Yellow Rose (2019) Movie Script

Hey, Mom.
You have to let me know where you are
if you want this freedom
to be on your own, okay?
Sorry. I know.
Happy birthday, Tatay.
...Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
I never fit in
Never could win
Though I try and I try
This feeling don't end
I feel out of place
Song out of tune
Like a velvet chair
In a dusty saloon
Square peg
Round hole
Thank you, Austin. I'll be here all week.
Where are your books?
I was gonna start now.
You are so much like your tatay.
Did you know, when you were a baby,
he would get this guitar and play,
trying to make you sleep?
And I would sing.
I miss those days.
What was it like?
The Philippines?
Lots of kids everywhere.
But we had our family, your friends.
But your tatay wanted more.
Ma, this isn't the life he wanted.
It doesn't matter.
It'll be better for you. I promise.
Break time's over.
-Good evening. How are you?
-Just one room.
-One room?
-Credit card and driver's license.
-Hey, Rose.
-Hey, Elliot.
What brings you in today?
-I just need to get some strings.
Could you get the ones on the left?
They're a little cheaper.
-Yeah, no problem.
-Oh, I like your notebook.
-Oh, thanks.
Townes is like my spirit god.
-It's like dead flowers.
So when are you gonna
let me hear you play?
Probably never.
I don't really perform for other people.
Just kind of play for fun, I guess.
Did you see this?
-He's playing at Austin next week.
I'm going if you...
If you wanted to come with.
Oh, my mom wouldn't let me go.
Aren't you a senior next year?
I mean, it's not like a date.
Other friends will be there too.
I don't know.
It's summer. Come on.
Ask her.
-I already said no, and that's it. No!
Ma, I'm almost 18.
I'll be able to do things on my own.
This isn't fair! Most teenagers are
allowed to go out. It's normal.
I said, no!
You're ridiculously conservative!
What happened?
She wants to go to Austin.
She's young. She wants to have fun.
You're so mojigata.
I received another letter.
You still have that lawyer?
He was a sham.
He just took our money,
and then he's gone.
Alan asked me out again.
I'm almost 40, Cilla.
I've been here 12 years with no papers.
Alan is fine if I can stay.
-Did you tell Rosario about the letter?
You two get back to work!
And you, tacos tonight!
Yes, Mr. Alan!
Thanks for the dinner.
It was great. What is this called again?
It was great.
-And I'll have Rose home after church.
-Thank you.
Ma. It--
We're gonna be late for--
Yeah. Thanks for dinner.
-Elliot, don't look.
-Don't look!
-All right! Sorry.
-I'm almost done.
Oh, here. Before I forget.
It looks so real.
-It was easy. It's click, click, buy.
-Aren't you scared you'll get caught?
Look, nothing bad will happen.
And if something does happen,
which it won't,
you're lucky your mom is so nice.
Yeah. I mean, you've got a car,
you're gonna have a UT dorm this fall.
Me, I'm gonna die in that shitty motel
and never get to leave.
Oh, don't say that.
Elliot, this is my first trip
to Austin ever.
So when are you gonna
let me hear you sing?
Probably never.
-All right. Guess I'm turning around.
If I sing, you can't look at me.
-Just keep driving or else I get nervous.
Just don't-- If you look at me,
then I'm gonna get nervous.
Okay, okay.
No, no, no. That's not singing.
Come on. Like, "sing" sing.
Do you think it's unkind to suppose
That the desert's no home for a rose
Guess I'll always wish that I knew
Those things that you told me
Sometimes it's so real, I could swear
I could see you standing right there
With the sand in your eyes
And your hair all windblown
What a welcome sight you'd be tonight
All windblown
-So this is the famous Broken Spoke?
-Yes, ma'am.
Can I buy you a drink?
Can I buy you a drink?
Come on. You can't be a good girl
every night. Come on.
Where are your friends?
Oh, they're all busy today.
Willie tried to kill himself
on the side of the road in Nashville
before he wrote that song.
Oh, yeah. Tootsie Orchid Lounge.
And, actually,
he wasn't trying to kill himself.
He was just drunk.
That's impressive from someone like you.
Well, there are all kinds of fans.
I suppose you're right.
That was Dale Watson.
The guy you talked to.
That was Dale Watson.
Oh, shit.
Here, sober you up.
Hey, welcome, everybody,
to the Broken Spoke,
the last true Texas dance hall.
So I want you to show me
what that looks like
as I proudly introduce
our very own Dale Watson!
Oh, I lie when I drink
And I drink a lot
Don't believe me when I've had a few
Oh, I lie when I drink
And I drink a lot
I only drink when I'm missing you
I only drink when I'm missing you
Thank you!
Just a minute!
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
-Just a minute!
-I need you to open up. Open up, ma'am.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
We have a warrant! Open up, ma'am.
We have a warrant for the arrest
of Priscilla Garcia. Are you Garcia?
Does anyone else here reside with you?
Is there anyone who lives here?
-No! No.
-No one resides with you?
-No other residents? Nothing?
-No. No.
-Are you Garcia?
-You're Garcia?
-Yes. Yes.
-All right. Come on, let's go.
-Can I change?
Two minutes. Go. Go!
Rose? Wake up.
All right. Let's get her in the van.
-Let's go.
Ma? Ma! Ma!
Rose, wait!
Where are they taking you, Ma?
What the fuck is happening?
-Rose, come on! Come on! Shit!
All right. Let's go.
Let it go. Let it go.
-Stop the car.
-Elliot, stop the car.
Elliot, stop the car!
Come on. We gotta go.
I don't have a home.
We'll find out what happened to your mom.
I know what happened!
-We'll help her.
-How, Elliot?
She told me we were fine!
When my dad died,
she told me his status applied to us!
I'm illegal! I'm illegal alien!
I know. I know!
Elliot, I have to get out of here.
I need to get my stuff.
I'm not going to foster care.
That's the guy from Reception.
I don't have a choice, Elliot.
I have to get my stuff.
Rose, that shit's crazy. It's not safe.
Thank you.
For what?
Being a friend, taking me to Austin.
Wait, Rose.
Just be safe. I'll be right here.
Come on. Come on.
-Hey, Rose!
-Elliot, start the car!
-Hey, Rose! I need to talk to you!
Rose? You're leaving? No, no, no!
Don't leave. No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey.
-Hey! Hey! Don't!
Sorry, Mr. Alan!
-Nice driving.
-Well, we did it.
-No problem.
You know, my mom was screaming
something about a letter.
Oh, yeah?
What's that?
My mom's necklace.
"Dear Rose, if you're reading this,
the thing that I've been afraid of
must already have happened.
I've put together all that you'll need.
Your Tita Gail has power of attorney.
Go to her.
Please bring all the documents.
These will help you, so you can stay here.
I'm sorry if I was not able
to tell this to you in person.
I love you very much."
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
She wants me to go
to my Tita Gail's house.
What's a tita?
My aunt.
Do you mind driving me there?
Yeah, of course.
I'm really sorry, Rose.
Fancy place.
What are you gonna tell your dad?
I mean, I told him that I was
crisis-counseling a friend on an edge.
-Well, pretty close to the truth.
Do you need me to, like...?
Like, walk you in?
Are you okay?
Hi, Tita.
I'm Rose, Priscilla's daughter.
Sophie! Come on inside.
Come meet your cousin!
I'm sorry. We're both juicing,
so that is all we have.
Can you hold this?
So my mom's been talking to you
about the situation?
No, she hasn't.
I had no idea
that she was in this much trouble.
I'm so sorry for your situation.
So I'm just supposed to live here?
I don't know.
-I'll have to ask my husband.
-Yeah, we have to ask Daddy.
She's never coming back, is she?
Think I need to go to sleep now.
All right. Let's go upstairs.
I think my husband's gonna need
to see some paperwork.
-Yes, it's in my backpack.
-All right.
I found it!
I think you are going to love this.
Let's see.
Yeah, your mom was about 19, and I was 17.
Y'all look the same as you do now.
-That was a very long time ago.
-How come you stopped talking to Ma?
I'm not sure.
Your mom and I lived
very different lives in the U.S.
I saw her about five years ago for lunch.
But then my husband...
We have the same necklace.
Your lola gave this to us.
Your mom and I used to be very close.
I guess we just drifted apart.
This whole time...
you were right here?
When Dad died, you know,
Ma and I could have really used your help.
I know. I know.
And I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
-Get some fresh air.
Don't stay out too long.
I won't.
I recognize you.
You were here the other night.
Yes, ma'am.
You weren't 21 the other night either.
Yes, ma'am.
Why are you here, honey?
I needed to get away.
Coke or sweet tea?
Coke, please. Either, really. Thank you.
-You look hungry.
-Oh, I am.
I'm not homeless or anything,
but I could eat. Thank you.
What's going on, darling?
-Oh, thank you.
Thank you for the food and for listening.
It feels really good to tell someone.
Any time.
And you'll let me know
if you need a safe place.
That's what they're calling it
these days, right?
Thank you.
You've been living in Texas now
for seven years
without proper documentation.
You violated three different
court appearances in the last two years.
So, what happens now?
You will likely get deported.
If you sign this...
...they might let you come back
in 10 years.
So I should just turn myself in
after all we've fought for to stay?
Honestly, Mrs. Garcia,
it may be the best option for your family.
Can I think about this?
Of course.
Jesus, are you all right?
The house is nice and all,
but I feel really, really out of place.
It all feels unreal.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Elliot, I need to find my mom.
I'm sure they won't let her contact me
because she hasn't even called me yet.
Let me help.
I've been thinking about my cousin.
She does immigration law.
-Thank you.
I gotta go. Thank you so much.
I'll call you back.
Made you look!
What happened to your mommy?
Some people came to the house and told her
that she didn't belong here anymore.
Because they didn't think
this was her home.
I don't really know, coz.
-Do you want to hear a song? Yeah?
-Promise you won't laugh at me?
-Pinkie promise?
I'll never fit in
Never could win
Though I tried and tried
This feeling don't end
I feel out of place
Song out of tune
Like a velvet chair
In a dusty saloon
Square peg
Round hole
A runaway with nowhere to go
Up and at them.
Let's go. Put your shoes on.
N-30? You're gonna get in line.
N-30, let's go. Get up.
You're gonna get in line.
N-35? Let's go.
-Let's go.
-What's going on?
You're gonna get in line. Let's go.
Where are you taking her?
Where are you taking her?
You need to get back in bed
or you're gonna go.
Let's go! What are you doing? Let's go!
Come on!
-Why is she still here?
-I told you, Mark.
No, you told me it was gonna be temporary.
And I told you
I didn't even wanna do that.
It makes me nervous.
She's gonna get us arrested.
-No one is going to get arrested, Mark.
-We have enough to worry about.
-Mark, I told you--
-We already have one daughter.
We don't need another one.
Rose! Stop!
This wasn't part of the plan!
I'm sorry, Tita.
I don't wanna be a burden.
-But you're not.
-Y'all don't even want me here.
Oh, for God's sake.
I just don't want you going
with somebody that I don't know.
-Bye, coz.
-Bye, Rose.
-Let her go, Gail.
-Oh, shut up.
Rose, give me your phone.
Give me your phone.
-Call me if you need anything.
-I will.
Thank you, Tita.
I don't need to talk to these people?
So this is it.
It's clean, but it ain't quiet,
being in a bar and such.
-Okay. I usually sleep through anything.
And, oh, Jose is gonna get you started
with some work in the kitchen.
Hey, put your stuff down.
You're home.
I told Dale
that you would help sell the merch.
Okay. What's merch?
Merchandise, sweetie.
-Oh, of course.
They're readying Priscilla Garcia
for deportation.
She's in Dallas now, which is usually
the last step in the process.
My prediction is,
she'll be gone in a few weeks.
Will they be looking
for her 17-year-old daughter?
The answer's maybe.
-Is she with family?
-Yes, her aunt.
-Have they set anything up legally?
-I don't know.
She hasn't even talked to her mom
on the phone yet.
They're supposed to let her have
a phone call, and I imagine
once mom and daughter are reconnected,
they'll decide if she's gonna go with her
or try to find a way to stay here somehow.
-If we need your help, we can call you?
-Of course. Yeah.
Thanks, coz.
You ready?
Okay, so you're gonna push that through,
all the way in.
Yeah. And then you push this down.
It gets stuck sometimes.
The plates over here.
And then you put the cups up here.
You have to make sure that
the bottom is down, that way all the...
-Do you need to get that?
-Sorry. I'm sorry.
This is a collect call
from Rolling Plains Correctional Facility.
-Do you accept the charges?
-Yes! Yes!
It's so good to hear your voice.
I miss you so much.
I miss you too.
-Are you okay?
-They moved me to a new place.
That's why I wasn't able to call earlier.
How's Tita Gail? Is it good there?
Yeah, she's fine.
-I'm so happy that you're safe with her.
If I don't get back,
she will register you for school.
-I hope you brought your textbook
-so you can study.
I don't know how to tell you this,
but I'm not with Tita Gail anymore.
I'm somewhere
where they're really taking care of me.
What are you talking about?
I'm living in a really nice room
behind a bar where they play music,
but they're helping me, Ma.
You live in a bar?
Go back to Tita Gail's.
I want you to be safe. Please.
Ma, you didn't even tell me.
I didn't want you to worry.
I'm sorry, Rose.
I gotta go.
-I love you.
-Ma! Wait!
-Can I ask you a question?
Do you feel safe working here?
Doesn't matter. I really need the money.
What year are you?
I'm a little behind but not by much.
I had a rough patch.
What happened,
if you don't mind my asking?
My parents got deported.
And this was a while ago,
if you can believe it.
And now it's sort of really in fashion,
I guess you could say.
And you didn't want to go with them?
Sucks but...
More opportunity here.
I'm illegal.
No shit?
Me too.
I think they call it undocumented.
Aren't you scared?
But you get used to it.
Will I speak or just stay quiet and accept
A tender hand?
-Hey, Rose?
Sorry to bother you, hon.
I forgot my guitar.
Oh, that's fine. Yeah. Sure.
I didn't even realize you played.
That sounded really good.
-How did you do that?
Well, it's a catchy song,
and I've been doing this a while.
When are y'all gonna release new material?
That is a question. And it's complicated.
I seem to make
everything complicated, Rose.
How'd it go after those?
And I pay some mind
-Back to D.
-That's really pretty.
-Thanks. Thanks.
-That's nice.
Gotta get rollin'
Gotta hit that road again
Where tomorrow finds me
Ain't nobody knows
There ain't nothin' better
Than life out on the road
-No, there ain't nothing better
-Fifteen dollars, please.
Than life out on the road
Good job, kid. You sold a lot.
Thanks. Wasn't as hard as I thought.
Do you wanna do this world?
-How'd you know that?
-Oh, I heard you playing in your room.
Beautiful. Really.
I don't really sing
for anyone but myself though.
Well, you better get over that, right?
Night, darling.
This is a collect call
from Rolling Plains Correctional Facility.
-Will you accept the charges?
-Yes, yes!
Ma? Ma? Is everything okay?
Listen, I've been thinking.
In fact, all I do is think.
You must go back to Tita Gail's.
You are in danger,
and she can protect you.
I can't have you living in a bar.
It's not safe.
Ma, you don't understand.
They didn't want me there,
and I'm finding my way here.
Rose, please don't do this to me.
Don't do this to you?
Rose, if you can't go back to Tita Gail's,
then I insist that you come back
to Manila with me.
What? No, Ma. Absolutely not.
I can't have my daughter
in danger like this.
You're the one who said
all my opportunities were here!
Things have changed.
They're making me go.
Please, consider it.
Please. Bye.
I just wanted to see how you were.
I mean, I was grounded. Now I'm not.
-It's good to see you.
-You too. Are you okay?
Come on.
-I think I'm drunk.
-Yeah. I think so too.
Come on.
Just don't barf, okay?
Elliot, did you know I'm a country singer?
Yes, I do.
You're so smart.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement!
Open up!
Immigration and Customs Enforcement!
We have a warrant to search!
Please open up!
All right, we are gonna breach the door!
Please stand back!
Three, two, one!
-Go, go, go!
-Move, move, move!
Check those quarters.
No runners! No runners!
Why don't you take the bar?
You guys take the kitchen over there.
You come with me. Let's go.
I wanna cover the east side!
Let's get those exits covered!
I don't want any runners! Let's go!
You check out that back there.
I'm gonna search in here.
Yes, sir.
-Storeroom all clear. Moving on.
All clear. All clear.
-Put your hands up!
-Let me see your hands!
-Get up! Stand up!
-Anybody else?
-Put your hands on your head!
-Hands up! Hands behind your head!
-This way.
-Hands over your head!
Come on.
Let's go.
Hands up!
Pry bar up. Let's go. Move it.
You all right? You all clear?
All clear.
All right. Let's move.
Come on, this way. Out the back. Let's go.
Oh, Rose! Thank the good Lord in heaven.
I was hiding in the back,
and I heard your car pull up.
Oh, smart girl.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here
and you're okay.
-What a mess, huh?
Here, sit down.
I'm doing books.
It's gonna take me a while
to recover from this financially,
but mostly, I just...
Well, I just...
I hate what happened to Jose and...
I'm guessing it's not really a good time
for me to be here.
No, darling, it's not.
And you're lucky
to be walking around free, I reckon.
I guess I'm lucky.
Darling, listen to me.
I know you have a world of hurt right now,
but you gotta keep the faith, okay?
I'm so sorry.
-I should go get the rest of my stuff.
-Wait, wait.
I want you to have this.
He might be able to help you.
And you need some money.
-No, no.
I want you to take this.
I wish I could do more.
Oh, baby.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Thank you.
Rosie, check in with me, okay?
I will. Thank you.
Figured you might show up.
Jolene said you might help.
I didn't have any place to go.
Come on in.
-Are you sure this is okay?
-Yeah, yeah.
You know, Jolene told me about ICE,
and I'm really sorry
to hear about your ma.
-Is that you and Johnny Cash?
Man in Black. That was the Grand Ole Opry.
You look different.
Yeah, a little less white hair, huh?
Where should I put my stuff?
Well, not in my daughter's room.
-You have a daughter?
-I got two of them.
They're all grown now,
but it's probably best
you stay in the Airstream.
-Yeah, cool.
Watch your footing here.
It's a little up and down.
We got plenty of room.
We got the bus right there.
-This is Loretta.
-She's beautiful.
-Here, let me take that.
-Oh, thanks.
And, of course, a recording studio.
-Yeah. Made a lot of records there.
Maybe we might do a demo on you.
Who knows?
And there she is.
you ain't seen the inside yet.
-Oh, wow, this is amazing.
-Oh, it's a mess.
It's a green room, you know,
for the studio, but it'll do.
Oh, it's perfect.
Bed's there,
bathroom's a little further than there,
and it's all yours.
Home sweet home.
-Thanks, Dale.
-You need me, holler.
How's it going?
It's no good.
Gotta let it...
Let it roll, let it come out.
You know, all the stuff with your mom,
just let it come out.
So, what's on your mind right now?
Figuring out what to do,
where to go, where to stay.
Honey, I don't know anything about law,
other than running from it a day or two.
But what I do know is
that you stay true to yourself.
I don't get it.
Do you think I should stay?
I think you should work it out a bit
in a song.
And then see.
I'll try.
-So Dale let you just stay here?
Nobody was using it, so it's home now.
It's awesome.
-Are you hungry? Yeah?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Let's go get something to eat.
I'm sorry I was so drunk the other night.
Don't worry about it.
Did I say anything embarrassing?
Kind of but it's fine.
We haven't even been friends that long.
Long doesn't matter though, does it?
I don't know. To me, it's just intensity.
I mean, a lot of shit happened.
How's your mom doing?
She's okay.
I talked to her several times.
And to your cousin, Aleta.
Thank you, but they're gonna boot her out.
What are you gonna do?
I can hide out,
wait for them to renew DACA,
which hell knows how long that'll take.
Or I can go to Manila with my mom.
But I don't know which one.
So you're just living day to day
without a plan?
Hey, Elliot?
Do you think
your cousin would do me a big favor?
-Yeah, of course.
We're looking for Priscilla Garcia.
-One second.
Could you send N-35, please? Thank you.
Come on.
-Just have a seat, she'll be right in.
-Thank you.
No contact.
I didn't even know you were coming.
Hi. I'm Aleta Peacock.
I'm an immigration lawyer.
This is Elliot's cousin, Ma.
She's not like the others. She'll help.
And I really do hope that I can help.
-Thank you for coming here with Rose.
-Of course.
Have you thought about
what I said on the phone?
I'm trying, Ma.
I know it's not easy,
but this is the best we can do for now.
I know you love Texas.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
How is it here?
It's okay. You can speak.
They take everything away.
We're treated like criminals here.
I don't even have a name anymore.
I'm just N-35.
It's not right.
How is this even possible?
The women I've met here,
they work so hard.
They've sacrificed so much
just to be here, like us.
I was so scared.
Ma, I'm so sorry.
I've been so selfish,
thinking I could make it on my own.
We're not done yet.
Hey, kid.
Where you been?
Where you going with that?
We're gonna need clarity.
You and I are gonna write some songs.
I got some shit to express.
Take your damn guitar. Here.
All right.
-Damn straight. Let's do it.
-Just play some chords.
-Can I do a melody I've been working on?
Just stay quiet...
I try, try, try
No matter what I do
That don't change my circumstance
And I cry and cry and cry
But life is waterproof
This skin I'm livin' in
Don't feel at home to me
That don't change my circumstance
That don't change my circumstance
Summer's ending.
Feel that tiny chill?
I don't feel a tiny chill.
You wouldn't.
You got school coming soon.
Yeah. My school's, like, an hour away.
I should probably do something about that.
I reckon you should.
Right now, I wanna focus on doing a demo
that actually has good songs on it.
Because it's the one thing
I know how to do.
But if you're too scared
to perform them songs,
ain't gonna do no good.
I fell in love with country music
when I was a little girl.
I played a song once at a talent show,
and that's when they started
calling me "Yellow Rose."
That's not funny.
It's just, you're good, Rose.
You're really good.
I'm gonna get a beer.
It's, like, 10 in the morning.
-So what?
-All right.
Hey, thank y'all for coming
to chickenshit bingo.
Free hot dogs. Not any dog.
The best dogs in the land.
So as you can see,
I don't have a band here today,
and it's because I wanna do
some new songs.
I hope you like them
as much as I've learned from them.
And the lady that helped me
learn from them is out there.
I'd like her to get up and sing with me.
Put your hands together for Rose Garcia.
Come on, Rose.
You need a hat.
Yeah, there you go.
Get close. Don't be shy.
I try, try, try
No matter what I do
It don't change my circumstance
There you go.
I cry, cry, cry
But life is waterproof
It don't change my circumstance
Every move I make
It's the same old groove
And I'm stuck doing
The same old song and dance
The skin I'm livin' in
Don't feel like home to me
It don't change my circumstance
Rose Garcia.
All right, Rose! Good job.
-Okay, is that a good height?
Yeah? All right, sit down.
Let's get you adjusted here.
All right.
All right. This is in case you spit.
-Try not to spit.
-I'll try not to.
All right.
You gonna slouch like that? Okay, just--
-All right.
-I'm nervous.
I get you. I get you.
You're gonna do great.
You're gonna do great.
All right.
-Just close your eyes, go for it.
-You'll be great.
-Thanks, Dale.
I never fit in
Never could win
Though I tried and tried
This feeling don't end
I feel out of place
A song out of tune
Like a velvet chair
In a dusty saloon
Square peg
Round hole
A runaway
With nowhere to go
Square peg
Round hole
We never said the words goodbye
And all those nights I would cry
Still, no matter how far we're apart
You'll always be here in my heart
They can take the roof
From over my head
But they can't take my freedom away
No, I won't go quietly into the night
And I'll sing till the light of day
They can take the roof
From over my head
But they can't take my freedom away
No, I won't go quietly into the night
And I'll sing till the light of day
No, I won't go quietly into the night
And I'll sing till the light of day
P.R. Flight 476 to Manila
leaving Dallas Control. Thank you.
-Well, good morning.
-Is that yours?
I figured you needed a new one.
To celebrate.
Finishing the demo.
Mighty proud of you, Rose.
You know my dad got me my first guitar?
Yeah, I know, but it's beat up and old.
Try her out.
Wow, it's gorgeous.
Suits you.
We make a pretty good pair,
you and me. You think?
Yeah. I reckon.
So my Ma's gone for good.
And my tita-- Well, really my uncle,
doesn't want me around either.
So I was wondering
if I could stay a bit longer.
My lawyer said if an adult...
or you,
-could sign some papers--
-Wait, Rose.
Look, honey.
I'm sorry.
I thought this was just temporary.
I can't be your father,
if that's what you're asking.
I mean, I...
I was barely a father to my own kids.
I gotta get my stuff straight
before I could help anybody else.
You understand that, don't you?
So why do you even want me around?
That's not fair.
Does it make you feel better
about yourself, helping out an illegal?
Oh, yeah. I'm probably
some shitty low-rent muse...
Rose. Rose.
A penance for all your shitty
relationships and bad decisions in life.
-Well, I have my own life, so...
-Just calm down.
Rose. Come back here, please. Rose.
Rose, would you please stop?
Will you talk to me?
Hey, Ma!
Hi, hija. How are you?
I'm okay. How are you?
I'm good.
I still don't like that you're there.
-Are you...?
Are you working on your GED?
Every day. So much fun.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
Your cousins listen
to your song every day.
Are you gonna make some more?
Oh, well...
I'm not really playing anymore, Ma.
I had to...
I had to sell my guitar.
What's wrong, anak?
-I'm sorry.
Oh, Rose. Don't cry.
Ma, I don't know what I'm doing.
This is so hard. I miss you so much.
I don't know how much longer
I can do this by myself.
I just hate it
that I can't be there for you.
It's my fault. I should've done more.
It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
Why don't you come home?
I'm sorry.
This is home for me.
Don't cry, Ma.
I'm worried about you.
I promise you, Ma, I'll be okay.
Can I call you tomorrow?
Yeah. I'll be waiting.
Okay. I'll talk to you later.
-Bye, Ma.
Got a Cadillac...
You are a sight for sore eyes.
-I've been trying to reach you.
-I know. I'm sorry.
So how are you doing?
I'm all right.
I heard your new song on the radio.
It's really good.
Look, Rose, I'm really sorry about
what happened that night.
It's fine. I've forgotten.
Well, what are you doing?
I got a job, a room.
It's not much, but I guess it's home.
And what about music?
I've been writing.
In fact, I was--
I wanted to ask if it was okay with you
that you help me with this new song.
I think it's pretty good.
Well, of course.
Wait right here.
You left something behind.
Remember her? She missed you.
Thanks, Dale.
Let's hear it.
-What the hell?
I've been trying to call you and text you,
and I got nothing.
-You're sorry?
I was worried sick.
I didn't know if anything happened to you.
I'm fine, okay? I'm sorry.
I should've called you.
I needed time, Elliot,
to figure my shit out.
Yeah, well...
-Thanks for coming.
-Yeah, no problem.
You look great.
-Where's your lasso?
Cool, cool. Yeah.
I went to get this at a thrift shop
and thought it'd be cool.
-Apparently, I was wrong.
-They were probably having a sale.
-Yeah. Yeah, they were.
-Good choice. Good choice.
-You look great.
-Thanks. You too.
-Are you gonna stay and watch the show?
Cool. So I'll see you after.
-Yeah, see you after.
-I gotta do the...
-See you later?
-Yeah. I'll see you after.
I look into your face
And I see, mama, you smile
Every time, mama
You smile
Thank y'all.
I sure appreciate y'all being here
this exciting night.
I tell you, this is the first showcase
of a dear friend of mine.
She's a great writer and a great singer,
and I know you're gonna enjoy it.
A big hand for Rose Garcia.
Hey, y'all. My name's Rose.
Ma, this is for you.
One, two, and...
You won't get the best of me
You ain't seen the last of me
I may go, but I'll come back around
You can give me your best shot
Give it everything you got
I'm here to tell you
I ain't goin' down
I'll show you
I ain't goin' down
I'll keep standing tall
I'll take it on the chin
Keep standing proud
Been to the school of hard knocks
They say I've been around the block
I'm here to tell you
I ain't goin' down
I ain't goin' down
I'll keep standing tall
I'll take it on the chin
Keep standing proud
Been to the school of hard knocks
They say I've been around the block
I'm here to tell you I ain't goin' down
I ain't goin' down
I'll keep standin' tall
I'll take it on the chin
Keep standin' proud
I've been to the school of hard knocks
They say I've been around the block
I'm here to tell you I ain't goin' down
I'm here to tell you I ain't goin' down
I'm here to tell you
I ain't goin'