Yakeen (2005) Movie Script

What's wrong?
Why aren't you eating?
Mrs Oberoi,
I am Dr Kapadia.
Are you feeling all right?
Just two hours ago
you met with a terrible accident.
You need to rest.
But you are fortunate.
Despite falling 50 feet,
you only have
some superficial wounds.
I wish your husband
was as fortunate as you.
Where is he?
He is in the ICU now.
If he can hold on for 4 to 5 hours,
his life will be out of danger.
Please lie down.
- But, doctor...
Please lie down.
Everything will be all right.
Sometimes good and bad times
occur at the same time.
I have good news
and bad news for you, Mrs Oberoi.
The good news is that
your husband's life
is out of danger.
Sit down.
The bad news
is that he has lost his memory.
He regained consciousness last night
for a while.
But he doesn't remember his name,
address or identity.
He couldn't even recognise
the photograph of the two of you
that was found in his wallet.
Perhaps it's due to the shock.
We also felt so.
But after looking
at the CT scan report, I'd say
that he is suffering
from psychogenic amnesia.
It doesn't cause the patient
to forget reading, writing,
driving a car
and such day-to-day activities.
But he doesn't remember his past.
For how long?
Six months, a year, two years
or maybe 10 years.
I can say anything to comfort you.
But I can say
from personal experience
that in cases like this one,
the chances of regaining memory
are bleak.
Doctor, may I meet him?
There are fractures
on his right leg
and his jawline
which can be fixed.
There is a cervical dislocation.
To cure that, he will need to follow
an exercise regimen
along with medication.
What about his face?
I might be able to bear it,
but he won't be able
to bear to see himself like this.
I understand, Mrs Oberoi.
We have removed the glass splinters
from his face
and other parts of his body,
But complete recovery
will happen only after surgery.
In fact, I have spoken
to Dr Vidyasagar in London.
He is known to be the best surgeon
for such cases.
But the problem is that
until his physical condition
doesn't improve,
we can't take him to London.
Then call Dr Vidyasagar here!
Spend any amount of money necessary,
but my Nikhil...
Give me back my Nikhil
like he was earlier. Please.
Did you think...
I would let you go so easily?
I can't let you go, Nikhil.
I will take you home with me.
Our home.
Our home, Nikhil.
What happened?
Welcome to your kingdom,
Mr Oberoi!
Welcome to your own house!
This is our hall.
The dining room is over there
and then there's the kitchen.
The guest room is over there,
and there is the study.
Now you tell me where our room is.
Just a minute.
Hi, Tanya!
We just got here.
We just entered. Yes.
I was about to call you.
Thank you. Thank you so much!
No. Not now. But I promise you,
I'll bring him over to your house
as soon as he recovers,
for dinner. Done?
Yes and tell Siddharth
that I wanted to meet him.
Also, tell him not to call him
regarding business matters.
My husband should not undergo
any kind of stress.
I don't know what happened.
I got scared of myself.
You managed to save me, Simar.
But I lost my memories.
Man is nothing
without his memories.
That is what
I am going through now.
I feel as if...
Someone has blindfolded me
and locked me in a dark room.
Stop it, Nikhil!
The blindfold will be removed.
And there will be
light in the room as well.
You only have to
believe in yourself.
Live in your present
and not in the past.
Listen to my heartbeat.
It has nothing
to do with your memories.
My heart used to beat for you
and even today
my heart beats only for you.
As for the memories...
It was you and I
who made those memories together.
If we are together,
we can make new memories.
We will be happy once again.
I promise you!
I love you!
Stop it!
Well, sir,
we have reached your office.
Won't you come along?
This world...
I cannot be a part of it.
You will find many people here.
Some good. Some bad.
There will be competition.
There will be jealousy.
You will have to
face all that alone, Nikhil.
You have started scaring me.
Will I be able to do all this?
Of course, you will be able to.
When the mind
refuses to make a decision,
listen to your heart.
Everything will seem easy.
You used to say that.
You're right.
Life seemed to be
filled with thorns, my friend.
Every moment seemed like an eon.
Welcome to your empire,
Mr Nikhil Oberoi!
- Siddharth Thakur.
Your friend. Your partner.
I missed you, buddy.
I really missed you.
This is the office
of Nikhil Oberoi,
the great architect!
What are you looking at, buddy?
This is the place
where you sat and designed more than
half the buildings of the city.
Now you sit here and familiarise
yourself with the surroundings.
I will go and prepare
for the meeting this evening.
Also, I spoke to Simar.
Both of you are coming to my house
for dinner tonight.
I have met you, but Tanya hasn't.
She has already called me ten times
since morning
and asked me whether you have
come to the office or not.
And whether you will be
coming home with me tonight.
If you don't come home with me
for dinner tonight,
she won't let me enter the house.
May I come in, sir?
- Come in.
This is Priya. Your personal
secretary cum personal computer.
Priya, take care of him.
You don't worry, sir.
- Yes.
These are the files
of your pending jobs.
You were working on these files
before you left.
If there is anything you need,
I am in the office next to yours.
You can call me anytime.
Thank you.
Genius! I am a genius!
I feel motivated when I see you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
If you can't hit a good shot,
at least praise a good shot!
I can't seem to figure out
what is good and what is bad.
What's the matter?
How was the relationship
between Simar and me, Siddharth?
Just like it is
between any husband and wife.
There's love, there are tiffs,
compromises and fights.
If you ask me, I would say that
marriage is all about compromise.
That's why I'm still unmarried.
The most handsome man on this earth
is still a bachelor!
Do you believe that?
- Cut the jokes, Siddharth.
What were the problems between us?
There were no problems.
Everything was great!
Everything was, you know...
If there were no problems
then what is this?
Why did I make my will
before the accident?
Why did I want to disinherit Simar
before the accident?
Why did I freeze
the joint accounts?
Come on, Siddharth.
Tell me the truth.
The truth is that
we don't know what happened to you
before the accident.
Your behaviour with Simar
had become strange.
We tried to reason with you, but...
But you had already
made your decision.
What decision?
You had decided to divorce Simar.
So tell me, Tanya.
What else did you see?
You are very lucky
when it comes to love.
You made the man you love
yours forever.
But take care of the man you love.
Of course, I will.
No one would dare
to take Nikhil away from me!
Would I also
get you to read my palm?
Of course, you did.
You were single-handedly responsible
for her becoming an astrologer.
Well then, you must have told me
that I'd meet with an accident.
Perhaps, I couldn't read that
on the lines of your palm.
But I did tell you
that some disaster would befall you.
Thank God, Nikhil. You came back
from the jaws of death.
We also wanted to be around you
at such a time.
We returned from London as soon as
we heard of the accident.
But I think, Simar wanted
to do everything by herself.
That is why she didn't allow us
to meet you even once.
Come on, Tanya.
It wasn't me, it was the doctors.
They had given strict instructions
that no one can meet Nikhil.
In fact, they were not allowing me
to stay there either.
It was just that they had to give in
to my obstinacy.
Even God has to give in
to the love of a wife.
Doctors don't stand a chance.
Tell me, Tanya.
Will we love each other forever?
You don't need to see
the lines of your palm to know that.
Just look into the eyes of your wife
and you will know.
Ghalib has penned a great couplet
for such occasions.
No, Siddharth! Not another couplet!
If I hear one more of those,
I swear.
Lend me your ears...
- I won't come here again.
Did you hear that?
Then I will come to your house!
Then I'll have to leave the house!
- Bye!
Meet me alone tomorrow morning
at the Wellington Club.
Hey! You have come here
much before time.
Why have you called me here?
I can understand your impatience.
But the answers to the questions
you were asking Siddharth
may be better answered by me.
Your marriage to Simar
was a rushed affair.
You had gone to the USA
on a business tour.
When you returned,
Simar was with you.
You were happy for a while too.
But after that...
- What after that?
I have not called you here
to complain about someone.
I have called you here
to tell you something important.
- At the time of the accident,
Siddharth and I were in London.
You had called me a few hours
before the accident.
You were very angry.
You said, marrying Simar was
the biggest mistake of your life.
And you also said something
about evidence.
- Yes.
You said that you have found
some evidence against Simar.
And that no one
can save her from you.
And what was the evidence?
That's what I asked you,
but you were in a hurry.
You said that you would call me
when you return.
And you met with an accident
that very night.
What was the evidence
that made you lose your temper?
Where were you going
in such a hurry?
How did you meet with an accident?
I don't know all that.
But I am sure there was something
about the evidence
that could have
helped you divorce Simar.
Let me tie it for you.
Were you searching for something
last night?
All the things in the study
are where they shouldn't be.
I was looking for some documents.
Ever since you have come back
from Tanya's house,
you seem worried.
Are you looking for something or
are you hiding something, Nikhil?
Was everything
all right between us?
We used to fight.
You would be busy with your work.
And I would ask you
to spend time with me.
You wanted success.
And I wanted only you.
All of you.
Neither were you wrong nor was I.
People might say
that it was a quarrel,
but I think
it is just a part of love.
Were we getting divorced?
Who told you that?
- Was it really that bad, Simar?
You may have had some
good and bad moments in your past.
But good friends are those
who remind you
of the good moments.
Your memory is your weakness,
And people will try
to take advantage of this weakness.
You'll have to discriminate between
good and bad, right and wrong,
friend and foe by yourself.
Remember one thing.
No relationship is greater than the
trust between a husband and wife.
How long will you make me wait?
What's wrong?
I drank a little too much.
Good night.
It feels good
to see you work, friend.
Stop joking.
I know I am a misfit
for this chair.
I have no clue what's going on
and you are going to London.
Come on!
I am not going away forever.
It is only for a month.
Nikhil, if we get this contract,
our life will be made.
I'll get going.
I have to pack my bags.
And if there's anything,
I'm just a phone call away.
Good luck.
Priya, can you come in?
Sir, you had asked
for the appointment dairy.
Yes, Priya. Please read the
appointments for 29th November.
Sir, on 29th November
you met 4 people.
At 11.30, you met the chairman
of Mittal and Mittal Company,
Mr Mittal.
At 2, you had a lunch meeting
with the PWD director, Mr Anshuman.
At 4, you met the chairman
of the planning commission.
At 6, you met someone
named Chamanlal.
He came without an appointment.
And when I told you about him
over the intercom,
you asked me to send him in
As far as I remember,
after meeting him
you cancelled
all the other appointments.
And you went out angrily.
And you met with an accident
that night.
Priya, can you find out...
Who is Chamanlal?
"O Lord of the universe,"
"mighty is Your splendour."
- Excuse me.
Are you Chamanlal?
Praise the Lord.
Nikhil Oberoi.
So, you are back from the hospital?
What can I do for you?
Do you know me?
Mr Oberoi, if you try to remember
even your past happiness
will make you sad.
You are very fortunate,
you don't remember anything.
Go home and start a new life
with your wife, that's it.
After seeing the photographs
do you think
there's no way I can learn
what happened in the past?
I want to know
everything about myself.
I want to know everything.
You have to help me, please.
Well, Mr Oberoi, I had taken these
photographs because you told me to.
But let me make this clear. Spying
is my profession, not my business.
Do you get it?
I tell you, people make mistakes.
A moment of weakness caused
by loneliness should be forgotten.
All I want to know is,
who is this man?
And since when is he
having an affair with my wife?
Just think. Your wife has helped you
a lot after your accident.
You can be happy again.
- What the hell is your problem?
Don't you understand?
I haven't come here
to listen to your lecture.
I want to know
about my wife's lover.
I want to know about my past.
Do you understand that?
I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.
If you want to reopen your wounds...
So be it.
I quit doing this
after your accident.
But you will get
the rest of the information
in the next twenty-four hours.
Just know this, for now.
The name of the man is Kabir.
And he works in the music band
at Hotel Picasso.
He doesn't work here anymore, sir,
I tried to reason with him,
but he remained unconvinced.
Ever since he has left,
think that our band lost its glory.
We hardly have any patrons now.
I did so much for him.
I got him a job at the night club
of a five-star hotel.
A company car.
The company guest house.
He had become a star overnight, sir.
Girls in the city
were crazy about him.
If success goes to someone's head,
there's nothing we can do.
He came to me and told me
he had got a job in Singapore.
He resigned overnight
and just left!
I have no news of him since then.
Where did he live?
- In the company guest house.
Do you have the address?
In my office.
I will get it right away.
Excuse me.
Why do you want to go to his house?
I want to know...
Where my wife
used to satisfy her lust.
What's wrong?
Why aren't you eating?
Where are you going?
- I am not hungry.
You aren't hungry?
How is that possible?
I was cooking your favourite dishes
all evening.
I'm sorry.
I have to go out for some
important work tomorrow morning.
Have I erred in some way?
Ever since the party,
you aren't talking to me
or eating with me.
When you leave the house,
you don't reach the office.
After you leave the office,
you don't come home directly.
Have I made some mistake?
You don't even
share your feelings with me.
Even you don't tell me everything.
- Simar.
I won't ask questions and you won't
demand any answers from me.
I want to be alone. Leave me alone.
Leave you alone!
How can I leave you alone?
How can I leave you alone?
I have married you.
I didn't love you
to leave you alone.
I brought you back
from the jaws of death.
You were in a hospital,
and I was fighting death.
I stood in front of your bed
for six months.
I didn't leave you alone
for a moment.
And now you tell me
to leave you alone.
You should have let me die.
I have called all the hotels
in Singapore.
Kabir doesn't work
in any of the hotels there.
Second. Kabir Malhotra's passport
expired two months ago.
And he didn't renew it.
How can a person leave the country
without a passport?
So. He lied to his hotel manager.
Perhaps he was compelled...
To lie to the manager of the hotel
after your accident.
- I will tell you.
Look, Nikhil, that night, your car
passed through crooked roads
to reach the mountain,
it climbed up the mountain,
and went straight to the edge.
And then it took a fifty-foot fall.
Looking at the state of the car
anyone could have said
that you must certainly be dead.
It was impossible for you to survive
after a fifty-foot fall.
Your wife was with you in the car,
yet there were just a few scratches
on her face.
It could be a coincidence.
But this cannot be a coincidence.
Look at this.
This is Kabir's resignation letter.
He submitted it on 29th November.
The day you met with an accident.
Are you trying to imply...
That Kabir and Simar
tried to kill me?
You don't believe it, do you?
There are many things in life
which are unbelievable.
That means,
he can make another attempt.
He can for sure.
But before he makes an attempt,
we must find him.
You must find out
where Kabir is hiding.
Forget all that and listen to me.
I think, Nikhil suspects us.
He is trying to find out about you.
Go back to Singapore
as soon as possible.
Don't be stubborn, Kabir. Please.
If he gets to you,
he will come to know everything.
He will even find out that we...
I cannot tell you over the phone.
All you need to know
is that it's better for everyone
that you go away from here.
Don't be ridiculous, Kabir.
Let alone meet you,
I had to travel 20 km
just to call you.
What if our phone is tapped?
You know I love you.
Of course, I love you.
I love you.
Do you think
I'm happy leading a double life?
Do you think I'm happy without you?
I will make some excuse
and come to meet you for two days.
And there shouldn't be any mistakes
this time.
We will have to end this matter
once and for all.
Why did you stop me?
Why did you stop me?
Why did you stop me?
- Look, Nikhil.
I knew that you'd make a mistake
in a fit of rage
which is why I followed you.
Did you think
that you'd kill Simar there
and you wouldn't be sent to prison?
- I don't care about myself.
And I am not alive
to watch her
having an affair with someone.
You want to punish Simar,
don't you?
Then, let her do what she's doing.
What should I let her do?
She is cheating on me.
And I am watching the drama.
She wants to meet him, and I should
let her?
Yes, let her.
Let her meet. Because
until she doesn't meet Kabir,
you won't be able
to meet him either.
The man who cheated you.
The man who snatched your wife
from you.
Will you let him get away, Nikhil?
Simar will lie to you
and go to meet Kabir for sure.
She got away
because of you today but...
The day I get to Kabir.
Nobody will be able to save them
from me.
They will remain alive.
Until they stay away
from each other.
I don't feel like leaving you.
If it wasn't my aunt.
Are you going forever?
It's just for three days.
And Shimla isn't too far, anyway.
If I miss you, I will come there.
I will come back
as soon as aunt feels better.
But you didn't give me
your aunt's phone number.
I had given you the number
if she had a phone.
I will call on your mobile.
Don't think
that you are alone, Nikhil.
And always remember.
Whenever the mind
refuses to take a decision,
you should listen to your heart.
Everything will seem easy.
- Right.
Whether it's the heart or the mind
that decides, believe me.
I will make everything easy forever.
Now what?
- We wait.
- Nikhil. You were right.
She didn't go to Shimla
and alighted at Dharampur.
Follow her, we are on our way.
- Okay.
0Hi! Come in.
Nobody has come to meet her as yet.
Let's go there.
There... That is her room.
I think,
that's where they will meet.
But he has completely changed
after the accident.
Kabir, right now, he needs me
and I need him.
Whatever was there between us
is now over.
I've just come here to tell you
to leave for Singapore
as soon as possible.
I'll go, but not without you.
Why don't you understand, Kabir?
I am tired of lying to Nikhil.
So what?
- I can't do this anymore.
You weren't prepared to listen
to anything over the phone.
Hence, I had to come here.
You will have to listen to me now.
- What?
You need to understand
that I cannot be yours.
Why don't you tell me clearly
that you love Nikhil?
Yes, that's true.
After the accident,
I realised how much I love him.
I love him, Kabir.
- Stop your nonsense!
I have been hiding here
like a coward because of you.
That's why
I'm telling you to leave.
Nikhil will never tolerate this.
And what about me?
- You will have to forget me.
Forget you!
We have to end this matter
once and for all.
I cannot cheat on my husband
anymore. Please, Kabir.
Get this straight.
If you try to dump me,
I will kill you
as well as your husband.
It's a dead end.
Where did the car go then?
Get out.
He is coming towards us.
What are you doing? Nikhil!
What... What are you doing?
Chaman, are you okay?
I am all right. Go behind him.
Don't spare him, Nikhil. Go!
You have tortured me a lot.
If I wanted to,
I could have killed you too.
But first, I want to see your face.
Now come on.
Show me your face.
Kabir is dead.
He never came here.
I pretended to be Kabir
to mislead you.
You are lying.
I just saw the two of you together.
No. You saw
what I wanted to show you.
'You need to understand
that I cannot be yours.'
'Why don't you tell me clearly
that you love Nikhil?'
'Yes, that's true.'
'After the accident,
I realised how much I love him.'
'I love him, Kabir.
- And what about me?'
'You will have to forget me.'
'Forget you!'
'We have to end this matter
once and for all.'
'I cannot cheat on my husband
'Please, Kabir.
Go away from my life.'
'Go away! What do you mean?'
'Get this straight.
If you try to dump me,'
'I will kill you
as well as your husband.'
I knew that you'd follow me here
with Chaman.
So, I made it seem
that Kabir was alive.
Why did you do that?
Because Kabir didn't die
a natural death.
You killed him.
Not once, you shot him twice.
You killed him.
You killed him.
It is true that I loved Kabir.
But that was a phase of my life
before I got married.
It was my mistake.
I didn't know...
That he would
come back into my life.
When he came here...
He started blackmailing me.
He told me
that if I didn't do as he said,
he'd tell you everything.
I didn't want to lose you.
Therefore, I had to go whenever
and wherever he called me.
One day, you came to know
everything about us.
You went to Kabir's house
to catch him red-handed.
You lost your temper.
The two of you got into a fight
and you killed him.
We hid his body
in the boot of your car...
And buried it in a forest.
We were on our way back
after burying the corpse,
when we met with an accident.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Should I have told you...
That you are a murderer?
And that your wife was unfaithful.
You had forgotten everything.
I just wanted you to remember
the good things.
But that didn't happen.
You found the photographs.
And then you went
to meet the detective.
You had killed Kabir.
And you asked the detective
to find him!
You didn't realise
that if Chaman could find Kabir,
he could find Kabir's killer too.
I didn't want you to go to prison.
Hence, I decided
to pretend that Kabir was alive
for the benefit of you two.
I had planned to push Kabir's car
into a ravine
and end the matter for good.
But you caught me
before I could do that.
You will have to complete the job
that I couldn't, Nikhil.
I made Chaman and Tanya think
that Kabir is alive.
But you will kill him now.
You will tell them
that you saw Kabir's car
fall into a ravine.
And everything was over.
He died his own death.
But it's not your fault, Nikhil.
You didn't want to kill him.
It was just an accident.
Unfortunately, you couldn't
see his face before he died.
Anyway, we should leave Dharampur
at the earliest.
- Yes. What is it?
Nothing. I was thinking
that you now know
how much Simar loves you.
Forget the past
and start life anew with Simar.
Hello! - Nikhil,
come to my house immediately.
I have a lot to tell you.
Is everything all right?
- Nothing is all right.
Nikhil, you are being deceived.
- Yes.
I cannot tell you everything
over the phone.
Come to my house immediately.
Remember, Nikhil,
don't tell anyone. Okay? Bye.
Tell me, Tanya.
What do you want to tell me?
- It wasn't me.
I remember, Chaman.
- What do you remember?
Is there a forest nearby?
Yes, there is a forest.
But Tanya
wanted to tell me something.
She wanted to tell me something too.
What did she want to tell us?
- I don't know.
I don't know
what she wanted to tell us.
But take me to that forest.
Please, Chaman. Take me there.
Please, Chaman.
If he's Nikhil then.
Who are you? Are you Kabir?
Darn you, woman!
Please just shut up!
I don't want
to listen to your rubbish anymore.
When have you ever listened to me?
And you listen to everything, right?
I'll tell you what?
Just get out.
But it's pouring outside.
That's why. You might calm down
when you get drenched in the rain.
Just get out, man.
You had to get drenched
because of me.
I don't care about this rain.
I am thinking of the storm
that's brewing in your eyes.
Can I be of any help?
Late in the night.
A desolate road.
A girl all alone.
And tears.
This is...
That sums up my life.
What if you hadn't helped me today?
Someone else would have.
I can understand
how you are feeling.
You don't have to explain
or tell me anything.
You don't need to know...
But I need to tell you.
I have been carrying
this burden alone for a long time.
I don't know why...
I want to tell you everything.
I married Nikhil of my own will.
But I never got what I wanted
with him.
Nikhil's love...
Turned into a rich man's greed.
A status symbol.
A medal
he could show off proudly
at the parties he attended.
I'd thought
the relationship of a husband
and wife was everlasting.
But in our relationship...
I'm nothing
but a doll to be shown off.
This is the first time
I've gone alone anywhere.
But I have been lonely...
Many times.
I have always felt lonely.
What did you tell me your name was?
- Simar!
I won't say anything about your
relationship with your husband.
But I'll surely say that you need
no one but yourself.
We always plead with others
to find happiness.
But our happiness lies
deep within ourselves.
The more you focus on yourself,
the happier you will be.
I thought you are just a musician,
but you are a philosopher too.
It's my mom's philosophy
that echoes within like a song.
There's one more thing
that my mom would always say.
The mind doesn't have answers
to all our questions.
So, when the mind refuses
to make a decision,
listen to your heart
and everything will be easy.
Your jacket...
I toiled to protect you
from the rain.
If you catch a cold,
all my hard work would be wasted.
But I...
We've met for the first time,
but it won't be our last meeting.
Thank you!
Hey, Simar!
I have a terrible headache.
Where have you kept the disprin?
At least tell me
where the disprin is.
You are still upset.
What do you want?
Want me to apologise?
Okay. I'm sorry.
Please tell me now
where the disprin is.
I don't want to speak to you,
Please leave.
It's open! Come in!
You are getting worried
for no reason, sir!
In 15 days,
the hall will change completely.
If Mr Nikhil Oberoi wants to
celebrate his wife's birthday here
then it will be an honour for us.
But Simar shouldn't know of this.
It should be a surprise party.
She won't know, sir.
Well, I don't think
anybody in this city
must have thrown such a grand party.
Can I tell you something, sir?
Mrs Oberoi is fortunate
to have a husband like you
who loves her so much.
I have been in love with her
for two years,
but I was always busy with my work.
I couldn't give her time.
And now, on her birthday,
I want to start all over again.
She'll meet the Nikhil Oberoi
she had fallen in love with.
That's the only way...
To bring a smile back on her lips.
All the best!
What are you thinking?
What's wrong?
Are we making a mistake, Simar?
What mistake have we committed now?
The two of us meeting every day
without Nikhil's knowledge.
Getting closer to each other.
Falling in love with each other.
What happened to you suddenly?
Why are you saying such things?
I had just held the hand of a woman
drenched in the rain.
I never thought that I would be
ruining someone's life.
What are you trying to say?
I met Nikhil.
He's not what you think of him.
His way of expressing love
may be different, but...
The truth is that he loves you.
Am I lying to you?
You think everything I told you
was a lie!
No, Simar,
you misunderstand Nikhil.
The love I saw
in Nikhil's eyes today
made me feel that you are
betraying him unknowingly.
I hope poor Nikhil...
- Poor Nikhil!
You developed sympathy for Nikhil after
you spent a month with me in a bed.
If I am cheating on Nikhil,
what are you doing with me?
Has someone else
come into your life?
What nonsense, Simar!
You want to get out of Nikhil's way.
You want to get rid of me.
Don't be ridiculous, Simar!
You know that you are the only one
in my life.
Why don't you tell me clearly
that you don't need me anymore?
All men are the same.
You use women and throw them away.
I am not that kind of a woman,
You can't get rid of me so easily.
You can't dump me,
but I will dump you
and never come back into your life.
Thank you.
Simar, what are you doing here?
We haven't met for two days.
You don't answer my calls.
- Simar.
And you don't call back either.
- Simar, get a grip.
Kabir, don't punish me
for such a small mistake.
Simar, don't be stupid,
someone might see us.
Let them see. I don't care.
But I do.
- No, Kabir.
Ask me how I have spent
two days without you.
I have realised
that I cannot live without you.
I love you so much.
Simar, let me go. Please.
- No, Kabir.
I'll do whatever you say.
Please, Kabir, don't leave me.
Please. I cannot live without you.
- Will you do as I say?
Go away from here now, please!
Kabir, don't be so rude.
Look into my eyes.
Don't you see love in them?
Don't you love me?
I love you, Kabir. Please!
Listen to me carefully.
If you ever try to leave me,
I'll shoot you.
And then I'll shoot myself.
I promise.
I'll kill you, Kabir!
You were going away!
You didn't even think
about what will happen to me.
If I hadn't called at the hotel,
I wouldn't have known.
Simar... - You didn't even give me
a chance to explain.
If you had a problem with me...
You could have told me.
I was going
to tell you over the phone.
After you had left?
After dumping me?
Where were you running off to
in the dark of the night, Kabir?
If you are man enough,
look me in the eye and tell me.
Then listen!
Meeting you
was the biggest mistake of my life.
I am going to rectify my mistake.
Let me see how you leave.
- Get out of the way, Simar!
Kabir, stop it. I won't let you go.
Kabir, stop!
How can you do this to me?
How can you leave me?
Just leave me alone.
Kabir, I am prepared
to leave everything for you.
And you want to leave me?
I cannot live without you, Kabir.
Kabir, please.
- Simar, get out of my way.
Kabir, you cannot leave me!
What were you trying to do?
You said it.
I was getting out of your way.
For a long time now,
I have been dreaming of catching
the two of you red-handed.
For the first time, I'm unhappy
that my dream has been fulfilled.
What did you think?
Did you think...
I wouldn't find out?
Why did you betray me?
What did I not give you?
I was going to tell you...
- Shut up!
I feel like shooting both of you
right away.
Problems between a husband and wife
are sorted out
within the four walls of the house
and not in front of entertainers.
Let's go.
I won't go, Nikhil!
I don't love you. I love Kabir!
Nikhil, stop this.
You slept with my wife for two days
and you forgot who you are!
Nikhil, let him go. It's my fault.
I had come here of my own will.
Oh! So it hurts you
to see him bleed.
Nikhil, stop it!
Get out!
I will punish you for having
an affair with someone's wife.
You dare to touch my wife!
- Out!
Nikhil, stop it!
Get out of my way!
You shouldn't have shot him, Simar.
I had no choice.
- You did have a choice, Simar!
He had come to meet us.
You could've spoken to him.
You could have divorced him.
You could've separated from him.
- You didn't know him, I did.
He would have left me,
but he would have
never let us be together.
But no one can separate us now,
Kabir. No one at all.
You wanted to go to Singapore,
didn't you?
I'll go with you.
I'll sell everything I have
and go with you.
I have loved you truly.
I really love you. I love you.
What about the truth
that we just buried?
Nothing will happen to us.
No will know what happened.
Nikhil's corpse
is on the other side of the border.
Even if the body is found,
the police can't do anything.
Sooner or later
the police will get to us, Simar.
It'd be better
if we tell the police everything.
Don't be stupid, Kabir.
The police will separate us.
I did shoot him,
but you will be punished too.
You have committed this crime too.
- Yes, I've committed a crime too.
The crime of falling in love
with you and deceiving your husband.
And watching quietly
when you shot him.
I am prepared to accept
the punishment for all my crimes.
So, after the accident,
they found Nikhil's wallet
in your pocket
and the doctor thought
that you are Nikhil.
You had lost your memory
and Simar took advantage of that.
She got your face changed.
Nothing could have been better.
No one would have suspected
that Nikhil is dead.
And the man she loved
would be with her forever.
But Tanya knew palmistry.
Thus, when she saw your palm
she knew you were not Nikhil.
She got your blood group checked
and learned the truth.
And that was the cause of her death.
But, Kabir,
we cannot keep quiet now.
We must go to the police right now.
You regained your memory!
I didn't want to kill him,
You brought him here.
And he came to know everything.
I had no choice.
He was destined to die and he died.
We are destined to live...
And we'll live together.
Come on, let's go away from here.
We will go far away.
Nobody will know anything. Truly.
I'll go with you, Simar.
But not as Nikhil, as Kabir!
Can you give my face back to me?
What are you saying?
You should be happy
that we'll be together forever.
Can you give my face back to me?
We can talk about it later.
We should get going
before anyone comes here.
Can you give my face back to me?
I'll love you so much
that you will never...
- Can you give my face back to me?
No! I cannot give your face
back to you.
But please try to understand.
I did all this for you.
How could we stay away
from each other, Kabir?
I did it for our love.
- That's a lie!
You are lying.
- Not for love,
for your selfish motives.
No, Kabir.
Everything you ever did
was for your selfish interests.
Because you are selfish.
- No, Kabir!
You speak of love.
Love is all about giving.
And you have always
taken something from me.
- My faith, my identity, my face.
You'd also made me believe
that I was the murderer.
But for the first time,
I chose to listen to my heart
rather than my mind.
And my heart told me
that I cannot be a murderer.
And that was true.
Because you are the murderer.
And you'll be punished.
Kabir! I have committed the murder,
but both of us are responsible.
I'll have to suffer my whole life
for the crime I have committed.
Whenever I'll look in the mirror,
I'll see someone else.
But he will get you punished
for the crime you committed.
When the police
see two Nikhil Oberoi's together,
they will know what happened.
You'll go to the police?
How can you do this?
I did this to be with you
not to be separated from you.
Kabir! You cannot leave me!
Kabir! Yes, I committed murder.
But I killed only those
who tried to separate us.
Kabir! You cannot leave me alone.
Kabir, stop it.
Stop it!
Kabir! How did this happen?
Kabir, I'm sorry.
Everything will be alright.
I'll take you to the hospital.
We will start all over again, Kabir!
- Just shut up!
Come on, get the car.
Come on, move!
You are making
a very big mistake, Kabir.
You'll get everything as Nikhil,
and nothing as Kabir.
Nikhil's status, his stature,
his life and me.
Neither do I want Nikhil's life...
Nor Nikhil's wife.
There's no place for you
in my life.
You should be in jail.
And that's where you're going.
- Do you think
that you'll get rid of me
by having me sent to jail?
We'll be together in every birth.
I won't leave you easily.
Oh, shut up!
Just shut up and drive.
You won't take me anywhere, Kabir.
I'll take you with me.
So what if life has kept us apart?
Death will bring us together.
No one can separate us, Kabir!
No one can separate us, Kabir!
I want to register my testimony.
My name is Kabir Malhotra.
And he's Nikhil Oberoi.
I was in love with his wife.