World Ends at Camp Z (2021) Movie Script

But the beast inside is
telling me not to worry
You are not the woman
I've been waiting for
A virulent
new strain of influenza
is overtaking societies across the globe.
It exhibits very unusual symptoms,
the likes of which have
not before been seen.
All continents and countries are infected.
Each taking their own precautions
to try to curb the rate of
infection in their cities.
More dense populations are
affected but do not be fooled.
This is spreading quickly and widely.
Doctors are urging that the
safest thing for everyone to do
for themselves and their loved ones
is to stay inside and isolate.
This is a highly infectious virus
and is spreading quicker than the W.H.O.
is able to provide updates
and recommendations.
If you absolutely need to go
out, please wear your full PPE.
There is just no other way
to avoid this contagion.
Camping La tuque?
Hello, I'm the new
buyer's representative.
I'm supposed to come visit
the property today but I...
How's it going?
The buyer's rep called
and was lost and asking for directions.
What'd you tell her?
I didn't.
I pretended I was the voicemail.
You do know they'll still show up.
Yeah but I don't have
to make it easy for them.
Well, don't be disappointed
when your plan doesn't work.
It's a pretty done deal.
Your uncle asked me to be there for them.
He also asked me to make sure you're okay.
This really sucks.
You know Stan tested
positive for the virus, eh?
He told me.
How about dinner later?
Yeah, sounds good.
Hey, whoa, what the hell?
Didn't you read the
sign, the camp's closed!
I'm Vanessa Murdoch.
I'm here to visit the property.
I'm Aaron Prince's attorney.
We called ahead to say I was coming.
Sorry, nobody contacted me about this
and I'm under orders not to let anyone in.
What's the problem?
Aaron Prince is coming to
visit the property tomorrow.
He asked me to come ahead
to make sure everything was in order.
Let her through.
Why are you letting her in?
I don't have a choice.
The bank has taken charge.
Don't worry, I'll take care of this.
Thank you.
Be at my trailer.
Where am I going?
If you're going to be
spending some time here,
there's some rules you need to follow.
Like the speed limit.
I thought you said the camp was closed.
That's not the point.
Look, you're obviously not happy I'm here.
But I'm just here to do a job.
Mr. Prince is expecting
everything to be ready
for his arrival tomorrow.
Would be nice to have your cooperation.
Follow me.
I'm okay, thanks.
I'd like to have the plans
and documents for the camp.
The documents are in the office.
Is everything organized?
I'll meet you in the office in 15 minutes.
I'm not finding the fire
prevention plan for this site.
These are the papers I was able to get
on such a short notice.
Doesn't the camp have
an environmental plan?
What about a sewage system
or water navigation plan?
I don't know who you think you are.
This is a private camp
ground, not a provincial park.
If that's what you're looking for,
Parc La Mauricie is about an hour away
and I'm sure they'll have
everything you're looking for.
Let me show you out.
Look, I have things to do, so if you want,
you can take the papers
back to your trailer
and look at them there.
Yeah, go ahead, I'll
be here when you're done.
I cannot leave this place unsupervised.
I'm not gonna take anything.
Your boss doesn't own
the camp ground yet.
What's she doing here?
We apparently have to feed her.
What do you drink?
Beer, wine?
I'll have whatever you're having.
Well, this looks like fun.
So I'll go get dinner ready
while you guys do this.
Is he always this hostile?
He grew up here.
This is his home.
He's feeling a little
displaced at the moment.
His uncle didn't tell him about the sale
until a few days ago.
I did have a few questions
in regards to the camp.
Just let me finish off
the rest of this chapter.
I'll answer all your questions.
Thank you.
Dinner's ready.
I didn't realize how hungry I was.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Right, Julian?
Thank you, it was delicious.
I had never had moose burgers before.
We hunted it.
Do you hunt often?
Last fall.
That's the last time.
Guess not much hunting during a pandemic.
You cold?
go inside, get Vanessa a blanket.
What's your book about?
How'd you know I was writing a book?
You said you were finishing a chapter.
I assumed you had a full book.
It's about the frailty
of our infrastructure
and how we're one disaster
away from crumbling.
Look at the senior's residence.
80 percent died.
Clay teaches at Concordia
when he's not writing.
Thank you.
What do you teach?
Political Science, Indigenous studies.
I'd love to hear some Indigenous stories
if you'd like to share.
A few years back, I was hired
to lead a hunting expedition
with some Americans from Omaha.
On their last night,
they decided they were gonna
stay up drinking all night.
I was tired, so I just went to bed.
The next morning, I couldn't find them.
All their stuff was still
there but they were gone.
I figured they must've gotten lost.
So I called the police
to send a search party.
Two days of searching, not a trace.
On the third day, we found something.
Fresh, bloody,
meaty bones.
Like nothing I've ever seen.
But what were they?
Human remains.
Not kidding you.
They were spread out all over the place.
It was like they were gnawed to death.
I don't think so.
A little further in the woods
was some clothing hanging
from some branches.
I recognized one of the
shirts from my Omaha group.
Now this is where the
story gets really weird.
People started saying
they saw something strange in the woods.
Some said it walked on four legs.
Others said it walked on two.
But they all said that this creature
had bright shining eyes that
looked right through them.
I didn't see it but I knew
right away what it was.
Are you sure you want to know?
In the Algonquin tribe,
that's the tribe I belong to,
there's an old urban
legend about a creature
that roams these woods
called the Wendigo.
Wasn't the first time
someone's gone missing.
But hasn't happened in a long time.
What's a Wendigo?
Wendigo is said to be part human
and part evil spirit.
It invokes acts of murder,
and insatiable greed.
From everyone description
and from the remains I saw that day,
there's no doubt in my mind
it was the Wendigo that
did this to those poor men.
Don't listen to him,
it's just a made up story.
I'm not kidding you.
Ask Stan about it.
Go to the town's archives,
find some newspaper clippings.
I'll see you in the morning?
Don't go walking in those woods alone.
Going to town tomorrow?
Yeah, I could.
This box is a bit heavy.
Lay her down, I'll take it.
You want a ride too?
You know what, nevermind.
All right, suit yourself.
Come on.
It's okay.
Look, I'm sorry.
I was being a jerk.
Just get on.
And don't think I'm being nice.
I just don't want anything
to happen to the document.
That story Clay told was
pretty creepy, right?
He's full of crap.
Didn't realize how dark it would get.
Yeah well, usually
have light coming from
the camp fires and the lamp posts.
Actually kinda nice.
I know you're upset about
the sale but I promise,
the new buyer, he really wants
to keep everything the same.
He has a sentimental
attachment to this place.
If you need anything, I'm
just a few trailers down.
And if you have any questions
regarding the documents,
just let me know.
Worthless piece of crap!
I'm heading to town.
Pickup won't start.
I can give you a ride.
since you know where you're going.
You drive.
"Not Like you" by Sandra Bouza
You go out the city often?
Not recently.
I used to do quite a bit of traveling
with my family when I was younger but...
Oh, nice.
Yeah, I don't do a whole lot of traveling.
Spend most of my summers here.
Well, all my summers.
The Provincial government
is on the verge of adopting martial law
after hundreds of young
people have become infected.
They feel it's the only way
to control its population
due to the pandemic deniers.
As was stated earlier this week,
the federal government
has allowed each province
to govern the handling of
their own jurisdiction.
It's the first time
that martial law will be put into effect
as the population will be mandated
to be inside their residences
with a seven o'clock curfew.
Do you think this will
affect your client's plans?
I hope not.
See that paper mill over there?
You can see it from the camp.
Yeah, I can smell it too.
It really is that close?
Yeah, like a 20 minute walk.
I know that car.
Can we stop?
That's Mario Paquette's car.
I don't see anyone around.
He said to go back to the
camp and he'll send someone.
Thanks for the ride.
That was crazy, right?
I hope your friend's okay.
Aaron should be here soon.
What time's he supposed to be coming at?
I should've probably
mentioned this sooner
but Aaron is a bit more
than just my client.
He's here.
He's flying?
How was the car ride?
Loved it.
I'm actually really
glad you guys are here.
I was starting to get worried.
And there go the lovebirds.
All he did the entire
time was talk about you.
That's a bit exaggerated.
You missed me?
I did.
Come here.
Get a fucking room!
How was the flight?
Too bad you weren't in
the copter with us, Vanessa.
Maybe I could've been
if it wasn't for all
that luggage of yours.
She's amazing, right?
Yeah, this place is huge.
What are you wearing?
What're you wearing?
Excuse me.
I would maybe
change my shoes if I were you.
Let's get settled in.
What happened?
You told us we were headed
to the promise land.
We're in a fucking New Jersey
tire fire of a trailer park.
Nate, come on.
Oh yeah, you
have eyes, don't you?
Use them.
Who's taking care of my bags?
Go on.
You do a good job with
those, and oh my god,
there is more of that
where that came from.
Don't touch it.
You are gonna get grease all over them.
Vanessa, help me.
What do you want me to do?
You were supposed to organize it.
Where is the hotel?
You do know this is
a camp ground, right?
Aaron, I can't stay here.
What's the problem?
Where am I supposed to take a shower?
There's a shower in your trailer.
I told you we were going camping.
You're the one who insisted
you still wanted to come.
Yeah, but I thought you said glamping.
Welcome to the glamping experience.
- Here.
- Not you!
Are their bugs?
Don't worry, there's bug
repellent in your closet.
What's on the menu tonight?
I'm not the chef.
Stan assured me there
would be staff on site
to take care of us.
Aaron's the smooth talker.
He thinks seduction's the way to do it.
I'm more of a "here's your money",
"let's fuck" kind of guy.
Daddy hungry and we wanna eat.
Can you drive faster?
this is Aaron Prince and his friend, Max.
Clay Walker.
I pass on the handshake.
I met your father several years ago.
I'm familiar with his company
and his business practices.
I'm not my father.
my family comes down here
fishing every summer.
Lake Wayagamac.
Look, last time we were down,
I saw the camp was for sale.
What does your father
think about all this?
I am not my dad.
This is my project.
Stan and I bought this
property some 20 years ago.
It is said we are standing
on hallowed ground.
Things kind of gotten out of our control
over the past couple of weeks.
We got a little behind on the mortgage.
That's neither here nor there.
You're here to make certain
this land stays in the
same pristine condition.
That is the agreement, right?
My perspective's changed over
the past couple of weeks.
Where's Stanton?
I thought he was gonna be here.
He's not coming.
I'm taking care of you.
He should've called me to
tell me he wasn't gonna be here.
I would've delayed my trip.
No you wouldn't.
Why, because it's your project.
You're keen for it to go ahead, right?
It's a perfect time too.
Everyone's all busy with the pandemic.
No one's watching too closely.
Now if you don't mind, I gotta
get back to what I was doing.
Julian, show them around.
If they have any questions,
I'll be around.
This is where the graphite is?
Let's just get this over
with, it's fucking raining.
There's nobody around, don't worry.
That native guy.
He knows.
He's just fucking with our
heads, he knows nothing.
You heard what he said, we're
standing on hallowed ground.
Nothing good comes from
fucking with that kind of shit.
Look, either he sells it to me
or the bank forecloses on his mortgage
and he loses everything, okay?
I'm giving him a great deal.
He's lucky to get it from me.
I wouldn't get so cocky.
If anyone finds out what
you're planning to do,
they'll ask for an
injunction to stop the sale.
That's not gonna happen, okay?
They're not gonna fund out.
A new
curfew has been put into place.
In this new state of emergency,
everyone is obliged to be
indoors as of sundown...
Glad you like some shots.
Yeah, I would.
The military
will be sent out and try...
I was listening to that.
I am on vacation.
I could also use some help.
I meant you.
My followers are expecting
news of my camping experience.
Yes, you mean your glamping experience.
Whatever, Vanessa.
What doesn't kill me
just makes me stronger.
Hashtag, leave me alone.
I am!
All right.
So I got a call back from the lab.
Once the samples get to them,
we should get the results
within three days.
Where's she going?
Yeah, oh.
Perfect, good.
Once the bank gets the go-ahead,
we'll draw up the papers.
If the initial research proves right,
there should be graphite
right underneath us.
Brought you a drink.
Why does she keep talking
to this fucking guy?
You know how she is.
She's probably just
making sure we're good.
Yeah, I just don't like him.
Well, he doesn't seem to
like us very much either.
He's a bit of a tool.
Looks amazing, can I help?
No, it's fine.
Shouldn't you be with your friends?
I know all of this was thrown upon you
but you don't have to go
with everything they say.
And that's coming from you?
What is that supposed to mean?
You're working just as
hard as me, if not, harder.
Why didn't you fly in with them?
Someone had to drive the car.
Isn't that an assistant's job?
They made you load the car with luggage,
you're making them drinks, he's
making you do whatever else
and for what?
A fancy car?
Hope it's worth is, Vanessa.
He's not making me do anything.
You obviously know nothing
about relationships.
I love him.
Okay, whatever.
Why are you being such a jerk?
I thought we were good now.
Why didn't you tell me
that the possible new
buyer is your boyfriend?
I wasn't hiding anything.
It's just absolutely
none of your business.
And besides, what did you
think was gonna happen?
I was gonna be another notch on your belt?
you can go back and let him
know you checked up on me
and I'm doing my job.
This property means everything to Aaron.
He's gonna do something great with it
and I'm just here to help him do that.
It's already great the way it is.
Tonight, we die together, my friend.
- All right.
- All right, let's go.
Oh, here we go.
Yeah, thank you.
You can put that anywhere in the middle.
Smells delicious.
I'm so hungry.
Fucking hot potato.
A toast.
Oh, that is what
I'm talking about, old chap!
A toast to new
ventures and friendship.
And, of course, belligerence!
The pool.
My father caught you
and after he was thinking like...
He punched
me in the balls, yeah.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Andrea?
Could I have my boyfriend back?
Ah, Vanessa, there
is nothing to envy here.
Aaron's like a brother to me.
Except that night we made
out in Rio, remember?
We were 16.
Wow, what a crazy night.
We were just trying to anger our dads
but they were so pleased.
They were saying all the time
that it would be super good for business.
You know, if we ever got married.
That's crazy.
I'm afraid they're a package deal.
They were so old school.
Okay, I am bored!
What is next?
I got a surprise for you, buddy.
- Oh yeah!
- So, how do we start...
That's really who we're selling to?
You think they intend
to keep the place the way it is?
Where you going?
I'm gonna go put a stop to
it before someone gets hurt
and maybe make life a
little more shitty for them.
Firearms aren't
permitted on the camp ground.
If you give it to me,
I'll make certain you get
it back when you leave.
You weren't supposed to see that.
I'll have to kill you.
Nate, you don't have to do that.
You'll hurt yourself.
You could hurt nay single one of us.
Nate, give me the gun.
You want it?
Come here.
Who're you calling?
Give it back,
I'm calling the police.
You don't have to call the police.
Okay, we don't have to get them involved.
I'll pay you, I have money, okay?
How much do you want?
These are the people
you're hanging out with?
Give him his phone back!
What's wrong?
It's gone.
What's gone?
Mom's necklace.
It's okay, we'll get you another one.
I don't want another one.
You know how much this
necklace means to me.
The pearl's from my mom's wedding ring.
She had it mounted for me.
It's okay, we'll go to the jeweler
and get you a nice big one.
You don't get it.
Money can't buy everything.
Oh, fuck.
It's okay.
Come on.
Leave me alone.
Signal sucks here.
Breakfast will be
ready in about an hour.
I'll try to go find my necklace.
You want a ride?
I'll use the run to clear my head.
How are you?
Where's Nate?
Saw him this morning.
He was acting super suspicious.
He's always acting suspicious.
Yeah but more than usual.
Speak of the devil.
Where were you?
Going to get this while
he was making breakfast.
Put that away.
I don't care, it's mine.
Hey, I'm sorry about last night.
I know you don't like it
when I flaunt my wealth.
Why do it then?
It's because of this guy.
He thinks he's better than us.
I don't see it that way.
I think he's just really
protective of this place.
I was just trying to help.
Forgive me?
Yeah, I know you meant well.
Hey, guys!
You have five dollars?
Do you have five dollars?
You're thinking maybe
I can't handle my liquor.
Much less nice
but don't get too much.
I'm gonna take a bottle.
Oh, you two just look darling.
You fuck and make up?
Don't be an asshole.
We made love.
Made love.
You drive me to this.
Where's Max?
He's resting.
Last night was too much.
I'll go look for him.
I'd be careful.
Might think you're trying to get some.
Here, bonus.
Use protection.
Any tequila back there for me?
Are you okay?
How dare you.
How dare you.
This is my house.
- My house.
- This is good.
Yeah, that's...
He's not here.
That's weird.
Where else could he be?
Did he go do the rock samples?
We went yesterday.
What rock samples?
No service.
What rock samples?
Samples of rocks.
Aaron wants to mine graphite.
That's why we are here.
Are you the only one that doesn't know it?
What rock samples?
Okay, I'll be there soon.
Max, it's not fucking funny!
I can't believe I trusted
you would do something
good with this camp.
I am.
I know you're an environmentalist
and I was going to consult you on that.
When were you going to tell me?
Why am I the last to know?
You know what the best think
you could do for this camp
is absolutely nothing at all.
There are people mining
minerals all over the world.
There's graphite underneath here.
And I promised Julian that we would
keep this camp the same.
Yeah, that's good,
that's part of your job.
You know I don't want
to be the type of lawyer
who lies and covers up for
clients like your father.
You promised me you would
help me gain my father's trust.
Didn't realize that meant
you were gonna be exactly like him.
What the fuck is he doing here?
I called him.
We should split up.
Find him faster.
I'm going with you.
- Max!
- Maxime!
Fuck over here!
Come here!
I found something!
Oh shit, that's
what he was wearing.
Let's go.
Some kind of animal bones.
I don't care what it is.
I just want to get out of here.
Hold on to me.
I see something!
Stop running!
Max, come here!
Fuck, Nate, you okay?
What the hell did you do?
- Max?
- Oh shit.
Max, are you okay?
My leg!
My leg!
Give me some gauze, give me some gauze.
It's okay.
Max, who did this to?
I don't know.
Somebody jumped me from
behind and taped my mouth shut
so I'd stop screaming.
Bet it was that fucking native.
Shut the fuck up!
First of all, his name's Clay
and he'd never do something like this.
Who else, man?
No one else is here.
It doesn't mean it was him.
We're not fenced in.
Fucking freaking!
I said, shut up!
Hey, don't fucking touch him!
This is really not the time!
I need to go to the hospital now!
Hold on, Max.
- Aaron?
- Yeah?
Do you have the gun?
Can't be seen with it.
Stay out of trouble!
Let's go question the fucking Indian.
But it doesn't even make sense.
Why would he fuck with us like that?
We are about to make
him a really rich man.
You don't think there's
something strange about him?
I can feel it.
you're fucking...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
It fucking hurts!
They didn't pick him up?
Come on!
Do you have anything sharp on you?
Why do you have this?
You better don't trust
anyone, by the way.
That's the smartest goddamn
thing you've said all day.
Hey, native!
Come out!
Can't you go faster?
What the hell's going on?
I don't know.
What the hell is happening?
What're you guys doing here?
If you don't come out, we're coming in!
What can I do for you kids?
Listen, you did something
to our fucking friend
and I wanna know what it was.
What's happening?
The area's being secured.
Leave now, no one can go in.
This is bullshit!
Tell him we need to go to the hospital.
He needs help.
Like I said,
no one can go in.
The bones, the mask, that was you.
Listen, kid!
This here rifle will tear
your head right off your shoulders.
Do you get me?
Do you get me?
Where do you guys come from anyway?
Camping La Tuque.
We were told this camp is closed.
Obviously not completely.
Stay put.
Oh my god, we don't have time for this!
Who's there?
You guys go back to your camp,
you stay indoors the whole night.
Show yourself!
What happened to you?
Yeah fucking right.
You put a mask on him too?
No, this has nothing to do with me.
A military copter will come
and pick you in the morning.
Get the fuck off!
Drive the car!
Drive, drive, drive, drive!
The witches fly and always
cry when I fail them
All tied up in knots
waiting for the fury
It won't start!
But the beast inside is
telling me not to worry
Get me out of here!
Here comes the monster
Here comes the monster
Here comes the monster
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Clay, it's just us!
What happened to him?
- Where's Max?
- What the fuck?
Where's Max?
Where's Max?
Where is Max?
They killed him.
And you just fucking left him?
You think we did it on purpose?
They took him.
We'll take my car.
We can't do that.
I wanted payback.
I slashed your tires.
What about the Mercedes?
I can't find the keys.
We don't have any other cars.
That solider, he said to
stay inside overnight
and they'll send a
helicopter in the morning.
The Warehouse.
Do you have the keys?
You and I will go.
Aaron, you go with them
and call your father.
Have him send us the helicopter.
No, I can't,
I'm not calling my father.
Aaron, we're in danger!
Call your father!
We're not calling him!
Okay, the helicopter's
too small for us anyway.
I'll take care of you, I'll
take care of all of us.
Look what you fucking did to Max!
The rest of you,
wait in my trailer until
we come back for you.
What you're doing is rude.
Would you shut the fuck up for once?
You don't need to yell at me.
Your girlfriend's being a bitch.
I'll call my dad.
The service is ridiculous.
There has to
be a way out of here!
They will find us.
Clay told us to stay here.
We are gonna be safe as
long as we stay inside.
You shut the fuck up!
You don't have to talk
to her like that, okay?
She's just as responsible as you!
Yeah, well, if you didn't
fucking turn off the radio,
maybe we would've know
what was happening in time
and we wouldn't be in this fucking mess!
We, we can't trust these people!
We need to go!
We can take the trams.
I saw it on the road.
Fine, then I'm gone!
I'm going too.
Guys, he told us to stay inside!
Fucking hell.
Let's go, Nate!
Phone's dead.
Not surprised.
Got 'em.
We just gotta get to a secure location.
We'll be all right.
Fuck, fuck!
Come on, step on it!
They're catching up!
Can that thing not go any faster?
We're surrounded!
Take the fucking gun!
How do I shoot it?
What do you not understand
about staying put?
We thought you wouldn't
come back for us.
Come on, get the hell out of there.
Move, now!
We gotta get to the warehouse.
Important thing is not to stop.
I'll take the lead.
Get the fuck off her!
The warehouse!
Lead the way.
Go, guys, go, go, go, go!
What the hell are you doing?
Follow Clay!
I'm not leaving you alone.
There's one.
Grab that bar!
We need to close this door!
That should hold them for a bit.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay Aaron, okay Aaron, okay Aaron.
They can't get through here, right?
Hope not.
And besides, even if they
do, Vanessa will handle them.
Stop making fun of me.
I'm not making fun of you.
I'm fucking impressed.
It's a sturdy building.
Are you fucking crazy?
The solider said we need
to stay inside, right?
So we just stay here, okay, right?
And we don't have to go to the warehouse.
Oh shit!
They're gonna kill us!
We need to get out of here!
Give me the gun!
It's Aaron!
Let us in!
Where's Julian?
He's still out there.
He saved us.
We need to go back for him.
We need more weapons.
You okay?
No, no.
She's okay for now.
It's Julian's space.
It's a really cool place.
He doesn't look like much.
The kid's going places.
I get why this place
means so much to him.
He always came first at
his school sciences fairs.
Keeps his awards in a box.
I always say, "you gotta display these."
But he just says he has nothing to prove.
You two are close.
Like a son.
What's this?
How's Andrea?
Not good.
I have to bring her back in one piece.
What, are you scared of the
water, you pieces of shit?
He'll be here.
I'll feel responsible if
anything happens to him.
Julian never does anything
he doesn't wanna do.
Oh fucking god!
Hey, hey, hey, brother!
Calm down, calm down!
The virus has mutated.
What're you talking about?
I thought it was just the flu.
How could you think that?
It's obviously way more than the flu.
I said I thought it was the flu.
Been on the trail of
this virus for awhile now.
It started out as a small,
controlled experiment in a lab.
Shut up with your conspiracy theories!
You're right.
You don't wanna know.
I wanna know.
It started out as a
small, controlled experiment
to test a new vaccine,
which obviously didn't work.
In the meantime, the government
confiscated the virus,
saying they were gonna destroy it
before it caused serious damage.
Then why the hell is all this happening?
The government kept
the virus for themselves
as a defense weapon.
Put the blame on foreign soil.
No one knew how dangerous the virus was
or how fast it could spread.
We're gonna make it out of here, right?
You know, despite everything,
you're still the most
important person in my life.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Is this the virus?
I think so.
Looks like the virus is
traveling directly to the brain,
temporarily shutting down
all nervous system reactors.
That was one of the side effects
when they tested the virus on the mice.
They knew about this?
People with money
can be quite dangerous.
Is that a dig?
You tell me.
Get away from there!
I need some fucking help here!
Get her the fuck off me!
Aaron, help me hold her!
Grab me rope!
Is that what you're gonna do to me?
What're you doing?
- Nate, no!
- Nate, no!
We have to get to the dock!
They won't follow us
to the water, come on!
We can get there before morning!
There's more than before!
The military
must've done a good job
with the fucking evacuation.
Yeah, and sent them all to us!
Keep going!
I'll be right there!
Get to the dock!
Get off!
I'll go.
Vanessa, we gotta go, we gotta go!
Come on!
It's so peaceful.
It really is.
Promise me something.
If I start having a coughing fit,
you'll kill me.
Don't talk like that.
You're fine.
I don't wanna become one of them.
Does it hurt?
No, you keep it.
I wanted to give it to you earlier.
There's something inside for you.
Found it in my golf cart.
The chain was broken so I
soldered it back together.
I can't.
If you don't, I'll hurt you
and I don't want to do that.
It's okay.
I'm not scared.
I can't.
Sweet listening, the stream
In this aurora
Girl of my day
Down on my last breath
Wigging by your wars
The pain begins to sink
Slow burn in my heart
The soul is join me
The lone moon rising
In the silhouettes
You remind me
As time slowly sets
Pain hangs heavy
Resistance a soft breeze
Through the leafless trees
That's come over me
Casting canvas, flawless break
As the world ends
As the world ends
Left behind
This world of bloodstained glass
Grave lines increases
The shards in my grass
Hesitating sunshine
Borrowing on one's time
Holding loose and whisper
Send shivers down my spine
Interlacing hands
Lingering spirit
Barely close, they kiss
Vacant lonely, empty chair
To awaken age proclaim
Something mislead life
Eternal darkness on the sea
Casting canvas, flawless break
As the world ends
As the world ends
Slight of hand force love
Now to listen to our sin
Living arrows catch a boar
No way then
To break
Casting canvas, flawless break
As the world ends
As the world ends