,
so come and get 'em!
- We are trying to make
$200 for this trip.
So that means
everything is for sale,
including kisses from our very
own, Playboy Bunny, Ginger.
We're also doing any jobs
within the next two weeks,
babysitting, weeding, you
name it, we work for cash!
Take it slow, guys.
- This is, Give You My
You went back to your castle
And pulled up the drawbridge
You climbed into bed
And you turned
out the lights
There were plenty who
wanted to warm up your satin
But you like it alone where
you won't have to fight
- Guys this will
enhance your experience.
Someone to share every power
- These are
starving artists, people!
Someone to tear you apart
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Here you go.
- Hey, why do they call
it Purple Jesus anyways?
I mean, that's kinda weird.
- Well, purple is the color
and then Jesus is who'll be
calling out to while you're
puking in the oval after it.
- Makes sense.
I just wanna
give you my heart
- Everyone give 'em a hand!
Give 'em hand everyone!
- Nice shot!
- Really?
- You know what I love to do?
I like to take a hit...
Hold it in--
- Uh-huh.
- Take a swig of booze...
Let it out.
- Oh.
- Instant high.
- Hmm.
- Here.
- Lemme try that.
- Oh my gosh.
- Are you sure
you've never smoked pot before?
- I've never smoked
anything before.
You know, Lorian is still
very into you,
crazy about you, actually.
Todd, no please, don't make me.
- Yeah well, Lorian is sweet.
But you, Miss Meryl,
you're a stone cold fox.
- When are you leaving?
- Well, it should take like four
or five days to drive there,
straight through, pretty much.
It's on August 15th.
- Yeah.
- So.
Where's Meryl?
- Meryl?
- Yeah.
- I don't know.
- Oh, God.
Is that Meryl's Mom?
- Yeah.
- Meryl!
Olly olly oxen free!
- Um, I'm so sorry,
I have to go, sorry!
- Yeah.
- Everyone get off the lawn!
Meryl's Mom's home,
go, go, go, go!
Move everybody out of
the basement now, go, go!
Okay, adios amigos, go!
- She's early!
- Ah!
- Um, you distract her!
I'm gonna, I'm gonna clean up!
- Okay, go, go, go, go!
- Ew...
Hi, Mom!
Go, go, go!
- How
was your show, Mom?
Please, please don't freak out,
everything is okay, they're
just, they're having a--
- Oh, Hi Mrs. Fontana.
- Meryl!
What is going on here?
- Um, I mean a...
Girl's night.
- Girl's night!
- Remember?
- Really?
It looks like there were more
than a few girlfriends here.
And this?
Raising money, for what?
- We're trying to raise money
for new guitars, Mrs. Fontana!
- Yeah.
- Well, this was not
the way to do it!
Getting teenagers
drunk in my house?
You two, you make me so mad,
I can't even think straight!
- We are old enough to
make our own decisions.
And also I am so sick of you
trying to control everything
I do.
- Control?
- Yes.
- This is out of control!
I don't know whose idea
it was to drink the liquor
but it was a very stupid move!
- Okay, then what do you
want me to do, become a nun?
- I trusted you.
- Ah, sorry Miss Fontana.
- Karen!
- Ow, what are you doing?
- Karen!
Nobody digs drunken behavior.
- I dig it!
- No you don't dig it.
- So Karen and Jill
have to spend the night
because obviously
it's late and.
- Okay.
But this room better look like
Mr. Clean spent the night.
- Where did you run
off to tonight, huh?
- I was with Todd.
- Of course you were.
- It wasn't a big deal, okay.
He just teaching me
how to smoke pot.
- There's a girlfriend
code of conduct, you know!
- I was talking
to him about you.
- Don't do me any favors!
- Oh my God,
guys quit yelling!
My head hurts so bad.
- Are you okay, Karen?
- Guys--
- Here.
- I feel like,
I might throw up again.
- Oh, hold on.
- I'm going on this booze.
- Jesus!
- I think it was the devil.
- I'm so grounded.
I can't even sneeze without
having to explain why.
Next she'll have you, what,
writing a thesis on
wiping your butt?
- You know, I don't know about
this Woodstock thing Lor.
There's no way we're going.
- Seriously, Mer?
This is just a
minor setback, okay.
We'll work really hard.
We'll clean her house, weed
the yard and she'll just forget
about the entire thing by
the time we go, trust me.
- Nope I don't think so.
You know this is my dream, too.
Mom, I'm talking to Lorian.
- Maybe the two of you
would like to go to this
Christian camp for
a couple of weeks?
- Mom, she's Jewish.
- I know, but I'm gonna be
out of town with the singers
and I can't leave you and
your brother home alone.
- Why?
Look you can trust me, okay?
The other night was
just a huge mistake
and we promise to
never do that again.
Right, Lorian?
- Right.
- Big mistake, yes.
No trust, yes.
You're two for two.
Now go for the
extra bonus points.
Let me give you a clue,
you're going to camp.
- Dig.
- You just won yourself
a two-week paid vacation.
- Camp Woodstock, baby!
Where is this Summit Crest?
- Mount Hood, so not far.
Please, Mom?
It'll give us an opportunity
to play in front a new audience
and spend the night
staring up at the stars
before getting back into
school in a couple weeks.
- I'm not wild about the
idea of a Christian camp.
- Mom, this camp will
be good for the soul.
And I promise I won't
convert, so don't worry.
And I will come back, a
newly enlightened teen.
- Oh, that is what I'm
afraid of.
Dinner's in a couple hours.
- Okay.
I'll be back soon to help.
- Thank you.
- Let's go shopping!
Think we need to buy some
new threads, my friend.
- Woodstock, here we come!
Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q
Oh Susie Q baby I
love you, my Susie Q
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
My Susie Q
Oh Susie Q, oh Susie Q
Oh Susie Q, baby I
love you, my Susie Q
- Hello.
- Bye, Mom!
Well you know
where you're goin'
Know where you're goin'
We did it!
- Woo, suck our butt!
- Sit down, what are you...
- We gotta make one more stop
before we leave town.
At the park.
- Why?
- Gotta score some pot.
Always good to have
bargaining chips.
Mer we're going to
Woodstock, we need pot.
- Looking for something
special today, ladies?
- Um, okay Lor, let's go.
- We are headed to Woodstock.
Looking to score a lid, man.
- Yeah sure, $10.
Dude doesn't like to
deal with strangers.
Woodstock, cool trip.
- Mmm-hmm.
- That's my guy wait here.
- God raised him
from the dead
- Be right back.
- For this
reason, God gave them up
to vile regions, for even
their women exchanged
their natural youth for
what is against nature.
Likewise, also the men.
Leaving the natural
use of the woman
burned in their lust
for one another.
- I think you're judging
us, is unnatural.
- Men with men, committing
what is shameful
and receiving in themselves,
the penalty of their error.
- What is God's penalty
for being homosexual?
It's not like they're forcing
their lifestyles onto you!
- You've met your match, Daily!
- And even
as they did not like to
retain God in--
- Do you even have a
brain of your own or are you
just brainwashed by that book?
That book that's written by
men, not by God, not by Jesus,
but by men who are just putting
their beliefs and
values onto us!
- Lorian can you
please just leave
that poor preacher man alone?
I think he should leave
these poor, peaceful
people alone!
- Back biters, haters of God,
violent, proud, boasters.
Inventors of evil things,
disobedient to their parents.
- Okay you got me
there, big guy.
- Untrustworthy, unloving,
unforgiving, unmerciful,
who know in
the righteous judgment of God
that those who
practice such things,
are deserving of difference.
- He ripped us off.
Damn it we're so stupid.
- You and your drug shit, Lor...
Can we just go?
- No.
I'm gonna go find that freak.
You get in the car.
- If you
confess with you mouth--
- Fine.
- that Jesus is Lord!
That God raised
him from the dead!
Otherwise, let's face it.
You are condemned to Hell.
- Watch out, Hell!
Here comes the chosen people!
All right!
- You get your drugs?
- He ripped me off.
I can't believe I'm so naive.
The first time, I score
pot from a stranger
and he rips me off!
That just pisses me off!
- All right, relax.
Got you a lid and you
let off some steam.
You feel better?
- As a matter of fact, I do.
And lookey what else.
- What is that?
- Orange Sunshine...
Are you experienced?
- No.
- Well you will be
after this trip.
He said it's very mellow.
And we are going
to the rockin-est,
rock concert in the world.
- Man you think of everything.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Can we just go now?
And better hide that
somewhere, here.
- It's free, just
had to show him my tits.
- Lor!
- I'm kidding!
- Just going as
far as Hood River.
- Ridiculous!
- Oh, what the hell?
- Hi!
- Hey, you chicks have any weed?
- Yeah, sure man.
Mer give him the bud.
- Oh.
- Now, that's nice!
- Uh...
Lor can we take a break?
- Huh?
- It's just...
The Columbia Gorge is
absolutely beautiful
and I've never been to
any of those parks before
and I've been all around
the world with my Mom
but never one of
Oregon's own state parks.
Isn't that so weird?
- Sure and I have to pee anyway.
But then after that, no
more sightseeing, okay?
We gotta book it.
Is that cool with you.
- Cool with me, sister!
- This one looks good.
- This is it.
I can see what
you're thinking
She plays you for a fool
So now you'll fix
her by drinking
- Is everything okay?
And I'm trying to be cool
- Yeah she gets like this
when she's humming her new song.
That you might be wrong
- I'm gonna put my
feet up, chill a while.
We haven't known
each other very long
I've got just one thing
to say in her defense
That's not hardness you see
It's just a
twisted innocence
- Gotta keep on truckin' Meryl
or we'll never make it on time.
- Okay but no
more hitchhikers, please.
- You got it.
I've watched her
wade through hell
- Isn't it so beautiful?
So inspirational.
Just a few
more minutes, Lor.
- Okay.
Just a few more minutes.
- All that water, restless...
Determined to get somewhere.
Kind of reminds me
of you, actually.
- That's cool.
Seriously though, we
gotta stay on schedule.
I'm gonna hanging
loose with Martin,
make sure he doesn't make
off with any of the food.
- Okay.
Like a flower that's
been stepped on
- I need you to help me.
- Um for what?
- My number's up
and I can't stand up
for a 'cause I don't believe in.
Especially that bloodbath
in Southern Asia.
There's no way I'm gonna
make that bum trip.
- What are you talking
about? Just put the gun down!
- I heard so many horror
stories from my friend, Tool.
Men you think that
got your back,
blown to bits right
in front of your eyes.
I've had nightmares just
from my friends nightmares.
Bad scene, man.
there's only one way.
I tried to do it myself
but I couldn't do it.
- What are you talking about?
- I need you to
shoot off my big toe.
- Don't look at me.
- Seriously, that
just ain't right.
- Lor, come here, Lor!
- Please.
My friend, Tool was
a tunnel rat in Nam.
He would come up the tunnel
and the stars were so bright,
like the Northern Lights.
He wanted to turn 'em off...
Afraid it might lead
the gooks right to him.
My number's up.
And I can't go...
I won't go!
- That's, that's a
bit extreme isn't it?
- I can't even vote!
I'll be 20 next week and I
can go to war for the dicks
but I can't even vote these
bloodsuckers out of office?
- Come on, man!
Just drop the gun, please!
- Stop freaking out!
- It's a crock o' shit!
- Don't do it.
- Uncle Sam can take
that war and shove it!
Oh, hell no I won't
- Oh, God!
- Thank you, ladies!
I would be off to war
if you hadn't helped me.
I will never forget
you for this.
- Wait, wait, wait...
Can I take a picture
of your foot?
- Sure.
- Classic.
That cat was so young
and so bummed out.
Screw those government assholes
making us fight for what?
For who?
- We're actually fighting
Russia and the
communism in Vietnam.
And we lost so many of our men,
and we're losing this war.
- I just don't get
it. It doesn't make any sense.
- And a downer.
- I have an idea,
how about everybody just
drops their weapons,
smokes a joint with each
other and get mellow.
Problem solved.
- Sally's acting up.
- Something's wrong.
- Sounds like,
he's running a little rough.
- Yes sir.
I don't know, she just
started making weird sounds.
Are you a mechanic?
- Oh, yes ma'am.
I can take care of
you right inside.
Go ahead and pull her on in.
- Thank you.
- Some sort of half-breed.
- Okay, I'm gonna go get
something from across the street.
Do you want anything?
- No I'm good.
I'll come get you
when we're done.
- All right, fire it up.
That's enough.
Let's take a look at your plugs.
- I had her tuned up
right before I left,
she should be fine.
- No.
- Do you have another ratchet?
- You uh, check your own plugs?
- It should be at
They're preset, right?
- Hmm, yeah, yeah.
Say listen honey, I could use
a little help around this shop
if you're looking for
a job, sweet cheeks.
I mean, you could,
service the cars and the men.
What do you think?
- I don't think so.
- Well--
- It's not really my thing.
I'm a singer.
I just like to keep her running.
- Well, you could
start right away.
You know.
Think about it.
Washing windshields,
bending over the car.
A lot of men around these
parts would love to come
and take a look at your parts.
Sweet, young, hippie
chick mechanic.
- Look, Mr. Richard, I just
wanna get my car started.
- Fair enough.
You all buttoned up?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Let's see how good you are.
- Far out.
How much do I owe you?
- Well, I'll tell you what...
I'll make you a special deal.
You don't owe me a thing.
- You're not some kind
of sicko, are you?
How much dough do you want, huh?
Just, here.
Just come on...
Gimme my keys, now!
- I tell you what...
Why don't you hang
on to these ones
and I'll take a
Well now, looks
like I was right.
That is one fine
pair of titties.
- My friend's waiting for me.
- Yeah, I know.
No, come on now.
- No, stop it!
- I'm not--
- No, no, no!
Put me down now you asshole!
- Say goodnight, Dick!
- G'night, Dick!
- Huh?
- Go get in the car, go.
- Lor! What are
you doing with those--
- Go get my camera from the car.
- No, are you serious?
- Go!
Have a nice trip, asshole.
I can't get
that guy outta my head.
Are you all right?
- Do you think I killed him?
- No.
Not that freak.
We should call the cops.
- No.
- No.
Do you wanna drive, Mer?
I need to rest.
- What time is it?
- It's late.
Let's pull over,
unless you wanna drive.
- No.
- Okay.
- No I want my bed.
- There should be
a river over there.
Let's find an access road.
- Okay.
- We'll camp out.
- Okay.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
just smoke a joint.
- Get up, get up, get up.
Yeah, what the hell.
I'll take a hit.
God I really hope I
didn't kill that guy.
- Mer it was...
I don't know it,
it wasn't pretty.
You saved my ass.
He was just so
creepy, touching me.
It's just.
- You know that I'd do
anything for you, right?
To protect you.
I love you.
Just really hope
that didn't kill him.
- Thank you, Mer.
And we'll get past
this, I promise.
I'm sure we'll run into even
more assholes all along the way.
We just have to,
just have to expand our radar.
Right, sister?
- Right.
- That's all we have to do.
Come on.
- What are we doing?
- I don't know.
Do you wanna dance with
- I'm high!
I'm tired.
- Ah, damn mosquitoes!
Rise and shine, my bright
Can you grab me some food?
I have the munchies.
- What the hell?
- This is a minor
setback, my friend.
We'll just make up
for lost time today.
Let's go!
We're almost to Twin Falls,
you know the best thing we'll
be legal drinking age, 18.
- We're 17, Lor.
- Twin Falls, my friend
and then Lincoln,
Nebraska by tonight and
Woodstock in two days.
It'll work out perfectly.
- Cool.
- Breakfast?
- Yeah.
- Just wait here.
- Okay.
- Hello.
I got us donuts, here.
- Hmmm.
Did you steal that beer?
- No.
- Did you get me one?
- Of course I did!
Breakfast of champions!
- Thank you.
I'd like to stop at a church.
- A church, what for?
- Yeah, yeah I wanna
stop at a church.
Just for, just for a few
minutes, Lor, please?
- A few minutes
here, a few minutes there.
Minutes add up to hours,
hours to days and then
before you know it,
we're missing out on the
greatest show on Earth,
where we would play in
front of the entire world,
make our mark in history,
changing life as we know it!
Come on.
- And get famous!
Stop at a church.
When Israel was
in Egypt's land
Let my people go
When Israel was
in Egypt's land
- Lor!
Let my--
Lor, are you serious?
This is a Catholic funeral.
- Catholics like
Moses, don't they?
- Just follow me.
- Just tryin' to
make some extra cash.
Michael row the boat
ashore, hallelujah
Michael row the boat
ashore, hallelujah
Sister help to trim
the sails, hallelujah
- Having a bit of a
get-together tonight,
a memorial for my,
my host family, they suffered
the loss of their son.
- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, very sorry.
- He died in Vietnam.
Would you care to join us?
I could really use a company.
- Uh, yes...
Yes, that would be lovely.
- Um, don't you think we should
get back on the road, Mer?
- You'll have to tell me
about your journey over tea?
Few minutes, yeah?
- Yes, that sounds great!
Should we bring
any flowers or anything?
- No, no not necessary.
It's quite a feast.
Just follow us home and
we'll be back in a jiffy.
- Yes.
- All right, just a
few minutes though.
- Uh, come to the
left-side of the house.
Our patio's in the basement.
Cheerio, then.
- Cheerio!
- I am literally
- Dibs.
Seriously, dibs.
Plug your glands, baby.
He's mine.
- This one is so cute.
- I look like a fairy duster.
- What's a fairy duster?
- I don't know but I
think I look like one.
These are cute, right?
- Perfect, duh.
- Welcome to The
Cavern Club, ladies.
- Cool.
- Sweet pad.
You know, I don't think
we ever got your name.
I'm Meryl and this is Lorian.
We go by Mer and Lor.
- Or Lor and Mer.
What's your handle?
- I don't know, but you
can grab on right here.
- Um she
meant your name.
- Uh, yes...
- Ooh, like Mick Jagger?
I bet you can't get enough
satisfaction, either.
I could probably help
with that.
- British lad?
- Right.
From Liverpool.
Here as an exchange
student for the year.
- Cool, Liverpool.
- That's where The Beatles
are from, right?
Do you know them?
- No, love.
- Oh.
- Liverpool is a big city.
About half-a-million
people, or so.
Would you like to play?
- Um, yeah sure.
I'd love to hear you play.
- You two don't mind if I
get into something a bit
more comfortable, do you?
- Mmm-mmm.
- Do you?
Be right back.
- Dibs, dibs, dibs.
Come on, Mer you
always get the guys!
Just this once, tell him that
you have a boyfriend, please.
What about Todd?
- You can have Todd.
- Um.
- Time to drop, ladies.
- Um.
- Come on, Mer.
Let's take a trip.
It will be fun.
Come over here.
- The only trip I'm taking
Lor is to Woodstock.
- Woodstock, stunning.
Now that sounds like
a trip and a half.
- Yeah it should be pretty cool.
You know we should get back
on the road, Lor shouldn't we?
Let's just not and
say we did, okay?
- It's only a couple
of hours and I promise,
you'll have the
experience of your life.
- Us?
No, I'm okay really,
I'm sorry I can't.
I'm a virgin.
- What are you afraid of?
I'm a complete gentleman.
- I'm just, I've heard a lot
of scary stories about it.
- She always digs her heels in.
Just gotta let your
hair down, Mer.
It'll be fun!
- No, don't even, please,
trying to be fun
when it's never fun--
- I'll be right here.
And the parents are upstairs.
I promise you'll
have a good trip.
- Seriously, Mer?
My mind is higher
than a cloud
I don't want it
to come on down
I thought I had
things figured out
She makes me high
when she's around
Playing with my brain
Driving me insane
I feel so strange
She's weavin'
circles in my mind
She's going places
I never find
She brings me up
until it's down
Then hangs me
up for me to dry
Playing with my brain
Driving me insane
I feel so strange
- Lor.
- Ow!
- Wake up, we gotta go!
- Shit!
- Come on, we gotta go.
- What time is it?
We gotta book.
- Take me with you.
I'll protect you and I can
drive and I'll be the beat.
I promise I'll be good.
I'll gather a few things and you
need to pick me up for the ride
but need for speed, ladies?
- Um--
- Shouldn't be a
minute then, yeah?
- We can't take him with us.
He'll just slow us down.
- No, Lor no, he can...
It'll be fine. Plus he can take
care of some of the driving.
Please, please?
I need this.
He's such a gentle soul, right?
- I'm not happy about this, Mer.
Not in the playbook.
- Are you
sure we'll make it?
We've lost a lot of time.
- Yeah, no we
have plenty of time.
We'll still make it by
day two, don't worry.
- Yeah you're right.
They probably won't let us
play until the end anyway, huh?
- Is that a love
bite on your neck?
- I don't know, is it?
- Yes.
- I know that we were making out
but I don't know this
might sound a little weird Lor
but I think he might've
popped my cherry.
I go, shh--
- Seriously?!
- Yes, yes I don't know, but
I don't know for sure yet.
- How come I didn't know
about this until now?
- Because you were
trippin' around the room
and I don't know, I
saw Mick and he was,
he was getting a woody
and it just kept growing
and all I could think about
was Pinocchio's nose you know,
just getting longer and
longer and
and then he just
pulled me on his lap.
- I do remember seeing you
guys in the corner of the room.
Yeah you
were in his lap
and your skirt was hiked up--
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause see, but I don't know
if he actually like you know,
got it in.
You know what I mean?
I don't know, I was
just, I don't remember,
I was so high and
it was so surreal.
And I just, I
just, I don't know.
- Hmm, you think that maybe
you're gonna marry him now?
'Cause I always thought
that like,
if you went that
far with somebody
then you should
probably marry them.
- I mean...
I mean, I like him,
but I don't think he's
marriage material.
- Well, you know, we're in Utah.
Let's both marry him.
We can take turns.
- Hmmm.
- Sound good, right?
Propose to him.
- Mmm-hmmm.
Will you marry me, Mick?
Hmm, what do you say, old chap?
Mick wake up!
- What's going on?
- Uh...
I don't know, I hate to
say this Lor but I don't...
I can't find a, I
can't find a pulse.
- What?
You can be serious, what
are you talking about?
Oh my God, he said he had
a need for speed, right?
I think he might be dead,
I think he might be dead! I
think wait Lor,
- What?!
- Just pull over.
Pull over right now.
- What are you talking about?!
- Pull over!
- Why is he sweating so much?
- I don't know, I don't
know, I don't know,
maybe he's,
maybe he's in a deep sleep,
could that be possible?
- I don't know,
I don't know!
- Lor where are you going?
Wait up, you can't, we
can't just leave him here!
- He's not going anywhere!
What are we going to do?
- Just, I need a
minute to think.
Just give me a minute!
- Oh, Lor come on, we
have to take him back.
But are you--
Are you praying?
- Oh, Scotty.
- Can you just
get out of the water?
- We can't go back.
No, we could still make
it by day two, Mer.
Woodstock or bust, remember?
- Lorian!
This is a bust!
Okay, what about Mick Jagger?
We have to take him back.
That's, that's what?
That's three hours.
No backtracking, that
wasn't in the plan,
it's never gonna work.
- We'll take him to a
hospital in Salt Lake City,
drop him at emergency
and then run.
- Are you a Looney Tunes?
We can't do that!
The cops are gonna
be all over us.
We're probably already
wanted in Oregon, okay.
No way, we are not doing that!
- Stop freaking out!
Why don't you just
blink your eyes
and get us out of
this mess, genie?
- I cannot believe you are
taking a photo right now, Lorian.
God that's evidence, you idiot!
- More like a souvenir.
- I'm gonna destroy that photo
and I'm taking him
to the hospital.
- Where are you going?
You bitch!
That's my own car!
Don't be scraping my new car!
I've been working
on the railroad
All the livelong day
- No, no, no, no!
- Here comes Adam-12.
Hi officer, good morning!
It's still morning,
- So, you were moving
pretty fast there, darling.
Got license and registration?
- Uh, yes I do.
It's um...
Yeah, here you go.
- You're a ways from Oregon,
what are you doing out here?
Where you headed?
- Um, we were just...
We were just gonna go camping.
- Are you guys a bunch
of rapists and murderers?
Because I've had my
fill with nasty men
and I'm not about to get into
a truck with God awful jerks
that stink who
want sexual favors.
In the cavern
- Says here, you're not
the owner of this car.
Where's Irene Rosen?
- Uh, um...
Irene is her Mom
she's of--
- Who's this sleeping
beauty, here?
- Hey, are we...
Are we there yet?
Um, where's Lorian?
- I'm gonna have to ask you
to step out of the car, ma'am.
- What are you in for?
- Where's Mick?
- He's fine, the cops got him.
- Good.
- You've met?
- Yes, this is Lorian,
my friend I was
talking to you about.
- Ah.
- Ex-friend.
That bitch stole my car and
left me to rot in the desert.
- Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa...
Careful what you call her, tiny.
Now she is a fine young woman.
Cool head, sister.
- If she's so cool,
then why did she
leave me all alone
in the middle of
nowhere with nothing?
- Oh, Lorian...
Always so dramatic!
I'm the one that sent the
cops to come pick you up.
- Don't call me sister.
And why are you
defending her crap?
- Hey!
Do not talk to Sheelah that way.
- Why don't you sit
your skinny ass down.
- Okay.
- Now, little miss big shot,
won't you tell your friend
why you're so mad at her.
- She stole my car!
You should've seen the
birds of prey circling,
anxiously awaiting
fresh roadkill--
- Okay, okay, let's change
the channel on this bum trip.
- God, you have no
respect for anyone--
- Hey, hey...
Thanks, Meryl.
Now, let's get deep here.
The truth, you little hood.
- She left me in the
middle of nowhere!
- Get real, chickadee, get real!
- I don't have to
say shit to you,
you dumb old, scurvy bitch!
- Oh!
Ah well, I just
lost my cool, puny!
I guess now, you're
gonna have to get a taste
of why the fuzz threw me
into this pokey
the truth!
- I don't wanna talk
about the truth!
- Oh, truth hurts?
- Hey, Sheelah, let her go.
It's okay, it's okay.
- Meryl always
gets all the hunks.
- Don't tell me.
Turn around, look
her in the eye.
- Seems like every
time I like a guy,
you just find some
sort of way to cut in.
You're so beautiful
and talented,
I feel like you just go for
guys just to put me down,
or to win some sort
of competition.
But I know that
you'll always win.
And I'll always
So I lose my confidence.
- Hey Mer, look at Lorian.
Turn around.
- It seems like whatever
Lorian wants, Lorian gets.
- What are you talking about?
I do all of this for you!
- Hey you shut your
face, little queenie,
Meryl's got the floor.
- You just, you're so damn
pushy sometimes Lorian and
you never take into consideration
anybody else's feelings.
- That's not true.
- It is true.
- I'm doing all of this for
you, Mer.
- Why?
- Why?
- You have no idea?
You're the brightest star
in the entire galaxy.
All you need is the
confidence to shine.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm fine, Mom.
I know, I'm sorry.
It was stupid, okay?
- Miss Murphy, we'd
like to hold him here
until you can come
collect him up.
I can check the schedule
but we'd have to keep him in
juvenile detention overnight.
It's not the most
comfortable situation.
- I'm glad you're okay.
- Can't I just go
with the girls?
I mean, they're really nice
and they're not slutty.
They'll bring me home.
They're going to
Woodstock to perform.
I mean, they're really good.
You heard 'em.
- Son, I can't allow that.
You're only 15-years old.
- We can take him home tonight
if everybody's okay with that.
- Lor, Lor.
- Miss Murphy?
How would you feel if the girls
took Nicholas home tonight?
Yes, I will.
- Nick?
- Nick.
- Nick.
I'll probably cruise around
in Park City for a bit but,
I love you, bye.
- Now you ladies aren't gonna
try any funny stuff, right?
I mean, I can book you
on harboring a runaway.
So I mean it, you won't
be hard to find, either.
- No officer, we will get
him home safely, promise.
- Yes, we will.
Let's slip.
If I listen long
enough to you
I'd find the way to
believe it's all true
Knowing that you lied
straight faced while I cry
Still I look to find
the reason to believe
Someone like you makes
it hard to live without
Somebody else
Someone like you makes it
easy to give everything
If I gave you time
to change my mind
I'd find the way to
leave the past behind
Knowing that you lied
straight faced while I cry
- Stop the car.
Stop the car!
- Why?
- Let me out.
Someone like you makes
it hard to live without
- Go after him!
- Where are you going?
If I gave you time
to change my mind
I'd find the way to
leave the past behind
Still I look the find
the reason to believe
- I'm really sorry I
ruined you guys' trip.
- Yeah, why'd you do it, Mick?
- Nick.
It's Nick.
- All of it, tell us.
- Yeah, lay it on us.
We ditched our dream
harboring what, a runaway?
- And I made out
with a 15-year old.
- I turn 16 next month.
- Oh yeah 'cause that,
that makes me feel better.
- Seriously, what the hell?
- I don't know, I just,
I just thought you can have
some fun and I needed something,
distraction and a way out.
- Away from what?
- My brother was in Nam.
His memorial was yesterday.
I guess I should've told you.
- Yeah you should've told us.
- Nick, you've gotta be kidding.
- I'm so sorry.
- We're
really sorry, Nick.
- Charlie stepped on a
landmine and lost a leg,
tried to pull him out
but the blitzen was fired
and he couldn't fight
'em after the attack...
Just pieces.
The officer said, that
brother, I loved him
and I never told
him, ever.
I hate them.
- All those men lost their
lives for nothing.
- What is it good
for anyway?
I think we should take
a few moments of silence
and pray for Nick's brother,
that his soul is still safe.
- His party's over.
I love you, Charlie.
- I love you, Meryl.
- I love you, too.
- Don't worry we love
you, too, Nick.
How about we party
for your brother, huh?
Ice cream?
- Come on.
- Come on,
let's get some ice
This is it Meryl!
Our very own Woodstock!
- We have to go!
- Yes!
- Oh my God, you
have to go, here.
- We just have to get you
some new threads, first.
You know it bothers
me to see a woman cry
- Nick?
- Nick?
- Yeah!
And all this time I
don't see the reason why
Why were you so surprised
to see him win this game
When all of these years
you've been doing the same
Marianne, Marianne, did you
forget your original plan
Marianne, Marianne, don't
you recall how it all began
I know you've always
liked a challenge
Don't be tough
And now this time you found
somebody who plays rough
Don't you see what's
happened here was
Just a matter of time
Looks like you've
found yourself
The perfect partner in crime
Marianne, Marianne, did you
forget your original plan
Marianne, Marianne, don't
you recall how it all began
Marianne, Marianne, did you
forget your original plan
Marianne, Marianne, don't
you recall how it all began
Don't you recall
how it all began
Don't you recall
how it all began
- We got inspired to play some
songs in protest
of the Vietnam War.
All we're saying is to
give peace a chance!
- Peace now, peace
now, peace now, peace now,
peace now, woo!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
- No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
No Nam!
- We wanna dedicate this song to
Nick and his brother, Charlie.
Charlie was lost in Nam.
This is one of my favorite
songs, written by Meryl.
It's called, Northern Lights.
There is one thing that
we all share on this Earth
and that is the starry night
Wasn't more than a month
ago in this same old place
You were sittin'
here holdin' onto me
Now you left here a minute
ago with a brand new face
Wondering who you were
hoping she might be
Tell me did you see
the Northern Lights
When you walked
into the night
Did you think about how
life could be so fine
Or was your vision
getting blurry
Or were you in
so big a hurry
I guess you probably
didn't really have the time
I guess you probably
didn't even have the time
Giddy-up, Sally!
- Take us home, girl.
- Oh, officially
this was a bust
but a pretty damn
cool bust, huh?
- Cool?
That was the bitchin-est,
far out-est, out of sight-est
and whatever other hippie-dippy
word you can think of--
- Grooviest!
- Grooviest!
- Thing I have ever
done in my entire life
and I will never forget
you two, rock stars.
- Yeah, best ever bust.
Did you see the
Northern Lights
When you walked
into the night
Did you think about how
life could be so fine
Or was your vision
getting blurry
Or were you in
so big a hurry
I guess you probably
didn't really have the time
I guess you probably
didn't even have the time
Just a kiss about politics
In this small town scene
You can't make a move
without making a sound
But understanding
just makes me sick
And I still feel mean
Every time I see you
out flirtin' around
Tell me did you see
the Northern Lights
When you walked
into the night
Did you think about how
life could be so fine
Or was your vision
getting blurry
Or were you in
so big a hurry
I guess you probably
didn't really have the time
I guess you probably
didn't really have the time
I guess you probably
didn't even have the time