Yeh Dillagi (1994) Movie Script

In loving memory of
Late. Shri Vas Dev Dhir.
Our Greateful Thanks,
Government of Himachal Pradesh.
Department Of Toursim (Simla).
Simla Railway Authorities.
Kufri Resort. Gaybles. Timber Trail.
Koti Resort. Chail Palace.
Yash Chopra Presents.
Aditya Films.
Yeh Dillagi.
And yes! You all listen carefully!
The party has begun!
Many guests have arrived.
Some other guests are
going to arrive.
See to it that people don't
face any problems in parking.
As soon as the car's
number is announced...
...the car should immediately
reach the gate.
Okay. You people can now go.
Papa, you?
Why were you going inside, Sapna?
I was not going to commit
any robbery.
I will give you one slap and you
will forget all your mischief.
Go home!
Let me go inside for
a few minutes, papa.
I just want to see once
how rich people look closely.
Don't talk nonsense!
Dear, you should not forget
your stature.
They are my boss.
And you are an ordinary
driver's daughter.
Is a driver an ordinary man?
Even Lord Krishna was a driver.
Lord Arjun's driver.
Will you go or not.
Beat me. I will count up to 10.
If you slapped me... then I will do
whatever you want.
Ready... steady... go.
1... 2... 3... 5...
7... 9... 10.
Look! You couldn't hit me.
I know! You can never raise
your hands on me.
Because I am your only daughter.
And you love me so much...
No father in the world...
...can love his daughter so much.
Okay! Okay! My pampering
has spoiled you.
Now please go.
The guests are arriving.
Why do you want me to lose my job?
I will just leave.
There is no harm in looking
from a distance.
Good evening, doctor.
How are you?
Good evening, Dharampal.
- How are you?
- I am fine.
You are so loyal.
I remember when Bhanu Pratap
had got married...
...then too you were here.
And today on his 25th anniversary
too you are here.
Servants should be like you.
Doctor, had I been treated
like a servant...
...then I wouldn't have stayed
here for so long.
Sir and madam have always
considered me... a part of their family.
You can clap only with
both the hands.
Silver jubilee!
Now another romantic pose!
Romantic pose!
Congratulations, Saigal!
Congratulations, sister-in-law!
Silver jubilee!
Thank you.
Good that you have come.
He has already had 3 drinks.
And this is the 4th one.
Today no restrictions.
Today I will eat sweets
and fried dishes too.
I will also drink
to my heart's content.
And I will smoke too.
I should receive some reward of
tolerating you for 25 years.
You have tolerated me?
I have tolerated you.
- Do you know...
- Let it be, sister-in-law.
Pardon him today.
Let him do whatever he wants.
From tomorrow I will put
him on such a diet...
...that it will settle the score.
Thank you, Junaija! Cheers!
Where are Vicky and Vijay?
Junaija, this Vijay is a bore!
I could have never imagined
that an interesting and...
...flamboyant man like me will
have such a boring son.
He always talks about work.
Today too instead of celebrating
with his parents...
...he must be engrossed in
some business conversation.
Liquor is rich people's penchant
and poor people's need.
I was planning to set up
such a factory...
...that will fulfil rich
people's penchant...
...and poor people's health
too won't deteriorate.
- Very good thought!
- Thank you!
I am amazed to see you, Vijay.
In spite of being the owner
of two liquor factories... yourself don't drink.
It's nothing unusual.
There are many confectioners
who make sweets...
...but they themselves
don't consume sweets.
I have heard that you
are going to open...
...a champagne factory in Nasik.
You are right.
Vijay, if the project is ready
then my bank can finance it.
The project is ready.
I have recorded each detail
on the video cassette.
- Ram Singh!
- Yes, sir.
Bring all the drinks to my room.
Come on, gentlemen.
You all sit. I will give the details
of the project. Have a seat.
Here is the land were we are
going to put up the factory.
And it is only 12 km away
from Nasik city.
Look at this!
Mr. Vijay, the project is really nice.
Very interesting!
Excuse me!
Sir, the drinks.
First tell me who had
come in my room?
Vicky... Vicky sir had come.
He can't think of anything
besides girls.
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says...
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Sing the song, friend.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Youth tempts me.
And life filled with merriment.
It doesn't listen to me.
My heart sways like cheery wind.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says...
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Sing the song, friend.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Whether somebody believes me or not.
I am a crazy lover.
I am a crazy dealer.
Love makes me go crazy.
These lovely faces.
These fair arms.
These capricious charms
make me fervent.
I have got fervour.
I write stories in my imagination.
Whenever I see a beautiful girl.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says...
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
I am always immersed
in merriment.
My dream house is in
my beloved's lane.
When I meet fairies.
I lose control.
This life seems beautiful.
I get lost in dreams.
I ask mementos from
beautiful girls.
The intoxication of youth.
The charms of youth put
my eyes in a trance.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says...
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Sing the song, friend.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says...
Ole-ole! Ole!
- Keep quiet!
- What did you say?
- Shanti.
- Yes.
Have we come quite
far away today?
No. Because today you
have to run 2 km more.
- I see! I see!
- I am going to the farmhouse.
- We will have breakfast together.
- Okay!
- Shanti.
- Yes.
- Where you born in Germany?
- No. Why?
- Hitler too was born there.
- I see!
Let's go!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Saigal! Take me to Saigal's house.
Thank you!
Thank you!
- Daddy! What are you doing?
- Eating.
But the doctor has forbidden
you from eating all this.
Yes! But today I too have decided!
That henceforth you will
stop eating secretly.
- No. I will change my doctor.
- What?
Yes! Today early in the
morning you are ready.
- Anything special?
- I need money.
You will get it.
Give me a cigarette.
You will get it soon.
I don't have cigarettes, dad.
No problem.
Go into the bathroom.
I have already gone
to my bathroom...
I mean my bathroom.
Go! If that Hitler came,
she will ruin all the fun.
Go, go! Quickly!
Vicky, did you reach there?
Yes, dad. Now what to do?
Open that flush tank's lid.
Cigarette? Fantastic!
After all whose father is he.
I am proud of you, dad.
You have found a nice place to hide.
After all whose dad I am.
Now I understood why you
frequently go to the bathroom.
This is called life.
And this is called death.
That Hitler has come!
- Cigarette! Cigarette! Cigarette!
- Oh!
What's the matter, Vicky?
Today you are up so soon.
- Good morning, mom.
- Good morning.
You... you have returned so soon.
Yes! I ran very fast.
- I am tired.
- Cigarette!
Shanti! Get me some water!
Who is smoking?
- Cigarette? Your son was smoking.
- What!
Vicky! You!
It's so shameful, Vicky!
If you can't learn our etiquette,
then it's fine!
At least learn to respect
your father.
- Mom, I...
- You are smoking in front of him.
I never smoked.
Shut up! Beware! Beware!
It's okay if you don't respect me.
But you can't argue
with your mother.
Shanti... I am thirsty. Water!
Who eat custard and rice
- Eat custard and rice sweetmeats?
- Yes!
I am sure it must be our servant.
The master of the house
doesn't eat any sweets...
...and the servants eat custard
and rice sweetmeats.
Ram Singh...
No need to call anybody mother.
I will tell you.
Last night I came late. So I eat
custard and rice sweetmeats.
You came late?
You must have come in the morning
after having fun.
Vicky! I am fed up of your deeds.
You are not concerned
about the family.
You don't respect your elders.
You do as you please!
Do you know? Yesterday I checked
his telephone dairy.
There were 80 names.
Only of girls.
What's the matter, mummy?
Why are you getting so infuriated
early in the morning?
Vijay! I have decided!
From today Vicky will go
to the office with you.
Mother, are you fine?
Office and I?
These are my days to enjoy.
Did you hear my decision?
Brother, now only you
can help me.
Yes, I will surely help you.
I will wake you up.
I will serve you breakfast.
And I will take you to the office.
- Oh no!
- Oh yes!
- I will just come.
- Vicky! Come!
Today I will spend my day
in the office.
Shut up!
Saigal Industries.
Saigal Impex. Saigal Cement.
Poultry. Breweries. Nuts and Bolts.
Tea Estates. Hotels. Paints.
This is your cabin! How is it?
Very grand.
But it is still a prison.
Because of this prison, there are
100 girls' numbers in your dairy.
By the way... I am sending you
that Nasik project file.
Read it properly. Okay.
And best of luck.
See you in the evening.
Hello, operator, give me 28514!
I want to talk to Neena.
Sorry, sir. Boss has forbidden from
giving you any girl's number.
Sir, this is Nasik project file.
Read it and write your remarks.
- Fine! Come after 5-7 days.
- What...
It's such a fat file.
It will take 5-7 days to read it.
- Keep it.
- Okay.
This is a nice place.
Yes, sir.
- Listen!
- Yes?
Outside a girl is seated on the
4th table from the right side.
Who is she...
Right side? Your right side
or my right side, sir?
Fool! Come here!
- Bend down!
- What, sir?
Bend down!
- Look there!
- She!
- Yes!
- She is Dolly, the typist.
The typist! I want a typist only.
Go and quickly call the typist.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
- What's your name?
- Sir, Dolly Kapadia.
Are you Dimple Kapadia's relative?
Sir, I am not so lucky.
- What do you do?
- Sir, I am a typist.
A typist! Oh, my God!
Your delicate fingers
are not for typing.
Your fingers should be adorned
with diamond rings.
Sir, what to type?
Forget that! Tell me...
how much is your salary?
Sir, 900 rupees.
This is injustice! Atrocity!
Taking advantage of people's
As long as I am there,
this won't happen.
- Show me your hand.
- What?
From today these beautiful fingers
will earn not 900 rupees...
...but 2000 rupees.
Is it less... Doll?
No! Thank you very much, sir.
You are really nice.
I am pleased to see you happy.
Beautiful girls should
always be happy.
By the way... what are you
doing this evening... Doll?
- Sapna!
- Sujata!
Sit! Sit!
When did you return from Mumbai?
Why didn't you tell me?
First tell me why were you dancing?
Have you found a guy?
No! In Shimla there is
no guy worthy of me.
Tell me! How are things in Mumbai?
How is uncle?
Fine! I am a heroine
in uncle's movie.
Film star!
In an ad film. I am a model.
Hang on.
Buy a western TV,
and your wife will be happy.
Wow! What a pose!
Will you work in my uncle's ad film?
You will earn fame and money.
No! How can I leave my papa alone?
Fine! Fine! You can at least
come for an outing.
- Or you can't come?
- Where will you take me?
Hotel Clarks. In the evening.
I have invited the rest too.
Clarks! I think you have become rich.
Yes! But what use is the money...
...if it can't come to a friend's aid.
Sujata, I have heard that nowadays
models have started working in movies.
Will you meet us after becoming
a heroine?
You will have to meet us.
Only we will be a flop heroine's fan...
Flop heroine!
If I became a star then you
will come for my autograph.
- Let's have our supper now.
- I will just come.
- We want a room.
- Yes, sir. In what name?
- Mr. & Mrs. Amitabh Bachchan.
- Mister...
What are you looking at?
Can only one man have
this name in the world?
No, no, sir. No, no, sir.
- Pen!
- Yes!
- Are there two C.H in Bachchan?
- Yes, sir.
- The key!
- Sir! Room number 104!
- Good night, sir.
- Good night.
What's the matter?
Why have you called me here?
Your sister Dolly is in
the hotel room with boss.
What are you saying?
My sister and that Saigal!
I will kill him!
Sujata! Hurry up! Now you have
to show your acting skills.
- He has gone up!
- But what happened?
Later! Now hurry up! Hurry up!
Ruffian! Loafer!
You molested me!
Are there no women in your house?
He molested me! Beat him! Beat him!
You tease a girl! Shameless!
You? You have followed me here.
This girl's brother is the
one who is following you.
- And if...
- Oh, my God!
If Damu saw us together,
he won't spare us.
You don't know her, darling.
She likes to harass people.
She has come to trouble us too.
I will teach her a lesson.
Vicky, do something
with your brains.
You can only think about girls.
Look, who is coming!
Come with me. I will show you.
Come on, show me.
He is Damu! He will kill us!
Bathroom! Hide in the bathroom.
Don't come out.
Saigal! Open the door!
Where is that scoundrel who
has brought my sister here?
What? Have you gone mad?
Am I your sister?
Then what are you doing here?
Get lost!
Get lost! Otherwise, I will take
you to the police station.
You humiliate decent guys.
And he even teases girls. He should
be taken to the police station.
Yes, yes.
Sorry, sir. I made a mistake.
Somebody gave me the wrong
information. I am sorry.
Get lost!
Johnny has got me into trouble.
And yes, of you are
in your senses now...
...then send that girl home.
If her brother returns...
then this time he won't apologise.
What would have happened?
He would have been thrashed
black and blue.
And he would have addressed
all the women as sisters.
He deserves to be thrashed.
How long can he escape?
Why is Vicky approaching us?
We have saved his life.
He must be coming to thank us.
- I think he will give us a lift too.
- Of course!
- Listen!
- Yes!
Here is 100 rupees.
Buy ice creams for your friends.
Hey! Hey! He has humiliated you.
What does he think of himself?
This is how he has
repaid the favour.
Hey, rich man's son.
Do you think I am a beggar?
I have done you a favour.
I have saved your honour.
Why did you give me 100
rupees? Come back!
Is everything fine?
Why are you screaming in
the middle of the street?
What does your brother
Vicky think of himself?
He was flirting with
a girl in a hotel.
Her brother reached there.
And he wanted to thrash him.
I saved his life.
And he gave me 100 rupees.
And he said... buy ice cream.
Do I look like a glutton?
Here is his 100 rupees.
Give it to him.
And tell him that my papa is his
servant, but I am not his servant.
You are right.
Vicky shouldn't have done that.
- By the way where are you going?
- Home.
I too am going home. Come,
I will escort you people. Come.
Come on. Let's go.
- Let's go, Sapna.
- Come on.
Come on.
You both are so different.
You stopped the car as soon as
you saw me.
And he gave me a tip and went away.
What Vicky did... that is wrong.
But what he said,
that is not wrong.
To have ice cream.
It's more fun to have ice cream
in winter than in summer.
What do you say?
Shall we have ice cream?
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Take it for yourself.
- This is too much.
Can I get one?
- Ice cream?
- Yes!
Thank you!
Darling... I wish you
were in front of me.
I would have kiss...
who told you to call here?
Office work in the office.
Tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.
So... how was your first
day in the office?
Very dangerous.
It's a very dangerous job.
If you won't do risky things...
...then office work can
be interesting too.
I had told you about
that Nasik project.
Did you study it?
Brother, I was studying it.
But there was a problem.
No! Dolly's brother!
Sorry, brother. At times even
experienced people make mistakes.
I too made a mistake
in selecting the girl.
Henceforth I will be careful.
But you won't reform.
You won't change yourself.
I will change, brother.
I will reform.
When I have my parents,
a brother like you...
...then let me enjoy.
Fine! Enjoy to your heart's content.
When you get fed up
of these things...
...then come to the office to work.
- Thank you, brother.
- But... bear one thing in mind.
Don't tarnish Saigal family's name.
Of course! But what if mother found
out that I don't go to office?
You don't worry about that.
I will handle that.
Brother! I love you!
Rajni! Good morning.
Do you know what my
biggest weakness is?
A beautiful girl's voice...
after she wakes up.
It feels like the 7 melodies.
You think I am lying?
Rajni, I swear on you.
I am telling the truth.
I wanted to tell you
something else too.
No! Not on the phone.
I will tell you
when you will meet me.
Fine. In the evening at
4 o'clock. My farmhouse.
I love you, Rajni.
Kanchi! Good morning.
Vicky here.
Do you know why I called
you early in the morning?
Because if I hear your voice
early in the morning...
...then my day goes well.
Evening. If I see you in the evening,
then I will be delighted.
Kanchi, I swear on you.
I am telling the truth.
I will tell you the rest
when we will meet.
Fine? In the evening.
My farmhouse. At 5 o'clock.
I love you, Kanchi.
And now, Natasha!
Hello, Rajni! Kanchi?
What's the matter? Nowadays
even Kanchi looks like Rajni.
Just a slip of tongue.
But weren't you supposed
to come at 5 o'clock?
Why did you come one hour prior?
You only had changed the program.
Yes! Your secretary called
and said to come at 4 o'clock.
And I came.
I will get one hour more to love.
Daddy! Get in! Get in!
Hide inside!
Hide in the bathroom.
I will go and tackle him.
Sapna, let's run away.
Shut up. This is so much fun.
He gave me a tip of 100 rupees.
Rajni! My love!
- Hi, Vicky!
- Hello! Hello!
I was going to return dejected.
Why? I am only 10 minutes late.
For lovers 10 minutes are
like 10 centuries.
- Let's go outside.
- Why?
There is no servant at home.
And to eat...
- Natasha!
- What!
- No! My daddy has come.
- Oh, my God! Big trouble!
Go and quickly hide!
Hide in the bathroom!
No! Not in the bathroom!
Hide anywhere but not
in the bathroom! Go!
- Hi, Vicky!
- Hi, darling!
Natasha, today there
was some problem.
- What happened?
- Daddy has come. He is inside.
- So today's program...
- Ma'am!
- Ma'am, your letter.
- My letter?
My darling Vicky!
I have told daddy everything.
He has no qualms with our marriage.
Now don't go after those greedy,
characterless girls...
...Rajni, Kanchi, Natasha, Pinky.
Your dear Kavita!
You cheat!
You flirt with us! And you
will marry somebody else!
- Kavita, listen to me!
- I... Not Kavita! Natasha!
And now I won't listen to you!
And I will tell your daddy!
No, please! I will be in trouble!
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Daddy?
- Daddy!
- Daddy?
- So this is your daddy!
- We will teach you a lesson!
You were hiding them inside!
And you said it's your daddy!
Will you flirt with all the girls?
You cheat...
Now if you called us or met
us then it won't be good.
Trying to be a Romeo.
So many times I've told you
not to do all these things.
Today you had put
Vicky sir in trouble.
What did he do when I had
saved him from trouble?
Ask him.
Oh! Maybe that reward was
less for you. That's why...
I didn't save you for
that reward, Vicky.
So were you trying to
come close to me... asserting your favour on me?
You wanted to reduce
the distance between us?
But don't forget your stature.
Vicky, for you stature
is weighed with wealth.
But for me, it's weighed
with character.
I can earn wealth. But you
can't change your character.
So it's upon me whether to reduce
the distance or not.
- And it's not in your hand...
- Shut up, Sapna.
If you uttered another word...
Go! Go inside!
I am sorry, Vicky sir. You had
to face problem because of her.
Tell your daughter not
to forget her stature.
And not to interfere in my
personal life. Otherwise...
Dear, you didn't do the right thing.
Today for the first time
I was shown my stature.
And that too by young master.
Papa, why don't you understand?
I wanted to show him that
even poor people...
...have the right to lead
a dignified life... rich people.
Yes, poor people have
the right to live.
But rich people have given
them this right.
You need food to survive.
And you are abusing
those rich people...
...who have provided us our food.
Poor people can never compete
with rich people.
No matter how high the earth rises...
it can't touch the moon.
Bear one thing in mind.
You are an ordinary
driver's daughter.
And you will always be known
as a driver's daughter.
Because you are destined
for this. Got it?
- Sujata.
- Yes.
Will your uncle give
me work in Mumbai?
Yes. But...
No buts. I will go to Mumbai
with you.
And I will return only when...
I have changed my destiny.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
- How much?
- Sir, 100 rupees.
100 rupees! Cab fare is so high!
All my money is gone. Okay.
You... here...
Look, this is not a doctor's
house or a hospital.
What do you want?
I think I have come
to the wrong place.
I am extremely sorry.
How did this happen?
I am sure today Saturn and
Mars are at loggerhead.
My ad was rejected.
I met with an accident.
And who has barged into
this house. Hey!
- Greetings, sir.
- Watchman, I was looking for you.
- What is the name of this place?
- Sir, Shiv Sagar.
Shiv Sagar.
Who lives in house number 11?
- Sir, you.
- I live there?
- Yes.
- What's my name?
Sir, Banerjee.
- Are you sure that I am Banerjee?
- Yes, sir.
I am Banerjee.
I live in house number 11.
Then how did this happen?
You have come back!
Who are you?
I want to ask you the same
question. Who are you?
I see! You won't listen like that.
I will just go and call
the police.
I wonder what kind
of people come here.
What happened?
What's the matter, Sapna?
I don't know who is barging
into the house.
Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle, what happened to you?
Did you meet with an accident?
Did somebody thrash you?
What happened to you?
I will tell you all that later.
First tell me, when did
you returned from Shimla?
And what is she doing in my house?
Uncle, she is Sapna (Dream).
This is not a dream.
It's real. Who is she?
Uncle... I had told you about
my friend in Shimla.
She is that friend. Sapna.
- And Sapna, he is my uncle.
- Greetings.
That's why you were not letting me
enter my house.
Uncle! Come, let's go inside
and talk.
Look, Sapna...
If uncle is saying that you can be
a model, then you can be a model.
Yes. But being a model
doesn't mean...
...wearing nice clothes and
walking on the ramp.
To be a good model, you should be
a good actress too.
Can you act?
You will make me act,
you old man.
You will make me a model?
I have not come here to act
or to be a model.
I have come here to take my revenge.
Revenge of my sister's death,
you murderer.
Very good! Very good!
You perform so well!
Shut up.
You are a performer.
You allure innocent girls
with dreams...
...of modelling and acting
and you ruin them.
- You rape them!
- Rape?
And in your fear of being exposed,
you also kill them.
The way my sister,
my innocent sister...
How had she harmed you?
She just wanted to achieve
something in life.
But instead of supporting her,
you pushed her in the ocean.
Look, I think you are mistaken.
No, Banerjee. Now your game
has come to an end.
Scoundrel! Take the name of God!
Okay! Okay! Goddess Durga!
Goddess Durga!
Goddess Durga! Lord Krishna!
Sita! Ram! Goddess Durga!
Hanuman! God! Doctor!
Nurse! Ambulance!
Fire brigade! Police!
Sorry uncle, I cursed you.
- But did you like my acting?
- Acting?
Sapna, what are you doing here?
You should be in Hollywood!
What a performance!
Marvellous performance!
Oh, my God, Sapna.
You had scared me.
Will I get the job?
You see... in modelling there
are finer points of acting.
I will have to teach you that.
After that... you will get the job.
The first lesson of makeup!
I will teach you how to apply
the lipstick. I will teach you.
Apply cherry red lipstick
on the lips.
Now put your tongue out.
Yes. Apply the mascara.
Very good! Very good!
- Uncle!
- What a beauty...
Why? What happened?
Dabur! Special hair oil!
- Did you like this?
- This is good.
- This one is better!
- This one!
Look at this.
- Sapna, I don't think...
- Sapna!
Sapna! Sapna! You have captured
the entire ad world!
Your ad film has created commotion.
Four models attempted suicide.
Yes! I am not lying, I swear.
And yes, money of your first ad film.
Dabur contract's payment.
Wow! Congrats!
Oh my! Five big offers in a day!
Western! Dunlop! Philips!
'So were you trying
to come close to me...'
' asserting your favour on me?'
'You wanted to reduce
the distance between us?'
'But don't forget your stature!'
'You are an ordinary
driver's daughter.'
'And you will always be called
as a driver's daughter.'
'Because you are destined
for this!'
What are you thinking?
Tell me quickly.
Whose offer to accept?
Right now, reject all of them, uncle.
What are you saying!
Have you gone mad?
Why, Sapna? What's the matter?
- I want to go to Shimla.
- But why?
To show that an ordinary
driver's daughter...
...doesn't always remains
a driver's daughter.
And you can change your
destiny too.
Shame on the entire city
for making you stand here.
Once upon a time Shimla
was the city...
...of interesting people.
And now a beautiful girl like
you is standing here...
...and nobody is asking
where you want to go.
Where do you want to go, ma'am?
I don't talk to strangers.
Saigal family can't be strangers
to any people in Shimla.
I think you have come here
for the first time.
No. I had left from here for the
first time. And now I have returned.
Strange! Such a beautiful girl
was living in this city...
...and I didn't notice.
Maybe earlier I was not
worthy of your notice.
That's not possible.
No matter in which treasure
the jewel is... can't escape my eyes.
By the way...
what's your name?
First tell me your name.
Ask me lovingly.
I will give you my name,
address and everything.
- What's your name?
- Craving for love.
- Address?
- Your heart.
- What do you do?
- I love you.
- Its consequences?
- I don't care.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What do you do?
I love you.
Its consequences?
I don't care.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What do you do?
I love you.
Its consequences?
I don't care.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
I am crazy for you.
You are crazy for me.
Why are you upset?
I won't listen to you.
I know what your intention is.
- At times Laila-Majnu.
- Get lost.
- At times Shireen-Farad.
- Don't harass me.
- At times Ranjah-Heer.
- I will not spare you.
- At times Romeo-Juliet.
- Get lost.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What do you do?
I love you.
Its consequences?
I don't care.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Heart dwells in my chest.
Heartbeats dwell in my heart.
And you dwell in my heartbeats.
You can't fool me.
Don't try to be romantic.
- I won't leave you.
- You are a bee, I am a bud.
- Don't act so smugly.
- Don't hold my hands.
- My intentions are good.
- You are a flirt.
- Let me reside in your dreams.
- Don't talk like this.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What do you do?
I love you.
Its consequences?
I don't care.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
Give me your address.
Your heart.
What's your name?
Craving for love.
- Where do you live?
- With my papa.
- What does your papa do?
- He drives a car.
He drives a car. I understand.
You are MK Motors' owner
Mahendra Singh's daughter.
- No.
- Then?
Take a left turn.
What a lovely co-incidence!
This way leads to my house.
It leads to my house too.
That means we are neighbours!
We both live in the same city
and the same locality.
And we never met
in our childhood.
And now we are meeting
in our youth.
By the way, the truth is
that the right time... meet is when you are young.
- Am I right?
- Drive through the gate ahead.
Oh! Very good!
Saigal House.
I like your joke. You didn't
give me your address.
And you have taken me
to my house.
This is my house.
This is my house!
You have still not recognised me?
I am Sapna.
Your driver's daughter.
Sapna! Dharampal's daughter?
Good heavens!
I could have never thought...
Uncle! Uncle! Look who has come!
You can't recognise her, uncle.
When I couldn't recognise her
then how can you recognise her?
She is that snooty, quarrelsome,
loud Sapna.
Your Sapna.
- Dear!
- Papa!
Dear! You have completely changed.
But here nothing has changed.
Everything is the same!
We are high above the sea level.
At times we face a tempest.
The way today a tempest has arrived.
By the way... what are you
doing in the evening?
Here a nice restaurant has
opened up after you left.
Will you come with me for dinner?
Sorry. Today I am a bit tired.
Then tomorrow afternoon. Lunch?
- Okay.
- Good.
I have never seen such
beautiful tresses.
It feels like a tray
of black roses.
This forehead.
And the worry line on it.
Like a ripple in the shimmering
lake on a moonlit night.
And these eyes,
like a green ocean.
And your lips.
You didn't say anything
about my nose.
Fine. I know at times I have
a running nose.
But that doesn't mean that
you don't praise it.
Oh, my God!
In this romantic mood, why are you
talking about a running nose.
Sorry. Sorry. Go ahead.
I like to hear my praises.
Now I won't say anything.
- Will you only stare at me?
- Yes.
- How long?
- For my whole life.
You can't even lock eyes
with me for 3 minutes.
Yes, I can.
- Want to bet?
- Okay.
If you lose, you will have
to do whatever I say.
I accept it. If I win, you will
have to do whatever I say.
Okay. Ready... get set... go.
- I won! I won! I won!
- You cheated!
No, no, nothing doing!
Now hear what your punishment is!
You will have to talk to
that man for 10 minutes.
Fine. I will do it.
Be careful.
He seems to be a grumpy man.
Vicky's charm can win
anybody's heart.
10 minutes.
Please sit.
I think... we have met before.
I wish... we had met.
- What's your name?
- Don't be so formal.
- What's your name?
- Wow! What style!
Tell me your name!
Salim. People lovingly
call me Salma.
What do people call you
in anger?
You look like Shahrukh Khan
when you are angry.
Oh God!
I am so happy. You have found
the girl of your dreams, Vicky.
- Vicky, I am so lucky.
- What a pair!
Look, Salim alias Salma
alias Balma.
Don't you feel like we
have been talking...
...for the past 10 minutes
and not just 1 minute?
I feel as if we have been together
for the past 10 lifetimes.
Did you see this? Did you see this?
I have fulfilled the bet. No!
- Please stop!
- Get lost!
- What is this?
- Go away!
Not I... he, he hit you.
I didn't do anything.
This smarty was teasing me.
Are there no men in your house?
Yes. I will finalise the location.
And everything...
Stop! Stop! Brother is here!
Brother! Help me!
My life is in danger!
- Who is he?
- I don't know. Excuse me.
I don't know! I will die!
Brother! I am dead! I am dead!
- Oh my! Don't beat him!
- You! You again...
Oh my!
I think his brother has come!
Come on!
Wow! What an action man!
Brother, you were too good.
I swear, if today you had not
been there then...
I know all this is your mischief!
- What muscles!
- Who is he?
He is that man. Now fight with him.
Get lost.
- What kind of friends do you have!
- Listen...!
- Get lost.
- Go away.
- Mad fellow!
- Brother!
Papa! Please switch off
the lights quickly.
I am feeling very sleepy.
Not sleepy... maybe you are
in a hurry to dream.
Did you forget what I told you?
No matter how high
the earth rises... can never touch the moon.
You are mistaken, papa.
The earth is at its own place.
The moon is stooping to touch it.
You know how Vicky is!
- And you also know how I am!
- I know...
Papa, come on. Please papa,
I am feeling very sleepy. Please.
- Okay. Goodnight. Go to sleep.
- Okay. Goodnight.
Okay. That's good. Ready.
Okay, smile. A bit on this side.
That's it. That's it.
Enough! Now I will click.
Come on. Come on.
- Okay!
- Fast! Fast!
- Wait! Wait! Wait!
- Come on! Come on!
- Okay!
- Say cheese!
Smile! Smile!
Come on, Sapna! Hurry up!
Come on!
But you don't open your eyes.
Okay! Okay! My eyes are shut.
Nobody is looking at us!
Oh, my God! Sapna...
What happened?
I knew it! Somebody will surely
cast an evil eye!
If such a beautiful girl is with me
in such a lovely weather...
...then what else can happen?
Oh my! Tell me what happened?
The car broke down.
And we have travelled
so far away from home...
...that now we can't go back.
You sit here. I will check out.
Let me see if I can find
some mechanic...
...or a place to stay.
Come soon. I feel afraid alone.
I will be back in a jiffy.
Not just one, sir.
All the 25 rooms are vacant.
You can book 2-3 rooms.
No, no! Not like this!
I will ask you... excuse me,
can I get 2 rooms?
And you will say, not at all.
Only one room is vacant.
- One single room.
- Sir, is something fishy?
When I am giving you two
500 rupees notes...
...then you should not intrude.
No! Not at all!
Sir, no luggage?
No. But I have enough money.
What will you do if I fill
your pockets with money?
I will become your slave.
I will do whatever you say.
Good. I will order for 2 cups
of coffee.
And you have to signal me in
which cup you have added this.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
- I will be back in a jiffy.
- Okay.
And yes, the room
should be clean.
Sapna, you left the car
on the street.
No, I have pushed it and
brought it here. There it is.
- Brilliant!
- That's me!
There is a small problem.
The hotel is full.
Only one room is available.
- Can't we get one more room?
- No! No!
Look, there is only option left.
You sleep in the room.
I will sleep in the car.
- You will freeze in this cold.
- What to do?
We will spend the night
in one room.
One room! How is this possible?
What to do? We are helpless.
- Fine. Keys!
- I will just get it.
Sir, shall I get something to eat?
No. Just bring two cups
of coffee.
Go to your room.
I will just get it.
- We are very lucky.
- Why?
We at least got a room
in this chilly night.
- Good!
- Very good!
If we had not got this room,
then what would have happened?
- What else do we want?
- Two hot cups of coffee.
It's so cold, isn't it?
Do one thing.
Light up the fire.
I will go and freshen up before
the coffee arrives.
Which one?
The one that has the spoon
in it is for madam.
- Good. Come in.
- Okay.
Keep it on the table.
- That's okay. I will make it.
- Okay.
- Sugar?
- Two teaspoons.
- Coffee.
- Thank you.
Only your name dwells
on my lips.
My work is to love you.
Only your name dwells
on my lips.
My work is to love you.
I am crazy dawn and dusk
in your love.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Only your name dwells
on my lips.
My work is to love you.
I am crazy dawn and
dusk in your love.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
This sleeping twilight
is entrancing.
My desires are aroused.
What has happened to me?
The shadow of tresses
forms a curtain.
Beloved, let me caress it.
And see your face...
It's the brew of craziness.
You are the reward of love.
I am crazy dawn and
dusk in your love.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
The cool breeze cast magic.
My eyes are craving.
I am intoxicated.
These fair arms call you.
Let me bridge the distance...
So that no distance is left.
This is the message
of the heart.
You are solace and peace.
I am crazy dawn and dusk
in your love.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Only your name dwells
on my lips.
My work is to love you.
I am crazy dawn and dusk
in your love.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Beloved, I love you.
You love me.
Which one?
The one that has the spoon in
it is for madam.
- Keep it on the table.
- Okay.
- It's okay. I will make it myself.
- Okay.
- Sugar?
- Two teaspoons.
- It's so cold, isn't it?
- Yes.
Then here is hot coffee.
- Please ignite the fire.
- Okay.
- Well... cheers!
- Cheers!
- Is coffee fine?
- Yes. Nice coffee.
Are you fine?
We both are locked in a room.
Hi, dad.
Hi, big brother. Hi, mom.
What happened?
Why are you all so quiet?
What was Dharampal's daughter
doing in your room last night?
Sapna? In my room?
Not possible.
Don't talk rubbish.
Yesterday I myself saw her leaving
your room at 2 in the night.
Now you have become so daring
that you bring girls at home.
And that too our servant's daughter.
Sapna is not your servant, mummy.
Even if she had been
of our stature...
...still I wouldn't have
tolerated this.
In our house,
in front of our eyes...
...she behaves so disgustingly.
She didn't behave
disgustingly, mother.
Then what is the truth, Vicky?
Brother, the thing is that last
night I took Sapna out for dinner.
Suddenly I fell ill.
I don't remember.
But I think maybe Sapna
dropped me home.
Mummy must have seen her
leaving my room.
And she made a mountain
out of a mole hill.
You mean to say that I am
accusing you falsely?
Vicky, if any girl is with you,
then we will only think...
...what I am currently thinking.
Vicky, it's high time.
If you won't change
your lifestyle...
...then we will have to
think of something.
Then think. Think whatever you want.
I don't want to give
any justifications.
Vicky! Vicky!
Did you see this?
He has become so shameless.
He thinks that our love
is our weakness.
If you both forced him,
then he won't reform.
You know that he is
very stubborn. And...
Then what do you want?
We should let ourselves
be humiliated...
...because of a wayward son.
Look, before aggravating the matter,
we should find out the truth.
Sapna is not such a kind of a girl.
And... she doesn't have any
special friendship with Vicky.
It's very important to know what
she was doing in Vicky's room.
You know your brother and
still you are saying this.
I know Sapna too.
You both don't worry.
I will talk to her.
Tell me what will you have?
Ice creams or sweets?
Nothing. Thanks.
Now come to the point.
You didn't bring me here
just for lunch.
You want to talk to me
about something.
You are very intelligent, Sapna.
You are right.
People are wrong when
they say that...
...beautiful people are dumb.
Excuse me. Would you like
to have something else, sir?
- No. Just get the bill.
- Okay, sir.
How come it's raining now?
I think a rich man has taken pity
on a poor person.
I like to get drenched in the rain.
Are you coming?
- Where?
- To get drenched in the rain.
- Listen!
- I am waiting for you outside.
Excuse me, sir. Your bill please.
Sapna, like this...
You too feel the raindrops
on your face.
It's so much fun.
Sorry. Tell me...
What do you want to say?
Sapna... I want to talk
to you about Vicky.
You don't know his reputation.
What people think of him.
You are warning me about
your brother. Why?
Because you are not
amongst those girls...
...with whom I don't
have any sympathy.
That is what I am asking.
Why are you sympathising with me?
Last night mummy saw you leaving
Vicky's room. And...
And she thought that I am having
an affair with Vicky.
And today she has sent you here... that like a nice businessman... can show me the profit
and loss of this deal.
Sapna, you are misunderstanding me.
No, you are misunderstanding me.
Because the truth is that your
brother took me to a hotel.
There he tried to give me
intoxicated coffee.
But since I know Vicky so well...
...I gave him that coffee.
I made a mistake by not
leaving him in the cold...
...and I brought him back home.
If you don't believe me,
you can go and ask your brother.
Sapna, I think it's my brother's
It's not your brother's mistake.
It's the fault of my poverty.
If I had been a rich man's daughter... wouldn't have come
to explain to me.
You would have explained
to your brother.
Sapna! Sapna! Sapna, listen to me.
Look, you will get drenched.
I will drop you home.
I know the way home.
And now it's futile.
The stain that you have
put on me... can never be washed off.
And yes...
Tell ma'am that her
son's honour is intact.
Tomorrow I am returning
to Mumbai.
Are you sure that girl will go?
When she has said that she will go,
then she will surely go.
And as it is that girl doesn't lie.
What's the matter?
You seem to be upset.
Then what, mother.
It's all Vicky's fault.
And unnecessarily
Sapna was hurt.
If there is flaw in us... then
how can we blame anybody else.
If the matter was only
about our flaw...
...then I would have rectified it.
But no matter how the son is...
we can't discard him.
Then get him married
to a girl like Sapna.
At least he will reform.
Why? What's so special
about Sapna?
Meet her once.
I don't like it that
you are leaving... this under
such circumstances.
As it is a daughter doesn't live in
her father's house for long, papa.
I know, dear.
But along with sorrow,
there is happiness too... getting a daughter married.
Instead of living alone
in a foreign land...'s better that
you get married.
- No, papa.
- Yes.
If you will live in
your in-law's house...
...I will at least feel relieved.
Shankar's uncle often asks
for your alliance.
I have still not completely
changed my destiny.
- Good morning, uncle.
- Good morning, young master.
- Sapna?
- She has left for Mumbai.
- She has gone to Mumbai?
- Yes.
But she didn't tell me last night.
Yesterday she didn't say
anything to me too.
But today she suddenly said that
she wants to go to Mumbai.
I had to take sir out.
So she went to the station alone.
- What time does the train depart?
- At 4 o'clock.
Sapna! You are so weird!
You decided to go to Mumbai
and you didn't even inform me.
What would you have done
if I had told you?
I would not have allowed you to go.
Even if you had left, I would
have bidden you farewell... throwing a grand bash.
Bash like the one in Shimla motel?
Shimla motel?
There was no bash there. There...
You took me there to
flirt with me.
Vikram Saigal...
You think you are very smart.
You think that nobody
can know your truth.
You are mistaken.
Behind this mask of laughter,
your real face can be clearly seen.
Your lie can be clearly seen.
So stop flirting with girls, Vicky.
Stop, Sapna.
First time in my life
I have found such a girl...
...who is not affected by my stature.
Stature? What is your stature?
What do you have that you
can call as your stature?
Fame and respect belongs
to your family.
Wealth belongs to your
father and brother.
What else do you have besides
your face and your name?
What are you saying, Sapna?
I am showing you the mirror.
Till date nobody had the courage
to show you this mirror.
You say that you love me?
You are lying.
Because you must have said this... all those girls
who are not deaf.
It's not a big deal to love, Vicky.
It's a big deal when others
feel compelled to love you.
If you have the guts then make
yourself worthy of this.
Then not just I, but the whole
world will bow down in front of you.
All the best!
Young master is saying
he won't have dinner.
What's the matter?
Since morning he is lying
in his room.
I know. Vicky is mourning for
Dharampal's daughter's departure.
People like Vicky who don't
take their life seriously...
...are like flowing water.
If they don't find the
way from one side...
...they will flow from
the other side.
Now if some girl will call...
then he will forget...
...that he had met
a girl named Sapna.
Some girl!
Here comes the call!
- Saigal!
- It's for you!
Hello. Yes, Mr. Gokhle. Tell me.
Very good! Very good!
Okay! I am arriving by tomorrow
morning's flight.
And listen... all my files
should be ready.
Okay! Okay! Bye!
Mummy, I am going out
of town for a few days.
Please pack my bag.
Mr. Gokhle, what is the
schedule for today?
Sir, your meeting at 3 o'clock
with the French delegation.
And at 7 o'clock export advisor's
report will be presented.
And there is conference cum
party at night.
I see!
The new ad's transparencies
and photos will be shown.
What ad is this?
Sir, the shooting is still going on.
Up... up. Get up!
Come on! Come on!
Okay! Stop! Stop the crane!
Stop the crane!
Look up!
Excuse me, sir.
She is ready for the shot.
She is ready then call her.
Down! Down! Down!
Go and tell Mr. Vijay. I will come
and meet him after one shot.
You go and make arrangements...
...for the conference. Yes.
- I will reach there directly.
- Yes, sir.
Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut!
Sapna, hold the bottle
like this! Listen...!
Sapna, this is champagne's ad.
So the champagne's bottle...
Bring the ice!
Quickly add it! Quickly!
Look, from the bottle
tilt on the face.
We are going for a take! Action!
Cut! Cut! Pack up!
Very good! Come! Come!
Our client, for whom we are
making the ad, has come.
I want to introduce you to him.
Today you were too good. Wow!
I have never seen such
a nice job before.
- Thank you.
- Mister...
Where is he? He vanished
without informing us.
Rich people are always in hurry.
Maybe he didn't have time to wait.
So he must have left.
- Correct.
- Uncle, I too will leave.
- Okay! Pack up! Pack up!
- Bye.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you.
If you won't run away before
listening to me...
...then I can drop you home.
You and here? In the studio?
I had come to see that when
a stubborn mountain girl...
...gets down to work... then
what miracle she performs.
You have come to meet me?
This is not possible.
I had come to meet somebody else.
But I met you.
I am pleased to see your success.
Banerjee had praised you.
But you deserve more praises.
Now I understand. Sorry, sir.
I didn't know that Meghdoot
is your company.
Otherwise, I would have never
modelled for your ad.
I didn't know that
you still hate me.
This is not hatred. It's the feeling
of my humiliation.
Even if the wound heals...
the scars are left behind.
Sapna... sit in the car.
I want to talk to you.
What's the matter?
Tell me here itself.
I want to clam down your anger.
And that is possible only
by having ice cream.
That is not so.
The matter is something else.
I will tell you on the route. Come.
Tell me. What did you want to say?
- I want to apologise to you.
- What?
I want to apologise for the
misunderstanding in Shimla.
Before I could say anything,
you came here.
And my embarrassment
increased manifold.
How can I atone for it?
I will forgive you only
on one condition.
Condition? What condition?
- We won't have ice cream.
- Then?
You will have to come home
for a cup of coffee.
Why? Do you make such bad coffee?
You will have to drink it,
no matter how it is.
- Right turn from here.
- Okay.
No, Sapna. Not today.
Today I have to attend
an important meeting.
I knew that you will
say this only.
I knew that this is
what you will think.
But I promise you
that I will come... your house
for a cup of coffee.
- I promise.
- As you wish.
- Bye!
- Bye-bye!
- Hello, Mr. Sharma.
- Hello. Hello.
- How are you?
- How are your parents?
They are all fine.
Thank you.
- Ready, sir.
- Right.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
Everything is ready.
If you say, shall I show
the transparencies?
- Fine.
- Oh yes.
Okay, gentlemen. Let's see
the transparencies now.
- All right.
- All right.
Lights off.
- Wow! What a model!
- Beautiful!
I have never seen such
a beautiful model!
Yes, I told you that I will come.
so I have come.
Can I come in?
- Come.
- Thank you.
I am sorry for coming suddenly.
But I thought... why to have
coffee some other day?
Why not today? That's why
I came here to have coffee.
You have come at the right time.
If you had been a bit late,
you would have got drenched.
And you don't like to get
drenched in the rains.
Have a seat.
I will get coffee for you.
Look at the raindrops.
The raindrops drench the body.
Look at the raindrops.
The raindrops drench the body.
The weather is lovely.
It's so romantic.
The heart has started
beating fast.
Look at the raindrops.
The raindrops drench the body.
There is a bit of fervour.
There is a bit of intoxication.
I am having so much fun.
The capricious breeze is chiming.
I don't know what the intention
of the monsoon is.
Hold me. I am in trouble.
Look at the raindrops.
The scenes are pleasant.
The alleyway is lovely.
I am not aware of anything.
It is the feeling of unknown love.
There is a new craving
on the moist lips.
My steps are lurching.
How do I stand?
Look at the raindrops.
The weather is lovely.
It's so romantic.
The heart has started
beating fast.
Look at the raindrops.
The raindrops drench the body.
Look at the raindrops.
The raindrops drench the body.
After getting completely drenched,
you will surely... the coffee
that I have made.
Am I right?
Excuse me.
Here are your medicines.
The doctor has said you
have to take care.
Otherwise, you will get pneumonia.
You can only have tea, coffee,
biscuits and rice.
Medicine thrice in a day.
And complete rest.
Thank you.
But I don't understand one thing.
Even kids don't get drenched
in heavy rainfall.
Then what happened
to you suddenly?
You only had said that you like
to get drenched in the rains.
Whenever there is sudden
rainfall it feels... if some rich man has taken
pity on a poor person.
I wanted to see when somebody
takes pity on somebody...
...then how does it feels.
Don't repeat what I have said.
I am a bit mad.
This is what even
I think about myself.
It will be so much fun when
two crazy people will meet.
- What is this?
- Bitter gourd.
Bitter gourd?
Papa says that it's good to have...
...bitter gourd when you catch cold.
But eat only sparingly.
It's very bitter.
Sweet. It's sweet.
You have cooked it.
Hi, Vicky.
Brother! You are calling me so late
in the night! Are you fine?
I am fine. You tell me.
What are you doing?
I was sleeping.
What? You used to come
home in the morning.
And you are sleeping
at 12 in the night.
Brother, you are not well?
No, today I had gone
to the office.
I understand why you
had gone to office.
But how come you have started
sleeping so early?
You see Sapna (Dream)...
To dream as much as I can.
Nowadays even I dream.
But with open eyes.
What's the matter, brother?
You are in a romantic mood.
Romantic? Because I am dreaming.
I think Mumbai girls are more
beautiful than Shimla girls.
No, Vicky. The girl is the same.
I just couldn't see her
in the mountains.
Will you be back on my birthday?
I will return as soon as Nasik
work is over.
Bear one thing in mind,
I won't cut the cake without you.
And listen... what will you gift me?
Gift? What?
What will you gift me?
Sofa? Not sofa! Gift, gift!
Speak loudly!
Gift! Gift!
I can't hear you!
When I say something important,
he can't hear.
Brother, it's better
that you go to sleep.
You also dream.
And let me also dream.
Okay, goodnight.
I love you, brother.
Sir, this place is 12 km away
from Nasik city.
The surrounding water will take...
...your champagne and whiskey
to great heights.
Champagne and whiskey
manufactured at this place...
...will be a great success in
the international market.
Yes, sir.
- Show me the blueprint.
- Here, sir. Here it is.
Thank you.
Oh it's beautiful!
It's such a lovely place!
I wish there was a small
bungalow here.
I will lie down on the grass
amidst red roses.
And the fog will touch me.
It will be so much fun.
What's the matter, sir?
Anything wrong in the plan?
- That is not so. Do one thing.
- Okay.
- Make a new plan.
- Okay.
Not a factory... but a bungalow
will be constructed here.
Okay, okay. Okay, sir.
Vijay, I was joking.
But I am not joking.
Can I ask you something, Vijay?
Will you feel bad?
Go ahead.
Girls dream about guys like you.
Then how come there is
no girl in your life?
Many girls came in my life.
But I didn't like anyone.
Maybe that's why they got
Dejected and they left.
Nice line. But your lie
can be clearly seen.
Sorry. Now I won't ask anything.
A girl had entered my life.
I loved her a lot.
I loved her so much that love
seemed like a small word for her.
But she was very ambitious.
She wanted to reach
great heights.
But I couldn't leave Shimla.
Maybe that's why she left me.
Vijay, do you know...
Laughter hides the sorrow.
Tea! Hot tea! Strong tea! Drink it!
Thank you.
- Now I will get snacks for you.
- Come soon.
I will come in a jiffy.
Sapna, how come you can speak
such fluent Marathi?
Not just Marathi... I even know
Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati...
...Punjabi, Bengali.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
And Udasi, Chinese, Japanese,
You know all these languages too?
Sapna, tell me. How do you say,
today it's not cold, in Marathi?
I am not feeling cold today.
And how do you say,
today I can't go, in Bengali?
Today I can't go.
How do you say,
we are alone, in Tamil?
We are alone.
And how do you say, the twilight
is lovely in Malayalam?
The twilight is lovely.
How do you say, I expressed
my love, in Punjabi?
I expressed my love.
And how do you say,
I love you, in Gujarati?
I love...
Do I have to translate this too?
The bangles in the fair arms.
The bangles took your name.
Oh beloved...
Heart dwells in the chest.
Love dwells in the heart.
Love took your name.
Oh beloved...
God knows when this happened.
I couldn't control my heart.
How do I say?
I couldn't say it.
My plight was not like this.
I swear on you.
Beloved, I didn't love anybody else.
I said. You heard it.
And a lovely saga was formed.
Craziness started increasing.
There was a nice excuse.
The anklets in the leg.
Bells in the anklets.
The anklets took your name.
Oh beloved...
Heart dwells in the chest.
Love dwells in the heart.
Love took your name.
Oh beloved...
Beloved, I have taken the oath.
I won't break my promise.
Even if the whole world is upset.
I won't leave you.
I have to live all my life.
In your shelter.
My fervour started saying.
Come and embrace me.
There are songs on the lips.
There is melody in the songs.
The melody took your name.
Oh beloved...
The bangles in the fair arms.
The bangles took your name.
Oh beloved...
God knows when this happened.
I couldn't control my heart.
Vicky, come here.
I want to talk to you urgently.
- Good morning, dad.
- Morning.
Son, before your mummy
comes here...
...will you give me a cigarette?
Dad! So many times
I have told you!
I have given up cigarettes,
liquor and girls.
- Oh dear me!
- I will leave now.
No, no, no, Vicky. Come! Sit!
Sit for two minutes.
We both are less of
father and son...
...and we are more of friends.
So tell me. How did you
change drastically?
How did my mischievous
and careless son change?
I have changed my image, dad.
Now I have started seeing the truth.
I see.
- I will leave now.
- Go.
Good morning, young master.
Good morning, uncle.
- Uncle, sit.
- What?
Come on.
Okay. Let's go.
Vicky! Vicky! Call for you!
This is Pooja speaking.
Can I talk to Vicky?
Not just Vicky, you can even
talk to Vicky's father.
Who are you?
Pooja, what do I tell you?
Think of me as a troubled man.
With tempest in my heart
and desire in my eyes...
...I search for that smile on whom
I can shower my wealth.
What is going on?
Nothing, ma'am.
- Then go and do your work.
- Okay.
But unfortunately
I can't be a husband.
You are a billionaire and
you are not married?
How is that possible?
Why didn't you marry?
I had got married.
But I couldn't be a husband.
And the reason is that my wife...
...likes to act like a husband.
Poor man. I sympathise with you.
Even I sympathise with myself.
Pooja, why don't we meet...
anywhere... and...
...we share our sorrows.
Surely. Where will you meet me?
In the asylum.
Who is it?
I am a nurse.
You were talking to a mad man.
Sorry. Wrong number.
Oh, my God!
Poor uncle! Today he is in trouble.
Shanti! Since when I was waiting
for you! Where were you?
What were you doing?
I was trying to be a husband.
Trying... to... be a husband.
What were you doing?
I was just... I was just...
Doctor has said... I need love.
So... your name is Sonia?
Yes. But people lovingly
call me Sona.
Any other experience
besides typing.
Sir, I have many other
- You may leave.
- What?
I and my company don't need
your qualifications.
Sapna, wage a the bet today.
My whole life will pass by,
but I won't blink.
I told you,
you can't win the bet.
Fine! But if I had not lost,
then how could you have won?
Fine, tell me. What is the penalty
of losing the bet?
Life imprisonment term.
Life imprisonment term?
Yes, Sapna. I want my dream
to come true.
I want to marry you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I love you, Vijay.
- Isn't it so, Mr. Saigal.
- Yes.
How long will you make me wait?
Wait a minute.
Yes, but...
- Shanti!
- Excuse me. Excuse me!
- It's so late. Where is Vicky?
- Vicky is there! Come!
Okay! Thanks!
Vicky, people are waiting.
Come and cut the cake.
Mother, I can't cut the
cake without brother.
It's your birthday.
Don't be silly.
- He might have missed his plane.
- Yes! Come on!
- Come. Come.
- Come.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
The birthday boy Vicky!
Give him a big hand!
Vicky, you have never celebrated
your birthday without me.
And today you are
celebrating all alone.
Vijay! My heart said that
you will surely come.
I have come. And I have brought
somebody with me too.
- Hang on! Sapna!
- Sapna?
Happy birthday, Vicky!
Vicky, Sapna is wishing you.
Oh! Thank you! Brother,
how did you bring Sapna?
Sapna can be brought only
by hiding in the eyes.
When you left from here, I thought
you will never come back.
If a person wants, then the lost
time can also be regained.
I am just a human being.
I can return if somebody calls me.
Meaning you heard the call
of the heart.
She had to hear it! Heart does
hear the voice of the heart!
Vicky! People are waiting!
When will you cut the cake?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Vicky!
Happy birthday to you!
Why are you hiding your
age like girls?
Just one candle on the cake?
The truth is that, brother... this is
the 1st birthday of this new Vicky.
And you are responsible
for this new Vicky.
When you fall in love deeply then
it changes you drastically.
- Good line!
- But it's true!
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
What I had wanted.
I have found that happiness.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
I was so nave.
I didn't understand love.
I loitered around.
I didn't know what faith is.
Nobody can tie heart with chains.
Only lucky people receive love.
Wealth can't buy love.
This love should never wane.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
When you are in love.
The paradise in your heart
seems to be the whole world.
The one who gets love,
he is the luckiest.
The one who lay down
his life for love.
With great difficulty you get
the beloved who values love.
Love is God.
Love is worship.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
This love is true.
Don't take it lightly.
The world has changed
but not so much...
...that the servants and their
children dance with the masters.
And sing with them.
How dare you invite Dharampal's
daughter in our party?
She is Dharampal,
our driver's daughter.
But for your information
let me tell you that...
...she is a top model
in this country.
Look, son. We have always
listened to you.
That doesn't mean you can
do whatever you want.
But what have we done, daddy?
Like other guests,
she too was a guest.
In fact, I would say...
All the guests were
of our equal stature.
Everybody belonged to rich
families. Except that girl.
There is nothing like high class
and low class family, mama!
You can't blame a person
for his birth.
Correct! Absolutely correct!
Don't talk rubbish! God has
created the class differences!
These relations can't change.
A person can't change his position.
You will remain our son.
You can't become our father.
Blood ties can't change.
All the other ties can change.
Today Sapna is just a driver's
In the future she can even be the
daughter-in-law of this family.
Correct! You said what I wanted
to say, brother.
Mama, what's the dearth in Sapna?
She is educated, she is beautiful.
She is decent. She is honest.
Yes, mother. She has all the virtues
that Saigal family's...
...daughter-in-law should posses.
I think this girl knows magic.
Earlier only one was mad.
Now both of them have become mad.
They both are talking about
bringing her in my house... my daughter-in-law.
You both listen to me carefully!
This will never happen!
I will select my daughter-in-law.
You can't choose her.
Mama, listen...!
Vijay! Vicky! Try and understand!
You both know how your mother is!
Big brother! I love you!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
Today what you did, even God could
have never achieved that...
...even if I had spend all
my life in the temple.
You were too good, brother.
You even told our parents
that Sapna...
...can be the daughter-in-law
of this family.
I know! I know!
Only my brother can understand
the plight of my heart.
Only you can understand
how much I love Sapna.
I can't live without her.
She only has shown me love!
Otherwise, I would have gone astray.
Today forgetting the past...
Brother, you can't imagine
how happy I am...
You can't imagine!
Sapna's love has made me crazy.
I can't even think of life
without her, brother.
Brother, when did you become
so serious about Sapna?
The day she had told me...
what is your stature, Vicky.
Fame and respect belongs
to your father and brother.
Wealth belongs to your family.
What do you have besides
your face and your name?
Her talks changed me completely,
Cigarette, liquor, parties, girls,
I have given up everything.
Day and night I think of only
one thing! To win Sapna!
And you solved this problem too.
Vicky, does Sapna know?
Yes. You only had said.
Heart does hear the call
of another heart.
- Yes.
- I love you, brother! I love you!
I love you too!
I love you too!
'Today what you did, even God
could have never achieved...'
'...that even if I had spend
all my life in the temple.'
'Sapna's love has made me crazy.'
'I can't even think of life
without her, brother.'
'Only you can understand
how much I love Sapna!'
'I can't live without her!'
'I can't live without her!'
'I can't live without her!'
I told you not to transfer me
any calls.
Yes. Cancel all the meetings. Yes.
Send her in.
Sapna, come. Have a seat.
Today you didn't call me.
And you didn't meet me.
I thought I only will come
and meet you.
That is not so.
Today I have too much work
in the office.
No problem. No problem.
By the way... last night...
I attended the party...
...did your parents feel bad?
No. Not at all.
It means they have no problem
with our marriage.
May I come in, sir?
Sir, this is the blueprint
of your house in Nasik.
- Keep it here.
- Okay, sir.
Our house!
- Oh, my God!
- You can go!
Such a big house! Just for us!
And this porch! Look!
And these garages.
So many cars!
Swimming pool!
And is this a drawing room or
a palace? Glasses all around.
Only windows. All around.
And when we will sit there...
Oh, my God!
It's going to be beautiful!
And 6 bedrooms!
3 upstairs and 3 downstairs!
Vijay, we will live upstairs only,
not downstairs.
And our kid's room will
be downstairs! Fine!
But that is possible only after you
talk to your parents about us.
When will you do it, Vijay?
When will you talk to them
about our marriage?
Sapna, you?
Today if I had asked for something
else I would have got that too!
Do you know?
I was thinking about you only!
Why? Didn't you find any other girl?
Sapna, I swear on you.
I am telling the truth.
Brother and I had a lunch
appointment. It got cancelled.
I thought if you also are there...
...then all three of us
can go out for lunch.
Soft music.
I can sniff the aroma of food.
Why are you both looking at me?
Let's go.
Vicky... I...
Brother! You don't get such
a chance very often.
When heart, body and soul,
all three are together.
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Sapna, it's so strange.
All my life I have seen the dawn
and dusk of this place.
But never before was afternoon
so beautiful.
The white mountains. Like moonlight
sleeping, clad in snow.
And these black curvy roads.
Like clouds have spread their arms.
Do you know why?
Because for the first time
you are looking... something else besides girls.
No. The reason is something else.
Brother, shall I tell her?
What happened?
What happened?
Tyre got punctured!
No problem.
I will fix it in 2 minutes.
We have reached the Echo point.
Come here, Sapna.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! I will show you something.
Look, this is the Echo point.
Call. Say something.
I have come here countless times.
And I have heard my echo.
But today in answer to your voice,
you will hear my voice.
You will say Vicky, I love you.
And you will get the answer
Sapna, I love you.
Sapna, I love you! I love you!
Sapna, I love you!
I love you, Sapna!
Sapna, I love you!
I love you, Sapna!
I love you, Sapna!
Sapna, I love you!
What happened, brother?
Are you badly hurt?
Nothing. The jack broke.
I think I will have to get another
jack from the mechanic.
You both stay here. I will get it.
- You stay! I will go!
- Vicky!
Is only your hand hurt
or your heart too is hurt?
I want to know who is playing
this game. Vicky or you?
Fate is playing this game
with all three of us.
It's very easy to blame fate
and evade the truth.
The way you had expressed your
love looking into my eyes...
...similarly look into my eyes
and say that you don't love me.
Vicky loves you a lot.
And you were playing a prank?
Wow, Vijay Saigal.
I didn't know that
the Vijay Saigal...
...whom I met in Mumbai,
he was somebody else.
No, Sapna. This is not true.
Then what's the matter?
Lovers even commit murder.
And you can't even express it.
Is blood relation stronger
than love relation?
For a spoilt brat,
you are sacrificing your love.
Only because he is your brother.
Sapna, he has reformed.
Your love and your talks
have changed him.
So you have changed.
And you want me to sacrifice my love.
This is not possible, Vijay.
Life is not a game.
And I am not a pawn.
That you can shift me from
one brother to the other.
Sapna... I can't force you.
I can only request you.
Save my brother. Save my brother.
Like me, he can't control his love.
Then explain to him, Vijay!
Clear his misunderstanding!
Otherwise, none of us will be happy.
Don't let this happen, Vijay.
Please, Vijay! I beg of you!
Don't be smitten by beautiful people.
Love is deceit.
Don't ever fall in love.
I am crazy.
I am crazy. My prank has
landed me into trouble.
Death spared me.
Death spared me.
Life has put me into trouble.
I am crazy.
I loved an ignorant
and a merciless girl.
I trusted kin and strangers.
I am that darkness.
I am that darkness whom
light has troubled.
I am crazy.
There shouldn't be
such circumstances...
...such pain and such twilight.
Nobody should go through
what I am going through.
People only pretend here.
Nobody nurtures bonds of love.
I am that lover.
I am that lover whom love
has put into trouble.
I am crazy. My prank has
landed me into trouble.
Death spared me.
Life has put me into trouble.
I am crazy.
You talk of laying down
life in somebody's love.
My beloved, what are you saying?
For beautiful girls heart is a toy.
The one who loves,
he has to cry his whole life.
Love makes you helpless.
Love makes you helpless.
Love is deceit.
Love is false tale.
Love disgraces you.
Love humiliates you.
Don't ask what love is.
It's a lovely trouble.
It's a lovely trouble.
It's a lovely trouble.
I am helpless.
I am helpless. Helplessness
has put me into trouble.
I am crazy.
Brother! Brother!
Vicky! Vicky!
What happened,
Vicky? Are you drunk?
Forget it.
Listen to me. People worship God.
Because God creates human beings.
He creates them...
He loves them... raises them...
Supports them... helps them...
Vicky! Vicky!
The way you helped me, brother.
But when you find out that
God has betrayed you...
...then what will you do?
When you have closed your
eyes in His worship...
...and He stabs you.
Then what will you do?
What will you do?
Nothing! Nothing!
Because He is God!
But... the question arises...
why did God betray?
- Vicky.
- Why did He betray?
- I worshipped Him.
- Yes!
- I am His devotee.
- Yes.
He should have asked me.
I was ready to give everything.
Because... whatever I have...
He has given it to me.
Come. Come.
But... but He only betrayed me.
- Come! Come!
- Why did you betray me, brother?
Why did you betray me?
- Why did you betray...
- Vicky! Vicky! Vicky!
Vicky! Come! Come!
- Why did you betray me, brother?
- Come! Come!
Shanti, what is going on?
I know what is going on.
And I also know who is
responsible for this.
Dharampal, I have called
you to tell you...
...that no matter how beautiful
the snake is... don't keep it as a pet.
You have worked for us, Dharampal!
People give example of your loyalty!
So I just want to tell you... send
Sapna to Mumbai today itself.
Otherwise... you too will
have to leave.
I am ready to leave, ma'am.
I am ready to leave right now.
But not like this, being
humiliated and abused.
And my papa too won't
bow down his head...
...and leave in shame.
- Sapna!
- Don't stop me, papa.
I have come to tell madam that
there are two sides of the picture.
It's important to see both the sides
before taking the decision.
Truth is not just what can be seen.
Many truths remain in hiding.
Call your son Vijay,
and ask him what the truth is!
Vijay! Vijay!
Come out, Vijay!
Vijay, tell ma'am...
who had brought the girl...
...who has harmed her son?
You or somebody else?
Who has ignited the fire that
will burn down this house?
You or somebody else?
Sapna is right, mummy.
She didn't want to come here.
I have brought her here.
Shall I tell you something
else, ma'am?
He had brought me here because
he wanted to marry me.
He thought that you,
your society and your world...
...will accept me
as a daughter-in-law.
But I am not angry with Vijay.
The few days that
I spent with him...
...that is enough for me.
I don't want you all rich people's
wealth, fame or anything.
Just do a favour on me.
Forget that a driver named
Dharampal worked at your place.
And forget that he had
a daughter, Sapna.
Let's go, papa.
Vijay, you too got enticed
by this low grade girl.
How did you even think that
the girl living on our mercy...
...can become the daughter-in-law
of this house?
You had taken the responsibility
of taking that girl...
...away from Vicky's life.
Today I think you had thought well.
You were going to sail the boat
across the stormy ocean, Vijay.
And you befriended that ocean.
Mummy, you are forgetting!
Because of Sapna, your son Vicky
was walking on the right path. So...
I accept all of Vicky's wayward ways.
Because it won't make
our lineage impure.
But I won't accept this low grade
girl as my daughter-in-law.
Then listen to me too, mother.
Either Sapna will be the
daughter-in-law of this family...
...or you will loose
one of your sons.
- Vicky...
- Don't touch me, Vijay.
You have fulfilled your
...of being my elder
brother very well...
Sapna might have rejected my love.
- Vicky...
- But you... knew that I love her.
I can't live without her.
When those who supported and
helped me have forsaken me...
...then I don't see
any reason to live.
- Where is he going?
- Mother, I will go and see.
Vicky! Vicky! Vicky, stop!
Vicky, listen to me!
Let's go!
Vicky, stop! Vicky!
Vicky, listen to me!
Vicky! Vicky, stop!
Vicky! Vicky, listen to me!
You are under my oath!
Vicky, stop! Vicky!
Vicky, you are under my oath!
Look! Look!
Vicky, stop! Vicky, stop!
Vicky! Vicky!
Vicky, listen to me!
Vicky, stop!
Why? When I have heard
the entire story...
...I have seen Sapna
being humiliated...
...when I know that she can never
be the daughter-in-law...
...of this family then there
is no need for me to live.
Vicky, listen to me.
I will talk to Sapna!
I will tell her that...
Sapna might even listen
to you, Vijay.
But will mother agree?
Will your society accept her?
To hell with the society, son.
I am ready to listen to everything
that you say.
What are you saying!
That driver...
You keep quiet, Shanti!
That's enough!
Now I won't tolerate your strictness!
My son's happiness is much more
important than your pride!
If Vicky has turned a new leaf...
...then all the credit goes
to Dharampal's daughter!
Instead of thanking her,
you banished her!
If Vicky wants a driver's daughter
to be our daughter-in-law...
...then she will surely
become one.
This is my decision.
Thank you, dad!
Vicky, hurry up.
Stop Sapna right away.
- She must have gone to the station.
- Let's go.
- Stop!
- Why?
- You all stay here.
- Why? What happened?
I will go and talk to Sapna.
- Vicky, I will go. I will...
- No, brother.
If you can't succeed
in explaining to Sapna...
...then you will hold yourself
responsible for my death.
I don't want that to happen.
If I am destined to live...
then Sapna will surely come back.
- She will surely come back.
- Vicky!
Sapna! Good that I found you.
I have good news for you, Sapna.
My parents are ready to accept you
as their daughter-in-law.
Let's go.
- I won't.
- Sapna!
Because of your obstinacy,
we would have lost our son.
Vicky can't live without Sapna.
I am ready to do everything
for you, Sapna.
I can leave my house.
I can rebel with the world.
I can lock horns with the society.
But you will have to come with me.
If Sapna didn't listen to Vicky
then you try your best, son...
Sapna, I know that mummy
has humiliated you a lot.
But like every mother,
her son is everything for her.
But Vijay is the culprit.
He has betrayed not
just you, but me too.
If Sapna left today...
then I will never forgive myself.
There is not much time, dear.
Think about it.
Once this train leaves the platform
it won't ever come back.
You can't leave.
If you left, I will kill myself.
And only you will be responsible
for my death.
Daddy! Vicky has come!
Brother, I have got everything!
Henceforth I won't ask anything
from you, God and Sapna.
Because I have got everything.
Remain happy.
Sapna, you too smile.
Smile! You don't know how
mesmerizing your smile is.
A person has to smile
during such times.
Mom, dad, uncle... liked the pair?
What insolence is this, Vicky?
Wow! Did you hear that?
Standing close to your future wife... not called insolence.
Am I right, Sapna?
Vicky, what has happened
to you suddenly?
What are you saying?
You all have become so serious.
So let me reveal the secret.
Ladies and gentlemen...!
Do you all think that Vicky...
Vikram Saigal can commit suicide?
No! I did all that so that daddy
and mummy will accept Sapna!
Because my brother...
My big brother...
...can do everything...
except this task.
To love... and to win love...
it's my task.
Do you all think I am so stooped...
...that even after knowing
...I will steal my brother's love?
Big brother, you have always
been Rama.
- Can't I be Laxman now?
- Vicky!
Did you see that, Shanti?
We are so lucky.
We have not one, but two Ramas!
Vicky! You have gone far ahead!
- Forgive me, dear.
- Ma'am!
Daughter-in-law, not ma'am... mother.
Sapna, do you know that
because of you...
Today I have become a husband...
- After 26 years!
- How?
How? Ask your mother!
- Mummy, tell us!
- Tell them! Tell them!
Don't be so serious.
Because I had scolded you...
that too was a prank.
And to celebrate this today...
Smiled! Smiled! Smiled!
Today I will throw a big bash!
Cigarettes, whiskey... and sweets!
Everything will be there!
- And...
- Songs...
Yes! Songs too! Ole-ole!
Where is Vicky? Where is Vicky?
Vicky! Vicky!
Shame on the city that lets
you sit here like this!
There was a time when Shimla...
...was filled with interesting people!
And today when a beautiful girl
like me is standing here...
...nobody is asking me
where I want to go.
I think even you don't want
to ask me where I want to go.
I have returned to ask this only.
Where do you want to go, ma'am?
I have to go quite far!
How far will you accompany me?
If you say... then I can accompany
you all my life.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes!
Let's begin this beautiful journey
of life as soon as possible.
Have a seat.
There you go.
By the way... what's your name?
First you tell me what your name is.
Craving for love.
- Address?
- Your heart.
- What do you do?
- I love you.
Whenever I see a girl,
my crazy heart says.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Sing the song, friend.
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!
Ole-ole! Ole! Ole-ole! Ole!