Yaanai Mugathaan (2023) Movie Script

What's this, Swami?
Something seems wrong.
Here's the bike.
I will be right back.
Where are you going?
Did you make the sound for this?
For the word beauty
Lord Muruga
That's our Lord.
Nothing was here yesterday, right?
Today an idol has come up.
I see the God present there.
I can't go there.
Let's go elsewhere.
Take the blessings.
Flour has become sour.
How many chilies has he put in it?
Brother, I've a doubt.
Hey, how many questions will you ask
after buying me a tea and a fritter?
What's it?
What God is that stone?
-Which stone?
-That stone.
Make a tea with less sugar.
Hey, does it look like a stone to you?
7I mean, Lord Murugan
has a spear and peacock.
-Lord Ganesha has a trunk.
A Goddess will have a sword in one hand
and a head in another.
But I just see a stone here.
When devotees pray to it,
which God would they consider it
to offer prayers?
When you offer prayers devoutly,
it'll appear like an idol.
I didn't get you.
Look, when someone offers prayer
thinking he's the greatest,
he's just another little God.
For someone, who offers prayers devoutly,
he's the biggest God.
For someone, who thinks there's no God,
it's just another stone.
-That's all.
-Superb, brother.
-Can I ask one more doubt, please?
-Will you order one more fritter for me?
Trying to cheat a kid.
-I always tell him
-to make lentil fritters.
-two fritters.
How many Gods are there in this world?
Oh, no!
We need to know the number of castes
to find the number of Gods.
Did God create each caste?
I consider caste worse
than stinking drain.
Are you trying to get me into trouble
by asking such questions?
To hell with you and your fritter.
-You serve.
-I'll go.
But pay for what you ate now!
Hey, I don't have a penny.
-Please sit down, kiddo.
-That's it.
What's your problem?
I must answer your question, right?
That's all, right?
Look, God created man,
but man considers he has created God.
Caste, a disgusting thing was
created by man.
Each caste prays a God of their own
and fight each other to kill.
If one caste prays God of another caste,
won't the God accept it?
Till now, no God has said that.
If you want to ask any further,
you need to ask Mottai Rajendran.
Hey, how would I know?
-Is his name Rajendran?
-I'm running this shop
by taking a loan.
Are you creating communal trouble here?
Will you clear off or shall I call police?
-Will you call the police?
-Hey, silence please.
Brother, I've come to the end.
Please, brother.
Looks like he's hell bent
in sending me to jail.
-Let it go on, carry on.
Look, if you want money,
pray to Goddess Lakshmi.
If you want peace, pray to Jesus.
For meditation, pray to Allah.
If you don't want any problem,
pray to Lord Vinayagar.
What if you want mental peace?
Pray to Harishchandran.
They will never trouble you.
-Hey pigeon head!
-I read this story in children's magazine.
Are you narrating a story
to cheat a little boy?
Will you go away
-or shall I throw hot water on you?
When did I tell him?
He's troubling me.
-Go and get me a fritter.
-What is this?
Hey, you want money or not?
Try leave without paying me.
-Make tea and mind your work.
-Kiddo, forget him. Listen to me.
May I tell a story that
you can understand?
Okay, tell me but without interval.
Okay, when I'm telling you the story,
don't stop me to ask questions.
You mustn't leave midway, okay?
Let me see. Go ahead.
Summary of the story.
I've a friend in Chennai.
-When he wakes up early morning
-Will he go to work?
No! He drinks the alcohol
which he couldn't finish at night.
His first job is to cheat others.
His second job is to cheat himself.
Both are same, right?
That's Ganesan.
Where's that disgusting guy now?
I think sir would be thinking now.
Ganesan's father Muthupandi is
a great devotee of Lord Vinayagar.
That's why he was named as Ganesan.
After growing up,
Ganesan too became a great devotee
of Lord Vinayagar like his father.
Every day he used to light incense stick
and put a rupee in donation box.
After that if he trips before wine shop
or get caught with money lender,
even if he gets caught drunken by police,
he blamed Lord Vinayagar for everything.
It's because for the incense stick he lit
and for the rupee he donated to God,
he wanted to make Lord Vinayagar
to work in his favor.
I don't have any work at this hour.
Eight missed calls!
By now, she would have draped
her saree, worn her sunglasses
and left home.
With her worn out knee,
limping all the way to reach here
it'll take 20 minutes.
Half of that time is enough
for me to escape.
Where is that?
Good morning!
That sister is coming rushing here, right?
You don't need to do anything great.
It's wrong.
Just a bicycle
Can you arrange to bump into her?
Nothing serious, just trying to escape
from rental payment issue.
Don't mistake me.
Take a decision quickly.
Don't delay it.
Later on, I'll take good care of you.
For the coconut I break
or for the incense stick I burn,
you can at times help me
like this in a small way.
It is not wrong too.
Hey, who is it?
Who is it?
It's not man, it's a woman!
D Mallika.
Dakshinamurthy Mallika.
-Elder sister!
-Younger brother!
Hey, this is my house.
I know very well that you would
come this way only.
How could you say I'd take 20 minutes
to come up here with my limp?
Trust me, I was coming to meet you only.
-Is it?
Had you not been talkative,
people would've shredded you to pieces.
Hey, whatever your mind voice says,
trees in my house can repeat it!
-Where is it?
-Sister, all are watching us.
What's this, Sister?
I'm losing my honor.
Oh, do you've that too?
-No problem, come and sit here.
-I'm going out, sister.
When will you pay money?
-I'll pay, sister.
Sit and talk to me.
-Brother! Get a tea for sister.
Sir, please make a tea.
Make a tea, sir.
I'm ordering you.
-Hey, sit here.
I said, sit here!
Don't go overboard, Ganesan!
I have been watching you.
You were loafing all over the place.
I thought you'd reform
if you stay in my house,
and hence I let you a portion
on rent in my house.
You haven't paid rent
for the past three years.
Electricity bill, water tax,
cleaning the house,
-you haven't paid for anything.
-You're right.
I gave my auto to make your
livelihood nine months ago.
-Till date, you haven't given me a penny.
-You sold off the cylinder as well.
Above all, that bulb eyed man,
your friend, who was born for you only.
-Take it, madam.
-Using your name--
Keep it there.
Using your name, he took loan from me.
I've added that also to your account.
Sister! How many marks did you
score in mathematics?
After exam, they'll butter in cups,
go and get it.
Hey, don't change the topic.
Don't change the topic.
By the tenth day of this month,
if I don't get my money,
it'll be your last day in Chennai, son.
You know that I have vacated
many people from Chennai.
Don't let me do it once again.
I'll call on tenth and deposit it
in your account, sister.
I'll come to the shop and pay, sister.
I'll pay cash in the evening, sister.
Don't use such dialogues on me.
I'm warning you.
This is your last chance, Ganesa!
Don't brandish machete
at Lord Ayyanar, okay?
Your sins will take your toll.
Sister, your proverbs are great.
Hey, this is the last warning.
All you do is laugh!
I've found new tenants for the portion.
They'll come by month end.
Sir, whatever he has eaten till yesterday,
it is his account.
But, today he ordered special tea
for me also.
-Add this also to his bill.
-Okay, madam.
Don't leave the shop.
He'll rent the shop to you.
He's a cheat to the core.
I am leaving.
-Finished tea?
-I cherished it, carry on.
Wow! He got angry.
Great! You saved me easily from sister.
What a great help!
Four idlis, two podi dosa,
two vadas and one vada curry.
-Give me a cigarette, please.
-Is that all?
-That's all.
-I've understood.
-What did you understand?
-Your drama.
Come on, brother!
-On account, right?
No need for you to smoke on account.
-Will you listen to my advice?
-Tell me, brother.
Don't ever come to this shop again!
-I'll get saved.
-I'll try, brother.
Will you try?
It was all because of you.
-When will you pay me, man?
-How would I know?
-Only skin knows it.
-Where am I to keep the skin?
-You sinner!
Is this all you have for me?
It's 9:00 a.m. in the morning.
Ganesan's real game starts now.
-What game?
-Watch it, boy!
Buddy, I have an emergency.
Lend me 3,000 rupees.
I'll repay you in just one month, buddy.
If you want, I'll pay interest also.
Buddy, please lend me 5,000 rupees.
I'll repay you in just one month, buddy.
I promise you.
You know me well.
Please, buddy.
What? You didn't get your money?
I gave Michael long back
to give it to you, buddy.
Didn't reach you yet?
Don't worry, you'll get it by tomorrow.
Should I repay you first?
What's this, Siva?
You're behaving so cheap.
I'll repay you, man.
Bobby, you know about me, right?
I'll surely repay, buddy.
To heck with her.
God! Why don't you keep me
with you for few days?
Don't know what news she would break now?
Where are you, man?
-Waiting in stand.
-Got a customer.
A party is waiting near Santhome Church.
Their car broke down.
They want to go to some temple.
Long trip?
I think so.
I've given them your phone number.
-Okay, sister.
-I've sent their phone number to you.
-Okay, sister.
-Go, quickly.
May God keep everyone happy.
Thank you very much, sir.
Oh God!
-How much?
-That's 13 kilometers,
The road was not good.
I had come because sister asked me to.
-Moreover you're old people.
Pay 350 rupees.
-350 rupees?
500 rupees?
Oh no, I don't have change.
You're my first customer.
-Who will I--
-You too don't have change?
Okay, keep it.
Keep it.
Take it, buddy.
Hey, wastrel!
I've poured equally.
Exchange the glasses if you want.
Not like that.
Did you take loan from
Mallika using my name?
-Did she tell you that?
-Buddy, you know what?
Mallika is very good lady.
She'll never lie to anyone.
A mistake happened because
of an unavoidable situation.
Hey! What are you trying to say?
Forget it, buddy.
Don't scold me.
I cheat the world.
And you are trying to cheat me.
No, buddy. She'll not give me
anything if I ask for it.
Four months overdue, buddy.
Hey! My rental overdue is four years.
Is he not paying for four years?
Buddy, let's drink good stuff.
We will feel better if we have a peg.
If we drink another peg,
we will feel relaxed.
-If we drink one more peg
-Stock will get over.
Tension will vanish away.
You've started talking all this
in your very first peg.
Yes, I don't know why.
Buddy, my life is moving
like a vehicle without brake.
If I take loan of 500 rupees from someone,
to repay that loan,
I've take loan of 1000 rupees
from someone else
and to repay that 1,000 rupees,
I've to take loan of 3,000 rupees
from another person.
You know what?
I've taken loan from everyone
in my phone's contact list.
The only one with whom I haven't
ought loan is customer care.
I've taken from him also.
I think there's no God!
Though I don't have money,
but yet I offered special prayers
in every temple that I could.
Did it benefit me in any way?
We mustn't say there's no God.
How much ever we may be struggling,
were we denied of anything?
Mallika does scold us but has she ever
asked us to vacate the house?
We owe money to so many people,
did anyone threaten us to repay?
Ganesa, there is God.
I'm hungry.
Eat this savory mixture.
What? Are meals savory to you?
Let us both go to Mallika sister's house.
If there's any food left,
I'll take it as God is there.
If there's no food, then
Point! Let's go.
My foot!
If God is really there, would he send
you both as extra baggage to me?
I gave a house to one man
who never pays rent.
I gave auto to earn a livelihood,
but that too went down the drain.
I gave a shop on rent to you,
did you ever pay rent for it?
On top of that, you are backbiting.
-How could you accuse like that, sister?
-Am I abusing you seriously, sister?
-Then, what?
At least while abusing you,
I'm using your name every day, right?
-If I don't use your name
I feel like I'm missing something, sister.
-Oh, no!
-Yes sister,
if you don't abuse us
at least twice on phone,
our day will not be usual day.
In fact, we don't pay
you rent for this only.
Oh no, I can't take it anymore.
What's this, sister?
Are you scolding without respect?
We scold you with respect as sister.
You call me sister but prayed that
I must meet with an accident, right?
What? Why are you staring at me like that?
No, sister.
He prayed you mustn't meet
with an accident.
You misheard him.
Look, son.
You both cheat me
but do it without my knowledge.
It hurts me if I come to know about it.
That's it, there's a gang here
to cheat me and make a living.
Why are you crying, sister?
What man? Why?
I got it.
Is it because I didn't
serve you chicken?
I know it.
I understood that you were jealous
when I was serving him chicken.
What's up? Got up early to drink?
Hey, I'm not here to drink.
People are here to thrash me.
Let me call them in.
You are asking 30,000 rupees as interest
for a loan amount of 30,000 rupees.
Is it fair?
I have put a petrol of 60,000 rupees to
get my 30,000 rupees in return from you.
That's why, I'm charging extra interest.
How are we responsible
if petrol prices shoot up?
You needn't have to do anything.
I'll take care of it.
If I don't get my money
by tomorrow morning
I'll slit your neck.
How can you get your money
if you slit my neck?
He isn't like this just one day.
That's how he always is.
Why didn't Lord Vinayagar answer
his prayers till now?
-Do you want to know, why?
-Do you know what his next prayer is?
A call will come now.
I can understand your situation.
I had no choice.
I've to get it back,
that's why I didn't give.
What to do? My situation was like that.
That's why, I'm asking you.
Please don't mistake me.
I'll give you money
after marriage is over.
-Repay me whenever you can!
You'll get your full money
on Friday morning.
No need to have any doubt about it.
Go and mind your business, brother.
We'll rock the marriage.
Don't go anywhere on Saturday and Sunday.
-Tell Mallika and Michael.
-I've lot of work, we'll meet again.
-Okay, brother.
-Okay, brother.
-I am not angry.
Okay, bro.
Can you hear me or not?
How can we settle full payment
in just a week?
He's riding a scooter too.
Do something and stop the marriage.
No other choice.
I can't give money.
Try to understand.
I really don't know if this has
reached your ears or not.
Hey, tell me.
Buddy, don't forget it.
I must get money today before 10:00 a.m.
If not, it'll be big trouble
between us, mind it.
Can I deposit by 11:00 a.m.?
-You'll surely deposit, right?
-I swear on father!
-Whose father?
-I swear on my father.
-Okay, then.
-I'll cut the call.
Hey, wait.
I didn't give my account number,
how will you deposit money?
I thought I'll get your account
number from bank.
Hey, don't cheat me.
-Don't worry, trust me, I'll pay.
-I'll send my account number.
Okay, send it.
God! Why don't you give me a month's time
by giving him dengue fever?
Where is it?
It's strange!
Even if a cat comes,
it'll take only the rat.
Where's our Lord?
How is it possible?
Who would come and take it?
He sits on rat only.
Still in hangover?
Rat can be seen.
Boss, I didn't take it.
If I want to steal,
why would I waste my time getting
abused by working for you?
I could've progressed in life
by robbing others, right?
Hey, you're talking too much.
Hey, I own this shop, man.
I'm your boss.
You're just my worker.
Worker must talk like a worker, got it?
-How much is this?
-It's not three but five.
Just listen to what I say
Just shut up and work or go to hell.
If you don't mind,
-can I tell you a thing?
-You're a rascal boss!
Take any state in India,
you can't find a cheating boss like you.
If we see--
What did you say?
-Hold on the line for five minutes.
-I'll thrash a man and come.
-Michael Hey!
-What did you say?
-I said truth.
Boss, God will test good people
but will never let them down.
He'll give more to bad people
but will let them down.
Wait, I'll break your leg.
-Go man.
-Wait I'll inform you're selling Cannabis
-Tell me, buddy.
-He's missing, it's big trouble.
I don't know what to do.
Come immediately.
-Where are you now?
-Auto stand.
I told him to drive down here,
he's pushing it.
What happened, buddy?
Who is missing?
Without understanding my emergency.
-Won't you answer my phone calls?
-What's the matter?
-Come. Pillayar is missing.
-What's it?
I've searched in home.
And it is missing here also.
Look here.
Open your eyes wide and see,
Pillayar is missing.
-What's missing, buddy?
See, buddy.
Just rat is in the home.
He's missing from the calendar too.
Buddy, you won't get angry
if I say something, right?
-Tell me.
-What brand did you've early morning?
Trust me, I'm not telling lies,
see yourself, buddy.
-He's missing, buddy.
Concentrate on your work,
try to repay auto dues.
Look there, why are you talking like this?
-He's missing, see there!
-Who is this, then?
Your father Muthupandi?
How did he get trunk?
Hey, I'm not lying.
Drink sour buttermilk or
else guava juice is also okay.
Drink and sit peacefully for five minutes.
Sorry, Ganesa.
It seems Pillayar is missing.
He's planning something big.
-Come here, listen to me.
-Hey, what's this torture since morning?
No, you'll understand
if you see it personally.
Your torture is really painful!
There's just one broken table inside,
you need to lock it too.
I told you, right? See there!
You showed me your auto, then on road,
under the tree, now in home!
Why are you torturing me like this?
That's Pillayar!
That's what I'm telling you,
Vinayagar is missing.
Just rat is there.
Look at the calendar,
he's missing from there also.
Hey, one who is sitting
on rat is called Pillayar.
-What has happened to you?
-Do I look like a mad man?
No way. Not like mad man, buddy.
You're a mad man!
Every night we get drunk fully.
Did you have cannabis?
Please check again.
-Don't cook up tales. I can see it.
-Vinayagar is missing.
-Tell me.
-Hubby, charger is missing.
This guy is saying that Lord is missing
and you are asking for a charger.
Why are you guys troubling me
since morning?
Tomorrow, I'll go missing, then,
I'll come back to tell I'm missing.
God is lost.
Hey, consult a good eye doctor.
We're changing the brand from tomorrow.
What happened to him?
Hey, who is it?
What are you doing here?
Flying like a man
Wanted to play cheating game
But got duck out
Missed it
Score has come to nil
-You know Artiste Kajal Agarwal?
-I don't know.
-He will say this properly.
-He has vanished
He's on run from town to town
In a top gear driving at high speed
If anyone challenges for a bet
Wrong route style, he went stylishly
He got trapped with health issues
You went all the way but
Now in deep trouble
Are you feeling dizzy?
When bad time comes King is also zero
Don't try to climb a slippery mountain
Slipping to fall down flat on face
Intoxicated playing dance
Who is this guy?
He fall in ground and ups
He says that God is hidden
And he can't see it
God isn't seen, right?
-I can see.
-I can see the Lord.
What's your problem?
God knows what is wrong with him.
Flying like a man
Where is my Lord? Please tell me.
Why are you troubling me?
What wrong did I do?
Please ask him to come back.
Missing it confused
It's falls down
He got into trouble going for big
He slipped from bad to worse
He's on run from town to town
-Kiddo! Did you see Ganesan anywhere?
-What? Who is that?
The one with a trunk
Hey! Didn't you hear whatever
I said till now?
Not just Vinayagar,
even if his father Paramasivan
goes missing,
he's one man, who can find him
by smearing kohl.
Who is it, sister?
Swami very powerful Swami.
Sister, there are more Swamis
in Madras than auto men.
Tell me clearly, sister.
Hey, mustn't utter his name.
Forgive me, mother.
Sri Sri Sri Maadha Bhairavi Mangathaa!
Alias "Color Powder" Swami.
You mean the woman who tells
daily horoscope on TV?
Yes, Michael.
Are you mad, sister?
You know she's a fraud.
There are 150 police cases filed on her.
As if you're the police, who found it.
Hey, this is our area.
You're out of bounds.
Many other too must be arrested,
shall I reel out the names?
-I said that for your safety.
-I'll take care of my safety.
You sit.
Look, he's a rascal.
Did any good ever happen with his advice?
I'm your elder sister.
Please listen to me.
Why are you looking there?
He's a lazy man and you're too naive.
I'm telling you now, will you do or not?
No sister, if I go there,
I've to spend money.
I don't have money, sister.
Hey, what's this big deal about money?
Bloody money!
-When did you pay me?
I'll end my account with this expense.
I'm telling you, will you do it?
-Why are you looking there?
Good. Very good.
Build up is very strong.
Would she talk or not?
Can you see anything?
Now, Vinayagar is missing.
Hereafter, everything will go missing.
Forget about that, do you've the set up
to find missing Vinayagar?
That's what I told you, right?
You're running bad time.
That's why, he left you.
When good fortune shines,
he'll come back to you on his own.
What sort of God he is if he's not
with me in difficult times?
Why do I offer special prayers,
burn lamps and break coconuts?
God must be with us
during bad time, right?
-When he comes back, ask him directly.
-I'll ask.
You're asking so many questions.
Why did you come here then?
Did I come here?
Sister sent me here.
She looks like bigger fraud than us.
-Come, let's go.
What's now? Finally, can you do it or not?
I don't have mood for it now.
-When you will get mood?
-You shut your gob, man.
I myself don't know when I would
get mood and when it'll go off.
-Pay now.
What have you done to pay now?
I found you're running bad time, right?
Pay me for that.
I know it myself, right?
In fact, you've to pay me.
I would've taken two customers by now.
-Okay, leave it.
-I don't have a penny.
Hey, look around this place well!
How many lights are burning?
Four plus three, seven assistants.
Costumes, daily allowance,
magical color powder,
oil, flowers,
for whom did I spend all this?
I spent everything for you only.
Pay me the money.
Actually, I don't have a penny.
You should've told me this before
I started chanting hymns.
Let me ask you something.
You're unable to find
if I've money or not,
how can you find missing Vinayagar?
He's in financial crisis,
so he went little over board.
We'll pay you in our next visit.
Hey, shut up!
You're talking too much.
Get out I say!
Let's go.
Hey Ganesa!
People who mocked me like this,
they're in inside this.
Did you see?
In near future, you'll
also be inside this.
For that, a man will come
to make it come true.
-Hey, go.
-Boss, it seems there's a party
in Moolakadai, shall we go?
Go, man.
With so many problems,
I went to that lady,
and she threatens to send a demon.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, did he tell you where he has gone?
Though he's not here,
I'll burn incense stick.
I'll offer donation too.
If he comes here when I'm out,
you must tell him all this and
make him understand.
Got it?
Did you hear it?
My ring tone is also a song on him.
I haven't changed it for eight years now.
I'm so devoted towards you,
can you play hide and seek game with me?
Go safely.
Everything will be fine.
Hold this.
Show me your hand.
What's that in your hand? Bomb?
Show me this hand.
That's all.
Everything is fine.
You spend 3,000 rupees
for such a small thing.
Don't say like that, Ganesa.
Does my doctor work out for you?
If so, entire world could be
taken care by one doctor, right?
Everyone has a different style.
I told the matter directly to God,
he said okay to everything.
Go. Men are standing ready
next to the bread company.
Pick them up and go quickly.
Would they pay me?
Don't think everyone like that.
Just go.
Hey, wear khaki shirt.
Don't forget to wear the shirt.
-The police will catch you.
-I'll wear.
Give your collection to me.
Wait here only, we'll come back.
Keep the bag safely.
Is baby fine? Is Shanmugam there?
Baby is fine.
Shanmugam is inside.
-Okay, go carefully.
Bro, God's blessing will always be on you.
On me?
Yes, he has been blessing me
damn good of late for few days.
Okay, why are they here?
You had come with them, right?
Don't you know that?
I don't know, that's why
I'm asking you.
Tell me. What's the matter?
Shanmugam's daughter, who works with them,
she's in hospital for the past few days.
She has kidney problem.
Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.
Shanmugam's household, hospital expenses,
all are taken care by these three people.
Just now, they paid money
for operation too.
Salaries earned by working hard
for couple of months.
-That boy in violet color shirt
His name is Chandru,
he's donating his kidney to the kid.
What? Donating his kidney?
If you want to see real humanity
and real God,
one must work in such hospitals only.
Is it necessary, brother?
They said they wanted to
go somewhere else.
Would they give kidney
to someone else also?
My bad, I told him.
Brother, tissues matched?
Operation will go on as scheduled.
-Did you meet Baby?
-I met her, brother.
They're coming back.
Would they ask for my kidney?
-Let me stay alert.
-Where is it?
-It is in the big bag.
Wait, I'll bring it.
Hey brother, come here.
-What's it, brother?
-Listen to me carefully.
There's time.
Are you mad or what?
You're donating kidney.
You lose once, you'll never get it back,
try to understand that.
There's life ahead, think and decide.
Hey, we're young guys!
Why do you want to take this risk now?
Look, if you want to escape from here,
I'll take and drop you alone somewhere.
Got it?
You don't know the
risk involved in it, right?
That's why, you're laughing.
She's just 16 year old girl.
She's Shanmugam's daughter, Alli.
Get ration to home, at times,
buy fish to cook meals.
Sometimes go out with friends for drinks.
That was my biggest wish.
Even if I think, I can't do
anything more than this.
Look at the photo of this girl.
This photo appears in
newspapers quite often.
With a smiling face and
winning cup in her hand!
She's an excellent volley ball player.
Under 16!
Only if the smile comes back on her face,
Shanmugam brother too would smile again.
-Coming, brother.
Compared to this one thing,
whatever I'm doing is not a risk at all.
Bye, brother.
Did auto driver go long time ago?
He left long back.
He left the bag with me
to give when you come.
He didn't take auto fare also.
Forget him, may have left early
for some other passenger.
Let's pay fare to Mallika sister,
-pick up the bag.
-Okay, let's go.
Pick it.
-Bye, brother.
-Bye, sir.
-What's it, son?
You've called me suddenly.
-Anything important?
-No, father.
Called you just like that, father.
Next week I'm coming home, father.
Is it?
-Where's mother?
-Mother is washing clothes.
-Shall I call her?
-No, father.
-Tell I inquired about her, father.
-Okay, son.
-I'll call you later.
-Okay, son.
Okay, bye, father.
I think it fruit hasn't ripened fully.
Had you let it ripen for two more days,
it would've ripened fully.
It is still raw.
Did he become decent after that?
How can he come decent
in just one day?
Is it any character to become decent?
Ask him if cottage
cheese biryani is ready.
-I'm hungry.
-I don't get biryani smell at all.
-No smell of cinnamon and cloves too.
-What's this, guys?
You came here morning,
you sat here, you slept here,
and sitting here again.
-Look at the amount of fruits.
Even an elephant's hunger
would've got satiated.
He's not yet done.
Moreover you want biryani also.
Do you want money or not?
-You'll pay me, right?
-That's it.
Give me ground nuts packet.
I'm terribly hungry.
-Give me quickly.
-He'll not stop so easily.
-I am feeling dizzy
-Watching you eat is
making me dizzy, take it.
I asked ground nuts
packet and not lentils.
Stay here for five minutes.
-I'll come back quickly. Okay?
Get ready biryani quickly,
I'm dying in hunger.
Do you've a soul, man?
Where is he going?
Will he come back?
He'll surely come for biryani.
Let's see!
-Can I ask you a thing, boss?
-Salary is due?
I know I'll never get it.
-Then ask.
-Liquor drinking ruins family.
Liquor drinking is injurious to health.
-Shut up!
Hey, why are you hitting him?
Coming here from somewhere,
are you delivering punch dialogues?
I'll suspend you, run away.
Okay, did he come back?
The one who went missing.
Who are you asking about?
That is our leader!
No, buddy.
-What are you saying, man?
-Where is he?
-I think he won't come back so soon.
He has thousands of places to go.
We're stuck in one place here.
That's why, what I did was,
I locked up Jesus in a glass box safely.
-Is it?
My foot!
He went missing from a framed photo.
It seems he has put him in a glass box,
it seems he won't go missing.
If he wants go away, let him go,
are we going to lose anything?
Blood oozing from Jesus' head
or Pillayar drinking milk,
are we spreading such lies
to eke our livelihood?
Forget it.
-Then, sit down.
-Come. Take it.
Are you here for savory?
Father, mother said that we have ran
out of gas and told you to come down.
Ran out of gas?
Hey, got new cylinder recently.
Did your mother go away
somewhere leaving gas open?
Come and ask yourself.
Where am I to go for cylinder now?
-Should we starve tonight, then?
-Go on.
You'll drink and fall down inebriated.
-What about us then?
-Okay, you go down.
Your wife will come up and
shout to rip out speakers also.
You go.
For God's sake, please take him.
-She asked you to come down, come.
-I'll come and stop your mom's gas.
You take care of your gas safely, come.
You're right!
Hey, phone!
Don't call me informally,
-call me with respect.
Brother, tell me.
Hey, how many times should I call you?
Brother, I was carrying passengers
behind, so I didn't answer.
Tomorrow is the marriage.
You'll pay me, right?
I didn't try elsewhere.
I'm tensed.
When you get up tomorrow morning,
I'll be there in your house.
-I've arranged funds, you don't worry.
-Greetings, sir.
Even if I add whatever you give,
still not enough for marriage.
Ganesa! Somehow must conduct
this marriage at any cost.
Only then, I'll be at peace.
Brother, trust me, I didn't prick you.
You sleep peacefully.
Tomorrow morning, I'll call you myself.
I'll call you tomorrow morning.
No, I'll call you tomorrow morning.
-Come in.
What should I do for the money?
How come so many birds are flying?
Is Tsunami about to strike?
-Take it.
-Who asked you to get it?
That fat man sitting
with you had asked it.
He asked if biryani is ready, right?
Would anyone ask biryani to smell it?
They'll ask to eat only.
Where's that fat man?
I'm also waiting for him.
He will come.
Let him come,
I'll take you both to task, idiots.
Get lost, man.
Irritating me.
Where he would've gone?
Still not yet here.
-Hey, take away this biryani.
-You guys are so arrogant.
-Who are you?
Who else? Who are you?
Oh, how do you know my name?
Hey, my name is Ganesan.
Hello, my name is Ganesan.
You fool! I'm the original Ganesan.
I've ID card too.
Hey, who are you?
After taking bath,
drying my hair on terrace,
I'm lying on floor to watch around.
I've never seen you, where's your house?
All houses are mine,
this is also one of my houses.
-This one?
My vacated my room.
I can judge it on seeing your face.
You wouldn't have paid rent properly.
My house owner is strict
but little sentimental on me.
Nothing like that.
There's loafer here,
he has troubled me a lot.
That's why I vacated my room.
Is it too old flashback?
Not that old, latest only.
I'm staying here for the past four years.
-You're saying latest. I don't get it.
-What's this, buddy?
Still didn't recognize me?
I don't know who you are,
that's why I'm asking you, right?
Tell me.
I'll tell you while walking.
Hey, you were franticly
searching me all these days.
I pitied you and came down to see you.
Are you raising hand to hit me?
-Was I searching you?
Many people are after me
for not repaying their loans.
Oh! Are you from that gang?
Look, I don't have a penny with me,
no use at all.
I left this place because
you were talking like this.
-Left this place?
As per the rule, I should've left
this place for not paying rent.
You're refusing to vacate, right?
How could you leave from the house
in which I'm a resident?
Ever since you're here,
you've been confusing me.
Are you mad or what?
Hey, I'm Vinayagar!
Can't you recognize on seeing my face?
You said Ganesan earlier.
Now, you say Vinayagar.
Vinayagar means, you should've a trunk.
-Must have tusks.
Must look so divine to make anyone
-fold hands with devotion.
But that's not what I can think.
-I'll punch on your mouth.
-Look here
If I come with tusks,
they'll make me beg on streets.
Believe me or go to hell.
Hey! If you talk in flow,
would I get cheated?
-Tell me, buddy.
If you want become a fraudster,
get training from me.
So, you don't believe me.
I don't believe anyone in this world.
Okay buddy, I'll go now.
Okay. Go.
Try elsewhere, it may work out.
This is school syllabus, dude.
If anyone claims he's God,
you'll believe him.
But, if God appears before you,
you'll not believe him.
Okay, forget it.
Hereafter I'll never again come
wherever you are!
Good. Do one thing,
why don't you try in North India?
I heard there's a lot of demand for you.
At least give me a glass of water.
I suggest, why don't go there,
ask and drink there?
Did you see?
He's denying water to God himself.
That's okay. Even own mother beaten
by son period of this.
But, who is he?
With a bear like head, he climbed
four floors to claim he's Vinayagar.
Looks like new to business.
That's why, he got caught.
Oh poor man!
Why didn't Vinayagar go
to Ganesan as his real self?
In this 2022, if Vinayagar goes
around as his real self,
they'll make him walk in the film made
for atmosphere.
They'll not pay for dubbing also.
Yes, that's true.
Okay, tell me balance story.
What's the urgency?
Let's talk over a tea.
-What do you say?
Would you like to have milk tea, Rajendra?
Tell me quickly.
It's an hour since I ordered,
may God bless you.
-Give it to me quickly.
-I didn't see you.
Why are you begging in your own shop?
I'm asking you ignorantly.
God means, there will be a crown on head.
They'll be wearing a lot of jewelry.
They'll have five to six limbs.
A spear in one hand.
There's an aura behind the head.
If you come with a local look,
how can I believe you?
Okay, forget about me.
If anyone here accepts you as God,
I'll pay Mallika sister all my rent dues.
And hang myself to
death in the same house.
May I tell you a thing?
We've seen God as an idol or as photo,
if you come in like a local,
how can anyone believe you?
Hey, you always pray to me.
But, when God appears before you,
why don't you believe him?
I don't believe in God, right?
I know it.
I know you won't believe me.
But, when you put a rupee into donation
box and lament, how come I hear it?
You heard me, right?
How many incense sticks I would've burned,
how many coins I would've offered,
for a small issue, if you leave me alone
in distress, how is it justified?
How many coconuts I would've offered?
Did you ever count it?
Hey, is it my job to count how many
coconuts you're offering?
By the way, what do you think of me?
Do you think I'm living on the rupee
that you offer in donation box?
Hey, I'm a God,
will you believe it or not?
Do you believe it or not?
That's it, many people here claim
themselves as Gods.
That's why, you don't believe me.
That's okay, but why did you go missing
from home to wherever I went?
Do you know where all I searched for you?
-I went crazy searching you.
-At least now, you asked me.
Hey, how many people you're cheating?
How many people you've been telling lies?
Is there any day when you
didn't cheat anyone?
Not only that,
praying for someone to get dengue fever,
get them involved in light accident,
is it my job to do all this?
Do you remember a thing which
tops these nonsense prayers?
Temple is just half a kilometer away.
Without even considering
they were old people,
you took them around for 16 kilometers,
and took 500 rupees from them and
said you don't have change.
Isn't this cheating?
I really didn't have change,
don't talk without knowing that.
When I was coming here,
you were cheating Rangaiah.
Are you a good man?
Hey. Thinking you'd give him money,
he has come to the temple,
he roamed the temple rolling
on floor and got dizzy.
You're responsible for everything.
His mouth too is frothing.
You're talking without
understanding anything.
I told him like that to pacify his
agitated heart and sleep well tonight.
Are you blaming me for that also?
His daughter's marriage on Sunday
must get canceled.
He would harm himself in frustration.
And blame me for that also, right?
Isn't it? Tell me, you dirty face!
I've never seen any fraudster like you.
You were named after me by your father,
if I get hold of him
I'm also searching for him only,
if you find him, inform me.
What? Finding people isn't my job.
-Please give me fritter with hole.
-I don't share it with others.
I can understand.
Am I doing this wantonly?
For my livelihood only.
Anyway, you claim to be God.
Give me 10,00,000 rupees.
-I'll solve all my problems.
After that I'll live like a
good man as you say.
Do I look like a Seth to you?
You're asking me 10,00,000 rupees.
If you take loan, should I repay it?
Wow, what a deal you're making with me!
Don't go after money, man.
You'll lose your peace.
Hey, am I living in peace now?
Eat well!
Okay, all of you come,
let's discuss in home.
-I can't come trusting you.
When I'm sleeping, you may put me up
on sale as elephant doll on OLX.
No one will buy it.
How can we go on discuss like this?
Every issue has a solution, right?
What should I do to make you
come home with me?
It has a solution. Take it.
You're giving now!
I'll never give immediately on asking,
I'll always delay to give.
You said there's a way, what's that?
Look, you mustn't lie to anyone.
You mustn't cheat anyone.
Never go against your soul.
Show me by living like a good man,
I'll come back on seeing it.
Then, you'll never come to my home.
If I reform and become a good man,
people would suspect
and thrash me black and blue.
I may have to come in search of you.
Okay go and sleep
If not, I'll myself would thrash you.
-May I suggest an idea?
-What's it?
Just for tomorrow, I will take the risk
from morning to till midnight 12,
I'll live like a good man.
If I do it, you must do me
a favor in return.
Don't ask as you wish, make it reasonable.
-I'm not yet married too.
-It isn't a big deal.
If I live as a good man for a day,
can you show me your true form?
Gods photos have ten heads
and 20 hands, right?
Can you show your true form like that?
If you want to see all this,
you must watch Simbu film only.
Naan Kadavul Rajendra!
Okay, I'll show you my real form.
Can you bear to see it?
First show me, then,
let's see if I can bear it or not.
-Ask God, he'll never say no.
-This is confirmed, right?
You mustn't go back on promise.
Hey, am I like you humans?
You remember my conditions, right?
Mustn't cheat anyone.
Mustn't tell lies. Mustn't steal.
Help others.
I'll do all that.
-But on one condition.
You must show the form right
before my eyes.
Got it?
Do you know with whom you're dealing?
If you don't know about me,
just do what I told you.
That's okay, why did you bring me
to this place?
When you brought me alone here,
I thought you'd finish me here.
Why this place?
You say that I'm omnipresent.
Won't I be in here?
Oh, looks like he left this place
many years ago.
He is missing.
Oh God!
Take it.
What's it, Ganesan?
It seems you were searching
for someone, did you find him?
My wife eloped, searching for her,
would you like to join me?
-Get lost, man.
-Go, man.
-Brother, four idlis,
-I'm happy now.
two dosas and one pongal.
A banana bunch too.
So, it is indeed original?
Give a try pulling it.
Hey, who is he?
Already you owe me a lot.
You've a hungry mad man.
You're not doing business
because of your mouth.
Got it?
He's my paternal uncle's son.
I came here to offer him a job.
No! I'm here to seek job from him.
Hey, he brings people to cheat me.
Do you know how much he owes me?
He owes 2,400 rupees.
-Will you pay me?
-How can I pay you?
Don't you've sense?
Hey, you're having free food here,
how could it go down the throat?
See, like this.
Brother, old joke, please adjust.
At least settle my old balance.
Including the bunch
of bananas he's eating.
-Tomorrow, I'll surely--
-Will you pay him tomorrow?
Will you pay him?
Like him, get my payment
also from him, please.
What's this?
He's looking at Pillayar quite often.
Would he take loan
from Pillayar to pay me?
Man, who was eating bananas is missing.
Dictum one,
don't make others work look nasty.
Don't envy other's things.
Don't envy other's wife also.
If I tell them this,
would anyone stop to listen?
People are stubborn to do what they like.
They'll never reform, when asked,
they generation gap
Oh no.
Here comes Basha bhai.
I knew when I didn't find you in tea shop.
You'd be here only.
Generally, God gives food, but you
denied it the day you arrived, right?
When did I do it?
It was my mistake to promise
to be a good man till midnight.
Mani asked me,
when would I pay his dues?
I told him the truth that
I'd pay him after two weeks.
Then, he told me not now,
to come after two weeks.
So, you were lying all these days,
they believed you.
You told them a truth,
he didn't believe you.
Didn't believe me.
-Okay, Are you God or monster?
-If I sneeze, you'll vanish.
Do you appear to me only
or to all others too?
Am I Jithan Ramesh
to appear only to you?
Go, man.
What I thought was, I'm a VIP
and you appear only to me.
Not just to VIPs.
A man stands last at the gate, right?
God is same to him also.
Look, hair raising thrill!
You speak very well.
-Okay, you've to do this one last thing.
-Hey, don't ask me money,
I don't have printing machines to print.
I know I'll not get it from you.
-You must make a man believe it.
-What are you saying, man?
You must make a cheater to believe
that you're original.
For my confidence.
You mean people who say no God!
Even they've started believing God.
They don't accept publicly.
This is another type of cheater.
Tell me, who it is, man?
Come with me, I'll tell you.
Will you buy me rice dumplings?
-I'm hungry.
-I'll buy for you.
-Is it stomach or what?
-You must buy for me.
-Why don't you drink water?
-I drank water, that's why I'm hungry.
After eating,
Will you take me to watch film KGF-2?
I don't have any other option. Let's go.
If it is fight between man and wife,
they'll break household articles.
She has broken idols.
Useless woman.
Bro, I've seen him somewhere!
He landed here yesterday only.
How could you see him?
Doesn't look like that.
-Let me check it.
-Jesus calling me
Hello, brother! You're a tea master
opposite Vadapalani bus stand, right?
Buddy, they run a tea shop near my temple.
Jesus calling me
Hey, we're neck deep in problems,
should we add him too with it?
Get rid of him first.
I don't know if it is stomach or pot?
He's munching away bunches of sugarcane.
How can I?
I got it.
Wait, I'll come back.
You clean fishes in
Vanagaram fish stall, right?
I'm pure vegetarian.
I'll stab you with this, get lost, man.
Pure vegetarian.
And it seems he will stab me.
You're a security man with
Saravana Bhavan, right?
Yes, I'm security man,
but I'm not what you think I am.
I'm the security,
who puts uniform to this world.
-Got drunk early morning itself?
-Yes, I had water.
How do you acquaint such people?
He's a cheat to the core.
Looks like he got drunk early morning.
Look, don't push him on my head.
I can't take it.
Do you want me to believe him or not?
-No doubt, he's a fraud, buddy.
-How can you say it?
He says he's security to the world.
-How could he claim it?
-Hey, Michael!
Hold tightly from both sides.
Jasmine scent?
May I remind you something?
Velanganni Church.
Andheri Railway Station.
Sea shore bridge!
What's this damn life!
Getting dejected, you
tried to take a plunge.
Remember that?
You were smart in committing suicide too.
Instead of jumping into water,
jumped on an old woman washing clothes.
That old woman died to save your life.
Even that day, a person was sitting there
licking stick ice cream, remember that?
-I don't know.
But, I'm testing the same
face again and again.
Tell me few words about Ganesan.
He's a fraud to the core.
He open his mouth
only to eat and tell lies.
That's why I didn't believe you,
-don't mistake me.
-No problem.
-A small request.
My shop is nearby.
-If you come for few minutes.
-I don't like betel leaf.
Call me after closing the shop,
-I'll come.
-Oh God.
Jesus and Mary never come here.
Who said they didn't come here?
Just now, I met Jesus in Velachery.
-Saw him in Velachery?
Are you and Jesus friends?
Close friends, man.
It seems they're razing down the colony
and building a church.
He was feeling very bad
after hearing this news.
I pacified him with few words of comfort.
-You've to do one last help to me.
-This is the last third help.
No, this is the last.
-I swear.
I wanted to ask you, why are you
changing your look quite often, why?
That is Vinayagar Chathurthi
is coming in few days, right?
Get into the vehicle, man.
Should he tell you something? Get in.
Today I am looking directly god.
He is very simple.
Mallika sister!
I told you about a man on phone, right?
He's that person.
Greetings. Why her mouth
is going that side?
Hey, why are you looking at me so cheaply?
I'm asking you, right?
Why that poker face look at me?
Till now, she never looked
at anyone like this.
You're the first.
Sister, he's 100% pure
and original, sister.
I've checked him thrice.
Our Michael too checked him.
You too can check if you want to.
Whether you decide after checking
or without checking,
can't you just know looking at his face?
He's a fraud!
Is my face so worst?
Look, tell me, if you want I can get
sacred ash out of thin air.
-Or else make it rain!
-Or else--
-Get lost.
Don't get dejected for not respecting you.
Not even a useless man
would go out with him.
You claim to be God,
how could you spend a day with him?
Tell me, how can I believe you?
Forget about him, I'm really original.
We too have ID cards.
Your belief is our ID card.
-So, you won't leave me. Okay.
-No way.
I'll tell you a story,
if you answer me correctly,
I'll believe you. Okay?
Go ahead.
In a place, a father and a mother.
Two children.
Happy family.
One day, they went to offer prayers to
family deity as per custom and tradition.
They went very happily,
as they were nearing the place,
suddenly their car hit bridge
and drowned in water.
That's all.
There's an idol of God in car,
temple bell ring too was being heard.
No God saved them.
No answer, right?
Okay, forget it.
No problem, if he had taken
entire family to heaven,
but God left a woman to endure
pain and loneliness.
Till I get answer for these two questions,
I'll not believe any God,
I'll not go to any temple
to offer prayers.
Mother, there are more answer
in this world than questions.
God has no connection
with the death of a life.
Can't God save a life from death?
What's this justice?
They slaughter chicken and
goats in mutton shops.
Would God come directly to ask?
Those are also living beings, right?
Some travel go high speed
on bikes beyond the limit,
would God come and tell them to go slow?
Bus driver is drunk
and rolls down the bus.
Did God ask him to drink?
Look mother, when God creates each man,
he sends all of them with a power,
if one dies beyond that power,
that's his fate.
You mustn't accuse God for that.
Got it?
Okay, leaving that woman alone?
Who left that woman alone?
God loves that woman very much.
Every day, someone is eating
from her hands, right?
What greater deed is there in
this world than that?
I'm hungry now, go and get food to serve.
Throw away that stick.
-Go, clean the plate, I'll come.
-I'll come.
-Hello, sister told just now, right?
Who is that woman?
Hey, I told her I'm hungry,
didn't get it yet?
She's that woman.
Come, free loader.
What's that noise there?
Hello, Ganesa!
It's difficult.
It's very difficult for you all
to become good men.
From now onwards,
you'll be under my surveillance.
You can't cheat anyone.
I'll come on anyone's bike
to stand before you.
Watch out!
-You too remember my wish, right?
-What's it?
-Mammoth form, ten heads.
-Ten heads?
Sir my lord charity please.
May God bless you, sir.
In the water of mirage
Can eel swim in it?
Can water-lily grow in it?
If you tell
In a furious wind storm
Is it dust to fly away?
Will life change?
-Tell me, buddy.
Earlier day we met Pillayar
with local look, right?
Since then, whoever I see in that look,
I feel like seeing God.
-What are you saying, dude?
-Just now, I took a passenger
to Sridevi kuppam,
ask me, with whom?
Tell me.
-Sivan, Parvathi and Murugan.
-Did you take fare?
When I asked, where's Vinayagar?
He said he has gone aunty's house.
Who is his aunty?
-Hey, tell me.
Sitting before me, he's playing PUBG game.
-Where is he sitting?
-I'll call you later.
-It'll sail
-It'll sail
-Time will sail like ship
-Acting 100 types disguise
-Changing without rest
But time will going
Acting disguise
Front of eye
Coming lies in crores
Nobody tells facts and lies
Life is like water bubble
Look at shade
Looking fact that time
-Greetings, sir.
-Tell me.
Earlier one day when you
wanted to go to temple,
I wantonly took you round about,
I charged you extra fare too.
-I know, son.
-Please forgive me, sir.
I know, sir.
We've been visiting that temple
for 13 years now.
But still, I knew you were
taking us round about.
You needed money that day,
I knew that's why you took the long route.
But still, no problem.
Keep the money with you.
Continues stage
It will continue
-Time is running
-Acting 100 disguise
-Changing without taking rest
No paise needed brother
But periods going on
Making disguise
Come here.
Brother Ranganna!
That money
Keep the money with you.
No emergency.
You can take time to give.
Then, for marriage expenses?
Daughter's marriage canceled.
Food is ready.
Brother Ranganna
I don't have money with me.
I had come to tell you this
and it'll take some time, brother.
No problem, don't get tensed for it.
Let it take time.
Boss, I am getting late.
Shall I go to my room?
What's the time now?
Why are you leaving so early?
Time is 9:45 p.m. only.
-Hey, don't fall down. Give it to me.
-I've work.
Come early tomorrow morning, go.
Sister I'm going.
-Go, boy.
-Boss, good night.
Good night? Hey
What happened? Why are you dull?
I'm thinking about our Ganesan only.
He's hiding something from you.
I think he's in some trouble.
He's not talking openly.
You call him on phone.
How many times should I call?
Already called him four times.
-He's not answering the calls.
-I'm telling you, right?
He's having some problem,
he's not sharing it with us.
Try calling him again.
Come here
Is he sitting here?
Being good man for a day,
I got everything.
Except a thrashing.
-Would you like to eat raw mango?
-Hey, don't irritate me.
-I don't know.
You haven't fulfilled any
of my wishes till now.
Thank God, you stopped
Ranganna's daughter's marriage.
I'm happy for it.
It wasn't for your wish.
It was another plan.
Okay. How did your one day go?
I needn't have to tell you,
you know everything, right?
You'd have seen everything, right?
-I didn't see.
You delivered punch lines that day.
Time is 12, I've been a good for one day.
Mammoth form!
I think he doesn't know
Viswaroopam film's release.
Still four minutes remain to strike 12.
Am I right?
I'm very hungry.
Near railway gate,
you'll find Salim bhai's shop.
Can you get two dosas for me?
Along with it, get me a vada also.
-Then, mammoth form is cheating me?
I don't cheat anyone.
You'll get a phone call, answer it.
You'll get the call again, answer it.
-Hey, tell me, Mahesh.
-Urgent, buddy. Where are you?
I'm rushing in emergency,
I'll call you later, cut it.
-Mammoth form?
-I'll show you.
First attend this customer.
This is also a deal.
The way you're doing,
it appears like an escape plan.
Where would I escape?
I'll be rolling somewhere here only.
My mouth is sour after eating raw mango,
will you get salt while coming?
-At midnight
-What's it?
asking me to get salt, damn!
Let me know you're a fraud,
you'll face the music!
I haven't asked you anything
to ponder so much.
Finally he shows up!
Buddy! How many calls should I make?
I was calling you for an emergency, right?
What's that emergency at night?
Were you trying some crooked thing?
-No one can harm me.
Very important day.
No crooked thing, I was going to
station urgently to drop a person.
My vehicle had a flat tyre.
-That guy.
This elderly man?
Who is he?
Looks like can't get
a penny also from him.
After reaching station and what if he
says no money, what would you do?
Hey, he's visually handicapped person.
He won't cheat.
Eyes and ears are not
necessary to cheat anyone.
Buddy, I know him very well.
-You know Alapakkam Udhaya Press, right?
-He was working there.
In fact our Mallika sister
too knows him very well.
Mallika sister knows every Tom,
Dick and Harry here.
What do you want me to do now?
Don't talk like this,
he has already lost his vision.
Two weeks ago, he got operated
another eye too.
Lost vision in that eye also.
Now, he has lost vision in both eyes.
Poor man.
Since he's blind, he was removed from job.
He's jobless now, so he's returning
to native place.
Why are you so sad?
No need to pay the fare.
Free ride.
What's your name?
What is your name?
Your name your name what?
Ghulam Rana Muhammad.
Ghulam Rana Muhammad?
Never heard this name earlier.
Ghulam Rana Muhammad.
Good namegood name.
Big name.
My name is small Ganesh.
Good name.
Very good name Ganesh.
Your name is too long,
so I'll call you as maternal uncle.
Okay? Uncle.
I knew when I put sandalwood paste.
I shouldn't have washed it.
38 years ago!
When I first visited this place,
it was raining cats and dogs
and cold like this,
in that cold, I started
my life in this city.
Now, when I'm returning home,
The same rain, the same cold.
But, one difference.
I can never see this
rain again in my life.
That's the difference.
I can never see the rain again.
But, chillness of it is stored inside me.
-How much, brother?
-30 rupees.
Take it.
Shall we go, uncle?
Uncle, just a minute.
I'm very hungry, near railway gate,
you'll find Salim bhai's shop,
can you get me two dosas?
Yes, Uncle. Over here.
Sit down.
Your bag.
Uncle, your ticket.
Okay uncle
I'll take leave nowI'll go.
May I tell you a word?
It may never happen.
But, still
Let's meet again.
Whenever it rains in my life,
I would remember you only.
Okay, go carefully.
Okay? Bye, uncle.
-May God be your guardian.
-Okay, go carefully, uncle.
-Take care of him
-No problem brother good
-Tell me, sister.
-Reached home?
No, sister.
I'm going to Rajasthan, sister.
Why did you go to Kasimedu?
Not Kasimedu,
I'm going to Rajasthan, sister.
Rajasthan means north
Indian state Rajasthan?
Did you go to Rajasthan in auto?
-I'm going in a train, sister.
Hey, tell me so that I can understand.
I don't know sister
why I am entering this train.?
Suddenly I felt like going,
so I went with him, sister.
What's this?
Are you going that far with 1,000
-I gave you last evening?
-Yes, sister.
Shall I send money on Google pay?
-Okay, sister.
-But you must repay on return.
Did you park our auto in a safe place?
I've parked it in a safe place,
you don't worry, sister.
Stay safe.
Keep in touch over phone.
-Tell me, what's going on?
-Okay, sister.
At least there, our Pillayar
heyhe cut the call.
Mad boy!
Far away sky
Far away sky
Slowly dawning
Caressing heart like lilting music
Sky is crouching
A time when life is touched
My heart
Soaring high says sky is enough for me
Blowing wind reaches after
caressing many hearts
Who knows the hurdles it faced
Who knows the path of knowledge
that has reached us?
As companion of life's journey
It is alone
Who would accompany
In this journey of life?
To shower as rain
Why do you need address?
Like water waves, life is full of ripples
My address
Life interfere temptation
Just like water waves
Hips movement in dancing
To join a new path
It becomes a new answer
Like an answer in near future
Wisdom dawns in the sky
Throwing light
Who would accompany
In this journey of life?
To shower as rain
Why do you need address?
Thank God, I saw you.
If not we would gone around quite a lot.
That's why, you're
taking me around, right?
How long would we go around,
only he knows it!
I was working in the press for 38 years.
Whenever I visited home
every year initially,
my heart used to pound so much
to stand facing my wife.
Like I'm seeing her for the first time.
Today, I'm going home after ten years.
My heart is pounding more
than earlier times.
What would happen to me
when I see her?
What is he saying?
I understood about press,
what else was he talking about?
He still loves his wife so much.
He's going to see her
after ten years, right?
That's why, a vibration in him.
Uncle, you love your wife so much,
why didn't you meet her all these years?
Ganesha, there's poison in every heart.
Poison of selfishness
takes over the heart.
I'm very fair, after roaming with him,
I've become fairer by few more shades.
Uncle! How long should we travel
to reach your home?
-You see the place Talar.
-Name of a place there.
-My home is just before that.
We'll go now, first
we'll see a shop there.
Jainand Stores.
It belongs to my friend Yogesh.
My childhood friend.
He has kept a Ganpati's photo there.
My home is right opposite to it.
We'll reach there in just two hours.
What he says is,
if we travel for two hours,
we'll get a shop there,
it seems there's a photo in the shop,
it seems the shop belongs to his friend.
He says his home is next to it.
Had he told me two days earlier,
we would've never found his home.
Uncle, control yourself
on seeing your wife.
You're not young like earlier times.
Did you see his happiness?
Bro, that Vinayagar photo.
Vinayagar that shop only.
Yes, there only there only.
-What did he say his name was?
Check, if he's here.
Yogeshwarji! Your friend!
-Ghulam, my brother.
My friend.
-I am
I am blind now.
I can't see you now.
-What are you saying?
He's Ganesh, he has come with me
from Chennai.
-He's Vicky.
-We befriended Vicky on the way.
Yogeshwar, I explained them the route
but we couldn't find it easily.
Please take me to home.
Accompany me, please.
He is his friend.
Ghulamji told yesterday about
poison in humans, right?
It is selfishness, right?
Look there!
Not a speck in him!
But, every other member in his family
has only that poison in heart.
His wife and children have told locals
that Ghulam has died in Chennai.
To make them believe it,
they conducted his obsequies too.
I too believed them.
In fact, I participated
in his funeral too.
He was like an elder brother to me.
I really don't know how
to explain him all this.
They coolly discarded Ghulam.
Without knowing this,
they conducted funeral rites to him.
He's struggling how to explain
this to Ghulamji.
But, there must be some reason
for keeping away a person for long.
Is reason any big deal for humans?
There could be a reason.
That's why, Ghulam
didn't come home for years.
He's so happy, he hopes to be happy
tomorrow on reaching home.
Vicky, we should've
told the truth to Ghulam.
Definitely, he must know it.
Why should a man carry so much burden
without committing any mistake?
I think he must surely know it, Vicky.
He must know it.
How to tell him?
Children on seeing!
They'll jump and dance.
They'll celebrate it.
Let's all go together there.
I'll try to talk to them.
I'm very good in talking lies right?
I'll use my talking skill to unite you
with the family, uncle.
They've buried me body and soul.
I don't have any place thereno place.
But still
If my absence is happiness to them.
We mustn't spoil it.
You both leave now,
you've to travel a long way.
your problems will not end with this.
Take this.
All my years of saving is in this.
-No, uncle
-You take it, please.
-No, uncle
-I don't want.
-Take it, please.
-Please take it.
-I'll not take it.
-No, I don't want, uncle.
-Rajendra, got betel leaves?
-Just now opened the shop after Corona.
Looks like they'll never vacate the place.
-You haven't take two injections, right?
-Hey, first wash your mouth, man.
You first wash your hand.
You're scratching dirty areas.
Hey, wherever Ganesan went,
Vinayagar was there too.
Doesn't Ganesan know that?
When God sits next to anyone,
it is not so easy to recognize him.
Vinayagar, who is with Ganesan,
how would he look like?
By chance if he sits next to me,
what if I scold him without knowing it!
He'll fry me in hot oil, right?
What's your problem now?
You want to know how Vinayagar would look,
who was with Ganesan, right?
Close your eyes.
If I close my eyes, trying to escape
without paying the bill.
Hey, only if you close your eyes, you can
see Vinayagar, who was with Ganesan.
Got it? Shut your eyes and see.
Sir, big heart! Do you've scented soda?
-Not sold to pigs.
-No to pigs?
Okay, let me see how
you'll leave this shop!
-I didn't have a heart, sister.
-Good, son.
Had you left him there,
I wouldn't have let you into the home.
My younger brother Ganesan
is very good boy.
When he went with you,
I knew he wouldn't leave you there.
You've come back to your own home.
We're your family, welcome.
Sir, come carefully.
I know a Marwari girl, from whom
I've learnt to make Rajasthani dishes.
I've prepared many dishes, you'd love it.
Look, all these boys eat what I cook!
They love Malli sister's meals.
Mother, I'll never call
you as Mallika sister.
I'll call you as Mallika mother.
Just lightning only for today.
No rain.
Oh! Are you here?
I'm here for half an hour.
Where were you? Missing for few days?
I gave a small gap.
Earlier that day, I took a passenger
last time, right?
It went straight and stopped in Rajasthan.
I know, it's too hot there, right?
Yes, you saw me there also, right?
Why didn't you talk to me there?
No need, you'll tell some reason for it.
Just now, I left a person to stay
in Mallika sister's house.
His name is
-Ghulam Rana Muhammad.
I really don't know
if he's Jesus, Allah or Sivan!
Of late now, whoever I see,
I see him like a God.
-Is it?
-You've turned my faith upside down.
The moment you started
to see God in others,
you've become humane!
Ganesa, you wanted
to see my real form, right?
-Would you like to see?
-Oh no, enough of what I had seen already!
I'll see your mammoth form later.
Hey, every man must see it.
See, man!
Ganesa! Where all you
went in search of me!
But, you didn't search for me
in one place, right?
Your heart is the temple!
That's you!
You're God!
You made a wish to see
my mammoth form, right?
In fact, you're that mammoth form too.
Got it now, Ganesa?
Even when sleeping, keep an eye
What's it, boy?
What's it?
Brother, give me the bill.
Why are you rushing, boy?
-I've ordered chilly fritters for us.
-Chilly fritters?
Hey! Are you Vinayagar?
Should I believe it?
Bloody, he ate like a gargantuan
since morning.
Pay full bill and leave the place.
How can I have money, boy?
You're a cheat!
Hey, who are you calling a cheat?
Hey, shall I get sacred ash
-out of thin air?
Don't do all those magic tricks
near my shop.
Hey, keep quiet, man.
If you've a pot belly, are you Vinayagar?
Vinayagar means, he must have tusks.
He must have a trunk.
Overall, he must look beautiful.
With a demon like face,
are you Vinayagar?
Well said, boy.
Hey, I was telling you the story till now,
am I mad man or what?
-I knew morning itself.
-What's this, Rajendra?
You were cooking up tales till now,
infact I'm mad listening that crap.
I've wasted my time and energy on you.
If I see you again in this area,
Just get lost.
-Go to juvenile home?
-Hey, before you go to juvenile home,
pay my bill and go.
Did I eat? He ate everything,
-take money from him.
-Wait, I'm coming.
-Vinayagar! Did you see his face?
-Oh God!
-Hey, wait.
-Brother, see he hit me and ran away.
What's this, brother?
-Hey, pay for whatever you ate!
-I don't have a penny with me, brother.
-Brother, shall I find your eloped wife
-Hit him.
and settle the account?
-Don't you like my peaceful life?
-No, brother.
Wash the vessels for ten days
in my shop, got it?
Don't worry, I'll wash
entire shop, brother.
What's all this, man?