World Trade Center (2006) Movie Script

Give us 22 minutes.
We'll give you the world.
Good morning. 64 degrees.
It is Tuesday
and here's what's happening.
It's primary day and the polls are
officially open in New York City.
Voters will be deciding among
Thank you. Tickets, please. Thank you.
The Daily Number, 945.
Win 4 number, 4242.
Did you see Jeter's homer on Saturday?
Guy's got some swing, man.
Yeah, I was there.
Yeah? It was a good one
to have been at.
It was.
...part of the ongoing slump
in corporate earnings.
Right now, S&P futures
are up two points. Dow futures up 28.
NASDAQ futures up six and a half...
Sun coming up
Over New York City
Is there anybody else
that we could call?
-Hey, rookie. How's it going today, man?
-It's going good.
All right.
-Hey, Willy.
I like those shorts.
They're real sharp, you know.
-Oh, yeah?
-12 bucks at Target. Yeah.
Do they make them for men, too?
I'm not the one who puts
a gallon of pomade in my hair, Pezzulo.
Roll call working Tuesday,
September 11.
Color for the day is green.
Tour Commander
is Lieutenant Kassimatis.
Patrol Sergeant, you're looking at him.
-Post one. Colovito.
-Three. Nice job on Friday.
-Six. Jimeno.
-Lieutenant, you got anything?
Inspector Fields has something to say.
Listen up. Be on the lookout for this girl.
Zoey Cowley.
Age 11, runaway out of Rhode Island.
Thought to be on a bus
coming in this morning.
This is important. Okay.
As always, protect yourselves.
Watch each other's backs.
Hear about who Giraldi
brought in yesterday?
No, who?
I'll give you one guess.
She's 300 pounds, her dress is
a trash bag with bugs all over it.
Gloria, the "Naked Lady"?
Yeah, and Giraldi said
she asked for you.
You love it, huh?
-I'll catch you at break.
Hey, Jethro. Jethro.
Hey, how many times I gotta tell you?
You got to take your crew
and your junk out to Ninth.
It's a free country, man.
-This is my statue.
-What are you, the statue police?
It's the Jackie Gleason statue.
It's not a bench.
He don't care. He's dead, man.
Get out of here. Get out of here.
Excuse me.
I wonder if I might help you out today
with, like, a taxi or get you a hotel?
Maybe I can help you out with your bag,
you know.
Hello, Officer? Where find bus center?
Hey, Amoroso.
-How you doing?
-How's it going, man?
To be honest, I miss the bus terminal.
-Yeah, what do you got today?
-Loading docks.
Loading docks?
That shipment come in from...
What the...
BT, all units. 8-40. 8-40, ASAP.
BT, all units. 8-40, ASAP.
All units, BT 8-40. 8-40, ASAP.
Excuse me.
Hey, something's up.
We have unconfirmed reports
this morning
that a plane has crashed into one of
the towers of the World Trade Center.
-CNN Center right now...
-Holy shit. on this story, calling our sources
and trying to figure out
exactly what happened, but, clearly,
something relatively devastating
happening this morning there.
We're going to join
another one of our New York affiliates
for their live coverage.
Here at the top of this tower, there's
a huge, gaping hole, flames still inside.
Can you believe this?
What schmuck would fly a plane
into the Trade Center?
Maybe they ran out of gas or something.
Yeah, Colovito. Right.
Maybe some jerk-off forgot
which lever to pull on his twin-engine.
That's not a small plane.
Hell, no.
All right, listen up!
Let me have your attention here!
They're telling us it's a commuter plane.
Tower One is being evacuated
as a precaution.
They've asked us to send
a team down to assist.
Sergeant McLoughlin.
I've got a list of names here.
Step out when you hear it.
We're going downtown.
Hold it right there! Pull it over!
Command post on the air?
Command post.
Field command post. Are there any
injuries going to any particular hospital?
Chief on the air. Go ahead.
Come on, everybody. Off the bus.
Get off the bus. Step this way.
I'm gonna cut across
Bleecker to Seventh. Stay close.
You got it.
Central. Mobilization point
is gonna be Pike and South.
That was to evacuate One Police Plaza
at the Gracie Mansion, the Municipal
Building, and any potential targets.
Who is advising this?
Central units, the mobilization point
is now South and Pike.
Yeah. No, no, I got it.
Hey, guys, you won't believe this!
My wife says the other one got hit,
the other tower.
How the hell did the other tower get hit?
She was listening to HOT 97
and they said it.
What? Who gets their news
from HOT 97?
-I told you it was no damn private plane.
-No, I got it.
What special equipment
we got down there?
-We're prepared for everything.
Car bombs, chemical, biological,
an attack from the top.
But not this. Not for something this size.
There's no plan. We didn't make it.
Only emergency transmissions
on this frequency.
All right, all emergency personnel
respond to Vesey and West.
All emergency service units,
please go to Vesey and West.
There could be 50,
Units on West Street to use caution.
Debris is falling from the building
on West Street.
Hey! Looks like
Tower Two did take a hit.
What did I tell you?
No, no, that's the smoke blowing over
from Tower One.
All right, that's enough.
Everybody sit down. Now!
Yo, Dom, let me see your phone
for a sec, yeah?
Hey, let me see your phone.
I got to call Allison.
It's not working!
Nothing's going through.
Emergency service vehicles
are also responding.
Hey, take it easy, will you? Jesus!
-This is gonna be a bitch.
Well, I'm just saying
that it looks like it's gonna...
You think they're bringing you
down there to scratch your ass?
McLoughlin will tell you what to do.
Why the Sarge?
He was Emergency Services
at the Trade Tower.
He's one of the guys who came up
with a plan after the attack in '93.
Anybody knows what to do down there,
it's him.
Command to Division One.
Does anyone over
in Tower One hear me?
Okay, make the turn on Broadway.
Go down West Broadway.
We'll meet you outside Five.
You got it.
Send everything you got
to the World Trade Center now.
We got to get that building evacuated!
Which tower?
Which tower are we responding to?
-I got to get a team to go up!
-I'll check in with headquarters.
Roll every available ambulance you got
to this position.
Fire out on the north side.
They're now coming out
of the west side
of the World Trade Center.
All right, everybody stay here. I'm gonna
find out what the hell's going on.
Yes, sir.
Oh, my God.
Nothing's gonna help them.
No, we'll get up there.
How are you gonna save people
that high up? It's impossible.
We got to try.
Officer? Officer?
The daycare center.
There's kids there. Over there.
Hey, Sarge! There's kids in the...
Yeah, at the daycare at Five.
I know, they got them out.
-Okay, listen up. Where's Kassimatis?
-He's looking for you, Sarge.
We got to evacuate the Tower.
Who knows how to use a Scott Pak?
And don't give me any PBA bullshit.
Hey, Sarge, to tell you the truth,
I haven't used one in like four years.
Look, what did I just say?
Who's coming?
Step forward.
I got it, Sarge.
I'll go.
I'm with you, Sarge.
All right.
All right, we got a team.
We're headed into Building Five.
The rest of you wait for Kassimatis.
Follow me. Stay together.
Take everyone's memo books,
nightsticks, hats. They're useless here.
Put them in the Suburban.
It's over on Church and Vesey.
And meet us back at the police desk
in the lobby of Five. You got it?
Which one's Five?
There's two towers.
North tower is One. South tower is Two.
Right behind it, there's Five,
right in front of us,
which is where the police desk is.
Take the alley. Hurry up. Hey!
Let's go.
They're all dying!
They're all dying!
Grab those bottles.
Get the helmets.
People trapped at 87th and 89th floors.
10-4. They're getting a TVpicture
with numerous injuries.
Numerous injuries out there.
Okay, turn them on.
Double check. Test them.
Massi? Anything more here?
Helmets? Scott Paks?
No, Sarge. Try the E room
near the truck docks in the basement.
Jimmy Lynch is down there.
Okay, there's more stuff down on B-1,
the truck docks.
We'll drop down to the Concourse,
go around One to Two,
and there's some stairs there.
Keep your eyes open. Follow me.
Don't get separated, okay?
Well, Sarge, we got plenty here.
Hundred and ten floors. Fire with fuel.
We're gonna be using up bottles.
We need them.
Sarge, you won't believe this.
Your Suburban on Church? It's gone.
Roof smashed in.
Stay together and stay focused.
-Yo, Dom, where we going?
-Sarge wants more stuff.
-Don't worry about it.
He knows what he's doing.
What the...
Don't think. Keep moving.
Jesus, Sarge, we got to get up there.
You aren't rescuing anybody
if you can't breathe, Rodrigues.
Stay focused.
This way.
Where's the fire?
Now you're talking.
Got the BT dogs up in here.
What's up, Sarge?
Sarge, I'm telling you we got to get up.
There's a ton of people stuck up there.
-We're going up.
-Yeah? I gotta go with you.
-Sure, Chris. We can use you.
We need more equipment.
Get a tank on.
Yo, what's up, Chris?
Yo, what happened to your eye, man?
What happened to your eye?
I was carrying this woman out,
something whacked me
in the freaking head.
-She okay?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got her clear.
Hey, hey, Sarge, we ain't gonna find
any equipment left in One.
-Coming through. Coming through.
-Excuse us. Thanks a lot.
Lynch has got gear down
at the B-1 truck docks next to Two.
There's a staircase right over there
at Ben & Jerry's.
I heard they were
evacuating Two, Sarge.
Must have caught fire from One.
I heard Two got hit,
that there was a second plane.
No, Fields just said one plane,
Tower One. Now, stay together.
You see the TV?
There's a big fire up there.
There ain't no TVs down here.
You guys hear about the Pentagon?
It got hit. A missile or something.
Israel? It's gone. It's nuked.
Whole freaking world's
coming to an end today, Willy.
-Yo, Chris.
-Nice timing on that transfer.
-Yeah, no kidding, right?
You stay with the cart.
The rest of you, come with me.
Stay safe.
We're receiving... On the 106th floor...
People are trapped at that location.
About five floors from the top,
there's at least 50 people hanging on.
Jimeno. Bus terminal.
-You all right?
-Yeah. You helping evacuate?
Trying. Going up Two. You?
Up One. I'm waiting for my sarge.
Yeah. Well, it's gonna be a long day.
You'll be all right, kid.
A lot of good people here.
Units, also be advised
that people are trapped
on that 60th floor.
Sixtieth floor,
people are trapped up there.
Stuck in the elevator,
the elevator shaft, and we're
chopping through the wall to get out.
Okay, we got enough.
Tower One.
Let's go. Stay together.
Okay, 10th floor.
We've knocked out that fire. We're in
the B stairs. We'll meet you over there.
Let me know
what kind of conditions you got.
I was down on B-1.
The shafts there are buckling.
There's gonna be people trapped
in those elevators.
It just took us an hour to get up to 30
in Tower One.
Now they want us over in Two.
-What happened in Two?
-I don't know.
-You guys be careful, okay?
-Yeah, stay safe.
Hey, Will. Let me get that.
Thanks, man.
8-1, McLoughlin. What's your location?
This is 8-1. We're in the Concourse.
We got gear and are heading to One.
8-1, 800, negative that.
Rendezvous with me
out on Barclay Street. I got a team here.
We'll all go up together.
with Tower Two?
The elevator shaft!
Anybody there?
Anyone there?
My legs!
Sound off!
Sound off!
They're gone.
They're in a better place, really.
All right.
What's everyone's situation?
What's everyone's situation?
I'm pinned. Bad.
I can't...
I can't move my legs.
I think I'm okay.
How you doing, Sarge?
I don't think I'm hurt, but I can't move.
I got some movement here.
Officers Jimeno, Pezzulo
and McLoughlin are down.
We're trapped on the Concourse level
between Towers One and Two.
We're trapped near
freight elevator Five.
-Oh, thank God.
-It goes down to the B-1 truck dock.
Yeah, here you go. Get some air.
Get some air. Some fresh air.
You're okay, Willy. You're okay.
Got any radio?
Here you go.
No, mine's smashed. It's not working.
All my stuff on the left side is buried.
The mike's gone.
You got to get this...
You got to get this off of me.
It's good to see you, Dom.
Good to see you, Willy.
-You okay? You good?
-Yeah, I'm good.
I'm going to get you out.
Don't worry about it.
I'm gonna get you out, Willy.
It's working, Sarge!
Dom's got us covered!
Good. That's good.
How'd you know to run in here, Sarge?
The elevator shaft's
the strongest part of the building.
Oh, Jesus.
How did this happen, Willy?
I'm gonna take care of you.
I'm gonna get you out, buddy.
Looks like there's light! Maybe some air!
I'd say about 20 feet up!
Officers down!
-You ready?
-Come on.
Come on, Dom!
Oh, Jesus.
I can't get this off him by myself, Sarge.
Maybe I should go up and get some help
and then come back for you guys.
No! No! You're gonna get him out!
You're gonna get him out!
All right.
Here we go, Willy.
Come on!
I can't get you out, Willy.
Come on, Dom.
Don't leave us here.
Do me a favor.
You can do it. I know you can do it.
All right.
I'm going to get you out, Willy. All right?
I'll get you out. Yeah, I'll get you out.
All right.
I'm hurt.
Dom, it's me, Willy.
Look at me.
Stay awake.
Can I get a 3-8, Sarge?
Yeah, Dom. You take a break.
I'm dying, Willy.
No. No, you're not. Dom, stop this.
Don't forget
I really tried to save you guys.
I love you, Willy.
I love you, too, Dom.
Dom's gone.
Dom's gone!
I know.
can you still see the light?
can you still see the light?
How far up?
I don't know. Maybe 20 feet up.
There's still stuff in the way.
What else do you see?
Beams. Plaster. Nothing.
It is with deep sadness and regret
that I have to advise you
that two hijacked planes
have crashed into the Twin Towers
of the World Trade Center...
...from what remains
of the World Trade Center for 9:00.
One airplane crashed into
World Trade Center Two.
About 15 minutes later, an airplane
crashed into the second one.
About an hour later,
both of them collapsed.
Associated Press is reporting
that a plane or helicopter
crashed at the Pentagon,
and the Pentagon is being evacuated.
Whether that fire is in the building itself
or outside, we have not yet confirmed.
This is a live picture of the Pentagon
and an Associated Press reporter says
he could see the tail of a large airliner
as it plowed into the Pentagon.
And that fire there in Washington
continues to burn.
...just a few minutes after that,
it wasn't very long,
you will see, it happened again.
The second tower came tumbling down.
That was the first tower collapse
that we just saw.
This is the collapse
of the second tower.
And so now, as we stand here,
both towers...
The tops of both towers are gone.
Allison, let's sit outside.
Behind somewhere that plume of smoke
that continues to rise over the...
He's probably still at the bus terminal.
What is left of those buildings,
we cannot tell you.
We cannot tell you.
Al, I'm looking at the Tunnel.
There's no one there.
No Port Authorities there.
Al, I don't...
I guess they got called in.
Can you get someone to drive you?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, I'll see you at home
in half an hour.
I'll call Mom and Dad.
We got to pick up Bianca.
Both towers came down,
trapping thousands
and thousands of people inside.
We do not know the numbers yet,
but we do know thousands of people
work inside those buildings.
That... The buildings are gone.
There are reports
that hundreds and hundreds
of fire and police and rescue crews
are missing or unaccounted for.
Officials seem simply stunned
by the scale of the losses...
They keep showing the same thing
over and over and over.
Jay's there.
They must have called in
every company in the city.
He would have been there early.
Yeah, John, too, probably.
He knows those buildings so well.
They've seen something
no one has ever seen before.
One man who came by said
he had seen this building come down.
It looked as though it was imploding.
This was complete chaos and utter hell
that has come to Lower Manhattan.
Oh, my God.
Judy. Listen to me. Listen to me. Look.
They evacuated those buildings.
All right?
I'm sure most everybody got out.
They're fine.
In the '93 attack,
John said everybody got out real quick.
God. In '93,
the buildings didn't fall down.
All right, well,
I'm going to call everybody and cancel.
A Den Mothers meeting right now
sounds pretty dumb, right?
I keep looking for John.
There's so many policemen
running around.
Maybe I'll see him.
-They're here to tell us they're dead.
No, they're not. They're not.
-Hey, Judy. Jay...
-No. No.
Look, we know he's alive. All right?
They know where he is.
They're communicating with him.
He's alive?
Yes. Yeah, we're gonna go
down there now and help out.
-Oh, thank God.
There you go.
-Thank God. Oh, my God.
-There you go.
Oh, that's good.
-That's good.
-Thank you, God.
Officers Jimeno and McLoughlin.
We're trapped near
the FE Five vestibule.
Will you please work?
I'm so thirsty.
You're not kidding.
My mouth feels like a beach.
-How's your pain?
-Comes in waves.
Every 20, 30 minutes.
Every wave, I feel the pain less.
But I'm more numb.
The number I get
the more I want to sleep.
What's wrong with sleep?
I wish I could
so this pain would go away.
You're bleeding inside, Will.
You sleep, you don't know
if you're coming back.
Awake, at least you got a shot.
Your brain, maybe, keeps you alive.
That's what I think, anyway.
You know that movie, G.I. Jane?
-Yeah, Demi Moore.
You know the part where
the drill sergeant says,
"Pain is good. Pain is your friend.
If you're feeling pain you're still alive"?
I didn't see the movie.
I keep thinking of that line.
Pain is your friend.
It means you're alive.
We'll make it, Will.
Just don't go to sleep.
Sarge, I got a fire here!
There's nothing I can do here!
I'm burning! I'm burning!
Please God.
Where'd that wind come from
all of a sudden, Sarge?
I don't know.
The fire just goes out like that, Sarge?
Why's that?
I don't know.
You're not a big talker, are you?
Well, see, you got to talk to me 'cause...
I can't,
'cause my knees are crushed together!
That's why I can't fucking talk!
Oh, God!
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Holy shit!
Dom's gun is cooking off!
Will! Will, that's it!
All the rounds got to be done, Will.
I can't believe this is happening!
-Not in my whole goddamn life!
-Breathe, Will.
Come on, breathe.
Get your mind right!
Mrs. Jimeno, please hold.
...Pennsylvania. This is where
the United Airlines flight,
I believe it is 176...
I'm sorry, I'm correcting...
United Airlines 93...
I'm sorry, Mrs. Jimeno, we can't make
that kind of assessment yet.
-We just...
-Is that Allison Jimeno?
We grew up together.
Let me talk to her.
Al, it's Brian. I just got in.
-Hi, Brian.
listen, they sent Will down on a bus
with a bunch of the guys.
-So he did go down there?
And did he go in the buildings?
We don't know.
Brian, did he go in the buildings
or did he not go in the buildings?
We're trying to find that out.
It's very basic.
Did he go in or did he not go in?
Allison, I'll call you
as soon as we know.
Bianca? Sweetie, I'm sorry.
Brian, I... Brian, why don't you
tell me what's going on?
-I'll take Bianca to my place.
-I'll keep her here. I wanna...
-My parents are there.
They'll take care of her. Okay?
She'll be five houses away.
Want to go play?
...shards of metal coming past...
President Bush was in Florida
when the attacks began.
He spoke a short time ago
from an Air Force base in Louisiana.
Here's some of what the President said.
The resolve of our great nation
is being tested.
But make no mistake, we will show
the world that we will pass this test.
God bless.
We're told the President's plane
has flown on,
but for security reasons,
the government will not say where
Mr. Bush is going or for how long.
I don't know if you guys know it yet,
but this country's at war.
Pastor, I gotta go down there.
-New York.
You can't. Only emergency responders
are being allowed in.
I've spent my best years
with the Marines.
God gave me a gift
to be able to help people,
to defend our country.
And I feel him calling on me now
for this mission.
Then find a way to listen, Dave.
I'll leave that to you
to determine just how widespread
the human loss will be
in New York City alone.
America has changed today.
This is a dark day in this country.
It's in bold print in future history books
about how America was attacked
within its continental borders
to devastating effect by terrorists
in a coordinated assault
using hijacked civilian airliners.
-Hey, Mom?
-Yes, sweetie.
Dad knows it's
my birthday party Saturday, right?
Your birthday, are you crazy?
Of course he does.
He's just...
He's still working to help people
at the disaster at the Trade Center.
But they keep saying a lot
of those people aren't coming back.
I'm not supposed to tell you this, okay?
But he told me that he was gonna
take you to the playoffs next month.
-The playoffs? Are you serious?
-I'm serious.
Yes! The Yankee playoffs? I knew it.
I knew he was going to.
Mom, you better come here.
Stay here, okay?
What's wrong?
Dad and Uncle Pat have a deal.
If anything happens to one of them,
they go and tell the other family.
Are you here to tell me something?
Don't come in here, Pat. I mean it.
Don't you come into this house.
Donna, he's not.
We don't know. We don't know.
They've declared him as missing,
that's all. He's just missing.
I know. I know. I'm with you. Come here.
I know.
We got confirmation. John went in.
Oh, Dad.
It's okay, baby.
It's okay. It's gonna be okay.
Hey. Hey.
Will's a tough nut. He's gonna make it.
-I know it, honey.
-I just know it. Come on.
-Your mom's out there.
-I'll clean you up.
How would I tell Bianca
her father's dead?
Missing means missing, Ma.
It doesn't mean dead.
She's very strong.
She's gonna be all right.
We've got to call a doctor.
Give her something fast.
-She could lose it.
What is happening to this world?
...of this horrible and vicious
act of terrorism, acts of terrorism.
And our focus now has to be
on saving as many lives as possible.
Do we know the number of casualties
at this point?
I don't think we really want
to speculate about that.
The number of casualties will be more
than any of us can bear, ultimately.
Sounded like a truck bomb.
Like in '93.
Blasted out the lobby.
Pushed everything in here.
Concourse must have collapsed.
You never answered, Sarge.
What have we got?
How long does this
internal bleeding take?
I don't know. I'm not a doctor.
Twenty-four hours
is the most I've heard of. Maybe 14,
Just don't sleep.
So we've been in six, seven hours.
What does that mean?
Another seven, eight hours from now?
You remember that earthquake?
Where was it? Turkey?
There was a little girl there.
She lived four days
buried in the rubble like this.
She was, like,
three years old or something.
If she could make it, we can make it.
Maybe we ain't bleeding so bad inside.
-Yeah, Will.
You got any kids?
Four. I got four.
-That's a lot of kids.
It's a lot of work for my wife.
What are their names?
Steven. He's the oldest.
He's 15.
Caitlin's 12. Peanut.
JJ, he's 10.
We got a little girl.
She's four.
We had her late.
It wasn't planned. It just... It happened.
I don't know.
-What's that?
-What's what?
That sound.
I got a pipe here.
Keep doing that!
What about JJ's tuition?
-It's not easy.
Did you vomit yesterday?
Yeah. Yeah, yesterday and today.
-And today?
You know what?
I probably just have the flu, hon.
Yeah? Okay.
So, wait...
Yeah, there's supposed to be a stripe.
-A stripe? It's a stripe.
Yeah, it's a stripe.
That's good.
It's good. It's good. It's good. It's good.
Yeah, it's good. Yeah.
It's good.
...seems just like a ghost town
in the financial district. Very eerie.
You saw people being wheeled
on gurneys
away from the site of the explosions.
People were coming out
with masks over their face,
anything they could put over their face
because the air was
still very thick with debris.
The ash on the ground
is at least two inches thick.
It's more like snow cover.
Mom, listen.
Officials are saying that as many
as 400 police, fire and rescue teams
entered the towers,
and there are fears that half of them
are missing and feared lost.
We are waiting for more
on the survivors.
There are no clear estimates
yet on numbers,
but it is clear that many
of New York's finest
have been lost on this day.
These are the so-called
first responders.
Oh, my God.
That's so many.
What are we going to do?
Mom, let's go get him.
Can we just go to the city and find Dad?
-We don't even know where he is.
-You're gonna go drive and get him?
-Can't you call someone?
-The phones don't work.
Come on, JJ,
there's really nothing we could do.
-You're just worried about your birthday.
-No, Caitlin, stop it.
He needs us. I know if we just go
down there, we can find him.
Dad doesn't need you to go find him.
Come on, Mom, please.
JJ, would you just stop it?
Stop it for a minute. Okay?
They'll call when they know something.
Lay off your ma, please. This is tough
enough on everybody. Come on.
You don't really care, do you?
I'll go talk to him.
Hey, JJ, come on.
Come back here, kid. Let's go.
He's scared. He's just a kid.
He's right, you know?
I don't even remember
the last thing I said to John.
Excuse me.
This is it.
I'm sorry. No, sir.
Nobody gets by here. Nobody gets by.
United States Marines.
-Sure thing. Is your unit down there?
-Yes, sir.
I'm gonna take a 3-8, Sarge.
Just don't go to sleep.
"Let me get that."
That's what he said to me.
"Will, let me get that."
The cart.
If he hadn't switched places with me...
And Dom.
I made him stay and help me.
I told him to stay.
Yeah, I begged him.
"Don't leave me, Dom.
Please don't leave me." And he stayed.
You know, there was time.
He could have gotten out.
And Chris. After being cut so bad,
he didn't have to go in.
You tell them.
You tell them.
I took them in.
For what?
What good did we do?
We wanted to go in.
Kassimatis said you were the best.
You were the guy
who knew everything down here.
Dom, Antonio and Chris, nothing was
gonna stop them from trying to help.
We figured
we might as well follow the best guy in.
The best?
They did what they had to do, Sarge.
They couldn't have lived
with themselves if they hadn't gone in.
That's who they were.
Thank you, Will.
If this is it,
I am gonna see you someplace better.
Sarge, I don't know you too good...
Our Father...
...but I love you!
...who art in heaven...
-Goodbye, John!
-...hallowed be thy name.
Give us this day our daily bread...
Thank you, God, Allison and Bianca,
who needs a daddy.
Oh, God! Forgive us
our trespasses as we...
Let her know I love her!
...forgive those
who trespass against us!
You there?
Yeah, Will.
I'm here.
I'm still here.
About 20 minutes ago,
we were reporting on another building
at the site of the World Trade Center
that they referred to as Building Seven.
Officials were watching
very closely because
it was on fire
and in danger of collapsing.
Well, moments ago, it did collapse.
So that would be the third building
in the World Trade Center complex
that has collapsed today.
There are no reports yet
of additional casualties...
Rescue officials in the area
have suspended
the search for survivors.
No word yet on when rescue teams
might get back to trying to find anyone...
That's a lot of guys not with him.
Port Authority Police.
Sergeant King speaking.
I got cars cooking off.
I got rounds flying all over the place.
I've got guns all over the place.
Now back off. It's getting dark out.
Chief, you got to let us in.
My whole battalion's in here, Chief.
-There's still guys in there.
-I know it, boys. Not tonight.
Tomorrow's another day.
It'll be dark in a half an hour, man!
God bless their souls,
but I'm not letting you join them!
Everybody report to the station there.
What's the status here?
The search has been called off.
They say the Marriott's gonna go, too,
and until it's more stable, we're out.
This whole thing is crap, man.
Our guys are in there.
They're dying in there.
It's like God made a curtain
with the smoke,
shielding us
from what we're not yet ready to see.
All right, nut bag.
Didn't even finish them.
...a 45-degree angle.
See? Okay?
You put the plywood here.
Put the saw here. Nice and easy.
Don't force anything. All right?
Want to try again? Okay.
Don't force it. There you go.
Sarge? You never told me
your wife's name.
It's Donna.
Donna? That's a good name.
It's real American, you know?
Mine's Allison.
She's Italian and some German.
Don't get her mad.
Yeah. She's a wild one.
Donna can get mad, too.
She wants a new kitchen.
I'm okay carpenter, so
I'm building her one.
There's no cabinets right now.
She's pissed.
I got to get out of here.
Donna, she's...
I married the right one, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Me, too.
Tell me about your wife.
Well, she's
five months pregnant now.
It's gonna be a girl.
I already got one. Bianca.
She's four.
You got to name Bianca.
You love that name Bianca.
No. I love the name, but you picked it.
So I get to choose the name this time.
Kids are gonna love that name.
"Alyssa the pisser."
Look, I like Olivia.
Olivia? Olivia sounds like Olive Oyl.
Olivia Jimeno.
I'm naming the baby Alyssa.
It's what Will wanted.
-I'm gonna pick up that prescription.
-What prescription?
The doc called in
a prescription for you, honey.
You know, for the baby.
Said we got to have it on hand,
just in case.
In case what?
In case you need it, honey. You know?
-I'll go with Jerry.
-No, Allison...
I'm not sitting here waiting for a call
that Will's dead.
-I'm coming, too.
What am I doing here?
-AI, you all right?
Will could be never coming home.
I'm walking around CVS
like there's nothing wrong.
You said
you wanted to get out of the house.
You said
you wanted to get out of the house.
You have your cell phone?
I left it.
Karen, you have your cell phone?
I forgot it.
We left the house with no phone?
Al, what are you doing?
Got to get home.
This stupid light is taking forever!
Come on!
Allison! Would you get back
in the goddamn car?
We're going home.
Did he call?
I don't think
I'm gonna make it to the morning.
-I feel like...
You die, I'm gonna die.
You die,
I'm just gonna die.
Well, you can't die, either.
Sounds good.
But in case...
You think you could do me a favor?
What's that?
Could you put it out over the radio
that I request
my daughter to be named Olivia?
And tell them
to tell Allison that I love her,
and that she should name
my daughter Olivia.
This is McLoughlin
Officer Jimeno requests
his daughter be named
Officer Jimeno
would like his wife, Allison,
to know he loves her.
Further to that,
please tell
my family
I love them
very much.
Jeez Louise.
...psychologically across the country.
It's had such an enormous...
JJ, what are you doing?
I told you before.
-Sweetie, get out of the car.
-JJ, get out of this car. Now!
-Don't say no to me.
-What's wrong with you?
-Don't you want to find him?
-Yes, I want to find him.
-What if he's dying?
-There's nothing that we can do.
What if we never see him again?
All right, I'll go. Get out.
I said I'm going. Now, come on.
You want some tuna without the bread?
No, Mom, I'm not hungry.
You have to eat something.
The baby's going through this,
too, honey.
How about a waffle?
Forget it, Patricia. She'd throw it up.
I could cook up some macaroni.
No, that's okay, Ma.
I'm going to put Bianca to bed.
It's also a great test for us all,
wherever we live, whatever our age,
whatever our beliefs.
Just look at that scene
and think about what happened today.
Rescue officials predict that hundreds,
if not thousands...
-Hey, baby.
Is Daddy coming home?
I don't know.
United States Marines!
If anyone can hear me, yell or tap!
United States Marines.
If anyone can hear me, yell or tap!
United States Marine?
Are you heading in, too, Devil Dog?
I've reconned the area, Sergeant.
Our best shot is going up.
All right.
Someone says stop, you don't stop.
You don't hear them.
There's no going back.
Let's go.
United States Marines.
If you can hear me, yell or tap.
The most amazing thing just happened.
I saw Jesus.
And you know what?
He had a bottle of water.
And I could have drunk it, you know?
But I didn't drink it.
He's telling us something, Sarge.
He's telling us to come home.
Don't sleep on me, John.
The pain's keeping me alive.
Keep talking.
You remember Starsky and Hutch?
When I was a kid, it was on TV.
I remember the theme song.
When that would come on,
I'd run around the house
and arrest my sister, Karen.
Took me six years to be a cop.
The only thing
I ever wanted to be was a cop.
How long you been in?
Twenty-one years.
Boy, that's a lifetime.
You're one tough guy, Sergeant.
I don't smile a lot.
That's why I'm not
don't like me 'cause
I don't smile a lot.
Yeah, that's it. You got it.
We got Frank Sinatra over here.
If you can hear me, yell or tap!
Remember what you said?
You sleep, you ain't coming back.
You got to come back,
'cause we're getting out of here.
John McLoughlin!
If you can hear me, yell or tap!
Can you hear me?
Are you sleeping?
Where are we?
In hell.
We're alive in hell.
How about that, John?
Keep trying.
Try the pipe.
Keep doing it.
We could circle back.
Never mind.
We hear you!
We hear you!
-Keep yelling!
-Who's down there?
McLoughlin and Jimeno.
I don't see you!
You got to be kidding me.
Just hang on! Just hang on, okay?
Don't leave us.
We've been here a long time.
We're not leaving you, buddy.
We're Marines. You are our mission.
That's great! Oh, that's great!
The Marines, John!
Can you believe that?
Sergeant, if we leave this spot,
we might never make it back.
That's what I'm thinking.
-It's overloaded?
My sister in Pittsburgh.
It's me. I'm at the Trade Center.
Yeah. Emergency Command.
You got an exact location on that?
Great. Yeah.
Guys, I got two Port Authority cops
found in the middle of the rubble.
They're still alive.
I got it.
Thank God!
They found him, Donna!
You hear that? They got him.
Wait. Wait a minute.
Wait, wait. All right.
All right. All right. Thank you.
We're on our way.
He's okay! The son of a bitch
walked right out onto Liberty Street.
They want us to meet him
at the bus terminal.
I am going to kick his ass
when I see him!
He just walked right out.
He just walked right out.
-Allison, he's alive.
He's alive. They couldn't kill him.
They couldn't kill him.
They found him.
He's trapped,
but they're digging him out right now.
He's the toughest son of a gun I know.
He's made of rocks, is he not?
-He's coming home.
-Come on. Let's go.
Have you been working out?
I can't keep up to you here.
I told you. Didn't I tell you?
So where are we supposed
to pick him up?
Where are we supposed to pick him up?
No one asked?
Jerry! What're you doing?
-You're the Marine?
Scott Strauss, Emergency Service Unit.
What do we got? How many
are down there? Two down there?
They're Port Authority cops.
The first one's down about 20 feet,
in pretty bad shape.
The second one's even deeper.
It's a tough hole to get down,
but they're in there, and they're alive.
We got to hold them off, Paddy.
All right, listen up.
No one make any sudden moves.
All right?
This whole thing's
like a pile of pick-up sticks.
-Is there any F.D. up here?
-Any F.D. up here?
-Ed! Ed.
Go back to Church.
Get the fire department up here.
Got it.
Is Captain Yee on the radio?
Captain Yee on the air?
On the air.
-Captain. Captain, it's Scott Strauss.
-Go ahead.
I got two cops here buried in the rubble.
Right in the pile near the globe.
I need equipment and manpower.
Also get F.D. up here forthwith.
We're gonna burn.
Got it, Scotty. Stay safe.
I need a paramedic!
Who here's a medic?
I used to be.
Used to be? Jesus Christ. Come on!
I need a paramedic here.
My license lapsed.
I had a few bad years.
But I know what I'm doing.
I'm good.
You know this whole thing
could collapse on our heads and kill us?
What's your name?
Chuck Sereika.
I'm Scott. Come on. All right.
-Seen the way to one of them.
-All right, Paddy. Call it.
It's real tight, Scotty.
You're never gonna get down there
with all that gear, buddy.
Try this, Marine KBAR.
Best knife ever made.
Thanks. You got a name, Marine?
Staff Sergeant Karnes.
I mean, something a little shorter.
Staff Sergeant.
-You all right?
My wife is Pat Strauss.
You tell her and my kids
that I love them, okay?
You ready?
-Let's go.
-All right.
Hi. Where's John McLoughlin?
-Mrs. McLoughlin?
He's alive,
but I'm afraid there's been a mistake.
When they called me,
they really thought John walked out.
He didn't. He's still trapped,
but they're working on him.
Is he hurt bad?
Oh, my God.
Oh, this is not right.
This is not right!
He gave you everything,
years of his life!
And you can't even get this right?
Where is he? I'm going down there.
I'm sorry, Mrs. McLoughlin.
It's too dangerous.
Where are they taking him?
-Thank you.
Where do we take him
when we get him out?
Triage at One Liberty.
And what's the status of McLoughlin?
He's further down.
We're still working on him.
Easy, easy.
We need more length! Kink it!
What the hell?
We need a line down here fast.
Okay, breathe this. Breathe. Okay.
Chuck, how's he doing?
Blood pressure's holding. He's stable.
But he's swelling,
and he's getting colder.
Get something to cover him, will you?
Hey, Willy.
Brother, take a blow. Take the blow.
We got fresh guys up there.
All right.
I got to get down below you.
We got a guy down below you.
I'm sorry, Will.
Why can't I ever get a female cop?
At least somebody skinny.
What do you want?
My wife's a great cook.
She'd better be,
'cause I'm bringing 20 people
to that barbecue you're giving for me.
Scotty! They say
they can't control the fires.
Building Four and Five
might come down.
Nothing like a little pressure, right?
God damn it. It's not working.
Try more cribbing.
Chuck. Paddy.
Just get out of here.
This whole damn thing
could come down on us.
There's no sense in all of us
getting killed.
You gonna pry up that slab
and get him out of here yourself?
I've been in and out of rehab for years.
Finally figured out the only thing
I've ever been good at is helping people.
We're doing this together.
I ain't leaving.
I don't mean to break up the moment,
but we're all
getting out of here together.
Is someone there? You got water?
Who the hell's that?
I told you. That was my partner.
-Hey, John!
-I thought he was your partner.
I'm almost out, okay?
They're coming soon. I promise.
-Okay, Will.
-Who's that?
Scott Strauss, ESU. How you doing?
I'm okay. Need water.
We hear you. When we get Will out,
we're coming for you.
We can't get anything to you
down there right now, John.
There's just no room.
This guy.
He's gonna die
if you don't get him out soon.
And the only thing in the way is my leg.
I want you to cut it off.
Just cut it off. I can live without a leg.
I'm not cutting your leg off. I can't.
You're coming out in one piece,
you hear me?
You gotta...
Look, it's my leg.
Just juice me up and cut it off.
If he dies, I die. That's just the way it is.
Look, Will,
your partner must be 20 feet deeper.
Probably more compacted than you.
Even if I cut your leg off, he's not gonna
get out of there for hours.
I'm sorry, man. Now, let me do my work.
We're going again!
Ma'am, this is Allison Jimeno.
She's Will Jimeno's wife.
I'm his sister.
We were told he was coming here.
We're asking all the family members
to please wait in the cafeteria.
It's over there through the doors.
I can't go in there.
Come on.
We'll find someplace else, honey.
Hand it over here, boss.
Hey, John!
They're coming!
You hang in there! Okay?
I love you, John!
I'm waiting for you!
Don't give up, okay?
Tell them
I'm coming, too.
You tell them.
It's great up here!
It's just so great!
Hey, where did the buildings go?
Hey, where did the buildings go?
They're gone, kid. They're gone.
You're going home.
You done it, Will.
You done it.
Go to your family.
Who's there?
No, not yet.
Can you hear me?
Not yet.
John, can you hear me?
-Easy, Scott.
-Down here.
-Coming to you. I'm good.
-I'm coming.
-It's tight.
I think I see him, Lou. I got him.
-Is he awake?
John? John, can you hear me?
John! I'm Scott, from ESU 5.
Man, I'm not gonna leave you.
I'm gonna do whatever I can
to get you out of here. All right?
-It's tight, Lou.
-All right.
-Just send it back.
-All right.
Find a place to put debris.
Louie, bring it back.
I got an elevator shaft here.
You're gonna be all right, John.
-We're not leaving you.
-Bring the Sawzall down.
Hang in there, John. Come on.
You'll be all right.
Stay with us, John. Come on.
We got you.
We're transporting Jimeno to Bellevue.
Have a trauma team standing by.
Respiration's 26, B.P. is 90 over 58.
Got him on 15 liters O2.
Room's prepped.
Take him all the way down to the end.
Hey, they brought him in the back.
Come on.
This way.
Over here.
Oh, my God.
He's breathing out rocks.
Will? Can you hear me?
Hey, baby.
Oh, baby, are you okay?
We're taking him to the O.R. now.
They said your leg was broke.
Will, baby?
They told me you were all right.
I want you to name her Olivia.
No, I want Alyssa.
For you.
Ma'am, we're gonna have to
take him up to O.R.
It'll be better for him
if you come with us, ma'am.
He'll be okay, right?
There are some complications,
-but we've given him good...
I'm going to name her Olivia, okay?
John? You got two big slabs
on your chest.
It's the only way we're gonna
get you out of here, all right?
I got the big one, you got the little one.
Pull it off.
All right. John. We got one more.
One more, brother,
and we got your chest clear.
We got a good start.
Tell Lieutenant
to get a paramedic down here.
-We got to get an IV in him now.
-All right.
We're gonna need a paramedic
down here now!
Come on, John. We're almost there.
You're in good hands, John.
You're getting out of here.
That's it, John. That's it.
Hang in there, brother.
That's it. Hang in there, John.
Don't give up.
Don't give up. We didn't give up.
Don't you give up.
John, can you hear me?
John, wake up.
That's it, John, wake up. Stay with us.
Don't go nowhere.
Come on, John. Come on, John.
Stay with us, John. Don't give up.
Come on, brother. Hang in there.
-Come on, John.
Hang in there, brother.
Hang in there. Come on.
We're almost home.
We're almost home, man.
Come on.
Stay with us, brother.
I let you down.
All these years, I've been so careful.
Now I screw up.
I'm sorry.
Did I ever love you enough, honey?
I mean,
did I love you good
like I was supposed to?
What the hell happened?
I think we had it, John.
It was in the moments.
Happens to most people, I guess.
Me with the kids,
and you with the department.
Somewhere along the way
I guess we kind of stopped looking
at each other.
Come home, honey.
The kids need you.
I need you.
I can't.
I can't get out of here.
Honey, the kitchen's
not even finished yet.
Okay. Would you get off the kitchen?
Is this necessary?
-I'm stuck.
-Then get unstuck.
Get off your ass, John.
Just get up and come home.
Donna, I can't. I...
You can do it.
What's taking so long? Hey, you guys!
One thing he said,
of all the images we've seen,
it is a scene of New Yorkers calmly
It's not working. Don't bother.
Waiting's shit, isn't it?
If it's gonna be bad,
you just want to know it. No bullshit.
That's right.
They're digging my husband out.
They found him in the rubble.
That's good.
My son's down there. Lawrence.
He's the elevator operator
in the South Tower. A good boy.
When I saw that building going down
like a pancake...
Damn thing is, I yelled at him.
Last time, I...
I made dinner.
He got held up at work.
Food went to waste.
And I yelled.
Now all I want to do is hold him.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Oh, come here. Come here.
I know. I know, sweetie.
It's all right. It's all right.
Come here.
It's all right. You're okay.
I know.
Thank you so...
Thank you so...
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
It'll be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Thank you.
-We got you, buddy.
-Hang in there, man.
-Hang in there.
-Hang in there, John.
-Good job.
-We got you, man. We got you.
You're going home, John.
You're going home.
-Way to go, man.
-Thank you.
-Welcome home.
-God bless you, John.
Thank you.
Way to go. Way to go, guy.
Hi, baby.
You kept me
You guys come
all the way from Wisconsin?
Yeah, those bastards.
We had to do something.
You want a brat?
Finest brat you'll get in the whole world.
That's a guarantee you can take
to the bank, mister.
Yeah, sure.
What are you doing down here?
-Atta way.
No, I'm not coming in today.
I don't know.
They're going to need some good men
out there to avenge this.
We'll see.
Jimeno just got out.
McLoughlin's still in surgery.
We're still missing 14.
Jesus. What do we do?
Thousands of people in there, Paddy.
Where the hell are they?
9/11 showed us
what human beings are capable of.
The evil, yeah, sure.
But it also brought out a goodness
we forgot could exist.
People taking care of each other
for no other reason
than it was the right thing to do.
-That's my son, JJ.
-JJ, I'm Tim.
It's important for us
to talk about that good, to remember.
If she wasn't here, I wouldn't be here.
Hi. How are you? Good to see you. Hi.
'Cause I saw a lot of it that day.
Olivia, you coming?