Wyoming Outlaw (1939) Movie Script

Sure wish we could get out of this
dust bowl before the wind hits.
It's too late.
Look over yonder.
We'll have to find some
shelter for the herd.
Whereabouts? This
country's flat as a pancake.
Shorty! Shorty!
Keep 'em movin'.
The storm's getting worse!
There's a house over there.
We better head for it.
How's the scenery, Rusty?
Magnificent. You can see
the Rocky Mountains.
That's them going by.
Is the wind shifting?
Well, I'll take a look.
Hey shut that door, Tucson!
It's shifting all right?
This keeps up, it's likely
to blow itself out quick.
I'm mighty glad we don't
live in this country.
I wonder how
it got this way.
Looks like the World War
is to blame.
The World War?
Yeah, listen to this.
"March 9th, 1918."
"Overseas demand sends
wheat prices to new high. "
"Panhandle Country turned from
cattle range to a wheat field. "
"In this country alone,
a 11,000 acres of grassland"
"Are being plowed
under this spring. "
"Miller Higgins made a profit of
over $80 an acre last season. "
"And will plant
3,000 acres this year. "
"Luke Parker has just completed
a fine home for his family"
"And paid cash
for an expensive automobile. "
Poor devils.
Millions ruined
at the end of the war.
Wheat prices
went down to nothing.
Sure, but how about the
millions of acres of cattle range
That they ruined
for cowmen like us?
Oh, look, that you gotta feel
sorry for them.
Say, have my ears wore out
Or has that wind
actually died down?
It's all over boys. Let's hurry and
get that herd to water before dark.
We'd have been better off if
we'd stayed with the cattle.
Looks like they only got
the edge of it.
Looks like somebody
wrestled himself a steer.
Yeah. Slaughtered it
on the spot.
Can you imagine wrestling
in a storm like that?
Well, I reckon he won't
be able to travel very fast
With that much of a load
on his horse.
Horse nothing.
Boy, can you picture that?
A man on foot toting
a whole steer.
Let's take a look around.
You fellas stay with the herd.
All right.
Well, there's nary
a sign of him.
Looks like we're out
one steer.
I'd sure like to see this
steer-toting Hercules.
Well, don't bother
your head about that.
We got to ride into town
and get some supplies.
Okay, we'll have the boys
push the herd on to water.
I don't know about you fellas,
but I'm starved to death.
Well, I could stand
a little chow.
Well there's a place
across the street.
What'll it be?
Well, I'm not very hungry.
Gimme a nice steak.
Sorry, we're all
out of steaks.
I'll take three hamburgers.
Me too.
Well, I'll have the same.
Only make mine double.
Say, do you know
what kind of riles me?
To think of the three of us
eating hamburgers
While that rustler's more than likely
sticking his ivories into a good juicy steak.
What's the matter,
you fellas lose some cattle?
Just one.
As far as I'm concerned,
he earned it.
Yeah. Can you picture anybody toting
several hundred weight of beef on his back?
Say I'll bet you
that was Will Parker.
Yeah? Where does he live?
If I was you fellas, I
wouldn't go gunning for Will.
He's not only the
strongest fella around here,
He's the best marksman.
Sounds like quite a boy.
Yeah? Say,
I'd like to meet him.
Too bad
we aren't staying over.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Something tells me
we are staying over, Tucson.
Do, uh, you live here?
Yes, but you don't.
Yeah, but it's an idea.
Good evening,
Mr. Balsinger.
There's that Parker girl.
Pretty nifty little number.
I'll say, she is.
And so, we have to get the herd
through to the national park.
Hey, how about
cutting in, cowboy?
Got a break for you, Honey. I
think Joe Balsinger likes you.
You know what
I think of him?
Say, he's one of the biggest
men in these parts.
Why not be smart?
You know, it'd do your
folks a lot of good.
- Come on over and say, "Hello. "
- No thanks.
- Come on, don't be a sissy!
- Don't!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, let's get out of here.
Look out!
Here, you dropped this.
I'm sorry I got you
into trouble. Good night.
Oh, wait, you aren't going to
rush off and leave me, are you?
I've got to.
Nice work stranger,
you looking for a job?
No thanks.
I better take you home.
No thanks,
I can take care of myself.
You weren't doing a very
good job in the lunch room.
All right.
Thank you, goodnight.
I'm going in with you.
I'd rather you wouldn't.
You're not very hospitable.
Oh, it's you Irene.
I, uh, brought your
daughter home from the dance.
Well, that was real nice
of you, Mister... Uh...
Brooke. Stony Brooke.
Glad to know you Mr. Brooke.
And I want you both to meet
Mr. Smith and Mr. Joslin.
How do you do?
They're waiting to see
your brother Will about a job.
Oh, say Stony, remember that job we
were talking about out on the trail?
You gentlemen know each other!
In fact, we're partners.
Oh, I do hope you can find
some work for my brother.
Um, please,
won't you sit down?
Thank you.
What can I do to help with
dinner Mother? It's late.
Well, Will didn't come in
till after dark,
He had a lot of meat to carry.
Where'd he get it?
He helped a rancher with some
butchering and took his pay in beef.
Oh, I see.
We'll have dinner
as soon as he comes back.
He just went out to rustle
some more firewood.
We've had to do our cooking in
here since our kitchen roof fell in.
Well, that's too bad.
Oh, as long as we've got part of a
roof over our heads, we're thankful.
These gentlemen are here to
see Will about a job, Father.
Well, that's fine.
Won't you stay for dinner?
Well, we trifled
with some hamburgers.
But that meat smells mighty
interesting, Mr. Parker.
It isn't often we have good beef
to offer strangers these days.
I reckon jobs are pretty
scarce around here.
Yes. In fact the only jobs
there is...
Is cleaning off the highway
after a dust storm.
You see, I used to be foreman
of the road gang.
Used to be?
Yes. Since my accident,
They've laid me off
on account of disability.
Why don't you tell
them the truth?
He was fired because
he wouldn't collect graft
From the men that were
working under him.
Now, uh, we can't
prove that, Irene.
And, uh, besides, these
gentlemen aren't interested.
Oh, yes we are.
Well, there's
an election coming up,
And we were notified that
we would have to contribute
A week's pay to
the campaign fund.
Campaign fund.
Every dollar of that money
went into Balsinger's pocket.
Well, anyway,
I refused to give it and refuse
to collect it from the poor devils
Working under me because they
are worse off than we are.
So Joe Balsinger said, he'd
make an example of us Parkers.
That's what you get round here
when you stand up for your rights.
Well, you're not
supposed to starve.
You could go on relief.
No, no, we couldn't.
They turned me down flat.
That's controlled
by the same gang.
Besides, there's no relief
for a man that owns property.
Did, uh, you ever try
to borrow money
On a 1,000 acres
of dust and sand?
Looks like you folks
have a real problem here.
That must be Will now.
I reckon we'd better go on out
- And help him with the kindling.
- Mmm.
Be back in a minute, Stony.
Oh, uh,
Irene was so busy hating
Joe Balsinger,
She forgot to tell
you about the money.
- Money?
They had a dancing contest.
We won first prize, didn't we?
Go on, show 'em.
Oh, yes.
Here it is.
She's a darn good dancer.
Oh, I wouldn't have gotten anything
if you hadn't danced with me.
Thank you.
Well, where is he?
He must have seen us coming.
You're covered.
Go on, reach.
Now turn around.
Well, this is a fine way to treat
a couple of friendly strangers.
Friendly? How do I know
you're friendly?
You'll have to take
our word for it.
Don't give me that.
I'll take the wind's word
that it's gonna rain.
And I'll take the sun's word
that it's gonna be clear.
But I've learned never to take
a man's word for anything.
But you don't mind taking a man's
steer without asking him, do you?
When you're hungry,
you ain't thinking.
But you're not gonna
lock me up.
I'll kill anybody that
tries to lock me up.
You better soft pedal
on that killing stuff, bub.
If you make good on it,
they'll hang you.
Hang me?
They'll have to
catch me first.
Oh, Willy!
Yes, Mother?
Dinner's on.
Bring your friends.
You'll find out.
Come on.
Been a long while since we was
able to set folks down to table.
Yeah, it makes me feel
like a new man again.
Come, sit right down,
All we've got is roast beef
and corn bread,
But that's a feast
in this country.
Make us feel truly thankful
oh, Lord,
For that which we are
about to receive. Amen.
Well, uh, have you gentlemen
had a talk with our boy?
They sure did,
didn't you, Tucson?
Oh, about that job?
Sure, we're gonna
give it to him.
We're gonna start him out as a
top hand. Sixty a month and pound.
How about it, Rusty?
Well, we can't deny,
he's a mighty good man.
- We don't know how to thank you.
- Don't try.
How's about
some of that beef, fella?
You know, a top hand
can't keep the boss waiting.
That's right.
Howdy-do, Mrs. Parker!
Good morning, Mr. Balsinger.
Why, Mrs. Parker, I never
expected to see you here.
I've come to
contribute to the campaign fund.
Oh, that's fine.
There will be a job
for Mr. Parker, won't there?
Sure. Sure, have him
come around tomorrow.
He'd go on the labor gang.
Labor gang?
But he's a foreman.
Ah, I'm sorry,
that job's filled.
But he's not strong enough
for day labor.
You know, have him come
and see me when he is.
Oh, but he needs the job now,
he can't go on like this.
I'm sorry. It's the
labor gang or nothing.
He should have known when he had
a good thing. All right, next.
Just a minute.
You forgot to give the lady
back her money.
I didn't ask
for the contribution.
She volunteered it.
You're lying Balsinger,
you're selling jobs.
Get out of here.
Don't tell me what I'm doing.
All right, give the lady back
her money and we'll get out.
You'll get out now.
Throw him out.
You boys all right?
Sure. You, uh, forgot
this money, Mrs. Parker.
Tell Will
we're leaving right away.
I guess we know how
the land lies now.
Best thing for me to do
is go into the capital
And have a talk
to Senator Roberts.
Okay, and we'll take
the herd over to the park.
Say, it sure looks like
you've had a rumpus here.
Yeah, fine time
for you to come around.
Well, I'm sorry but...
I want you to arrest
the Three Mesquiteers.
But they just left town.
Oh, they'll be back.
I'm swearing out a warrant
against them
And I want you to serve it
the minute they show up.
All right.
Boys, I want you to meet
our new cowhand, Will Parker.
This is Shorty and Curley.
Hello, how are you?
You reckon you'll
like it up here, son?
I sure will.
I like it any place where I can earn
enough money to take care of my folks.
Our grazing permit.
Oh, you're from
the 3M ranch, huh?
Yes, sir.
All in order, gentlemen.
Bring your cattle right in.
Thank you, Warden.
Say, hold on you.
What's this man doing
with this outfit?
He's working for us, Warden.
I'm sorry, but I can't admit
him to the Park.
He's a violator of
the game laws.
You can't prove
that, Mister.
No, but we have
orders to keep you out of here.
Well look, I gotta
hold this job.
If I promise not to kill anymore
game, will you give me another chance?
Well, I'm sorry,
but it's out of my hands.
You've been ruled out and
I can't change the ruling.
Well, thanks anyway, fellas.
Hey, hold on.
Hey, bub!
Wait a minute.
You forgot your wages.
I didn't earn any.
Well, you didn't
have a chance.
What chance do I ever get?
Now, I know
it's been a little tough,
But things will get better.
So long, bub.
I'll be seeing you.
So long, Rusty.
If Parker runs true to form,
he won't go home without meat.
We'd better spread out.
Hold it, Parker.
We finally caught you
with the goods.
"Parker has always maintained that
the right of human beings to eat"
"Is higher than the right
of game to live. "
"He claims the state owes its first
duty to its citizens, not to animals. "
Sounds like pretty good sense.
I've called an emergency
session of this committee
To hear a startling story
of corruption.
I want you to hear it
as I have it.
From an eyewitness whose character
and integrity I can vouch for.
Mr. Brooke.
Thank you.
Lady and gentlemen,
I'm here to tell you
about voters.
Voters dissatisfied,
not with their government,
But with a man in their
community appointed by you.
He dictates their
very existence.
Citizens regimented
under threat of starvation
Forced into paying him
for jobs.
- This is serious.
- Serious?
There's going to be a lot of
people around here glad to testify.
Nobody is going to testify.
Hey, the old man
must be in the shed.
Oh, I am not
threatening you, Parker.
I'm just reminding
you that you've got a family.
And you better think of them before
you go shooting off your mouth
To any
investigating committee.
I am thinking about
my youngsters,
And I'm thinking about
the sort of country
They ought to have
to grow up in.
Even if it is only
a dust bowl,
They've got the right
to be free in it.
Now you go back to that
tinhorn dictator and tell him,
Here's one man
you couldn't buffalo.
That I'll tell the world about
him and his gang of buzzards.
Old timer, I certainly
admire your speech. Shake.
You asked for it.
I wouldn't do that.
Thanks, boys.
- Are you hurt, Dad?
- No.
But if I didn't have a story
to tell before,
I've sure got
a good one now.
- And witnesses to prove it.
- Mmm.
All right, on your way.
You shouldn't have
said that, Father.
Balsinger would
know it anyway.
But now he'll do anything
to keep you from testifying.
That's right.
Now we'll have to see that you and the
rest of the witnesses have protection.
I suspect we better
see the Sheriff right away.
Boys, you mustn't
go into town.
The Sheriff has a warrant
out for your arrest.
What for?
Wrecking Balsinger's office.
Well looks like he's trying to
keep us away from that hearing too.
We'll notify the other
But we'll keep clear
at town.
Be careful, won't you?
Hello, Sheriff.
The Mesquiteers are
out at the Parker place.
Get out there
and serve that warrant.
Right away.
What are you in for?
Well, according to
the warrant,
We're guilty of assault and
battery and disturbing the peace.
Did Balsinger
have you arrested?
He did, huh?
Hearing must have
started by now.
Just how long,
are we supposed to wait?
I don't know,
I can't understand this.
Well, maybe you're convinced by
now that you were misinformed.
Looks like Balsinger
won this hand.
I can't figure Parker
not showing up.
Well he might have seen to it
that he didn't.
You think they might...
Well, boys,
I'm turning you lose.
How come?
Balsinger dropped the charges.
Mighty nice of him,
now that the hearing's over.
Keep your chin up, kid.
You'll be out of here
in no time.
We better get out
to the Parker place.
How bad is he hurt?
We don't know yet.
Anybody see who did it?
He went out to hitch up the
horse to take us to the hearing
And we found him like this.
Please, don't do
anything more.
We can't let Balsinger
get away with this.
Don't you see that
there's no use fighting.
She's right, Stony.
We appreciate what you're trying
to do for us, but it's hopeless.
Yeah, looks like all we've
done is make things worse.
Get Will a good lawyer.
Stony, we sure want
to compliment you.
How's that?
Well, you're getting
better all the time.
It only used to take you about a
week or so to get us into trouble.
This time, you done
it in nothing flat.
All right.
We gummed things up,
But I'd still like to get
a crack at that guy.
You and me both.
Well, it's on our way.
Well, looks like your old man got quite
a working over this afternoon, Will.
Unlock that door.
Unlock that door!
Come on, hurry it up.
Get inside.
Balsinger had my old
man beat up, did he?
I'll kill him for this.
Oh, you'll hang for it.
It'll be worth it.
Newt! Hey, Newt!
Get word to Balsinger
right away.
Parker's loose and he's
on his way to kill him.
Wait a minute.
We'll take care of it.
That Parker kid's out to get you,
Joe, and you better be careful.
You're probably as much to blame
for these dead men as he is.
I heard you joined the posse.
We had to.
I suppose you think
we're hiding him.
Irene, the posse has orders
to shoot on sight.
Without giving him
a chance?
If we can get to him first, we'll
see that he gets a fair trial.
If we can find him.
I think I know where he is.
He may be up there.
Boy he's sure got a bird's eye
view of the country.
You wait here.
Hold it, Will!
We'll never find him in here.
You have just been
transferred directly
To manhunt headquarters
at Gunsight Ridge.
Flash. Wild man Parker has
finally been cornered in a trap.
Sheriff Nolan has worked
his men up
Within striking distance
of the killer.
So far, they've been
protected by the rocks
But now a hundred yards of open country
lie between them and the outlaw's fire.
Will any of them dare risk it?
Parker has stopped firing.
Maybe one of those bullets
has found its mark.
the Sheriff thinks so
Because he's ordering
his men to move in.
We're asking you to withdraw
the posse for a few hours.
If we can only get to Will, we are
certain we can persuade him to surrender.
I can't risk it, boys.
He'd probably shoot you down
before you can get near him.
Well, he had a chance to
shoot Stony the other night,
And he didn't do it.
He knows we're his friends.
And that's why I'm sure
he'll come with us.
Well, it might be
worth taking a chance.
Marshal Gregg speaking.
Oh, hello, Sheriff.
Well, stand by, but don't
take anymore chances.
I'm sending out the cavalry.
Boys, Parker's killed
two more men.
Operator, operator.
Get me Fort McGuire.
Once the cavalry gets
there, Will won't have a chance.
Unless we get there first.
Remember, Sheriff,
No shooting,
no matter what happens.
Well, boys, you heard him.
No shooting under
any circumstances.
Standby, The Mesquiteers
are just starting.
Looks to me like they're dead
set on committing suicide.
Up to now, no one has
even dared venture out
To bring back the bodies
of their dead comrades.
Brooke! Don't come any closer!
Don't come any closer, Brooke!
I'm gonna let
you have it, Brooke!
Well, it looks like
he's outsmarted us again.
And he's probably
headed back into the hills.
I don't blame you for
giving up that manhunt.
Those nervous deputies
are more dangerous
Than that goofy
wild man, Parker.
So you think he's crazy too?
Why, sure he is.
Crazy as a tick.
I know all about him.
I'm with the broadcasting company
that's been sending out the news.
If he only knew of all the lies
we've been telling about him.
Maybe he doesn't care.
Maybe he's used
to lies by now.
What do you mean?
Everything's a lie here
in this dust bowl.
What's the use in trying
to be good and work hard
When you can't
get work to do?
What's the use in trying to get ahead
and save money when you can't earn it?
Sort of radical,
aren't you?
Are you going
all the way to town?
No, I want to stop by
and see my folks first.
You can drop me off
at the Parker place.
The Parker place?
Yeah. That's where I live.
I'm Will Parker.
Maybe you'd better get out
and walk, we'd both be safer.
Hello, Sheriff's office?
This is Doyle. Radio operator.
Sheriff, we just got word on the short
wave that Parker's headed for his home.
Mount up, men.
Hello, Dad.
You shouldn't be here, son.
Yeah, I know.
I come to say goodbye.
Before they put me away.
My son.
Good morning, Mr. Balsinger.
Any news?
No. Now I'm not worried.
Parker's 40 miles away from
here and surrounded by an army.
In fact, he's probably
dead by now.
Take a good look at that money,
it's the last you'll ever see.
Look, kid.
You can have it all
if you let me go.
There's nearly 5,000 there.
Getting kind of generous,
aren't you?
I've often wondered what it'd
feel like to have this much money.
Now I don't guess it will
do either one of us any good.
Get on outside and you
can tell 'em I'm here.
Come on.
There's hardly a man in this
town you haven't hurt or robbed
In some way or another.
Any one of them would like to
take a shot at you if they dared.
Well, I'm gonna
give them a chance.
That's just to let 'em know
we're coming.
- So long.
- Bye.