Yavarum Nalam (2009) Movie Script

Priya, where's my blade?
Must be over the sink.
- Okay.
I wash all the clothes.
Wash the white ones separately...
Or else they will get
colored as well.
I put my clothes in, Aunt.
- Okay, put them in.
Deepa. I'm getting late.
Quickly get me tea.
Priya, please give
Raghav's father tea.
I have to get these two
children ready. - Okay.
Honey! You are getting late to school
come and drink milk.
Divya! Keep these pictures in
the prayer room. - Okay, I will.
Oh! The milk has curdled again today.
It's been daily routine.
Good morning, bro.
- Good morning, Mano.
How was your first night
in the new house? -Superb!
As usual?
Priya, come fast.
I am getting late.
Mano, please check the new
cable connection before leaving out.
See. They've started. -We haven't watched
our serial for one week in shifting busy.
Water, electricity, gas... They aren't worried
about these things.
But they create a stir for
the cable connection.
Mom, you usually start weeping
after 1 o'clock.
Why are you in a hurry today?
What do you say?
Aunt, he is mocking
at our serial watching.
Brother, hold on.
- What happened?
Priya! What's wrong with the tea?
The packet milk has curdled again
today! I've used milk powder.
Try to adjust today.
- What the milk curdled again?
Yes, aunt. - What's is this?
It's not a good omen.
We boiled milk for the first time yesterday,
didn't we? The milk curdled then too.
Mom... sit. Take a seat.
Please listen to me.
Look! Brother and I used all of
our savings & bought this flat.
It takes more than 20 years
to repay the loan.
So, forget all the bad omens...
...and decide that we are going to
live in this house happily.
Turn here.
I had to pay a lot of money
to buy this & this is not a toy.
Go to office quickly...
No, go to school.
Go to school. -it's getting late.
- Give the paper.
It's getting late, right?
- Mom! Please last cartoon.
Don't watch T.V often, or else you'll
have to face eye problem. No, dear. Here...
Mom! You, aunt & grandma watch
many serials, right?
Have your eyes gone damaged?
Keep quiet. You're talking too much from
when you started your schooling.
Come on! Get ready soon.
Brother, we gave the loan papers to them,
what about the documents?
Aunt! I will take them to
their pickup spot. - Okay.
- Bye...
Alas! I thought you forgot about it.
She will never forget.
Okay! Return home
before 5 o'clock.
Okay. Bye, Mom.
Bye, brother.
Have your breakfast.
- I'll have it at college canteen.
She never eats anything
and becomes lean.
Mano! What is it?
Have you not yet arranged the
photos in the prayer room?
Yesterday, that worker had
left earlier.
I will certainly get it done today.
- Don't forget.
Mom! It's getting late for office.
I'm leaving. - Okay, son. Bye.
Mom! I'm also leaving.
- Okay. Go, dear...
Mom, I am leaving. - Fine.
Mom, I am leaving! - Go.
Mom, I am leaving.
- Hey, Why do you shout?
I think Priya is taking bath.
My ears are paining... Go!
- Okay! I actually meant you. Fool!
- No, Harry. Come back, down.
- Sir! Keep your dog away.
Who is it?
- Good day sir, my name is Manohar.
I shifted to flat number 13B
along with my family yesterday.
Oh, hello. My name is Thyagarajan.
- Greetings.
Are you the new family about
whom our watchman told? -Yes sir!
Arrival of the things & carpentry
work created a great noise.
I am so sorry, sir!
I have told them many times...
They don't listen to at all.
No problem.
It's a new building.
No one has the right to complain.
But, I can.
Because... God gave me only two ears.
But I will have to close that by cotton.
Yes. I am so sorry.
I am getting late. I'm leaving.
But... Coming Friday I have a holiday.
If you wish, you can have
lunch with me and my family.
Sure. I will surely come.
Coming Friday... Okay?
- Bye, Harry.
Mr. Manohar.
- Sir, tell me.
We are at the 13th floor...
Let's use the lift.
Actually, the lift is not working.
I'll tell the watchman
on my way out. - Is it?
Come, Harry.
Knock it slowly,
watchman. Oh...
Do you know my flat, 13B?
- Yes, sir.
Go there around 1 P.M and 1:30 P.M
& put up nails in the prayer room.
Okay, sir.
- Here, keep this Rs. 50/-
Alas! Don't go there around
1 P.M to 1:30 P.M.
They will be watching serial,
and you'll you be harmed. - Okay.
Go after that.
- Okay.
Watchman. - Sir.
The lift of our building is
not working properly.
Call the service company and ask them
to repair it. - I'll tell, sir.
Okay. I am leaving.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning, K.D!
- How are you, buddy? -Fine, thanks.
Has the concrete arrived?
- Forget the concrete.
Tell me about your new house.
- The house is simply fantastic. -Is it?
When I open the window getting up
in the morning...
...A Manhattan view outside.
And the cross ventilation is
outstanding. - Superb.
Hello! Hello! Who is this
in the morning? Hello.
I don't need any loan.
Pestering people.
I think our number will be leaked to
Ad agencies before we started using it.
New house, new phone.
Boss! You are on a roll.
Don't tell anyone.
I don't have any money.
I got it on discount. It's a very cheap
phone. Only seems to be posh.
What's wrong? What, man?
Get it changed from
wherever you bought it. -Why?
There's a problem
with the camera lens.
It was fine this morning. -Is it?
Just a minute... Smile!
You are looking handsome.
Don't worry.
One minute...
There's no problem
with the phone.
My brother's son only
took that picture.
He must have shaken the mobile.
Okay, let's start our work...
Sir! Are all the workers present?
- Yes, sir.
Have you counted?
- Yes, I have.
Lakshmi! Save me somehow talking
with Seetha... It's possible if you can!
Look Suresh!
If Seetha finds us talking...
Alas! Seetha has come...
Oh! Shit... It's been stopped!
Alas! Whether he has seen her...
Will Lakshmi say anything to Seetha?
...they ended the programme without
saying anything.
Aunt! You can start writing
TV serials.
If you write... Serial will be super hit!
- That's right! If I write, it must be hit!
'Kagitha Malar' will start now.
Come and change the channel.
Where is the remote?
It's behind you, Aunt!
- Get the remote!
Aunt, tell me
what happened last week.
Last week... The door bell rung and
Selvi is pregnant.
She was about to open the door...
It stopped!
What's wrong?
- It doesn't work...
Okay, leave it...
The battery must be dead.
You go and change there...
- Okay!
What's wrong with this?
Channel can't be changed!
- What's this? It's not getting changed!
"Everyone is fine. "
Just a minute. What is this?
Seems to be a new serial.
New serial in the new house.
Shall we watch this?
Anyway, 'Kagitha Malar'
had become very boring.
The serial started when Uma's mother
was pregnant. -Uma is pregnant now!
In the hot of summer & the winter...
Day & night...
"Everyone is fine" in the country!
"Everyone is fine" at home too!
Mother! It's a long day dream,
how is our own house?
It really is beautiful.
But, did we need to pay
such a big price for it...?
What mother?
Your happiness is important to us.
It's a loan, isn't it?
Brother and I will repay this
loan soon enough.
What happened to this?
Very difficult.
What happened?
You're gasping!
I had to come across 13 floors to see you.
- What else will happen except gasping?
I told the watchman that the lift is not
working. But he didn't listen it.
Where are the kids?
- They have slept. - Oh!
You still haven't put up
the pictures?
I gave Rs. 50 to that watchman for
putting them up. Didn't he come? Lazy guy!
Alas! Watchman came
in the afternoon itself.
But he couldn't bore the nails
in the prayer room.
It can't be bored
if there's a beam there.
Ma'am! I know that you are
an engineer's wife...
So, have you decided that
you know everything?
Is there beam through the entire
prayer room? - How would I know?
Get me a hammer quickly.
I will do it.
Else brother will beat me.
- Okay.
Yes, Kamala. Only after her family
ran into trouble, did she realize it.
Now she'll realize there's a delay,
but not denial.
It's fine if she at least realize
about the God above us now.
Child, isn't it?
Nobody believed, when I said.
What happened now? It's going to rock
the entire family... See that!
Come here. What is mom
gossiping about?
Not gossiping!
She couldn't see today's
'Kagitha Malar'.
So, she's asking
Kamala aunt about it.
You've been watching the
same TV programme for many years.
Don't you feel boring?
Don't mock us...
You just watch one episode.
And then tell.
- Go away... Don't I have any work?
What happened on Friday?
To their house? Oh...
What? What is it?
Wait for a while...
Mano! I am talking on the phone.
What's this noise?
Oh God. Mano! What happened?
Get some ice.
- I'll come now.
What happened?
Nothing mom! I got hurt.
- Is that all? Is this needed for you?
Won't you eat & sleep,
when you return late?
No, nothing.
- What a wonderful mother?
Here it is! Keep like
that for a while.
It's the 21st.
Pay the flat maintenance fee.
Brother will pay it tomorrow, mom.
What's this? Lower your feet.
Time is up for school, your mom is waiting
with the milk. - No daddy. Please!
Go & drink milk.
Brother, the milk has curdled again.
Milk powder again!
This has become daily routine.
Good day! Viewers...
That's Dr. Balu.
Call mother.
Mother! Come fast, Look who's on T.V.
Who is it? - Your boyfriend.
Who is it?
Our doctor. Move...
See her enthusiasm.
Do you mock against the doctor
who saved the life?
Don't get anger, mom! -I am sitting here hale
and hearty because of him.
How many doctors have
we consulted?
He only has saved, hasn't he?
- Okay! -Go away!
Doctor, you are one of the
best general practitioners in India.
You, who is involved
in the scientific field,
...shows your interest
in the ghost, spirit matters.
How did you get
this involvement?
As per you said though I'm a doctor,
who's involved in science...
...but basically
lam an ordinary man.
When I was young
my parents passed away.
I had a younger brother.
I brought him up like my own child.
But he passed away in an accident.
To what extend I loved him & to
what extend I suffered without him...
I wished to ask him that how great mistake
it was as he left leaving me.
I searched for remedy for all these.
I thought it's good that if we have life
even after our death.
Number of patients
will die in front of me.
What happened to
all those dead people?
Where they are going?
I got interested in this subject
while looking for these answers.
Raghav, where were you?
Sit here.
Priya, give breakfast to him.
Do you believe the ghosts, devil,
supernatural powers or not?
I have to use Newton's third law
for answering you...
'Every force has an equal
and opposite force. '
Not only the force,
it'll fit for all routine activities.
Similarly, in spirituality...
if there is a holy power...
...then it's necessary to have an
opposite force as well.
Sruthi! Smile a bit!
Raghav! It's for you.
- Aunt...
Eat up everything. - Aunt.
Oh! Uncle's mobile! You are going to get
beaten today... You are caught!
Mom! -Go and return it to uncle.
Run quickly.
One more thing!
Everything should not be seen
scientifically... Cannot be seen too!
Only if there is bad,
then there would be good, right?
So if there are Gods and temples,
there must be a world of spirits as well.
But that's my own opinion.
- Uncle...
How many times have I told you
that this is not a toy?
I will get you a toy in the
Go fast. You are getting
late for school.
How many times have I told you to keep
the phone out of the children's reach?
I do, but he always finds it.
Mom! -I have not even combed my hair...
You're taking photograph now!
Mother, it's getting late.
I am leaving.
Send the worker from your site to
put up the photos in the prayer room.
Don't forget. - Yes, I will.
Stupid mt.
Is the driller there?
- Yes, he is... Why?
Call him. I have to talk with him!
Hari! - Sir!
- Come here!
- Hari! Come here!
You know my new house, don't you?
I know sir.
- Some drilling work is there.
Finish the work & come.
Who is it?- I am the driller, madam.
Mr. Manohar has sent me
from the site.
Some work in your prayer room.
- Okay, come in.
I've made the pencil marks, right?
There only. - Okay.
Get it done. - Yes.
Would you like to have
tea or coffee? - No.
Priya! Who is it?
- It's the driller from Mario's site.
I have shown him the
prayer room, aunt. - Okay.
Aunt! Come on...
Sir! What happened?
What happened to him?
I'll bring water.
Brother, get up...
Get up... Drink water..
- What happened?
What happened? Get up...
What happened? Has he been
affected by the electric shock?
Has you got electric shock?
I have been doing this work
for many years.
I have got many electric shocks.
But now I got a strange one.
It seems like industrial power.
- Industrial power?
Ask sir to check all the wiring
through the Electrician. -Okay.
There are children in this house.
- We will take care of that. Are you fine?
I am not feeling fine.
I will do this work later.
We'll do it later.
First you go the doctor
& check your body.
My tool box.
Here it is... Give it!
I will bring it. Give me.
Can you go alone?
Give it... I will bring it.
Go carefully!
- Go cautiously!
I was so scared!
How has it happened?
I didn't know what happened.
- I was so scared! - Alas! What to say?
By seeing the foam that came out
of his mouth... -I thought he was dead...
Don't say like that, aunt!
I get scared to think of it.
Give it to me, aunt.
There's something wrong
in this house.
Since we arrived, something bad
is constantly occurring.
The milk curdles everyday.
The prayer room is not
ready yet.
There is something in this house.
Can't identify is it good
& bad spirit.
In the meantime
financial commitment.
I am scared that something bad
is going to happen in this house.
Hey... Mohan!
What is this, brother? You've come
with sweets! Any happy news?
First, open your mouth.
- What is it? -Open your mouth.
Tell what? -Should I say immediately?
I have been promoted.
Promotion? Brother...
Congrats... -Thank you.
Listen to the better news! -What?
- I got a salary hike of 10,000 a month.
The loan period for this
house is 20 years, isn't it?
Now calculate it. We will clear the
loan in 15 years.
Why are you late? We were
waiting for you. - Is it?
Sister-in-law! What's the reason
for that sparkling smile?
There's good news.
Hubby! Mano has come,
you tell the news.
Mom! Slowly. It's paining.
- Keep quiet.
How long have you grown your hair?
Mother! Why are you scolding her?
Since there is enough clay inside...
Its growth rate is high!
Mother, look at him!
Yes! You all together
have spoiled her!
Uncle! For me?
This is for you and this is
for you. -Thank you, uncle.
To whom is this?
- It's for your aunt.
See it, mom. Gift for his wife.
But nothing for you. - Keep quiet.
Keep quiet.
This is for you.
Keep it inside!
What gift?
- Nothing, it's just a cookbook.
Sister-in-law, super gift.
Nothing, if she reads it and cooks
good, it'll benefit all of us.
Gift is for all of us.
- Did I ask? -I just said for fun!
Mano! - Brother!
What is the good news?
I got promoted. - Again?!
Better news than that... I have got a
salary hike of 10,000 a month.
Now calculate it...
We thought it would take 20 years
to repay the house loan, right?
We can clear the loan
within 15 years, Mano!
Brother! Superb brother!
What happened? The pictures
have still not been put up.
Mom, what happened?
I sent a driller, didn't I?
He had came. There was such chaos.
- What?
Ask Priya! She will explain
it to you in detail.
Priya, what's happened? - First you
take a bath. I'll explain it to you.
Mano! There's water leaking
through the ceiling.
You will have to talk to the
Flat association.
The stupid watchman must have
forgotten to close the tap.
And the water must be
seeping through.
I will talk to him tomorrow.
Mano! Your cookbook is
very fine.
And it has only non-veg items.
If you see the recipes inside...
you will faint.
That's why I'm telling.
Get ready for a feast today.
Here comes Tarzan-boy.
Okay. Go to page number 35.
Chicken Tandoori.
I don't even understand a bit.
Am I a circus girl?
Okay. We'll start
with a simple one.
Page number 45.
Chicken Manchurian.
You...! Do you know it by heart?
- What to do? I have to know, right?
These small snacks
aren't satisfying at all.
We're going to eat
a seven-course meal. -Shut up.
I will give answer for this
when I eat you.
Not interested...
- No
How is this?
Did you see this?
Any name for that?
One minute.
Mano! What happened?
- Careful. There's glass.
You are bleeding on forehead.
The driller was saying
that there's industrial power here.
Industrial power...!
Don't blabber.
The fridge, T.V. and microwave are
working properly, right? - Yes.
Then how can there be
industrial power?
If the switch was pressed off and on,
it will explode so! Be careful...
Listen to me. - Tell me.
Let's leave all that discussion,
let's come to the cook book.
However difficult the
recipe seen today be.
I am not ready to sleep
with starvation... Okay?
Do you hear me? Listen to me.
How nicely I bought book for you!
What would you give me in exchange?
Tell me.
What do you want?
The fragrance in air...
The breath of love...
Would the flower creeper that faints
not fall on to my lap?
For a few days...
Our romantic times are getting waned!
You leave by asking me to leave...
You pass the time by talking...
You join the hands after
I kept waiting with craving!
Waning position! Waning position!
Body is getting waned!
During the night without fire...
The moon that gets burnt!
Something like magnet today
welcoming towards you...
Attracts me...
- Attracts me!
You are the lake where
Lotus flower blossoms...
You are the mango leaves
that swing in air...
You have made my life stuck...
O Darling!
Divya! Will you come wearing these
clothes for the marriage?
Sister-in-law! Who told that
I'm coming for the marriage?
Today my results are coming out.
lam going to college.
Okay! All the best. -it's no use. We know
what's going to happen.
Why are you wasting
money and petrol?
In the last three years you haven't
passed a single subject?
She won't all her life.
- Mother...
Come here. Listen to me.
You know we all love you so much.
- What's for that?
Can't you do a small thing for us?
- What is it?
Just pass in any one subject.
I will buy you any car you'd like.
You don't worry! She won't get
you spend such expenses.
Are you mocking me
joining together?
I'm leaving you for
sister-in-law. -Take it.
- What? I asked in the morning, right?
- Rs. 200. - Give me my purse!
Here it is! -it's been good!
So, you are not going to
attend the marriage? - I won't.
Why?- He is not feeling good.
- Do you believe that?
Open the fridge and see! -Why?
- There are two beer bottles in it!
I can't say anything else.
- Come here. Hey, failure.
Failure in eight subjects.
Come here.
Two beers...?
Take it.
It's waste tea.
I am dying with the curdled milk...
Are you not going to marriage?
- I got hurt on my face & hand.
I look like a thug.
Everyone will laugh at me
in this condition.
I have sent the entire family.
Send that file to office
tomorrow... Okay?
There's someone at the door.
I will call you back. Bye.
Alas! You have spoiled...
Good morning sir! Good morning Harry!
- Good morning Manohar.
Here my cheek is...
You can give me a tight slap.
What wrong have you done to get
your cheek slapped?
Actually, I invited you on Friday.
I remember that.
But I forgot marriage function. My family
members went to attend that function.
I am left alone in the house.
That's alright! Why sorry for this?
Do you have beer
in the afternoon?
Occasionally, only
if I have company. Why?
I'm here for your company.
Come... Come in Mr. Harry.
Oops... Microwave.
You come, sir. I will switch off it.
Come, Harry.
Come in.
What happened to you?
Come in.
Come. Harry, be a good boy!
Come in.
What's wrong with you?
Behave yourself.
What happened?
Harry... Sir, what's wrong?
Manohar! My specs, stick.
Your specs and stick.
- Thank you.
I will go and get Harry.
- No, Manohar.
Where can he go without me?
Look! He is calling me...
I think he has got
scared seeing something.
His voice seemed very scared.
I don't know what he has seen?
Okay. I'll come another day.
Sorry, Manohar.
We will take a rain-check
on the beer today.
I understand. Okay sir.
I am so sorry.
- Are you okay?
No. I have nothing. I am fine.
In the hot of summer & the winter...
Day & night...
"Everyone is fine" in the country!
Mother! It's a long day dream,
how is our own house?
Something bad is happening
in this house since we arrived.
The milk curdles everyday.
The prayer room is still not ready.
There's something in this house.
I have been promoted.
- Promotion...!
I got a salary hike of
10,000 a month.
We thought that we close our
housing loan around 20 years. -Yes.
Now you calculate it.
But we will repay it back in 15 years.
Chitra! Will you do one thing
for me? -You tell.
Just pass in any one subject.
I'll buy you anything.
I will buy you any car you'd like
in the latest model.
Mohan... - What mom?
Chitra... Yes, Chitra.
Brother... I have passed.
You won't believe. Even I can't believe it.
I have even broken
my college record.
I've passed in 12 papers
in one attempt.
Notjust pass... I have passed
in first class! 69.73%.
It's a miracle.
Congratulations alone won't do.
What did you say in the morning?
One car for passing one paper.
I've passed in 12 papers... I would be
wandering for space to park the Cars.
Where are the others?
- They've gone to the marriage.
Not yet come.
I'll talk through phone.
Sister-in-law! I have passed.
I've passed all the papers.
Really! I have passed.
Hubby, I want to tell you
an important thing.
Can't you wait for five minutes?
Is it so important?
Okay, tell me.
What's the matter?
Hey... Are you sure?
How will you know?
- I've been observing.
Mano! Since you brought that cook book
you have become very naughty.
There's a time for everything.
That's not it.
Priya, are you feeling fine?
- Why do you ask so?
Do you feel nauseous at times?
No, why? You are just... Why are
you asking? - I was just asking.
When did we
get mother's medical test done?
Ten months earlier.
Has it been ten months?
No, this is not right! I will get an
appointment with Dr. Balu tomorrow!
You take mother, sister-in-law
and Divya along.
And get your medical test done as well!
Why are you being so concerned?
I just want to make sure that
all the women in our family...
...are hale and hearty.
- So sweet.
Sure, I will get it done.
K.D.! Will you take care
of things for three hours?
Why? What happened?
There's good news.
- What is it?
I'm going to be a father.
- Wonderful news.
Take the entire day off.
I will handle everything.
Sure? -Yes, you go.
I'll take care. -Thanks.
See you.
- Okay, buddy.
Don't go on empty hand. Buy something.
- Okay. -But don't buy it in discount.
Sir... Please wait for one minute.
Who is it, Manohar?
- Yes sir.
Sir! Can I come with you
in the lift? -Come.
Have you pressed the button?
The stupid thing doesn't work
only for me. - What Manohar?
Nothing. -What nothing?
There's something...
I can smell wonderful ghee...
Sweets. Flowers too.
Manohar, what is the occasion?
You are an amazing man, sir.
You are right! I am going to be a
father. - Very happy, Manohar.
So, why are you feeling so shy?
I feel your new house is
very lucky for all of you.
No. I mean, two days before I met
your elder brother.
He was saying that
he got promoted.
Last night, Divya came
home with sweets.
And said that she passed with
Now this good news.
Many things are taking place in shot
period as soon as you came here.
That's why I told.
The 'Vaasthu' of your
house is very good.
Yes, excellent Vaasthu.
Where's mother?
Sister... - Inside.
Hey... Chilli Chicken? -No!
Chicken Tikka?
- No! - Chicken 69...?
Actually, Chicken Tandoori.
Small cuckoo crows...
It sings Sanga Tamil!
This is the dawn
when the eyelids open...
Looking for the relations...
Searching with laziness...
This is the time
when we take a fresh birth!
A thousand rain drops are
looking for the sea lap...
...to turn into tides
and play jumping!
The daylight sky plays a ball game...
It falls towards the West!
The Sun rises up and the Moon
comes up like the silver net!
The daylight sky plays a ball game...
It falls towards the West!
The Sun rises up and the Moon
comes up like the silver net!
She has beaten with mere love...
Saying so...
It leaves off pushing!
The pain that vanishes
with the skin...
...does not join in the mind!
If the chicken is hugged...
It comes and gets
hugged still more!
In the warmth of love...
Honour is not considered!
A thousand rain drops are
looking for the sea lap...
...to turn into tides
and play jumping!
The daylight sky plays
a ball game...
It falls towards the West!
The Sun rises up and the Moon
comes up like the silver net!
The daylight sky plays
a ball game...
It falls towards the West!
The Sun rises up and the Moon
comes up like the silver net!
Priya! How much do we pay
for the cable? - What?
How much do we pay for the cable
every month? - Rs. 200
If we don't need it,
why not disconnect it?
It's been several years
since you got beating from me.
If you touch the cable...
What's for dinner today?
- You were saying something.
I didn't hear it properly.
About disconnecting something.
I was saying, I can shred the
vegetables if you want.
You wanted
to disconnect the cable.
Yes, I will. Then, what?
No one is watching T.V.
If I can save Rs. 200,
I can repay my loan faster.
If you can repay the
house loan by saving Rs. 200...
...we don't want this house,
just this cable is enough!
We didn't switch on the T.V. because
you were at home this afternoon.
You're talking too much.
We are going to watch
T.V. now. Switch on the T.V.
- Yes, we're going to watch T.V.
A new serial called
It's absolutely a family story...
Devils and Ghosts also come! It's superb!
I don't know what happened from the
past two clays as I didn't see the serial.
Somehow... She was pregnant!
Oh! God...
Poor Gayathri! Good girls face troubles
in all the serials.
Aunt, it's just a programme.
Why are you so tense? -Okay.
Priya! I forgot to switch on the rice cooker
would you do it? -Okay! -Quickly!
Come back soon.
They show ads in the
interesting scene only.
I don't know what happens?
I am getting tensed.
Are you watching serial
secretly after teasing us?
We won't say anything.
Go & watch in the hall. - Priya.
What's wrong with you?
You're sweating...
Hello. Hello!
- Priya... What's wrong?
Call the ambulance.
Aunty! Aunty!
Alas! Priya,
What happened to her?
How is my wife now?
How did this accident occur?
I don't know how she slipped
down the stairs. She is pregnant.
My wife & child... I cannot live
without her. Tell me doctor!
I'm scared.
Nothing serious...
Will my wife survive? Tell me.
Your silence is scaring me.
I beg you to tell me.
Will my wife survive?
Doctor, how is Priya?
- I don't know what to say.
She's been here for 24 hours.
If you still don't say
anything, then...?
Manoj, you are like
a family member.
I won't lie to you.
We are trying our best.
But she's still in critical condition.
Doctor! The patient pulse rate
is decreasing. -Excuse me.
What did the doctor say?
- Nothing, mother.
Nothing! What do you mean?
She's been in ICU for 24 hours
& you said nothing. - Be bold, mother.
If the doctor cannot tell us
her position, then who can?
Excuse me,
can I switch on the T.V.?
Excuse me, doesn't this T.V. work?
No, sir. It's not been working
for the past 2 to 3 days.
Watchman! Watchman!
Come with me.
How is madam, sir?
- She has nothing!
Sir, she has nothing, right?
- Nothing.
What did the doctor say?
- She is okay!
Sir, why aren't you telling me anything?
- Quiet! Shut your mouth!
Tell me, doctor.
Will my wife survive?
Doctor, please tell me.
Why don't you say something?
Save my wife. Please doctor.
I am so sorry, Mr. Mohan.
I don't know how to tell you this.
As a doctor, I did my best.
I tried my level best.
But I couldn't save your child.
But your wife is okay,
she's absolutely alright.
We'll discharge her within 2 clays.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you very much.
Forgive me, Mano! - Why?
It's all because of me, isn't it?
I should have been a bit careful...
I know how much
we love to have children.
What happened now?
You are absolutely alright...
That's important!
If anything had happened to you,
then I couldn't have survived.
There's just
one punishment for this.
We will together
bear 100 children.
I am sorry.
- It's okay.
I am sorry, Manohar.
- It's alright doctor.
Thank you so much, doctor.
Thank you so much, doctor.
Is there anything I can do for you?
- Nothing.
I didn't know what had happened
to her in the last 24 hours.
I conducted every test.
But the results of every test
were contradictory.
And she's going to be
discharged within an hour.
And I haven't given her a small pill.
If you want to say thank you
there's a small temple in the compound.
Go and break a coconut there.
- Okay.
And if you want to do something for me,
then get me these medicines.
I need to give them to her
immediately. - Sure Doctor.
Thank you so much.
- Okay.
I'll just be back.
Sir! Rs. 165.
- Thank you.
Sir, change.
Excuse me, may I have a look
at the paper? Thank you.
Excuse me!
- What do you want?
Is the EYE T.V. shooting here?
- Yes sir.
Is 'Yavarum Nalam' shot here?
- Yes sir.
Are the writer, director and
producer of this programme here?
Yes. - I want to meet them.
Who are you?
- I am a business man.
I want to sponsor
this programme. - Is it?
Please come in.
We discuss the Happiness & Health of
a family in this programme today!
No! No! Not this show.
I am talking about the
'Yavarum Nalam' telecasted...
...everyday at 10' clock in the
afternoon on EYE T.V.
This is that programme.
You wait here.
I will call the director.
Nowadays, many girls are doing
their professionals.
So they feel half of the
burden is their's.
Excuse me... Hello...
Anybody here?
Welcome back to
"Yavarum Nalam".
Hello. - Hello, mother!
It's Manohar speaking.
Tell me...
- How is Priya?
She's fine. She's sleeping.
Have the children
returned from school?
Hey, why do you disturb me?
I am at a very interesting
part of the serial.
Is it something important?
Or else call me after half an hour.
Which programme are you watching?
- Our favorite one. "Yavarum Nalam'
Stop it. Shiva...
You can try to put a flower in the ear...
But you have put a Bouquet...
Shiva! Stop it. Listen.
Shiva! Stop it.
I lost my child.
My wife is almost died, Shiva!
I think that my entire
family is in danger.
I am scared.
Look... I am an educated man.
I could have taken some priest home
and held some prayers.
I thought, my friend is a police officer,
he'll give me a solution.
But you laugh about it,
I'll take care my problem myself.
Hey... Come, man. I'm sorry.
But if you tell anybody about this,
they'll laugh.
Fair enough. - Anyway, now that
you have approached me.
I'll take care. Leave it.
At what time is the programme
telecasted? - 1 o'clock.
Don't even let us watch
the programme for half an hour.
Go and see who it is.
It's Mano!
What is it? Won't you make
call before come to the lunch?
There's no food at home. Go away.
- Are you finished? Look, who has come!
Hi, Shiva. I'm so sorry.
I didn't notice you. Come in.
Don't you inform me earlier?
- Where have you let me talk?
Mother, look who has come?
Greetings mom. -Come Shiva.
Don't you know the way to our house?
You didn't even come for
the housewarming...
Have you forgotten us?
I don't get any time
to take care of my duties.
I am disturbing you
while you are watching serial.
Mom! If I had disturbed my mom in
my house like this, she'd have beaten me.
You watch the programme.
Come on... We'll also
watch the programme. Here...
Where? -Here. Not here.
Sit quickly and watch calmly.
- Okay.
Watch carefully.
This is my wife Gayathri.
This is Elango, my close friend.
See, I told you so. Watch.
- I am watching.
Mother, look who has come?
Hello, Mother. Forgotten me?
How are you?
I am Elango.
Elango...! How are you? - I'm fine.
- God bless you.
Yes, Mr. Swaminathan.
What are you telling? In house?
I'll be there soon.
Which hospital?
Swaminathan! You wait there.
I'll be there soon.
The cylinder at my home exploded.
- Cylinder exploded?
Shiva! Come with me.
Shiva... -Leave my hand.
Stop freaking out and behaving
like a psycho. - Listen to me!
Call home right now.
- Why?
Only I know what would happen
if we wait for 5 minutes?
I am calling. - Tell her
to get out of the house.
Call immediately.
No signal. - Go away!
Oh my God.
Come on.
Stupid network.
- Uma... She's on the line.
Tell her to come out of the house.
Leave everything,
and get out of the house.
I'll come over there within 10 minutes.
- Why? What's wrong?
It got disconnected.
- Oh God, damn it.
Mother, I'm leaving. - Mano...
- Where are you going? Go after taking meals.
Where are they running?
Mohan! Please, go slowly.
- Elango, listen to me. Don't worry.
Your wife will be alright.
Don't get tensed.
If anything happens to her...
I can't tolerate...
Are you fine? - What's wrong?
Stay here.
What are all these?
You were laughing at me
when I was telling you.
Now we both are entrapped in this.
Have we got entrapped? Go man...
I'm going to scold you.
You've involved me too in
your problem unnecessarily.
I have two children.
If anything happens to them...
- Shiva.
I'm not doing all these.
I don't know
how this is happening.
What do you still stay in that house?
Just vacate that house.
Shiva! I cannot vacate that house.
Can't you? Why?
Shiva! Think well.
That serial is getting
telecast in my home only.
We had seen it at the
right time & saved your wife only then.
If I vacate that house,
...I will never get to know
what's going on in that programme.
If something bad is
going to happen...
...I can't be able to
save my family from it.
You understand how I am
entrapped in it as well.
You are absolutely right.
You must be in that house.
Don't vacate that house.
And don't tell your
family about this...
...or else they will ask you
to vacate the house.
Thirdly... Most important thing!
...Ask your family members to pay close
attention to the inspector's activities.
Or else, they might just side-track it
and go for chopping vegetables!
Please ask them to
watch the programme for me.
Harry! What's wrong?
Who is there?
ls there anyone?
Harry! No...
Bad boy, Harry...
Stop, please... I am here!
Mr. Thyagarajan! It's me, Manohar!
What's wrong?
Wait... I will take it!
What happened?
- Thank you, Manohar.
Just now Harry had seen
something & started chasing it.
You come here. Please stand here.
I will look for him.
Come on...
Priya! Priya! What happened?
Why do you get so hyper
for a plate slipping?
No, I thought
something happened.
Nothing happened.
Mano! You have been
behaving strangely these days.
That's not it. I felt like coming to the
kitchen and giving you a helping hand.
Really? - Shall I chop vegetables?
- Why suddenly?
Yes. I've heard that if husband
and wife work together in the kitchen...
...the intimacy between
them increases.
You brought a cookbook earlier.
And now you are talking
about psychology. Not bad...
Forget it.
So what's the latest?
Do you still watch that
programme on T.V., 'Yavarum Nalam'?
What happened in
today's episode?
You are addicted as well, right?
Now you're calling from
the office for that.
You're coming to the kitchen
and ask that.
An amazing thing happened
on the show today. Amazing.
Why? What happened?
There is a neighbor, isn't he?
- Yes.
He has a dog, hasn't it? - Yes.
It goes into the garden
and starts digging.
- It keeps digging and digging. -Okay.
Then what?
- He finds something there.
What? - That's what
I'd like to know myself.
But before they could show anything,
it ended.
I am just fed up.
We'll wait till tomorrow.
Sir! You told me in the morning to remind
you about the party protection matter.
You have reminded me, right?
Leave, man.
Shiva. - Where were you?
You said there's something urgent.
Come here.
What happened
in yesterday's episode?
Was I transferred? Have I died?
Tell me! - Take a look, Shiva.
What is this?
This is the tele-serial family.
Where did you find this?
This was buried in the ground
outside my house.
Not only that.
Look at this photo.
See the calendar date
behind them, June 1977.
That means?
Shiva, this means this picture
is 30 years old.
But even today these people can be
seen on the show on my T.V at the same age.
How... How is this happening?
How is it possible?
- I don't know, Shiva.
I don't what to believe...
But I can't help believing that!
Dr. Balu. - Who?
Some days ago
I saw an interview on T.V.
Dr. Balu is doing extensive research
about ghosts and the paranormal.
Shiva, he made a lot of sense.
- Let's meet him now.
No, Shiva. We cannot
tell him everything.
Dr. Balu is also my family doctor.
He operated Priya's operation
some days ago.
If I tell him everything,
he will instantly call home.
And tell mom everything.
There will be a huge confusion.
I kept secretly without
telling anyone.
Do you have normal clothes,
other than this uniform?
Dr. Balu.
- Come in, Manohar.
How is Priya?
- She's fine.
And you? -Fine. How is mom?
- Mom is fine.
Are you feeling sick?
- It's nothing like that.
I needed a small favor.
That's why I troubled you.
Please come.
This is my friend, Shiva.
- Hello, Doctor.
So sorry, without appointment...
- That's alright.
He's a writer.
And he's writing something about
ghosts and paranormal activities.
He was stuck on something,
and I thought about you.
Tell me, what's your doubt?
I will tell you what I know!
When I was researching
for this book...
...I read a story on the Internet. That...
- I am sorry.
What will you have tea, coffee?
- Coffee.
Coffee is fine. - Sure!
I get it now.
There's a family in Mumbai.
They watch a T.V. programme,
which is a replica of themselves.
I completely get it now.
Tell me one thing...
Do you believe
in the paranormal or not?
I can't clearly
say that they don't exist.
That's enough. Fair enough.
Shiva! Tell me one thing, which is the
most complicated machine in the world?
It's rocket,
No... the satellite.
No. It's the human body, Shiva.
There's nothing more complicated
than the human body.
Who else knows about
this instead of a doctor?
I mean, if we say that a
lost soul has entered...
...something complicated
like the human body...
...everyone will agree to it.
But it has entered a machine
like the television.
No one is ready to believe that.
Shiva! The lost souls need a
medium to contact the real world.
A medium. Because souls can't be
functioned without any medium's help.
So, why not the media
be a television?
Understand well.
Humans are not the only
ones who change. Souls do too.
Okay doctor, let us assume that the
souls can contact us through television.
But the question is why are
they trying to contact us?
Definitely something
that's left unfinished.
They want to return to
this world to finish it.
If anyone can achieve their goal...
...their souls will find solace.
And the programme won't be
telecast anymore.
You can say, the house
where it's telecasted...
...must be related to that place.
Shiva, come here.
- What man?
One thing is clear.
All the people we saw on that
T.V. show are all dead.
And like doctor is saying, they want to
say something through the show.
And may be that's why
we have found that album.
Shiva! I feel there's something
in the album that we're missing.
Where's the album?
- In the car.
Hey, slowly... - What?
- Turn it back.
Look... Two pages have been stuck!
Look if there is a photograph behind.
Shiva! Look at this.
See this man.
Until now, I have seen everyone
on the T.V. show except this one.
Mano. - Yes, Shiva.
The calendar in the photograph
shows June 1977.
If anything had happened... it would
have happened after that! -June 1977?
Shiva! Come fast...
Look at this!
Look at this...
The younger sister Chitra in the
television show.
She was a news reader.
She and her eight family members were
massacred with a hammer.
The children were not spared either.
And their address,
13B, Varadharaja Mudaliyar street.
What's wrong?
Shiva! The address of their house
and my apartment address are the same.
The number of their
house was 13B,
...and I am on the 13th floor.
My house number is 13B!
That means my apartment was built
after demolishing their bungalow.
Gayathri! Bring the vermillion and
sandal anoint it on the T.V. - Yes.
Why just anoint it? Why not hold prayers?
Mom! There is a limit for everything!
Do you know how expensive
this television is?
Only one person should handle it.
Particularly, children will not
touch it.
What are you doing? - Why are scolding
for everything. This will look nice.
Let it be.
- Okay, give it.
Why are you still standing there?
Switch on the T.V.
Be patient, mother!
Where are you going?
Switch on the T.V.
Hey, is it done?
- Yes. I finished.
Switch on the TV booster.
I will turn the antenna.
Let me know
when you get a signal.
Can you see anything?
Can you see anything? - No.
No... Keep turning it.
Keep turning further.
Can you see now?
- Can you see now?
There's nothing.
- Still more...
Wait! I can see it.
No, we lost it.
- Turn it reverse.
Turn it reverse. - Now?
We've got a signal.
It's clear, absolutely clear.
Fix it like that.
- Okay.
Hey kids! What are you
doing there outside?
The television is on! Go and
watch inside... Run! - Yes Uncle!
Our Chitra reads news on television,
doesn't she?
Her brothers have bought a
new television to see her.
Tomorrow's programmes...
Morning at 11 A.M... "Kaanbom Karppom"
An educational programme!
Our Chitra...
How clear it is!
What's this? How if you
stand one by one there?
Move away...
- Wait Just for a minute!
Enough cleaning...
Go and call Senthil.
How happy he feels
after seeing Chitra.
Move aside... - You first go.
- I am going mother!
Ganesh... -What, mom?
Call the neighbors inside, who are
standing outside.
Gayathri, Lakshmi. Spread a mat here
for the neighbors to sit.
Carefully, Carefully.
Take care...
Walk erectly! Okay...
Senthil, look TV.
Slowly... Sit... Look Chitra.
Don't get scared.
Nothing. Sit here.
Sit... Watch TV.
Have you seen there? Chitra...
Yes... Chitra.
Come in...
Listen to us... Keep quiet!
Listen to I say... Hold him!
Lift him...
- Take him inside...
Come quietly...
- What is this, madam?
He never met with anybody else
except us till now... That's why he is.
Don't shout... Don't bite...
Close the door!
Move. Move away.
No one should allow inside
before investigation. - Okay sir.
Kanagu! Who gave the information?
- This man, sir.
What's your name? - Ramachandran,
a High Court advocate.
How are you related to this family?
- Family friend.
I was engaged at the
younger daughter, Chitra.
I brought the sample for the
wedding invitation.
When I went inside...
Kanagu! Clear them quickly.
Hey, throw down the hammer.
Throw it down...
Throw it down!
Listen to me...
Throw down the hammer.
Catch him.
Take him away.
Lift him. Take him away.
Kanagu! Kanagu!
Coming, sir...
Yes, sir.
- Call the forensics.
Call the Ambulance, Mortuary van.
Call everything.
There are eight corpses here.
Kanagu! Did you ask around?
- Yes, sir. I did.
There are two people, sir.
- Call them. He is one of them!
Greetings sir! - What's your name?
- Shanmugam.
I live in the room next door.
I am scared of Police...
Answer only for
what I ask you!
When did you know this incident?
Right now.
- Did you hear anything from here?
Have you seen any suspicious
character? - Nothing sir!
Here the matter is different...
A ghost is responsible
for this massacre.
Chitra, the one that read news on
television. She was very good looking.
He fell in love after seeing her
on television.
Who is he? - I don't know who he is.
But he tortured her so many days.
On the day of engagement
he came here.
He created such a racket.
The people in that house are good type.
They tried to convince him.
But he wasn't ready to listen.
If they don't get their sister married
to him he will kill the entire family.
Will you recognize that boy?
- What is this sir? He has already died!
On the engagement day between
Lawyer and Chitra...
...and on the same day,
he committed suicide.
That boy's soul has entered
the mad man's body...
...and he has taken revenge
through him!
This house is an unlucky one.
Have you noticed the number?
Eight people were massacred in the
neighbor house. You did not see anything!
But did you see the ghost?
Go away, man.
What's this witness? Who's next?
He is...
- Hey, come forward.
There are no ghosts, sir.
That madman has done everything.
Yesterday, we had gone
to their house to watch TV.
But that madman
created a ruckus.
That's why they locked him
in a separate room.
And because of his madness,
he has committed this massacre.
Who are all watching?
- Around 12 persons.
Kanagu! Ask them to come to the
station for inquiry.
Also call Advocate Ramachandran, okay?
- Yes sir. -Come.
I want all these details
on my table by morning.
What an atrocity?
He was arrested.
See one interesting thing.
But the lawyer that defended
his case was Ramachandran.
Chitra and he were engaged.
Change your plates.
Who are you? What do you
want? Why are you shouting?
Sir! Please stop this engagement.
What are you talking?
- I love Chitra.
You have come in wrong address.
Please get out.
I see her on television everyday.
Don't talk like a mad. Thousands of
people watch her everyday.
So, will everyone get
married to her?
Listen to me. Get out...
Hey, Go... -Get out!
I have been trying to talk to you.
If you don't get Chitra married to me,
I will kill the entire family.
I'll finish you.
Get lost...
- Chitra...
That boy committed suicide.
Because he couldn't marry Chitra.
I think he is a mad man.
If not Chitra... There will be Vichitra!
Would one die for these?
Do you remember a Police officer on TV
that clay when I came home? - Yes.
He is the one...
Inspector Elangovan!
He was the officer
investigating that case.
And he committed suicide by hanging
himself in that house.
Shiva! One thing is clear.
There's only one person that
seems to be alive in all of this.
And that's lawyer Ramachandran.
If we go and meet with him, we can find
what exactly had happened!
What do you say?
I think you are right.
I will find out the advocate. Let's go!
What's this nonsense?
Change the channel.
Nonsense... Change the channel.
- Can't changed, aunt!
I cannot watch this.
Client will come there. Tell him that
I'll meet him when I return.
Advocate Ramachandran?
- Yes.
My name is Manoharan.
He is Shiva.
Sub-inspector Shiva.
I talked to you on the phone.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Sir, we wanted to talk to you
privately about this!
Tell me, what do you want
to know about that case?
Why did Senthil kill his
family members?
For not allowing him
to watch T.V?
No. Senthil cannot commit murder.
I have known that family
for several years!
Senthil loved Chitra immensely.
Someone else had come that day.
He committed the murder,
and left the hammer right there.
Senthil was mentally
disturbed... I know.
So, he wept
hugging everyone's body!
And that's why
he had bloodspots on him.
When I go there, I saw it myself.
He was angry with the television.
He considered that the
television was cause for it.
He took the hammer and started
breaking the television.
And that's how the hammer
had his fingerprints.
Circumstance evidences
were against him.
I tried my best
to save him in court.
But I lost the case.
Where is Senthil now?
Yes. Advocate Ramachandran
called me.
Is Senthil here?
- Yes, he has been here for years.
But we recently shifted him
to a single cell.
For 30 years he has been
a model patient.
As a part of therapy, we let the patients
watch television for an hour everyday.
One day, Feb 21st..
We don't know, he became very violent
while watching television.
Is it normal being violent
while watching TV? - Very strange!
Nobody knows
what he saw on television.
After that,
he had self-inflicted wounds.
He would draw squares and similar figures
on the wall with his blood.
We can't understand
what he meant to say.
Doctor, can we meet Senthil?
- Of course.
Leave it.
Move back, Shiva.
Mano! - Are you okay?
- Yeah! I am okay!
Priya on the line.
Hello, Priya! Tell me...
Where are you?
When are you coming home?
I will be there
within 20 minutes.
Ask her what happened
in today's episode.
Priya, just a minute.
Listen to me!
What happened
in today's episode?
Why have you become
addict in serial?
You've become worst than us.
Put it on speakerphone.
- Priya! One minute.
Priya, leave all of that aside.
Just tell me what happened
in today's episode.
It was such a gruesome scene,
we couldn't see it.
Why? What happened?
A man entered Gayathri's house with
a big hammer and killed everyone.
Priya... Did they show
who the killer was?
Like everyday, it ended abruptly.
That means we will only find out
tomorrow who's behind it.
Today is Friday.
They will show it on Monday.
Priya! ls brother at home?
- He is taking bath.
Okay! Listen carefully.
Lock all the doors & windows of the house.
No matter what happens, whoever it is,
no matter what he says...
...don't open the doors and windows.
This is very important.
When I come home,
I will ring the bell thrice.
Open the door only then.
Understand, Priya?
What are you blabbering?
You are trying to scare me, right?
Please don't argue with me.
Just do as I say, Priya. Understand?
Shiva! Someone's going to
come to my home..
...and murder everyone.
You go by this to home. I will go
to the police station...
...and come back with the force
to protect your building.
Who is it?
Hey! Watchman...
Hey, stop...
Watchman, come fast.
What's happening?
No, Priya, don't open the door.
What happened?
- Nothing.
What happened Mano?
- Nothing, Priya. Go back to sleep.
Priya... - What happened Mano?
Why are you seems like me saw a ghost?
Mano! What happened?
It's me, Priya. What happened?
Was it a bad dream?
Alright... Sleep.
In the hot of summer & the winter...
Day & night...
"Everyone is fine" in the country.
"Everyone is fine" at home too!
Come on... Come on!
Show me who it is!
Show it to me!
Show me!
Manohar, I can't understand
anything you are saying.
My family may be in
danger because of me.
No, I'm telling truly.
Because of my mental state.
lam going to murder my entire family.
Do you get what I mean?
- You are talking non-sense, Manohar!
Alas! What can I do?
I get different bad dreams!
I get during night and
during day as well!
I don't know what's true and
what's not...
I am confused what lie is...
But one thing!
Look here! There are only two ways
to escape from this!
First one, lock me up in a place
from where I cannot escape.
The other option
is that you kill me.
No, I'm not getting emotional.
- I am being practical.
And if anything happens to my family
because of me, I will die as it is.
Before I do anything,
just kill me.
What is this nonsense, Manohar?
Kill me, save my family. Calm down I say.
No, you calm down.
Shiva! Explain it to him.
You wait.
I will talk to him.
Doctor, I have an idea.
Let him stay here.
Let's send his family far away
without telling him.
Then he wouldn't be able to do
anything, even if he wants to.
They will be safe.
Shiva! Hold that thought.
It's a really good idea.
- Okay.
Doctor! Send my whole family somewhere
to a long distance by plane...
...and don't tell me about it?
But at this time,
how will I get all the plane tickets?
Internet! Do you have Internet connection
and a printer at home? - Yes.
Log onto the Internet,
book the tickets & print it.
Go to my home
& send them somewhere.
Don't tell me where
they're going & also to him.
If my family members ask anything,
tell them that I'll explain.
If Priya ask any question...
I am so sorry.
Ask Priya to call me.
I will explain everything to her.
But we don't have the time. We have
to act right now. Let's go now.
Shiva! Please come...
Shiva! Take me to that room
and close all the doors and windows.
No matter what I do, or say.
Though I might be dying,
don't open the door till the dawn.
Relax, Mano. Don't be tensed.
Everything will be alright.
Shiva, I'll handover the tickets.
Anything important,
call me on mobile, okay?
Who is it?
Shiva, open the door,
wake up.
What's wrong, man?
Shiva, open the door.
I have understood everything.
What have you understood?
The television programme that I saw
today had two hammers. Different ones.
What are you saying?
There were two different people
on the show today, Shiva.
Mano, I don't understand anything.
Open the door.
I will explain it to you.
Hey, listen to me. Go back to sleep.
We will talk morning.
Shiva! Open the door, please.
- I won't open it.
Just listen to me carefully.
In the climax that I saw today there
were two different hammers.
This means there were
two different people!
The one that killed the entire family
has a normal hammer.
The one that's used for
pulling out nails as well.
And the other one was mine.
I was carrying the bigger hammer.
Like a sledge hammer.
And there was a red tape on the handle.
In the television show I reached home late.
That's why he killed my family.
If I want to save my family,
then I'll have to reach on time.
Shiva! Try to understand. I don't have
the time now, I'll have to go my home.
Please open the door.
Okay, wait. I'll open it.
Come on, Shiva. Hurry up...
No, I won't open the
door till the morning.
Mano! Listen to me...
You go to sleep.
If you try to escape I won't hesitate
to kill you too for you family. Listen...
Shiva, open the door.
Listen to me...
Shiva! My family is going to be killed!
- What a hell are you doing? Stop it!
Shiva! Please Shiva!
Shiva, open the door! If anything happens
to my family, I won't spare you!
Shiva! You idiot...
Open the door.
My younger brother.
I brought him up like my own son.
One day, February 21st...
Don't watch it everything
in the view of science.
He grew very violent
while watching television.
I wanted to tell my brother
how much I loved him.
...and how I'm dying for him!
He fell in love with her
at first sight.
I see her on television everyday.
He felt that the television
was the cause for everyone's death.
And he started smashing the
television with the hammer.
Mano! Mano!
Where is he?
Hi, Priya.
- Uncle, it's so late in the night.
Mano is not at home.
- I know, he's at my house.
In your house...? - He has asked me
to give you this. Here.
Has Mano gave this?
What is this?
Priya, these are air-tickets.
All of you have to leave for
Delhi by the morning 7 o'clock flight.
Delhi? But why?
- Don't worry.
Call Manohar.
He will tell you everything.
Uncle, come in. Please.
- Thanks.
I've got tired as I came across 13 floors.
- I am so sorry, uncle.
It's a power cut.
Can I get you something to drink?
Get me a cup of hot coffee.
- Sure, take a seat.
I'll get it.
Phone is here...
Priya, where's the bathroom?
- Nearby steps, uncle.
I will bring the candle.
- It's okay. I will find it.
Power has come...
Where is the switch?
Newsreader Chitra along with
his family were murdered.
Brief news...
Thirty years ago, television newsreader,
Chitra, and her family...
...which also included children,
were massacred with a hammer.
The police have taken Chitra's
elder brother Senthil into custody.
A madman has committed
this murder.
But it wasn't my brother.
It was you!
Your foolish brother...
He didn't value his life.
You were so sad about his death, you
should have committed suicide yourself.
What happened to you?
I want Chitra, sir.
- Get out. You mad...
The one responsible for your brother's
death doesn't have a right to live.
I'll be with you in a minute!
You have killed our happy
living family... that's wrong!
You have killed two children...
that's wrong!
If you would have been punished
for your deeds..
...it might have calmed our fury.
But you accused my brother of everything
who could never commit a sin.
And punishing him for 30 years.
That is wrong.
Better yet, you should have
killed him along with us.
But you have punished him the worst.
And that's wrong.
We could have killed you
if we wanted to.
And that's why we will kill you
right where you massacred us.
My brother Senthil should
be released as innocent.
Then only, our rage will
finally be at peace.
My brother committed suicide,
who can bear this?
I lived without
my brother for 30 years.
Who else would
answer this wrong?
Why did you refuse my brother?
What lacks for my brother?
I brought him up with much love
and adoration.
I wished him
to be a great guy!
My brother died because of you.
I won't spare you
& your family...
Uncle! Uncle!
What is that noise?
Priya, what are you doing here
at this time? -Priya!
Who is it? -Who is it?
Move back...
Who's this?
- Dr. Balu... mom!
Go inside I say... Priya! Take mom inside
Divya, take the children inside!
Doctor! What are you doing?
Doctor, please.
Doctor! Throw down the hammer.
What happened to you?
Please throw down the hammer.
Please! What are you doing?
Don't go near him.
Doctor! Why are you
behaving like this?
What happened to you?
Throw down the hammer.
Listen to me doctor.
Doctor! Don't do it.
Dr. Balu, don't do that.
Don't do that.
Please listen to me.
Mano! -No...
Smile! Smile! Smile!
Thank you.
Okay, I'm leaving. I am getting late.
Mom! Our engineer had built a temple
instead of setting a prayer room.
Do you remember, you have
to go to the doctor today?
You have told me 100 times.
So what? Is it an easy thing
to give birth to twins?
Shiva! I talked to the lawyer.
He was saying that
all the papers are clear.
All the problems are solved.
Thank you buddy!
I would have been stuck in
a great problem unless you were.
Why do you thank me?
I just wanted to tell you!
That's it...
Okay! See you soon...
- Bye. -Bye!
Hello. - What Manohar?
ls everything fine at home?
After you and I passed away... By what
means should our soul contact this world?
We would come by mobile!
What a walk!
What a costume!
Lightening Hip!
Weight of Breeze!
What a walk! What a costume!
Lightening Hip!
Weight of Breeze!
Evil eye may attack...
You stay locked at home...
I am the girl from Mettukudi...
I am the butter of Jain shop...
Move away!
You access my beauty
from top to bottom.
You sing a song for once...
You have 100 fans...
You look for the face
you wish for!
The time
you sing SA NE DA PA...
The time you give
your consent...
The clouds that shower
rain would pass!
I am the Sun since
you revolve around me...
Who had come in search of me
during night time?
With the active ingredient...
With the amazing beauty...
You sing like the sparrow
that flaps its wings!
As I feel a tender pain...
As a pain plays against me...
Your necessity demands me!
What a walk!
What a costume!
Lightening Hip!
Weight of Breeze!
Move away...
The time
you sing SA NE DA PA...
The time you give
your consent...
The clouds that shower
rain would pass!