X-Deal (2011) Movie Script

There are things
money can't buy.
Nonsense. One big
figurative nonsense.
Why would the world stop for
an outdated ideology? Why?
Is money the only way
to acquire something?
Why not trade?
Why choose money if the prospect
of the trade is so thrilling?
For example, an epic merchandise
for an epic commodity.
Or a monumental necessity
for an intense pleasure.
Things that make the blood
flow and arouse the mind.
Like sex, drugs
and rock n' roll.
Drugs and rock n' roll can
easily be traded on the spot
or with a simple
exchange by hand.
There are only two rules.
You can't return it, and
you can't take it back.
When it comes to sex,
that's another story.
But, there are things that might not be
impossible but hard to compete with.
However, like an old saying.
Everything has a price.
Even if something cant
be bought with money,
it can be paid with
something else worthwhile.
Whatever it is, whoever it is.
The house rules here
are simple, sir.
Hear no evil, see no
evil, speak no evil.
In a simpler term, mind
your own business.
Dont bother others' lives.
Thats better. Are the
tenants here okay?
Yeah, theyre okay.
They pay on time.
Thats the usual problem
of caretakers like me,
when tenants fail to pay
two to three months,
were already planning
on kicking them out.
You'll find the wall that should be
painted on it but there's no budget.
Lets go.
Welcome, maam, sir.
Here, darling.
Spend it well, my dear girl.
Its really hard to get those.
Because of the global warming?
Because of the law of
supply and demand.
Good thing youre
not running out.
As long as I have
patrons in Baguio,
expect that theres grass.
I give them narc, they give
me corolessence of Mary Jane.
Home-grown shit darling.
Groceries, latex paint, resin, medium sized
horse paper mach, and seven dildos?
I have a question.
Violet, green, red, light blue.
Why are the dildos color-coded?
They are the colors of
the seven deadly sins.
Hmm, okay.
I love it when I spend
quality time with my mother,
for one, her brand of wisdom
never fails to enlighten me.
Well today, I learned about colors: violet
is pride, green is for envy, wrath is red.
Do what you need to do.
Sloth, light blue.
Greed is yellow.
Gluttony, orange. Lust, the
greatest of all sins is dark blue.
I'll never look at the
rainbow the same way again.
- e i f a n s c l u b -
I need you upstairs,
come here fast.
Your framing is perfect.
You shouldve asked
permission first.
Sorry, you might get conscious.
Candid shots are far better.
Is that a toy?
This? Lomo camera.
Hmm, so youre a Lomo-freak?
Yeah, Im into Lomography.
By the way, Im Billy.
Im Dana.
Whats the difference between
that and Kodak or Canon?
As far as I know, Kodakology
or Canonigraphy doesnt exist.
Its hard to explain. You should see the
photos so you can easily understand it.
So, do you have an on-going one-man
exhibit there in your unit?
I have.
Am I invited?
Of course.
Up to you.
Hey, Dana, whats the problem?
My TV is broken, fix it.
Where the fuck. Oh yeah.
Hi, Im Dana. I live
beside your unit.
Dana, come in. Shes
Sarah, my girlfriend.
She wants to see the photos.
Okay, nice to meet you.
Im going.
- See you.
- Bye.
Shes from theater production. She
shows up in movies sometimes.
Lets go, Ill show
you the photos.
Lets go.
The emphasis of Lomography
is to take casual
and candid photographs to
document everyday life.
The more the approach is light-hearted,
the more spontaneous it becomes.
Anything goes,
just click away.
Actually, the blurring and the off
compositions make the photograph. Look.
Why use a saleslady
as a subject?
Nothing, just for fun.
How about you, what
keeps you busy?
I get an average of five
thousand hits per day.
Ads are enough to make a living.
So, how do you make
a living with Lomo?
Thats only a hobby.
Non-profit shit.
So, when can I see my picture?
Ah, soon, soon. Maybe
tomorrow or next week.
Okay, Im going
back to my place.
- Okay.
- Thank you for the Lomo lecture.
No problem, see you around.
Oh, Dana, your TV
is working already.
The only thing thats
broken is its fuse.
Youre so great, To,
let me kiss you! Wait.
Okay, okay.
- By the way, thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Miss, are you going out?
Yes, sir.
Are you a saleslady?
Ladies wear?
Ladies underwear.
What is the brand
of your panties?
Do you want to see it, sir?
Hi, are you going to work?
You too.
No, Im just going to
accompany her to the car.
Hi, may I borrow a blank CD?
Ill give it back tomorrow.
- Is it okay?
- Sure, come in.
Anything else?
Lets have sex?
Fucking idiot. How can
you be so stupid?
Shes wet, she just took a
bath, and you just let her go!
Here, this belongs to a
boxer who was beaten up.
And this-
Is there anything else you need?
DVD-R? This is CD-R.
Do you have any?
None. To, next time bring some.
Okay, all right.
Okay, Ill just use this.
So thats yours
and this is mine.
Hello, mom. I know, I know.
Whatever you say, mom.
Youre the boss.
Yes, mom, I already saw the unit.
Its small but its okay.
I'll call you back. Yes, later, later.
All right, mom. Love you.
Hmm, just the right
shapes and colors.
You didn't mess
with them, did you?
I still prefer all natural.
Oh, yeah. So left or right?
They said, never feed two
mouths with the same hand.
Have you ever been in love?
Of course, your question is
cheesy, but yes, of course.
With whom?
With your father.
Would you come out of my vagina
if I did not love your father?
I thought I was just a product
of a one-night-stand?
Be proud, dear, you were a product
of a long and meaningful night.
Were you in love
with him that time?
Not yet. But the day after
that, I fell for him.
Your father gave me the best
fuck a girl could ever have.
Its either I fall too easily
or hes too easy to be loved.
Was he your first?
Okay. Lets say that I am a Virgin Mary
or you are the Immaculate Conception.
Darling, sometimes we do things
even without a deep thought.
Just a simple desire,
just a simple lust.
Is it worth it?
Lust that turned to love?
Worth it.
Lets play.
And who am I supposed
to be right now?
So, we're not gonna have sex?
Because I'm a tomboy, right?
Well, that's why it's so exciting,
I can play rough with you.
So, you're gonna hurt me
first before you fuck me?
If you agree.
You fucking perv.
Try me.
Doesn't mean I'm playing with you,
you can't just hurt me like that.
I'm gonna have you locked up.
Dammit! Youre too fussy!
Mom? Mom!
Mom? Mom!
Do you have an extra candle?
Yeah, come in. Give me a minute.
What were you thinking?
Did you think I was here
to send you a signal?
Is there anything else?
Fuck you! Im aiming
for your girlfriend.
Give that to me. Even
your briefs are green.
Sir, you were looking for me?
Yes, dear. Its about your grades,
theyre failing, lets make it better.
Good morning!
Pervert Lomographer!
At least I'm honest
about my feelings.
So, you like Sarah.
I cant blame you,
shes one hot babe.
Yeah, I like her. And so?
You like her, I like you.
Sounds like a fair trade.
Fuck you!
Seriously, sleep with me, you
can have your night with Sarah.
Trust me, its all worth it.
You know what? I
have a better idea,
jump off the building and then
say, My briefs are green!
So, Dana is a lesbian.
She admitted it.
You got along with her pretty fast.
So, how did it happen?
"Hi, I'm Dana, I'm a lesbian."
"And I'm Billy, I'm
a closet maniac."
You are her type.
Dumbass, you jealous?
No. But I have an idea
And whats that?
I told you that I want you to
role play as a tomboy, right?
I just thought that we can actually
change the concept of our playtime,
but this time, well
do it for real.
Ill have sex with Dana
in exchange for you.
She already agreed.
So, you think I will agree?
It's just a game.
So, our relationship is
all just a game, too?
So, Im your type?
As a matter of fact, yes.
My question is simple, I
dont need your poetry.
Want to do it, or not?
Well then, let me join your game. You
guys talk about whoever goes first.
Ill get going, I have
a rehearsal to attend.
And you agreed?
Dont you want me to?
When will I get my orders?
Okay, take care.
Moms so annoying, she wants me to go
back to the States, but I dont want to.
I prefer to stay here.
Girls are more beautiful here.
Ill get it, bro.
No, its okay.
Wait for a while, bro.
All right.
Okay, game. Tomorrow at eight
in the morning, in my unit.
Me and Sarah will do it first,
then after a week, its our turn.
You agreed?
Why, dont you want me to?
Sarah doesnt even care.
She said that well
do the scheduling.
Really? By the way, why do
we have to wait for a week?
Is it wrong to let
my vagina rest?
Ah okay, one week. Got it.
My mom is heading from the States
and will be arriving tomorrow.
You should go shopping. You
can buy some new clothes.
Now, tell me. You
wanna play my game?
What kind of theme do you want?
A nursing student?
A Saleslady?
A college prostitute?
Or my favorite, a blind virgin?
Dont you have any fantasy character?
Just tell me, Im willing do it.
You know, I want
you, the real you.
Ah, bad actress who is into method acting.
Okay, see you later.
Here it is.
Thank you.
Thank you also!
- Okay, Toto. Thank you.
- Till next time.
Do you know the
consequence of this?
I mean, no.
Are you scared?
A bit.
Well, Billys no serial killer,
but hes different.
Im sure hell make
you pay for this.
You know, youre the most
aggravated person here.
Like what I asked you in the
elevator, why did you agree?
At first, I was shocked.
But then, I realized that
between me and Billy,
hes been honest about
what he really feels.
How can you say that?
Well, I guess, when theres
no love in the relationship,
theres something else
that you can hang on to.
Like what?
A good fuck. Billy was just
taking it a notch higher.
Oh, okay.
And now, its his turn.
Whatever happens, your end of the deal
is to be his sex partner for one night.
Nothing more, you don't
need to satisfy him.
Are you jealous?
Nope. The truth is, I
want you to enjoy.
Let him do all the work.
What if I didnt like it?
Then follow the tip for
soon-to-be rape victims.
What is it?
Play dead, until the
predator loses its appetite.
In many ways, we take
part in a trade.
We do it while we taunt
fate and mess with it.
Sometimes, we end
up short changed,
and a wreck.
People say we trade our souls to the devil
whenever we give in to our sinful desires.
We wallow in its carnal bliss,
we laugh,
we moan,
we scream,
we bleed.
Sooner or later, we'll just have
to deal with the consequence.
I say it's a fair trade.
Whos your source?
- Hello?
- Fuck you all!
Hi. Hi, hon, yup.
Someones watching TV.
Here, with my friends.
Yeah. Is it loud?
Im sorry, Ill drop by there after this,
Im just doing something. Yes? Oh, yes.
Oh, yes. So, youre home?
Oh, no? Ill just bring something
for you, dont worry. Sure.
Love you, love you. Okay,
Im just doing something.
- Love you. Bye.
- You really dont want to talk, huh?
Whos your source?
Whos your source?
- What the heck?
- What do you want?
Thank you.
Youre actually really fussy.
Im kind.
I changed the color for you.
What are you doing?
Idiot! Let me go!
It hurts! Let me go!
Youre a rapist, idiot!
- No! I'm not a rapist.
- He raped me!
- We had a deal!
- How dare you?
Youre a rapist!
No, I'm not, I'm not a rapist!
Youre an animal! How dare you?
We had a deal!
- Bring him out!
- Let me go!
Im not a rapist!
- I didnt do anything wrong! We had a deal!
- Dont believe him! Hes a liar!
Sarah, tell them
I'm not a rapist.
Tell them we had a deal. Sarah!
Sarah! Tell them.
Im innocent, let me go! Sarah!
- What the fuck?
- Dont let me go to jail for this!
Guys, those bitches are lying.
- You were caught in the act!
- Sarah!
Hello, chief, the raid is negative.
Theres no evidence here.
Yes, chief.
Enough, its over.
Dont worry, everythings
gonna be okay.
Ill be pulling the group out.
All right.
Everybody go back to your units.
- Sir. Yes, sir.
- Make sure that everythings clear.
Well be pulling out.
Sir, at the police right now.
Lets go.
- e i f a n s c l u b -