Yeh Ballet (2020) Movie Script

Who's the King of Mumbai?
Let's go.
Who's the King of Mumbai?
Who's the King of Mumbai?
Get lost!
Watch out! Aunties are here!
How many times must we tell you?
We have work to do.
Clear off!
Who's the King of Mumbai?
THIS BALLE These rascals don't listen!
Bringing their friends here,
troubling us all the time.
A true Muslim doesn't take part
in the festivals of other faiths.
But, Uncle, blood is the same color,
isn't it?
Asif, son...
All right,
when they come for your blood,
don't come running to me.
Teach your son some respect!
Or he'll be buried before his time.
-How much?
I'll take it. Here!
-Give one to him.
-What's wrong, Uncle?
You're all a bunch of louts.
Take this.
I'm not scared of my elder brother.
But we must respect him.
Of course you're scared.
Tell father no one is an infidel.
We're all brothers.
Don't we follow the Sufi saint
Shama Niyazi's teachings?
There's a time and place for arguing.
Don't forget we're surviving
thanks to your uncle's help.
When I'm older, we won't need him.
We'll be happy
if you just stay out of jail.
Shorty ripped it!
Our Shorty's become a Spider-Man!
My man! Killer! Deadly!
He's glowing!
You're killing it!
Went to a salon?
No. Your father tried his hand.
Hey, child, turn, turn...
Looks like his head got stuck
in a toilet bowl.
His head was jammed in for an hour.
Then the fire brigade guys showed up
and had to...
cut his head out.
Hey, moron!
This is called golden yellow.
Shit's golden yellow too.
Point, boss!
Change your name
from Jeevan to Shitvan.
Look who's laughing, you rookie.
I dance hip-hop. I'm allowed.
Is it a municipality rule? Only hip-hop
dancers can have two toned hair?
It should suit you, no?
My head, my hair. To hell with you lot!
Who's this new bird?
Man! What a dancer!
No hip-hop hair like yours.
Let's see you brag now, monkey.
Sure you're good, Asif,
but to match up with him,
you still have miles to go.
See the motherfucker move!
He's on the next level, man.
-He didn't fall over like our Shorty did.
Oh, wow!
He's your choice? You like him?
Ladies and gentlemen...
the finalists on Jump India are...
Last but not least...
May I please request our respected
judges to come on stage?
-Have we forgotten something?
-I think so.
"Destiny's Hat."
How could I forget?
"Destiny's Hat" goes to the person
who set the dance floor on fire.
...he or she
that showed the most potential,
but did not make it to the next round.
So... the king of Destiny's Hat is...
-Congratulations, Nishu.
-Thank you.
Come on, everybody!
I thought you deserved to be
in the finals, Nishu,
but I was overruled
by my esteemed colleagues.
Congratulations! I hope this Destiny's Hat
changes your destiny.
-Thank you.
I believe dreams and hard work
are two sides of the same coin.
Fate sides with the person...
who works 24/7 to fulfill his dreams...
whether he's the son of an industrialist
or a taxi driver.
-Where'd you learn all this?
-The mobile.
The mobile? Really?
Wow! Okay!
We charge 5,000 a month.
We offer funk jazz, lyrical jazz,
hip hop, classical ballet.
You can learn it all.
With some training,
you could reach the stars.
But I'm not that loaded.
It's not my ID card! Keep it.
A famous American is coming to teach.
Saul Aaron.
Your life will change.
Think it over. All the best.
-How was your test?
-Aced it!
-Where did you see the show?
-At Pinto's.
-The whole show?
-End to end!
Liked it?
I'm sure the judges were bribed.
Hey... Stop whispering
and hang the clothes out!
Did you buy your sister's medicines?
-Your son was great on TV today.
-On what?
On that TV dance program.
Nishu won the Destiny's Hat in that.
At least someone's escaped this hole.
Papa, you're home early.
So your son was a star on TV?
Where's that hat?
What's it for?
It changes your destiny.
Just like Aladdin's lamp?
Does your destiny change if you wear it?
Should've got one for me too.
Why slog day and night driving a taxi?
No, Papa. Only talent wins this hat.
-And Nishu is so--
-To hell with the hat! Will it feed him?
-Will it feed his wife and kids?
-He's not even married!
Who'll pay for your medicines?
He's as big as a horse. He could help.
Your papa's right.
This is your chance. You decide.
It's your call.
Your son got a standing ovation
on India's biggest dance show.
They all clapped for him, Ma.
So should I clap too?
-Where's the soap?
-Bringing it!
Ignore them!
He who fears, dies.
- Slimeball is gonna fall over.
- Going, going...
What's up, Shorty? Cassette got stuck?
You're all a bunch of wimps!
Who did he call a wimp?
Yeah, who?
Go on. Show him!
The pipe belongs to the municipality.
Don't dent it.
Who asked you to try, fatso?
-My arm is broken.
-Let's help him up.
Mr. Saul?
Yes, I am Saul,
and you are two hours late.
I'm extremely very sorry, sir.
Too much traffic.
Metro digging, here digging,
there digging.
In all of Mumbai digging, digging.
Please this way, sir. We are late.
Welcome to India, sirji! Namaste.
You know all foreigners
first word learn "Namaste."
Shut up and keep your eyes on the road!
You're two hours late,
and all you do is talk and talk.
I'm not a tourist. Fuck your Namaste!
Latif Bhai! Good luck!
Sir! Slowly.
Slowly, sir.
Sir, your room, sir.
My battery's dead. I need a phone.
Reception area is closed, sir.
Phone call only in the morning, sir.
Anything to eat? Food?
Sir, this time it is too much late, sir.
All shop, market, hotel, all closed, sir.
-Tap water, sir.
Water bottle, cold drink are locked
in reception fridge, sir.
Manager taking key.
But, sir, any problem,
my name is Latif, sir.
You are welcome to India, sir.
-Fuck off!
-Enjoy your trip, sir.
Saul, why won't you believe me?
It was a genuine mistake.
This Israeli guesthouse was your idea?
-Sorry, boss.
-Got shit on your face?
He told me about it.
He thought that maybe the first night,
you'd be more comfortable
with your own kind.
My own kind? Do I look like
an Israeli hippie backpacker?
Boss, he's mental! A real nutcase.
Why humor him?
His white skin will attract students.
Would I bother
with his white ass otherwise?
Saul... it was... a genuine mistake.
You know what is most genuine mistake?
Is that I come here!
I want to speak to the boss.
I'm the boss. Okay?
There is no other boss.
The boss is on a world tour.
Who recruited you? I did! I'm the boss.
This is not your company!
My contract not with you.
Not even a dog wants him there.
Here he acts like he's Elvis Presley.
What did you say?
He thinks you look like Elvis Presley.
Great having you!
-Take him to his flat.
-Okay, boss.
For your books.
1,000 short. Make do with it.
Sure, Papa.
-Can't you buy used books?
-I'll try.
Don't lose it.
It's 1,000 short. I'll pay later.
-Will I get a scholarship next month?
-Easy, boss. Sign up first.
Thank you, sir. I'll get my brother.
Polish up! There's still time
for a scholarship.
Want to become Michael Jackson overnight?
I'll give you a discount.
And here...
butt shorts.
Do well. You'll get a full scholarship.
Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
Come here! Come here!
Have you heard of Mumbai Dance Academy?
I do deliveries there.
I told them my younger brother
is a solid dancer.
They said, "Bring him."
If you get selected,
classes are totally free.
What about school?
Will school shut down without you?
I can learn on my own. Classes are crap.
This is your last chance,
or you'll be dancing your life away
with these losers. Get it?
Five, six, seven, eight.
This is Studio 3.
And here's the locker room.
He doesn't look happy being here?
No, ma'am, it's just the first day.
He'll cheer up
when he hits the dance floor.
Hey, Nishu! The star.
He won the Destiny's Hat.
Yeah, the guy who lost the first round?
It's getting late!
Madam, I'm off. I'll pick him up later.
Keep him in line.
And if you have a hostel,
we're fine if you keep him there.
Saul is God.
Sorry, I don't know him.
Saul teaches big-shot dancers.
Now he's coming to teach us.
God, I'm so nervous.
What's this ballet?
"T" is silent. Only "balley."
Oh, shit!
Are you okay?
Welcome! Boys and girls,
Saul Aaron is in the house.
More enthusiasm!
They're very excited. They can't wait.
That's it... Stop!
Senior dancers, go and warm up.
Come on. Let me give you the grand tour.
Fuck your tour! Come to my house.
See the windows, see the bed.
I can't sleep.
-I feel like shit.
-I'm so sorry.
I'll have that looked into immediately.
You focus on teaching.
I'll worry about the rest.
Demi pli. Demi pli. Grand pli.
Take your arm up in fifth. Tendu en croix.
Front side, back side.
First, first, fifth. First, first, fifth.
Repeat everything on the fifth.
And a one and a two, begin.
Stop! Stop!
Enough! Stop.
This is not ballet.
Contemporary company. Not ballet.
I was told you learned ballet.
We did. We learned.
Basic, basic ballet.
Basic, basic ballet.
Who is this basic, basic donkey
who teach you?
And who made you senior dancer?
Stop, enough!
Waste of my time!
Waste of time!
I pay you to teach!
-This is Mumbai not the Bolshoi.
-And it never will be.
Is he okay?
Give him some air.
-The foot.
Saul, you've... had a bit of a shock.
The foot that tripped me. Find it.
Boy who tripped me.
Come to my company class tomorrow.
What'd he say?
He's selected you for the senior class.
Lucky bugger!
Collect your butt shorts from the office.
Hi, Neena.
So what's this ballet?
"T" is silent.
Okay. "Balley."
There isn't a more beautiful dance form
than ballet.
It's like an angel flying...
in some beautiful dream.
But only in a dream, okay?
In reality, it makes you weep.
For those who make it,
it's like reaching the Everest peak.
I'll reach the peak.
You? Really?
Take a box of tissues with you
to wipe your tears away.
Okay. I can teach you
the basics you've missed.
-Yes, me! Don't you trust me?
It's not that.
I have a studio at home.
Far better than this one.
A studio at home?
Yeah! In the basement. So decide.
If I change my mind,
then it's your loss.
No! I'm ready, teacher.
Okay. See you!
And jet. Jet.
First, first, fifth.
Tendu, tendu, dtourner. Tournez!
And squeeze your butt!
-Gaand dabao.
-Gaand dabao.
You boy with color hair,
this is ballet not circus.
And cut your hair!
Balls I'll cut my hair, old goat.
What'd he say?
Never mind.
One, two, three, four.
I feasted on mutton
Why is your bum on fire?
I drank from the cup of life
Why did you turn green?
People think one thing, say another
Drain their words from your mind
Ignore what others say
Make your own plan
Let the world go to hell!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
This world is full of hot air
But I can play the game too
I'll make the world dance to my tune
I'm a smartass too!
I'm my own hero
I'm my own star
Two fingers to fate!
I make my own good luck
Let the world go to hell!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
Don't give a damn!
-Don't sweat!
-Don't give a damn!
-Don't be scared!
-Don't give a damn!
I'm Neena's friend.
Come in.
You need to learn how to balance.
Let's try. Give me your hand.
You need to move.
Too much force.
Now Mount Everest is mine!
You heard Saul sir's classes
are open to all?
-For people like me too?
-What do you mean?
-A dancer is a dancer.
-Send me the video you filmed today.
Usually, I only teach advanced students.
But here, I'm forced to teach everybody.
So call anyone from the street,
it makes no difference to me.
You are all equally mediocre.
boy who tripped me,
what is your name?
Asifuddin Naimuddin Beg.
Tell this boy with long name...
he has decent body for ballet.
Arms, legs, torso in proportion.
Good feet.
The only thing missing is discipline.
You can have all the talent in the world,
but if you have no discipline,
you will never be ballet dancer.
Understood? Translate.
He says your hair's too long.
Though you have a decent ballet body.
You have no discipline.
Without it, you'll never be
a great ballet dancer.
And cut your hair.
-And cut your hair.
-Cut yours, old goat!
Mad or what?
-Why did the boss come here?
-Big job on the cards.
-How much?
-Ten thousand for each one.
Your arm's broken. You get 5,000?
Asshole, it broke thanks to you.
I jump higher, run faster than you, fatso.
-I should get more.
Shorty, tell you what.
Put on your tight panties,
do "balley, balley" for me.
My full share is yours.
All your stuff will be on display!
Like the Flora Fountain statue.
Watch me!
Stop! He's one of us.
Shorty's a pansy.
Anthony, darlings, hit me on my chodraxx.
-Kiss me, baby, kiss me.
-You bastard.
Come here!
Are you mad? Hey, Shitvan.
Hey... You'll fall.
I was kidding.
Stop him! Can't he take a joke?
You crazy? Stop!
-Stuff your job up your ass!
-Shorty. Hey!
Shorty. Hey!
Asif, meet us at 7:00. Don't be late!
Flora Fountain statue!
Enough, shut up!
Why do you tease him?
Even though you don't work
and don't deserve...
Everybody! On your feet, face the barre.
Where to?
Where are your ballet shoes?
Don't have any.
No ballet shoes, no ballet class.
The rules.
-Get going!
-How come Asif is allowed in?
-He has ballet shoes. Look.
-But he didn't before.
Hey, Sherlock Holmes...
Asif is Saul's favorite student.
Not you. Clear off!
Don't bug me, or I'll slap you.
Hey, Nishu.
Sorry, they're a little big.
But you can alter and wear them.
-And you?
-I'm done with ballet. I love my bones.
Take them.
I'm sticking with contemporary.
Thank you.
Boy with long name, you stay.
We do center.
Shorty, he wants you to stay.
-I have work.
-He wants you to do center.
-I have work.
-Get back in!
We do petit saut. Come, see.
Damn you!
Stay! Get it right. Again.
Turn out.
Toes... arms.
They'll do.
Stop! Good.
-Done? I'm off.
-Now this.
Good. Again!
Good. Again!
May worms infest you.
May your aunt drop dead.
May she die four times.
Sorry, sir.
What happened?
Hurry up!
He was screwed doing the boss' job.
He couldn't run with his broken arm.
He fell and hit his head.
The police are looking for the others.
They all left him and ran off.
Asif, meet us at 7:00.
I was kidding.
Your arm's broken. You get 5,000...
Asshole, it broke thanks to you.
Shitting your pants? Slimeball!
You told me I had a ballet body.
Take me abroad,
I'll become a great dancer.
Swear on my parents.
From today, I won't mess up.
I don't want to die.
Explain to him.
He wants to become
a very good ballet dancer,
and make his parents proud.
That's good. Why cry?
All right, class. On your feet.
Let's get ready.
Listen. Sorry.
Forget it, rookie!
Stop the music.
-Where were you?
-Working in an office now?
Look at his hair!
-I'm learning another type of dance.
-Stopped b-boying?
First tell me your name,
then I'll answer.
Scram, you loafers!
We've told you a hundred times,
but you won't listen.
Your waacking is like
a sparking welding machine.
I know.
This place was once full of fish.
Since they made the Sea Link,
the fish have fled to Dubai.
They talk about a new coastal road.
Then the poor fisher folk will be
hung out to dry like their fish.
I know.
Is there anything you don't know?
Before I danced, I was a drummer.
Wow! Where you from?
Tell me your name.
Keep asking me, I'll keep lying.
Someone must ask you
where you are, who with?
No one dares!
-Do you have a BF?
-Why? You applying?
My sir says in a ballet dancer's life,
there's only one love, ballet.
Hey, Shorty,
I've no desire to be anyone's girlfriend.
And next time,
sit here with your lover "ballet."
And tell your sir if he wants to waack,
I'll teach him for free.
Birdie flew away?
Why didn't you ask me?
They're just a pair of shoes.
Thanks. But forget it.
We're friends!
Neena, come upstairs.
Can I come in five minutes?
No, right now.
-I'll go.
-Wait. I'll be right back.
What do you mean, who's he?
Papa, he's in my dance class.
A fellow student. He's my friend.
From the slums?
Move him into one of your flats.
I'm sure he'll love it.
You watch your mouth, young lady.
We're only trying to protect you.
Have you even heard of drug-resistant TB?
It lives in the slums, and it's airborne.
And you're dancing with him?
Madam, I know where he lives.
His father's a taxi driver.
I can see through boys like him.
-They sweet talk rich girls...
-Shut up, Rosy!
Just shut up! Nishu is my friend.
Hey, Nishu. You here?
I want to practice. Is the studio free?
His father is a taxi driver.
Have you even heard of drug-resistant TB?
It lives in the slums, and it's airborne.
And you're dancing with him?
I can see through boys like him.
They sweet talk rich girls...
Stop the fucking horn!
Whose car is it?
Stop it, stop the fucking horn!
Hey, why abuse?
Twenty fucking minutes! Twenty, I count!
Find the owner and stop the horn,
or I will!
The car owner's away.
Sir, what are you doing?
Stop, sir!
What are you doing?
Please, sir!
Yes, Saul? Good evening, sir!
Okay. Stay calm.
I'm sending help right away.
He's a foreigner. He better pay.
Don't spare him.
So what if he's a foreigner!
Wait! Talk to me.
He's our teacher. He's from America.
I'm from the Mumbai Dance Academy.
From America or the moon,
is he a nutcase?
Does he own that car?
Who does he think he is?
Horn was stuck for 20 fucking minutes.
So what? If a baby's not well,
cry, cry whole day, you beat the baby?
Calm down!
-I beg you all...
-Who'll pay?
He has only one kidney.
The fever makes him crazy.
Don't protect him.
I'll talk to him.
Today, it's a car,
tomorrow, it could be someone's head.
Will you be responsible for him?
I can come in?
You want water?
-Yes, thank you.
-It's in there.
Myself Nishu. I'm in your class.
I want to be a ballet dancer.
You and a million others, my friend.
Juniors, you're done.
Seniors, get ready for grand allegro.
What's wrong with you today?
-Can I join the senior dancers?
Step, flick, jet, down the diagonal,
one by one.
Wow, you can really jump!
Enjoying the rain?
Such lies?
You've fallen so low?
-Speak up!
-I'm sorry, Papa.
We sacrificed so much to educate you.
Cut corners so you'd go
to a decent college.
What for?
My eyes are ruined,
sewing day and night, for what?
-To hear you say you're sorry?
-What can I say?
Look at that poor Kamlesh.
Poor Kamlesh. Poor Dinesh.
Poor this one, poor that one.
He didn't succeed, but he tried.
He didn't make it.
So must we all stop trying?
I'm not Kamlesh.
One day, I'll go places in life.
I swear it, Papa.
Either you live here and go to college...
or you leave home...
and dance at weddings
and birthday parties.
If anyone asks where's your father,
say the bastard's dead.
I was watching your video on your phone,
and Papa saw me...
Brother, I made a terrible mistake.
Forgive me.
Why are you apologizing? I'm the liar.
Don't go, please.
You'll have to clean the studio floor
and bathroom by 6:30 a.m.
The first class starts at 7:00.
-Can't I sleep upstairs?
-Security issue.
-And bathroom?
There's only waste air-conditioner water
for you to bathe.
Savio sir is doing you a favor.
No one should say,
"He makes poor students clean the toilets
and sleep in the basement."
I won't breathe a word. Promise!
Remember these times.
One day, you'll be staying
in a five-star hotel.
Nishu, talk to me. What's your problem?
Hey, Neena, want a Destiny's Hat?
It's going cheap.
-What have I done to you?
-Get off me!
Don't ruin my t-shirt.
Are you my teacher?
-Watch it!
Break it up. Into class, now.
What's his story?
His brother brought him here actually.
He's from a very poor, large family.
Bring the brother to me.
Your brother could be
a very good ballet dancer.
His progress is amazing.
But before I invest more time and energy,
I need to know I have the full support
of his family.
He says your brother could be
a very good ballet dancer.
Look where he is now!
Before he starts the training,
sir must know your family fully backs him.
No skipping off.
Ballet requires 100% of his life.
-Sir is saying--
-I understand that much.
I said I'd ask the family.
Then I immediately added
you'd say, "Keep the rascal!
He's all yours."
-What about my elder brother?
-What about him?
Is it worth the trouble?
Want to find me dead like Jeevan?
Will that be less trouble?
-Hey, Asif!
-Have your dinner first.
He's out of control.
No, thank you.
Why? Have some.
Dancers don't eat fried vada pav.
Can I watch?
Come, everyone. Look at Asif.
Again. Music.
-I must have him.
The boy with the long name.
He means Asif, the Juhu kid.
Glad he's only telling us.
If the boss heard, he'd hit the roof.
What do you mean you must have him?
I can make something of him.
He could go to America, be a great dancer.
But he must live with me,
train with me, all hours, 24/7.
I don't think living with you
is a good idea.
People talk.
I don't sleep with my students,
if that is what you mean.
No, no, no.
Nobody thinks that.
I put it on the table
just so we are clear.
I have an idea. Let's send Nishu to him.
The poor kid lives in the basement.
He can do the household chores
and translate for him too.
-He knows English?
-Yes, of course.
Asif can stay with you, along with Nishu.
That's a good idea.
He's a good boy.
He saved me from crazy neighbors.
Crazy neighbors? Yeah!
They said he's the crazy one.
So you like this ballet thing?
Like chewing gum sticks to hair,
it's stuck to me.
But living with Saul is jail time.
Your brain is as small as your height.
Am I wrong?
Instead of dying for a gangster,
die dancing with respect.
God's given you a gift. Take care of it.
Who asked you here?
Who the hell asked you? Loser!
-Who is it?
-Boy with the long name.
So, finally, the star decides to arrive.
He will stay here? You not tell me?
I don't have to tell you anything.
Show him the home.
Not here. Over there.
Stay on your side.
Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Mikhail Barishni... who?
Misha. Immortal!
See how high he jumps.
That is ballon.
So free, he's floating on air.
Glued your lips?
-Not in the mood.
Now I show you someone
who remind me of you, Asif.
Misty Copeland. Translate.
She reminds him of you.
I'm no girl!
She remind me of you because
she start late like you,
and poor like you.
In three years, she dance
with American Ballet Theatre.
A goddess.
-What did he say?
-"You're just like a girl."
Misty Copeland.
This is not your father's house!
Don't waste water!
Who gave you permission?
-Who did you dare push?
-You dog!
You son of a...
I'm going to beat you up so much.
I'm going to beat you up so much.
I'll beat you to a pulp!
I'll whack your ass.
What have I done to you?
One more fight
and both of you out of this house.
Go to sleep.
Okay, everyone. Today we start
preparing for the annual performance.
Exciting new choreography.
Warm up, warm up.
Come on. You two, my office,
right now.
-Sir, I was joking, sir.
Hey, Tyson. Enough!
What did you say?
I said I heard he's employed
as your servant.
Nishu is better dancer
than you will ever be. Get out!
Go! I'll talk to you later.
That's it.
From now on, your jealous students
do not trouble my boys anymore.
Asif and Nishu only mine.
No other class. No other teacher.
Sir, what about the annual performance?
Not with my boys.
Rule number one:
never touch nothing
that don't belong to you.
Is it stuffed with hash?
He asked if you put hashish in the box.
Who is paying for all this?
Why do I pay?
Diwali. You give gift to us.
Don't get lost.
-Don't get lost.
Does your papa know
Where you wander about?
By the sea, girl
How wildly you dance, girl!
It's my life, boy
What's it to you?
Mind your own business, sweetie
Your mummy's looking for you
Call your Mummy here, call Papa too
I've hired a DJ
We'll make them dance
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
For me or you
I know, you know
Who doesn't know?
I'm queen for a night
You're king for a night
You're queen for a night
I'm king for a night
Late into the night, my queen
Where are you headed,
All dolled up?
Don't lock eyes with me
I might just lose control
Why do you guys...
chase girls 24/7?
Ogling with your wicked eyes
How am I to blame?
Want an omelet, my queen?
Not in the mood, O king
-Get lost!
-Leave me alone!
Take her away.
-You'll rot in hell, asshole!
-Come on!
You bastard!
Take her away!
Let go! Asif!
Bastard, we let you live
peacefully in this country.
And you piss on our faces?
I know where you live.
I'll wipe out your entire family.
Let him go!
Don't hit him!
Take him away. Asif, go! Call you later.
Go, now go!
What is going on?
She Hindu, he Muslim.
Hey, Asif, you know what
I've been thinking?
It won't be easy, but you're ready to go
to ballet school outside India.
-He says you could go abroad for ballet--
-Ballet, go to hell!
He say, "Ballet, go to hell."
No! Religious bullshit go to hell.
It's the same everywhere. In Israel also.
That's why I left and went to America.
Same shit there.
The only escape is dance.
If everyone danced,
then the world will not be so crazy.
He said if everyone danced--
Where you going?
Happy Diwali, son. Hey!
- May I come in?
- Of course, aunty.
Bless you.
-All homemade, with my own hands.
-Thank you.
How's his kidney?
He's on Ayurvedic treatment,
he's much better.
I will go to Siddhivinayak walking...
-for your health.
-Why for my health?
Diwali. We pray, we walk
for everyone health.
- Happy Diwali.
- Happy Diwali.
Happy Diwali.
You want to go somewhere and celebrate?
My treat. You choose.
No, thank you.
Happy Diwali!
Stop teasing my child!
Look, Asif,
I don't know anything about her.
Hey! Must I tell you again?
Everyone is watching this neighborhood.
There's a court case
against the coastal road,
and you start a Hindu-Muslim riot?
If I ever see you here again,
I'll hang you out to dry. Get lost!
Get back to work! Lazy lout!
Forget her. She's just trouble.
Concentrate on your dance.
Are you done?
Let's go.
make dinner. I'm hungry.
Nishu make.
Where is he? His phone is off.
-Let me see her.
-You can't go in the ICU.
Let him stay here tonight.
The doctor will see her tomorrow.
-I'll stay.
-He'll stay.
You'll stay, won't you?
Nishu, your charger.
I've brought you some clothes.
-Sir, please! Sir!
-Sir, Sunita Chauhan.
-Which Sunita?
She was admitted last night.
I'm her brother.
-Ulcerative colitis, emergency case.
-She'll be okay, won't she?
It depends how her body reacts.
Her fighting spirit. Have faith.
Hello? Nishu! No respect.
You did not call.
My sister is very ill. She's in I.C.U.
Excuses, excuses.
You don't believe me?
What difference what I believe?
You're not here.
You miss practice, you miss class.
Why do you care if I miss class?
You care because I'm not there
to do your chores.
You're missing your servant.
Zen was right.
Hey, English!
Go to hell!
-Nishu, why are you shouting?
-It's nothing.
How can I understand
if he's yelling in Hindu?
Not Hindu, you fool, Hindi.
He told me to go to hell.
He isn't wrong. You should go to hell!
-What happened?
His phone dead.
I've troubled everyone.
I'm not a good son or brother...
or a good student.
No more dancing.
It's all my fault, brother.
How's it your fault?
Because Papa saw the video.
On top of that,
I fell ill at the wrong time.
If you stop dancing,
I'll always blame myself.
Have your medicine.
Tell him I went to Nishu's house.
No one was there.
They're all at the hospital.
His sister is very sick.
-Tell him it wasn't a lie.
-I do not speak Hindu.
He says he went to Nishu's house.
His sister is seriously ill.
They are all in the hospital.
Nishu wasn't lying, sir.
Okay, so I made a mistake.
I will call Nishu and apologize, okay?
He'll say sorry to Nishu.
His phone is off.
What can I do? And how suddenly
you love Nishu so much?
Enough with this drama. Time to work.
-Go to hell!
Come on!
Look, if you eat,
I'll show you some ballet steps.
For every bite, one step.
Open wide!
This is a Ronde de Jambe.
Doesn't it sound like "gulab jamun?"
The names are real tongue twisters.
What about the next step?
Come on!
Asif's English is even worse than mine.
Saul sir keeps shouting at him,
"Squeeze your ass!"
This is called "develop."
Are you done?
I'll bring it later.
Let's practice for the application.
Show me Entrechat Six.
That's it. Very good.
Really, very good.
It's gone over my head again.
I hear you're a ballet dancer.
And you were practicing
in your sister's room.
No, I was just cheering her up.
Can you cheer up the others too? Please.
I've stopped dancing.
I hear the hospital dean is a real Hitler.
I'm the hospital dean.
So Hitler dictates that you must dance.
That's an order.
-I've talked to the accounts.
-You have the money, right?
-Where are they?
-Probably they've gone for some tests.
You floored them, brother.
Look over there.
My child! You're fine, right?
-Good job.
-Thank you.
Papa, the dean forced me,
or else, I would not have danced.
I vowed if Suni gets well,
I'll stop dancing.
Your mother's family are rotten dancers.
Your talent must have come from me.
Foreign dance?
Are you human or a deer?
Do whatever you want.
You dance.
Me, I'm just an old...
You scared us.
How's it going?
Hello, Saul.
Come on, first say sorry.
Sorry, Nishu.
Now, could you tell these damn people
to stop cutting their fucking marble?
Your house, you tell.
If I tell, they'll beat me. You tell.
I not servant. I dancer.
How is your sister?
Fine. I want to audition.
For who?
For you.
when did you become so good?
Long back. You never see.
Would you like I apply for ballet schools
with Asif?
Nishu better than you now.
Keep your back straight!
Top leg, faster.
Okay, stop.
We move on.
That is complicated, now next step.
Okay, let's say a prayer,
even though I don't believe in God.
If God exists,
why is the world so shitty?
He was a big star?
You were a big star?
Hey, rule number one...
But, yes, I was a big star.
I was good. Very good.
Good enough to know
you both can be great.
And like you, I started poor.
No money, no ballet shoes, no nothing.
-Did he say poor? Just like us paupers.
-Yes. Same to same.
-Same to same.
How did he end up here?
How you end up in India?
In America, nobody want me.
In Israel, nobody want me.
I need a job.
India need a ballet teacher.
He didn't get a job anywhere.
So he hit the jackpot like us.
My grandpa make this for me
when I was young.
When he was young,
his grandfather made it for him.
It reminds me of my family.
It reminds him of his family.
But... you're my family now.
He says we're his family now.
But real family where?
My mother and father dead.
My brother in Israel.
You fight with your brother?
How do you know?
He fights with everyone.
Because you fight with everyone.
Why you scare people?
If you're nice to everyone,
everyone nice to you.
I know you're like a coconut.
Hard from outside,
soft and sweet from inside.
I hate coconut.
This is a pancake.
Not a sweet dosa?
-Saul, someone message you.
-Nobody replies so fast.
Someone did.
"We would be pleased to offer them
a place in our summer program."
Mazel tov!
Will you have a sweet?
Nishu has got admission
to a top ballet school in New York.
Where's that?
In America.
You've all gone crazy.
It's clearly written that dance and music
are forbidden for us Muslims.
Uncle, till one year ago,
I was running wild.
People respect me now.
I've got a scholarship
for an American dance school.
How have I shamed our people?
Hear how he answers back?
Brother, with your permission,
may I speak?
Do you know what's forbidden?
Now you'll tell me what "forbidden" means.
As if I didn't know.
Allah Himself has given my son
this gift of dancing.
What's "forbidden" is to stop him.
Allah gave me this gift.
I have to take care of it.
God forbid!
A ballet body is one in a million.
I was born with it.
Who gave it to me?
How did I find my teacher?
It's because of Allah, right?
With due respect, brother,
you have no right to stop my son.
To deny his wishes
is denying Allah's wish.
Please think about it.
You'll all land up in hell.
In hell.
I don't want to hear another word.
Thank you for meeting me.
I don't understand
why you're so angry with me.
What have I done?
I trap rich girls with my sweet talk.
I might have T.B.
That too the drug-resistant kind.
I overheard everything... on the speaker.
I'm so sorry, Nishu.
Why be sorry?
I should thank your parents
for my success.
What do you mean?
I made a vow that night
I would prove myself.
I might be poor, but my dreams are rich.
And how you've proved it!
I'm so, so proud of you, Nishu.
Honestly, I'm a little jealous.
Jealous? Why?
It was my dream
to go abroad and learn ballet.
Join a company.
Why didn't you?
Less talented.
I wasn't brave enough.
But promise me one thing.
When you return, we'll dance.
I see you have a scholarship
for Joffrey Ballet School.
Yes, we're the first ballet dancers
from India to go there.
And your father is a taxi driver
and your mother is a homemaker?
And there's no evidence of taxes,
no bank accounts?
Whatever money my father makes,
he spend to run the house,
and to pay my sister's medical bills.
And your family approve of you
moving so far away?
Not just approve, they're very happy.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint them,
but I cannot grant you a visa.
You are unmarried.
You have no assets back in India,
and you have nothing to return to.
How you can say that?
I don't have bank balance,
but I have my family.
I'm sorry but that's not enough.
But please, you can--
No, listen.
There's no use arguing, okay?
You need to come back
when you're more settled.
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life
Oh, heart of mine
Don't lose courage
All dreams turn to dust
Oh, heart of mine
Don't lose courage
All dreams turn to ruin
You don't burn alone
Millions burn in this city
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life
My passion has undone my life...
Now they don't even come
to the Academy anymore.
You raised their hopes to the sky.
Just because they are poor,
they have no hope?
Is that what you're saying?
It was a lottery. You lost.
But you got admission.
Asif, getting a visa is not in our hands.
You've given up so easily?
Get up!
And one, two, three, four, five, six...
Join the last row.
Five, six, seven, eight. And one, two...
You and Asif get admissions
to Oregon Ballet Theatre School.
-In America.
Better than Joffrey.
That was a summer program.
This is for two years. Full scholarship.
But visa?
Their accounts...
with the transfer you requested
from your American account.
What is this?
Our own bank account with lots of money.
When we earn, we return the money.
Just make me proud.
Let's see what these mean visa guys say.
We heard at the academy that you got
the boys' admission to another school?
My dad's a famous lawyer.
I want to take you to meet him.
Maybe he can help with the boys' visas.
I can't believe
they deny them their visas.
How many boys from India
get admission to Joffrey?
Never, no one!
And just because they are poor?
I'm ashamed to be citizen of America.
But Mini here says you can help us.
My son's name is Minoo, not Mini.
And I said maybe you can help him.
I've opened bank accounts for them.
They have money now.
That helps but no other assets.
Single, risk of not returning...
Sorry, doesn't look very hopeful.
More bullshit!
Sorry. Saul is a bit temperamental,
but he's an excellent teacher.
Uncle, Minoo is a very helpful boy.
If he hadn't given me his shoes,
I might never have danced ballet.
This is Asif's family.
We have a welding shop.
Let's go in.
Father, let's go in.
Careful, you'll trip!
So, you are Neena's parents?
-A pleasure to finally meet you.
-Neena is such an asset to the company.
-Thank you.
Then why isn't she going to America?
Well, the competition for ballerinas
in the U.S. is very fierce.
Did these slum boys
get in under reservation?
There's... no government quota for ballet
in the U.S., Mrs. Mehta.
We met at a friend's dinner party.
I thought they might enjoy
the boys' ballet.
I hear they're very talented.
Now it's up to you.
Welcome! So glad to have you.
Change of plan!
Asif and Nishu will dance solo.
What? How will they manage?
Get your boys ready for their solo.
Are you crazy?
I could have left them in the chorus.
What are you talking about?
It's not possible.
Do you ever shut up?
The U.S. Consul General...
she's in the audience.
Now, perform!
Good luck.
Hurry. Let's set the lights.
Take Nishu and Asif's family
to the VIP row.
-Second row.
-Second row.
Excuse me!
Don't be nervous.
We do the duet we practiced.
Don't think about anything.
Just feel the music like you do in class.
Guys, three minutes.
Get ready.
The Mumbai Dance Academy
welcomes you to our annual performance.
Tonight is a special night.
Our very own two lads, Asif and Nishu...
who we are very proud of...
who this Academy has supported
with scholarships and jobs.
Despite being from
economically-challenged backgrounds,
the two lads are on their way
to the most prestigious,
well-renowned, most exclusive,
the most selective...
ballet school of America.
We pluck the fallen stars
Of our destiny
And keep flying
We restore
Our shattered dreams
And keep flying
So what if this dream is broken?
This heart is still whole
We're not broken
We link our arms
Once again
And keep flying
So what if we go our separate ways?
This friendship will last forever
We're not broken
This is my bank account. I love my family.
Guarantee I come back to India.
So you're the one who impressed
the hell out of my boss and her husband?
You mean they like
our ballet performance?
Liked? They absolutely loved it.
I mean they couldn't stay till the end,
but they couldn't stop raving
about your performance.
You, Misty Copeland.
Same-same looking. Twins!
We got it, Saul. We got the visa!
And they loved the performance.
It's such good news, Nishu. The best.
Get ready for your great adventure.
Yeah, I see you soon.
-All the best.
-Make sure you eat well.
Come on, Nishu.
-Where's he going now?
-He must've forgotten his passport.
Does he have his passport?
He'll be back!
-Sit in front.
-Let's go.
You boys look after each other, okay?
And, Asif, listen to what Nishu says.
No fights, promise?
Now I know what a father feels
when he sends his children into the world.
I want you both to have this.
-How we can accept this?
-I insist.
It's yours to share.
Take it everywhere with you.
No hashish?
And you know, my brother is coming
to visit me from Israel.
See, I tell you, if you're nice
to everyone, everyone is nice to you.
You the teacher, I the student.
Thank you.
His brother is coming from Israel!
He'll run away in two days!
Mother, Father, this is Asif's teacher.
-Bird's nest hair gone?
-Bird flew away.
I was so worried about you.
Those bastards...
He's my brother. Rotting in jail now.
I put him there.
That was your brother?
That scumbag?
You put him in jail?
Long story.
If I start, you'll miss your flight.
You really did it, dummy!
Now will you tell me your name?
What's the word in Hindi for "hope"?
Balls! If I knew good English,
I would have proposed to you, right?
Then what about your girlfriend, ballet?
Don't forget me.
Don't ever lose "hope."
"The word for hope in Hindi is Asha.
My name."
Take care!
I'm so proud.
We'll miss you, Saul.
Cabin crew, take your seats for takeoff.
Namaste, India.