W's Tragedy (1984) Movie Script

Is it alright?
You're still so young
I think it doesn't matter
"Tragedy Of W"
I didn't realise you're a virgin
How old are you?
Just reached 20
Why do you want to join the
theatre troupe?
I have been saving pocket money
since as a kid
and I'll watch a theatre troupe perform
whenever one came to our village
though I didn't know if I would act
However I'd like to try
but then I don't know where to begin
I see there are many books
on 'theatre' at the book stores
and I've been wondering what to buy
Then I decided to buy part 1 & 2
of 'An Actor's Craft'
Konstantin Stanislavsky
I don't claim to know it that well
but I still remember
it's a big thick volume
The so-called actor's craft
is actually one's own experience
Put simply, your daily life
has to be rich with experiences
So I think the way one grows up is
crucial to being an actor
Is that why you slept with me?
It's because I like you
Oh, am I in love?
I have a woman's appeal, right?
As long as I could be a star or writer
as long as I am so lucky
even if the world hates me
even if I am destitute
or am destroyed
I would get through
If I had bread in the penthouse
I am not satisfied with myself
If I have been played
because of my immaturity
that's still okay
On the other hand I will pursue
what I want
Give me renowned fame
All is dark before me
Are you an actor?
I am an apprentice
You practise here each morning?
Why do you ask?
I want to applaud you again
C'mon, don't tease me
I guess that's it
Such hard work...
- Class is over...
- Let's go...
- Class is over...
- Hurry...
- Let's go...
- Hurry...
Goodbye, let's go
What's the matter?
The testing script is in the office
those who are auditioning could copy it
Good morning
Good morning
- What are you doing?
- Let me wipe the sweat off
You're back
- When did you arrive?
- Yesterday
Welcome back. How was your trip?
Everything has changed
How was Dustin Hoffman in
Death of a Salesman?
I wonder why he didn't get
the Tony Award
It's now in London
Nothing like this.
I did it for the one I love
Women's talk. Any woman would do this
Mom, don't die
Toshie says thank you
and then dies
Mother, mother
Mako embraces Toshie as she cries
I didn't kill grandpa
This has been decided by both of us
Mom, don't die
Mako cries
the music grows louder and
the curtain comes down
It's been hard work
It's a nice role
as long as you get the chance
you'll be a star
Mako is still a virgin
That means Shizuka is the best
to play this role
It's not that easy being an actor
Precisely, acting is not that easy but
- at least it's easier as one acts it out
- No way
A virgin might not be able to act like
she's had sexual experience
but it does work the other way round
It's better to get someone with
To ask a baby to act as a grown up
is difficult
but an adult could mimic a baby
It's not mimicking, it's acting
This is a duel between Kaori and Shizuka
I'm sure it's Kaori
Why? How would you know
if you haven't tried
Give me a cigarette
What a comforting breeze
I really don't want to lose to Kaori
Forget what you said
You mean I am hopeless
On the contrary,
that role is for a virgin
What about me?
I am pregnant
Is it by someone in the troupe?
My high school classmate
Does he know?
Not yet
If the audition is successful
I'll get rid of the baby;
the role is worth it
If not you'll be a mother
No one knows yet
Stand where grandpa fell
Sorry to call you out on your leave
I'd like you to take a look
At what?
Tomorrow's the audition
I want you to correct my mistakes
Forget about that kind of role
It's not the kind
of role to be treated with respect
But it's a rare opportunity
I don't care what role or drama it is
as long as I have the chance
to act on stage
Is there a lot of shouting in this play?
You can go to the restaurant
we went last time
to rehearse, you can shout there
You should walk like this
How about this?
2 Steps
It's okay, I lose
Grandpa is awesome
I'll play again with you next time
I killed
I killed Grandpa
I killed
I killed Grandpa
I killed
I killed... I killed grandpa
I killed grandpa
What play is it this time?
We meet again
I am Moriguchi Akio, 26; and you?
Why should I tell you my name?
What's the big deal?
Besides, I've already introduced myself
Mita Shizuka, 20 years old
I was born on the 26th of January, 1958
I am a Aquarian
I graduated from Niigata High school
I have a lot of experience
and am a real estate agent
I live in Chofu, Tokyo
Number 6, the Rose Building
My hometown is in Yuzawa City
in South Uonuma, Niigata
I am Japanese, single
How about your salary...
I earn about 150,000 annually
my hobby is play acting
Is this clear enough?
Shizuka, what about your hometown?
Don't address me by name directly
I am not your woman
May I know where you are from?
Can't you see I am from Tokyo?
Can't judge
Sorry, I have an audition tomorrow
that's all I have on my mind
I have no time for you
My house is close by, please go
It's a few minutes' walk
from the station
The kitchen is about the size of
a 6 by 4 tatami
There's no bathroom
The rent is 35,000 with 2 months'
Down payment is 1 month's rent
and the management fee is 1000
The 2nd floor faces south,
has good lighting
I wish your audition every success
I killed
I killed grandpa
I killed... I killed my grandpa
He says Mako will graduate soon
it's time to consider marriage
Yes, mom
No, I can't be your stand-in
- Mom...
- Don't
- Mom...
- I killed grandpa
Suddenly I feel I can't go on living
I must die at once
Take the knife out of grandpa's body
like this
I closed my eyes and
cut my wrist like this
at this moment I heard mother's voice
Then I...
thought I wanted to see mother once
before I die
End it here
The tea is ready
Sorry, call the ambulance, quickly
What's the matter?
What happened?
What's the matter with you?
The doctor said the baby is okay
This is great
The doctor said you shouldn't dance
or you'll have a miscarriage
Of all times to be painful
during the audition
what a troublesome kid
and he stays in me and wouldn't leave
I am determined to give birth to him
and change his character
I have the answer, I'll marry
We must issue the schedule
for Tragedy of W
The first show will be in Osaka
May it please Mr. Abe to
announce the actors' list
Before that
let me explain
the requirements of the play
and the meaning of its title
The letter W has two meanings
W stands for Wazizuke family
as well as for women
This is a tragedy of Wazizuke family
It is also a women's tragedy of love
And the players?
Don't play your part
in the usual mystery drama style
I hope the acting would be more
Let me announce the players now
Chairman of Wazizuke Pharmaceutical,
Wazizuke Yohei
will be played by Mr Sashima Juukichi
Thank you
Wife Mine is played by Miss Chieko
It's our honour
Yohei's niece Toshie
will be played by Miss Hatori
Her second husband Wazizuke Michihiko
will be played by Mr Mineda
The Chairman's nephew
will be played by Sui Yuan Kin
Yohei's brother, Shigeru
will be played by Kaichi
The Chairman's doctor will be played by
Shirota Kouji
Mako's English tutor
will be played by Otari Mitsue
Nakazato Ukyou will be played by
Godai Jun
The butler, to be played by Hayashi
Toshie's daughter Mako
will be played by Kikuchi
further to the audition
This is incredible
I will do my best
The young maid will be played
by Mita Shizuka
You'll also be the prompter
and backstage girl
It'll be my privilege
That's the list, please do your best
You're back
It's for you
What is this?
You had a successful audition?
To celebrate your becoming a star
Stop fussing
I didn't pass the audition
why did you think I did?
You know nothing about play acting
Don't presume, alright?
You are mocking me
saying your interest is acting
The acting world is not as easy as
you think
I play the role of a maid and simply say
sorry to disturb you
after the curtains go down
so this is all the costume I need
You understand?
You don't understand
I have been thinking if I should
get roses
but I was right not to get them
Let's go for a drink
Right, let's get drunk
Be alert
Before entering the troupe
I have not spoken to anyone
at the top of my voice
it's the same at roll call when
I was a kid
I always said 'present' in a soft voice
Like this
I see
I am not cutout for acting
But you want to be an actor?
I hate what you say
I am a star
I must excuse myself
- I must wash up
- Okay
Sorry, wait
- Please draw the curtains for me
- Okay
Let me do it
I said I'll do it, go and take a seat
What are you laughing at?
What's so funny?
You two are real close
Please, even there's a limit to joking
Am I really that ugly?
At least you're not a great beauty
I don't need you to tell me
I also have a mirror at home
But you looks cute
that's why I like you
Then I am the loveable type
You look like any ordinary girl
you are a bit out of your depth
if you want to be a star
You mean you don't recommend that
I be a star
I didn't say that
I am no beauty and not the loveable type
so what am I?!
You belong to those
who have great acting skills
You dare say that to someone
who didn't pass an audition
Help me
I tell you
I also have a friend who's an actor
The guy's best friend
also happens to be his strongest rival
he suffered an accident riding
on his motorbike
and was taken to the hospital
Are you listening at all?
They were with a theatre troupe
when the accident happened
Just at a time when they were
at the height of their careers
Many TV and movie makers wanted them
My friend was really in the limelight
and had it made
However on the other hand
the other one in the hospital
with flowers all around him
was down in doldrums
Every time when my friend visited him
he would ask, 'do you have a bag? '
Take some home if you do'
He would fill the bag with food
from visitors
and also reminded his friend to
bring a larger bag next time
I told you this would be boring
So he brought a bigger bag
At that time his friend's parents
and colleagues came
and his friend had a tube in his nose
It appeared he was in pain
After a few hours he died
My friend rushed out of the hospital
and shouted 'damn'
How could it be like this?
It's not fair
Then he returned to the room
and found his friend's bed was gone
He cried
but something inside him
scared him
and he was shocked
He realised the way he held his fist
was not aesthetic
though the way he cried,
moved his audience
The way he felt about his friend's death
could be better used to improve
the way he acted
Never mind that guy -
he just wanted to have a good cry
But his other self
was observing him and mocking him;
For, while everyone was grieving
for his friend
I think my friend was acting
and his grief did not come
from his heart
he was a bit of a hypocrite
and not sincere at all
I empathies with that
and since then my other self
frequently appeared
whenever I was bathing or dining
even when I was having sex
and certainly when I was acting
That chap didn't know
how to forget everything
and act according to his instincts
Do you know what happened to him
in the end?
He didn't want to be an actor anymore
We're here
You said it's okay as long as
we reach our home
You mentioned a foreign name last time
The Rose building
The Rose building
I thought it was a tall building
Well, I didn't choose the name
Please come in
What would you like to drink?
Let me sleep
It's painful
Would you like to wear my shirt
as pajama?
It's so convenient
Is it really good?
Are you drunk?
When you become sober, you'll regret it
Is it because you failed your audition
that you want to ruin yourself?
You don't care who is this guy, right?
The when you wake up in the morning
you'll ask, where is this place,
who are you etc.
I don't think it'll be like that
Is it really okay?
Can I really?
When you finish rehearsing
could you come back here please?
To have a meal together
Because I like you
We had sex?
In fact, this is not my first time
You should know that
I already had someone I like
Then... why are you with me?
I just wanted to sleep with you
I'm going
Thanks for having me for the night
When would we see other again?
I don't know
Take the umbrella, it's raining
No need, I won't have the chance
to return it
Just throw it away
if you don't need it anymore
Isn't any good getting soaked
in the rain, take it
We'll rehearse our lines now
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning everyone...
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Under the bedroom on the second floor
there's a wider staircase
There's a fire place upstairs
On the sofa and chairs
Michihiko, Shigeru, Masaki, Takuo
and Mine as well
were enjoying tea and cake
Toshie is standing there with two maids
It's been a tough year
See you in Tokyo after the new year
Right, see you
Ichijou Haruo descended the stairs
Teacher, sit here
How's Mako's thesis?
It's about the English author
Virginia Woolf
The thesis on Mrs. Dalloway
is not bad
Where is Mako?
Grandpa asked to see her in his room
to discuss something
I'll call her now
Toshie goes up the stairs
Mako, the tea is ready
Mako rushed out from Yohei's room
holding a blood stained knife
in her right hand
while her left wrist was dripping blood
What happened to you, Mako?
I killed... I killed my grandpa
I killed grandpa
You've been busy
up to now
I am glad you agree to do this
Could you spare the time?
That's it then
I'll be at the Oriental hotel in Osaka
He suddenly grabbed me
Mako was fond of grandpa, right?
Is that's the case
it's great... stop
I think I know
So grandpa wanted to rape Mako
The lines are read with much emotion
keep it up
Not bad
What an effort
She's drunk
I'll be better than her one day
Keep practicing
No, we can't let the police take Mako
Can't the doctor use sickness as
the natural cause of death
I can't do this
but there's a way
The important thing right now
is to let Mako move to Tokyo
The murder could occur after her return
She needn't get involved after
she returns to Tokyo
How do we inform the police?
We could only set the murder up
as being committed by an outsider
claiming he died during the struggle
in attempted robbery
Right, that's it
The rehearsal for the morning ends here
You are not allowed to read the script
in this afternoon's rehearsal
You have to memorize your lines
- So tired
- Yes
When have you become my brother?
What happens if my family thinks
you're my man?
An upcoming star should avoid
such gossip
If that's the case, I won't come,
and that should do it, right?
I have come especially to bring
you lunch
It's assorted lunch box from Tokiwaya
Tastes good, there's tea too
There's tea inside, it's okay
Thanks for the lunch box
Who would do something like that?
The baked cream rice and soup
were brought from Konantei.
now the food is found in his stomach
that means...
This is a set up
just explain plainly
Don't pause as you speak
- Speed it up
- Yes
- Let's begin
- Yes
Doctor, what do you intend to do?
I'll use this
What an effort
Goodbye, thanks for your efforts
- I'm going
- Goodbye
- Get in the car
- Goodbye
Get in the car
I'll take you back
Let me take public transport
What's the matter?
So she likes you
You've your own family, right?
You're playing her?
I have no wife and children
Could you be single?
That's right
Let's fight
I have no reason to do that
I want to beat you up good
Stop behaving like this
I think you'd better go with him
I don't like to be hurt
Very sorry
You'd better disappear quickly
Did you see that?
To him you're just another girl
Of course I realise that
I don't care if that's the way it is
So leave me alone, okay?
We don't think it's an outside job
but someone inside killed him
Simply put...
everyone present in the residence
that night
is a possible suspect
If no one left
after the murder
then we would lose our lead
Luckily there's a girl in Tokyo...
Shut up
I have memorized it
I only paused to create the mood
Are you serious about the rehearsal?
Let me play my role properly
Right... once again
Everyone's using it
It's been washed
Women again, sorry
Since you know the time
Look real nice in a bath robe
Sorry about last time
I was badly scolded by Godai
He paused intentionally to create mood
yet I prompted him
I really wanted to help him
but he doesn't need help
You like him
He... he's my first man
so I am trying hard to like him
Not a bad way to start a relationship
It doesn't seem to work
Is it my fault?
Nothing one could do about it
I asked him to sleep with me
- Similar to that time with you
- No
I really wanted to sleep with you
Where's your friend who gave up acting?
That friend you told me about
Although he quit acting
he fell in love with an actress
So I gave up too
What about the maid's role?
There are many substitutes
Sorry to have let you wait
After you see the house
I'm sure you'll like it
What house is this?
First and second floors are rented out
It's a wooden house made 20 years ago
There's a bathroom and toilet
the rent is 65,000
It's not only cheap
but unbelievably cheap
The lucky bit is that the rental is
for the second floor
Why are you bringing me here
to view the house?
Just take a look while you're here
Please go in
It was rented out to foreigners
It's become a suite
The bed could be placed here
it's a great feeling
I see
but I don't have that much money
besides, I have no plans to move
You only need to pay
what you're paying for rent now
I'll pay the balance
What do you mean?
Shall we live together here?
You and me?
We could sleep in separate rooms
we'll use a curtain to separate us
I promise
I'll not intrude into your area
It makes economic sense
to share the unit
and the food, electricity and gas
Come and look
Isn't it spacious?
Great huh?
Who's going to do the cooking?
While you are still an actor,
I'll do the cooking
No problem
What do you mean while I am still
an actor?
Sorry to have to say that
What are you going to do if you don't
get famous?
I ponder over that almost everyday
Maybe I am not that talented
Wait until you are convinced
then you'll marry me
Who knows when that is going to be!
What if I become famous
I don't want to be a gigolo
If this is the case,
I'll be too pathetic
I'll send you a bunch of flowers
as a goodbye gift
It must be very beautiful here at night
Yohei died before 1:30am
If by some kind of trick
Yohei was made to eat baked rice
this means the alibi cannot be
It's obvious that you've made
this murder
appear to be an outside job
Miss Mako,
are you the one who killed Yohei?
- Speak
- Never mind
You are so mean
to point against the weakest person
This has nothing to do with Mako
So what about this wound?
It's obvious that it's been cut
by a knife
No, no
Mako is innocent
She didn't do anything
Never mind, mother
Everybody, it's alright
I've killed grandpa
I've killed grandpa
I'll take the costumes
Thank you
Can you take them to the laundry?
- Been sweating?
- Yes
You've had a hard day
- Yes
- Feedback is good
Thank you
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you
Thank you for all your hard work
It's a nice show, thank you
Stop it
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you
How's my acting today
especially the last scene?
I'm sorry
I've been busy prompting backstage
and didn't pay much attention
But I have confidence in myself
Can you take them for me?
Never mind, mother
Everyone, it's alright
I've killed grandpa
I've killed grandpa
- Mita
- Yes
Take this and have a good meal
No, thank you
You've handled very well the matters
Just a small token of thanks
Thank you
What you've done just now
I used to do it quite often
Go and have a drink
No, you just go ahead
I'm sorry to have disturbed you
There's grilled fish over there, try it
I'm sorry to disturb you
Mita, come over
Come over
I'm sorry, goodnight
Don't go
No, excuse me
Don't worry
He's dead
He's dead, don't worry
Eyes were closed
His heart was not well
and I've been careful
He was on top of me, he cried out
and suddenly became quite heavy
He didn't move so I thought
he was asleep
but when I realized it
his heart had stopped beating
and he didn't breathe either
He was already dead
Really dead?
Why didn't you call an ambulance?
Didn't you see him?
He is Douhara of the Oriental company
When I was your age he supported
my shows
After that
He was also the first one to bring me
to Broadway
When I got the award as a rising star
he bought me an MG
which made me hurry to get
a driver's license
My first abortion was because of him
I cried and said I wanted it
He said go ahead if
I didn't want to be a star
He introduced to me
French escargots and liver pate
but I didn't enjoy all that then
Instead, I only yearned for
a silk sleeping gown
That's also my dream
He bought me three
on my 22nd birthday
Help me
Help me, will you?
Help him into his clothes
What happened next?
That's why, whether it's me or him
it's a pool of scandals
I needed to get him away from this room
How could it be like this?
Miss Hatori loves him a lot, correct?
In that case why be afraid of
causing a scandal?
You two are in love
He is a married man
How could this be?
he should get a divorce and be with you
That's right, he proposed to me
when he was 30
but I turned him down
I was passionate about acting
I love this job
I could be a loving or
a cruel wife on stage
He should be residing at
the Tezukayama Hotel
I won't tell anyone
Shizuka, wait
I beg you
Please help me
I beg you
I can't help you in any way
I can't transport him to the hotel
Shizuka, come here for a moment
let's talk, okay?
Let's talk it over
Come and sit down
Sit here
You do drink, don't you?
This would cause a scandal
If I were an apprentice
or a new comer it'd be okay
because the media would sympathize
with me
Life as an apprentice isn't easy
Even if one has talent
one needs the director's appreciation
to have the opportunity to act
and one needs many people to
buy the tickets
otherwise how could there be
a chance to act, right?
I could say it was Douhara
who accosted me
that he wanted to support my show
then everyone will point at him
If I were you
I could do that
but I can't because I am famous
I am a star
Everyone has been trying to destroy me
I can't do it
I can't do it
I am finished
I would become an ordinary woman
I don't know what to do
I beg you
could you pretend he died in your room?
My room?
Yes, you want to be Mako?
I'll let you have the role, alright?
I promise you, believe me
Right, we could use this scandal
I'll be forever grateful
Can't you see yet?
Why didn't you pass the audition?
You like the role of the maid?
This is your chance
Move him to your room
Then call the concierge
and put on a show
Can I do it?
Of course
You're an actor, right?
Aren't you?
The music begins
The bell stops
The curtain rises
My guest suddenly felt ill
and passed out
please call an ambulance quickly
Well, what do you think?
We arrive at the consensus that
Shizuka should bow out
to be replaced by Akiko
We are not a TV station
I don't think we should replace actors
because of a scandal
But she has been summoned to the
police station for investigation
No, not investigation
Only to recapitulate what happened
Since it's been determined that
the victim died of a natural cause
she has no legal responsibility
Go ahead
There's no need for discussion
let's put it to a vote
By the way
she suffered a miscarriage during
the audition last time
girls are promiscuous these days
They are too focused on
love relationships
Just fire her
I object
We are not moralists
what has one's private life
to do with acting?
If one is not discreet she has no right
to be on stage
Then I want to ask you all
who has the right to be on stage?
I guess none of you
For the subsistence of the troupe,
Miss Chieko
acted her favourite plays
but she wasn't paid;
However she couldn't get a job
which would stop her from acting
Under such circumstances
wouldn't you pander yourself
to make a living?
That's what I did
The fact that I could be on stage today
and receive lots of bouquets
might really be attributed to those men
and those who bought tickets
to support me
There are also those who have
bought me clothes
wined and dined me
paid for my rent
It's just that...
it's just that up to now
no one has died because of me
This kid is like me
she's me 22 years ago
We are all the same
going our ways to enable ourselves
to continue acting till this day
Miss Chieko
didn't you do this sort of thing
to be able to stay in acting?
Deep in the corner of our hearts...
no, I should say in our heart of hearts
we tell ourselves we did all this
to be able to act
If you want to replace her
then replace me too
Sorry for the trouble
What happened?
Hey, Anbe
what happened to you?
Let me go
Where do you want to go?
Turn myself in
Turn yourself in?
Why are saying this all of a sudden?
The one who killed grandpa
is me
Mako, she...
took the blame for me
Her fragile soul
suffered much for that
The murderer is...
the murderer is me
I am the murderer
I want to turn myself in
at the police station
Keep calm
Stay cool
Unfortunately this is the only way
to save Mako
Please let me go
I beg you
What's the good
of turning yourself in now?
Poor Mako
Don't worry
She is innocent
Just think
she is an innocent victim
The court and the media
will sympathize with her
What an effort!
Please, I can stand it no longer
just replace the girl
Look at the marks on my fingers
When she cries 'mother'
and tugs at me
my hands are very painful
Sorry, I'll be more careful from
She said she'll improve tomorrow
Don't be angry
I didn't mean that
The problem is with acting skills
She doesn't know what's real
and what is not
It's good to become the part one plays
but if she continues like this
I'll go nuts
- Kikuchi
- Yes
How could you actually cry each day?
Just think that the dog I love most
is dead
and tears would fall
It has nothing to do with Tragedy of W
Alright, no need to say that;
besides, it doesn't matter how much
you cry
no one would see except those
in the first row
Did you know the audience at the back
can't see?
As long as the role of Mako
is not replaced
I'll bow out of Tokyo's performance
I can't go on
Did you hear that?
I am truly sorry
You'll surely be asked a lot about
Mr. Douhara
at the press conference
You could only tell the truth
Here they are
This way... look at the camera please
Sorry to have kept you waiting
Please lift your head
I must clarify the issue of replacing
one role for the Tragedy of W
Due to illness
Kikuchi who plays Mako
will be replaced by Shizuka
in the Tokyo show
I hope you'll give your support
I guess you want to gain publicity
for this play by using the scandal
What scandal?
You media like nothing better than chaos
What chaos?
We just want to know
why use Mita who has caused a scandal
There are many other apprentices
It's because she is very good
As a director
as long as an actor answers
my requirements
and gives a good performance
nothing else matters
Isn't that irresponsible?
Miss Mita, how did Mr. Douhara die?
Was it during sex?
Miss Mita, when and how
did you meet Mr. Douhara?
Just about a year ago
I read from magazines he is
very interested in drama and culture
and it was at that time
when we were preparing for performance
that I boldly approached him
never expecting he'd support me
- It was at that time...
- That means
Mr. Douhara is your provider?
What do you mean?
Such as how much does he pay you
each month?
That is to say... you are his mistress
I never accepted money from him
He only bought tickets
or bought me clothes
- or bought me meals
- Miss Mita
did he give you pocket money regularly?
This is what a provider means
No, I...
I loved him very much
How could you?
There's a vast age difference
between you
could you really love someone
who is your father's age?
I fell in love with him
Did the thought of marriage ever arise?
A 20 year old girl would want to
marry someone she loves
That's only natural
Are you like that?
He has a wife
Didn't you insist for his divorce?
Have you never thought about it?
This would be cruel to his wife
But... he is a busy man
and I am an apprentice who needed
to practice acting and dancing
we met occasionally
Being together a few hours
was enough for me
She's really his mistress...
all that talk
You can say
what you like
or say I am the lover
what you say about my relationship
with him
doesn't affect me
I can't help it
I really loved him
If it's Dutch treat
then the clothes have to be
returned to him too
There's no time for other work
and there simply isn't enough money
for sustenance
but had I not received his money
would you then admit
this was a love affair?
once when we went to the movies
using my money to buy fruit juice
and hamburger
he ate heartily
That's it for now, folks
Thank you
Don't go
I said stop
Let me go
What's up?
I saw it on TV
What happened?
Don't sulk
Apology is no use
I have nothing to explain
Lie or whatever
explain to me
I can't
You are low down and dirty
- You hate me
- Damn
Don't slap me in the face
don't forget I am a star
I don't like stars
I want that someone who dreams
innocently of being a star
But I am a star
who has already given up acting
Why do I fall for someone
who loves acting?
So you are your own friend
The spectacles are okay
but you don't look good in them
You must come to my performance
It's a must
Would you like to come to my place
in the evening?
I am in mourning
You are referring to Douhara
He replaced you with a younger girl
long ago
He died on me
When I watched the press conference
on TV
I felt disgusted
That girl really took him away
If I were younger
and cried at the conference
I would have cried in the limelight
That... is to say
after I moved him to the girl's room
I cried aloud alone
I said I was sorry
and said goodbye to him
Then I cried aloud alone
What a problem
so this is what it's about
That girl was willing to help you
It was her own choice
I didn't force her
She made the decision herself
You made her agree
it was like dangling a carrot
in front of a horse
and she couldn't resist it
An actor would do anything just to get
on stage
You're right
Let me ask you
What should Kikuchi
who has been replaced say?
You and Mita destroyed her
To get ahead someone must disappear
Rise and fall
I would not let myself fall
Miss Hatori, it's your turn
would you prepare to go on stage?
Just do as you did during rehearsal
No problem, you can do it
I am frightened
I might spoil the whole thing
I can't do it
how much have you sacrificed for today
When I first went on stage
I was so frightened and caused
my periods to come
but I continued to act
and paid no attention to it
The music will end soon
It's too late
Time for the opening
An actress
either makes it or doesn't
Thank you
Right, it's okay
Such a bother!
See you in Tokyo after the new year
- See you
- Thanks
Teacher, please sit here
How's Mako's thesis?
It's about the English author
Virginia Wolf
The thesis on Mrs. Dalloway
is not bad
Where is Mako?
Grandpa asked to see her in his room
to discuss something
I'll call her now
Mako, tea is ready
What happened to you, Mako?
I killed grandpa
One ticket please
The show almost over
- No problem
- Okay
Never guessed
grandpa would have done
such kind of a thing
He must have lost his mind
So I picked up the knife
and told grandpa that I'll kill myself
if he kept going
Then I put the knife on my neck
He suddenly grabbed me
I stabbed his chest by mistake
I could only discuss with you
as I trust no one else
What do you think I should do?
what should I do?
Mother, I killed him
I killed grandpa
he tried to rape me so I killed him
That's the way it is
No, I cannot lose you
because... I killed him
No way
It's alright, mom
If grandpa wanted to molest me
I would have done the same thing
I killed him
I killed him
Mom, go on
You can't be like this
You can't
It's alright
If you are caught by the police
dad would be very sad
Go quickly
I am sorry
I am a murderer
Mako, the tea is ready
What happened to you?
I killed grandpa
I... killed grandpa
Shizuka, great acting
Way to go
Very good
Move faster
This is great
So that's it
This is an interesting theory
And then?
Is this all you want to say?
What follows is what I really want
to say
Remember what the police said
about the terms regarding
the loss of inheritance
There's one person who could
inherit the estate
However if the murderer is the spouse
or a direct relative, then that person
will lose the right
That is to say, Mako's direct relation
who is her aunty
will have no right to the inheritance
When I discovered this additional clause
I immediately thought of you
Your research focuses on genetics
and the quicker the chairman
who opposes your research dies
the quicker aunt would inherit
the estate
Since it'll be aunt's estate
it'll be as good as yours
You are the murderer?
You gave the murder weapon to aunt
who in turn gave it to Mako
Wasn't that the way it happened?
You saw through me
Unfortunately there's only the two of us
Even if you killed me it'd be useless
My dear
So you
lied the other day
Tell me
Tell me the truth
Tell me you were careless
tell me it was an accident
Wasn't it?
It's done
So it was a premeditated murder
Way to go
I never work without a plan
it's all planned
including marrying you
It's all part of the plan
By the way
I really fell for you
Husband, just once
hold me again please?
So far so good
Only the last scene remains, way to go
On with the show
Mom, don't
This is my only way
don't die
You must have suffered
It's my fault
It's my fault
Can't blame me
I did it for the one I love
Any woman
would have done it
don't die
I killed grandpa
We have an agreement
why do you have to die?
- It's great
- Shizuka
The final bow is also part of the play
Get up
Thank the audience
and get lots of publicity
She's coming
You must want Mr. Douhara
to watch your debut
and how you acted, right?
Isn't that so?
Would you tell him of your success
at his grave?
Miss Mita, Shizuka,
give us your comments
I know it all
Douhara didn't die on your bed
He died on Miss Kakeru's bed
She requested you to stand in for her
the prize is for playing Mako
Then the two of you moved the body
to your room
You promised to be Miss Kakeru's
stand-in to get my role
I won't forgive you
I will kill you
I will kill you
Make way...
I promised you
Promised me?
I said as soon as you became
famous I'll send you flowers
and say goodbye to you
We are even
You are also a stand-in
For your own interest
So this time...
Excuse me...
I still have one place to go to
but in a different direction
This is the key
Contact me if you have problems
It's been a hard day
Sorry I didn't visit you at the hospital
I've been waiting for you
It's just a minor wound
I couldn't stay longer even if
I wanted to
You've got a tenant?
I've been wanting to keep this place
No worries, I'll get a better place
I beg you
don't say something like let's make
a new start
I am injured all over
if you said something like that
I'll cry in your bosom
Let's do it this way then
throw yourself into my bosom
I want to
but I can't
I fear
I might be even worse
I must lead a good life
I can't survive just by the stage
An ignorant girl who dreams of
becoming a star
finally realises this
That's' why I say
I want to make a new start
by my own efforts
You want to continue acting?
You gave up acting because
you detest your other self?
I feel
though my other self is troublesome
I still want to go on with her
I take your leave
This is our last scene?
My other self keeps telling me
I shouldn't cry
under such circumstances,
it's better to part with a smile
I'm leaving