Wrong Reasons (2022) Movie Script

[spray painting]
[audio logo]
Hey, this is Kat Oden, and
you're watching my debut music
video for "Selfish Girl" from
my album, Gun To A Knife Fight
right here on Radio American
Music Channel thing.
What's this called again?
Hey, what's up?
This is Kat Oden,
punk rock phenomenon,
and you are about to watch
my music video Selfish Girl
right here on RMV TV.
That's not it at all, is it?
Good day!
My name is Kat Oden, and even
though I'm an American now,
the producers wanted me
to sound more Australian.
[mumbles] And you are about
to watch my music video here
on RMV TV.
Hey, what's up?
This is Kat Oden.
You're about to watch my
music video, Selfish Girl,
from my new album, Gun To A
Knife Fight, right here on RMV.
["selfish girl" playing]
I want you to listen.
I want you to love me.
I want to know how much you care
about my new hobby and haircut
and whether I choose
truth or dare.
Your girl, selfish girl--
We've got a wage
increase, all right.
But it couldn't raise
the price that much.
It just takes a little
wood, rubber, paint, cloth,
and a phony wig
to make that doll.
There's only about 10
cents worth of materials
in the whole thing.
You pirates, crooks,
bandits, you--
you robbers!
You're right about the cost
of raw materials in that doll,
about 10 cents worth.
Raw materials in practically
everything we buy
are worth little until
labor transforms them
into finished products.
For example, how much do
you think the raw materials
cost in that car?
Well, about 300 bucks.
You've got a surprise, John.
It takes 4 and 1/2 tons of coal,
2 and 3/4 tons of iron ore,
50 pounds of cotton,
14 pounds of cured
and finished wool,
aluminum, zinc, lead,
copper, and countless
other raw materials
to make an automobile.
Without the addition
of labor costs,
these things are
worth about $22.
The raw materials require
the accumulated labor
of thousands of people
in countless crafts
to transform them into
a finished automobile.
Miners dig the
coal and iron ore.
Railroad and maritime workers
transport these materials
to the steel mill,
where workers convert
the ore into finished steel.
The wages of railroad workers
add to the value of steel
when it is transported
to automobile--
[glass shatters]
--factories that goes into
a car and accumulates labor
costs from the farmer
who tills the soil,
from workers who sow the seed
and help to raise the crops.
[bi-product, "little bitch"]
(SINGING) I'm not a
scaredycat, and I'll stand,
take a stand for that.
I won't wait or be a bureaucrat
except for when or when I'm
wrong 'cause then I
turn around and run.
I won't mention it.
I, I wont mention it.
I, I won't mention it.
Day after day after day
after day, a little bitch.
I'm a little bitch, oh, no.
A little bitch, yeah.
And I'm not a scaredycat
and I'll stand,
take a stand for that.
I won't wait or be a bureaucrat
except for when or when I'm
wrong 'cause then I
turn around and run.
I, I won't mention it.
I, I won't mention it.
I, I won't mention it.
Day after day after day
after day after day,
I won't mention it.
I won't mention it.
I won't mention it.
Day after day after day
after day after day after day
after day.
Dispatch for Detective
Dobson, over.
Dispatch for Detective
Dobson, over.
[phone ringing]
Over, Dobson?
Yeah, Captain.
Yeah, I'll be there right away.
[rock music]
[siren wailing]
Watch your step.
A lot of refuse around here.
Victim's name is Kat Oden.
She's an Australian musician.
It looks like she's about
to take off her tour.
[radio chatter]
So, she lives in Australia?
No, she's from Australia.
And she was leaving
to go to Australia.
Well, she's kind of a
big deal over there.
So, here, she's only achieved
a modicum of success.
[radio chatter]
But basic Hollywood party,
you've got food everywhere.
Haven't found any drugs
yet, but we're looking.
They took my twisted knife.
My twisted little knife--
Who's the douche bag
in the video chat?
Oh, that's Nick Boon.
Have you heard the band Adorn?
It sounds familiar.
He has a big deal here.
And he knows it, too.
Yeah, they're all big
deals, until they're not.
Well, it looks like they're
about to interview me.
Wish me luck getting
grilled by the cops.
Boom, out.
No offense, Officer.
Who are you video chatting with?
Video chat?
No, man.
This is just some of my fans.
No big deal.
Come on, let's get
this over with.
Let's start at the beginning.
Look, man, I woke up to this.
I mean, your guess
is as good as mine.
I called you right
when I woke up.
That's it.
That's the beginning.
That's the end.
That's everything.
So, you didn't hear anything.
You didn't see anything.
We've been sick-- for weeks,
like, the flu or something.
So, I may have passed
out on cold medicine.
You know how it is,
Sure, I know how it is.
Lieutenant, I need
a word, please.
A little busy in here.
It's very pressing, sir.
Nick here didn't see
anything, anyway.
He's sick.
Don't go anywhere.
[radio chatter]
Sir, we have the media outside.
What channel?
It's not local.
It's NIN.
National Independent News.
Yeah, I know who they are.
But why are they here?
This could be a cluster fuck.
[radio chatter]
Get your shit together.
Oh, man.
What are you people doing here?
I'm not going on the record.
Your Honor?
Did you see Nick
Boon's livestream?
His what?
Son of a bitch.
I thought it was video chatting.
Well, if you hate that,
take a look at this.
You think this guy
knows where she is?
Fuck, no, man.
He's got over 10
million followers.
This is a crime scene.
Make sure you stay
on the public street.
And I'm not saying anything
on or off the record.
We're not your enemies,
Detective, the USBCN is.
I arrested my first one.
You never know who you're
going to meet on this job.
Where'd the little prick go?
I think he just left, sir.
Did I hear it correctly?
Did-- did you let a suspect
leave a crime scene, Dobson?
Yes, Captain.
Unfucking believable, Dobson.
We'll get him back.
Don't freak out.
Who the fuck are you?
Where the fuck am I?
Everything's going to be fine.
My name is James.
You've been kidnapped.
What the-- by who?
By me.
What the fuck?
Why are you in that
stupid bear mask?
It's not stupid.
It's foreboding.
Can you help me?
And anyway, it's
not a bear,
and I can't have you
recognizing me.
It is a fucking bear.
Why did you tell me your name?
I didn't.
What the fuck?
Yes, you did.
You literally just
walked in here
and said, "My name is James."
--it's not a bear.
It's the Idyll-Beast.
It's a mythical creature.
What the--
It lives here in Idyllwild,
and it roams the forest.
What the fuck?
Are you fucking with me?
And you're going to
have to behave or else.
Look, I don't have
time for this.
I don't have fucking time
for this.
I have a meeting at
2:00 with my manager.
You mean your dealer.
Yeah, same person, man.
It's Hollywood,
you fucking prick.
If I don't get my
medicine, I'm going
to make your life a
fucking nightmare.
So, do us a fucking favor.
Look, here's what's
going to happen.
Soon, you're going to be
going through some pretty
bad withdrawals--
and it's going to hurt.
But the worst of it should
be over in a few days.
What-- come on.
What are you even
kidnapping me for, man?
Nick's worth more than I am.
Just try to relax.
I've made some suggestions--
Sorry, sorry--
--here in the TV Guide.
What the fuck, a TV Guide?
The guitar is in
case you get bored.
The democrats are
well-known as a country.
Is there a reason to be
concerned about a second wave?
Quantity is not
quality when it comes
to the multiple accusations
against our commander-in-chief.
These are all from his past.
Did he, one day,
decide to suddenly not
be a sexual predator?
Another woman from
decades ago has
accused our fearless President
of unwanted sexual advances.
Now, I am not
saying we should not
listen to her side of the
story, but it is decades old.
I can't remember what I had
for breakfast yesterday--
--let alone someone who
hit on me decades ago.
["wasted" playing]
I was so wasted.
I was a hippie.
I was a burnout.
I was a dropout.
I was out of my head.
I was a surfer.
I had a skateboard.
I was no heavy, man.
I lived on the strand.
I was so wasted.
I was so fucked up.
I was so messed up.
I was so screwed up.
I was out of my head.
I was so jacked up.
I was so drunk up.
I was so knocked out.
I was out of my head.
I was so wasted.
I was wasted.
We've received word that a
Los Angeles-based musician
has been kidnapped.
[static noise]
Oh, fuck.
I understand you
all want information
on this Kat Oden kidnapping.
But listen very carefully,
up to this point,
we have not been in
contact with the abductors.
So, obviously, nobody has issued
us any demands, all right?
Wait a minute.
No, I'm not going to
take any questions now.
Dobson, I want to talk to you.
Captain, captain--
Stay behind the line, folks.
Stay behind the line.
Come on, folks, you
heard the captain.
Do you think it's weird you
are not in this conference?
Someone told me you
used to be an actor.
Hero detective saves
washed-up rock star?
It's got a nice ring to it.
I could get you some parts.
That was a lifetime ago, lady.
What do you want?
A little preferential
treatment, nothing scandalous.
An insider's tip maybe?
History has taught me there's
no upside in feeding reporters.
Maybe you just haven't
met the right one.
Excuse me.
Well, it stops and look who
graced us with his presence.
What's this junkie doing
back at my crime scene?
Oh, well, I'll
tell you a secret.
He thinks he's here to
give a TV interview.
But the real reason he's here
is to give you a second chance
and not fucking up again.
Let me ask you a
question, Dobson,
what the fuck were you doing
on social media yesterday?
I don't know what you're
getting at, Captain.
Well, let me elucidate you.
Oh, yeah, the guys back at
the station, they fucking
love this.
You're a fucking star.
Once I fire you from
this fucking case,
you'll have plenty of
time to go on the road.
How the fuck is it that
you haven't found anything
I can use yet.
Well, actually, sir, I've
been looking for you.
Where the fuck
did you find this?
In the guitar case.
Let's do it, man.
Hey, guys, can I have
the room for a minute?
Now, let's go!
Not you.
You stay.
Look, man, I told you
everything I know.
We fell asleep early
watching TVs, bad cartoons.
That's it.
We were sick.
We're fighting the flu or
something, whatever it was.
We just passed out--
on cold medicine, which to
be honest, I need more of.
So, I should probably
get out of here.
Don't worry.
We found your prescription.
Nick, I don't know what it
takes to be a rock star.
I assume probably requires
a certain style of life.
But do you know what it
takes to be a detective?
No, not really.
Well, it mostly requires just
not being a total fucking idiot.
It also requires living
in fucking reality.
And in reality, I
don't win anything
by busting you for some smack.
But I swear to Christ,
if you hold out on me
in this fucking interview,
I will drop you into
a world of shit.
Yeah, man, we've been strung
out for weeks, all right,
maybe months, I don't know.
I spaced out.
Keep going.
Keep going?
Man, look, we wake up.
We get high.
We fuck.
We watch bad TV all day.
We get high again,
rinse, recycle, repeat.
This is my life.
So, you got nothing for me.
Nick, the last rock
start we busted
for this year, he got sentenced
to six months mandatory rehab.
All right.
No, wait, wait, wait.
I might have something for you.
But I need your discreetness.
The word is discretion.
Yeah, man, that.
Whatever, man.
Look, I'm only interested
in getting her back.
You saw that bunny rabbit
in the living room?
It's a nanny cam.
Sometimes when-- when
we get fucked up--
we do some freaky shit.
I'm going to need that footage.
Well-- I can give that to you.
But I need it back.
And-- I need that.
Shut up.
[chains clanking]
[door opens]
Just give it up, dude.
Just give it up.
What do you want?
I've had time to think.
Whatever you want, you
can ask, money, attention.
I don't fucking care
if you keep me here.
Just go and get me some
fucking medicine, please.
Are you that desperate already?
Yeah, I'm a fucking junkie.
You feel like a big man now?
Come on.
You're no good to
me if you'd OD'd.
You want to fuck around, sir?
Is that what you want?
[guitar strumming]
Today, we're joined
via satellite
by Andrea and Jack Oden,
the parents of Kat Oden,
and their lawyer,
Kirby Smothers.
Yes, thanks for
having us on, Hank.
Now, before we get
started, I'd like
to say that Mr. and Mrs.
Oden understandably are
very concerned about their
daughter's whereabouts.
If anyone has any
you can contact us on the
website that we've just started
Well, the website certainly
sounds important to you.
Yes, yes, look, if
you're a fan and you'd
like to donate to help us with
our search, findkatoden.com,
that's the way to go.
My biggest fear is that
they're going to find
her dead in a ditch somewhere.
Well, hold on, just a second,
this is just coming in.
Breaking news,
authorities say that they
have released a partial
photograph of the kidnapper.
This was taken from
security footage.
Oh, damn.
Hold on, more
breaking news,
sources say that the alleged
kidnapper has been identified
as James David Winandi.
Is that Winandi?
Winandi, James David Winandi.
Oh, damn.
Jimmy, they know who you are.
This photograph was taken from
an old Myspace profile.
It's only a matter of time.
Well, it's apparent
that authorities
are leaving no stone
unturned in this manhunt.
Yes, Kirby Smothers, please.
I'd like to talk to him.
Dobson, where the hell are you?
Tell him Detective Dobson
from the LAPD called.
And I'd like access to
any tips that you get.
You can call me anytime.
Thank you.
- Yes, Captain.
- Am I bothering you?
- No.
- Oh, good.
Dobson, can you tell me
how USBCN made his identity
before you did?
Word is they didn't, sir.
Apparently, it was a Redditor.
What the hell is a Redditor?
Reddit is a website where
people exchange information--
it was a guy on the internet.
You're killing me.
Are you telling me that
a person on the internet
cracked this guy's
identity before you did?
If you can't solve this
crime before some Jack off
on the internet does, then
you can kiss your job goodbye.
And then, I don't
know where you're
going to find your
Donut Dollie badge
bunnies to bang anymore.
I'll do my best not to
disappoint you, Captain.
You've already disappointed me.
Why don't you do your best
to keep your fucking job.
And another thing,
this circus, it stops.
Your job is to solve
this crime,
not ham it up in front of
the goddamn cameras, understood?
Copy that.
Copy that.
Hey, you two--
Hi, Hank Flowers with this
USBCN exclusive interview
with Kat's
long-time boyfriend
and lead singer
of the rock band, Adorn.
Thanks for joining us, Nick.
Thank you, Hank.
Happy to be here.
Happy to do whatever I
can to get her back, so.
So, Nick, the question
that's on everybody's minds,
I think, everybody wants to ask
you right now, did you do it?
Did you kidnap your girlfriend?
God, no, Hank.
Oh, how worth it to get
the exclusive for this.
Before you open mouth, look
for the term "rhetorical."
I don't have to
Google it because I
went to writing school.
Thank you very much.
You did, did you?
Fuck these assholes.
--right now in on all major
musical platforms, streaming--
How does USBCN keep
getting these people?
Everybody's got an angle.
Rock star sells his music.
Flowers gooses his ratings.
And the owners keep pushing
this website for some reason.
Of course, they are.
Yeah, but why?
I can't get access to
the tips they're getting.
Well, have you seen how much
revenue the site is bringing?
And here I am thinking,
you're a detective.
Ever seen a missing person
site with ads on it?
And how much do you think
they're paying them to be on?
It's gross.
Well, you're profiting, too.
You're in for a promotion
if you crack the case--
You will have folks--
--unless that's
not what you want.
I became a cop at 30.
Nobody who wants to be a
cop becomes a cop at 30.
Starring lead singer
Nick Boom allegedly not--
So, you'd rather be in front
of, what, the camera on NIN?
Here's Goodnight by Adorn.
Keep your phone on.
- By Adorn.
- It's great.
Wonderful, Nick.
Nick, what if Kat were
out there right now,
perhaps listening, perhaps
watching this very interview,
what would you say to Kat if
you could talk to her right now?
Gorgeous lying bitch.
Well-- do you want me
to... right now?
Go ahead. Talk to her.
Honey, come home safe.
You know, like, um...
Just grab a knife and
like stick it into him,
stick it into this James guy.
Kill him.
Do whatever you got to do,
baby, because I love you.
And I want you to
come home safe.
And I need my twisted
little knife back.
You willingly have
sex with this guy?
Yeah, sometimes.
What a douche.
Why are you with him?
Do you want me to share
my innermost feelings
with you, Jimmy?
Is that what do you want?
I don't know.
He fucking scores drugs
for me without being
so goddamn fucking nosy.
That's why I fuck him.
And you don't think
you're better than that.
Mr. Kidnapper, living high atop
your mountain of superiority...
why don't you tell me more
about how to live my life, huh?
Your parents really did a
number on you, didn't they?
You have no idea.
It's all we want to a guy.
Everything you're looking for.
What it takes to be a
hoe, taking now the shot.
[glass shatters]
Please, stop.
Please, stop.
Yeah, I'm in.
You're going to have
to behave for this.
Do you understand?
It's OK.
Just water.
Come on in.
Want one?
No, thank you.
Take a seat.
Julie Martin, a.k.a.
Julia Gonzalez Martinez,
born in Mexico City, 1985.
Why the name change?
It tested better
with the network.
We need to keep this classy.
This isn't an episode of Cops.
Whatever you want.
If this happens, I need to
know I'm being taken cared of.
I have an exclusive.
And you're going to want it.
That's pretty unorthodox.
And this isn't?
I deserve mine.
Let me talk to my boss.
Not good enough.
This isn't the spotting
of some suspect.
This is much, much bigger.
And if I give you this, I'm
going to need assurances.
I want a pilot.
For what?
A plane?
[scoffs] Don't be cute.
But it's a huge request.
If I'm going all in, I need to
know what cards I'm holding.
Come on, it's about the case.
Half-hour pilot, nothing fancy.
But if it doesn't work out,
we'll hire you on
as a crime expert.
What does the
Russian government know
that the American public
does not?
Tonight, we discussed
the possibility
that the Russian
government is sending spies
into Washington, D.C. to
influence our elections.
Investigations have
proven-- hold on.
We're getting breaking news on
the Kat Oden kidnapping case.
Oh, wow.
It's now being reported
by NIN that Kat Oden was
raped in the months
preceding the kidnapping.
Apparently, footage
is being released
of several of the incidents.
Am I hearing that right?
I guess they have no shame.
Well, this, no doubt,
adds fuel to suspicions
of Nick Boon's involvement--
Maybe you shouldn't.
--in the kidnapping case.
As many of you know--
Ladies and gentlemen,
we've just received footage
from an anonymous source.
The images we are about to
show you are highly upsetting.
Viewers discretion is advised.
Here, we see Nick
Boon taking drugs
with what seems to be Kat Oden.
This is just beyond words.
As per FCC regulations, we have
blurred out the next section
of this footage.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this appears
to be footage of Nick Boon--
Did you know?
Of course, I fucking knew.
--of drugging and
then raping Kat Oden.
I mean, the piece of
shit was videotaping it.
But I know what he does.
I'm not a fucking idiot.
Why do you let him, Kat?
I don't give a fuck.
The piece of shit was probably
going to try and extort me
with the footage, anyway.
I wish he had.
I don't know what to say.
Do you want me to change it?
Don't bother.
I deserve this.
I'll make us some dinner.
[music playing]
(SINGING) The old days are gone.
Ooh, time goes so fast.
Like the cars or the trains,
we'll watch them go past.
But the feeling's still here.
Ooh, it won't leave me be.
I didn't waste no time.
But time wasted me.
When the chariot--
I didn't-- I didn't have
any butter for the toast.
But they could
not carry me home.
Then the circle was broke
before I could speak now.
Ooh, my faith is gone.
You mean to tell me you've had
burgers here the entire time?
Fuck, at least, I
could go and smoke
when they stuck
me in rehab, fuck!
You're fucking cleaning
me up, aren't you?
What the fuck!
Is that what this is?
You're cleaning
me up, aren't you?
Because you need it.
Oh, fuck you, man.
What are you thinking handling
zombie monster with your hands?
I have no fucking idea.
Today we come live from
Winandi Publishing, owned
by Marshall Winandi and
brother of Kat Oden's alleged
kidnapper, James David Winandi.
The Winandi Publishing
Company was once
the biggest-- that's him.
That's him. That's him.
Mr. Winandi, Mr. Winandi, any
comment about your brother?
Unfortunately, my brother
is a very sick man,
and I can't make any
further statements
to the press, which, as a
publisher, is kind of ironic.
Strange world, huh?
That was Marshall Winandi,
brother of James David Winandi,
commenting on his
mental instability.
How do I edit a tweet?
Do you have to do
that right now?
[phone ringing]
Hey, hey, hey, I'm on the phone.
Well, you didn't
tell me to stop.
Hold on.
Go ahead, you find me anything?
No, sir.
His previous residence is empty.
But I tell you, he's got to be
loaded because that house is
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
His house is made by the
man that created planes?
Good for you, sir.
I'll be in in a minute.
--of an NIN exclusive interview
with Kat's long-time manager,
Bernie Blathe.
Welcome to the show, Mr. Blathe.
Let me start off by saying,
Kat is like a daughter to me.
As soon as she made that
big leap across the pond,
I took her under my
wing, groomed her
as a performer and a
non-me-too kind of way.
Of course.
Kat has been described
by many as the arm candy
of Adorn's singer, Nick Boon.
However, she does have her
own much smaller career
in the sub-genre of punk rock.
Kat insists on waving that
egregious punk rock flag,
even though the genre hasn't
been profitable since Devo.
Well, since Kat
is from Australia,
she doesn't actually
have family out here.
You were saying--
[door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
Like clockwork.
Is that your--
My manager and dealer going
on about my dependency issues?
Yeah, it is.
So, I'm guessing
you're a fan, hmm?
More or less.
I guess I get that.
But what gives you the right
to try and clean me up, huh?
Because nobody else is.
And that fucking matters to you?
Because-- [sighs]
--everybody in your life
is just messing you up.
Those are big words
coming from my kidnapper.
That doesn't make them wrong.
You're worth so much--
to so many.
And you're just too damn
beaten down to realize it.
Why do you let yourself be
abused by the people who
are supposed to be
looking out for you?
So, what?
Do you think I've got some
great insight into humanity
or something, man?
I hate to tell you, I'm
just a used up junkie,
anxiously awaiting the day
that she can join the 27 Club.
That's it.
You do make a difference
to a lot of people.
- I don't.
- You do.
- I don't.
- You do.
- I don't
- You do.
I don't.
I can't.
Besides, my family just doesn't
not constitute a lot of people.
I don't know if you know that.
I'm not a rock star.
I'm a sheep in wolf's clothing.
Everyone builds me up to be this
fucking icon or something, man.
I'm just a bitch that
likes to play the guitar.
That's all I want.
So, that's why you murdered it.
Pfft, yeah.
Kat's mash on.
Look, you need to eat.
You got to keep up your energy.
I got an errand to
run anyway today.
Be careful.
Just try not to get shot.
Every two minutes, they've
got your picture on TV.
I'll be fine.
Eat, food.
I'll be back in a bit.
[elevator dings]
Hi, I'm Detective--
Just a second, please.
[phone rings]
Yeah, I'm working on it.
Oh, him?
Yeah, he's here, too.
Mr. Winandi will be right up.
He's been expecting you.
Make sure the car is brought up.
Of course.
What are you up to here?
Hmm, hmm.
Detective Dobson, right?
Yes, sir.
Thought I might see you
earlier than this.
Well, I'm investigating quite
a few leads, Mr. Winandi.
Well, unfortunately, I haven't
seen my mentally ill brother
in a number of years.
So, it looks like you've
made this trip in vain.
I don't know about that.
I've got a few questions
I'd like to ask you, sir.
Sure, you do.
And I'm sure you can appreciate,
as a private citizen,
I'm going to have to insist
that my lawyer be present.
So, maybe we can
contact the Department
and set something
up for tomorrow?
I'm already here now.
Let's take a couple of minutes
and we can sort this out.
Yeah, again,
gonna have to insist?
You see, unlike my brother,
I have a legacy to protect.
Charlotte, always be
thinking three steps ahead
and never be a pawn.
As we all hang on to every
detail of the case, still
no word from the abductor,
from the abductee, from no one.
And worse than that,
according to sources,
no progress has been
made by Detective Dobson
in the kidnapping of
pop star, Kat Oden.
Pop star? Fuck you.
I'm a punk rock, bitch.
The Winandi publishing
company was once the--
Still breaking things, I see.
That's him. That's him!
Reality TV can be so fake.
I have a feeling I can relate.
I'm glad you made it
back in one piece.
What was so pressing
that you brave
the legions of people calling
for your head on a stick?
It's just cold.
I had to pick this up.
You know you and I have a bad
history with guitars, right?
Well, here's hoping you don't
try to kill me with this one.
Hey, are you gay?
Oh, wow.
My brother really does
have an effect on people.
No, no, it's just
you're obviously a fan.
But you don't want to fuck me.
And I take it that's abnormal.
I'm not gay.
So, you kidnapped
me to clean me up.
But you don't seem crazy
enough to actually do
something like that.
What gives?
People like you-- they saved me.
What's that mean?
You remember the
first time you ever
listened to The Clash
or Bad Religion,
or the Stooges or the
Pogues, or Minor Threat or--
that music didn't just
get me through the day.
It gave me something
to live for.
Bit of a drama
queen, aren't you?
[laughs] Well, like
it or not,
religion is embedded in us
through evolution, tribalism,
herd mentality, or just
the intrinsic desire
to belong to something
bigger, bigger than us.
That's what punk rock is to me.
That's what your music could
be to a whole generation.
I don't think so.
You put on this
self-destructive persona
because you've been hurt.
Here we go.
You've been betrayed by
everyone you ever trusted,
and yet, you hold
out hope, regardless.
You sure about that?
George Carlin once said that
if you scratch any cynic,
you'll find a
disappointed idealist.
Your music, your lyrics,
they weren't written by someone
who hates people, Kat.
So, what?
People like that are rare.
They need to be protected.
The few-- [gags] critics--
--that bothered to
listen to this album--
were floored by the lyrics
of a 19-year-old girl.
And then your next
album went silver.
Yeah, I saw that coming.
You may not be embraced
by the masses yet,
but people are listening.
And the people
that matter,
they're starting
to pay attention.
But if you don't fuck it
up, you could be the voice
of a whole generation.
God knows we need one.
Flattering will
get you everywhere.
Look, I-- I know
that this is all--
[laughs] It's insane.
It's-- it's insane.
But it's not for you.
It's not for me.
It's for all the lives you
can save through your music.
Creating music,
it's not the same
as being a cop or a
firefighter or first responder.
But musicians are
just as important.
They may not save one life at
a time or hell, maybe they do--
but at a minimum.
Musicians, poets, they
can affect mass change
in the conversation.
Just... consider not
wasting your gift.
What about you?
[sighs] I'm not a optimist.
I'm not a pessimist, either.
I'm-- I'm a realist.
None of this is
going to end well.
Welcome back to KLOS,
your home for modern rock.
Have you heard about
this Kat Oden situation?
We all love the band, Acorn,
or at least we used to.
But who knew the
singer's girlfriend
was the one
with all the talent.
Here's Kat Oden's
single, Up My Skirt,
from her second album,
Gun To A Knife Fight.
["up my skirt" playing]
He looked up my skirt
on the escalator.
He saved that thought.
Hey, another time, I did
it again and never learned,
So I want to win.
[phone ringing]
Hold on, I'm going to
put you on speaker.
Hey, Julie, when are
we shooting my pilot?
Very funny.
Look, we're still in business.
But we're going to have
a hard time spinning
the skills of someone
who's coming up empty.
I'll have you know I'm
making excellent progress.
I hope so.
You got nothing to worry about.
Glad to hear it.
I assume that you
interviewed Marshall.
He lawyered up.
I got an interview
with him tomorrow.
But I don't think he's a talker.
We're joined by
Marshall Winandi,
brother of the alleged kidnapper
and CEO of Winandi Publishing.
Thanks for having me.
So, at a young
age, could you tell
that James had mental problems?
Well, James was always a
bit different, very quiet,
kept to himself.
And then, I guess you could
describe him as a loner.
He would only speak to about
two, maybe three people.
And-- I mean it,
then nobody else.
It doesn't sound
totally abnormal.
He would spend most days
in our maid's quarters,
just staring at
her family photos.
The maid?
You see, our parents were
incredibly busy people,
both of them working
So, I guess-- I don't know.
My brother saw her as
more than a maid, a nanny,
a substitute mother, maybe.
I don't know.
I was young, too.
This lasted how long?
Her employment, about 10 years.
Why did it end?
She was caught stealing
my mother's jewelry.
So, they let her go.
Well, yeah.
It sounds was like they took
away someone that he cared for.
She was an employee.
She worked for us.
And she wasn't a very
honest employee, either.
You don't keep
someone around just
because a child has grown
attached and attached
to a thief.
It looks I'm not the only
one with family problems.
What's your biggest worry
about your brother's current
The situation?
You mean, that he's
kidnapped someone?
Well, I guess--
well, obviously, I'm
worried about my
brother's welfare.
And God forbid that
he's torturing her.
After your parents passing,
how did you handle it?
I stepped up.
I had to take over the empire.
You got it?
And I became my
brother's legal guardian.
I did my best.
We had just lost our parents.
Somebody had to step in.
It was me.
I was all he had.
At a point, you just
throw your hands up.
I did my best.
I had to run the business.
I had lost my parents, too.
I'm not a babysitter.
I'm a brother doing
the best that I can.
Did you--
I'm his brother, not his daddy.
I lost my parents, too.
Everybody has pain.
You have pain.
I mean, I wish it could have
been different, of course.
You think I wasn't lonely, huh?
I lost my mom.
You just put your head
down, shoulder the wheel.
You keep going.
Some people just
aren't equipped.
They fall apart, weak.
Some are weak.
I hate to say it.
My brother-- he--
his mind wasn't strong.
Maybe I was born
with a better mind--
Come on.
--or resolve.
Some might say better character.
[phone ringing]
Shouldn't you get that?
Stay in your lane.
Thanks for your time, Marshall.
[phone ringing]
No problem.
That's Marshall Winandi, alleged
brother of the kidnapper.
Tell me you have something for
me, something from the website,
or something from
fucking anywhere.
We finally received
a tip from someone
at the findkatoden.com site.
The problem is it's over
30 hours old by now.
Give me something I can use
and I'll get you a raise.
Well, a gas station
attendant reported someone
matching Winandi's description
driving through a few days back.
All right, text me all the
details on that
and anything else that you have.
Should I get an Uber?
Julie, yes.
Sorry, I was
looking into a lead.
How soon can you meet me?
You're still getting me out
of this parking ticket, right?
[screams] Oh, God.
Hey, cuffs are only fun for
about a half hour at a time.
Am I right?
How did you-- how?
I've always wanted to
learn how to pick locks.
I don't know if
that's what I did,
or if it was just dumb luck.
Kind of impressive, huh?
[sighs] I really
thought this was a fake.
Good on you for committing.
You got to work on your nerves.
Hey, it's OK.
You're in charge.
I'm just sick of
that goddamn bed.
Want to eat at the table
like a couple of humans?
I haven't have an
appetite in years.
Fuck, yeah.
Damn, I'm starved.
Why didn't you shoot me?
I'm not sure I follow.
You know how people
say intentions
are meaningless and
so, results that count?
I think that's a bit drastic.
After all, a bad act can
still have a positive result.
But equally as important
is the intention,
and the result is the action.
You know, they say America might
have known Pearl Harbor was
going to happen.
They let it because it forced us
into a war which defeated
Adolf fucking Hitler.
Are you sure about that?
Kidnapping someone?
Dragging them into your
car to an unknown location
and chaining them to a bed?
It's pretty disturbing
when you think about it.
I suppose I would
be forced to agree.
But as horrible is your action
your intention was noble.
And your result, well, I guess,
well, you had to see that.
But I'm leaning towards
the results being at least,
in part, positive.
I'm glad to see
you're feeling better.
At the moment, you're
two out of three.
And according to the great
prophet, Loaf, it ain't bad.
Oh, not fucking Meat Loaf.
What's going on?
What happened?
Well, we got a
positive ID on Winandi
at a gas station about
two hours east of here.
Seems legit, so I'm going
to run out and take a look.
But do you want
my honest opinion?
All right.
It's past midnight.
If we shoot something right
now, no one's watching.
But if we roll it tomorrow
early in the morning,
it's breaking news.
Do you want me to sit on this?
It's better for you if you do.
Look, it's only
a two-hour drive.
You can go back
home, get some rest,
and we'll hit it
again in the morning.
If anybody finds out
about this, I am fucked.
Text me the address of the
gas station
and the time you'll be there.
We'll make it look classy.
Your parents, accident
happened around this time?
I don't know why you're
putting that in quotes?
They were my parents.
They had an accident
about a year after
the maid was let go, yes.
What happened?
How did they-- the accident?
They died in a
freak car accident.
The papers reported that
they had been drinking.
What papers, a tabloid?
A rival tabloid?
Not surprising.
How did your brother
handle the accident?
Shut up.
Do you want to talk
about it or something?
Oh, there's not
much to talk about.
My parents were luscious.
They just didn't want to
have anything to do with me.
Oh, she was such a
clever girl growing up.
Oh, just in time.
When she was a teenager--
Let's turn the subject
back on to you, shall we?
She was the one who
cracked the premiums.
One minute, I see her
out there chatting up
the cable man, and--
next minute, we
got pay-per-view.
I mean, I got to tell you,
they don't look that bad.
We've set up this page on the
world wide web to go to www--
Once they realize I was
talented, they wanted a piece.
Somehow, someway,
those three idiots
made all the money off
my first two albums.
How did they do that?
Gun was released
when I was 19,
but I was fucking 17
when I recorded it.
So, yeah.
Well, at least, they
didn't ship you off
to half a dozen
boarding schools.
If we're measuring
dicks, I think
I had it a little
rougher than you.
How's that?
No offense, but you had money.
That makes life a lot easier.
Oh, yeah?
So, how's that
working out for you
since you've gotten so rich?
Fuck, man.
It's different.
When you grow up without
the love of a parent,
money does not help.
Sometimes it can make it worse.
The only family I
ever really love was--
Your nanny, right?
This is really annoying.
We could stop.
You don't have to--
When my parents
fired her, I just--
I realized that not only
did they not care, but--
they had the power to take away
the people that I cared for.
It must be weird when
people are paid to love you.
Oh, no, Camilla loved me
in her own way.
But ultimately,
also, I was a paycheck.
And there's nothing
wrong with that.
He said she stole from them.
Is that right?
I knew she didn't have much.
So, I took a pair
my mother's earrings,
and I put them in her purse.
I just-- wanted her to
have something nice.
I'm sorry for what I said.
Oh, it's all right.
Shit happens.
You get over it.
You move on.
No, you don't.
It's a load of bullshit
that teachers push on you.
The reality is shit's
going to follow you around
for your entire life.
Yes, you cannot forever blame
your bullshit on your parents,
but like, fuck.
When you get that fucked
up in such an early age,
it's in your DNA.
It makes you look for
acceptance in other places.
Yeah, exactly,
music, punk rock--
Punk rock?
Separate yourself from the
masses, become untrusting.
Just like Kurt Cobain said,
just because you're paranoid--
It don't mean
they're not for you.
The President's bungling
of the strike response,
especially in
places like Seattle,
where protests have been
known to turn violent,
has made Democrats nationwide--
Oh, wow.
I'm pretty gross, time to bathe.
I wasn't going to say anything.
But you do smell pretty ripe.
--has led the
Democratic hopefuls
finally seeing the spotlight.
I would wrap that ankle.
They shift toward the
younger and more liberal--
Oh, wow.
Thanks for your
concern, Mr. Kidnapper.
I think I'll be OK.
Let's take a look
at the latest--
[rancid, "corazon de oro"]
It's over before it starts.
Oh, don't you know?
So, on your mark,
stand by, ready, go.
From London to New York,
Montreal to Tokyo,
I see visions of
her everywhere I go.
What have I become?
Now, I'm on my own.
I'm just looking for a way to
break on through these walls.
And I'm just looking for a
place that I can call my home.
Does anybody out
there got a soul?
'Cause I'm just looking
for the girl, the girl
with a heart of gold.
The country, is
there a reason to be
concerned about a second wave?
Well, recent studies
are suggesting that--
Thanks for the--
Maybe we shouldn't
be as worried--
--Seattle flannel.
--as many health professionals.
According to him,
it doesn't matter.
There have been a lot of cases
of this Chinese-born virus.
But according to the
surgeon general--
Do you mind if we watch
something else for a bit?
Go for it.
We should be concerned
over the failing economy.
Well, recent studies
are suggesting that--
Oh, my God.
Have you ever watched Sea
Hunt with Lloyd Bridges?
It's amazing.
He narrates the show like
God, while driving around
and saving the world like
an underwater MacGyver.
At the end of the episode,
he gives a little more.
It's epic.
I take it you watch
this growing up.
Reruns are actually how I fell
in love with America.
What'd you watch?
Not much of anything, really.
Old Andy Griffith
episodes, mainly.
We didn't have cable.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I love Andy Griffith, but
all rich people have cable.
Well, you don't get rich
spending frivolously,
as my father always said.
My parents insisted on cable.
We couldn't afford it, and
sometimes we didn't eat.
But we had it all the same.
That's despicable.
You can make it
without a snorkel?
Don't worry. I'll get one.
There are plenty of skin divers
on this part of the coast.
The night after
tomorrow night, I'll
be waiting two miles
off Rocky Point.
It was late afternoon by the
time he got back to Marineland
with the day's catch.
I was especially excited about
the new young porpoise Kate
and I have caught that day.
Like all porpoises
out of water, he
lay still, not moving a muscle.
[cartoon music]
Meet Joe, the king of
the workers of the world.
Hi, folks.
[music playing]
Joe is the king because he
can buy more with his wages
than any other
worker on the globe.
Now, what makes it possible for
Joe to have such good living?
He can go smarter--
- Hello.
- Where do I meet you?
I'm over here at
the gas station.
Give me about 15 minutes.
And when you show up,
act like you tailed me.
Don't get scared, Detective.
I told you.
We'll make it look classy.
All right.
[doorbell chimes]
Hello! Anybody here?
Hang on.
Oh, look at this.
I assume you're
the person who called
in the Oden family website.
You said you had some security
camera footage of the kidnapper
Remember anything about him?
Was she in the car
when he came in?
[doorbell chimes]
I'm not allowed to comment
on ongoing investigation.
I would've ripped his
fucking balls off if I knew.
Well, lucky for him.
He seemed squirrelly
kind of cute,
not really the kidnapping type.
Not the kidnapping type, great.
Any other observations?
I've got a few I
could share with you.
I bet you do.
Just show me that footage.
Let's go. Let's go.
You talk, I'll shoot.
Detective, a couple
of questions, please.
How did you find me?
Is it true that James
David stopped here
at this gas station right
after he kidnapped Kat?
I can't comment on an
ongoing investigation,
except to say we're
making progress.
Well, has anybody seen anything?
Oh, well.
That's cut, I guess.
How was that?
Oh, you looked great.
Are you serious?
Man, like, news team.
It wasn't too forceful?
No, you were fine.
So, what did he buy?
Where are we going?
Head east towards
the high desert.
That's all I have right now.
But I will text you as
soon as I have more.
All right.
Kevin! Where did you go?
Let's get a wide shot
of the gas station.
Yeah, I need you to
run a plate for me.
Jimmy, Jimmy.
Oy, James!
It's a long story.
I feel like I missed something.
I had a rough night.
I'm almost proud.
As thanks for my liberation,
I shall make breakfast.
This is the gas station where
James David was last seen.
What did he buy?
Where did he go?
Did anybody see anything?
Yeah, I've got a
[bleep] comment.
[groans] Oh, God,
that smells amazing.
Yeah, well, it's ruined
now because you don't
have any milk for the gravy.
Gravy, huh?
You're spoiling me?
Well, not anymore, I'm not.
[keys jingling]
They saw that car at
the gas station, Jimmy.
They got to have
an APB out for it.
Fair enough.
No, it's fine. Come on.
What are you going to do?
It's half a mile.
It's not safe, is what it is.
Do you want me to miss
the first homemade
breakfast I've had in 20 years?
No, thanks.
I'll be fine.
I'll be back in a bit.
[phone ringing]
Owens, what's up?
Just checking on you.
There's a lot of rumors
going around the station.
Like what?
Oh, just crazy stuff,
like, you're leaking info
to the press, or that
you're more concerned
with having your face on TV
than you are catching the perp.
Look, Owens, Chad, the
work that I do, that we do,
it's important.
We're working for the
little guy or in this case,
the little girl.
And nothing's more
important to me
than getting this
girl back alive.
So, if I'm not at the office
as much or worshipping
at the feet of the
Captain, it's because I'm
out here doing the hard work,
the Lord's work, our work.
Just do me a favor.
And if you find them,
please call it in,
and don't be a hero.
There's no police presence up
there, maybe a few fire trucks.
And if anything happens backup
is at least an hour out.
Well, I can't tell you what
it means to have you there
working with me, pal.
["alien boy" playing]
As soon as I know something,
I'm going to give you a call.
(SINGING) Go and grab your gun.
You got him on the run
'cause he's an alien.
They hurt what they
don't understand.
There we go.
(SINGING) So you've
got to turn away.
There's no other way
'cause you're an alien.
They hurt what they
don't understand.
[cellphone dings]
Ow, fuck!
(SINGING) Got him on the
run, go and grab your gun
'cause he's an alien,
alien, alien, alien boy.
[cellphone dings]
[water gushing]
[cellphone dings]
Kat, it's the police.
You're safe.
Where are you?
Kat, the kidnapper
is not in the house.
You can call out.
Where are you?
This is my kind of town.
Are you kidding me?
As soon as I win an Emmy, done.
I'm going to retire
up here in Idyllwild.
This is beautiful.
You get here late all the time.
And you want to win an Emmy?
It's adorable little town.
You didn't smoke right now.
Of course, I did.
You're driving high right now.
I'm not going to drive
to Idyllwild sober.
Of course, I'm stoned.
But look how well I'm doing.
Like, we didn't miss anything,
every stop sign there is.
We've got to go, James.
They found us.
That's the-- that's
the cop from TV.
You can't do that
to a police officer.
We've got to run.
You've got to run.
He's trying to help you, Kat.
I mean, how the hell did
you even tape him up?
Oh, Jesus.
Please, we don't
have time for this.
He had to have radioed
for backup before he came.
So, let's just leave.
This isn't right.
Oh, thank Christ.
Are you all right?
She hit me with a
fucking frying pan.
I think I have a concussion.
So, you weren't even
really kidnapped.
Oh, no, he fucking kidnapped me.
It's a long story, man.
Do you want a glass of water?
All right, look, hey, if
we don't get out of here
this second, you're fucked.
[phone ringing]
Julie Martin, the NIN reporter?
Hey, what the fuck is going on?
It's professional courtesy
to alert the media.
No, it is not.
All right, here we are.
Make it look classy.
Here's your Emmy, Kevin.
Let's go.
Talk. Now.
Look, we all play this right,
everybody leaves happy.
You do minimum time.
Your album sales are
better than ever.
Everybody wins.
What is it that you win?
I get a TV show.
Oh, this motherfucker.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we may very well
be witnessing the final moments
of Kat Oden's kidnapping.
Our sources say that lead
detective Dobson is not
only hot on the trail--
Let's just make a break for it.
I don't want
anybody to get hurt.
Nobody has to get hurt, not
if we're on the same page.
Look, I march him out.
I tell the judge he cooperated.
This is all over.
No, no!
He's right.
He's right.
We have to let him go.
Take it away, Julie.
You're insane.
I'm standing in front of
the cabin, where allegedly,
Kat Oden is being held.
The kidnapper, James David,
walked from the gas station
until here.
Detective Dobson is inside.
We're coming in
very close to the--
Oh, you fucking bastard.
Hey, drop that fucking
knife, or I will end you.
He's not only hot on the trail--
You take care of yourself.
I didn't want this.
I want this thing
to end quietly.
And now, you've
given me no choice.
I'm standing in front of
the cabin, where allegedly--
I'll stab the bitch!
James, you dumb fuck.
[siren wailing]
Oh, my God, there's
been a gunshot.
There's been a gunshot.
You fuck!
We're going to get
closer to the window.
Detective, what
happened in there?
Kat Oden knocked me
out and tied me up.
I was able to escape,
incapacitate her,
and neutralize the kidnapper.
She had time-- so,
Kat Oden attacked you.
Well, I think we have a
case of Stockholm syndrome.
When people are left in
isolation with their captors,
sometimes they get
brainwashed by them.
Thank you.
Thank you, Detective.
That was Detective Dobson,
the man who single-handedly
saved musician, Kat Oden,
from her kidnapper,
James David Winandi.
This is Julie Martin
reporting for NIN tonight.
Today brought the end
of the American media
circus that was the kidnapping
of musician Kat Oden.
In the end, Detective
Dobson appears
to have saved the
self-proclaimed punk rocker
from an inevitable death
at the hands of James Winandi.
Look, you're absolutely right.
But the fact of the matter is
that this Kat is not the Kat
that we all know and love.
Two weeks on and
the Kat Oden case
continues to make
stunning headlines.
Investigations into
Dobson's activity
as lead detective in this
case came to a close today.
And although
District Attorney did
say that Dobson indeed
violated protocols,
no charges will be
filed in the case.
This, of course, comes on
the heels of last week news
that Kat's boyfriend,
Nick Boon, will
be cleared of all rape charges.
I would like to
personally reintroduce you
to Charles Dobson,
former detective and now
host of his own show on our
network, The Dobson Files.
Thank you, Julie.
And let me say how
pleased and proud
I am to be the newest
member of the NIN family.
Each week on The
Dobson Files, I'll
be taking a look at
a major criminal--
Six months after her kidnapping,
a self-proclaimed sober
and stronger Kathleen Oden
is set to return to the stage
next week.
Miss Oden.
I told you, call me Kat.
I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to need you to
sign these for the house.
I'm on it.
Oh, by the way, your ex is here.
He wanted me to give you this.
I said no.
But he gave me $100.
Smart girl.
You want to split it?
No. It's all you.
And you're up in 5.
Copy, 5.
["no sympathy" playing]
No sympathy.
For delayed reactions.
No sympathy.
For a lazy transaction.
No sympathy for my needs.
I ain't got no sympathy for me.
No sympathy. for distractions
and frustrations.
No sympathy.
For a raw temptation.
No sympathy for my needs.
I ain't got no sympathy for me.
One point if you try.
Two points you deny.
Three points if you
pry away your eyes.
One point if you try.
Two points you deny.
Three points if
you pry away your eyes.
No sympathy.
For delayed reactions.
No sympathy.
For a lazy transaction.
No sympathy for my needs.
I ain't got no sympathy for me.
No sympathy.
For distractions
and frustrations.
No sympathy.
For a raw temptation.
No sympathy for my needs.
I ain't got no sympathy for me.
I just want a little
taste, I'll pay.
I just can't tear
myself away today.
I wanna-- Hey!
I'm gonna-- Hey!
No sympathy.
For delayed reactions.
No sympathy.
For a lazy transaction.
No sympathy for my needs.
I ain't got no sympathy for me.
I'm a stupid sucker.
No sympathy.
Dead weight fucker.
No sympathy.
I got no ideas about
where I'm going.
No sympathy.
I'm a stupid sucker,
dead weight fucker.
And I got no ideas
about where I'm going.
[the unseen, "scream out"]
One, two, three, go!
Well, all my life
this music saved me.
I can't afford no therapy.
My frustration,
it needs release.
So cut me open
and hear me bleed.
Playing punk keeps me sane.
I don't need drugs
to numb the pain.
It keeps me alive.
I hope it helps you.
I won't let your
worthless America ruin me.
No way!
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I lost control and hurt myself.
I knew deep down that
I need some help.
This self-abuse, it
would not stop, no matter
how hard I tried.
So I lied when I tried
to pull myself together.
Am I going insane?
Think again.
I got so fed up
with being unstable.
No more!
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out,
somebody listen.
It feels so good, this therapy.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out.
I'm screaming out,
get me some help!