Wu Kong (2017) Movie Script

The sunset over Mount Huaguo
is more beautiful than any fairyland.
This is all that the monkey remembers
of Mount Huaguo.
The monkey once heard a legend
that in the depths of the Heavenly Kingdom
the Destiny Astrolabe controls the fate
of all living things.
However, the stone that Nwa used
to patch the sky bred a giant
that refused to accept its fate.
The Heavenly Kingdom claims any living thing
does not submit to control is a demon.
The giant became a devil.
The gods threw everything they had
at besieging the devil,
but they were all killed by the devil.
The heavens and the earth shocked with his fury.
he was defeated in the end.
Fierce lightning tore the giant's body to pieces.
And the fragments of his body fell
and scattered across the earth.
Mount Huaguo was born.
The heart of the stone
that patched the sky lived on
and evolved into the monkey.
The monkey grew up at the foot of Mount Huaguo
with the company of sunset all over the sky.
But the Destiny Astrolabe found him,
and the heavens burst forth
in flame burning all plants
and extinguished all living creatures in heavy snow.
Mount Huaguo was left in ruins.
The monkey disappeared.
The monkey was furious
and vowed that as long as he was still alive,
he would destroy the Heavenly Kingdom
and wreak havoc there.
the sky he could see
was covered in darkness.
(Destiny Council)
My Lord.
Mount Huaguo was destroyed 300 years ago.
The Destiny Astrolabe has run consistently.
The heart of the stone has disappeared.
There is none left to challenge the might
of the Heavenly Kingdom.
it is the 1,000-year changing
of the guard at the Destiny Council.
The Academy of Destiny
is responsible for selecting succeeding immortals.
You have all undergone rigorous selection
from various departments
and are the wisest with the greatest potential
to ascend to immortality.
You will be divided into
two sects in your spiritual journey here
The Heavenly Sect,
those selected from
outstanding descendants of the gods,
and the Earthly Sect,
the most hardworking pupils that
conducted their spiritual journey
in the world of men.
Our Lady
will award the third class peaches that
the Queen Mother of the West personally gave her
to the top disciples of the Heavenly Sect
The ceremony is about to begin.
What are you doing sitting here?
I'm not doing anything, just watching the sunset.
Then I'll be going.
Hurry up.
I've always watched others eat.
Now it's my turn to have a taste.
I heard that these peaches
are really juicy.
Prince Juling,
the peaches are coming.
Where is she taking it?
bring her here and teach her a lesson.
Come here!
Put your peach here.
I told you to put your peach down here.
Let me go.
What are you doing? Help!
Get the assassin. Get the assassin.
Catch her.
I did not do it on purpose
Are you here to assassinate me?
I'm just here to deliver the peach.
Is this the peach?
How dare you eat my peach
I'm JuanLian
Juling, show some respect.
You shouldn't hit women.
I mustn't hit women?
I can also hit men.
You mustn't hit men!
No clapping!
I'll protect you.
I can't eat the peach?
Why didn't you say earlier?
And then you started beating them.
If you're going to fight anyone,
fight me.
Get him!
Do what he did to me back to him.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Wait up. Wait up.
That's better.
I'm sorry.
I had a lot of earwax.
My Lady.
What is it?
Bad news. The disciples are fighting.
My Lady,
please go to the side chamber and rest.
Do you know who I am?
Listen up!
For the rest of your lives
you will remember my name.
My name is...
It's you.
You're the one that stole the peach
and got my friend in trouble.
Do you think you're something special?
Do you think your martial arts are amazing?
What are you hitting me for?
I saved you, you silly witch.
Damn monkey.
How do I look like a monkey?
You do if I say you do.
Damn monkey!
Idiotic simpletons like you
aren't even qualified to serve Chalky.
Who's Chalky?
Let me tell you.
Listen up.
What are you shh-ing for?
Shh my foot!
I haven't finished speaking.
Chalky, let's go.
My name is...
Cut your crap.
Get out of the way!
How come you're so late?
Are you hurt?
Of course not.
Who are you?
I'm Erlang from Guankou of the Kunlun Mountains,
also known as Yang Jian.
Do you know who I am?
Listen up.
For the rest of your lives
you will remember my name.
My name is...
I thought you'd never shut up.
Don't think I'm afraid of you.
I'll beat you to death with this stick.
Don't think you can get away. Don't move.
I'll go over there and kill you.
I'll go over there
and beat the living hell out of you.
You blasted monkey!
His name is Sun Wukong and he comes
from no sect that we know of.
However, his power and magic
have broken all records for 100 years
in the Academy of Destiny.
So we broke the rules in taking him down.
But we never imagined...
My Lady,
I was wrong.
I was absent at the opening ceremony,
caused trouble in the great hall
and broke academy rules.
It will not happen again.
Just punish that damned monkey.
Erlang has just got back,
and I was the one that told him to do it.
Just punish me.
I sent Tianpeng to take care of things
but Yang Jian interfered
violating academy rules.
I sent you down to undergo spiritual cultivation.
But 100 years later,
But you haven't improved.
You do actually remember that we haven't
seen each other for a hundred years.
I made this.
It can protect you.
Take care of yourself.
I will always remember
you no matter how many years passes
Yang Jian.
You are called Yang Jian, right?
You look like a stiff corpse. This isn't a funeral.
Didn't you looked mighty a minute ago?
But now look at you.
You're locked up in here with me.
The Heavenly Kingdom has rules.
Fighting is a punishable offense.
So two of you against me is a rule
of the Heavenly Kingdom.
You still lost.
I don't accept that.
Let's go again.
Come on.
Let's do it again.
What? Don't you want to fight?
Now I remember.
Just now those jerks over there
were laughing about
how your mother broke the divine law
She fell in love with a mortal
and is now trapped under Mount Tao.
Then she gave birth to you, a freak that
is neither human nor immortal.
Say that again.
To put it simply,
you are a mongrel.
Our Lady.
My Lady.
Yang Jian
go back to the Destiny Council and wait for me.
What's going on?
Why is he allowed to go?
What about me?
Do you really think no one can control you?
There is no one on earth that can defeat me.
So I came up here
to have some fun with you immortals.
Is that a reward for me?
This reward,
this reward should not just belong to me,
but to all of us.
Give it here.
This is yours '.7
That's it?
that damned monkey deserved that.
He brazenly destroyed the grand hall,
endangered the disciples
and almost even hurt me.
And he got Erlang in trouble.
My Lady, how about this?
Give that golden lotus wand to me
and I'll discipline him for you,
and make sure everyone is safe.
You can't even keep yourself disciplined.
How can you discipline others?
Please give me this opportunity.
Nothing can defeat him?
They destroyed Mount Huaguo,
and wanted to eliminate your undying heart.
They said it was fate.
Heart of the stone,
I finally found you.
In the beginning you didn't know anything.
To get rid of stubbornness,
you have to understand everything.
You will be called Sun Wukong from now on.
While the heart of the stone lives on,
the Heavenly Kingdom will never let you be.
I have sealed your power
inside the form of a human.
I will teach you everything I can.
Just follow the path you choose.
Do you know
why you cannot open your heavenly eye?
I sent you to roam the earth for years,
and although you can differentiate
the heavens from the earth,
you have nothing but your mother and Azi
in your heart.
But as an immortal,
you should embrace
all living creatures on the earth.
You must dismiss your personal emotions
before your heavenly eye can awake
and bestow you with unlimited power.
Only then
can you become a real immortal.
You're awake.
What are you doing?
Why have you done this to me?
What is it?
I cut it for you.
Do you like it?
What do you think?
Why did you cut my hair?
You I
This hairstyle suits
your band.
Where's my master's scarf?
Give my scarf back.
Your scarf was filthy. I had it washed for you.
Look, you look like a beggar.
How can I take you anywhere
if you look like that?
Look how clean Chalky is.
I don't want to be your servant.
Do you really think that this can control me?
You underestimate me, Sun
Don't waste your energy.
This is a holy article of the Heavenly Kingdom.
Even I can't take it off
Right now, I'm the only one
that can recite the spell.
I can accept you
as my servant.
Call me My Lady.
Say the spell then.
I dare you
You don't know what you're dealing with.
I am from hell.
My hands are stained with blood.
None of rare beasts, the old, weak,
women or children escape my wrath.
MY Lady, I apologize.
You're a good boy.
Bloody witch!
Do you really think I'm afraid of you?
What's that noise?
Yesterday I thought you were a righteous hero.
Who would have thought that
you would try such filth today?
Who told you to come out?
I didn't come out. I came from up there.
Get back up there.
It's easy getting down,
but getting back up is not so easy.
Get out!
Pull me back up!
You think you can fool me like that?
I won't be fooled.
are beyond reason.
Get lost!
Get lost!
This is the kitchen with the best scenery
in the Heavenly Kingdom.
You can stay here.
Then I'll be...
Why did you destroy so many beautiful places?
I don't understand.
I don't accept it.
My Lady,
it was all my fault.
Don't punish Azi.
Yang Jian,
your mother has been imprisoned under Mount Tao.
You are neither human nor immortal
and come from humble origins.
I brought you here from the
Kunlun Mountains and promoted you
because you had never made mistakes.
You have really let me down.
I'm sorry
for getting you into trouble.
I want to become a great immortal.
I'm going to save everyone.
I want to be a great immortal, too.
I will always protect you.
I'm sorry for getting you in trouble again.
It's nothing.
You've been down in the world of humans
for so long. Did you have fun?
There's nothing fun down there.
You told me that you like flowers.
This is for you.
What is it?
Seeds of the most beautiful flowers
that I saw on my journeys.
If you like,
I can make the Heavenly Kingdom
look like the human world:
full of flowers.
How has it been since I left?
I've treated him well.
Look how fat it is.
It's really fine.
It's so fat that it can't even
put on a suit of armor.
Xiaotian, let's go.
I told you, its name's Chalky.
But he's black.
He's white.
Fine. He's white if you say so.
Chalky, tell him that
you're white.
My Lady,
I have followed your commands
and I am monitoring Sun Wukong.
He has some purpose for being here.
If you give the order...
Wait for me to confirm something first.
You say you want to become invincible.
What's so great about being invincible?
At least I can control my own destiny.
All destiny in this world
is controlled by the Destiny Astrolabe.
With it, the Heavenly Kingdom
can balance the three realms
and govern all souls.
No one can stop it.
I don't care.
I will go to the Heavenly Kingdom and destroy it.
I will destroy the Destiny Astrolabe
The Destiny Council
is located at the highest of the thirty-six heavens.
It commands the three realms,
the six destinies,
the five elements
and the forces of yin and yang.
Behind this gate
is the enchanted bridge that leads
to the Destiny Astrolabe
as well as the boundary that separates the
human world from the Heavenly Kingdom.
If you fall off,
the power of the enchantment
will suck all off your immortal powers
and you will vanish and die without a trace.
This is the control room.
The heavens, the earth, the sun, the moon,
the wind, thunder, rain, lightning
the changes in the four seasons,
all celestial events that mortals witness
are operated from here.
What are you doing?
Don't make trouble in the Heavenly Kingdom.
And what if I do?
What will you do?
This is the Destiny Astrolabe,
the core area in the Destiny Council.
Greetings My Lady.
Greetings My Lady.
The first thing you will learn in today's lesson
is an understanding of
of the balance between the heavens and the earth.
This is Mount Huaguo.
The devil once reincarnated
and hid himself here.
300 years ago,
we complied with the heavens' orders
and wiped out the devil.
The fires of heaven raged for months
and ice covered the mountain for years,
thoroughly cleansing Mount Huaguo
and finally restoring a balance
to the heavens and the earth.
Right now, this land
should have been restored to life,
But the land dried up, of years of disasters
caused by the evil spirit
that permeates the land there,
life is nothing but despair.
the devil still lives.
By the mercy of the gods,
it is time again to cleanse this land of evil.
That used to be a beautiful land.
It is like this now because of your cruelty.
Why don't you give them a chance to be reborn?
The ones that err
should be punished.
But they shouldn't be killed.
I refuse any orders from heaven like that.
Answer me,
if it was your own child, would you kill it?
If the heavens decried it,
I would do so without a second thought.
Finally I realize why you treat me like this.
Don't go.
Wait for me.
Have you finished?
You are her daughter.
What are you doing?
Give it back.
Stay away from me.
I was right.
The heart of the stone was not destroyed.
The devil
lives on.
We can't let him disturb the Heavenly Kingdom.
Find an opportunity to kill him.
Bring me the heart of the stone.
You invite me here
and then hide?
What do you mean by this?
The enchanted bridge is a forbidden area
of the Heavenly Kingdom.
You stole the entrance warrant.
You are here
not to become an immortal,
but for some other scheme.
Enough. Enough.
What's so good about being an immortal?
Do you really think that I can't defeat you?
Damn monkey,
I want a word with you.
Why did you knock me out?
Is this what you're into?
Just tell me straight.
What are you doing here?
Where's that damned monkey?
You're leaving?
Don't waste time.
Stay away!
They destroyed Mount Huaguo,
and wanted to eliminate your undying heart.
They said it was fate.
And the ice covered the mountain for years,
thoroughly cleansing Mount Huaguo.
I don't care.
I will go to the Heavenly Kingdom and destroy it.
why you are here.
Are you ok?
We're not dead?
What just happened?
Where is this?
This is Mount Huaguo.
He is the reincarnation
of the devil 300 years ago.
The heart of the stone block off
the power of the enchantment
brought us here.
I won't let you go back alive.
If I can't go back,
don't think about going back either.
Then let's see.
Come on.
Come on.
Careful. Don't go over there.
Stop it!
Without any powers, how can you fight?
It's my turn to show you what I can do.
A fire and ice crossbow.
It's driven by physics.
It doesn't need any magic.
I invented it.
Stop it. Don't fight.
Everyone's here.
What's going on?
Keep it down.
Kill it!
What can we do without any powers, Azi?
Break in!
Give me.
Azi! Azi!
Stay back!
Stay away, demon!
We're not demons.
Shut it.
Anything that falls from the sky is a demon.
Kill them. Kill them.
We really aren't.
We won't. We won't.
Mortal men, don't forget your manners.
This doesn't look good.
Azi, get out of here. I don't want you getting hurt.
I'll show you my ultimate move.
A thousand fists!
There are bogus demons, too.
Do not be afraid
Get him. Get him.
Kill him. Kill him!
You want to stop me
and kill me.
It's taken me 300 years.
300 years!
You'll never succeed.
Even if it takes me another 3,000 years,
or 30,000 years,
I will never accept defeat.
The cloud demon is coming.
The cloud demon is coming.
Do not close,wait
Get out of here.
Get inside.
Don't worry.
Village Chief!
Village Chief!
What happen !
My child's not here!
Who's seen her child?
The child is over there.
Calm down.
When you showed up in my life,
I realized the value of the world.
Even if the Heavenly Kingdom banishes
you to the human world,
But I won't let you face this punishment alone.
I'll go with you.
You are the guardian of the stars.
You have to stay here,
protect the world
and the stars.
The only thing I want to protect is you.
Give him here.
You can't go out there.
Do you remember
the meteorite I gave you?
As long as we have the meteorite,
no matter where I go,
I will always remember you.
Damn monkey!
My magic weapon can stop it.
Fire it. Now. Now!
My Lady,
the enchanted bridge has been destroyed
and Azi fell Off it.
The enchanted storm wreaked havoc
upon the Destiny Astrolabe.
As soon as we get it working again,
we will do everything we can to find her.
the Lord is looking into this matter.
Stop struggling.
You don't even have your powers.
You can't get out of that rope.
Let me out.
How can I let you out?
I'm tied up myself.
You're awake.
You damned witch, let me go!
This is the last of the villagers' grain.
They offer it to thank us.
They believe that we are real immortals
and that we are here to save them.
The cloud demon absorbed all their water supply.
They can't even grow any grain.
Either way, we cannot go back.
And the cloud demon will appear again.
I've decided
that we are going to stay here and save them.
Save them?
What's it got to do with you?
They can't be saved
because you immortals decide everything.
If you want to save them,
you have to destroy the Destiny Astrolabe.
That's the only way they
can control their own fate.
Fate is predestined.
No one can change their fate.
You're mad.
You want to be punished again?
Forget it.
We don't even have any powers.
The gold band curse is useless here.
Out of the way.
Where are you going?
Out of the way.
Out of the way.
What are you looking at?
One's destiny cannot be denied.
This was Mount Huaguo.
Look at the place.
What exactly can we do?
Mother said
that this place is beyond hope.
But I've seen hope here.
I believe that the Lord will see it, too.
you told me
that no matter where I was, if I wanted it,
you would plant an ocean of flowers for me.
Can you do that for me now?
You're awake.
I've finally found you.
Immortal, I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend you.
You saved our village,
but now we have nothing.
That was the last of our water.
You armor,
I mended it.
I hope you don't mind.
This stone...
I've had this stone
since I was young.
Can you please not take it from me?
I'm sorry.
How was it? Was there any?
Was there any water?
There isn't any.
There's nothing.
Naughty Boy, Where have you been?
I've been looking for you everywhere.
I couldn't find you anywhere
stop !
Don't bother me.
That is Fengshou.
He's my son.
That is an immortal.
Let go of me. Let go of me.
This is Mount Huaguo, right?
I really like it here.
Don't tell me that this is Mount Huaguo again.
There isn't even anywhere here
to watch the sunset.
The Heavenly Kingdom took away your sunsets,
so we'll go and take them back.
I'll take care of this scarf for you.
come over here. Come over here.
We've decided to stay
and help you be rid of that demon.
We've looked into things thoroughly.
The cloud demon absorbed water from the land,
but now it has no more water to absorb
and is consuming the moisture
out of people's bodies.
All we want to know is how to get rid of it.
Right. Right!
Let me have a look. I'll have a look.
I'll have a look.
We cannot waste any time
waiting for it to appear again.
We have to
draw it out and catch it.
How can we catch it?
The best defense is offense.
We Will
catch the cloud.
I have a completely different idea.
The way to get the upper hand over it
is to force it out
and corner it.
Then surround it and attack.
How is that any different from my idea?
I've got a plan. You haven't.
I haven't even told you my plan.
How do you know I don't have one?
Then tell us.
You wouldn't even understand.
Try me.
Why should I tell you?
I'll tell you.
I don't want to hear it.
I'm going to tell you anyway.
Be quiet if you don't know what it is.
The cloud demon was an immortal cloud
from the Heavenly Kingdom.
It wandered down here
and began absorbing the resentment
in Mount Huaguo,
which turned it into a demon.
It has taken the thing most
important away from me.
And I want it back.
I can do this alone.
We believe that the immortals
can help us get rid of the demon.
We can't catch it when it's up in the sky
and we have to trick it into coming down
by creating a beautiful sunset scene.
Either we draw it down or we force it down,
we will trap it here,
besiege it
and then catch it.
creating a sunset
isn't exactly feasible.
Why not?
I've thought it through.
There's nothing here.
All we have is cloth.
So we'll use cloth
to create a sunset scene.
Come on.
Even if we can draw it down, then what?
Your weapon is pretty effective against
the cloud demon.
But the cloud demon is so big.
We can make a super-sized cannon.
Make a crossbow for me.
Improve its consistency
and firing range.
Most importantly, it needs to be light.
It needs to be big!
I'll put it here.
Come on. Let's try it.
This won't do.
It's done.
Is it big enough?
What do you think?
Looks good, right?
It's not big enough.
It's not light enough.
I want a big one.
How can we catch the cloud with this cage?
So that's it.
I'm sorry.
Catch the cloud!
Attack the cloud!
Catch the cloud!
Attack the cloud!
Bring it over.
Big enough? Big enough?
It's light enough.
Big enough, right?
Isn't it good?
Let's work together.
Let's make it rain.
Let's make it rain.
Prepare to attack the cloud.
If this saltpeter shell fires,
we'll be able to freeze the cloud demon.
we'll arrange all the cloth
just here.
I think it should go
just here.
Just here?
No. Here.
Wherever you want it.
Come over here.
Come over here.
Come here!
I've got some delicious food.
Everyone in the village
said you were dead.
I told them you weren't.
This is a sweet potato.
Eat it.
My son.
Don't open your eyes.
It's beautiful.
There are no stars in the sky here.
From now on,
you'll be able to see the stars
whenever you open your eyes.
If you like,
I can make the Heavenly Kingdom
look like the human world:
full of flowers.
I'd like that.
It's coming!
It's coming!
It's dark!
Light the fire. Illuminate the sunset.
It fell down!
What should we do?
Cloud attack force, come with me.
I'll take the children into hiding.
Come. Come with me.
I'll go and get the saltpeter shells.
Sun Wukong, hang in there.
I'll help you.
Everyone. Hurry up!
Hurry. Pull!
Hurry. Pull!
Come over here, and get it standing up.
One, two, three!
Hold it.
Ok. Get going.
Out of the way. I'm aiming at the cloud.
Illuminate the sunset.
Leave this to us.
It's coming.
It's coming.
I can't aim at it.
Lift it higher.
We caught it!
We caught it! We caught it!
We caught it!
It's raining!
It's finally raining!
My Lord.
This is all my fault.
This was all an accident.
The enchanted storm has subdued.
The Instrument of Destiny is operating normally.
The balance between heaven
and earth has not been affected.
This time,
we worked together with
these immortals,
and made it rain.
Everyone must remember their names.
It's the same as my stone.
This is the other half.
Originally they were one meteorite.
Do you remember?
You gave this to me.
You told me
that as long as we had this meteorite,
you would remember me.
I'm sorry.
It seems that in 200 years
everything can be forgotten.
Is the past
really that important?
These last few days
with you
have been the happiest of my life.
This time you can put it on for me.
Sit down.
What do you have for me today?
It's your favorite, sweet potato.
It's sweet.
I know
that you're not Fengshou.
Fengshou is never coming back.
After you return to the heavens,
if you see him,
can you tell him not to worry
for me?
He should be
a great immortal.
To be honest, I envy Fengshou.
All these years,
I've never seen my mother.
I want to know
what she is doing.
I hope one day I can meet her.
Don't worry.
Fengshou will look after you.
That cloud demon is pretty dumb.
This sunset looks pretty fake.
But I like it.
You know this golden band has no power over you,
why are you still wearing it?
I'm used to it.
What's this?
A monkey.
A monkey.
That's a dog.
It looks nothing like a monkey.
Monkeys don't look like that.
Give it back.
That's right
Although it's not like what it used to be,
I can feel
that this is my Mount Huaguo.
Let me tell you.
Do you know why Sun Wukong, Yang Jian
and Tianpeng look up to me so much?
Because I have a special move
called a thousand fists.
If everyone gives me five copper coins,
I'll teach it to you.
Do you believe me?
I'll only charge you three copper coins.
Ok, free.
Come over here.
Sir, take things easy.
You don't have to take it that seriously.
If you want something,
then come and get it.
Run! Run!
Where are we going?
She is coming with the celestial warriors.
If we don't go now,
everyone will die.
So we have to go.
What about the villagers?
Stay inside and don't come out.
Run as far as you can.
We managed to defeat the cloud demon,
and what do we have to fear?
Don't move!
Do you still believe
in my thousand fists?
The stars in the sky fell asleep
No longer blinked
Children on the ground fell asleep
Sleeping so sweetly
That familiar song
Why can not you hear?
That warm embrace
How can this have happened?
The stars in the sky fell asleep
No longer blinked
Children on the ground fell asleep
Sleeping so sweetly
See if that kid
is still alive.
The kid is fine.
Then that's all that matters.
Was my thousand fists
Really impressive?
You have to protect the villagers.
And the stars you made for me.
I just want to be with you.
As an immortal,
you should feel no desire
or sense of self.
You must forget your pain
and perceive life as it is.
The day you fell down here,
they should have died in this decrepit temple.
You gave them false hope,
and brought them nothing but more pain in death.
We came not for killing
I am here to put an end to this chaos.
Did you really think I didn't know
what you were up to?
I let you go through all this
ls to let you know
You changed nothing.
We were wrong.
Without permission from the heavens,
those seeds will never flower.
While we were in the village, we were mortals.
He wasn't a demon
and you weren't an immortal.
But now you are in the Heavenly Kingdom
and should do as immortals do.
He is locked in a cell at the bottom
of the Destiny Purgatory.
He has endured every possible pain,
but still won't die.
Because he is waiting for you.
Go and beseech him
to let go.
You came.
I knew you would come.
You kept yourself
from dying purely to tell me that?
I want to say
that I love the ocean in Mount Huaguo.
Sun Wukong.
Seeing you like this,
I realize you are nothing but a handful of dirt.
I hate you.
I despise you.
You've lost.
You've lost everything.
Mount Huaguo is gone.
The sky there is covered in darkness.
There is no sunset.
So this is it.
This is it.
Rest in peace.
I will complete
your mission for you.
Wait for me.
I will be with you soon.
There has never been an immortal
that could get this undying heart of the stone.
You managed it.
Yang Jian,
this test
has finally taught you to let go
of your earthly ties.
Now,I will help you open your heavenly eye.
After so much hardship,
you find yourself here again.
You wanted to seek revenge for Mount Huaguo
and defeat the immortals.
Did you do it?
I could not.
Mount Huaguo is gone.
The heart of the stone is gone.
Everything is predestined.
I lost.
Feeling powerless
is just the start of your awakening.
Do you really think there was no way left for you?
Do you accept your fate?
Or will you continue to fight
for what's in your heart?
No matter how powerful
the heart of the stone is,
it is still part of the Heavenly Kingdom.
Using it to topple its power will never work.
You still haven't found the weapon you need.
Think about the life you have spent,
whom you have met,
and everything that you refuse to let go of.
Now you have
a power that the Heavenly Kingdom
has never witnessed.
Great Sage, Equal of Heaven
We are demons.
Take me to the heavens.
I am entrusted by the Lord
with protecting the Palace of Destiny.
Who dares to cause trouble here?
Show yourself!
Who are you?
Who exactly are you?
For the rest of your lives
you will remember my name.
My name is...
The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven.
I really can't tell the difference
between any of you.
Either way,
whoever you are,
shouldn't even think about
getting out of here alive.
It seems
you finally understand.
All of them died.
You call it fate.
All must comply.
It turns out that you are the only one
who can control your destiny.
You have so much blood on your hands
in the name of balancing the heavens
and the earth.
But all you ever wanted
was Sun Wukong's heart of the stone.
You wanted it to increase your power
and continue your rule.
And now you want to turn Erlang
into someone like you.
I will not let that happen!
You came.
Let go.
I told you to let go.
Why do you always have to go against me?
I've told you
that I could kill you
any time I wanted to.
You know that you can change nothing.
Why are you all here seeking your deaths?
I'm not like you.
I can't spend my life alone.
How come you came back looking like a dog?
This is what I've always looked like.
I'm ugly, right?
I like you like this.
You look so cute.
In the future I'll be your servant.
In the future
you will be free.
No one will force you to do anything.
You can do whatever you like.
Then I will take you to Mount Huaguo
to watch the sunset.
What's that noise?
Hot heart hot eyes
Your tear drops instantly
Slip over
my face
The Heavenly Kingdom took away your sunsets,
so we'll go and take them back.
I can feel
that this is my Mount Huaguo.
Engraved forever
Yesterday's scene again
Lost in my heart
A ray of smoke drift
Is the past
really that important?
These last few days with you
have been the happiest of my life.
No time to say goodbye
Empty a memory of the line
Cannot tie long longing
But soul around the dream pull
Chance met with you again
How far is it forever?
Nostalgia between the heart of mind
Mining a sunset rest assured
That's me to you
The last attachment
What Yang Jian's eyes could see
in the past was a fabrication.
Now, his heavenly eye has opened.
Give up all emotions
All he can see are the heavens and the earth.
You cannot defeat the power
of the heavens and the earth.
The heavens want to suppress me,
so I'll cleave the heavens.
The earth wants to stop me,
so I'll crush the earth.
Finally you realize
your true power.
Why can't you still let go?
Why can't you understand your destiny?
Quit lying.
This is your destiny.
Not mine.
The Heavenly Kingdom is in chaos.
The immortals are incompetent.
Redefining order between the heavens and the earth
is my true destiny.
Your vain obsessions
are nothing but betrayals.
I know the wrath of the heavens.
But do you know
the heavens
may tremble?
Sun Wukong.
Even by defeating the Destiny Astrolabe,
there is nothing you can change.
I came,
I fought
and I care not about the consequences.
Today, Azi saved you.
But from now on,
I am a god
and you are a devil.
I will always seek your destruction.
The next time we meet,
don't hold anything back.
The heavenly scriptures record
the event like this:
Her Lady and the devil revolted
in the Heavenly Kingdom,
and were decried as demons.
Yang Jian helped to remove the evil,
and was promoted to the First General
of the Heavenly Southern Gate
and entrusted with cleansing the three realms.
The monkey returned to Mount Huaguo
with the desire to see the purple sunsets there.
He called upon all living creatures
that refused to accept their fate
to engage in a hundred years' war
with the Heavenly Kingdom.
Who is the monkey?
It's me.
I am
(I want the sky no longer to blind my eyes)
(I want the earth no longer to bury my heart)
(I want all the living beings to understand my mind)
(I want all the gods)
(to disappear)