Wunderkinder (2011) Movie Script

Wunderkinder Prodigy
Thank you, Mr. Bosch.
Grandma Hanna!
Thank you for coming.
The press meeting and photo shoot
are rescheduled for tomorrow.
A strange old man came. He claimed he
was an old friend, so I sent him away.
- An old friend?
- He said to give you this.
For Hanna. The Queen of Fish.
Are you alright? Should I
get you a glass of water?
Go get me that man.
Grandma, who is that man?
That man?
That man is Abrascha.
There was no one who
could play like him.
Germany Awake
Poltava, Ukraine Spring 1941
Larissa and Abrascha, the two geniuses.
The two prodigies.
This perfect culture
created by these small hands
is the great achievement
formed by our system and party.
We should also be thankful
of the children's efforts.
Please rise, parents!
Come to the stage, Irina.
To promote the great products
of Soviet education in Ukraine,
the glorious party will
proudly send musical prodigies
Larissa and Abrascha on
tour to Moscow and Leningrad.
Prodigy (Wunderkinder). That was
the first time I heard of that word.
Their music was really great.
I had never heard of
such beautiful music.
I knew that piece from Sarasate but
the sound was different.
It sounded as if they made it.
Abrascha, catch!
You only did this much?
Is something wrong?
I don't know. It might not
be good to only play music.
How? Everyone is proud of us.
We're even going to Moscow.
See, there's a central
conservatory in Moscow.
- They might send us there.
- What will we learn there?
- Irina is the best.
- Yes, she is.
I don't want to leave.
We can make a few mistakes
and disappoint the party.
I'll do it with you.
Come, let's go tracking like indians.
- Hello? I'm Hanna. Hanna Reich.
- What do you want?
- I want to play with you.
- We're going to play by ourselves.
No, I want to play music together.
Please! I even went to your recital.
You're German, aren't you?
We don't have time. We
have to go on our tour.
Did you know Indians called
the train the "iron horse"?
They were afraid of trains.
I'm afraid of trains too.
We're going to conquer
the world with music.
- To do that, you have to ride trains.
- Kids, come here!
You kids aren't famous
enough to hold a train.
- There's food in the train.
- But it's not as good as ours.
Listen to your mother. I've
brought you something to read.
Son, take care of
yourself and the ladies.
Beautiful. I haven't
heard this one before.
The melody is good. Is
it a German composition?
No, it's my friend
Larissa Brodsky's work.
I didn't know you made a new friend.
I want to learn from Irina too.
Did you know indians can catch a
buffalo with just a bow and arrow?
Or kill a puma with a single knife?
You're making these
stories up, aren't you?
Abrascha, give me that
stupid knife right now.
This is mine. Lieutenant
Tapilin gave it to me.
Only a policeman would
give such a stupid gift.
Even if you have it with you, don't
ever take it out when we're travelling.
We have to cancel the tour
if you get even a scratch.
Do you want that?
You should take care of your hands.
It's your most precious instrument.
There's nothing that can
replace it. Now let's practice.
You two are representing
the Soviet Union.
You have to act as if comrade
Stalin is sitting next to you.
Let's start with the Hungarian Dance.
Hanna! The teacher
is here! Come quickly.
- Carnegie Hall! It's Carnegie Hall!
- What's Carnegie Hall?
It's America's most famous concert
hall. You're going to tour in America.
- America? Are we going to
the west coast too? - Yes.
- Will our parents come with us?
- Of course.
- Grandpa too?
- Go! You should be greeting them!
I can't believe it, America!
- Are we all going?
- Yes.
We have to show them the
best Soviet prodigies.
My son.
Will you bring your grandfather?
Of course, grandfather.
Cheers for your health!
America, I wish I could go right now.
For good, I mean.
You have the right to live without
being discriminated against.
Don't say that. There's
nothing better than the homeland.
Hello, my name is Max Reich. I'm
the head of the German brewery.
I know who you are. How can I help you?
I wanted to talk to you about something.
Is the house on fire?
You played too fast.
Only Hanna kept the right pace.
Larissa had no problems.
For someone who feels for music,
you feel little with people.
Hanna, you bow well
and have a good rhythm.
Wonderful, all three of you.
- I'd like it if you could practice together
often. - That would be good.
You dropped this by the lake.
- What's that?
- Our winter coats.
It's our family's
new coats. Let's see.
- Fits like a glove.
- Isn't it expensive?
- They were certainly not cheap.
- Who paid for it?
- What are you talking about?
- Max Reich, wasn't it?
Did you get money for the practice?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I'm your father. I make the decisions.
The Reichs do their name
proud. They're rich.
In communism, sharing
together is virtue.
This is different. This is my music.
- Hanna!
- Yes, mother?
Come here. You're
practicing hard lately.
- Your mother and father are proud.
- I like to play.
Please sit down.
You know, I'd like
you to exercise too.
Your teacher also
complained about your math.
I think enjoying music is good,
but aren't you
practicing to impress them?
- The prodigies, I mean.
- Abrascha and Larissa are my friends.
Hanna. They're Jewish.
Nothing good will come out
of this. For you and everyone.
Of course you earned the money.
But your father sacrificed
many things for your lessons.
If money is more important
than music, quit playing.
Listen with your heart, and
concentrate on your music.
The heart doesn't have ears.
But it has a soul.
- Where's Abrascha?
- He's grounded.
He fought with his father over lessons.
We didn't know your
father gave them money.
But I just...
Wanted to become friends through music.
This piece, it's really pretty.
Children, let's start your lessons.
It's a song about friendship.
Stop, stop, stop.
Dvorak called this piece "Humoreske".
Why are you playing legato?
It should be powerful like grazioso.
That part was hard for
me too. I'll help.
- Are you still composing your song?
- I made a promise with Abrascha.
This is a song for real friends.
Only true friends can hear it.
I'm wondering if you can hear it.
I have something to show you too.
They're not coming to
me. How do you do that?
Hanna, you're the queen of fish.
Today the Fhrer broke
the long and heavy silence
and Europe's fate is in
the hands of German soldiers.
The communist Soviet Union's battle
will be a decisive historical event.
The Luftwaffe just
bombed a Russian base.
On June 22, 3 AM,
powerful German troops
crossed enemy lines.
That's not possible. Hitler and
Stalin signed a nonaggression pact.
- They promised neutrality.
- What if Stalin breaks the pact?
What's wrong, mom?
We don't know yet.
You two should go home.
Hitler's goal is to expand his
territory and overthrow communism.
He's doing it for
the interest of Germany.
Really? After coming here, I
have a hard time believing that.
- Suddenly, we're living in a war zone!
- We can go back, can't we?
The consulate can send
us back to Germany safely.
The NKVD will be chasing after
us, now that we're the enemy.
What's the "NKDV"?
- They're like the police.
- Police? More like executioners.
- I'm going to the brewery.
- Isn't it dangerous?
- No.
- Then let me go with you.
What brings you here?
Has anyone come to work?
Around half. Should I send them home?
Who wants to work should work.
I'm not the one who declared war.
- I'll go to the consulate.
- See you later.
Dad, why does Germany attack Russia?
I don't know. Hitler and Stalin
were friends until yesterday.
We'll find a way back home, I promise.
This is our home. Everyone likes us.
Now, war has come here too.
German Reich Consulate
Can't we ask Lieutenant Tapilin to help us? He's
been taking bribes ever since we've been here.
He'll want to kill us all the more for
it. We have to send Hanna somewhere safe.
No! We have to stay together!
Hanna, come.
- Search the house!
- It's Tapilin.
Yuri, search the kitchen.
Boris, the second floor!
Is nobody here?
Let's go!
Everything will be fine. I
promise. We'll talk more tomorrow.
- Hanna!
- It's Dr Brodsky. Hello, we're here!
- Sorry it's late. We should be
careful of Tapilin and the NKVD.
- They were just here.
- You were lucky.
They're sure to come back. You must
leave the city. You have to find a way.
Do you have a place to hide, at least?
- Are you sure it's empty?
- Only Alexi and I have the key.
Lock it outside the same way we came in.
Don't worry. We'll come back soon.
God be with you. Come back safely.
I'm counting on you.
We're going to the front. I
don't know if I'll return.
You can't tell anyone.
If Tapilin finds out
we're helping the Reichs,
we'll be executed like them.
We'll need more by
the day after tomorrow.
- If we were in Germany, we'd be safe.
- Don't be naive!
If Hitler hadn't declared
war, we'd be safe here too.
What? Once we go back, we're over.
I never wanted to come to Russia.
Where's the owner?
Who's there?
What's going on?
I'm Tapilin from the NKVD.
I'm looking for Reich.
Aren't they hiding here?
If that were true, I'd know.
That shameless capitalist
exploiting our land!
This is the language of the
so-called master race, I see.
But that's all over.
Reich is suspected of being
in league with a fascist spy.
He, and everyone who helped him,
will be executed once they are caught.
- Understood?
- Yes, comrade Tapilin.
We have to go east before
the German troops come.
They've come as close as
200 km of Poltava, I heard.
We can't just leave everything and
go. I have to take care of the patients.
Boris, you said it yourself it will
be dangerous when the Germans come.
You're right.
But let's wait and see.
Why do Germans dislike Jews?
The Reichs are still our friends.
Not all Germans are as kind as them.
- It's Abrascha.
- Hello.
Do you have time?
It's an abandoned hunting cabin.
I found it when I was tracking.
I came often with Larissa.
Nobody knows about it.
Well? What do you think?
I truly thank you.
Please stay alive. Don't forget us.
Thank you. But what are you going to
do, when the Germans reach Poltava?
Tomorrow, I'll escape
to the east with my family.
My unit is going west
to face the Germans.
Your family should flee
too. If you need money...
It's fine. Even with money, you
can't buy train tickets nowadays.
I want to say goodbye to Larissa.
- You can't go to the trainstation.
- I can with you.
- We should go.
- I'll come get you.
- Farewell.
- Farewell.
Abrasha will take care of you.
It'll take the Wehrmacht
a few weeks to get here.
Comrade Brodsky, you should
go back to the hospital.
- I'll take care of things here.
- Alright.
Get off! Hurry up.
Be careful.
I'll follow you as soon
as the hospital is evacuated.
- You can't board. The train is packed.
- I have a ticket here.
Let her board, comrade.
I'm a member of the Central Committee,
and I demand that you let them board.
I can let you board.
It's leaving, so get in.
- The rest cannot board.
- Comrade Tapilin!
Larissa, go home and practice
for the hospital recital.
The brave soldiers need to be happy.
Don't forget to take
your teacher as well.
Go to hell!
Only those who believe in
religion go to hell, comrade.
God will protect us.
We have to fight to
protect the ones we love.
Larissa, close the curtains.
- I came here to meet Hanna.
- She's been gone for a long time.
I don't think she'll be coming back.
I'm thirsty. Can I have
a glass of that lemonade?
I'll have to make more
lemonade and get the apples.
Fine then.
Larissa! Abrascha!
How sweet of you. Thank you.
- It all came out of your pantry.
- Really?
- We came to ask if we could
sleep here tonight. - Yes!
It's better than playing
in the train station.
Can they?
- Nobody will come here.
- Okay, but you have to go inside.
It's time we finish our friendship song.
Indians made signals
when they found big game.
Did you really see something?
Is this war?
If the Russians are fleeing,
it means the Germans are here.
You're here. Everything's ready.
Dad, we have to tell you
something, in the forest we saw...
It's not that bad.
My strong son. I'm alive,
that's what's important.
I'm left-handed anyway.
I'm sorry, but we have to begin.
Why do they do this?
To show their cruelty.
Look at that.
They're Germans! We're saved! Stop!
Helga, be careful!
- Stop, we're Germans!
- Don't shoot!
Becker, what's this?
This is my husband and daughter.
I'm Helga Reich. This is my
husband Max and my daughter Hanna.
I'm Standartenfhrer Schwartow.
- War injury?
- No, sports injury.
1936 Winter Olympics in
Garmisch, alpine skiing.
Are you the Max Reich?
It's an honor meeting you.
I skii too, not as good as you,
of course. What are you doing here?
Take it. When the
commander comes, smile.
What's going on here?
The stage is being cleared
for the new rulers of Poltava.
- Do you know what day it is?
- A sad day.
It's the day the
fascists occupy our land.
There's a few who even welcome it.
I didn't mean that.
Our concert in America.
Carnegie Hall. Today's the day.
You'll make it. No matter
what happens, keep believing.
Let's go, come on!
Go, hurry! Go, go!
- Hanna!
- Larissa! Abrascha!
You can greet your friends later.
This is Larissa and Abrascha.
They saved us from the Russians.
- Really? -
Hello. - How?
They brought us to a place to
hide. They brought us food too.
They deserve a medal.
That's enough now. Standartenfhrer
Schwartow understands.
We also play music together.
Listen to them, they're the best.
They played in a large
concert hall once.
- For comrade Stalin.
- Is that so?
I would like to listen to you
play. I'm also a music enthusiast.
Can you make some room?
Even though they're Jews?
- Why does Herr Schwartow want to see us?
- I don't know.
- And call him Standartenfhrer Schwartow.
- Standartenfhrer? What a strange word.
Larissa, Hanna. I heard
you play well. Come here.
A perfect musician needs a perfect
instrument, don't you think?
Open it.
It's from Cremona.
Tune it and play me a piece.
The Sixth Corps is to be stationed
here. We'll need a lot of beer.
- We'll need it to stir morale.
- I'll do my best.
You'll earn some
money. You'll be Rich.
It's Schumann. Traumerei.
I wanted to become an opera singer.
- Impressive. You can keep it as a present.
- We can't accept such an expensive gift.
Your daughter's skill is wonderful.
And well, we've confiscated
at least half a dozen of those.
This is very precious.
Where did you get this?
Schartow gave it to me.
He said he has more. He
might give one to you.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
Krystina is here with the beer.
It's sad that race transcends culture.
Do you really think war justifies
the destruction of culture?
Let me put it this way.
You don't have to build
the world, but dominate it.
Can I see? Look at this violin.
This is not a German violin,
but it is in German hands.
I disagree. I cannot give something
that is not mine to others.
That's why Germany is
trying to conquer the world.
To make it ours.
Krystyna just made lemonade.
Go to the kitchen, children.
Would you like some beer?
German beer?
They say Indian shamans gave
warriors something like this.
- They called it a strength amulet.
- That's a funny name.
Hold the amulet tightly in your hand.
The amulet gives you strength when
you're in danger. Close your eyes.
Stretch out your other hand.
This means we're brother and sisters.
The three of us, forever.
Nobody will separate us.
Not Schwartow, or the war.
Let's promise.
All Jews over 50 in Poltava
gather at the trainstation
by 4 o' clock.
I repeat, alll Jews over 50 in Poltava
must gather at the train
station by 4 o' clock.
Where's grandpa?
Are you going to let him go?
You should've hidden him!
- Grandma, don't go!
- It'll be harder like this. I'm fine.
- Dad, tell grandma to stay!
- Larissa.
- Irina, where are you going?
- I'm over 50 now.
Please stay.
Larissa, you're a precious girl to me.
Whatever happens, you
must live for your music.
Stay in the car.
- Grandma Polina!
- Grandfather!
Why did they only let Irina go?
What about Abrascha's
grandfather, Larissa's grandmother?
I don't know. I did the best I
could. Schwartow promised their safety.
Where is the train going?
I don't know.
We should go. Jews shouldn't
be seen at a time like this.
- We can give you a ride.
- No thank you.
- Hey prodigy, what's that?
- Keep walking.
I'm asking you, Jew!
Dirty Jewish whore!
If Reich was so kind to give you
gifts, he should've taken you home.
The prodigies.
You should've gone east. You too.
This is our home.
They've started to
slaughter the elderly.
Damn it!
We can't just let this happen.
Herr Brodsky, I couldn't take more
outside. I'll come back tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Why are they here?
They're building a brewery in Kiev
under orders of the Oberkommando.
They can't win this damn war sober.
Schwartow wants you to come too.
Why can't I go?
We'll come back the day
after tomorrow. Don't worry.
- Kystyna will take care of you.
- Can Larissa and Abrascha come?
They're hiding with their family.
We don't know where they are,
but they should be doing fine.
Dad, I'm thirsty.
Herr Reich will come soon.
Thank you for coming with us.
Your activities in the League of
German Maidens in Berlin are missed.
Herr Reich, before I forget...
October, 7th is Reichsfhrer-SS
Himmler's birthday.
There's a party in the theater in
honor of him. Have you been there?
It would be a good opportunity to play
with your new violin for the Reichsfhrer.
- It's an honor.
- Of course.
Could you drive by the
brewery? I have urgent business.
Not at all, we can't
let the generals wait.
This is very important.
What is more important
than Germany's victory?
So this is the taste of German beer.
What are you thinking?
The lake.
The fish.
And Hanna.
Why is Hanna our enemy?
Because adults are dumb.
Poltava is better now the Jews are gone.
You Germans were right. You
know how to take care of Jews.
- What's happening to the Jews?
- Killed, probably.
Good night.
Always brush your teeth.
Where's Herr Reich?
Why isn't he coming?
Something must've happened. Otherwise,
he would've been here already.
If he doesn't come soon,
we'll end up dead.
You know what's good about this place?
I can drink as much as I want,
and my wife won't chase me out.
I want to try.
Be careful. The Germans and their
Ukrainian henchmen are everywhere.
- Stay here!
- Let him go.
There were many boys
like him in revolutions.
Fighting for what you
love takes courage.
Fraulein Hanna, what brings you here?
Smart, boy. Don't forget
to take the safety off.
- What's going on?
- You have to help us, Alexi, please.
Sure, how?
First, send Hanna home.
- No, I want to go with you!
- You really can't, Hanna.
There are two checkpoints.
It's too dangerous.
After I take you all, I'll
come back for Fraulein Hanna.
- This isn't my first time.
- Why are you helping us?
Fascists, bolsheviks...
People are victims of ideology.
Someone has to keep their humanity.
I don't know how to thank you.
When this is all over, buy me a beer.
Get off the road!
Hide here!
- I'm transporting beer.
- Right.
- Where are your papers?
- I left them in the brewery.
- Why did you stop here?
- I had to piss.
Looks like we caught a thief.
- Who were you going to sell the beer?
- No one, I swear!
No... Irina!
- We have to go! Take Irina!
- What about Hanna?
She stays with us. We'll
have to take her home later.
We have to go now.
Hanna, dear. Go to the guards
and say you're German.
Tell them you're lost,
and they'll send you home.
You can't stay. It's
too dangerous for you and us.
You parents must be worried. You
have to go. There's no other way.
You're lost, yes? And
you haven't seen us.
Once we see she's safe, let's go.
What's this, little Jew
girl? Who are you? Answer me!
Are you joking?
- Why isn't she telling them she's German?
- Go work. Only Aryans get to rest.
- She's in shock.
- We have no time to wait.
Stay low.
I'll get water.
Schwartow was right when
he said to search here.
Adults will go to the
hospital for special treatment.
The children will go
help with the harvest.
Once you're done working,
you'll be sent to the camps.
- How old are you?
- Sixteen.
Stay with your parents.
Why is Hanna Reich here?
Don't you know who she is?
Hanna, how did you get here?
- She can't speak. Or she won't.
- I'll take you home.
We can't take those two.
Make sure nothing happens to them.
You're responsible for them.
Yes, Sturmbahnfhrer.
We were so worried. Where were you?
Say something. What did you do?
The Standartenfhrer will be disappointed
if Hanna could not show her talents.
You mean at the party
for the Reichsfuhrer?
Larissa, get up.
- What's going on?
- She's hurt.
- So what? Get to work!
- Let them be. They may rest.
- Are you that afraid of the Germans?
- Are you not?
Schwartow will understand.
I'll try my best.
I'll ask Schwartow.
Larissa and Abrascha should play.
We're using the classrooms as
dormitories. They should be in this room.
You want us to play for those guys?
They took away our family
like they were criminals!
And they won't let us see them.
I made a promise with Schwartow.
You have to play. I
want you to do your best.
I know it's hard.
I also know what Irina
would've have said.
- She would have said...
- We have to fight.
For those we love.
Are you sleeping?
I always thought we would get married.
When you and I are
adults. Is that stupid?
No. I thought the same.
Irina too, I think.
May I sleep with you?
Of course, there's plenty of room.
- I'm thirsty.
- Now? Go to the kitchen, quickly.
- The small prodigy Jew.
- What are you doing here?
I came here to pick up
the Reichs. And you two.
After we play, can we meet our families?
- I don't think you would want to.
- Yes, I do.
You made a promise with Herr Reich.
He told you that?
I'll tell you what we said.
We talked about perfection.
Do you know what perfection
is, little Jew girl?
It's the right to live.
It divides the strong and the weak.
So make sure you give a perfect
performance. Along with the Jew boy.
What did you promise to Herr Reich?
If you performed perfectly, you may go.
Can you do that?
Little Jew girl?
Standartenfhrer, there's
something I must ask you before we go.
Can you tell me what
happened to their families?
- Is there any way to help them?
- I'm sorry, but I can't.
Have you seen our new gas truck?
No? It's a great invention.
It may not seem possible, but
if those Jewish children
give a perfect performance,
they will be spared
for cultural reasons.
If not, I'll follow the
Reichsfhrer's command.
You want the children
to play for their lives?
Just thinking of my
children and Jewish children
sharing a classroom
is unbearable.
This is the view the Reichsfhrer
shared with me. I think likewise.
Standartenfhrer, I beg of you.
Watch what you say, Herr Reich.
The children are the
set for destruction.
Like their family and their Jewish children,
they'll disappear after the harvest.
If they don't play perfectly, that is.
It's a wonderful plan, isn't it?
The Reichsfhrer would be proud of us.
I want to especially
thank the Reichs for
making this celebration of
Heinrich Himmler possible.
After listening to the local prodigies,
please enjoy the buffet in the lobby.
The beer is especially good.
The traditional German
beer made by Herr Reich
accompanies our victorious advancement.
Heil Hitler.
Stay with us until the war is over.
Then can we go back to our parents?
Play for your parents.
Poltava, Ukraine October 7, 1941
- This is a Russian piece. -
Yes, I know. Rimsky-Korsakov.
Listen for mistakes.
Look at the girl carefully.
Then can we go back to our families?
I don't think you would want to.
Schwartow actually murdered Larissa.
Along with more than 200 Polish
Jewish children in Poltava.
It's something we couldn't stop.
Abrascha survived.
In Schwartow's eyes, he
played perfectly, unlike Larissa.
My father wanted to help him, but
he was sent to a concentration camp.
After that, I didn't hear from him.
Our song.
Abrascha managed to save it.
You know, I've only ever seen
the outside of Carnegie Hall.
You didn't continue playing?
Without you, music lost its charm.
I became a restorer. I
always had a hand for detail.
For Larissa.
And for everyone else.
Grandma, look at the fish.
In memory of the murdered
1.5 million Jewish children.