Yaanum Theeyavan (2017) Movie Script

(Smoking is injurious to health)
(Smoking is injurious to health)
How dare you have parked it
in the middle of the road?
Don't you have common sense?
Move it right away.
Let me go.
Let me go you bunch of morons.
How dare you hang a policeman like this?
Let me go. Let me go.
My head is spinning.
Let me go.
You will regret when I come back.
(Smoking is injurious to health)
(Smoking is injurious to health)
(Shouts out of fear)
Light it up now.
He is responsible
for all the traumas in my life.
All I wanted was to fall
madly in love with a girl.
So deeply that I should go to
any extent for the love I have for her.
Crossing all hurdles and marrying the girl
I love, is altogether a euphoric state.
But I had to cross
more hurdles than I expected.
In the form of this Demon.
I am bad too.
And the next team to perform
will be "The Akademy"
Swamiji's Audio hasn't come yet.
You said she's sick, but she's here?
Ask her.
I heard you are not keeping well,
how come you are here?
College Last Culturals - "The Akademy"
Mike is performing, How can I miss this?
Hmmm...Something's Fishy.
"A hundred desires flash in my heart
Who will I reach out to?"
"Like cotton on fire eyes are burning
You douse with water"
"Since I set my eyes on you
My heart is swaying with desire"
"You are a story untold
Will you narrate?"
"With just half my eyes
I saw you"
"Who oh who is she"
"Is there any ceiling for love?
Is it held captive by the two eyes?"
"Oh if you are enticed
by liquor like love"
"I will never fall asleep
if I continue to exist"
"Will I also get into a
situation like this?"
"If it happens will my
life be like a rainbow"
"If I am afraid of this
anything will happen"
"Express your love the moment
you set your eyes on me"
"I feel I have been in love for four years"
"It is a thought which is
always lingering around me"
"I feel dizzy when evening creeps in"
"Why should I hesitate to express
my love whole heartedly?"
"You are a moon who move
with me the whole day"
"My life is lost when you are not around"
"If you are with me
I forget my loneliness"
"I should be one with you,
I will wait for you"
What's wrong with you?
She likes you
Do you even realize it?
Yes I do.
What are you planning to do?
What will I do?
I will tell her soon.
When are you planning to tell?
Wait and Watch.
"The day you express your love
My heart will dance and sing"
"Come close to me
And give me an answer"
"I see you in front of me"
"You are my life"
"You are my love"
Are you sure? Is that him?
Welcome home son.
We sent you to a college
to study and excel in your career.
And you end up singing and
asking out a girl in public?
When are you going to elope with her?
When are you going to bring
my name down in this society?
You came to my college culturals, Didn't you?
No, I didn't.
How dare you tell them?
Stop you brat.
One fine day don't bring some random girl
say she's your wife.
We shouldn't allow this grow,
you gotta be careful with him.
He's not a kid anymore.
We have no choice about that.
Attention to all of you!
An Important announcement.
Please sit Sir.
Our Dear Mike,
will be treating everyone of us here
- Dine with Wine.
After that we have movie plans, After that
Mike will drop Soumya back home
and come back with heavy heart.
Don't you have a watch?
Oh God! I can't take
this fellow being in Love.
You came to shoot me or what?
Hey you!
Get inside soon.
She's here, and I want to sit next to her.
But isn't it always like this?
Just go back, I will kill you.
It's already 6:30 PM
Will we reach on time? When I have told
you guys the original time of the movie?
You guys will anyways delay,
the movie is actually at 7:00 PM.
The arrow is going...
Falling in love is fine,
but don't blush, it sucks.
Just miss
It's mine.
Everyone is romancing around
and she wants the popcorn.
Hey! Look there.
Take it all yourself.
I shouldn't have married this species.
Ok Bye, I am leaving.
Come here!
Don't expect brownies on a daily basis,
drink milk and sleep today.
Do any of you know who Pasupathy is?
No Sir.
Lights Off.
Pipe Prakash
These three rogues are
the main sidekicks of Pasupathy.
He raped a 12 year old girl
when he was 15.
He was sent to
the Juvenile for this crime.
He was also
in a mental asylum for a year.
Near Chengalpet , a 15 years old boy
who raped a 12 years girl was arrested
He is a Psychotic Sadistic Bastard.
His reactions are unpredictable
to his own people.
One more important thing,
He and his gang of 3
have never be accused legally.
"We should hide so
his eyes cant spy"
"Know everything without
his knowledge"
"Walk like the wind
without any footsteps"
"Like quietly without
anyones knowledge"
"After receiving information
dont be idle"
"Come in search of leader and
give correct informations"
This is called 'Temerity'
You moron!
(Smoking is injurious to health)
(Smoking is injurious to health)
Are you blowing the conch?
"Entire their territory
and beat them up"
"Even if fear it
should not be shown"
"Get angry without any reason"
"Always have sparks
of murder in the eyes"
"You should have a gang
following your orders"
"They should learn
to be faithful to you"
"Your fame should
spread all over"
"The whole world
should fear for you"
"Enemy will think before
approaching you"
"Without thinking break his nose"
"He should fear after seeing
your stamp on his face"
"From now your walk
should be that of a lion"
"Your troop should
turn over the city"
"Get the money and divide it"
"Get friendly with the cops"
"Enter the prison now and then"
"Higher leaders should contact you"
This is called 'Reigning'
"Now itself everyone
know about you"
"Anyone might call you"
"From now this is your future"
"Caste and political
parties will invite you"
"Calling shots is now yours"
"From now your
duties are increasing"
"Know your future from now"
"Know your future from now"
"You are the leader
for every days news"
"You are the news"
It is called
Cutting limbs
Just do and grow up
Somebody will hire you
to kill the people
Complete your task
kill them and move on
Come what may obstacles
face it bravely
Leader! Consider me as your brother
Think how to become a leader
Let it head or tail
Life is once for all
Kill that leader
You take over that place
This is called assassin
Lights On!
Apart from his first murder,
the remaining 21 murders
have no proof or case filed.
In fact, the bodies were never recovered.
An even more important things is
He has Minister Sethuramalingam's backing.
I am going to retire in another 6 months.
I am planning
to close his case before that.
More than this being a social service,
I have a personal motto in this case.
So boys, This shall remain under covers.
Thank you sir.
This is the first time
we are speaking as proper boy friend
- girl friend, do you realize that?
That too the word was "BYE"
Don't giggle, I want to talk to you,
we are going for dinner now.
I will come and pick you up. Ok?
It's already 8.
I don't care, I'll be downstairs in 15 minutes,
you get ready you are coming, bye.
Dude, my girlfriend is calling,
I am leaving.
Dude, You only called her.
Don't savage me, bye.
So, Where do you want to go Soumya?
For Dinner.
Actually Mike, I am not hungry,
I had my dinner at 7:30 PM.
I came just to talk to you.
OK, Lets talk then.
Here? In the car? Seriously?
I wanna go for a long walk.
Long walk right?
Super, We will go.
Talk Now.
You talk.
I asked you to talk.
When I see you, I am not able to talk.
Then talk to me.
How much did you pay for her?
Where did you get her? Dude, She's irresistible
Get details Dude.
No Urgency, We are not impatient, you finish off
and send, we will be drinking that side.
Here comes the Wonder Woman.
I think She's already turned on.
Stop, you lady
Don't act smart and try and escape.
That's the limit for you.
Don't give me that look you moron.
Hey! What's happening there?
Nothing Bro. Come off.
Coming Bro!
Mike listen to me come.
What were you doing there?
That's nothing bro, that guy was with
a hot chick, so we were checking her out.
Is she his fling or girlfriend?
Girlfriend bro, That's why
we didn't do anything.
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Keep the bottle down and talk.
Or else he would have dated her for years.
Don't get him started, he will start
narrating the whole story.
Sorry Soumya, I didn't expect
our first date to spoil like this.
It's not your fault, Mike
I spoiled it by calling you
for a long walk.
No, Its not because of you,
those morons were...
What are you looking at?
I never knew you can abuse so well.
Please forget everything
and sleep well, OK?
Please try and reduce using abusive words.
"Come what may
Evil will win"
Where are we going?
Shut up and come.
Tell me dude.
One small problem.
What's your problem? Let me know,
I can help you by fighting, Throbastha...
Hey! Shut your mouth.
I lead a thug life as well bro.
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Look down!
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
This fellow! Didn't we warn him
and ask him to leave?
Check if the chick is in the car.
He's come back bro.
18 years and 21 murders
I have seen almost everything in life.
But never have I ever got beaten up
by a kid like this.
He has no idea what he has done.
But, One day I will catch hold of him.
"Even beyond your thoughts
evil only will kill"
What did you just do?
That's nothing bro.
When I came with Soumya,
I had a rift with these guys,
It's not too safe to handle
the situation with a girl by my side,
That's why I dropped her and got you here.
Not that bro, how did you
knockout everyone in few seconds?
My dad made me join these boxing classes
when I was young.
Back then I didn't understand,
But now its useful.
Oh yeah? Why did you bring me
in the first place?
If something happens to me,
we need a contact person know, that's why.
So, you didn't bring me here to fight?
Soumya, your dad is calling,
respond to him.
Soumya...Your dad...
I don't know how you are addicted to it,
What's there in it?
Full time you sit with your whatsApp.
Your dad is calling, respond to him first.
What's up dad?
Sign in marked places in this form.
What's this?
It's your Visa paper.
Admission confirmed,
your student pass has arrived.
All these forms are formality,
Just sign it here.
Come Again dad,
You are going to stay
at Seetharaman Uncle's house.
And you know his son Lakshmipathy?
Very nice guy.
He works for Deloitte.
He's earning good money there.
It's my life
Wouldn't you consider asking me
before doing anything like this?
Why should I ask? Till today we have done
everything perfect for you.
Then why should we ask?
This is not like that dad.
I am going to someone else's house and
lead my life. So I should get to decide this.
You sound like you have already decided?
Yes I am in Love.
Soumya!!! Micheal?
Don't plan to bring in
any Micheal or David.
You are leaving to Netherlands in 4 days,
No more arguments.
Why are you crying?
Every parent does the same.
Blackmail by death.
Why are you offended
for these silly blackmail?
Why would they die after you leave?
Then why in the first place
do you think they had me?
I am still a school student, Do you think
they will leave me alone and die?
You stop thinking about this and
starting thinking about what to do.
Tell me! Tell Me!
Speak properly.
Are you crying?
What happened?
My dad is sending me to Netherlands.
He wants me to get married to
my Uncle's son Lakshmipathy who is there.
Let it Go! I will take care.
In 4 days Mike.
In 4 days?
Ya, Please do something.
OK, you don't worry, I will take care.
You...better go to the airport.
I told you I will take care. Believe me.
Ya OK.
I will take care Bye. Bye.
Soumya, I think you will be back
only after three months.
Did you take all your things properly?
I packed it for her.
Soumya, Are you angry with me?
No dad.
Whatever dad does is for your good only.
Don't get offended dear.
OK Mom. Seetha Uncle will come
to pick you up there.
Give me a call immediately
after you land there.
OK Mom, its time for my boarding, Bye...
Soumya...Your Passport.
Soumi, please have a safe journey.
Your parents left and I am standing outside,
Will you come out or should I come in?
They left? Awesome, I am coming.
Hold it! I will have it in the front.
Super job Mike, Unbelievable.
What's our next plan?
I don't know.
OK, the let me call my brother first.
No, keep your phone inside.
Why? Just keep it inside.
Why? Its more than enough
if you just come.
"In the night time of pooja
who it is butting inside"
Dude! Don't tell me eloped with her.
Don't shout.
How much money do you have? Its better
if you book a room in a hotel for a month.
How on earth? If there is any Police Raids,
Its an open insult to our dignity.
Look at his disgusting thoughts.
They have already taken
a lot of risk and eloped,
Why don't we take the same risk
and get them married.
Dude! Guess what, you are right.
Its not easy to get married. We need
a legal moral support in the first place.
Your dad is a CEO and her dad
is a college correspondent.
Both bloody big shots in the society.
If they use their influence,
We all will be behind the bars.
Legal moral support?
Shall I call my Uncle?
Is he a police?
No! Chennai's leading Criminal...Rowdy?
I meant Criminal Lawyer.
The great advocate Sundaramurthi.
Hello Uncle, This is Madhumitha here.
Hi Madhumitha, How are you?
I am fine Uncle, How are you?
I am on the way to the Jail.
Jail? Why?
If I go to Jail only a lot of people
will get their Bail.
I am going to meet a client inside,
Isn't that my profession?
How's your husband Kumki Panda?
Let me know if he creates any problem,
We will send him a divorce notice.
He's not worth it, I will take care.
But one more important thing Uncle,
Yes, tell me dear.
2 of my friends eloped out of their houses.
You should only help us out in this Uncle.
Ok I will come there by 9:30 AM OK?
Pickup the Phone, its ringing.
Hello! What happened? Soumi didn't
come in the flight that you had mentioned.
Has she missed it in the transit or what?
She didn't come?
Seetha, did you see properly?
Why would I lie?
No but we dropped her at the airport.
She didn't come
She didn't do check-in in Abu Dhabi Transit
Didn't do check-in?
I'll check and call you back
Dear! Seetha called me
Soumya didn't even check in
at the Abu Dhabi transit.
I am scared that
she would have missed her flight.
Give me my phone.
Hello! Hey Hussain!
Soumya hasn't reached Netherlands,
her name is not even in the immigration list.
I am Panicking.
Can you please check on her?
Give me 10 minutes,
I will check and get back.
What? He is asking for 10 minutes time,
he will check and get back.
Hussain is calling you
Soumya has checked in from Chennai and
has missed the flight right here in Chennai.
What happened?
I thought so this will happen, I definitely
thought so this will happen.
This is all a part of plan for her.
You do one thing, Call all her friends and check
and bloody get me that Mike's house address.
What's your problem sir?
There are a lot of
misunderstandings between us.
Please don't keep any of that in mind.
Actually I am here to ask you for help.
What happened?
Don't feel bad Raghunathan,
I have been seeing her since her childhood.
She is more like a daughter to me
Thank you, sir
- He is Mr.Jayaprakash
- Inspector of Police, Selayur.
What can I do for you?
I am here to discuss something
very important here.
Your son Mike...
What's happened to Mike? Accident?
Nothing to worry, nothing like that sir.
Your son Mike kidnapped
a girl from the Airport.
Shruti, please go up dear.
No I won't go. Police uncle has come,
he will take you and go.
Listen to me
Go up
Mike was singing for a girl in the college
function right? What was that girl's name?
I think...its Soumya...Why dad?
Ok, you go up.
Ok dad.
Sorry sir.
I didn't expect this to go till what it is
I should have warned him earlier.
Didn't notice properly.
Actually I didn't know it was your son.
All these things are just for a formality.
No sir, the mistake is also on our side.
What should we do now?
Do you have any idea about where they are?
Please take this,
Thank you!
Sir, is my son OK?
You don't worry madam,
We can investigate
only if you give us any clue.
Your son's usual chilling spots
or something of that kind,
Do you know anything of that sorts?
Maybe to our Bangalore guest house?
No way, not possible.
I remember him saying
about a friend in Adyar.
Arun! Arun!
There is a married couple in Adyar sir.
Arun I guess! Do you have their address?
Phone number? Can you SMS?
Yes, I will send an SMS.
I will keep in touch with you
every one hour.
If Mike reaches you by phone
please let me know.
Ok sir, Sure Sir.
Thank you.
Hi My dear.
Please Come in Uncle.
How are you darling?
Thank you so much for coming uncle.
You are totally disappointing.
I called you to talk about that only.
Sit...sit down
Please take a seat uncle.
Hey Kumki Panda,
always sitting in the house.
Uncle I told you right?
These both are the lovers, Mike and Soumya.
They both are madly in love.
Her father suddenly asked her to leave
out of the country for higher studies.
But Mike eloped with her from the airport.
You showed your skills in the Airport?
Darling, if you are into some good things,
I will be the first person to help you.
Thank you Uncle, Thank you.
What's your name?
Micahel sir.
Your dad's name?
Joseph sir, He's the CEO
of Triple Dots company.
Oh IT company is it?
Yes sir.
Jerome College correspondent...
Oh...Jerome's daughter right?
No no, College Correspondent's daughter.
Thank god!
You go back home.
You take the next flight and
go abroad to study.
I have some important work in the court.
Sir Sir!!!
Cup is hotter than tea??
Double strong in what you want?
OK, sit down.
You foul mouth, do something.
Do you have any idea what you have done?
Kidnapping, Rape, Section under 366
Non-bailable offense.
These love and relationships will last only
for 6 months, then everything will fade away.
You both will get separated.
Then all the blame will fall
on this innocent girl.
I am very strong sir.
Oh that confident?
You cute girl?
I am equally strong from my side Uncle.
Oh you are strong as well?
Then wedding only.
Yes sure, that too we have to get them
married before 11:30 in the morning.
Madhu, you please don't fix the time.
There are a lot of other formalities.
Dude, you take my assistant and go to
the commissioner office and register a complaint.
You please go and buy
all the wedding related stuffs.
Hey boys and girls,
Let's do the marriage first.
Yes tell me sir,
did you get any information?
Sir, both of them have reached
the commissioner office.
Why sir? They claim they
are major and want to
get married you are threatening
them to stop the wedding.
Commissioner just sent them
to Santhome register office.
Sorry Sir.
Everything is legal, I couldn't do much.
My dad!
What the hell is this?
You sinner!
Do you think
you will survive with all this?
From your first school bag to your latest car,
everything is as per your wish.
But dad, you will definitely like Soumya.
Don't dare call me
your dad or her your mom.
Its not wrong on your part to like a girl.
But the decision you took is very wrong.
But I had no choice mom.
please keep in touch Mike.
Time will heal everything, don't worry.
All the best Mike.
Hey Madhu, as per our plan everything
has happened, you are happy now?
Oh really happy uncle,
Thank you uncle, Thank you so much.
What plans do we have for their stay?
Sir, we are yet to plan on that.
In fact I have an interview
in Bangalore in a week.
Until that maybe...
Don't mistake me Soumya.
My parents are going
to stay here for a couple of weeks,
I hope you understand.
I know about your parents,
I won't make you listen to their cribs.
I will try some other place...
Hello, Wait wait wait...
Why search elsewhere?
Actually I am going to Australia
for Singam 3 shooting.
You both can stay at my place until then.
You are going as the bench man right?
They will cut you off citing budget reasons.
Don't act too smart
Where is the location?
I am sure no one has seen
such a location in Chennai.
You can stay there
for a couple of weeks dude.
I will talk to my house owner.
Comfort level is a disadvantage,
but you can adjust right?
This is a timely help dude.
That's an exotic location.
These are my friends,
This is Michael and this is Soumya.
Thanks, sister
Come up dude, there is just one key.
Adjust to it
Bye! Bye!
Don't sleep off for this weather.
First take bath and come.
Then I will take bath and come.
What are you looking at so seriously?
What's your sister's name?
Serena. Why?
She's too cute.
Who her? She's notorious brat.
She's the one who told my parents about us.
What happened?
My brother is the one
who encouraged me to come with you.
I didn't talk to him after I came out.
Give me your phone.
What's my brother in law telling?
Why are you so silent?
Hey What happened?
How big a thing have I done Mike?
How bad my parents would have felt know?
They can't even step out of the house Mike.
Just few more days, we can talk
to them and sort things out.
I have come here only because of you Mike.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Its good know...
Have your breakfast first.
One bread, Jam and Nutella,
is this what you call a breakfast?
You like it right?
Ya I do.
What are you going to do?
I am going to eat it.
Eat it directly from there.
"This moment is a moment of happiness
There is no one apart from us"
"The joy of being alone
Will invite us to make mistakes"
"Colours will change in
the corner of our eyes"
"Our dream will be heavy with our love"
"Both the hearts will cross
their boundary at night"
"When night and moon bind together"
"On the spongy soft lap flowing hair
And moustache with dance"
"Moon...moon...moon my
Moon....moon...moon my"
"Love you are"
"You were born for me"
"Moon...moon...moon my
Moon....moon...moon my"
"Love you are"
"You were born for me"
"Your vision is in my eyes
Your fee are in my path"
"Your silence is in my words
We are one"
"You are the colours I am the rainbow"
"You are the rose flower
and I am the protective thorn"
"You are the kisses I am the lips
We are together"
"When night and moon bind together"
"On the spongy soft lap flowing hair
And moustache with dance"
"Moon...moon...moon my
Moon....moon...moon my"
"Love you are"
"You were born for me"
"Moon...moon...moon my
Moon....moon...moon my"
"Love you are"
"You were born for me"
"This moment is a moment of happiness
There is no one apart from us"
"The joy of being alone
Will invite us to make mistakes"
"Colours will change in
the corner of our eyes"
"Our dream will be heavy with our love"
"Both the hearts will cross
their boundary at night"
"When night and moon bind together"
"On the spongy soft lap flowing hair
And moustache with dance"
"Love bound us together"
"A beautiful never ending story"
"You are my love"
"I am born for you"
"Love bound us together"
"A beautiful never ending story"
"You are my love"
"I am born for you"
On which basis did you
come out of the airport that day?
Don't ask me all that.
A baby is told
who his/her dad is by its mother,
But no one teaches who his/her mother is.
Few things will happen automatically,
you are one of that kind.
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Please have it
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Sir, you have a call.
Yes Manimaran, tell me.
Sir I need to talk about
something very important.
If you tell me when you are free,
I will come in person and meet you.
I am in Cochin.
I will be back to Chennai by tonight.
If its really an emergency
please lets talk it out in phone itself.
Sir, Vadapalani Inspector Mr. Raghuvaran
missing case has taken a new turn now.
According to all the sources,
It's Pasupathy who has done it.
Pasupathy not possible Manimaran.
He's our guy.
He won't come into your department issues,
What are you saying?
No Sir, the information is very authentic.
And missing pattern is also the same.
I understand Manimaran, I will talk to
you later or maybe in the morning.
Ok Sir.
Ah...Thank you.
Ask Pasupathy to come and
visit me tomorrow morning.
Come in Pasupathy, had lunch?
I had it sir, When did you come?
I came in last night's flight.
Sit down.
Its ok sir, you sit down.
I said sit down.
Who's marked all your body?
I was drunk and high on alcohol he
didn't know who I am, so he hit me.
Listen Pasupathy, if you get these body marks
very often, no one will care to look up to you
If I said anything
you just hung up your head
Listen to me Pasupathy.
Don't do anything for the next
two months. Please be calm.
So tell me, what's between you
and that Vadapalani Raghu?
That inspector who went missing?
Yes the same.
I have no idea boss.
Tell me the truth, what did you do?
He was torturing me too much, so I killed...
I have warned you so many times never
to play with the police department.
What are you looking at me?
It's your sheer luck
they spare you alive till now
Remember who you are and
where you are from.
Its is not important where we come from,
It's about how we are now.
You if I am by your side,
you will dare to kill a policeman?
And If I ask you,
you will oppose me? Pasupathy...
Bye Dear.
Should I go?
All the best.
Are you sure?
Once more?
I said Go.
What did you guys do?
Why are you hiding here now?
Nothing much.
Is he inside?
He's waiting for you only, please go.
Where the hell is he?
Why so late?
Due to rain bike stopped dude.
Ok go give it to him
He demanded a Strawberry
flavor which I couldn't find.
For this rain the flavor
doesn't matter dude.
It seems heavy rain
Take the cigarettes...
I thought you bought it
We are the ones who are not able to enjoy
this rain, look at him having fun inside.
Hi! Hi!
Are you settled?
Not yet
When Mike gets a job,
everything will be fine.
When is he coming?
Day after tomorrow morning.
Ok, you sleep well now, me and Arun will
come tomorrow, we will go out for dinner.
You are not afraid of sleeping alone right?
That's not a problem, I will watch
some TV series and sleep off.
Bye Good Night.
Bye, sweet dreams, Bye.
This is why we should all be DON.
See how much fun he is having.
We are just standing
outside like a watchman.
Or we should at least get married like Sada.
Your brother's face is full
of marks and spots?
Who beat him up?
He shows all his strength only to me?
Shut up, brother might here.
Truth is bitter.
I asked you to shut up and leave, Why the hell
are you still standing here and shouting?
Tell her Pipe.
Tel her.
What are you looking at?
Throw her inside the car.
Sada, wake up you goon.
Ask him to come fast.
Coming brother.
What the hell have you guys done?
We didn't do anything,
its our brother's magic.
Brother is the water material
enough or should we buy?
Its already 5 in the morning,
we will dispose in the night,
You throw her in our garage for now.
I don't get it.
What happened?
A girl was killed Mike.
Whom are you talking about?
What happened?
I am So scared Mike.
Can we leave from here?
Sada, who's car is this?
There is a newly married couple
staying upstairs, might be theirs.
What did you just say?
There is a newly married couple
staying upstairs, might be theirs.
What happened, bro?
Hurry up
(Smoking is injurious to health)
Hey you James Bond...
We caught you red handed.
(Smoking is injurious to health)
Throw them inside the car.
You hit our brother like a
duffer when he was drunk.
We are going to Moovarasampettai right?
Bring these two there.
You see that? LYE and HF.
This is the most deadliest combination.
Everything will evaporate in ten minutes.
Except plastic everything
will vanish in air.
I decided few things that day.
Whatever happens to me.
Soumya should somehow escape from here.
Soumya shouldn't suffer
because of my stupid decisions.
These both were my top priorities.
You both will vanish into
the thin air this same way.
Vanish into thin air
Throw them inside the car.
Why are we having these two with us?
We could have killed these two and
poured solution and came off right?
Have you heard of pleasure in vengeance?
Tell me, sir
Manimaran, make your wish come true,
Encounter and kill Pasupathy
What are you saying sir?
How dare he talks to me like that?
If he dies there not even a single species
on this planet to ask why
Kill him without evidence
- I will take care
- Thank you, sir
Ask admin officer Mr Sathyan
to come to my room
Good Morning Sir
Come in Mr.Sathyan
Selayur inspector Mr.Jayaprakash
is going to retire right?
Yes Sir
How long does he has service?
6 months sir
- Okay
- Thank you sir
Please sit Jayaprakash
Thank you Sir
Jayaprakash, You are going to
retire in another 6 months
I wanted to discuss few things
with you, that's why I called you here
Tell me sir
Do you know this Pasupathy guy?
Yes sir
A lot of murders in the past 18 years,
without any evidence he has been escaping sir
He was in my circle only
for the past 2 years sir
So, he has been in your
circle for the past 6 years
Yes sir
Mr Jayaprakash, you have been
an honest police officer all your life,
why weren't you able to arrest him?
Sorry Sir
The last time when I tracked him and when
I was about to arrest him, I was transferred
Don't give me these lame
excuses Jayaprakash
He has been living all his life
with full of Political influence
Political influence's impact on our
department is so intense, you know that
I will close Pasupathy's case
before I retire sir
Or else...
Thank you Sir
Hey, I am too bored
Can we go to a movie?
which movie?
As if you get tickets immediately
What's your problem? You try baby
its our Thalapathy's movie
Then Call Mike as well
Dude, Where is Mike, what
happened to his interview?
Oh my god, I just forgot to tell you guys,
He called me yesterday, he got his job dude
What are you saying man?
Then we shall call him and
swipe his card to glory
He will be in a different state now
What is that state?
He came back last night to Chennai
He surprised her by coming
early and took her to honeymoon
- And he switched off his phone
- But why?
Cheap idiots like you will call and
ask what's happening with her, that's why
I think he must be in a euphoric state now
Hey, sit down
Tie it
Bro, Sethuramalinhgam has called you
What's up with him?
This electricity is a hindrance
Pasupathy, are you busy?
No sir, I was just taking bath
Is someone near you?
Just a second sir
Now no one is there...tell me sir
Be careful Pasupathy
This commissioner has ordered
to kill you in an encounter
Jayaprakash has promised that
he will kill you within the next 10 days
Okay sir, I will take care
Please forgive me sir
That day, I was out of my minds
Not keeping in mind any of these things,
you chose to save my life,
that is more than enough sir
Leave that Pasupathy, Who are you,
you are a kid grown in front of me
Will I not save you?
Please be careful
nothing else, okay?
This Sethuramalingam is
plotting a sketch for me
How dare you say that?
How dare you say I take money?
his fellow is the most irritating
Bring those two outside
Pipe, lift him
Hey, get you idiot
Leave her alone, Don't you
have the guts to deal with me?
- Leave her
- Punch him in the face
Leave her alone you bunch of morons
If you shout, I will slit her throat
You should have thought
about the consequences before
Shut up I say
Leave her
Hey, Hold it
Wear the Eye mask
- Soumyaaaa
- What Soumya...
Jacob, you be here, don't forget
to turn it off 2 hours later
Okay bro
Pipe, come with me
- Sada, come
- Where bro?
My foot, come and take the car
Hey Sada
Go to Indra Nagar
Pipe, wear this around your neck
Late Mr Aranganathan's good
wills have been continuing
since his demise by
brother Sethuramalingam
(Random Political Speech)
We would like to welcome
Brother Pipe Prakash
I haven't seen you in this area,
which area are you from?
All the areas are my areas
The Guy behind these two,
This is Pasupathy
How many years sir?
He escaped almost all the traps
He did
What are we going to do sir?
From Chromepet, Velachery,
He has reached here via OMR only
Now he is in Adyar Indra Nagar,
which means he should have come
via Medavakkam Koot road
So, he is travelling towards the city
Why City sir?
when we are searching in
the outskirts and mini towns,
He is planning to stay
safe inside the city
We are not going to arrest
him to take things slowly
whomsoever this maybe, if any of you see
him, shoot him on his forehead right away
Roasted or what?
My back is totally gone Sada
He is so strong
Die you moron
Lift this fellow
Hold him tight
Lift him
(Smoking is injurious to health)
Kick him in his face
If you try something like this again,
all this will fall on her
It won't take two minutes for me to
throw these 3 weak guys and Pasupathy
But I don't want Soumya to get
affected because of this
I am pretty sure they won't
kill us for the next two days
They will leave a loophole for us
to survive in these two days
I will use it properly and escape away
Get up you lazy goons
- What happened?
- Wait Sada
I have been asking you,
and you just go away?
What happened?
I forgot to remove the headphones
Bro is gonna be mad at you
Okay, come fast
Thank God, Battery Empty
You guys are fit for nothing
Just 24 hours,
Everything will be over
Why don't we drink something?
What is happening here
and what are your thoughts?
As if you are one honest
prospect for this world
Hey! We are drinking
Shall I go and buy and come bro?
Bro, why are you going
out and risking, I will
He is a loser in life
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Sir, Usual? Tequila and Beer?
Switch on your phone
There is problem in T Nagar Z Bar
A guy has broken someone's
head with a beer bottle
Ask for the CCTV footage
Ask them to send us a copy as well
Yes sir
- Mike
- Kaththi
Singam 2
She always keeps shouting
Not even able to listen to songs
- I am gonna kill her
- Why are you always scolding that baby dude?
Why the hell are
you shouting Mike Mike?
You saw yesterday right?
We demolished him and killed him
Don't cry and crib sitting here
Go and do your romances in heaven
Shit! Idiot
why the hell is he kissing
the camera and going?
I think he is in a different
state of alcohol influence
Take it
You each have 2 beers
KF or Kingfisher?
Both are same you idiot
Both are out of energy? No sound
Did you give something to eat or not
Yes we gave, but they didn't touch
That girl was crying too much
I made up a superb idea and went
inside and told her he died
After that she became silent
(Liquor consumption
is injurious to health)
Why do you do these silly mistakes?
You dumbass!
Go bring the first aid box
I think she fainted
Bro, take it
You scoundrel, you thought of
escaping from me by dying?
I will taste and you and then only let go
Hey, throw him also in this room
She might try and die again
I am asking you"
"Are you happy?"
I am Sorry Mike
Its all because of me
If I had not called you
to the beach that day
None of this would have happened know?
"If you send the rain
It will be unbearable"
How longer Mike? I am not
able to handle this trauma
I want to live a life with you
I came with loads of dreams
and desire Mike
This shouldn't end in just a single day
"When everything around me
Who is he?
"When my entire heart
Will he just turn around our lives in a
single day? I wont allow that to happen
Definitely not
"As evidence of my smile"
The signal was locked in Tirusulam and
Meenambakkam area, its again locking there now
Call the network company
and get the tower details
Sir, The signal has been locked in a tower
between Moovarasampettai and Binny Mill
Yes! We are leaving there immediately
George, Call Madipakkam
inspector Nelson and
ask him if there is any
suspicious hide out there
Sir, Inspector Nelson was
talking about this place only sir
Lock him
What man?
Nothings suspicious, sir
Come, come outside
Want to show?
Who's car is that?
It's not our car sir
There was a guy living in upstairs,
his friends who eloped and
got married used to stay here
They are out of station now
Go upstairs and check Ibrahim
'The number you have
called is currently switched off'
'Please call again later'
Sir, the house is locked sir
I know them well, you come down
Okay Sir
Sir, Tell me sir
Hi Arun, how are you?
I am fine sir
Tell me sir, any problem?
Nothing much, I just came
this side for a personal work
Mike's house is locked and
his phone is not reachable?
Sir he got a job in Bangalore,
He switched off his phone
for a week and went to honeymoon sir
Honeymoon? That's cool
Sir, if you come to Velachery,
come home for Lunch or dinner sir
Sure Sure, I will definitely do that
Thank you sir, Thank you sir
Okay bye...Take Care
I am going to rip you off today
Bro, where are we going?
Hey, you remember right?
Yes bro
What can be done to him after this sir?
He cannot survive one more hit sir
Hey Pipe
Yes Bro
Keep that and go
Okay bro
Hey, tell me where Pasupathy is
I will make sure there are no case on you
I know you have your parents, your
dumb wife and a big family in your village
If you tell me the truth, I will make
sure you get settled in your village
4 o clock, Moovarasampettai
Stone Qwary
That's all I know
Hey, throw him in the car
Okay Sir
If there is no one like you told,
I will cremate you then and there
- Lift him
- Come
You guys go in the front,
If you see someone
Shoot them in the leg and
throw inside the car
Sure Sir
If they have counter weapons,
don't think, just kill them
Okay sir
I will be there in 8 minutes exactly
Sir, I'll check if there is
any suspicious things around here
Dude, where is our bro's vehicle?
Dude, Bro's vehicle is not yet here
Police came dude
Where is Pasupathy?
There is only 3 minutes left
for 4:00 AM, if he is not here by 4:03
We will cremate you here and go off
I don't care about death
When he is capable of hiding
away from you for 20 years,
Don't you think he
doesn't know to escape?
Don't feel proud that you
guys have found us out
A week back itself Pasupathy decided that
you all should assemble here at 4:00 am today
Hey Sada, Go to Indra Nagar
- Hold my phone
- Okay sir
Whenever I say turn on and
turn off the phone, now turn off
Turn on the phone
Turn on the phone, those Police
dogs will be here anytime
Sir you are right, his number
is connecting in T Nagar area
- Sir...
- Where is that girl?
- Where is Soumya?
- Sir, please leave me sir
You both have live just
above Pasupathy's house
You have lied to your friends
that you are going to honeymoon
Where is Soumya?
First please listen to me sir
Sir, please listen
to me in calm sir
Pasupathy is here dude
Thank you so much Sada
Happy Journey
Don't run, the car is not
in the place where bro told
Here is the car
Jacob, Police dude
Sir, its our shootout,
3 victims, Sada is one of them
Good, I will be there in 2 minutes
Then we will follow the
rest of the formalities
Where is Soumya now?
Sir, Immediately after
I escaped from Pasupathy,
I made Arun come to Tirusulam
station and sent her with him sir
Okay, hold on
Hello sir
Is soumya with you?
yes sir
They landed just now
Mike called me and
asked me to come to Tirusulam
I just went and picked her up and came
- Do you want to talk to her sir?
- Don't blabber
Please give her the phone
Talk, JP sir on line
- Hello sir, how are you?
- I am good how are you?
I am good sir
Where is Mike?
Mike said he has some
urgent work in Chromepet
Why sir, what happened?
Nothing much dear, I was just asking
I will come and meet
you at home okay?
- Thank you dear
- Okay Sir
You go home
I will come and meet you later
Good Morning Sir
Thank you Sir
Congrats Mr Jayaprakash
you have completed your
Police life in a high note
Thank you sir
So yeah,
I heard you started researching about
this case even before I told you?
Yes sir
Not only me, George,
Ibrahim, Vetrivel, Sethupathy,
these 4 were always with me
We completed this as a team
Good, Good, very Good
I will submit further details
about this by today evening sir
All the best
- Thank you Sir
- Welcome
- Sir...
- Yes
Where should I go now sir?
- Good Morning!
- Good Morning sir
What Arun, so sleepy huh?
Where is Mike?
Ya sir, he's sleeping inside
night he met with an accident I guess
Please wait sir, I will call him,
do you want some coffee?
No thank you, please call him
- Good Morning sir
- Good Morning
Are you badly hurt?
No that's ok sir, small scratches only,
Do you want to drink some coffee?
Tell me sir, you have come
so early in the morning??
One small investigation
Please tell me sir
How did you escape from Pasupathy?
Please tell me the truth,
My team shot only three people
Pasupathy is not there
in that three count
Where is he?
Sir, What are you saying?
What sir?
Please stop pretending
and tell me the truth
No Sir, I really don't understand
what you are saying
I am trying to be friendly
and behave decently
Don't frustrate me
Tell me the truth
I saw you going from there,
I won't tell anyone
Trust me and tell me
More than that you are Soumya's husband
I know the fault is not on your part
Please come sir,
Let's have a teas and talk
Please come sir
Throw them inside the car
Get in
Hey Sada
He didn't know who I am, I could have
left him away thinking he is a small boy
But if we don't uproot
these kind of cactus,
it will grow in the middle
of the house breaking the walls
- Give me the keys
- Take it bro
you remember right?
4 o clock Moovarasampettai
Before that don't even utter a word
Definitely bro
Where are we going?
You are going to Nungambakkam, meeting
Sarathi and getting the water material
Then go to Kodambakkam Sekar Emporium,
buy Buckets, 3 o clock come
straight to Moovarasampettai
Hey Pipe, go to Saidapet, ask Raja to
surrender in a petti case and ask him to spy
What is the plan bro?
At 4, Sada will come to the
stone Qwary with the Police
Before that I will meet Subbu and get the
passports for us from him at Tirusulam Road
I will park my car near a big
stone next to the 2nd cactus tree
Sada and police will enter
via Madipakkam Koot road
You guys hide behind the
Tirusulam Bomb blast hills
Get Ready immediately after seeing my car
Important thing, if the car is
not in the place where I said,
then its definitely not me
Escape away
After Police and Sada comes,
Sada will divert the police
by showing my car
At that time, you kill the
policemen from the behind of the hills
Sada will get down flat to the ground
This is our plan
From there we are going to Kochin,
We are killing Sethuramalingam
- Then settle in Dubai for 3 months
- Super plan bro
Bro what about these two?
Like you guys kill the Police,
you kill him, I will finish her off
Ask for water
Okay Bro
- Jacob
- Yes Bro
Go to Kodambakkam Sekar emporium
4 or...okay buy 6
Then go to the biriyani shop near the signal
Das bro will be there
Buy 5 rabbit biriyanis
Each biriyani packet has
- there is a Gun
- Okay Bro
Be careful
Okay bro
- Hey Pipe
- Bro
Keep that and go
Hey Subbu, ready?
Take it Pasupathy
Passport is pukka ready
for all the 4 of you
Okay I will take care, you leave
That Arakkonam land matter?
Hey! We will talk about that later
You go
Okay, bye...take care
I will meet Subbu at Tirusulam Road
and get passports for us
I will park my car in a
particular place there
Did you kill Pasupathy?
I had no choice sir
All his dealings were like
killing Ministers and Police
If I don't kill him in the given chance,
Me and Soumya can never be happy sir
What did you do to his body?
We will drink and talk sir
18 years
21 murders
What did you say?
This same way
you and her
will evaporate into this thin air
"I will put fear under my feet"
"I will always be right on top"
"Whatever fell in my eyes
I will remove"
"I will imprint my name on it"
"If required Ill laugh
Like an innocent person"
"Like fire I will burn anyone burn any one"
"Even to God I will act"
"If I get angry Ill destroy even him"
"Have I committed any mistake?
To be questioned"
"Am I a head that will fall apart?
If I am cut off"
"Will I go on my knees go forward
And play with you"
"Know it know it know it
Understand and behave accordingly"
"I am a different person
A drama artiste"
"The way I promise to be"
"I will continue to climb
Keep advancing keep advancing"
"I will move ahead"
"It is pouring
Cats and dogs"
"It is our flag
On top of the tower"
"Happiness has spread
Its shop"
"Our legs will stride
Step of success steps of success"
"Our arrow has hit the target
Without fail"
"Any mistake done by us
Is always right"
"For all and sundry
We all the chief"
"Hey we are immovable
Mountains mountains"
"Success is permanently
In our house"
"It will move in circles
And publicise"
"It will hold our legs
And go around the earth"
"From now on this is
Our situation"
"I am a different person
A drama artiste"
"The way I promise to be"
"I will continue to climb
Keep advancing keep advancing"
"I will move ahead"