Worlds Apart (2008) Movie Script

Jehovah is not to blame
for all the evil doings.
Imagine a loving father
whose son or daughter moves away
and chooses to lead a bad life.
Is that their father's fault?
You're pulling my leg, little boy.
It says so in the Bible.
It also says Jehovah is love.
It does? I should have
read it after all, then.
It's written here
so even you understand it.
Why, so it is. Thank you.
Now I know what it's all about.
Well done.
Thank you, August and Sara.
It's nice to hear Jehovah's message
conveyed by such young people.
-Got you!
-Got you!
-Got you!
-Got you!
No tickling! No tickling!
Stop it.
You can at least listen to me.
I've talked to the elders about it.
They want to help us.
Jehovah God,
watch over Mom and Dad,
Elisabeth and August... and Jonas.
I know that you protect me.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sara and Thea, go through the
bookkeeping assignment next time.
I know I can count on you.
Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you...
Thank you.
Hi, Sara.
Are you doing your homework?
I want to talk to you
about something.
I've done something terribly wrong.
-What have you done?
-Now it's all falling apart.
But what have you done?
I was too weak.
I was tempted.
-Your father and I...
We can't reach an agreement
so I think
you should choose for yourselves.
-I don't think this is the right way.
-But I do.
All this is your father's fault
so we'll do it this way.
You have to choose between us. Who
gets to stay in the house with you.
Please forgive him. Can't you?
He does repent.
You can do anything you set
your mind to. You said so yourself.
Yes, but I can't.
Please leave.
Please leave the room.
Who do you choose?
-Dad did something very wrong.
But it's worse that Mom won't
forgive him even though he repents.
But what about Mom then?
We've decided that Dad should stay.
Our hearts go out to the outsiders who
are lost unless they accept Jehovah.
The last days are drawing near,
so devote all your time to preaching.
Every time you ring a doorbell, you
get a chance to save a human being.
Though the journey may be long
our fear has been conquered
and the end is drawing near
you have found
your flock of Witnesses
follow the King
follow his sword.
Only one local announcement today.
Brother Andreas Dahl
is resigning as an elder.
Take this, will you?
You didn't bring the little bag?
I feel sorry for you.
We didn't understand why you couldn't
forgive him when he repented.
I think you should go down and help,
and remember the bag this time.
-I'll cook dinner and tuck August in.
-Good, Sara.
-I need to talk to you.
-Can't it wait? I'm late as it is.
Jehovah will conquer death,
and in his Kingdom
all the dead will be reunited
with their loved ones.
Jesus will lead the heavenly armies.
Evil will be eliminated at Armageddon.
I pity the expelled.
You don't have to if they repent.
If they suffer, they will understand,
and then they repent and come back.
-And who will Jesus Christ eliminate?
-The evildoers.
Who'll be resurrected
in the New World?
All of us, even Grandma
and Grandpa. Dad said so.
Please tuck in August tonight.
I'm going over to Thea's.
Sara, what a nice surprise.
You baked me some cookies. Nice.
You've taken great pains.
-Is August asleep?
-Elisabeth is tucking him in.
Sara... I'm very sorry about what
happened between Mom and me.
I've let her down.
But I'm never going
to let any of you down.
You know how much I love you.
Can I leave Elisabeth and August
alone for a few hours?
-Are you going to Thea's?
-She's invited me to a party.
Some people from school
are having it.
It's at the club, but they only
let in people who've been invited.
It's like a private thing.
It's your choice, Sara.
I just don't think it's a good idea.
I won't stay out too late.
There are three kinds
of young Witnesses.
The 1's break all the rules.
The 2's try out stuff
without talking too much about it.
That's you.
And the 3's are the nerds.
They attend all the meetings,
drink tea with their parents
and never do anything wrong.
That's me.
Soon to become a 2.
It's not that strong.
The guy with the sunglasses,
that's Kenneth.
We talked a lot online.
Hi. This is my friend Sara.
-Hi. Michael.
-I'm okay.
-Yeah, right.
Can't you be sick inside, Sara?
Ready to go back in?
-We can't go home already.
-I'll walk her home.
Is that okay?
Okay, I'll get her stuff.
-Man, this town is quiet.
-You afraid of the quiet?
-Wow, what a deep question.
-Forget it.
I hardly ever hear it...
or don't hear it. The quiet.
Thanks for walking me home.
-You live here?
-Just up the road.
I'd better go alone from here.
Thanks for a nice evening.
I promised Thea
to walk you to your doorstep.
Fuck, this is insane!
Come on.
Wait for me at the door.
My dad is at work but be quiet.
My brother and sister are asleep.
How did you know
pink was my favourite colour?
-Stand still.
Listen to this.
You don't have to like it
just because I was in on making it.
I like this one.
-Sara... Sara?
-You'd better go.
-Sara, is that you?
-I'll be right up, August.
-I'd like to walk with Sara today.
Hi, sweetie.
We'll start at the far end
and work our way back.
I was home by one.
I hardly had anything to drink
and only danced with Thea.
It wasn't wild or anything.
You know what's right
but it'll keep you on
the right track to spread the word.
Teis is asking for you.
She's here now.
Is she okay?
-Answer him... Come on, Sara.
-No way.
The first thing he did
was ask for you.
Make something up.
She says you're hot!
You idiot, Thea!
That was just Thea goofing around.
Hugs Sara.
Want to meet?
I could come visit you.
It's better I come to you.
Sara ..!
Mind if we just walk around?
I love it that nobody knows me here.
-My friends think I'm doing homework.
-How old are you anyway?
Something about you seems older,
but I still think you're pretty young.
-You're pretty old, right?
-I just turned 23.
And still you hang out
with girls like us?
-I'm 17.
-Just turned 17?
-I don't celebrate birthdays.
-Why not?
-Hi, Sara.
-Hi, Jonas.
This is my older brother Jonas.
This is Teis, a friend of mine.
I recognized you even with your
back turned. You sure have grown.
-Are you okay?
-Yes. I'm studying at the university.
How are the others?
Is Elisabeth okay?
-Has August grown too?
-He's still a little boy.
Let me give you my new address.
I've moved around a bit.
Take care.
-When did you see him last?
-A year ago.
The rest of your family
don't see him either?
Why not? Why not?
-It's none of your business, is it?
-No, I guess not.
He didn't behave correctly.
-He read a wrong book.
-Okay. And you didn't like that book?
I'd sure like to read that.
He's expelled. That's why.
Expelled from what?
We're Jehovah's Witnesses.
-You're kidding me.
-No, it's true.
You're one of those who
come knocking and won't leave?
It's not worse than making music
or whatever it is you do, is it?
-You believe in that Doomsday crap?
-It's called Armageddon.
-It's a transition to a new world.
-Where everyone but you dies.
So I'm going to die?
Is she going to die?
Unless she accepts Jehovah
as the one true god, yes, she is.
-Can I help you?
-What about her?
Stop it.
Is that child going to die? Say
the parents don't accept your truth.
Even if the child is too young
to understand, it's still doomed?
Sorry I'm late, but Thea and I
had some homework to do.
-You could've called.
-Yes, but I don't have a cell, do I?
-Normal phones have worked for ages.
-I don't like using Thea's phone.
Have you eaten?
I'll heat up something for you.
Have a nice evening. Bye.
We're closing up now.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't fair of me
to knock your faith.
I probably should've
prepared you for it.
I know what it's like
to seek a meaning. I know.
-Are you meeting someone?
-How did you know where to find me?
-Thea told me you were at school.
-Want to see my dad?
-Is that a good idea?
As long as he doesn't see us.
-Which one of them is your dad?
-The receptionist.
Come on!
I have to babysit my brother
and sister now. Thanks for coming.
You're welcome.
I have to go.
-You're quite early.
-Hello, Mom.
Hi, sweetheart.
Is it a real TV?
Does it have a lot of channels?
-Dad only lets us have a VCR.
-It's not that dangerous.
-What's he doing here?
He was waiting on the steps. I didn't
have the heart to send him away.
-We have to go then.
-I was just leaving.
Take care, Mom.
It's best that you not
tell Dad about this.
-Hi. Did I wake you?
-I don't usually sleep this late.
Come on in.
I worked all day
and stayed up all night making music.
-Are these your parents?
-Are you an only child?
-That must be strange.
-It's all I've ever known.
There are four of us. We used to be
six until Jonas and Mom moved out.
I didn't think Jehovahs got divorced.
There are two ways
of breaking up a marriage.
-Death or sex with someone else.
-Tough choice.
-So sex is a no-no. What else?
-You don't want to hear.
I'm serious.
You can't join the army, vote,
smoke or celebrate birthdays.
You can't contradict the elders.
But sex is the worst thing.
-It's okay to party?
-Dance and drink in moderation, yes.
Just like you do.
Apart from that
you have to go to the meetings,
preach, read our church magazines
and go to more meetings.
-Why do you put up with it?
-That's the way it's always been.
Everybody knows everybody.
We have strong family ties.
As long as you don't
read the wrong books.
It wasn't just that.
-Jonas contradicted the elders.
-And that was enough?
If you persist.
And then you weren't
allowed to talk to him?
-Not even if you meet in the street?
-No, you pretend they're not there.
-Because Jehovah sees everything.
-You talked to Jonas the other day.
-Only because you were there.
-It's so weird.
-What is?
You believe in God?
It's weirder
not to believe in anything.
-We don't say "cheers" either.
So if your doctor can only save you
by giving you blood, you still say no?
-Even if you know you may die?
-Yes, if your faith is strong.
-But why?
-Jehovah says you can't take blood.
Shouldn't that be your own decision?
It is your own decision.
-You think I'm strange?
-You sure are.
But I like it.
Oh no, the last train leaves
in five minutes!
Fuck, I spend too much time
in front of my computer.
It's not the end of the world
if you sleep over.
Yes, that's exactly what it is.
-I'll wait for the morning train.
-I'm not leaving you here alone.
You can sleep on the bed,
and I'll sleep on the floor. Come on.
Do I have to carry you?
This floor sure is hard.
Yeah, it's not fair.
That didn't take you long.
I can lie next to a girl without
things getting out of hand. Okay?
What if things got
just a little out of hand?
Good morning.
I have to get home before my dad.
I'll walk you to the station.
-That's my bed.
-You can't just barge in.
-It's my goddamn apartment!
Mona's my ex-girlfriend, okay? My ex.
It's her apartment.
She got another guy two months ago
but comes back whenever they fight.
-Keep me out of your mess.
-My mess? She screwed around.
You're so strange.
What is it you want, huh?
Think I'd have kissed you all night
if I weren't crazy about you?
Do you want to be together with me?
I mean it.
Is that a yes?
Let me have your cell.
Thea, you've got to help me.
I missed the train last night.
Can I say I slept at your place?
No, nothing happened.
I'm just laughing
because you sound so serious.
Okay, bye.
Sing and rejoice
praise Jehovah
eternal peace
awaits in his Paradise
preach to the world
that our King is great
in him we will find
eternal joy.
-Hi, Mom. How are you?
-I miss you all. But you look happy.
-I am.
Sara, I want to talk to you. Sara.
-You heard me.
-Does it have to be right now?
-Yes, I'm afraid so.
-I have to do my homework.
Your so-called homework
will have to wait.
Please put down that brush
and sit down.
-Have you got something to tell me?
-No, what?
-I know you've got a boyfriend.
-That's not true. I don't.
Is that so?
Then who is it you go to visit?
-I visit Thea. Ask her...
-I already have.
It's not what you think.
Then I'd like you to tell the truth.
Come and sit down.
I am seeing a guy, and I slept over at
his place because I missed my train.
Please don't be so sad.
Sara, you can't handle this
on your own. You need help.
It's not so bad. Nothing happened.
I'm afraid you're abandoning Jehovah.
We have to call the elders.
I really like him.
But you slept at his place.
Do you want to forsake Jehovah?
I know you're struggling, and
temptation is everywhere at your age.
We love you so much.
We just want what's right for you.
Let's go and call the elders.
Don't you think it's best?
I've known him for a couple of weeks.
This Wednesday I ended up...
-I ended up staying overnight.
-That's grounds for expulsion.
I just missed my train, that's all.
Where else could I go?
We didn't even sleep in the same bed.
I slept on the floor.
God sees you, Sara.
You must avoid the things God hates.
Lies and carnal immorality.
I feel guilty towards God.
Then tell us what really happened.
I was in the bed
and he wanted to sleep on the floor.
But then I asked him
to lie next to me.
Did he kiss you?
Yes. We kissed each other.
Did you have sex?
-No, we kept our clothes on.
-And then what happened?
-We embraced.
-Did he touch your breasts?
Did he touch you anywhere else?
We didn't go any further than that.
Please believe me.
We believe you, Sara.
There won't be any public reprimand
or expulsion.
We believe you are repentant. But
write a letter and break up with him.
Do it as soon as you come home so
you won't be seized with doubt again.
But I really like him.
I just want to be with him.
It doesn't have to be... physical.
I just want to be near him.
I know you want to be God's friend.
You know what you must do in return.
Can't you help me? Please.
You have to trust in Jehovah.
Only by trusting in Jehovah
can you avoid Satan's trials.
Isn't there some way I can keep on
seeing him? Just as a friend.
But you slept at his place. Doesn't
that make him more than a friend?
I'm going to walk home.
Jesus hated corruption and greed.
But did that make him insensitive?
Not at all.
Jesus was known
for reaching out to others.
He compared himself to a mother hen
gathering her chicks under her wing.
-What did Jesus hate?
-Corruption and greed. Right?
Yes. What kind of animal
did he compare himself to?
A mother hen.
Hi, Sara.
-I did it for your own sake.
-I know.
-I can't lie about stuff like that.
-I'm not mad at you.
You did the right thing.
-Talk to anyone online?
I've stopped going online.
It had gotten out of hand.
in order to worship Jehovah,
we must give up something
we really like.
We have disregard our own needs.
See you.
I understand you.
I feel sorry for you.
It's okay, Mom. I trust in God,
so I'll get through it.
If you'd done the same, things
would look different for our family.
Instead you threw it all away.
Thank you very much. For the books,
and the talk in particular.
-You're welcome.
Well done. People listen to you
because you talk from the heart.
You sound so funny sometimes.
-"Talk from the heart"!
-You know how much I love you.
Dad... I've thought about
dropping out of school.
I want to be a pioneer. I feel most at
one with myself when I'm preaching
so isn't it best to focus
all my energy on that?
-Fantastic, Sara!
-You think it's a good idea?
Yes, of course. I'm very proud of you.
Hi. We handed out 21 magazines
and seven books all in one afternoon.
Sara has a gift for it.
Feeling better today, are we?
-Someone called for you, Sara.
-While I went shopping?
His name was Teis
and he said he had to talk to you.
I have to talk to him, Dad.
It's not fair just to send a letter.
-I have to speak to him.
-No, don't contact him.
He deserves a proper explanation.
You can't just send a letter.
-It'll just confuse you even more.
-So what? How do you think he feels?
Has he called before?
Has he called without you telling me?
Has he? Answer me!
How many times has he called?
Contacting him won't do any good.
He'll be okay, trust me.
I just want to say goodbye
in a decent way!
It's your choice,
but I don't think it's a good idea.
It's great to see you.
I'm glad you came.
-It's raining. Let's go to my place.
-No, let's just go for a walk.
-Don't make it any harder.
-Now I can't put my arm around you?
-I've come to say goodbye.
-I won't accept that.
But that was the deal.
Well, I'm breaking it.
-You'll live, make up with Mona...
-Don't give me that crap!
Wake up, Teis!
I'm a Jehovah, and you're not.
-It won't work.
-Why not?
-You're better off with Mona.
-Shut up about Mona.
-You came back because you like me.
-I came to say goodbye.
Don't let them walk all over you
and make you break up with me
so you can hand out pamphlets and
tell people they're better off dead!
-Goddamn it, Sara!
-You don't understand.
-You don't believe in God.
-They're manipulating you like hell!
They've got truth on their side.
I know, because I believe in Jehovah.
-You don't believe in anything.
-I believe in us.
Hi, Sara. I heard
you're dropping out. Why?
I'm going to be a pioneer.
In our movement, you know.
Like a missionary? For real?
It must be cool
to really believe in something.
-Good luck, Sara.
Can you spare a moment?
How about a magazine?
Chases out dark shadows
And in Paradise we celebrate
The Almighty, our God
Jehovah, thank you
for blessing this meeting
and for inspiring and edifying
your congregation with your word.
Welcome. Good to see a new face.
-Teis, what are you doing here?
-I want to hear the word of Jehovah.
-Dad, this is Teis.
You're interested in our faith?
I can't forget the things Sara told me
and I want to learn more.
-I'll refer you to a congregation.
-I want to hear what Sara hears.
After all, she introduced me to you.
She says you're strong believers here.
Teis, I want to talk to John alone.
Wait for me outside.
When he's here to learn more
about our faith, it's okay to see him?
-Do you think he's sincere?
-He's very interested in religion.
If he's looking for answers,
we shouldn't turn him away.
As long as you aren't intimate with
him, it's your choice if you see him.
-Thanks, John.
-I don't know if thanks are in order.
I've known you since you were little,
and I care very much about you.
I hope you're strong.
-What are you up to?
-You can't get rid of me.
Jehovah God, watch over Mom and
Dad, Elisabeth, August... and Jonas.
Thank you for your help.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
The most important thing is
that it purifies your thoughts
because you know
you have this powerful friend.
A friend who's always with you...
Thank you, Elisabeth.
If you're on the outside,
you have to face everything alone.
You're in an emotional chaos
with no sense of right and wrong,
and so nothing matters. It's hard.
Especially for a young person.
But when you walk with Jehovah,
you have a strong sense of direction.
-Weren't your parents Witnesses too?
-How did you know?
-Sara told me, of course.
-How does it matter?
Have you read books about religions,
not written by Witnesses?
No, that's the whole idea.
It's just interesting for me to see
where you got your strong faith.
The thing is not to let one's
certainty be defiled. Understand?
What is the most defiling thing
when it comes to the purity of God?
Lots of stuff.
-Materialism, I guess.
Selfishness... egoism, I guess.
Extramarital sex, I guess.
-Yes, please.
Goodbye, Teis.
Don't mind Dad. He just wants to be
sure we're doing this the right way.
You could've helped me.
He's your dad. Say something.
I don't disagree with him. I'm afraid
of doing the wrong thing, too.
You and me,
we're doing the right thing.
-I really want to kiss you.
-I really want to kiss you, too.
Tom here quit his job last summer.
He's spent a year preaching
the word of Jehovah in China.
Now I'd like to introduce Sara,
a girl from my congregation.
Hello. My name is Sara.
I decided to stop my studies
to become a pioneer.
That's the kind of young people
we need. Thank you, Sara.
Lots of Witnesses are fighting
for the word of Jehovah.
That's what keeps us going
at a time
when worldly people go to extremes,
and those in power lie.
-What do you think?
-I'm overwhelmed by it all.
Let them come to us,
let them be among the redeemed
and let them follow us
into the new world.
We'll sing number 37.
Good to see you again. I hope
you've met some friendly people.
It's been very interesting.
So forward you Witnesses
now victory is near
and in Paradise
eternal joy awaits
and in Paradise
eternal joy awaits
Man, this itches!
-Did I look cool or like a moron?
-Like a moron.
-Where did you learn to fight?
-My big brother.
-I don't want to fight anymore.
-You don't?
Are you sure?
-Hello, darling.
Thank you for inviting us.
-You must be Sara.
-Hello. Vagn.
-Here you are.
-Thank you.
The summerhouse is an investment.
We hardly have time to go there.
My parents are yuppie hippies,
loaded with cash and compassion.
And Teis was brought up
to speak his mind, as you can hear.
-This looks delicious.
-Sara made it.
-Teis told me about your faith.
-Jette and Vagn are atheists.
-How come you call them by name?
-That's his own little rebellion.
And what's wrong with that?
-You being in a sect worries us.
-We've been over that, Jette.
Why do you call it a sect?
It's a group of uneducated people
who believe in the end of the world.
We don't think you need to have
an education to be happy.
If people don't educate themselves,
how will we support ourselves?
We don't believe
in materialism either.
We just try to bring people closer
to God. That's the only road to truth.
Think there's only one truth, Sara?
You've proclaimed
the end was near countless times.
-That's what I call brainwashing.
When you tell children the same lie
over and over again.
-You think so too, Vagn.
-Stop it, okay? Just stop.
-Don't mind Jette.
-Her anger took me by surprise.
Is she that hard
on all your girlfriends?
-She's just worried.
-Thanks for standing up for me.
I don't agree with the way she put it,
but she's right.
Somewhere deep inside
you know she is.
I thought you were approaching us.
-I thought you wanted to help me.
-I know what's at stake for you.
But I just can't.
I can't believe in it.
But we slept with each other.
We slept with each other
because we wanted to.
Don't go now.
Sara... what a surprise.
Come on in.
Well, this is my home.
Would you like a cup of tea?
You still take sugar?
Are you okay?
What do you want?
Are you in trouble?
I'm sorry I shut you out.
It must have been lonely for you.
No, I've had a blast.
I supported your being expelled.
I thought it was your own fault.
-I never saw your side of it.
-You just did like all the rest.
I'll get tea.
Sorry. I'm really glad to see you.
And I'm glad to see you.
-Okay, so what's up?
-I'm in love with a non-believer.
We'll work it out.
John says everyone who went
to the rally are so proud of you.
I've decided to move in with Mom.
-What have we done?
-Nothing. She shouldn't be all alone.
When did you decide this?
I've thought about it for some time.
It was hard for her to move out.
-You chose to live here with Dad.
-So can't I change my mind?
Mom and Dad want us to be together.
-I'm not going to abandon you.
-Can't you just visit her more often?
It's not as if
you've been there every day.
She looks sad. I want to cheer her up.
-What's all this about, Sara?
-I never promised just to live here.
I didn't get divorced, did I?
Bye then.
I'm so glad you stopped by.
-I'm sorry I was so hard on you.
-Well, I am your mother.
I've told them I'm moving in with you.
Fine. You can have the bedroom,
I'll sleep on the couch and we'll...
It's just so they won't find out
I'm living with Teis.
-Thanks, Mom.
-You're walking on a razor's edge.
I know. But you won't tell?
Other people have done stuff
like this without being found out.
I take it you don't want to be
a pioneer anymore, then?
I don't know how to tell Dad.
I've been thinking
about renting a house.
For real?
-Without telling me?
-I wanted to surprise you.
My parents want to help out
and we can't stay here.
-I'm scared.
-It's no worse than staying here.
It would be great.
No neighbours on the other side
of the wall. Just you and me.
-We'd get more room and a garden.
-Want me to be your little missus?
I'm crazy about you.
Careful... take it easy.
Okay, ready?
-Far out, huh?
-Can we rent it?
-It's not that expensive.
-What's wrong with the bedroom?
-I'm going to sleep here.
If anyone asks, I sleep here.
It'll be my word against theirs.
They can't do anything without proof.
Others before me have done it.
Do you really think
they're going to come after us?
Just remember,
my blanket stays here.
-Where do you sleep?
-I'll show you.
-Want me to set an extra plate?
Hi, Sara. Glad to have you home.
Dinner's ready soon.
-So, you and Mom are all cosy here?
-Yes. What's with you?
-So where are your clothes?
-In the wash.
-All of them?
-Where do you sleep?
-Sara offered to sleep on the couch.
You don't live here. You don't
even keep a toothbrush here.
You never attend the meetings
or preach anymore.
-Stay out of it.
-You never come home anymore.
August is devastated. And so is Dad.
-Sara just needs some time away.
-From us?
I've been extra nice to you, so you'd
see it's our family that matters.
You have to let Teis go,
or you'll end up like Jonas.
-I won't give up Teis.
-So you love him more than us?
No. I never will.
It's not me who says I can't be
with him as well as with you.
-You lied to us. And you too, Mom.
Elisabeth, let's talk about it
over dinner. Don't go.
Elisabeth wants to be a pioneer.
She promised your father Andreas.
Dad's happy then.
I haven't been able
to tell you this before.
I couldn't forgive Andreas, mostly
because I had doubts about our faith.
I was so sure you'd choose me.
He was the adulterer.
I hoped that if I got you, I could let
you be more like other young people.
-I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
Yes. I was so angry with you.
I should have told you then,
but I was afraid
they'd expel me.
And now I have to play along, or else
I'll lose Elisabeth, August and you.
Hopefully I can see Jonas in secret.
-It looks delicious.
-It smells good, too.
-Dig in.
What are you going to do now?
Get a job or go back to school?
-I'm not sure.
-You have to do something.
What's the rush?
Hello, Teis.
-Is Sara here?
-No, she lives with her mother.
-May we come in?
-It's a bit inconvenient right now.
Please get her. We know she's here.
-Have you been spying on us?
-Please get her. For her own sake.
-Please get her.
-Please leave.
-I've had it!
-I'll handle them.
There you are, Sara. We know
you live here like a married couple.
No, I don't sleep here.
We're not harming anyone.
We just want to be left alone.
You know that fornicators
offend the purity of Jehovah.
If you choose carnal lust,
you choose the loneliness of the soul.
If you choose desire instead
of Jehovah, you choose eternal death.
-Look, just leave her alone.
-You'd better go back inside.
Sara, for your own sake,
consider what you stand to lose.
You'd better get going. You probably
have many people to visit today.
Goodbye, Sara.
Thank you for this little talk.
Hi, Sara.
-Haven't you been to the stores?
-I haven't got any money.
-I left some on the kitchen table.
-I didn't know it was for me.
I'll order some pizza.
I'm glad you're home.
Hello, Sara.
-Hi, Dad. Great of you to drop by.
-It's okay.
I'm so glad to see you.
Want to stay for dinner?
-What a nice place.
-We want a vegetable patch.
Teis doesn't get a lot done
when I'm at Mom's.
This is a plum tree.
That's a hazelnut tree.
This is an apple tree.
I don't know what kind though.
Ingrid Marie.
You can tell by the leaves.
It's an old house, so...
-Hi. Welcome.
-Congratulations on the house.
Let me show you around.
This is Teis's bedroom.
And this is the kitchen.
If I can't make the last train,
I sleep down here.
I've made some coffee.
I'll go get the pizzas.
-I can't see you anymore.
-What do you mean?
Sure you can. Why can't you?
-You live here with your boyfriend.
-My address is at Mom's.
-Yes, but you live here.
-Didn't you hear me?
My address is at Mom's.
You live here with your boyfriend,
and that means you're having sex.
No. I don't sleep with him.
When I stay over, I sleep downstairs.
You saw my blanket.
My address is at Mom's.
That's all you need. Get it, Dad?
God sees everything.
In that case, he sees you choosing
to believe me because you love me.
Jehovah is truth,
not a personal emotion.
-So you want to stop seeing me?
-No, that's what you want, Sara.
This is your choice, and yours alone.
Jehovah sees you make that choice.
Don't hide behind Jehovah.
This is your choice.
Sara, when you live here with
your boyfriend and sleep with him,
you can't see your own family.
You know that, Sara.
You have to come with me
to the elders and make amends.
Don't you see?
No. Not anymore.
So this is goodbye?
-Yes, I suppose so.
-Goodbye then.
Goodbye, Sara.
-You're not staying for dinner?
-No, I have a lot to do.
You know, August is at an age where
he takes things too much to heart,
so I have to be everywhere at once.
Are you coming upstairs?
Today we have two announcements.
Sara Dahl is no longer a Witness.
And Brother Andreas Dahl
has been appointed an elder.
Jehovah God, we thank you
for blessing this meeting.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Goodbye, and thank you.
-Is that you, Dad?
-No, it's me.
It's okay. I just want to talk to you.
-I miss you.
-Come with me.
-Leave, or I'll get Dad.
-I just want to talk to you.
-I'll get Dad.
-Talk to me. Can't we talk about it?
-You know we can't.
It was wrong to expel me.
I didn't contradict the elders.
I just wanted to be left alone,
so you and August can talk to me.
I miss you.
You should've
thought about that before.
August, come on out.
I know Dad told you
not to speak to me.
But Dad doesn't know
you play computer games either.
I don't want to be separated
from you and Elisabeth. I love you.
I hoped the elders wouldn't
expel me... I have to go now.
Dad says you have to suffer
in order to learn.
-But I'm suffering too.
-I know, and I'm so sorry.
You have to repent or you'll die
in Armageddon, and I don't want that.
It won't happen. They lied to us.
The Day of Judgment doesn't exist.
Trust me. They've been lying.
-Yes, Dad.
There you are.
Hi, Thea.
Thea, it's me!
Where have you been?
I've looked everywhere for you.
-I've packed my stuff.
-I can't stay here with you.
-Why not?
It's just too unequal.
I've tried to replace you
with everything I've lost.
I care so much about you.
It just won't work.
Deep down you know it's true.
I don't want you to go.
-What's up?
-I don't know where to start.
I've got something to tell you, too.
Something I've been considering.
You'd better start. You're more upset.
-I've been expelled too.
-I knew it.
What did you want to tell me?
Just a second.
Hi, Mom.
Yes, she's right here.
Do you want to talk to her?
I'll tell her.
-Bye, Mom.
-What's up?
Your friend Thea. Her dad called.
Thea's been in an accident.
They tried to save her,
but she died on the operating table.
"For He must reign, till He has put
all enemies under His feet."
"The last enemy
that will be destroyed is death."
Thea had a lively
and endearing personality.
But most of all she was strong.
So strong, that she at the very end
chose her faith in Jehovah
over her own carnal redemption.
Thea never wavered in her decision
not to have a blood transfusion.
Not even though it's human
to have doubts in the decisive minute.
Before Thea died, the congregation
fully supported her difficult choice.
We never left her side.
Let's be happy for Thea.
Why save your life here and now,
when you lose eternal life?
Thank you.
Sit down.
I can't go on.
I can't stand being outside.
It's just too hard.
I want to repent. If you do too,
we can all be together again.
I'm sorry, Jonas.
But I can't.
Sara. It's extremely selfish of you
to show up.
Don't you know how much
it hurts Elisabeth, August and me?
Do you love me?
How can you even ask?
Of course I do.
Do you love God more than me?
He created me. He's my Heavenly
Father and will give me eternal life.
Know what, Dad?
I think that's very selfish of you.
You could come back.
Repent and come back
so we can be a real family again.
Goodbye, Dad.
Jehovah God.
This is the last time we talk
because I don't
believe in you anymore.
Sara doesn't see her father
and younger siblings anymore
She lives in Copenhagen where
she's studying to become a teacher