X&Y (2018) Movie Script

Are you alright?
I'd say so.
If you were an animal,
which animal would best represent you?
A coyote.
And what animal would I be?
I suppose you could be
a small wolf bitch.
And why do I think that?
Is that because...
If both of us were wolves, would that...
Would that be some kind of compliment?
Or would it be because you have
the role you have, here and now?
I don't know.
Do you think there's a difference
in being a woman, sexually,
in the sense of receiving,
or being filled up?
As opposed to being a man...
And filling up?
I'd say there's quite a big difference.
But that is the way it is.
What way?
- Things are much easier for us men.
- How come?
I mean, if either of us didn't want to
have sex, and I was the woman,
I'd find that situation
much easier to understand.
Then, that's a kind of intrusion.
Whereas if I'm the man, I might think,
"What's the problem?
Pants down, it'll be over
in two seconds - what's the problem?"
So, you're happy to be a man?
In that sense, I'm very happy
to be a particularly manly man.
I have no thoughts whatsoever
of being filled up.
Being a woman would be difficult?
That particular aspect
of female sexuality
involves certain elements
I'd find very tricky to deal with.
Actually, the producer
bought me a strap-on
when I said I ought to practise
the male fucking motion.
- Hang on, now! Did you tell him that?
- Yes.
I explained I needed one to understand
what it's like to possess someone else.
- Didn't that get totally weird?
- Yes, but isn't it very exciting...
...that he's actually agreed
to be fucked with a strap-on?
- What? Did he really say that?
- Yes. Watch this.
If you wanted to use that on me,
you'd have to be gentle.
Are you serious?
Well... Let's put it like this...
We entered into this project together.
All in.
We don't want any half-measures.
I want to examine
the concept of identity
and what it means to be a human being.
As an artist, I will,
together with actor Mikael Persbrandt,
live in a studio for periods of time.
I want us to be able to work uninterrupted
and unaffected by any external factors.
We will examine both the internal
and the external views of ourselves.
The idea is to reach beyond
the media pictures of us
and find out who we really are.
In the studio, we have
set up an interrogation room
where we will be seeking
the absolute truth.
Mikael and I will assign different
actors the roles of our alter egos.
They will portray
different sides of us.
Through them, we will be able to
shed some light on who we have been,
who we currently are
and who we'd like to be.
We have also built
two consulting rooms
where Mikael and I will meet
our individual psychologists
to process what happens
in the studio.
All our work
will result in a feature film.
The idea is that the script for
this film will take shape gradually,
based on the work
we do together in the studio.
I will write the script
when we're not living in the studio.
What's really great is that
no one outside the project
will ever know
what's real and what's fiction.
Are you attracted to me?
I'll tell you what I felt like
before you got here, okay?
- No.
- The external view.
Why would that be okay?
I asked if you're attracted to me.
I think both men and women
get turned on by you.
I don't know what you're on about.
I asked you if you're attracted to me.
Looking at the medial picture,
I feel aggressively turned on.
I also feel... angry.
But even that is kind of playful.
- Are you attracted to me?
- Yes, I'm attracted to you.
I could do anything right now...
Me too.
I could have sex here and now.
Me too.
How would we set about it?
Show me.
What would you do?
I'm not quite sure...
What would I do?
You would... No, it's good like this.
Don't you think
we should save it for later?
I don't know.
We've never felt one another.
- Now, we can.
- The good thing is...
...that we can do it for real.
But no one else will know it's for real.
I don't want to leave here.
There was a lot of talk about sex. I
haven't heard you talk about it before.
Maybe I haven't spoken about it,
but it's a really important part
of our identity and of being human.
Well, maybe I'm the only one who
doesn't get this single-minded focus...
- No. It's not hugely interesting.
- Look at it this way:
Being the alpha male he is, it's a
really important part of the picture.
To me, the most important thing
is you focusing on the total picture.
Like you... writing a script.
Listen, you won't find anyone willing to
finance a film that's this unstructured.
But the investigation has just started.
I can't just make up the whole film!
I've been clear from the start:
my work is explorative.
Research, script writing and filming
happen side by side.
That's super, Anna...
Mikael and I
are known for crossing boundaries.
I want to challenge
the alpha male that's him.
I want to record two sex scenes.
One where he penetrates me, for real,
and another one where I penetrate him.
- That wolf scene... What's the point?
- I'll talk you through it.
Mikael and I meet
in a forest glade at dusk.
I've got some wolf costumes I've made.
I tell him I'll teach him
to understand his inner animal.
We undress and get into these costumes.
And Mikael reacts to the fact
that his genitals are uncovered.
But I calmly tell him that wolves
worry about totally different things.
We get down on all fours and I
start telling him how wolves behave.
He's a bit stiff and questioning,
but when I put my hand between my legs
and then caress his face with it...
Then, he takes me from behind,
on all fours.
- Hello?
- Hi!
- Were you sleeping?
- No, I was working on the costumes.
Hey, I'm just calling
to tell you something.
I'm not saying we definitely do,
but we may have a problem.
Mikael's agent called and said
Mikael mustn't have real sex.
He's told his agents?
Yes, he's told them
you want him to mount you
when you're dressed as wolves,
and you want to use a strap-on on him.
So, he's told them,
and that means those scenes are out?
I mean, they haven't banned sex scenes.
Just penetration.
- Ordinary film sex is fine.
- What?
They're banning penetration
to protect him.
If you have sex, he might go back
to abusing drugs again.
- Okay.
- I suppose he's got another life now.
- They do this to protect him.
- Protect him against me?
Honestly, Anna, I don't know.
All I wanted was to...
- To tell you this.
- Okay, right. Bye.
Oh, well...
- Josefin. Scenographer.
- Micke.
- Hi, I'm Emelie. I'll be dressing you.
- Hi, Emelie.
- I'm Anders. Production assistant.
- Nice to meet you, Anders.
So, this is part of the team.
Now, I'll show you your room.
- Right.
- Okay.
- You can check it out.
- Alright - you first.
Exciting, eh?
We can lose those.
I don't understand that thing.
Remove that, too.
Oh, well - it's really nice.
You'll be sleeping in here
with all your alter egos.
Maybe you wonder why I'm here?
I'd like to find out
what your intention is.
I set two criteria
for any project I enter into.
First of all, it must have
exceptional artistic ambitions.
Secondly, there has to be
a realistic possibility
of realising these exceptional,
high-quality artistic ambitions.
What do you want this to result in?
A bloody good film, quite simply.
Is he really interested in finding out
who he is, or will he be playing a role?
I'll never know,
but he seems interested.
How do you see the fact that I can
consider having sex with him on camera?
That way, you get control over
this sexual relationship.
Moreover, you get to pick a man
many women will envy you
having got into bed.
Envy you winning that conquest, I mean.
But in that case,
I could simply pretend we're having sex.
I suspect you're more
complicated than that.
I don't think you want to pretend, as
your ambition is to investigate reality.
When I think of you,
a line comes to mind:
"God's bravest angel."
It's all about pushing
right up to the limits.
Even pushing past them,
to reach what's beyond the human form,
where you become a brave angel.
A human being
through whom God can be perceived.
How would you describe an alpha male?
To me, the expression narcissist
is more dynamic.
In my view, a narcissist carries a
self-loathing of enormous proportions
which can only be overcome
when he receives constant
admiration and love from others.
Is there a female version
of the alpha male?
You could say there are two.
One is the woman who consumes the man.
Kills him after having used him.
The female spider.
Then, there's the one who's obsessed by
the man and would never criticise him.
As long as she gets the sex she wants,
that's enough.
A wonderful situation for the man.
- It reinforces his dream of being...
- An alpha male?
Anna uses these cliched images
when she talks about my person.
Like "alpha male"!
What the fuck is that?
I've spent my whole life
struggling to maintain a sensitive...
Struggling to survive
with this over-sensitive soul.
Are you troubled by the fact
that she doesn't see your soft side?
- Yes.
- I knew it.
- That troubles me.
- Yes.
What the hell's an alpha male?
Really? What?
As if I was
some kind of fucking animal, eh?
- Hi!
- Welcome.
- I'm Mikael.
- Sofie.
- Anna.
- Sofie.
I'll start by asking you to tell us:
who's the character you'll be playing?
Based on what you know.
Well, I don't really know who you are.
Or I know very little about you.
- But I can tell what...
- What do you know about your character?
I know she - or you - suffered from
mental illness when you were young.
You're someone who can fall apart.
What escapist behaviour do you have?
Drugs, alcohol...
Conquests. Sex.
Conquests. Power.
You are Mikael Persbrandt.
You started off as a dancer,
but went into acting.
You have a long career behind you.
You cross boundaries.
You're destructive,
and that affects a lot of people.
I think that in your life,
you're battling against different things
you believe you have to live up to.
I wish I would suffer less.
You suffer a lot?
I feel I do.
I wish I would suffer less.
You suffer a lot?
- I feel I do.
- Give me an example.
I feel angst about
my compulsion to adapt.
Having to fit a template gives me angst.
Are you lacking anything in yourself?
Yes, indeed. Many things.
Like what?
A context.
How far could you go as an actress?
Actually, I think I could go
all the way.
I could do anything for art.
It's like, when I'm on, I'm on.
I'm not frightened. I do what it takes.
- Sounds good.
- Yes. Anything for art is great.
- Okay - welcome!
- Thanks.
This way.
Is that my place?
No. Mikael and Anna will show you
later where you'll be living.
First, we're going in here.
Here they are.
- Hello!
- Hi.
- Is everything good?
- Yes.
- Really good.
- Great.
This got off
on such a wrong bloody start.
You were meant to be six alter egos,
and here we only have four.
Okay. That's... a shame.
- Some producer fucked things up.
- To say the least!
- Sofie and Shanti will be here soon.
- It'll be fine.
- Are we going back home then?
- Not at all.
We'll start off like this,
and they'll join us in a few days.
Why don't the four of us just get going?
- That'll work.
- Great.
Here, we've got
your character descriptions.
- Can we have something to drink?
- Sure, feel free.
- Thanks.
- You don't drink juice.
- Vera?
- You drink water.
- Okay.
- There you go.
- Can I have some water?
- Sure, I'll pour you some.
We've got...
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
As of now,
you will be in character - constantly.
And you'll take turns
in telling us who you are.
- Why don't you start, Trine.
- Introduce yourself.
I'm Trine Dyrholm, and I'm depicting
the artistic, intelligent side of Mikael
that sometimes crosses lines.
- Good.
- That's me.
I'm Thure Lindhardt, and I'm
doing Mikael's destructive side.
According to some people.
- Right. - Vera?
- My name's Vera Vitali.
I'm playing Anna's expressive,
extrovert... or somewhat provocative...
Her provocative alter ego.
I like challenging people I meet.
- Exciting.
- Yes, it is exciting.
So, you cross boundaries, you
explore things and you're provocative?
Tell us about you, Jens.
Yes, go on, Jens.
My name's Jens Albinus,
and I'm a little scared...
No, not scared,
but I'm playing Anna's alter ego.
The alter ego that's a bit scared.
Scared that... And very uncertain
that I'll be adequate enough.
And possibly a slight fear
of being a little boring.
It'll be great.
- We've got iPods for you.
- With music for each character.
- This is mine.
- And for Thure.
Jens gets gold.
And remember that now you are working,
and as of now...
- You are your characters. All the time.
- Yes.
- One can easily get scared by you.
- Why's that?
This is the second time you tell us
we have to be in character.
- Obviously, we're here to work.
- That's what I mean.
Well done, Jens.
I think this will be grand.
- This is it.
- Wow!
- It's a bit messy, but...
- It's beautiful!
I've been working a lot
on these costumes.
This place is awesome.
- This is it. Please come in.
- Yes, that'll work.
- Nice?
- Amazing bed.
- Nice.
- I assume I'm in the middle.
- Of course, if you want to.
- Come on!
Hold your horses.
- But what... Can't you...?
Why is fucking Mikael so important?
We like the challenge,
and the playfulness.
- Oh.
- Life is so very hard.
And if you play a little,
that kind of makes it bearable.
That's true, actually.
Are we frightened?
- As long as he's in on it...
- Yes?
...it's one hundred percent exciting.
See! He's taken a territorial piss!
- Better now?
Hey! Close that door behind you.
- Is that my shirt?
- Which one?
- Mikael, are these mine?
- No, mine. Those are mine!
- Those are yours. The button-downs.
- So, these are mine?
Can I see? Are these mine, then?
- I say!
- Look! You'd look a sight in this one!
- Shut up! What do you know?
- Guys. Guys!
- Hey!
- What?
- Alright. Cheers! Welcome!
- No, I don't...
Hey, you two!
Could you please calm down a little?
- Okay. Where's the minibar?
- We haven't started yet. No minibar.
- What did you say?
- There's no minibar. It's gone.
- So, where's the alcohol? Any vodka?
- There's no alcohol.
- Are you serious?
- It's gone. Dried up.
- Any drugs?
- Let's just buy something.
- Eh?
- Quit it.
- Good joke.
- It's no joke.
- What do you mean?
- You want to snort a line?
- Well, whatever. We're portraying you!
- Trine, shut up!
- We're playing you!
- Put the glasses down!
Are you pissed off now?
Isn't the whole point finding out
how far we can push him in this study?
How far he will go?
If we fuck Mikael, we rule him.
That gives us the power.
Nevertheless, if he wants to shag us...
If Mikael Persbrandt wants to shag us,
then maybe we aren't all that gross?
Maybe he'll even fall in love?
So, is this the concept
of fucking the king of men?
Well, I mean... Part of it.
All of that is part of this project.
Okay. So, seeing this sex thing
purely from a technical perspective,
is it important to us that he's clean?
- I'd emphasise handsome.
- Our goal is to go into this.
That means we don't try to work things
out in advance. We go with the flow.
- Why not tell us why it says FUCK?
- Give me a break!
- Alright! Sure!
- Fuck? Fuck!
Why the hell would anyone
write fuck on their hand?
These are my war marks!
That's just how it was.
- How?
- Quit it! - You want me to tell you?
- Yes. Tell us.
- I don't want to tell you.
- It's part of the project!
- It's my life!
If we're to work with you,
you need to tell us stuff.
When you've been in for 337 days
a tattooist rolls up
- on methadone, very slow.
I get annoyed with him, tell him
to fuck off and leave his machine.
And then I take the wire
connected to the machine.
Two wires which I intertwine
while looking for a connection.
So I tear down the kitchen light,
connect those wires up,
and then I connect that to a plug
on the end of some fucking lead.
And trying to use my left toe to switch
it on, the machine jumps into life.
People would say: "Never do it yourself.
And not your hands."
Oh, your hands?
You did it yourself on your hands?
He did it himself! Wow!
Damn... Let's play rock, paper, scissors
and see who gets tattooed.
One, two, three! Best of three, eh?
Three, two, one - now!
Three, two, one - now! No!
That's so frustrating!
Don't worry, no one will hear us here.
Come on, come here.
What are you thinking?
I only wanted a bit of fun.
Isn't that what you want, too?
Go to bed.
- And you...
- Sorry.
- I haven't forgotten.
- Hello there!
- Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Good night.
Goddammit! Oh, two shoes.
- Was it fun?
- Yes.
- She was completely wild.
- But you were not wild at all?
- Nope.
- You're in no state to get it up.
Nope. But it's no big deal, really.
- Were you both coming to bed here?
- No, not really.
- Were you going to...
- Just come to bed.
- Right!
- What?
Come on. Come on up, now.
- There.
- I'm too pissed.
And your fly is open, too.
I had a strong feeling yesterday, when I
was about to tell you about my tattoos.
I felt so fucking stupid.
I would stage the mistakes
I've made in life...
...as a joke.
I felt so incredibly ill at ease when
I had to tell you about those tattoos.
Because... this is...
This is me.
That's me. Get it?
That. All of that, that's my life.
- Do you get what I mean?
- Yes.
It's not exactly what I was told, but...
- That's too much, isn't it?
- Yes.
- But if we actually wanted to eat it?
- Some has to go.
But we don't want to appear weird,
so we need to be a bit careful
so people don't notice what we're up to.
- Take the slice of cheese on top.
- Okay.
- Fold it so it gets a bit more solid.
- Okay.
- Let's move that. It's way too much.
- Oh dear. Sure.
- More like this?
- Exactly. Just like that.
And if we're going to eat, we want it...
Food is a kind of poison, so...
If we're indulging in it, we want it to
be tasty, so you need more butter there.
We don't want people to see.
We have no serviette.
It mustn't look strange
with all this cheese everywhere.
- Okay.
- So...
When no one's looking, we have to...
If you're eating together with others,
you can just...
- Like that.
- Okay.
And that's too much cheese.
- Right! Slept well?
- Yes, like a log.
This food's a bit tedious, but
there's at least nothing wrong with it.
- Jens? Are you afraid of germs?
- Me? No, no.
For today's exercise
Shanti will also be turning up.
- How nice.
- Great! Shanti's good. He's... Perfect!
You don't need to be scared of me.
Deep inside me,
there's a scared little boy.
And when I look at you...
...I see myself.
Do you understand? I see your fear.
That's my fear, too.
You're so very beautiful!
- I don't know if I...
- What?
What don't you know?
- If you're mocking me.
- Why would I be mocking you?
Jens, in this situation you wouldn't
dare look straight into Michael's eyes.
You want to be close, but you're afraid
he'll see that you aren't beautiful.
- That I'm disgusting, even?
- Yes.
You're petrified
he'll just feel repulsed.
And my goal, is that still...?
What is my goal?
- You want recognition.
- I want recognition.
I want recognition, too.
What I'd actually love is
for you to give me recognition.
Could you change places?
Then, let's see
if you can give me some...
Why don't we start with you...
giving me a compliment.
Just like that?
- Vera?
- Stop wriggling out of things.
- I'd like Vera...
- You're not great at compliments, eh?
Vera, this is yours...
You... have an attractive force
that's bloody amazing.
You're also...
...very sexy. And a little dangerous.
I like that.
No. No, this...
I'd like Shanti to do this.
The more reflective side of me.
How does it feel?
- Eh?
- Actually... Mikael?
I need some help with this.
I need a script.
Think of what we're good at.
What you like.
Then go for it!
"For women, love is more than appetite
A sensation of the tongue
more than the heart
That appetite may sicken from excess
But mine is no less voracious
than the sea
And melts the same, so don't compare...
...the feeling a woman
may have for me...
...with the feeling I harbour for you."
That's one way of doing it.
So, what else do you like?
In your own words. Coming from you.
Okay. Eh...
No, I really think I need a script.
Just say: "First, there's Thalia.
Then, there's my wife."
- "First, there's Thalia."
- "Then, there's my wife."
- "Then, there's my wife."
- It's an exercise!
Could you just focus on me?
To hell with Thalia.
- In what ways do you feel loved?
- You know...
People think I only want one thing,
but I'm actually interested
in women's inner lives.
- Sex isn't everything.
- And I know that.
I know you have these two sides,
and that's why I like you, but...
- Your depth just isn't as...
- I'd like to paint you.
- Now.
- Okay.
How would you like me to sit? Or lie?
- Like this?
- Lie any way you want.
I think this is where Thure steps in.
Thure - pull Vera closer.
And Vera - you keep complimenting him.
You've got the most beautiful eyes.
You're beautiful throughout.
Thure, now you caress Vera's breasts.
Vera - take your hand
and place it on Thure's dick.
Unbutton your trousers.
Then, you softly press
Vera's face against your dick.
What the fuck?
What the fuck's happening?
I just felt a bit queasy. It's...
Is it because of us? Are you sabotaging
this on purpose, or what?
I've never felt ill from that.
At least not while it's happening.
God, how unprofessional can you get?
- Now I can't continue. Can you?
- He's okay.
Who gives a fuck?
- He is, though.
- Sabotaging a scene is unprofessional!
- We're trying to focus on our job!
- Something caught in his throat.
- Well, I'm trying to work here!
- Is it...
Yeah! Fucking amateur!
So, you knew that?
So, why do we need sex in all of this?
Why are you so set on fucking?
There's actually something
I'd like to say, if that's alright?
- Please do.
- It's about you, Trine.
I can see that when you're sitting there
broaching the topic of fucking,
you start leering.
That makes me want to tell you
that we've agreed to keep within
certain boundaries and stay in character.
- Unbelievable!
- What is?
Hell, I work the way I work!
- Do you really?
- Yes! I'm always in character!
- I'm here to work. Or, we all are.
- Yes. Exactly!
And then, if I'm honest, I think it's
crap that you can't do your job!
- For fuck's sake!
- Are you pissed off?
Why do you suddenly play cop?
That's totally not in character.
And my verdict is
that this is totally in line.
Well, this is also totally in line,
so who's out of order?
So, what's it like, working with me?
Honestly, now.
- Well, I... I like it.
- Oh?
- What's your feeling?
- I don't know. Yes, I like it, too.
- You do?
- Yes.
- That's great.
- But...
I don't mean but, but...
Wouldn't it be good if we were
totally honest with one another?
- Yes.
- And then... Well...
Okay, I would...
I love children.
I love being close to children.
- I think it's...
- Okay?
And... Well, I'm feeling a bit panicky.
I'm a bit stressed. I mean, I have
loads of dates. I sleep with loads.
But then, I get bored and then I leave.
I leave relationships
because it just gets too... boring.
Do you get me?
But I want children. I do want a child.
So, I was thinking that...
Maybe you and I could have a baby?
A kind of...
- As part of this film. Naturally.
- Of course. Yeah.
- You mean...?
- Sure.
- I'm in.
- It would be an art baby.
- Yes.
- And I would have a child.
- Sure.
- I'd be so happy.
Count on me.
Hang on, are you really...
Do you get...?
- Do you get what I mean?
- Definitely.
- So, how were you picturing it?
- Well, kind of...
- If...
- We'd have to...
- Seriously. What's your idea?
- Seriously, we'll have to...
I assume we'd start by...
...seducing one another. Wouldn't we?
- How does that sound?
- That sounds smart.
- Really smart.
- Let's do it for real.
Okay. And how do you envisage...
...the outcome?
For you, in your private life? At home?
- What would your wife say?
- Well, er... But...
I'm not really sure that I've made...
...any kind of realistic analysis of
the consequences. I can't claim that.
No, I can kind of tell.
I can tell, so...
- I'm actually serious.
- So am I.
No. You're acting.
No. This is reality.
So, you take no responsibility
for reality outside of here?
This is reality.
We're playing with reality and fiction.
You're an artist. I'm an artist.
The ultimate combination
of you and me...
- ...is to have a child. An art baby.
- Hang on!
This... I don't really know if I...
You're talking about the film?
If so, I'm all in.
I thought you were saying that you
wanted a baby with me in real life?
- Yes.
- So... You want to have a baby with me?
Do you want a baby
with Mikael Persbrandt?
Yes... Or, I mean...
My thoughts were...
Of course, I can't sit here, as the
director, and ask you to impregnate me.
So, you don't want a baby with me?
- I do want a baby.
- You want a baby?
But I am...
I thought that since we're
playing with reality and fiction anyway,
why don't we just...
...play with that idea, too?
This baby will be an art baby, so
when I care for it, I'll be making art.
Hang on, I really need to ask you:
Is this something
that happens in the film?
Or are we talking
about your private life?
- In the film...
- Right now, we're working.
- Then, it's a great idea.
- Yes?
I seem to keep misunderstanding you.
I kept thinking that you actually
wanted to have a baby with me.
Or even worse, with Mikael Persbrandt.
- No, what I'm imagining is...
- You don't want a baby with me?
- I wouldn't say no.
- You want a baby with me?
No? Yes?
She wants to have
an art baby with me!
- An art baby?
- Yeah. We'll have sex, make a baby.
For real. In this film.
At least within the framework
of the film, but still a real child.
Just imagine her coming to you!
- No thanks.
- What would your reaction be?
I really don't know.
- I don't know how to...
- Do you feel a sense of responsibility?
- That's the one!
- Yeah. - Mikael?
Can I ask you, Mikael: What happens
if you just have one small drink?
I feel no need to do that.
Why do you ask?
- Just curious.
- Can I ask: Do you find it provocative?
Well, I for one find it a fucking shame
when someone can't even have one glass.
Anna, it's wonderful that
you're in such a good mood.
Tell us more about your methods.
When will we start filming?
I want to know that, too.
When will we start?
- You know what we're doing, don't you?
- Yes, but I've been in loads of films.
And a production plan
is always a great thing.
Oh, leave her alone.
Don't worry about them. We're meant
to be having fun, and that includes you.
Thanks for tonight.
Okay, I'm off to my room.
Know that I'm with you all the way
- no holds barred.
I'll do whatever the fuck
you want me to do.
Can you grab that?
Right, now Christmas can come again!
- Bloody hell!
- Damnation!
- Do you know what that was? A shock!
- Did it hurt?
- Lie there.
- Okay.
- But, hey...
- A cushion? Sure. I'll get you one.
No, that's too fast.
No, lie still. Don't move!
I'm doing that massive dick
I wanted to do.
- What's it like?
- Nice!
- Thanks! Thank you, Mikael.
- My pleasure.
I'd like to start by welcoming
our new alter egos.
Shanti, you were around earlier,
but an extra warm welcome to Sofie.
Why don't you start
with a brief introduction?
I'm Sofie Grbl,
and I'm portraying
Anna's logical and artistic side.
- And intelligent.
- And intelligent. Wasn't that obvious?
My name's Shanti Roney, and...
I'm playing Mikael's...
- ...creative and theatre-loving side.
- Yes.
I'd even like to claim that...
...the theatre saved my life.
- Nice.
- Cheers.
- Enjoy! And see you!
- Cheers.
Thure? I heard
things got a bit wild last night.
Anna and Thure tattooed one another.
- Seriously?
- Show us.
Nothing big...
War marks!
This is nice. I mean, I made it.
- No... Cheers!
- Let's drink to tattoos!
Cheers, Mikael!
Right, now when we're all gathered,
I feel it's a good time to ask...
What are we doing here?
What is it we are doing?
This is yours.
Eh... Well...
As you know, the thing we're
trying to shed some light on here...
...is who we are.
Who we have been,
and who we'd love to be.
We're trying to reach the most essential
part of being a human being.
Go on.
And since we are all artists,
we possess enormous potential
to actually manage to create
something totally amazing in here.
We can permit ourselves to create
a strong, artistic and provocative film.
You never were a present dad, because
you never could overcome your own angst.
But that wasn't the only reason
I distanced myself from you.
I don't think mum's family
ever gave you a chance.
And grandma, apparently a good person,
was scared of all things different.
She made the rest of the family
shut you out. Even resent you.
When I was little, you were a great man.
You were so great, and I so wanted
to be that great man.
I wanted to be that person
who could just leave his family
because he found someone even better.
Fuck - I don't even know why I'm here.
I don't even know where I am.
Maybe all I needed was to see how small
you really are - and I see that now.
You are so small.
I've always felt the lack of a father.
Like a vast hole inside.
Constantly looking for recognition.
And I can't really say that I've been
that present in my own children's lives.
But now, I am trying to be.
Now, I'm doing my best.
Do you remember calling me a whore?
I'd just been up to see
my brother who was ill, and...
You stopped the car when you saw me
walking from the hospital.
You lowered the window, told me I looked
like a whore, raised it and drove off.
Do you know why I wore so much
make-up that I looked like a whore?
I couldn't cope with the fact
that I looked like you.
For years, I was...
...obsessed with the idea
that you should die.
I had decided I was going to kill you.
I checked out rifle clubs
to get access to a weapon.
But I never got that far.
I ended up in a mental ward.
Sure, it would have been...
...easier for me if I had refrained
from protesting so hard against...
...your weird ideas about order.
I don't get it. Is she saying that...
If we'd behaved differently,
he would have, too? Is she blaming us?
She's probably thinking that he'll
be able to accept his part of the blame
if she helps him carry it.
Should a child carry the blame for
a parent who can't control his temper?
- No. Sit down. Sit down!
- "It was a huge mistake.
That I was born human.
The way things are,
I will always be a stranger,
incapable of feeling I belong
in any group or community.
Someone who always
has to be somewhat in love...
...with death."
Dad, a friend of mum's said
they saw you in the audience once.
When I was performing
at the Royal Dramatic Theatre.
I wish you'd told me what you thought.
I know I was bloody good.
Do you think you can lie there
and hide because you're ill?
No need to answer because you're ill?
Is that your excuse?
I really just want us
to talk to one another.
Just say something. I really need it!
Have you ever loved me? Have you?!
How could you accuse mum
of spoiling us with too much love?
Did you love me like your other family?
A child can never have too much love.
I'd never, ever do
what you have done to me!
Why are we doing this?
Well? What's it good for?
- Surely this can't be part of the film?
- Anna!
Could you come?
We want to ask something.
- Anna?
- Anna!
What is this?
I felt both you and I have been affected
by our relationships with our dads
and that they are important
in having shaped us as we are today.
But surely you understand
that we can't include this in the film?
I think it's best to stay with yourselves
rather than look at your families.
Exposing them can be pretty aggressive.
But Mikael, we'd never include anything
you can't actually stand for.
- Nothing we can't stand for?
- Exactly.
I see.
Then, why is this in it?
You're criticising my methods
in front of the other actors.
Not at all!
We've arrived at these methods together.
Maybe we have, but I still don't get...
- Vera? Thure? Could you come in?
- Great! Bring them in, too.
You and I went into this project,
fully prepared to bare ourselves.
But hell knows if you actually
have any depth. I suspect you don't.
All there is, is...
Attitude. Nothing else.
When we started this project, you were
large. Grandiose. You were interesting!
- Do you know what they say about you?
- No, tell me.
- That you're mad.
- I'm mad?
- You are! You're insane.
- Insane? Do you know...
You're oppressing me. And I know why.
- You have to...
- You're afraid of me now, aren't you?
- Does it look that way?
- Hey? Are you? Are you afraid?
- Because we're alone here. No one else.
- That's got nothing...
- You're so fucking empty!
- What does that do to you?
You're so fucking... So fucking...
- This is up.
- Okay.
I can... do...
- So, you know how this is done?
- I think it has to go like this.
Have you done this before?
Lots of times?
- I think you're amazing.
- It's working?
Wait, wait...
Fuck, Micke...
We were just testing the wolf costumes.
Mikael wants you
in the interrogation room.
Sit down.
Right. So, what do you want?
That's what we want to ask you.
What's your objective with this project?
You couldn't ask that yourself?
Everyone in here
is asking the same thing.
Why not just tell us what kind of a film
you want, and what you want from us?
I want to tell you
that I think we have a problem.
- Vera, you don't see me. At all.
- Sorry?
You hardly speak to me.
You seem to pretend I don't exist.
- For me to cope, you have to see me.
- I see you.
I do see you, Jens, in that way
we look at our shameful selves.
I see what I can stomach. Maybe I
can't stand looking all the time.
Your only focus is trying to make
an impression on Micke and the team.
- But you're a part of us!
- So, that's it?
You think I'm too greedy.
I take too much space?
What if it's the other way around?
What if that's you?
You drain every sense of life out of us.
Could you just try and see him?
Otherwise, Jens' neurotic side will
return, grow and take over completely.
We have to recognise the useless,
ugly aspects of ourselves, too.
That's exactly what I mean.
The less you see me,
the more the problems will grow.
But Jens - Vera is really
struggling to keep us up.
- Precisely.
- Support her in her search for pleasure.
Everything can't be
100 per cent correct all the time.
I work with uncertainty.
- And I don't.
- Sure, an actor can use his uncertainty.
All he needs to know is for what.
We need something to refer to.
If you could let go, embrace this
and challenge yourselves, we'd have a...
- "The script is coming."
- You need one, don't you?
I need a script!
To enable you
not to just be a copy-cat.
If you hadn't been
so scared of trying a different method,
we'd have got a hell of a lot further.
- Yeah...
- And then, this thing with the eyes.
- You do it all the time. It does add...
- ...to the feeling that you're mad.
She can't help what she looks like,
for fuck's sake!
I think your eyes are nice.
Shanti - we're the same person.
- On the same side.
- All of us are on the same side.
She's leaving. That's your fault.
Hey, you've gone to bed without me?
- We can't wait for you all night.
- You left me on my own out there.
You could have asked us to come.
We're not mind-readers. Come on.
Not many people have such cushy lives
that they're paid to sleep.
That would be those
who work in care homes, maybe.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're supposed to carry
my self-loathing, not rub me in it.
- What? I don't understand.
- You're calling this a madhouse.
No, I didn't, I only said that people
working in care homes get paid to sleep.
Sensitive as a steam roller.
God - when he finally
says something almost funny.
- Put the light out!
- Do you think I had fun with them?
Anna, just get to bed and sleep.
I have to talk to you.
- To me?
- Oh, my God, let's leave.
- Bye!
- Good luck.
Being totally honest...
Shouldn't I, or any of the other
alter egos, be a little more nuanced?
I feel we just become one huge ego.
With Shanti somewhere on a limb.
I honestly can't see him in you.
Your soft, reflective side
simply isn't credible.
I can see you in what Thure and I do,
but how can Shanti get even a chance
with nothing real to go on?
I think he's doing a good job.
I think he's lurching around
like a blind man.
He defended Anna.
That was real.
Why are you even in this film?
I'd love to know.
- I think it'll be a bloody good one.
- How the hell can it be?
You aren't giving your alter egos
what they need to do your deconstruction!
Maybe Anna's correct?
Maybe it's not about her at all.
- You're in this to clear your name.
- Shut up.
This is wrong!
Your job is to stick to the analysis
and the constructive part.
- Get it?
- Oh, I do. I'm being you.
- I'm you and nothing else all the time.
- Okay, but I don't recognise myself.
- What a laugh! You don't see you in me?
- No.
Well, fuck me!
- I see myself more in Shanti.
- Can I say something?
Self-awareness. Yes...
I feel like masturbating.
This suddenly became very interesting.
Stop that, for fuck's sake!
There's nothing in my contract about
having to take part in sexual games.
That crossed her limits.
I always thought you were bloody rigid.
This is a fucking violation!
You don't respect any boundaries at all!
Artistic boundaries don't exist. Blocked
people do - and in abundance in here.
Do you know what your problem is?
An inability to distinguish
between no limits and art.
Show me your amazing fucking genius!
The sole reason why we're all here.
That which is the artist I was
under the impression I'd be playing!
Good morning.
Where's Anna?
- She's maybe a bit upset.
- And perhaps also a bit oversensitive.
- Has something happened?
- Has something happened?!
Is there any meaningful communication
between you and your director?
- Of course.
- Yes, that's pretty obvious.
And you have no idea of what's happening?
Indeed. Yesterday, she said
she'd got first-rate material...
- ...and can finalise the script.
- Okay.
Finalise? Or start writing it? Or what?
I think it has been very interesting
being part of this unusual project,
but it is of the utmost importance that
we, well in time before the next stint...
That we get access to a script
well before that time.
As an actor, I need one
to be able to deliver.
I think that you and Sofie,
who came into the process a little late,
haven't quite understood how I work.
Sorry to ask, but is this an assessment?
Can I say what I want?
Then, I'd like to say, as Jens...
The first thing Mikael and I said
when you moved into this studio
was that in here,
you never step out of character.
He has to be allowed
to say how he feels.
You obviously haven't understood at all
what we've agreed to do in here?
No worries. It was only a question.
Our Danish participants have a plane
to catch, so quickly, before you leave...
Thank you.
There she goes.
Thank you for...
being amazingly brave
and throwing yourselves
into this rather unique project
with your hearts, souls
and with all your competence.
Many thanks.
You'll get a script, like you asked for,
Shanti. In good time before next time.
- In two months' time.
- Okay.
I've just spoken to Sofie's agent
who maintains that Sofie won't be back.
Doesn't our agreement
require her to come back?
After what happened that last night,
we're not in a position to argue.
For heaven's sake!
If we report her
for breach of contract,
they'll sue you for sexual harassment
and unwanted sexual advances.
How huge a creative block
is it possible to exhibit?
All I did was
explore my sexual frustration.
But Sofie perceived it differently.
Think about it, though... Wouldn't it be
exciting from a marketing perspective:
"Artist reported for
sexually harassing herself."
Anna, how's the script coming along?
I need a room in the studio
to finish the script in.
- You promised to have it done.
- It's only for one single scene.
Use one of the psychologist's rooms.
- Hello?
- Were you sleeping?
No. Or yes.
Do you know what time it is?
I've decided that I want your reactions
to the script to be part of the film.
- Anna...
- You get it once we're in the studio.
Seriously, we need to know
what kind of film we're producing.
Your mistrust
has jeopardised this project.
If you'd been less anxious, we wouldn't
have had to delay the filming 5 months.
You know why there's a 3-month delay.
There's no script.
It'll be 5 months when we get back.
Let's talk about this tomorrow.
My family's sleeping. Just go to bed.
This script is going to be...
Hello? Peter?
We're back.
- Hello.
- Gosh!
- Welcome.
- Wow, you've been busy.
- Hi, Trine.
- Hi there.
- Hi, Jens! Welcome!
- Hello.
- Hello, you.
- So... Congratulations, then.
- Is that the little art baby in there?
- Maybe so.
- Yes? A real art baby?
- Well done.
Where are Sofie and Shanti?
Sofie couldn't make it,
and we can't have an uneven number.
I'll just pop over
and have a look at the room.
Oh, well. Nice to see you all again.
Oh, what's this, then?
How far gone are they?
Five-six months?
- I don't know. Could they be?
- They are well into it.
Of course, women vary in size, but...
So, she'll have her art baby.
I bet you it's what she always wanted.
Shall I find out? Whether they're yours?
- So, how's it going?
- Well, thanks.
And how are you down in the studio?
It's about Mikael. It's not very good.
- Because of the pregnancies?
- Yes. The situation's gotten very tense.
- I'm concerned it'll get out of hand.
- You mean... Like he'll...
- ...drink and...
- Speak out!
Are you concerned he'll
start drinking and doing drugs?
Of course I am!
Alcohol, drugs - all that shit!
- The lot. That he sinks into the depths.
- I understand. Okay.
What do you mean, what? He's afraid
Anna'll tell the press he's the father.
I understand.
Bearing his family in mind and all...
Both you and I know
that baby is not his.
Not his, no...
How can we be sure?
- So, she hasn't said anything to you?
- No.
There was talk about art babies earlier,
but after she got pregnant,
she hasn't spoken about it at all.
...a different level.
It's a totally different level.
She should be working with amateurs.
She's dealing with
the best Nordic actors around.
She should go home, have the baby
and not come back
until she's got a proper script.
A real director knows what she wants.
Has a sense of direction. And status.
I wouldn't have accepted
if I knew I was playing an idiot!
- Holy shit!
- Sorry. I'm sorry.
- Just don't tell anyone about this.
- You're not pregnant!
She wanted us to do this. Believing in
things would give an authentic feel.
So, she wanted all of you
to believe that we
were pregnant with an art baby each.
- Shit...
- So, she's not pregnant either?
- This is sick!
- Yes.
- This is not funny.
- No. It isn't funny.
Good morning!
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you, Jens?
- Fine, thanks.
Sometimes, I seriously
doubt what we're doing.
We've got food and drink.
We're well looked after. Who cares?
What's your view, Mikael?
Say something, dammit!
I'm just amused that you're so upset.
- Oh, you're not?
- No. I'm relieved.
That I haven't made anyone pregnant.
- What...?
- Yes?
- Sorry, Vera. Clumsy of me.
- What's this?
- Are you not pregnant?
- No.
- What?!
- I can't believe it!
You're seriously not going around
faking being pregnant?
- Are you?
- Leave her alone.
Don't you see how mental this is?
Anna's trying to scare you.
- True, she is.
- And she's fucked you all!
Is there anyone with a dick
who hasn't fucked Anna?
- I paid her a visit once, but...
- Jens?
Goddammit, Jens!
It is totally sick. Totally insane.
- Today, we're doing an exercise...
- Anna.
...the object of which
is that our alter egos...
...will talk about
our innermost feelings.
Through you, we will become
the truest versions of ourselves.
Or that we could potentially be.
Jens - just imagine
not having to feel afraid any more.
Or that you don't need to
be worried about being nobody.
Are you serious? Eh?
- What is it you don't get?
- What I don't get? Listen...
Now, you're crossing every line.
Totally and utterly.
You're over the top. Totally off-piste.
Do you realise I'm two seconds
from leaving this project?
- Two seconds!
- Trine? Calm down.
Come with me. We need to talk.
I know what I'm doing. As an artist,
a human being and a director.
But obviously not as an actor.
- You needn't pretend to be pregnant.
- I never pretend!
Shut up.
I want all of you to understand
that it's vital that we can
show ourselves naked to each other.
Everything we do in here
carries meaning.
- I have nothing to hide from you.
- Okay.
Tomorrow, you will all
get full access to the entire script.
It's going to be fucking brilliant.
And tonight,
we're going out to celebrate.
Need help?
- Hiding something?
- It'll all be revealed in due course.
Please excuse me.
Had you been less damn full of yourself,
this art film could have been
off the ground ages ago.
Oh, I see.
This is an art film we're doing?
Call it what you want.
Is your art baby
part of this great piece of art?
Will we know who's the father
when we watch this art film? Will we?
When did you last fuck Mikael?
- Ask yourself.
- Sure, but there are plenty of us here.
Hell knows what side you've
been fucking. You're insane!
What's she saying?
No one takes any responsibility for
this production. No one's accountable.
This fucking production lacks adults!
- No... What's she saying?
- She's insane.
- Okay.
- She's damaged. Deranged for real.
What do I do now?
You shouldn't sit there and take it.
Should you?
You should talk to the producer
and show him who's boss.
You'll go straight to him and tell him
what you think about all this.
I will!
You're a fucking arse of a producer!
Aren't you?
Come here.
- Should I...?
- Go ahead.
Isn't it great breathing fresh air?
Eight, please.
And two non-alcoholic ones as well.
Here you go.
And one for Anna.
I think there's one missing over there,
Enjoy it while you can.
Tomorrow we'll get our much
longed-for script. Let's drink to that!
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
I can have two.
Do we drink a toast
in Danish or Swedish?
Anna's prepared something tomorrow
for the script presentation.
- Sounds exciting.
- A great big bonfire in the parking lot.
She asked me to get two cans of petrol.
- She asked you for two cans of petrol?
- Yes.
- Do you realise she's back there now?
- To prepare for tomorrow.
Have you read the script?