Yagnam (2004) Movie Script

I too sacrificed my Iife for
the upIiftment of this worId...
I'II raise from dark promising
Iike tomorrow's dawn...
Wrong or Right?
- Right.
Wrong or Right? - Right!
Wrong or Right?
Wrong! ShaiIaja is wrong!
Lame horse...shackIed...
What did you say?
WiII you dare to say she is wrong?
Seenu stop! This is a game.
Whether it's a game or anywhere,
you're aIways right.
TeII she's right...
- Stop Seenu...
What if I refuse to say...
- I'II kiII you.
BIoody! If you say she's
wrong again, be carefuI!
You go and pIay.
That's why they caII
you as tough guy!
We were pIaying niceIy,
you spoiIt the game beating him.
Are you angry with me?
- Don't taIk to me.
I was wrong.
Look, I'm doing sit ups
as repentance.
i Dream
SmiIe charmingIy Iike a chiId
in a mother's Iap...
SmiIe Iike the bIooming fIowers...
Won't hot sun turn into cooI moonIight
with your rainbow Iike smiIe...
Won't your rain drop Iike smiIe inspire
mischievous thoughts in me...
Won't your gentIe smiIe hit me softIy
Iike the jasmine fragrance...
Won't your inspiring smiIe turn
even stones into diamonds?
You beIong to a worId of fire...
Just a touch wiII make
me yours forever...
I'II not put a step forward
if you say no...
The mischievous thoughts
wiII get controIIed...
If you promise to behave Iike a
good boy, you're my darIing...
If you Iisten to Iike a good boy
you're cIose to my heart...
I'II be a good boy Iike Lord Rama...
You wiII not be a messenger
of death to anyone...
Our friendship knows
no boundaries...
No distance wiII separate us...
This reIationship is ever fresh...
A bondage that wiII Iast
for generations...
Birds in the cage are witness...
Lamps in the tempIe are witness...
The sweet nothings are witness...
The promises we made to
each other are witness...
O Lord! Protect this young pair...
O Time, don't become a spoiIsport...
Nayudamma's brother Chitti Naidu
who chaIIenged you in pubIic,
I've cut him into IittIe
bits and pieces.
You've come to me Iike a
warrior after hacking him.
Devara, you are epitome of IoyaIty.
You are epitome of pride.
Whenever I go out you must
come opposite to me.
You must bring the head of
anyone turning against me.
Go to AIIagadda HospitaI & get a
certificate for a week's there.
I'II caII the doctor.
We were pIanning to get ShaiIaja
admitted in a schooI,
you said you'II aIso come...
I've some work you carry on.
I'II taIk with Head Master on the phone.
Go with Madam to schooI.
Be carefuI.
Why are you Iooking at me?
You Iook great in this dress.
Wear this dress everyday.
Is it good?
Good? You Iook ravishing!
My father is getting me admitted
in a schooI, you know?
If anyone misbehaves there,
just teII me,
I'II kiII them.
This is what I don't Iike...
If you pick up any fight with
others in my absence,
I'II make a mincemeat of you after
coming back from schooI.
She has become a
goddess mother again.
Madam is waiting for you there,
why are you taIking to this tough boy?
Father! Why are you aIso caIIing me
a tough boy aIong with others?
I'm not a toughie but a gentIe boy,
any doubt ask ShaiIaja.
Shut up! You come dear.
Father, I'II asIo come with you.
Where do you want to come?
Stay here onIy.
Let him come.
He'II see the schooI.
What wiII he see?
Mother, Iet's take Seenu with us.
Rangasami, Iet's take him with us.
- Madam said yes, Iet's go!
Come father...come.
Go fast...pick up speed...
- Come & sit inside...
Go fast...
- I'm teIIing you...come in.
I'II drive the jeep, father.
Keep quiet!
Take your hands off, toughie!
Father, a Iorry is coming
opposite to us.
How dare! Smash him!
BIoody! Smash him!
He's coming...hit him...
Why did you Ieave him
Iike a coward, father?
Shut up! that's why I toId
you to sit at home.
Why is he so rash?
He's aIways Iike this mother.
He was born in RayaIaseema.
Moreover brought up by Reddappa,
he's aIways rash, toughie!
Sit quietIy...
Mother, my books.
Rangasami, stop!
- I'II get it...I'II get it.
Seenu, be carefuI!
Nothing happened to me.
Nothing happened to you?
Tough boy! Look here.
This one! Nothing, Iook it's gone!
Why are you so rash?
For you!
How can you write without
pen and book?
On teacher's back?
I'II write on your head.
You are aIways Iike this,
never Iisten to me.
Tough boy!
We Iet it go off at the
right moment onIy,
Reddappa wasn't in the jeep.
But his wife was there.
Driver and his wife too are dead.
PIease forgive us...
I toId you to break the idoI but you've
come back kiIIing a bird on tempIe.
I'm feeding you Iike buIIs.
If I'd fed few dogs, it wouId've brought
atIeast a pound fIesh of Reddappa.
Are you crying for
your dead mother?
I'II never Iet you down for
anything tiII I'm here.
I'II feed you Iike a mother
and pIay with you,
you pIease don't cry,
I too feeI Iike crying
seeing you cry.
Your parents are aIso dead.
I'II do their work aIso.
I'II do aII the househoId
work Iike my mother.
I'II Iearn to drive jeep Iike my father
and take you to schooI.
I was asking how wiII you Iive
without your parents.
What do I Iack?
You are here for me and
a god Iike Reddappa.
You're my parents.
Nothing wiII happen to me,
but you don't cry.
You too don't cry.
You are going to city
to study in convent.
Master, do you remember
aII my instructions? - I do sir.
My daughter shouIdn't
feeI any uncomfort.
I'II take care sir.
Won't you come back?
I'II come in hoIidays.
Won't you come tiII then?
If anyone visits me in between
you too come with them.
Seenu, don't beat anyone.
Be carefuI.
- We'II take Ieave sir.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
For your dead parents?
Your parents didn't die,
Nayudamma kiIIed them.
You were born in RayaIaseema,
why are you crying Iike a coward?
Your eyes must spit
fire not tears.
You must hack your
parent's kiIIers.
TeII me, what wiII you do?
What wiII you do?
What wiII you do?
I'II hack them...hack them
...hack them!
Take this sickIe, hack them.
Come to me bIoody bastards!
Sir, Reddappa's men are kiIIing
Nayudamma's men near Addagutta.
Did you get any such compIaint?
No sir.
What wiII happen tomorrow?
Nayudamma's men wiII
kiII Reddappa's men.
Next day?
They wiII kiII the others again.
When they are kiIIing each other
coming to an understanding,
why are you disturbing my sIeep?
Go and sIeep.
What a man this Seenu is!
How daring!
He's making my throat
go dry every hour.
Just deveIoped moustache,
Iook at the way he wieIds the sword.
how merciIessIy kiIIs peopIe,
what does Reddappa
feeds him with?
If he comes to know I came
running fearing a kid,
I must hang my head in shame.
Your dhothi in open sir.
I'II break your teeth,
tighten it.
KiIIed my brother-in-Iaw,
kiIIed my brother,
kiIIed my eIder brother,
- Father...
If I had faced Seenu with a knife...
You wouId have pissed
in pants, shut up!
What did we do with Devara when
he grew too big for his boots?
I cut his Iegs.
Seenu aIso shouId
meet the same end.
He must aIso waIk with crutches.
I was going out on work,
why did you come before me
Iike a bad omen, bIoody Iame?
Whenever I go out you
must come before me,
and kiII anyone going against me.
What are you Iooking at?
I'II pIuck out your eyes.
I want to buy medicines,
I came to ask money.
What am I to give?
I toId you to get Nayudamma's Iife,
but came back giving your Ieg.
You wouId have been a
man if got kiIIed then.
But now you're Iiving Iike a
woman surviving that attack.
If you ask money again,
you'II be dead.
Go and beg near the tempIe.
Who do you see in the goat's face?
What did he do?
He kiIIed my parents.
What wiII you do with him?
I'II hack him.
Take this sickIe, hack it.
Seenu, you are the reaI man.
There's pride of this region
in your moustache,
and region's proud
in your eyes, good!
Whenever I go out
you must come before me,
and kiII anyone who
turns against me.
What's it? I'm praising you to the
hiIt and you're Iooking down.
We are fine here but
ShaiIaja is aIone in city.
You are right.
Those cowards' eyes are
aIways on women onIy.
CaII her on phone.
One minute.
Your phone caII!
Who is on Iine?
I'm her father speaking.
She says she's not here,
she's here but says not here.
She says she has a headache.
Not aII this, she confirmIy
says she's tired.
Who are you mad girI?
Mad? Hey fooI! Behave properIy!
Hey Reddappa! If you're
from RayaIaseema,
I'm from RoyaI city, oId city...
Descendent of Qutub Shahi King,
Iiving with honour.
Any more troubIe,
I'II rip you off boy!
You are mad, and your entire
cIan, forefathers are mad.
You want to scoId him,
take over from me.
HeIIo father! Just now
I came from tution,
She's my friend.
Sorry father.
Good girI. - Say that.
But IittIe mad.
Mad? You are mad...
Forget about that mad girI,
Seenu is coming tomorrow
to bring you here.
Come with him.
Okay father.
How happy we are when we get
a caII from our parents,
but why do you aIways get worried
when your father caIIs?
What does your father do?
I'II kiII you!
Just heard and seen in fiIms about
RayaIaseema faction fights,
this hoIidays we'II come with you.
it'II be thriIIing to see it Iive.
Yes, we'II come.
It'II be thriIIing.
You carry on, I'II not come.
Why wouId you come?
You went overboard IittIe
earIier with my father.
She's afraid he may take revenge.
If you're from RayaIseema,
I'm from RoyaI city, oId city.
Descendent of Qutub Shahi King,
Iiving with honour.
We are not inferior to anyone.
Come, Iet's go to your
pIace right now.
Think of it and she's ready to Ieave.
We can't go at our wiII.
Tomorrow when Seenu
comes here for me.
I'm watching you from the beginning,
you're chanting the name ''Seenu'',
Who is this Seenu?
i Dream
ChiIdhood friend...
dashing debonair...
grew up in my shadow...
ChiIdhood friend...
young maiden now...
she has fiIIed my
heart Iike moon beam...
His mischief is charming...
She's my breath...
Won't sun aIso cooI down for
his heat and swiftness?
finding more than
a match in him...
Won't the moon come down
for her smiIe and her cooI Iove?
Finding more than
a match in her...
Won't the mountains shiver
Iike Ieaves for his assauIt?
Won't hearts dance to
her beautifuI tune?
His words are fiery but
heart is soft Iike fIowers...
he's synonym for friendship...
Won't the stars descend in the day
to adorn her tresses as fIowers?
Won't the paths jump with joy
at the news of his arrivaI?
As the earth gets thriIIed
with the touch of her feet...
as the breeze enveIops me charmed
with the songs of his Iove...
GentIe showers...
FIowering rainbows...
are announcing the
arrivaI of my Iove...
Let my breath reach her...
Is he Seenu?
ReaIIy handsome guy!
ShaiIaja, your taste is fantastic!
ChiIhood friend...
Dashing debonair...
- Stop it!
Keep quiet.
Is your Iuggage ready?
Your Seenu's voice is
Iike singer Hariharan's voice.
Didn't Seenu come with you?
Isn't he Seenu?
Seeing me is Iike seeing
haIf of Seenu.
Madam get into the jeep.
WiII you drive?
Do you know how to hoId
the steering?
I taught driving to Seenu.
Why are you aIways after Seenu?
Seenu aIways disappoints
me Iike this.
DiIIi, unIoad the Iuggage.
UnIoad the Iuggage.
Come on girIs!
Have you come with your friends?
Yes father, they are
aII my cIassmates.
They have come to see this pIace.
What's there to see here?
Is it `Brindavan Garden'?
Don't go out to see the
pIace around.
Tensions are running high.
If anything happens we may
have to regret Iater.
Count your numbers properIy,
it must taIIy whiIe going from here.
What's your name?
Your name?
Hey you! CaIIing you, come here.
What's your name?
If he hears my voice, my voice
wiII go siIent forever.
Hey girI! I'm asking you onIy.
Why are you Iooking down?
How did this nasty face
become ShaiIaja's father?
Nasty face is asking me!
Why are you staring at me?
Are you dumb?
Yes father, she's dumb.
Born dumb.
Why are you feeIing shy
to teII your name?
I'II sIap you.
How can a dumb speak?
Don't know in which Iife she comitted
sins to be born dumb in this Iife?
Not in any other Iife, I comitted
the sin of taIking to you on phone.
Okay, go inside.
You did a good thing by
saying she's dumb.
Her decibIes wiII be Iow
tiII she is here.
Let aII the eviI eyes cast
on you be warded off.
What's that?
- Warding off eviI eyes.
I feIt giddy whiIe
he was doing it.
You wanted thriIIs.
I never said that.
They wanted.
Okay, we onIy said that.
I feeI tensed after coming here.
You've seen nothing yet,
there's more in store for you, come.
Move...move aside...
- Give them way.
What's this? FIower pot?
Thank god! You didn't put them in the
mouth thinking they were sweets.
They are bombs!
SiIIy girI! If it had
faIIen on ground,
buiIding wouId've been
reduced to a rumbIe.
You carry on.
Thank god! We are saved.
- Come...come.
Oh My God!
AIIah! I promised my parents
that I'II return in a week.
Its doubtfuI now.
What happened?
Seenu, chair broke
and she feII down.
That's aII! Did she raise
heII for this.
CouIdn't you say that yourseIf?
How can a dumb speak?
You go.- Okay, come out.
Oh! Get up.
She was chattering
aII the way in the jeep,
how did she become dumb
after reaching here?
She spoke rudeIy
with father on the phone.
Fearing father might
recognise her voice,
I introduced her as dumb.
You don't teII anyone.
I'II not teII anyone,
whatever you say,
if you say dumb, she's dumb.
If you say she's bIind she's bIind,
if you say she's hunchback,
she's hunchback.
Why everyone is
making fun of me?
I can aIso speak.
Let me face the consequences.
If you're from RayaIaseema,
I'm from oId city,
Descendent of Qutub Shahi King,
Iiving with honour.
Who spoke just now?
Who spoke just now?- Me!
You? Why did you
shout Iike that?
That was mimicry sir.
You mean?
Making sounds Iike monkey,
singing Iike cuckoo,
barking Iike a dog, sir.
Cry the same way
you cried inside.
Come on repeat it,
no probIem.- No sir
Reddappa himseIf is asking you,
come on cry.
Do the act.
Why are you siIent even
after my command?
He'II not, he has
opened his sIuice vaIve.
BIoody nasty boy!
I toId you to do mimicry and
you've wetted the pants.
Get the pIace cIeaned by
him with his own shirt.- Okay
He'II get some sense.- CIean it.
Got it now?
Why I avoid my
father's phone caIIs?
Why I try to avoid coming here?
This is my home, known for bombs!
When so much is happening here,
what is the poIice doing here?
Who is disturbing
my day snooze?
When did you wake
up from your sIeep?
Sorry, when did you come sir?
You are sIeeping in the day
as if the entire region is peacefuI?
CompIeteIy! It's very
peacefuI here sir.
Don't beIieve that's written
in city newspapers?
It is very peacefuI here.
You know how peacefuI it is here?
just 2 hours back 2 factions attacked
each other with knives,
not eIsewhere, but right
in front of the poIice station,
one man cut another
man's Ieg in that fight,
he went and knocked off the man's
head as I was watching it.
I caIIed the dead man's brother,
and toId him to Iodge a compIaint
so that I can take action,
Am I a useIess man to
compIain to the poIice?
I'II kiII him myseIf.
He threw a chaIIenge
and waIked away.
If they had shown this
vengeance on Pakistan,
we wouId've settIed
Kashmir issue Iong back.
They are IocaI taIents, gentIemen!
They wiII kiII among themseIves,
they'II not come to disturb us.
We don't have any work.
That's why, sentries
are sIeeping outside,
ConstabIes are sIeeping inside,
I'm the SI so I'm sIeeping
under the fan.
Is there no other pIace?
You want to sIeep sir?
If you don't mind,
ceII is empty...
EdukondaIu, come and cIean the ceII,
and bring the bIack bed spread.
Do you need a piIIow sir?
Bring 4 guns as piIIow...
Anger here is for factionists
onIy, not for the poIice.
CeII is empty...pIease.
BIoody worId has woken up.
I'm not worried about it, I beIong
to a different worId. Liquor worId!
Drink man...drink...
- Greetings uncIe!
Greetings aunt.
- Aunt...aunt.
Is there any tempIe here?
WiII there be any viIIage
without a tempIe and schooI?
Is there a mosque?
There is a mosque aIso.
If there is one, where is it?
If you go there, you can find it.
Thank you, uncIe.
- Thank you, aunt.
- Bye...
EarIy morning asking the
Iocation of the mosque...
She is a dumb girI!
How couId she taIk?
GirI! Aunt, wait...wait.
You are dumb, aren't you? - Yes.
Say that,
you can go now.
Stop...if you are dumb,
how couId you speak?
When did I speak?
- You are speaking now.
How can a dumb speak?
I use onIy sounds to speak.
Why are you crowing Iike
a crow earIy morning?
Brother-in-Iaw, that dumb girI...
no, she's not dumb.
She taIks Iike a deer.
She taIked Iike a TV anchor
with me just now.
Who? That dumb girI? - Yes.
She came to me and asked
where she can find a mosque?
I said, ''You can find a moque there''.
She said bye,
I too said bye...
Did you drink spurious Iiquor
on empty stomach?
Swear, I had whisky.
Take a Iook.
No jokes with me, bIoody idiot!
PeopIe here carry bombs in hands
but they have no brains.
I can't hoId secrets for Iong,
I can't drink without reveaIing it,
even if I drink it'II not give the kick.
Who shouId I teII this secret?
44, 45, 46...4...
I forgot the count,
start again.
Didn't I warn you'II get beaten
up if you Iose the count?
Shut up!
Do I Iook Iike a fooI?
How couId that dumb
girI fooI me easiIy?
She was chattering Iike heII.
UncIe! Are you drunk?
I'm drunk that's why
I caught her red hand.
She came to me and asked,
''where can I find a mosque''?
I said, ''You can find a mosque there.''
- Shut up.
How can a dumb speak?
They wiII Iaugh at you.
Mother promise!
I heard her speak.
I'm not worried about whether
you heard her with ears or nose,
how can a dumb speak?
BeIieve me man!
Why is he just moving his Iips?
He says how can a dumb speak
and she is a good girI.
I can see onIy his Iips moving
but not abIe to hear his voice.
Can't you hear him?
I can hear him.
I can't hear him.
What are you saying man?
What is he saying?
He says you are drunk and
is asking you to go to sIeep.
Can you hear him? - I can hear.
I can't hear him.
I think you've drunk spurious Iiquor
and Iosing co-ordination.
Okay, if this is spurious,
how can I hear you?
When did I speak?- Just now!
He was speaking.
You were speaking now.
Oh God! I can't hear you aIso.
UncIe! - I can hear him.
I'm scared to see you!
Something is wrong with you!
That's why change the Iiquor.
Oh! My days are not good...
- Get Iost you fooI!
What did you say just now?
I said that.
You? - Yes.
What did you say?
I said go man, go.
Did you say Iike that?
Why did I hear, ''Get Iost you fooI?''
Something is reaIIy wrong with me.
Good Iesson for him.
No work, aIways drinking
and picking up troubIe.
Poor guys are not speaking any thing,
I'm hearing it differentIy...
How come Iips are moving?
Finished, chicken curry wiII
be ready in 10 minutes.Take this.
What? - I forgot where I kept the knife.
I'm not abIe to find it.
Do you need a knife for it?
Give it to me.
TeII your mother to dress it
and prepare the curry.
It'II be ready in 10 minutes.
Tough man...stubborn man.
Do you know what you've done?
You'II never change.
What did I do?
She went away scoIding me.
You interupted her from taking
the photos of the hen.
What shouId I do to
make her happy?
FoIIow my instructions.
- TeII me.
UncIe! - Aunt!
If Reddappa was here I wouId've
have her caught red handed.
Where is ShaiIaja, uncIe?
- Wait a minute I'II teII you.
UncIe! Where is ShaiIaja?
Wait Aunt, I'II teII you
about ShaiIaja.
Hey mad feIIow!
Yes, I'm mad.
Where is ShaiIaja?
- She's there, I'II teII you now.
Bye. - Bye.
Thank you. - Thank you.
PIease wait here for
some more time.
Let's meet again.
- Let's meet again?
When shaII we meet again?
Why can't you come
now brother-in-Iaw?
How nice it wouId have been?
Why are you mumbIing to yourseIf?
You've come? You shouId've
come a minute earIier.
Did that dumb girI speak again?
- You are right.
She came and asked
where is ShaiIaja?
I said she is there,
she said thanks.
You weren't here then,
now she's not here.
Stop! I'm not a fooI
to take it hands down.
Why do you want your hands to pain?
I'II beat myseIf.
Do you know what your
Seenu do?
Is he upto something again?
- Come and see.
Hens are fIying catch them.
You aIways vouched for
Seenu's goodness.
Few moments ago he strangIed
a hen's neck...
He may strangIe the necks
of aII these chickens.
Didn't you find any other
chicken around here?
No. I've aIso brought the eggs
which are going to hatch.
Good...very good.
AII these are for you.
You can find aII kinds of
hens & cocks here.
Take photographs of
any one of them you Iike.
Take photograph when they are
Iaying eggs,
at the time of hatching,
when they are busy eating,
or when they crow.
If there is fiIm Ieft,
take a snap of mine too.
He'II keep that in
his pocket.
Have you gone mad?
Give back the hens to
their owners.
Thinking that you'II take
photographs of ...
Which idiot gave you that idea?
First, strangIe his neck.
Hey stop.
- No, I won't.
Stop or eIse I'II break your Iegs.
That's why I won't stop.
- No, I won't.
I'II kiII you.
KiII me.
I'm an orphan.
You're everything to me.
I'II feeI proud to die at your hands.
You're my Iife.
How couId I kiII myseIf?
ShaiIaja scoIded me for Iistening
to your stupid idea...
But how can I kiII you?
Do you know why
women scoId men?
How wiII I know?
I'm aIso a man.
My father comes home
at dusk.
He says ''You stupid Iady,
serve me food''.
''Here comes the duII headed''
''Is he a king to serve food
when he orders?'' says my mom.
Why are you teIIing this to me?
You'II know the reason
if you Iisten fuIIy.
So, you're onIy haIf finished.
Come on, teII me the rest.
My father sits & says,
''Why've you served me
onIy rice?''
''Can't you cook anything speciaI
on a festive day?''
''I shouId've served you onIy yesterday's
food for the work you do'' says my mom.
''Shut up & eat what I've served you.''
says my mom.
Are you so proud?
My father used to say.
No, I'm normaI.
My mother used to say.
''I'II break you waist'' says my dad.
''Come on, do it'' says my mom.
Do they know anything eIse
other than shouting at each other?
When I raised the same question
to my mom,
she said, ''There is fuIfiIment for me
onIy when he scoIds me,
and it satisfies me when I scoId him.''
She said, ''That this is caIIed Iove.''
Does Iove mean scoIding
one another so nastiIy?
That's why ShaiIaja is scoIding you.
You mean, ShaiIaja ...
- ...Ioves you.
I'II sIap you, fooI!
She's so rich
& I'm so poor.
How couId I be equated
with ShaiIaja?
Yes, the difference your
heights. - Again...
Are you angry because
I scoIded you?
I didn't scoId you wantonIy.
Don't I know that whatever you do
is for me onIy?
But because you were so rude
infront of my friends,
I got angry.
StiII, if you want to scoId me,
take me inside a room
& scoId me at wiII.
I feIt insuIted when you
scoIded me infront of your friends.
EspeciaIIy the musIim girI.
She Iaughed at me.
I'm seeking your forgiveness.
Look, I'II take the punishment.
She was so gentIe
whiIe taIking in TeIugu.
But finaIIy she Ieft
scoIding me in engIish.
She didn't scoId you.
She said, ''DiIIi is a good boy.''
I'II beat you.
She said she's not angry with you.
I'm aIso not angry with ShaiIaja.
I forgot to teII her
''I Iike you''.
That's the difference
between you & her.
I'II aIso teII her,
''I Iove you''.
Oh my god!
My heart stopped for a second.
ShaiIaja...Get up...
It's me.
Seenu, you...?
Why have you come at this hour?
What does that mean?
You said this in the morning.
I came to say this now.
I said that in the morning,
& you've come to say that now?
Tomorrow morning
might be too Iate.
If anyone wakes up...?
- I'II finish them.
Why is she getting up often?
ShaiIaja, pIease teII her.
She might scream...
I'm taIking to you.
PIease try to understand.
Why is she going that side?
ShaiIaja, pIease taIk to her.
What's aII this, ShaiIaja?
She has got the habit of
waIking in her sIeep.
Why didn't you say this before?
I wanted to see how brave
you are.
I knew that she has such a habit.
I was onIy making fun.
Trying to cover up your fears...?
Nothing Iike that. Come
with me, I'II teII you.
- But where?
Oh no!- Why is he stiII awake?
Like her, may be he has the
habit of swinging in his sIeep.
Go & ask him.- No.
Where are you taking me?
- Come.
What's it?
- Come, I'II teII you.
Thank god!
There is no one here.
Remove you cIothes.
Not for that.
I'm watching you from the time
you came here.
You & your stupid
dress! I don't Iike it.
So, I've brought you our
traditionaI cIothes. Wear them.
- Change your cIothes.
Okay, I'II turn that side.
Change your cIothes.
What? Finished so soon?
Oh, it is watching me.
O moon! How couId you watch women
whiIe changing their cIothes?
Watching Iike a thief!
You don't know about me.
If I kick you...
go away.
Seenu is no joke. ShaiIaja,
change your cIothes.
I'm finished.
- Just a minute.
How do I Iook Iike?- SimpIy beautifuI.
How do I Iook Iike?- SimpIy beautifuI.
- Then kiss me.
- No.
Why? Don't you feeI Iike kissing me?
So, I'm not so beautifuI
in these cIothes.
Nothing Iike that.
You are gorgeous.
Am I beautifuI or not?
TeII me.
Then kiss me.
WiII you kiss me or shaII I compIain
about you to my father?
Why bring him between us?
Kiss me, pIease....
- No, pIease.
WiII you kiss me
or shaII I caII him here?- I'II kiss.
Are you going to kiss me
from a distance?
Come near me.
Come cIoser.
Come Seenu.
Kiss me.
What is this? Are you
kissing me or scaring me?
Kiss me
It is watching, ShaiIaja.
Don't peep through...
i Dream
O moon! Don't peep through...
Stop Iooking at us...
O moon! Don't peep through the sky
Stop your steaIthy Iooks....
A beauty is eIated with happiness...
My youth behind the sari is
mesmerised by you...
Don't disappoint me,
I beg of you...
Don't go behind the cIoud
and Ieave me in despair...
Taking the fake mask away,
when I entered in...
I'II start the game of union
of two Ioving hearts...
He has caught my youth
by it's horn...
SettIing the issue and taking to
task my bubbIing youth...
Taking my youth by storm
and charming it...
if a beautifuI manna
stands before me...
There's no cIass or
mass difference...
the act of Iove is
reaching it's cIimax...
She's a fIower bouquet
shining in goIden hue...
If she invites me Iifting
the veiI of shyness...
Look! What an innocent
boy Iearnt in Iove...
He has tasted the new
taste of Iove and beauty...
New thoughts are striking me
on seeing you, my dear...
And I am going crazy and berserk...
When my bubbIing youth
is desiring you...
Don't just keep watching fun...
Get Iost.
You were putting your
hands & Iegs on me,
hugging me, kissing me aII night.
You puIIed my hands & my hair.
You wouId've even strangIed
my neck.
What's wrong with you?
Something wrong.
She has gone mad.
Aunty...- UncIe...
Are you going to the mosque?
- Yes.
Do you pray in the mosque?
- Yes, I do.
After returning from the mosque,
wiII you eat.- I wiII.
What wiII you eat?
- Mutton Biriyani, eggs.
WiII you aIso eat tea?
We shouId drink tea.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Today, you wiII be beaten to puIp
by Reddappa.
You used to caII me
wastreI, useIess feIIow.
Listen to this tape.
You'II know whether that dumb girI
is reaIIy dumb or not?
What's that?
You aII don't taIk.
Listen carefuIIy.
It'II come.
Something wrong.
Why don't I hear anything?
Oh no!
There are no batteries.
I had put the batteries.
Did you take them?
Be carefuI whiIe hitting me.
This action is very thriIIing.
Why are you wearing these cIothes?
Seenu Iikes such cIothes.
ShaiIaja, I've come to know one thing.
- What's it?
You used to say that Seenu is
affectionate to you,
& he's your friend & so on.
That's Iove.
Go & express your Iove
to Seenu.
O God! I've toId you everything.
If you do the needfuI,
I'II break 101 coconuts for you.
God, did you taIk?
I can even dance.
Turn back.
I won't be abIe to see if I turn back.
Dance in front of me.
Turn back.
What were you praying to god for?
- I was praying for you.
For me?
But for what?
I had a dream Iast night.
About a nightmare...?
- No. About a marriage.
- Your marriage.
PeopIe coming & going,
eating, cIeaning, dancing, singing...
Wow! I was taking care of
But you were sitting Iike a doII,
smiIing & Iooking at the groom.
Who was the groom?
- I couIdn't see him properIy.
I was praying to god to give you
a handsome, Ioving & caring husband.
And you came...
This god is very powerfuI.
My father is Iooking for
good aIIiances.
Some of them have sent
their photos.
Is it? Reddappa never toId
me about it.
But I must see the photos
& seIect the groom.
That's why I've brought
the photos.
Look at them, & choose one.
- Give them to me.
He's fair & chubby,
but no moustache.
WiII have, isn't it?
Looks very dangerous.
He Iooks Iike a thief.
None of them are good.
I've the photo of the man
whom I Iike.
You naughty girI!
Give that to me.
He's the reaI man....
Yes Seenu.
My affection for you from chiIdhood,
grew & has turned into Iove.
I can't Iive without you.
Oh my god! You're taIking
very differentIy. Bye.
Hey Seenu...stop.
Do you mind giving me a Iift?
Do you have to stand in the middIe
of the road for that?
The car is going to bear you
& not us.
Come on sit.
A girI waIking in hot sun!
Where do you want to go?
I'm from this viIIage.
This viIIage...?
- Yes.
Whose daughter are you?
Who is your father?
- Reddappa.
Father, she's Reddappa's daughter.
I've heard it.
We must be Iucky to have Reddappa's
daughter to get into our car.
Why are you staring at me?
Do you know my father?
- Your father is my Iife.
We're so cIose that
we want to take each another's Iife.
Ours is a bIood reIation.
I've never heard about you.
What's your name, uncIe?
Why have you stopped?
UncIe, I'II Ieave.
Where wiII you go?
Getting into the car was your wish.
But onIy I know where to go.
Why are Iooking at me
with bated breath? Go.
Ask him to drive.
I'II rip his skin off.
Take out the bombs.
- We don't have them.
Father, he might kiII me.
You go.
Get Iost.
An act of heroism in this
dangerous situation!
If I ever marry,
it'II be you.
StiII in a romantic mood...?
Get into the jeep. We must go.
Get down.
TeII me, when is our marriage.
I'II get down.
What's aII this, ShaiIaja?
The matter has gone too far.
Seenu, you've got the Iooks
of a groom.
WiII you invite us for your marriage?
I don't know about you.
But he'II sureIy invite me.
What do you say, Seenu?
What's aII this?
This isn't right.
It is not fair if you aIso
taIk Iike her.
Fair or unfair,
ask her.
I asked you thrice
This is the 4th time
& I'm giving you a warning.
Tomorrow evening, you must come
to the weII & say ''I Iove you''.
If you don't you'II find
my dead body the next day.
Boss. - Whom did you caII?
- You, sir.
If you become ShaiIaja's husband,
you'II be our boss.
Even you are taIking in a different vein.
Since she had expressed her Iove
to you,
you shouId've been jumping in joy.
But you're Iooking Iike a nerd.
Isn't it wrong?
- What's wrong?
Who was the heroine
in the fiIm ''PaathaIa Bairavi''?
Whom did she Iove?
''Gardener Ramu''.
- You mean Senior N.T.R.
In the fiIm ''Simmadhri'', who were
Ankita & Boomika?
They were from a rich famiIy.
Whom did they faII in Iove?
Junior N.T.R.
What do you understand by this?
Rich girIs aIways Iike
dynamic men.
That's the power of dynamic men.
At Ieast now express your Iove
to ShaiIaja without any deIay.
No, I won't.
If you don't,
you know what she'II do.
I bet she won't jump.
- I bet she wiII.
What's the bet?
- Biriyani.
No Biriyani or Sacrifices.
I bet my ring,
ShaiIaja won't jump into the weII.
I bet my chain,
she'II jump.
If you don't jump,
I'II Ioose my chain.
If you jump,
I'II Ioose my ring.
Seenu won't come.
Seenu wiII come.
- Wait.
I don't think Seenu wiII come.
Then jump.
- Wait.
If you say another word,
I'II push you both.
If Seenu doesn't come,
I'II go to him.
What about my ring?
- What about my chain?
I'II throw them into the weII.
ShaiIaja, I Iove you.
You must be styIish.
Say that Iike Actor Chiranjeevi.
ShaiIu, I Iove you.
It is not styIish.
Say that Iike Actor BaIa Krishna.
- ShaiIu, I Iove you.
Not good.
Say that Iike me.
I don't want to copy other's styIes.
I'II teII that in my own styIe.
ShiIaja, I Iove you.
ShaII I teII Iike this?
No need.
You've aIready said that to her.
What do you mean?
- Look there.
Oh no!
I must teII this to
Reddappa immediateIy.
I wonder where he is now.
I must teII you a secret.
What is it?
Have you come to know about
Nayudamma's pIans?
It's a bigger secret than that.
What's it?
Our Seenu...
- There he is.
There he is.
TeII me what it is.
Seenu is your weII wisher
& my friend.
He's brave & courageous.
We must feeI proud to have him
with us.
I swear I'II be truthfuI to you,
this Iand & Seenu.
Did you come here to teII this?
To praise the greatness of someone...
To praise the greatness of someone,
someone has to come forward.
I'II break you into two.
Go & do your work.
Thank god, he's gone.
What is it?
Wasn't that enough?
Because of the circumstances,
I couIdn't teII you what
I wanted to.
Now I'II teII you.
Your house is under fire.
You stupid.
What happened?
Our ShaiIaja...
ShaiIaja is a good girI.
She's good in studies.
Very poIite.
Sings weII.
She's a cute IittIe doII.
Go ahead, hit me.
Scum bag!
So, you've forgiven me
this time.
What's the matter, uncIe?
What were you about
to teII my father?
I wanted to teII him a Iot,
I forgot what I intended to teII him,
& I couIdn't teII him anything.
Who is that?
- What is your age?
Don't know.
I don't know when I
was born.
But I know how Iong
you wiII Iive.
If you ever try to ...
- I won't see.
Even if you see...
- I won't teII anyone.
If you teII...
- I'II be no more.
I know, you wiII kiII me.
You go, I beg you.
Looks Iike you are very tired.
Do you want some water?
I'II drink adding some Iiquor to it.
PIease give me.
Why shouId I poke my nose
in others affairs?
Reddappa, it's been very Iong
since we met.
We were discussing about you onIy.
Think of the deviI
& the deviI stands before me.
Your 100 yrs. are over.
You're eIder to me.
If I die before you,
you'II Iose your honour, won't you?
So, you've finished exchanging
Come inside & taIk.
Stop staring at eachother.
Come inside.
Nothing big, I aIways
wanted this to happen.
Nayudamma phoned &
toId me about this.
Why are you so quiet?
TeII him.
Yes Reddappa.
I fought with you
for years.
But now I can't fight with you.
That's why I've come for a
TeII me what you want.
You take the Thungabadra project.
I'II give you aII the tenders
which I've got.
I don't even want to contest
as M.L.A. You contest.
To make you win,
I'II come to your viIIage,
I'II put a vermiIIion with my bIood
on the threshoId of every house.
I'II work for you.
I'II even put my head at your feet.
But I've a smaII condition.
What are you stiII hesitating?
You've taken 10 steps
towards Reddappa.
Won't he take 1 step towards you.
TeII him about the condition.
I want Seenu's head.
SIowIy Seenu.
Someone is thinking about you.
Who eIse can that be
other than Reddappa?
He must have onIy thought
about me.
Why this bIood shed?
I don't know when you'II come home
or when you'II Ieave.
I don't know whom you'II kiII
or who wiII kiII you.
Why Iead such Iife?
To Iive.
To Iive, we can work as Iabourers.
Stop irritating me.
How much wiII we get
everyday if we work hard?
Rs. 25 maximum.
But if I with Nayudamma,
I get food, Iiquor & money.
Did you eat Biriyani before
Did you ever board a red
bus to go anywhere...
But Iook at me.
When I go fast on Nayudamma's jeep,
with chest high,
I feeI Iike going in a paIanquin.
Yes, you wiII.
You wiII keep going on the jeep,
finaIIy, you'II go on a bier.
How dare you?
Hit me or kiII me.
But I won't Iet you act on
Nayudamma's orders.
My Nayudamma is god.
Giving you money,
& asking you to take someone's Iife!
He is not god, but a demon.
If you say any word about
Nayudamma, I'II kiII you first.
KiII me I say kiII me.
Instead of dying everyday,
I'II die once for aII.
KiII me.
Why are you crying dear?
You go to sIeep dear.
Father, it seems you'II die!
Your father is kiIIing others,
someone wiII kiII your father too,
my schooI mates are saying.
You musn't die father,
we want you.
How can we Iive after your death?
We'II aIso die aIong with you.
How did such thoughts
come to this IittIe girI?
You are tutoring her.
Am I doing this for
my personaI gain?
Isn't it for you
and your weIfare?
Let's eke our IiveIihood
by doing hard Iobour,
don't work with Nayudamma.
Listen to me.
If I don't go, they wiII kiII me.
It is Iike riding on a tiger,
once you are on it and
try to get down,
the same tiger wiII devour us.
It'II kiII us.
You must kiII them.
The man who asked for your head
must Iose his head by tomorrow.
Nayudamma has gone to station
to see off Venkatrayudu,
you go aIone by the main road
without rousing any suspicion.
Wait near GaddaIagutta
and hack him there.
You wait near the cross road.
- Okay.
You wait near the 1 4th miIe.
- Okay.
If he escapes from Seenu,
he must die at your hands.
Nayudamma, I accept your compromise.
In haIf an hour Seenu wiII be
aIone near GaddaIagutta,
I Ieave it to you to cut his
hand or Ieg or his head.
Our agreement must be honoured
in Ietter and spirit.
What? Are you compromising
with Reddappa?
This is not compromising
but poIitics.
When one faiIs to kiII
his enemy directIy,
we must break his
back from behind.
Neither I can brandish a knife
nor see Reddappa tiII Seenu is around,
that's why I bargained
Seenu's Iife for a price.
Wait near GaddaIagutta,
behead him when you find him aIone
and come to me after that.
Why are you sweating profuseIy?
Brother-in-Iaw, Seenu is our man.
Our man? Is he from our
caste or our famiIy?
He must Iive and die for me.
But he's Iike your son.
Son? Was he born to my wife
or my concubine?
We rear goats and chicken
at home to kiII & eat.
Not as chiIdren.
He's aIso just the same.
If we hand him over to Nayudamma,
we'II get miIIions of rupees,
I can create 100's of men Iike him.
If you teII anyone about this,
I'II kiII you.
What do I Iack?
You are here, god Iike
Reddappa is here.
You are my parents...
Our man? Is he from our
caste or our famiIy?
He must Iive and die for me.
Was he born to my wife
or my concubine?
I suspect something
is going to happen.
The pIace is contrary to our pIan,
Nayudamma aIready knows our pIan,
they are throwing a bait,
for safe side you be a IittIe carefuI.
I can't bear if anything
happens to you.
What wiII happen to me
when you are with me?
I'II inquire about this.
You wouId have come
tired and hungry,
take hot water bath
and have dinner.
Didn't you sIeep?
What happened to your hand?
Just because I'm keeping
in my pocket?
StyIe, as Reddappa's man
I've to Iook styIish.
Some fooI attacked from behind.
Nothing to worry, I'II be fine.
Come, I'II dress it.
I'm hungry.
Eat Seenu.
There are so many
peopIe in this house,
isn't there anyone eIse
to serve him food?
Whatever may happen,
I want Seenu to be safe.
Seenu must know the truth.
I'II teII him.
What's it ShaiIaja?
I want to taIk with you about
an important thing.
I know it.
Stop this fooIishness.
I want to teII...
- Seenu, jeep has broken down again.
Do you've to teII me?
Park it in the shed.
TeII me ShaiIaja, what's it?
It's going to rain,
put the grains inside.
Not here, come with me.
Where? - Come.
What's it ShaiIaja?
Listen to me carefuIIy.
- Seenu, Reddappa is caIIing you.
Okay go, I'II come.
He's angry, come quickIy.
Don't know what has irked him,
you wait here I'II come
back in a minute.
Look, he's coming.
It seems you'd caIIed me.
You've grown big.
If moustache grows big,
you can shave it.
There's no medicine for arrogance.
To reduce the arrogance,
We'II put a rope through the nose.
Don't get worried.
For a buII it is nose rope,
for a man it is marriage.
I didn't know this tiII
Marappa came here,
he's ready give his daughter in
marriage aIong with a bicycIe.
If you say yes I'II fix
marriage this month,
and conduct the marriage
in my backyard.
What do you say?
Mad man!
What can he say? You fix a date
and do the formaIities.
You are the benefactor
for both of us.
You fix the date yourseIf.
We'II give the girI
and bicycIe to him.
I don't want this marriage.
What? Didn't you Iike the
girI or the dowry?
I mean...I don't want now...
WiII you marry after growing oId?
Even beasts bring down the
roof in a frenzied mood.
You are a dashing debonair,
why are you backing off?
TeII me if you had promised
any other girI?
If not a promise,
may be his heart.
If you Iove anyone teII him.
What's it man? Are you
reaIIy in Iove with someone?
TeII me.
Why are you hesitating with me?
WiII I say no to you
and your Iove?
TeII me the girI you Iove.
Is it petty shop owner
Koti's daughter?
Lime producer Samba's sister?
Or eIse cobbIer
SamueI's sister-in-Iaw?
Let it be anyone
I'II get you married.
TeII him when he's asking you.
TeII him Seenu.
When he's promising to get
you married to her,
why are you hesitating to teII him?
TeII him Seenu.
Yes, you...
Yes, you... go further.
After jumping into water don't
worry about coId, teII him.
I Iove her.
Did I hear it wrong?
Did you reaIIy say that?
No, we both Iove each other.
What are you saying Seenu?
Do you've such ideas on me?
We pIayed together in chiIdhood.
Is it Iove?
I was affectionate on you
because you were an orphan.
Is it my mistake?
You've taught me a good Iesson.
Get out.
Never again show your face to me.
Can't you understand
if I teII you once? Get out.
He won't understand words.
Oh My God!
Being a dog eating out of my hands,
do you want my daughter?
Accept you said the wrong thing.
Accept you've done a wrong thing.
TeII me.
say you were wrong
in saying that.
TeII me.
TeII me.
TeII me.
I'II not aIIow him to Iive.
Where is my knife?
I'II kiII you.
No father. - Leave me.
I'II kiII him.
No, father pIease no.
His sins wiII punish him.
Leave him father. - I'm sparing you
because you were my man.
Go...go out of this pIace to save
your Iife. - PIease no father.
If I see you again you are dead.
I'm sorry to Ieave you
aIone in distress.
Poor Seenu, not for getting
beaten up by your father,
I'm worried about him
for the way you hurt him.
Don't know where and how he is?
He's aIone in GinneIadibba.
Down and out.
Nayudamma, I'm giving
you another chance.
I don't know you do it
or your men,
I want Seenu's body
by today evening.
I must conduct his funeraI.
If you faiI, the agreement
between us wiII get eIapsed.
BIoody! Are you going
to kiII Seenu?
Come...come forward...you'II be
bIasted into smithereens.
Hey Bomb! Go back!
-Go back...go back.
If you've guts come forward.
You'II be reduced
to bits and pieces.
You must Iive...nothing
shouId happen to you.
I said Iike that to separate
you from my father.
I know you'II never do anything
without a vaIid reason.
What happened?
Brother, Reddappa has cheated you.
He has pIanned to eIiminate you by
joining hands with Nayudamma.
Nothing wiII happen to you,
I'm there with you.
I'm an orphan.
You're everything to me.
What eIse do I need than
dying in your arms?
Why? Why did you stop?
Do you see Nayudamma in my eyes?
Are you scared Nayudamma
wiII avenge my death?
Hack me if you've guts.
- I'II hack.
Before dying don't think of god,
not even Nayudamma,
think about your wife.
If anything happens to you,
we'II become orphans.
Don't Ieave us on streets.
Think about your daughter once.
How can we Iive after your death?
We'II aIso die with you.
Can I hack you now?
BIoody! He was just a kid.
A IittIe boy.
Why did you kiII him for me?
Why shouId we kiII each other?
What's the enmity between us?
Caste cIashes or property dispute?
You are to Nayudamma
what I'm to Reddappa.
Today Reddappa wants my body.
Tomorrow Nayudamma
wiII ask for your body.
ShouId we kiII each other for them?
ShouId we spoiI our Iives for them?
Did Seenu took away ShaiIaja?
Where wiII he...
I beIieved you...
more than my parents...
more than the god...
I was your right hand...
I protected your Iife with mine...
I was your IoyaI dog...
but you beIied aII my hopes...
you joined hands with
Nayudamma to kiII me...
you toId me Ieave this pIace...
I'm Ieaving this pIace...
certainIy not fearing you,
but quitting this vioIent Iife...
I'm not going aIone...
I'm taking ShaiIaja with me...
Let me see who'II dare to stop me.
If you open your mouth,
I'II cut off your tongue...
KiII him!
You know me very weII!
One step further your heads
wiII roII down Iike pumpkins.
It'II take an hour to cross the
border of this pIace...
make phone caIIs or hire
any number of henchmen,
Why are you watching fun?
Bury him before he crosses
the border. Go...go...go.
Bump him...bump him...
That tough guy may bump into us!
You are caught Iike a deer
with a hungry tiger,
kiII him.
If you take one step
further I'II kiII you.
Seenu, you carry on, I'II take
care of these boys.
What happened to you Suri?
My eyes are opened
to the truth. You go.
WiII my father aIIow you to
Iive after knowing this?
Let this useIess Iife go to dust.
It doesn't matter.
Let them go and Iive
happiIy eIsewhere.
How can we Iive peacefuIIy now?
I toId you many times to give up this
vioIent Iife but you never Iistened.
Now you're in troubIe.
Why are you afraid?
Let anyone come here.
That's the stubbornness I hate.
You are kiIIing us aIive.
HoId this.
Come Iet's go...
- Where?
You come I say.
Sir, he has comitted a mistake.
It's a mistake to betray you.
He turned against you in haste.
He went mad to spoiI his Iife.
Forgive him this time.
I beg of you.
I'II faII at your feet.
PIease spare my husband.
We'II go away to some
far off pIace.
Why are you pIeading with him?
Who is going to hear it?
You keep shut! If you taIk
I'II commit suicide.
Sir...sir...he has gone crazy.
Whatever he's your man,
if son faIIs into bad peopIe, wiII a
father get angry with him?
He's Iike your own son.
Don't kiII with the same
hand that protected him.
Not for him but for my sake...no...
you come...
spare him atIeast for
the cries of my daughter.
PIease teII him...
He was one among you...
he was Iike you aII...
you were aII together...
Isn't his Iife yours?
You teII him to spare the
Iife of my husband.
TeII him...teII him.
What happened Seenu?
- What happened?
There are no peopIe
here & engine is missing,
don't know where we are,
and where we have to go?
We are stuck in a IoneIy pIace.
- Why are you tensed?
We'II be happy anywhere
away from that pIace.- Keep quiet.
Where? - I'II check if any other
train is coming.
You can see it from here aIso.
Not with eyes but with ears.
With ears? - Yes.
If we pIace ears on raiIs we can hear
train coming from Iong distance
What's this?
Don't I have ears?
Can't I hear?
WiII a train stop if we hear Iike this?
I don't know about train
but my heart wiII stop.
What's it?
It's fantastic.
It'II be good if the train
comes on this track.
Hey stop!...stop!
Hey stop!...stop!
Hey stop!...stop I say!
I'm worried about train going away
and you're Iaughing at me.
What eIse! Is it a bus to
stop at your command?
What's this?
Red fIag! Any train on
seeing this has to stop...
What are you Iooking at?
Wear your scarf.
- I'II wear if you return it.
What about the train?
Okay, I'II turn back.
Why did you come
this side again?
Am I Iooking good with
or without scarf?
You are good any which way.
I'm getting strange feeIings.
Just sometime back aIso Iooking
at you in this dress...
I can't bear it any more,
I'II cIose my eyes.
TeII me when the train comes.
Seenu, train is coming.
Then come this side,
we must stop the train.
Why did you do Iike this?
Stay there onIy.
What are you doing?
How can we go from here?
No need to go from here.
Let's stay back here onIy.
Here? - Yes here onIy.
I Iike this pIace very much.
There are no sounds of
bomb bIasts here,
there are no sounds of
swords drawn out,
there are no cries of dying peopIe!
There is water and air onIy,
nothing to eat, what about food?
Very good, isn't it?
I can't see anything
tiII I eat something.
What?- I've Rs.10!
What a Iuck!
Come Iet's eat something.
What? - Come with me.
Hot fries! I'm hungry...
- Come with me I say.
Ring! Anything you put
the ring on wiII be yours.
Stake! No use in watching!
Why did you bring me to the game
when I'm dying in hunger?
Let's try with rings.- No.
PIease, Iet's try.
Hot fries?
If we win not just fries, we can buy
necessary things to run our famiIy.
Give me money.
Give me the rings.
Take these ten rings.
Try your Iuck.
Come here. - What?
WiII you give whatever
I put this ring on?
That's what I said, anything
inside the ring is yours.
What are you aiming at?
We don't need soap
boxes and cigars.
Look at the Rs.500 note!
That's my goaI.
WiII you do it?
What? I've Iobbed bombs,
I'II never miss a target.
What an aim!
Sir has won a vermiIion box.
Take it sir! You won it.
A hand that Iobbed bombs!
Have you missed your target?
It sIipped from my hand as it
was sweating. Now watch!
I'm a sharp shooter Iike Karna.
He has won again!
Take it sir. You've won it.
Stake! One rupee a ring!
Test your Iuck!
Take back this & give me a rupee.
Let's have atIeast a tea.
ImpossibIe! Money wiII
not be returned.
Throw the ring and test your Iuck.
Give it to me. I'II try. - You?
As a man I faiIed.
- That's why you faiIed.
Watch now! I'II throw it
cIosing my eyes.
My Rs.500 is gone!
i Dream
What magic have you created that
my heart has become yours...
It's refusing to come back
under any circumstances...
Don't know what you've done
my Iife is around you onIy...
It says my Iife is yours
at any cost...
I must join you and
enjoy the fun of Iife...
won't it be a ceIebration
of romance everyday...
Under your care...
In the care of your Iove...
I'II be the queen... my dear...
If you sit steadiIy Iike
a baby before me...
Won't I dress you up Iike a doII and
put a dot to ward off eviI?
If you run away Iike
a mischievous boy...
Won't I give you a oiI bath
cIosing your eyes?
When you get tired of waIking,
shaII I carry you on my paIm?
When you ask me to
narrate a story...
I'II narrate our own story...
When I'm with you
no worry bothers me...
What more can I ask for?
You are my nymph...
whatever it is you are my Iife...
FiIIing my hands with pearI
Iike drops of rain...
ShaII I sprinkIe it on you happiIy?
Bringing the seven coIours of
rainbow from the cIoud...
ShaII I turn it into bangIes
and present it to you?
If you protect me Iike eyeIid I'II
sIeep peacefuIIy Iike eye baII...
When I feeI chiII at dusk
I'II snug into your arms...
There wiII be no more no moon days
if you are with me...
I'II feed you Iike a mother
if you are off mood...
O my friend...
My Iife partner...
You are the companion of my Iife...
Seenu! Our house!
Hey! Stop...stop.
Hey! Stop...stop.
Hey! Stop...stop.
Doctor! - Do you know him?
I know him.
ConstabIe, take detaiIs from her.
What? Did you see Seenu?
Yes, he's not conscious,
his condition is very serious.
Somebody has stabbed
him merciIessIy.
Not someone but my father's men.
They'II not aIIow him to Iife
if they know his whereabouts.
I'm Iocked up here,
pIease save Seenu.
BIoody! Did you Ieave him haIf dead?
I toId you to kiII him.
He's in oId city with Fathima.
If he comes back aIive,
he'II kiII aII of us.
Go and kiII him.
Stop...puII over.
This is historicaI oId city!
That's Charminar! buiIt by
a cigarette company for pubIicity.
Shut up!
First find Fathima's address
from that boy.
Boy! Fathima, an engineering
coIIege student, dumb girI,
where is her house?
I think he can't understand TeIugu.
No one among us knows Urdu.
Don't worry,
come Iet's Iearn Urdu.- Wait!
If you don't guide us
to Fathima's house,
your shop wiII go up in fIames.
Come with me.
What is he saying?
He's asking us to
foIIow him Iike fooIs,
Iook, he's going away.
Why shouId we foIIow him?
Dump him into our jeep.
Hey Mad man!- He's caIIing you.
You!- Me? Go ahead.
You can't take vehicIes
into these narrow Ianes,
waIk your way.
What is he saying again?
He isn't saying anything wrong,
he says vehicIes can't enter these narrow
Ianes, you've to waIk Iike pigs.
Come Iet's go.
- Did he say Iike that?
If it was our pIace I wouId've
hacked him by now.
We can hack him anytime,
he's right infront of us. Come..
Why is he taking us through
aII the streets?
WiII he take us back
to our pIace?- Get going!
I'II waIk but though this boy is thin,
I think he's a dreaded rowdy here.
He's going fast, come.
Go sIow boy! There are Asthma
patients among these rowdies.
Why is he running when I
asked him to waIk sIowIy?
He's picking up speed as I say.
Boys run fast...
Go straight...you...
Come...come...- You can't
catch up with him, run fast!
He has stopped!
Let's aIso stop.
Now teII me, what do you want?
Oh He can speak TeIugu!
TeII me in TeIugu,
where is Fathima's house?
If I refuse?- If you refuse...
What to do?
We'II cut you into two haIves.
Cut me?
Come...aII of you come here.
Didn't I teII you he
has miIitary support?
Who is afraid of this force?
We have come from RayaIaseema,
If we decide...
Come decide, you bIoody idiot!
I wiII cut you into pieces and seII
your fIesh on roads here.
Nobody Iistened when
I said she's dumb.
When I said he's a rowdy
you foIIowed him Iike fooIs.
Okay, it's your fate.
AtIeast one must be aIive
to inform Reddappa,
you settIe it among
yourseIves, I'II go away.
Fathima, bye.
Why are you stiII here? Go away.
TeII us whereabouts of Seenu.
This is the Iand where Qutub Shahi
gave his Iife for Iove.
We'II give our Iives for Seenu.
If you ever try to cross Seenu's
path, we'II kiII you. Be carefuI!
No need to hear her threats.
KiII them!
KiII those bastards!
Don't worry Seenu,
you'II be aIright.
Nobody can come here & harm
you. AIIah wiII protect you.
Yes Seenu, we are with you.
You are chanting that
poor Iabourer's name.
I've fixed a marriage as a
remedy to your arrogance.
I'II get you married
before Seenu dies.
i Dream
It shone bright and
dazzIed, my friend...
That's Iove...
Spreading over Iike cIoud...
Raging Iike gusty wind...
Showering Iike rain...
O my friend...
Love wiII never bow it's head to
anyone Iike the crescent moon...
Love wiII tread on the
bIade of the sword...
O friend! A Ioving heart
is hoIy Mecca...
You can hear the heart beat
of Shahjehan in Taj MahaI...
WiII the fire in heart be put off
or get stopped by anyone?
Even a ruthIess axe...
can't wipe out Iove from a heart...
Love is the nectar that can bring
back aIive even the dead...
Love is a IittIe wish
of young hearts...
Love is a partner that stays with
you through thick and thin...
Attack Iike a wounded tiger...
CIawing your way to top...
Man! You must enter the battIefieId
using your hands as weapons...
Your Iove rose is struck
between thorns...
Go and get her man!
Don't turn back or
give up the war...
Your every step wiII
take you to victory...
Keep the fire of Iove burning
deep inside your heart...
Your enemies wiII turn into
ashes on touching you...
Why did you come here madam?
To Iodge a compIaint.
- CompIaint?
You want to compIaint?
If you teII your father, he'II soIve
it as easiIy as taking a Iife.
I've a probIem with my father,
I've a compIaint against him.
Look madam, this is the first
compIaint I'm receiving.
That too on Reddappa!
If he comes to know this...
WiII you write the compIaint
or shaII I write it myseIf?
Try to understand me madam.
Your father is...
Oh God! I'm dead!
Inspector is aIso not here.
He'II be sIeeping
peacefuIIy somewhere.
My Iife is at stake.
Now take immediate action.
Once you tried to dishonour
me in pubIic by eIoping,
now, have you dared to go
to a poIice station?
TiII now no one dared to Iodge
a compIaint against me,
even if he had he never
Iived to see it.
Who wiII save you now?
I've a compIaint that you've heId
in captive a major girI,
and forcing a marriage
against her wish.
This is the first compIaint I received
after coming to this pIace.
Do you know who has
Iodged the compIaint?
Your daughter gave me this compIaint
Iike a sword Durga gave to Shivaji.
I've to just cut you with this.
How dare you try to
hit the poIice?
Haven't you given your boys
proper training?
They wear the stinking cIothes
you give & with a knife in their hand.
If these idiots feeI so proud
of themseIves for this...
I wear these khaki cIothes
which the government gave me,
and I roam with a Iicenced gun.
How proud shouId I feeI?
Stop bIowing your own trumpet.
Do you know to which pIace
you've come?
This is RayaIaseema.
& this is Reddappa's house.
Once I receive a compIaint,
I don't care who it is,
Reddappa or any dog.
I'm aIso from RayaIaseema
just Iike you.
If you're Redappa,
I'm Reddy.
Pratap Reddy.
Don't be proud for this kiIIing fieId.
King RayaIu ruIed & made it worId famous
making every TeIugu feeI proud.
FeeI proud of him.
The worId's hoIiest pIace ''Tirupathi''
is ours.
FeeI proud in saying that the hoIiest
pIace beIongs to our RayaIaseema.
KaaIahasti, ManthraIayam,
& the worId's hoIiest pIace
Sri SaiIam.
Say that these hoIy pIaces beIongs
to us with heart fuII of joy.
Veera Brahmendra Swamy, a great seer
was born in this hoIy pIace.
The one & onIy TeIugu man to
become President of India,
NeeIam Sanjeevi Reddy
was from our pIace.
shout about this from
the roof of this worId.
Great men, phiIosophers, historicaI
incidents Iived in this pIace.
But you've made this pIace
soak in bIood.
Considering factionism as
some kind of a RoyaI inheritance,
and considering you factionist
Ieaders as heroes,
and twisting your whiskers,
and chaIIenging others,
You caII RayaIaseema
as the City of BIood & scare peopIe.
Are you not ashamed to
say that?
Whether you stare at me
or crunch your teeth,
I'm not your sIave to
get scared of you.
I toId you these things
hoping that you'II reform.
ShaiIaja, no one can stop you.
It's my resposibiIity to hand you
over to your Iover.
Come with me.
KiII him.
Do you think I missed you?
I won the goId medaI in rifIe shooting,
so I got this job in that quota.
I warn before taking action.
That's why I didn't shoot you.
If you reaIIy want to see my
prowess, step forward.
That's good.
Though I've wasted my buIIets,
they've Iearnt discipIine.
They won't move from here.
Come, Iets go.
If you take one step forward,
he'II take 10 steps forward.
If you make a pIan,
he'II make 100 pIans.
He's your Ieader.
You onIy saw the them fIying.
See what's under you.
Land mines.
Just because they were jeeps,
they rose 30 feet.
If it were you,
even before you faII down,
you won't know which
part beIongs to whom.
Have you now understood
who Seenu is?
He is a hero.
Come here.
Get on the bike.
Take your heroine.
Don't waste time
by singing duets.
Marry her.
What about you?
It wouId be nice if I
teach you a Iesson.
You've done a great job.
You were Iike a sIeeping snake
tiII yesterday.
Once you raised your hood,
Reddappa's cIothes got wet,
didn't they?
I'm nothing.
ActuaIIy, Reddappa is afraid of
you onIy.
Wow! Everyone knows that.
I tried severaI times
to kiII him.
15 years ago I pIanted bombs
near Yerragunta cuIvert.
The jeeps were bIown away.
His wife, driver & driver's wife
died, but he wasn't in that jeep.
3 yrs. ago, I pIanted bombs
on Sunnipenta road.
His son died.
Bombs got bIasted.
The bus, the passengers were
bIown away. But he didn't die.
God heIps few peopIe
in some ways.
How can he be god
when he can't save himseIf?
TeII him what had happened
in the tempIe.- No.
It is interesting when
you narrate it. Go ahead.
Knowing that he's going to visit
the tempIe on the mountain,
I pIanted bombs in the
tempIe too.
The bombs got bIasted
even before his arrivaI.
The tempIe, the idoI, and
the devotees were bIown away.
Though I made severaI attempts
to kiII him,
the peopIe around him died,
but he survived.
So, as poIice do,
arrest Reddappa,
and if you kiII him in the Iock up,
I'II make you
Deputy Superindent of PoIice.
I'II give you Rs. 10 Iakhs in cash
& 25 acres of Iand.
What do you say?
You're saying this
because you're emotionaI.
If you don't trust my words,
wiII you trust me if I give it in a
written statement.
Why not? Give him the paper.
Give it in writing.
You're very different.
I'II sign beIow.
FiII anything you want.
Thank you very much.
UsuaIIy, peopIe come here to
Iodge compIaints against others.
But you being an eIderIy man,
you've accepted your crimes,
and you've aIso signed
on this.
What? I didn't get you.
Come again.
Put him in the jaiI,
he wiII understand.
You're pIaying with a
deadIy cobra. - Shut up.
If you were the cobra, I wouId've
kiIIed you by crushing your hood.
Thank god you're humans.
I warn before taking action.
From now on, even if a boy
bursts crackers,
I'II kiII you in an encounter
and cIose the fiIe.
What have you done, sir?
After so many days you
caught him red-handed.
But you Ieft him
without pIucking out his teeth.
We shouIdn't pIuck out his teeth.
- Then who shouId?
Their henchmen who are
their strength and power.
You didn't get me, right?
- Yes, I didn't.
If we throw a fishing rod
in a Iake,
we can get onIy one such fish.
If we throw a net,
we'II get a basket fuII.
But to make such fishes
die out of suffocation,
we must drain the Iake.
The water is none other than
the henchmen working for them.
We must first reform them.
I wiII.
What happened, Seenu?
- Run out of petroI.
Where is ShaiIaja?
- PIaying with me...?
You eIoped with her
& now, asking me?
Your men shouId've kidnapped
her from me.
Better teII me, where is ShaiIaja.
What a great scene!
You two make me remember
the pIay ''Ramaanjaneya Yudham''.
He who used to worship you,
is catching hoId of your neck.
You used to praise him but,
he's catching hoId of your neck.
This is ''Seema Ramayanam''.
Very strange, isn't it?
Don't shout, Reddappa.
To fight, or to fix aIIiance,
we must seIect an equaI opponent.
I Iost fighting with you.
I accept my defeat.
That's why I've come to
fix an aIIiance.
Didn't get me, right?
Your daughter is my possesion.
If you shout here,
I'II cut her throat there.
If you raise your Ieg here,
I'II cut her Ieg there.
If you raise your hand here,
I'II rip out her skin there.
When these sIaves take away
our daughter,
how can we keep quiet?
That's why I kidnapped her
from him.
If you agree, I'II get your
daughter married to my son.
What are you stiII thinking about?
Thinking about when to fix
the auspicious day.
That's the sign of a reaI man.
AII these days, you were
fighting with each other.
But today, you are Iicking each
other's mouths Iike dogs.
You bastards!
Shut up.
We'II fight and we'II even
kiII ourseIves.
Who are you in between us,
you untouchabIe.
You're Iike the sIippers
we wear.
Do you want to hang
around our neck?
BIoody Iabourer, do you want
to marry the rich man's daughter?
Stop...stop Reddappa.
He shouIdn't die now.
The marriage's auspicious hour
must be his death hour.
When your daughter waIks in
Iike a bride,
he must be dragged down
Iike a scape goat.
When the marriage vows
are being taken there,
water must be poured in his mouth.
When the drums beat,
he must be beheaded.
You make the arrangements
for the marriage.
I'II make arrangements
for his funeraI.
That's it.
Take him away.
Today is a very happy day.
You & Reddappa have
joined hands.
No more of bIoodshed,
kiIIings here onwards.
We & Reddappa's men wiII unite.
Stop the car.
You get down.
Mad feIIow!
No matter how many births I may take,
I'II never join hands with Reddappa.
I'II conduct my son's marriage with
ShaiIaja in the tempIe tomorrow morning.
I'II make Reddappa kiII Seenu.
Even before my dauther-in-Iaw
comes to my house,
I'II kiII Reddappa.
You go & take care of the
funeraI in the cemetry.
What you've done is not good.
Why shouId we go for a
compromise with them?
You king of idiots!
In factionism, poIitics exists.
There is no room for compromises.
There is room for bIoodshed
& not for bIood reIations.
Now, our ShaiIaja is with him.
Tomorrow, when they bring her
for marriage, I'II free her from him.
I'II hang both Nayudamma & Seenu
to the ceiIing,
I'II kiII them in one shot.
That's it.
This is the sign of a reaI man.
What are you saying?
Asking me to go on Ieave?
The ruIes say that
& not me.
What ruIes?
I'm perfectIy aIright.
I've no probIem to go on Ieave.
I'm 40 yrs. oId.
Height 5'10.
I weigh 78 kgs. according
to my height.
My heart beats 72 times a minute.
I inhaIe 76 times a minute.
My puIse rate is 82.
I'm free from BIood pressure,
choIestroI, diabetes.
TiII now, I didn't even
had a headache.
Then, why shouId I go on Ieave?
Who cares what's happening
inside your body?
If you don't go on Ieave...
Oh! You mean my famiIy
members might have probIems.
Don't worry, sir.
I've no one.
I've no parents, sisters, brothers,
uncIe etc.
Infact, I don't even have a wife
or chiIdren.
Forget about the famiIy,
I don't even have a home.
Why shouId I go on Ieave?
I don't know about that.
If you don't go on Ieave,...
You'II suspend me, right?
I expected this Iong back.
I won't go on Ieave,
no matter what you do.
You'II get your suspension orders.
Be ready to change your address.
You've Iocked horns
with 2 factionists.
If you get suspended now...?
I Iose nothing.
If Lord Krishna had taken
the weapon,
Mahabarath war wouId've
ended in a second.
He neither took a weapon
nor fought with anyone.
He made others
go on a war.
I don't get you.
Keep watching,
you'II understand.
Boss, Seenu smashed us aII
& escaped.
To heII with you.
What were you doing when
he escaped smashing you aII?
Go & search every
nook & corner.
What? Seenu escaped...?
Where eIse wiII he go?
Your daughter is with me.
He'II come here searching for her.
I'II crush his head
& I'II kiII him here itseIf.
You don't worry.
Boss..- What happened?
ShaiIaja is missing.
What are you saying?
Did you check properIy?
- Yes, I did.
She's not in the pIace where
we Iocked her.
We couIdn't find her anywhere.
Oh no!
The matter has gone too far.
Both of them have escaped.
Did he take her away or
did she take him away?
Where wiII they go?
Search everywhere.
You go to the raiIway staiton,
you go to the bus stand.
You search on the roads,
in the hiIIs, streets & everywhere.
Search aII over RayaIaseema.
If you find them, kiII them.
Who is it?
They aren't cowards to run.
they've gone to the tempIe
in the viIIage border to marry.
I'm Ieaving it on you to bIess them or
shed tears in their marriage. Go man.
Why have you toId him everything?
Oh my god!
I've Ieaked the information.
We must stop them.
Why have you stopped here?
Biriyani in this hoteI is very tasty.
Taste it yourseIf.
There is so much tension
in the tempIe...
SmiIe when you want to smiIe.
Beat when you are angry.
Cry when you want to cry.
Eat biriyani when you are hungry.
- It's hard to understand him.
It is better to die
rather than hoIding his hand.
Leave his hand.
Reddappa, it seems your daughter
is more arrogant than him.
Go & hack him to death.
What happened to you aII?
I'm taIking to you.
KiII him.
We made them escape &
made you come here
to bIess them & not to kiII them.
What's happening, Reddappa?
I thought Seenu was the onIy one
who was against you.
Everyone with you are against you.
But Iook at my men.
LoyaIty is their breath.
Go & kiII them.
What happened to you aII?
We have become wiser.
So, you aII have united...?
You both have united, haven't you?
You both can unite.
But hundreds of us must
die fighting against each other.
Don't trust him.
You're my men.
We're Iabourers.
I treated you aII as
my right shouIder.
It was to save that shouIder.
BIoody idiots!
I gave you money, food,
& Iiquor.
You didn't give it for free.
We worked hard.
If you go against us...
What wiII happen?
WiII you cut our heads?
Come on, do it.
How dare you stare at me Iike that?
No one is afraid of you here.
Better down your hand.
Or eIse, you'II Iose your hand.
I'II break that.
Oh no! After seeing them
taIking so much,
why are you stiII standing here?
Come, Iets run.
I'II sIipper you.
For giving you a good suggestion...?
Shut up.
Did you think I'II run away
hearing you shouting?
I'II hack each one of you.
Come on, hack us.
Don't bIow your own trumpets.
If you reaIIy have guts, beat the
opponent face to face. Come & kiII me.
AII these days, peopIe were not
afraid of you,
but they were afraid of us
coming aIong with you with knives.
PeopIe didn't bow their heads,
for you.
They bow seeing our courage.
We considered you more than
our parents, our wives or our chiIdren.
We were at your feet Iike fooIs
& were sacrificing our Iives for you.
You were ruIing us &
enjoying the Iuxury.
Have you ever stepped out of
the house without us?
We must be with you whiIe Ieaving
for the city, whiIe going to farms,
whiIe shopping,
whiIe going to toiIet.
Iast but not the Ieast, even when
you make Iove with your wife,
we had to stand guard
outside the door.
To heII with you & your pride.
We protect you from him.
It is again us who protect
you from him.
And in the middIe, we Iose our Iives.
TiII now, you both took vow
to kiII one another.
Now show us your vaIour.
What are you Iooking at?
''He who is born here
must not be a coward''.
''If you see your enemy,
you must kiII him''.
You said these words.
Why don't you kiII one another?
TaIking about region's pride is not
enough,now you standing face to face.
Come on, fight.
OnIy one of you must be aIive
by dawn.
It shouId be either Reddappa
or Nayudamma.
We'II serve aII our Iife
for the one who wins.
If you try to escape,
We wiII bury you both.
- Yes.
That's the sign of a reaI man.
KiII Nayudamma.
What is this Nayudamma?
Looks Iike you don't have the
courage Reddappa has.
Being a woman, even my
bIood is gushing through my nerves.
Being a man,
don't you have that in you?
If you reaIIy have the courage,
take this knife. If you can't, teII me.
I'II give you my bangIes,
I'II get into the action.
You've proved your worth.
KiII Reddappa &
Iet peopIe caII you a warrior.
Get into action.
Why do you peopIe curse poIice
for coming Iate?
See, we've done a good deed
by coming Iate.
If we had come earIier,
we wouId be forced to
stop this punishment for the eviI.
Then, they wouId've Iived for some more
years & wouId've taken many Iives.
That's why I gave a
30 mins. break for eating Biriyani.
For peace & harmony, worship of
sacrificiaI fire was done here today.
These scape goats have joined
to conduct this scarifice,
Two beasts which were a nightmare
to the viIIage have been kiIIed.
This shouId not stop here.
You were Iiving under the shade of
these beasts aII these days.
From now on, work hard
for your IiveIihood.
Spread Iove & not enemity.
BeIieve in hard work
& not vioIence.
Work is worship.
Do we have anything to do here?
- Nothing sir.
Then, why shouId we stand here?
Lets go & sIeep.
I too sacrificed my Iife for
the upIiftment of this worId...
I'II raise from dark promising Iike
tomorrow's new dawn...