Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) Movie Script

Sometimes the smallest of things...
trigger memories so
strange and so beautiful...
that they leave us speechless...
Memories are a funny thing...
The small pieces of our past.
They are always safe in our memories.
Memories are like chocolate boxes...
Once open...
you can't stop at just one.
What are you looking at?
Watch TV if you want
something to stare at!
Pardon me?
Pardon me it seems!
I caught you staring!
Never seen sexy legs before?
I have. These aren't sexy.
I'll slap you!
Say you're sorry!
Say you're sorry!
Go stand at that other counter.
Naina... Naina Talwar?
Hi Aditi.
What's up dude?
Is this a friend of yours?
Hi Aunty! I'm Aditi.
Naina and I were in school together.
Long time, huh?
Let's go.
What are you doing these days?
Nothing much...
What do you mean nothing?
She's studying MEDICINE...
At KEM College, Mumbai!
Top ranked in her class!
Rocking ya!
You're the same, Naina.
She was number one
in school also, Aunty!
That's true.
What are you studying?
Ans, Aunty...
Studying's not my thing...
Thank God we're on vacation now.
What are your vacation plans?
I'm going to Manali... Tomorrow!
Family vacation?
No, Aunty. With friends...
Aye Naina, you know them!
Bunny and Avi?
From school?
Avinash yo! My best friend?
And Bunny. Kabir Thapar?
That lecture-bunking slacker!
Anyway, Naina...
Great seeing you, dude!
Aunty... take it easy!
Yes, yes... very easy.
Excuse me, ma'am...
your friend left this behind.
Sorry, can you repeat that?
How many children do you have?
I'm not going to keep
repeating myself...
This foreigner has been
chattering for too long.
Why are you frightening
these poor guys?
Answer the question?
You're new around here...
What are they to you?
I'm working for them.
They look like hippies!
They're very important people...
They make travel shows
all over the world...
They're from Argentina!
What's Argentina?
You know... just some tiny village.
Will you take me there?
Of course, my darling...
Now answer their question!
I have two children...
Now don't ask me
who their fathers are!
Welcome ladies and gentlemen...
Hold on to your seats...
We are about to present...
Agra's most celebrated possession...
The queen of beauty,
grace and sensuality...
Eyes like jewels...
Ruby red lips...
Bid your senses goodbye, tonight!
Get out while you can, my friends...
Or weep tomorrow morning!
How many truly know the value
of grace, desire, and passion?
Okay, tell me this...
Can I get a discount
for all three at once?!
Young man...
Don't take beauty so lightly...
Lest beauty get the better of you...
You're mischievous, good-looking,
But you are only a boy...
When will you learn the
difference between boys and men?
We ran into Naina's friend today.
What a sight she was.
Dirty, torn clothes...
...and these giant
headphones around her neck.
Totally Wei rd. . . wild!
Nothing like that, dad...
What do you know?
Take it from me,
this friend of yours has no future.
For one, she's not my friend.
And everyone doesn't
have the same priorities.
Not everyone dreams of being a doctor!
Like anyone would
even make her a nurse!
At least she's enjoying her life.
Young girls who have too much fun,
end up pregnant...
And then spend their
lives feeling miserable.
Well I'm miserable right now.
At least finish your food!
I'm not hungry.
What's gotten into you today!
I'm fed up, mom!
Of this STUPID life!
That Aditi is going on
a holiday with her friends...
I study so much I can't even
give myself a break on Sundays!
And then you guys with
your constant nagging!
So... you... want to go on a holiday?
There's food in the oven...
And I've brought you mangoes.
They're in the fridge.
Why haven't you gone to bed yet?
I was reading...
In the dark?
Don't lie.
Oh, I'm the liar?
Yes, Dad.
You were waiting for me to come home.
You should sleep early.
If I sleep on time,
when will I see you?
Tomorrow morning
you're off to Manali!
Yeah, so?
And I'm the liar. Very good.
Trekking expedition to Khipshi Pass.
16,000 feet above sea level...
a highly daunting
and high octane adventure.
Why did you enter my room?
This is the limit, Dad!
What were you checking for? Drugs?
Bunny, don't shout.
Hello, stepmom.
You told us you're
going to Lonavala...
This sherbet is terrible.
But you're going to Manali...
for a trek.
You're making a habit
of these weird hobbies.
It's weird to you, not to me.
We don't have as much money
as your friends' parents...
Save money. It'll help you.
I'm doing this with my own money.
I respect your melodrama
but you're not my mother.
So please...
I'm going to Manali tomorrow.
That's it.
Is the colour alright?
Why are you always lecturing me?
I want to live life on my own terms.
Because I worry about you...
When you become a father...
- I don't want to be anyone's father!
Why did you lie?
Dad! You stay up all
night if I sleep over at Avi's!
I didn't want you to worry...
If you don't want me to worry then
don't go off to climb this mountain!
Is it really that necessary?
Thanks for the bag. I love it.
Take care of my son, okay?
And have lots of fun!
I will.
"Good chance for Kaif
here to get some runs... "
"In the air... taken!"
Aye, man!
This idiot should be dropped!
Get off me, Aditi!
How, handsome?
You're so hot when you're angry!
Aditi, not nowl
This match is very stressful.
So stressful that
you forgot to pick me up?
Why should I pick you up?
Are you a child?
Are you going to be kidnapped?
Don't be over smart.
Come on, the train is here.
I don't want to go
for this stupid trek.
Why not, man?
What happened to all those
plans of picking up mountain chicks?
I can't miss the India-Pakistan
series over all this.
We're screwed, man.
You're right.
India needs you, bro.
Let's go, Adi.
Seriously? But...
You'll are really leaving me behind?
Yeah. You don't want to come...
Don't come.
Of course I want to come, man.
But how? You blew up all your money!
How did you know?
You bloody bookie...
I know a lot more than you think!
You bet all your pocket
money on this match, right?
Go... You guys have fun.
Oho, tragedy queen! Stop this drama.
What are my savings for'? Let's go.
You've worked for that money, Bunny.
Just save it.
Money is nothing!
Money's for spending, not saving!
The three of us are
going on this trip!
Come on!
Come on!
We're going to kill it in Manali!
Our names will be in
their history books forever!
Not a single mountain
girl shall be spared!!
Hi guys. I'm Sumer,
your trip leader from 'Make My Trip'.
Train leaves in 20 minutes.
Meena... Tea!
First of all, don't freak out...
I'm very very sorry
to do this to you...
Hey... Here.
Nah, not hungry.
It's ham and cheese! Your favorite!
I had to wake up at 6 to make them!
Are you mad, Aditi?
Hi Uncle.
Where's Bunny?
Excuse me...
sorry I'm late but...
Hey... you?
Aisha, right?
We met at Tanya's party?
Naina... Naina Talwar?
Geetanjali's cousin!
Modern School. Same batch.
Ohhhh yaaaa...
Scholar Naina!
How could I forget these glasses?
Long time, man! How are you?
Very late! Where's Sumer?
you're coming with us?
Yes. Why?
You know this is a trek, right?
You'll have to climb mountains...
sleep in tents...
There'll be bears at night!
I know what a trek is!
Okay bro.
Hi! Sumer. - Hi.
I'm sorry but it's too
late for you to join us.
The train is full.
Can't anything be done? Please...
I'll sleep on the floar!
Sleep with me.
Not WITH me... we'll take turns.
We'll bribe the TC.
Okay. Done. Quickly... let's go!
MY bags!
I'm not a porter.
Ask me nicely.
Please help me, Kabir.
Do I need to carry you also?
Yo, Scholar!
What are you calculating? Let's go!
Naina! What will Ganpatiji
do without you in Manali?
never been anywhere alone before.
Then come nowl
Trust me, nothing will happen---
It'll be fun!
Come on.
Are you stalking me?
Oh shut up, Aditi.
Aditi fantasizes about all
the girls in the world stalking her.
I'm going to kill you.
Remember, Aditi? We used
to toss to sit behind Topper Naina!
Whoever won was guaranteed
to pass his exams!
Superb! - Aye Naina?
Please eat! Come on eat!
Hi guys...
Got a knife?
Knife! Yes! Definitely! One second.
Right here somewhere!
Don't have. Sorry.
I should've brought bananas...
I've got a...
Give me...
What'll you give me in return?
What would you like?
You know, like, Bugs Bunny?
Oh my God! That's so cute!!!
Hi! I'm Avi!
Are you guys also going
for this trek to Manali?
If that's where you'll be,
where else could we go?
And what will this
fruit do for you, darling?
Come, let's have lunch?
Yeah... We have ham
and cheese sandwiches...
Are you sure?
Oh I'm very sure...
Sharing is caring...
Okay I'll go get my friends!
Priti! Esha!
Yes!!! She's got friends!
How dare you
offer her my sandwiches?!
What now?
"Sharing is caring..."
You should be happy, Aditi!
There's three of them!
One for Bunny, one for me and...
one for you!
Aditi, please change the song!
It's so boring!
Ladies... and bro.
Let's get this party started!
Okay now we're going
to play my favourite game...
It's called I Never!
Hey that's my favorite game!
Same pinch, cuckoo.
Come on, everyone take a drink
and let's start... Scholar Naina!
No, you guys play---
Now that you're here,
you have to play. Here!
Actually, I don't drink alcohol.
Would the bottles not topple
if the high were in the liquor?
Nothing. Here...
Take this Appy-
Today we'll make you Happy on Appy!
Okay, everyone knows the rules, right?
I'm going to say something
that I've never done...
Like... I've never sat in a rickshaw.
Everyone who's done it has to
take a sip of his or her drink. Cool?
Very good!
Let's start!
Okay, I'll start.
I've never been in love.
Every day-
Every single day.
You've never been in love?
No... - What? - But I
think that's about to change...
Please! Bunny only loves himself.
Naina? - No.
I've never... watched porn.
Every day!
But Naina you're a biology student!
Even then you haven't seen?
I've never...
been arrested!
Drunk driving!
Beating up a watchman!
Rave party!
I was there too!
Peeing on the sidewalk.
Okay, my turn...
I've never...
been kissed.
Oh we can change that right now.
I'm going to sleep, guys... Goodnight.
Aye not yet. Your turn!
No... Please.
Can I use the seat for a bit, Bunny?
Of course.
I've never hit on a friend's mom!
That's because he hits on their dads!
Aditi, wake up!
Adi, we are going to see Manali.
Wake up.
I'm too sleepy, Bunny!
Bunny, I'll break your face!
Screw you!
Come on.
What a pretty bride!!!
Wish I could marry her myself.
Just think...
She'll say something
and I won't understand.
Then I'll say something and
she'll blush without understanding...
Dude, she's not French.
She must know basic hindi.
Besides, she's a kid!
She should be playing games,
not managing a house!
Really? How do YOU know?
This is normal in small towns.
The second you finish school,
they want to get you married.
Arranged marriages suck, dude!
You're going to have
a love marriage then?
It's still illegal for two
girls to get married in India...
you'll have to go ta New York, Aditi!
That poor girl has been sentenced for
life and you'll are cracking jokes.
Come on, dude.
Today is the last
you'll see her smile.
In two years...
you'll find her chasing her husband
with a gun outside this temple!
Bridezilla attacks!
Ignore him, Naina.
Bunny's allergic to marriage.
Naina, tell me something.
If I make you eat the
same boring food everyday...
would you be able to?
Marriage is like boiled
food for 50 years till you die.
Life's gotta have some spicy curry...
and hakka noodles!!!
The basic concept of
marriage is flawed.
Better to never get married
than do it 5-6 times.
Five - six times!
Too few, no?
What if you want kids?
What do kids have to do with it?!
We can make kids right now.
Come behind this temple.
I'll show you.
How many do you want?
I can make twins also!
She's feeling bad, man!
What all are you praying for?
Okay ask for me also!
A private jet...
A penthouse apartment in New York...
...two Spanish girlfriends...
Even better if they're twins!
Hey! What are you doing?
Why did you touch me?
Excuse me?
You're drunk, you pervert!
What?! Have you seen your face?
I'm not blind!
Shut up, Avi!
You cheapo!
Aye, who are you calling names?
What? - I can think of a few for you!
Back off. You don't know who I am.
You don't know who I am.
Back off. Move!
Hey hero...
Drunk loser.
say sorry-
say sorry-
Good. Learn to keep your cool.
Get lost.
Are you okay?
You okay, bro?
Come on!
You think we're scared of you?
You guys don't know my friends!
We'll beat each one of you to pulp!
Ready, bro?
Ready. - Ready.
Jai Mata Di! - Jai Mata Di!
Catch them!
Aditi, come on!
- Why are we running away?!
Catch her! She's with them!
Don't let them escape!
Scholar, run!
Avi, what are you doing?
You go that way.
Let's run!
Leave me. - Aditi, what are you doing?
Come, you idiots!
I'm going to hit you so hard...
no doctor will
be able to fix you!
Aditi come on man...
Oh God, I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!
Come on, RUN!
What's going on? - Careful.
What is this mess
you've gotten me into?
Relax, scholar.
I have a plan.
This is a very stupid ideal
Wait and watch!
Oh no!
You fool! Look at what you've done!
- Sorry, Uncle! Sorry!
We'll attack them from behind!
Aditi, you'll get us all killed!
Let me have one shot at them...
Please shhh!
I'll beat them so badly...
they won't be able
to recognize each other!
Hey! They're hiding over here!
Hey! Come on, you!
Aditi... - Hurry up!
Bunny! Naina! - Where have you been?!
Oh no! - Naina, sit!
No you don't!
They're behind us!
Get out of the way I
Hurry up. Come on!
Superb, Naina!
Good morning, everyone!
Our trek is finally about to begin!
Just for fun, I thought
that we should make two teams...
and have a race to the campsite.
The team to reach
the camp first, wins.
The losing team has to put
up the tents and make dinner...
the winning team
gets to chill! Cool?
Who wants to be Captain?
You guys! Come on!
Come on. - Idiots!
Bunny! You're just sitting here!
We have to win!
Beating Bunny at trekking
isn't just impossible...
It's Mission Impossible.
Don't worry, baby doll... Relax!
Oh good!
My body wasn't made for this stress...
Look what happened!
Oh no, baby!
Such a deep wound!
We should go to the hospital!
But... how...
One second.
Come cuckoo.
What is this you're doing?
This is the...
Ajinomotato plant.
It's very good for your skin.
Oh really!
Then can you put some on my face?
Go ahead.
Yes, baby...
Who is that up there?
Bunny! Who IS that?
My mother!
I didn't know his
mother was on this trek.
Naina, listen...
Just wait one second...
Let me win this race? Please?
Look at the state you're in!
I'll easily beat you.
Come on, Naina.
You used to be first
in everything in school...
Let me win here... PLEASE.
It's your own fault.
You can't win if you spend
all your time massaging girls' legs.
It's called 'irting'...
It's good for health...
like YOGA!
Have you come here to
climb mountains or girls?
That poor innocent girl
has hurt herself so badly!
Oh ya I've never seen a more
innocent girl than her in my life!
Don't you like Lara?
Look at her!
How perfectly she sways her hips...
Toing toing toing!
That's not all she's swaying!
That's true.
Okay, listen!
You're right.
Now sit down for a minute.
Sit. Please.
You're right.
I know she's a bit silly.
But I can't irt
with girls like you...
so I have to make do with her.
Girls like me?
Girls like you aren't
made for flirting...'re made for lave!
And love... very bad for my health.
You cheat!!!
Try losing sometimes, Naina...
It has a magic of its own!
I'm going to complain
to the camp instructor!
This isn't school, Naina!
Ladies and gents!
Let's go!
Where to?
To a party, where else!
Group of Germans has set
up camp and we're invited!
What are we waiting for?
But why man?!
Shut up and come.
How are the girls?
How sad!
No one ate your parathas!
Pack them up!
You shouldn't poke
around in the dark...
You never know what you'll find!
You're studying?
If you've managed to zip up,
please leave.
Why aren't you coming?
I have no interest
in your stupid party.
You're dying to come.
Not at all!
Give it back, Bunny!
Bunny, give me my book!
Then be honest...
Do you want to come, or not?
Then what's the problem?
You won't understand.
These things are easy for you.
What's easy?
Going to parties, making friends...
You've always been like this.
Even in school...
...'the cool guy'...
everyone's favourite...
But do you remember
what I was like in school?
I had no friends, Bunny.
I just sat in a corner, and studied.
Bunking classes...
...making fun of teachers...
...chilling with friends...
I couldn't do it then
and I can't do it now...
Because... I'm boring!
You're very cool, Naina.
The way you showed up
on this trip last minute...
with 25 strangers...
all alone...
That needs guts.
You fight off thugs,
leave me behind in races,
sing mad songs...
You're a...
full hindi film hero, dude!
Just stop feeling
so bad for yourself...
and start loving who you are.
You're fine...
just the way you are.
There is one problem, though.
You don't smile enough.
Do you know how
dangerous your smile is?
If I had a heart,
I'd have lost it
to your smile ages ago.
are you planning
to let go of my hand?
So guys, this is Khipshi Pass.
Our trek's highest point!
We'll be setting
up camp here tonight...
So you guys can relax!
Hey, Sumer!
What's up there?
That? That's Bhuta Mountain.
Let's go there!
What a view it'll be!
Bhuta. . .
Does anyone know what
'Bhuta' means? - No.
Bhuta means haunted.
According to the village elders,
there used to be an old
temple of the God 'Bhairav'.
They said any wish made there
on a full moon night, would come true.
Hundreds of people would
go there in search of this magic...
but no one ever returned.
The temple no longer stands...
But they say on every full moon night,
thousands of spirits gather there...
Hoping for some kind
of miracle to occur.
Interesting thing is that tonight...
is a full moon night.
Still interested in that view?
What if the camp is haunted?
They say ghosts love the colour red...
And you...
Hey, Prim!
What's wrong, babe?
I'm right here!
I know all the chants
to get rid of ghosts.
Yeah, his father's an exorcist.
I want to go home!!!
I'm dying to get off
this stupid mountain!
I'm going to order 10
pizzas the second I'm home.
I'm sick of eating Maggi noodles!
You know I haven't washed
my hair in three days!
As soon as I get home...
I'm going to take a long bubble bath!
I'm only waiting to
get away from Avi's snoring.
Get used to it, bro!
What are you going to
do when we're roommates?!
Yeah dude.
We'll rent an apartment
and set it up...
like that TV show F.R.l.E.N.D.S.
Lara come take bubble baths anytime!
What happened?
You can stay in my room.
I'll get us a King-sized bed.
What if you snore?
Test drive tonight?
You'll get the best
sleep of your life.
You shouldn't poke around in the dark,
you never know what you'll find!
What are you doing here, Naina?
Come on!
If there really was a temple here,
I have something to ask for.
Want to sit?
No no...
I don't get tired...
Not you,
I'm tired. Okay?
Got any booze?
It's freezing... Just a little?
You're full of surprises tonight.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
Okay, enough... Control...
It's really nice! What is it?
Made from fermented rice...
Manali's famous for it...
and for Lugdi,
apples, trout and...
How do you know all this?
I'm not as stupid as I look.
Read this.
Bunny, what is this?
This is my dream.
I want to see every
corner of the world, Naina.
All this will take a lifetime to do!
When will you do everything else?!
What else is there?
Student at 22,
employed at 25, husband at 26...
father at 30,
retired at 60 and then...
wait for your death.
Who wants to lead
such an ordinary life?!
So then...
what do you want from life, Bunny?
Every day so exciting...
that I can feel my
blood rushing in my veins!
I want to fly, Naina!
I want to run, I'll even fall...
I just never want to... stop.
Like climbing this mountain...
It's just a random experience
for you but for me...
This is what I live for.
I got carried away, didn't I?
I never even say stuff
like this to Avi and Aditi...
Why am I telling YOU?
What would I know?!
You never even said
hi to me in school.
Okay then... I'll say it now...
Hi Naina.
Hi Naina...
How are you, Naina?
There truly was something
miraculous about that mountain...
and that miracle... was love.
I had never before felt
this kind of happiness...
I was in love...
And I wanted to scream
and tell the world...
but most of all,
I wanted to tell him...
I don't know if there
was ever a temple here...
But I still made a wish...
A very simple wish...
In fact, just one word...
Hey Naina!
Aye scholar!
Who scholar'?!
If only this night would never end.
Bunny, I have something to tell you...
Aditi are you okay?
Yeah. - Bunny!
What is this?
Where did you find that?
Read this.
You're ruining my surprise, man.
How could you keep
something like this from us?
This IS the surprise...
and I wanted to break
it to you guys together...
at the end of this trip!
You mean... you're leaving?
Journalism Program...
Accepted at Northwestern University...
Scholarship letter?
Yeah man... mine.
You're really going?
No I keep the envelope around
because it matches my shirt.
So... when are you leaving?
In three weeks.
You should've told me before, man...
I'd have applied tool
And our apartment, liquor store...
all cancelled?
Avi!! We couldn't really
have run a liquor stare!
What crap, Bunny!
What'll he do without us?
You'll drive yourself mad
alone for 4 years in America!
You'll come running back!
Say something, Aditi!
Bunny, you should go!
You should definitely go!
How long can we go on like this?
We're growing up.
We need to stop being teenagers.
Congratulations, Bunny.
I was going to tell you first, man.
Dad doesn't even know yet.
Forget it, man.
You're happy, right? That's it.
Let's drink to this in the bus.
I'm scared...
Scared? You?
Life's going to change...
My friends...
Aren't too happy, are they?
Who knows what Dad will say?
America's... far.
I'll be alone there.
And here?
Here... Feels nice.
But I...
But you...
you want to y...
you want to run...
And what else?
I want to fall, too.
You can't eat boiled
food all your life.
I want to explore
every corner of the world.
This scholarship...
will take me closer to my dreams.
I have to go, Naina!
I know.
You'll miss me?
You were about to say something...
Just that...
the night has ended.
I couldn't tell him.
couldn't say it.
As much as I loved him...
he loved his
dreams that much more.
I was hurt, but I was also grateful...
Grateful for the whole hoard
of memories I was taking with me...
that I can never forget...
Those days, those nights...
The laughter,
the madness, the friendship...
He chased after his dreams so hard...
that he was gone from
our lives in the blink of an eye.
It's been 8 years...
he never turned back...
and I didn't wait for him to.
You want something?
You think you're a smart guy, you dog?
Come on, what are you doing?
Take this!
Hi everyone! This is Riyana
Sarai for Fox Traveller!
We're back with another exciting
episode of Traveller Weekends!
I am standing in of the one of the
most romantic cities in the world...
Welcome to Paris!
What you looking at, Kabir?
Time pass us by.
"Time passing us by..."
There's something about speaking
Hindi in a foreign land...
I don't know why, Kabir...
but you're making me miss home today.
Liar. Like you really miss home.
I do, but then...
I forget.
Me and you are basically the same.
People like us are vagabonds...
For us, to wander is to live...
And that's why, the
moment we're back in San Francisco...
you'll leave our company.
Am I right, or am I right?
Riya... To get somewhere,
you have to leave something behind...
It's best to leave
things at the right time...
Or you'll be left
with too many regrets...
Any idea what you'll do? Any plans?
The plan is... to not have a plan.
I'll figure something out...
or else I'll trick
someone like you into hiring me.
The channel wants to launch
a new show for the European market...
Kind of like a..-
reality travel show!
The host will live in some
world famous cities for 3 months...
and we'll shoot his experiences.
First year's line
up starts with Paris,
then Tokyo,
Istanbul, and we end in Berlin!
And you want me to shoot this show?
I want you to host it.
Shut up!
Woah woah woah...
You're perfect, man.
You're smart, you're confident...
You're charming enough to make people
forget what an ass you really are!
Listen, jokes apart---
travel is your life!
Trust me... You're perfect!
What is there to consider, Kabir?
Say yes, babel
Trust me, when you- - Yes!
Yes I
Yes! - Say it again? Say it again'?
Are you serious?! - I can't hear you.
Yes! - I can't hear you!
These stupid courier
guys returned my package...
and completely mined
my plans to surprise you!
But no problem, I have a plan B!
How do I look?
Long hair,
French manicure, ladies' jewelry...
Don't laugh, you idiot!
I'm sending you this video...
in these beautiful clothes...
so that you miss me just
a little bit and come for my wedding!
Yeah, man
I'm getting married! Me! Aditi!
The whole nine yards too...
Destination wedding in Udaipur...
20th to 25th December...
Can't believe it? Me either!
I know you're very busy...
your life is amazing,
you're extremely cool...
and you don't
like coming to India...
But... Please come?
I'm losing my mind here.
Can you believe it? We grew up!
Okay... love you. Bye.
I was so sure you wouldn't come...
Me too... but you'd never let me
live it down if I missed your wedding.
How are you?
How do I look?
What happened with the bar deal?
What always happens...
it sank!
The investors said they
couldn't bear the loss.
All that bar needs
is a little renovation...
Anyway, never mind.
Never mind?
How much money do you need?
Two hundred crores! You have?!
If I did,
I'd give it to you in a second.
I didn't even take
money from my own father...
Now why did you do that?
Because he didn't give me any!
He- said giving me any money is as
good as flushing it dawn the toilet!
It's 8 o'clock, Avi.
Don't drink so much...
Don't get married, Aditi! Please!
Not this nonsense again...
What do you see in this oaf?
His name is Taran.
He's a bit strange.
Not at all!
Hi Aditi... Hi!!!
You're looking beautiful!
What are you doing?!
My engagement ring fell
into the pool! I'm saving it
Baby, just get out,
someone else will get it
No, Aditi!
I won't let our ring drown this way!
Will he live or should
I throw him a float?
Got it!
Great! Now come on out!
Aditi... Avi's here!!!
So happy you came!
Baby, come on!
We're going to be late!
Didn't I tell you Avi
would definitely come?
May you have many fat children!
And now to tell you about Aditi...
Aditi's best friend...
Naina! Over to you, Naina.
So one day, Aditi randomly said...
I'm going to meet a boy.
I was like... arranged marriage? You?
Rn bored!" she said.
He's an engineer or something...
Maybe he'll be entertaining?!
Barely a month later,
Aditi called again...
"I'm getting married."
To who?!
That same boy... The engineer.
You know... a few years ago,
Aditi and I went on a trek together.
I didn't think we'd keep
in touch when we returned.
Then, one night my phone rang.
"Open the door"
and there she was...
Beer in hand and
cigarettes in her pocket.
She listened to rock music. I
put on my earplugs and went to sleep.
And that's when I realized...
we were friends.
I've seen it all. Stubborn Aditi...
Mad Aditi...
Her... leather jacket phase...
Her... "l AM a painter" phase...
But... I AM an artist!
Hair colours phase...
Pink, purple, yellow...
But as wild and insane
as Aditi can be...
she's also a beautiful,
trustworthy friend.
I love you, Aditi.
I'm going to miss you.
They say...
there is no right time to get married.
You're in trouble from
the moment it happens.
Aditi, my tiger, my wild child...
I left you alone for a few years...
And look at the mess you've made!
Madness is an illness...
An illness that old
age makes you forget...
But screw that...
we won't be old for a while...
So let's be MAD tonight!!!
Look what I found!
Hi Avi...
I told you! He'll die of shock!
Did you'll really think
I'd miss Aditi's suicide mission?
I was convinced of it.
What a surprise man
What a surprise! Let's have a drink?
Why weren't you at the cocktail bro?
Her lover mined my one and only suit.
Who is this specimen, Aditi?
He's loaded. Looks like a weirdo,
but he drives a BMW.
Just shut up, Avi.
Taran is really sweet
and intelligent, Bunny...
He really loves me.
He's basically a lap dog.
How's the restaurant, bro?
So, Bunny...
how long are you here for?
I'm leaving on the
night of your wedding.
Going straight to Paris.
Paris! Oo lala!
It's an amazing project...
Your life's always
been amazing, Bunny.
You're not in Chicago anymore?
Chicago was a long time ago!
Since then New York, Hawaii, back to..
Dude you move around so much,
it's hard to keep track.
You were in Boston
when we spoke last, right?
Oh, right.
When uncle... How could I forget...
I'm really sorry, Bunny.
He passed away so suddenly...
It was really sad...
I'm going to go shower.
Will you be going home?
Not on this trip.
Come on guys...
Let's DO something tonight!
The three of us together again...
Just like old times!
What old times, Aditi?
Everything's changed now.
You used to say that things
don't change between friends, Avi.
But you and I...
we're not friends anymore, Bunny.
Cheers, man.
Oh man, it's cold!
It's just water...
It'll feel okay in a while.
You'll be fine...
Are you married?
Ya! Three!
Vile woman!
Why are you asking?
I'm wondering if I should
behave or flirt openly.
Is flirting necessary?
Of course!
It's very good for health!
You know like...
I remember...
Were you always this beautiful
or is this the magic of time?
What a cheesy line...
You find this cheesy now,
baby doll, but there was time...
that you were
floored by these lines!
Me?! Floored by YOU? Please!
You haven't changed at all, Bunny.
Except for one thing...
The old Bunny used
to smile a lot more...
Does the water feel okay now?
It's nice.
What did I tell you?
Give it some time...
everything will be okay...
I think that's enough lime!
Call Mr. Sharma from my phone
and pick him up from the Reception!
He's waiting for you there!
Naina! Phone?!
Welcome. - Congratulations.
Hey, young man! - Hello, uncle.
Does he think I'm his slave?!
Yeah! What a great hand! cheers-.
Come on, just one more game.
Every time I see this girl...
I'm telling you.
Come on. Feed me!
Like a blushing rose... - What?
Like a poet's dream...
Like the morning...
Like the morning... - Light? - Light!
Bunny... my phone?!
So... you're having an affair
Of course not ya!
Then he's hitting on you?!
I don't know man
Come on, Naina!
Shut up, Bunny!
Who is this dude?
What is it to you?!
Sneaking around taking
pictures of you...
Must be around here somewhere!
How could you read
my messages, Bunny!
I didn't just read them, Naina!
I've messaged your Romeo
to meet you by the lake!
Is it still PG 13
or is it Triple X yet?!
Why are you hiding him?!
Is he that ugly?
Tired, Bunny?
As if... I don't get tired...
Naina, you were where?
I was looking for
you like everywhere!
Naina's also been looking
for you like everywhere, Dave...
Sorry, what?
Nothing... Have fun, kids!
Naina, Mrs.
Goswami's earrings are lost...
Dave, you...
Give me my phone!
Comment ga va an jour d'huit,
That's French for "how are you today?"
Don't you look fresh... "Neyna"!
Stop wasting time, Bunny!
I have a big problem to solve...
. actually, YOU do!
Jump onto that ledge.
I'm not a circus animal!
Are you scared, Bunny?
Now don't hurt my ego.
God save me! - Shhh!!! Now listen...
Quietly look into that room...
and tell me what's happening!
Since when are you so vulgar?
Oh it's Aditi's wife! Taran!
What is he doing?
I'm not sure...
Some kind of tribal dance...
But what am I doing here?!
You're checking how
good their dance is!
The groom's side! Duffer!
You should always gauge
your enemy's strengths!
Yo... Rambo from First Blood!
This is a wedding,
not Dancing with the Stars!
And, anyway, I don't cheat!
Liar! You'd still be in
pre-school if you didn't cheat!
Are they amazing?
Hold on... Naina!
What? What happened?!
There's a girl also...
His cousin from London...
supposed to be a deadly dancer!
Holy mother of Lara!
Bunny! Bunny!
What is happening?!
You wanted a big,
fat Indian wedding, no?
Suffer nowl
Bunny. Not now.
Aye! This is my TV show!
118 islands, can you believe that?
Venice is made of-
What's Venice like?
Fail. It's the sewage
system of Europe.
Really? I'm going
there for my honeymoon!
Taran loves these old,
historical places.
It's okay, man. It'll be fun.
You're going to be bored to tears.
Shut up, Avi.
You still have two days left...
just run away!
Why did you change the channel?
That was my TV show...
Didn't know that.
Avi. Change it back.
It's your show, man.
How many times are
you going to watch it?
I want you to see it.
Not interested.
What's your problem?
What's your problem, Avi?
You know what my problem is.
I want to hear it from you.
Drop the act, Bunny.
This is the first time
in 8 years you've come to see us.
You've called, what, 10-20 times?
And you're asking
me what my problem is?
It's not like you were
calling every day.
I did, man. I called a lot!
But I got sick of listening
to your answering machine!
You forgot about us, Bunny.
Try to understand, man
I was really caught up!
New places, new cities...
I had to make my life... my career!
I had to fulfill my dreams!
Your dreams!
Your life!
Your problems...
Your excuses!
Everything is about you!
What about me, Bunny?
How much do you even know about me?
My life, my dreams...
my circumstances!
Avi, man, chilli
Look at Aditi...
It's not like we spoke every day,
but she's not so sore with me!
That's because Aditi doesn't
expect anything from you!
She didn't even think
you'd come for her wedding!
And who can blame her'?!
You didn't even come back
for your own father's funeral!
Aditi's right.
Don't expect anything from me.
This is how I am.
Halfway around the world, Bunny
and you've completely last your mind!
At least I'm not like you!
A drunkard, a gambler... a failure!
Are you trying to kill me?!
Are you crazy or what?!
Here... use this pillow.
You cheat!
Come on and fight like a man
Aditi... you look so pretty!
I'm getting married, guys!
And my two best friends
are fighting like dogs!
Stop this drama and apologize
to each other right now.
It's okay.
He's not saying sorry!
Hug each other.
Come on!
One minute... my turn!
Drink a little.
Yo aunty! Have this. - I don't drink.
How many times will you lie in front
of the same man? Take this.
Just what I needed...
All the best... you.
"Yo u I"
Total manufacturing defect.
What are you just standing here for?
Let me focus.
Are you ready, guys?
Open... open... open position.
Smile... smile! Interact...
Look into the eyes
of the audience directly...
All good?
Hi hi hi... I,
uh, I just hope Aditi likes my dance.
Everything will be okay, right?
You don't have AIDS.
Funny! Funny---...
Bunny, thanks...
Thanks for coming
to our wedding, man...
You know,
it really means a lot... to me...
to Aditi... to our family...
No, I just..
Take it. This makes everything better.
Come on... drink!
Now... for the groom!
And the very hot,
the very sexy...
What happened to him?
Well done, my cheetah!
Oh my God..
that was like totally incredible!
That was surprising!
You said that their
dance was rubbish!
Yeah, man. It was!
No no no no... That wasn't rubbish...
That was mind-blowing!
I know! Genius!
Now who's going to
see my traditional dance?
All the uncles!
I really wanted to be the best,
you know.
You want to give an explosive
performance, right? Leave it to me.
You? What are you going to do?
Aye. You don't know
how much talent I have!
Just hold on to your skirt...
It shouldn't fly
it off in excitement!
Come on.
Let's set this stage on fire!
And now...
Everyone's favourite...
the gorgeous...
Okay. 'We-
Get up, sleepy head.
We only have today to see Udaipur.
Come on, hurry up.
So that's what your life is like!
You must have seen
so many amazing things.
You can't even imagine.
I love my life, Naina.
I could never live like you people.
Like "us people"?
I mean...
You'll spend your whole life in
one city, in one house, in one room...
Doesn't that scare you?
Not at all.
This is the life I've chosen.
I have no interest in living
like you... Like a hippie!
You're only saying all this...
because you've seen
nothing of the world, baby!
What do you know of the high
of living in different countries?
And what do you know
of the comfort of home?
You don't know what it's
like to sit with a strange family...
and listen to their life stories.
And you don't know what it's
like to sit with old friends...
and reminisce.
Someday I'll take
you to San Francisco...
to eat their famous mutton burgers.
You'll go crazy.
Someday I'll feed you
mutton biryani from home.
You'll forget your burger.
You haven't been to Paris, Naina.
Have you ever seen a child being born?
but I have lots of
children running around in Paris.
So cheap ya.
World Cup.
Andres lniesta's winning goal.
Wankhede Stadium.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni's winning sixer!
California's sunshine.
Bombay's rains.
Blueberry cheesecake.
Indian custard.
Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.
Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in
a single screen theatre. With popcorn.
Actually... ya man.
One day you'll be the
fat mother of two children.
And I'll still be hot and fit.
Not two... six!
And when I'm sitting with
them watching Harry Potter part...
20 in my mansion,
you'll be stitching your
own shoes in some African village.
You're not right, Naina...
you're just very different from me.
I know that.
Oye! Do you really want 6 kids?
Name a couple of them Bunny...
And are they all going be from
the same father or should I help?
Just think!
How handsome our kids would be!
With my good looks and well...
my brains.
You're such a dog!
Have you checked in?
Okay take care of yourself.
Okay bye.
Come now, quickly.
We don't want to miss
that Light and Sound show.
I'm tired, Bunny...
and it's so nice here!
Yes, but when we've seen everything...
It'll be even nicer!
You can't do everything in cine day!
Of course I can.
Look at this...
we only have this much left!
And now we don't.
Sit down quietly.
What if we find out later...
that the Light and Sound
show was mind-blowing?
Of course it will be mind-blowing...
But if we leave,
we'll miss this amazing sunset.
How ever hard you try, Bunny...
you'll always miss
out on something in life.
Let's just... enjoy the moment.
Three years ago, I was working
for a company called Trek America.
I was on a trek with
24 college students...
I returned to the
city after eight days.
That's when my Bombay phone came on.
I had 155 voice messages.
My family...
Avi... Aditi...
My father had passed away.
He passed away on Monday...
I found out on Saturday...
His last rites had
already been performed.
We hadn't spoken in over a month...
I hadn't seen him in three years.
He used to say that
I should visit more often...
I should have listened to him.
2,000 seen.
2,000 blind.
4,000 seen.
10,000 seen.
10,000 show.
Don't get into this, man.
Just play.
Good hand.
Thank you, everyone!
See you later.
How is this my fault?!
Do you have socks?
This isn't Las Vegas, man!
You weren't going
to hit a double jackpot.
I was doing my thing, man.
It's okay, man. It's done now.
Why don't you ever listen, Bunny!
Don't waste your hard earned money.
Money is nothing.
Not everyone has this
is nothing in their destiny.
Double jackpot?
Las Vegas?
The casino episode...
where she put 20 dollars
in the slot machine and...
won 20,000.
That host of yours is hot!
You've seen my show, Avi?
You'll have done what... 40 episodes?
I've seen all.
Then why were you pretending?
It's your show, Bunny.
How could I not see it?
Avi, can I say something?
I heard about your bar.
It's just a bad phase, man.
I have some money saved up.
I want you to take it...
and save your bar.
It's a lot of money, Bunny.
How much?
Twenty five lakh.
You ass... you think
you can buy me with your dollars?
My friendship is not so cheap.
I don't want your money, Bunny.
Then what can I do for you, Avi?
Have a drink with me.
Why are you marrying this guy?
I saw how jealous he got
when you went there to talk to Avi.
You're sure about this, right?
Bunny, I wasn't going to talk to Avi.
I went there to give him a slap.
He's spent 2 lakhs in 2 clays.
1 lakh on booze and 1 lakh in poker...
Taran's just gone and paid it off.
He wasn't being jealous, he was
just stopping me from insulting Avi.
So... you're not in
love with Avi anymore?
You knew?
Everybody knew.
Except for that duffer Avi.
Yeah, man. I was.
But, you know,
Avi was never in that relationship.
It was just me... alone.
But with Taran...
How do I explain it...
You know, it's like...
Before I met him, I was fine...
but now I know that...
I can be happy, too.
It's simple.
With certain people...
things just seem better
by spending time with them.
Your... cap.
Thank you...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry too!
But you shouldn't
shout at me like that!
I'm not shouting! I didn't shout!
You called me a bitch...
- I didn't say bitch!
Yes, you did... - You did!
No no... - Yes you did!
You guys carry on...
I'll be right back.
The magic of this
night is intoxicating...
Are you looking for something?
Who is this?
This... uh... is Vikram.
He's come to shoot the wedding.
And to meet Naina.
Why are you sitting here?
Who are you?
Get lost.
Excuse me?
I said, you, please...
get lost.
Bunny, stop it.
You are extremely rude.
Look, this is my
best friend's wedding.
You're not welcome here.
Looks like you've had
too much to drink.
Naina's invited me here.
- I'm Naina's boyfriend.
Get lost.
Guys, stop it. Stop it.
Bunny, stop it. Come on ya.
Vikram, give me five minutes...
I'll be right there, okay?
Thank you.
You... are not my boyfriend.
So is he?
What's gotten into you, Bunny?!
Go and apologise to him.
I'd rather break his face.
You've lost your mind, Bunny.
Every time I see this girl, huh?
Is this the guy who
sent you that cheap message?
Not that loser, Dave?
Yes, Bunny.
Vikram sent me those messages.
Do you love him?
Do you love him?!
How does it matter'?
It matters!
I thought you only drank with me!
What are you trying to say, Bunny?
You should send this Vikram away!
Because I want you to
spend all your time with me.
I was only here with Vikram because I
cannot spend another second with you!
He's just my friend...
So then... he's not your boyfriend?
No, Bunny, he's not!
Please stop this drama!
Why don't you understand that
if I stand here any longer then...
Then what, Naina?
Then I'll fall in love with you...
And you won't...
Vikram... left.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
The thing is that...
I love you is just a beginning...
Then what happens, Bunny?
What happens, Naina?
Then those two people cannot
handle those three words...
Let's not talk about this.
Bunny, please let me go...
Bunny, I'm a simple girl.
I want to live a simple life...
You're not wrong...
you're just very different from me.
Please let me go.
I can't.
Then don't go to Paris!
Don't take this job that you've
been dreaming of your whole life...
Don't travel...
Because I can't go with you...
Mom, dad, clinic...
Everything is here.
How can I leave?
You come visit me twice a year.
And no funny business in Paris...
After a few years,
you move back here...
Naina, I...
I know!
I understand you, Bunny.
I know what your dreams are...
What you want from life...
And that's why...
we should forget each other.
Bye .
Don't go, Naina.
This... feels nice.
That's why I have to go.
Five minutes...
Bunny... - Please... five seconds...
We should leave.
I know...
Here, take this...
Dad, you've given me enough dollars...
You keep this. It'll help.
Don't argue with your father.
Keep it safely now.
Were you crying?
Well, I'm finally getting rid of you!
I'll miss you.
This house is going
to feel empty without you...
Anyway, we have to go. Come on.
Aren't you happy, Dad?
Of course I'm happy!
But I'm also a little selfish...
I don't want to lose you.
What are you trying to say, Dad?
You don't want me to go to America?
How does it matter what I want?
Do you ever listen to anything I say?
Of course it matters.
If you didn't want me to go,
you should have said it before...
You can still say it.
Then don't go.
Would you really do that...
for me?
For you to say that... is enough.
Now listen.
Go wherever you want to go.
Do whatever you want to do.
Live life any way you want to.
Remember one thing, son...
Whatever happens in life...
I'll always be with you.
I'm tired... of running.
I never respected time...
and now, Dad's gone.
If only I could tell
him how much I love him...
Bunny, do you know what
gave your father most happiness?
Not me, not your mother,
not his work...
You did.
Do you know why?
Because you never
gave up on your dreams...
You lived life on your own terms.
He understood how difficult it is
to carve your own path through life.
And he was proud that you
had the courage to walk that path.
If you want to tell your
father how much you love him,
you need to do what
you've always done.
Live your dreams.
Listen to your heart.
Thank you.
Everything will be okay, Bunny.
Except for this sherbet.
It's still terrible.
This is my first honeymoon, baby...
Shut up!
I want to spend New Year's
day with you amongst the stars...
The year comes to a close tonight...
And this bar does too.
To the new year and
to new beginnings!
What are you doing here?
I've come to spend
New Year's Eve with you!
I didn't want to risk it.
What if someone else
whisked you away?!
Seriously? You're not going?
I refused their offer...
So I could take you up on yours!
Should we make this
lighting a little romantic?
Are you afraid of the dark?
I love you.
Come on.
On that note, let's have some cake.
This job was everything to you.
It was.
But there's a right
time for everything!
And today...
is the right time for this.
Will you many me?
You've lost your mind.
This is fake.
But my love is real, baby!
Sorry, dude...
I didn't have a lot of time.
Bunny you... you'll run away?!
So you bring me back!
That means you'll really run away?
I won't go anywhere! Try it and see?
Marriage isn't about trying!
Once you're in it...
it's boiled food for fifty years
'til you die! Can you handle it?
Are you trying to scare me?
Scared already?
This is not your cup of tea.
Fine then. I'm going.
Will you many me or not?
Why do you want to many me?
Because I can't escape you!
You've screwed me!
I still want the same things
but now I want them with you!
I still want to see every corner of
the world but with your hand in mine!
Look, Naina.
Time waits for no one.
It flies past us
and we get left behind.
And before I get left too far behind,
I want to spend some time with you.
You make me happy Naina.
In my mind, we're already married...
Now come on, you many me tool
Such along speech...
The least you can de is clap!
Naina, say something-
What happened?
Baby, give me your phone.
My battery's dead.
Hi this is Aditi, I'm not available
right now...
Aye, loser! Are you wasted yet?
Bunny! You dog! Where are you?!
You'll never believe it...
Where are you? - It's a long story...
Hey, who are you with?
I'll tell you...
Who's the chick with you?
You know... our Scholar...
Avi! Hang on!
Let me put you on speaker!
Avi, talk to Adil
Dude, I've been trying
your number forever!
Where are you?!
I have no idea what's going on!
I'm at the bar!
I have no idea either!
Shhhh... guys!
Naina oh Nainaaaaa!
Oh my God! Okay.
Bunny. Where are the two of you?
My house...
That means you didn't leave?
Oh my God!
I knew it!!! I knew the
two of you were having a scene!
Liars! Idiots! I'm going
to kill you when I get back!
Either I'm totally wasted
or you've all lost your minds!
I'll explain,
I'll explain everything...
But there's only 5 seconds
left for New Year's! So... 5!
ONE! Happy New Year!
I love you, Aditi!
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year guys!
- New Year guys!
Happy New Year, guys!
Let's all have a great year ya!