Ya-Soo (Running Wild) (2006) Movie Script

Showbox / Mediaplex, Inc. Presents
A Popcorn Film Production
Kwon Sang-woo
Yoo Ji-tae
Son Byung-ho
Executive Producer Kim Woo-taek
Jeong Tae-sung
Producer Han Sung-goo
Running Wild
I really wanted to be friendly with you,
but the bribe story makes me annoying.
Anyway I don't worry about anything.
It's just small one.
Have you sent files to your company?
I don't need all of them.
I just need some profiles...
whose makes me irritating.
I always feel ashamed that
I haven't done two things in here.
One is I haven't had eels in here,
and the other one is I haven't sent
you to jail.
I always respect you, prosecutor.
There are my bros want to beat you.
I do my best, you should know that.
I also worry about you.
I think of you a mob with loyalty,
I make my detectives go-easy
who want to crush you.
I also do my best,
you should know that.
Well, well, don't bite
and fight each other.
Yakuza Fujumoto Shinske,
who won the Korean medal of honour.
You guys play with them recently
supplying drugs, recently
President Heo!
You know some Japanese accents.
Wanna get beaten?
You've got a iron-stomach?
Let me get you some sharp one!
Who the fuck are you?
- Get down!
- Don't move!
You know Prosecutor Jo, my rookie!
They must be taken!
Plus Bribe!
- You little!
- Stand still.
- Let go!
- You really want this?
Here, you like paper works!
You must be get paid.
See you in Seoul.
What happened with arm?
You got Mom's vest?
The thick one?
- Hurt badly? Huh?
- I'm fine.
Give me that vest.
Please get bastards with your mouth
not your body.
How come you always
get scars and bruised?
That's enough.
- Let me get this in a bag.
- Fine! Why?
This is mom's favorite one.
On the way you go,
get a brand-new one and chage it.
She's my mom.
Are they a bunch of pigs or what?
Look at this disastrous table!
Is this a ashtray?
That ignorant bastard,
they are not my customers any more.
Sick bastards!
I'm going.
D You put me down to the world
and go away...
d And time goes on...
I feel like dying.
If you go to heaven,
I will follow you.
Don't even think about it! Alright?
Hurry up!
The direct cause of death is
a fractured forehead.
It's not a suicide.
You sent us the dental record of
a missing person 3 years ago.
It's a match.
It's PARK, the boss of
the Dokang Family.
After he went missing, CHO
his right arm, took over the Family.
The motive must be a power game.
You're already on a case?
You haven't changed.
I gotta hand it to you.
You know what I nicknamed him?
Mr. Urologist'
He lays his hand on a case
it gets bigger and bigger.
This case has been closed
due to lack of evidence.
You sure?
We have a case.
Why didn't you make a baby
while staying down there?
Boxes of documents!
Is he after all the thugs
in Korea, or what?
Is it lopsided?
Everybody says he's a tight ass.
Is he?
Gangsters used to shiver
at the mention of his name.
the Kingpin...
...when he was green.
But during the interrogation...
...names of those up there
were mentioned.
So he ended up getting transferred
to the boondocks.
We should be more flexible
to survive in the world.
The cleaning works will be finished
in afternoon.
Yu Gang jin
How are PARK's wife and kids?
I've been looking after them.
Don't worry.
Welcome back, Boss!
It's not a good sight.
Move them.
I'm sorry, sir.
I meant to make this quiet.
Come on, move!
So many thugs here!
On a field trip to the joint?
Who the fuck are you?
A homicide detective, asshole.
What are you, the Mob?
Shooting the Godfather?
Going to jail is no freaking medal.
- Watch it, asshole!
- CHO!
So you're a detective?
We don't want any trouble.
You have my apology.
Come on, let's go.
They were out of tofu.
That's made from beans, too.
Let's get you a suit first.
You'd been working in Japan.
Tell Mom that.
What's going on?
What's this?
What's wrong with Mom?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's okay.
I'm sorry, Mom.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
Hang out with those punks again
and I'll kill you.
Putting me back in jail?
I'm not a fool.
I know you ratted on me then.
But I never held a grudge.
I knew you didn't do it
to screw your half brother.
You did it for my sake.
Okay then.
My old man and yours...
They gave Mom hell
while they were alive.
And you're gonna let her die
like that?
I can't.
Damn, you've grown up.
Yeah, I'm incapable.
I wanted to be happy, too
like everybody else.
Eating out on the weekends...
Three of us playing cards
on holidays...
You know I tried.
- It didn't work.
- We gotta save her.
You watch me.
I won't let her die.
You think I'm complaining?
Maybe I should.
You never think of anything
but your job.
I'm working on a big case.
I can't afford to mess it up.
When it's over
we'll go on a trip or something.
You know what?
I'm asking for a divorce!
You're married to your job
anyway, not me.
- It won't do anything for us!
- For me, it will.
Let's get it over with ASAP.
Anyway, I can't do it anymore.
It depends on my life! My own life!
Don't you dare to say 'life'.
It's just works to do.
If that's you life,
what am I?
I respect you from
when I was student.
I must just respect you, at that time.
I still think
that you are a great prosecutor.
I hate being an annoying wife any more!
I want to leave you with the little pieces
of respect.
Please let me go.
- You show him the contract?
- He won't sign it.
Is that so?
Look, YOO.
You don't scare me.
This is no negotiation.
What are you doing?
Well, Min?
I don't want it!
You're asking for it, man.
Bro! No, Detective!
I'm freaking sorry.
You even get drunk from coke
for God's sake.
I could've pulled it off, but...
- Sober the hell up!
- For mom's surgery!
I could've gotten the money.
I thought I got it.
She needs surgery to live
but we're broke!
I never do anything right!
Look, shut your hole.
Stay put here.
- How much?
- Hold on.
Lotto... Damn lotto.
Wake up.
Wake up, asshole!
We need an ambulance.
Call 911!
We're from the Prosecutor's Office.
Please be cooperative in the scene.
Where's Dong-jik?
He left on business.
What business?
Gone abroad again?
Don't worry about him.
Worry about yourself.
He's still a kid.
Look after him.
Have you ever been happy
in your life?
I don't know.
What about before you got hitched?
You're so pitiful.
To me, you are.
We both are.
Aren't we?
You and I are both pathetic.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Did you call me?
The bars we investigated last week
were the faint ones.
The black lental-money had been traded.
But we haven't got any crucial info.
They made double-account book,
and made a lot of profits, we are late.
They noticed we know something.
to the detective Kang.
Transferred by O-song company,
Song Dae-kyun.
Which supply some alcohol to
the Do-gang's bars
When did you come?
Why are you so long-faced?
I won't be able to come here
for weeks, Care for my mom.
What's this?
Get her some foods and beverages.
Well, I had that amount money.
She's my mom,
why do I get your help?
Just because she's like my mom, ok?
I am asking for a favor,
caring for her, alright?
Where's Dong-jik?
Call him, get him in here.
I'm ok, I'm fine, but...
If she feels lonely,
no one can replace her family.
You are my family.
I'm going.
Black Grandeur with Seoul plates
ending in 84.
This is it.
Forget it.
I can print it out for you.
Can you pull out a list
of lefty criminals using knives?
Someone stole your money?
This so isn't you, man.
- Can you, or not?
- No need to yell, man.
Where the hell have you been?
The Lee case, it can be worse.
I don't care.
Mr. Lee, the moustache guy,
you did crashed him by car.
He's about to sue you
Go to the hospital,
and apologize to him
Furthermore, get a mutual agreement.
I don't give a shit about it.
What? Don't give a shit?
You let the IA in the office
because of the gun-shooting
Shit! I'll quit! I'm out! Alright?
Whoever say something to me
they are dead!
Looks like right... or not...
Maybe, or maybe not.
Yes, that's him!
That's the guy.
- Don't waste my time.
- Okay, I won't.
He's a lefty, isn't he?
If he jerks off with a left hand!
How should I know?
- Sir.
- You...
- Call him.
- Uncuff me then.
Come on, this is unnecessary.
Uncuff me.
You find it fun cuffing me?
You're a cop, so what?
Be a cop then. Asshole!
If you change your words later...
You're dead.
Detective JANG?
Uncuff me, pig!
Where are you going?
Son of a bitch!
I'll fucking sue you, asshole.
Have fun taking a bus home.
A rat is approaching the target.
An informer, maybe?
BAE Kwang-chun!
You know why I'm here, don't you?
All I want is BAE.
So stay the fuck out.
Now I recognize you.
What are you doing here, Detective?
What should we do?
Should we move in?
- Let's.
- Come on!
Why'd you kill Dong-jik?
Watch it.
- The badge won't protect you.
- Get the fuck out of the way!
Cops are here!
Stop right there, fuckers!
Let's go!
Get back here!
Get back here, fuckers!
Get up!
Don't move!
- Hold still!
- Let go, fuckers!
Come on, I'll kill you all!
Pin him down!
Sons of bitches!
I'll kill you all!
- What's this?
- He's a cop!
What'd you want BAE for?
Do cops need a reason
to bust thugs?
I bust thugs when I see one.
We staked out here for 4 days.
We needed evidence to indict them.
And you ruined it for us.
Not everything works out
in your favor.
Forget about it.
Got a light?
This isn't about arresting
one petty thug.
You want to score?
Look somewhere else.
If I was sane and reasonable...
...I would suck up to you
Mr. Prosecutor.
But I have a reputation
around here.
As a crazy bastard!
You listen.
That motherfucker is mine.
You got that?
Look somewhere else
Mr. Prosecutor.
You're no different from a thug.
Fax an official request to...
Two things that I hate the most.
One is: Cockroaches.
The other: Thugs.
And you just called me a thug?
Who do you think you are
taking to him like...
- Yes?
You smoke, don't you?
I do, but I'll quit.
What the...
Mr. YOO Kang-jin was once known
as the President of the underworld.
Paroled recently, he says he
converted to Christianity.
Having established a facility
under his firm, Guryong Industries...
...he's committed
to helping the less fortunate.
Did you contact Senator HONG?
Yes, we know what he wants, sir.
Don't sir me when we're alone.
I'm okay, sir.
I don't feel comfortable.
We're friends from childhood.
How much does he want?
A lot of developers are
after that project.
To eliminate the competition
and bribe officials...
He's asking for Big Five.
He'll pocket half of it, though.
We need him, after all, on this.
Sir! Sir...
- CHO.
- Sir?
Something's bothering me.
Prosecutor OH Jin-woo...
I think he's after you.
- He's a bad ass.
- I didn't mess up.
I've been loyal to you, sir.
You know that.
That's why I'm in a dilemma.
Should I kill you?
Or him?
Let me tell you an old saying.
It's a golden rule.
No matter how good you are
never fight against the government.'
Yes. That's true.
Isn't it?
Let me live!
Let's go.
I know what you wanna say.
Unless they betray me,
don't desert them.
That's my principle.
When he comes to
tell him to go under
till I call him.
Yes, sir.
What do you mean
it's out of the question?
Didn't I tell you?
CHO has gone under.
I just want the list of those
connected to his Family.
What'd you just say?
Forget it, asshole!
The youth hold
our profound future.
I'll focus on helping the needy.
That's a meaningful life.
From now on, I will hold charities
like this as often as possible.
But you understand that there are
people doubting your intentions.
There's nothing I can do about it.
I'm just doing what I can
to contribute to society.
- Please, comment on...
- Excuse me.
- One more question, sir.
- Excuse us.
Excuse me.
We have suspects
who might've killed your husband.
We're working on it.
We just need more time.
I'm glad to have found his body
thanks to you.
What brings you down here?
A month ago...
A young man came to see me
right before the funeral.
He asked for money.
He said he had evidence
of my husband's murder.
- Go screw yourselves.
- Detective JANG!
- Lose the attitude.
- 'Lose the attitude.'
I'll quit, okay?
Fuck Internal Affairs!
Stop it! Cool it, will you?
They're suspending me!
He's completely out of control.
You fucking suits have no idea
what it's like out there.
Watch your language!
It'll be included in the report.
Include this, too!
Detective JANG!
That moron...
Damn it.
What are you doing here?
Isn't this place too humble
for you?
Cops can't beat up suspects.
If you're here to screw me,
take a number.
Just keep in mind
that the line is quite long.
One shot is $100 Gs.
Don't you want it?
You need money for your mom.
What the fuck!
What the fuck is this?
You think I take bribes?
I need a man.
One that can't be bought.
So what?
You want me to be your minion?
You're after BAE.
It's for LEE Dong-jik, isn't it?
You know he's a hit man
for the Dokang Family.
I'd be better off having you on my side
than letting you get in the way.
What I want is the Dokang Family.
We can nail both CHO and BAE
as a package.
I need a light.
Come on.
What about the suspension?
I'll have it lifted
if you join my team.
One more thing.
We go strictly by the book.
Then by my orders.
So you'd like to keep me
on a short leash?
- If you don't like it, forget it.
- You called me a thug.
What changed your mind?
You refused this.
It was too little.
This might do.
He did 25 months for assault
and blackmailing.
I know he didn't do it.
- He was a watcher.
- Was he your informant?
I just knew him.
I put him in jail.
He asked PARK's wife
for money.
He must've known something.
That's what got him killed.
LEE Dong-jik?
LEE Dong-jik...
We didn't share the cell.
I only saw him
during exercise hours.
But I hardly knew him.
You were in together
for a year.
And you two were friends
from outside.
I said I knew nothing.
- Don't fuck with us, asshole!
- Let go of him.
Words won't do.
Fists will!
Let go of him!
Listen to him.
Stop shaking your legs!
He got killed
right after he was released.
Tell us whatever you know.
Little things help.
Now thinking about it,
he had a lot of visitors.
- Visitors?
- On behalf of the cell leader.
There were so many eyes.
He was an errand boy.
- Was the cell leader
from the Dokang Family? / - No.
It was YOO Kang-jin,
the boss of the Guryong Family.
They got released on the same day.
You didn't know?
LEE Dong-jik was a petty hand
in the Dokang Family.
He did 25 months in prison.
And he got killed by BAE
soon after the release.
The motive?
I believe he got hold of evidence
to the PARK's murder.
He blackmailed them for money
and got killed.
You have evidence?
We're working on it.
Are you sure?
He was a petty hand.
Don't be mistaken.
He was an errand boy for someone
while in jail.
YOO, the boss of the Guryong Family.
PARK was the boss of
the Dokang Family.
As you all know
they go way back.
They were friends
when they were local punks.
However, YOO was smarter
and more decisive.
As the Guryong Family expanded...
...they clashed a lot.
he was found dead.
YOO is getting himself acquainted
in the political circle.
It's either to acquire concessions,
or he has another agenda.
YOO Kang-jin is behind the murders
of PARK and LEE Dong-jik.
And the killer, CHO
has gone under.
- YOO gave the order.
- Look, Jin-woo.
If YOO is a major leaguer,
PARK was a minor leaguer.
What would he kill PARK for?
Whatever it was, we'll know soon.
He isn't what he was.
He's a respected businessman now.
He's in the press's spotlight
for all his charity work.
Any evidence? Any witnesses?
You don't wanna rock the boat
for nothing.
I know there's bad blood
between you two, but let it go.
What do you mean?
You touched him 3 years ago
and got screwed.
- Trying to get back at him?
- What?
Locate CHO first.
And check out the members
of the Dokang Family.
We'll see about YOO.
- Sir!
- Jin-woo, one step at a time.
Let's make this quiet.
Okay, what's next?
He get crushed ASA
disappearing Mr. Park 3 years ago.
He felt guilty and just disappeared, right?
I don't get what you talking about.
Just go!
Well, I don't have much fucking time.
Talk to me ASAP.
That would be the last loyalty toward Mr. Park.
Do not talk about Big brothers any more.
I need to get in right now!
Don't waste my fucking time.
Find every single data connecting with the mob, Do-kang.
See if there are any information
in papers, magazines, articles.
Any violation, offences must
be selected and root out!
Don't even think about going back
to home until we get him!
All of you!
Haven't seen him for a day.
Well... if you talk about detective Jang.
He disobeyed my orders
and had no rules.
I really care about the rules and
regulations, you know...
- I sent him.
- Sorry?
I really sent him a business trip.
Any problems?
Now I got it.
Well, Let's get started.
What happened to my adorable girl?
Who did that?
Daddy? Did he do something to you?
Don't cry, my sweet girl.
Who could've imaged you were here?
We've been looking for you.
You made a promise.
What do I know?
They give orders.
And I follow them.
Leave my family alone.
As long as you're gone,
they'll be fine.
That bastard!
BAE Kwang-chun.
Did you stab him with that knife?
Whack him!
You can't die on me.
You can't.
I have to work hard to make up for
the 3-year-long break you gave me.
Time does fly.
My daughter goes to middle school.
You don't have kids, do you?
Let's cut the chitchat.
Get to the point.
You got something for me?
What is it?
They say power lies
in the truth.
This will help you.
I know you gave an order
to kill PARK.
Do yourself a favor
and rest well at home.
You don't have much time
left out here.
You haven't changed a bit.
You still don't know
how the world works.
It's you who hasn't changed.
You do a lot of social work.
But you're still a gangster.
Aren't you?
Jin-woo, if you keep pushing,
you'll get hurt.
You know I have the power.
You should be...
...pretty damn powerful...
...to stop me.
You don't give up, do you?
Sure, let's do it.
When my wife was pregnant
with her...
...CHO told me to whack our boss
with BAE.
I had to choose
between her and our boss.
I didn't hesitate much.
So I took him to a deer farm.
He wasn't suspicious.
He liked drinking blood
from live deer.
I betrayed our boss...
...and gave up on one ankle
for my daughter.
Will you protect her?
Disapproval investigation?
Did I say disapproval investigation?
Just send me those files.
Who did that?
Where exactly did you get ordered?
Outside of the government?
Hey, Prosecutor Oh!
I can't take the order
until I get that words.
They are untouchable!
If you did something alone,
you will be crushed again.
Just try to relax,
and get some fresh air.
Nothing says that investigate
slowly, untightly.
Can you get him with these information?
I'm talking about your job and ambition.
President You?
Nothing special.
Did he say something about the time
we get out?
He said just stay low
until the case Mr. Yang has been cleaned.
Find the Mr. Kim or Mr. Assholes!
Yes, sir!
Seems like victims had been injured...
Just little fight.
A bunch of mobs were armed and
Did you identify yourself?
I know, I know about
the rules and laws.
But look at the crime scenes!
It takes my life to get criminals
for 24hours, 7days.
They are heavily armed and aggressive.
What can we more to say?
So will you stab every single one of them?
Carrying knives and bats?
You want to be a mob member
to get mob?
They have just knives and bats, but
the only arm we get is law.
Without law, we become one of them.
Well, I don't believe the law of
the Republic of Korea.
Mr. Jo and Mr. You don't give a fuck
about the law, alright?
If you are disobedience
get out of my team.
So before PARK got killed,
he and CHO clashed...
...over Segi Shopping Mall.
Is that right?
Our boss wanted the proceeds
to strengthen the Family.
But CHO was against it.
- He thought it was too risky.
- Risky?
We weren't the only Family
after that shopping mall project.
It says here...
Ilyang Development
won the project.
It was run by the Guryong Family.
The company's president is
related to YOO.
I know that for a fact.
What is politics?
It's making an effort to make people
happy and satisfied.
If I give it my heart and try hard,
they'll see how determined I am.
Have you decided on the party
and constituency?
That's still pending.
It's premature to tell you yet.
I might go independent
if I have to.
You're taking my constituency?
Is this how you repay me?
I got you into the circle.
How dare you!
I've returned your favors enough.
I even let you get away with pocketing
half of the political funds I donated.
Watch it, pal.
I've tasted all the bitter
sweets in politics.
A thug can't bring me down.
What'd you just say?
Go back to the damn alley
where you belong!
Politics isn't for everybody.
Let alone thugs like you.
Know your damn place.
- Look, asshole.
- How dare you...
What's the different between
turf and constituency?
If I'm a thug, you're a worm.
Worms like you are the ones
who have fucked up the nation.
Your constituency is mine.
Don't show up again.
Unless you'd like to lie
down in a coffin!
The company wasn't doing well
when it took the project.
What's its bank?
It's Prime Bank, Yeoksam branch.
Two loans, 6 and 9 million each.
Someone must've pulled strings
to grant those loans.
- Get a search warrant issued.
- Yes, sir.
They're pros.
They must've tampered
with the books.
- The list of shop buyers?
- Yes.
Get the dossiers on buyers
whether individuals or corporations.
Ask IRS on ownership changes
if there's been any.
What's this?
Aren't we gonna nail CHO?
Those pieces of paper won't
bring him to us.
We're wasting time!
We should get out there
and track down that asshole!
Come on.
This is how things are done
around here.
We don't just go out there
and start sniffing like detectives do.
- Okay?
- God damn it!
What'd you say?
That asshole always puts me down.
He isn't cut out to be here.
Not sleeping?
Mom likes that song.
Leave it on.
You've lost weight.
You shouldn't skip meals.
The last thing I want is
you getting sick.
You should get married soon.
It's your mom's wish.
Marriage my ass.
That's beyond my fate.
Be nice to her while she's alive.
Once she's gone
you'll regret it.
Like I do.
This is good.
We have a search warrant.
Do you admit taking
illegal political funds?
How about pulling strings
for a syndicate?
How close are you to Mr. YOO?
You'll learn the truth soon.
You bought a shop at Segi Mall
in your son's name 3 years ago.
And you sold it later
for a large capital gain.
Korea is a capitalistic nation.
You invest to make money.
Don't you?
Who gave you the investment tip?
- Wasn't it Mr. YOO?
- Well...
That's your job to find out.
Your party dumped you
for YOO, right?
You're going independent,
but chances of winning are very slim.
What would the result be...
...if YOO's reputation is
greatly tainted?
You'd make a better politician
than I am.
Let's see.
What is it that I can do for you?
Okay then.
Let's start over.
It's me, YOO Kang-jin.
It was a triple bogey.
- Everybody knows you're good.
- I don't think so.
Prosecutor OH!
He's the one in charge.
Meet Mr. HWANG, a lawyer.
He's my senior from school.
We'll have dinner soon.
Baekho? Hukgom?
What do you mean
he took the morning flight?
I was supposed to meet him
for further testimony.
To America? Where in America?
You're his secretary.
How can you not know?
Hello? Hello?
The president of Ilyang Development
has been released, too.
Jin-woo, we need to talk.
Not now.
We finally got them.
And they walk?
All of them?
There isn't enough evidence.
He couldn't help it.
It was an order
from the chief prosecutor.
Fuck him!
He's the prosecutor in charge!
We've been rummaging through
heaps of documents.
What more do we need?
If we need evidence, plant it!
If we need their testimony, beat them!
Where's justice?
Is this what you brought me
to your team for?
Is that it?
Detective JANG.
Stop it!
Tell me! You asshole!
Talk to me! Tell me!
You son of bitch!
Say something!
Let me go! Shit!
I'm doing you a favor!
Let go!
I'll nail them all!
- Cool it!
- Fuck it.
I'll nail them.
I'll leave the fucking force!
Shut the fuck up!
It's not over yet.
We'll get them.
I will!
Carry an umbrella when it rains.
You will catch a cold.
Let me tell you one thing.
I know that you had PARK killed
over the shopping mall.
And that you have CHO hiding
who killed PARK and Dong-jik.
You've been lucky.
But your luck will end soon.
I'll end it.
You must consider yourself
just and righteous.
You know what justice is?
It's winning.
You have to be strong to win.
The weak get impatient, wired,
and lose.
- This isn't much like you.
- Think again.
I'll bet everything.
YOO Kang-jin, you...
You're going down.
Don't bet everything.
- Or you'll lose it all.
- It's you who will lose.
Everything you've earned...
I'll make you lose it all.
Whatever it takes!
He's gone soft.
Not the man I knew.
You like jazz?
No fucking way.
- Martini, please.
- Sure.
That chick.
She's CHO's squeeze.
How'd you find out?
Everybody knows she's a junkie.
CHO provided her with drugs
and even got her a gig.
I have connections, too.
What'd I say?
I'm just surprised that
you took a highway option.
Get a new lighter.
I never pay for lighters
and umbrellas.
You buy lotto.
That's the only way to fix
my pathetic life.
You like lotto, too.
YOO is your lotto, isn't he?
You get him, and that'll be the
biggest jackpot in your life.
My father was a farmer
when I was little.
I sometimes I had to skip school and
pull out weeds on the rice fields.
If you don't,
weeds absorb all the nutrients...
...needed for rice plants.
It was a never-ending job.
So I complained to my father.
What's the point? '
And here's what he said.
One more weed gone,
one more grain of rice for us.'
YOO isn't my lotto,
but a weed on the rice field.
He steals what belongs to others
who work so hard.
Pulling out weeds like him...
That's my job.
Don't tell me things like that.
I'm on the verge of laughing at you.
They're toll receipts.
Check out the dates.
She's been visiting him
every 3 days since he went under.
They're CHO's boys.
Let's go.
Stay here.
We'll call for backup.
There's no time.
Let's get them now.
We can't take the risk.
She's in critical condition.
I don't know.
They're moving her to ICU.
Get here...
Hello? Do-young?
JANG Do-young!
Soon-ja? Soon-ja!
Damn it!
What? What's wrong?
It's my mom. God damn it!
Put your belt on.
Son of a bitch!
Stop there!
You son of a bitch!
Let him go! Now!
Let him go, asshole!
Stop it.
Stop it now!
I was dead for worrying.
Felt like dying Mrs. Kim.
What am I gonna do?
I haven't done anything for you.
Don't even think about it.
I'll be dead too!
They're moving her back
to the ward.
You'll stay to see her, right?
If she sees me like this,
she won't be happy.
You should've been more careful.
Hold still.
Will Mom be happy?
No, she won't.
Seeing you like this...
If I tell her I'm marrying you?
She adores you like her own.
I bet she'll be happy.
Are you proposing to me?
Neither of us has any relatives.
We'll do a simple wedding.
The earlier, the better.
Look, Do-young.
Are you stupid?
You thought I'd jump at it?
What do I need to do?
Are you asking me to marry you
because you love me?
I don't know love.
What I know is that
I feel comfortable with you.
And I think it'd be nice
to live with you.
Isn't that what a marriage is about?
I just wanna be happy.
Doing what others do.
Just one day in my life.
I told you to take a rest.
I'm fine.
- How's your mom?
- She'll live.
Why don't you go home?
Before your wife runs off.
I quit when I got married.
My wife hated me smoking.
Without you, we wouldn't have
gotten this far.
Thank you.
Come on, you're giving me
goose bumps.
PARK trusted YOO as a friend
even after they split.
But YOO was ruthless.
PARK almost begged him
for that shopping mall project.
But he ignored him.
So PARK ratted on him.
- What do you mean?
- It was you, wasn't it?
You indicted YOO 3 years ago
for tax evasion.
- That anonymous tip was...
- Right.
YOO found out
while he was in the can.
So YOO told me...
...to whack him if I wanted
to take over the Family.
Doing PARK was a better option
than going against YOO.
What about LEE Dong-jik?
and YOO.
You had him whacked!
Don't know LEE Dong-jik?
Oh, that kid.
That punk went to YOO
after he got out of the joint.
He blackmailed him for 100 Gs
in return for the note.
Man, that stupid asshole
had some balls.
A note? What note?
An order to whack PARK.
Dig out some dirt on him.
He's on the APB list.
Don't keep him too close.
I think CHO started talking.
I told you he wasn't trustworthy.
We should've erased him then.
Are you giving me a lecture?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of him.
Leave it to me
and focus on the election.
We're from the Prosecutor's Office.
Please, cooperate.
What's it regarding?
You're under arrest
for the murder of PARK.
You have the right to remain silent...
...lf you need an attorney,
one will be appointed to you.
Prosecutor OH Jin-woo...
...arrested Mr. YOO Kang-jin
this afternoon...
...for murder and organizing
a crime ring.
The Democratic People's Party
is claming that...
...this is nothing but a political act
to influence the election.
You need more than depositions
to indict him.
You don't have a case.
Let's call it a day.
By the way...
You haven't found the note
Dong-jik had, have you?
What if we get hold of that note
before you do?
What I need is evidence.
You took care of the books
for the shopping mall.
I bet you still have them.
If I was to back down...
I wouldn't have thought
to go abroad.
Is that so?
We learned that...
...a large amount of money has
been wired into an off-shore account.
It's too much for YOO to let slide,
even if you're friends.
And you tried to run off
while he was in police custody.
Give it some thought.
You help me, and I'll let you walk.
You think you can indict him
if I help you?
I don't think you know him well.
Mr. JU.
Say, you refuse to help me,
will YOO believe you?
Get the picture?
Mr. CHO.
You need to do something
for us.
Can I make a phone call
- To call home?
- Yeah, I'm worried.
Outgoing calls are forbidden
at this hour.
This won't do you any good.
You know there's a shortcut.
Why don't you take it?
Mr. OH.
Did you read that book
I gave you?
There's this famous phrase
that says as follows:
'Like a lion that's not scared
of a sound.'
'Like the wind
that penetrates the net.'
'Like a lotus flower
that can't be dirtied.'
'You go on your own.'
As if you neither want nor
trust anything.
YANG and CHO are ready
for cross-examination.
- Bring them.
- Okay.
Detective JANG.
We've met before, right?
On the day your brother
got released.
I heard that he'd died.
I'm sorry.
Young and green...
He was a good kid.
You killed him, didn't you?
You gave the order.
Talk, motherfucker!
What's he talking about?
- What's going on?
- Oh!
You didn't know, did you?
Is it true?
He was your brother?
- Answer me. Is that true?
- Yes!
He was my half brother!
I was gonna tell you.
I really was.
Is that why you were so eager
to catch him?
To seek revenge?
You told me
weeds should be pulled out.
We put them away
for what they did, and that's it!
Fire me, or send me to jail.
If that's what it takes to bust
those who killed my brother...
- I don't fucking care!
- Shut the fuck up!
I can't keep you on the team.
Go back to your department.
- Jin-woo!
- Don't you get it?
We could be a laughingstock!
I can't jeopardize the case...
...over your personal revenge.
I didn't mean to lie to you.
You should've told me
in the beginning.
You would've chosen me anyway.
God damn it!
What happened?
What happened?!
I did lock it from outside.
Where's CHO?
- Find him. Go!
- Yes, sir, hurry!
Place an APB out on him.
The suspect has run.
How should I know?!
- Jin-woo!
- Place...
CHO has turned himself in.
Who's Detective JANG?
From the Internal Affairs.
Prosecutor OH Jin-woo?
Detective JANG?
You're under arrest...
...for assault and
involuntary manslaughter.
Get the fuck off me!
Back off!
They're doing their job.
Don't cause trouble.
What the fuck!
Get off me!
You don't know shit!
CHO, a murder suspect, is claming
he and Yang tried...
... to escape due to severe torture
by the investigator.
YANG jumped from the 11th floor
and died on the spot.
Internal Affairs arrested
Prosecutor OH Jin-woo...
... and Detective JANG Do-young
who interrogated the suspects.
A thorough investigation will follow
to get to the bottom of the case.
It's said that there are signs
of beatings on their bodies.
Is it true?
And the prosecutor
and detective are
denying the allegations?
What will happen to Mr. YOO?
He'll be released
due to insufficient evidence.
I told you not to bet everything.
Son of a bitch!
You did it.
You set us up!
I'll kill you, asshole!
Get back here!
I'll kill you right now!
Come back here!
Stop right there!
I'll kill you!
You're as good as dead!
Come here!
Get back here!
Come here, motherfucker!
Come back here!
I'll kill you!
You've done a lot for me.
I wouldn't have cared
if you had taken it all.
You're my friend and family.
Why'd you do it?
I don't care what they say.
I wanna hear it from you.
Why'd you do it?
For my own sake.
How do I know
I won't end up like PARK?
- I trusted you.
- You didn't.
You don't trust anybody
but yourself.
You don't desert a family first?
All you have is those
who you've killed and those to kill.
Friends are no exception.
PARK would've never imagined
that his friend...
Shut the fuck up!
Let me ask you this.
If I give you another chance,
will you be loyal?
Not anymore, sir.
The bodies of CHO and YANG
were bruised all over...
...which signifies how severely
they were beaten...
...during the interrogation.
You either ignored
or ordered beatings, didn't you?
I punched and kicked them
a few times...
...to keep them from resisting.
But there was no intended torture
to make them confess.
On the day of the accident...
...Defendant JANG cross-examined
you and JANG, correct?
He assaulted you and YANG
for not confessing.
Is that true?
It is.
Stop lying, asshole!
- Defendant!
- Tell the truth!
Tell them YOO set it up!
Defendant, quiet!
- Sit.
- Jin-woo...
Sit down!
When you were working homicide...
...you assaulted the suspect
to the point of hospitalization?
Did Defendant OH Jin-woo give you
an order to use violence?
- That's nonsense.
- Yes or no!
He suggested the use of violence,
didn't he?
I sometimes lost my cool and
beat suspects.
Yes, I admit that.
But that had nothing to do
with OH Jin-woo.
You gotta believe me.
Stop believing a thug's story.
Believe mine!
Did you know he was on suspension
when you put him on your team?
I did.
So you knew he was violent.
To investigate criminal rings,
daring investigators are needed.
Ones that can't be bought.
In that aspect, I judged that
Detective JANG was right for the job.
He was right for the job?
He and the murder victim
named LEE Dong-jik...
Did you know they were
half brothers?
I learned that later.
As the prosecutor in charge,
you didn't predict...
...what damage his personal revenge
could do to the investigation?
Like I said,
I learned that much later.
When I did, I ordered him
back to his department.
That was too late.
It was after the suspect died!
The personal revenge of JANG,
to catch his brother's killer...
...led to the death of the suspect.
And the prosecutor in charge ignored
the risk involved...
...which provided cause
for infringement upon human rights.
That's not true!
You will have a chance
to defend yourself.
I never worked against the law
even for a just cause.
That was my principle.
- That was my will.
- Defendant!
Now I'm charged with...
...what contradicts my principle.
In the courtroom...
...where only what gangsters say
is believed to be true!
This is no trial.
This is nothing but a witch hunt!
Defendant, I can hold you
in contempt of court!
This courtroom has already
been contaminated!
You're looking for scapegoats.
Where's dignity and authority?
When we were investigating
a cold murder case...
You couldn't care less.
Don't tell me about the law
and principles now!
Shut up!
You're only a criminal!
You beat up the innocent!
What happened to justice?
Even thugs look after each other!
- Why...
- Jin-woo!
Why are you deserting me?
Open your eyes!
You don't know the truth
and won't try to see it!
You have no right to try me!
Try to see the truth!
Try to see the truth!
You all know who is behind!
What have we done wrong?
What can we do now?
To catch CHO...
...I turned over the case files
to junkies.
I wanted YOO that badly.
But the truth was...
I was already losing.
No way. You can't lose.
The trial?
I don't care if I rot in jail.
Tell them I did it.
Put it all on me.
You get out of here.
You can't be in here.
Get out of here
and nail that son of a bitch.
It's over.
Don't fucking say that!
You can't give up!
Didn't you tell me?
You said that
weeds should be pulled out!
I can't give up now.
I just can't.
I can't!
I'm sorry
I got you into this mess.
Know what?
My life is one big mess.
It's not here!
Damn it!
Wake up, Soon-ja!
Soon-ja, wake up!
Soon-ja! Soon-ja...
I used that picture
until I got her portrait made.
The picture frame broke,
and it was in the back of it.
I don't know if I should be
telling you this now.
A group of strangers came by
right before she died.
Sign here, please.
Do me a favor.
Take it to that person.
And take care of my mom
once and for all.
What's wrong?
What are you thinking?
- Really?
- Of course, tell Daddy.
Go downstairs! Hurry up!
Get down!
- Min!
- Get in the car!
Start the car!
Start the car!
Drop your weapon and surrender.
Don't force us to take you out.
You're surrounded.
This is the last warning.
Do-young, it's me.
This doesn't solve anything!
Go ahead.
Come on, kid. Go ahead!
It's been a while.
You got something for me?
Everybody died over this.
Over this piece of paper...
You think you beat me, don't you?
I got it all,
and you lost everything.
I'm the winner.
Got it?
You can't understand...
It'll be a cold day in the fucking hell
before you know!
You can't follow me.