Yards, The (2000) Movie Script

Go, go, go, go!
- Watch out, watch out. It's hot, it's hot.
- Thank you, honey.
- No, no, no, no.
- Come on.
- We have to wait for Leo.
- Get out of here, Bernard.
We're waiting for your cousin.
Yeah, he's good-looking.
- You're gonna like him.
- Oh, yeah? You think so?
I know so. I know these kind of things.
Trust me. I'm blessed with a gift.
- Careful, it's real hot.
- I got it, I got it.
Wow, this all looks wonderful.
- Let's try and make a little room here.
- Is your husband coming?
No, Frank can't come, honey.
I meant to tell you. He has to work.
He's meeting Leo tomorrow
at the interview.
Well, at least Bernard's eating.
Hey, sweetie. How you doing?
- Good.
- Erica, you know Belvie... Belva?
- Belva.
- Belva. Nice.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I was telling her about your cousin Leo.
I want her to meet him.
Oh, yeah?
- Hey! Hey, everybody, he's here.
- Hey!
Hey, Ma.
- How you doing? Good?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
- You look terrific.
- Thanks. You too.
I'm so glad you're home.
Me too.
Hey, Leo.
We all came to see you, buddy.
How you doing?
- Welcome home, bro.
- I love you, man.
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
- How you doing?
- Leo. Welcome home.
- What's up, Dante?
- Man, you look great.
- What's up, Todd?
- What's up, Leo?
You guys look like you're doing good.
Don't worry about it. It's gonna
be coming your way soon enough.
Hey, what's your name? Belva?
Belva, this is Leo.
- Belva's a dancer.
- Hi.
Come on, we've got so much food.
Everybody, let's eat.
Just dig in.
Just help yourselves.
Mr. Handler.
We need to go over a few things.
Where can we talk?
- I guess in the bedroom.
- Come on.
My records show that you were released
at four o'clock this afternoon.
That's right.
You're supposed to make an arrival report.
Nobody told me that.
I thought I had 24 hours.
OK. In the future, you should know that
you're required to report with due diligence.
Now, the profile
says you had some problems.
I see here that you served
So your parole status
has you on intensive supervision.
I'll have access to your bank records,
your W-2s, your pay stubs.
That's to keep track of your cash flow.
- What about employment?
- I think I got something.
What's that?
My aunt's new husband has his
own business. He's very, very important.
I have an interview with him tomorrow.
Couple of my friends work for him too.
What about your counseling?
I don't wanna cause no problems. I just
wanna become a productive person again.
So what do you think?
He looks good, right? He looks good.
Yeah. But I never knew him from before.
- Yeah, that's the point.
- I have nothing to go by.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah.
How come you're not out there?
'Cause Willie's talking with everybody
and I just wanted to get away for a second.
- You and him still OK together?
- Yeah.
We're thinking about maybe settling down.
But he's so busy with work right now.
You know, I was really sorry
to hear about your father.
He was a good man.
- Maybe we should back out there.
- Erica.
What about your new father? You like him?
He's all right.
Did you get my letters?
They must have forgot
to switch the fuse box.
- There you are.
- Hi, Ma.
- Looks like there's a blackout.
- Yeah.
Erica, why don't you
let your cousin be?
See if they need anything out there.
- Excuse me, Aunt Kitty.
- Yeah.
I just wanted to thank you and your
husband for the meeting tomorrow.
I really appreciate that.
You know I'd do anything for your mother.
She's not doing too well.
You should know that.
Her heart is getting weaker.
Hey, Leo.
What's up, buddy?
How you doing?
Did you get a beer or something?
No, I'm all right.
Hey, I just want to tell you, me and
the guys really appreciate what you did.
- Didn't say nothing to the cops about us.
- I would never fold on you, you know that.
I want you to come work with us.
Tomorrow, when you see Frank, tell him.
All right.
- Come have a beer with us, OK, Leo?
- You've had enough for everybody.
Leo, we're all going to go
to the club this week, like we used to.
- Sounds excellent.
- Be good.
- Hey, Leo, what's going on?
- What's up, buddy? Gonna say hi?
Excuse me. Everyone.
I just want to say
that I am very happy to have you all here.
The last few years have been...
Well, sometimes not so easy.
But that's all over now.
And so, from now on, we're going
to have nothing but good times.
That's all I want to say.
Let's have some coffee,
if I can find the pot.
I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.
For everything.
Don't worry about it.
Go on. Be with your friends.
Have a good time.
What's up, Todd?
- Leo, sit down. Talk to us.
- How you doing?
Bye, Denise.
And my best to your mother.
Send him in. Denise.
- Nice to finally meet you.
- It's nice to meet you too.
Sorry you had to wait.
Sit down.
So, how's your mother?
She's OK.
She's trying, you know, she's battling.
We had a lot
of nice conversations about you.
She's a wonderful woman. Supporting you by
herself all those years took a lot of guts.
I know.
I'm going to do everything I can
to make it up to her.
My wife and I,
we tried to help her out, but...
she wouldn't take any.
I admire that. I know the last couple
of years have been pretty hard on her.
You got yourself in some trouble.
You stole a couple of cars?
- Yeah.
- You did a little time, huh?
I know it's pretty tough in there, but the
business world ain't that much different.
Sometimes you gotta have eyes
in the back of your fucking head.
So, you know what we do here?
If it's on a train,
if it's on a New York subway, we make it.
Or we fix it.
Couplers, brakes, transformers, everything.
- Had any experience with stuff like that?
- I could learn.
Good. Good.
There's some very good training programs
out there for machinists.
I could make a call.
I really need to support
me and my mother right now.
How long would a program like that take?
A good machinist - a couple of years.
But you'd have a good union job waiting
for you here when you were through.
Four, 500 a week.
And I could help you along a little,
till you graduate.
What about Willie? He didn't go to school.
He thought maybe I could work with him.
- I don't think that's such a good idea.
- What does he do?
He deals with supplies mostly.
I don't know. I really think
that you should look into a program.
I'd have to think about that.
All right.
Uh, look, why don't...
Why don't you and your mother come
to the house Saturday night for dinner?
All the family will be there,
it'll be very nice.
Thanks for coming.
Now, look. You're a nephew now
and I'd really like to help you.
Hey, man. How you doing? All right?
How you doing?
- Ricky.
- Hey, Willie, what's up, man?
Hey, this is my friend Leo. Leo, this is
Ricky. We went to Francis Lewis together.
Thanks for hooking me up with Ross. He
put in my system. I like the way it sounds.
- I told you he's the best.
- So what's up? What do you want?
Give me two Millers, a Jim Beam and some
rum and coke for them right there.
Put it on my tab.
Willie, I don't know
what the fuck I'm gonna do.
About what? Frank?
You don't gotta go to school. He tried
that same shit with me when I started.
I convinced him,
"Let me work with the suits."
Well, how did you do that?
He let me hang out with them
and I earned their respect.
You're throwing a lot of fucking money
around. What is it you do for this guy?
Why don't you come down with me
tomorrow and see for yourself?
If you like it, we'll talk to Frank about it.
I'm just asking, 'cause you know
I can't get into no trouble.
You won't.
I won't let you get into trouble.
Look, Frank's a great man.
We got a real chance with him.
You know my mother spent
her whole fucking life on handouts.
Now I got fucking money in my pocket,
the sky's the limit.
Yeah, but you was always good
with people. I'm not too good with words.
Hey, you're my best friend.
I'm gonna look out for you. I'll get you in.
I know. I just hope it works out,
'cause I would like that a lot.
- I wanna work with you.
- Great. Next week.
So what did you think about Belva?
She's good from far,
but far from good, you know?
- Your cousin's very beautiful.
- Yeah, she is.
Come on, handsome, dance. Come on.
Come on. Dance.
Raise your hands.
Empty your pockets.
OK, you're all right. Go ahead.
Thanks, Glenn.
They got a lot of fucking security here.
- It's all right that I'm coming down here?
- Yeah, you're fine. They all know me here.
- So what is this place?
- This is Borough Hall.
The train businesses live and die here.
Today. We're going after
contracts worth $ 14 million.
And there's going to be a fucking fight
'cause all our rivals are going to be here.
Right now. Our main competition
is with the Weltec Corporation.
That's run by Mani Sequiera
and Hector Gallardo.
They're a minority company. So they're
guaranteed ten percent of business.
Frank says Sequiera paid off
two councilmen to get that deal.
Paul Lazarides works right under Frank.
He makes our presentations
to the Transit Authority.
At the head of the authority is Al Granada.
My job is to do whatever I can
to keep him happy.
So that he'll keep
sending the work our way.
Do I look OK? I don't wanna
call no attention to myself.
You look great. Come on, let's go in.
We now come up on order 42399,
regarding the replacement of the train
rectifiers on the Queens and Bronx lines.
After careful review, Welghing
both price and performance ratings,
the committee has awarded this contract
to the Electric Rail Corporation of Maspeth.
Make a note of that.
Next. Order 46964.
- It's for 230 couplers, all for the subway...
- Mr. Supervisor, please.
- Hector, let me finish.
- But that contract is part of our guarantee.
- You're wrong.
- We get the rectifiers. That's the deal.
- Hector, let me finish, please.
- I knew it.
The deal for minority quotas is 10%
of the business - which 10% is up to us.
If it was up to me, Weltec wouldn't get
anything, 'cause of your failure rates.
- That's 'cause of them.
- Let me finish.
They're trying to put us out of business.
You're a part of it.
I want to make a protest
with the inspector general.
There have been several investigations
into the allegations made by Weltec.
And we have been repeatedly cleared
of any wrongdoing. They know this.
But they continue to persist
with these outrageous accusations.
- And I think they owe us an apology.
- I owe you an apology?
- Let's get on.
- You give me the finger?
I'm gonna knock you
right into the middle of next week.
What do you think I'm doing?
Running some kind of three-ring circus?
Sr. Gutierrez.
I want to speak with you.
- I have nothing to say. Hector.
- Hey. I'm your friend.
I know what you're doing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Why don't you come and work for us
instead of those cabrones?
- Don't waste my time.
- Hey.
You'll never be as white as they are.
Let's go.
- Who's this?
- That's Leo. You'll get to know him.
I'm not in the mood
to make any new friends today.
It'll be all right.
- Who's that?
- Frank's nephew.
- Did he do time?
- Yeah.
You got the money?
Say hello to your uncle for me.
- See you around, Willie.
- All right. Take it easy.
What the fuck was that about?
It's just he's very worried about wires.
Either that or he's got a thing for me.
Seems pretty fucking Welrd to me.
- Does he get a cut of everything?
- Listen, don't worry about it.
He's a city official.
It's just the way the system works.
Now here's the good part.
That's for you.
Pretty good, huh?
- A little pocket change.
- You must have saved up a lot.
No, I think I spent it all on your cousin.
So that's it.
Next week, I'll take you down the yards,
into the tunnels.
Sounds good.
Leo, come on, are you ready?
We gotta go soon.
I got you something.
What are you doing?
You don't have to get me anything.
I wanted to.
I just thought you needed it.
Leo, you can't.
Every dollar is saved, you know that.
It's beautiful. Thank you.
Now, come on.
Frank is sending a car for us.
All right. I'm just gonna change real quick.
That's it right there, that's their house.
- Bernard, get the door.
- I'm sitting down.
- Sorry we're late.
- Oh, good.
Come on in. Sit down, sit down.
Do me a favor, Willie, sit over there.
- Sit over here, Leo. Good.
- Oh, hi, Bernard.
- This is a really nice house.
- Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
We're doing a little work on it.
I'm building a family room.
- The assholes wake us up every morning.
- Erica, is that necessary?
- Please, don't start.
- Ma, can I have some lemonade?
- This all looks delicious.
- It's wonderful. They got great food.
- It's a little rich sometimes.
- This is Bernie's. Give him it.
Will you pass the rice back
when you've finished with it?
So, Leo, did you tell your mother
what we talked about?
What was that?
I told him I thought maybe he should look
into some training program as a machinist.
Yeah, that sounds terrific.
Actually, I went out with Willie
and I'm thinking of working with him.
Yeah, I want to talk to you about that.
That sounds good. Two
of 'em work together, that sounds good.
I don't understand. I mean,
I thought we had this whole conversation.
- I'm not comfortable taking your money.
- Money?
Oh, no. We've been through all this.
Nobody's giving us any money.
- Why can't they work together?
- Erica.
Leo, I hope everything works out for you.
Being round the business,
maybe you'll learn something.
I really hope so.
Good. Good.
OK, good. Clean plate club, OK.
You got the hot mustard there?
You gotta have the hot mustard.
- What?
- I wanna show you something.
- What is it?
- Open it up.
Oh, Willie.
We'll tell everyone this weekend.
I want to make this right.
I love you.
- So where are we going?
- We're going to the Sunnyside yards.
The guys will be there.
They're waiting for us.
There's someone new I want you to meet
that's working with me now.
What are we going to do down there?
We take out our competitors' trains.
Short their stuff out,
make sure it don't work right.
Make it unreliable,
and we get the jobs.
Tonight, it's Weltec's trains.
Remember those fucking guys
we had the run-in with at Borough Hall?
I just want you
to stand back and watch tonight.
Everything's going to be all right.
- Boys, what's going on?
- How you doing?
- What's up, Dante?
- How you doing, Todd?
Hey, Leo.
Raymond, that's Leo.
- How you doing, man?
- What's going on, how are you doing?
He's coming down with me to make a drop.
You ever in Local One or Local Three?
'Cause we don't deal with construction.
I don't know nothing about that.
All right, well, you're here
'cause your friends clear you.
All right, we're going down.
Leo, stay here.
- Make sure nobody comes down, all right?
- All right, I'll hang right here for you.
Got you those Knicks tickets.
This is for you.
I don't want it, Willie.
You gotta get your guys off the tracks.
- What are you talking about?
- You've been moved out.
Weltec came in here last week
and they put 2k right there.
- And they got the muscle to back it up.
- Come on, you know how this works.
Somebody comes to you with a better offer,
you come back at us.
Word is Electric Rail's going under and
Weltec guaranteed they'd match any offer.
Now, Willie, get 'em off the tracks,
'cause I got the cops coming down here.
Keep going.
Come on.
You wouldn't do that to us.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Jump.
Hey! What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Nothing? What do you mean, nothing?
You a troublemaker? I oughtta crack
your fucking head open, you know that?
Turn that thing off.
- What the fuck you gonna do with that?
- Turn that fucking thing off.
I'm talking to you.
You got some ID?
Don't fucking do it, man.
Put your hands up. Turn around.
- You little fucker!
- I didn't do nothing!
I oughtta break you down, motherfucker.
- Hello.
- Mrs. Handler. Is Leo there?
I'm here, Ma. You can hang up.
You've gotta know.
I didn't mean to do it. You know that.
What the fuck happened?
You said everything would be all right.
Everything got fucked up.
Did anyone see you? What did you do?
What do you mean? A fucking cop came
down and beat me on my fucking head.
You OKK?
Yeah, I'm all right,
but I don't know about the cop.
All right. We can't panic.
I'll talk to Frank and he'll know what to do.
Don't worry. Leo. The borough
can't afford arrests and investigations.
The fucking politicians are in on it.
- You understand?
- I understand.
I didn't know you were staying here tonight.
I had to get out
of that fucking house.
Who's that?
- Who is it?
- Raymond.
What the fuck happened?
We can't talk right now. Get the guys
and we'll meet back at the office tonight.
All right?
Is that blood on your hands?
It's nothing. I cut myself. Go home.
- Who was it?
- It was just someone from work.
Don't worry about it.
Just go back to sleep.
- Hold on.
- Who is it?
I don't know.
- Yeah?
- Some trouble this morning?
- Who is this?
- You know the yardmaster is dead.
And that cop may not make it either.
- Hector, is that you?
- You come forward.
Weltec has some very good lawyers.
Don't call here again.
What does everybody want?
I'm sorry, it's so crazy.
I didn't know you were
gonna be here this morning.
I can't wait till we get married.
We'll tell my mother.
Then we'll get married.
We're gonna have a whole family.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing. I'm tired.
- Busca al senor OKIchin?
- Si.
El esta en ese cuarto.
Esta en un meeting.
Conglomerates lose the defense contracts,
then they're back in the train business.
We understand,
but there's nothing we can do.
I'm getting squeezed. The conglomerates
come and take away the work at the top.
The minorities get the work at the bottom.
I'm squeezed in the middle.
Frank, take it easy.
You gotta wait till after the election.
After this election? The next election?
There's always an election.
You have to be patient, Frank.
Right. Well, you listen to me.
You gotta kill these minority quotas
or I'm out of business. Simple as that.
It's too hard now. We got this killing at the
yards. Who knows where that's gonna go?
- You know anything about that, Frank?
- No.
I do know if it were any of my guys,
I'd fucking kill them.
We hear that cop's still alive, Frank.
He's in a coma.
If he pulls through, and he turns out to be
the business, all hell's gonna break loose.
The cops'd be all over us.
There's no way we could control it.
- Lo encontr?
- S. S.
What is it?
- It's me.
- Hey, Willie. What do you need?
I want to talk to you about something.
I'm very busy right now.
It's no big deal.
I can take care of it myself.
Right. Good. Good.
What I'm telling you here is that
my company's in serious fucking trouble.
A transit worker is dead
and a police officer is in a coma
after a predawn attack
at the Sunnyside repair yards in Queens.
Police say OKfficer Gerald Rifkin
responded to an alarm call at the yards
just after one o'clock this morning.
Ten minutes later. Police backup units
discovered OKfficer Rifkin
face down and unconscious on the tracks.
The body of yardmaster Elliot Gourwitz
was also found nearby in his office.
He had bled to death
from a single stab wound.
Gourwitz had worked
for the MCT for 14 years.
Queens Borough President. Arthur
Mydanick. Was shocked at the incident.
I was very upset to hear about this.
We're not gonna stand for these attacks.
We're gonna put finding the assailants
top of our agenda.
OKfficer Rifkin
remains in critical condition.
And tonight.
Police are still without a suspect.
- Nice.
- I need milk.
- I'll get it, Aunt Val.
- Oh, thanks, honey.
You still go to Walbows?
Yeah. Sometimes.
- Leo, is that for you?
- I got it, Ma.
- What's going on?
- We gotta talk.
- The guys are waiting for us downstairs.
- I don't...
Willie! We're having some cake.
Come on in.
Thank you, Mrs. Handler.
I can't right now.
But Erica's here.
Don't you wanna come in? Come on.
Come on in.
Hey. I didn't know you were here.
- Hi, Mrs. Olchin.
- You look very handsome tonight.
Thank you.
- Excuse me. I gotta run.
- No, no, no. Willie, come here. Come here.
Willie and me,
we talked about maybe getting married.
When did this happen?
We talked about it last night.
- What about school?
- I'm still gonna finish.
This is a very big step.
Don't you think we should discuss it?
Will, is that them?
No, thanks.
I've really gotta go.
I didn't know
we were going to get into this now.
I think we should discuss this.
Hey, Will, they're waiting.
Let's go.
I got a call from Weltec.
That guy Hector.
They heard about what happened.
They wanna offer me protection
if I come forward and talk to their lawyers.
They'd do anything
to get something on Frank.
Don't you fucking turn on me, Willie.
Of course not.
I hung up on the fucking guy.
I'm just saying
that we gotta stay tight here.
You gotta listen
to what the guys have to say.
Just listen to what they have to say.
Because we're in a very tough situation.
- What's up, Todd? What's going on?
- Take a seat in the back.
That cop you hit.
He's a big fucking problem for us.
If he wakes up. We're all in trouble.
We don't know what you might do
to stay out of jail.
- I wouldn't fuck you.
- You get caught now and it's life for you.
Will, you know I wouldn't do that.
What happened? I thought
you were going to talk to Frank.
Frank's got no pull with the police.
He's on the fourth floor,
Booth Memorial. Four beds to a room.
Todd's friend's an orderly.
He works the night shift.
He'll get you in.
They got one officer
in front of the ward, that's it.
He's on an eight-hour shift.
Wait till he takes a leak,
then you go inside.
That guy's a fucking cop.
Nobody wants us, Leo.
It's the only thing we can do.
I don't know if I can do this.
Well, you think about it,
'cause the only thing that cop saw was you.
If you can't take care of this for us,
we gotta take care of it ourselves.
We are not going after that fucking cop,
you understand?
All right. You guys wait here.
Todd's gonna talk to his guy.
Come on.
If anything happens...
if anything goes wrong...
then you run.
And you get the fuck out of the city.
I'll look in on your mother.
I feel like I'm gonna fucking die.
Come on, man.
Break's over soon.
Don't you fucking back out.
Well, now, how are we feeling?
We called your family, Jerry.
They're on their way down.
You were out cold there
for a while.
Just rest.
- What happened?
- Goddamn motherfucker ran away!
Your friend is fucking dead, Willie.
You hear me? He's fucking dead.
- What's wrong?
- He didn't come home last night.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
He missed his parole meeting
this morning. They're looking for him.
They said he's in violation.
He's in violation.
Sit down. Calm down.
What if... what if something happened?
Val, listen to me. You're my sister, I love
you, and you can't let this keep killing you.
You hear me?
OK, gentlemen. Right in here.
All the way down the tracks.
Take your pictures of our circuit layouts
from the train signal boxes.
Build them to the specs.
Preference will be given to minority
companies for a portion of these contracts.
- Think about what I said?
- Get off.
- You wanna help us out a little here?
- I wouldn't even bother with a bid on this.
- What?
- Word come from the inspector general.
The cop that was hit went through
the books and come up with a suspect.
It's your nephew.
Sorry I have to be the one to tell you.
- You're gonna get caught.
- Shut the fuck up.
You'll be the first one to go.
Why didn't you tell me?
- We were gonna handle it on our own.
- On your own? You fucking idiot.
This could be devastating for us.
If the borough connects us to it,
we're out of business -
and we could all go to jail.
I should never have let him
go down there with you.
It's gonna be all right. Leo's gone.
Nobody knows he was working for us.
They're not gonna stop investigating.
What, do you think there's a statute
of limitations for a murder case?
Who killed the yardmaster?
Was it Leo?
I understand.
You're trying to protect your friend.
Frank, we have to distance ourselves
from your nephew,
issue a denial to say
that he never worked here.
I'll talk to the accountants,
make sure they didn't file any W-2s.
I'll also put out a statement that we're all
very saddened by the turn of events, etc.
Please, none of that's gonna hold.
At some point it's gonna lead back to us.
What we gotta do is talk to this cop,
see what it'll take to make him
remember things differently.
Tonight's the borough president's party.
I'll talk to Seymour,
see if it's something we could pursue.
I thought I could help.
I thought I was gonna help him.
I'm sorry.
- What, are we waiting for them?
- We're always waiting for them.
- Hello?
- Hey, Bernie.
- Hey.
- How you doing?
- You ready?
- Yeah, we'll be right down.
Right down?
- What's the problem?
- Is Willie downstairs?
- They're thinking of getting married.
- I don't wanna talk about it with him here.
He's not my father.
Your mother looks really upset.
Don't you think
you should discuss it with her?
- Get the fuck out of my room.
- Hey.
It's all right.
Listen, you do what you wanna do.
You wanna upset your mother,
go ahead.
You wanna run into this thing
without thinking about it, you do that.
But get ready.
Get ready.
Don't you know what he does for Frank?
How do you think he gets the money
for all the things he buys you?
For that car of his?
Frank won't tell me about it, but I'm
beginning to get an idea of what goes on.
I don't know what
you're talking about, Ma.
Whatever it is he's doing,
your cousin had to go away because of it.
I talked to my sister this morning.
She said...
he's in real trouble.
Thank you.
How are you?
Let's wish Arthur happy birthday.
Yes. You wanna come?
You've said it enough, have you?
Here he is.
Hey, Mani.
Good to see you. Good.
I don't think he heard you.
They got some nice
roast beef over there.
Why don't you go sit down
and I'll join you in a minute?
All right.
What is this? I say hello to Arthur,
he gives me the cold shoulder.
He can't be seen with you right now.
He embarrassed me. You know how much
money I give to his fucking campaign.
Just wait till things calm down a little bit,
all right?
Look, what do you know about this cop?
The one that's giving us all the hassle.
- He's pretty sure about the suspect.
- Well, how sure?
I don't know.
What are you trying to say?
Well, I thought maybe
we could create a little fund for him.
You know, he was hit bad
and maybe he don't remember so good.
- I could do a little digging.
- Oh, good. You do that.
'Cause we wanna help him out,
before this investigation
gets completely outta hand.
Don't move!
Warrant service.
We're looking for your son. Is he here?
- What are you doing?
- We got a warrant for his arrest.
Ma'am, what are you doing?
You all right?
- Let me know when you're clear.
- He's not here. Please.
- Over here, Joe!
- Ma'am.
- She's having chest pains.
- Close the door now. Come on.
Checking for weapons.
She's having problems.
Call a paramedic.
OKfficer Gerald Rifkin
will soon be on his way home.
Rifkin. Who was injured
in an attack early Saturday
at the Sunnyside rail yards in Queens.
Has recovered.
Tonight he has given police their first lead
in their search for his assailant
and the killer of an MCT yardmaster.
After reviewing police mug books.
Rifkin positively identified 24-year-old
ex-convict Leo Handler as his assailant.
Although police believe
Handler may have fled the state.
They are asking anyone with
any information as to his whereabouts
to contact them immediately.
Where were you
when the lights went out?
It's me. Will.
Where are you? You OK?
They're blaming me for things
I didn't do, for everything.
That ain't right.
I can't go nowhere or talk to nobody.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do right now.
Well, when can I come back?
Leo... you gotta stay away
for a little longer. OKK?
How's my mother? I want to call her,
but they probably got the phones tapped.
Did you see her?
Yeah, I did.
Is she OK?
- She's gonna be all right.
- What? What's wrong?
No, nothing.
The family's with her and she's OK.
- I can hear in your fucking voice.
- No, listen.
Leo, listen. Calm down, all right?
Look, I can't talk right now,
but call me back in a coupla weeks.
And just know that Frank's trying
to work everything out, OK?
Leo? Are you there?
Yeah, all right.
Is your mother up there?
What are you doing here?
You wanna get caught?
The police were here.
I know.
I've been watching them come and go.
I'm gonna go around the back.
Let me in.
Go ahead.
I need to see her.
You well?
How are you feeling?
I've just come by
to see how you're doing.
I know I'm not the son you wanted.
I promised myself that I would do
whatever I could to fit in.
What happened before,
I know I did wrong.
But I did not do
what they're saying that I did.
I know...
I know that I'll never
be able to redeem myself.
But I just wanted you to know...
it wasn't me, Ma.
I'm leaving now.
I just wanted to see how she was doing.
Was Willie with you?
At the yards?
It wasn't him, was it?
You gotta be strong now.
I know you guys have plans.
We've just gotta try to find
a way through this.
We're gonna get through this, OK?
Come on.
- Thanks for looking after her.
- Yeah.
I'll come back tomorrow.
Get the doctor to come see her, OK?
Mr. Olchin, sorry to interrupt your meeting.
Detective Tommasino.
- Detective Bulette.
- What can I do for you?
We'd like you to look at this.
We wanna ask you a few questions.
- Oh, him, yeah.
- Do you know where he is?
I only met him a coupla times.
Wife says he's a troubled kid.
- So he's not in your employ?
- No.
Your secretary said
he came by to see you.
Yeah, right. He was looking for a job,
but I didn't have anything for him.
You will contact us
if you gain additional information?
- Absolutely, absolutely, yes.
- Thank you for your time.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Seymour. What'd you find out?
There's a hearing
about that yardmaster who got killed.
There's something else too, Frank.
I talked to the division captain last night.
He says there's no way.
Cop is straight. There's no chance
he's gonna go under the table.
Jesus Christ,
can't Mydanick help us out here?
What do you mean, "help"?
The kid's a murderer.
What'd the cops say to you?
What? What do you think?
They're looking for him.
Maybe you should think
about getting him before they do.
- What?
- Make sure he don't turn up.
What are we talking
about here, Seymour?
What do you think I am?
I'm just saying this is a real priority
for the borough president right here.
He doesn't want us
to all end up like Donnie Mannis.
Yeah, well.
You guys are gonna just have to
think of something else.
I'm could never do nothing like that.
The fucking kid is in my family.
Make sure he don't turn up.
- Is there anything more we can do?
- I'm gonna be over at the Johnson.
Is there a number?
I need to get your number.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
Hi, Mrs. Olchin.
Hey, sweetheart.
Your brother said you'd be here.
I've been calling you.
I'll go inside.
Where you been?
In here.
I know that.
- How come you don't call me back?
- There's just a lot going on right now.
Has your mother
got a problem with me?
I don't know. No.
I saw the way she looked at you when
you told her we were gonna get married.
I think you should go.
I wanna talk to you.
I don't have anything to say.
Is... is this 'cause of
what happened with Leo? 'Cause...
- I'm going back inside now.
- No, Erica, wait. I wanna talk to you.
I got a hearing coming up
with the... with the city.
It'd be nice if you came with me
for a little support.
How's your sister?
What's the matter, honey?
I saw Leo tonight.
Outside the apartment.
You saw Leo tonight.
He's gonna wind up
getting all of us into trouble.
You told me
he wasn't coming back.
That was just the other night.
- He was there?
- Yeah. He was there.
We gotta deal with it right now.
Well, what do you want me to do?
My wife is, uh...
very upset.
I mean, Erica's been spending
a lot of time over there with Leo.
You know she doesn't
like 'em being together,
because of what happened
between the two of 'em.
What do you mean?
You don't know?
She caught 'em together
when they were 15.
I never knew that.
I found some letters from him to her,
but I never thought that...
I don't know.
I wish there was some way
to take care of this.
What are you doing here?
I just came by to see my mother.
To see your mother?
You're not supposed to be here.
He went to see
if it was safe to leave.
Shut up.
Why'd you come back?
You fucked everything up.
Honey, just let him...
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Let me go.
You fucking...
Come on!
- Come on, bro.
- Fuck you.
Come on.
Little fucker!
It's over, Will. No more.
You fucked me, Will.
You fucked me.
Jesus! What happened to you?
Did your mother see you like that?
I know I haven't always given you
as much respect as maybe I should have.
And I haven't given you a chance
to be a father to me and my brother.
And I'm sorry.
'Cause I know how much
that means to you, how hard you've tried.
But I hope you can forgive me,
'cause it's been hard for me too.
I loved my father very much.
And we were all very close as a family.
That's why I'm asking you now...
Leo needs your help.
He wants to see you.
I told him you would.
Where is he?
I could take you.
Go out to the car.
Yeah, over here.
You know, you've been causing me a lot
of difficulty. Policemen coming to see me.
I need you to help me.
What is it you think I can do?
I don't know. Maybe you could talk
to some of them people you know,
'cause I didn't kill anybody.
Do you have any idea who did?
I wish I could help you, Leo.
I-I really do.
But, uh, I gotta do what I can to protect
what I've built, you know, for my family.
'Cause that's all I got left.
You take care of yourself.
I can't stay, Ma.
Too many people know I'm here.
They're all against me now.
I know.
I'm sorry it was always
just the two of us.
Always having to deal
with everything ourselves.
I never needed nobody else anyway.
You never had...
someone to look to, though.
I used to look at those business people
all dressed up going to the city.
I always hoped
you could be one of them.
You'd look good in one of those suits.
Who knows what they do, huh?
I love you, Ma.
Don't lose faith.
I'll stay a little longer tonight, OK?
I'm gonna be good.
I'm gonna go get the rest of my things.
- Ma.
- Mm?
I gotta take you down
to the neighbors now.
You're gonna tell Willie
I know he sent you.
You're gonna tell him he better
start looking over his fucking back.
Look at me.
I could get every one
of you fucking guys.
I could do. I'm gonna.
Get up!
- Get us the fuck outta here.
- Did you do it?
Hundreds of residents are
expected to turn out at a hearing tonight
to discuss charges of corruption
in the commuter rail industry.
President Arthur Mydanick
called the meeting amid criticism
his office isn't doing enough
to resolve this escalating scandal.
It may lead to the indictment of local
politicians and rail industry executives.
The controversy was sparked when MC yardmaster Elliot Gourwitz was killed
and police officer Gerald Rifkin injured
in an attack at the Sunnyside yards.
There have since been several protests.
Including last week's demonstration
that turned violent.
In all. 29 people were arrested
for assault and disorderly conduct.
Police are still looking for Leo Handler.
The only suspect in the Gourwitz murder.
Frank is very concerned, Willie.
I just talked to him.
He asked me to handle this with you,
find out how it went.
We had a little, uh... a little problem.
But we're gonna go back again.
You got this under control?
What... what time is the hearing?
I don't know if you're gonna
be coming to the hearing.
- Why not?
- Frank and I discussed it.
We don't think it's a good idea
for you to come. You know...
because of the investigation.
- Frank doesn't think I should come.
- You know how it is.
Frank also wanted me
to tell you that, uh...
he doesn't want you
calling the house anymore.
And, uh, you got the house keys, right?
He wants 'em back.
Well, I don't have them
on me now, right now.
That's all right.
Drop 'em off as soon as you can.
He's a little worried
about security, that's all.
See you later, Willie.
- Weltec.
- Hector Gallardo, please.
- Yeah. Just a minute. Please.
- Hello?
It's Willie Gutierrez.
Now, the purpose of this meeting
is to let things air, give people a voice
and to announce an investigation.
Any more points, you'll get later, OK?
Hold that for a minute.
How you been? All right?
Move along, sweetie.
- Did you speak to Willie?
- Yeah.
He's gonna take care of the problem. You
won't have to worry about him anymore.
I told him to keep his distance.
- Where's Sequiera?
- I haven't seen him.
But I'm sure he and the Weltec people will
wanna make some kind of big entrance.
That's... that's it, thank you.
Thank you.
Frank, turn around.
Oh, my God.
What is he doing here?
Mr. Handler will turn himself in after these
proceedings. You have my assurances.
Tell the borough we need to talk now.
I want Mydanick.
Make sure he understands I want him.
- What's happening?
- Shh.
Let's make this quick.
We, uh, we got a new problem out there.
"We"? What do you mean, "we"?
He's your nephew.
You're on your own here, Frank.
You throwing me to the wolves, jerk-off?
I got rackets.
I got copies of every check that went from
me to you that bought your fucking house.
So let's not play games, OK?
What are we talking about here?
There was a murder.
A man lost his life.
You can't bargain with a man's life.
And this man over here, this man
has been wrongly accused of the crime.
OK. All right. Look.
Why are you telling me this?
You're talking about my nephew here, and
I'm gonna do everything I can to help him.
You think we can all agree on something
that would make everybody happy?
I don't know, Frank.
Your nephew has a lot to say about the way
your company conducts its business.
Everybody out there has the right to hear it.
Mani, come on.
What good is that gonna do anybody, huh?
Can't we, uh...
can't we resolve this nice?
I don't think you understand.
For a long time we have been kept down
by this man and these people,
and I think it is about time
for a little retribution, don't you think so?
What are you doing here?
Came to drop off the keys.
I thought you'd be at the hearing.
I was at school.
If you're looking for Leo,
I don't know where he is.
I'm not looking for Leo.
I know where he is.
Artie, Seymour said you wanted to see me.
Yeah, come on in, Sal.
- This is Deputy Chief Disipio.
- How do you do?
We got a little bit of a problem here.
- Maybe you could help us out.
- Anything for you, Artie.
Yeah, well, we all think that your Officer
Rifkin out there's a little... a little confused.
- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
This young man here,
this is not your guy.
Look, we understand the suffering
that Officer Rifkin's been through
and we're willing to compensate him for it.
Of course, we'd present you
with the remuneration
and, uh, you could distribute it all
however you see fit.
So, you've been wrongly accused.
Yes, I have been. And I could help you
with that murder, 'cause I know who did it.
Oh, yeah?
And you'd be willing to testify to that?
Yes, I will.
I w... I would definitely.
Well, I think that we might be able
to solve a lot of your problems.
- Isn't Rifkin a by-the-book guy?
- He can be a hard-ass.
He also can get a little carried away
with the night stick,
and you and I both know
he wouldn't want any of that to come out.
Well, Mani, looks like
it's really up to you now.
I just want 20 percent.
Of all the contracts.
That's fair.
I guess that's fair.
Leo was smart.
He did what I should've done
from the beginning.
It's a little late for that now.
I'm sure you'll be OK.
Yeah? It seems like everyone's
trying to cut me out.
I can't help you.
Erica, wait.
Erica, wait!
Willie, stop!
I love you, Erica.
I'm so sorry.
Don't run away from me, please.
You're all I have now.
I love you so much.
Where are you going? Huh?
Come here.
You going to see fucking Leo?
You don't know shit.
You don't know fucking shit!
Leave me alone!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Deputy Chief Disipio
and honored members
of our police force.
I want you all to know that I have
demanded an internal investigation
unprecedented in scope and rigor.
I know many things can divide us here
in this borough and in this community
but your showing up here tonight
indicates confidence in our system.
Our internal investigation,
which will be aired next week,
will show the claims
of concerned citizens -
as well as the claims
of some of our media -
are totally unfounded.
Our investigation concludes
the suspect that we have
been following for some time
should be cleared of all charges.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
Excuse me, sir. We have
a report of an alarm at this location.
Can I see your license, registration
and insurance card, please?
Get outta the car.
Get outta the car!
- Go call for backup. Get backup.
- Got it.
What were you doing in there,
huh? Got anything on you?
As I was saying. Our report.
Which will be made public next week.
Will show that we have a great deal of
violence and vandalism in our subways.
We have made an unfailing commitment
to our public transportation systems.
We cannot let the violence of a few of these
hooligans tear the fabric of our great city.
Every one of our hearts
goes out to the family...
- Mr. Olchin?
- His murder is a true tragedy.
We have shown time and time again
that we can come together.
As I look around the room this evening,
I see that we...
Mr. And Mrs. Olchin,
could you come with us, please?
It's about your daughter.
We're sorry.
She was found in your house.
She was deceased.
I'm very sorry.
I'm really sorry, ma'am.
Ladies and gentlemen,
just take your seats, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
Look, uh...
I just want to tell you
you got nothing to worry about,
'cause, well, I got friends...
and we're gonna make sure
this animal gets what he deserves.
And, uh...
in the future...
you know, whatever you need.
Coming back inside?
You know, your mother needs you.
Come on.