Wounds (2019) Movie Script

[scratching of cockroach]
[blues style music plays]
[crack of pool balls]
[Will] Ready?
[Alicia] There's no way.
[Jeffrey] Uhuh.
[Jeffrey laughs]
[Alicia] This is ridiculous
That's actually impressive
You're kidding me.
Cough it up, baby.
Okay. I'm going to give you five.
I dont know how you do it, man.
Im just blessed. Thank you
for contributing to my slush fund.
[Alicia] Dude,
this place is so disgusting.
Dont trash the bar. Its just bugs.
You should get an exterminator.
Thats above my pay grade.
Oh, my God!
Oh, gee!
You're such an asshole!
They say when you see one,
theres thousands more in the walls.
Shut up, Jeffrey.
[Will] Yeah, shut up, Jeffrey.
Why don't you make me?
Make me shut up.
[clears throat]
Dont mind me!
Trash coming through.
[man vomits and gags]
How you living, Eric?
Expect nothing less.
Ill be right down.
That shirt comes off, you drink for free.
I'm just saying.
Oh, yeah?
That's bar policy.
You get naked, it's free drinks all night.
Aint that right, Mary?
Damn right.
I dont make the rules.
Give me a shot. Line em up.
Now we're talking. Now we're talking.
Maybe you will see something later.
Don't you tease me.
Where are you going?
I'm just going to the bathroom, babe.
He seems like a good kid.
He is a good kid. [chuckles]
I wonder how long
this one going's to last.
I'm kidding. Come on, look.
May you both live happily ever after.
Nah, I'm going to wait for my boyfriend.
Well, your loss.
[door opens]
[Will sighs]
Who the fuck are you, man?
Hey, Eric, hes with me! He's with me.
That's just Jeffrey. You remember him?
Ah, yeah. Ah, yeah.
How are you doing brother, man?
Fine. Thanks.
Good game.
Scored a goal. I'm here!
I was so close.
You break one more stool, Rosie's going
to make you stand while you're here.
Long night?
Just getting started.
Yeah? Usual?
Yes, please.
Coming right up.
You know what?
You go buy yourself a drink.
[Will] Ah, my man.
And drinks for the progressive couple
over there doing the smooching.
You're a real gentleman.
It's fine. You don't have to do that.
I know I dont have to... I want to.
[Alicia] Thank you. We appreciate it.
Thank you.
[Eric] You're welcome.
That shirt better come off now.
[clears throat] Um, to Eric.
[Will] To Eric.
[Alicia] Cheers.
[Will] Aw, come on, Eric.
Everybody 21?
What about everybody else?
Yeah, man.
Want me to get them?
Nah, fuck it, you're fine.
What do you want?
Just beer. Four, please.
Just beer? All right.
These are twistoff.
Y'all should be able to handle that.
Yeah, man, we can handle it.
You know those kids are underage.
Yeah, whatever. Theyre harmless.
Let them have their fun.
Hit me again, please.
Ah, right, yeah. My bad.
[Will] Shit.
I swear we got more bugs than people
in the bar tonight.
[Alicia] That's fucking gross,
bugs fucking on the whiskey.
[Eric] Thank you.
There you go.
[slurps loudly]
There you are!
What's up, brother?
I'm all right. How are you?
Good. Give me a hug.
Enjoying your last days of freedom?
You know it.
Good. Good.
How are you?
You fellas let me know
if you need anything else.
Were good for now, brother.
Lets shoot some pool! Pool!
Hey, Mary. You want to play?
He's been on, like,
a nonstop bender for a week.
Hes back on the rig on Monday,
so I think we're safe.
Fuck you, Eric!
Hey, Mary! Come on. They're only kidding.
[Alicia] Wait, Mary.
[man] Where you going, baby?
You're breaking my heart.
Hey, fellas, lets be cool, all right?
It's a family establishment.
Sorry, Mom.
Fucking animals.
Hey, what did I just say?
Youre a dick, Eric!
Whatever, babe.
What happened with Mary?
He was shoving the cue in her face.
Should we get out
of here maybe, like... go?
Can you get this man a drink, please?
Yes. I can.
No, I have a deadline.
Technically it's my job.
I got to work. I'm tired. No, no, no.
I... I have a deadline, so...
Just get wasted and write drunk.
That's what I'd do.
[laughs] It doesnt sound like
the best advice.
Got my ass through college.
Well, yeah, that was college.
You know he went to Tulane.
Really? That's where I went.
Yeah. I think I was there
before your time, sonny.
When did you graduate?
The year I dropped out.
[glass smashes]
Now what, bitch?
[grunting and groaning]
[Will] Eric, knock it off!
[grunting and laughter]
[angry muttering]
Hey, Eric! Come on, man!
[grunting and laughter]
Somebody get the bottle
out of that guy's hand!
Will, call the cops.
Hey, man... Baby, no.
[Will] It's the bartender at Rosies.
We got a fight breaking out.
Someones going to get hurt.
You wanna cut me, huh? You wanna cut me?
[Alicia] Jeffrey! Stop it!
Jeffrey, stop it!
Jeffrey, stop!
[grunts and groans]
Okay, okay, okay, come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Fighting in the bar.
Did you call the cops?
Yeah. Yeah.
Lets go.
Let's go.
[Will] You got him. You got him.
Dude, what the fuck? What the fuck, Dude?
You got to go to the hospital, man.
You call the cops?
Of course.
Should've called an ambulance.
Fucking pussy.
Dude, you...
[man coughs]
Let's go.
[Eric] Quit milking it, man. You're fine.
Here you go, man.
You all right?
Just fuck off, dude.
Yeah? Why don't you tell that to the cops,
when they get here?
[Alicia] Grabbing a bottle
in a fight is chickenshit.
[grunts and gasps]
The hell was that? You're not
some tough guy. You could've been hurt.
He could've killed him.
What else was I supposed to do?
Yeah, okay.
You did good, kid.
You did good.
Oh, fuck.
That's probably one of the kids. Fucked
up they actually filmed the whole thing.
Fucking millennials.
Anybody need a drink?
[hums softly]
Hi, honey.
[Will grunts softly]
Guess who's home.
[Carrie grunts sleepily]
You feel like waking up?
[Carrie grunts sleepily]
[Will sighs]
[scurrying of cockroaches]
[phone buzzes]
[scurrying of cockroaches]
[phone buzzes]
[scurrying of cockroaches]
[phone buzzes]
And stop fucking around.
[phone buzzes]
[Will sighs]
[sizzle of frying pan]
Good morning, pretty little thing.
Will, the yolk.
You're going to make me burn the eggs.
Whose phone is that?
Just some chick. She left it at the bar.
So you brought it home?
I just picked it up,
but forgot to leave it there.
There was a bit of a fracas
at the bar last night.
[yawns] Thank you.
Hows your paper coming?
I'm nearly there.
I just have to go over it again
and probably rewrite the ending.
Turn it in and hope Steve likes it.
I'm sure he will.
He better. It's a quarter of my grade.
What are you doing today?
Oh, I don't have any plans.
Probably go check on Eric at some point.
He was the one in the fight last night.
I thought you said it was a girl.
No, there was a group of college kids,
but they got spooked
and they took off.
Eric got cut pretty bad.
It was brutal.
Well, that's not shocking.
I should probably still go check on him.
What are you doing?
Trying to find out whose phone this is.
Why, should I not look? Am I going
to see something I don't want to see?
No. Why are you asking?
I don't know.
Why do you know how to unlock it?
From the smudge marks on the screen.
I'm not lying about the phone, Carrie.
Okay. I believe you.
[Will sighs]
Oh! Fuck.
What's wrong?
Who were you talking to last night?
What do you mean?
You were texting someone last night.
What is that, Will?
Jesus Christ.
I don't...
Don't fuck with it. Give it to the cops.
Somebody got hurt last night.
Yeah. Someone could just be
fucking with me.
Listen, it's Wednesday.
So, Duane will come in after his shift.
I'll give it to him then.
Well, what if that girl
comes to get it first?
I'll just say I don't have it.
Let the cops deal with it.
You don't worry
your pretty little face about it.
You let your man handle things.
Baby, Im going to be late.
I have to go.
Will, you truly smell.
He's only coming in that night.
I said we'd have dinner with him.
Urgh, dinner with your sober uncle.
What is the problem with that?
So he can fucking judge me
the whole time.
[tires screech]
God, Will.
Look at these guys.
Here for a higher education
and can't figure out how to cross a road.
Know what happens to idiots like that?
Tell me.
They spend four years here
to become an economic prisoner.
He should just go work at Rosie's,
get a real job.
[both chuckle]
I don't think he's Rosie's material. No.
He should stay and fucking take
lessons from dilholes like that?
[Carrie chuckles]
Hi, Steve.
Hi, Steve.
I'm going to go learn from the dilhole.
See you later. [chuckles]
Love you.
[Carrie] Sorry I'm late.
[indistinct chattering]
[ringing tone]
[Alicia] Hey, what's up?
Come have a beer with me.
[Jeffrey] Babe, who are you talking to?
[Alicia] Fuck, dude, what time is it?
It's 10:00 a. m. Are you still sleeping?
Yeah, I didn't get to bed until sunrise.
Hey, get off the phone.
You going to have a beer with me
or not? Im pulling up to Rosies.
[Alicia] No, asshole, I am not.
I'm going back to sleep.
When did you become such a pussy?
[Alicia] That is so wrong and you know it.
You have one for me.
I'll see you tonight, okay?
All right.
[giggles] Bye!
What the fuck...
How's it hanging there, Rosie?
Oh, right and tight.
Loose, large, pick one.
[chuckles] Anyone come
in looking for a cell phone?
Nope. Lost and found?
Heard what happened with Eric last night.
Oh, yeah.
Stop serving him when hes fucked up.
Hes always fucked up when hes home.
All right.
I cant leave the bar.
Can you go check on him?
[door opens]
Holy shit, Eric.
[Eric] What is it?
You got to go to the hospital, man.
I'm calling an ambulance.
Fuck that. Dude, your face.
Your face is fucked up.
I can see the inside of your mouth.
It's swollen. That's all.
I don't know, dude.
[sighs and grunts]
I can get a buddy of mine to stitch it up.
A buddy of yours? Come on, Eric.
You're not in fucking Afghanistan, dude.
Cant go to a hospital.
Theyll ask questions.
Like what? You want to eat food
without it falling out of your face?
[Eric groans softly]
[grunts] Thank your friend for me.
What friend?
The one who's banging your girl.
She's not my girl, dude.
[breaths softly]
I just came to check on you.
I'll let you get your rest.
Hey, don't leave.
Yeah, apparently.
I'll sit with you for a little bit.
You got any more beer?
[snores softly]
Thank you.
[clicks ring pull]
[air conditioning buzzes softly]
[snores softly]
[buzzes noisily]
[rhythmic tap dancing and clapping]
Twentytwo fifty.
There you go.
Oh, wait. Don't forget to buy
your girlfriend something pretty.
He'll love it. [laughs]
[chuckles] Yeah.
Oh! He looks good in them tights.
Yes, he do.
[clerk] Next.
I thought you said you didnt want a beer.
I think I meant I didnt want
to have a beer for breakfast!
Hey, Will.
Hey, Jeffrey.
Did you get your little project done?
Yeah, um, turned it in this morning.
Just, uh, chilling now.
That's a gold star for you, right?
[giggles] You hear anything about Eric?
Yeah, went and saw him this morning.
His face was all cut to shit.
He's refusing to go to the hospital
because he thinks he's Rambo.
You want to join us?
No. No, no. Ive got to go.
I've got a bunch of shit to do.
Just came for something to go.
See you guys.
[grunts softly]
[video game music]
[grunting on video game]
[video game] Up those stairs!
[phone buzzes]
[grunting and gunshot]
[game] More of these clowns!
Fuck off.
[gunshot and grunting]
[phone buzzes]
[grunting and screaming on video game]
[indistinct chattering]
[man] Oh, my God, I am burning it.
[woman] Oh shit!
[man] Hey, stop tweaking around.
[woman] Shh!
[woman] Shut up.
Do you think we did it right?
[man] I don't know. We did exactly
what it said in the book.
[woman] Oh, my God.
Look at the cockroaches. [giggles]
[man] Fuck.
[woman] Oh, my God!
[scuttling of cockroaches
and indistinct whispering]
[man] That's fucking nuts. Psycho.
[soft pants and gasps]
[Carrie] Will?
When did you get home?
Right now. What are you looking at?
I thought you were going
to bring that to the police.
I am. I'll take it today.
Well, what are you looking at?
Whose fucking phone is that?
I told you.
It's... some chick from the bar.
One of the chicks from the bar?
I can't believe
you're still going on about this.
So, what, all my friends just have
to be guys? Is that the deal?
What about Steve?
What about Steve?
You fucking talk about him all the time.
Hes my professor.
He obviously wants to fuck you.
You want to check my phone?
You want to go through my texts
and see if I've sent him any pictures
of my tits? Go on. Look at it.
Go on. Check it.
I don't want to.
I don't want to because I trust you.
I want to trust you.
But you're being all shady with some
cunts phone and acting guilty as shit.
Give it to me.
You don't want to see it.
You don't want to see it. It's awful.
Go to the last pictures.
[inhales and sighs]
[breathes heavily]
Is that... Is this Garrett?
Is this who you were talking to?
I don't think so.
Those pictures were already on the phone.
[sniffles] Call him.
Then I'll call him.
That's a bad idea. Don't.
I don't want to think about someone...
dying like this and you'd ignored him.
I ignored him?
He was begging!
That's bullshit.
No one's dead. This is...
It's obviously some fucking nerd
who's into special effects.
[ringing tone]
[ringing tone stops
and indistinct ruffling]
[heavy breathing]
[ruffling and heavy breathing]
[yelps and groans]
[gasps softly]
[Will groans]
[breathes heavily]
Im going to call the cops.
I said don't!
[breathes heavily]
Will, what are you doing?
[pants softly]
I'll take it to Duane.
Hes a friend. Hell take it seriously.
Do it right now.
Will, do it right now!
[phone buzzes]
[tires squeal and horn blares]
[man 1] Hey!
[woman] You okay?
[indistinct background chattering]
[man 2] Hey! I got your ass on camera!
[woman] There's no blood.
[indistinct chattering]
Look at him.
[indistinct chattering]
[woman] Hey!
[man shouts]
[engine accelerates and tires squeal]
There you go. What's up, baby?
How you doin', man?
How are you?
Good, man. Beautiful day out there.
Yeah, it's hotter than sin.
[laughs] What happened last night?
Why you didn't call us?
I did. It took you guys
an hour and a half to respond.
No, man, I don't mean 5th District.
I mean us.
I didn't know I could do that.
When was the last time Rosies
was hit with an underage sting?
When's the last time
there was a noise complaint?
Thats our bar. We protect the place.
Yeah, I know.
What's up, Will?
Hey, dude.
How are you?
Good, man.
Eric all right?
Yeah. Yeah, he's okay.
I checked on him this morning.
Have a seat.
So, uh, what about the guy that did this?
I don't know.
I've never seen him before in my life.
Kind of figured
it was something between them.
I tell you what, you see him, you call us.
I want to talk to him. I want to see
how tough this bitch really is.
Yeah, okay.
There was also these college kids at
the bar and they left a cell phone there.
I went through it to see
whose it was and I found
some really fuckedup shit in there.
Like what exactly?
There was a... a dead guy.
He looked murdered.
Wheres the phone?
I lost it.
Lost it?
Yeah. On the way here.
But I think it was those college kids,
man. I think they took it.
Theyve been following me around
in a black charger.
I know it sounds crazy,
but my girlfriend saw the pictures too.
I'm telling you guys the truth.
So, uh, you got a license plate
on this black charger?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Uh, I think it started with a six.
A six?
That's it?
[chuckles] Okay, Will.
[chuckles] Look, man,
if you, uh, want to make a statement,
uh, just give us all the details
and we'll see what we can do.
I need to go get the forms.
I hate when people touch my shit
on my desk.
We going to see you tonight?
Yeah, man, Ill be there, same as usual.
[inhales and exhales]
[soft rock music plays]
[Duane laughs]
Too much on it, man. I put too much heat.
I'm about to put heat on your ass.
[indistinct chattering]
[door bangs]
What's up, bitches!
[Patrick] Hey, how's it going?
How's the main bitch?
What's shakin', bacon?
Not much.
It's quiet in here tonight.
Yeah, I finally get you all to myself.
[fakes sinister laugh]
Speaking of, wheres Jeffrey?
Punishing him.
Hes being a jealous asshole.
Jealous of who?
Mind your business, bartender.
I'm just gonna do the one.
I'm trying to go easy.
Because I don't wanna be wasted.
Then just don't get wasted.
Just do what I do. Just maintain the buzz.
Like surfing, only more fun.
I don't think you should be telling me
how to drink, Will.
I need to drink tonight and you're here.
So you just became my backup.
Whats wrong?
Nothing. I just got some shit
on my brain I don't want on my brain.
[laughter in background]
Ive also got an eightball in my pocket.
Do you want to play?
[pool balls clatter]
[snorts deeply]
[Will] Talk to it first, make friends.
Be like, "Hi."
[Alicia] Like whatever. Like...
[Will] Told you.
Ah, but that would have been
extra impressive if you caught it.
That is, like, extra...
[Alicia] Hmm. Okay, okay.
Just, like, easy,
like, "Hey, how you doing?"
[Will] Oh, come on.
That's too much.
Yeah. She's playing hard to get.
Try a different one.
This one's Hubert. He's much nicer.
Try it. Boom. It's that easy.
It's like... Finesse.
It's really that easy.
It's just like...
[Doug] What's up, y'all?
Douglas, the fuck are you doing here?
William, the fuck does it look like?
I fucking work here. You know that.
Is it your shift already?
What time is it?
I don't know.
Y'all drunk, huh?
You're drunk.
Uhuh. I'm handsome. You drunk.
We both are drunk.
He's handsome.
[Doug] I'll take it. [laughs]
I dont want to go to sleep yet.
I don't either.
Don't do that.
These are scheming fingers.
What are you doing?
Scheme, scheming, scheming.
Let's go up to the Fly.
Let's kill this thing.
[grunts] Okay, there you go.
[grunts and giggles]
Copilot responsibilities.
Oh, fuck.
[sighs] So much for cutting back.
Well, I guess theres always tomorrow.
Thats the point, Will.
Im almost 30
and Im, like, wasting my life away.
No, no. I dont think youre wasting it.
I think youre living it.
I don't know.
Listen, you're drinking tonight because
I asked you to drink.
So that's an exception.
Youre basically drinking out of sympathy.
You're like a saint.
Canonized... is that the word?
Deified. No, that makes you a god.
You are a goddess. Let's be honest.
Could a god be a saint?
You know if you ever need to talk to me,
about anything, Im here for you.
[bottle cork plops]
[indistinct chattering and laughter]
This is so nice.
There's no people.
I like no people.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
God, you smell so good.
[soft grunting]
Will. Will. Will. Will, stop, Will.
What? What? What's wrong?
[sighs] You know what's wrong.
Was it Jeffrey?
Yeah, of course it's Jeffrey.
Come on, Will.
Yeah, but why? Like, why?
I don't understand it.
I don't know. Jesus.
I don't know. It's your girlfriend, too.
Yeah, but don't worry about her.
Will, stop. Will, stop. Stop it!
[Will sighs]
Maybe we should just go.
She doesn't even love me anymore,
you know?
I'm sorry if she doesnt love you anymore.
That's true, I really am sorry.
[breathes heavily]
[phone rings]
Hey. Sorry I'm late. I'm on my way.
I'll be back in...
[disconnect tone and rings]
Carrie... are you okay?
Hi. What time is it?
What is that?
Nothing. Did you just get home?
Yeah. I stayed at the bar.
Played a couple of games of pool.
Let's go to bed.
Hey. I found your phone on the floor.
Did... did you send me a picture?
Maybe. I don't know. I...
I don't know. I feel foggy.
Are you drunk?
No, Will, I'm just really tired.
Come on. Let's go to bed.
Yeah, I... I'll meet you in there.
[indistinct scuttling]
[distant clunk]
[breathes heavily]
Who the hell are you?
Hey, man. Im really sorry I didnt help.
I thought you were kidding around.
[Garrett whispers] There was a ritual.
We opened a portal.
Something came and possessed us.
You called it into your home.
Now it sees
you are the perfect vessel for more.
It is in your bedroom right now...
staring at you as you sleep.
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[skin squelches]
Any news from Duane?
I told you they'd call
if they heard anything.
Do they not care?
Of course they care, Carrie.
Well, what was his reaction
when you showed him the pictures?
I dont know. He was shocked.
I Googled that name... Garrett.
To see if there were any references
on nola.com
of someone missing or being hurt,
but I didn't find anything.
That's 'cause we don't even know
if anything happened to him.
I don't understand how blas
you are about all this.
You didn't even want to bring it
to the cops in the first place.
God. Fuck this.
People look so normal on the outside.
What are you talking about?
But on the inside it's all just...
[man sings drunkenly] ...marching in
When the saints go marching in
[chattering and laughter]
Oh, Lord, I want to be in that number
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Oh when the saints go marching in
For fucks sake, pipe it down, Scotty!
When the saints go marching in
[Willard] Hey, Will.
[Will] Same?
Oh, I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in
When the saints...
That seat's reserved.
What the fuck?
I dont know what to tell you, princess,
but that seat's taken, all right?
Coming right up.
By the way, man, hows Eric?
If one more fucking person asks me
about Eric, I swear to Christ...
Sorry, people have just been asking me
all day. Any luck with those kids?
The ones with the cell phone.
No, man, sorry, nothing. You didn't
really give us much to work with.
Let you know if we find something.
Hey, Jeffrey.
Wheres Alicia?
Just two beers this time.
Anything else, let me know.
Hey, bartender, bring me another beer.
I just brought you one, man.
[bottle smashes]
That one's empty.
Doing all right there, Jeffrey?
Hey, I'm good.
How the fuck are you, bartender?
Jeffrey, stop it.
You guys started early today, huh?
Bartender, why don't you bring me
another beer?
You just got yourself cut off, my man.
Bring me another beer.
Don't take that approach with me.
Bring me another beer!
You should get him the fuck out of here.
Pick that shit up, bartender.
You're not a fucking tough guy!
Quit fucking acting like one!
Calm down, Will.
Hey, Alicia, I'll call you later.
Jeffrey. Jeffrey.
We got a problem?
I thought we were friends.
We are friends. Why don't you come here
so I can give you a hug?
What's the matter, you fucking prick?
Don't talk to him. Talk to me.
I don't want to talk to you.
Hey, was that guy crying?
Yeah, he was,
'cause he's a little fucking bitch.
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[mutters angrily and breathes heavily]
[Willard] Will.
You want a beer?
No. Uh... Bourbon, neat.
I thought you had a stroke or something.
Damn, shit!
Watch the bar!
[tires squeal]
[engine revs]
Youve reached Carrie.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
[tires squeal]
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
Is anyone else in here?
[breathes heavily]
Hey, Carrie. Carrie, are you okay?
Fuck. Oh, fuck. Jesus Christ.
Hey, is there anybody else in here?
[breathes heavily]
[breathes heavily]
[phone rings]
[distorted screams and yells over phone]
[repressed sobs]
[sobs softly]
[gasps for breath and coughs]
Hey, hey. Are you okay?
Don't touch me.
[breathes heavily]
[phone rings]
Shouldn't you be at work?
Why did you come home?
Do you not remember anything that
happened tonight?
I was looking online for something.
I was doing research.
And then, uh... I don't know.
It's hard to think.
Was there anyone else here tonight?
I think there was.
Oh, my God. I think there was.
I dont know.
You sent me a picture of him.
I dont even remember sending you that.
[ringing tone]
[Doug] Will.
Hey, Doug.
[Doug] Yo. What the fuck, man?
Look, are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be in
tomorrow night, if I've still got a job.
[Doug] Relax. We got you covered.
Just do what you need to do.
Thanks, man.
It's no problem at all.
That's what friends are for.
All right. I appreciate it, man.
All right.
Your boy Eric called down here, man.
Wait, sorry, sorry, what did you say?
I said Eric called down, asking for you.
Told him you went home early.
What did he want?
I don't know.
He was saying something
about giving you a present.
I gave him your number, though.
Probably a booty call.
[laughs] Look, I don't judge, brother,
but I know that's what it is.
All right, gotcha.
[ringing tone]
[Alicia] Hey, Will.
You shouldn't call here.
So, you told him, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, I didn't mean to.
Maybe I did. I don't know.
I thought we could go back to normal.
I was stupid.
Is he there now?
Yeah. In the other room.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Everything's fine.
Look, I can't talk to you right now.
I have to go, okay?
Good night, Will.
[hangs up]
What the fuck.
We really need to do something about that.
I think we should break up.
I don't think this isn't working.
Thats all you got, "okay"?
Why are you acting offended?
You're breaking up with me.
I can't believe how calmly
you're taking this whole thing.
I guess you can find a place to crash
while you look for a new apartment, right?
What, already? Today?
What did you expect? That we'd cuddle?
Fuck you!
Im sorry. It's just...
It's just this whole thing with the phone
and the pictures.
It's dangerous and I don't want you
anywhere around it.
Are you a hero now?
Come on, Carrie.
Do you hear yourself?
You're scared.
I'm scared, too.
But I would never abandon you to it.
That's not what Im saying.
Fuck you.
I wasn't mad until just now.
I was disappointed. I was hurt.
But now I'm just fucking pissed. So if
that's what you wanted, then you got it.
That's not what I wanted.
You know what I think you want?
Because there's nothing there to satisfy.
You are a mock person.
You're just a body.
[breathes heavily]
[Carrie sobs]
You okay?
Fucking Doug say something?
Did something happen?
Well, you look like shit.
You even showered today?
Hit me again.
I dont think thats a good idea.
Your shift starts soon, anyway.
Im a grownass man.
Do I need to worry about you?
No. You really dont, Rosie.
I can buy you another drink, man.
I dont want your drink!
Calm, man.
Whats gotten into you?
Go home. Take a shower.
Get your head straight.
What about my shift?
Don't worry about it.
Ill cover you for tonight.
I don't want you to.
I dont want you to.
Well, fuck you, Rosie.
Excuse me?
Fuck me?
Fuck you!
Do you want to keep this job?
Fuck your job!
[ringing tone]
Hey, it's Alicia. Leave a message.
Alicia, it's me. Its important.
I need you to call me back.
I know you're getting these messages.
[breathes heavily]
[flies buzzing]
[flies buzzing]
Eric, you in here, man?
How you living, man?
Did someone break in here?
[Eric] What do you want?
Just checking on you, man.
Im fine.
I got to crash here for a few days.
I got to stay on your couch
for a day or two.
I'm up against a wall, man.
I'm gonna clean up around here
a little bit. It'll be good.
Don't worry about it.
[ringing tone]
[Alicia] I said you shouldn't call here.
Yeah, that was last night
when you were with Jeffrey.
Where are you now? You okay?
Will, I'm trying to fix my life, okay?
I need you to stop calling me.
It's not helping.
Wait. I left Carrie.
I broke up with her this morning.
[Alicia sighs]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to hear that, Will.
No, that's a good news, right?
I don't know. That's up to you, I guess.
Will, I'm with Jeffrey.
I love Jeffrey.
Do you understand that?
No. No, I don't understand that at all.
I don't know when we're coming back to
the bar. Maybe not for a while, okay?
Don't call me back.
If you really care about me,
you cannot call me back.
[disconnect tone]
You cant be in here.
You hear me? I dont want you here.
Didnt you call me?
Someone called the bar last night
from this number looking for me.
If it wasn't you,
then who the fuck was it?
They made me do it... those freaks.
Was it the fucking college kids?
Was it?
They told me to give you a present.
Now, get the fuck off me!
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
[breathes heavily]
[groans and pants]
[groans and pants]
What's the present, Eric?
[phone bleeps]
Are you the wrapping?
I can feel it moving around in there.
Can't you?
Please leave.
[inhales deeply]
Most people don't know you.
They don't see the evil
and the ugly in your heart.
Do you have to be dead first?
Or will it rip you open
while you're still alive?
I wonder what would happen if I called it.
[distorted screeching]
[Eric gasps and groans]
[yells in pain]
[gasps and groans]
[gasps and groans]
[yells in pain and coughs]
[yells in pain]
[Eric] Don't leave me! Goddamn it!
Goddamn it! Goddamn it!
[yells in pain]
Please! [yells in pain]
[yells in pain]
[gasps and pants]
Fix me.
Make me whole.
[Eric yells in pain]
[Eric] God, don't take me!
God, don't take me!
[yells in pain]
[gasps and groans]
[yells in pain]