Yankee Zulu (1993) Movie Script

Yankee ZULU
Being Zulu 1967th in South Africa ...
I would not really be able to say that I was born free.
What then, I actually did not even bother.
My Childhood on the Rhinos Eye
it is freer than anything you'll experience later in life.
For me the most was my friend, Rhino
and our days of fun and laughter in the sun.
No matter what it was short, it was awesome!
- Hi, Rhino.
- How are you?
When she got a small Rowena from America, things have changed.
See you, Rhino.
It tells us everything is broken.
Now, when I was growing up, I know
For this to happen anyway.
But I will never forget the carefree days along the river. "
Into place.
Ready ...
Come on, come on.
No cheating!
- Midst will you, Rhino!
- That you think!
Faux, Rhino.
You had luck this time! You and I will next time.
Thou shalt not beat me for a thousand years!
Next time you're done.
- Rhino?
- Who is it?
Oh, my uncle Hi!
Hey you! Mali lipped, I'll kill you!
Flee, flee only!
I got up, there was nothing. I looked around - nothing.
Then I realized what had happened. They put the shovel underneath me.
- Disgusting.
- Pulled it and ran away.
I've had enough of them, I'll kill them!
Catch me!
Rhino, fled to the other side!
Zulu, save me!
I'll teach you!
O my God!
Beat Agora. Zulu!
Time for tea.
- Super!
- Thanda.
- Miss.
- Bad luck.
- Damn the wind.
- Show him, Rhino.
Good guess, Rhino.
Zulu, come here.
- Stand still boy. If you are moving the dead.
- Listen, do not play around.
No, no!
If it moves, kill it. Thanda and the same.
- No, Rowena!
- Pour!
Do not please ... I'll tell mom.
Listen, Rowena. Do not do this!
You are the best scorer in school, Rhino.
- Rhino! Rowena is crazy.
- This is wrong.
- Do not you love me?
- Love.
- Jumbo, give you.
- No.
Jumbo, no!
OK, I'll do it Rowena.
You will kill me. Then you will be sorry.
If you love me you'll do it.
Good guess, Rhino.
Sorry, Zulu.
Thanda, let's go.
When I went that afternoon the cars with Thanda hand,
I knew that one life is finished and now it is time for a new beginning.
- Hey man, give me a smoke.
- Hey, I do not have a cigarette for you.
- Who do you think you are?
- Come on ...
Get out of here.
Let's prisoners, get lost! Drag your ass over here!
Let's hurry, I think that this is a holiday? Drink for everyone? Come on, let's go.
- Buda ...
What? Who did it?
Lambert, Lee, Glendon,
Logan, Lopez, Mashabela?
Appears in ravnateljov office.
MacKenzie, Norman?
Zulu Mashabela, the famous thief autiju.
I love cars, I am an avid.
I see you're very clever.
In the past 17 years you were here and abroad as a yo-yo.
I can not help it boss, I love the food here.
Well, the American government is fed up to feed you.
You will be deported.
For the next three years will serve the prison in his native South Africa.
- Can I write you boss?
- Takes it away.
There is!
Prepare yourself, Tienkie.
Behold bastard!
Guess it!
We'll take care of you.
Guess it, hit it!
Now you, Rhinie.
This will fix it. Come on you damn bastard!
Shimba ...
It is time for breakfast. Are you hungry? Oh, yeah.
When you grow up, I will be the surgeon Daddy.
Can the sun. You will take care of his dad in his old age.
Gade damned. This will not be hunting so soon.
My pants!
My legs ... O God!
Are not you hungry?
Yeah, my scraper.
Will change my life.
Rhinie, we want to go somewhere for the school holidays?
- I make my little.
- But we have no money.
I promise you, if you sign a contract that big,
We will go to Cabela Cidade in December.
You, me and a big blue sea.
You know what? Best to be on the farm.
- O my god!
- What?
What are the effects?
Letter to Rhino Labuschagne, you.
"Rowena Labuschagne requires $ 250,000,
or the farm Rhinos Eye will be sold at auction. "
The contract for divorce there was talk of even more money!
You think I'm crazy? 250 000?
Do not kill the messenger just because you do not like the message.
I will give thee bloody message ...
My farm now! You're crazy!
- Please, only sign.
- Sign? Yes, of course I'll sign it.
Carry it back to Rowena and tell her that you can
This drive directly into your refined ass!
My farm will the auction!
Come on, get up!
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Enough.
On Monday we will pass defense against burglary, Shadrack.
- It would be all.
- No problem, madam.
Immigrants Are Forever
Defenders of the right wing
Residences Rowena Lauschagne captain Diehard on the phone.
What? Deported prisoner?
When? Tomorrow?
Good, good. What is the name?
Mashabela. No, no, not an option.
Good, but will sit back with you.
- Bear?
- What?
- Do not smoking.
- I do not smoke!
My anti-smoking patches work.
Well received? Very good. What did he say?
Good. Yes, yes.
Provided a contract.
And now to work.
Nobody will make a fool of Rhino Lauschagna!
I do not owe you nothing!
What are you doing in our bedroom?
Medo, are you okay?
Not good, but be good.
What is this crazy business?
Ah, you mean 250 000 ...
You owe me that since the day we signed a premarital agreement.
This will be overridden when we divorced.
Should be cautious when potpisuje papers, Rhinie!
Lowercase letters can be so important ...
Can be set to head in. ..
They do not call me stupid Diehard.
How beautiful you are, Out of Africa ...
Close your mouth you little communist bastard.
Hey man, I thought that things have changed here.
In this part are not.
You watch the national president tird-a,
immigrants in trouble, the defense of the right wing.
- Do you know what tird?
- Yes, I think i can smell one.
Ha, you're smart ...
You know what we are doing the smart guys like you?
I ride them on a little George Crocodile jumping stone shelters.
With everything that goes with it.
- What is the date today?
- 18
- A time?
- 14:30
I got the lottery.
I got!
Five hundred thousand waiting for me in Sun City!
Stop the car.
Did you this improves hearing? Said I stood a car.
Put the gun on the seat.
- Now give me the slip.
- What? No.
- Gimme!
- Good.
- Bastard One!
- Give me the keys.
Good. Now open the window. I said to open the window!
Put your head out the window. Come on, let's go!
Ok, now close the window. Please close it!
To go more. Plus!
Now is good.
Damn dog ...
You see, now the president tird's in the right position.
No offense baby!
$ 500,000! Yeah!
Good afternoon, ladies.
Approached ... No! Jimmy, closer!
- Come on, man.
- No!
His mother!
Yeah, Jimmy, I'm close.
A little, a little. Okay, now calm down.
Calm down, Jimmy, I got it. Super, super. I did it.
Jimmy, attention, Jimmy!
I saw the poachers to run from Python grove.
- Tienkie saw poachers.
- Where?
- Pythnon cops.
- Go, go, go!
O hell!
There he is, Jimmy! I have it! Come on!
Keeping it quiet, Jimmy. Escape us. You'll be down below.
Turn around, go back around.
I got him.
Quiet ...
Damned bastard! I'll kill you!
O. .. my god!
Only one man in the world can burn a sling like this one.
Yes, I am. I am world champion, you remember it?
- I thought you live in America.
- Yes, yes. I came back.
- And what about you? That's your helicopter?
- If my helicopter ...
This is all you can afford at the moment.
And what's with that car?
So I needed something quick. I get to Sun City and up to 16 hours.
I got the lottery. Do you see how much I ostrugao?
- His mother, half a million!
- True, half a million.
What are you doing with the police car?
You have tried to stop. Riding without a belt, without anything!
Coming to the police.
- Same old Rhino.
- Same old Zulu.
Ok, listen. We will conclude an agreement.'ll Include you, as a partner.
Menu 70%, 30% for you. Come on man!
You will walk away with 150 thousand in your pocket!
What is this behavior by a friend after 20 years? Come on, man.
Good. 60-40. What do you think about it?
Agreed. You will not regret it.
I regret this.
1976th I was tired of always be the wrong color, if You get me.
So I ran away. I came back once the 1982nd
- Hey, remember the Thanda?
- Yes, I remember Thanda.
Should we get married. But then he got a job in Venda,
I returned to New York, and we just lost contact.
Thanda died.
She came to see my mom. She was very sick.
I took it to the hospital, but it was too late.
- When was it?
- Long ago, before 9-10 years.
Thanda's Dead ... The only person I ever really loved.
- And what's wrong with you, you're married?
- Bio.
- Got kids?
- Only Tienkie.
- You're married black women?
- I married Rowena.
The biggest problem was that she could not bear to have a black child.
Hey man, when we were kids she could not bear to have a black friend.
- Yes, I was pretty stupid ...
- Rowena!
Oh no, we were without gasoline!
- Hey, what's the problem?
- We were without gasoline.
- Can you help us?
- Yes, no problem.
- Hey, football, which is the result?
- 1-0 to South Africa.
Take my car. These drives my ...
I will listen to this radio.
Come on guys, the press.
It, Let's Gol!
Let's go, let's go guys.
Oooooo, Where's My Car?
- Auto!
- What about him?
- Disappeared!
- What?
I can not understand how this happened. Damn, the rope broke.
If you talk shit Zulu, go back to America!
It's not my fault. Never look in the rearview mirror.
It is illegal in New York.
- Lie Rhinie.
- Of course he's lying.
- Pour Pinkie!
- I am not Pinkie, I Tienkie.
Man I'm not stupid. You stole this car,
just like you stole it and the police car.
- I stole the car? No way.
- Never, never, never!
Okay, I'll tell you the truth. I actually work for the CIA.
That's enough, coming to you.
- Well, well Rhino. What about money?
- I want the truth now!
Ok, I stole this car, I stole the car ... thief himself. And it makes you accomplice, right?
Rhino, half a million waiting for us down the road. It is already too late ...
Where have you found a scraper?
I took it on the sidewalk, ok?
Where is the Rhino, which I knew when we were kids?
Where did it disappear? Why are you so stuffy? Half a million dollars!
On the final at Sun City will all be called a loser ...
- Time?
- 15:30 teddy bear. Please calm down.
I have not smoked for three days,
That damned pig in my car with my gun
and my strugaliciom has the opportunity to win half a million dollars for 30 minutes,
and you want me to be calm!
Give me the new patch! These do not work!
You are all the same. Now imagine if I am a criminal because black.
O Come on, now you are paranoid.
You think?. Just look at the language.
If black is automatically bad.
Black nails, black plague ... anthrax! And what about that?
Got a little tiny SummerNight skin
and immediately called the anthrax!
And you have odvatne white pimples that can explode at any moment like a volcano,
and how we call it?
- White pimple!
- Oh, no. This is the warts.
"Henry, again, I have a wart on the buttocks ..."
If it is white, it is clear.
White Christmas ... White House ...
Had he and Jessie Jackson in it and still be called the White House.
And what about billiards? If you hit the black ball you get 7 points.
Yes, but he hits the black ball? Whites!
You have no idea how to be black! Especially in this country.
Of course you know, my daughter and is black.
Have a shot at some cans on her head lately?
What a sight!
Thousands of people ukupilo here is great excitement
welcome the arrival of the Prince of Wales and Prince William in Sun City
goodwill tour through Africa
where they will be guests of honor tonight at the Miss wilderness.
I do not see any lions.
William? Back here immediately!
- Oh no sir, and the media here.
- No connection Martine.
Leave me alone. I want to explore!
My God! A British think they know what is extravagant.
Let's go to a friend!
Hi, I'm Ashley.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello, I'm Rhino.
- Dan.
- Hi.
- Hi. Come with me, please.
What you will not appear on the set?
No way man. Begins to shake when I see a camera.
And I will quit if I am the camera sees.
- What is your occupation Rhino?
- I am the owner of the farm.
Rhinie, I would be watching this movie, please?
I think you should go with us.
Oh, no problem. We'll find it here after the shooting.
- Thanks, Rhinie.
- Hold us in this same place, right? Good luck!
- Thanks.
- Take! I still have it.
Thank you very much.
- I Tienkie.
- William.
Nice to meet you.
Again I was away with her nanny.
Where is that boy?
I hope this is Camilla.
All media is much, sir.
- It is better to speak Zulu, sir.
- Thanks.
Hi dear.
God, my dear, guess where I am?
In bed?
Where will you be tomorrow night.
O my little ...
I can hardly wait for my cereal.
I also bear mine.
I want to be your pumpkin.
I will eat your pumpkin ....
Absolutely fantastic!
Ladies and gentlemen, zapljeite our finalists.
Thank you.
Far from svjevernog Transvaal.
The owner of the farm under the name Rhino Lab ...
- Rhino Labacockney.
- Schagne.
- Cockney.
- Schagne.
Ok, Rhino, half a million dollars ...
Sorry ...
Search your scraper.
I am looking for a man .. I'm looking for ...
Bear, behold!
Let's go!
For half a million dollars, Rhicano Labercockney.
Wheel rotates, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Will there be 500 000, 50 000? 20 000, 10 000, 15 000?
Softly, softly!
Will there be 30,000, 25,000, 50,000, 40,000, 100,000?
Will there be 250 000, or maybe 200,000?
It seems that I get my money before I expected.
The building escaped prisoner, armed and very dangerous.
One white man was with him.
Pudding faces, stupid head, funny clothes, potato nose ...
Make this place once! Each, but every exit!
Yes, sir.
Medo look!
Big winner is ... Reno ... Rhino Labercockney.
You want your half a million?
All you need to do is come by and wait to cash it.
I'm also a R. Labuschagne, you remember it?
We get a pig. Rhinov we get a check.
And then we put them both Crocodile George.
This is a real check. Well keep it.
- Large is for photography.
- Thank you.
- Thanks girls.
- $ 500,000.
- Can I offer you with something?
- Yes, very much.
We'd love to come with you to make a farm run an interview with you if you agree?
- Just when you arrive.
- Sure.
I'll call the insurance company.
No, wait!
What's wrong with you old?
I achieve success here. The girl longs for me.
I'm aching for its 250 000 and their freedom.
Give it to me!
If you want the other half is better for you to come with me.
Ashley, I will be back!
Keep the change. My dad says this is the money from the monopoly.
Thanks, Willie.
- We won my girl!
- We won!
Let's go to the bank to cash a check.
- And then you and I, we return to our home.
- Come on, Hurry up.
- Hi, Willie. Thanks for the tweak.
- Hi, Tienkie.
I know they are here somewhere.
Oh no it's Rowena, certainly wants money. "Wait here, I will return.
- What happens?
- Thieves.
I'll catch you!
- Wow!
- Very good puca.
I will bring another.
Here's another.
Here, you try!
I've never shot out of it.
Good guess.
It is my nanny!
Must be another way out.
Hear me Zulu, I thought of this.
I'll catch you!
Listen to Zulu, I do not care why you prosecute the police ..
- But I want that check right away!
- Even you, and what about 50-50?
You can pick up your part when you get out of prison.
My Nerves ...
Rosa, cancel the election.
Return to me now or I'll kill you!
How many times have you been killed, Luigi?
Come on, I'm waiting.
I can not.
What the hell is your ex-husband with this criminal?
He's in shit up to the neck.
I just want your 250 000!
- And I want your half a million!
- Our half a million, a teddy bear.
I will find them. Every exit is blocked.
- But first I want to ...
- Yes?
Your money!
- Guys, follow me.
- Yes, sir.
- Each output is provided.
- Exactly.
Super. Now I am an accomplice ...
Yes, Rowena asks you that you hunger feather butt, right?
- Download the.
- For some particular reason?
We will use these things to mask and escape from here.
Is this a men's wardrobe?
You will do a job.
To us.
At the same time?
Yes, yes. Start with it, Hurry up.
- Edit it, can you hear me?
- Uh, what we are demanding ...
Sit here.
There is something you already want to do.
Yes, yes, yes!
When I finish with you, even your own mother would not recognize.
If you do not recognize the ex-wife, will be good.
Amazingly. Simply beautiful.
Close your eyes and come here.
Eyes closed.
Well, turn toward the mirror.
Open your eyes.
Who is this?
Bye, bye.
My God, my God save me ...
- Zulu?
- Yes, what do you want?
His mother! 479 Whether this can be downloaded?
Well .. of course that can be downloaded.
Hey, you!
We're sorry.
- Yes, please?
- Open the door.
Well, here now.
Did you have you seen these two?
No, I think I did. Wait a minute ...
No, I did not unfortunately.
- So, like you?
- Very.
Did you're sure to get this off?
What's wrong with you man? Walk as a white man!
Stop press bjei butt like that on TV!
Relax your shoulders. Move to the music.
You get it? Give O man, I explain to you soul, you give me Pavarotti.
You've got a little rhythm in your feet.
These shoes killing me.
Do not worry, it's progress.
No wonder the man, this is the last fashion in Los Angeles.
Thank you very much, my friend.
We need to find Tienkie.
What's the problem? Have fun, right?
Let's go.
Very neprestni you young lady!
- Excuse me!
- It was a coincidence.
Unfortunately you must be very patient with Moses.
He fell with his mother's back while he was a baby and hit his head on a rock.
There are very unpredictable reflexes.
See what I mean?
Do not worry. Well, do not worry.
You will sit in this chair and you never removed ...
You better let us bring even more champagne, Moses.
Excuse me madam. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Royce, Rolls Royce.
- As the car?
- Exactly.
But you can call me a Rolly.
- Do you need transportation?
- Currently no, thanks.
To me, Rhinie.
- All I'll say.
- Rhinie?
- Go ahead, let's go.
- I'll call you tomorrow, Willie.
Why did you like that?
Really? I did not know that we have the embassy in. ..
- From what you have land?
- Apasapamaparayou.
- And this is Zulu?
- To small.
I'll fetch the animal ...
- Please lord, forgive us.
- Not now, Moses, you see I am busy.
Please sir, I will not! Please, sir!
What are you talking about?
Please do not beat me again. I promise that I will fix it.
I promise that I'll be a good boy.
Please help, Prince Charles.
Mr Royce, this is not really a normal way of behaving towards another human being.
You can cut off my other little finger, my lord.
- You cut off his finger?
- Yes, please!
All my friends now know that I'm somebody's slave.
- Cut it!
- I did not cut it.
Wait for me, my lord!
- Which goth.
- The horror!
Well, I will restore to this Rhino.
- We need a new car.
- Steal each one.
- Rhinie, look!
- I want this!
- You want this?
- Yes, I used to be mine.
I had to deliver him Rowen after the divorce.
Ha, who gives the car after the divorce!
What is the tird in who is so horny?
- A bunch of damn fools.
- Rhinie, look!
Oh no. Duck!
What is happening here?
Good evening, madam. Is this your car?
- Yes.
- Let me explain.
I emerged from the hotel. Some blacker I pointed a gun to his head.
And then stole my car '.
I turned and saw that and trying to steal your car.
Damn pigs!
Why can not keep their hands of someone else's property?
Excuse me.
Moses, my driver, he is otherwise fine but ...
These pigs fail to get my Nazi blood in your veins!
Baron Lirasvonbrunkhaundmunchausen,
noble neo-Nazis. Quarto 777, Frankfurt, Germany.
Baron, I am thrilled.
Rowena Labuschagne, Vice tird's.
South Africa.
- You tird?
- Yes, certainly did.
Whether you would like to meet some other members tird-a?
I have a small party at his house after evening.
This is a special occasion.
Well ... I do not know ...
- Please, Baron. I insist.
- No, no, no.
My friends will also be enchanted.
I guarantee you'll be cool to spend.
I accept with pleasure.
- Over here, Baron.
- Moses, jump back.
You can hide, Tienkie.
Tyson! Zulu! Down.
- What is their favorite food?
- Please, Baron.
Trained only for the expulsion of blacks from my property.
Ha, my condolences, Moses.
Nice dogs, hey Zulu.
I'm afraid.
Inside you lout! Bad guy.
Mama is very angry at you ...
Baron Lirasvonbrunkhaundmunchausen.
I deeply apologize to you. Never before had attacked whites.
Everything is fine. I'm just trying to protect Moses.
Guys, pick up the bags and carry them beyond the kitchen.
I do not break anything. The collapse of everything it touches.
Damn nigger!
Baron is a great pleasure to welcome you to have in my house Little Louisiana.
It's definitely an honor and a menu.
Baron, welcome to the Little Louisiana.
Just a moment.
Excuse me a moment of Baron.
Guests will arrive every second and must be saved.
Follow me.
His mother!
Sorry. Just a moment.
Arrange you drink in the bar.'m Coming for a second. 598 00:47:22,080 - 00:47:24,116 You see I kept the arrow.
I wonder who keeps you small?
Zulu, down!
Back in your dog!
Excuse baron. Brownlillesundmanchestermiden.
I forgot to disable security.
You just stand there and relax.
I will for the moment.
Hi, girl.
- You look funny.
- I feel damn funny.
- Rihnie Can not we home?
- I wish I can.
Zulu has a second half?
Yes. This man is a leech.
You keep him and nedaj anyone to see him.
- You like?
- Who?
- Zulu.
- If, like me, is ridiculous.
But sometimes I think the thief as those in the movies.
Prince William is my new friend.
- He gave me this.
- Yes, my girl.
There is a real dad who will one day be king.
Then he would take me and take me to New York.
Do you sometimes wish you and your real dad?
Sometimes. I'd like to meet him at least once.
- I love you, my girl.
- I love you.
Funny little man ...
- Rosie?
- Yes, ma'am?
- Is everything ready?
- Yes.
Do not just stand, Hurry up. "Yes, ma'am!
I told you next to me does not speak the language of the wild.
If you would like the food here, because of it.
O dear God.
Come with me, I'll give you to eat.
Calm down, it will be pain ... I will help you a nice man.
Here's all organized against us, it's already supposed to understand.
How to have beautiful hair ...
Where are you from?
I asked you where you are.
From afar. He is a prince.
Yes, Prince.
Are you married?
I do not have a wife ...
And what's with him?
- What are you doing?
- Excuse me madam.
It was by chance.
Wear your clothes and return to work.
Barun, if you want to see my garden?
Rowena, we must demonstrate self-defense as you promised.
O sorry, Molly. Shadrack we must help.
Bring me a drink.
The joke is over. Come here.
If you do not like heat, free download makeup.
I enjoy being white.
It is a Diehard.
The President.
O my little dolls, say something.
Bear, you look divine.
Bear, I want you to meet our special guest.
This is Baron Brownlillesundclausendoors.
This is a Diehard auf der Hyde.
Our leader.
And this is Bridgette, our Minister of discipline and my close friend.
I'm sure you'll like each other.
Good evening, Baron.
Divine, graceful and charming.
You must open hand salute.
O, open hand.
Baron, you're going?
Tird, action!
Comrades in the struggle, I am not a man to speak.
Rowena and I will get married.
But this is no ordinary marriage.
This is the joining of two great minds
two fantastic body
paired together in the fight against the government that the blind can not see the Communists,
terrorists and damn the black pig
that we are flooding.
United in our beloved organization.
Those damn white people are worse than vomit.
No, you just go ahead.
Oh, how nice.
Happy Together, Happy Together, you and I ...
- My dear, I love you!
- I love you?
Enjoy the Baron?
Yes, definitely. This will be a very special experience.
- You know, baron.
- I have no husband.
That is why they are called the crown jewels.
Moses, you stinking form! Come here!
Divine ideas ...
It's my earrings! She wears my earrings.
My, I received a gift.
- Where did you get?
- I got it from the prince.
- What was the Prince?
- This.
Prince Moses, stealer of milk?
No ma'am. It's a big mistake.
- Bravo.
- Very good.
As you can see the most important part of self-defense is
If I hit him only five percent more, would destroy all his organs.
Watch this.
It has been nearly destroyed spleen.
This is the Rhino.
And pigs!
Come on, get outta here.
Now you're really cute.
grab them!
There it is.
Hands on your head! Up!
Yes, sometimes we slept together.
You have not seen anything yet.
- Let me check.
- Izbubio him.
I found it!
Thus I was in marriage?
Where is the other half?
He disappeared.
I've tried it. Slow learner.
I hid it.
I am the way I have to say the.
I'll lock you like dogs! Move.
Rhino, I think ...
I can not understand.
We are now imprisoned here without chance of escape.
I understand your reason man. But you'll kill us!
- Where is the other half waiting for?
- Tienkie was there.
And if anyone is guilty of what we have here, it's you!
You're able to just take money, do not. You had to be damn white on one evening.
Yes, and you hate to be black, right?
And you have such a huge burden on my back!
- Yes, and who put him there?
- Ok, again your sad stories.
- You have no idea man!
- Right Since when I met you.
- Fuck you idiot!
- Fuck you!
I'll give you a story.
Ovjde I am also against the law
because my best friend iznjeverio!
Hatred, man, it happens.
The day, leaning on the car from you I first tasted.
We were kids!
Yes, just as I stood there and wrote the pants from fear.
You're walked with his girlfriend on the promised kiss.
Here, take this.
If you feel better, feel free to break.
Are you going to be you feel better?
Guess the tin! Guess me!
If it's so damn important, come on!
- You will probably really do it?
- You can bet I will!
Just keep your head down.
His mother!
A coward, you're uploaded!
Hi, Tienkie.
Stop the move. I hate height.
- Move a little.
- Those moves!
Sit down, Elsie. Please.
Do not worry, my friends.
Elsie would sit on the site so long as it does not say that the rush.
Thus trained.
You can drop a bomb next to it. Look!
And she will not budge.
Moved to her small, with that sweet ass place
only if you see her boyfriend, Dobiea.
What is now on the way to see his chosen.
Knowing that in a hurry, he will need exactly half an hour until it arrives.
Love and lust was fatal for many.
In this case, you will be a drop from 60 meters straight into the mouth of a crocodile George.
You have 30 minutes. I leave you the radio.
When will you be willing to say where the other half is waiting, please call us.
We will not call. And if not, neither you, you will die.
Stop doing it, Elsie. Stop.
Well ...
Have you got any plan for how we will get away from here?
I never thought.
I must say something about Tienkie.
You are her real father, is not it?
No, you are.
- It Thandina daughter.
- Thanda?
I was adopted when I was Thanda died.
Hey, if she does know I exist?
I think you're dead or you live in another country.
I told her to train for the World Cup in the shooting.
That's about to.
Not a bad story for me to remember.
We drive you to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa, sir. Enjoy.
- Thanks.
- Good luck.
Charles, I am so excited. You think we'll see the Big Five?
Who cares, baby, when you shall soon see regal python.
William, morning.
Do not pretend to be asleep. Do you have to eat breakfast.
This is really interesting!
Who are these bandits who will take care of?
One is the former wife of my father. My name is python.
Because it smells horrible!
The second is her boyfriend, Diehard.
No one can kill. Although many people tried.
Here they come!
Rowena, here waiting for you. Come and get him.
She said that a check! Go!
Open the door! Faster!
- Lock it.
- Move.
Well are you?
That, Willie!
Come on! Let's go!
"Oh, no! Shit!
Catch me!
Uncle Diehard?
What is happening here?
Come on.
I'm dead.
- Come on.
- I'm dead!
Come on.
- Yeah!
- Let's go after them!
What was it?
My mother!
As far as we left, Rhino?
You fear death?
No, death is easy. We decline follows scares me!
His mother!
- Better do something Rhino?
- To talk to her?
To tell her that he got no more love?
Yeah, yeah, tell her this man!
It is true, Elsie.
Dobie and cheating with another.
You have no future with this man.
Believe me, I had that kind of woman.
Keep talking!
- Admit age!
- Got another!
- He does not love you anymore.
- No ustajaj, Elsie!
He is a fraud.
Looking into the smelly, rotten elephant tricks!
Give me your hand.
- Hi, Rhino.
- Hi, Zulu.
If so, run.
Yes, Elsie!
Deliver us!
- Good girl, Elsie.
- I love you.
- I really will do it.
- That, Elsie.
These beautiful creature!
I will find an elephant with style, Elsie.
Come on, Zulu. Let's go.
I will bring you this girl, I promise.
Flee away before we find out that she lied.
Pull me up!
Where is the other half waiting for?
Come on!
Draw me. I'll tell you where it is.
First, tell me then I will withdraw.
Maybe you will after this talk.
Check, Rowena!
The compartment is in the jeep. Now pull me, please.
- Please.
- So long, smelly python!
Wonderful. Must have been to some ancient African custom.
We go by Rhiniea. This way.
- William!
- Yes, it's on.
They do not call me stupid Diehard.
Continue walking.
Please sir, my father, the Prince of Wales.
Do not invent, really. He was very rich, will give you money ...
Below, a small lipped.
O God! Please ...
Just do not look down. We will be good.
No, Tienkie, they will kill you!
Die, you little pig!
Tird forever!
- Tienkie?
- Rhinie!
It's good, good, no more.
Is he my father?
When you throw one ball, I knew you were a world champion in shooting.
My dad.
my little ...
Malena mine.
- Forgive me small.
- Does not matter.
Rhinie was here.
Now I have two father.
Yes, the white leisure, black for formal.
They do not call me stupid Diehard.