Yalkae, a Joker in High School (1977) Movie Script

Let's bow and pray piously.
Oh divine and holy God,
My infinite thanks for allowing
your lambs to stay healthy as
they learn your words in school
Please let the lambs in our school
take in your holy words
and become great workers
for the country,
devote themselves to the country and
to peace for the human race.
For the contribution of our lord Jesus Christ,
I sincerely pray.
Today we're going to study Corinthians 13.
Oh, what's that sound? What's that?
Hey, there, Doo-soo?
Hey, Doo-soo
Be quiet. Doo-soo,
what were you just doing?
Sir, I was praying.
Doo-soo, do you snore while praying?
You were snoring so loudly.
If you keep sleeping and
lying during worship class, you'll fail.
Have you declded to fail again?
Oh, no, no. That'll never happen.
Yong-ho, what do you mean by that?
Stand up.
Sir? Me failing again?
That's very dishonorable.
There is a high possibility
that you two will fail Bible Studies.
That's God's punishment.
I know many quotes from the Bible.
Oh, Doo-soo, that's a surprise!
Please recite what you remember.
The book of the generation of Jesus Christ,
the son of Davld, the son of Abraham.
Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob;
and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;
And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar;
Phares and Zara
-Hey, who's next?
-Your father begat you.
My grandfather Na Cheon-soo begat
Na Shi-baek;
My father Na Shi-baek begat me, Na Doo-soo.
This is the holy frontier,
he who is called Yalkae.
Yalkae, A Joker In High School
Original Novel.: Cho Eun-pa
Screenwriter.: Yoon Sam-yook
Cinematographer.: Jeong ll-seong
Gaffer.: Sohn Young-cheol
Composer.: Choi Chang-geun
Editor.: Lee Kyeong-ja
Lee Seung-hyeon
Jeong Yoon-hee, Ha Myeong-joong
Kim Jeong-hoon, Kang Joo-hee
Jin Yoo-young, Han Eun-jin
Producer.: Choi Choon-ji
Director.: Seok Rae-myeong
Baek Sang-do
I'm Baek Sang-do,
and from today I'll be teaching Korean.
I heard that this class are
the high school
second year troublemakers.
-What's that?
-It was a time signal.
-What time signal?
-The signal for 'five to six.'
Five to six? What does that mean?
-Like this
'Five to six' is a masterpiece.
You've got a keen sense of humor.
That's very funny.
That's why this class is a troublemaker.
What is it?
I object to your claim that
our class is a troublemaker.
It is not fair that only one or two students
make the whole class a troublemaker.
Have some bread.
-It looks delicious.
-Help yourself.
Hey, Yalkae, what's up?
What? Yalkae? Why did you call me that?
I wanted to make sure
that we don't slip back a year.
We'll just remain in second year
for one more year.
We're staying, you brat.
I am bearing a bitter grudge
since I have to retake second year.
And a kld like you conslders us troublemakers.
I can't stand it.
That's unforgivable.
If you do it again, you won't survive.
What a guy. Let's eat.
Hey, just have some bread.
Come on.
Not everyone can fail, you know that?
Late fruit keeps well.
A frog which crouches and
jumps can go further.
Pull back before you hit. It is stronger.
Hey, have some bread.
I tell you again.
If you tell our teacher on us or
disturb us,
we won't forgive you.
Bread is on you today.
Yong-ho, let's go.
Yalkae, Yalkae
I have no money.
Stop being a crybaby.
-Come on.
You're lucky today, man.
-Yalkae, Yong-ho, Yong-ho
-Hey, there.
Pay for the bread.
-Here you are.
-I'm home.
Grandma has come to see us.
Go inslde and say hello to her.
Grandma, I'll bow deeply.
All right, come closer
My dear, Doo-soo
You're a grown-up now.
Doo-soo, I heard that you failed in school?
Yes, you did.
No, I dldn't.
-Yes, I'm sure I heard that.
-Who sald that?
Doo-joo did.
You certainly failed this time.
-Doo-joo did?
I see. Let me talk to her.
it's not good to fight with your sister.
What a guy.
Walk quietly.
Why do you walk so roughly?
-Because I'm busy
-What are busy with?
-Mind your own business.
Dld you wear make-up today?
Why! What's up with you today?
You look so pretty.
Don't be creepy. I've got no money.
I mean you look really pretty today.
Your upper lip is fantastic.
Don't be creepy.
Oh, I met your friend Young-hee
on the way home.
She's waiting for you at the confectionery store
across the street.
-She went in there with a guy.
They look serious.
Really? Is he tall and wearing glasses?
Yes, he was very slim.
She's always calling me to go out
when I am practicing.
-Get this cello back in the bag.
-How have you been? Sir.
-Welcome, Mr. Baek
-Sit here.
-Yes, sir.
-Who came?
-Right, an old student of your father's.
-Stop eating and go and greet him.
-Is that so?
You guys have met each other already.
How do you feel about starting today?
It's great.
In the first class,
someone let me hear a time signal.
What? A time signal?
A time signal for 'five to six' rang out.
It was so funny.
Doo-soo must have done it.
You haven't changed at all
since you were a student.
It's all thanks to your concern.
Doo-joo, where have you been?
Doo-joo, you know Mr. Baek?
He's a teacher
at Doo-soo's school from today.
I know her well.
I saw her several times
when I visited you as a student.
At that time,
Doo-joo was a cute little student.
That's right. You haven't forgotten.
Don't just stand there. Come and sit.
Writing means
motivating your imagination
and developing your writing skills on paper.
Raise your hand,
if you have completed your writing.
-Yes, sir.
The Nakdong River,
soaked with blood in the Korean War.
The green river valley
doesn't remember the pain of the past.
As the river flows, the hurt has been erased.
We dldn't experience the war.
But we know the cruelty of the war
through our textbooks and biographies.
Can the desire for war
in the minds of human beings
be erased by the flowing river?
To meet the North Korean scheme for war,
we should study hard first
when we are students.
Who's next then?
-I'll read mine.
-Please do.
As the winds across the Nakdong River
graze my skirt,
my brother sends me a message
from the army.
Who cares if a girl can be a boatman?
I should support my ageing parents
by rowing with an oar and a pole
Sir, let me read mine.
-The Nakdong River
Doo-soo's abusing your keen sense of humor.
Don't do that again, understand?
Get my bag.
Hey, you don't know you're a flop
wearing the badge of a 3rd grader?
Just wear the 2nd year badge openly.
-Isn't it right?
It's a problem. Mi-jeong thinks
that I'm 3rd year.
And the doctors and nurses in our hospital
think that I'm 3rd year.
Yalkae, Yalkae, Mr.Baek is calling you
-to go quickly to the teacher's office.
-Mr.Baek did? Why?
I don't know. Just go.
-I told you already
-Hey, you.
'Five to six' must have been mad at me...
...for your writing on
the winds of the Nakdong River.
Well, it's annoying. You go ahead.
-I'm sorry.
-Let's go.
-Sir, did you call me?
-Ah, there you are.
-You must have made trouble
-No, sir.
Mr. Baek, punish him hard.
I'm sorry, but go on an errand for me.
This is a map of my lodging house.
When you go into my room,
there's an envelope on the desk.
It's a school document,
so be careful and bring it to me.
-Yes, sir.
Hey, Doo-soo,
and tell them I won't be home today
for night duty.
Yes, sir.
What can I do for you?
I came on an errand.
Is this the place where Mr. Baek lodges?
He must have forgotten something again?
-How do you know that?
-He sometimes does.
-He must be stupld
-What? Stupld?
Yes, his nickname is "five-to-six"
I see! I'll tell him what you just sald.
You sald he's stupld and he's five-to-six.
Mr. Baek would like that.
-Yes, he would
No, he wouldn't.
Well, he's writing a novel.
Young-ah is walking, Walking without end.
In this mood,
Young-ah seems to be walking
lightly across the sea or clouds
'Walking lightly across the sea'? How funny.
-Dld you find it?
-Yes, I did.
Oh, You go to Moran Girl's High School.
I see. Good bye.
Take care.
Sir, I'm here.
Oh, good job.
I'm sorry to have taken up your time.
No, sir.
Please keep sending me to your place.
Really? Thanks, anyway.
Give me the envelope.
I will, but before I give it to you...
-Well, who was that girl at the store?
-You mean In-sook?
-Oh, her name is In-sook? That's enough.
What're you going to do with her name?
What should I do?
Knowledge is power.
You should work hard without distractions.
or I'll tell your father.
Come on, sir...
Don't you have any message for my sister?
What a guy...
I realized when you came to
my house the other day.
I can't just let you act like that.
I'll call your father right away.
No, sir. I'm taking off now.
I'll walk lightly on the sea and clouds,
I'll walk.
What a guy.
Miss In-sook, lady In-sook.
Your name is In-sook, right?
I'm Na Doo-soo.
I'm glad to meet you, In-sook.
What do you think of me?
Can we become friends?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-I hope business goes well
-Dld you forget something?
-No, no.
-What is it?
My mother asked me to buy something.
Wouldn't it better to buy it at your store?
-You must live near here
-Yes, well no... it's not that close.
Thank you.
Please be a regular customer in future.
Of course.
What should you buy?
For your dinner?
Yes, well, some groceries.
Give me two boxes of eggs.
-and seaweed
-Yes, seaweed.
Eggs and seaweed
-and carrots?
-What? Carrots? Yes.
-Five carrots?
You must need green onions?
Green onions? Yes, of course.
-Want some onions?
-Onions? Yes.
-What about potatoes?
-Potatoes, yes.
-Powdered sesame mixed with salt?
-Sesame? Whew, yes.
Hot peppers, garlic, pepper, ginger.
We have everything.
That's enough, please stop.
That's enough.
-How much is everything?
-Hold on. I'll count it.
Eggs and onions...
-2,300 won.
-Here it is.
Good bye
Hello, do you feel sick?
I'm not sick.
I came here to see Yong-ho.
-You don't need to be mad
-Just tell Yong-ho that I'm here.
Hey, Doo-soo.
What's up? What's this cologne?
It's better than your disinfectant.
That's so true.
By the way, what is all that?
I couldn't come to your place empty handed.
True enough. What are they then?
Eggs, seaweed, green onions and carrots...
I've spent all of my nest egg.
By the way, listen to me.
Let's sit down first.
A girl named In-sook,
who goes to Moran Girls' High School.
I don't know her last name.
-Yes, her family owns a grocery store.
-That's right.
That's why I smelled something weird
from your cologne.
Second year at Moran.
Hey, Yong-ho, I remember that girl Mi-jeong
you brought to the bakery the other day.
-She is second year at Moran?
-Yes, sure.
I have no problem
with asking Mi-jeong about her.
Yong-ho, wanna go to the bakery?
-No, and call me older brother, yeah
-What? How dare you!
-All right then, do it by yourself, let me go.
-Sir, sir.
Good boy.
You can't just buy a small piece of bread.
-I haven't had dinner yet
-Oh, In-sook.
Yes, you know Sooha-dong?
In-sook's family owns a grocery store there.
I know her well. She's in our club.
Really? That's great.
Let's meet together.
Well, she doesn't hang around with boys.
She's so smart, pretty and bright.
This boy can't study for her;
he can't stop thinking about her.
So he can't study.
Can you arrange time with her?
-Can we have some more bread?
-Hey, you want more?
Sure you can. As much as you want.
-Why? Can't I?
-Yes, you can have.
-I'll have cream bread.
-Okay then, I'll have donuts.
Excuse me.
Can we have five cream breads and donuts?
Mi-jeong, if you eat that much,
you'll have a triple chin.
I don't care.
I can't become a beauty like In-sook anyway.
-So, I'll just eat as much as I want.
-That's right.
Mi-jeong, please let us have a chance.
It should be very natural.
Here they are.
-Let's have bread first.
-All right.
Well, I don't know.
One, two, three, four
One day,
a girl I met by accldent smiled at me.
My heart started to beat.
What should I do with
that beauty for the first time?
I can't forget the girl in the yellow ribbon.
I can't forget, I miss her so much
When can I see the girl again?
I can't forget her, missing her.
Oh, pretty girl!
I can't forget the girl in the yellow ribbon.
What a guy.
One day,
a girl I met by accldent smiled at me.
My heart started to beat.
What should I do with
that beauty for the first time?
I can't forget the girl in the yellow ribbon.
I can't forget, I miss her so much
When can I see the girl again?
I can't forget her, missing her.
Oh, pretty girl!
I can't forget the girl
in the yellow ribbon.
Mr. Baek, I can't just let Doo-soo
be mischievous forever.
Can you tutor him?
He will be better if you tutor him.
Isn't that so?
Doo-joo also agrees with me.
I'll try. I'll do my best.
Thank you.
The reason I recommended you
to Dr. Hudson was
that I had my own plan.
Please don't misunderstand.
It's no problem, sir.
-Son, come talk to me.
-Yes, mother.
What is it?
Why do you disturb the young?
If you have nothing to do,
massage my back.
Well, mother.
I was discussing Doo-soo with him.
What's wrong with Doo-soo?
He's a lot better than you are.
You failed twice in high school, but
Doo-soo did only once.
Mother, the klds can hear.
Son, late fruit keeps well.
Great talents mature late.
A frog which crouches and
jumps can go further.
Pull back your fist before you hit.
It is stronger.
Yes, mother. I'll keep your words in mind.
If you do,
you won't restrict your son too much.
-Let Doo-soo's teacher in
Mr. Baek, please go in there.
Yes, sir.
-Go ahead.
I won't be scolded, will I?
I'm not sure.
-You're not married?
-Don't you think Doo-joo is pretty?
-Yes, she is.
-Isn't she modest?
-Yes, she is.
-She looks like she can keep house well?
-Yes, she does.
Don't you have any words
to say to me other than "yes"?
Mr. Baek, why don't you take
Doo-joo as your brlde?
What? I hadn't thought of that.
If you never think about it,
You'll never get out of single life.
This world goes so fast.
From now on, I'll think about it hard.
-Okay then. You can go now.
-Yes, ma'am.
Though his head is slanted,
he should be decent.
Sir, I don't know it really.
You learned it in first year.
How come you don't know it?
How can I remember
what I learned in first year now?
There's no way. You're baseless.
What have you been doing for years?
I came here to study, not to be scolded.
Okay, I'll teach you from the basics.
So listen carefully. Sit up.
Why am I thirsty again?
It's been 10 minutes
since you went to drink coke.
I'm sorry. I have to drink one more bottle.
What a guy.
-Why did you come out again?
-I'm too thirsty to study.
You can't study like that.
-Why are you looking at me?
-Read your book.
-You sald you're thirsty.
-Now, I'm fine.
Once I saw you,
my throat became cool.
-Am I spring water?
-Yes, you are.
Among spring waters,
you're clear and sweet.
I'll get the bicycle back tomorrow,
so don't worry.
-I'm sorry.
-No problem.
-I'll bring two bottles of coke.
Don't think of coke, and please study.
Sir, please get some sleep if you're sleepy.
How long does it take to drink a coke?
Here it is, sir.
-Doesn't it taste good?
-No way.
Mr. Baek? Are you in?
What are you doing here, sis?
What are you doing here,
Doo-joo? Come in here.
-I came to see how well Doo-soo is doing.
-No way!
Please sit here.
Doo-soo, did you study hard?
I will from now on.
By the way, did you come to study?
Yes, I did.
My grandma told me to bring this to you.
Mr. Baek, please have some.
Okay, let's have it together.
Where's the cup for coke?
-Help yourself.
-Yes, sir.
You like this cake and boiled chestnuts,
don't you?
What a wishy-washy.
-Help yourself.
-Sir, how does the coke taste?
-Great, fantastic.
I'll bring one more bottle then.
I'll be back soon.
-Doo-soo, it's all right.
-What's wrong with him?
He's got a reason for that.
Please help yourself.
-This part is warmer.
-I see.
Why did you come out again?
You want coke again?
Yes, I do.
Your belly will be full of coke.
You belly looks like a mountain anyways.
I'll take two bottles of coke.
Don't think of coke and study hard.
Since you came here,
I am more energetic.
I wanted to teach Doo-soo at your place.
-Besldes you.
-I see.
Why are you standing there coughing dryly?
It's not a dry cough,
it's a signal to ask if I can come in.
It's all right. You may come.
It's raining so hard, just come next time.
I should keep my promises.
I feel so great since
I have been soaking for a long time.
Stop joking.
You might catch a cold. Let's go in.
-Please take your clothes off.
Let's go in.
What should I do?
You shouldn't have done this.
-You're totally soaked.
-I'm all right.
It's cold.
Please change your underwear
for Mr. Baek's.
-Oh, my.
-In-sook, let's have a talk.
I'm not telling you this because I feel suspicious
about your relationship with Doo-soo.
Please don't misunderstand.
Doo-soo can't follow the school work,
and he is spending too much time on you.
Sir, I have nothing with Doo-soo.
Please don't look at me like that.
I don't blame you, and don't be sorry.
I'd like to ask one thing.
Please be cold to Doo-soo from now.
He's failed once, and
he can't fail again, do you understand?
-Hey, that's enough and let me try it
-The starting bell will ring soon.
Shut up and just watch your big bro.
This is also your job.
Isn't it an electric shaver?
Go away, you little boy.
You don't even have hair.
I do have some.
Doo-soo, let me use it once.
Let the little boy try it.
See, Yong-ho lets me. Please, Doo-soo.
You have become disgusting.
Go and flatter the teachers.
They say,
"spare the rod and spoil the child."
What the... There's no way to beat you.
Let me try once.
-Oh, I look forward to having a date.
A good shave.
What're you boys doing there?
-Hello, sir?
-Kim Ho-cheol, come here.
Show me that.
-Whose is this? Yours?
-No, sir.
-Whose is it then?
Who sald that you could bring it to school?
I dldn't have time to shave in the morning.
Do you shave every morning?
Shouldn't our school students
be cleaner than others?
And my hair grows so fast.
What did you cry out,
when you just lay down there?
I sald Oh, I look forward to having a date.
What? What does that mean?
Oh, I look forward to having a date.
A date?
you guys are always troublemakers.
I'll return this later, in the discipline room.
-Yes, sir.
-Good bye, sir.
I'm sorry, I unexpectedly sald that. Bye.
See you.
I should do something to him.
Someday, I'll kick his ass
Hey, sit down.
Sit, sit. Be quiet.
Hey you sit down, brat.
-It's hot, it's hot.
-It's hot, hot.
-It's hot, hot.
It's hot, hot.
The Principal.: Richard Hudson
it's surprising that you're shouting 'fire.'
Are you possessed?
Let's pray.
I won't stop praying
until you recognize and repent.
Generous and graceful God,
I deeply thank you for your grace.
Please give your great mercy to Doo-soo,
to provlde him with the power
and wisdom to defeat Satan.
Please never let Doo-soo give up
being a student,
and please lead him to the right way,
to realize what he should do.
Please stop him fighting with his friends.
Please make him a good student,
and love his friends like his own body.
Please I pray for him to become
a model student to others.
Please make him examine himself
and his faults, and
never do it again.
But, oh, what is it? Doo-soo, Doo-soo
Doo-soo, I know you hate me
And I did something to deserve
to be ill-treated by you.
But I need you to pay for these.
I can't. Go to tell the teacher.
-Go away.
-You come out here.
-What's wrong?
I told you to come out.
What did you do today?
You must remember everything.
What did I do wrong?
You mean nothing happened?
There are always things at school.
I studied and had lunch.
And then?
Ho-cheol did something wrong,
so I played a trick on him.
What kind of trick?
-What do you want to know?
I don't want to know.
I'm asking as your teacher.
-Tell me honestly.
-I won't answer.
What do you think your teacher is?
-Say it.
-I won't.
You think school life is a joke?
It is not to a young teacher.
You think you'll be forgiven for what you did
to the generous principal today?
And now you still won't talk.
I don't know
the result of the meeting of teachers.
How would you know
about your father's hopes for you,
the only son in the family,
as he doesn't show it?
You don't need to come
to my place anymore,
and I won't visit your house anymore.
If you need your bag back, take it.
In my opinion,
his behavior to the principal,
without consldering any other faults,
is a sufficient reason
for him to be expelled from school.
In terms of a big punishment for an error
I'm officially asking to expel Na Doo-soo.
-I agree
-So do I.
I'd like to add a word.
I also believe Na Doo-soo is a troublemaker
as many of you mentioned.
But he's a sophomore,
only a 17 year old boy.
As you all know, boys
of that age make trouble
and cause accldents
during times of incomplete development.
But through their incomplete
thoughts and behavior,
they realize their own faults
and get to know social regulations.
Then they can become adults,
after learning what is right and true.
Allow me to remind you that
the privilege of high school students is
that they are the future generation.
Therefore, I'm truly asking you
to forgive him one more time,
using your tolerance
and love for Doo-soo's future.
Thank you for your words, Mr. Baek.
Before we call the student to account,
what is it we should do?
I'm so ashamed of myself.
It's me who is ashamed.
No way. I lost face with Dr. Hudson.
I hesitated to visit
you since I thought you'd worry too much.
If I dldn't know this situation,
that would not be righteous.
Don't worry too much.
It's all solved now.
Thank you very much
for completing everything well.
It's nothing compared to your mercy.
Like you took care of me,
so I'm always concerned about
becoming a teacher like you for Doo-soo.
Oh, Doo-soo is home?
He must be in his room.
I'll say nothing to him this time,
so please take good care of him.
Yes, sir.
-Joo Dong-seok
-Choi Choon-il
-Lim Eun-sang
-Park Hee-dong
Kim Ho-cheol, Kim Ho-cheol
-Kang Cheon-il
-Yoo Yong-ho
-Excuse me, is anybody in?
-Who is it?
Is it Ho-cheol's place?
-Ah? Who is it?
I'm Ho-cheol's friend.
He dldn't come to school today.
-Right. Come on in
-What are you doing here? Come sit closer.
-What happened to your leg?
-I got injured.
Does the sun rise in the west?
-Doo-soo visits my place
-How did you get injured?
I fell down while playing.
You can't get injured much by just falling.
Thank you so much for coming.
I'll buy some fruit for you
-How did he get injured?
-He fell off his bicycle.
Why was he rlding a bike?
As you see, our situation is not good.
I work at a factory, but the salary is low.
So Ho-cheol delivers milk for his tuition,
and makes a living.
He wakes up early in the morning
in the dark to deliver milk.
He wears glasses, you know?
Three days ago,
he broke his glasses at school while playing.
But we have no money
to buy glasses right now.
The other day, he rode his bike without
wearing glasses, early in the morning.
He fell down a terrace.
He's lucky to be alive.
Sis, stop it.
I see. I'll be back soon, go in there.
Ho-cheol, I'm so sorry.
It's all right. It's not your fault.
No. I deeply apologize for it.
My fault is bigger,
since I talk to teachers too much.
Don't be so disappointed.
My mouth always makes trouble.
How long is your treatment?
There's a fracture in my leg,
so I should lie down for 2 months.
-What? For 2 months?
-That's what I'm worrying about.
I am worried that
I won't be able to follow the school work.
How will you pay for the medical fees?
I can just lie down until the bone is cured.
I am not worried about the fees,
but the school work...
I was always no. 1 in our class,
but now Jeong-seon will be.
Though you have a rough life,
you've never showed it.
Doo-soo, look over there.
How were those high buildings
with their magnificent view established?
All is a miracle created by blood,
sweat and toil.
I've never felt tired climbing
up and down steep hills.
I walk lightly and my mind develops.
I should study hard. I'll grow up soon,
and I'll become a hero
in those many buildings.
I have always made my mind up as such.
Poverty is never something
to be ashamed of.
It's just inconvenient.
we have a bright and hopeful future.
To achieve a rich tomorrow,
we students must study hard.
I should have thought better of you.
I thought you just studied well.
-How much?
-500 won.
-I see
Good bye.
-A bottle of milk, please
-It's right there.
-How much?
-Don't you know the price?
What's wrong with you today?
I don't want to talk to a repeater.
Make sure you remember
every address for delivery.
Don't worry.
I learned all yesterday afternoon.
Dld you? Then, be careful.
Yes, sir.
Look at Doo-soo.
What's wrong with him?
He's doing well.
What're you looking at?
-What is it?
-Nothing, sir. Please keep going.
Hi, Doo-soo.
-Where's your sister?
-She hasn't come back yet from the factory.
I've written down everything
we learned today.
Thank you, Doo-soo.
You'll get better soon,
and then you'll get tricked and beaten by me.
I'll be well soon.
-Why is that the answer to this question?
-Which one?
The question 3 on differential equations:
I know up to here, but
why is the next formulation solved
like this?
How should I know?
I just wrote down what the teachers wrote.
How can you just write it down
without actually listening to them?
Sir, I've got a question. Sir, I have a question.
-Sir, I have a question.
Catch a Daebong in the hand
and barbecue it with lightning,
Beslde Mt. Konryun,
crossing the North Ocean,
Mt. Tae is caught by my feet.
Mt.Tae rings with bangs.
What does Daebong mean
in this old poem?
-Daebong means a big phoenix.
-How big is it?
It's in a legend,
so it depends on your imagination.
You might imagine
that it is as big as a house.
The author sald that he ate that big bird baked
by a lightning and stepped up Mt. Konryun.
Mt.Tae collapsed with bangs.
Why is this poem lying?
This is hyperbole to make man's spirit sing.
-What is hyperbole?
-You don't even know hyperbole?
-I don't know.
Doo-soo, are you taking off?
I heard that you go to the library
early in the morning.
Teachers acclaim you
since your attitude has changed in class.
Are you doing well at home as well?
I'll do my work on my own.
Let me take off first.
Doo-soo, Doo-soo
Here comes milk.
Milk is here.
-Aren't you Doo-soo?
-Who's Doo-soo? You must be mistaken.
Ho-cheol, Ho-cheol
-Excuse me.
Where is the family in that room?
Ho-cheol has relapsed due to his leg,
so he went to the city hospital
at Samseon brldge.
What? A relapse?
He has to get another operation.
Then he can find out
if he will be able to walk like before or not.
Oh, god is merciless. They are sinless.
How did you know I was here?
Ho-cheol, what happened?
I should get the operation again.
-Is it painful?
-No, well, just a little.
Once this operation has gone well,
my leg won't get amputated.
What? Out your leg?
Is it that serious?
It got worse,
but I don't care if I have a leg.
What are you talking about?
It's a way to survive.
Ho-cheol, be strong.
Nothing bad will happen to you.
Ho-cheol, put these on.
I can see well. It's like a new world.
It was hard to find
your eyesight at the school infirmary.
People don't trust me,
and assume that I will play a trick again.
Everyone will trust you now. I'm sure.
I'm sure you'll be able to walk again
after the operation.
Thank you.
-Thank you for the glasses.
-It's nothing.
-Doo-soo, I'm sleepy
-All right, get some sleep.
My dear God, I'm a bad boy,
who has never prayed sincerely before.
I'm a bad person
who made Ho-cheol get hurt.
God, this is first time
I've ever asked you anything.
Sincerely, I pray.
In his hard life,
Ho-cheol has been strong.
Please make the good boy,
Ho-cheol walk again,
and help the doctors
who will do the operation.
How did the patient pay for the operation?
He pald part of it.
The rest will be pald later.
-Okay, let's move him to the operating room
The operation charge.
-Yes, sir.
Though it's a small amount of money,
it's for Ho-cheol's operation.
-Thank you so much.
-All right.
-Where is he?
-Oh, no.
Where has he gone?
-Yong-ho, what happened?
-It's strange.
My father treated him
and lay him down here.
How bad did he get injured?
Dad sald it's a slight injury.
His arm and hip got bruised.
He asked me not to tell you
during the treatment.
How did Doo-soo get to this hospital?
When he lost consciousness,
he might have told the driver
-the name of our hospital
-Dld Doo-soo get hit by a car?
Do I know you?
I'm Ho-cheol's sister,
a classmate of Doo-soo.
The owner of the milk supply station
just called me.
The milk supply station?
You mean my son delivers milk?
I'll tell you the story.
He's so brave.
Dear, it's the first day. I'm so happy.
He's just like me.
What a good boy. No one would know.
Yong-ho, don't cry.
He used to tell me everything,
but this time he hld it.
He's mean.
He and I did wrong together,
but he took the responsibility alone.
If we had delivered milk together,
it would have been fun, without accldents.
-How's Ho-cheol?
-Keep quiet.
Ho-cheol is my friend.
-Doo-soo, here you are
-Ho-cheol, how did it go?
-What happened to you?
-How is your leg?
I don't have to get my leg cut off.
Thank god.
I thought you'd become a cripple.
Thank you, God.
Thank you so much for listening
to my prayer.
-What is it?
-It's yours, though it's small.
Doo-soo, did you get injured
while delivering milk?
Not just anyone can deliver milk.
You'd feel bored, if you were sick alone.
Friends always walk together.
Thank you Doo-soo, really.
Don't cry. You're a boy.
What a good boy.
Doo-soo, Doo-soo
Professor Na, you have a great son.
Doo-soo and Ho-cheol,
both of you are here.
I dldn't know you had holy love,
and I kept scolding you
I have sinned before god.
Please forgive me.
I heard that from Yong-ho,
and cried a lot.
Doo-soo is from Heaven.
You're like Saint Augustine.
I saw you delivering milk.
It was you for sure.
I thought I mistook someone else for you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a great occasion.
Their holy friendship will become
a model for this society.
Ladies and gentlemen,
there are two good pieces of news for our school.
I'll announce the other one.
Mr. Baek in our school and Doo-joo,
Doo-soo's sister, will get married.
It's an honor for me to officiate
at the wedding.
Doo-soo, here you are.
Hello, how are you?
Come on in. Hurry up.
Mr. Principal,
You came early.
Ho-cheol, are you all right?
-You did a good thing
-Thank you for coming.
Doo-soo, do you have a girlfriend?
A girl friend?
But today I'll forgive you
for everything.
Ho-cheol, it's all thanks to you.
It's you that
-Take it
Let's pray before God.
Our father in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
We thank you this day for your great mercy.
Thy will be done, on Earth
as it is in heaven.
May you have happiness.
Have a good trip.
I'll buy you any Kaigel shaver you like,
when I come back.
-Doo-soo, it's all thanks to you
-Big brother, thanks to you...
May you have happiness
Cheers for the wedding of
'Five to six'
-Bro, go to see her.
-All right.
Cheers for the wedding of
'Five to six'
-Bro, go to see her.
-All right.
Cheers for the wedding of
'Five to six'
In-sook, when will we be like them?
Is it all right that
I'm from a grocer's family?
I don't care
if you're from a grocer's family.
You won't need to worry about
food for a lifetime.
I won't sell you our groceries,
so mind your own business.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
-Let's go.
-Hey, hey, you
Let's go together.
Thank you.