Yellow Rock (2011) Movie Script

Since the time of my elders,
when the white man first came upon us,
we have struggled to survive,
and live our peaceful ways.
But their shadow cast its curse
upon our people
and darkened all our days.
They took our small ones,
and sold them as slaves.
They took our scalps and
sold them for profit.
Our heads were severed for more.
Our hearts were full of sorrow.
We prayed to the Great Spirit in the sky:
Do not abandon us.
Our only reply....
the sound thundering hooves upon
the chest of our Mother Earth.
The sound that was once the Great Buffalo
is now of only those who
come to take our lands.
Welcome to Yellow Rock
Whisky for all of us.
Leave the bottle.
Thank you, sir.
You remember me?
Yeah, I remember you.
I'm looking for Tom Hanner.
You know where he is?
He's probably drunk somewhere.
He don't come around here no more.
Where is he?
I really don't know.
That's more like it.
Try the church.
- Give me a bottle of whiskey.
- Yes, sir.
That'll be 25 cents.
Thank you.
I need to talk to you, Tom.
I heard you lost your boy.
I'm sorry to hear that.
My brother and his son went trapping.
They never came back.
Around Falcon's Peak.
That's near the Black Paw territory.
I need you to take me
and my men out there.
It's the only kin I have, Tom.
And you're the only man
I know who could find them.
They don't take kindly on white men.
I know that.
That's why I need you.
There is $ 20 gold.
And more once we get up there.
Did you found him?
Look at me, son-of-a-bitch!
I am McKInley's son.
You remember him?
Get up.
Get up!
Tell us or die.
Go get him.
You're in there?
He ain't in there, boss.
Where is he at?
I tried to relieve it.
Take his pulse.
I have to open up
his leg and make a suture.
Explain it.
Tell her to keep calm.
You have to hold him back.
Hold him down tight.
I have his leg.
Come on!
I'll kill you, son-of-a-bitch!
What the hell are you shooting at?
Hold it.
There are more of them.
Come on! Come on!
I'm just stepping on ahead.
How about that one, Farley?
Yeah, siree! I got it good.
That ain't even good meat.
Out of the way.
Jack ass.
Indians believe that killing
a raven is a bad omen.
Doctor, what should we tell her?
Goddamn it, Farley!
What the hell are you up for?
Have you seen a ghost?
Goddamn, you're a damn jack ass.
Hey, Mr. Dietrich.
You want a little whiskey?
Put that away.
You want some?
- You've seen him, huh?
- I hardly know the man.
They say the ancient ones
work through your hands.
When moon rises,
they're gonna sing for Little Bear,
with the spirit of the gods.
And they want
you as an honored guest.
I'm the one who's honored.
They give many thanks to you.
Many blessing.
I'll be back before moonrise.
There's a cabin, a few miles out.
At the end of Canyon Creek.
We will stop there.
This is Black Paw territory.
They know we're here.
Without their permission to pass,
this is as far as we're going.
There's a doctor at that cabin,
she takes care of them.
She'll do the talking for us.
- Can't you do it?
- I'm afraid not, this is the only way.
That's the medicine you need
to give to your daughter.
You need to give the medicine.
He doesn't understand what I'm saying.
Put ??two spoons.
Wait here, I'll let you know.
Anybody home?
I'm just here to see the doctor.
You're talking to.
Tom Hanner.
You look like hell.
Yeah, it has been a tough year.
That's why I am here to talk about.
I need your help.
How long have they been missing?
About a week now.
It'll take a while to search,
a few days at least
There's no telling what injuries
we're dealing with.
All I know is that they
didn't come back
and that sure ain't good
for my brother and his boy.
Then there is no time to waste.
Tom, if you gonna lead through
the territory,
you're gonna need full consent
from all the elders.
The doctor better come back
with the right answer.
Mister, she'll come back with
the only answer that there is.
He doesn't understand our language well.
I tell him why you are here.
We do not know where they are at.
They were trapping near Falcon's Peak.
They could have crossed your
territory by mistake.
I know you have no reason to help us.
But we just mean to find the man and the boy,
and get of your land as quick as possible.
You seem to speak truth,
but the white man has lied to us before.
Those were dark days for us.
Did you take money from these white men?
You take money to save two lives,
there is no honor in this.
You're right.
He says your heart is good,
you speak the truth,
but we must talk alone.
I thought you'd left
these people by now.
Why? These people needed me,
that's what mattered.
You're all alone.
No, I was alone back there.
We have permission to
pass through, tomorrow.
Three cowboys.
It's round-up time!
Damn it Roscoe,
that's four hands in a row!
If you weren't so busy drinking,
you'd better cards to play.
If you don't shut your trap,
I'll shut it for you.
Why do we bring him along with us!
To hell with you, Farley.
You're always cutting on me.
You want to shut my trap, old man?
Then why don't you shut it, shut it!
I'm not gonna warn you again,
you hear me?
- Do you hear me?
- Yeah.
It smells like shit in here, lady.
That's because you boys need bath.
Don't worry none,
the horses don't mind.
So what are we gonna do if our
Indian friends deny our request?
One way or the other,
we're going up there.
We're giving thanks with
this sacred necklace.
It's a very powerful gift.
The Great Hunter came down
from the mountain
and he sees a woman with long red hair.
But he cannot wake her,
so he takes you two...
to the mouth of the rock
to save you.
Dr. Sarah is a protected one.
Beautiful, isn't it?
If you can not they'll find,
just make sure you all find your way back.
Thank you, ma'am.
You take good care of the doctor.
She's a strong one all right,
but just in case I'm counting on you.
Don't you worry about that.
I have a good feeling about you.
Don't make me wrong.
- Give Totano his aspirin.
- I did, Sarah. I did.
- Do not forget the man with bedsores.
- I know, doc, I know.
I know you hate leaving,
but we will be fine.
You're the one I'm worried about.
I don't get a good feeling about them.
I mean when you was gone, they
acted like a bunch of rodnecks.
I got your meaning.
I'll be careful.
Okay, come on.
I have to say is awful nice having
a member of the fair sex around of us.
If you stay close,
I'll keep you safe.
I'll do fine by myself.
Oh, I'm sure you'll do.
- We can't go in there.
- Why not?
We're close to their sacred burial ground.
If we go in we'll bring the curse.
We have to find another way.
It will cost us another day
or two at least.
To hell with that, we're going in.
Let's go!
- I don't like this.
- I don't like it either.
It's thin air, huh Roscoe...
Shut up, Billy.
A bunch of dead Indians, huh.
I want you to understand
something, Mr. Dietrich.
That burial ground was sacred to them.
And we desecrated it,
when we walked through.
And I want you to understand,
I don't give a damn
about these Indians.
All I care about is finding
my brother and his boy.
Farley, what the hell was that?
Farley, what is going on?
What is this?
Are it the Indians, huh?
It's wolves.
Don't let them get to the horses!
Billy, you see them?
Stay close.
Let no one away!
They're all around us, god damn it!
He says they're hunting us.
Don't you stand there, help me!
Get them off!
Hold it.
Help me!
His arm, I think it's broken.
Get me my bag.
Do you think the Indian is right?
It's the curse?
He's praying to the Great Spirit
for forgiveness for crossing
the sacred land.
We could use it.
I guess we both know we should
have listened to him last night.
Yeah, you're right about that.
Whiskey is not a cure
for all answering.
I know.
But it helps.
After my wife passed away
it was just me and my boy.
I took him trapping one day.
He was fooling around...
and went chasing after possums.
He fell into a river bed...
Before I knew it...
the river had him...
by the time I got to him...
He was only 8 years old.
I am sorry, Tom. Truly.
You know I...
I look into the face of death
every single day.
I'd wish I could defeat it,
but I can't.
I try.
Because a person's fate is not
always in our hands.
- Maybe it's time to be different.
- Maybe.
- I sure hope they'll find that boy.
- Me too.
It seems we're more concerned about
than they are though.
You noticed that too?
You do know Dietrich, don't you?
A bit.
But I stay mostly to myself
these days.
Last night they didn't recognize
the sound of wolves.
But they told they were trappers.
- Dietrich told you that?
- That's right.
- That's horseshit.
Good morning.
I need to talk to Broken Wing.
She has a soft spot for that Indian.
I don't trust him.
- I'm just saying.
- Just saying what?
I'll tell you what Hanner, you mind
your business and I mind mine.
- Hey, what's he doing?
- It's gonna help you, all right.
- What did he say?
- He said: Now you are "broken wing" too.
God damn Indian! Get, get!
Get him out of here!
- I don't want his voodoo around me.
- It's all right.
It's gonna hurt an itch a little,
so leave it alone.
That don't get you luck.
That's poison oak.
Billy just found a place to water
the horses, back up there ways.
Okay, let's see it.
Hold it right there!
Get down of that horse.
I said get down of that horse!
How close are we to Falcon's Peak?
This is Falcon's Peak.
You want to find your kin? You go find them.
I ain't helping you. This is horseshit.
What's happening?
Let's go!
McKinley / Johnson
Mining Company
Cobb, get him! Get him!
Don't you move, son-of-a-bitch!
- What the hell is going on?
- What does it look like?
Looks like you're a goddamn liar.
- Tie him up and drag him.
- No.
Don't you touch him!
Don't you touch him!
Damn, god damn you!
You ain't dead yet?
Hey son-of-a-bitch,
I'm talking to you.
Hey drunkard, you want a drink?
- Look at this.
- Come on, move it down.
McKinley / Johnson
Mining Company
Give me a hand.
I got it.
I got it, I got it.
Wait up. Watch it!
There, Roscoe.
Hurry up, Roscoe.
- That old man was right.
- Damn!
How much you figure we got here?
More than enough!
Look at this.
- I can not believe!
- Have you seen?
This is gold!
Pure gold.
Let's start get this on the horses.
I ain't leaving.
Come on, move it!
Move it!
Boss! That Indian is gone!
Boss, that Indian is gone!
That Indian is gone.
Damn it! Go find him before
he brings more back here.
We ain't going nowhere until
we work out a split.
There is plenty of gold.
Yeah Farley, with Billy's take,
there is more for all of us.
He has been buried just 15 minutes.
And you already are taking his cut?
He's dead. He can't use it.
You're wasting time!
Go find that Indian!
What the hell are you doing?
That Indian is gonna have
running us around in circles.
Get him up.
I need him to get me back here.
They never gonna find him.
And he's gonna come back and kill you.
I don't trust Max.
If he tries anything,
it'll be the last thing he does.
Relax Farley, we'll get back to camp.
If he's still to camp,
we'll take Max.
We've gone far enough.
I'm going back for the gold.
Come on, Mr. Hanner.
Me and you here.
Get up!
You want a gun, Hanner?
Get the hell up, Hanner!
You want this?
Here you go.
You want it?
What do you want?
I want your blood.
- Where the hell have you been?
- We couldn't find our way back.
Where is Hanner?
He's dead.
Where is the gold?
I got as many bags
I can out of there.
Tomorrow morning you can get your
fat ass in there and get the rest.
I can't figure out why they didn't
come back for that gold.
They never left.
They died here.
They caught the white man's disease.
Shut up.
The only one I can't cure,
the only one the Indians are immune to.
The Indians were right.
You got the fever for yellow rock.
- There ain't no such thing.
- Yes, there is!
- There ain't!
- Yes, there is!
There ain't no such thing!
- I told you to shut up.
- You shut up!
Let me tell you something.
The Indians say,
when the white man came,
they opened a wound
in that mountain.
They cut its veins.
And he mountain bled.
And the caught the fever.
They were riddled with it.
I see the symptoms.
In all of you.
It makes you sweat,
it makes you a headache.
You can't think of anything
else but the gold.
You feel it?
I see it in all of you.
You're just trying to take
that gold out of the mountain.
And you won't make it down alive.
You hear me?
You got it the worst.
There is no curing you.
No curing you!
Keep your goddamn mouth shut!
You're all gonna die here.
You hear me?
Hey, boss.
What she said last night
about that curse...
You think there is
anything to it?
What the hell are you talking about?
The gold...
Why ain't nobody come back for it?
Because those jackasses probably got killed
by the Indians and they left it behind.
Go tend to those horses.
Yes, sir.
You're gonna do what you said?
Just load the gold on,
and I'll kill them all.
Get your ass up here.
I need some water.
Can I have some water, please?
You're limping.
A goddamn horse stepped on my foot.
If you untie me I can help you.
I'll take a look at it.
I can't do that, ma'am.
You need to untie me.
Let me go, I didn't do anything.
I don't deserve to die.
Roscoe, let me go.
You are not like the other ones.
Let me go.
Get up here.
I'm sorry, boss.
I got a horse get away from me.
Never mind the goddamn horse.
Get the rest of those bags.
Yes, sir.
I can't load all the stuff
on the horses.
What the hell you are doing?
We're wasting time.
If that Indian made it out there alive,
he'll bring the whole goddamn tribe back here.
What are we gonna do about her?
Let's use her horse to bring
down more gold.
Roscoe, untie her.
You bitch!
Load the horses.
You've caused enough trouble, bitch.
Kill him.
I love to.
Name of God! I got it!
I'll get it! I'll get it!
Goddamn, shit... I'll get it!
I got it!
I got mine! I got mine!
With the gold, I'll pay me
girls, whiskey...
I got gold.
I got gold...
I got gold.
The yellow rock...
Not yours.
On that day in 1880
our tribe was once again saved
from the greed of the white man.
But that day would not last.
For their fever for our
Yellow Rock would not turn.
As my great-grandfather,
Angry Wolf said:
"They will come as drops in water."
"And rain down upon us."
And this they do.
I'm called Black Feather, the Raven,
Omen of death to our people.
I am the last of my tribe.
For we are no longer...