Yaadein... (2001) Movie Script

Back in India, after 25 years
in London, yet pure Hindustani
A home there...
a home here
Happy birthday, my love
The priest gave me
a garland of flowers...
for your portrait
But garlands are for those
who have departed
But you haven't departed,
you're with me...
with me, every moment
No, no news of Sanya
It's past three am
Let me check out the house
once again
Where have you been?
- Friend's birthday
I went out for a party.
- You know what time it is?
Aren't you ashamed? For four hours,
I've been looking for you
Why? I'm not a kid! Go to bed, Papa.
We'll talk in the morning
Why not now?
You've been drinking alcohol?
- Not alcohol. Just wine
I told you! Let's talk
in the morning
Else I'll complain to the police,
I'll report you
Are you out of your mind?
For the children,
I'm no friend...
unless I have answers
for their questions
Drinking coke, in the store?
- Why not?
I know it's your weakness,
I've stocked up on Coke
Not one, I have two weaknesses.
One's this, the other is...
your soft, lovely tresses
Besides, this is the best coolant
for my hot head
Coolant for your hot head is also
this. Look at this greeting card
Sanskrit shloke
The only time I heard Sanskrit,
was the only time I spoke Sanskrit
And that was during my wedding,
and then the priest...
recited the mumbo-jumbo
and thence on...
to Buckingham, Birmingham,
and all over
You are the scholar,
you are the Oxford professor
Better you translate
that for me
Till the age of five,
children are to be loved
After they turn ten, you ought
to keep an eye on them
Once that have reached sixteen,
you ought to make friends with them
Get that, love? At sixteen, make
friends. That's if you want...
a happy home, forever
Old hat.
- Also today's new message
Striking a friendship
with my daughters!
For a father like me!
In an alien land...
Return the trolley.
I'll be in the car
Sorry, we're switching off
life support
How can this be?
The doctor gives me only
2 or 3 minutes to talk to you
No love, I'm with you
In 25 years, I haven't even taken
a breath without depending on you
You've taken care of everything...
what am I to do?
The homes, the daughters...
how am I to take care of them?
What will I talk to them about?
You will...
you are their mother, Papa too
Just promise me one thing.
- Tell me, love
Till they are married,
don't stay away from them...
be friends with them
How will I do it, love?
Ever since they have grew up...
I haven't even had a simple
conversation with them
Remember that Sanskrit shloke?
Give happy farewells
to our three daughters
Understand them...
give them understanding
There! I've slapped you.
Come to the police
Report me
If not with me,
your friend of 25 years...
with whom will you open up?
You're my kin. Before who else,
can I bare my heart?
Stop bickering over every
small thing
So what if they're daughters?
The world is full of daughters
If he can't, well he can't
If you're my son's best friend,
why can't you be best friends...
with your daughters?
- L.K... daughters are different
What will you do then?
I'm thinking of returning to India,
for a change of enviromnent
For a father, playing mother
is tough
Kids these days!
Ever since he was a child...
I put Ronit away in a hostel
That's why I left mine in Lahore.
Kids, stay where you belong
Beat me up. Give me a bad beating.
I had gone crazy
No my baby, you're my best
Papa, we three have promised never
to make you unhappy, never to fight
It's all my fault children,
it's all my fault
Now I understand what a great friend
your mother was to you
The father is merely the provider
of money, comforts
But the mother...
like a friend, she shares
your woes, your sorrows
I tried
Yes, I tried,
but I failed...
to understand you,
your feelings
No Papa. Now that Ma is gone,
you are our friend
We'll do whatever you say
For me today, the only true East
where the sun rises, is my India
The departure of my dear friend Raj
for India, leaves London deserted
My friend, he's gone.
- Start worrying about your son
Off he goes to India,
right behind Raj?
Simple sweetheart. For him,
Raj is father, mother and friend
Sure! You and I aren't
his parents at all
We are, only for namesake
Ronit is the son of Raj and Shalini,
in thought, in mind, in nature
Which is why, he's so middle-class
And he leaves this palatial house
and sets up studio! Dance, music...
Mohobbat.com !
- An artiste, he's an artiste
Indian music ties millions of
Asian Indians across the world...
in a single thread
The end of all quarrels over
race and creed? Indian music
Teaches one language to Punjabis,
Marathis, Gujaratis, Bengalis...?
Makes every Indian
a global Indian...?
For friendships, love, marriages...
Iog on to our dotcom,
Ronit, Raj uncle called for you.
He has emailed too. Read it
After Coke-Mohobbat.com...
we aren't accepting sponsorships for
anything less than 500,000 dollars
If they agree, okay
Sorry for coming away to India without
telling. Lalit will tell you why
Sorry pal, I had too.
You must've understood
Pointess telling you that we miss you.
We keep talking about you
Just today I was telling
Isha and Avantika...
about the incident in your college,
when Shalini and I were visiting you
You had just been awarded the trophy
for the best student in the college
You sidetracked Lalit and Nalini,
and you headed straight for me
You forgot your parents and
you touched Shalini's feet
Lalit was so jealous! I remember.
And it made Shalini double-happy
With memories like these we're trying
to sette down to our new lives
In any case, Isha is returning
to London to complete her studies
Take care of yourself, Ronit.
Your best friend, Uncle Raj.
"Words are forgotten"
"Memories return"
"Memories cherished,
of beloved ones..."
"return once they're gone"
"Life, my darling..."
"is like flowing water"
"After the water has flown..."
"what remains?"
There are loves
There are griefs
There are tales
There are words
Words are forgotten
Memories return
Memories of the loved ones come back
once they have departed
Oh these memories...
alas memories...
"All of us, in our worlds..."
"long for our memories"
"Some happinesses,
bits of sorrows..."
"they belong to us,
we belong to them"
"sweet memories"
"bittersweet memories..."
"of loves..."
"of griefs..."
"of tales..."
"of words..."
"of words forgotten..."
"but memories return..."
"memories cherished,
of beloved ones..."
"returning once they're gone"
New York, Mr Black
Our shares were down till yesterday,
not today. Just you watch...
by Monday next, they're going
to peak. Yes, we're praying...
to the Goddess of Fortunes. Now
she will grace my home
You tell that to those mutual funds
Join us for the prayers
Your uncle is very angry.
Come, say the prayer
An artiste! That's what your son is.
Does he know how important it is...
to propitiate the Goddess of Fortunes?
- How could I? Till last year...
you were trying to propitiate
the Goddess of Bounty
Worship didn't bear fruit.
Therefore... change
The pundits say that he fell foul
of the Goddess of Fortunes last year
Worship done, She will be placated.
- The Goddess has been invoked
Seek and you shall be given
- Seek, then see
Do I speak out what I seek?
As you wish
O'Goddess of Fortunes...
You are the Mother of all
The mighty, the lowly, the rich,
the poor, are all devoted to You
The millions of poor in India
worship You
Then why do You not go there
to eradicate their poverty?
Over here, we are all so rich.
What use Your staying here?
O'Mother, desert the rich,
go to the poor
All of India awaits Thee
Actually we're all fine here.
Quite fine
All we need are
Your blessings
Ma, I'm going to call Uncle Raj.
Go on with the prayers
Saw your son's insolence?
That's the result of...
not keeping children
on a leash
You should be ashamed! Such insolence?
- Because I said the truth?
God isn't meant to be propitiated for
purposes. A prayer should be heartfelt
Where to, now?
- To Uncle Raj
Your friend, he is.
But his heart, I know
Just think. After all these years
abroad, what drives him homeward...
is sheer agony. If we aren't the ones
to share his sorrows, who else will?
Nalini, who bore Ronit?
You, or Shalini?
Oh brother-in-law...!
Your mother always said that after
all of you were married off...
she wanted both of us to retire,
and come to live in India...
here, in this farm house. And when
it's about time, she leaves, saying...
Not their Papa, be their friend "Papa"
Ma was 500 percent right!
- Papa, where did you first meet her?
And who said "I love you" first?
You or Mamma? Please, tell us
I did
Tell us, when did Mummy say
"I love you" for the first time?
You're going too far.
On one hand, you want to be Papa-friend!
On the other hand, just look at you...
Can you tell me, what if someone
says something romantically...?
What romance? The fellow
who does that gets slapped
Just get married and push off
What Papa means is that
if something like that happens...
first of all,
we'll tell Papa
Today, on my birthday, let's give each
other a promise as friends. An agreement
Didn't get that.
- No need to get worked up
What I mean to say is,
sometime or the other...
somewhere or the other, there will
surely come into your lives...
a boy who wants to marry you,
whom you want to marry
What's wrong with that Papa?
- When did I say anything's wrong?
All I'm saying is, you have every
right to marry, and I'll concede too
remember one thing. The right to choose
the family he comes from...
will be mine, completely mine.
You'll give me so much, won't you?
Why Papa?
- How naive, my child!
You won't be marrying only the boy
You will be marrying into the family
The entire family. Right?
Papa is absolutely right!
Condition accepted, what?
Today, let's make a promise
to ourselves, as friends
To talk from the heart,
with an open mind
Let's be a well-knit,
friendly family
Avantika rustes up the fries
and the sweets, fast!
No fries, no sweets. First,
give us a song
Which song?
- Our favourite one
You left me all alone
and came to India
I know you would come
You come to India, you forget!
Not even a phone call...?
Idiot, remember me?
All forgotten
Our memories,
The whole world has turned into
one dotcom, which draws closer...
Indians in every corner
of the world
Those who don't want to fall in love,
can get married straightaway
How come?
- Consider yourself. Assuming...
we are to choose for you,
a handsome worthy
Our "Shaadi.com" can tell you where
and how to find the most suitable boy
Now you come to the point! Tell us.
- Computer, advise us where to find...
a suitable, handsome boy,
the right match for Avantika
Here you are
3 boys
I like all three
Let's get all three married off
The boy in the middle is Pankaj.
Pankaj Kudesia. I know him
How come?
- We studied together In London
Presenty, he's a vice president
with Hotel Surya in Delhi
He was in London,
but he stayed Indian
Well Avantika?
- Not I
There's a boy for Sanya too.
Take a look
Find someone for our Isha too
Scan Isha into the computer
Here we go
What was that?
Talk to the groomspeople
clearly, openly
You know Isha, I can't take this
"Hahn-ji, Nan-ji" small-talk
What scant pluck I have is because
I have Ronit with me. Else...
What can Ronit do? He's a baby.
Elders talk to each other
Stop depending on him.
- But I...
TIMEOUT: 01:37:36:05
Not buts to yourself
TIMEOUT: 01:37:36:05
Not buts to yourself
Mr Raj, Ronit is to me
what my son Pankaj is
Ronit has told us everything
about Avantika. All I wanted...
was to meet you. Now we've met.
- Me too... what I wanted...
What I wanted, Ronit...
- What he wanted was to meet you...
and ask you... you know wedding matters
... if you have any conditions, demands
Exacty! Whatever it be, be sure
to ask. I'll fulfill everything
Decent parents, a good girl and
a simple wedding... my 3 conditions
Nothing more.
- Yes, and have nothing to worry
At home with us, Avantika won't face
the slightest hardship
That's exacty what I meant
Well, have I been talking excessively?
- Not a question of excesses
All I've been trying to tell him
is to make a clean breast
One colour, you know.
Differing shades create problems
Black or white. If it's black,
let it be black, completely
If it's white, let it be all-white.
But some people will ruin...
the best of situations, trying
to mix black with white
That's where the confusion arises,
and confusion leads to problems
And for every problem, finding
a solution is tough, if handy
Thanks to good company,
we have a solution
One must be alert,
but no problem...
everything can be solved
How about tea or something?
It's been quite long
How long have you been working here?
- Uncle Khama isn't a servant...
he's Daddy's friend of 35 years.
He owns a golf club
As good as servant. Mohanlal demands
loyalty from his friends
Enough! Let me leave before
another faux pas
And look at my litte master
staring me down
Because of your cross-matched socks
"What riddle is this?"
"Why are such strange things
"My restessness..."
"My restessness, my loneliness"
"In my restessness
I am so lonely"
"What strange breeze blows
this year?"
"Try as much as I will,
but my feet are unsteady"
"Why do these thoughts
cross my heart...?"
"When I see my friends
wearing the hema...?"
"Makes me wish
I could wear it too"
"What riddle is this?"
"Why are such strange things
"The days are too short,
these nights too long"
"Before the monsoons
it has begun raining"
"In my dreams
I have met someone"
"Go away! Don't teach me
these strange things"
"The two of you have killed me"
"What riddle is this?"
"Why are such strange things
"This is no picture,
this is a message"
"From far away, someone
sends you greetings"
"He's handsome,
he has a cute name"
"And good friends
bring hearts close"
"One of you is to be a bride"
"What riddle is this?"
"Why are such strange things
Cycles have brakes, you know?
- Off to London without a bye-bye?
But I met everyone.
- Except me, idiot
Didn't think it necessary.
Idiot, you were busy working out
I would've missed my plane.
Hey, did you miss me?
Not at all!
On the day of the wedding, Papa gave
me a gift for you. I forgot about it
Here's your message
Your gift. From Papa. Not from me.
- From Papa?
You can put it on, can't you?
I've seen two nice boys
on my "shaadi.com"
One for Sanya,
one for you
For me?
- I don't want to marry
Until when?
- Until college is over
And afterwwards?
- I'll do whatever Papa says
Marriage, or love-marriage?
- I don't believe in love
I know. But why?
Romantics are useless.
They're filmi
In real life, love's an entertaimnent
package that comes with youth
When girls like you fall in love,
great love stories are made
Girls like me only make history,
not love stories
Remember, there will come the day,
when a handsome young man...
will move you to tears.
That day, your love story begins
That will happen,
that will surely happen
I ask you, who is this boy?
Who is he?
Papa, he's Sukant. I've known him
for a year. He lives in Delhi
And I'm in love with him.
- But I've seen him...
in the company of ruffians.
Outside our house in London
Yes Papa, but Sukant
is very good at heart
Besides, we've decided to marry.
- So decisions have been taken already?
Then who needs me?
At least I should have the right
to choose my husband
Oh! Love-romance.com...?
Look, your daughter loves our son.
- And our son loves us both
He's our only son. We got him educate
in London, and he's just back
You know Mr Raj, we received
so many proposals for our son
But we refused all of them.
- In this case, the kids are in love
Hang love! My son is a gem
Your daughter is lovely too.
She'd be lovelier if she wore clothes
Mamma please, don't overdo it.
- I'm not! This concerns marriage
We ought to talk openly, yes Mr Raj?
- Even I want you to talk openly
I'm open!
We aren't lusting for a dowry.
- We have no objection...
to whatever you wish to give
your daughter, no objection at all
We don't want suits, clothes, nothing!
- But the wedding venue must be...
a five-star hotel. Hotel Surya!
Those with a standing do it in style
The relationship doesn't end with
the wedding. The exchange continues...
even after the wedding.
- After the wedding begins...
the real relationship.
Comings-goings keep happening
But we aren't greedy, not at all
Uncle, you haven't eaten anything...?
- No son, not hungry. I'm in a hurry
That's all?
I enjoy this
I don't understand! Who am I to marry?
Sukant or his family?
That's what I'm trying to tell you
again and again! After the wedding...
you aren't going to be called
neither Juliet-in-love nor Mrs Sukant
After the marriage, you'll be called,
sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, aunt...
and you will have to live up to all
those relationships. And his family...
isn't worthy of you!
- You just don't want me to be happy
This I've come to know. But I've taken
the decision about my life. Period
Then hear out my decision too
Saw that? Heard that?
I've got to know everything.
Let me talk to her
For a father, handling daughters
is so problematic
Where do they come from?
Leave me! I don't want to live!
Why are you crying?
- Sanya doused herself with kerosene
She's trying to set herself afire!
Leave me! Let me die!
I want to go to my mother!
Have you gone out of your mind?
- If not yourself, think of us...
think of Papa! Do you know
what you're doing?
Does anyone care for me?
I don't want to live
Sanya! You've gone crazy?
- Yes! I'm crazy!
Leave her
Let her be
Sanya, what is the matter?
You aren't my Papa!
- Sure, I'm not
You aren't!
- No, I'm not
Come here, and listen to me.
Over there... listen...
I tried to make you see reason,
but you won't see reason
It will be as you want
You're going to marry
the man you want
- Yes Sukant. But remember one thing
The future of this marriage
is solely your responsibility
I'll manage
Avantika, Isha, let's
prepare for the wedding
folks with a heart...
Salaams from the heart
So finally, today,
Sanya and Sukant's love triumphs
What a thing love is!
At some point of time or the other,
somewhere or the other...
everyone without exception
has fallen in love
Some have been consummated,
some loves have gone unrequited
But love lives on
In the name of love, we the youngsters,
have decided that tonight's song...
isn't mine. I'm not singing
Uncle Raj sings
Amazed, Uncle Raj?
"Some years ago friends,
there was talk..."
"of me falling in love with someone"
"We too had a first meeting"
"I too fell in love with someone"
"In the rains, on the streets..."
"holding an umbrella, I was going,
she was coming... like this"
"We crashed into each other,
we were embarrassed"
"We said, please forgive me,
what we meant was..."
"Give me your heart"
"Romance happened
... by chance"
"We became lovers,
but we had litte time"
"In a hurry, I give my heart,
I call the priest..."
"I sit on a horse,
I become bridegroom"
"I become the bridegroom"
"So beautiful ..."
"So beautiful was the night
when we wed"
"Oh yes, I too fell in love
with someone"
"Some years ago friends,
there was talk..."
"of me falling in love with someone"
"Had she been here tonight..."
"she would've played the dholak"
"She would've been happy"
"She would've kissed her girl"
"She would've blessed you,
she'd ward off the evil eye"
"She would've sung a song of love"
"Oh wouldn't she have
have made me burn..."
"in fires of jealousy"
"But everything is changed,
everything's changed"
"There was a day when
I wept like rain"
"Oh yes, I too fell in love
with someone"
"Some years ago friends,
there was talk..."
"of me falling in love with someone"
"Words are forgotten"
"Memories return"
"Memories cherished,
of beloved ones..."
"return once they're gone"
Papa! What are you doing?
How's Isha?
Isha is away in Malaysia,
for a cycle race
You know, in London,
Uncle Ranbir Rai has been named...
best businessman of the year.
It was on tvv
Congratulations Mr Rai
Congratulations Mrs Rai
Malhotra, you're wonderful!
- How come?
No sooner than I get the award,
you've thrown a party for me
I have given you my hand
in friendship, never to let go
You haven't sampled my
friendship yet
Raj keeps praising you to the skies.
- Raj is like a son
I've known him since he was a baby.
- His daughter's wedding...
we couldn't attend.
- You know, business matters...
Monishka hasn't come?
- There she is, with your son
American Indians and British Indians
I keep visiting your cdguru.com
There are more dotcoms.
Dosti.com, mohobbat.com, shaadi.com
Right from friendship to love?
- And from love to marriages
Marriages? How boring
What does the pair look like?
What programme for tomorrow evening?
- Tomorrow, I'm flying to Malaysia
To cover the Asian Cycle Race.
- Cycle race?
Yes, big race
Isha is here too?
- I know
But she doesn't know I'm here.
- But where's she?
Son, you can't even see her.
Only I can see her
Today's the first day
of the Asian Cycle Race
Companies from 21 countries
have sent their best racers here
Sunday, the biggest day
of this event will see...
Preeti Sawhney of Dubai participating.
She is an Indian, and she has won...
this race the last two times,
consecutively. This year too...
there seems to be no competition
for her in sight
Let's introduce you
to Isha Puri from London
Where are you from?
- England
Where from, originally?
- India
Your name?
- Isha
Your goal?
- Always number one
You have a boyfriend?
You don't believe in love?
Not at all.
- What about affairs?
Are you crazy?
- No
Trying to make a fool out of me?
- And make a fool out of a fool?
A childhood love...
Never expected you'd crop up here.
- Just dropped by
I knew you'd be here.
- Papa must've told you
Also true. But you had to be here,
you're the cycle-event star
I'm just a small-time
reporter here
Look Ronit, don't mind.
I'd like to be independent here
Far from the world, far from home.
- And far from me...?
Maybe, too.
- Yes...?
So in this event,
you and I...
Yes, strangers
Come on, only an hour
to go for the heats
Wait, wait, wait...
Soft fingers...
warm hands...
and solid wrists.
You can be the only one
I could stop a race to hear
that compliment
If you've said I'm best,
I'll become the best
Now the race starts!
Preeti, I like your nature.
- I like everything about you
Pass-Pass. Want some?
Look, plying him with Pass-Pass
to get close
My belt is a bit too tight
Look! Undoing her belt
How will I win tomorrow's race?
What happened?
Papa! I don't want to live in
Sukant's house! It's Hell, not home
His mother is so abusive!
His father keeps cursing me
Sukant takes sides with his mother!
They're scum!
I've thought it over,
I want a divorce, that's all
You were right, Papa
All this about being in love is
a lot of nonsense. Isha was right
Relax, you're home, aren't you?
Come on, my child
There goes Preeti Sawhney,
full steam
All eyes, all bets
on Preeti Sawhney
Preeti Sawhney,
going great guns
Tailing her, Isha Puri,
trying her best
Isha Puri of Hero Cycles
wins the Asian Championships
It's the fire in the heart
that takes you to victory
That dig was for you.
- She's the heroine
A few words for our dotcom?
Yes, I'm not saying thank-you
to anyone. It's my grit...
my determination that has led me
to my victory. And God's grace
No one takes any credit
And these tvv websites are full of
half-truths. Please don't trust them
But wimers aren't so vainglorious.
- Then losers are?
You go to your Ms Pass-Pass
I see... you are...
That was just a joke...
- Look Mr Stranger...
I'd like to say something straight.
Tomorrow friends and I...
are visiting Tuba Island.
No need to pursue me
Ronit, Tuba Island is full
of dangerous beasts
Stop her
Wait! We're leaving Isha behind
Isha is on Tuba Island! In trouble!
- Her friends have deserted her...
Any news of Isha?
- Oh yes, lots of news
Just because of your heroine,
our hero is in trouble
Even cellphones
aren't working here
Last night, the doctors
nearly gave up on Ronit
I got to see him.
- You're supposed to rest
Maybe you don't appreciate it,
but what he did was unimaginable
How's Ronit?
- Out of danger
Remember I told you,
there'll be tears in your eyes?
What's this?
Let go
Let go of my hand
I told Sanya that when my mother
loses her temper, she just flares up
And Sanya talks back at her. Straight.
- Whatever I said is justified
I don't want to stay in that house.
- And I'm in a fix. For no reason
Sukant is here for Sanya.
- I'll find a house once I have a job
I can't live with his mother. Period
Things don't work out this way, Sanya
Look son, I understand everything.
Just wait a while
You decided on this marriage
between yourselves
You must find the solutions
for yourselves
When hearts meet...
flowers blossom
When hearts meet,
flowers blossom
When flowers blossom,
hearts meet
Hearts meet...
flowers blossom
"Oh, love's fires"
"When the flames of passion are lit,
storms rage in the seas of the heart"
"The earth is shaken,
skies rent asunder"
"Love's ruination too,
love is a prayer too"
"Some pray for love,
some curse"
"When hearts meet..."
"flowers blossom"
"When hearts meet,
flowers blossom"
"When flowers blossom,
then hearts meet"
"Oh, love's fires"
"Ever since you..."
"came into my heart"
"Life has been..."
"so difficult"
"Even amidst revellers
I am lonely..."
"in loneliness I revel"
"This is a world of our love,
come embrace me"
"Put an end to this suffering"
"Whatever you wish..."
"let us do, oh let's do"
"Right here, right now..."
"oh let me die"
"Our hearts..."
"oh dear sweet hearts..."
"with memories..."
"let us fill"
"Let hearts meet"
"Let hearts meet,
let flowers blossom"
"Some pray for love,
some curse"
"Some curse, some pray"
Lies! All lies
Lies, everything! Friendship...
this love, romance, all lies
All deceptions! What a mistake I made,
conceding! You lied to me
A father can never be
his daughter's friend...
he can never be
How I wish I had never
given my consent
Everyone is in Udaipur, and here you
are, still. It's so late. Now go on
Your friend's silver jubilee
wedding amiversary! Isha and Ronit...
are hosting a grand show, and you...?
- But...
No buts. I know you're worried
about Sanya. I'll take care of her
Please, don't tell anyone
about Sanya, not even Isha
Why spoil the party? VIPs from
all over the world are there
Rajasthan, Udaipur is home for me.
What I don't understand is...
how you chose the Maharajah's palace
for the party from faraway London?
It's my son Ronit's idea.
Preparations for the party...
the music, the celebrations are all
being organised by Ronit and Isha
But you haven't introduced Ronit to us.
- Oh yes, where's Ronit? Call him
Ronit, don't force me to dance
at the party. I don't know dancing
Who else is going to dance with me?
- Latch on to some butterfly
Lots of them flying about. You love
flattering them, don't you? Do that
What are you staring at?
- Your eyes
Just keep sitting
Ever since we met,
we've been friends
Today we're lovers.
- Tomorrow...?
Just you and I, together...
- Just us?
Just us
Where are you my friend?
Your friend is here
Go to Papa
Okay, I'm off
You'll talk to Papa, won't you?
About what?
- Don't you know?
Oh yes! I'll tell him,
get Isha married off fast
If she falls in love with someone,
it could be a problem, no?
Got you
You're late, but I forgive you
Before someone else tells you,
I'd like to tell you something
I get the first say.
- First listen to me...
Me first...
- Me
Me! Thrice over, and it's me
Listen my friend...
she married her lover
Now she's back at home.
She wants to divorce her husband
She can't put up with his family
Such is what comes of love, my friend
I know! I got to be happy, I got
to smile, I got to sing
Avantika says...
"Don't go there with a sad face.
Keep smiling, stay with Ronit"
And after all, it's my friend's
silver jubilee wedding amiversary
I got to sing, got to dance
Don't overdo it.
- Am I not entited to fun?
You are...?
We met at the party...
How can I forget you?
Back in America, whenever
I was on the computer...
I was always logging onto
I've memorised all your dotcoms,
all your catchlines
Isha is refusing to dance!
We need at least one lean girl
Why don't you be my dancing partner?
For us, do it, please
Do it, for me
For you, dotcom
Everyone from Buckingham Palace
to Chandigarh is falling in love
It's echoing all over with
"Once you're in love..."
"you're restess"
"They'll scare you, but you
aren't even scared of God"
"This is a glittering evening"
"My cup brimmeth over"
"Life's another name for love"
"Here's one from the heart...
Oh Baby"
"Hear my chiming bracelets?"
"this doll talks"
"Scorching sunshine,
and not a shade..."
"in love's world of mazes"
"You're the princess
in the maze, my love"
"Just let me take your hand"
"I wish no one ever knocked
at the window to my heart"
"I wish no one else
leads you out of the maze"
"they wrote"
"Immortal legends"
"For love, they lived,
for love, they died"
"Love's a blast"
"My lover's fun"
"The colours of love
never wear off"
"Romeos will never
give up loving..."
"no matter how many
"In the end, you lose, I win"
"Losing to you will be dearer
than wiming"
"Today we're face-to-face"
"I'm holding my heart"
"Oh what a sway"
"Swaying to your rhythm"
"What the prophets have said,
lovers have done..."
"given hearts, taken hearts"
My brother, Ronit, everyone is gone.
Today I'm leaving for London too
I've come to know about Sanya.
What happened is very bad
But my brother has some good advice.
He says, we can help Sukant...
get a nice job in a friend's firm
in Dubai. Sukant can send home...
a good amount every month for his
greedy parents. They'll be happy
Sanya will be happy
How much indebted I am
to your family
Yesterday, my brother had another
thing to say too. Quite strange...
- That Ronit should marry Monishka
Marry...? He has still to take
an education, he must go places
Didn't you watch, at yesterday's
party? During the dance...
how he held her hand,
how he drew her close?
Yes, oh yes! Fool I was,
not to have noticed all this
My brother is much, much-interested...
- Then what's the problem?
Why don't you raise the topic?
So what do you think of the alliance?
- What have you to think...
of your daughter's airs? Twenty-one
proposals, and madam likes not one!
For the first time, she says,
about Ronit, "not-bad"
Not bad! After all, your daughter
I say, let's say yes to
Raj's proposition
Else, she'll live to be an old maid.
- I like Ronit too
He'll handle Monishka quite well
In that case you should see Raj
Tell Malhotra that I accept
his proposition
We've known you for many more years
than we know Ronit and the Malhotras
Suffices to say that we're giving our
daughter away because we trust you
Everything went off first class!
- What are you saying? Really?
I'm coming to London day after
tomorrow. But remember...
not to tell Ronit
anything until I'm there
Where are you?
- Heathrow airport
We're in Thorpe Park. Come over.
- Right away
I have news for you!
I've something to tell you!
But we got the biggest news to break!
- I got news!
Me first.
- Me first
Uncle Raj, me first!
- Me first
Thrice over. Overruled
I have a company policy.
- What?
Special messages are sent
in style. As in...
Read on. We'll be back
to take your blessings
On day one, I was refused
On day two, she agreed
On day three, she said
I love you
Where has Papa gone?
He has left.
Where has he gone?
Just drove away
He left the cards
Initial shock.
It was bound to happen
Now he's going to ask me
a million questions...
then he'll say, okay
I'm here to take care
of everything
Mr Hudson has arrived from Scotand,
for the presentation
Everything's set.
Come over. Fast
Isha, I have to get to the office.
Important client-meeting
I might have to stay away
for three or four days
Our case is very simple!
No problems at all
Ronit was right. "Your Papa is going
to be happy, but he'll take his time"
To tell you the truth, I've known
Ronit ever since I was a kid
For the first time, I got to know him.
Says, if he wasn't born rich...
he'd have a small,
ramshackle house...
a bit disorganised,
but it'd be lovely
Fights, patch-ups, hopes, despair,
life lived moment by moment
Having everything is so boring,
isn't it Papa?
Oh yes, it was he who
propositioned me. Not I
So now we like the boy,
and the boy's family too
You know Sanya is back home
She wants a divorce from Sukant.
If you want my answer
in a word, then it's no
You and Ronit... never
Thanks be to Allah,
he has survived
I keep tell him, London streets
aren't roads in Punjab, don't amble
Is this any way to express anger?
I don't like this approach one bit
Those who shy away from
responsibilities behave like this
What was this? Some crisis?
Ronit just cracked a joke using
his corporate greeting cards
I just went along with him to see
what your reaction would be
And I've seen!
You run amok in the middle
of the traffic like a kid!
If you're angry, why not take it out
on me? Why on yourself?
There's nothing of the sort
between Ronit and myself
It was only a bit of fun and games
in Bangkok, you know how it is?
Why are you getting so serious?
There was nothing
Look at these keys,
remember what Ma used to say?
Lying to your Papa?
I've seen through your lie
Oh how will you go through life
with the pain I inflict?
You love your Papa much, don't you?
- Think, what would happen to us...
if something happened to you?
What would've become of us?
Understand one thing, my child
They're high-up. You can't
make home with that family
They're my friends.
I know what they intend
I went to Mr Rai seeking
Monishka's hand for Ronit
That's fine. Monishka
is right for Ronit
But I'm with you, Papa.
I swear by Mummy
I swear by you
But first you must promise never to
create a scene like this ever again
I'll take that
Look how she's coming me
Papa, look who's here
What have you done Papa?
- Why did you have to tell everyone?
Why? Am I not your daughter?
- Yes, but...
You're behind news. Just see
who's here with us
Uncle JKM sent us tickets to London
and called us over
Along with an appointment letter
in his Dubai offices. On November 1
On 30th, we're leaving for Dubai.
- God be praised!
Lalit uncle on the phone for you
Yes Lalit, they're here
Yes, I'm coming over,
I'm bringing Isha along too
All the Gods and Goddesses
have been kind to us
But ever since Lord Shiva
entered our house...
shares have been soaring
And you visit us on a Monday,
Lord Shiva's day... auspicious day
Where's Ronit?
- Getting dressed
He has just returned after
a two-day visit to Scotand
Answer my one question, Uncle Raj!
Whatever you are doing...
is this the right thing to do?
I have no right to choose
my life partner?
I don't accept
Anyone who tries to force me into it,
is an enemy, not a friend
Not your enemy. My friend,
it was a friend of yours...
who finalised this match.
I did it. Am I your enemy?
I don't mean that.
How do I explain to you?
Look son, the family, the background
matter when it comes to marriage
What matters more are
matters of the heart
Cut out my heart and see for yourself
if any other name is writ on it
I don't even want to hear
another name
You must, Uncle Raj
I've never asked you for anything.
Today, I want a promise
Before your parents,
before your uncle...
you will not create a scene.
For my sake, for Shalini's sake
Over with the priests
Now get up, meet people.
Isha, show her around
What a choice for Ronit!
- The Rai family is one of...
the top ten families in America.
- How about lunch?
This is the happiest day of my life,
and it's all thanks to you
I am obliged to you.
If Ranvir Rai joins hands with
Malhotras, we can be market leaders
Our shares peak
I like your house, your family,
the atmosphere and particularly...
this interior decoration.
- And Ronit?
I'm not about to tell you that.
That's our secret
Let me show you to your bedroom.
Come on
This jacket looks great on you
Raj, we're giving our daughter away
on your say-so
Monishka is like a daughter to
me too. I shall keep my word
Monishka, I have to be at the gym
at four. I'll call you later
Then we can go out.
- What's the best disco hereabouts?
Ronit knows about discos. Ask him.
- Where's Ronit?
Should be somewhere around.
Take a look
It's chilly. Put it on
You people are making a fool
out of me!
First put that jacket on
I won't
Okay, first cool down.
Then we'll talk
Go on, tell me
Do you love me?
Never mind, put the jacket on.
Let me help you into it
Look Ronit, give me
a patient hearing
There comes in life,
those moments...
when young hearts
are swayed...
when they fall in love,
when they romance...
without as much as a care...
for consequences
They begin to believe that...
these romantic fairy-tale
moments are reality.
Something like that
happened to us
It was the right season, the right
atmosphere, the right time
For a while I had forgotten
who I am
So you never were in love?
Was that an infatuation?
You were just swayed?
Ronit you know it.
For me, such romances are...
entertaimnent, influenced
as it were by films
So you were entertaining me.
You still are...
Look at me...
Iook at me and tell me,
you don't love me
I love you, I love you very much,
I did ever since my childhood
But only as a friend would,
like a pal
Like a friend... only?
- Yes, only
Look at that house...
this is reality
Your Papa, my Papa,
and there's Monishka
I'm telling you,
she's a great girl
And yes, I'm your best friend,
I'll always be
Isha did the right thing.
I know your story
And she says she doesn't love me.
Whom do I fight? How do I fight...
if she's the one...
who's lying
But one day, she will own up,
and she's going to cry
All right, yes it's true,
she is my best friend
Now I'm going to do
exacty what she wants
"In hearts..."
"as it happens
in the world of hearts..."
"they smile
while their hearts weep"
"no one knows,
no one admits"
"But don't let anyone know
where it aches secrety"
"You have betrayed me"
"Will you ever find loyalty?"
"You have pained me"
"How can your pain heal?"
"Desires rage in my bosom..."
"like storms rising in sea"
"Sometimes it's the sailor
who drown his own boat"
"In the world of hearts,
it happens"
"We smile, while our hearts weep"
What angle is that?
- Triangle
That's Rohit's bedroom. Stay here.
I'll be back after I see him
Isha! Where are you?
- At Ronit's place
I was just knotting my tie, and
I remembered you. Where's Ronit?
- I'm going to Mr Rai's...
Papa, I'll talk to you later
Avantika! You're in the nick of time!
Someone bottes up her emotions...
she tries pass up love
saying it's something else...
then the botted up emotions
break into tears, and truth outs
Oh but Isha doesn't love me,
and that's true too
Because even without me,
Isha can smile, Isha can cry
But love me, Isha can't. Because
even without me, she can live on
Talk to your sister
Then why don't you say you love me?
Why don't you say it?
I love you,
I love you very much
When I was in school, I loved you.
When I was a kid, I loved you
And I love you, still
But you're my friend, aren't you?
How can I be your lover?
It's just that I feel like crying
at times. I'm sorry, I broke down
You're supposed to take Monishka
to Mr Mittal's for dimer
You don't remember a thing
Go on, I'm leaving
Where are you guys?
- Uncle Raj, where are you?
I've got to talk to you.
- I'm seeing Mr Rai at Harry Club
The manager won't let me in.
I need Mr Rai to sign these papers
Let me get them signed for you.
Stay here, I got to talk to you
I just spoke to the manager.
You can go in
You didn't see him?
- There are big guys partying in there
I felt a bit intimidated
Dirty folks.
- One coke, and you think straight
So did you like my in-laws
in foreplay?
What a shame!
So what do you think?
- How are you bothered?
Monishka is entering your family,
not the other way around
You got to do me one last favour
I'm taking Monishka to
Radisson Hampshire tonight
All you got to do
is ask my fiancee 3 questions
3 questions?
So what are your three questions?
Ask her
My child... the first of 3 questions
on behalf of the Malhotra family...
after the wedding, will you live with
Ronit's parents? Or your own home...?
Of course, in my own home.
- After wedding's done...
what have parents got to do?
And they had better come to see us
after taking an appointment
Parents too?
She's from America. Life out there
is so stressful, so busy
- My child...
question two is, I hear you like late
night parties, and you come home late?
Nice, nice! So what?
So even after you're married,
it goes on... these late nights?
Getting married doesn't mean
giving up my friends, my independence
After we're married, she can
come and go as she wishes
I don't mind.
Why are you asking these questions?
My third question is, Lalit says
that after the marriage...
we should have a litte baby,
like a blossom...
I've already cleared this with Ronit.
I don't want a baby in 4 or 5 years
I don't want to ruin my figure.
- But this is part of our culture
One has duties towards offspring,
towards parents...
Ronit, your uncle seems to belong
to some village in the backwaters
I don't like to have discussions
with small fry like you
To me, you are nothing more than
a marriage broker for the Malhotras
I should be leaving
No one ever did
what you did today
I was fed up of these people,
but how could I tell them?
are you saying Raj?
It's true. I proposed this marriage.
Now I am trying to break it off
So what are you trying to break off?
Ronit's engagement to Monishka
After what I've seen, neither the girl
nor the family is any good for Ronit
We're throwing him in a quagmire
for the money
Raj, I knew one day
your patience will break
- Before you came here...
I received a call from Rai about
what you've seen and what reality is
They are rich folks, Raj.
They have a lifestyle
They're different. For a middle-class
restaurateur like you....
all this may be amazing!
The girl's ideas aren't
compatible with Ronit's.
Only you are opposed to her, Raj
Wasn't I always telling you Lalit,
to stay clear of this...
poor friend of yours? Because
someday or the other...
he will show you
how petty he is.
In the truth, Raj and Shalini
always had an eye...
on your son ever since
he was a boy.
Ronit was a 50-billion
cheque for them
But now it's going to Rai
It was in a fit of enthusiasm, that
he finalised the match with Moniskha
But it shattered his
daughter Isha's dreams
She had her eyes trained on Ronit
Lalit, such was the scheme for
having the engagement amulled...
in favour of Isha.
But now we all know, yes?
Want me to show you some photos for
evidence? Would you like to see...
Ronit's arms snaking over
Isha's waist and all over?
Were you not my friend
Lalit's elder brother...
were you not the man whom
I respected as my elder...
then right now...
at this moment...
I would've slapped you so hard
in the face...
you'd carry my fingerprints
all your life
Let me speak, Lalit
Listen carefully,
Jagdish Malhotra
Isha and Ronit love each other
very much, very dearly
But they have imbibed
respect for their elders
And out of that respect,
because of me...
they buried their love
and they wiped their tears
And the photographs
you speak of...
had they wanted, they could've
made huge blow-ups out of them...
and plastered them
all over your house
And then...
not you, not your father
could've done
You are crossing the limit, Raj!
- I'm heartbroken...
heartbroken! Let me have
my say Lalit.
He has insulted our friendship.
He has insulted my daughter.
I swear by my mother...
I swear by Shalini...
Not I, not my daughter...
will ever enter this house again.
For us, you are dead... dead
Forget it, man! You turned out
to be a coward, Lalit! Coward!
My friend, a coward!
What's this Papa? Tears in your eyes?
Didn't you console me?
No, this won't do.
Come home
"Words are forgotten"
"Memories return"
"Memories cherished,
of beloved ones..."
"return once they're gone"
Sanya, this is Ronit.
Give the phone to Isha
Isha isn't at home
Isha, take the phone.
Face the truth
Listen to me,
listen carefully
All the VIPs in the world
have been invited
Come Monday, two big corporates
are going through a merger
Scions of two great families
will get engaged...
and the wedding date
will be finalised
Malhotra and Rai will climb
to number two from number ten
Here's your engagement ring.
See if it fits your finger
Come, son.
- Don't call me son, Madam
Ronit, I am your mother
You aren't my mother,
my mother you aren't
You don't even know how grown-up
your son has become...
have you seen how big
his fingers have grown?
Because you're one
of those mothers...
who never held her son's fingers
and taught how to walk
You've never even taken
a close look at your son,
never held me to your bosom...
You never looked into my eyes, never
tried to understand my anguish
A mother, you aren't
You're just an executive director
in this marketplace...
where relationship, emotion,
is laughing matter
I'm not staying here,
not in a home without a mother
Without a father...
- Son...
Don't call me son!
I'm your mother.
- You are...?
Then save me, save your son
from the fires...
that your family wants
to throw me into
Can you save me?
You can't
You can't save me
For 40 years, I have put my blood,
toil, heart, soul and mind into...
building these companies.
I have taken the Malhotra family
into the top ten!
Now what do you want?
You want the businesses that have
thrived for years to be ruined?
You want this house to be turned
into a memorial for lovers?
This is a business house,
and stays a business house
If anyone tries to insult me,
if anyone tries to stand in my way...
I'm going to shoot him!
Then I'll shoot myself
Anyone who takes sides with Ronit
will be responsible for my death
Is everyone listening... you hear?
This boy has rebelled
I want to see Isha
Go on... go to him
He's bleeding
Yes, what do you want to say?
Where are you taking me?
I want to your decision, not verdicts
from the rest of the world
Are you with me, or not?
Today, we must take the decision
Life? Or death?
- Yes death
No, Ronit must be brought back.
- Only one man can compel him...
to attend tomorrow's function.
- Who?
Raj. Only Raj
To save this 500-million corporation,
you must overcome your vanity...
And beg?
- Maybe, yes
Please try to understand
how delicate the situation is
I'm only asking you
to accompany me
I'll talk to Raj.
You needn't say a word
Memories cherished, of beloved ones,
return once they're gone
Ronit ran away from home, Raj
Ran away? Where to?
Run away...?
He ran away?
He ran away!
Had to happen!
Why doesn't Mr Rich ask his 500-million
company to find the boy?
Find him if you can,
but he can't.
Let's sit inside and talk
You folks are his parents.
Parents, period
You don't rule him
He's a romantic
They are lovers
They love each other
The lover...
has flown
"I think of you
when I wake, when I sleep"
"What's the whole world,
compared to your love?"
"I think of you..."
"when I wake, when I sleep"
"What's the whole world,
compared to your love?"
"You and I will love
each other so much"
"Anyone who hears will say..."
"Who has lived forever?
Who lives forever?"
"Love it was,
love it will be"
"In your heart,
in my heart..."
"let nothing remain unsaid"
"Time flows like a river"
"Let go of the riverbank,
lest the waters pass us by"
As the girls's father, If I lodge
a complaint with the police...
you might land in jail
That's exacty what I intend.
If our families refuse to...
approbate our love,
let the world decide
At 5pm today, your engagement to
Monishka will be amounced officially
The papers for the merger of
the two companies will be signed
Not today, I'm going nowhere
What if I tell you...
Your mother is calling
For the families Malhotra and Rai,
today is a historical day
Alongwith the merger
of two great corporates...
two families are also
entering wedlock
After this ring ceremony,
our children Ronit and Monishka...
will commit themselves
to a married life together
Question to the chairman
of our company, Mr JKM
To whom goes the credit
for this historical day?
Let me come over to you
Tell us
Go on
Credit goes to all of us.
- All of us? Or just one?
I mean, all of us
A person, without whom, this evening
wouldn't have been made possible?
Raj Singh Puri
The man who has tied two corporates,
two children together
A few words for this man
Not like that.
Say it with an open heart
I'm saying it with an open heart
My brother wants to honour
Raj Singh Puri
Very magnanimous of him
to honour a small man like myself
I consider the honour of his family
to be my family honour
I recall a few lines
my wife once wrote
"When you enter life,
when you leave..."
"when you come, bring, and leave
behind, when you leave..."
"memories, memories and memories"
Stop Uncle Raj
Just a while longer
After everyone has made
great speeches...
the audience is uplifted
For the first time today,
my mother has encouraged me
She called me home,
and she told me...
"Son, speak out in public
if it's the truth you speak"
She told me not to hide,
not to resort to lies
These people who addressed you...
all of them lied to you
They lied blatanty
Because this is a stage,
a public place
Even Satan speaks with Godlike
dignity from a public stage
Yes son, you're right
But you are the society,
the public-at-large
Remains to be seen which amongst you
supports the truth
I have a few questions
Each of you has the merger report,
one side red, the other green
If I'm wrong, say I'm wrong.
If I'm right, say I'm right
Don't you say yes,
if I'm lying
Now give me a few answers
What is he upto?
- It's a public trial
My first question
Apologising for fooling the public
when one's heart is filled with venom?
Honour. Family honour
Turning a blind eye
to the fact...
that greed is the cornerstone
of family honour?
Culture is the cornerstone of family
honour, Uncle Raj. Not loads of money
Now, let's turn to a love story
A girl who is in love...
sacrifices her love because of a word
she has given to her father
Is that right?
Or wrong?
And the boy accedes to his father and
he sells himself on the marketplace
And his family will force him
to marry a rich heiress...
to jack up share valuation
So, this story ends with
the triumph of money. Love loses
For the happiness of their children,
parents who would sell themselves
So I heard. Today I see parents selling
their children for their ambitions
Is this betterment?
Is this progress?
Emotions, love, friendships,
relationships, culture...
the mean nothing? Nothing?
What gospel is this? What gospel
are our elders trying to teach us?
All right...
all right
In a while from now, I'll put
this ring on Monishka's finger
And I'll sell myself to
this company and Monishka
But my question is...
will the wearing of a diamond,
or the performance of some rituals...
wed two souls?
Is the union complete?
Give me an answer
Am I to marry for the sake
of the merger?
Or should I marry the one I have
given my heart...
and my life?
Give me an answer
I shall tell you
Strange! You camot answer
Ronit's simple question?
Because you are a part
of the Globex merger?
Are you shying away from the truth
under influence of the high and mighty?
The truth is marriages are meant
to follow hearts, not mergers
Ronit is right. Diamonds and rituals
don't make a marriage
Marriage is a meeting
of hearts and souls
I ask Ronit's true love
to come on stage...
and in the presence
of all of us here...
let her give Ronit this ring
Isha isn't here
Today when you wish to insult your
families, you might find...
Sanya and myself to be part of this.
But not Isha. She has left
Where is Isha?
This merger isn't happening.
For the first time...
these kids have shown me
how good and truthful they are
And what rogues we are,
you and I in particular
The worst of scoundrels that they are,
yet they understand what...
the children mean.
And you are still wondering?
Why did you leave me?
You tell me to face the truth
and you run away?
Nalini told me something was about to
happen on stage. She didn't call you?
I left before he could do that.
- Why?
You always said that a girl who isn't
accepted by her husband's family...
rarely finds respect
There's more to life than love,
there are other relationships...
the aunt, the sister-in-law,
the daughter-in-law
My child...
for the first time, I have seen the
world through the eyes of my children
We rise in life,
yet we become so mean.
And I have risen to such heights...
that I camot ask to be forgiven.
But this much I shall ask of you...
to marry into my family.
If you do...
I will understand that
I have been forgiven
he has come to take you away
Raj Singh's story doesn't end here.
He stayed a friend to the children...
to the very end, till the time
he became a grandfather
Where are you Supriya?
Supriya is coming out
with me for a walk
Then she will come home,
she will do her stretch-outs
then she will take a bath
Then she will say the prayers,
then I'll take her to school
And this evening, we're going
somewhere far away
Where are you, my child?
- I'm here, grandpa
Where's Avantika, your Mummy?
- Everyone left me all alone
And they went out for a ride.
Everyone? But I'm here with you,
your grandpa
Grandpa, will you be my best friend?
Like "Papa-friend"?
Do you hear that?
This one too...?
All right, give me your hand.
From now on, I'm your...
Let's take a walk
One minute, let me take
my dear wife's keys
When did Mummy-Papa get married?
- 6 years ago
Ronit Uncle and Nisha Aunty?
- Been four years
When are you getting me
married off?
Tell me
"Words are forgotten"
"Memories return"