Yara (2018) Movie Script

Come here!
Come back up here!
For God's sake, help.
Don't go down again.
Come here!
Come on!
We forgot the chicken outside.
- Grandma, would you like some tea?
- No thanks.
Did you find the chicken?
- She stayed outside.
- Really?
Did you put her back?
No, she went back down.
She will come back.
She has nowhere else to go.
If she is still alive.
I hope she is still alive.
What did you eat?
- I havent eaten yet.
- Why not?
I dont eat before my prayers.
Is this the way to get to Al-Kalaa?
No. You need to go back down
and go over the bridge.
How long will that take?
It depends on how fast you walk.
It could take one hour or four.
- May I have some water?
- The tap is in front of you.
- Over there?
- Yes.
- Is it drinking water?
- It's spring water.
Okay, thank you.
It is so beautiful here!
Is this the water tap?
We're out of cell phone
range here, right?
You are so lucky to live here.
- You live here alone?
- Make your self at home!
Thank you.
Do you want one?
Do you live here alone?
- Come with me.
- Where to?
To Australia...
To see the kangaroos.
Someday maybe.
Okay, then I'll come back for you.
- Thank You.
- Bye.
"Fly, oh kite, fly...
"I would like to become a little girl
and play on the neighbour's terrace..."
- Hi! How are you?
- Fine, and you?
Hi Rony! Hi Charbel!
How are you?
Its very fresh.
Stay here. Here!
Always with your gun!
Thank you.
What is that on your mouth?
It's cheese.
It needs to go in the fridge.
Did it take a long time to get here?
Yes, about an hour.
- Are you going back up now?
- Yes, but my mule needs to drink first.
- Be careful!
- Don't worry.
Go and drink then come back here.
Look how quickly she goes down!
Come back!
Come here!
Hurry up!
Come here!
- Hello Mr. mountain guide!
- Hello.
How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- Very well thanks to God.
It's hot today.
- Hows your Grandma?
- Shes sleeping.
- She is sick?
- No, she's taking her nap as usual.
Tomorrow, I will bring a group
of hikers here for lunch.
- How many?
- Ten.
- Ten!
- Yes.
As you know, Charbel brings us
food on his mule...
I don't know if there will be
enough food for everyone.
All right.
Yesterday, a boar ransacked
our vegetable garden.
The fence didn't stop him.
- Maybe the fence is broken.
- It needs to be repaired.
- We gave away three cats yesterday.
- Why?
They are too annoying.
They don't let us eat in peace.
- Animals add to the beauty of nature.
- Yes, but some animals are a burden.
Theres no animal thats a burden.
They are beautiful,
and they dont do any harm.
Take them as friends.
Dont be afraid of them.
Ok, so why did you kill
a snake a week ago?
That was a mistake.
I didn't mean to.
The snake was unlucky.
Can I try it?
Every time you want to try it!
And it never works!
- Why doesn't it work?
- Let me show you.
"The key of my heart
is in your hands...
"Every day my heart asks me
when will you come back..."
- Good morning!
- Hey!
How are you?
- Did you prepare your suitcase?
- What suitcase?
Have you forgotten me already?
The plum thief!
How can I forget you?
Plum thief!
It's better than being a hat thief.
You forgot it the other day,
I didnt steal it.
Keep it, so that you
would not forget me.
Are you going to stuff those leaves?
Bet you, I can make it disappear!
Seriously, I can make it disappear.
Do you think it disappeared?
Blow on it.
Oh such a great magician!
Anyway, I am not a plum thief.
My name is Elias, and you are?
Why should I tell you my name?
"Yara, the girl with brown hair...
"Life swings on her braids...
"And every star reveals her secrets...
"Oh Yara!"
How did you know?
I am a magician,
I know everything.
You have a beautiful name.
Oh Yara...
Beautiful even when we shout it.
- Why do you keep repeating it?
- Because it is beautiful.
I was the plum thief,
now I will be the apple thief.
- Why are you dressed the same as me?
- You are dressed the same as me!
What a coincidence!
How far can you throw it?
- You are not allowed to cross this line.
- You really forbid me to cross it?
- And this one too.
- OK, and if I go that way?
- Forbidden as well.
- Forbidden as well!
This way too.
Do you know what you just did?
You imprisoned yourself.
What a shame!
I cant go inside
nor can you go outside!
I have a gift for you,
but how can I give it to you?
I hope someone will come
to get you out before dark.
Suit yourself.
Im going. Bye.
Eat it with bread,
To put on some weight.
Even like this its tasty.
Are you still fasting?
I will eat at ten.
You have been fasting for a month?
Yes, it is the month of Virgin Mary.
- Bless you grandma.
- Thanks.
Is this a nice color?
Whats on the stove?
Sauteed beans.
Yesterday, I saw a wild boar.
- Over there?
- Yes.
He's used to come,
but not when the field is watered.
- He was really big.
- I saw him passing through the trees.
- Yes, in the evening.
- Before the evening.
- He crossed before dark.
- Yes.
Two years ago there werent
any of these animals.
We used to plant everything
and they didnt show up.
Now they rip out everything we plant.
They rip everything up.
- This dog is yours?
- Yes, her name is Lassie.
- How long have you had her?
- For four years.
- Is she fierce?
- No, on the contrary.
Come here!
She eats everything.
- Can I stroke her?
- Yes, if you want to.
- Can we go to the cave there?
- It's a long way, dont bother.
- Would you take me there someday?
- I could throw you from up there.
- Listen, I have something to tell you.
- What?
A few days ago, I dreamed of you.
You were with another girl.
More beautiful than you?
No one is more beautiful than I am.
Oh you mountain people!
Let's sit here.
It would be nice to sleep here.
Isnt your nail polish too red?
It was you who gave it to me.
Me? Ah right.
I have no taste in colors.
It's so calm here!
It used to be calm.
You are always glued to your phone.
Do you have a lot of friends?
- My dear, Im loved by millions.
- Really!
You don't even have a cell phone.
No. Why would I need it?
To talk with the goats.
Are they ripe?
They look unripe.
Rather unripe.
They cant be eaten.
Are there any that can be eaten?
- May I ask you a question?
- What?
Can I kiss you?
Just one kiss.
That makes two.
- It's too much.
- Too much?
There are three sections...
Before, the prayer rosaries
consisted of six sections.
- Who tied you up like this?
- My dad.
- Why?
- I tormented his goats.
- What did you do to them?
- I hit them.
- I will untie you.
- My dad will not like that.
I will talk to him,
but stop annoying the goats.
You promise?
- Can I bring you my laundry?
- Of course.
The young man who comes here,
is he your lover?
Yes, but dont tell anyone.
Keep it as a secret. OK?
Let's heat them a little more.
Let's try to add a plum.
One more?
Put the big one underneath.
Come here.
Give her this piece.
Everyone in this valley
knows about you.
Who knows about me?
There is no one in the valley.
There are still people in the valley,
and news travels fast here.
- You can't hide anything!
- No, even little Charbel knows.
- Charbel, your little darling?
- Yes.
- Does this cause you problems?
- Maybe...
People here are not used to
seeing a boy and a girl together.
If this causes you problems,
I will stop coming.
Stop coming!
Stop coming or marrying you.
Are all the houses
in this valley deserted?
Some of the owners are dead,
others have migrated.
They all abandoned their houses.
Really? What a pity.
Are you going to dream
about me tonight?
I dream about you every night.
"I dream about you...
"And Im waiting for you
with all my longing...
"And if you forget me...
How does the rest of the song go?
Its enough for me to have lived
happily dreaming of you...
- Is this house abandoned?
- Yes, nobody lives there.
It still has furniture.
Can we go in?
Its locked!
Wait here.
There may be another door.
Is it open?
Wait here.
- Stay locked outside.
- It's you who is locked inside.
Let me try to open it.
Look where they hid the key!
These are part of the inhabitants
of the valley who died.
They remind me of my parents.
They all die or emigrate.
Im going to end up alone.
Elias, move over.
Move a bit!
- I dreamt of my father yesterday.
- Oh good.
- Did you talk with him?
- Yes.
Even though I dont remember him.
I have only seen him in photos.
You think of him often.
Tell me a bit about him.
What do you want me to say?
He used to work a lot,
and nothing was difficult for him.
He was a good carpenter,
a good black-smith...
He used to make wrought iron doors...
And now, it's as if he never existed.
Did he like living here?
- What?
- Did he like living here?
Of course. This was his home.
And his parent's home.
What's the use of photos?
I have hidden a lot of photos.
Upstairs there is a photo of
my father hanging on the wall.
When my father died...
I didn't enter the house
for two months.
Wherever I looked, I saw his image.
- Hi Charbool.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Come and sit close to me.
- Your hair is very lovely.
- Thank you.
- Where were you?
- Here outside.
- Did you come with your father?
- Yes.
Can you brush my hair?
- Is it longer?
- A little.
Do you think it'll look beautiful
if I let it grow a bit more?
- Does this rifle work?
- Yes.
- Do you like it?
- No!
Have you tried to shoot with it?
Not yet.
I dont know when I might need it.
- Do you know her?
- Yes, we are very close friends.
- Do you pray for her everyday?
- Yes.
- And do you speak with her?
- Yes.
Do you have a girlfriend?
- I have three.
- Three!
All my friends have three.
- We are in the same class.
- There are three girls in the class?
And the others are boys?
- There are five boys and three girls.
- Oh, there aren't many of you!
Are you friend with the three girls?
- Are you friend with all three?
- Yes, except one.
- Why, is she not nice?
- She's nice, but a bit grumpy.
- And the other two?
- They are nice.
Look at me!
You have chocolate
all over your face.
I smeared my mouth with it.
You still looking at it!
Be careful for it might fall on you.
Go away, little one!
Come here!
Come here!
Oh! I soiled my clothes!
I'll have to clean them!
You can't climb?
Come closer.
Let me clean your hands.
Look how dirty they are!
My father is here.
Dont go close to the mule.
Watch your hand!
- Thank you for helping us.
- You're welcome.
Enjoy your food, Rony!
We could just eat you up.
- Arent you feeling hot?
- No.
I've got flu, I caught a chill.
That scarf looks nice on you.
I'm going to wash my hands.
This is the only school in the valley.
It closed a long time ago.
My father studied here.
- Can we see the inside?
- Yes.
How old are these tables?
They are very old.
It echoes, did you notice?
Come on!
- Is this a church?
- Yes, but it is deserted.
- Hello Grandma!
- Hello.
- Are you okay?
- Yes. And you?
Where have you been?
And with whom?
You are so nosy.
Dressed like that,
you will burn your skin.
Go inside.
Don't stay in the sun.
A goat is missing.
I'm going to look for it.
- I didn't have the time to clean here.
- Its okay.
Oh you have a weapon.
- What kind is it?
- Dont touch it.
- It is not a toy.
- I know.
- Why do you own a weapon?
- I live in the valley, I may need it.
That's why you don't look scared!
This is your grandpa?
No, my grandmas father,
and my grandmas mother.
- Do you want something to drink?
- No thanks.
- Do you have photos of your parents?
- Yes.
My mom and dad.
How did they die?
An accident.
I dont remember, I was very young.
What have you decided to plant?
- Watermelons, tomatoes?
- Whatever grows.
She plants all sorts of vegetables.
- Do you help her?
- She doesnt let me.
You are a spoilt child.
What do you offer me to drink today?
- Whatever you want.
- No problem, I can help myself.
We must find a way
to get rid of the jackal.
He is driving everyone mad.
He goes to the nuns farm
and kills all their chickens.
Your gas-canister is empty,
I'll change it before leaving.
I have a headache,
and this wind makes it worse.
When you're old,
you always have pain somewhere.
Why don't you pick
these mulberries?
You can make juice.
Put a sheet underneath
and shake the tree.
You are right.
You can sell mulberry juice
at a high price.
- Don't sell yours, drink it.
- One bottle costs 10,000 pounds.
Nowadays, the fruits do not
ripen until September.
I used to collect five
buckets full in one go.
Look at all those flies!
- The west wind brings them.
- And the heat.
Put a bag full of water on the holder.
- A bag?
- A transparent bag full of water.
This will keep some of the flies away.
That would be good.
Flies flee on seeing the monstrous
reflection of their own reflected images.
Come on!
Do you still want to go to Australia?
Well go now!
How did you find me?
Come on!
- Are you cold?
- I'm okay.
- Is your grandma sleeping?
- Yes, she goes to bed early.
If she wasn't asleep,
I wouldn't be with you right now.
Do your parents know
that you are here?
Don't they say anything
about your visits here?
It's none of their business.
The dog wont stop barking.
It probably sees wild boars
or other animals.
Thank you!
What would we do without you?
There is no need to thank me.
I like to work.
You are like my sister and
your grandma is like my mother.
Come here!
What are you doing?
I am washing the lettuce for you.
- You've brought me food supplies?
- Yes.
- Shall I put them here?
- Yes.
- Is there something missing?
- Not this time.
- I'm tiring you out.
- It's nothing.
Hi blondie!
Be careful, hold it underneath.
- Did the ride take you a long time?
- About an hour.
- You must be tired.
- Yes a bit.
- How is your wife?
- Well.
Can I ask you who is the young man
I saw here two days ago?
- He is dark with a long hair.
- He is my cousin from Australia.
- What he is doing here?
- He visites every now and then.
I would have liked to meet him.
- Is he moving here?
- No, he comes from time to time.
OK, that's all.
I want to tell you something.
Let's sit down.
What's the matter?
- It's about Australia.
- The Kangaroos?
It was a joke but...
My father lives in Australia...
He wants me to join him.
Maybe he is right,
I have no future here.
It's not my decision to make.
I might have to go to Australia soon.
Good luck then.
Is that all you have to say?
You expect that I dance with joy!
If only you could come with me!
And abandon everything here?
Try to come.
I know its just a dream.
Plant a row of tomatoes
and a row of cucumbers.
Everything is growing.
I'm going to plant corn,
tomatoes and cucumbers.
Go and do it.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
I am going to tell you something,
but don't take it badly.
I am speaking to you like a brother.
Showing off yourself like that...
Someone may see you like that
and get the wrong idea about you.
Consider it as an advice
from a brother.
Who can see me here,
except the animals?
Someone could see you like that.
I can't accept it.
- Were you playing the ney?
- Yes.
Where is Yara?
- She is taking a walk.
- In the morning?!
- Alone?
- Only God knows.
She has turned into a young woman,
you must marry her off.
When she comes back.
I am serious.
She has become a young woman
and she's attracting attention.
You must not leave her
without a husband.
- Marry her.
- Me, marry her!
Go and find her.
Will she be back soon?
Only God knows.
Whats this?
Read it.
Whats written inside it?
If I could say it,
I would not have written it.
If you have something to tell me
say it out loud.
I got my visa.
In a week I'm taking the plane.
Are you really going to leave?
- Why didnt you tell me before?
- I told you about 100 times.
You thought I was joking.
But I wasn't joking.
What can I do?
Don't go.
I have to go, you know very well.
Why do you want to leave?
Calm down!
Don't go!
Yes, I'm going to lock up the chickens.
I have six pairs of socks
and I cant find any of them.
When you grow old, you no longer
know where you put things.
This film was shot in the valley
of Qadisha, in northern Lebanon.
MARY ALKADY Grandmother