Yatra (2006) Movie Script

Sir... autograph... please
What is your name
lajwanti rao. You can write lajjo
Where they all gone.
Where are you all?
Here is very noise please hold on
Is mom all right?
Yes, we are in central bazar.
Why you take her out with you?
You know she is unfit?
Yes i know papa. She is allright. And you know that
What will she buy!?
She force me to get her to shoping
Give the phone to your mom.
Mom is at 2nd floor. And here is very crowd
You won't belive till you to come.
Please come papa.
Look at this grand ma.
Thats nice
Turn please
no grand ma i dont like this colour
Grand ma what about this.
Yes thats nice
I bought this for you
Thats nice. Thank you
Attention please
we found the four year girl her names is soni
...she is lost
please her parent take her from cash counter
Hello i am karpa shankar speaking
how are you?
Yes i am allright.
Say please.
I call for congrate you again
congrate for award
Thank you
How do you feel
now your name is joint With this respected company
This is their own problem
No comment.
Do you belive in this corporation
with this letrature.
What we can do?
Litrature and sabgriti is always backward.
Litrature and sahitya has
own value
And films and television has own status.
We you protest against this?
One question more
janaza is urdu word why did you
kept hindi book title name this
Janaza is not urdu word its pharsi word
tulsidas sahib used both word along.
The languge has'nt any religion.
I dont mean it sir.
Iook i m busy i talk you later
Oh is that true
are you taunting on me.
What you bought mom
What sould i buy i was just with them.
Papa this is for you.
What is cost of it?
I think Rs.450
Mom are you happy?
Yes i m very happy!
To be old this very good in this country.
Grand ma please drink water. No son
Okey go and rest
Grand ma you might be very tired
walk slow son.
Listen look Is that nice huh?
Yes same as you.
What is this?
A turtle.
Papa how much 12 or 3?
I m weak in math you know that!
Dont drink much more
tommorow you are going
thats same that doctor said
Decrease the volume ammar.
Oall is for you from delhi
Nobodys cares about phone.
Stop the music
Yes madam.
Sir i will be your escort in delhi and
i heard that you are coming from train
any reason.
Yes the lord was my grand fathers friend
so there is an emotional binding.
Sir you are joking?
What is joke dear!
Sir you can take anothere flight!
No no... I II come by train
I will wait for you at station
Please stop papa
you are crossing your quota
Please eat
Papa when is your train
Tomorow evening!
Are you coming delhi?
The world of your stars.
You like astronomy huh?
Next week is our reharsal
bands programe is fixed
you and your band!
Do you took the medicene?
You drink too much today?
Because i got new idea.
I know you do always that
But now your health is not good
You know what i kept the tiltle of my book
And who is the caracter of this book
Me & my childs
Me, you, and our childs
and my old grand ma
And i dont know how many people
are cought in this bazar
If they want to escape.
They cant escape.
The love is on sale on this market
The dreams are on sale
will you do anything wrong in delhi?
I thout that should i send you delhi alone.
Please take care of you
now childs are too worried about you
Is that childs loves me so much?
Untill they did'nt read my books
The will read at the exact time.
Keep sobitret every time in pocket
How can you fit on my pocket
What you mean?
Because you are my sorbitret.
What are you doing these days
Just same. Add films
No i am talking about feature films
are you making feature films
I am trying to make
but which kind of film i want to
make i could't find the producer
The last movie coulnt release
(Parchaiyyan) you saw that?
No i couldnt see
Mohan the cinema is depent on feature films
Because of that the new story should show
and viewers liked it
Sir there are lots of movie except
feature films they are only wrote for cinema
The true is also that the features films ease
the screen plays problems
Sir i got the questions after read your book (janaza)
I also have lots of question aboutjanaza
some time i think thatjanaza sould be write again
You know that at last stage of like
people think if there is one more chance to live again
Sir the here of your book
worked in school
You were also teach in school
and if we call that autobiographical so its false?
(Janaza) is not autobiographical
When you read the janaza
When its launch
but i missed one episode
but that lajwanti's plot
it was very romantic
Lajwanti's story is based on true story
Before that starting of nakshal
movement in andhra pardes
On that time i did my matriculation.
Some time i used to write magazine
On that time i wrote short story about lajwanti.
After long time i starts wrote upanyas
Till lajwanti made my lifes obssesion
Every time i think about her life
her music
I tried to identify her life.
And lajwanti made my pasts lifes
That is still is alive in my memories
But even then i got the question
Satish saved her
and leave her alone
Is satish could not give her new life?
But satish has'nt any way except it
She adobe there life
She got the reason to live
and satish was also come to met her
To listen her song
and the true is that there's diffrence
between fact and fiction
One minute...
Take... read
She used to dance from childhood
And she continues her tradition.
After the death of seth
the lajwanti's mother came to banaras
And lajwanti stays in adilabad
Now she is pulla reddy's 2nd wife
Accuatly she was'nt her wife
She was her illegal wife
Her husband's life was incomplete
without music and dance
He was strange man
for his profit he can do everything
No one should be alive
betyal with pulla reddy
When pulla reddy accepted her as wife
she bound to accept him
After you explain about lajwanti's emotion
that she is telling her story by herself
Mohan Tell me something
Words like that the writer gives life to words
He puts life in words
so how can you show on cinema
We belongs to many years somewhere
so when we leave. Its hurt
You will Joint with these kind a relation
I look at the walls
then i thout that my parents soul are in
How can you go away from these
strange memories and emotion
But there is'nt any solution
I have to go to city
We were in same situation when we
migrate from adilabad to city
Same maya!
What are you doing there
We will be late for train.
This was my story
now back to lajwantis story
Tommorow night was awsome
Invite the friends and arrange for
dinner party lots of people will come.
Oollector tells me that
he wants to eat deer met
Tonight i will not come at home
My childs are arrived from city at my home
i have to meet them
Oome... come...
When i was writing lajwantis stroy i remind a poem
of hafiz shirazi
Hey what happend to you
why you come here from there
Everybody waiting come please
Why. Are you allright?
No... I am fine but your friends are not fine
I hate them
Every body is waiting for you
Let them wait.
Stop acting what they will think
its talk about my honour.
What! I am your honour too
the are abusing me meant your honour
No dear no...
They are very rich men
They will help me in my bussiness
Just its all about one night
Oome... Oome...
Dont force me
i said will not go there
I have to save my honour.
If you want to treat your friend
so go get any prostitute them
She will relax them with her fire
How dare you...
How dare you...
Now i make you dance naked
Stop I said.
What happed.
After that her husband
lost his honor
Lajo left the same night
Sir, its more cinematic
I can visualize
Leave me...
why are you doing like this with me.
Shut up...
you bloody prostitute
You abuse me with my guest
i wont spare you...
Leave her in jungle.
Wild animal
No... no... no...
Dont afraid
I am satish I m school teacher
She was silent for few days
Lajwanti please drink milk
You will feel better
Far very far...
where you can see, a cypher of memory
Lajwanti's wound fullfiled with time
And lajwanti became family member of
Hey master come out bastard
They came here
Who are they
Please save me please.
You dont go, you dont know them
if you go, so i have to go with you
No... i am going to see
Hey where is master.
Who are you.
Get her out
Mind you language
Master kept anothers wife
get her out.
What nonsence
Tell you husband if he did'nt leave her
so we will kill you...
After this tragedy lajwanti danied to
live in satish house
Next morning satish left the village
Where she convert from lajwanti to lajjo
Satish lajjo's relation showed in In (janaza)
Please give me water.
Oant you see i m working
take yourself
Are you angry?
You told me 2 days and
came back home after 7 days
how many times she sang for you,
why are you blaiming me
you forget your self huh?
I hav'nt any relation except music
Respect your self, you are teacher
you have to take a look at you student
The true is that you jelous with her
Why should i jelous
Ohilds are growing up, think about it.
Wake up budy... wake up
one by one scene were coming
we can make a movie on it
So why are you waiting for.
Do that, permision granted.
What is script of story fact or fiction
Well you got any problem while travaling?
How will you go?
With my friends!
He's my friend.
Without your permission
i have invited him
Award and coctail are like
twin brothers.
Sir i am your big fan
Which which book do you read mine?
Not at all but some english translated short
story i readed
read the Original hindi you will feel good
Atleast you feeld that. Its much.
How far is rajgath from here.
I dont know. Its on the way.
This is not quotation
this relic for people like us.
But nobody tells.
Who will tell
Poor Thief,,,, thief poor.
4000 farmer's commit a suiside in 4 years
they cant bare the situation.
Its good that bappu jee died to not to see this
Nathuram killed you once but we kill you daily.
Sir, he is award commity's cheir man Mr. Hallalka
Oh,, who dont know him
no need to introduce him
My son, this year award goes to Mr darshak joglekar
Dady is very stubborn he did'nt wear
new kurta, yes just like his father
Ladies and gentle man, i thanks to alligance compny
who sponsord this program.
Untill this kind a company takes high to cricket and cinema
but today they takes high to sahitay.
This is not time to talk about fame of sahitay.
I can just say that whole world is going worst.
And i proud to say that. We are responsible of it.
In this money world everyone is greedy.
When we see we all are trapped in bazar.
That bazaar who convert love in businness.
There's human being and honesty is nothing
I am not ashamed to say that
because we are too responsible of it.
We are stuck strange traffic
There is death is cheap than life.
We human being are very clever
who ruined themself.
There's no obey, love, repect for each other.
Where we hug the weapons,
to train childs by violecefull video games.
How bad effect will apply in their mind.
To pray for new generation.
Good bye.
Oongrate Mr darshak
what a speach you did
Are you cummunist?
What you think.
I am just Humain Being
Good joke.
Now my life is a joke
so what can i do.
There is only one pure thing
is tear
Please see the camera
what's up tandon jee
are you remembring your mother.
Sir, dont you bore in that kinda parties
No. No. I read the people.
Peples said but not tells
when tells then could'nt understand.
Sir i started to think aboutjanaza
good, whatever you think just write it.
Sir you got the award how do you feel.
I feel gud, it used to say that huh?
I think we are drank.
In this long corridore you are walking
bazar's story has screwed your mind
Butjanaza's caracter's still screwing you
You know the memories holds whos hands in end
no sir,,, hands of death
What are you doing?
Where are you goin domestic or international?
Where is lajjo bai's house.
Is that lajjo bai's house?
Who is singing,
oh this is miss lizza, if you want to go, go by stairs.
Sir you,,
Saleem, you remembered me,
i cant belive it, give it to me.
Apa jee apa jee,
you fool cant you see i am meditating.
Tashratjee is downstairs.
What... Tashratjee... Here,,, i swear apa jee
You? Here?
How are you?
Todays morning really good because you came here
And you wrote in you book
that changes is big fact
To convert lajjo bai in to miss lajjo
is part of this changes
Therefore lajjo bai is bazar's
And memories?
Is memories will changed?
When the memorys change Mr tashrat.
I think you are tired!
Yes! Oome and rest!
You were in delhi tomorrow huh?
Yes i came here by mornings flight first
You should go to your home first
go and take bath!
This is for me?
Yes... what is it?
This is my award, you deserve to have it!
No your family deserve it.
If you was'nt how can i write the book
Because the book is about your story.
Okey Tell me what will you eat?
Thats Madina hotels biryani!
Today i will dance for you please give
some time to change.
Mam, tashratjee left the hotel
without check out.
What are sying?
Yes we are very worried about him. Please find him
Stop the music yaman.
I found the diary mom.
Theres must be maqbool hashmis or his wifes
Number... Yes i found it
we all are tence and you are plying!
What are you trying to say!
I am Not worried about papa?
Papa is only yours papa? Not mine?
What happend?
Invalid Number!
How many times i told give the mobile to papa!
What. When i denied to give him.
What happend?
Nothing mom!
Salam alaiqum
Walaiqum salam! How are you?
Why are you came to tease me?
No dear i came to invite you for evening programe
Sir, may i get soda for you?
No... only water
Your favourite spicy pie
I made it
its hot! Have you phone
yes but not working... why?
I have to call fire brigate
mouth is burning
I should call to my home!
They might be finding me
ohh Your family might be worried about you!
What excuse you will tell them.
I will tell them i was at lajjo bai's home.
No you will not tell them.
What they will think
You are very honorable man!
Dont laugh.
Some time you act like a kid.
Therefore I LIKE YOU.
But after this please promise you will go to your home?
Promise? Promise!
Mam, I am priyanka from dehli we could not find sir
but lodge F.I. R
There's no need to lodge F.I. R
Maybe he gone to meet any friend
By police inquiry he left for hyderabad
in morning flight.
If he left for hydreabad so its mean
he's coming home! Ok Bye.
One day this programe will reach its end
Then a new programe and new bazar will start.
And it should be start cuz its bazar's rule.
Money will buy everything.
Love, romance, emotions. Everything
Rubbish, false tales!
Thousands years ago Shakes pears says
Money is everything.
Money can buy law, money can you every thing
Whos memorys are fixed in my mind and heart.
Whos beuty stuck in my mind.
Who is she?
Unidentified and identified face
Say that you are that woman?
Yes i am that undentified woman.
Hello mam you got any info about darshak sir.
Yes he is sleeping... oky mam i call you back.
Is papa came to home?
Go away Go away. Dont touch me
i am not a woman i m witch.
What can we do now?
Daughter we cant do anything it was
heart attack i am giving you death certificate
No it could not be happen
darshak juglekar was'nt minor man
he was big novelist, he should not die at my house
what will society say.
We have to take his body out from my
house. Couse of his honor
how many times i told dont touch this
rack, now you broked the glass.
When is darsho's train
i dont know
Saleem close the doors
sun ray is coming on his face
Yaman come to break fast son.
Mom did you read janaza
Yes! Why...
I cant understand this paragraph
Love is every thing, love gives you life
love is need of this earth.
End of this love in mehndi street
its very hurt full
Mom, where is this mehndi street.
The lajwanti is still alive?
Stop saleem. Dont close it
Hurry up aapa.
Oome in please.
I have prepared janaza's script
for my next movie.
Satish and darshak are included in this script.
But fact is minor and fiction is much
The government ruined the mehboob basti
Lajjo bai and like her left the colony...
And lifes journey will happly goes on.