Wubbzy's Big Movie! (2008) Movie Script

Wow, wow, everyone!
My name is Wubbzy!
Wubbzy lives in a tree,
he likes to play, play, play
He's got a bendy tail
and he likes it that way
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wubbzy, Wubbzy! Wow! Wow!
Widget is his friend,
she likes to build
She hammers and she saws
and her toolbox is filled
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wubbzy, Wubbzy! Wow! Wow!
Walden is their friend,
he's really smart
He knows about science
and books and art
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wubbzy, Wubbzy! Wow! Wow!
Wubbzy and Widget
and Walden are friends
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wubbzy, Wubbzy! Wow! Wow!
And when they are together,
the fun never ends
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
Wubbzy, Wubbzy! Wow! Wow!
Wow! Wow!
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Wow, wow, everybody.
Tomorrow, Walden,
Widget, and I
are getting
our picture taken.
We do it every year.
Yes, yes, yes.
Here's my collection
of all the photos
we've taken
over the years.
This is last year,
and the year before.
Wubbzy, you always have
the most interesting outfits.
That's for sure.
I can't wait to see
what you're gonna wear
this year, little buddy.
Yes, yes, yes.
I'll bet it's
something special.
You'll see.
Dum dee dum dum
Dee dee dum dum dum
Lookin' good.
Wow, a puddle.
It must have rained
last night.
I love puddles.
What are you doing?
We're supposed to get
our picture taken today.
Oh, right.
I guess I need another bath.
Now I have to find
something else
that's cool to wear.
Sorry, I can't play
with you this time,
Mr. Puddle.
Wow, wow, guys.
What are you doing?
Hi, Wubbzy.
We're playing puddle jump.
It's lots of fun.
Made it.
Me, too.
My turn.
Whoa. Whoa!
Come on, Wubbzy.
You try it.
I did it. Yay!
I'm gonna make it
this time for sure.
There's no way
I'll get dirty, now.
I'll make it for sure,
this time.
[wind gusts]
Hey, the wind stopped blowing.
Hey, whatcha doing there,
little buddy?
We're supposed to get
our picture taken, today.
I was all ready.
But then I got
all muddy again.
I guess I better
start all over.
Well, it's spiffy, anyway.
Wow. What's that, Widget?
It's my new invention.
The Puddle Bubble 3000.
It'll protect you from falling
into anymore puddles.
This is cool.
Yeah, and watch this,
little buddy.
See? The mud
bounces right off.
Now you can't
possibly get muddy.
Wow, wow.
Thanks, Widget.
No problemo.
I'll meet you over at
the photographer's studio.
Wow, wow.
Wow, wow, wow.
That's kooky.
What a great invention.
This time,
I'm not even going
to get close to a puddle.
Now I know for sure
I won't get my clothes dirty.
Oh, boy. I love honey.
[brakes squeak]
I made it
without a spot of mud.
Come on, Wubbzy.
We're waiting
to take the picture.
I'll be right in.
What's that?
Oh, help. Help! Help!
What's the matter,
Mrs. Zamboni?
Oh, Wubbzy.
My pet, Polly Parrot,
escaped from his cage.
And now he's up in that tree.
Could you please
catch him for me?
Here, Polly,
Polly, Polly.
Got ya.
He's got me.
My, that was easy.
Thank you, Wubbzy.
Thanks, Widget.
I'm sorry, Walden.
I tried to stay clean
for the picture.
I really did.
But I got all muddy, anyway.
That's okay, Wubbzy.
You were helping somebody.
And that's always
more important
than keeping clean.
It is?
Sure thing, little buddy.
Besides, I knew you'd
look special today, somehow.
Well, well, well.
Let's take that picture now.
Shall we?
Oh, I can't take
a picture with you guys.
You're all dressed up,
and I'm a mess.
We can fix that.
Can't we, Widget?
You betcha.
Wait for me!
Okay, say "cheesy cheese."
Cheesy cheese!
[shutter clicks]
That was picture perfect.
[all laugh]
When you're lonely,
friends are there
When you're empty,
friends will share
When you're feeling sad,
they really care
'Cause that's what
friends are for
That's what friends
are for
That's what friends
are for
When you really need them,
they'll be there
Yeah, that's what
friends are for
When there's a book
that you just can't read
If there's something
special that you really need
You don't have to
beg and plead
'Cause that's what
friends are for
That's what friends
are for
That's what friends
are for
When you really need them,
they'll be there
Yeah, that's what
friends are for
When you've got a new toy,
and you wanna play
That's what friends
are for
When you're really bored
on a rainy day
That's what
friends are for
If you wanna dance
but you've got no beat
If you're hungry,
and you wanna eat
Just call your friends
and you can meet
'Cause that's what
friends are for
That's what friends
are for
That's what
friends are for
When you really need them,
they'll be there
When you really
need them, they'll be there
When you need them,
they will be there
Yeah, that's what
friends are for
Wow, that was fun.
What do you wanna do now?
Hey, let's go get
some doodleberry pie.
Ooh, I love doodleberry pie.
Come on, let's go-- Oh!
Are you okay, Wubbzy?
Who's Wubbzy?
Uh, you're Wubbzy.
Well, who are you guys?
We're Widget and Walden.
Oh, uh--
I was told to never
talk to strangers.
We're not strangers.
We're your best friends.
Yes, yes, yes.
We were gonna get
some doodleberry pie.
What's doodleberry pie?
Jeepers. He doesn't
remember anything.
And he's mooing
like a cow.
Something must've
happened to Wubbzy
when he fell
on his head.
We better take him to
see Dr. Flooey right away.
Don't you worry, Wubbzy.
I'm sure that Dr. Flooey
will be able to get
your memory back.
Oh, good.
Where is he?
Uh, he's right next
to you, little buddy.
Gee, I don't remember--
I mean, I don't
remember you at all.
But Wubbzy,
you were just
in here last week
when you hurt your tail.
I hurt my tail?
That's right Wubbster.
We were all playing with
your flippity flip together.
Here comes
the flippity flip, Walden.
Well thrown, Widget.
Heads up, Wubbzy.
Got ya.
Okay, catch this one,
I think you over-flipped it
that time, Wubbzy.
Oh, pickles
and prune juice.
I can't reach it.
Don't worry.
I'll bounce up there
on my tail and grab it.
What's the matter?
There's no spring
left in my tail.
Gee, little buddy.
That's not good.
We'd better bring you
over to Dr. Flooey
right away.
Hmm, hmm, hmm.
Yes, just what I thought.
Wubbzy, you've got
a tired tail.
A tired tail?
No doubt about it.
See how red your tail is?
Yes indeed,
you need to rest it
for a couple of days.
Couple of days?
But the big doodleberry
bake-off is today.
I'm afraid you'll have
to skip the bake-off.
What about Moo-Moo's
new magic show?
No can do.
I can't miss the big
kickity-kick ball game.
They need me.
Sorry, but if you want
your tired tail
to get better,
you have to rest.
Now you go home
and stay off that tail.
[trumpet plays]
It must be time for
the doodleberry bake-off.
Gee, and I had such
a great recipe
for doodleberry pie.
I would have won easy,
if it wasn't for this tail.
You know, it doesn't
feel as bad as before.
And it's not as red
as it was before.
It's getting better.
It's probably safe
to go to the bake-off.
As long as I'm really careful.
Future bakers of Wuzzleburg,
are you ready to begin?
[all cheer]
All ready, Chef Ritz.
Wubbzy, what are you
doing here?
Yeah, you're supposed
to be resting your tail.
Oh, I feel much better now.
Okay, start baking.
Wow, it's a lot
harder to stir
when you're not
using your tail.
Oh, you wanna borrow
my Blenderoo 3000,
little buddy?
It'll mix anything.
Thanks, Widget.
Now, how do you
work this thing?
Here we go.
Whoa! Whoa!
My tail.
It's even redder
than before.
We'd better
take you back home.
There. Now, if you're all
comfy-cozy, Wubbster,
we gotta scadaddle.
Yes, yes, yes.
We don't wanna be late
for Moo-Moo's magic show.
He's my favorite
magician ever.
I'm coming with you.
I don't think that's
a good idea, Wubbzy.
How can I hurt my tail
just sitting in the audience?
Oh, I don't know,
little buddy.
But Dr. Flooey said
you need to rest that tail.
Don't worry.
I'll be careful.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Great Moo-Moo.
And now, my friends,
we'll play
a little game called
"Where's Wiggles?"
Who would like
to assist me?
I will! I will!
Be careful, Wubbzy.
In you go, Wiggles.
Now, keep your eye
on the hats.
Where's Wiggles?
Where's Wiggles?
She's in that one.
No, that one.
No, that one.
Look out, Wubbzy!
No, she's definitely
in that one.
Whoa, oh, ah!
Oh, Wubbzy.
I believe your tail
is even redder than before.
Yep, back to the couch,
little buddy.
What am I gonna do about
the kickity-kick ball game?
My team needs me.
But you can't afford
to hurt your tail again.
I have an idea.
The Bubble Ball 3000.
This here'll
protect your tail,
so you can play
without worrying.
Thanks, Widget.
It's great.
Are you sure you can play
with that bubble on your tail?
Just watch me.
Great shot, Wubbzy.
Hey, Widget,
this thing really works.
Hi, birdie-bird.
What do you think
of my bubble ball?
That wasn't
supposed to happen.
Wow, my tail is
totally red.
You should've listened
to Dr. Flooey, Wubbzy.
Now you have to rest
your tail even longer.
But it's no fun
staying indoors.
I could never have
a bake-off,
or a magic show,
or a really fun game
in here.
Why not?
We can do anything we want
if we put our minds to it.
And now it's time to judge
the Wubbzy bake-off.
The entries are...
Widget's peppermint
Wubbzy's doodleberry pie,
and my own famous
mustard custard.
And now for the best part.
I'd say
we're all winners.
And now, the tablecloth
will magically float up,
up, and away.
Oops, that wasn't
supposed to happen.
[both laugh]
Bravo. Bravo!
Three, three,
give me a three.
1, 2, 3.
I win.
You know,
you guys are right.
You can have lots
of fun at home.
All the redness has gone.
Very healthy angle.
And look at that spring.
Yes, indeed. Your tail
is as good as new, Wubbzy.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
It works.
[boing, boing, boing]
Hey, look.
That flippity flip
is still stuck.
But not for long.
Nice going,
little buddy.
Now we can finish
that game of flippity flip.
Here it comes.
I got it!
I got it!
[both] Oomph!
Are you guys all right?
Ah, I think I have
a tired elbow.
I think I have
a tired head.
Wow, you better
go home and get
plenty of rest.
[all laugh]
So, do you remember
Dr. Flooey now, Wubbzy?
Yep, I believe that
Wubbzy has a case of
What's that?
It's when you bonk your head
and you lose all
of your memories.
And you start mooing
like a cow.
Jeepers, what can we do?
Well, about the only
thing you can do
is try to share
some past memories
with Wubbzy
and hope he starts
remembering things.
Yes, yes, yes.
I have just the thing.
Okay Wubbzy,
this scrapbook has
lots of photos
of all the great times
we've had together.
Perhaps looking at them
will help bring back
your memory.
Do you remember
when we went camping?
Do you remember when
we went to Dino Island?
How 'bout when we went
in search of pirate treasure?
Hmm. Maybe.
Did we have
a treasure map?
Yes, yes, yes.
You found it inside
the pirate book that
you were reading.
Hey, what's that?
Very interesting.
It appears to be a map
of Wuzzleburg.
Yes, sirey.
There's Wuzzleburg Park.
And there's the pond.
And there's the island.
Hmm. I wonder what
this 'X' stands for.
An 'X'?
Wow, wow, wow.
This must be
a treasure map.
A treasure map?
Sure, it fell out of
the pirate book, didn't it?
An 'X' marks the spot
where pirates always
hide their treasure.
Wow, wow, wow!
We have to go
find it, right now.
Uh, I don't wanna
disappoint you, Wubbzy,
but there are no pirates
in Wuzzleburg.
And there probably isn't
any treasure, either.
Sure there is.
You just have to believe.
If we're going to
find the pirates' treasure,
then we need to look
like pirates.
Arg. [laughs]
Follow me!
There you go.
Now you be Captain
Nobeard Walden.
Say "Arg!"
And you be
Hammerhand Widget.
I be?
And I be...
I be...
I be Longtail Wubbzy.
Now all I need
is a parrot
to be my best friend.
Hi, birdie-bird.
Wanna be my parrot?
Polly want a cracker?
That means "yes"
in parrot.
Okay, then, mateys.
Let's heave-ho!
So first, we have to
follow the map
across the park.
Boy, I wonder
what the treasure is.
Maybe it's gold.
You know, Wubbzy--
Longtail Wubbzy.
Longtail Wubbzy,
there may not be
any treasure.
Oh, sure there is.
You just have to believe.
According to the map,
we need to cross the pond
to get to the island.
That's gonna be hard
to do without a boat.
Hey, there's a boat.
Yes, yes, yes.
But it's rather beat up.
Maybe Hammerhand Widget
can fix it.
No problemo.
I always carry my
Handy Dandy 3000.
Only today, we'll call it
the Pirate Pal 3000.
Stand back.
[sawing, hammering]
We've got
a real pirate ship.
Let's go get that treasure.
There may not be
any treasure,
Longtail Wubbzy.
Oh, sure there is.
You just have to believe.
Here we go.
Across the bounding main.
Sailing the seven seas.
Uh, Wubbzy?
We're not moving.
Shiver me timbers,
you're right, Captain Nobeard.
We don't have a sail.
And there aren't
any oars to row with.
Wait, I have an idea.
They don't call me
Longtail Wubbzy for nothing.
Everybody hit the deck!
Wow, wow.
Flying speckled frogs.
Boy, I wish I had my net.
dead ahead.
That was close.
[all] Phew.
Land ho!
Yo, ho, ho!
It's time to claim
our treasure.
[both] There may not be
any treasure, Longtail Wubbzy.
Oh, sure there is.
You just
have to believe.
Wow, look at
these pretty rocks.
They're not rocks.
They're snappity-snap
Double yikes!
Great blasted barnacles.
If only we had some
crackers to feed them.
We do.
Here you go,
Mr. Snappity-Snap.
It works.
[turtles belch]
We made it.
[both] Phew.
And now all we have to do
is follow this path
to the 'X'
and we'll find
the treasure.
there is no 'X'.
And there is no treasure.
But you have to believe.
You can believe
if you want...
But we give up.
[both gasp]
Shiver me timbers.
There really is an 'X'.
See, I told you.
Well, blow me down.
It's a crew of salty dogs.
Ahoy, mateys.
[all] Ahoy!
Are you a real pirate?
You bet your pirate's booty.
I be Captain
Sweet Tooth Tom.
Ah, I see you found
me treasure map.
Your map?
Aye, I drew it up me-self.
So, what's the treasure,
Captain Sweet Tooth?
Is it gold?
Arg. It's right here.
The treasure
was the adventure
you had today.
Was it fun, me hardies?
Really fun.
Yes, yes, yes.
It was great.
We should've
believed you, Wubbzy.
There are pirates
in Wuzzleburg.
And there was a treasure.
The best kind of treasure,
an adventure.
Thanks, Captain Sweet Tooth.
You're welcome, laddie.
Oh, but I wouldn't
be called Sweet Tooth Tom
if I didn't have a treat
for you as well.
One piece each, and make sure
you brush when you get home.
[all] Thanks.
All righty, laddies,
suppose you take me
back across the pond,
so I can hide
me map again
and another group
of pirates
can find it.
Sure thing.
Let me just fetch me
library card.
I must confess,
this day has been
a great treasure.
Yeah, having fun
is way better
than gold,
or silver, or jewels.
And a lot easier
to carry home.
And that was our pirate
adventure, Wubbzy.
Do you remember that,
little buddy?
No. But it sure
was a cool story.
Do you remember when
you and Widget were spies?
it all started when
you and Widget
came to visit me one day.
I wonder
what Walden's up to.
I dunno, Widget.
But I haven't
seen him all day.
Uh, hi, Wubbzy.
Hi, Widget.
Wow, wow, Walden.
Whatcha doing?
Oh, I'm a--
I was, um--
That is to say--
We're on our way to play
some kickity-kick ball.
Do you wanna join us?
Well, I would,
but I, um--
I'm busy.
See ya later.
I think Walden's
keeping a secret.
A secret.
Let's ask him what it is.
if it's a secret,
he won't tell us
what it is.
Oh. You're right.
If only there was a way
we could find out.
I know! I know!
We can spy on him.
Eh, I don't know,
little buddy.
I don't think it's right
to spy on other people.
But if we don't
spy on Walden,
we'll never know his secret.
Yeah, I guess
you're right.
Now let's get to spying.
Wow, I look like
a real spy.
Yeah, check it out.
I brought some
spy equipment.
Wow, Widget.
That's a lot
of spy stuff.
And that's not all.
It's my Spymobile 3000.
We can spot any clues
with this baby.
Wow, wow, wow.
Now all we need
are special spy names.
I know, I'll be Noodle
and you can be Doodle.
How come I
have to be Doodle?
I wanna be Noodle.
Okay. You can be Noodle.
Aw, thanks, Doodle.
Now, let's start spying.
This periscope doesn't
reach high enough.
No problemo, little buddy.
My spy shoes'll
give you a lift.
Walden's packing
a suitcase.
He must be going somewhere.
Let's go higher,
so I can get a better look.
That wasn't
supposed to happen.
Walden's on the move.
Follow that Walden!
We'll disguise
the Spymobile,
so Walden will never know
we're following him.
Good idea.
That's kooky.
He's going into
the library.
Come on, Doodle.
I'm Noodle.
Let's go.
You start looking
over there,
and I'll start looking
over here.
No, I'm Noodle.
No, you're Doodle.
He's not here.
He's not here, either.
Wait, I hear something.
[Widget over walkie]
Can you see anything?
I just have to move
one more book...
[both screaming]
There he goes!
Let's get a closer
look at that book.
Ooh, it looks like a
book about mountains.
This calls for a disguise.
I'll put on a costume
so Walden won't
recognize me.
Great idea.
Hello, this is Noodle.
No, you're Doodle!
Walden is buying
some jelly bean soup,
cheese wuzzle burgers,
marshmallow lasagna,
doodleberry pie!
[stomach growls]
Wow, I'm getting hungry.
What a cute little bird.
Oh, no!
Ze tubie tube pasta
is everywhere!
Wubbzy, you must
clean this up.
I'm not Wubbzy.
I'm Doodle.
We need a cleanup
in aisle five.
Ten-four, little buddy!
Let's see.
He packed a suitcase,
he has a book
about mountains,
he took lots of food--
And he's driving away
in his all-over rover.
To the spy-mobile!
Follow that rover!
No problemo.
It's time for
the Cloud-Copter 3000.
[tires screeching]
I can't see.
We can get a better view
from up there.
Hold on to your hat!
That must be the secret.
He's moving up here
to Mt. Zubba Bubba.
But what does he need
that telescope for?
Great horned owl!
What are you two
doing up there?
Um, well, uh,
well, we--
I thought, well--
We know all about
your secret, Walden.
My secret?
Yeah, you're moving away
without even telling us.
That's not my secret.
It's not?
No, no, no.
Tonight is the night
of the purple moon.
[both] Huh?
When there's a purple moon,
it's the best time to
watch shooting stars,
and according
to this book,
the best place to watch
is the top of
Mt. Zubba Bubba.
I brought my telescope
so we could see
the stars better.
But it's still daylight out.
Well, I wanted to
get here early
to set up a special
picnic for you.
Ooh, for us?
Yes, that was my secret.
I wanted to surprise you.
Now we can all watch
the shooting stars together.
We're sorry, Walden.
When you wouldn't tell us
what you were up to,
we spied on you.
Yeah, we followed you
all over town.
Yes, yes, yes.
I know.
You know?
Ha, that was a cute
bird suit, "Noodle."
I'm Doodle.
Come in, Noodle.
Noodle here, Doodle.
Where are you, Widget?
You're missing
the whole show.
Aw, don't you worry,
little buddy.
I've got a great
view right here.
Ah, yes.
Watching those shooting stars
sure was a lot of fun.
Do you remember that,
little buddy?
No, but it sounds
really great.
My, my, my!
Wubbzy still doesn't
have his memory back.
Don't worry, I can
fix this no problemo.
Whatcha doing?
I'm building a machine
that'll help you get
your memory back.
What does this one do?
This is
the Tail-o-Tronic 3000.
Don't you remember?
I built this for you
when you wanted
to change your
bendy tail.
You wanna play with
my kickity-kick ball?
Your tail is kooky.
But look, I've got
a really cool ball.
It's all long
and bendy.
And kooky.
Does that mean that
you don't wanna play?
You wanna play with
my kickity-kick ball?
That is one
wacky-looking tail.
Everyone thinks
my tail is wacky.
And kooky.
I gotta do something
about this.
With a little tape
and a few leaves,
no one will even
notice my tail.
You wanna play with
my kickity-kick ball?
What is that?
Oh, this?
It's just a normal,
everyday tree branch.
That's not a normal,
everyday tree branch.
It's a long,
bendy tail.
And it's totally kooky.
I think it's more
wacky than kooky.
Well, whatever it is,
we're outta here.
Hey, maybe Widget
will wanna play.
Wow, wow, Widget.
Wanna play with
my kickity-kick ball?
Oh, no can do, partner.
I am putting
the finishing touches
on my latest invention.
The Robo-Cluck 3000.
It's a robotic chicken that
lays over 100 eggs a minute.
Now, all I need to do is
use this wiggle wrench
to tighten the thruster bolt,
and this baby
will be done.
What's all this stuff?
Oh, oh, be careful.
Those are the controls
for the robot.
Don't worry,
I won't touch a thing.
[sirens wailing]
Ooh, that's not
supposed to happen.
That's not supposed
to happen, either.
I'm sorry, Widget.
My kooky tail is
messing everything up.
Hey, Widget.
You've got lots of tools.
Can you fix
my tail for me?
Oh, no problemo,
little buddy.
I can fix anything.
Anything except
robot chickens.
There we go.
The Tail-o-Tronic 3000.
This little puppy'll
fix your tail in no time.
Too curly!
Let's try that again.
Too balloony.
Hmm, maybe if I adjust
the sprickle sprocket...
Ha, there we go.
That oughta do
the trick.
Too funky!
Oh, don't worry, pal.
I can fix that.
We'd better go
see Walden.
Hmm, I wonder if this
belongs to the Stinkadon
or the Geckosaurus Rex.
Hidi-ho, Walden!
The Wubbster here,
he's got a bit
of a problem.
Ooh, yes, yes, yes.
Oh, I love problems.
Is it a math problem?
Is it a science
How about
geophysical psychology
in relation to
global economics?
Uh, I don't think so.
It's his here tail
that's the problem.
Hmm, it's long
and it's bendy.
But I don't see
the problem.
That is the problem!
It's long and bendy!
And no one will
play with me
because I have
a kooky tail.
No, no, no!
Being kooky
isn't a problem.
Look at all those fish.
They're all kooky.
This fish is big
and puffy,
while this fish is
really small and fast.
And this one,
this one here
is electric.
And look at all
these animals.
They're all kooky, too.
The stretchalope
has a long neck
to reach up into
the trees,
while the tiny honker
scurries along
the ground.
He's funny.
And look over here.
These two dinosaurs
are very kooky.
Yes, siree.
This guy has big,
pointy teeth.
And this one here,
he has a spiky tail
and wings.
But I don't have
any of those things.
The only thing I have
is this kooky tail.
Oh, no, we have to
stop that thing
before it destroys
my dino bones!
No problemo,
pal o' mine.
All I have to do is
adjust the thruster bolt
with my wiggle wrench
and we got ourselves a--
Oops! Big problemo!
I must have left
my wiggle wrench
back at the workshop.
Hmm, now let's see...
Where can I
find something
long and bendy to
tighten that bolt?
Maybe I could
use my tail.
But Wubbzy,
how will you get all
the way up there?
I can use my tail
to bounce up
onto the robot.
Which one is
the thruster bolt?
It's the red one,
Oh, wait a minute.
Maybe it's the blue one.
No, no, no, no!
It was the red one.
I think.
Oh, well. I'll just
tighten them both.
Ha ha! Good job,
little buddy.
You stopped that
crazy robot.
[weak clucking]
Right, and you saved
the dinosaurs.
All by using your tail.
Maybe having a bendy tail
isn't so bad after all.
Look how high
I can swing!
I can swing
even higher!
[both] Wow!
[all] Wow!
Look how far I can jump.
Look how far
I can jump.
Can we play
kickity-kick ball with you?
Let's do it!
Hey, wait for me!
And my cool tail!
Gee, I don't know why
I would wanna
change my tail.
But I do like
this rainbow hair.
All righty, then.
the Remember-When 3000.
This little baby'll put
memories back into your head
so that you can
remember who you are.
Are you ready,
little buddy?
I'll take that as a yes.
We'll start with
your birthday.
How's the birthday party
coming along?
I painted a whole
stack of invitations.
And I cut out
this here sign
with my ziggity-zig
Happy birthday Wubbzy.
Nice, nice, nice.
And the party hats?
Yeah, we made 'em ourselves.
Those are great!
What about
the marshmallow lasagna?
Marshmallow lasagna?
Of course.
It's the perfecto
birthday dish.
But marshmallows aren't
in season, Walden.
Maybe we could have
jelly bean lasagna instead.
Oh, no.
I'm gonna make you
a giant tray
of fresh
marshmallow lasagna.
It's the nicest
thing I can do
for you on
your special day.
Don't start the party
until I get back.
I can make the lasagna
right here in the wagon
to save time.
Now, it's off to
the supermarket.
Hi, Earl.
Will you come to
my birthday party?
A party?
I'll be there!
Hi, Huggy.
Will you come to
my birthday party?
You bet!
Nice invitations,
Thanks, Huggy.
Hi, Buggy.
Will you come to
my birthday party?
Will there be cake?
See you all there!
Noodles, cheese,
chocolate chips.
And now, to
the marshmallow aisle.
Galloping gigahertz!
Where are all
the marshmallows?
I'm sorry, sir,
but marshmallows
are out of season.
Think, think, think.
I know!
I'll go straight to
the marshmallow factory!
It's party time!
[all] Yippee!
No, no, no. Not yet.
We promised Walden
we wouldn't start
the party without him.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
Okay, let's wait
for Walden.
Ah, the marshmallow
Closed for the season?
Oh, no!
Now what?
Think, think, think!
I know!
I can go to
the marshmallow forest
on top of
Mt. Zubba Bubba.
It's a long drive,
but it'll be worth it
for the perfecto party.
Are you having
any fun yet?
I don't think
the party's started.
Boy, oh, boy.
So far, this party
is one big flopperoo.
Maybe I can fix that.
Hey, I haven't made
my birthday cake yet.
Who wants to help me?
I'm a good mixer.
I'm a good pourer.
I'm a good taster.
No, no, no.
Too hard.
No, no, no.
Too soft.
I can only use marshmallows
that are perfecto.
[all] Hooray!
[both] Mmm.
So delicious.
So yummy.
Hold on, gang!
We're supposed to
wait for Walden!
Right, Widget?
[mumbling, chewing]
That should do it.
Oh, my, my!
I'm late for Wubbzy's
birthday party!
[engine stalls]
I think this mountain
was too big for
my carbunkle.
The mountain!
I have an idea!
I can ride the wagon
down the hill.
Off to the birthday party!
Now we're moving!
Time to make
the marshmallow lasagna.
Pour in one bottle
of chocolate sauce...
...and two cups of
chocolate chips.
[horn honking]
Lay the noodles flat...
And now, the cheese.
Stir the marshmallows
slowly, slowly...
We need to add water.
This has been the best
birthday party ever.
Sure was, Wubbzy.
I had a great time.
Loved your cake.
I'm sorry we didn't have
any marshmallow lasagna.
[horn honking]
[brakes screeching]
Ah, it's finished.
[gasps] Uh-oh!
Happy birthday, Wubbzy.
Oh, I guess I'm late.
I'm sorry I ruined
your party, Wubbzy.
You didn't ruin
it, Walden.
Everybody had
a great time.
Without the
marshmallow lasagna?
All you really need
for a perfecto party
is friends.
I guess you're right.
But, you know what makes
this party super-perfecto?
A great friend
with a big heart
who brings a really
marshmallow lasagna.
You can't have
a birthday without it.
Who wants a piece?
Me! Me!
I do! I do!
Not me.
What do you think of
my marshmallow lasagna?
I think it's per-fecto!
I think I'm allergic
to marshmallows.
So? Did you get
your memory back?
I'll take that
as a no.
Let's try again!
That's not
supposed to happen.
Oh! I'm scared!
Oh, you've been more
scared than this, Wubbzy.
Remember when you
stayed up late
watching scary movies?
[cackling on TV]
[TV host]
You've been watching
Mad Marvin's Monster
Movie Madness.
Tonight, we saw The Bug-Eyed
Bug From Buggy Bog.
Followed by The Plop
From Planet Pooptron.
And finally
Dude, Where's My Head?
[Monster Marvin]
Tune in next week for
The Zany Zombie
From Zanzibar.
Good night!
Wow, I love Mad Marvin's
Monster Movie Madness.
Time for bed.
[owl hooting]
[gasping, trembling]
It's okay, Wubbzy.
Monsters aren't real.
[door creaking]
Wow, wow, wow.
I'm staying up all night.
No monster's gonna get me.
[rooster crowing]
I have to get
some sleep tonight.
I need some help.
The monsters hide
in the dark
waiting for you
to fall asleep...
and then they get you!
[gulp] Really?
Nobody's gonna
get you, Wubbzy.
There's no such thing
as monsters.
Right, Widget?
Yeah, of course.
But, uh, just to be sure,
I know just the thing to
keep any monsters away.
You do?
Thank you.
[fake laughter]
There, that should do it.
The Monster-Masher 3000
is guaranteed to keep
your house monster-free.
How does it
work, Widget?
Ha-ho, let me show ya.
Once you turn it on,
it'll swat any monsters
that come near your bed.
Danger, danger,
danger, danger.
Monster alert,
monster alert.
Monster alert.
You must leave immediately.
Final warning.
Monster's a no-no!
Sweet dreams,
Uh, Widget.
Could you stay
here tonight?
No problemo,
little buddy.
I'll sleep downstairs
on the couch.
Great, thanks.
Good night,
Monster-Masher 3000.
Good night, Wubbzy.
Sleep tight.
Danger! Danger!
Danger, danger,
danger, danger!
Intruder alert!
Intruder alert!
Danger! Danger!
Oh, no!
There's a monster
in my room!
I'm a-comin',
little buddy!
Danger! Monster alert!
Monster alert!
Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!
Do something, Widget!
[powering down]
Now let's get
out of here!
But there's nothing
here, Wubbzy.
The Monster Masher 3000
must have gone off
by accident.
[both] Monster!
It's the headless dude!
The plop from
planet Pooptron!
The bug-eyed bug
from Buggy Bog!
The zany zombie
from Zanzibar!
It's me.
I was just baking some
cookies before bed.
This is no time
for baking!
Why? What's wrong?
There are monsters
Monsters? Really?
Well, maybe those
monsters will enjoy
some fresh cookies.
[both] Oh.
No, Walden!
Don't go in!
Oh, no, no, no!
We'll never see him again!
Come on in.
There's nothing here.
I promise.
[both gulp]
But what about the plop
from planet Pooptron monster?
Oh, it's only
the vacuum cleaner.
The bug-eyed bug
from Buggy Bog!
it's only two plates.
The headless dude was
just the coat rack.
[both] Monster!
And the scary monster
was only a fly.
You see? There's not
a single monster anywhere.
Everything's fine.
All those monsters,
they were just normal
things in the dark.
[both laugh]
Thanks, Walden.
I'm not gonna be scared
of monsters anymore because:
Monsters don't exist!
Well, sleep tight,
little buddy.
Goodnight, Wubbzy.
[teeth chattering]
But, um, guys...
Do you wanna stay and
have a slumber party?
Sure, Wubbzy.
Boy, this is
going to be fun.
Let's see what's on TV.
Wow, Mad Marvin's
Monster Movie Madness.
I love this show.
[cackling on TV]
Don't be scared.
Monsters aren't real.
Wow, I don't remember
that at all.
Oh, all righty.
Let's try it again.
Are you okay,
little buddy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on, let's go get
that doodleberry pie.
You remember
doodleberry pie?
Sure. I love
doodleberry pie!
And you remember us?
Of course!
You guys are
the best friends ever.
I'd never forget you.
Gee, I guess Wubbzy
is back to normal.
Well, then,
let's go get some pie.
Just kidding!