Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011) Movie Script

How did it happen?
When did it happen?
Preeti! Last night I saw a nightmare,
I saw that....
I will be right back.
Anybody here?
your old dehli took your life,
and now you are dying,
your game is over now.
There is no such difference between
love and bullet.
They both came out to attack
on your chest.
you didn't understand.
Come on!
Where are you going?
Mr. Mehta!
Why he is shouting this morning?
If you will take milk then buffalo
will shout,
He is outside.
Call him here,
No! he is hunged up.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
What are you doing?
I am giving him fresh air.
It's my style, what do you think?
Hold him tight.
Don't be crazy,
Get me up!
If I will fall down then I won't
spare anyone of you.
If I will fall down then
I won't spare...
When you will die then you
will see.
Now you hunged up then tell me
will you work for me.
Do you know from which floor
you're gonna fall?
It's my house why you are telling me
that from which floor I'll fall down,
Get me up!
Release him little bit.
you won't work for me,
then tell me where did you keep
the contract?
In my bedroom.
On my balcony.
What are you doing?
Let him hung up for a while.
When woman becomes witch,
he took man's life.
What are you doin?
Jump down we will catch you,
you are practising for catches here.
Come out!
How do I?
When I was falling down I missed that
guy who jumped down with fire in fare.
There are many kinds of fire in life.
Which one was mine?
For love or sex.
I am sure it's love.
But I couldn't tell her.
Life has it's own dilemma,
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
He is in jail from 2 years.
and his younger woman is having
fun with other men,
Not on face.
I was about to miss all of them,
But most of them I would miss her,
She came to my dreams every night.
When I woke my pain still remains,
If she will elope with someone else.
Chandu! I am leaving this line,
I am going home,
Tomorrow my wife will give me
oil message.
and my son will be playing.
And your wife made hot daal for you,
I want my share.
What share?
What money I make for you I need
my share from that money,
What money you make for me?
Place was mine,
I brought you business.
What kind of your share?
your company was having loss,
I have brought it from 5 crore to
2500 crores.
As per contract my share is 10 percent,
Give me my share then I will go home,
Take care of him,
Here is your contract,
Whenever you want to do your job,
Come to office,
I have another copy,
you son of a bitch,
Now you do your business,
I won't come to you,
When you will caught then you
will know my importance,
And you won't betray with them,
From those people I brought 5 and
10 Rupees from their houses,
on your chit fund account, Now
when you have to pay me,
then you want keep their money to
show you're a defaulter.
It's not your language,
It's the language of that bitch,
you always dancing in her ghaghra.
It's her language and she is putting
this insect in his mouth,
Many people trusted on me,
First time when I saw her she
didn't smile.
those days who could smile on me,
What was that day?
Mehta's 3 crore was remaining on his
partner and I have to recover it,
Roger opened a restaurant in Goa.
He must be failed.
but his failure become my success.
Don't come over here,
I don't have money,
your big resort is running on credit.
I heard you have a partner,
Who is your partner?
That day my life gone change,
I am still fixing it,
I have to go jail.
Why would I go to jail?
you are pretty it doesn't mean that
you can't make a mistake.
you have signed the papers.
What he is done?
30 percent on gambling,
30 percent on fucking, 30 percent old
loans and he gave 8 percent in church,
My parents left only one thing for me
and it's gone.
This is good.
I am not gonna escape anywhere,
you didn't need to come here,
Our company have other men for those
people who tried to escape,
I have come for you,
It's a power of attorney
written by Roger,
And it's written that he is responisble
for everything,
And you gave your property for loan,
But Roger never written that,
I have written it,
Then signatures?
He will sign them now,
What do you mean?
you get his thumb stamp I will
get his signature.
He was like my brother,
We have no other choice.
What happen?
Where is stamp pad?
Just try to cry.
It's done,
Our life story is same,
My father died to humiliate ministers.
Preeti's father died with reading
news papers.
And they didn't left penny for us,
I have become C.A.
She had a good voice so she
become a singer.
And then this Roger's incident occured.
She came to dehli.
She would have some faith on me,
Other is history,
yes Mehta!
Don't ruin your friendship for a girl.
Find another one,
I am getting married and I will
send you invitation,
Don't come,
Nothing! I am in a meeting,
Shall we talk later?
Who was he?
you are taking my interview,
I just want to know about you,
Can I think forward?
About what?
About you and me.
Then what did you decide?
Are you crazy? you have parked your
car in the middle of street.
What does it mean when you got hit
from front and back,
that day I found out,
Stop giving him meal.
Get up!
He is ''BARE''.
My boss.
The most dangerous gangster of Dehli.
He took all the tenders.
Until he had support of Verma,
He was very dangerous.
Will you listen to me or not?
But nobody know when ministers
take their support back.
One day government has changed
Verma changed his party and become
a home minister,
But to keep relationship with people
like ''BADE'' become a problem,
But Verma didn't left any option,
He turned jail into hell for BADE.
I am giving you one chance,
If you can do something for me,
Those shits are very dirty get
them clean,
Sattu! come here.
When he is not watching you are still
pushing me,
I thought he would check by chance,
Did you get hert?
This loyal man ruins everyone,
Get him bandage,
And you will clean the shit,
Don't bother Bhai Sahab.
May I leave?
you can go.
Take care.
My time is bad,
They made me dog.
Tell me if you have some job,
I can give my life for you,
No! you go...
I left you for your father.
But I can't leave your gang like this.
Before that I have to made a call
from BARE.
Bade's step brother.
He thinks himself a fashion designer.
He put his own man's head in
boiled water.
What are you doing?
you must be having message from girls.
Are you worried about me?
Get me out of here.
Did I told you to mess with Verma,
you would let him take your money,
They would put that money is my ass.
you would have enjoy with that money.
Listen! Chorasia has come to meet me.
He is getting bail tomorrow and he
will get me release from here.
I will kill that Verma,
I will kidnap his daughter.
then he will bring his car to
get me out.
Now do me a favour don't bother
him for money.
Send him money on time,
I am in bad condition,
I will kill all of them.
He is Kuldip.
He is leaving this business.
And I have permitted him so don't
say anything to him,
If Chowrasia will need then he will use
him otherwise not.
Brother! why did you allow Kuldip
to leave the gang.
He doesn't have another plan.
BADE didn't find out what we gonna do
with him,
And he is cooking something else
with Kuldip.
Send our bald guy.
He will handle it.
May I?
I said yes.
Did you make a call for Mumbai?
I will try again.
you have done it correct.
Woman's nature is kind of that,
She is also the same,
you trusted on her and she
betray you.
I already told you.
Try to understand her type.
you have .92 gun.
you also have a silencer.
It's loaded?
If you will say anything about her,
then I will make a holes of 1.5 inches.
I don't know where I will make holes
but I will must make.
you will say sorry when I will take
your money,
you tell me about A.M. Chand's deal.
Mota is the first party of A.M. Chand.
A.M. Chand will get 4 percent
for his respect.
we will make him dance later.
I made 5 crore for him in a minute.
you are such a genius.
you think I am your employee.
I told you once and you are still
holding it's tail.
Put some money in my account,
How much you want?
5 million.
you came to me in childhood.
Brother! he beated me,
you have grown up in Tihar Jail.
you are really leaving this business.
your wife only smile on her
wedding day,
Before wedding night.
Now she is still crying from that day.
Tell me what will you do now?
How would you earn money?
Do you know some other business?
you are so grown up...
Mom! papa is here.
My wife...
She is always angry.
Shanti! Stop!
Many people never forget
their principles.
Those days we are shining in
gangster business.
In BADE's time no payment on time
start beating that person,
that time we got Bade's phone call.
We have to recover money from Mital.
We went out for job,
For taking shortcut we entered
in wrong house.
We got right thing on wrong place.
Kuldip is a munciple contractor,
Why water won't come?
Break his legs,
He is fooling me around.
you stay away from me,
What will you do?
He took kiss and money too.
Are you crazy?
I left evertthing,
you will be tired,
What are you doing?
Kill him here.
Look at him carefully,
Three days...
then I am going and I don't
wanna see your face again,
you will get marry again,
I will.. I will do anything,
Why do you care?
you will do that same thing again.
you will go to jail again,
One day somebody will come to kill
you and he will get shot.
Do you have something?
Will you take us somewhere?
Kuldip was in shocked there...
And I was sinking with Mehta to
come out from my shock.
in his heaven,
Here sometimes right people
encouraged you,
and sometimes wrong people
pressed on wrong places.
So Mehta!
what's up?
I am fine,
Just leave my balls.
It will take time to adjust the money.
Look! I have no problem but papa
was getting angry.
you are feeling pain,
Tell Mr. Verma that I will pay till 10.
Because of these people Mehta wanted
to leave this business.
but I didn't know...
that same Minister's son Ankush
will help me in future.
you carry on.
Kuldip is such a great gangster and my
wife has gone with some other man,
and I didn't say anything,
My heart beat is stopped.
She will take my son,
How would I live without them?
I will burn this dehli city.
Get me some job,
I have to earn some money,
I will go crazy.
Stop crying.
I have a solution to make your
life happier.
Tell me!
Forget your wife.
you will have to sacrifice for
your future.
Do you know Chowrasia?
He took kidnapping contracts,
Now what happen to you?
I have a heart problem,
you have gas, do some yoga.
His gas is also leaking,
I will get you his kidnapping contract.
you have waisted your entire life,
Make your last move.
When you will put diamond neklace
in your wife's neck.
then she will forgive your all sins.
Just listen to me,
your job will be done and...
I will get some money for
my retirement,
Carry on!
you are looking good.
Tell me what are you doing?
I have gas.
I have a cure and you will get
relief in 30 seconds.
Chorasia is dead.
But I have appeased Kuldip.
He will do our job.
How did it happen?
That person should be sorrow for
other's dead,
who shouldn't have to die ever.
your job is done,
Kuldip shouldn't be dead.
What did you say?
Bade gave his job to Kuldip.
that's good.
Chowrasia is dead now Kuldip
will also die.
and Bade will be rotted in jail.
What so good with that?
Who will get the bank account
number from Bade.
He had put his entire money
in swiss bank account.
Plan changed,
Stop your bald guy,
Kuldip shouldn't be dead.
Drive faster,
Now the way is empty,
I am reaching there,
I will stop him,
Kuldip shoudn't die.
Stop him anyway.
He is in another building,
Until I will reach there he would
have killed him,
Shoot him if you need,
He is my brother in law.
Tell me the price
5 lac, 10 lac.
What happen in 10 lac.
I will give you 20 lac.
It's Bade's phone call.
Why do you lie to me?
I want to send him medicine,
How many times you will lie me,
you are a dog.
Get out from here,
Why did you call Shanti at home?
you should have call on my mobile.
Jailer has planned to kill me,
Get me out of here immediately.
Verma and Bade have their
personal enmity,
Kidnap the girl but don't let happen
anything to her,
Did you talk to him or you
just killed him,
He looks like an informer?
How does informer looks like?
He looks the like him,
you did well.
you all are crazy.
She is cabinet minister Verma's
daughter Anjali.
and he is faincee Sham Singhania.
Love has a problem,
If one get doom.
then other will must get doomed.
I have seen it, just tell me we have
to do something with them,
Marriage in our area and we will
must get dowry.
In any relation time has come to
get away,
Otherwise you will get trapped.
But why I was sitting over there,
Why I wanted to tell Shaam that
leave Preeti.
Don't put her in trouble.
And how much he was about to
put her in trouble,
I didn't had any idea about that,
It's all yours.
What do you think?
your dad's...
and that day,
I was praising of my house,
It's such a palace.
I want to talk to you,
We will talk,
But I underestimated Preeti.
She knew something about Shaam,
And today she wanted to solve
that matter,
Nothing is possible between us,
Why it's not possible?
When you are gonna leave me?
Why would I leave you?
I sing in hotels.
Why would you live with a girl
like me?
Because I want to live,
And what about Anjali?
That Minister Verma's daughter...
your marriage is fixed with her,
I have already told her,
And I think she is on doorstep.
And I think if you will be hide in
bathroom that will be fine.
Anjali! where are you going?
Just listen to me,
Where is she?
Please don't do this to your self.
Anjali, it's not possible.
you don't know who am I?
How could she be, who he brought
together that would be our girl.
She came out emotionally from
another cried outside.
and the reason was Shaam,
Why did I get trapped?
you called uncle, dad got stroke we
are taking him to hospital.
And story begins from here.
They are gone,
They were talking about hospital.
I will wait outside,
What are you doing?
I am not doing anything,
I just met her,
What do you think?
you want to marry with her,
Why you are not meeting with Anjali
from one month,
That arrogant girl wants me to sign a
bond before marriage.
so we couldn't take advantage of her
father's position,
Do we have need to take advantage
of her father's position,
If you want to know the truth...
yes we have....
Don't know who they brought this time,
What's the matter?
I lost my way,
Tell me where is the main road?
Prepare the informers,
We have all arrangements.
It's our village nothing would
happen here.
He losted his way,
He is leaving,
Girl is wrong,
Don't tell this matter to Chote...
Otherwise we will lost our money,
Leave her,
where she will go, she is our guest.
Where is Shaam?
Who are you people?
What's your problem?
We got you here...
Now we won't tell you our names,
We have some job for your father
in law.
We are helpless.
I don't understand anything,
We worked hard on you,
There must be some reason.
Do you know who am I?
We know you are rich person that's
why we have a special job,
you all will die.
you can also die.
Make a phone call to your Anjali,
and tell her to let us talk to her
Give me the number.
Use your phone,
Why she is not picking up?
She might be sleeping,
Why she is not picking up the phone,
I hope she is not dead,
What to do? kill them and bury them,
you want to die,
There is a way.
I will go to Anjali.
She will go there first then she
will go to police.
in that case we all will die.
She is not picking up the phone so
I will go and inform her,
Very good,
Don't hear her, she is intelligent
and we all are fools here.
But you don't need me,
If I will escape then...
he is here...
you will get iron medal for escape.
Tell me,
you have brought me blind folded here.
Take me blind folded.
If anything will go wrong then
you will die,
And if everything will be fine then
will you let him go.
What is your relationship with him,
She is his lover.
Chote's phone call.
What happen?
It will be done,
Don't take time,
I am not making a burger.
I am making biryani it takes time,
Whatever is happeningjust inform
the Chote.
Don't think about it.
Shoot in the middle of forhead,
We have an order,
We must have to kill him,
I will drop you home,
Forgive me,
This phone is able to use,
All phones are working,
If we won't teach you then how
would you learn,
Stay with Ma'am and use this phone,
If she speaks anything in english
then shoot her.
When she make you a phone call
then shoot the Shaam,
Tell Anjali that her fiancee don't
have enough time,
Let us talk to Minister soon,
Few people have great luck,
They got two babes.
It's been so long that I didn't
see any girl.
Speak louder.
Open her blind folded near harvest.
I am coming,
you are a princess,
you will sit behind,
If you will talk rubbish then I
will cut your throat.
Nobody will know it.
your boss will know it,
Are you seeing your childs act?
Is it the way to beat someone up.
As an priciple I can't keep
this kid in my school
Its allright but did he beat him?
What's so funny in it?
Isn't it?
Say sorry to her..
Why did you beaten him up?
Dont know father..I just gets furiuos a second
If you gets furious so what?
My brain nerves starts to boost up.
Then I feels to punch someone
Where did to learnt it?
It happens automatically
Then I just starts fighting..
With your father's money?
you're insulting my father
just a moment
you were with last night.
at his house..
How dare you come here?
Why did you come to me?
Go to his father...
go to police.
Give me only one reason
Because They'll kill him
Any problem my daughter.?
HEy bro.
I want to meet big brother.
I've joined the police for serve you
Do something..I want to meet him right now
Can't you see me smiling laughing.
I'd my informers call
what he's saying?
He's just making me release so
he can take all accounts detail.
After that....
he'll get me killed..
His mothers..
He's my brother..
his mother is mine too
He got spoiled..
I'll fix him
Keep it..
I'll give you address and keys later
Get me outta here anyhow.
What's the matter?
feeling scared?
What're you doing here?
they ain't not here, my men handle them
where are you?
where are you?
Dont shout..
If I'll make call once he'll get beheaded
I had find you.
I had find you when I came out
but you were not there
what'd i do.
Minister warma has called
me to his house
you're very smart..
May I go or not?
Ok go.
But pick up my call when I call you
When you're unable to talk
so tell me..Darling I'm busy
How will you say it?
I'm in big trouble
i know
Infact I'm following you
since last night.
Actually from resort..
so why did you not meet me
in resort than?
I had phoned you but
you said you're in meeting
But you forgot to tell me with who?
What're you seeing like that?
So how should I see and do?
Today My partner hung me upside
down and swelled me money
So I thought to change my track,
so I went to a girl to I do love
And I seen when reach there.
Why did you not tell me
anything before.
Was it needy to tell you that.
What do you think I just
hanging out with you till long time
I mean, you've done something
by which I feel something.
Which you didn't feel that
you think you didn't feel.
Must have done something.
I know where are they...
I take police to there.
you won't do something like that.
They'll kill me..
whenever you feel that you're in danger
where you reached?
I didn't made
Mehta is very important person
and have to obey the boss.
If he've no time so.
what you mean?
Dont go to that small one
when getting out the big one
He'll become the head line of paper
When getting big one the small
one will kill you
When the big one will be
successfull to escape..
and his groups men will get killed.
why're you scaring me.
The dog bite me so I'm telling you
We'll take to big one.
We'll get the account number
by him then will pump him
you told me to get a bingo
dont you trust me?
I heared that you both
have deep relationship
Can we both talk in private
My son..
he's an idiot.
But it deosn't mean that his and
angalis relation will break so easily
He's gonna dump her
He'll marry with angeli
We'll talk when everthing
will be fine.
How many calls are for this girl
why ? what happend?
other one is calling
who's call it is?
you want him to die..
i dont want him to die.
I just want him to go away
from pretty's life.
if he'll have to die for
it so its okay
There's a limit of everthing
what're you doing for it
Suddenly I think..
That aran can be used to
help pretty
dont think..
but it may possible
will you just talk?
just talk
How are you?
who's speaking?
whatever you want me to consider.
Are you fond of seeing english movies.
What's in the be so angry
I got your son-in-law.
what do you want me to do?
you'll release someone from jail
day after tomorrow,
after that we'll release your son-in-law
Are you gone mad
To whome I've to release.
its not needy to know it for you.
when you transfer the prisoners..
To other jail so we'll
get him out in the way.
I'm minister...not a land lord..
people like you have lots of land
you're not releasesing it openly,just
say that an prisoner escaped while transfering
you'll die like a dog
Law and....
shut up
your son-in-law will die like a dog
Think again..
so give me your henceman number.
I'll call you after 2 hours.
Why dont you do something.
what's your possesion problem
What do you think?
What is my possesion
I'm the indebt of government.
Everthing is morgaged
this an castle.
Did you meet that goons..
no sir I just gets their phone call
If you get their call again, so tell him
that their demands can't be fulfill
i've talked everwhere.
now what?
sham's father is talking to minister.
nothing yet have information
you come back !
why? shouldn't i meet with sham's father?
No..Meet him..
there's no worry about meeting
but come back in a hour
behind the old tomb
Can't you do just a little work?
what I do if minister is not picking up the call
dont he like his daughter.
I can't hear you
where is?
There's nothing.
who's she?
I makes it..
this is the company,earlier they gives me 3
rupee and now 7 in packing of 250gsm
I'm saying..
there's nothing.
dont cry
since I've got married?
so how many days you lived with me?
How many days ?
tell me?
In out in out..
how can I take care of house?
what do I do?
I do all work alone.
I won't go again
she's taking him along to london
what're you saying?
Mannu brother is getting
me a job in hotel
I'll get 800 pound in a month
will you go to london/
she've come
What we do?
there's a hole in throut
The person is weird but
he talks streight forward.
What I got when doing love.
I should have had take
her streight to bedroom
Did I done anything like that?
I think you should tell to sham
that he call to angeli
And tell her that I made a mistake
and ask for forgiveness
I want to come back
And I'm coming back
It might be possible that he forgives
him and her father convinced
Its about life
will you help me?
I'll call you
will you be able to call me from there?
I'll call,,I'll tell them...
I'll tell anyhow that
I need your help
means you're saying that If
I dont get your call in 24 hours
what do I do?
Give me 24 hours.
dont go..
To whome you made a call?
To whome you went to meet?
Am I fool?
I didn't call anyone.
I'll finish you right now
to whome you made a call?
to no one.
I'll finish the chapter today
pick up the call
I can't find tony
Lets move...
had the kuldeeps call,get outta here
Do you think I'm a government officer,
that you were giving me bribe/
What do I do more...
touch your feet?
or beg forgiveness?
what i do?
you're the wise..
you make them understand.
where's tony...
tony has left tenced
I told you..
what're you acting here?
please leave me.
I'm the son of singhaniya.
tell me who's son you are?
Whatever I was going to do,
I shouldn't have to do
Next generation will remember,
there're few fools like me.
but what I do? I was helpless
by my nature.
I wan the all account details of
the verma's son
And his too..he've the money
of brokery of gun in his account
Give me the full detail of his account
in which mess are you in?
I'll transfer the brokery money
in the account of verma's son
Are you gone mad?
Verma's creat a problem if
press will come to know.
then he'll do what I want him to do
why're you doing this
Will you not reform?
The house I showed you,
so I'm selling it
I want money immediately.. out the car.
What's your matter if I'm going to london
what's going on?
Just thinking.
To play your band..
you need a band master like me to do it
The sophie has come..
lets play the band together
I'm working
you do your work..
I gotta go,I also have to do work
I need some numbers..
open the cabin
My friend..
take this key.
take whatever you want.
what do you think?
about what?
about your son-in-law
I told you
nothing can be happen
Do one thing..
check your son's bank account
It has been transaction of
many crores..
Rm, who's arm dealer.,you got
the money from him,
you son has invested on fake
company's name on stock market.
Its list will be convey to dra.
and 3rd.
The company of your son
his all share will be dump
till morning in market.
what do you want?
fullfill the demand of girl..
tell her that her work has started
call her
what kind of revenge are you
taking by me?
from yourself..
and family
what're you hiding from me?
you calm down..
listen, nothing has happend.
let me check..
there's some confusion
I'll explain to you everthing.
you should have tell me atleast..
you're going to leave everthing like this
are you selling out everthing of yours.
how did you get my password?
its very easy
you've fixed an camera to your door
So I tilt that camera to
your seat.
you sat and typed your password
I'm not the poet.
Can I tell you something.
Disappear from this country
No one will spare you alive
there's a ticket under your table
your wife is in asylum..
so let her stay there.
your kids are in switzerland..
go there..your money has tranfer there
There's a few days problem..
you'll get your money back
why you did it?
you made a mistake
arun, ministers men are finding
your everwhere.
you leave the delhi..
I've arranged everthing.
ITs the ministers call..
hey pretty.. you work is'll receive verma's phone
I'm leaving the city forever
If I'll live in city so verma's
men will kill me.
Minister verma convinced
you park the car on the way
behind the rock.
move forward...
did kuldeep got out?
he's out long time ago
behind the rock
It was my younger brothers call
Tell me one thing.
If you'll deal in alone with me.
So you'll get more money
Minister verma's deal is not
going to be done
I'm not his son-in-law.
Now release balwand in those
22 prisoners.
and get out of here.
we ain't fool
will wander with 22 prisoners
you get sham out.
Do you think I'm fool to take
him with me
you release balwand..and get out.
sham will reach to home.
What do you want?
what happend to you?
that's what you do work?
you got cutted off?
We thinks ten times to get cut
the hair and beard..
Show me is it real or fake?
what're you doing it?
Got insulted..
but you've to die.
you think everthing..
If I give you the sake
of the father so?
to whome you killed
And mother..
she's step..
Do you think you'll get all
money after killing me?
I got it..
I got your nigeria person
he telled me everthing
so telled you all money
yes all money
the swiss banks account was..
some 900 crore, did he told you?
732 crore, the china's elctronics.
did he tell you that
where is all that money
and that ministers 150 crores
did tell you that?
its just.
you're not so beloved.
you all stay here
give me the phone
where is that much money?
I telled everything
to kuldeep
Ask someone where is hospital
by the killed his father.
We've to nil the credit.
the small one killed my father?
will i lie?
If you'll not kill him..
so he'll come to kill you
forsake of money
and that time you'll be helpless
kill him
I given you the slip
and keys in the jail...
it contains the all details of
south africa's all accounts
enjoy yourself son
its a verma's order to surround everywhere
the small one spoiled the game
what will you do my brother?
currently we've to get outta here
and where from will we
arrange for money
ITs good to trust on big brother
but kuldeep made a mistake
to believe on sardeep
Because big brother might
be have some reasons
if you want to kill your friend
so remoe all thoughts from heart.
sing a song and pull the trigger
did you seen? your lover
was trying to escape
what deal he was talking about?
And what was saying ?
we'll all die?
you'll die..if you'll leave us..
so you can be safe.
Big brother's money is in foreign
call to father.
what he's saying?
she can't hear.
kuldeep is saying to sham.
that sham make a call to
his father..
And bring 15 core here.
otherwise you both gone.
now you heared it?
I'll call him
she's saying something
I'm calling to mr.singhaniya
I know him
its his father..
and you'll call
I met him at the minister verma's house
I'm stuck in big trouble
I can swear to father that
I never wanted to go
But who knows..
The wind came.
The car drives itself.
My hands started to
stire the stering.
What the duck...
you dont looks the
father of sham.
when did you got married?
what does it matter
Big people keeps a man
for every work.
where's the money?
yes, I arranged the money
Just let me talk with
girl for 2 minutes
Haven't money.,so why this
girl phone him to call him here
I've the money..
he got nothing.
I've arranged..
just let me talk with her 2 minute
you made a should
bring the money we'd leave her
you should talk like that
when you got everthing
you're not playing with ace but two.
let me talk with her..
hit the girl..I'll handle him
can't you understand?
Are you gone mad...
therefore you're stuck here.
Lets shoot me and I shoot you.
where're you from?
50 crore baad.
where is the money?
have'nt money
you told me..
bring money
What I said...
I said I'm coming.
So I've come
be seated there.
you've money already
Its in your account since 1 and half year
in my account?
you might be remember that after
the death of roger..
I made out the power of atorney
sign by you
So I took some more powers
in that power of atorney
you had house which was morgaged
by roger..
so I releas it then I sale out it.
but I invested that money
With client of mehta..
So i bought out the little land
by the return of the money
Near the airpor,when was going to
declare the airport is going to built.
at time I sold out it..
are in your account.
you go and with draw that money
and be happy
what's this
this the power of atorney,
which you named me
now its yours now.
what's this..
can't talk streight
I did as it was possible
Send someone with girl..
take the money..
and leave the ram
till I'll not get money..
you'll stay here.
15 crore is much money.
can't be with draw from bank
therefore I sent pretty
to my marwari friend.
Then..the night spent as usually
the sun raised.
then it was something new.
She feels about me first time.
to whome are you talking to
yes kuldeep
the money has been arranged
let him go
you bring the money first..
your sham is ok
I'm not talking about sham
The person who was sent by
herf father, leave him
Just one tell me who's your akin
stop rubbish
first leave him...
or you won't get the mone
will you decide it.
Should I say to marwari?
or call the police here?
may I make arrest to guddu?
When she said to kuldeep
to release me.
then she maybe wanting to
pay the indebt.
But she wasn't know that these
bastard without telling kuldeep
Were intended to escape
after dumping me..
its a call for you
I realize that the life is not
under my control.
But not to kuldeep
Still he was planning to escape
from mumbai was easy to him
One side prety was getting money for him
otherside shadbir was bringing her
Some another way..
tis longjourney
how'd he know tht he's going to be dump
the song is wrong according
the situation
Look..I'm police
have to work according
to procedure
the younger brother given
me 1 core
Now have to give him
little situation
but younger bro
There's mess in the situation
you come along me
you come along.
How you got this good work
Wat'll I do with so much money
you're the one to whome I trust
now what kind of money is now?
Brother given me the
account nuner before dying.
Tto swelling the others money..
it was natural in kuldeep's nature
but that day somethng saved
him that day
First time he thought to shre ashrf
in life
First time he be fullfill the friendship
police is working always for oposition
That man given me 5 cores
Now what'd I have to do
no you dont force your brain
dont worry..
I've setting of polie man
Five bullets had shot
4 shot on aim
Ane one girl hided
what happend?
how it done
what people will say if they hear
when it happend
I saw an nightmare last night.
I'll be back
is there anyone else?
mehta was wrong.
because some bullets take life
and some saves life
its looks weird..
will something happen? nothing
nothing should be happen.
finally the wind way was moving
look at me
Look at me
you see to sham Or my death
will be useless
nothing happend to you
i'm with you
nab my hand
I feeling I'm sinking
you're with me
And finally she said what
I wanted to hear
the game gets over slowly
The one bullet story is remaining
She runs when guddu fell down
Finally that life was giving
me support
its all because of you
what do you think you are?
you shamless
What'd i have to do?
Now there was only problem
of kuldeep
And it was still intact
And to solve it..
it was only way
what gain?
you'll do same.
Will you do business of pickle
after leaving your business
I do
And that money about sadbir
was telling..will you leave it
how much money was?
2.5 crore
ok take it
take the money