WrestleMania XL (2024) Movie Script

Cody Rhodes who is in a must-win
situation as he teams tonight with the
World Heavyweight Champion
Seth Freakin Rollins. Seth has his own
issues to worry about but tonight they
are a united front because they tackle
the bloodline
Led by the tribal chief
Roman Reigns the end of speed at WWE
Universal Champion and his cousin
He is the final boss one of the biggest
stars on the planet
The Rock for the first time in eight
years has a match at WrestleMania tonight
Ladies and gentlemen speaking of stars
and celebrities they've arrived in droves
ahead of this event
Buckle up. It's time for the greatest
show in all of entertainment
This is
Only difference is when you crack that
Philly cold
You put the whole world on notice
Tonight we got some messing around and
find out type of guys
Straight up call breakers, so if you come
for the bloodline
Best not miss
We've been showing out for 40 years
And we got forever to go
We're gonna take into a whole new level
and it's about to be legendary
The WWE universe here in Philadelphia and
watching around the world
Put it up in the trip I got that chat
right by the store
I need money my killer
Philly WrestleMania
17 pj
And now Snickers
WWE 2k24 present the 40th annual global
entertainment spectacular
In Chile Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we
are sold out tonight
WrestleMania Saturday the first half of
the doubleheader known as
WrestleMania 40 and we are moments away
from the latest title defense of the
eradicator the women's
Who has held the championship for one
And we mentioned it's Philly a chili in
Philly easy for me to say 52 degrees as
we kick off the show
It feels like it's 48 with wins tonight
out of the north at 15 miles per hour
Under partly cloudy skies the question is
how will these conditions affect our
athletes tonight including this woman?
Becky Lynch who is hoping to win a
seventh world championship here tonight
When you watch me see
Ladies and gentlemen singing our national
anthem, please welcome Grammy
multi-hyphenate artist
Coco Jones
Can you see
By the dawn's early light
Was so proud
Had the twilight's last gleaming
Whose broad stripes and bright stars
Through the perilous fight
Oh the
Were so
Gally streaming
And the rocket's red glare
The bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That our flag
Was still there
Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet
Oh the land of the free and the home of
the brave
Oh the land of the free and the home of
the brave
Time to play the game.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the
Triple H, the next.
Ladies and gentlemen, at ringside on
Michael Cole with Corey Graves and Pat
McAfee and
Pat, I said this yesterday as part of the
kickoff show for WrestleMania week.
I believe that this era should be known
as the Triple H Era here in WWE.
Hello everybody and welcome to ringside.
I am so honored and privileged to be
calling my 23rd WrestleMania here
But I can't do without my partners, the
voice of Friday Night SmackDown,
the era parent Corey Graves and of course
my buddy Pat McAfee.
Welcome guys.
The atmosphere here in Philadelphia all
week long has been off the charts.
It is finally go time.
WrestleMania is here.
I'm so honored.
You say you're a lot of people say era if
it's this man.
It has been fantastic.
Here's a man who knows a little something
about this event.
Triple H has competed 23 times at
When you actually are the game you have
the distinct ability to change it.
I am there.
I know you can't change it.
Man, I live for this.
Welcome to a new time.
Welcome to a new era.
Welcome to WrestleMania.
And ladies and gentlemen,
I cannot believe that this is the 40th
a double header this weekend in
My life has coincided each year with that
year's WrestleMania.
My 40th year on this earth, a new era,
the biggest WrestleMania of all time.
This thing has only just begun.
From what I'm understanding, what
everybody's saying,
WrestleMania 40 with forever to go in
magic in store for generations and
Are you guys ready for WrestleMania?
If you bring forth what is within you,
what you bring forth will complete you.
If you do not bring forth what is within
you, what you bring forth will destroy
I found something that I love.
I wasn't good at it, but I want it to be,
and that seemed more important.
Stepping through the curtain, I became
intoxicated with the most potent euphoric
It was invigorating, energizing,
addictive, and I wanted more.
I didn't know how anyone could want to do
anything else.
For the girl who is always so average in
every aspect of life,
average height, average weight, average
anxieties, average grades, average
I have gotten to do some most on average
I am not your average, average girl.
I am the man.
Well, Becky Lynch was quoting from her
book, The Current New York Times Best
and she alluded to it, guys, the man, not
your average, average girl.
There is absolutely nothing average about
the man, Becky Lynch,
one of the first women to headline
WrestleMania several years back tonight.
The man gets her wish to open
WrestleMania Saturday with the
championship on the line
and the stakes at their highest.
This is where Becky Lynch thrived.
And think about this.
She could win her seventh world
championship tonight, and she also has a
New York Times Best Seller.
Yeah, she's very humble as well,
describing herself as average.
She's anything but.
In between those years, there's nothing
but championship brains.
She was built to be a star.
We're lucky.
She has done everything she's done in
And tonight can add to an already loaded
resume of great accomplishment.
Also joining us here at the announced
table, ringside are Spanish commentators,
Marcelo Rodriguez and Jerry Soto.
No, but he has a very bad, bad, bad, bad
kind of history.
She's the presence of the test in Casa,
here in the arena and in our corazon.
Estamos aqu por y para ustedes.
As que de los ms profundos de nuestro
ser disfruten wrestle, mania.
Aqu estamos, mi amigos.
Hola, s.
Muy bien.
Hell yeah.
S, hell s.
I'd like to talk about when it comes to
Becky Lynch.
She has been sick all week long.
We will get into that in just a moment.
My boots now let's go.
I need sleep, please.
The demons in your dreams.
I need sleep, please.
Look at my eye.
Super die.
Look at my eye.
Look at my eye.
We shall all of the devils in me are
still in fear.
I'm taking so
long asleep.
Let's go escaping from me.
Rhea Ripley being played to the ring by
Scranton Pennsylvania's own,
motionless in white.
Motionless big time WWE fans.
I met those guys years back after Paul.
They are on the grandest stage of them
And mommy is home.
Look at my eyes, look at my eyes, my.
Look at my eyes, do or die, die.
Look at my eyes, look at my eyes, my.
Look at my eyes, this is do or die.
WrestleMania, I need you to make some
The eradication, the demon in your
Your mommy Rhea Ripley.
the ring.
Motionless in white.
That's correct.
Lead singer Chris Moshen.
That's his last name.
Yes, one of Rhea Ripley's favorite bands.
What a thrill it had to be to have this
spectacular WrestleMania entrance.
Chris is, that was awesome.
The following contest is scheduled for
one fall and
it is for the Women's World Championship.
Introducing the challenger from Dublin,
The man, Becky Lynch.
And her opponent representing the
Judgment Day.
From Adelaide, South Australia.
She is the Women's World Champion, Rhea
Our ring announcer, Samantha Irvin,
absolutely killing it as we get set for
the 28th time in the history of
A women's championship will be on the
Rhea Ripley a year ago at WrestleMania
knocked off Charlotte Flair to win this
championship but Corey here's the story
we've been following.
Becky Lynch has been sick all week.
She's suffering from strep throat.
How does that affect her coming into this
match against Ripley tonight?
Becky Lynch admitted to me earlier this
week her temperature reached as high as
102 degrees.
The man does not know the meaning of the
word quit,
particularly when the opportunity is as
big as it is tonight.
That said, your mind may soldier you
forward, but
your body doesn't necessarily follow when
you're ill.
And Pat, what about the weather
50 degrees feels like 45, winds blowing
here in Philly.
Yeah, I was trying to figure out whether
or not the fever hikes her with this
particular cold weather.
Obviously, you've seen Michael Jordan
have his flu game and
sometimes it brings out your best cuz you
only focus on survival.
And Becky Lynch will not back down from
Rhea Ripley.
Then I can guarantee you this is just the
second one on one match between these two
women they met back in 2019 and NXT.
And Rhea looking to overpower Becky in
the early going.
Momentum can possibly carry over for a
full calendar year.
Rhea's got to be on top of her game
tonight, considering last year, as you
she defeated the, to become Women's World
An early strategy by Becky, attacking the
arm of Rhea,
trying to take the power game out of the
Missile drop kick down goes the Women's
Champion Ripley.
For those who don't know, Rhea Ripley's
been battling through a wrist injury
over the last few weeks.
Yeah, we talked about that on the Pat
McAvie show in ESPN yesterday.
She said that she's been wearing a brace
as a precaution.
To protect herself cuz she does too much.
And Becky on the apron, kick right to the
arm of Rhea.
Becky's been working on since the early
going and
I believe it is the left arm that Rhea
had the brace on yesterday.
Rhea, it's kind of been a target or
bullseye for
anybody she's been facing over the last
couple of weeks.
That's actually a wise decision by Ripley
if she can compete at full capacity
without the brace on.
Because a veteran like Becky Lynch will
target any sort of the week.
It's a veteran.
Becky's used to the spotlight, used to
WrestleMania, but
all of Philadelphia seems to be chanting
for their mom.
And a kick out by Becky Lynch.
This is the eighth match in the career of
Becky Lynch at WrestleMania.
Rhea Ripley competing for a fifth time in
her career.
As you take another look at the absolute
power and precision of the Women's
Rhea Ripley has the power.
She has everything you could possibly
need to be a goat of a superstar.
She's a student of the game as well,
Both of these women's quarry of one royal
rumble matches.
Rhea Ripley set a then record.
It could be argued that Becky Lynch
walked so that Rhea Ripley could run.
Becky was one of the first mega stars to
emerge from the women's evolution several
years back.
Ripley has taken the entire division to a
whole new level.
Becky Lynch has told the world that when
people believe in me on good,
when they doubt me, I'm great.
And a lot of people have doubted her
coming into this match tonight.
The power by Ripley inside cradle by
Is this enough to put her away?
Rhea Ripley now able to power out of it
Pernacle Suplex by Rhea.
Nasty landing for Lynch into the cover.
To retain, hook to the leg, and a kick
With the frustration and the early goings
of this matchup,
I think mommy's mentally got to be
prepared for a very long night.
Ripley may be the most physically
dominant woman in this matchup,
but Ripley has endless respect for what
Lynch has accomplished in the past.
Rhea knows this game, she respects the
Check just changing it.
Becky Lynch, part of the first ever
women's main event at WrestleMania.
Of course, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey,
a number of years ago.
Nice drop kick by Rhea.
Taking out Becky.
We'll talk about main events.
How about down there in Australia?
Rhea Ripley in her home country.
55,000 plus down there, main event.
Rhea Ripley.
Yeah, taking out Nia Jax.
She's built for the moment.
Becky Lynch is gritty.
You have to wonder about this strep
throat 102 degree fever though.
When's it gonna start having an effect?
Is it already?
Certainly affected Becky's preparation
for this matchup.
I'm sure the man hasn't been able to
train as she'd liked,
at least for the last week or so.
Corey, don't point out the obvious
It's gonna be a long night for you to do
that to me.
Come on.
Rhea now looking to climb up to the top
Becky Lynch in trouble.
The eradicator, Rhea Ripley gazing out
over this.
Uh-oh, way to pay homage to Eddie
Becky Lynch made her pay with that deep
arm drag.
And again, working on the already injured
left arm of Ripley.
Notice how quickly Rhea clutched at her
left elbow.
Lynch now with a few valuable moments to
recover as we take another look
at a nice arm drag off of the top
Gnarly landing for Ripley.
Becky hit those ropes like a spiderbunk
to do as she climbed up there.
Showed some real explosion as she
reversed this whole thing.
Or sold out tonight at the length.
Lincoln financial field in Philadelphia.
Does Becky wanna quicken the pace of this
match, Corey?
I think Becky's best bet is to try to
steal a quick victory,
whether that's to catch Ripley in the
disarmor or
an inside cradle, something fast.
Because mommy's gonna continue to move
She's like a terminator.
Rhea, Becky up, Becky counters yet again.
And a second rope, tornado DDT, Clans
Rhea, center of the ring.
Is it enough for Becky to go into a
Crawls across the ring, put the leg down
on the champion, and
a kick out by Ripley at two.
It's the ring IQ for Becky Lynch.
So quickly flipping this thing with a
tornado DDT, spiking Rhea right on her
Almost ending this here at the link.
New champion, almost.
Less than 40 years to prime, though, this
is the middle of the ring.
Lynch looking to rally the WWE Universe
here at the link.
He'll be provided a little needed
momentum to the man.
Becky Lynch, you won the elimination
chamber of Perth, Australia back in
February to earn this opportunity
Becky using the ropes for leverage and
now with Rhea Ripley in trouble.
Hanging across the second rope.
There's the leg drop by Becky and she's
taking over now.
But again, champion's advantage in this
It takes the feet.
Tyler can only change hands by pinfall or
And the back splatter into the barricade.
Right here at ringside.
This is what Becky's gonna try to do now
is match the brutality of Ripley.
Perhaps that is what the man needs to do.
Beat Rhea at her own game.
Becky can do that, former six time world
Leg drop to the back of the neck of the
champ again.
Becky into the cover.
Is it enough to win the championship and
a kick out at two?
I think that was a heat check there for
She looks strong, she looks quick.
I feel like the sickness has really
brought her down at all.
Becky looks phenomenal against mommy.
There aren't too many ailments that
adrenaline can't cure,
at least in the short term as we look
again at this leg drop from the ropes,
crashing right across the back of the
champion's neck.
Becky a former NXT Women's Tag Champion as well mentioned earlier.
She won the Royal Rumble back in 2019.
Becky thinking about this armor.
This is wise because that submission hold
has taken out many women over the years
for Becky Lynch and with an already
injured arm to Rhea Ripley makes her more
Look at Rhea just catching Becky and
there's the power guys.
Poisoning Lynch up onto her shoulders.
Goes Becky.
My goodness.
That's it.
And a kick out by Becky.
Becky tried to get back to her feet
quickly and just ran into a boot.
My God, Rhea Ripley uncorked that knee
made a knock Becky Lynch all the way to
the other side of the state.
The man's now present meant to be third.
So now Becky stayed in the match up
kicking up out after the day.
That's why Rhea has been a champion for a
year though.
Hits up Becky, dumps her on her face and
follows up with a knee when others might
celebrate the feet of strength that she
just displayed.
Somehow Becky's able to kick out but
Mommy is special.
I agree with you.
It's cold here.
My jaw is starting to freeze up already.
We talked about this a lot though.
I mean Rhea Ripley just exudes superstar.
I mean everything about her.
And this could be it looking for the rip
Becky Lynch though able to counter.
And down goes Rhea Bad Arm again now.
And Arm bar, Becky trying to lock in an
arm bar here and Rhea trying to block.
Rhea was able to lock it for the moment
when she's tried the hands apart.
Looking for the full extension of the
She's able to get Rhea back toward the
center of the ring.
Rhea nowhere near the ropes now.
It is Ripley gonna tap out if she does.
Becky with a championship.
But Rhea now looking to try to land a
She does.
Becky still trying to hang on.
Rhea trying to power again.
Second time goes Lynch down.
This is a Rhea Ripley rampage.
And again sit out power bomb.
Is it enough?
Becky at two.
Again it is chilly and filling.
52 degrees it feels like 48.
Wind is out of the north at 15 miles per
Pat as a member of the Indianapolis Colts
you played football in the stadium
under conditions much like this.
Yeah the wind beat me up I shanked about
five balls but
I had to do nothing near as physical as
these two are doing right now in the
You have to think that it's a little bit
firmer, a little bit stiffer.
Muscles not as loose.
But this is WrestleMania.
It don't matter if it's 15 degrees.
Well that would be a little extreme.
Yeah I think so too.
Headbutt by Ripley.
And Becky.
Again that arm really bothering the
champion now by that boot and
bothered Rhea and a surely affected Becky
cover Becky at two kicks out.
And Ripley perhaps getting a bit
frustrated Corey.
I think Rhea Ripley may have expected
this one to be over by now especially
knowing that Becky Lynch not at 100%
feeling very ill right now and
Ripley just battering the challenge.
Rhea can't believe she hasn't been able
to put Lynch away yet in this match.
And now she's going to be able to put
Lynch away.
And she's going to be able to put Lynch
Well women exchanging blows.
Headbutt drives Becky back toward the
Becky the shoulder first goes Rhea.
That's the bad arm.
So ever moved by Becky.
And we're going to capitalize on this
But she's only got a five count.
She could get disqualified if she doesn't
break here.
It uses almost a full five from our
official in this matchup.
She bent it.
Ripley is down Lynch seemingly with an
opportunity to capitalize.
Becky's in her bag right now.
Top rope leg drop across the choke.
No, no, it's caught.
It was caught.
Rhea looking for the prison trap.
Rhea Ripley submission move, the prison
trap, tap down a number of women.
Rhea Ripley's got it locked in.
Becky's in trouble.
Nowhere for the man to go unless she can
make it to the bottom rope.
But grabbed back to the center of the
ring by Ripley.
Can Becky Lynch somehow hold on?
Trying to drag again.
Her self-interopponent toward the bottom
Back to the middle of the ring.
This is it, this is the beginning of the
Ripley has applied the body scissors, the
prison trap.
All the man can do now is submit.
And Becky trying to hold on.
Trying desperately to hold on.
Trump maybe reversed the pressure
A bow looking stricter wrapped around the
man in the middle of the ring.
Becky now trying to roll herself.
Wait, wait.
Rollers down now.
Rhea's got to kick out and break the
Wise move by the veteran.
Brilliant situational awareness by Lynch
forcing Rhea to break the submission
So that she didn't get pinned.
And now looking once again for rip time.
Rhea looking to put Becky away.
Becky able to counter Ripley again.
And the handle slam.
Center of the ring to win the women's
world championship.
Cover by Lynch.
Kick out a kill by the champion.
Becky Lynch beside herself with very good
able to escape the Ripley attempt and
then plant Ripley with the man handle
If I had to nitpick, I'd say Becky didn't
have enough of her own weight across
the powerful shoulders of Rhea Ripley.
And now perhaps Becky Lynch starting to
doubt herself.
Question herself after not being able to
put Ripley away with the man handle slam.
And once again looking for the disarmor,
I believe on the bad armor Ripley.
Becky thinks she can put this away.
Wait a minute.
And for a back slide, Rhea.
Becky over the top.
Anything you can do, I can do better.
Wow, wow, wow.
Rip time, rip time by the champion.
Stacks up Lynch, isn't it enough?
No, to kick out a toe in the hand.
No way.
They both giving each other their best
shot and this match is still going.
Bobby connecting with the heaviest
artillery, the rip time.
Stack Becky Lynch high on her shoulders
and the man somehow survived.
And Rhea Ripley saying the same thing,
Corey, how the hell did she kick out?
I should have put her away.
There's no way Becky Lynch kicked out of
Now's not the time to get lost in the
panic of the moment.
Rhea Ripley needs to continue soldiering
forward, continue to pour on the
making the climb to the top rope.
Ripley up.
A pie and Becky Lynch able to force her
to lose her balance.
Becky able to buy herself several
valuable moments, but at this point,
we just polish him the brass on the
Is Lynch done for?
Running on autopilot, good well day.
The New York Times bestseller isn't gonna
go down without a fight though.
We're under deep waters.
She's still bringing it to mommy.
Becky Lynch knew she had to get physical
with the champion.
She's done just that.
She's exposed to weakness and Ripley,
which is the left arm.
And now Becky Lynch with the champion on
the top rope with a superplex to Rhea.
Floats into the cover.
In an armor.
The armor locked in and now Becky turns
it into the disarmer.
Rolled into the disarmer.
Becky Lynch with Rhea in the middle of
the ring.
Is Rhea gonna tap?
Is Rhea gonna tap out?
The tables have turned.
Rhea Ripley trying to power out of this.
And now Ripley with the power to Becky
My goodness.
Becky trying to do everything she can.
Electric chair.
That might be it.
That was a long way down on the outside
of the ring.
Becky suffering the effects of the
electric chair.
Rhea Ripley now heading up to the top
rope with Becky in trouble.
What's the champ gonna do?
The eradicator with the frog splash.
Cover on Lynch.
Kick down a toe.
How cool?
Great question.
She's got 102 degree fever.
She's got electric chair on the outside.
And then mommy hits a frog splash.
What do you mean?
Why, Pat?
This is WrestleMania.
You're gonna have to kill Becky Lynch
before she gives up at WrestleMania.
This is the showcase of the Immortals for
a reason.
Legends are made here.
It is the Women's World Championship.
It is our first match of WrestleMania
WrestleMania Saturday.
Sold out at Lincoln Financial Field in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Give me a hell of an easy upper year.
Give up.
Come on.
Rhea screaming at Becky Lynch.
Rhea wants to beat Becky middle of the
You got time to give up Becky.
You got time.
Rhea, look at her.
What the hell?
This is gonna take ridiculous power.
Becky able to counter at least
That's mommy got a little overconfident.
Yeah, what?
She was gonna deadlift her all the way
into a super flexor.
If anyone can do it, Rhea Ripley can.
Oh my God.
Becky now, for the second row.
Becky, Rhea.
Ripley able to get her feet underneath
her and just knock Lynch in the next week
a right hand.
That would have been nasty.
And now Rhea under the buckle with a rip
And now with the middle of the ring.
Rhea Ripley, rip tie to Becky Lynch.
Here's the cover.
Here is your winner and still the women's
world champion, Rhea Ripley.
Corey Rhea has been unstoppable.
Rhea has been unstoppable and in my
opinion and the opinion of many, Rhea
will remain
Mommy's looking down right untouchable at
the top of the mountain.
First we see this rip tied into the
turnbuckles, adding a new ripple to her
game and then
old faithful.
The rip tied stacks the man into the
pretzel and still.
But Pat, what a performance by Becky
Lynch tonight.
Certainly with the situation with the
strep throat and 102 degree fever.
I don't think anybody on earth is beating
Rhea Ripley, but what Becky did tonight
was nothing short of admirable.
But once again, our champion is our
champion for a reason.
Tonight at WrestleMania, mommy rules the
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WrestleMania 40 action is not stopping
when we come back.
Six brave tag teams will battle it out
for the end of speed at WWE Tag titles.
Right after this break for our
subscribers of Peacock, Framian Plus,
let's go to a special
report on the action to come from a tag
team across the pond.
The following is a six pack ladder match
and it is for the undisputed WWE Tag Championships.
In this match, there are no pinfalls, no
The only way to win is to climb a ladder
to retrieve the WWE Tag Championships.
This match will continue until both sets
of championships have been retrieved.
Introducing first, Tommaso Ciampa and
Johnny Gargano DIY.
Gentlemen, Gargano and Ciampa DIY
qualified for their first ever
WrestleMania match by
beating the Creed Brothers to qualify for
the six pack ladder match.
Look at Johnny Gargano doing his HBK
That's all well and good because reality
is about to kick in.
This is the grandest stage of them all.
DIY, better be ready.
This has new catch for public.
I guess they didn't update the entrance
Somebody's fingers are probably frozen in
the truck.
It's fine.
Easy fix.
They just really became this new team a
month or two ago.
It takes a little while, right?
Boys, feel disrespected.
Use it as motivation.
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Let's go.
Need to drink something after watching
these two dukes.
Austin theories had a mixed bag at
Last year he beat John Cena and two years
ago he lost the pop back of me.
Oh, because I imagine losing the McAfee
at WrestleMania.
Recliner's doing something great like
beating John Cena so you can watch the
pace out of your mouth.
Yeah, I don't know if that's going to do
it though.
I don't know.
That's going to be tough.
That's a tough bill to swallow.
Making their way to the ring.
Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, the new
You know the steady camp tonight is
brought to you by Xfinity delivering a
steady and reliable connection to
WrestleMania all weekend long.
Xavier Woods looking to win his first
match at WrestleMania.
Kofi Kingston's won two matches in his
career including Kofi Mania.
And their opponent representing the
judgment day.
They are the undisputed WWE Tag Champion, Finn Balor.
And then your money and the bank, Xavier
So a lot to talk about here, two time Tag
Team Champions.
They've held the current title since
October 16th with an Octok Kody Rhodes
and Jey Uso.
But let's talk about what Damien Priest
is carrying down to the ring, Corey,
which would be the money in the bank
They're referring to senior money in the
bank which entitles Damien Priest to a
guaranteed championship match at the time
and place of his choosing for one
calendar year.
And think about the main event tonight.
You've got the World Heavyweight Champion
and the Undisputed Champion in the same
Can you imagine if something happens to
Seth Verroman tonight, Priest could be
This could be an extremely lucrative
weekend for the judgment day.
What the hell are they wearing on their
Pretty sure Finn Balor is thinking of
evaporating Gotham City's water supply
and letting all the inmates out into the
So this is a six-pack ladder match for
the undisputed WWE Tag Team titles.
Both SmackDown and the Raw titles are
hanging above the ring.
If you retrieve one set of those titles,
the match continues until the second set
is retrieved as well.
Last year the main event of WrestleMania
Saturday. Who could forget the Usos and
Kevin and Sami Zayn.
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. A true barn
burner memorable main event as this will
And now for the fireworks.
They'll get no pinfalls or submissions,
countouts or disqualifications.
And here we go. Six-pack ladder match. 12
men in the ring.
And what the hell Corey is the strategy
in this?
I think you're going to attempt to look
out for your partner. It's essentially
every team, every man for themselves.
But you really only need to concern
yourself with the well-being of your body
and your tag team partner.
And it's interesting. Everybody has
turned their attention right here in
front of us to Damien Priest of the
Judgment Day.
I always question this strategy because
it never works. You can't sneak up a
Not that high, not in this environment,
not when you're surrounded by superstars.
But Therian Waller may prove me wrong. I
think I'd be happy about that.
Look at what they're doing. They're
looking to climb the ladder.
Look at this.
They're trying to win the championships.
Kofi, look at the ring.
Between two of them there's zero brains,
but there's a lot of...
Abbs, skills.
And now Dunn and Bait on one side, Miz on
the other.
Everybody trying to climb ladders to grab
the tag team championships.
There's awesome truth about the ring.
Of course, these superstars all need to
unlock the carabiners on which the
championships are hung to retrieve both
You mentioned Austin Truth. They were
formed back in 2011.
They've never held tag team gold. In
fact, our truth number one at
WrestleMania was only seven.
I don't know if our truth knows if you've
ever been there, either.
And look at this. Everybody. Everybody.
On the ropes and down goes Dunn.
Oh, and Alar.
And Alar balance on his side.
Kofi kicks in and Xavier Woods near the
top of the ladder.
He's kind of hoping they were finally
going to turn on each other.
Xavier Woods wearing his Apollo Creed
gear and fill it out.
I don't know. That was Iceman being part
of it.
Oh, bounced off the ladder.
And now it's Finn Balor.
Boom. Oh, did you hear the right hand
from Priest?
My God.
Now Priest back in the mix and that is a
dangerous, dangerous situation for all
the teams involved.
Finn Balor handbanging as well.
Oh, Priest just wiped out Waller.
Just threw a ladder.
And the bruiser weight gets a face full
of steel.
Courtesy of the Judgment Day.
Champ about to get the same treatment.
Oh, goodness.
Damien Priest and Finn Balor aggressive,
Let's talk about how brave Finn Balor is
after what he incurred last year at
Staples in his skull from a ladder.
And one year later, here Balor is looking
to exercise the demon on the grandest
stage of the mall.
And he's still got a big old mouse on his
face after a live event against the New
Day last week.
And now Priest into the corner. Nobody
home as Tyler Bate moves out of harm's
I asked Finn about the current Shiner he
has on his face and he said,
every once in a while you got to remind
people that you're low-move.
Wait a minute.
And if you're Tyler Bate, you remind
people how powerful you are.
Tyler Bate with Balor and a ladder.
Living up to the moniker of the big
strong boy.
This is a very unique airplane spin.
I don't think I've ever seen this before.
Oh, goodness.
Kofi wiped out.
Little don'ts of Terry Funk.
The spin continues.
And now we're back to a traditional
airplane spin.
At this rate, this speed, he stays at it
a few minutes longer.
He may levitate.
And Balor, oh, shut it in a ladder.
Man, New Catch Republic.
You see him every Friday night on
How impressive have they been?
In short order, New Catch Republic have
turned themselves into one of the top
on Friday Night SmackDown, particularly
since Tyler Bate
reminded the bruiserweight Pete Dunn of
exactly who he is.
I'm not quite sure what Bate and Dunn are
doing out here.
He's supposed to climb the ladder inside
the ring to try to get the titles, but...
Well, they used to be on Dunn Mountain,
but now they're trying to get to the top
of this entire thing.
And that...
I think it was Mustache Mountain.
Oh, ho, ho, ho!
Double moonsault from the top of the
That was Dunn right by one of them.
And Bates nailed it as well.
That'll be here all night, folks.
Picture perfect moonsaults off the top of
the ladder.
Everybody wiped out who can get into the
ring to take advantage.
Picture perfect is absolutely right.
Stereo moonsaults.
And now both members of the New Catch
Republic with a little bit of daylight
and time to operate.
Yeah, we talk about renaissance here in
WWE as of late.
What about the renaissance of Pete Dunn?
I don't think I've ever talked about a
renaissance in WWE.
Well, I have a lot in the last few days,
but nonetheless,
Tyler Bate trying to climb to the top of
the ladder.
Oh, my God!
Smackdown to the titles!
And Bate may have wiped himself out.
I think Bate and Dunn might have just
taken each other out permanently.
Send your money in the bank.
Just utilize the argument as a missile.
My God.
He used to be as a missile.
And now Davey Appriese climbed to the top
of the ladder.
Miz is in there trying to intercept
Of course, Miz has had his issues with
Judgment Day.
Trying to get a little slap on the ass.
He said, hey, I'm down here.
And Miz looking for the Skogflushing
Damian Priest trying to power out.
That ladder goes flying.
It's going to get dangerous out here,
Oh, another thunderous right from Priest.
Priest and Balor.
If they can continue to work together
like this, good night everybody else.
A lot of people say like the Judgment Day
They're the worst, but they've been...
I've never once heard anyone say that.
I truly believe that disrespect that
Judgment Day had felt
is what's motivating, what's driving them
right now.
Are truth motivating though?
Well, truth's trying to tag in.
He believes this is a tag team match,
He's trying to tag in, makes the tag.
Here comes Truth.
Hot tag.
Whatever works, right?
In the six pack ladder match.
All right, we're going to have a little
homage to his childhood hero.
Despite the fact that he was 40.
R-Truth with a five-knuckle shuffle.
How about how old you are in your mind
in the ageless wonder that is R-Truth?
He's incredible.
Balor sent in to the ladder.
A-A, spine first.
Cover by Truth.
One, two, three.
What a win.
What a win for Truth.
What a win for Truth.
What a win for Truth.
Truth, and that's his first win in
WrestleMania history.
A moral victory, but I guess it counts in
some circumstances.
No worry, they're about to pay.
This is going to, oh, and now Awesome
fighting back against Damien Priest.
Crushed by Alley.
A little post-match action here for
Awesome Truth.
And now R-Truth telling Johnny Gargana,
who he believes is H-P-K, to tune up the
band for sweet shit music.
As delusional as ever.
A mage through the ridge.
And champa now with an homage to the
A little sauce on it.
And R-Truth.
R-Truth with some brilliance here.
Well, I think he's saying you guys go
after one set of titles.
We'll go after the other set of titles
and both be tag team champions.
Look at us.
That's pretty cool.
We're both champions.
Is it going to work?
Corey, you're just flabbergasted to what
you're watching here.
There is so much happening right now.
I think I accidentally had one of those
candies you had in the bus path.
I don't know.
Oh my God.
Alley, it all makes sense if you don't
think about it.
And now A-town down under.
Waller trying to crawl.
Oh my God.
And they're there.
They're at the top of the ladder.
They've got the SmackDown tag team title.
Here are your winners of the SmackDown
tag team championships.
Grayson Waller and Austin Thierry.
Well, the future is now.
A-town down under are tag team champions.
But remember, the match now continues
until the wrong tag team titles are
Well, it's just a matter of time.
Thierry setting up another ladder.
Pat, you're right over there.
Yeah, I'm a lost for words here.
Well, they could be the end of speed of
chance and they can grab the wrong titles
I know the rules, Cole.
And now Tyler Bay.
Oh, they came out.
And now Pete Dunn.
Oh no.
Oh my God, get out of it, guys.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Get the hell out of the way, Corey.
Oh no.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Grayson Waller toss not onto the ladder,
but literally through the ladder.
Well, the New Ketch Republic just broke
one half of the new SmackDown tag team
champions in half through a ladder.
Terrible ending to the evening for the
Aussie icon.
And now the New Ketch Republic trying to
make something happen with an assist from
DIY on the outside.
Got champ of feeding ladders to Dunn and
A-town down through a ladder.
One more champion ship on the line.
And Gargano cannonball on his way through
Taking out Dunn and Ballerin.
One fell swoop.
Here comes...
Right through the Tampa.
Right through the prime.
Right through the prime ball.
That's the prime hydration station.
Of course, of course it is.
Oh, and I believe Philly's gonna get what
they want.
There's about 40 ECW chants last night at
the Hall of Fame.
Well, there's a reason for that.
The founder, Paul Heyman, inducted.
A few miles away from the corner of
Swanson Rittner.
So DIY setting up tables on their side of
the ring.
Meanwhile, here in front of us, our truth
trying to put a table together as well.
I think that's because our truth believes
he's in charge of catering now.
Happy putting the table over here.
I could have a sandwich or two.
Down under.
Theory and Waller have already won the
SmackDown tag team titles.
The Raw tag titles are still hanging
above the rank.
We got two tables out.
Four ladders still available after one's
been busted by Grayson Waller's dumb
And now DIY.
Gargano and Chapo looking to make
something spectacular happen.
Kofi Kingston back get to help Xavier
Woods out.
Chomal on paradise to Gargano.
Woods catches Chapo with an A.
Kingston was now doing a number on
Tommaso Champa.
Yeah, the new day 11 time tag champ 12
when you count on XT.
All the famers and what the hell is
Xavier Woods thinking?
Oh baby, Xavier Woods now up to the top
Champa's on the ladder.
Kofi holding him down.
Watch with a limit break, Elbow.
I think Woods may have broken his own
elbow in the process.
I don't know who got the worst of that
Absolutely gnarly physicality as
Now what Dunn sent to the outside.
Yeah, now a new day.
Taking out the Miz.
Finn Balor back into the mix.
Kofi's clean in the house right now.
And now Xavier Woods, you hear the new
day rocks chance throughout the length
Kofi and Woods trying to climb the ladder
and win the Raw Tag Team titles.
New day rocks.
New day's back.
Kofi takes it with a crushed fall.
Xavier Woods all alone.
Maybe not.
Theory at the last possible second
thwarting the upward ascent of Xavier
Austin's theory intercepted Woods.
And now Woods sent out of the ring.
And Austin Theory with an opportunity to
make sure a town down under our
undisputed Tag Team champions.
This can't happen.
A new catch of a public back inside.
He's done about the break fingers.
Hard to climb the ladder with broken
Uh-oh, this does not bode well for Mr.
Not at all.
Burmy hammer.
And now it's Bayden Dunn's opportunity.
Our new catch of a public.
I'd love to see these two on Monday Night
If they win the Monday, the Raw Tag titles here.
Here comes Johnny Gargano.
Gargano though sending Dunn out to the
Now it's Ciampa climbing up against Tyler
Johnny Russell.
Oh my God.
Meanwhile, at the top of the ladder,
Bayden Ciampa exchanging shots with one
Gargano wiping himself and Dunn out with
He done has it moved.
Oh my goodness.
From way up top.
Damn it.
Oh my God.
He's gonna tap.
An air raid crash from the top of the
Before that, Gargano with that slingshot
DDT through a table.
And now it's Truth's opportunity.
You're still in a match, Truth.
And you can win it.
Now this be our Truth's WrestleMania
Get up there, Truth.
Oh, come on.
Now this piece of trash.
It's that idiot JD McDonough.
Oh, the devil inside.
You're not this match.
And it's perfectly legal.
Of course it is.
There are no disqualifications.
JD McDonough trying to hand the Raw Tag
Team titles to Balor and Priest of
Judgment Day.
Can we get somebody to get him the hell
out of here?
You can't.
There's no disqualifications.
JD McDonough trying to help Finn Balor
climb the ladder to grab the titles.
Now Balor has to be the one to take him
McDonough can't, but McDonough can help
him all he wants.
And now Xavier Woods.
Woods attacking the lower back and
kidneys of Balor.
Coby's got a steel chair.
Coby attacking everyone with a steel
Oh, again, perfectly legal.
Balor just being worn out by Kingston.
JD McDonough just trying to, trying to
plead his way out of this.
Just dumb McDonough in a terrible spot.
You walked into this, buddy.
Just hand him.
Just hand him.
Just hand him.
This is not good.
This is not good for JD McDonough.
He definitely is, Mick Dunn.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Cofi Kingston gonna make the climb.
Now here comes Priest.
And Priest, oh my goodness, he got to
capitate in Woods.
And now Priest with Cofi Kingston high in
the air,
Razor's Edge onto a steel chair.
Next level brutality from Zinior, Money
in the Bank.
And Damian Priest now trying to...
Oh, Priest realizes that he and Balor can
still leave WrestleMania as tag team
if not undisputed.
Priest is taking his time savoring the
Damian Priest gonna grab the
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
He's gonna beat him up there.
Miz up at the top of the ladder.
Look at the way that ladder's buckling.
It's on three wheels.
Miz is almost there.
No way.
Miz is closing in.
Oh, not from up there.
Not from up there.
Oh, no.
Went for a shot in the heaven.
It's enough.
It was effective either way.
Got the Miz off the ladder, stopped the
Miz from grabbing the championships.
Now Priest can return to business or
actually might want to replace the
Probably a smart decision.
Yeah, smart move by Priest.
That ladder was buckled as you guys
Our truth just provided the ladder to
Damian Priest.
Well, maybe he had a flashback to when he
thought he was in the group, the judgment
Oh, no.
And now Damian Priest right where he
wants to be climbing the ladder, looking
Win the Raw Tag Team titles, meanwhile,
our truth, who's had his issues with
Damian Priest.
With an attitude adjustment, the Priest
outside the ring.
How sweet this would be to the man who
was excommunicated from judgment day.
If awesome truth, our Tag Team Champions,
in a matter of moments from now,
going to explode.
Truth climbing the ladder.
There's nobody else in the ring.
Our truth moments away from a
WrestleMania moment, but can Truth pull
the titles down?
Is he doing truth?
He's got a, here a beater and he does.
Awesome truth.
Here are your winners of the Raw Tag Championships.
For the first time in his career, our
Truth wins in WrestleMania.
And for the first time in their careers,
awesome truth can call themselves Tag
Team Champions.
We expected chaos, we got plenty.
We expected car crashes, we had about a
dozen broken bodies.
A hot tag.
So in a clout of match.
Undisputed Tag Team Champions no more.
I'm happy they're taking that moment in.
There we see Waller and Theory capturing
the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
Much to the chagrin of our partner Pat
McAfee and a vast majority of the WWE
Universe here in Philadelphia.
But 8-Town Down Under win their first
And that right there was incredible.
So much for the celebration.
Grace and Waller would pay the price
courtesy of the New Ketch Republic.
Look at this, Johnny Gargano risking life
and limb to take the bruiser weight out
of the equation.
Tommaso Ciampa is a psychopath, plain and
simple, air raid crash from the top.
JD McDonough said that looks like fun.
Maybe I'll give it a shot from the top of
the ladder through tables on the outside.
And AA disposes of Damian Priest.
And I can't believe I'm saying this
sentence out loud.
Our Truth climbed the ladder and new Raw
Tag Team Champions.
Congratulations Awesome Truth.
Certainly earned.
We leave so good I drink it neatly.
So pour a glass on the porch, get a
little tanner, let your taste buds sing
the Star Spangled Banner.
We leave so good I drink it neatly.
We think American vodka.
Wrestling is not a love story.
It's much more.
It's hope.
An excuse to be a kid again.
And nothing matters except the moment we
are in.
A great man once said that to my brother,
Wyndham Rotunda.
But you know him as Bray Wyatt.
Let me in.
Bray Wyatt was chaos, or the ultimate
I am the new face of fear.
He was not scared to push the limits.
I had the charisma that it quality.
He was bigger than life.
He was loved by millions.
He was just such a pleasure to be around.
I mean he changed the whole industry.
He's not gone. His ideas will live on
Please welcome Olympic gold medalist
Jordan Burroughs.
Well tonight in attendance is Olympic
gold medalist Jordan Burroughs.
Later this month he'll be competing in
the US Olympic wrestling team trials,
the American watch and USA Network.
And right here on Peacock April 19th and
as he contends for a spot to represent TV
USA in the Paris Olympics
this summer on NBC.
Best of luck to Jordan.
Well he won't have to battle the weather.
Like we are here in Philadelphia tonight.
A brisk win out of the north at 14 miles
per hour.
It's 52 degrees.
It feels like 47 inside the link.
And WrestleMania 40 is presented by
Snickers satisfies.
And by 2K24, the highest rated WWE 2K
game of all time.
For 40 years of WrestleMania, play all
new match types
and career mode experiences with an
iconic roster of over 200 superstars
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Well it's a story of betrayal, blood and
It's father versus son as dirty Dominic
with Santos Escobar takes on Rey Mysterio
and surprise ally Andrade.
After this break for our subscribers of
Peacock Premium Plus,
let's get an inside look on this rift
between family and friendship.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
And the match is over.
It's Domino's
You know, I know I'm supposed to be
unbiased out here, right?
But I'm biased when it comes to this punk
Dominic Mysteria,
once again, getting the rope from his
dad, once again,
on the coattails of his father.
He had another match in WrestleMania.
He wasn't gonna be involved in the event
this year.
What does he do?
He gets involved, takes out his dad,
and joins his dad, Arch Enemy, Santos
The least Rey could be doing for his own
son, Dominic, a WrestleMania paycheck.
This is the biggest payday of the year.
He already did when they were tag team
So you don't think Dominic wants more?
You think the albino, cow skin boots he's
wearing tonight are cheap?
Cole, those are custom made.
Those are cows, not goats.
That makes sense because he's nowhere
near a goat.
But the things this man has done to his
father and the way he treats people is
Let's talk about Santos Escobar.
Escobar is a superstar who has known for
years, not dreamt,
known someday he would perform on the
grandest stage of the mall.
That night is tonight.
This guy sticks.
Okay, you big, this guy's a pig.
And this match tonight is brought to you
by Minute Maid,
Agnes Fresco.
It's refreshing, yeah.
I get it.
And it is delightful.
Complete opposite of what Dirty Dom is.
This team is gonna be seemingly a real
And their opponent, the team of Andre Dey
and Ray Mysterio.
Accommodated, of course, by the LWL
How shocked were you last night on Friday
Night SmackDown when
Mr. Andrade took out Legato del Fantasma.
We thought that he was working along with
It was as baffled as anybody.
I, too, have seen the relationship, the
long term relationship that has begun to
perform between Dom and Mysterio and
And Andrade showed us all how wrong we
You see Ray Mysterio pandering to
Philadelphia with his Eagles
beam here, that's what he does, Corey.
He's a Hall of Famer.
No, he doesn't panders.
One of the greatest of all time.
He doesn't pander, Michael.
Everything else he said was accurate.
I didn't say he pandered.
No, you said it.
Cole said it.
Corey said it.
You retweeted it.
No, I didn't.
He said that's what he does.
He said he has every right to do it with
everything he's accomplished in his
He shows respect everywhere he goes
because everywhere he goes, he is shown
Andrade will enter WrestleMania for the
second time in his career.
For Ray Mysterio, this is his 12th
He's had some unbelievable matches here
at this event over the years.
Who will ever forget WrestleMania 21 and
Eddie Guerrero.
He won the championship at 22 against
Kurt Angle and Randy Ork, JBL here at 25.
CM Punk at 26.
And here we go again, tag team action
with Andrade.
Against Santos and Dominic.
Escobar connects with a knee right off of
the opening bell.
And right as the bell rang, a lot of you
guys felt that chill in the air.
Just dropped about five degrees.
The wind picked up and Ray Mysterio sends
Escobar across the ring.
For Santos Escobar, his first appearance
at WrestleMania.
And here comes Dominic.
Man, one of my WrestleMania highlights
was Ray Mysterio actually whipping his
last year spanking him for all the things
that Dominic had done.
Dominic out here this year with a little
bit more experience under his belt.
He's to take note of the top half of
Dominic's ring gear is an homage to one
of Ray Mysterio's greatest rivals
throughout his career.
And here comes Andrade who had been
recruited by Dominic to join Judgment
My goodness.
Andrade's been hanging around the
Judgment Day locker room and
decided he didn't want to be anywhere
near that.
Oh, fake him out with a boot caught him
with an elbow.
Dominic might be spitting up teeth for a
couple days after that.
Some of the generations of talent in
front of you.
Double team since Escobar outside the
Ray Mysterio absolutely timeless.
Hasn't lost a step throughout his Hall of
Fame career.
Ray on the shoulders of Andrade.
Splash off the top rope.
That was incredible.
I don't know that I've ever seen a double
stacked cross body,
particularly from that height.
Look at the elbow bang from Andrade that
turned Dominic inside out.
And look at this.
A cross body by Andrade and Ray Mysterio,
much of the delight of Zelina Vega,
who has felt awesome to be reunited with
Both of them hit that bullseye accuracy
as well.
High risk on top of shoulders,
And Mysterio looking for a headscissors.
Dom put on the brakes for the second.
Oh, Domic set into the ring post.
Ray's core strength able.
Still locking in.
Here we go, one more time.
And Dominic though, said not this time
We've been watching some whippings on
Monday Night Raw.
Thought we were about to see another.
And now he wraps off the apron.
This guy does stink, but he's phenomenal
in the ring.
Dominic, yeah.
He's improved so much over the past
couple of years.
Hey, breath, breath.
Over here.
Tag made.
Dominic making sure the official side.
And the two of them clearly is honoring
the Tag Team Wrestling.
That is wisdom beyond Dom's years.
Oh, just tells the crowd to go get
And now Santos Escobar takes his time
measuring Ray with a leg drop to the back
of the neck.
You don't have to wonder how the gusset
that we know,
in fact, they remove where you're flying
through the scalp.
I keep thinking about the Tag partner standing on the outside.
It's tough enough to keep your muscles
warm in this environment for any reason.
But when you're standing by, all you can
do is watch.
It's a very dangerous situation.
Tilt the world, back break, you're by
You're on sideline here.
Look for the leg.
Kick out by Ray.
Side on event at all games, they got
heated benches here.
I used to sit on those a lot as a punter.
That at least helps a little bit.
They're standing up there on the ring.
Exposed to the cold wind.
It is chilly again.
More cold than you could imagine.
Dom Mysterio is showing off on the apron.
Great power from Santos Escobar.
And now Dominic over the top and takes
out his dad.
How sweet would it feel for Dom to win
Kick out by Ray.
Ray, of course, beat his son Dominic last
Had a wrestleman.
And the year before that.
Most of Dominic's life.
I'm talking about in the matches, Corey.
Stop fabricating stuff that you know
didn't happen.
I am just responding and repeating to
what Dominic Mysterio has told me.
And I have yet to find a reason to doubt
They slot applied by Dominic to Ray.
So heated.
This all started when Dom was going to
jail, right?
All this.
That was part of it.
A little bit of a changing attitude, no
respect for his father.
Now he's become a fool.
Goodness, spinning elbow cover by
Put the leg and a kick out.
This all began when Ray got jealous that
Dominic was hanging out with Mommy.
No, this all began when Dominic and
Rhea tried to ruin Thanksgiving a couple
of years ago.
And Angie called the cops and I'm thrown
in jail.
Angie being Dom's mom.
Big elbow.
Maybe Dom's mom was jealous and Ray was
standing up for her.
And a double team.
Santos and Dominic looking great as a tag
team tonight cover.
So it was down now.
Everybody was just hoping that it was a
douche face for Dom, but
it has actually just been his character.
That's who he is.
He's a guy who attacked his dad and mom
at Thanksgiving.
So that's why we hate him.
And now Ray come on the top rope.
Escobar continuing to punish the Hall of
Now trying to demast Ray Mysterio.
The ultimate disrespect in the world of
Lucha Libre.
Escobar knows exactly what he's trying to
Yeah, and Ray Mysterio is one that took
Escobar under his wing,
brought him to the big time.
And how did Escobar repay him?
Remember, the reason Ray is a United
States champion today is something to do
with that man as well.
Is Ray Mysterio responsible for any of
the problems in his own life?
No, I don't get you.
Because I noticed that every time
something bad happens to Ray, it's
someone else's fault.
Oh, now you're gonna start something
about all this chatter I've been reading
about the reaction of Carlito last night
when Ray chose Andrade to be in this
You live to drive wedges in happy
families, don't you, my friend?
Everybody needs to relax, okay?
Ray Mysterio has been an incredible
father, an incredibly inspirational human
Dom has gone against it and ruined
Now, with that being said, Carlito did
seem a bit bomb blast.
I feel like Ray Mysterio feels about Dom
and his friends the way Tim Mack have
felt about the hippies.
I believe he still has those feelings.
Ray driving Santos into the corner and
now Ray Mysterio.
Big rights from up top.
Ray able to adjust.
I think he was looking for a sunset flip
and then.
Oh, connects.
Ray unable to capitalize.
But the oddball there, I do think he was
going for a sunset flip and
then found himself in a situation where
we could go code red here.
Mysterio might be able to get a tag.
Ray trying to get to Andrade.
Tag me.
Here comes Andrade.
Four minutes to US chance.
Oh, my God.
And a bunch of Santos as well.
That dragon screw connecting.
Might that be the best I've ever seen
that move done?
Twice in a row Andrade is on fire.
They can rip the leg off of a couple of
I have a prediction that in a matter of
moments, young Dominic is gonna be
seeing shadows.
Carter double knees, catch Dominic.
I mean, how do you recover from?
One salt lands on his feet, catches him
on the other side.
Dona kicks.
Brody so much fun to watch.
The rest of the goto looks on at ringside
LWO on the other side of the ring.
Goes for a moonsault, sees the dawn
moves, lands it then and does another.
Such a special.
A nice neck breaker by Mysterio.
And so is Dom.
Dirty Dom trying to make it to the corner
and tag in Santos Escobar.
Mysterio back up to the apron as well.
Tag made.
Here comes Rey.
Santos made the tag as well.
Mysterio legal off the top rope.
Had seen it sent on and now Rey with a
heart can run in a position as Escobar.
Mysterio is starting to cook.
And Dominic set outside the ring.
What's the phone number?
29 connects.
Something something something.
On road.
Thanks for coming Dominic.
Mysterio now trying to find a more
favorable position.
The official is over here dealing with
Birdo able to turn the ties on behalf of
Santos and Legato.
And now boatman top rope.
What Escobar sends Mysterio down hall.
Cover for the victory.
Kick out by Rey.
Lopez up on the apron.
Over Zelina Vega on SmackDown.
Zelina hasn't forgotten.
Zelina Vega now.
The second rope.
Nice landing for Vega.
Carlito trying to.
May change the order.
Cruz del Toro just took out Angel.
And here comes Birdo.
Beto takes him out.
Like a rocket between the ropes.
And now Carlito makes some pay.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You've seen a highlight reel from this
guy over the past couple of months.
And we're about to see a WrestleMania
What a move by Wilde.
Joaquin Wilde launched.
Sling shot.
14 yards at the link.
Escobar now following the ring with
Double knees to the chest.
Now Santos Escobar driving Mysterio's
shoulder first into the post.
Get the chair.
Bash his brains out.
I don't care.
Just said get the chair.
The size of these guys.
These goose in the mask.
I mean.
To me.
Domenic sent into the ring.
Couple of mountain of men out here.
Escobar from behind.
And now we have our trucks.
So what?
Rey Mysterio and Dominic.
Rey with a 619.
And now Andrade connects with a message.
Rey with a splash.
Rey and Andrade with the win.
Here are your winners.
The team of Andrade.
And to be a WWE Hall of Famer.
Rey Mysterio.
But who on earth?
I think I know.
That's who I thought.
Greatest center of all time.
Jason Tosie of the World Champion
Philadelphia Eagles.
And Lane Johnson.
World Champion tackle of the Philadelphia
Those luchadors were excited.
To help Rey beat the hell out of his son.
And boy the Jean Luchadors look good for
I've never seen luchadors look the size
of a Mack Truck.
Take a look at Waukeen Wild.
Soaring through the Philadelphia sky.
Taking out Angel Inferno.
And here we see these two behemoths.
Who we now know are World Champions.
Lane Johnson saying, yeah, here's the
Get your dad.
And then Kelsey said, eat a pole pal.
And get your ass back in the ring.
Double 619 from the Hall of Famer.
Andrade with the message on Dominic.
And the exclamation point.
Rey Mysterio.
Full extension.
Big time splash.
One-o-win for Andrade and Mysterio.
Let's see what all these football players
always get involved.
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
to keep things fair.
And now there's some milky meat in the
Welcome to WrestleMania 40 Philadelphia
What's her name?
I'm a Steelers fan.
Are you feeling 22?
Is that what you're talking about?
That's family.
Number one sports podcast on earth.
Details on football P mettre
Teams with the Part Scoring
What's up, guys?

This is your moment.
It's life changing.
There is nothing else like being a WWE
What are you doing?
You invited me over for a rose.
Yeah, I made my mama's rose.
WrestleMania, WrestleMania, WrestleMania,
WrestleMania, WrestleMania, WrestleMania,
WrestleMania, WrestleMania, WrestleMania,
WrestleMania, WrestleMania, WrestleMania,
WrestleMania, WrestleMania, WrestleMania,
how about all of our WWE Superstars?
Here's what I'm
Fatu, I am J. Uso.
I am my brother's keeper.
When a twin looks at their brother's
they see their own.
From day one, shared birthdays,
football teams,
and ultimately for us,
shared careers.
From the shadows of a Hall of Fame
And the great Anahua'i family dynasty.
We honor our small heritage.
From opening the show,
to the main event of WrestleMania,
we lined them all up.
We knocked them all down.
For over a decade,
we locked up an entire division.
Jimmy and J. The Uso!
Heroes in heartbreak.
A lifetime as a team.
Two lives, lived as one.
But at some point, a man's gotta be his
So J, you must've forgot, I'm the tribal
I'm the head of your table.
You are nothing without me!
A man's gotta turn from his bloodline,
before his legacy overshadows his own
Acknowledge me!
Feeling my strength, feeling my soul,
I'm in, feeling my power,
I'm feeling my own.
Uso's, Uso's!
Man, it's been J. Uso's now with your
Just me!
I'm feeling low-roof energy,
I got some low-roof tendencies,
One man army, that's how it's gonna be,
Better on my own, it's by identity,
And you can push yourself,
Nothing's gonna break it, tuck it on top,
Shrek the retiree, beat the sun,
Shrek the malign, that is the blood!
J. Uso, with a spear of Roman!
Uso's flash!
He's gonna do it!
For the championship!
The rain is over!
What the hell?
You made your choice,
And I made mine.
Downs is day one,
He's dead.
I choose to run with great power,
To run with greatness,
And I'll make sure you never achieve
No life, when I say I'm a human, so I'm
I set a place to everything and
Yeah, I'm a way to lead you, my enemy.
For the second time, Jimmy Uso has cost
J. a singles title.
Little brother, big brother, got you!
I'm not to lose on control,
Big brother Jimmy!
My biggest moment in my career,
He versus you,
When I knocked a yeet out your ass.
At WrestleMania,
From the playground to the big time,
I show the world I'm more than a brook,
More than a twin.
I show the world who I am.
I am Jonathan Salopa,
Fatou, Jimmy Uso.
I am Joshua Samuelu, Fatou,
J. Uso.
I am not
My brother's keeper.
Please welcome the greatest rapper of all
Lil Wayne!
I need your hands up!
Hands up!
I need your hands up!
Hands up!
Let's go!
I'm a millionaire, I'm a young money
Top of the night, dearie,
You're my criteria,
Comparing to your courageous isn't fair,
I'm a funny real disease, like a
Do the in-lead on the sheet,
I can tell it in my mind,
Cause I don't write, cause I ain't got
What you laughing at?
Oh yeah, Cole!
What you just mean for?
Okay, stay, boy, stay!
Where's this yeetin'?
How could you not be?
It's all me now, it's...
You feel that, Cole?
The following contest is scheduled for
one fall.
Introducing first from Santa Francis,
We're gonna get 242 pounds!
Hey, big fan!
J. Uso!
it's on you, it's on you,
it's on you, hi!
it's on you, hi!
it's on you, it's on you,
It's on you, just you...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's all you now.
That was beautiful.
It's your turn.
You are eating.
How could you not be eating from one
cheese steak?
That's a Liberty bill.
Don't you start eating too cold.
I think you're going the wrong way, Cole,
Sorry, you try.
Every city.
You eat with Jey Uso.
Hey, they're even eating in London,
It's 142 in the morning over there on
Well, good morning, lads.
Thank you for eating with us.
This man has earned all this.
And his opponent from San Francisco,
California, weighing in at 251 pounds.
And you know, Pat, Jey Uso would have
earned a lot more if it wasn't for this
man, Jimmy Uso.
I've said this in a number of occasions.
Jey Uso could be the undisputed WWE
Universal Champion today if it wasn't for
Jimmy Uso.
Jey Uso could be the Intercontinental
Champion today if it wasn't for that man,
Jimmy Uso.
They're saying he sabotaged Jey because
he's been jealous of the run that Jey's
been able to go on without Jimmy as his
tag team partner.
Jey Uso wasted a little time going right
after Big Brother Jimmy, other twins, but
Jimmy was born a minute earlier.
Like nine minutes to be exact.
The thing that Jey needs to realize is
that perhaps he wouldn't have reached
these heights in his career had it not
been for his tag team partner twin
brother for all of these years.
Last year at WrestleMania, they were
still the undisputed tag team champions.
Yeah, they lost to the main event, ending
their reign of 622 days, longest reign
As tag champs in WWE match is officially
underway, Jey and Jimmy Uso.
For only the third time in WrestleMania,
real life brothers are going at it in a
The first Owen Hart, Bret Hart, the
second Jeff Matt, the Hardys, and now
Jimmy and Jey, the Usos.
Jimmy just launched himself to be outside
continuing to bring the fight to Jimmy
What I wouldn't give to spend about 30
seconds in the minds of each of these
Well, I'd like to bend in the mind right
now of their dad, Rikishi.
What is he thinking about?
I got a chance to speak to Kishi briefly
last night at the Hall of Fame ceremony.
And Kishi said, as proud as he is of both
of these sons, it tears the family apart.
Nice cross body by main event Jey Uso,
and a kick out at two and a half by
She said he had never had a doubt that
these two boys would make it to the top
of the game,
that they would headline WrestleMania's.
He just never expected it to be against
one another.
Obviously, members of the greatest
bloodline in the history of the business,
both of them.
It's in their blood, but Jey just wanted
to make it on his own.
And I think Rikishi is proud of him for
You know, you guys got to also look at
what Jey Uso accomplished last year.
And Jimmy Uso.
Nice neckbreaker.
Pop up Samoan drop.
Didn't get all of it, got enough of it.
So remember what Jey accomplished last
year in the tag team match back at Money
in the Bank.
Jey Uso became the first person to
actually pin Roman Reigns since December
of 2019,
which earned him the title opportunity at
Boom, Jey Uso.
I impact in the corner.
What I want to see, what I know we're
going to see is whether or not one or the
brother has what it takes to pull the
trigger to get the job done, to get
Because it's one thing to come to
WrestleMania and compete against one of
the greatest superstars
in the world as your opponent.
This is your brother.
How far are you willing to go to become
I mean, you've already seen how far
Jimmy's willing to go.
He would completely screw over Jey
numerous times.
And Jey remembers that.
But that's not a combat scenario.
Those are to your point cheap shots and
attacks from outside.
This is a one-on-one matchup.
These two know one another better than
anybody on the planet.
They spent years together as a tag team.
I would argue they know one another's
game better than they know their own.
Jey Uso had the confidence to branch out.
To get away from Roman Reigns and the
Jimmy Uso, in my estimation, didn't have
that confidence.
Felt like he had to go back into the
bloodline to go back under the thumb of
the tribal chief.
To go be a part of something that is
going to live on forever.
The bloodline is what you might say.
I didn't mean to say that.
Big kick by Jimmy who's now taken control
of this match.
I don't like the fact that Jim has
operated in a jealous fashion towards
He should be happy for his brother being
able to branch out of the bloodline and
make it on his own.
Instead of jealousy, it's resentment.
That's not good. That's not how real
brothers act.
That's not how real brothers act.
I think it is how some brothers do act.
But it shouldn't be in this game.
These two are on top of the world
I think it has to do with jealousy.
Jey had an opportunity to...
But also talent.
Jey branched out on his own and now the
whole city is yeeting in every city that
he goes to.
But for jealousy, that's what I'm talking
Everything about this jealousy is reared
its ugly head when it's come to Jimmy
The other girl here was letting Jimmy
know that he sucks and then he kicked his
brother in the mouth.
That's why he sucks.
Is that why he sucks or is that why he
kicked his brother in the mouth?
Well, he sucks because he kicked his
brother in the mouth, because he's
jealous of his brother.
I think for the first time tonight, we
have no yeet.
I'm not a no-yeet guy, by the way.
I'm a big fan of Jey Uso, main event, Jey
And yeeting.
And now Jimmy top rope with Jey in all
kinds of trouble.
Nobody home as Jey rolls out of harm's
And now Jey looking around, he matches
his brother with a kick to the face.
Turning point in this matchup, perhaps.
Gives Jey a second to breathe at least.
We saw referee Daphne LaSonne over and
checking on Jimmy Uso who ran right into
that boot.
I noticed Jey Uso grasping at his left
knee briefly.
I'm curious to see if that'll factor in
as the match progresses.
Will that prevent the match from
This is bringing back memories.
Jimmy and Jey as kids in the playground.
Who's tougher than who?
Jey Uso.
And Jey Uso not allowing it to happen
Brother on his shoulders.
Well placed elbow.
Not a kick.
One, two, three.
Now Jimmy got it.
Right on the ear.
And Jey to the jaw.
Pretty much been a stalemate this fall.
The seesaw battle back and forth.
Neither brother able to maintain much of
an advantage.
Anything you can do, I can do.
Only things that twins can truly say.
More than others.
And here we go, brawl middle of the ring.
Jimmy and Jey unloading.
Jey with Jimmy on his shoulders.
Oh, that kick caught him.
Right in Jey back.
That's a kick his own.
Right here.
Right here, big brother.
Get that shit.
It gets me.
Jey always treated us a little brother.
That's what you're talking about.
Looking to prove.
That's been 50-50 so far.
Now Jimmy.
That one rocked Jey.
Stumbling in the corner.
How about the other ten?
Hey, hey.
Hey, you and me.
You and me.
Let's go.
I'll be on Twitter, brother.
You got to remember Jey who so never
wanted it to come to this.
Jey did not want to be fighting his
brother Jimmy.
He wanted Jimmy to come along with him
for the ride to get out of it.
Bloodline for good.
What a kick from Main Event Jey now
teaches brother a lesson.
This could be the beginning of the end.
The vacant stare in the eyes of Jimmy Uso
as he tries to recover to some extent.
I don't know if it's confidence from Jey
or if he's reluctant to bury his brother
right now.
That's my point.
That's my question.
Does either brother have what it takes to
truly put the other down?
Oh, this is a confidence though, man.
He said I'm lying to him.
Jimmy's covered up and Jey Uso would not
pull the trigger.
Jey showing compassion for his brother
He was about to deal the death blow and
Jimmy begged him off.
Jimmy begging for forgiveness.
Oh no.
Jey got suckered in and Jimmy Uso is
going to stab his brother in the back.
No yeet.
And Jey stays in it.
I can't believe it.
I thought the Usos were back.
No chance.
I was hopeful that the twins were back on
the same side but instead Jimmy.
Sometimes a relationship even if it's a
brotherhood can be fractured beyond
I think that's the case with Jimmy and
Jey Uso.
The audacity of Jimmy Uso.
The jealousy oozing out of his pores
trying to sucker his brother in.
Jey wanted it I think.
Just like me.
Of course he did.
I think Jey's wanted it all along.
He never wanted this to happen.
He never wanted this rift.
He never wanted to fracture the
He wanted to be with his brother.
He wanted Jimmy to get away from the damp
bloodline and Roman Reigns and this is
how he's treated.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
And just like that made event Jey Uso.
to his brother, J-Win, the Usos Civil
Here is your winner,
the main event, J-Uso.
You gotta eat about that, Hope.
You gotta eat.
Why are your hips so aggressive right
now, McAfee?
Cuz I'm eating and feeling.
Cuz he's dancing next to me.
Nonetheless, in the city of Brotherly
the younger brother scores a win.
J-Uso, that took everything, everything
in his heart,
everything in his soul.
It went against every fabric in the bead
of J-Uso
to take his brother Jimmy out tonight.
This is where it all came crashing down
for Jimmy Uso.
J delivering a spear right to the heart
of his twin brother.
A mid-air redirection on the Uso splash.
And main event J with a massive victory
on the grandest stage of them all.
London's eating, Philly's eating, and
Jimmy's eating crow.
For everything he's done to his brother.
The Ultimate Fan Experience.
The WWE Experience.
Riad, Saudi Arabia.
The WWE Experience.
Riad, Saudi Arabia.
I wanna send a special thank you to the
weekend for
gasoline, the official theme song of
WrestleMania 40.
It's featured on the album Dropout
available now on Apple Music and Spotify.
Earlier today, the American Nightmare
Cody Rhodes arrived in style.
And his newly wrapped boss featuring WWE
partner weekly American
vodka, maybe Cody will celebrate tonight
with an American Mule cocktail.
And join American Mule yourself, made
with weekly American vodka and
celebration of WrestleMania.
I know where I'm going at for show.
Let me go finish your story.
Sounds good.
Well, the storm has arrived.
Get ready for an ultimate showdown as
damage control face the powerful trio of
the glowing Naomi, the STB Akebel Air and
the one and only J.
Kargil right after this break.
Members of the WWE Universe subscribing
to Peacock Premium Plus.
Let's take a look at how these six women
found each other in a battle for the
The two men are fighting for the title.
The two men are fighting for the title.
The two men are fighting for the title.
The two men are fighting for the title.
The two men are fighting for the title.
The two men are fighting for the title.
the match control.
The following is a six woman tag team
That's what's on one song.
Introducing first representing damage
The team of Dakota Kyle and
WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, Kairi Sane
Asuka, the Kambuki Warrior.
The Dakota Kyle is braver than I am in
that outfit tonight.
That is frigid.
I don't ever want to think about you in
an outfit like that ever again.
I had done that for you.
That isn't what I meant.
I'm from Texas.
This is cold, ladies and gentlemen.
Dakota Kyle, the Kambuki Warrior, set for
six woman tag team action here tonight.
It is 50 outside.
We'll get to that in a moment, but we
want to tell you that.
Don't miss any of the action.
Get your favorite wings delivered by
ordering at wingstop.com.
Bring the flavor.
51 degrees, it feels like it's 46 because
of the wind at 14 miles per
hour out of the North, but have no fear,
ladies and gentlemen.
We have come prepared.
At least Corey and I have come prepared.
Well, we've learned that you have to be
prepared for
anything you once called WrestleMania in
a pod show.
Now we've got our accessories for this
this year.
Yeah, you've got gloves, I've got a hat,
Pat's got hand warmers.
You guys look ridiculous.
It is a perfect temperature here in the
lovely city of Philadelphia for
an incredible WrestleMania.
It is shockingly colder than I thought it
was gonna be though.
Maybe you should not wear your shirt open
like that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Not prepared, but hey, if you're
competing here, you're gonna have to be.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
The match is over.
This is
play up the
Cargill and Bianca Ballet.
Gentlemen, there is a solar eclipse set
for tomorrow here in the United States.
However, tonight in Philadelphia, there's
a storm of ruin.
For many members of the WWE Universe,
they will get their eyes on
J. Cargill tonight for the very first
time and not be disappointed.
Thus far since signing with Friday Night
Jade Cargill has been as advertised.
You match Jade's skill set with the EST,
Bianca Ballet, one of the most dominant
females of the last decade.
And the veteran Naomi, who has been on a
roll since returning at the Royal Rumble.
This is like assembling the Avengers of
the women's division.
This is dangerous.
We all got our taste to Jade Cargill back
at the Royal Rumble match when she
entered at number 28 and she eliminated
Nia Jax, Becky Lynch and
ironically her teammate tonight Naomi.
Bianca Ballet, as Corey mentioned, one of
the veterans at WrestleMania.
This is her fourth WrestleMania, the
three time world champion.
Of course, defeated Sasha Banks back in
the historic main event at WrestleMania
Naomi enters WrestleMania for a ninth
time in her career.
She won a championship at WrestleMania 33
Jade Cargill enters WrestleMania, the
grand stage for her very first time.
While all eyes of this stadium are on
Cargill, Naomi and
Belair on the outside of the ring, the
Kabuki Warriors are almost flippant.
Right now, Asuka and Kairi are dancing to
Bianca Belair's entrance music.
It's as though this is just another night
at the office for
the women's tag team champions.
So here we go, Asuka and Naomi will start
things off in this matchup.
So there's six to WrestleMania for Asuka.
Ironically, one of the all time greats is
never won at this event.
Shockingly enough, her NXT undefeated
streak that she carried over to Raw
was ended at WrestleMania by the Queen
Charlotte Flair.
914 days.
Naomi out of the way, able to avoid
contact, delivered a double drop kick.
And now Philadelphia is feeling the glow.
Naomi into the corner to Kairi St.
Bad ass trio.
Naomi Bianca and Jade.
Are you kidding me?
A split leg dropped by Naomi covering,
saying it barely kicks out near fall for
Why not?
Stay together, maybe go get the tag team
Naomi picks up a win tonight, Corey.
She will be tied for the most wins by a
woman in WrestleMania history.
Incredibly impressive fact, could not be
And Dakota Cop.
And I think that's been the story of
Naomi has quietly made history throughout
most of her career.
She's a former SmackDown women's champion
and earned the respect of the entire
locker room up and down the roster.
But for some reason, the rest of the
Say, my God, often doesn't give Naomi the
respect she rightfully deserves.
No respect shown for Naomi there.
Of course, EO Sky, the damage control,
the WWE Women's Champion as you take
another look at the flying Kairi St.
Insane elbow.
It's a reckless abandon from EO Sky,
willing to do that when have-
Cover, here's the cover by Kairi St.
In a kick out, I was saying EO Sky not
here tonight because she defends
the WWE Women's Championship tomorrow
night against Bayley who formed
damage control a couple of years ago at
Summer Slam.
And that's been some story that's played
out on Friday nights.
No doubt about it, it's become deeply
personal betrayal.
But it's gotta be odd if you're Bayley
who's looking on,
watching what damage control has become.
Like your creation has become its own
sentient being.
It's taken over WWE.
Into the cover is Asuka, hook at the leg.
And a kick out at two.
In Corey, it was EO and Dakota and Bayley
in the beginning.
And once Asuka and Kairi got into the
mix, things really turned around.
I think credit also needs to be given to
Dakota Kai.
Because she has really become the de
facto leader of damage control.
Despite the fact that they say there are
no leaders.
Dakota's calling a lot of the shots and
she's really, really stepped up her own
game recently since returning from
And no doubt about that.
Damage control is a whoa machine.
There are menaces everywhere they go.
Championship quality, Hall of Fame
Naomi trying to fight out of the corner.
And she does successfully.
What a move by Naomi.
Naomi's got the full length of the ring
to cross to make a tag.
Kick to Asuka.
You heard that Echo.
Naomi again to your point trying to make
it across the ramp.
Trying to make it to Jake Cargillou,
Bianca Belair.
Tag made to Dakota Kai, Dakota trying to
cut her off from making a tag.
Naomi, so quick, so close.
It was Jake Cargill, kicks Kai.
And here comes the EST.
WWE, Bianca Belair.
And Corey, she's had a major problem with
damage control really from the beginning.
Since the inception of damage control, it
has been a nonstop thorn in the side of
the EST and Bianca looking eager for a
little vengeance tonight at Mania.
And Bianca showing her power marching
around the ring, vertical suplex.
And a kick up.
The strongest, the fastest, the toughest,
the roughest, the quickest.
And taking out the tag team champions
right now, the Kabuki Warriors.
Since she arrived, absolute beast.
Heavy hammer fists to the tag team
Dakota, yeah.
Dakota had no clue that was-
Wow, unique gut buster.
Spine buster.
And look at the power of Bianca Belair.
Bianca Belair's kicking wholesale ass.
Damage control in all kinds of trouble.
Three in a row.
That moonself coming out and putting
damage control away.
And they have to kick out before the
count of three.
It would be hard to remain humble if I
pinned an entire team.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
That would have been the most impressive
pinfall in the history of sports
And Dakota does not want to see J.
Cardill involved in this matchup, sends
Bianca out to the apron and now a step
into the back of the neck.
Cover by King Kota.
Belair able to escape.
Tag to Asuka.
Kairi Sane and Asuka.
Tag champs, double team coming.
Kairi, oh, look at that.
Asuka with a running knee.
Cover now by Asuka.
Hook of the leg for the victory and a
kick out by Belair.
Just a barrage of rapid fire offense from
damage control.
The Kabuki Warriors in particular.
And the chants are echoing throughout the
You hear what they're saying, Pat?
They want Jane and Asuka does not care.
Dakota got legal.
Belair trying to fight out of the corner
with everything she has, but
damage control now, cooking on all
Double suplex attempt.
Belair able to escape.
Rolls through.
Here comes Jade Cargill.
And remember, damage control has already
had the misfortune of
feeling the power of this storm.
Kairi Sane top rope.
Jade doesn't realize she's there.
Maybe she does now.
Catches Kairi Sane.
Big backbreaker.
Now Dakota Kai from behind.
Big back body drop.
Dakota landed hard on the side of her
Into the corner, big splash by Cargill.
Dakota, down.
What a drive by Cargill.
Damage control will break it up.
That might have done it right there.
Now, Belair getting involved.
DOD incoming.
Asuka trying to save her tag team
I think Asuka just missed it.
Yep, definitely.
Taking out Kairi Sane.
Asuka misses wildly and runs in to the
What a whip.
KOD incoming.
Cargill up goes to Dakota Kai.
Down she marches around the ring with
A display before planting Dakota Kai.
Kai has been jaded.
Here are your winners.
The team of Naomi, Bianca Belair and Jade
What a night for Jade Cargill, Naomi and
Bianca here in WrestleMania.
It doesn't get any bigger than
WrestleMania, so imagine your first
matchup at WrestleMania.
If you're Jade Cargill, the hype train
has been running at full speed and in the
with a couple of reliable partners, the
trio is able to force miscommunication
the tag champ.
Or missed communication.
I didn't even do that on purpose.
Well, there was no miss in the whip that
Bianca delivered before.
And here we go.
Walking around for all of Philadelphia to
This was a warning shot.
This was a message to all of WWE.
I think that team stopped before, right
I think you made me right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Maybe you need a Snickers.
That was great.
clay, less.
Imagine if you want a Snickers.
Now let's be more patient, Mark.
You need a Snickers.
I was great, Miz.
Let's do it again but better.
Maybe it is snickers.
Try righteous indignation.
Maybe you need a drink or tip one.
It doesen't taste like the Disney
You need a.
maybe you just need to you get it.
Maybe you need a Snickers.
WrestleMania is in Philadelphia tonight.
This is Lincoln Financial Field.
The last time we were in Philadelphia for
it was the first time ever called this
event back at WrestleMania 15.
We also hosted a WrestleMania Rage Party
where Big Pun and
Isaac Hays were involved.
You and Big Pun were in the same place at
the same time.
Actually interviewed him.
Center City, Philadelphia here tonight
for WrestleMania.
Cosmic in a lot of rooms.
Lot of rooms.
A matchup of immovable forces in mind,
body and spirit.
The longest-reigning Intercontinental
Champion, Goomter.
Well, the Avengers title against the
unrelenting Sami Zayn.
After this break, for our viewers
subscribing to Peacock Premium Plus.
Let's look at how this brutal rivalry
$1.3 billion in sales last year, Prime.
The Prime Hydration Station, right here
at ringside.
And it is about to go down.
And of course the Prime logo, first time
ever, here at Wrestlemania.
Shout out to Prime, absolutely
And his opponent representing
he is the Intercontinental Champion.
They are about to enjoy this matchup in
Cologne, Germany as well live right now.
Of course supporting Goethe,
he's going to be the first to see the
matchup in
the world, and
he's going to be the first to see the
matchup in
the world.
We will be in Germany August 31st for the
Basch in Berlin.
Kaiser from Germany, this man from
His presence is intimidating.
The aura is palpable.
Gunther and Sami Zayn mentioning
yesterday at the
WrestleMania kickoff event that they both
had their first matches in the United
States here in the city of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Of course that is where the fictional
Rocky character is from.
If you think about it Corey, this is
Rocky Ford.
I mean yeah, I suppose Gunther bears a
striking resemblance to Ivan Drago,
but Sami Zayn ate the Italian stallion.
This is not a movie, this is reality, and
Sami Zayn is in the ring with perhaps the
greatest professional wrestler in the
world right now.
666 days as Intercontinental Champion,
the longest reign ever.
It was June 10th, 2022 that Gunther
knocked off Ricochet to win the
championship that has been held by
dozens of WWE Hall of Famers over the
Perhaps no one is dominant as Gunther.
If you want to dig into the Rocky theory,
Sami Zayn fights great.
Gunther is a great fighter.
And Gunther looking to overpower Sami
Zayn, so let's talk about this match.
Pat, if you're Zayn, what do you got to
do to knock Gunther off?
Well, you got to survive.
I think that's what Sami Zayn is going to
have to do, because Gunther brutalizes
And Sami now, looking to get into a chop
fest with Gunther, not sure how bright
that is.
Ducks out of harm's way, and if you're
Sami Corey, you just need to hang around,
Listen, Sami is no stranger to this game.
Sami has been in high stakes environments
many, many times, and Sami defies odds
for a living.
Sami needs to bring to the dance, stick
with what brought him to the dance
against the ring general tonight.
Yeah, the main event at WrestleMania last
year, the Tag Team Championship match
with Kevin Owens.
Oh my, German suplex.
I was thinking there was a chance maybe
he catches a lucky, you know, shot on the
ring general's
button and knocks him down, but we've
never seen Gunther have that type of
This is going to be a long one.
It may be possible, but it is always
highly unlikely.
My God, the searing pain of a Gunther
chop just pulsating through Sami Zayn's
body right now.
Sami's eyes doubling back into his head
after that chop by Gunther.
The eighth WrestleMania for Sami Zayn as
you take another look at the boot
collapsing the face of Zayn.
And then slammed to the mat by Gunther
last year.
Gunther took out Drew McIntyre and
Sheamus at WrestleMania and one of those
physical battles we've ever witnessed.
One of the best matches to take place all
year last year, no doubt about that.
But tonight Gunther is not about match of
the night.
He's not about accolades.
Gunther is about dominance, about
creating a legacy in WWE.
Well, he wants to send a little message
to Sami as well and anybody that wants to
challenge this record reign of Gunther.
Gunther's gotten a little bit more wide
over the last few weeks though.
Attack on Chad Gable trying to play some
mental games with Sami.
And he realizes, Gunther does, that he's
got to get in the head of the veteran
Sami Zayn who's trying to fight back and
stay in this.
And Uppercuttle drives Sami to the court.
Big clothesline.
God Zayn right across the lips.
Oh, goodness.
And Gunther is not done there.
This is the 29th time in the history of
WrestleMania of the Intercontinental
Ben defended.
This is what the ring gunner all does.
Beat you up.
Brutal shots.
Brutal holds.
And enjoys every moment of it.
And his chest marked up already and he's
smiling about it.
He is Gunther.
Adam on the show the other day, he talked
about how Sami Zayn did.
There's another huge shot across Sami's
Sami Zayn did 10 push-ups with Chad
He thinks that's going to help him.
I don't think so.
Chad Gable has tried to play mental games
with Sami as well.
Convince Sami that you can win.
I've known Sami a lot of years.
That's Kajia, that's the wife of Sami
These are looking on in support of Sami
And again, I've known Sami for years and
years and years.
We were discussing earlier today.
We met each other in 2006.
We've traveled the independence together.
I have never seen Sami doubt himself to
the degree he has recently regarding
Well, a lot of that had to do with the
fact that he lost in Montreal to Roman
Reigns in front of Kajia
and of course his son, Ramac Jr.
And that stuck in Sami's brain for over a
He doesn't want that to happen again.
He doesn't want his family to think of
him as a failure on these big stages.
And that's what's been bugging Sami.
WrestleMania is not the stage to work out
your inner turmoil.
There we go.
Kadeige is fired up now.
Sami is starting to make things happen.
I'm guessing if you're Sami Zayn, perhaps
your best strategy could be to try to
push the pace.
Try to use your speed to gain some kind
of advantage on Gunther.
Gunther doesn't like to be rushed.
He likes to take his time and savor his
opponent's suffering.
Yeah, slow, meticulous face.
Oh my goodness.
And Sami, very defiant still on his feet.
Oh my God.
Sami just firing rights and left.
We are witnessing a fight.
And I think Gunther was expecting this
out of Sami Zayn.
Gunther covering up, trying to force
Sami kicked him in the wrist.
Sami down.
Half and half suplex.
Gunther's in trouble.
The champion in the corner.
Oh, and he runs into a clothesline by the
Cover to retain Sami in two.
And if that doesn't break Sami Zayn's
spirit, nothing will.
Delivering two brutal suplexes only to
have Gunther eat him, smile, and larry at
your head off.
That can't feel good for the champ.
But Cori has said this earlier.
For Sami Zayn, he has to just hang
He has to just hang around enough to be
able to catch Gunther one time.
Not just hang around.
I just made eye contact with that man.
He knows what's at stake here.
He knows who he is.
There's a lot to talk about down.
He knows he's a champion.
I don't think it's as simple as just
hanging around, guys.
I truly don't.
I think that as much punishment as Sami
can and has absorbed, Gunther is going to
find the limit.
It may take all night.
We could be here halfway into
WrestleMania Sunday.
Still watching Gunther beat the hell out
of Sami.
Well, I think Sami's just pissing him off
is what he's doing now.
Oh, yeah.
Gunther trying to...
Looks Sami up.
Sami though.
Couple of chops hanging on.
Driving Gunther back to the ropes.
I don't think Gunther is expecting this
type of fight out of Sami Zayn.
Sami now.
Tornado DDT.
Drops the champ on his head.
Sami's got a chance.
Here's his opportunity, Corey.
Sami Zayn thinking about a Haloova kick.
He's got Gunther in position across the
Gunther though catches him in a sleeper.
Just caught him with that left arm.
Sami slinging him away.
The champ misses wildly again.
Went for the blue thunder bomb and
Gunther able to counter.
I never thought I'd see Sami Zayn
punishing Gunther like this, but he's
been doing that.
Again, in a sleeper hole.
Now the middle of the ring.
Went for the blue thunder.
Didn't work.
Gunther locked in it and maybe over soon.
They are in the dead center of the ring.
There is no way Sami can reach a rope to
force a break.
That's deep too.
That is deep.
Sami trying to hang in.
Trying to hang in there.
Sami's fading.
Gunther's got it locked in good.
Sami talked about his boy crying.
Could you imagine him being choked out
and feeling?
Sami trying to somehow make it to the
Somehow forced a break.
Kenny hang in there.
I was a doubter.
I didn't think Sami Zayn had a chance at
hell in this match tonight, but he's
hanging in
Can he make it to the rope and force a
break by the Intercontinental Champion?
It's Karen Goonza like a backpack right
Can he get to the rope?
Finger tips away.
Almost there.
Sami's got to reach out trying to grab
the rope.
Gunther's not going to allow it to
And a German suplex by the Champion.
This is what makes Gunther so
And you know Pat talked about looking at
Sami's eyes moments ago.
I just looked in the champ's eyes right
Almost a look of frustration on Gunther's
face that he didn't put Sami away with a
sleeper hold.
Okay, Gunther is a master of turning his
frustration into anger.
Oh, an explosion to the corner.
Didn't quite get all of it, but it may be
Sami looking for the Haluba kick.
Gunther back to his feet.
Here comes Zayn.
The Suarez drop kick.
And this one is as good as over.
Just like that stacks up Sami Zayn.
Who kicks out?
Gunther has to be wondering how in the
hell does Sami Zayn continue after that?
That's exactly what the Intercontinental
Champion is asking himself.
And so as much of the WWE Universe after
that epic powerbomb.
And this one's still going.
And I think Corey that Gunther knew he
was going to get some sort of fight like
this out of Sami Zayn.
That's why he played those mind games,
the psychological warfare, the beat down
for weeks.
I completely agree with you.
Gunther knew he was in for a fight.
Sami Zayn was in the main event of
WrestleMania Saturday one year ago.
Oh, God.
Paintbrush kick from Gunther to the face
of Zayn who collapses and now the smile
on the face of the champ as he glances
down at Sami's wife.
And there's a hell of a kick from
Arringonar on.
Haluba kick!
Haluba kick!
Out of nowhere!
Sami's got a chance!
Here's the cover for the win!
Got it now!
Gunther kicked it too!
That was it.
That was the hail, Mary.
That was the best shot Sami Zayn has or
ever will have of knocking off Gunther
and didn't get it done.
I 100% agree.
That was Sami's opportunity, Sami's
moment, and damn it Corey, he knows it.
Sami Zayn knew he had the champs on the
ropes, but he can't give up.
He's got to stay in.
He's got to keep the mindset.
He's going to try for another Haluba kick
Champion's slow to get up and he could be
Oh, and a clothesline!
And Gunther's had enough.
I'm done with playing games Sami Zayn.
Oh my, oh my.
Look at this!
And another cover to retain the
And they got the shoulder up!
Referee Eddie Rango was right there on
the count.
Sami survived.
The look on the ring general's face right
now is one of disbelief.
Two thunderous power bombs to the
challenger and Sami Zayn beats the count
of three.
Sami's wife could not believe that Sami
somehow survived.
I love that from Sami's wife.
Mocking the wife of Sami Zayn.
Yeah, and then she told Goother it's over
for you.
That's your best shot?
My husband's got it.
Answer it.
We can all dream, can't we?
Because Sami Zayn doesn't look like the
kind of man who's going to take down the
intercontinental champion tonight.
Gunther has just switched into
destruction mode.
He wants to destroy Sami in front of his
Punish him, torture him.
At least Sami's family's in town.
He's got to spend the next couple of
weeks in the hospital courtesy of the
ring general.
Thank you for the silver lining, Corey.
The official checking on Sami Zayn.
You know me, ever the optimist.
Sami trying to fight back to his feet.
Goother, the clothesline again.
Just stay down, Sami.
You're not going to do it.
Sami's head bouncing off the mat.
The official again.
Eddie Orango checking on Sami Zayn here.
Gunther has been destroying this man.
Shut up.
Come on.
What you guys doing?
You're not happy, man?
Come on.
I don't like this.
I don't.
I don't.
I don't like this.
Come on, baby, let's go.
Get up.
Gunther, this is uncalled for.
Our most dominant intercom mental
champion of all time.
Scramming for Sami to get back to his
Sami can't even stand.
Gunther again.
What a power bomb.
And at some point the official's got to
think about this thing.
Eddie needs to stop this now.
This is...
Well, he has every right to.
Sami can't even protect himself right
Eddie, I don't care what Sami's telling
If he can't go, call the damn match-off.
His family's here, Eddie.
Let's get a bit uncomfortable as Gunther
now goes to the top rope, big smash to
And now Gunther's just having some fun.
Gunther didn't even attempt to cover.
This is sick.
And again, gonna go up to the top rope.
He's looking at this as a highlight
Oh, he's defenseless, Sami Zayn is.
He can't even defend himself.
I got a couple of splashes in
Another splash to Sami.
Gunther toy with Sami Zayn.
He's supposed to be the ring guy on our
Have a little cooze.
Smiling at Sami's family.
Sami Zayn is getting killed in there.
See, Gunther's saying, why do you throw
in the towel?
Gunther's saying, why do you throw in the
I'll tell you why not.
You see what's happening?
In the middle of this ring right now.
Sami trying to fight back.
Sami trying to fire up.
Sami trying to stay in this.
Gunther can't believe it.
Gunther going up to the top rope.
Sami with a Halovah kick.
Sami Zayn now hooking Gunther.
The champion is rocked on the turnbuckle.
Sami Zayn.
Sami Buster.
Sami Zayn with a brain buster.
Sami reached deep into his back and
tricks for that one.
And the ring general is rocked.
Sami Zayn trying to make into his feet.
Gunther's in trouble.
Halovah kicked by Sami.
Gunther collapses in the corner.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you believe in
Hurry Sami.
The cover.
Sami Zayn.
Did it.
Here is your winner and the new
interpunsegence of champion Sami Zayn.
You can hear the emotion in Samantha
Irv's voice.
The 666 day reign is over.
Sami Zayn.
May I dare say one of the biggest upsets
of the last decade.
Tank it out.
Everybody thought he was out.
He finds energy.
Halovah kicked to Gunther.
Brain buster to Gunther.
Which leads to one final boot to our
intercontinental champion's mouth.
And now the most dominant reign is over.
And the Sami Zayn era begins.
Sami Zayn has exercised his demons.
Sami Zayn proved he could do it.
The underdog has won the big one.
That's amazing.
That's a great team right there.
For the full time in his career.
Sami Zayn's an intercontinental champion.
But I guarantee you.
This is the sweetest victory ever.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The best team in the house.
The BOs in the house,
A Little World.
Be there for babies to come
But wherever they're
And then they'll know
Don't know they have a chance
Than if they come reunion
in or in a tree.
Everywhere they are.
Then they went right away.
And like to have a surprise
to each other
4 if children
It's 50-45 with a wind chill, North wins
at 14 miles per hour.
Yeah, it's a bit chilly for sure, but an
honor to be here.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the
General Manager of SmackDown,
Nick Aldous, and the General Manager of
Raw, Adam Pearce.
Big bop, big bop.
Ladies and gentlemen, we wanted to take a
moment to thank each and
every one of you from wherever you are
around the world for being with us here
tonight at The Link and the millions
watching around the world for
helping to make this the biggest
WrestleMania of all time.
And AP, we've only just begun.
You got that right, Nick.
All night long, you have given us your
passion and
you have given us your energy.
And as we prepare for the biggest tag
team match of all time,
we're asking for just a little bit more.
From the bottom of our hearts, on behalf
of everyone at WWE,
to the 72,543 beautiful souls that filled
each and
every one of these seats, all we could
say is thank you.
Guys, we still got tomorrow night to go.
Don't forget about Monday.
Yet a reminder.
72,543 people here for night one of
Among those the big celebrities.
There's your pal, McAfee, the guy that
helped you cheat to a WrestleMania
George Kittle of the 49ers.
And his handsome brother is well.
Vanessa Hudges, big fan of the bloodline,
my god, Cole.
Her better half here to support the
Walle is here.
And you guys were making fun of my hat.
I think Foxy's hiding behind the fear.
Foxy needs to relax cuz two chains is in
front of him as is.
Drew Ski, one of the most hilarious
humans on earth alongside Michael Rubin.
Founder of fanatics and a man right next
to him who is the boss.
Sorry guys, we have the best seat in the
Michael Cole, Corey Grace, Pat McAfee and
tomorrow the return of the Slammy Awards.
It takes place at 10th or Eastern time
all WWE social media channels.
And coming up tonight, immediately
following WrestleMania.
It is the WrestleMania press conference.
You can see that on Peacock and again on
all WWE social media channels.
Those superstars there among those who
will be involved.
But let's talk about WrestleMania Sunday
tomorrow in Philadelphia.
And of course, the World WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre says Seth Rollins is
playing himself thin.
Get Drew in the title, we find out
tomorrow night.
And we are in a city that knows a thing
or two about getting crazy,
having a street fight.
It's a six man Philadelphia street fight
as Bobby Lashley and
the street profits battle the final
And also tomorrow night, it's LA Night.
And AJ Styles one on one.
And what has been called the biggest
match in the career of LA Night.
Was there a fight the other day?
The United States title is on the line as
the Maverick Logan Paul
defends against not only the prize
fighter Kevin Owens, but the Viper, Randy
And it's the WWE Women's Championship
The Royal Rumble winner Baylor against
her former damaged control colleague.
The champion, Eos Sky.
And what happens in a matter of moments
will directly affect the rules in this
Can Cody Rhodes finish the story and
dethrone Roman Reigns?
Will Roman once again turn away the
challenge of the American Nightmare?
Will it be bloodline free or will it be
bloodline rules?
We are going to find out because coming
up next, it is the main event of
WrestleMania Saturday.
It is the biggest tag team match in the
history of WrestleMania.
It's the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes
and Seth Freakin Rollins against
Roman Reigns and The Rock.
I want you to know.
Whether you like it or you don't like it,
it doesn't matter what you think.
This is the most powerful family in
professional wrestling.
The Rock, the Universal Champion, Roman
Reigns in the biggest main event in
the history of WrestleMania, bound by
Hold on, hold on.
This right here is bullsh.
You're out here dictating WrestleMania
It is not your right to determine the
main event.
It is mine.
I want the Royal Rumble.
WrestleMania 40, WrestleMania 40.
WrestleMania 40, WrestleMania 40.
WrestleMania 40, WrestleMania 40.
WrestleMania 40, WrestleMania 40.
WrestleMania 40, WrestleMania 40.
At WrestleMania 40, I choose you, Roman
This is a done deal.
You're irrelevant just like your dad.
If your grandfather was here, his
grandfather was here,
they'd be ashamed of you.
Cote, he's not fit for these shoes.
He's lucky to be here.
We can't have you trying to take me off
the top because I'm number one forever.
I'm the only guy that didn't have to go
to Hollywood.
Hollywood came to me.
Roman Reigns, I acknowledge you as my
tribal chief.
This is family.
The Rock is a member of the bloodline.
Acknowledge us.
Cote, you do not have to fight this
battle alone.
There are some things bigger than us and
taking down the bloodline is the biggest
thing that we can do.
Together, we are gonna burn it down.
You think this is all here because of
you, right?
Put your money where your mouth is.
If you beat us, then on night two, your
championship match, Cote Rhodes,
will be free of the bloodline.
When you don't win, it's bloodline rules.
Anything goes.
Do you- Will you shut the hell up?
The future of the industry is on the
Breathe and accept.
The Rock will do everything in his power
to make sure that you don't win.
Rock, how can you be so sure of yourself?
April 6th, the bell is gonna ring.
Are you gonna have all that big, dwayne
Or is it just gonna be LBS?
Little Dick Syndrome.
Peace, feel the pressure release, still
no relief.
That's the nature of the beast.
So we flip in the mold, we bigger than
issues of old.
This is our mountain.
We run this business.
Can't you a fork in the road?
It's time.
That be the path of the greats.
We cut the head off the snake.
I can feel it when it's changed.
Yeah, yeah, blow it on the flames.
You think you're tough, you think you
could go two on two
with the greatest pairing in the history
of sports and entertainment?
Cause I ain't never scared to fail.
For me, it's harder not to trap.
What will April 7th look like?
I can't do it alone.
This is Evolva Die.
Defeating the final boss, defeating the
tribal chief at Wrestlemania.
This one right here, this one is for
The biggest tag team match in the history
of Wrestlemania.
No, no, no, no, no, no single off with
the lock is over
Cody, the Rock doesn't want to talk to
you right now, but
the Rock wants to talk to one person, and
that's your mama.
Mama Rhodes, you want your son to hand
you that universal championship,
but that ain't gonna happen.
You are gonna get a belt, but you're
gonna get the Rock's belt.
Pull up your son's blood.
This is what happens when you, with the
final boss.
Cody Seth, the Rock and Roman Reigns will
end your story magically.
You smell what the bloodline is cooking.
WWE Racing.
This will go to again.
SmackDown added onoms on making it 9-10.
Moving to Hell with Davella and
I'm your girl, heart's on free will of
Gotta die, we're taking all the way, I
give it all away
You take my freedom, it'll save me, and
I'm better than the pain
I built my kingdom, and now you pass to
My dream is done again
You'll follow me until the end, I have my
I'm so down and ready now, down this roof
up all the town
Gonna give a one I can't see
Hear the crowd on the tone, ready for me
to start the show
Out the country lights go off, oh, oh
My father said when I was younger,
heart's on free will of man
You took it all away, I gave it all away
You take my freedom, it'll change the
game, I'm better than the pain
I built my kingdom, now you pass to me
I'm so down and ready now, down this roof
up all the town
I'm so down and ready now, down this roof
up all the town
Gonna give a one I can't see
I'm better than the pain
I built my kingdom, now you pass to me
to that man is father-in-law, Randy's
father Otis Reed,
who fought through chemo and radiation
treatment to be here tonight to witness
this event.
An inspirational story that Cody Rhodes
hopes to feed off of here tonight.
This fight has been insanely personal.
And Cody Rhodes has the biggest weekend
of his life.
And tonight, I think he's into the
biggest fight of his life.
Burning down.
Burning down.
Burning down.
Burning down.
In London, it is 3.07 in the morning.
And they're all singing Seth Rollins
See his hats on his shoulder there.
For Seth Friedkin Rollins.
That's a hat. I believe.
I'd say you're mistaken, McAfee.
Burning down.
Burning down.
And our main event tonight is brought to
you by American Home Shield.
And one of your home systems and
appliances. Don't worry, be warranty.
I don't think that. Maybe it is. Cory?
I'm gonna go now.
We're nowhere near the fashion. God,
that's Seth Friedkin Rollins is.
So here's another guy that just signed up
for something that he didn't have to,
even though he has a championship on the
Rollins has never met a fight he didn't
like, particularly on the grandest stage
of them all.
But for that man, Cody Rhodes, this match
is a must win.
Cody and Seth don't win. Cody faces Roman
Amonite in the main event under bloodline
roles, which means anything goes.
Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,
Miner boss
What bullsh weather
the People's Championship, which was
presented to him last night at
the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies by
the widow of Muhammad Ali, Lonnie.
The Rock holding it high above his head
as Cody Rhodes and
Seth Rollins look on at the man who now
calls himself the final boss.
72,543 people on their feet.
Watching because they are as absolutely
as I am myself completely
the final boss, look at the physical
peak physical condition.
12 weeks training camp,
flying wrestlers in, three a day,
strict diet all for this moment and look
at him.
The final boss is a specimen.
Well, listen, let's not get ahead of
How could you not?
It was eight years ago that Rocket his
final match that was in WrestleMania.
He beat Eric Rowan in six seconds.
The man hasn't had a true wrestling match
in a decade.
He beat a guy in six seconds and we're
holding that against him.
He won in less than ten seconds.
He hasn't had a match.
Okay, you know why?
Cuz it's so damn good.
That's why he beat a guy in six seconds.
Chill out.
Just a little disrespectful to our final
Wait a minute.
one thousand
Team Days as the undisputed WWE Universal
Roman Reigns flanked by the brand new
Hall of Famer,
Paul Heyman, who was inducted last night.
Roman Reigns sets a record tonight at
He ties Hulk Hogan.
This being his eighth main event in
WrestleMania history.
And exactly like the final boss,
we just saw moments ago, the tribal chief
perhaps in the best physical
condition of his entire career.
How does that happen this late in the
Well, when you haven't wrestled a match
since the Royal Rumble and
you can sit at home for two months and
you can diet and you can work out.
I get six pack abs like that as well.
I doubt it.
Let me answer your question, Corey.
It's because Roman Reigns is addicted to
Yes, he's the goat.
Yes, he's had the greatest run, but he's
nowhere near done.
He's still waking up as if he's sleeping
on a twin size bed.
He's in a penthouse in Miami and he
doesn't even realize it.
That's why he is our tribal chief.
Maybe yours, but nonetheless, there is no
doubt Roman Reigns is one of
the greatest of all time.
He's the glory of his glory by tribal
But Roman realizes what's at stake
He teams with Rock for the very first
time in his career, his cousin.
Roman would love to win this because if
he doesn't, it's even Cody,
one on one, nobody can get involved.
And if there was no involvement in last
year's WrestleMania,
Cody be the champion today.
It's a rather popular conspiracy theory
amongst the WWE Universe.
It may turn out to be true.
I completely agree with you.
The importance of this matchup for Cody
Rhodes and
Roman Reigns both cannot be overstated.
If you two could put your ones up, that'd
be great.
Please acknowledge our tribal chief.
Cole, Cole, Cole.
Acknowledge your tribal chief, please.
He's the reason why you have that three
piece tux on.
Looking like a matric D.
He's the reason we're here.
I didn't have the link to be fair, Cole,
between the tribal chief and
the final boss, they're responsible
probably about 70% of yours in my income.
More than that, boys.
80 to 90%.
And that's why we acknowledge.
conjure Paul
Beyonc and
Roman Reigns team chemistry
more heavily have
paid no attention out there not
ever is a day where
is a tag team match scheduled for one
And it will determine the stipulation of
the main event of WrestleMania Sunday.
Introducing first from Atlanta,
Georgia weighing in at 222 pounds.
He is the winner of the 2023 and
2024 Men's Royal Rumble Match.
The American Nightmare, Cody Harris.
And his tag team partner from Davenport,
Iowa weighing in at 225 pounds.
He is the world's heavyweight champion,
the American Rollins.
their opponents,
first from Miami,
Florida weighing in at 285 pounds.
The Rock.
his tag team partner,
a company to the ring by his special
WWE Hall of Famer, the wise man, Paul
From Pensacola, Florida weighing in at
265 pounds.
He is the undisputed WWE universal
heavyweight champion.
Roman Reigns.
Samantha Irvin is so damn good.
What a way to kick off the main event
here tonight at WrestleMania.
There are 72,543 WWE fans here tonight in
Philadelphia sold out at the link.
This is the biggest tag team match in the
history of WrestleMania.
Seth Rollins will main event WrestleMania
for the first time in his career.
Seth Rollins is also the man that, well,
beat Roman Reigns via disqualification.
A couple of years ago, still holds that
in his back pocket.
Cody Reigns, Rhodes, who tomorrow night
has the main event against Roman Reigns
the championship, understands they win
here tonight, evens the playing field.
For the Rock and Roman, teaming together
for the very first time in their careers.
Understand a win for them means that
bloodline rolls tomorrow night.
Let's get it on at WrestleMania.
I am an absolute awe of the physical
condition of the Rock and Roman Reigns
This one of those ones getting off the
bus, you really like the bloodline.
Cody Rose, Seth Rollins have had to
They have had to claw for everything they
have achieved in this industry.
And that was the point you can't measure
heart, Corey.
Heart, you can look like Roman Reigns in
the Rock.
You can look like Greek gods, but at the
end of the day, Cody and Seth do it each
every week night after night, dig down
They've got the heart and soul of Lions
and they're gonna get it done tonight.
Roman Reigns is battling leukemia as we
The Rock used to wrestle in front of 100
people, 50 people to put this company on
his back the way he did during the
Attitude Era has earned him the right to
come back whenever the hell he wants.
The bloodline has earned this as well,
Michael Cole.
I never in a million years thought I
would have the opportunity to call a Rock
match at WrestleMania, but here we are in
the biggest tag team match in
WrestleMania history.
There are only two men who have main
evented WrestleMania in four different
The Undertaker and The Rock.
So here we go, former Shield Brothers.
Two men who grew up in this business
Roman Reigns and the World Heavyweight
Champion is counterpart on Monday Night
Seth Rollins will start things off in
this ever important tag team match
Roman Reigns certainly hasn't forgiven
it, nor forgotten what Seth Rollins did
to him
at WrestleMania years ago as you so
eloquently called it, Michael Cole,
the heist of the century.
Roman Reigns still isn't over that.
Roman Reigns isn't over the night that
Seth Rollins turned on him when they
up the Shield.
But if there is one man that knows how to
beat Roman Reigns, it is Seth Freakin
And here we go, collar and elbow tie up
to start off the main event of
WrestleMania Saturday.
We've asked a lot of questions about
Cody, trust Seth, their history,
Cody returning to the company a couple of
years ago, of course the big matchup.
And the great number of matches against
Seth Rollins.
But what about Rock and Roman Reigns?
You're questioning whether or not family
members are going to trust one another.
I know we saw Jimmy and Jay earlier.
Yes, I know that's an anomaly.
This is the final boss in the tribal
I wanna bitch over real quick.
These two men are arguably the two most
successful to come out of the Aniwai
They are two of the most powerful men in
the entertainment world.
They will get by, they will get along.
But because that's what has to happen.
But you don't believe Roman Reigns has
been overshadowed by the Rock and
has returned to WWE?
What? No.
The Rock acknowledged the tribal chief.
He understands how this goes.
Wait for it by Seth Rollins.
Again, Seth battling through knee
injuries, back injuries.
Drew McIntyre is opponent tomorrow night
for the World Heavyweight Championships.
Seth is burning the candle at both ends.
I would agree with McIntyre's assessment.
What sort of physical condition is Seth
gonna be in?
Come WrestleMania Sunday.
What's condition Cody gonna be in?
Well, Roman Reigns should have that.
Well, if you're Cody, if you're Roman
tonight is of the utmost importance
beyond the rules.
Because you have a chance to gain some
semblance of an upper hand before
tomorrow's main event.
Tag made here comes Cody.
Little preview of tomorrow night.
The rematch from a year ago.
Cody and Roman.
Cody Rhodes winning back to back Royal
Rumble matches.
And on both occasions has chosen to face
that man, Roman Reigns.
Yeah, you want a name at the top of the
That's what happens when you win the
Royal Rumble.
You get that opportunity.
But every once in a while, you know, that
dream opportunity becomes what?
An American nightmare.
Like it was last year.
He said on the show the other day, the
finish of storyline gets to him because
he's reminded of last year.
Tonight's not about finishing the story.
Tonight is about prolonging it.
Getting to tomorrow.
Hopefully having the odds in your favor.
Maybe you can win this matchup.
He's been getting his ass beat by the
Rock on a weekend week out.
He has.
There's no doubt about that.
Rock has had the upper hand even last
week and on Raw when Cody and Seth fought
they set the trap.
It was actually Roman Reigns who had the
upper hand.
There's no way Cody Rhodes is at 100%
coming in.
It's the biggest weekend of your life,
We finish in the story or not.
We finish in the story or not.
You can see how the Tag Team chemistry
develops as this match progresses between
Rhodes and Rollins, between Rock and
The other thing if you're Cody tonight,
instead of Rollins for that matter, Roman
I mean, you can ill afford to tweak an
injury tonight.
Gotta be very careful.
And let's be perfectly honest.
This is the main event of WrestleMania
Not one of these four men is leaving this
stadium tonight without some sort of
battle damage at less than 100%.
Tag by Seth.
And if you're trying to survive, that's
when you get hurt the most anyway.
We've been talking all night about the
role the weather has played.
There is certainly still a chill in the
You gotta wonder if that's gonna affect
the physical condition of any of these
Are you gonna see it?
Are you gonna give the people what they
And for the first time in eight years,
the Rock has entered a match.
Rock and Rollins big smile on the face of
Seth Rollins.
We talked to Seth Corey, he's been upset
about it.
Sort of played second fiddle a bit in
this whole thing over the past couple of
And it bothers him.
Don't sugarcoat it, Cole.
This is why Seth Rollins wakes up in the
morning to prove people wrong.
And Rollins will tell anyone who has ears
that he is every bit as talented, every
bit as capable, and every bit as popular
as Roman Reigns.
He's also the workman's champion.
He won the championship back in May of
last year.
Well, he just got tossed around like a
bag by the final boss.
What are you guys talking about?
The final boss is in the ring.
Let's go.
Lock up and throw him around.
Final boss is in.
Listen, I really expect Seth Rollins to
have a decision.
What about that, Seth Rollins?
This is going to be a little bit of that
Still standing.
There's a good singing city here in
And a city that loves nostalgia.
Are you calling the final boss nostalgia,
Michael Cole?
Disgusted by everything you're doing
right now, Cole.
They love greatness here.
We've talked a lot about the attitude
here this week.
They like hard work.
You remember what happened last time?
Rock was involved in WrestleMania here in
WrestleMania 15.
Rock and Stolen Cold, Steve Austin.
The quarter of a century ago.
Still throwing the same big rights.
I also seem to recall an event here in
the Philadelphia area
where both Roman Reigns and the Rock
stood side by side in a WWE ring.
And that could be considered the flash
point for the evolution of the Tribal
Close line by the Rock as he's bloated
out of the corner.
Let's bring it, Mr. Rhodes.
That's a gift I use on a daily basis.
Listen, Pat, we both know the Rock's a
good guy,
but unfortunately we found out how
personal this issue between Rock and
Rhodes is.
Last night at the Hall of Fame, during
his speech,
the Rock turned his attention to the
American Nightmare
to remind Cody that this is not business.
Well, listen, the Rock waltz back into
Of course, a member of the board of
He decides he wants to be in the main
He wants to face Roman Reigns at
But Cody Rhodes had earned that right.
When Cody Rhodes won the Royal Rumble, he
earned the right.
He didn't want to give it up, so in Las
Vegas at the press conference,
he told the Rock, I'm taking what's mine.
That's a shot at Roman Reigns at the
What does Rock do?
He slaps him in the face, and Cody Rhodes
has not forgotten about that.
Just real quick, Cole, do you think the
Rock needs to be doing this right now?
He could just sit on the board, make
Well, I think-
Go back to making billions of dollars.
Instead, he's in here because he loves
the business.
Maybe he has a Mass Avigo.
All the greatest do.
Why wouldn't you have a Mass Avigo if
you're the biggest star on the planet
He's a humble boss.
The electricity is palpable.
Tonight, Rhodes, locked in the right hand
attempt by the Rock.
Oh, and Rock, where they kicked the Cody.
Cody with a kicker's own and a big right
Staggered the great one, now face first
into the top turn, Buckel.
Cody, malicious with the chop, and now
the boots to the midsection.
And Cody unloading on the Rock.
Tom Rhodes, ringside, watching her son go
on the lift.
Come up, it's more than enough animosity,
boiling inside of Cody Rhodes right now.
He and Seth Rollins, teeing off on the
final boss.
Now the double team by Cody and Seth.
Roman looking on.
Seth Rollins, Seth goes off.
This is to save the business.
To end this years-long lock.
On the WWE, the bloodline is halved.
What do you mean, save the business?
What do you mean by save the business?
That's what Seth Rollins said.
Said it's bigger than just him.
It's to save the whole business.
What about this business needs saving?
Do we not have 72,000 plus in the link
right now, watching the final boss?
That's your world heavyweight champion
saying this.
That's why he chose to do this fight.
But Roman Reigns has had a stranglehold.
Leigh and his peter, WWE Universal
It's been nearly four years.
You know why?
Because nobody's been able to beat him.
Very good point, Corey.
Uh-oh, here we go.
Cody and Seth going right up for rock and
roll, and Roman on the balls underway.
This is a smart strategy by Rollins and
trying to separate the travel chief and
the final boss.
Turning these into almost individual
battles at the moment.
And bouncing rock.
Not the plumber.
Hydration table over there.
Hydration station.
Seth Rican Rollins grabbing a little
Little electrolyte with some mist.
Right in front of Mama Rock.
Now, meanwhile on the stage,
Roman Reigns and the American Nightmare
doing battle up toward the entryway.
As rock and Rollins...
Listen, Jimmy, you count your fire.
Come on.
You understand?
I'm just trying to do my job.
You know the rock, I don't fuck around.
You count your fire.
The rock, Chad Patton.
I don't want to count out.
I'm going to beat the hell out of these
Destroy them.
The rock, of course.
The final boss could fire the ref, I
The rock just told Chad Patton that if
you count your fire.
Period point blank.
That's coming from board member, TKO
board member, The Rock.
Seth Rollins driving Rock out into the
stadium floor here into the WWE Universe.
I don't know how many humans are left to
the rest of his job, but...
The final boss is one of them.
And that's why we're lucky he's here.
The fight continues.
And again, the official Chad Patton is
not counting.
Imagine Chad Patton and his paycheck.
I agree with that.
And as Rollins...
And Cole, I mean, I understand that it
seems like Patton and I are a little
bloodline favorable to him.
You think?
I mean, I'm not like Patton.
He's independently wealthy.
Much like The Rock.
Much more so, obviously.
That is why him deciding to come back and
fight our World Heavyweight Champion is
Well, Roman and Cody fighting on top of
the stage.
Rock and Seth out the top of the stage.
The stadium here.
Reigns is about to suplex Rhodes on top
of the stage.
These are both live shots right now.
Yeah, Cody blocking and Elson is on his
own to Roman Reigns.
Rock is a trash can.
I can't believe that The Rock was bold
enough to wade out amongst the Cody
Crybabies here in Philadelphia.
Fully filly was a little bloodline heavy.
I saw a lot of ones to the sky.
Head off the rail.
No, Seth.
Seth able to block.
Rock's head off the rail.
You feel like this is what The Rock had
wanted the entire time.
A fight.
What he been doing to Cody Rhodes the
last few weeks now, he's got one.
Even Seth freaking Rollins out amongst
the WWE Unimode.
Seems to me The Rock is actually treating
Oh, yeah.
I mean...
Trying to stay away from Rollins.
He's not caged in.
I mean, you should utilize your space.
Have you ever heard of a ninja that's
always acting like that?
Very aptly.
He's shot at the set reveal.
Oh, and we got a little water, a little
And about his fair play.
Not as pleasant.
Once again, it is very cold here in
The sweat, the wind, the chill.
The asses are being beaten.
And now right over here, two hour right.
Rollins sending Rock back into the arena.
Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes.
Fighting down here.
Rollins from the top of the barricade.
Rollins now at the barricade.
Down goes Rock.
And this could be the strategy for Seth
Rollins and Cody Rhodes.
Try to wear out Roman and The Rock.
Particularly, we talk about ring shape in
It takes a long time to get your ring
shape back.
And yes, Rock clearly an amazing physical
I tried to bring that up earlier and you
got yelled at me.
12 week training camp.
He's in great shape.
You can't factor in the WWE Universe and
the juice of being on the WrestleMania.
The energy you mean, the electricity that
is WrestleMania.
Berminating throughout the link tonight.
Yeah, Cole.
Rollins screaming at Rock.
Rollins of course, with a chip on his
A reign.
Rock dragging the official causing the
distraction Roman got involved.
Big brain on the big Rock.
Did he hurt his knee?
Counting the mat and frustration of your
Just returned from a knee injury.
Yeah, and Seth, it looked like he tweaked
his knee as he came off the apron and now
Rock attacking the knee.
That is the knee that Rollins just
recovered from.
And that does not bode well with Seth
having a World Championship title defense
tomorrow night against Drew McIntyre.
And again, Rollins was the one who
accepted this challenge.
Rollins was the one who spoke up for Cody
Rhodes, thus jeopardizing both matches
And now Rock gonna go to work on the
injured knee of the World Heavyweight
I said let's test him.
And things have gotten dire for Seth and
Look at that.
Oh no.
And the Rock has this.
Continuing to destroy the knee of
Rock is a man who does whatever the hell
he wants, whenever the hell he wants.
Says whatever he wants, whenever he
Tag Bade, here comes the Enderspie to
champion, Roman Reigns.
He wants some loose, Roman says, don't
mind if I do.
Roman Reigns right now has got to feel
fresh as a daisy.
He had a few moments on the apron to
And now targeting and already injured and
damaged Rollins.
And now Cody can do his look on.
Listen to Rollins.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
A cheap shot by the Rock.
And again, officially he can't do
Chad Patton saw it.
Chad Patton watched it go down.
Of course, but he can't do it.
I think it's the Rock is on the board.
He can fire the man.
How, and what world is that fair?
That's a nice little advantage to have.
It certainly is.
Oh, I don't know where you grew up, but
life ain't fair.
All right, reality is the Rock is the
final box.
And we should act accordingly.
Half crab by Reigns.
This man once had seven bucks in his
Now he's just telling the rest.
Yeah, don't, don't.
Maybe he should remember where he came
He's celebrating where he is.
Great point.
Put the words out of my mouth.
If where you came from was so great,
why'd you try to get out of there anyway?
Well, everybody needs where they came
to get to where they are.
But the Rock is in a position where he
can just tell the ref to go to hell.
None of us have that.
None of us have that.
Seth freaking Rollins is in a position
right now where he may be forced to
to the Tribal Chief, the half crab
Yeah, and if he submits, guess what
happens tomorrow night?
All of this can happen because it'll be
bloodline rules for Roman Cody.
And that has got to be running through
the mind of Cody Rhodes right now.
Every time there's a pinfall attempt, a
near fall on Rollins,
Cody's got to realize that Cody doesn't
even have to come up short tonight
to change his fortunes tomorrow.
Jeep shot by Roman.
This is wildly.
Seth Rollins not going to...
not the Tribal Chief over the top rope.
Reigns able to protect himself.
He's able to get his feet down underneath
him to prevent...
Well, you saw Seth look back to try to
make a tag,
but Cody even knocked off the apron.
So Rollins looked out, looked out.
And now the Rock and Roman Reigns.
Rollins driven into the steps.
He's got to back back.
The Rock drives him right off the metal.
Well, it comes with the territory when
you take such pride in being...
And again!
The workhorse here in WWE, Rollins is
perpetually beat up
because Rollins defends the championship
night after night around the globe.
That's the dichotomy of Seth freaking
Rollins and Roman Reigns.
Not that one is better than the other.
Just it.
Roman and Rock, the bloodline having
their way right now with the World
Heavyweight Champion.
How about them working in unison too?
All that conversation about division and
all that?
On the same page.
Everybody's acknowledging that as we
Nothing Cody Rhodes can do as Seth
Rollins just gets wracked all around the
ring by the bloodline.
He's in into the corner with authority.
Here comes the Brahma Bull.
Notice how both Rock and Reigns are
moving incredibly, deliberately, slowly,
taking their time,
not giving Rollins the slightest
opportunity to capitalize.
And you know who's sitting in the back
laughing right now?
Drew McIntyre.
McIntyre gets Rollins tomorrow night for
the World Heavyweight Championship.
Drew predicted it.
He said this was going to happen.
And the final boss once again reminding
Chad Patton of the magnitude of this
Now, not only the day, but what about the
history of back problems for Seth
You see him favoring the back right now.
Like I mentioned before, Rollins, since
I've known him for nearly 15, 16 years,
Rollins has always had something.
It was his neck, it was his knees, it's
his shoulder.
But that comes with the territory.
When you live life at 100 miles an hour
like Seth Freakin' Rollins has and
continues to do,
you're gonna have battle scars, you're
gonna have issues.
The scariest thing is having someone like
Roman Reigns, who used to be so close
with Rollins,
who knows Seth so intimately that Reigns
is going to exploit any weakness he can
Chiseled Roman Reigns, boom, to Rollins.
Now Roman just staring back at the man
who is gonna try to take his championship
tomorrow night.
Look at that million dollar smile on the
travel chief.
Oh, you mean Billy?
I don't know if he's keeping up with our
And Roman is locked and loaded.
And Cody's about to watch WrestleMania go
up in smoke.
Rollins to his feet, went for the
Superman punch, Seth,
turns it into a neck breaker and set as
an opportunity.
Can he make it to Cody?
Can Seth somehow dig down deep and make
it to his partner?
Can Roman get to the Rock? Yes, he can.
Roman gets to the Rock, back into the
ring, and he prevents Seth Rollins from
making the tag.
Dragging the World Heavyweight Champion
backdoor at his corner, screaming at the
official again.
Barking at every bar.
Oh my God.
The Rock just delivered a deliberate low
And you saw, I don't know if you saw that
actually on camera,
but Chad Patton, the official, literally
went over to Cody Rhodes and apologized
to him,
said, I can't do nothing about it.
Rollins can't even run right now.
I mean, understandably, that's usually
the case after you get hit,
where the sun don't shine.
Chad Patton, the senior official in WWE,
just with a disgusted look on his face.
Really helpless at this point as Rock
drags Rollins back to his feet.
Seth trying to fight back, favoring his
knee, favoring his back.
He's been punished and tortured here
Here comes the great one.
Oh, step up, it's a gory.
Rollins by some time.
Rollins just shut the Rock down big time
and in a hurry.
Now Seth Rollins needs to find a way to
his corner to Cody Rhodes.
Critical moment in this matchup. Rhodes
knows it.
Rollins so out of sorts, he doesn't even
know which corner Cody Rhodes is in right
There we go.
Roman Reigns into the ring.
He's set outside the ring by Seth, Seth
with an opportunity.
Cody wraps the corner. Here comes
Rollins, Reigns, Yanks, Cody off the
Double leg by the Rock.
And Rock looking for the Sharpshooter.
Sharpshooter is it.
Rollins with nowhere to go, no partner to
Bad knee, bad back.
Middle of the ring.
Big right hand bump.
Cody just slapped the pace down the
Rock's mouth again.
Cody Rhodes fired up.
Cody imploring Rollins to make the tag.
Rock, come on, on the top rope.
Hand by Rollins.
Super kick and down goes the Rock.
Can Seth capitalize?
But what damage did Seth just do to his
own knee?
Seth landed to stop and immediately
grabbed his injured knee.
And now it's Reigns pleading for his
partner to make the tag.
Rollins trying to drag himself to Cody.
Tag made to Roman.
Tag made to Cody Rhodes.
And here we go, Cody and Roman.
A little appetizer for what's going down
in the main event of WrestleMania Sunday.
Will it be bloodline free? Will it be
bloodline rules?
It's too tough to tell at this juncture.
Cody with a power swing.
And the American Nightmare is beginning
to feel the WWE Universe.
Look at him in the playing field.
Tomorrow night, Cody's second role.
And Cody Rhodes.
Disaster kick down goes Roman.
And Cody Rhodes down with an opportunity.
The American Nightmare is feeling it.
Think of what this would do for Roman's
How it could shatter the Tribal Chief's
confidence if he loses tonight.
Cody, Connor.
The Tomorrow's opponent.
Come on, Cody.
Hook to the leg and Reigns kick out at
Cody now surveying the scene.
The adrenaline beginning to pulse.
Cody, Cutter.
Didn't catch all of it, but certainly got
Cody's staring down at Heyman.
Turns his attention to the undisputed
Cody thinks this is his moment.
Gonna set Roman up for Crossroads and try
to put the champ away,
but Roman able to counter.
Superman punch.
Out of midair.
Butler rules.
Come on, no.
Reigns believed this was it.
Thought it was over.
Superman punch right on the chin in
But Rhodes fights on.
Proper punctuality from that big right.
All of Cody Rhodes' momentum.
It was like we got a little blood coming
from Roman Reigns.
We busted open at WrestleMania.
Roman's not gonna like that.
The bloodline.
You can see the fury in the eyes of Roman
He saw his own blood and it's time to go
God mode.
For the spear, Cody up over the top rope,
shoulders down for the win.
Roman kicks it too.
Wildly missed.
Rollins off the top rope, splash for the
Roman kicked out.
That was the best shot to this point that
Rhodes and Rollins have had.
This is a.
Cody top rope walking the ropes looking
for the Cody Cutter.
It's like a shoulder sling.
Almost a shoulder tackle.
And Rollins followed up immediately.
Full extension on the splash.
But it ultimately was not enough to put
down Reigns.
Just way to audible midair.
Cody Rhodes there.
The song was great.
Cody's flying blind when he's delivered
the Cody Cutter.
I believe Reigns tried to avoid.
I hate that damn song.
Rollins just realizing the tribal chief
is right for the picking.
Rollins right to the stop.
Roman Reigns with some a-bye slams him
down hard.
Power bomb to Rollins in the center of
the ring.
Reigns now.
Looking again.
Put him in a spear.
Rollins caught him.
Tag made.
Rhodes legal.
Couple of super kicks.
In stereo.
Roman's down.
Cover on Reigns.
Hook in the leg.
And Rock just pulled the official out of
the damn ring.
This is getting ridiculous.
You're wondering what on earth Bloodline
rules could look like.
This is probably pretty close to it.
Cody's ticked off and I don't blame him.
This is ridiculous.
Rollins trying to pull himself over to
Rock tried to set them in the front.
Rock tried to set them in the barricade.
Reigns from behind.
Low blow.
A blatant low blow.
The official's out.
He didn't see it.
Roman Reigns taking advantage.
Now a spear to Cody Rhodes.
The cover.
The official sent back in the ring.
Cody kicks out.
Cody's still in it.
The final boss is I-rate.
Roman Reigns.
Oh, Heyman's flustered.
The Rock's flustered.
Roman Reigns thought it was over.
You mentioned at the beginning of the
called the value, the importance of
Rhodes and Rollins having an
And that's the only reason this match is
still moving on.
Yeah, Cody Rhodes needs to win.
He's gotta win.
In order to finish the story tomorrow
he's gonna win tonight.
Have an even playing field for the Roman
main event tomorrow night.
Rhodes understands that.
Now Roman's cinched in the guillotine.
Now Roman's finished off many competitors
during his championship reign with the
And Cody fading, trying to somehow stand
his feet,
but he's in trouble.
Roman's got it locked in good.
Cody trying to fight back to his feet.
Cody fading.
I might be at Chinese to get in there.
Cody keeping the hand up.
Cody's still in it.
Roman Reigns can't believe it.
Cody trying to fight out of the
And now the Rock gonna drag Cody Rhodes.
Oh, no.
And Roman remains cinched in the
And this is so stupid.
Oh, my God.
The official can't do a damn thing
because of the Rock.
They just called the match.
They just called the match.
They called the match, town.
Do something.
At least preserve our title matches for
I think in the process,
Rollins might have unintentionally made
contact with Cody.
Played two for one on the stop delivery,
unintentionally by Rollins.
The Rock sent and sent Rollins out of the
And this match continues.
I mean, it's a pretty wild set of rules
Pat, there are no rules.
It's hard to keep track of them.
We might as well just have bloodline
for this match tonight.
Well, it's hard to keep track of what the
rules are.
I will be honest.
I must say.
But it feels like the bloodline has been
as a tag team.
Cody's mother is father-in-law looking
Oh, no.
And look what this belt reads.
This is your son's blood on this belt.
Your tears are next.
Your tears are next.
You hear me?
My mother's tears are next.
Can you see that?
I'm just a little bit closer.
That was classic.
Michelle's one of the classiest women I
The mother of Cody Rollins.
Oh, Cody!
Now Cody's got the weight belt.
Oh, Rock beat him in the punch.
Got it.
Now Cody and Rock exchanging blows.
Cody's done the fire up now.
Oh, the bionic elbow!
The American Dream Live as well here in
Spine Buster on the pine!
The Rock!
With the most electrifying moves.
Wait, let me...
Cody Collars!
Cody trying to buck the odds!
Get up!
You're gonna make me bleed!
Get up!
Forever, mate!
The only look at the crossroads on the
Superman Punch by Roman Reigns!
Cody Rhodes, who's been watching the
People's Elbow
for three decades.
Perfect counter.
And then Roman Reigns comes in and saves
the whole thing.
Roman wants bloodline rules on Sunday.
Well, he's got him tonight.
Roman back on his feet.
Cody trying to drag himself up.
And Cody!
Reigns saves Cody!
Roman Spared the Rock!
Roman Spared his cousin!
And you need to...
Here we go!
Rollins! Rollins!
Roman Reigns!
Damn it!
This was unbelievable!
Seth Zayn, Cody Spared the Rock!
And in stereo pedigrees from Rhodes,
Rollins double hooks in the leg.
And the bloodline still kicks out.
This is insanity.
At this point, Rhodes and Rollins have to
be asking themselves,
asking each other, what the hell more
could we possibly do?
Maybe Rock and Roman are asking
themselves the same thing.
Finally group now.
Cody in the world every way, champion
This is what we signed up for, they're
Divide and conquer.
Cody said, look out boys, I'm getting the
hell out of the way.
You got it, Mr. Nightmare.
Oh my God, Rollins from the ropes just
took out Reigns.
And himself in the process, meanwhile on
the other side of the ring,
Rock to the eyes of the American
And Cody now, bounced off the steel steps
by the Brahma Bull.
Oh God.
The final boss looking to call the shots,
looking to do things his way.
This has been chaos since the start.
A little disrespect from the great one.
Spits on the American Nightmare.
Cody bounced off the table again.
Spanish announced that he uses a weapon.
Now what's the final boss through?
Anything he wants.
Look at your son.
Look at your son.
Screaming at Cody's mom.
Cory, I think you should get the hell out
of the way, buddy.
Get out of the way, get over this way.
Rock is about to destroy Cody Rowe, not
only tonight,
but in his dream tomorrow night.
Rock, Seth Rollins from behind.
Watch out, watch out, watch out.
Trying to block the rock bottom.
Cody tried his best to stay alive.
Now Cody, funny back up.
Oh no.
Cody's got rock up.
Cody, no, rock bottom through the ass
Cody, move, look out.
Let's go to the barricade.
There are bodies everywhere.
I don't even know.
Can you guys even hear me?
Everybody's down.
This is mad.
The rock, rock bottomed through the ass
Desperation, moved by Cody and then by
The spear through the barricade.
There are bodies everywhere.
Cody trying to muster the strength to
finish the job tonight.
Roman rock into the ring.
Cody in after him.
Drive by Roman Reigns.
Taking out Cody.
Roman Reigns.
Roman dragging himself back up to the
apron tag made.
Roman Reigns again legal for his team.
Seth and he is all messed up.
I'm looking at him over here to my right.
Roman Reigns continues to destroy Cody.
He don't belong here.
Roman barking out, talking trash.
Heavy right hand between the eyes of the
American nightmare.
We just had full chaos out here and now
it's Roman and Cody.
Roman wants to make sure Cody doesn't
even make it to tomorrow night.
Beaton and battered the American
Beaton and battered but still unbroken.
No quit in the heart of Cody Rhodes.
Cody blocked.
Rating right hands.
Middle of the ring.
The undisputed WWE Universal Champion and
his challenger tomorrow.
At WrestleMania Sunday.
Cody caught him.
Cody's got Roman.
Cody gonna go for another.
He knows one wasn't enough.
Crossroads again.
Cody wants the insurance.
Neither is two he says.
Oh no.
Did you hear that?
I felt it from a lot 12 feet away.
My lord.
The spear.
And now Roman Reigns stares back at his
The final boss.
Tag made.
Rock is now legal.
Look at the disdain on the face of the
final boss.
Just ripped Cody yet again.
Cody has no idea where he even is.
Feels like I'm back in the attitude era.
Back to his feet.
The rock.
With a rock bottom to Cody Rhodes.
One to the sky in Philly.
Did this one is for you?
Mama Rhodes.
People's elbow cover by the rock.
Cody is screwed.
Here are your winners.
The team of the undisputed WWE Universal
Roman Reigns and the Rock.
You know what this means for the main
event tomorrow night.
It means it's time for Cody Rhodes to
find a new dream.
A new story to finish because I got bad
news for all the crybabies around the
Tomorrow night ain't Cody's night.
The Rock burned the book tonight.
We ain't finishing no story.
It's bloodline rolls tomorrow.
Anything goes.
And let's not forget about the other part
of the story.
Seth Rollins.
Rollins has been writhing around beside
us after being put through the barricade.
Somehow Seth has to muster up the
strength, the will to compete against
Drew McIntyre
and defend his World Heavyweight
Championship tomorrow.
This place is going to look really,
really different by the end of tomorrow
I have a real bad feeling.
How do you stop the bloodline?
Cody Rhodes looking for the third and
hopefully final crossroads needed to put
down Reigns.
The weight belt across the back.
The spirit from the Tribal Chief.
Boom! Rock Bottom.
And it was time for the most electrifying
move in all of entertainment.
The People's Alba 1, 2, 3.
Welcome back, final boss.
You didn't miss a feat.
Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes.
Must now realize what they face tomorrow
Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior, has
got to be licking his chops.
Well, tonight belonged to the People's
Champ and the undisputed WWE Universal
Heavyweight Champ.
Tomorrow night, I expect more of the
I had no idea how Cody Rhodes, how he can
combat this tomorrow.
It's as easy as this.
Cody screwed.
Rollins is screwed.
Rollins can't even walk.
They wanted this.
They signed up for this.
So they got what they deserved.
This is what the bloodline says.
This has got to be crushing for Cody.
Crushing for Rollins.
But awesome for them.
The reign of dominance continues for the
And now it's all starting to sink in for
Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes.
There's the WWE Nightmare because you got
to take on that man with no rules on the
biggest night of your life.
Cody Rhodes' dream of doing what his
father, Ducky Rhodes, would never be able
to accomplish.
May have gone up in smoke tonight.
And Seth Rollins' dream of continuing on
as World Champ may have ended as well.
We'll see you guys tomorrow night at
WrestleMania Sunday.
Buckle up.
It's time for the greatest show in all of
Welcome to WrestleMania!
You are looking live in a sold out
Lincoln financial field.
And if I find I am peace.
Just wrap my body in these sheets.
And pour out the gasoline.
Ain't no mean much to me.
Sometimes love is pain.
Yeah, it hurts for a little while.
Some things you can't change.
You're preaching to the choir.
Oh, now you're ready to attack nice in
the back.
I'm in my back like a maniac.
Mommet rules the match.
The following is a six pack ladder match.
The undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.
A town down under our tag team champions.
The match now continues.
JD McDonough.
You can do it, Drew.
For the first time in his career, our
Drew wins in WrestleMania.
We all got faces.
We all got choices to make.
It's hard to stay hard to walk away.
You lie to me.
Spinning in the door.
Pull the hell out of these guys.
A very big loser, Dorth.
Jason Kelsen.
And Lane Johnson.
A moving out of the Eagles.
It doesn't mean a thing.
I never knew that I could feel this way.
If it doesn't hurt at all, there's
nothing left to save.
Because holding on to hope is a different
kind of pain.
Different kind of pain.
Different kind of pain.
We're right back.
Get it.
Back to the back, back to the back, back
to the back.
Soaring time for this pain.
Back to the back, back to the back, back
to the back.
If it doesn't hurt at all, then it
doesn't mean a thing.
I never knew that I could feel this way.
If it doesn't hurt at all, there's
nothing left to save.
Because holding on to hope is a different
kind of pain.
Different kind of pain.
Different kind of pain.
Different kind of pain.
This has been a special presentation of
For over 70 years, the global leader in
sports and entertainment.
January 1st, 2024, we were discussing
what WrestleMania could look like.
This card for WrestleMania was probably
80% done in October.
I think this story goes down a path that
no one in their right mind could have
ever anticipated.
This unique thing happened.
I want that title, but not at
Power goes back as it should to the
As this all changes, we call it audible
because this is all happening in real
Oh my God!
We pivot in a way that blurs the lines of
fiction and reality.
If you can continually swerve them, then
we've done our job.
You start to realize that, yeah, this is
going to be big.
I've been a part of some chaotic bills,
but this one has been the wildest.
Becoming this new version has been the
most gratifying decision.
When chaos happens, something magical
will come out of it.
What a battle!
And it just keeps getting bigger and
bigger and bigger.
Icons go one on one.
One of the most special moments of my
I can't wait to continue.
Mouths all by show!
The greatest era of women's wrestling.
Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of our
reigning defending undisputed WWE
Universal Champion, Roman Reigns,
I have the honor and the pleasure of
presenting to you the Tribal Chief's
Rules of Acknowledgement.
You shall accept there is no competitor
worthy of Roman Reigns.
I'm in God mode. This is greatness on a
different level.
Dripping with supreme confidence and
One must understand that Roman Reigns is
a Tribal Chief of his word.
I call my shot and I deliver every single
Know in your heart that Roman Reigns will
take what he wants, when he wants, and
how he wants.
Not because he's entitled to it, but
simply because he can.
This whole industry, this whole business,
works off of me.
This is my system. This is my camera.
Expect those who dare challenge Roman
Reigns to undeniably suffer the dire
I've beaten them all.
There's no one left.
And most importantly, thou shall not
acknowledge any other Tribal Chief but
the head of the table,
New Level, New Level Go!
The undisputed WWE Universal Champion!
The Tribal Chief has done everything that
you can do in this business.
Some of the most experienced may have
been of all time.
None! No one in over 35 years has held a
world title longer than Roman Reigns.
Acknowledge me!
The ultimate needle mover! He's got bone
Roman Reigns.
Thanks for watching!