X-Deal 2 (2022) Movie Script

They're here. Let's go.
Let's go.
Be careful, ma'am.
Good morning, sir Peter.
Good morning.
Welcome to La Euphoria.
Thank you. This place is beautiful.
How was your trip?
- It was okay.
- It's okay, the boat ride was peaceful.
Do you have a lot of guests?
Not a lot during this season.
- Perfect.
- Follow me!
- By the way, do you have WiFi?
- Right.
Yes, the signal is strong for all networks.
So it won't be a problem.
Okay. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
We'll have your luggage
sent to your rooms.
And if you look to the side, here we have--
This is the way to the shore.
It also has a lovely view in case
you'd like to hang out.
If you'll follow me.
I'll show you the gazebo.
This is our gazebo, sir Peter.
You can also use it as
a backdrop for your photoshoot.
And this is--
As you can see--
It's a whole different view--
- Wow!
- compared down the hill.
It's beautiful!
If you'd like to shoot here,
you're also very welcome.
- This looks like a good area, too, huh?
- Definitely.
And this is our restaurant and bar.
We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
In case you don't want to eat here,
you can always give us a call
for room service.
- We'll bring you the food.
- They have room service.
In case you want to use
that area over there,
because it also has
an amazing view-
you're free to do so.
Just let us know.
These are our cabins.
As you can see--
You get your own cabin for privacy.
So we really value the privacy here.
As you requested, sir, your staff
will be staying in this room.
- I see.
- Right.
Right beside the room you selected.
This is your cabin.
- Do you have other guests staying here?
- Yes, sir?
In this area, there's just one
other guest apart from your group.
- Right across our cabin.
- There's nobody else.
Please go ahead.
Thank you.
You're so cute. Thank you!
Thank you.
- So tired.
- Nice place, huh? But it's far.
Can't complain.
Production approved this location.
How many frames do we need?
The creative producer wants ten frames.
That's a lot.
I know.
But it's just ten frames.
What's the matter?
Is there a problem?
Not really.
So what's the fuss about?
Come here.
Finally got you all to myself.
Damn it, Peter.
I wasn't done yet!
Fucking hell, Peter.
Hey, Melba!
I have it.
Wow, thank you!
Love you!
Take care!
Check this out.
See? This is all mine.
There you go again.
- I feel like I'm being cheated.
- Lost again, didn't you?
Why did you take you
so long at the port?
Well, all those people
swarmed our guest.
They must have thought
she was a celebrity.
Plus her assistant
was moving so slow.
- Madam?
- Yeah.
What now?
Fresh off the boat.
Not bad,
Hold on.
Watch it.
It's not yours.
Alright, game. Next round.
- Panties for panties.
- No way! I just got this.
- I'm betting this one.
- But I just scored this.
- Do we really have to bet panties?
- Whatever you like.
- Here you go.
- Bet your own panties.
Fine, it's going in.
- That's what I'm talking about!
- Okay, hit it. Go, deal.
- Here we go.
- It's my favorite.
Smells like a superstar.
How can you be sure
that belonged to a hot babe?
It might be her assistant's.
Hey, Melba, I'll have you know
they're not the same size.
Poor thing.
- Poor thing? Why do you say that?
- How?
She's flat chested.
You're always full of shit.
Don't blame me, Melba.
Blame Toto.
He's the one ransacking the cabins.
I'm looking out of the window
Searching for you in the darkness
Where are you? Where are you?
- Thank you.
- When are you coming back?
The clock is ticking
- Okay, thank you.
- Why are you avoiding my eyes?
- Hi, I'll have the usual.
- But I will wait
- Thank you.
- But I will wait
For you to come back
And if you ever think of me
I hope your heart feels
how much I long for you
And if my song reaches you
My love, my love
I hope you'll listen to it
Hi, may I join you?
Sure. Have a seat.
Thank you.
I'm Olivia, by the way.
Nice to meet you, Violet.
Is it your first night here?
You will love it here.
And guess what?
Here, the shit is good.
"Shit"? As in--?
I always come here.
My cabin's close by.
Yes, Ms. Melba did mention
that you're a regular.
What else did she tell you?
Nothing. In fact, she was
very discreet about it.
I'm relieved.
I thought she told you
I'm giving out underwear.
There it is!
You look better when you smile!
And seriously, just now...
And please don't take this
the wrong way.
Yours is the most miserable face
I've ever seen
in my time
here on the island.
Misery loves company?
Is that why you came over?
Because you're lonely, too?
Well, I just wanted to know if there's
someone more miserable than me.
Then I'll be happy.
In that case, you should be happy.
Surely. It can't be that bad.
Oh no, Violet, I'm sorry.
I'm acting too familiar.
No worries.
I'd much prefer
to be talking to someone
than talking to myself.
If you don't mind me asking,
what do you talk
to yourself about?
I ask myself questions
about all sorts of things.
Current events and such.
So I would know the answer.
Tell myself the answer.
And not get to be told of it.
No small talks?
I hate small talks.
That's why I hate parties
where you just stand around
Holding wine, taking sips,
and you're obliged to socialize.
And because you don't know each other,
you talk about all this rubbish!
Most of the time,
it's all bullshit.
"How's the traffic? It's pretty
insane out there, huh?"
"You're too much!"
"Remind me who you are again?"
"This wine tastes good! I love it!"
"Oh, it's a table wine."
"Oh my god! So that's why
it tastes like plywood!"
"Excuse me? It's not
ordinary wood. It's oak."
"Oak? Oak barrel?"
"Oak as in F-oak you."
Stop moving around.
Stop it, who are you looking at?
Well, are we ready
to shoot, or what?
It looks like
it's going to rain.
Okay, Vi. Your profile towards me.
Okay, now smile.
Give me more.
Okay, nice.
Face here.
Okay, nice.
Riri, could you fix her hair?
And Jilla, add in more petals.
Double time! Double time!
Double time, guys!
Give me more petals.
Pour all of it in!
Empty it into the pool.
Let's go, Vi.
Cleavage! Cleavage!
Perfect. Okay.
Nice. More.
Yes, sir?
Ah. Yes!
Sir, we're currently shooting,
but right now, it's a bit cloudy.
We're working around it.
Ten more layouts?
Okay, sir, sure.
We'll figure it out.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
How many layouts
did you bring?
Well, I have fifteen but
five of those are just extra.
Can you add more?
The five layouts
are still for approval.
The client called.
And they're requesting
for ten more layouts.
Ten more layouts?
That's impossible.
We don't have a source here.
Well, it's not impossible because
that's what the client wants.
Think of something, okay?
Okay, okay.
I'll try.
Anyway, let's have
a five-minute break.
Vi, five-minute break.
Oh my god,
your client is so annoying.
What are you going to do?
I don't know. We're on
a freaking island, girl!
- Can't you call up somebody?
- I don't have!
My god.
What about the budget?
They're requesting for more layouts.
Where the hell am I going to
find ten more layouts out here?
In case he forgot,
we're on an island.
What else.
Hang on.
Miss Melba!
Do you know
the forecast for today?
Some rainshowers but the sun
will peep out for sure.
But during these months,
you gotta expect a bit of rain.
Alright, ma'am. Thanks.
Do you have a masseuse available?
Oh, yes, we do.
But we don't have a lady masseuse.
That's fine.
As long as they're good
and can handle deep tissue.
Okay, sir. You want it hard!
I get it, though. It feels good to
really push out all those knots!
Okay, more poses, Vi.
Nice one, Vi.
Ri, please fix her hair.
Double time, please. They just
piled ten more layouts on us.
Okay, Ri. Nice.
That will do. Thank you.
Nice one, Vi.
Okay, guys,
let's take a break.
Nice one, Vi.
Wait a sec, Peter.
Let me fix your hair.
Wear this.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh hey, how was your photoshoot?
You never told me
you'e a model.
Yes, I've been modeling
for three years.
That's a pretty long time.
Well, I used to write
for magazines, websites
I enjoyed it at first
but it didn't last.
I don't think it's for me.
Too bad.
I wouldn't say that.
It was stressful and
I don't see myself going back.
But I make vlogs now.
Yeah. And you know
what's the best part?
- I'm the boss.
- Sounds great.
Would you like some?
Till when are you staying?
We just need to complete
all the layouts.
We came here with just ten,
but they added more.
The staff wasn't ready for that.
Oh god Better get used
to those kinds of clients.
They'll drive you nuts.
Hi, sir. Good evening.
Good evening.
Let's start?
Yes, please.
Is it your first time here, sir?
How's your stay so far?
Are you enjoying yourselves?
It's okay.
Just stressed out.
But it's nice here.
The place is beautiful.
Yeah, too bad we don't
get that many guests.
Just how we like it.
It's better without
too many people.
Actually, sir, there is another guest.
Yes, Miss Melba mentioned that.
I think I saw her yesterday.
Yes. Ma'am Olivia.
Yes, sir.
She always comes here so
we've gotten quite close to her.
Is she always alone?
Sometimes she checks in solo,
and sometimes not.
It's usually women.
One time, she was
with a girl named Nicole.
That one had huge boobs.
You'll get dizzy if you find your
head squeezed between those.
Oh yeah?
Sir, I'll go ahead
and remove your briefs.
You did that?
Of course.
Why not?
It's unacceptable.
Just because he's my boss?
What am I doing here?
I want freedom.
Sounds about right.
I like what you're saying.
Here, want more?
You sure you can take more?
Are you okay?
By the way, come fishing
with me tomorrow.
I'll have lunch prepared for us.
My treat!
I'll have to ask my partner.
The stylist
with the long hair?
No way!
I see.
I assume you're with
the photographer.
I couldn't see his face.
Yes, we've been dating
for almost five months.
Alright, tell your partner
you both need to unwind.
You should enjoy
and relax for a bit.
Nothing wrong with that.
- Right?
- Okay.
We'll see.
Do we have drinks there?
They went ahead.
They should be there now.
So it's all set. I expect it's
all ready when we get there.
- Yes. I sent my staff to prepare.
- Okay, good.
I don't want anything going wrong.
You got it, Madam.
No problem! We're good to go.
Alright then.
- So, I'll tell them to set up the table?
- Peter! Hurry up.
- The rain might catch up.
- I'm coming!
- I'll go ahead to the boat.
- We'll follow in a bit.
Thank you!
Hi, Olivia!
Hey, girl!
By the way, this is Peter.
Oh, Peter!
You know each other?
We used to work
for the same company before.
Oh, that's nice!
Small world, right?
So you're the guest
staying in the other cabin?
Yeah, that's right.
That's me.
It's been what?
Two? Three years?
Yeah, something like that.
How are you?
I'm okay. I'm enjoying myself
just like you two.
But what...
Shall we go?
Before the rain catches up.
Let's go!
By the way, is Jim
still with you?
Jim who?
Jim, the bald graphic artist?
Ah, that Jim.
He left ages ago.
But why?
I don't know.
Did you know he used to have long hair?
He's not really bald.
He just lost all his hair
because of stress.
That dude's dating so many girls!
Like you?
Excuse me, I'm loyal.
At least you're not going bald.
Nope, I have strong hair!
I got a bite!
There's a fish!
Help him out!
It's a big one!
It's a big one!
It's a big one!
Great job!
- It's a big one!
- Great job!
That looks delicious!
What fish is that?
This place looks amazing.
I'm glad they approved
this location.
It really is a nice place.
That's why I keep coming back.
Peter, did you know
Olivia's a vlogger?
Is she?
Olivia the Vlogger.
But I'm not surprised.
I always knew she was good.
With over 300 thousand subscribers.
Ms. Big Shot! A star!
Violet, please.
It's only 200 thousand.
"Only," she says.
Are you earning millions now?
It's a secret, of course.
Excuse me? Sir. Ma'am.
Lunch is ready.
- Let's go?
- Let's eat!
Come on, Violet!
Let's go.
Let's go, guys!
-Thank you!
Thanks, guys.
Guys, let's eat.
Help yourself.
This is awesome.
There's so much food!
I can't believe we're meeting here
out of all places.
You think it's destiny?
It could be.
I'm telling you, babe.
Olivia's a great writer.
- Yeah?
- I'm nothing special.
She was a fresh graduate
when our company hired her.
How's your photoshoot
coming along by the way?
Well, we still have a few frames
left to do but so far, so good.
That's good.
Can you make it
a late call tomorrow?
Ugh, unbelievable.
What are you doing?
Give me that.
Peter, stop.
Peter, get off!
- As I was saying
- Okay, then what happened?
I don't even remember anymore.
Well, ugh, you see
Look, it's Peter.
He's naked.
Just ignore him.
- What?
- Let's go!
And we also have vegan dishes
if that's what you want.
I'm rushing.
Ma, I'll call you later.
Love you.
I'll just get the menu.
So, sir, here are the layouts
for Violet's photoshoot.
Pastels, very pink
to complement the beach.
And this is the new layout
for the...
I'll be right back.
Olivia, good morning.
Peter, good morning.
May I?
Sure, sure!
By the way, I had
a great time fishing.
That's good!
What about Violet?
Did she have a good time?
Yes, she did.
Glad to hear it.
I mean, her feelings
should matter, too, right?
Of course.
I'm sorry, we had
a great time fishing.
Good to hear.
I mean, Violet is awesome.
And I'm happy for you.
Yes, she is.
Violet's a keeper.
You hit the jackpot.
Take good care of her.
I do.
What about you?
What about me?
Do you have someone?
"No" meaning?
He's not here, or like,
you have nobody?
Why are you asking?
No reason. Just catching up.
Don't worry about me, Peter.
In fact, I'm doing great!
Being single agrees with you.
I mean, compared to
the time we were together.
Peter, not everything is about you.
I know.
I know, I'm sorry.
I guess I'm just trying to...
Ask something
but you can't spit it out?
I never thought
I'd miss your bluntness.
Now, now.
You used to want
to strangle me.
- Hey. It's just tough love.
- Hi! Good morning. Have you ordered?
Sounds romantic now, doesn't it?
- When you're just reminiscing.
- Where's Peter?
But back then,
it was ugly.
Is that why you left?
Wait a second.
Are you asking for closure?
Now that you've mentioned it.
Oh, fuck off, Peter Legasca.
Forget it! Nevermind that.
Go to her and treat her right.
Do that, then we're good.
Hi, girl!
Actually, we were
just talking about you.
What's the scoop?
Ah, nothing. Just the usual things-
how we met, things like that.
He was also asking
why we broke up.
Just kidding!
I'll leave you to it.
I'm out. Bye, lovers!
Closure, huh?
She just said she was joking.
Come on, let's eat.
By the way, I have something to confess.
We used to date.
Me and Olivia.
When we were working
for the same company.
When was that?
Four or five years ago?
Ah, okay.
That explains it.
So why did you break up?
I don't know. She suddenly
left the company.
We never spoke again after that.
Guys, are you ready?
Come on. We still
have a lot to shoot.
Ri, for our next set, we'll be
dealing with bold colors on Vi, yeah?
Yes, I can match her lipstick.
- If you could please match the makeup.
- Sure thing, boss.
- Something that fits her swimsuit.
- Perfect.
You got it. That's perfect.
Ah, Ri, take out the chair, please.
Yes, sir.
Vi, could you put more energy
into it? It's looking dry.
Something wrong, Vi?
Nothing's wrong.
Then what are you sulking for?
Huh? Let's get this over with.
We're never gonna get done at this rate.
Put more feelings into it.
Give me something.
It's so obvious
you don't want to do it.
Vi, come on!
Vi, let's just do this
so we can move on.
Right? Just do it.
Okay? You think you can do that?
Is it so hard?
We've got a full day ahead of us.
If you're tired, we're tired, too.
Let's just get this done, okay?
You don't look like
you're enjoying this.
Are you a model?
Nice. The other side.
- Come on.
- Let's go.
Yeah, like that.
Okay, that's working.
Hold it.
Vi, hold that pose.
Ah, look away.
No, the other way.
Don't look at me!
Look at the fucking horizon.
Why are you not in the mood?
You're on an island.
At least look happy.
Put some energy into it!
You look miserable.
Goddamnit, Vi.
It's not like your job is so hard.
You're just going to sit there
and follow my fucking instructions.
You can't even do that!
I'm doing all the artistic work
and you're giving me shit!
Guys, retouch for Vi.
Okay, sir.
Yes, I'm on an island
doing a photoshoot.
Yes, Ma. It's Vi.
You already met her.
This is legitimate work, Ma.
I already told you.
I want to do freelance work.
Im not my brother.
Okay, Ma. I'll think about it, okay?
Anyway, Ma, the signal's bad out here.
I'll call you later, alright?
I love you! Bye.
Okay, guys, Vi,
let's try again.
Don't screw it up.
Like this?
For fuck's sake, Vi.
Are you doing this on purpose?
Fuck you too, Peter.
If you can't get the right shot,
then you're a shitty photographer.
- Oh my, what are we gonna do?
- Oh my god.
You're calling me a shitty photographer?
You're a shit model.
I'm an artist.
The only thing you have
going for you are those things.
Got that?
Vi, I'm sorry.
You know Im just under a lot of pressure.
Let's just get this over with, please.
I know I'm wrong
to say those things.
Let's just finish this, okay?
Ah, yes, sir. We managed to
put together ten more layouts.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
You look beautiful today.
- I'll get your breakfast first.
- Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
Okay, ma'am.
Hey, good morning.
Hi, good morning.
Come join us.
No, thank you.
I'll leave you two lovers alone.
Okay, then.
- Peter.
- What?
You want to sit beside her?
What the hell?
Exactly. Hell.
I will give you hell if you
don't get it out of your system.
What are you talking about?
I said go to her.
For closure.
You look like a dog in heat.
Go to her.
Just get it over with.
What am I supposed to say?
"Olivia, this is Violet,
my girlfriend."
"Violet, this is Olivia, my ex."
Is that it?
Why not? It's that simple.
It is not simple.
If you had balls at all,
right the and there,
you should have told me.
So I wouldn't look like a fool
this whole time.
Hi, Ma.
Yes, good morning.
Yes, I'm having breakfast right now.
No, there's no bacon, Ma.
Fruits are all I eat.
They're hard to come by around here.
Jump in!
The water's cold!
Come on!
You don't want to swim?
The water feels great.
It's chilly.
Come on!
Come on, don't be such a killjoy.
Don't want to?
It feels great.
You want to do Olivia?
Damn it, Peter.
The place is dead quiet.
I'm sure you heard me.
You're asking me
if I want to do Olivia?
Of course not.
I'm loyal to you!
I'm going to ask you again.
Do you want to do Olivia?
Or not?
I'm sure you're still
hung-up on her.
Regardless if she prefers
pussy over dick now.
What the fuck, babe.
If I say yes, you're going
to get mad.
If I don't answer you, you're still
going to get mad.
I'm giving you permission.
You can do her once.
Even if I want to,
you think she'll let me?
If I offer her something in return.
Got you excited, huh?
Come on, babe.
This is gonna be my treat.
What if
I offer myself to Olivia?
In return,
you can do her.
Sounds like a good
exchange deal, right?
Why are you doing this?
- Honestly?
- Honestly.
Earlier, you just gave me
the best oral sex ever.
Don't let that get into your head.
But I completely lost it.
Now, I imagine a lesbian like Olivia
doing the same thing to my vagina
Just thinking about it,
it's making my pussy wet.
I can fulfill your biggest fantasy.
So she wants you, huh?
Who doesn't?
Good point.
Any lesbian would kill
to have a chance with you.
Sure, offer yourself to her.
Well, isn't Fuckboy relaxed?
Just relaxing with ice cold beers.
Chill time?
Does your mommy know
you're drinking?
You have some nerve.
You never changed.
You can't just leave me alone.
You're still hung-up on me?
And you actually used your
girlfriend as a bargaining chip?
You know I'm still
crazy about you.
I know.
But fuck, Peter. I'm not
going to do this for you.
Goodnight, fuckboy!
Hello ma'am!
Be careful.
Over here, ma'am.
- Welcome to paradise!
- Thank you!
Okay, ma'am.
Be careful going down.
Thank you.
This is amazing.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
You deserve it.
Give me your bag.
Let's sit here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You like it?
Thank you.
Let's eat.
Let's go over there.
You can leave your bag.
Let's sit here.
Thank you.
For what?
I'm so happy.
Because of this?
Because of you.
You're sweet.
I really like you.
I really like you, too.
Am I a lesbian now?
Why the label?
What's this then?
What am I?
What are we?
You are beautiful.
I like you and you like me.
We're just two people
who like each other so much.
So am I bi?
Like the ocean?
Yes, Peter?
When's our turn?
- When do you want it?
- Right now.
Now is not good.
Why not?
You just had a go, didn't you?
Peter, Violet and I
had sex for three hours.
My vagina needs to recuperate.
It's still sore.
How many days do you need?
Three days.
One day.
Two days.
Two days, Olivia.
Two days.
- Excuse me, sir. Your drinks.
- Thank you.
Enjoy your meal.
Thank you.
- Good morning, sir Peter.
- Ma'am.
- Good morning.
- How's your stay so far?
It's going well.
If you ever need anything,
just let me know.
Okay. Thank you, Ms. Melba.
- Okay, sir. Enjoy the rest of your day.
- Thank you.
So, how was it?
I asked you a question.
How was Olivia?
It was bad.
For starters,
her mouth tastes
and reeks of sewage water.
Out of courtesy, I just
threw up in my mouth.
And her armpit stank.
There's water in the cabin.
The bitch can take
a fucking shower.
And guess what?
Her pussy smells like
fish sauce with anchovies.
I think she might
have had Candidaisis.
I brushed my teeth three times
when I got back to the cabin.
Well, if you want
UTI or worse,
for your dick to rot off,
Go ahead.
Be my guest.
Nice try, Violet.
Olivia told me
that you had sex
for three hours.
Three hours.
That what you call disgusted?
Three hours?
Start from the bottom.
You seem very stressed, sir.
Yep, I really need this massage.
Is this pressure comfortable, sir?
Go down.
Go further down.
How about this, sir?
Go further down.
Much further down.
I said go down.
Grab it.
Come here, Ruel.
- This is what you want.
- Sir.
- Come here. I know this is what you want.
- Sir.
- I said come here. Come down here.
- Sir.
Well, she had to fight.
But after that, we didn't
see each other again.
Poor thing.
But I hope I helped her out somehow.
I thought this was
a one night thing.
This doesnt look like
a part of the deal.
Are you ready?
Yes, fuckboy.
Your boyfriend's an asshole.
Forget about it.
You're pretty.
There, I made you smile.
You're very pretty
when you're smiling.
Come on, I'll bring you
somewhere far!
Did you know that
Peter and I never made it?
Never made it to where?
He never got past first base.
Makes sense now.
That explains it.
Your boyfriend's a shithead.
Terrible luck that
we both bumped into him.
It must be fate.
But if it happened
so I could meet you?
I think it's worth it.
Where are you going?
What are you doing over there?
Come closer.
I don't bite.
Come here.
Come here.
Peter, you're hurting me!
Son of a bitch, that hurts!
That hurts!
Fuck you!
You're being rough, Peter!
Fuck, Peter!
Fuck you!
You fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch!
You're going to be sorry!
Olivia, you bitch!
- What?
- You bitch!
What? Not such
a hardass now, are you?
What? What?
Asshole! You're an asshole!
You piece of shit! Rapist!
Fucking maniac!
That's what you deserve.
Get out of here!
We don't need you here!
We don't need people like you!
Fuckboy! Shithead!
You fucking piece of shit!
Monster! Fuck you!
You fucking piece of shit!
Don't even try!
Arrest that motherfucker!
You ganged up on me!
Go and cuff that guy!
I'll come back for you.
- Watch out for me, Olivia!
- You're never setting foot in here!
That's what you deserve! Asshole!
I'm coming back for you!
You're never setting foot in here!
You motherfuckers!
Olivia, you bitch!
I'll come for you!