Wrong Place (2022) Movie Script

I can't sleep again tonight
Maybe it's the dark
or it's the light
I've been angry with God
For not giving me
what I want
All I need...
It's cancer.
There's a tumor right here
and it appears to be growing.
I'm gonna suggest
immediate surgery
and radiation to help control
the growth.
We can re-evaluate
after six months
and see where things are.
This is a serious condition
and could be fatal,
if not treated.
[speaks indistinctly]
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's gonna be okay.
Don't you worry now.
I know that we're in good hands.
We're in good hands, darling...
I hold my pride
just like a gun
Ended everyone I love
What the hell
are we gonna do, Maggie?
We're gonna get through this.
We always do.
She's just a kid.
It's not fair.
She doesn't deserve this.
MAGGIE: No, no. Nobody does.
She's a woman, Frank.
We gotta believe it,
these things they...
They happen for a reason.
But why her?
We're gonna get her
the best treatment
that we can find.
And all the support
that she's gonna need
to beat this.
And we're gonna do it together
as a team.
The best team.
It's just that you... you...
You need to come to terms
with the fact that,
well, this is part
of her journey.
I suppose life is like that
sometimes, right?
We make our own plans
and God laughs.
Can't change His.
I can try.
Another bottle of wine?
No, no, thanks.
I think we've had enough, Sandy.
Come on. Let's go home.
Save some wine
for everybody else.
- Just a check.
- SANDY: Sure.
- I'll be right back.
- I can't feel
So pour another wine
Let's keep this heavy
Till we see the sun
I'm all the way home
SANDY: Here you go.
Y'all have a blessed night.
And I don't know how
I don't know how
[indistinct lyrics]
[sighs] We needed this.
With everything going on,
I guess something
inside in me is telling me
that everything
is gonna be okay.
I do love you so.
[gasps] Frank!
[loud thud]
[horn honking]
[music playing in background]
Right on time as usual, Jenny.
Hey, tell your mom
she still makes
the best barbeque
this side of the Mississippi.
Thank you, I will.
Oh, here.
That's for you.
- Thank you very much.
- You're very welcome.
- Enjoy.
- Will do.
- [door bell dings]
- JENNY: Thank you.
There he is, ready for action.
It's nice, Jerry.
I appreciate you doing this,
I've had some break-ins
in the back warehouse recently
and uh, they keep stealing
the copper wire.
They use it for meth.
Oh, those fuckers are ruining
our town with that poison.
No. [speaks indistinctly]
You should get
your cameras fixed.
Ah, well, you're cheaper.
I'm just kidding.
Let me show you around.
There's coffee
in the break room.
- Mm-hmm.
- Snacks.
I'll give you 10% off
whatever you want in the store,
and just... just write it down.
Almost forgot
I got something for you.
- Just come out of pawn.
- Mm-hmm.
Think of it as ah, welcome gift.
Thank you.
JERRY: Do me a favor. Don't
them smoke 'em out back.
They bitched me for a damn week
'cause of the smell.
Well, I'ma close early.
I got some errands to do.
- I'll see you in the morning.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
- Goodnight.
[alarm buzzing]
I do love you so.
And I love you, too.
[gasps] Frank!
[indistinct radio chatter]
I almost got him.
Don't you let him get away.
Not a fucking chance!
I'll meet you.
I'm about 40 yards behind.
Get the fuck up!
Please, no.
Shut up!
You disloyal fucker!
Wha... what! I...
You thought we wouldn't find out
you're setting up
your own place with Luke.
You steal our customers
and we can't beat that help.
You know what that means
for us, do you?
- It's...
- I said shut up!
That would mean a death sentence
for me and Jake.
I worked... worked for you
for two years
and what do I have to
show for it?
Fuck off!
I want my seat at the table.
Oh, you'll have your seat
alright, Leon?
Right next to Jesus,
you fucking Judas!
Look, you'd lose half
of your distro,
if it weren't for me.
You need me, you know that!
People trust me, Virgil.
Well, I don't anymore.
You're not leaving me
much of a choice.
You understand it, don't you?
Please, no.
He ain't gonna try that shit
no more.
No. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Leon's got a gun!
He's got a gun.
[gun blares]
- [gun blares]
- [grunts]
Don't move.
Who the fuck are you?
You ain't no pig.
You didn't need to do this.
I've got you in my sights.
- It was self defense.
- He was on his knees.
Here. Take this,
and just walk away.
This won't end well for you
Throw your gun.
Go fetch it.
On the ground.
Face down.
It's Frank Richards.
Got a 187.
At PeeWee's pawnshop.
Send backup.
[siren wailing]
Don't move.
[indistinct radio chatter]
If you know
what's good for you
You'll hit that road running
You don't want to wait
around to see what...
45 minutes from a Starbucks.
Yeah, he likes it
a little secluded.
It must have been nice
growing up out here.
Feels good to be back.
I can't believe it's been a year
since my mom's funeral,
you know?
My dad could really use
the family time.
Yeah, of course, he can.
It's gonna be good
for both of you.
- Thank you for coming with, Tam.
- TAMMY: Mm-hmm.
You really have been
so incredible
throughout all this.
Hey, you know what,
like Lana sings it...
I'ma ride or die, bitch
- Hmm.
- Oh, wow.
- Yes, you are.
- [Tammy chuckles]
What is it?
I mean you weren't kidding.
You really are
a bad country girl.
Hey, I finally get why you drive
a big black truck.
Hey, what can I say?
- A free car's a free car.
- That's right.
And my dad only drives
big black trucks.
So, you're sure?
You're sure, you're sure,
you're sure?
He is going to be okay
with me just showing up?
- CHLOE: Oh, my God.
- He's only expecting you.
- We're here a day early.
- Hmm.
TAMMY: You said he
doesn't like surprises.
I mean, come on.
I feel like we just give him
a little call,
- a little itsy-bitsy heads-up.
- Hmm.
You know,
he hasn't even met me yet.
It's gonna be like,
"Hi, Mr. Richards,
you don't me know,
but I'm gonna be staying
in your home for the next week."
Come on, it'll be fun.
It'll be fun.
- And you're my moral support.
- Hmm.
He gets that.
And you know what,
if he doesn't,
the one thing about
having cancer is that
people cannot stay mad at you
for too long.
If you know what's good
for you
You'll hit that road running
I've been lucky
For some while
I'm tired of being
in darkness...
The kind of man
who will love me
Just the way I am
Who will love me
Hello, sir.
I was told
you were the man to see.
What the hell happened
to your face?
My fa... Oh, uh, uh, nothing.
I just... a little
hunting accident is all.
Um, I'm here to update
your security camera
with our latest models.
If uh... [chuckles]
...you could show me
where your recordings are, I...
You're in the wrong place.
You must be talking about
that bank behind us,
we get their mail all the time.
Just between you and me,
we don't use those anymore.
- Are you sure about that?
- JERRY: Yup.
We got Frank Richards.
Used to be the police captain.
He's all the security we need.
Could you do me a favor?
Give these to Mabel
when you go over there.
Yeah, I sure will.
Uh, my apologies sir.
Um, I guess there was some
mix-up after all.
Um, I'll be sure to get these
on over there for you.
And sorry again to bother you.
Have yourself a pleasant day.
Nice young man.
Here's your weekly,
plus a little... a bonus
for that fancy footwork
you did last night.
Damn shame about that boy.
I sure am glad
you're here though.
- Keep up the good work.
- Thanks, Jerry.
I forgot to mention,
and my daughter's coming in...
- Oh.
- Next week.
Ain't that nice.
You know, maybe I can come in
a little late.
- Yeah.
- Around 9:00.
- Yeah, of course.
- Great.
Thanks, Jerry.
How's she doing?
She's fine.
See you.
Yeah, bye.
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
[car engine revving]
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Yeah, copy that.
On my way in.
[door lock buzzes]
- Send him in.
- [door lock buzzes]
What the hell
are you doing here?
I... I just thought
you might want some company.
I... didn't know
what you wanted me to do now.
Yeah, well, coming here
ain't gonna fix what's done.
[speaks indistinctly]
Look, I...
I thought he had a gun, okay?
- I... I didn't know...
- Shut up.
I spent half my life
looking out for you.
Protecting you from the enemies,
from yourself.
Not to mention
that junkie mother of yours.
She's the one who made you
out to be the way you are.
I can't blame you for that.
It's just damn ironic
how things shake up.
They say they got it
all on camera.
What? No.
They're lying.
I already done gone
over there and I...
Oh, um...
You remember when I got that
handy cam to um,
track them deer in the backyard?
But uh, forgot to turn
the damn thing on.
So, there wasn't any damn video.
Oh, yeah.
That shit is funny as hell.
Oh, and then that other time,
you saw that deer
and went to the shed
to get your rifle,
but I already took it with me
on one of my trips.
So there was no damn gun either.
You remember?
I remember everything.
No gun, no video.
And you remember all those times
you'd do something
when yo use was all drunk
at night,
but blame me the next day,
so it was just my word
against yours and...
Oh, I do.
And I always taught you well,
didn't I?
- That's right.
- VIRGIL: You sure did.
Look at me, son.
I'm glad we had this talk.
I trust you know the way
to righten this,
don't you, son?
Yes, daddy. I think I do.
Well, I guess I done
and raised you right after all.
You be clever out there
and be swift, you hear?
Oh, I will, sir.
Count on that.
[keys rattling]
Speaking of year,
are we still waiting
on your results?
Look, you know what?
I think I'm good.
I feel good.
- Good.
- I'd better be.
Between my mom and the radiation
and this waiting game, I just...
I don't know how much more
I can take.
Alright. Let's just talk
about something else then.
Like why none of my pictures
are posting?
- Oh, I didn't tell you?
- TAMMY: Mm-mm.
Yeah, there is like zero
service out here.
Once we get up the main road,
signal's gone.
- You did that on purpose.
- Mm, I forgot.
Think of it as a little
technology detox.
- TAMMY: Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Just a couple of days.
You'll survive.
I have faith.
You know what?
That sounds refreshing anyway.
- Mm-hmm.
- [chuckles]
TAMMY: So what are we
gonna do out here, hmm?
- Well, got a couple of lakes.
- TAMMY: Hmm.
And uh,
lots of trails for hiking.
Um, you know,
we have each other, right?
Sorry, Frank.
this is just a formality,
but... you're a civilian now,
so uh, this is just protocol.
So, Frank, you said
that the perpetrator
fired at the victim,
early in a.m.?
That's correct.
- But there was no gun.
- He had one.
Okay. But unless he can throw
like Patrick Ma homes,
that gun isn't there.
What do you want me to say?
But right now we got no gun,
we got no video, so...
- And just my testimony?
- Yeah.
And we got a leg
with a bullet in it
from your gun, so... it kinda
complicates things a little.
- Who's the perp?
- A Virgil.
A Virgil Brown.
Member of the Free Birds,
local biker gang.
Several priors for dealing
and several sub charges,
but nothing that ever stuck.
You know, them boys,
they don't hold no expense
when it comes to hiring
good lawyers.
Who is the kid?
A one Leon Brakes.
A low level dealer.
Selling that crap on campus.
We're still trying to track
the ring leaders as we speak.
Good luck with that.
Give us a minute.
[door shuts]
You don't think
I can do this job, right?
It doesn't matter what I think.
Come on, Frank.
Don't be like that.
It's about experience.
Yeah, I get it.
And I just don't have enough
of it.
Is that where you're going
with this?
It's your show now.
Let me know what you need.
We'll see you tomorrow morning
at the DA.
Okay, Craig.
No, I'm sorry.
Captain, Captain East.
[door opens, closes]
[birds chirping]
- You ready?
- I think so. Yeah.
It's gonna be great.
- Ah, that smell.
- [speaks indistinctly]
I'm sleeping with your da...
No, nope.
Not gonna start that way.
I just think
you're really sweet.
Are you... are you practicing
meeting my dad?
Hi Mr. Richards.
I am nervous.
Oh, my God.
He doesn't bite.
No, but he shoots, right?
- Then yes.
- No.
Not people,
well, not most of them.
Phew. Oh, wow.
I know.
Man, he's gotten into shit.
It looks like he'd have
a little more respect.
Even if he was fired.
Now, I know you're new here
and you just transferred in.
So, I'ma get you up to speed.
Now, in a span of one week,
his daughter was diagnosed
with cancer
and his wife was killed
in a car crash
- with him behind the wheel.
- Holy shit.
[indistinct radio chatter]
And the final kicker,
he blew a few ticks
over 0.08
from the drinks that night
and got charged with a DUI
for the crash.
He beat the charge,
because of his track
and service record.
Of course, he had to step down.
Fuck, if I know how
someone can bounce back
from all that.
I sure couldn't.
[engine rumbling]
[birds chirping]
[trunk thumps]
[birds chirping]
It really is so nice out here.
My mom loved making this walk
in the morning.
It's beautiful.
It's also really hard.
Why don't we hike, uh,
the other side of the lake?
Maybe later.
You should probably know
that um,
my dad has traps set out
all over the place.
Traps for like hunting game?
Yeah. And then some.
- Ooh. What?
- [chuckles]
He's just...
He's just being cautious.
You know he...
I don't know, I think that
being Captain for so many years
kind of got to his head.
You know, he's seen
a lot of really bad stuff.
Hm. I can only imagine.
He even has a meet-up spot
for us out there
in case anything
ever goes wrong.
You know, my dad blames
himself for my mom passing.
It wasn't his fault.
But it eats away at him,
you can tell.
And then everything that
I'm going through,
it's just...
It's a lot for him to process,
you know?
And part of me thinks that
he needs me to get better
more than I do.
Hey, don't worry.
I'm here now and we are going to
cheer him up.
You know,
I could actually let him
show you around.
He would love that,
you and him in the woods.
- Okay?
- Okay.
For sure.
In the meantime,
let me go unpack the truck.
So, we can finally change
and you...
you go find us some wine.
I'm gonna need it.
What is it?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Mm-mm. Come on, spill it.
You know, it's a funny thing,
All I've done
is think about death
over the last 12 months.
You know my cancer, my mom.
I cannot even imagine
what that feels like inside.
I know it's gotta be hard.
It was.
But now, it's good.
What do you mean?
It's liberating.
How exactly is that?
Well, when you think
about your own death
as much as I have,
you stop being afraid of it.
Yeah, it's just,
like I'm ready for whatever
comes my way.
It's like the fear just kind of
washed away one day.
You sure you're up for a drink?
- I can have one glass.
- [chuckles]
And you can have the rest.
Well, you know, they do say,
that wine is good
for your health.
- Oh, they do.
- They do.
Who is they?
- The people.
- [Chloe chuckles]
You know that uh,
is only about red wine, right?
- TAMMY: Ehh.
- Yeah.
Shut up and pour.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Don't move. Don't move.
Where in the hell is he at?
- Wh...
- JAKE: The old man.
- Get his ass on out here.
- Please don't hurt us.
You can take anything you want,
I said now!
You obviously have
the wrong house.
- There's no old man here.
- Bullshit.
That's his goddamn car
out there in the driveway.
What? That's my car.
The Silverado,
there's one in every other
driveway out here.
Every fucker out here
has a Silverado
or an F-150.
Fuck! No.
That shit's impossible.
I saw him here.
You're obviously
in the wrong place.
We don't know who you are.
With that mask on,
there's no way that we can
identify you,
so if you just leave now,
it's like this never happened.
Okay. No. On the ground.
Both of you! Face down. Now!
Call Frank Richards.
Hey, man, look, I... I know
you dodging my calls, alright?
But I just want to clear
the air, okay.
Look, I didn't want the job.
I mean I did want the job,
but I didn't wanna take it
from you.
You know what I mean?
But... but when you, when they...
I mean somebody's gotta be
Captain, right?
And if it ain't gonna be you,
it may as well may be me, right?
Look, what I'm trying to say is,
I always had respect for you.
And all I'm asking is that
you know, you step off.
Let the real Captain do...
Better start over.
I'm on my way to your place
right now.
And I got a full bottle
of Pappy gin.
Well, almost a full bottle.
But as your friend,
I know your drunk ass is gonna
open up the door for that.
I didn't mean that.
I mean I did mean it
but you know, in a nice way,
like friends
giving each other shit.
You know how the fuck
I meant that.
Now, see... now you got my...
Got all my brain all twisted up.
Frank, what I'm trying to say
is I...
Oh looks like you gonna be
doing heavy-lifting on this one.
I wanted you to get
some freshness.
I'll be back with Chloe.
I know you...
...wanna look your best.
God, I miss you.
And I know she misses you, too.
But you should see her.
She looks more like you
every day.
Don't worry about Chloe.
She's doing just great.
JAKE: Now, you make one
fucking move, I'm gonna kill you both.
You understand?
Frank Richards.
- Run!
- JAKE: No fuck.
You lying motherfuckers!
Get the fuck out!
[Tammy yells]
- JAKE: Hey! Open the door.
- Oh my God.
- JAKE: Open the door!
- Come on, come on.
[speaks indistinctly]
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
Drop it. Now!
I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding.
[speaks indistinctly]
Get your ass back out there.
What the hell's the matter
with you?
Come on.
Get back in that room.
You think I'm stupid?
I'm gonna fall for that shit.
Don't... this.
Enough! Enough.
Hey, I got that bottle
of Pappy for you.
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
What? Who the fuck was that?
Who the fuck is that?
Hey, sit the fuck down.
Come on, on the couch.
- Move!
- [breahtes heavily]
It's alright, okay?
That old man?
He's your dad, ain't he?
No, no, no, look. It's okay.
It's okay.
Things starting to make
a hell of a lot more sense now.
Stay here.
I'm gonna need you
to come with me.
I need your help
getting his ass out of here.
You understand?
I can't.
You're right.
I guess
I could just do it alone.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Okay. Okay.
You can't just take a dead body
right out the front door
in broad daylight now, can we?
You dig in there
and you get yourself
a trash bag.
Get a trash bag.
Get up.
I don't got time,
you understand?
You're gonna stay right
where you are,
you understand me?
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, yes.
Open it up.
You need to get his head.
I'ma get his feet, alright?
- Okay?
- CHLOE: Okay, okay.
Come on. Set in inside.
Yeah, that's it.
You're not gonna hurt him,
he's dead already.
Come on. Push.
Alright, alright.
That's enough.
Back up, back up.
Let's go.
Hope you're gonna stay still.
Sit nice
and quiet till I get back.
You're gonna die today.
You understand me?
I'll be back.
Wait, where are you going?
To fix what's broke.
He's gonna kill us.
TAMMY: Oh, Chloe.
Chloe, I can't get it off.
I can't get it off. Aah!
Chloe, help me. [cries]
[birds chirping]
[Jake grunts]
[Jake grunts]
I'll be back soon.
[breahtes heavily]
Relax, everything's okay.
You... you two, stay cool.
You, her.
[gasps] Oh, shit.
Fuck! Shit!
You call your dad now.
There's no service out here.
You know, I'm getting real tired
of your damn bullshit.
I'm telling you the truth,
I swear.
So, now you've seen my face,
I think it's time
for some motivation.
Got one last chance.
- No, no, no, no, no!
- [overlapping shouting]
You call your dad
and get outta here now.
- Is a... is a land line...
- Yeah.
- You just have to...
- [indistinct shouting]
what the fuck do you want?
Alright, alright.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Please, stop!
Look, I just cut harder
and your friend's gonna
bleed out pretty soon,
unless you start cooperating.
Now just calm down,
you still got time to take her
to a hospital and save her life.
Okay, it's okay, I...
I know where he'll be,
I just have to call
and confirm it.
We're supposed to meet
at this place called,
"The Patch".
What the fuck are you
talking about?
It's a place that we meet,
we go out in the woods, okay?
I just need to make sure
that he's still coming.
I've had enough
of this horseshit.
No, no, no,
just let me call him.
- [Tammy crying]
- Just let me call him.
Where in the hell is this place
of yours?
It's a half hour away.
Nah, fuck that.
He comes here
or your friend dies.
I can get you what you want.
Call your dad on speaker.
He better answer.
- [cellphone vibrating]
- []
Dad, hey, um...
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
Yeah, um, I'm just at the cabin
and I wanted to make sure
that you were still coming
to The Patch later.
The Patch, remember?
We were supposed to meet there.
Of course, honey.
I'm coming right now.
I love you, dad.
Let's go.
Clock's ticking.
[grunting, gasping]
[breahtes heavily]
I'm alive?
I'm alive.
Oh shit, I'm shot up.
But I'm alive.
And I'm in a hole.
This is some KKK shit.
Okay, okay, come on.
Damn, it's hot in here.
My back's burning up.
This must be
what a summer feels like.
[breahtes heavily]
Come on, brother.
Ain't no punk-ass crackhead
gonna bring me down.
I'm the motherfucking captain.
What the fuck?
Oh shit.
What are you doin'? Come on.
- I said fucking move!
- [grunts]
Alright, come on get up.
Come on, get up.
I said, get up!
Look at me!
Hey, I need you focused,
We're already on the other side
of the goddamn lake,
now how much further?
My dad has traps set out
all over the place.
You know,
all the really bad stuff.
We're almost there.
Get going.
Hey, hey!
What the hell are you doing?
Trying to hurry,
isn't that what you want?
JAKE: Oh, good, you're
starting to finally get it now.
Ah, shit! Fucking lost.
Hey! Hey, wait up!
Shit, slow down!
Hey, Christ!
Slow the fuck down!
You fucking bitch!
- How's that for focus?
- [grunting]
Never fuck with a bitch
who's ready to die.
- [screams]
- [grunts]
[taking deep breaths]
You crazy bitch!
Are you fucking stupid?
Are you fucking stupid?
You know, your girlfriend
ain't the first person
I cut like that.
She's got like
20 minutes left to live,
at most.
So, you either take me
where we need to go or she dies.
- Okay.
- And you get the fuck up.
- Slowly!
- Okay, okay.
What are you doing?
JAKE: I ain't running into
any more fucking trip wires,
you hear me?
Now, you're gonna listen to me!
When I say stop,
you're gonna stop!
When I say go,
you motherfucking go.
You understand?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Move your ass!
Oh Lord,
please give me strength.
You know, I ain't never been
shot up before.
This is some Mel Gibson shit.
And this sure ain't as badass
like it looks in the movies.
Why are you doing this?
'Cause I can't trust you?
No, I mean, why are you doing
any of this?
Why do you need
to get to my dad?
Doesn't matter.
You don't need to know.
Quite honestly,
I don't think you want to.
Whatever happened
and whatever this is, I'm sorry.
None of this shit's personal.
It's just something I gotta do.
No, you don't.
And whatever this is,
you don't have to do it.
Yeah, I wish you were right.
I really do.
But you're not.
So, from here on out
shut your fucking mouth
and do what I tell you.
This is the spot.
Listen, I need you to get
wherever the hell
you need to be.
You hear me?
No more fucking around,
you understand?
Or forget about your friend
back there.
You okay, honey?
Yeah, dad, I'm fine.
Hello, Frank.
I'm sorry, dad.
- [sobs]
- Hey, look at me.
It's gonna be okay.
You did the right thing.
You come alone?
Do I look like
I have an entourage?
This ain't a joke?
No shit.
Who's that?
Goddamn, motherfucker!
What do you want?
Shut up. You just shut up.
Let me talk, okay?
It's gonna be okay, honey.
Yeah, only if you listen.
Alright, put the gun down.
Fuck you.
Just tell me what you want.
I ain't fucking around here!
Who are you?
Doesn't matter, okay.
What do you want with her?
- Take me instead.
- Shut up.
Looks familiar?
Well, I guess you get it now,
huh, old man?
I just need you to disappear.
That's it.
- Now, drop the fucking gun.
- Daddy, no.
Let her go first.
No, you kiss my ass,
I make the rules.
You made a crucial mistake,
you should've pointed at me.
Not her.
Now, you're fucked.
If you flinch,
I'll put three bullets
in your head.
Fuck you, Frank.
I'll kill her
right where she stands.
Then you die.
Get your gun off her.
On me.
Oh yeah? Then what?
When I see her in the distance,
I'll drop my gun.
You can do whatever you want.
Look at me in the eyes.
It's your turn, son.
All the cards are on the table.
I'd be very careful
with your next hand.
Don't you dare
fuck around with me, old man.
- Daddy.
- It's okay, honey.
Just run.
- You listen to your dad.
- No.
Run, Chloe!
Why don't you take... would you...
Drop the f... drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
What? What the?
No. No!
Son of a...
Oh God, I...
Oh God.
[speaks indistinctly]
Oh, my God.
Fuck. No.
One thing at a time,
no loose ends.
I wonder... I wonder
if I can get a bonus.
Shot pay.
Yeah, I'm putting in
for that shit.
I know you can hear me.
Can't be that far!
Your friend ain't gonna make it.
Your daddy's still alive!
But he's hurt.
Who's it gonna be?
Your dad or your friend?
You gotta make a choice.
Where you at?
[birds chirping]
Come on, Craig.
Get it together.
Left, right.
Left, right.
Left, left.
Left, right left.
Left, left, left, right, left.
I don't know
what I've been told
Captain East is
hard as stone
Alright, that... that...
That shit don't rhyme
or anything.
I need my mama to kiss the...
The Fuck.
What the hell are you doing?
Stop right there.
On the ground.
It's game over. I...
What? What's so funny?
That's a 36 revolver.
And you just used
your sixth shot.
Shit! [yelling]
Hey, hey, hey.
Wake up, hey, hey, hey,
come on, come on.
Hey, I need you to move
with me, okay?
Turn over, and... and drink this.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna go get key fob
and I'll be right back, okay?
Stay awake, okay?
Shit, shit.
- Okay, the guy's here.
- Oh, my God.
Listen, the guy, he knew that
I was coming,
we have to figure it...
I thought that I had more time.
I need you to get to the truck,
Why, what are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna buy us some time.
- Okay.
I'm gonna do things
my dad's way,
plan for everything,
that's what he said.
Chloe, Chloe.
Look, I just...
I need you to do something,
I need you to get to the truck,
If I don't make it...
Look, if I don't make it,
remember the name Virgil Brown.
My God, Chloe, don't.
No, no, look, look, I'm okay.
I'm ready for
whatever's coming my way.
I love... I love you, Chloe.
Ride or die, bitch.
Okay, okay.
Old faithful.
[breahtes heavily]
Back in business.
Look out, whitey, here I come.
Oh, no, no, you bitch.
I'ma make you hurt now.
[yells, grunts]
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
I said it's lights out for you.
- [coughs]
- Lights out.
You going to sleep.
You fucking bitch!
[Jake yelling]
Get out.
Come with me now!
Stop squirming, stop squirming!
Get up! Get up!
I've had enough of you fuckers.
Drop the gun or die.
Honestly, feel bad for you.
Look at you.
You're just an old man
with an old gun.
Nothing personal, pal,
you're just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
But I guess,
that was just God's will.
Maybe not.
- [grunts]
- [mumbles] Son of a bitch.
Hey. No, no, no, no, no, no.
Alright, okay.
Hey, stay with me.
Stay with me, okay?
I'm gonna go get you help.
Stop, stop, look.
[speaks indistinctly]
Frank, Frank.
Okay, take it.
You're okay, yeah?
Get in the car.
Get to the hospital.
Get to the main road.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna do what I do best.
...kill that motherfucker.
Watch your mouth, young lady,
I'm still your father.
Now go.
I love you.
Now, that's a gun.
I got quite the collection now.
Thank you, sir.
[sirens wailing]
I guess it's true
what Jesus said.
"He who lives by the sword,
dies by the sword."
And you beat...
Got a heart, old man.
I'll give you that.
But you already played
the last hand.
I'm afraid it's...
[breahtes heavily]
[indistinct radio chatter]
Hmm, so much
for my golden years.
"Dear Frank, I know you are both
going through something
very difficult right now."
"But I just know deep down,
everything will be okay.
I promise.
I love you and can't wait
for our dinner date tonight.
Your loving wife."
See you soon.
CAPTAIN EAST: Well, Frank, I
guess I got that experience after all.
You taught me everything I know.
Truth is all I ever wanted
was for you to believe in me.
Because I always believed
in you.
I think you know that now.
And I'm gonna be the captain
that I know and you know...
that I can be.
I promise you that.
[birds chirping]
So, what do you say, huh?
How about that drink?
To my homie.
[spits, coughs]
Ooh wooh!
Damn, that's hard.
Fuck it.
Everything okay, Chief?
Yeah, yeah, um, yeah, you know,
I'm just doing that thing.
Thank you for the um,
the escort today.
That meant a lot.
Thank you, thanks for having me.
Of course, we seriously
thank you for everything.
You know, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna miss you out here.
Really hope
to see you again soon.
So, you ladies thinking about
thinking about coming back
and visiting us
from time to time?
We've decided to stick around
for a while.
I really miss this place.
Feels good here.
Plus, you know,
I heard we got a really great
new police chief now.
Thanks, Chloe.
And that's good to hear.
You know, you still got
family here, a big one.
Thank you, Craig.
I mean, Captain East.
- I'll see you girls around?
- Yeah.
What's on your mind?
I was just thinking.
I've so many memories with them
on this dock.
Learning to swim...
learning to share.
They really showed me
what it was to be brave
and have courage.
They sound so incredible.
And obviously knew
what they were doing,
because, Chloe...
...you're the bravest person
I've ever known.
I prayed so hard.
So hard to understand
all of this,
to make sense of it all,
but I... I don't think
that I ever will.
You know, I was thinking about
what my mom always used
to tell me whenever I was scared
or I was sad about something.
She would always say,
"Don't worry,
we're in good hands."
...I never fully understood
what that meant until now.
My dad was the good hands that
she was always referring to.
That's really beautiful.
And I'm sure completely true.
God, I'm crying.
Well... are you ready
to go inside?
Oh, hold on.
[cellphone buzzing]
Hey, doctor.
What did she say?
I'm good.
[crying, laughing]
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna be good.
There's no shelter
from the storm
When you're not here
to keep me warm
And I'm lost
in the changing seasons now
[indistinct lyrics]
I can't sleep without you
Wanted dreams about you
As my tears fall
from the sky
I can't breathe without you
Your love was
all that I knew
Needed to feel your touch,
too hard to say goodbye
Don't know what you have
till it's gone
A neck of memories
keeps me holding on
If lightning strikes
upon the shore
Can we change our course
and try once more?
I can't sleep without you
Wanted dreams about you
As our tears fall
from the sky
Oh, I can't breathe
without you
Your love was
all that I knew
Needed to feel your touch,
too hard to say goodbye
I can't sleep without you
Wanted dreams about you
All I do is wonder why
Oh, I can't breathe
without you
It's too hard to try
And it's all too much
Too hard to say goodbye
I'll give you shelter
from the storm
Come back home,
I'll keep you warm