Yelling to the Sky (2011) Movie Script

You good?
I'm fine.
Girls, what're you doing?
Y'all don't
belong on this block.
Yo, take her bike.
Drop that high yellow heifer.
We don't want any trouble.
What the hell?
Oh, nice.
Right in your face.
Your mom still in
the nuthouse, Sweetie?
Easy, man.
Let us go.
Nah, it's too late for that.
If you want your bike back,
you'll have to re-earn it.
Yeah, make them re-earn it.
We're gonna have us a race.
You beat his boys to that tree
and we're through.
You won't have to walk
18 blocks out of your way
in the morning
no more neither.
Stop ducking corners,
hiding and crawling and shit.
If not, the bike
will be ours.
I ain't racing for something my parents
bought me in the first place.
"Something my parents bought me
in the first place."
Bitch, please.
Then why don't you go on
with your dang bike?
We can beat Hi'Low and Lil' Man
on our slowest day.
Yo, on your mark?
Latonya, let Betty go home.
You get a 60-second lead.
Just keep on running,
all the way home.
Get her!
Get her!
Two Dog, stop!
Stop kicking her now!
Stop kicking...
You like picking on girls?
Yo, someone,
can you just do something?
Stop it.
He's had enough!
You dare jump
my little sister?
Somebody help him!
Come on, Ola. Let's go.
No. No!
Let me go, Roland! Fucking...
It's time to go. Come on.
Come on.
Let me...
You all right, Sweetness?
All right, I got a half grilled cheese
and a little cabbage soup.
Here we go.
It's not too hot,
it's not too cold.
Come here.
I got the Daily Double.
You did?
None of the contestants.
Hey, girls.
Who's hungry?
Hi. There's some hot soup
on the stove.
I'm hungry!
Thanks, Dad.
Hello, Mom.
What's up?
Mama, Ola said hi.
And Daddy said,
"What's up?"
My girls are home.
Hi, Mama.
Yankees take it or no?
You bet.
What's up?
you want some more?
Looks good, honey.
# My name is Sweetness
All right! All right.
# My name is Sweetness
# Don't underestimate the 'cause you need this #
It's already been handled.
I know.
Well, I'm sorry.
You know.
I'm gonna get
some money soon.
I know.
Come on, baby, what did you do
with my watch?
You told me you
sold it, remember?
If I fucking remembered,
I wouldn't have fucking asked.
Every single fucking time.
Rene, come on.
Ah, honey, come...
Honey, come on. I'm sorry.
Rene, I'm sorry, baby.
Come on. I'm kidding.
How come he doesn't just
stay wherever it is he goes?
Can you do me a favor?
Could you go get my pocketbook off
the shelf and bring it here?
Can you do that
for me, Sweetie?
Lorene, where are you?
Lorene, come on.
Come on, Lorene. What...
Fucking counters...
Are you there?
Toss it to me.
Stay inside.
Are you coming back?
Of course I am.
Come on, Rene!
Lorene, come on.
Where the...
What the fuck?
Everyone's fucking gone.
I can't be bothered with this
piece of fucking shit.
He sounds like
he's underwater.
I wish he was.
Bong! Bong! Bong!
Stop it!
Bong! Bong! Bong!
You gonna draw
attention to us. Stop it.
Oh, shit!
You dropped one.
Help me.
Get out of here, go.
Totally better.
OLA: Mmm-hmm.
Just personalize
the language.
For instance, if Betty was
running 60 miles an hour,
carrying four book bags
at 120-knots winds,
when will Betty get home?
Okay, I get it. Yeah.
What's with the jacket, night and day,
in the fucking house, Ola?
I'm cold.
Are you cold or stupid?
What about your knight
in shining armor?
Is he off probation yet,
what's his face?
Pick it up!
Pick it up.
What, are you gonna cry?
Lucky you.
Look, you heard
from your sister?
Come on, it's been months.
You hens
haven't spoken a word.
Well, we don't hang
those in the kitchen.
Okay, just...
You hang them in here.
I don't care if it
takes fucking longer.
My mom's got
the illest pill connect
this side of
the Atlantic, bitch.
Ain't got shit on my father's
coke connection.
I make four
allowances in one day.
Yeah, right.
You hear this kid? Come on.
Oh! Goody, goody gumdrops.
Hold up, Sweetness. Hold up.
Hold. Damn. Where you going?
I got something for you if you need it.
You know what I mean?
Goody O'Hara.
Yeah, I'd be
willing to experiment
even with them fucked-up
ass shoes she got on.
Her name is Esther.
Thanks, Roland.
Thank you.
Would you trade it
for a boat?
Where am I going
in a dumb boat?
You can trade it for a plane.
You can go anywhere in a plane.
Yeah, well, you get me a plane
and then I'll decide.
Until then,
I'm not trading my wheels.
But seriously, Ol, if we sold it,
we can get a lot of money.
Stop speaking on my car.
Sorry, Ol.
Forget it.
You want me to shuffle?
Don't be mad.
Let me show you
how we do it.
I taught you how to shuffle.
How we do it. How we do it.
Don't worry,
you're almost there.
Come on, give us some space.
It's so bizarre.
It's like her
body's back, but...
All right, I'm going out.
It'll be a while
till we see him again.
What did you go and do?
I got to go feed Esther.
Hi, Mama.
Where have you been?
You look different.
You know, I learned a gazillion new words
in that book you got me.
You can come out now.
O'Hara, how's your sister?
Uh... She's fine.
I'm gonna fucking...
She's getting on?
Um... Yeah,
you could say that.
How about you?
How you doing?
I... Um...
I gotta get to class.
I'm gonna be late. Sorry.
Come on, answer.
Mountains or ocean?
Who cares?
Don't be like that.
That was your favorite game.
You're the one that made it up.
Yeah, past tense, "was."
What happened?
Nothing. I'm gonna find Daddy.
I'll be right back.
Ma, Esther's sound asleep.
I'll be right back, okay?
I'm coming.
Bye, Mama.
Be safe.
This prick brother of hers,
he chased me eight blocks,
which is like eight
avenues over there.
So, I'm piping down, okay?
I got half his beard
on my belly button.
I swear to God, it was a rip.
Ripped it straight out.
And that was the last time
I was in Hawaii.
Fucking sand
and beach, my ass.
Oh-ho! It's my girls!
Hey, guys. Guys, you know my kids?
Hey, what,
did your mother send you?
This came for you.
What, you come all the way down here
just to give me a letter?
What is it?
Tell me, Ola.
What's it say?
What's it say?
"Dear Gordon, David John died in
his sleep last night.
"Regrets, Patsy."
Daddy's brother died?
Yeah. Go home.
Dad, we're gonna
wait for you.
You've done enough already.
Go home.
Dad, it's okay.
We'll wait with you.
I don't want
the sight of you.
Go on, go on.
Get out of my fucking face.
Dad. Don't make me
say it again. Okay?
Just go home. Go and make
yourselves useful.
Check on your
fucking mother or just...
Come on, let's go before
someone sees us here.
Come on, Ola.
I hate him.
Don't say that.
His brother just died.
So what?
Damn, look at him.
Shut up, Sweetie.
Stop telling me what to do.
My pleasure.
"My pleasure."
Mama, may I
have some juice?
Quit slamming stuff.
I'm not slamming anything.
Oh, I'm sorry,
is that slamming?
Do it again, I dare you.
That's what you get
for being a smartass.
If I was so smart, I wouldn't be stuck
here with all of you.
Oh, you're gonna get it.
Leave her alone.
If you wanna be useful, go make sure that
gravy's not fermenting.
That's it. I told you
to stop slamming shit.
Where did she go?
Come back
inside now, Ma.
Go on and do.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.
You are leaving looking like that
over my dead body.
So be it.
Don't. Don't.
Don't you dare.
I'm still your father.
You're just this person that comes
and goes,
sucking the life out of...
Jesus, child.
Last time.
There's some
glue on the floor.
Yeah, no shit.
Alfie, who the fuck dressed you this
morning, man?
Yeah, that color's a little loud, brother,
I gotta tell you that.
You look like a lime, man.
You ain't got no lights in your house?
Yeah, I don't think
he has a mirror
in his house... Oh!
Come on now.
So how about you last night, brother?
What the fuck happened to you?
You're a little
tricky one, huh?
You fell in
the bush or something?
Something like that,
I don't know.
Copped a free feel
right there, you saw that?
Just shut up, man. I just don't wanna
be fucking near you.
All right, Alfie,
play time's over.
Yeah, don't fuck around, man.
Sell that shit.
All right, fuck you.
Fucking prick.
I told you the first time.
Yeah, but that was
for some new kicks. This is for...
You know.
I just can't, baby girl.
Please, front me
some gear, Ro.
I mean, shit, you see
how my family's living.
I'm not trying to
go down like that.
Well, I found someone else
who'll front me, so...
I'm doing this with
or without your help.
Okay, look, keep it simple.
Small batches.
You can start
with the basics.
Powder to keep them awake.
Pills to help them sleep.
Mad chronic.
The people you're
playing just don't know.
Well, well, well.
Lo and behold.
Speak up. Y'all want
something or what?
We'll have a taste.
You see me squishing
soft serve out my ass?
Girl, this ain't Carvel.
I'm thinking it should be.
It's like that?
You better believe.
Anyone coming around to knock me
off has to put me out for good.
How do we know your
shit's worth buying?
Because everybody
and their meemaw says so,
or you two
wouldn't be here.
How about an exchange?
So what's your last memory?
You ever wonder
where he is?
What makes you think
I don't know where he is?
What you
care for, Sweetie?
I just want to know.
There's nothing to know.
Do you remember him at all?
So, what, you ain't
got no tact or what?
Guess we're gonna have to teach
your ass social skills, too.
He played
this game with me.
Cut up a whole newspaper
and made these figurines.
We made a village of folks.
Named each one.
And their kids
and their grandparents.
We made shops and jobs
and stories for all of them.
Two days later he vanished.
Fuck, we're gonna need to roll
some more to come up out of this.
The amount that mine comes and goes,
he might as well be gone.
Drop this off
on your way to school.
No, I'm gonna be late.
Sweetie, Lefty's mom
just died.
Drop this shit
off on your way.
I didn't know.
Hey, if you didn't put up for all these
funerals and shit,
how do folks get buried?
For real, Ro.
You best chill
with that profit, kid.
That'll catch up with you.
I'm just trying to eat.
I'm not doing it
for more or for extra.
Anyway, it's just
for right now.
Except right now
keeps on changing.
# My mother spread glory
# My father,
he still walks in sin
# 'Cause I'm
trying to make it on in
# I've come to
this gray land alone
# I heard of
a city called Heaven
# And I started to
make it back home #
Take off your earrings.
And get your hair back.
I'll come from the left.
I'll come from the right.
And then how do you want to do this?
You want to have a sign?
A code, in case you get into trouble,
we know to stop.
And jump in?
I don't believe in no sign.
Oh, Sweetie.
You stupid little cunt.
What do you
turncoat twats want?
It's a multiple choice.
Circle A, B or C.
What the fuck is this?
You're unfamiliar with it?
If it was familiar,
why would I ask?
It's statistics.
Look, am I
suspended or what?
Fucking hell,
you're suspended.
So what's to discuss?
Okay, Sweet, keep your eye
on room six.
Anything wack happens,
just send me a blank text.
Whoa. Who the fuck
is this little brat?
I'm with him.
Pest, get outside.
I'm not leaving you.
I'm not asking.
Shut the fuck up.
No, no, everybody in this room
stays in the fucking room.
Stay still.
All right, get on with it.
I should be checking
you ain't up to shit.
Where's the money?
I'm walking away.
Ro, don't walk away.
I told you to shut up.
S, what're you saying?
We're already in this, Ro.
Hold still.
Let's just get what we came for.
It could help.
Get your fucking hands
off her.
We're in the wrong room.
I've never seen
y'all before in my life.
It's a mistake.
I apologize for walking in on y'all
hick-ass motherfuckers.
Move it, now. Move it.
Hey! Come on, we got off on
the wrong foot.
Stop at a brown car.
What brown car?
We're gonna see
it in 25 seconds.
I don't see no brown car!
Stop screaming. Calm down.
Step back.
Shouldn't you be in school?
Bang! Bang!
Fucking kids.
I'll deal with you later.
I gotta go.
So, what, you're just kicking
me to the curb now?
Free will ain't working,
is it? No.
Where you gotta be?
None of your business.
I don't wanna go with you.
I'm just wondering what the big secret is.
Good night, Sweetness.
Baby girl, me and you ain't
crossing that line, so...
Don't even try
that shit again.
Good night.
Don't turn me
into that guy.
Look, this never happened.
You're gonna go inside.
I'm gonna take off.
And this shit lays here.
Nothing to speak on.
Catch you later.
You're cheating, Ma.
Wait, no.
You wanna play?
Either get over it,
or go sulk upstairs.
I think you're gonna have
to pull another one.
No. Remember,
I still have options.
But not many.
You're right.
Another one.
This is not fair.
You rigged this.
Here's your daddy's bones.
OLA: Okay. Here we go.
Come here.
Come here.
Here you go.
Hold that for a second.
Is that good?
Down a little.
All right.
I heard you used to
tell great stories.
Sweetie, your curiosity
will be the thing that saves you.
From what?
Dr. Stills ran clear across the room
to literally catch you.
Ola arrived cautious.
She needed persuading.
But you just flew out.
Would you let me
do your hair?
It's already done.
I could fix the ends.
When we're ready.
It's my serve?
Yeah, yeah. It's on.
I'm preoccupied.
Ro, that was so you.
Your play's no good.
At least I can
hit the ball, right?
Yeah, for real. For real.
Like that one's gonna...
Get that.
That's how you serve,
right there.
Jojo, you ain't even playing.
Just standing there looking cute and shit.
It's like... 100%.
Come on, Jojo.
Hey, Roland.
Oh, my God!
Oh, shit.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Nah, he's gonna get up.
Ever wonder if you had someone
who caught Mommy,
or if someone
would've caught Daddy?
What's more bizarre?
That both Mommy and Daddy
have brothers named David John,
or that one was an Irish cop and
the other was an activist?
Stop changing the subject.
Say something real.
Forget it. Just leave.
I'm sorry for the way
I used to beat on you.
I'm surprised you
never bring it up.
I didn't want us to
stop being friends.
Why bother?
How far do you plan to run?
Far enough not to live with
my folks with a baby.
That's exactly what I said.
You hungry?
She's just gonna
chew through that.
Yeah, well, she can chew it to bits.
Whatever makes her happy.
What was that for?
You know, it was owed.
Is your mother resting?
Yeah, she's still napping.
I guess she
didn't wake up while...
While what?
Where did
Sweetness run off to?
I don't know
where Sweetie went.
Seriously, I don't know
where she went.
All right. Whatever.
I'm gonna fix some food.
We're gonna leave in a bit.
I mean, shit, look at him.
Yo, I gotta get
Ol's car back.
We roll in an hour.
One hour.
Yo, you better
watch your homegirl.
It looks like she's on the loose over there.
What the fuck?
It's been a rough day.
Close the door, man.
In or out?
Open door just
invites unwanteds.
Sure. Why not?
No shit.
Which one of us
is worse off, man?
I don't know.
Take it slow,
one nostril at a time.
Nice ink.
Why is everybody
laughing at me?
Flip it.
Other side. Other side!
Excuse me, I wouldn't want to
offend the straw.
All right, go get 'em.
Where are my keys?
I, uh...
I, I, I...
Where are my fucking keys?
You're lit.
I'll pay you back, Ola.
Every penny, okay.
Is it drivable?
Sweetness, that took
me two years to buy.
Can I just...
You're standing too close.
Was anyone seriously hurt?
Come on in.
Walk past me, fearless.
Yup, that's me.
Would be a favor.
God damn, yo.
How far is it, Jo?
Shorty be the one
knowing all the short cuts.
Oh, Shorty and
the short cuts. Get it?
What the fuck, man?
Ow! What the fuck?
Don't want you
walking our streets.
Why're you hiding?
Come here, come here.
What the fuck is
wrong with you?
Fat, they're leaving him.
Come on.
Son of a bitch!
Dumb shit.
Dumb fuck.
Get him down.
Get him down. Get him down.
Please help me. I'm sorry.
Not even.
If you were actually sorry,
you would've apologized first,
then asked for help.
What in the fuck did
we ever do to you, huh?
Believe that shit.
That sounds good to me.
You're standing in
the way like that.
You can't do it all.
Stop stalling
and throw the ball, man.
Come on, man.
If I hit it, I get some.
If I hit it, I get to hit it.
Yo, chill the fuck out.
You finished yours already?
I was thirsty.
Yo, what's today?
Let's go to IHOP.
Sunday special, two plates will
feed all of us.
All of us.
Yeah, I know.
Look, look.
it's like that, for real?
You ain't coming with us?
Yo, Shorty.
I'll just duck my head in real quick.
Catch y'all later.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
He's chicken shit, my man.
Oh, don't joke about him.
Yo, how many hours
we've been up?
Like, 30 or some shit.
Yeah, 30.
All right. Yeah.
You feel me? All right.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Put some pep in your step.
Put some pep in that step.
That's not right.
What do you mean?
How're you gonna tell
him that ain't right?
You're flipping my groove.
Yeah. Yo, I'm serious.
I'm fucked up a little bit,
but you fucked up my groove.
Bring it back!
This will help.
Wow, you're up.
Do you wanna say something?
Good night.
You know, I didn't know that was you,
today, on the street.
I was...
Good night, Sweetness.
Go on, go to bed.
Yeah. Good night.
Good morning, Sweetie.
You want something to eat?
Um... No, it's cool.
I'll get something at school.
Bit of a... Okay.
All right. Look, I got it.
What, you going somewhere?
Of course.
It's like, takes over...
That's funny.
I'll see you
guys later, okay?
Where're you going?
I have to...
I gotta babysit.
All right, call us.
All right.
Stop! What are
you doing? What?
This is just bizarre. Seriously, what?
What do you want?
I'm worried about you.
It's too late for that.
Well, maybe,
but I'm here now.
You're a little late.
Look, Sweetie, I'm here now.
Leave it. I'll do it.
I'm all right.
You can chill with Esther.
I'll do it.
It's fine.
I don't need any favors.
I'm not doing you a favor.
I ate just as much as you.
Won't your girls
be waiting for you?
They're not my girls,
and I'm not going out tonight.
Staying home
two nights in a row?
Did hell freeze over?
We'll be nearby if you need.
Yeah, 'cause doing dishes has always been
dangerous business for me.
You're up and at it.
Good morning to you.
Where's Esther?
Gordon walked
her to the market.
What's this old
thing doing out?
Ola asked to see it.
I made some eggs.
Great. Can I help?
Thank you, no.
Who wears that?
Were you at
a mental hospital?
They're good.
I know you love thyme.
I would have never thought
to put thyme in eggs.
I've done dill.
Everyone does dill.
As many questions
as it takes.
Morning, Mr. Coleman.
Sorry, too early. School doesn't start
for another half-hour.
Mr. Coleman, can I
talk to you for a minute?
Miss O'Hara.
Hello, is there a problem?
Yeah, you could say that.
Come on in.
So what can I do for you?
Can you think of any
place that will take me?
Take you where?
Is there a problem
with your SATs?
None of my teachers
ever said anything about SATs.
I guess I kind of missed
the whole college bit.
Well, I can't
fabricate your transfer.
It won't end well
if I stay in my neighborhood.
Send me somewhere, anywhere.
Talk to someone.
You know, tell them
I want a chance. That's all.
You're a little late.
Okay. Um...
What interests you?
I don't know.
Well, what do you like?
People say I'm musical.
All right.
You're gonna need
to fill this out.
Bring it back to me
with an essay
about why a college
should accept you,
what you have to offer,
and no misspells.
I'll do what I can
from my end.
Appreciate it.
We'll work something out.
I've got 30 minutes.
You wanna fill it out now?
Yeah. Cool.
What do you want?
It was wrong,
what I did to you.
Not interested.
Man, just hear me out.
Fuck you and the horse
you rode in on.
Look, I'm so...
Dead it.
I'm so sorry.
Fuck you.
Morning, Sweetie.
This again.
I thought so.
What's up?
What's up?
I'm like, y'all look so...
Come on.
Up and out, Sweetness.
All the coming,
going and vanishing,
and now you decide, for whatever reason,
that you want to stay,
and we're supposed to, what,
jump up and down and welcome you back
like nothing ever happened?
Right here, right this second,
I'm here.
Yeah, until you
change your mind
or we get to be
too much for you.
No, I won't change my mind.
You will.
I'm done with all that.
Yeah, for how long,
this time?
Sweetie, none of youse was the problem.
I was the problem.
So selfish. I was doing okay.
No, you weren't.
I was okay.
Sweetie, please.
Come on.
I got over
needing to know you.
No, you didn't.
Would you please stop?
Stop with the Good
Samaritan act, okay?
It's not a fucking act.
Yeah, well,
we'll see, won't we?
Yeah, Sweetie, come on.
We will.
It's too far a walk for you.
No, not at all.
Does your hip hurt?
Nothing a little ice
won't fix.
We're at the halfway mark.
Yeah. What do you know?
So, are you coming tomorrow?
Tomorrow, yeah.
Yup. You bet.
Maybe I'll just meet you here.
You won't have to walk as far, you know.
Come on.