Yaathisai (2023) Movie Script

Kings conducted all the wars
only to retain their AUTHORITY.
To proceed with them,
they needed many mere names...
'AUTHORITY' is the only basis of any reign.
Is my father Ranadheeran
Not only his prowess is the reason
behind Ranadheeran's victories...
He had unfailing
clans backing him up.
the PERUMPALLY clan.
In every traumatic situation
Perumpally stood with Pandiyas.
Did Ranadheeran had ever
I will tell you a story...
YAATHISAI (southern India) had never
loved to be in peace.
During the reign of,
Ranadheerans father Arikesari,
war between Cheras, Chola and Pandiyas
recommenced again.
the war hadnt seized within
days or months.
After every setback, the Chera troops
relentlessly invaded back.
Time rolled on, and so as the war.
Arikesaris age confined him
within the walls of the castle.
Ranadheeran started to head
the Pandiyan troops.
Cheran assumed that this is the right time
to vanquish Pandiyas.
They asked the help of Cholas.
With the Cholas, Kongu, Karnataka,
six Velir clans,
and ten other small clans,
stood against Pandiyas.
our Einar clan
is one among them.
History might be misjudged
that this shall terminate the Pandiyan era.
BUT Pandiyas were headed
That day Yaathisai had nothing else
other than the slaughtered bodies.
Even the wind blown there
had the strong metallic blood stink.
Ranadheeran deported the defeated Cheras
as slaves to the Arabs.
The lost Cholas
lurked into the woods.
Pandiyas took over the complete
control of the Southern region.
They made the Cholan castle
as their northern territory.
Ranadheeran enthroned himself
in the Cholan castle and started to rule.
The clash between the empires will
vanish the smaller clans involved.
The groups who evaded became
nomads or refugees.
Many Velir clans lost their
independence in that war.
Many smaller clans disappeared
without leftovers.
Our clan was chased to drylands.
We couldnt cultivate,
and so we became fragile.
Earlier we ran iron factories, who were
then pushed back to hunt with stones.
But natures law was CLUELESS.
When even Emperors
feared of Ranadheeran,
Nature EVOLVED a Great Warrior
against Ranadheeran.
KOTHI was born amidst the raising
temperatures of the drylands.
25 years through, Kothi
unfolded himself as an Alpha male.
He recalled Ranadheeran daily,
whom he hadn't even met yet.
The deserted drylands gave Kothi
the desire to own the Scepter.
That desire empowered him to stand
against Ranadheeran.
This happened before 15 years.
made him spot the Cholan bunkers
which couldnt be hinted by Pandiyas for years.
is going to kill numerous common lives again.
is going to put Yaathisai into blood again.
"Cholan bunkers"
How did you trace
the Cholan footprints?
Salutes to the hero
of 100 battlegrounds.
To recover the Cholan lands
from Pandiyas,
to help Cholas, Einars are all set.
Cholas arent.
During the Chera war against Pandiyans,
The Chola dynasty got collapsed.
Our last hope is the
4-year-old Cholan prince Nalan.
His safety is predominant for us.
For the next 15 years,
tiger wont plunge.
Then, we will regain everything.
Your gain?
My clans Independence.
Within a year, Einars will offer back
the castle to Cholas.
In turn,
Einars will have a separate kingdom.
and Cholas should accredit it.
We should be liberated
from paying our taxes.
Our land should be regained.
A small squad cant defeat Pandiyas.
Little drops make the mighty ocean.
Once the castle is captured, I need
20 thousand Cholan troops to withstand.
I should be permitted to use the Cholan flag.
The castle will fall in a year.
Hit a Try.
A small squad cant defeat Pandiyas.
"Einar region"
Fight me.
No leader on the battleground, Elite is the leader.
Next? You Fight me.
Why? Leave off to your home with success.
Dont restrain your valor within him.
Fight me, Come...
Dont inflict your leadership obsession into me.
I gave up...
I gave up only for you.
Are we going to invade?
Are we?
My SON will be a born KING.
You don't overthink. Be at peace.
Make sure the new arrival is a BOY.
Let the words of the priest become true.
"Arabian sea, 3500 miles away.
West of Pandiyan country."
(ARABIC): Ey...
After 25 years you are
returning to your motherland...
can you feel
the warmth of it?
What kind of people
are you?
Why did Ranadheera Pandiyan want to
maintain you for these many years?
And why did he
want you back alive?
What is your
frame of mind?
Whos your hope
to hold your life so long?
May peace come
to you soon.
Karuvaiyur: Pandiyan territory.
LUST keeps us young.
Dancing girls
or Godly angels?
Her moves shattered me.
Such a gorgeous girl
in this place?
When can I taste
her nectar?
Tasting is no more easier.
Temple rules are hardened.
Also, her groups forewoman
wont admit it.
Thrice earlier, the forewoman herself
entertained us overnight.
That was the past.
Rules are stringent
Least possible.
send them to my place.
I will buy the group
Relocate them
to Cholan temples.
The Kings order
will be demanded.
We ARE the Gods here.
I will look after the orders.
Prepare them to move.
Why are you keeping dull?
Today, some new males witnessed us
Feel of distress
after seeing them.
Day to day, many watch us...
Nothing matters.
Okay, tell me. What should I do
to make my girl happy?
Bring me Kannan (the God of Love).
Or liberate me from here.
you said Kannan would come on his own.
But now,
you are demanding of me?
Should we go
in search of him?
How is that possible?
This progress should happen.
Victory or defeat, it doesn't matter.
It is the seed of hope.
Somedays, this seed will enthrone our clan.
Your act will be a suicide.
Your vision will eradicate our group.
Pandiyas are not baiting fishes.
They are whales who swallow sharks.
If Pandiyas decide, Einars will be no more.
Pandiyas won't even think about us.
That is our strength.
They have no clues about us.
A planned strike at the right time will shudder them.
Whatever you plan, the probability is ZERO.
Our victory is a mirage.
Those who fear blood can stay back.
History will roar that hundreds of Einars have overthrown
thousands of Pandiyas.
Kalan will be the lead till I come back. If not, he will be the leader.
Pandiyan ministry wishes you
to relocate to the Cholan temple.
Your wages will be thrice.
I dont know what to say.
You people are born dancers.
Dont get trapped
here itself.
Your visibility in the Cholan temple
will be much larger.
Your popularity will peak up
and will gain stardom.
Being here, we are at
peace and feel safe.
It is the almighty in everything
irrespective of the environment.
You dont worry
about all that.
Stars say,
for the next 100 years,
Pandiyan kingdom will flourish.
You just proceed.
I can understand your concern.
All animals behave the same before an ambush.
Only a daring attack, distinguishes a tiger from a fox.
You were scared, lurked and led a nomadic life.
Taught the same to me.
Why didnt we cultivate?
Where is our land?
My child shouldn't ask me these questions.
He shouldnt be a hunting nomad.
Without you, I cant go.
Our troops need your presence.
You are their hope.
Trust me.
You come with me, not for my sake, but for my child.
Are we animals? To be driven by others?
Government's order what we can do.
Let the government
itself dance.
Our Gurus opinion?
Enhances popularity, he says.
Not for our popularity,
but for their lust.
Hey, what are you saying?
Leave her...
Why did you accept,
without consulting us?
Oh. That mature are you?
to Cholan territory.
Get ready to move.
The princess of the
Pandiyan country Surani,
might have encountered
some evilness last Monday
and fell sick...
for her recovery,
people should give their offerings.
Parents of girl children
can offer them to the temple
and get 100 gold coins
as a token of gratitude.
"Einars will offer back
the castle to the Cholas."
''Once the castle is captured, I need
20 thousand Cholan troops to withstand.''
''The castle will fall in a year.''
100-year-old, the forefather of our clan,
step outside and see the offerings for you.
Einars have decided to fight.
You should bring down Kotravai (Goddess of drylands).
Who is the chief here?
For Einars victory, you should do sacrificial rites to Kotravai.
Not Humble enough.
For Einars victory, the priest should
give sacrifices to gain the compassion of Kotravai.
Get the field ready after two days.
Seyon, Seyen, Agaththa, Agudhai, and Veerase as ancestors
Kothi, born in this clan,
had decided to sever Pandiyan's heads for the cause of Einar's rise.
Einars who want to be on his side
PLEDGE to protect your leader even with your own lives.
At dusk the Ka(God), with great rage...
tearing the sky apart brought down a thousand lightening.
Those lightening burnt everything in the land.
Ashes formed due to the years of burning...
..formed black clouds and masked the entire sun.
For ages, the DARKNESS persisted.
Flowing winds, streaming rivers, and mighty oceans were all frozen.
when all other lives perished,
withstanding everything the southern people survived.
The aggrieved God...
"If you are still surviving...
..the water and land you worship, will swallow you up" SHE cursed.
At last, a fine dawn made the sun's rays reach the earth.
As if it got released from a captive,
his rays melted everything back from frozen.
The stagnant sea turned violent...
and swallowed up Southern people's land and life.
To protect their people
the southern ancestors, sacrificed their own life...
..and earned the compassion of God.
The convinced God, controlled the violent ocean.
"The southern race will ascend higher...
..divide to numerous clans, spread across and rule the world
Without remembering themselves, they will destroy each other."
That's their fate", God said and left.
Since then, the southern race got split into numerous clans.
Innumerous battles broke in...
though countless lives were lost, the lively clan's
southern souls will be on our side always.
Also, in the forthcoming war,
to save our clan, worshipping them,
we will offer the first sacrifice to the South.
Bring the offering into the field.
Mugami, Moorkki, Anangi, Imathi, Imuki,
Kaali, Muththirumeni, Thenmuga nambini,
Ikaari, Arami, Uruvili,
Accept our sacrifice...
Descend to the field.
From all the eight directions save our Einars.
Give your powers to the Einar troop.
Whomsoever are against Einars...
..sever their heads.
I command you. Accept our sacrifice.
Maththiri, Umaimugi, Vaanarasi, VelYevi...
Bring the next offering into the field...
Seyen, the son of Kotravai...
Einars need your spear and army
which can save the whole world.
Your sight even kills the mighty death itself "The mighty Muruga".
Now, come down and accept our sacrifice.
save Einars.
I am pitching you.
Bring the next offering into the field.
Save Einars in this war.
Accept our sacrifice and cherish it.
cherish it.
Infuse into the offering...
Protect Kothi.
Cleanse the God.
Feast him.
Einars Leader should surrender your weapon to Kotravai,
Kneel and beg.
Step back.
Kotravai, leave out the offering...
Take him along with you...
He is a warrior, his ancestry is heroic, and his bloodline is courageous.
Bring peace to his soul.
Let Einars win...
Accept our sacrifice and cherish it.
Protect Kothi.
Accept our sacrifice and cherish it. Cherish it.
Protect Kothi.
Within two nights we should mingle
with the Cholan people.
Following you, successive groups will intrude.
Within 10 days, 1000 fighters would be in.
We shouldn't get spotted as bunches.
Groups of ten should infringe with time
and location diversified.
Further details will be conveyed
to you by your commanders.
This war may seem to be impossible,
But we can certainly win even without sacrificing a single ours life.
This war is for our future generations.
Our generations would NO MORE be hunters and nomads.
Long live King Kothiyaar!
Tell me, who has fear of blood?
Tell me...
Have you ever seen Ranadheeran?
No one had heard the Cheran forces got frightened.
That day during the Chera Chola war,
the frightened Cheran soldiers
fled to the west in large numbers.
All uttered the same name...
Randheeran got dressed up in ashes and danced like Yama.
You will just get ONE chance to kill Ranadheeran.
Missing it,
its your END.
Won't Ranadheeran's physique also tear?
But who has the sword to tear it?
"Cholan territory."
This country prolonged its longing
to celebrate your dance.
Hail with pleasure Thy feet
that rules the Sky
Know Thine meaning
at all moments
Surrender You
And rained in season
Melt in dance
without any reason
Beaming moon as my face
Dancing for you with grace
Reaching you
By the feathers of my eyes
Mind rejoices
By the flow of your dreams
My heart feels for you
Won't my heart bloom and
My mind gloom?
Clouds swim in my hair?
Peacocks with its feathers
Won't it come to me and dance in vain?
Born as the Divine of Arts?
Sparks of her Light drive
away the darks
The sky too paves the way
For her feet to print on Land and sway
Beaming moon as my face
Dancing for you with grace
Reaching you
By the feathers of my eyes
Mind rejoices
By the flow of your dreams
My heart feels for you
Won't my heart bloom and
My mind gloom?
Hey, who is the one sitting there?
He... He said he is a brahmin
from the Cheran kingdom.
Brahmin? Did you greet him?
Not yet.
Moron. To reach God, give the best
of your hospitality to Brahmins.
Go. Offer something to drink.
Flow as River
Is she the Goddess of Fair?
Embrace as Air
Crescent moon angel
The swinging feet of
dancing bell anklets
Feels the pleasure
Humble greets,
the Cheran Brahmin.
How are you?
Humble greets.
I am good.
Reaching you
By the feathers of my eyes
Mind rejoices
By the flow of your dreams
My heart feels for you
Masculine buildup,
wounds on the brahmins body?
Cheran brahmin,
descendant of Parasuramar.
Great. You cherish the dance.
I will be back.
Despite numerous tries, Ranadheeran cannot be spotted.
There is a fear even uttering his name.
He is not human, but Yama, they say.
Did our fellows mingle with the people?
Weapons should be stashed perfectly.
They are coming.
No need to worry about weapons,
already intimations are sent.
We will wait.
There is an upcoming war, it seems
Nothing serious.
Amidst our dance,
a spy intruded, it seems.
At a glance,
his looks were northern.
With the backing
of the Pallavas,
Cheras are planning
to invade back.
Don't lament...
Whosoever fights,
will our dancing halt?
War will happen, amidst that
Kannan will arrive and capture you.
A beautiful world will be created
for you out of the sunken Kumari land.
and you will be made
as a queen over there.
- Stop your boundless fantasies.
- Hey
I am leaving.
Dive into the waters.
All regions surrendered under the Pandiyas. No more revolutions.
As the majority of the army had gone to Arikesaris ceremony,
only few are left inside the castle.
Though Ranadheerans guarding is becoming liberal,
he is always guarded by 100 warriors.
Especially by Greeks and Senvarman who stand as his shadow.
In daylight, a crow can win a powerful owl.
We will wait for the right spot
Where Ranatheerans power will certainly diminish.
Every Friday, Ranadheeran won't miss the mountain temple.
Most of the troops stay at the foothills.
Higher, the path is narrowed.
The only way to move is one behind the other.
For about a mile,
the path is surrounded by forests.
Approximately 50 climb the mountain.
We can split and surround them on both sides.
I will stop the rest of the soldiers at the foothills.
Ranadheeran should be separated
from greeks and the Commander.
His head is the target.
Not a single Pandiyan should climb down alive.
With the severed heads, we will enter the castle bearing the Cholan flag.
Seeing their leaders head Pandiyan soldiers will tremble.
Witnessing the Cholan flag the Cholan people will be on our side.
The castle will fall.
We will HUNT the HUNTERS.
We will just get ONE fine chance.
Reinforce the shield barrier.
Who are they?
Who are they?
It doesn't matter who they are.
Reinforce the shield barrier.
Don't get terrified.
We captured
the great Cholan castle.
We made the Pallavas
turn back.
We made the Cheras
to surrender.
we destroyed the
whole Kalapirar reign.
What can a small group do?
Reinforce the shield barrier.
It's over.
May not be that simple.
They would have guessed
our strategy by now.
This time, the shield barrier
should open up precisely.
Get ready.
Support Senvarman.
Backup the KING. Go...
You go... go...
I will manage.
I will manage.
-Who's approaching?
-Don't know...
-How long to reach the castle?
-Less than 20 mins.
The king hasn't returned
from the temple yet.
Nothing seems to be right.
Higher rank women
shouldn't come out.
People should restrain
in their homes.
Can the elephantry
be assembled?
Then chase the
elephants into the forests.
In case we fail, elephantry must not
go under the rival's control. Go.
Assemble ALL the forces to
make a barrier around the castle.
- No single attacker should survive.
- This strategy won't work out.
The attackers are large
in numbers.
Clustering will be
a setback for us.
Here.. take the lead
Give your strategy.
Tell your strategy...
The approach
is looking boorish...
You are renowned warriors.
Can't you slaughter them?
What happened
to your practices?
The King and the commanders
are missing from the castle.
They have a
defined plan.
They think they can defeat us
with their count.
With confidence,
assault the front liners.
The followers will run back.
Pandiyam Pandiyam
Pandiyas are falling.
Soon, the castle will surrender to the enemies...
Come... Come...
Faster... Come...
Send messages to Cholas and Tribal chiefs.
Troops should arrive on time.
Message sent. Also, THUDI will bring our troops.
For three days, people should confine to their homes.
Kill those who do not comply.
Kill the surrendered Pandiyan warriors.
Take possession of the serving women...
DO NOT touch the Cholan and Pandiyan higher rank women.
What's the crowd?
Temples are sealed.
The Brahmin and the dancers needed to meet you.
- What?
- Humble salutes.
Wars happen.
Kings may change.
God is common.
Why temples should be closed?
The dancing girls cant stay
anywhere else.
Who are you?
In the absence of
the king and ministers,
I have the authority
to lead this city.
do you belong to?
Pandiyan country.
You can go back.
Temple wont be reopened.
Travel? In this
YOU... escort them.
The one with AUTHORITY.
Kill those, who stay past a couple of minutes.
You stay with me.
They are Devaradiyars,
who have married Gods.
They cant live with others.
From now on,
I am the God here.
You stay.
It is already past 1 minute,
the authority bearer.
Parasuramar's descendant!
Climate changes and
so as the wind directions.
Thudi, we have messaged the Cholan.
Though, it may take time for him to arrive.
We need strength.
I believe only in you.
You go.
Thudi, bring the rest of our men who earlier denied to invade.
Tell them that we had defeated Pandiyan.
Say something...
Somehow, bring some forces.
Only these bodies
are recoverable.
Spied as
"Einar clan"
The count of Einars?
Maximum of a thousand.
How many of ours are alive?
With the Cholan flag,
they entered the castle.
People thought them
as Cholan troops and joined them.
Not many of ours survived.
Very few survived.
But they too can't fight.
A dynamic army with more than
3 lakh troops,
The king of kings who terminated the
300-year-old Kalapirars reign...
The troops who chased Cheras
and Thondai country's army...
A son of a small clan, if he
and his troops decided to stand against ME...
HE is a brave warrior...
It is my duty, to give him
an honorable place in heaven.
Watch out for the boundaries keenly.
Before the internal riots break out,
we have to finish this.
We will assemble
our own army.
Within a month,
Einars will fall.
This is MY WAR.
"Perumpalli's region"
Heard that Einars
captured the Cholan castle.
Why do barbarians
even want to taste KINGDOM?
The identity of Yaathisai,
the KING of kings who rules
between the Venkadam hills and Kanyakumari...
In welcoming Ranadheera Pandiyan
our Perumpalli Velir clan
is honored and pleasured.
This way...
It was a cunning strike.
No idea to sort help from the shark
to attack the mere fox.
So, I haven't requested
the capital.
Perumpalli's help
is certainly needed.
Not as a help.
but as a duty, we
Perumpalli will certainly do.
From Nediyon's era,
till the defeat of the Cheras,
Perumpallis are with
the Pandiyas.
Majority of our
Perumpalli warriors
earned heaven
in the Cheran war.
Now everyone capable
will come.
What will be
the deed of exchange?
What's the expectation?
Pandiyan bloodline
should marry our girl.
What is this treaty?
We are not equal to
you for making a treaty.
just an obligation.
With our girl,
30 elephants, 700 horses,
and 5000 Perumpalli troops
will be donated by me.
The 9 minor troops,
under Perumpallis regime
will also accompany us
with their forces.
Keep your word.
Remember, this bloodline wont
assume the Pandiyan throne.
The future
will be decided by God.
- Any reply from Cholan? - No.
Let us wait for another couple of days.
Ranadheeran talked with the Perumpalligal.
We should advance him.
Thudi should have reached our region.
Mentality of the Cholan people?
Ranadheeran talked with the Perumpalligal.
We should advance him.
This is a marriage agreement.
witnessed by
the King of kings,
who rule the South,
the possessor of the
scepter of morality,
the Pandiyan emperor's
commander-in-chief Sethuvarman,
and Perumpalli's
commander-in-chief Karmegan,
the southern prince,
the ray of hope, Ranadheeran,
In our Palli's
is marrying
our girl Araththal.
Am I an added burden
in exchange for a favor?
Not a burden.
it's MEN's politics.
Feelings don't deserve
any space here.
In the space where
authority and power dominate,
small lives like you
won't deserve respect.
Don't you love me?
I have AUTHORITY over you.
War wounds want NO LOVE.
They need POWER.
My rule on you,
will save your clan.
When your clan is saved,
your leader will retain her AUTHORITY.
AUTHORITY is the only base
for everything here.
Your music and mind
are spreading sorrows.
My music is claiming
your DEATH.
Let WOMEN and MUSIC be
a turn-on for MEN, not DEATH.
Your DEATH will be
a huge turn-on for me.
For mens lust why common lives
like me be sacrificed?
To date, how many lives
you would have killed?
What to do?
Our LUST won't settle down.
Every creature in this soil
should surrender to us.
When huge dreams
are sowed in the soil,
some common lives
will naturally perish.
Me, Pandiyan, Cheran or Cholan...
our physical appearance
may change...
but our LUST is the same.
When men kill justice,
God will come and reform.
When my music STOPS,
you are nearing your DEATH.
I am waiting.
My lust is more
powerful than your music.
Let your smell fill
my bed tonight too.
No reply from the Cholan yet.
By now, Perumpallis would increase their troops.
We should pace up.
Did Cholan betrayed us?
Or, is he not ready for the war?
Cholan won't betray.
I think the news hasn't reached him.
Ok, this time I will take the news myself.
Perumpallis always do astonish us.
Our troops who were heading towards
the capital, will also reach here.
"Remember..when my music stops,
you are nearing your death.
Ranadheeran the warrior...
coming with thousands to stand against a few hundreds.
Let the march STOP.
Don't panic. Pandiyan cannot reach us,
till we are inside the castle.
The messenger would have reached the Cholan.
He would have started now.
No traces of Cholas.
Regardless of others, Thudi will bring our troops.
Don't fear. Cherish Einars...
Throw women to entertain them.
I will find a way.
Dont give up.
Reason behind this waiting?
Shall we attack the castle?
Patience wins wars.
A musth elephant
will collapse on its own.
Our patience
will tremble them.
Breaking this castle
is not new for us.
Already we have sacrificed
enough men.
Moreover, our entry should not trouble
the Cholan people and the seraglio women.
Watch out for the boundaries
No news from the Einars
should reach the Cheras and Cholas.
Let Perumpallis plan
to smash the upcoming Einar troops.
Our enemy is outside.
Be focused.
Once Cholan arrived, we can go back.
No one is coming here.
Cholas are no more, after the Chera war.
No Cholans are alive.
Kothi said as per his imagination.
Even with Thudi bringing our army,
we cannot be saved from the Pandiyas.
Kothi is not our leader...
For his lust and illusion, he betrayed us.
See him...
he is not mingling with us.
He had gone mad.
Dispose him.
Thudi... Thudi... Thudi...
Will bring my troops.
We will DESTROY them
with their own WARFARE.
What is the mentality
of our troops?
Food and medicine supply
should be flawless.
No need to worry. Perfect orders
were passed for everything.
Nonsense... the sword may hurt you...
step apart.
What's your name?
Ranadheeran's reward,
for your braveness.
In Cholans' absence
Other chieftains are also stepping back.
As our forces were destroyed,
other supporting clans also withdrew.
The castle is surrounded.
This is the right time.
Throw your orders,
to attack the castle.
How many Einar troops are...
inside the castle?
Not precisely known.
Nearly thousand. A straight war is not possible.
Our counts inside the castle may be misjudged by them.
If rightly judged, we are done.
Should act fast.
Their plan is not known.
We will wait for one more day.
We will speak with the Cholan citizens.
Bring their representative.
Message them to surrender.
Seeing their response,
we will proceed further.
All Cholan people are not warriors.
How can I ask them to fight?
Not to fight.
Just for the formation behind us.
Ranadheeran won't know that.
He will assume all
are Einan forces.
Our huge crowd
will scare them.
The news was sent
to the Cholan troops.
Within two to three days,
troops will arrive.
Situations will turn favor
towards us.
Not towards US,
towards YOU.
No traces of the arrival
of the Cholan troops.
How can I convince
my people?
Do you have
any evidence?
I can't sacrifice
my people. Right?
What? the King...
Climate changes and
so as the wind directions.
Parasuramar's descendant!
One day, time for Einars
to surrender.
Pandiyans want to repair the situation
without any further damage.
- The Pandian Commander-in-chief
"Your vision will eradicate our clan"
"This hope, will enthrone our clan one day."
"My son will be a born king."
Send back the reply.
Let Ranadheeran be glorified.
Einars are not cowards
to surrender.
Even I don't want
casualties on both sides.
I put forward a conventional solution
to the Pandiyas.
With the witness
of certain people,
I challenge Ranadheeran,
or any other warrior from your dynasty
to DARE a
"single combat" with me.
The ONE who wins,
will retain the castle.
Have guts? Prepare a field
on the Uraiyur mountain.
Kothi, the leader of Einars.
It's Ranadheerans' word.
Kothi's last rites will happen grandly.
You dont come with me.
Our clan needs you.
If I die,
Without any delay, lurk into the woods towards the Cholas.
Kothi, you are GREAT.
Alongside you, I am feeling great too.
A Moment or a Century
As per your wish, you are living as THE KING.
Let the benefit of the Ranatheeran's Navagandam
come to you.
"A small squad cant defeat Pandiyas."
"Your vision will eradicate our clan."
"This hope, will enthrone our clan one day."
"My son will be a born king."
"Won't Ranadheeran's physique also, tear?"
"But who has the sword to do that?"
"This is MY WAR."
"You will just get ONE chance to kill Ranadheeran."
"Missing it,"
"Its your END."
With the witness of the sky
and the underworld,
Beyond humans, with
the witness of the Demons and the Angels,
Besides all,
with the witness of God,
The Pandiyan prince Ranadheeran,
and the Einars leader Kothi,
representing their
own groups,
are doing SINGLE COMBAin this death field.
This is the justice
for Morality.
War of Morality.
The pulse of Morality.
The expression of Morality.
Following our ancestors
Kudakko Neduncheralathan
and Peruvirarkilli's footsteps,
these warriors will also earn their rights.
Take your oath...
With the witness of the sky
and the underworld,
[CHORUS] With the witness of the sky
and the underworld,
Beyond humans, with
the witness of the Demons and the Angels,
[CHORUS] Beyond humans, with
the witness of the Demons and the Angels,
Besides all,
with the witness of God,
[CHORUS] Besides all,
with the witness of God,
This is a "Single Combat".
In between the battle,
no one should help the fighters.
[CHORUS] We won't...
This single combat,
will continue till ones death...
or till anyone surrenders.
The one who dies certainly will
earn heaven.
His last rites
should be glorified.
[CHORUS] Yes...
The lost group
should surrender to the winner.
[CHORUS] Yes...
Let the combat start...
In case I am dead,
the castle will be Einars.
Without any revolts,
return back to the capital.
Within you, I LIVE.
are not me...
You can NEVER be me.
Everything ended.
Nothing has ended.
Nothing will end.
Nothing is going to end.
Kothi, made a wonder
in that field.
He fell, by changing himself
as the sword to tear Ranadheeran's physique.
Burn Kothis body.
There should not be any
traces even.
Who can turn down the heat
from the burning Kothi's body?
Kothis deeds
should not be converted as seeds.
Who can stop the ashes from the heat
to spread as seeds and grow in all directions?
There shouldnt be any traces
of the Einar clan's existence.
Without any compassion,
MASSACRE all the moving lives
of the clan.
Even before anyone had thought
to stand against Ranadheeran,
he should meet his death.
"For mens lust why common lives
like me be sacrificed?"
"Okay, tell me. What should I do
to make my girl happy?"
"Bring me Kannan.
Or liberate me from here."
"Oh. Earlier you said Kannan would
come on his own."
"But now,
you are demanding of me?"
Should we go
in search of him?
How is that possible?"
Till last, you didn't say
whether Ranadheeran feared?
Not only Ranadheeran,
all Kings fear of "Authority"
is stable here.
Not the kings and kingdoms.
Only to retain their AUTHORITY,
Kings conducted all the wars.
To proceed with them,
they needed many mere names...
let's go.
Ok... Ok...
Why that Devaradiyar died?
What happened
to other Devaradiyars?
Is it a one-day story
to complete?
In reality...
The story had just now started...
How that devaradiyar's death
is going to quake this South?
What happened
to the other dancing girls?
How we caught you?
What's the relationship between
Greek and Pandiyas,
who saved Ranadheeran
with his own life.
Beyond everything,
Only henceforth, the war between
the Emperors are going to start...
Kothi's death
is just a BEGINNING...
"Enslaved Cheras
towards the Pandiyan territory"
"Cholan bunkers"
Equip the forces...