X Moor (2014) Movie Script

MAN ON TABLET: Mate, mate,
mate... Hang on, hang on,
hang on. Okay.
That's a fucking panther.
That, that is
going on YouTube.
MATT: Well, it's definitely
not four otters synchronized
swimming this time.
Very funny.
I was kind of hoping
we could go on a normal
vacation this year,
you know, sun, beach lounger,
no waiting around for
an amphibious sea monster
-named Nessie
to pop up for air.
It's gonna be
different this time,
southwest England
is in the middle
of a huge cat flap.
There's been over 20
livestock attacks around
Xmoor in the last two months
and nobody's managed
to get a decent shot
of the cat.
And... I haven't showed
you the best bit.
MATT: 25,000?
almost 40,000 US.
Just think of the places
we could go and shoot
on that money.
There's no way they'd be
offering that kind of money
if they really think
something's out there.
Well, the sheep aren't
killing themselves.
Remember what we agreed
before about expectations?
Not to have any?
I just don't want to see you
get disappointed again.
Or eaten by a panther,
don't know what'd be worse.
Remind me why I'm with you.
I carry the equipment.
Whoa! Was your boss cool
with you taking all this?
Yeah. As long as we
get it back before
he notices it's gone.
You didn't tell him?
Well, he never asked.
Seriously, Matt. I can't
believe you did this for me.
Thank you.
It's okay.
-But I'll drive.
-Oh, hey, wait a... Oh.
MATT: I can't even deal with
an eight pound domestic cat.
How we gonna catch
up with a 200 pound
wild son of a bitch
that belongs in the zoo?
You worry about cameras,
animal tracker finds the cats.
Oh, yeah.
The fantastic Mr. Fox.
The idea there's a second dude
crazy enough to go
monster hunting with you
is a fucking trip.
He's retarded, right?
I gotta meet this guy.
Is there another way
we can go?
No, this is the only road.
They're definitely
fucking with us.
-Maybe they're sick.
-In the head?
-They might need help.
-I don't think so.
What are you... Oh, man!
I don't think
that's their car.
Hey, are you guys okay?
MATT: What the fuck?
-Oh, shit!
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, shit!
Fuck! Move, come on! Run!
Go. Go, go, go!
-GEORGIA: Seat belts on!
-Come on!
Can you make it go any faster?
Oh, you hired
this piece of shit!
After these assholes,
a giant man-eating cat...
Oh, shit!
I guess there's more to
England than Supernanny
and Prince Harry.
MATT: I'm beginning to doubt
this farmhouse will have HBO.
MATT: Running water?
MATT: It's open.
If he didn't answer,
it means he's probably gone.
Gone where?
Milk a horse for breakfast?
How the fuck would I know?
It's just a bird.
Are you in here?
It's me, Georgia.
MATT: Nice.
Was this dude
a fucking junkie?
Ahh! Get out! Go!
Get out of here!
-Come on.
Great start, he's probably
been murdered by crackheads.
Or sacrificed like
the Wicker Man.
Get out of here.
Or not.
Why would anyone want
to set fire to sheep?
GEORGIA: Let's ask him.
All right already.
Who's this?
Uh, Matt, this is Conrad Fox.
Fox, this is Matt.
I thought you were
coming alone.
(LAUGHING) I told you about
my boyfriend. Matt. Remember?
Right, yeah.
Nice to meet you, man.
I heard a lot about you.
Welcome to Xmoor.
So what happened
to these sheep?
They were left behind,
became easy prey.
You mean a cat killed them?
Those that didn't starve.
You all right?
So, the people who
lived here before,
did they see the cat?
They were too concerned
with keeping the wolf
from the door.
Well, they better not
come back here
'cause there's a crazy drug
addict living in their house.
-Have you seen her?
I brought her.
Can you tell us your name?
Just ask her about the beast.
Can you describe
what happened?
KARA: It were last month.
I was lost.
The mist had come down
and I couldn't see
where I was going.
I heard a noise
behind me and...
All of a sudden,
the beast come out of nowhere
and knocked me over.
I didn't know what hit me.
He held me down and
tried to bite my throat out.
How can you be sure
it was a male?
Males are more aggressive.
Were you badly hurt?
Did you think it was
gonna kill you?
If I hadn't of got away,
I'd be lying dead on
that moor right now.
We should have
never come back here.
How did you get away
from the beast?
I ran until my feet bled.
Those scars on your arms,
are they from the beast?
I don't want to
do this no more.
She's still very traumatized.
-It's what we agreed.
-That's it?
It's all I've got and
it's what we agreed, okay?
Yeah, but you never
said you were gonna
film me, did you?
Is the mic on that camera
picking anything up?
No, too far away.
Well, she's more
than just camera shy.
She's a fucking meth head.
What were you saying
about this dude again?
-Do you want a repeat
of the Sasquatch trip?
Fox is an animal tracker,
we don't have a hope in hell
of finding any
big cats without him.
Okay and what is
Doctor Dolittle
using for guidance?
Hmm, is that
directions scribbled out
by a crack whore?
(LAUGHING) Why, yes it is.
What exactly does this dude
know about animals?
He's got over 20 years'
experience tracking big cats
in Peru, Buton,
and South Africa.
Where do you think
he dug up Skeletor?
Come on, Matt, not everyone
is as lucky as we are.
I'm sure he could afford
a couple of items
off the dollar menu
for his girlfriend.
She's not his girlfriend.
-How do you...
-Oh, shit, it's my boss.
-Don't answer it.
No, no, no, no. I got to.
It's like 3:00 a.m. there.
He must be calling
about the cameras.
Mr. Saperstein, good morning.
How are you?
Not good. Okay, uh, what?
You're rambling.
(STAMMERS) Slow down.
GEORGIA: Don't touch me!
Get off right now! Get off!
MAN 1: Keep your mouth shut!
There must have been some
mistake. I'm sure I can...
Did you hear that?
MAN 1: Hold her down.
Hold her down.
MAN 2: I am.
-Don't touch me! Ahh!
-MAN 1:
Pull her trousers down.
If I could just explain...
FOX: Get out
of the fucking van!
Matt! Matt!
Georgia, over here. Over here.
-Fucking down, stay down!
-Fox, what the fuck?
MAN: Please.
MATT: Fox!
MAN: We didn't know,
I swear. I swear.
Fuck off!
It's all right.
It's all right.
GEORGIA: It was those kids
who burned out the car.
And they were going through
our stuff and when they
saw me, they...
They grabbed me.
MATT: He was gonna kill
that kid, wasn't he?
Did you see
the size of that gun?
He was only trying
to protect me.
He isn't a threat.
MATT: I hope you're right.
We should get going.
-Hey, you don't have to...
-It's getting late.
You promised you'd
take me back!
MATT: What the... Dude...
Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
GEORGIA: Shouldn't we at least
offer to give her a ride?
There isn't time.
We've got a lot of ground
to cover in the light.
Well, what if those
guys come back
and she's here all alone?
(LAUGHING) They wouldn't dare.
Seriously, Fox,
this isn't right.
(SIGHS) She has money for
a taxi, she's got a phone.
-But she's...
-In need of
a couple of days detox.
Dude, that's cold.
Well, believe me,
she's better off there
than back on the moor.
MATT: How big is the moor?
FOX: 267 square miles.
GEORGIA: That's big.
FOX: Same size as Singapore.
The biggest hunt was
Operation Beastie in '83.
The army sent 40 soldiers
out for a fortnight.
They saw a cat,
but couldn't get
a clean shot on it.
MATT: Oh, and if the military
can't find him, what
chance do we have?
That's what they said when
I hunted down the blue tiger.
You know, Fox, I think it'd
make a better documentary
if we didn't kill the cat.
Then you should have hired
David Bellamy. I'm a hunter.
(SOFTLY) Who the fuck
is David Bellamy?
How the fuck should I know?
Should I start getting
these set up?
Not yet, wait until
he gets the scent.
This way.
I'm beginning to get
the scent... Of bullshit.
Matt, get out of the way.
GEORGIA: How long do you think
it'll be before we see
evidence of the panther?
Um, there's no such
thing as a panther.
-But you said that...
-Escaped cats were
melanistic leopards.
The theory is that they
interbred with other species
of anomalous cats
-over the years to create
breeds like the pumapard.
What are you doing?
Are you drinking already?
Hey, can I get some help?
What the hell's a pumapard?
It's a half-puma,
half-leopard crossbreed.
MATT: Next we'll be
looking for ligers.
GEORGIA: He knows
what he's doing.
MATT: Really? 'Cause
we've been walking all day
and I'm beginning to
think that Captain Ahab
couldn't find a kid
in a ball of string.
Shouldn't we be heading
back to civilization
before it gets too dark?
Aw! Why do we need to find
the cat when we already have
the biggest pussy
in England right here?
This is it.
Slew Wood.
The lair of the beast.
Okay, let's get these up
quick, we don't want to miss
the beast's evening meal.
Oh, a covert camera.
Transmits a signal to
the hard drive in my bag,
recording an individual
stream of each camera.
Kind of technical.
You wouldn't understand.
So this is what you
bring to the party.
How many you got?
Better get a move on, then,
hadn't you?
Better get a move on, then,
hadn't you?
God, you're such a dork.
This place is foul.
Hope we're not standing
in the middle of some
giant kitty litter tray.
-You know,
it smells more like...
How long do you think
it'll take for you to set
up the viewing station?
Ooh! God.
-Are you okay?
-(PANTING) Yeah. Phew.
-Oh, shit.
Can you just stop it?
You're freaking me out. What?
I don't see any...
-Was that a leg?
-I think it was.
-It was a fucking leg!
I heard screaming.
There's a body.
-Over there on the ground.
Show me.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh! Oh, the smell. Oh!
She's been here for some time.
Fox, you told me
the cat just killed animals!
The cat's not
responsible for this.
Unless it's learned
how to tie knots.
The phone won't work. There's
not a mast for 20 miles.
This girl has a family
who must be going
out of their minds!
When we get out of here...
-What? What is it?
-Another one?
-Yes, another fucking one!
GEORGIA: Why would there be
two dead bodies
in the same place?
Three, four...
Look! Five, six!
Stop fucking counting!
What is this place?
It's a dumping ground.
A what?
He's right.
Sometimes they dump
all the bodies in the same
remote place.
Guys like Ted Bundy,
Gary Ridgway, they return
to the sites so they can...
So they can what?
Fuck the corpses.
Where are you going?
Hey! Hey, Georgia.
Hey, Georgia! Wait!
Come on! Come on!
You got the compass?
-It's in my bag, but...
-What about the map? We
want to get back to the van.
-You okay?
Who would do that
to those girls?
A beast more
gruesome than any cat.
Well, the sooner the cops
get here, the sooner we...
If we tell the police now,
that beast will get away.
We have to tell the police.
There are dead girls in there
and they deserve justice.
And we're the only chance
they've got of getting it.
it's like Matthew said,
when someone creates
a dumping ground like that,
they tend to make
a habit of returning
to it very regularly.
Listen, Georgia, the police
are bound by procedure.
They're obliged to
remove the bodies immediately.
But if they were to leave
them there and wait,
there's a good chance the
killer would walk into a trap.
Fox, if you're suggesting what
I think you're suggesting...
Filming the hunt and capture
of a serial killer
would make headline news
all over the world.
Wait in the forest
to catch a serial killer
is the single most suicidal
idea I have ever heard
in my entire fucking life!
We don't need to do this!
Haven't you even heard of DNA?
The cameras are rigged,
my gun's loaded.
One night is all I'm asking.
Then at dawn,
whatever happens, we go
and report what we found.
Seriously, where did
you find this maniac?
We'd be heroes for
catching a serial killer
that was right under the nose
of the police
while they were too
fucking foolish to see it.
You knew. You fucking knew.
What are you talking about?
This was never
about finding the cat,
it was all about
setting him up as
the hero of the ultimate hunt,
the most dangerous game
of all, isn't that right, Fox?
Georgia, don't be ridiculous,
he wouldn't lie about...
How did you know?
Tell me how you knew.
Tell me!
My fiance Camille was murdered
in South Africa two years ago.
I was lost, I ran out of
money, I had to come
back home to Exeter.
I hadn't lived here
for 20 years. Everyone
I knew had long since gone.
I went on the Internet and
I met a girl called Allison.
She was a prostitute.
All right, stop there.
We're not judging you
for what you've done.
We just want to
get out of here.
I'm not a killer.
She was my friend.
She helped me to open up.
I finally began to feel like
I hadn't died, with Camille.
Anyway, one day she
wasn't there anymore,
she wasn't anywhere.
And she wasn't the only one,
several girls had disappeared,
and no one seemed to care.
That's when I met Kara.
Who's Kara?
FOX: The girl
we left at the farm.
I knew that bitch had
never seen a cat!
The beast drugged her
and brought her here
to those woods.
She managed to
claw her way free
and escape across the moor.
GEORGIA: Why didn't
she tell the police?
FOX: She did. They came
out here, had a look,
but obviously not hard enough.
I suspected something
but believe me,
I never imagined anything like
what we found in there.
Let's get out of here.
And regret it for
the rest of your life?
Well, should we stay
out here, it may only be
another couple of hours.
GEORGIA: You shouldn't
have lied to me, Fox.
I know.
wait for a second.
MATT: Come on,
just fucking walk!
GEORGIA: Slow down,
just take a second.
MATT: We need to keep going.
We gotta keep moving.
GEORGIA: Slow down.
Can't you calm down?
Ah, my fucking ankle!
GEORGIA: Can you walk?
We can't slow down.
GEORGIA: Maybe if we
just take a second.
We need to keep going.
We don't even know
which way to go.
(PANTING) Just stick with me,
I'm gonna get you
off of this moor.
-Matt? Matt!
Come on, come on. Here you go.
MATT: Help!
GEORGIA: You've got to
grab my hand.
Grab hold of the stick.
Grab hold of the stick!
Right. Hold on.
One, two, three, pull!
One, two, three, pull!
GEORGIA: You okay?
Fuck this place!
Listen, I was born here
and I wouldn't risk
crossing the moor at night.
Can you make it back
to van on that...
It's a day away, two perhaps
with a sprained ankle.
What if we both help him?
We need to get him proper
bandages and dry clothes
from his bag or he'll
die of hypothermia.
I followed you two for about
a mile and you didn't notice.
I might not have
been the only one.
(SHIVERING) So, we go back
to the forest, and what then?
We get you changed,
then we wait.
And what if the beast shows?
You film me apprehending him
and we take him to the law.
This isn't The Cat of
the Baskervilles!
He's one overconfident,
unarmed loner,
who won't be expecting
an armed hunter
or our eyes in the trees.
Bullshit, we can't
do this. Matt!
The girl I met in the Red Line
that night spoke until dawn
about how she wanted
her films to be noticed.
I've spent my entire life
hunting innocent animals,
you spent yours trying
to film figments
of people's imaginations.
Now we've got a chance
to do something real.
Something that matters!
And you want to run away!
The only thing that matters to
me right now is staying alive.
You really think
you can protect her?
With my life.
You can't be serious right
now. We need the cops
and we need them now!
I can't protect you,
I couldn't before at the house
and I can't do shit now.
Don't say that. We're
gonna tighten this up,
we're gonna grab you
over our shoulders and
we're gonna make it back.
I don't think we can make it
across the moor alone.
Our best chance to
stay alive today is with Fox.
So promise me when this
is over, you'll stay away from
that motherfucker.
The hunt is on.
There's your stuff.
We need to be able
to see through all your
cameras immediately.
-It'll take at least an hour.
-I need it faster.
-But I can't possibly...
-Get to it.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
I told you to set up.
I forgot the bandages.
-It's okay, it's me.
What took you so long anyway?
-Just get the first aid.
Hurry the fuck up!
-What is your problem!
-Get the fucking bandage.
Would you calm down?
I can fucking do it myself.
-You okay?
-Ah, yeah.
-Are you okay?
Okay. Let's go, let's go.
-What? What do you mean?
-Shut the fuck up
and let's go.
Let go, you're hurting me.
-Let's go right now.
-But you said the moors
are too dangerous.
-What's gotten into you?
-It's Fox.
-FOX: I'm what?
Where are you going
in such a hurry?
-What are you doing?
Come on lets go,
he's the beast!
What? How do you know?
Fox, get off him!
Not until he's had
some discipline.
Fox get off of him!
You're gonna kill him!
Are you okay?
I told you.
What are you doing? Run!
(PANTING) No one's
going anywhere.
He killed those girls
and he brought us back here
to find his handiwork!
I saw him jacking off
on the bodies.
Jesus, son, I wasn't there
for God's sake!
Look, I've never hunted
a man before.
I went back in there
to steel myself,
so that when the time comes,
I wouldn't hesitate.
how can you trust him?
He went in with a goddamn bar!
He brought you out
'cause he's planning
to kill you, too!
If you're convinced
there's no killer out there,
take my H&K. Go on, take it.
It's not a trick.
Put it down, put it down.
Put that down!
Just so long as you know,
that if you're wrong
and he appears, it will be up
to you to defend us.
-Give it back now.
-We can't trust him.
-Give him back the gun!
-No fucking way!
You don't know how to use it.
It's not like pointing and
shooting a camera, Matthew.
No second takes, no re-shoots.
Hmm? You ready to pull
the trigger to stop him
getting away?
If it comes to that.
Without killing him...
'Cause you'd go
to fucking jail.
I will do whatever it takes
to protect her.
So be it.
I need some more.
This isn't a fucking
booze cruise.
It's that stench.
I need to burn it
out of my mouth.
Don't give her anymore.
You never really believed
there were any cats out here,
did you, Fox?
They're out here, they just
keep their distance.
Wouldn't the dead bodies
attract the...
MATT: It's bullshit!
They don't exist.
None of the cryptids do.
The way I see it,
human beings have
got so comfortable
in their surroundings,
their minds start conjuring
up these imaginary predators
just so they don't
die of boredom.
FOX: Little do they know
their new natural predator
drives a Land Rover.
GEORGIA: There's good chance
he won't come tonight,
isn't there?
Well, the nearly full moon
will give him enough light
to see what he's doing.
But Matthew's little tantrum
probably scared him off
and he's halfway
to Borneo by now.
Or maybe he's been
here the whole time.
Think very carefully, Matthew.
Ugh! It's so disgusting.
For God's sake, be quiet.
I can't do this anymore!
Watching these dead girls
for hours and hours,
smelling them rot.
What they hell will people
think of us?
-That you ruined everything.
-I don't care!
-This is sick!
Nothing is worth this.
You need to find a way
to get us out of here
right now, Fox.
Georgia, calm down!
I'm sorry.
(STAMMERS) She's moving.
Holy fucking shit!
Was that...
What was that?
Something's alive out there.
Kara was drugged.
Maybe, maybe the beast drugs
all his victims
so that he can return to them.
Oh, that poor girl.
FOX: The last person
she'll trust right now
is a man.
We have to find her and you
have to call out to her.
She's a young girl,
for Pete's sake!
Who also happens to be
the only person who can
identify the killer.
All the more reason
to find her
and make sure
she survives to tell.
I don't think I can
go back in there.
Imagine what it must be like
to wake up surrounded
by corpses.
We have to help her.
GEORGIA: Wait, where
are you going?
The dumping ground's
that way.
I heard some movement from
over here, call out.
Do it!
Call again, louder!
Is anyone out there?
We won't hurt you.
Wait a minute,
if you're so friendly
with all these prostitutes,
why don't you call out?
Maybe they'll recognize
your voice.
Call again.
We're going to get
you some help.
This is pointless.
She can run as far
away from here as...
Sounds like...panting.
Oh man, if a puma jumps out
on us, I swear...
-Oh, fuck!
Oh, my God!
Get the first aid kit.
-What do we...
-It's in your bag
at the viewing station.
Wait, don't you see
she attacked him?
Matt, please get
the fucking bandages!
Fox, can you hear me?
Wake up!
Get up, there you go.
Ah, God damn it, Matt!
Don't shine it in his face.
What are you doing?
I'm over here.
Here you go.
What is it?
There was a torch, over there.
Get the gun, the gun!
Which way did he go?
-I don't know.
-Oh, shit!
Let off a warning shot.
-Well, shoot it!
-I just did, nothing happened.
Son of a bitch gave
me an unloaded gun.
Fuck him, let's just go!
I am not leaving him here.
-Fuck off!
-Fox, can you walk?
Hurry the fuck up!
The killer's here,
we need to go now.
Where is he, where is he?
Where are the bullets?
Load it! Load it!
Come on!
Stay behind me,
stay behind me.
You can't be serious.
He's got the gun.
We're so fucking dead.
MATT: We're just going
in a huge circle.
MAN: Choose wisely.
Jesus Christ, Fox,
you could have hit me!
We need you back
with us, okay?
You're scaring me.
Why don't you give me the gun?
The girl.
Fox, calm down.
It's okay.
We won't hurt you.
Okay, okay, okay.
Look. Putting it down,
putting it down.
Okay, okay.
MATT: We don't have
time for this.
Taking too long.
-He's right.
-We need to move.
You want to help her or not?
Please don't be afraid.
Please don't be afraid.
Just grab her and go!
You see something?
I feel something.
This... This
is his labyrinth.
He brings them here,
to stalk them.
Where are you going?
Fox, come back here!
Matt, come on!
I'm a friend.
I'm a... I'm a friend.
What's your name?
I from Romania.
I'm Georgia.
I'm from America.
Why you here?
We were looking for a cat.
A very big cat.
We're gonna get out
of here, Vanya,
okay? You and me.
My boyfriend, I have
to find my boyfriend.
We don't know that.
Bad man,
he bring me here and hit me
and leave me to dead.
He kill us.
Or we kill him.
Come on. Come on.
You hear?
The cat.
Georgia, do it!
Do it, now!
Do what?
He took my gun
or I'd do it myself.
-No, no, no.
-It's the humane thing to do.
Don't let me die as his prey.
I'll make my intentions
clear on camera.
No one will think you
did it maliciously.
Fox, be quiet, you're gonna
attract the...
Attract the beast...
Please be quiet.
I lied. I lied to you.
I brought you in danger.
I told Matthew we fucked...
But we didn't!
I'll shout it so loud!
He'll hear and he'll never
trust anything...
Move now.
Move now!
Wait, I know where we are.
Here, you take this.
And drink this,
it'll help with the pain.
Drink it.
You watch!
Why you do?
We were looking
for the panther.
You lie!
Where are you?
Matt, run to this!
Please, Matt!
Is anyone there?
Are you a ghost?
My daddy says there's
ghosts in the forest.
Who's your daddy...
Where's your daddy now?
He's gone to hunt pheasants
for our tea.
Do you like pheasants?
How often do you come
out here?
When Daddy needs to hunt.
Where's your mom?
I don't have one anymore.
She's a ghost now.
What happened to your eye?
Daddy will be back soon.
It isn't real!
It isn't real!
Don't go in there!
Do you want to help
your daddy?
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Vanya, wake up.
Wake up, come on.
Play dead.
You recognize the knife?
Where is she?
(SHOUTS) Where is she?
Did you kill my boyfriend?
The American guy.
Tell me or you'll
be visiting
your daughter's body
in that dumping ground!
You don't understand,
they were all alive
when I left them!
-Don't lie to me!
-It's true!
Do you want me to
give you something
to cry about,
you motherfucker!
Don't hurt my daughter.
She never done nothing
to nobody.
Where is Matt?
I don't know!
You can't finish
the job, can you?
You're not man
enough to kill anyone,
you just leave them there.
-Vanya, wait!
-Must kill him!
Shit, shit!
Okay, okay, okay.
No, no!
MAN: Hello?
WOMAN: You all right?
Hey, just stay there.
MARLENE: Dear Daddy,
I have gone
to get the police.
We are going to come back
and save you from the ghosts.
GEORGIA: I'm so glad you came.
MATT: Are you kidding?
It's been a month.
GEORGIA: I meant to England,
you dipshit!
MATT: I was beginning to think
you might never come home.
GEORGIA: We went to Penntucky.
MATT: To me.
I got lost.
Please don't hurt me.
What are you doing?
Please, no!
It's okay. Just come with me.
What about my daddy?
Your daddy...
Your... Your daddy...
-You fucking bitch!